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Uniques: Brazilian Artists

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The Benson Latin American Collection

Michel Schooyans Art Collection, 1942-2009

Descriptive Summary

Creator Schooyans, Michel
Title Michel Schooyans Art Collection
Dates: 1942-2009
Abstract Collection of Brazilian and Latin American art collected by and presented to Michel Schooyans, scholar, author, and Catholic priest.
Accession No. 2010-20
OCLC Record No. 691272281
Extent 277 items
Language French and Portuguese
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Michel Schooyans was born on July 6, 1930 in Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium. In 1955, Schooyans became an ordained priest of the Archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels. He earned doctorate degrees in philosophy in 1955 and in 1958, and in 1978 he earned a doctorate in theology. Schooyans has taught in universities throughout the world with the majority of his appointments taking him to schools in Europe, Central America, and South America. From 1959 to 1969 he was a professor of philosophy at the Catholic University of São Paulo in Brazil. Upon returning to Europe he taught at the Université Catholique de Louvain where he was named a professor emeritus in 1995. His multiple research interests include political philosophy, contemporary ideologies, social moral theology, and ethics of demographic policies, and he has written nearly three hundred articles and numerous books. Schooyans is a member of multiple societies and institutes including the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, the Institute for Demographic Policy in Paris, and the Carybé Institute in Salvador de Bahia. Within his duties as a priest he has served as a consultor of the Pontifical Council for Justice of the Peace and the Pontifical Council for Family. Schooyans has received multiple honors and awards including the Knight of the Order of Leopold (Belgium), the Medal of Pedro Alvares Cabral (Brazil), the Commander of the Order of the Crown (Belgium), and the Grand Officer of the Order of the Crown (Belgium).

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Scope and Contents Note

Paintings, engravings, woodcuts, drawings, posters, photographs, collages, sculptures, pottery, and textiles comprise this collection. The pieces are arranged within series alphabetically by the artist's last name.


This catalogue contains the art works we gatherd until 2003. It is divided into several parts: unique graphic art works; multiple graphic art works; sculptures; dishes; textile; art books.

These art works are representative of the originality of the Brazilan art at the turning point of the XXI century. Classical or popular, the Brazilian music is known all over the world; the same goes for movies. The plastic Brazilian art, on the contrary, although of an incomparable richness, is mostly unknown outside the country.

The purpose of this catalogue, which is meant for a very limited circle of amateurs, is amonst others to reveal some first class Brazilian artists outside their country.

Mrs. Claudine Bulens-Roussy has set up this catalogue very carefully. We want to extend our thanks and utmost appreciation for the meticulousness and the patience with which she undertook this work, from the taking of the pictures until the making up of the pages.

For each art work there are succinct but essential indications: title (if available), techniques, measures, as well as a reference number which enables to visualize each work in the files contained in the catalogue. Because of the diversity in their measures, the reproductions already give a fairly good idea of the dimensions of the originals.

--Michel Schooyans, March 2008

Additional collection materials include   Michel Schooyans Biographical Materials (2005-2009), one folder comprised of Schooyans' curriculum vitae, a certificate, photographs of Schooyans with Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, and a complete listing of all of his publications through 2009. There is also a collection of uncataloged slides.

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Use Restrictions

Standard copyright restrictions apply. Digital images may not be used or reproduced without copyright clearance by the artist and permission of the Benson Latin American Collection.

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Index Terms

The Michel Schooyans Art Collection is classified under the following Subject Headings in the University of Texas Libraries catalog:
Schooyans, Michel
Carybé, 1911-1997
Martins, Aldemir, 1922-
Neto, Calasans, 1932-
Teixeira, Floriano
Bastos, Carlos, 1925-
Graciano, Clóvis, 1907-
Arts, Brazilian
Art, Latin American

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Related Material

Additional materials from Michel Schooyans' Art Collection can be found in the University of Texas Libraries Library Catalog. His books are housed at the Perry-Castañeda Library and at the Benson Latin American Collection. The Benson Latin American Collection also has additional items that were signed and presented to Schooyans including a book by by Jesús Ortiz Figueroa and four additional pieces by Calasans Neto.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Cite as: Michel Schooyans Art Collection, Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection, the University of Texas at Austin.

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Box and Folder Inventory


Uniques: Brazilian Artists

Bastos, Carlos:
MS-93 L'ensevelissement, 1977.

[nankeen, 13 x 26 cm]
MS-88 Trois Anges, 1980.

[nankeen, 22 x 26 cm]
MS-72 Madona, 1981.
[nankeen, 57 x 39 cm]
MS-87 Untitled (women in semicircle with a city in the background), 2006.

[30 x 20 cm]
MS-34 La recontre, N.d.

[inscribed, nankeen, 48 x 63 cm]
Boumba meu boi, Franco:
MS-92 Untitled, 1966.

