The Benson Latin American Collection

Joya Hairs Papers and Photographs, 1873-2010 [bulk 1950-1980]

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Hairs, Joya
Title: Joya Hairs Papers and Photographs
Dates: 1873-2010
Dates: bulk 1950-1980
Abstract: Personal papers and photographs of Jamaican photographer Joya Hairs include images from her portrait studio in Guatemala City, excavations in Guatemala, and other historical and artistic subjects.
Accession No.: 2011-23
Extent: 20 linear feet
Language: English and Spanish
Repository: Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Joya Hairs was born in Honduras before moving as a child to Jamaica, where she lived in Winefield. As an adult, Hairs lived in Guatemala and Jamaica, while making frequent trips to Mexico and various Central American countries. Hairs became a photographer at a young age, when she accompanied her father’s boss, Mr. Dantoni on a trip with the Standard Fruit Company. Mr. Dantoni gave Hairs her first camera, a Rollei Cord. Over her career as a photographer, she produced varied commercial and artistic work, as well as prolific documentation of Mayan archaeology.

During Hairs’ career as a commercial photographer, she often worked with Guatemalan government agencies as well as private companies. As part of these projects, she occasionally did non-photographic design projects, including logos. She also worked as a portrait photographer, specializing in families, children, and weddings. Eventually Hairs formed a photography and design company called “Detalles.”

The bulk of Hairs’ photography, however, was focused on Mayan archaeology and Guatemalan culture, as she accompanied many expeditions to Tikal and other sites. This work was closely connected to her later endeavors as the co-owner of Sakbé Wilderness Travel, Inc. With Suzanne W. Miles, an archaeologist, Hairs led safari-type trips through the Central American rainforests to Mayan ruins. Hairs took a special interest in the problem of artifact theft, participating in efforts to document stelae. She joined the Asociación Tikal, and worked with their Operacion Rescate, focused on the protection of Tikal.

In addition, Hairs recorded many Guatemalan traditions, including textiles, kite-making, and the Todos Santos and Semana Santa celebrations. Of particular note in this area are her photography of San Juan Comalapa, home of Andres Churuchich (“naive” artist) and his family, and the Todos Santos (All Saints Day) kite festival in Santiago Sacatepequez.

Hairs also translated these interests into writing, producing several manuscripts, one of which was published as Barriletes! or Come Fly a Kite! [at the Benson Collection call number GT 4995 A4 A43 1999]. Another manuscript about Mayan archaeology, "Maya Mosaic", was written as a journal, and was never published despite discussions with Knopf.

Joya Hairs passed away in Jamaica in 2014.

Scope and Contents Note

Containing photographs, slides, negatives, correspondence, research materials, and writings, the collection documents the life and work of Joya Hairs, photographer and writer. Much of the material concerns Mayan archaeology and modern Guatemala. The collection is organized into thirteen series, following Hairs’ original organization where possible. The series are Archaeology, Sakbé, Comalapa, David Ordoñez, Commercial Work, Writings, Albums, Slides, Personal Materials, Collected Publications, Papers and Photographs of Sue W. Miles, Cassette Tapes, and Negatives. The Archaeology series includes two sub-series: Tikal and Operacion Rescate. The Sakbé series includes one sub-series: Sakbé Negatives. The Writings series includes two sub-series: Manuscripts and Notebooks. Researchers should note that materials on a certain subject or location may be distributed throughout the collection; they are encouraged to peruse the complete folder list.

Series One, Archaeology, includes photographs, slides, negatives, and other materials regarding archaeology in Central America. This is one of the larger series in the collection, and includes materials on sites such as Dos Pilas, Seibal, Yaxchilan, Kaminal-Juyu and Chichen Itza. It also includes materials not associated with a specific site, including photographs and slides of private and museum collections of artifacts. The series also includes two sub-series. The Tikal sub-series includes all the photographs and slides of Tikal archaeology, as well as materials for some projects linked to Associacion Tikal, including one audio-cassette. The Operacion Rescate sub-series includes images of Naranjo, El Peru, and Peten, taken by Hairs for Operacion Rescate’s work, as well as an article written by Hairs about OR’s activities.

Series Two, Sakbé, contains photographs and slides from Sakbé expeditions, mostly organized by year. Many of the expeditions are to the Peten area. The series also includes the Sakbé Guest Book and Ledger. The sub-series, Sakbé Negatives, contains mostly 120-format negatives, many of which are severely damaged. For this reason, the sub-series has not been entirely processed, but an initial inventory is provided for researchers.

Series Three, San Juan Comalapa, contains many images of Andres Churuchich and his family. Andres Churuchich was a “naïve” painter, whose work eventually gained popularity outside of Guatemala. His work and family are both documented in this series, through photographs and slides, as well as correspondence about Churuchich. The series also includes other images of San Juan Comalapa village life, including the Christmas Market (Mercado Navideño) and the aftermath of the 1976 earthquake, which destroyed many buildings in the area.

Series Four, David Ordoñez, contains mostly slides and accompanying audio. Ordoñez, an artist who depicts Guatemalan life and culture, asked Hairs to help him document his work for an exhibit/presentation entitled “Luz, Color, Textura.” This series contains those slides, organized as they were in the original carousels, as well as other slides of Ordoñez at work. The cassettes in the series contain the audio that accompanied the presentations. The series also contains an exhibit catalog inscribed to Hairs from Ordoñez.

Series Five, Commercial Work, comprises Hairs’ work for corporations and government agencies. The entities included are the Asociation Nacional de Café (ANACAFE), the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Caterpillar, Empresa Electrica de Guatemala, The Episcopalian, Exploraciones y Explotaciones Mineras Izabal, S.A. (EXMIBAL), the Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo, the Nello Teer concrete company, Tabacalera Centroamericana, S.A. (TACASA), and the Teatro Nacional de Guatemala. Most of the material is slides and photographs, but there are also some folders of correspondence, clippings, and other materials. At the end of the series are other published photos, organized by decade.

Series Six, Writings, contains written materials produced by Hairs. The Manuscripts sub-series includes the drafts and layouts for “Chito” (unpublished), Barrilete!/Come Fly a Kite!, and “Maya Mosaic” (unpublished). The material for these works also includes photographs and correspondence. The series also includes a published article, “Guatemalan Textiles: An Ancient Tradition” and two unpublished writings: a poem titled “On Safariing with Sakbé” and a memoir-type manuscript from 2010, titled “Tejidos”. The Notebooks sub-series contains sixteen notebooks used as travel journals between 1955 and 1962.

Series Seven, Albums, contains photographs and a few writings that are (or were) housed in albums created by Hairs. Some albums contain a particular type of material (e.g. portraits), while some are focused on a location (e.g. France). Of particular note is the album of the Standard Fruit trip, on which Hairs received her first camera; the pictures in this album were taken with that camera.

Series Eight, Slides, contains all the slides that are not archaeological or commercial in nature. Some are labeled by location and some are labeled by subject; the two types of folders are intermingled in alphabetical order. Notable subjects include churches, portraits, textiles, and Todos Santos celebrations. Notable locations include Jamaica, Guatemala City, Lake Atitlan, Peten, and Santiago Sacatepequez. This is the largest series in the collection. Researchers are particularly encouraged to read the full folder list of this series, as many folders include slides of more than one subject or location.

Series Nine, Personal, comprises photographs and other materials from Hairs’ personal life. In particular, there are materials from two exhibits of Hairs’ photography, as well as hundreds of prints of places and people, particularly from the 1950s. Many of the prints are unlabeled, so this series includes several folders of prints whose subjects and/or dates are unclear. In addition to photographs, the series also includes notes, research, and correspondence. Hairs’ personal interests in the artifact trade and pre-Hispanic Guatemala are represented.

Series Ten, Collected Publications, contains published materials which were owned by Hairs, but which do not contain her work. Most of the publications are on archaeological subjects, but a few are about photography. The final folder in the series contains publications on various subjects (the Maya, photography, and folklore), which contain inscriptions written to Hairs.

Series Eleven, Papers and Photographs of Suzanne W. Miles, contains the personal materials of Suzanne W. Miles, co-owner of Sakbé. The series includes negatives, photographs, writings, clippings, and correspondence. Of particular note is a manuscript in journal form, about Todos Santos celebrations, written in 1955. There are also prints and clippings on the subject. Miles’ correspondence spans from 1962-1965, and covers both personal and professional topics.

Series Twelve, Cassette Tapes, contains 18 cassettes, mostly recorded by Hairs. They include recordings of a symposium at the Museo Nacional de Arqueologia y Etnologia called “Before Cortez”, led by J.E.S. Thompson, as well as Thompson’s BBC/Chronicle program, “Return to the Maya”. Other recorded lecturers on archaeology and Meso-America include: Dr. Ignacio Bernal, Dr. Michael Coe, Dr. Herbert Quirin, Dr. Peter Turst, and Dr. H. Nicholson. There are also two tapes of narration to accompany a collection of slides called “Guatemala es Muchas Cosas”, which can be found in the Slides series.

Series Thirteen, Negatives, is currently unprocessed because of the level of damage to most of the negatives. The negatives are mostly 120-format portraits, labeled by family name, though some commercial work and archaeological photography is also represented. Researchers wishing to view the negatives should contact an archivist.


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Access to most material is unrestricted. Access to parts of the collection may be limited by preservation and conservation concerns.

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The Joya Hairs Papers and Photographs Collection is classified under the following Subject Headings in the University of Texas Libraries catalog:
Hairs, Joya--Archives
Miles, Suzanne W.--Archives
Thompson, J. Eric S. (John Eric Sidney), 1898-1975
Archaeology--Central America--Photographs
Tikal Site (Guatemala)--Photographs