[aquarelle, 24 x 32 cm]
Brava, Ideo:
MS-65 Untitled, N.d.

[collage, 46 x 36 cm]
MS-38 Danseuses, 1974 (1979?).

[aquarelle, 44 x 57 cm]
MS-82 Gaúchos, N.d.

[ink and wash, 42 x 33 cm]
MS-13 Les trois grâces, 1977.

[gouache, 72 x 54 cm]
MS-12 Mulheres conversante, 1977.

[gouache, 72 x 54 cm]
MS-42 Vachers, 1966.

[aquarelle, 44 x 61 cm]
MS-52 Untitled (Misha em missão No alto são franciscó), 1974.

[pen on tissue, 51 x 47 cm]
MS-83 Untitled, 1974.

[ink and wash, 42 x 33 cm.
MS-99 Untitled, 1989.

[sketch, 23 x 31 cm]
MS-98 Untitled, N.d.

[sketch, 23 x 31 cm]
MS-84 Indiens, N.d.

[ink and wash, 42 x 44 cm]
Coelho, Fernando:
MS-89 Ballons, 1979.

[acrylic, 25 x 25 cm]
MS-78 Rêveries, 1979.

[nankeen, 33 x 40 cm]
MS-55 La forêt, 1987.

[acrylic, 43 x 53 cm]
MS-33 Rivage, 1970.

[acrylic, 43 x 64 cm]
MS-40 Untitled (people carrying jugs and baskets), N.d.
[42 x 58 cm]
Cravo, Mário:
MS-67 Capoeira, 1953.

[pencil, 52 x 40 cm]
MS-79 Etude pour une descente de Croix, 1986.

[nankeen, 41 x 28 cm]
MS-27 Tête de Christ, 1987.

[pencil,65 x 50 cm]
Fortaleza, Sônia de:
MS-4 Saint François, N.d.

[acrylic, 73 x 53 cm]
Graciano, Clóvis:
MS-41 Bouquet, 1942.

[monotype, 55 x 45 cm]
Martins, Aldemir:
MS-32 Cangaceiro, 1975.
[felt-tip, 66 x 51 cm]
MS-49 Nossa Senhora, 1999.

[acrylic, 49 cm diameter]
Miró, Joan:
MS-20 Droits de l'homme (poster for UNESCO), 1974.
[poster, 75 x 57 cm]
Monteiro, Paulo:
MS-107 Tête d'homme, 1976.

[collage, aquarelle, nankeen, 30 x 30 cm]
Neto, Calasans:
MS-7 Bahia: la ville, 1992.

[wood engraving, acrylic, 79 x 79 cm]
MS-85 Dédoublement (Desdo Bramentu), 1988.

[acrylic, 40 x 40 cm]
MS-35 "Diplôme de l'Orhe de la Baleine", 1977.

[monotype, 61 x 45 cm]
MS-6 La ville des chèvres, 1976.

[wood engraving, 79 x 52 cm]
MS-5 Les mutants, 1986.

[acrylic, 100 x 50 cm]
MS-74 Abaeté Metamorfose na logoa, 1984.

[acrylic, 33 x 34 cm]
MS-56 Abaeté, Metamorfose nas veredas das dunas, 1983.

[acrylic, 52 x 52 cm]
MS-75 Itapuã, 1981.

[acrylic, 34 x 34 cm]
MS-66 Untitled, 1977.

[monotype, 46 x 33 cm]
MS-31 Untitled, 1986.

[monotype, 71 x 46 cm]
MS-114 Untitled, 1995.

[aquarelle, 41 x 32 cm]
MS-119a Untitled (Declaro que este é um autentico Calasans Neto), 1993.

55 x 27 cm.
MS-119b Untitled (Declaro que este desenho é autentico do Calasans Neto), 1993.

55 x 27 cm.
Niemeyer, Oscar:
MS-111 Untitled, 2003.

[inscribed, nankeen sketch, 51 x 70 cm]
MS-28 Untitled, 1987.

[naive, 33 x 70 cm]
MS-3 Isabelle (Jeune fille en bleu au voile), 1973.

[oil, 67 x 51 cm]
MS-112 Untitled, 2004.

[43 x 53 cm]
MS-8 Montagnes, N.d.

[pastel, 56 x 72 cm]
MS-9 Voiles, N.d.

[pastel, 54 x 71 cm]
Santibañez, M.:
MS-91 Ecuador, N.d.
[29 x 22 cm]
Scaldaferri, Sante:
MS-90 Le prophète (Beato com boi), 1977.

[oil, 25 x 32 cm]
MS-109 Esplendor Nordeste, 1988.

[29 x 29 cm]
MS-61 Ex-voto, N.d.

[sketch, 52 x 38 cm]
MS-54 Le village (Casas), 1989.