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Box and Folder Inventory

Archaeology, 1959-1983

1 Tikal, 1960-1983
1 Articles and Reports, 1959-1965
2 Prints, n.d.
3 Prints, n.d.
4 Prints and notes, n.d.
47.1 Prints: Oversize, n.d.
5 Published photos, 1961-1968
6 Slides, 1960-1961
7 Slides: January, 1961
8 Slides: Aerial views, 1961
9 Slides: Aerial views, 1967
10 Slides, 1968
11 Slides, 1971-1982
12 Slides: Vessels, 1972
13 Slides: "Maya Tikal", 1981
[2 folders]
box folder
2 1 Slides: "Maya Tikal" (cont'd), 1981
2 Slides: Placa Pirita, 1981
3 Slides, 1983
4 Slides: "9/11", n.d.
5 Slides: Asociación Tikal slide carousel, n.d.
6 Slides: Bones, n.d.
7 Slides: Jades, n.d.
8 Slides: El Progresso, n.d.
9 Slides: "Temple I in moonlight", n.d.
10 Slides: Temple I and Tomb, n.d.
11 Slides: Temple I Jade, n.d.
12 Slides: Temple II, n.d.
13 Slides: Temple III, n.d.
14 Slides: Stela 31, n.d.
15 Slides: Misc. burials and temples, n.d.
16 Slides: Vessels and pots, n.d.
17 Slides, n.d.
18 Asociación Tikal: Pat Crocker Retrospective, notes and correspondence, 1975-1976
19 Asociación Tikal: Pat Crocker Retrospective, negatives, 1976
42.1 Cassette: Asociación Tikal: Los Mayas Hallazgos y Encuentros, n.d.
20 Commemorative plaque designs, 1975
21 Gran Jaguar Temple photos and articles, 1990
box folder
3 1 Jaguar Inn Merchandise Project, 1979-1981
2 Mural Preparations, “Carlos Gonzalez”, n.d.
48.1 Mural Preparations, “Carlos Gonzalez”, oversize n.d.
3 “Proyecto Nacional Tikal” notes and correspondence, 1981
Operación Rescate 1970-1973
4 Album, c.1970
5 Slides: Naranjo, 1971
6 Slides: El Peru and Peten, 1973
7 “Operación Rescate: Guatemala’s answer to the problems of plundering of Ancient Maya sites”, article by Joya Hairs, 1972
8 Jades Exhibit Proposal, n.d.
9 “Maya Zoo” Prints and Notes, 1970s
10 Rio Azul Project Report and Prints, 1987
11 Santa Lucia: Correspondence and Prints, 1963-1964
12 Album: Seibal, Petexbatun, and Bonampak, 1960s
box folder
4 1 Album: Dos Pilas and related clippings, 1960s
2 Album: Ceramic Vessels, n.d.
3 Prints: Dos Pilas, c.1960
4 Prints: Petexbatun and Seibal, 1960
5 Prints: [J.E.S.] Thompson receives the Order del Quetzal, late 1960s
6 Prints: Uxmal and Chichen Itza, 1970
7 Prints: Charcoal Cave-drawing, n.d.
8 Prints: Kaminal-Juyu, n.d.
43.1 Prints: Kaminal-Juyu prints with descriptions, n.d.
43.2 Prints: Artifacts and ruins, misc., n.d.
9 Prints: "Leyden Plaque", n.d.
10 Prints: “Maya Architecture, Proskouriakoff”, n.d.
11 Prints: Museo Nacional, n.d.
47.2 Prints: Piedras Negras Throne, n.d.
box folder
5 1 Prints: Private Collection, n.d.
2 Prints: Seibal, n.d.
3 Prints: Yaxchilan and Dos Pilas, n.d.
47.3 Prints: Yaxchilan, print from T. Moler’s glass plate negative (1897), Stela II, n.d.
4 Prints, n.d.
5 Prints, n.d.
6 Prints, n.d.
7 Prints, n.d.
8 Prints, n.d.
box folder
6 1 Prints, n.d.
2 Prints, n.d.
43.3 Prints, n.d.
47.4 Prints: Oversize, n.d.
43.4 Contact Strips, n.d.
3 Prints and Slides: “Santa Lucia Cortez, Bilbao, etc.”, n.d.
4 Negatives: Museo Nacional: Castillo Collection and Cancuen Ball Court Marker, 1964
5 Negatives: Remate, El Zapote, Ixcun, March, 1971
6 Negatives: Ixcun and Quirigua, March, 1971
7 Negatives: Museo Nacional, n.d.
8 Negatives: Sayaxche, 1959
9 Negatives: Sayaxche, 1960
10 Transparencies and Negatives: Stelae and Artifacts, n.d.
11 Slides: Altar de Sacrificios, n.d.
12-13 Slides: "Area Maya", 1980s
[2 folders]
14 Slides: “Area Maya”, Kehunlich and Palenque, 1981
box folder
7 1 Slides: “Area Maya”, Uxmal, Sayil, and Kabah, 1981
2 Slides: “Area Maya”, Uxmal and Chichen Itza, 1981
3 Slides: “Area Maya” Guatemala: Quirigua and Seibal, n.d.
4 Slides: “AT-1 Castro” Bowl and Vase, n.d.
5 Slides: Artifacts, misc., n.d.
6 Slides: El Baul stela, n.d.
7 Slides: Bilbao artifacts, n.d.
8 Slides: Bonampak, February, 1976
9 Slides: Cempoala, Jalapa, Veracruz, and Mojendo, n.d.
10 Slides: Comalcalco, La Venta, and Dzibilchaltun, n.d.
11 Slides: Copan, n.d.
12 Slides: Dos Pilas and Tamarindito, n.d.
13 Slides: “Guatemala misc.”, n.d.
14 Slides: Hiking group, n.d.
15 Slides: Ian Graham, Sunday Telegraph, 1972
16 Slides: Iximché, n.d.
box folder
8 1 Slides: Izapa -- Tajin, Monte Alban, n.d.
2 Slides: Kaminal-Juyu, 1960
3 Slides: Kaminal-Juyu hieroglyphic stela, n.d.
4 Slides: “Maya Guate” slide carousel, n.d.
5 Slides: “Mexico seconds”, 1970
6 Slides: “Mexico y Guate” misc., and Teotihuacan, 1978
7 Slides: Mexico “DF 70”, Yanhuitlan and Oaxaca, n.d.
8 Slides: Mixco Viejo, Yaxchilan, and Los Illusiones, n.d.
9 Slides: Museo Nacional, “Before Cortez”, 1981
10 Slides: Museo Nacional jades, n.d.
11 Slides: Peten, 1972
12 Slides: Peten, n.d.
13 Slides: Peten, misc. seconds, n.d.
14 Slides: Peten, misc., n.d.
15 Slides: Private Collections, n.d.
16 Slides: Quetzalt[enango] Private Collection, n.d.
17 Slides: Sana Elena Barillas, Placa Pirita, n.d.
18 Slides: Seibal and Aguateca, n.d.
19 Slides: Seibal, n.d.
20 Slides: Tenayaca, Comalcalco, “Tula 73”, Malinalco, and Izapan, 1970
21 Slides: Tulum and Chichen Itza, 1970
22 Slides: Usumacinta II aerials, n.d.
23 Slides: Uxmal and Dos Pilas, n.d.
24 Slides: “Vasije de Altar de Sacrificios”, 1978
25 Slides: Vessels and stela, n.d.
26 Slides: Villa Hermosa, n.d.
27 Slides: Xipe Toltec, n.d.
28 Slides: Yaxchilan and Bonampak, 1967-1968
29 Slides: Zaculeu, n.d.
30 Slides: Misc. subjects, n.d.