[acrylic, 42 x 52 cm]
Teixeira, Floriano:
MS-50 Festa do Divino espírito-santo em Alcântará maranhão, 1960.

[aquarelle, 43 x 54 cm]
MS-15 Nu couché, 1987.

[nankeen, 65 x 87 cm]
MS-36 Portrait, 1987.

[charcoal, 57 x 46 cm]
MS-17 Untitled (girl with flowers), 1987.
[84 x 66 cm]
MS-76 Nu, 1988.

[29 x 35 cm]
MS-23 Untitled (woman in a pink dress holding a child in her arms), 1988.
[80 x 61 cm]
MS-26 Untitled (nude woman breastfeeding), 1989.
[80 x 64 cm]
MS-116 Untitled, 1995.

[etching, 48 x 33 cm]
MS-122 Palette de couleurs, 1996.

[palette of color on paper, 40 x 70 cm]
Tiago, José:
MS-53 Festa no Mar (Procession du Seigneur des navigateurs), N.d.

[acrylic, 50 x 42 cm]
Auteur inconnu:
MS-64 Brésil, N.d.

[acrylic, 45 x 35 cm]

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Multiples: Brazilian Artists

Abramo, Lívio:
MS-94 Meninas de Fábrica (Ouvrières), Reprint of 1935 original.

[inscribed print, 30 x 26 cm]
MS-97 Natal, 1965.

[lithograph, 14 x 35 cm]
Bandeira, M.:
MS-71 Afogados, o forte príncipe guilherme, vendo-se ao longe a cidade de olinda, Segundo uma estampa constant do livro (1630-1654) 'América', de Arnoldus Montanus, impressa em 1671, N.d.
[36 x 54 cm]
MS-69 Boa Vista, Conforme Barléu (Ed. Ministério da Educação), N.d.
[36 x 54 cm]
MS-68 Ruínas de Forte do Orange Itamaracá, N.d.
[36 x 54 cm]
MS-70 Serinhaém ao tempo da dominação Holandesa, Segundo ilustração do Livro 'América', de Arnoldus Montanus impresso em Amsterdam em 1671, N.d.
[36 x 54 cm]
Bastos, Carlos:
MS-113 Salvador da Bahia: 1977, 1977.

[lithograph, 61 x 79 cm]
MS-125 Ange, 1997.

[lithograph, 160/170, 67 x 48 cm]
Bernabó, Ramiro:
MS-117 Untitled, 1982.

[lithograph, 4/4, 43 x 30 cm]
Cals, César:
MS-60 Untitled, 1986.

[lithograph, 49 x 38 cm]
MS-135 Folia: maldição dos deuses, doença dos homens, N.d.

[poster, 61 x 40 cm]
MS-100 Le pêcheur, N.d.

[lithograph, 28 x 20 cm]
MS-51 Untitled, 1974.

[lithograph, 46 x 46 cm]
Coelho, Fernando:
MS-96 Le rêve, 1979.

[serigraph, 28 x 32 cm]
MS-128 Saint François, 1979.

[serigraph, 40/40, 64 x 50 cm]
MS-101 Untitled, 1984.

[lithograph, 68/100, 39 x 27 cm]
Graciano, Clóvis:
MS-43 Couple dansant, 1972.

[lithograph, 57 x 46 cm]
MS-86 Homme partant au travail (Paysan), 1949.

[lithograph, 43 x 30 cm]
MS-45 1. Le voleur d'oiseaux, 1977.

[lithograph, 59 x 48 cm]
MS-46 2. Le joueur de clarinette, 1977.

[lithograph, 59 x 48 cm]
MS-47 3. L'homme avec l'oiseau a la main (L'oiseleur), 1977.

[lithograph, 59 x 48 cm]
MS-59 Saltimbanque, 1980.

[lithograph, 49 x 40 cm]
MS-81 Le musicien, N.d.

[lithograph, 24/75, 39 x 32 cm]
Gruber, Mário:
MS-44 L'étendard, 1970.

[lithograph, 59 x 49 cm]
MS-18 Golgotha (Descente de Croix), 1967.

[lithograph, 7/25, 74 x 71 cm]
MS-19 La Derniére Cène, 1965.
[lithograph, 9/20, 74 x 59 cm]
Jenner, Augusto:
MS-21 La cité lacustre, 1981.

[lithograph, 59 x 79 cm]
l'Abbate, Antonello:
MS-130 Untitled (no.45820), 1996.

[etching, 33 x 48 cm]
Martins, Aldemir:
MS-132 70 anos (Anniversaire), 1992.

[inscribed poster, 60 x 40 cm]
MS-136 E ri-se Satanás! (Satan), 1992.

[poster, 66 x 48 cm]
MS-16 Grand oirean bleu (Le paon), 1978.

[lithograph, 67 x 84 cm]
MS-62 Paquetá, 1968.