Sakbé, 1964-1975

box folder
9 1 Guest Book, 1964-1970
2 Ledger, 1968-1969
3 Negatives: "Cosas", 1975
4 Prints, 1965-1966
5 Prints, 1966
6 Prints, 1967
7 Prints, 1970
8 Prints: "Cosas", 1975
9 Slides: various subjects, c.1967
10 Slides: May 13 - June 3, 1972
11 Slides: Peten, n.d.
Sakbé Negatives, 1964-1972
This subseries is currently unprocessed due to severe damage to many of the negatives. To access this subseries, please contact an archivist.

San Juan Comalapa, 1959-2001

box folder
10 1 Correspondence and notes re: Andres Churuchich, 1959-2001
47.5 Prints: Oversize, 1960s
2 Prints: Misc. colonial churches, 1969-1974
3 Prints: Earthquake, 1976
4 Prints: Churuchich wedding, n.d.
5 Prints, n.d.
6 Prints, n.d.
7 Contact sheets, n.d.
8 Slides: June, 1955
9 Slides: November, 1981
10 Slides: Mercado Navideño and Rose Elena Churuchich, n.d.
11 Slides: Indigenas, n.d.
box folder
11 1 Slides: Indigenas, n.d.
2 Slides: "Capitanes", n.d.
3 Slides, n.d.

David Ordoñez, c.1970s

box folder
11 4 Slides, n.d.
5 Slides: At Lake Atitlan, n.d.
6 Slides: Binder, Part A, n.d.
7 Slides: Binder, Part B, n.d.
8 Slides: “Dibujando y ambientes”, n.d.
9 Slides: “Luz, Color, Textura” A/V Carousel, Parts A and B, n.d.
box folder
12 1 Slides: “Luz, Color, Textura” A/V Carousel, Part B, n.d.
2 Exhibit Catalog, 1977
42.3 Cassette: “Luz, Color, Textura”: la expresión de David Ordoñez, español, n.d.
42.4 Cassette: “Luz, Color, Textura”: la expresión de David Ordoñez, n.d.
42.5 Cassette: “Luz, Color, Textura” Ordoñez A/V sincronizado, n.d.
42.6 Cassette: “Luz, Color, Textura” -- sincronizado, n.d.
42.7 Cassette: “Light, Color, Texture” David Ordoñez A/V, not synched, n.d.
42.8 Cassette: “Light, Color, Texture”: The expression of David Ordoñez, ingles, n.d.

Commercial Work, 1950-1981

box folder
12 3 ANACAFE: Correspondence and notes, 1979-1986
4 ANACAFE: Transparency duplicates, c.1979
5 ANACAFE: Slides: “A/V Carousel B”, c.1979
6 ANACAFE: Slides: “Café Injerto Reyna”, 1978
7 ANACAFE: Slides: numbered 1-151, 1978-1979
8 ANACAFE: Slides: un-numbered, 1978-1979
42.2 ANACAFE: Cassette: Coffee, Naracion Ingles, n.d.
42.18 ANACAFE: Cassette: Sanido Sincronizado, Ingles, n.d.
9 Banco del Agro: Logo Designs, 1979
10 BBC: “Lost World of the Maya”, clippings, 1972
11 BBC: “Lost World of the Maya”, contact prints, 1972
12 BBC: “Lost World of the Maya”, negatives, 1972
box folder
13 1 BBC: “Lost World of the Maya”, slides, 1972
2 Caterpillar: Prints, n.d.
3 Caterpillar: Publications, n.d.
4 Empresa Electrica de Guatemala: Diploma and clippings, 1959-1966
5 The Episcopalian: Correspondence, 1960-1963
6 The Episcopalian: Negatives and Prints, c.1960-1963
7 EXMIBAL: Slides, 1980
47.6 EXMIBAL: Poster, n.d.
47.7 EXMIBAL: Prints, n.d.
8 EXMIBAL: Publications, n.d.
9 Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo: Logo and Correspondence, 1981
10 Nello Teer: Slides, 1957
11 Nello Teer: Slides: Atlantic, general, 1962
12 TACASA: Slides, 1965
13 TACASA: Published photos, 1974
14 TACASA: Slides: Cultivo de Tabaco, Rodrigo, 1978
15 TACASA: Slides, 1978
16 TACASA: Slides, n.d.
47.8 Teatro Nacional: Album, n.d.
box folder
14 1 Teatro Nacional: Correspondence, 1977-1979
2 Teatro Nacional: Mobile and Crater projects, 1977
3 Teatro Nacional: Opening Event materials, 1978
4 Teatro Nacional: “Guatemala Mosaic” slides, 1978
5 Teatro Nacional: Slides, exterior views, 1978
6 Teatro Nacional: Contact prints, c.1978
7 Published photos, 1950s
8 Published photos, 1960s
9 Published photos, 1970s-1980s
10 Published photos, n.d.

Writings, 1955-2010

15 Manuscripts, 1960-2010
1 “Chito”: Notes and layouts, 1974-1994
2 "Chito”: Negatives -- Santiago Sacatepequez, 1998
3 “Chito”: Correspondence, 1980
4 “Chito”: Portrait, n.d.
5 Barrilete!: Notes and correspondence, c.1975
6 Barrilete!: Correspondence and notes, 1978-1979
7 Barrilete!: Layout, n.d.
8-9 Barrilete!: Layout binder, n.d.
[2 folders]
10 Barrilete!: Negatives, n.d.
11 Barrilete!: Prints and contact sheets, n.d.
12 Barrilete!: Prints, n.d.
box folder
16 1 Barrilete!: Slides and negatives, n.d.
2 Barrilete!: Slides -- rejects, n.d.
3 Barrilete!: Santiago Sacatepequez original negative folders, 1998
4 “Guatemalan Textiles: An Ancient Tradition”, 1971
5 “Maya Mosaic”: Correspondence, 1960-1980
6 “Maya Mosaic”: Drafts, c.1962
7 “Maya Mosaic”: Notes, n.d.
8 “Maya Mosaic”: Photographs, 1960-1963
9 “On Safariing with Sakbé, or Don’t Believe the Brochures”, n.d.
10 “Tejidos”, 2010
17 Notebooks, 1955-1962
1 Notebooks 1-4, 1955
2 Notebooks 5-8, 1955
3 Field notebooks 1 & 2, 1958
4 Field notebook 3, 1958
5 "Sculpture notes", 1959
6 “Notes in Spain, 1961-1962” and “Second notebook -- Madrid”, 1961-1962
7 “España -- Terero Librito”, n.d.

Photograph Albums, 1940-1989

box folder
18 1 Portraits of friends, mid-1940s
2 Standard Fruit Trip, late 1940s - early 1950s
3 “Kodak miniature negative album”, January, 1955
4 Photojournal, 1989
5 Miniature album, The Siesta (boat), n.d.
6 Flowers, n.d.
7 Portraits and parade, n.d.
box folder
19 1 Children’s portraits, n.d.
2 Coffee, n.d.
3 Copan views with captions, n.d.
4 Detalles prints, n.d.
box folder
20 1 England, n.d.
2 France, n.d.
3 France and the Netherlands, n.d.
4 Hairs Family Photos, n.d.
5 Portraits, n.d.
box folder
45 1 Portraits, n.d.
2 United States, n.d.
3 United States, n.d.
4 Volcanoes, n.d.
5 Loose pages, n.d.

Slides, 1952-1982

box folder
21 1 Agriculture, Efrain Reyna, n.d.
2 Amanecer, Atardacer, n.d.
3 Antigua, Fuego, S. Fco., Virgen de Rosario, n.d.
4 Antigua, S. Lucas, L. Diaz, October, 1982
5 Antigua and “Dig”, n.d.
6 Antigua and Petexbatun, n.d.
7 Antigua Episcopal, n.d.
8 Antigua -- Holy Week and All Saints, n.d.
9 Apostalado de Zurbaran -- Santo Domingo, n.d.
10 Arizona Verde Valley, Moline, Hans Namuth, 1975
11 Aspen, Hans Namuth, 1975
12 Basilica di S. Francesco Arezzo, 1970-1972
13 Belize, n.d.
14 Belize -- Princess Margaret’s visit, 1958
15 Block Island and NYC, 1981
16 Café y Paisajes, n.d.
17 Cambridge and Archaeological Illustrations, 1966
18 “Cat and Phill Luce”, n.d.
20 Cave Volcano (?), n.d.
21 Cementos Novella, San Miguel, n.d.
22 Central America Trip, Episcopal (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, San Salvador), n.d.
23 Chartei, Rouen, London, 1962
24 Chiapas Carnaval, n.d.
25 Chicabal and volcanoes, 1968
26 Chichicastenango Mayan Inn, 1964
27 Chichicastenango “Atl. Basilia”, n.d.
28 Chichicastenango, n.d.
29 Chinkultic, n.d.
box folder
22 1 “Chirmol Chapin” A/V Carousel Part A, n.d.
2 “Chirmol Chapin” A/V Carousel Part B, n.d.
3 Churches, c.1960
4 Churches -- Dr. Quirin and Church, 1975
5 El Cielito, Parade, n.d.
6 “El Cielito 316”, n.d.
7 Coban, September, 1955
8 Coban, Feria, 1969
9 Coban, c.1969
10 Colotenango, n.d.
11 Colotenango, c.1971
12 Colotenango, Todos Santos, c.1971
13 Construction, n.d.
14 Corrida (Bullfighting), n.d.
15 Corrida, March, 1969
16 Cosmos, n.d.
17 Cuchuma Talles and Zaculeu, n.d.
18 Duplicates and Rejects, various subjects, c.1975-1981
19 Dyer Safari, n.d.
20 Earthquake Damage, Comalapa and Santiago Sacatepequez, February 8, 1976
21 “Efectos Especiales”, n.d.
22 “Eucaristia Congress” (Eucharistic Congress), n.d.
23 “F-I”, n.d.
24 Falla Finca, n.d.
box folder
23 1 “Fr. Caceres”, n.d.
2 Finca Fiesta, Seamay family, n.d.
3 Finca Mundo Nuevo, c.1957
4 Fireworks, n.d.
5 Flowers, 1977
6 Flowers and Mist, 1980
7 Flowers and Orchids, n.d.
8 “Foto Couvre Aesthetics”, n.d.
9 Gaspar Family and Stonehead Farm, n.d.
10 “Guatemala es muchas cosas” (Guatemala is many things), n.d.
11 “Guatemala good pull”, n.d.
12 Guatemala, misc. verticals, 1961-1981
13 Guatemala, Zona 2, 1975
14 Guatemala, Mexico, n.d.
15 Guatemala, n.d.
16 Guatemala, misc. general, n.d.
17 Guatemala, misc. scenes, n.d.
box folder
24 1-2 “Guatemala Misc.”, n.d.
[2 folders]
3-5 “Guatemala Misc.”, n.d.
[3 folders]
6-7 Guatemala misc.: Paisajes, Flores, Costumbres, n.d.
[2 folders]
box folder
25 1-2 Guatemala City, c.1979-1981
[2 folders]
3 Guatemala City, n.d.
4 Guatemala City -- Plazaela Hispania for Banco Immobulario, 1960
5 Guatemala City -- Plaza of [?], n.d.
6 Guatemala City and El Cielito, n.d.
7 Guatemala City and United States, 1967
8 Guatemala Palacio Arzobispal Missal, n.d.
9 “Gray Seconds”, n.d.
10 “Helicopter flight, Cayup, Salama, Mixco Viejo”, n.d.
11 Highways (maps and roads), n.d.
12 Highways -- Pacific, n.d.
13 Highways -- Pacific and Atlantic, n.d.
14 Huehue area, “Gleason’s Huehue”, n.d.
15 Indigenas, n.d.
16 Indigenas, Textiles, n.d.
17 Indigenas, Patzun Fiesta, c.1975
18 India, n.d.
19 Italy, n.d.
20 Jamaica, 1958
21 Jamaica, 1967
22 Jamaica, 1968
box folder
26 1 Jamaica -- Flowers and Birds, 1970
2 Jamaica -- Rose Hall, 1970-1971
3 Jamaica -- Birds and Bees, 1971
4 Jamaica -- Flowers and Livestock, 1971
5 Jamaica -- People, 1971
6 Jamaica, April, 1972
7 Jamaica -- Winefield, 1990
8 Jamaica Trip, n.d.
46.1 Jamaica -- Winefield stereoslides, n.d.
9 Jamaica -- Winefield, n.d.
10 Jamaica -- Flowers and Winefields, n.d.
11 Jamaica, n.d.
12 Jamaica, n.d.
13 Lake Amatitlan, n.d.
14 Lake Atitlan, n.d.
15 Lake Atitlan, El Progresso, Discovery Bay, n.d.
16 Lake Atitlan, clouds and water, n.d.
17 Lake Atitlan, Falla Finca, n.d.
18 Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, 1975
19 London and Lake District, 1962
20 Luis Diaz, Atitlan, n.d.
21 Mercado Navideño, n.d.
22 Mexico, n.d.
23 Mexico, 1981
24 Mexico -- Christmas, n.d.
25 Mexico, Cuernavaca Market, n.d.
26 Mexico seconds, Tepoztlan Church, etc., 1970
27 Mexico churches, n.d.
28 Mexico City, n.d.
29 Miami -- Sea Aquarium, 1980
30 “Miami 1983”, c.1981
box folder
27 1 Minondo Cross, n.d.
2 “Misc. seconds”, n.d.
3 “Mitla. -- Esquipades”, n.d.
4 Monte Alto, n.d.
5 Nacimientos, n.d.
6 Nahuala, n.d.
7 Oaxaca, n.d.
8 Opus Dei, n.d.
9 Orchids, n.d.
10 Orchids, Charla, 1977
11 Pacaya Volcano, 1961
12 “Paisajes -- fillers”, n.d.
13 Palenque, n.d.
14 Pantaleon, n.d.
15 Papal Visit, 1976
16 Paris, 1962
17 Peten, 1966
18 Peten, 1981
19 Peten, n.d.
20 Peten rivers, 1965-1967
21 Peten and Santa Elena, n.d.
22 Petexbatun flowers, n.d.
23 Petexbatun rivers, n.d.
24 Petexbatun and Lake Atitlan, aerial, n.d.
25 Plants and Flowers, n.d.
26 Politecnica, n.d.
box folder
28 1 Portraits: “Allison”, n.d.
2 Portraits: Alma Arriola, n.d.
3 Portraits: “Dorion”, n.d.
4 Portraits: Dr. Quirin, n.d.
5 Portraits: Licha family, n.d.
6 Portraits: People, misc., n.d.
7 Portraits: People, Guatemala City, n.d.
8 Portraits: Smith and Hempstead families, n.d.
9 Private Collection: Miles/Jedels, n.d.
10 Quetzel bird, n.d.
11 Quetzelt[enango], n.d.
12 Quirigua, n.d.
13 Rabinal, 1983
14 Rabinal Cayup, n.d.
15 “Rejects”, n.d.
16 Religious diptych, n.d.
17 Religious icons, n.d.
18 Rivers, n.d.
19 Royal visit to Hyderabad “1888”, n.d.
20 San Antonio Ilotenango, 1979
21 San Blas tapestry and incense burner, n.d.
22 San Cristobal Las Casas, 1964
23 San Cristobal church, n.d.
24 San Juan Ostuncalco, 1975
25 San Juan Sacatepequez market, 1952
26 San Juan Sacatepequez, June 23, 1979
27 San Juan Sacatepequez fiesta, n.d.
28 San Juan Tela, n.d.
29 Santa Adeleida, 1979
30 Santa Catarina Palopo, n.d.
31 Santa Elena Barillas, c.1977-1978
32 Santa Elena Barillas, 1981
box folder
29 1 Santa Maria Nebaj, n.d.
2 Santiago [Sacatepequez] village life, 1975
3 Santiago Sacatepequez, 1975
4 Santiago Sacatepequez, Atitlan, 1981
5 Santiago Sacatepequez, 1999
6 Santiago Sacatepequez, n.d.
7 Sayaxché aerial views, 1967
8 Semana Santa, Santa Maria del Jesus, 1963
9 Semana Santa, Easter, 1975
10 Solola fiesta, n.d.
11 Spain, Britain, Jamaica, 1972
12 Srade (?) Smith, n.d.
13 "Los Tarros" discards, n.d.
14 Tecun Uman, n.d.
15 Textiles, n.d.
16 Textiles -- Chichicastenango, n.d.
17 Textiles -- Paya, n.d.
18 Textiles -- Uxmal, c.1970
19 Textiles and Captions, 1970s
20 Textiles and Mayan vessel, 1970
21 Textiles and Churuchich Paintings, 1981
22 Thompson-Cornwall Project -- Tecpan-Solola, n.d.
23 Todos Santos, 1963
24 Todos Santos, n.d.
25 Todos Santos, n.d.
26 Todos Santos -- Aguacatan, Coban, 1963
27 Todos Santos Races, 1963
28 Todos Santos -- Cruz Azul, n.d.
29 Tower Isle, n.d.
box folder
30 1 United Kingdom, c.1962
2 United Kingdom and France, 1962
3 United States and Mexico, August, 1966
4 United States, Georgia O’Keefe, October, 1970
5 Usumacinta I, n.d.
6 “Uxmal son et lumine”, n.d.
7 Villa Lobos maintenance, 1956
8 Volcano and Mountains, “pink”, n.d.
9 Volcanoes, n.d.
10 Yaxja and Peten, n.d.
11 Zaculeu, c.1965
12 Zacualpa, Joyabaj, Chichicastenango, 1975
13 Various subjects, 1961-1963
14 Various subjects, n.d.
15 Various subjects, n.d.
16 Various subjects, n.d.
17 Various subjects, n.d.
18 Various subjects, n.d.
19 Various subjects, n.d.
20 Various subjects, n.d.
21 Various subjects, n.d.

Personal, 1920s-1990s

box folder
31 1 Exhibit: Instituto Guatemalteco-Americano, prints and correspondence, 1960
2 Exhibit: “Leaves 1969”, negatives, n.d.
3 Exhibit: “Leaves 1969”, prints and notes, 1969
47.9 Exhibit: “Leaves 1969”, oversize prints, 1969
4 Prints: Honduras, 1920s
5 Prints: “Lilyfield people”, 1920s
44.1 Prints: “Comapa 1937”, 1937
6 Prints: Haiti, 1940s
7 Prints, 1940s
8 Prints: New York Institute of Photography, 1950s
9 Prints, 1950s
10 Prints, 1950s
box folder
32 1 Prints, 1950s
2 Prints, 1950s
3 Prints, 1950s
4 Prints, 1950s
5 Prints, 1950s
box folder
33 1 Prints, 1950s
2 Prints: Railroad Station, 1955
3 Prints, 1950s-1960s
4 Prints and notes, Chanticleer Press, 1965
5 Prints: “Trip 1962 Contact Prints”, 1962
47.10 Prints: Nepal, 1962
6 Prints: Winefield, Jamaica, 1980s
7 Prints: Princess Margaret’s visit, 1987
8 Prints, 1990s
9 Prints, n.d.
10 Prints, n.d.
box folder
34 1 Prints, n.d.
2 Prints, n.d.
3 Prints, n.d.
4 Prints, n.d.
5 Prints, n.d.
6 Prints, n.d.
box folder
35 1 Prints, n.d.
2 Prints, n.d.
3 Prints, n.d.
47.11 Prints: Oversize, n.d.
4 Prints: “Detalles”, n.d.
47.12 Prints: “Detalles” oversize, n.d.
48.2 Prints: “Detalles” oversize, n.d.
5 Prints: Guatemala, n.d.
44.2 Prints: Huehuetenango, n.d.
44.3 Prints: Land- and sea-scapes, n.d.
6 Prints: Landscapes mounted on poster, n.d.
7 Prints: Oaxaca, Mexico, n.d.
8 Prints: Sto. Domingo by Zurbaran, n.d.
9 Prints and Negatives: Textiles exhibit, n.d.
box folder
36 1 Prints and Notes: Todos Santos and Archaeology, n.d.
2 Prints: Victor Sepes, Santiago Sacatepequez, n.d.
3 Prints: Winefield, Jamaica, n.d.
4 Prints: Unknown illustrations, n.d.
47.13 Prints: Unknown illustrations, oversize, n.d.
5 Portraits, c.1940s
6 Portraits: “Misc. family and friends, 1940s and on”, c.1940s
7 Portraits, n.d.
8 Portraits, n.d.
box folder
37 1 Portraits, n.d.
2 Portraits, n.d.
3 Portraits, n.d.
4 Portraits, n.d.
47.14 Portraits: Oversize, n.d.
5 Portraits of Joya, 1940s-1982
6 Contact Strips: “Landscapes and Portraits”, n.d.
7 “Stela 5 Kaminal-Juyu, D’s drawing for bookplate”, n.d.
8 Articles re: Illegal artifact trade, 1968-1973
9 Articles re: Pre-Hispanic Guatemala, n.d.
10 Blank Publisher’s Agreement, 1970s
11 Blank Postcards, n.d.
box folder
38 1 Correspondence, 1947-1991
2 Correspondence, 1965-1966
3 Correspondence: Hans Namuth, 1966-1978
4 Correspondence: Kevin Johnston, 1983
5 Correspondence: Perry Henzell re: “Garvey!” play, 1986-1987
6 Detalles card designs, n.d.
7 Diplomas from Museo Ixchel, 1981
8 Diploma from First Central American Congress of History and Geography, n.d.
9 Insurance Policy, 1873 n.d.
10 Map of Guatemala City, c.1971
11 Notes from Oxford Companion to Music, n.d.
12 Notes on myths and archaeology, n.d.
13 Notes, misc. subjects, n.d.
14 Winefield, Jamaica, Land Transfer, 1977
15 Zodiac designs, n.d.
16 Various materials, n.d.
17 Various papers, n.d.

Publications, 1958-2000

box folder
39 1 Archaeology, 1960s
2 Archaeology, 1973-2000
3 Photography, 1958 & 2000
4 Publications with inscriptions, 1970-1977

Papers and Photographs of Suzanne W. Miles, 1955-1972

box folder
40 1 Negatives, 1955-1963
2 Negatives, n.d.
3 Stela negatives and illustrations, n.d.
4 Todos Santos Journal, 1955 & 1972
5 Todos Santos Prints, 1955
6 Todos Santos Clippings, c.1957
7 Prints, n.d.
box folder
41 1 Portraits by Joya Hairs, 1963
2 “Plates -- Handbook Illustrations: Sculpture, glyphs, etc.”, n.d.
3 Correspondence, n.d.
4 Correspondence, 1962
5 Correspondence, 1963
6 Correspondence, 1964
7 Correspondence, 1965

Cassettes, 1970-1983

box folder
42 9 "Guatemala es muchas cosas": Naración Espanol AV, 1st generation n.d.
10 "Guatemala es muchas cosas": continuo, Grabación 40 n.d.
11 Dr. Ignacio Bernal, Valley of Oaxaca & Dr. George Kubler, Teotihuacan, October 13, 1970
12 Dr. Michael Coe, The Olmecs, October 13, 1970
13 Dr. Herbert Quirin, n.d.
14 Before Cortez symposium, J. Eric Thompson, n.d.
15 J. Eric Thompson, BBC TV / CHRONICLE, “Return to the Maya”, n.d.
16 Symposium: Iconography of American Art: Dr. Peter Turst, Western Mexico, & Dr. H. Nicholson, The Aztecs October 13, 1970
17 Symposium: Iconography of Middle American Sculpture: Gordon Wiley summation, n.d.
19 Los Mayas, n.d.
20 Guatemala: naración de H. Chavez, n.d.
21 The Music of Southern India: Tibetan Buddhism, Tantras of Gyuto Mahakala, n.d.
22 Williams: Guitarras y Marimbas; Bolling: Concierto pa’ Guitarra y Piano, n.d.
23 Perry Como; Frank Sinatra & Carlos Jobim, n.d.
24 Benny Goodman, Carnegie Hall; Jazz Concert, Ella Fitzgerald sings Cole Porter n.d.
25 IDCA ’75, Sam Keen, “Dimensions of Experience” Master, 1975
26 Destination Love, Ronnie Aldrich & His Two Pianos, n.d.
27 [Empty Cassette Case:] Chirmol Chapin audio books, AV presentation “Market Place”, Quito, Ecuador, credits; Judith Armal, coordinator, March 5, 1983

Negatives, 1952-1970

This series is currently unprocessed due to severe damage to many of the negatives. The series contains thousands of negatives, mostly 120-format, which are generally labeled by family name or subject. To access these negatives, please contact an archivist.