[lithograph, 47 x 35 cm]
MS-24 Le prophète, 1971.

[lithograph, 68 x 80 cm]
MS-80 Nu, 1979.

[lithograph, 41/100, 42 x 33 cm]
MS-11 Cangaceiro (with rifle), 1979.
[lithograph, 74 x 53 cm]
MS-58 Montage, 1980.

[etching, 48 x 38 cm]
MS-22 Poisson, 1982.

[inscribed, lithograph, 79 x 60 cm]
MS-123 Le chat, 1983.

[lithograph, 18/30, 50 x 57 cm]
MS-124 Les dunes, 1991.

[lithograph, 6/30, 50 x 70 cm]
MS-14 Untitled (beach with sun and purple clouds in the sky), 1991.
[62 x 80 cm]
MS-105 Carte de voeux, 1992.

[lithograph, 25 x 34 cm]
MS-129 Le coq, 1992.

[lithograph, 45 x 50 cm]
MS-121 Le bouquet, 1994.

[lithograph, 24/100, 70 x 50 cm]
MS-103 Carte, 1997.

[lithograph, 5/250, 54 x 19 cm]
MS-106 Cora, 2000.

[etching, 38 x 29 cm]
MS-102 Carte de voeux, 2002.

[lithograph, 19 x 26 cm]
MS-118 Madona, 2003.

[lithograph, 1/10, 53 x 22 cm]
MS-48 La musique, N.d.

[lithograph, 33/50, 53 x 22 cm]
Teixeira, Floriano:
MS-76 Nu, 1988.

[etching, 29 x 35 cm]
MS-10 La fête, 1995.

[lithograph, 53 x 67 cm]
MS-115 Enfant, 1995.

[etching, 48 x 33 cm]
MS-116 Untitled, 1995.

[etching, 48 x 33 cm[
MS-134 Gabriela: cravo e canela de Jorge Amado, 1988.

[poster, 63 x 43 cm]
Volpi, Alfredo:
MS-39 Volpi, Alfredo. Untitled, N.d.

[lithograph, 59 x 46 cm]

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Multiples: Calasans Neto

Neto, Calasans:
MS-131 Fala Mulher Da Vida, 1988.

[poster, 42 x 30 cm]
MS-57 Untitled, 1955.

[51 x 47 cm]
MS-63 Untitled, 1971.

[47 x 39 cm]
MS-133 Untitled, 1987.

[poster, 71 x 46 cm]
MS-25 Untitled, 1988.

[lithograph, 81 x 64 cm]
MS-120 Untitled, 1995.

[66 x 48 cm]
MS-126 Untitled, 1997.

[xylograph, 57 x 41 cm]
MS-77 Untitled, N.d.

[32 x 29 cm]
MS-108a, MS-108b Untitled, N.d.

[xylograph, 22 x 21 cm]

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Unknown Artists

box folder
MS-1 Unidentified. Mola tapestry, N.d.
[Isla San Blas, Panama, 51 x 61 cm]
MS-2 Unidentified. Mola tapestry, N.d.
[Isla San Blas, Panama, 55 x 71 cm]
MS-29 Unidentified. 1.Preparazione della Farina di Mendioca; 2.Caccia degli uccelli; 3.Negri e Negra di Bahia , N.d.

[66 x 51 cm]
MS-73 Unidentified. Untitled (man talking with Paulo Freire, Paris, 1975), 1975.

[20 x 26 cm]
MS-110a Unidentified. Untitled, 2005.

[36 x 28 cm]
MS-110b Unidentified. Untitled, 2005.

[36 x 28 cm]
MS-30 Unidentified. Untitled, N.d.

[54 x 63 cm]
MS-37 Unidentified. Untitled (women with baskets), N.d.
[52 x 59 cm]
MS-95 Mexican naive. Volcan, N.d.

[28 x 28 cm]
MS-73 Unidentified. Untitled (man talking with Paulo Freire, Paris, 1975), 1975.

[20 x 26 cm]

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Dishes: Brazilian Artists

001 Untitled, N.d.
002 Untitled, N.d.
003 Untitled, N.d.
Martins, Aldémir:
004 Untitled, N.d.
005 Untitled, N.d.
006 Untitled, N.d.
007 Untitled, N.d.
008 Untitled, N.d.
010 Untitled, N.d.
009 Untitled, N.d.
011a Untitled, N.d.
011b Untitled, N.d.
011c Untitled, N.d.

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Sculptures: Brazilian Artists

Mestre Vitalino:
117 Untitled, N.d.
120 Bahia, N.d.

[58 x 29 cm]
Martins, Aldémir:
104 Pingouin, N.d.

[18 cm]
Moreno, Tatti:
124 Oxum Apará, N.d.

[59 x 30 cm]
123 Sage, N.d.
Unknown naive:
013 Untitled, N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
014 Untitled, N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
015 Untitled, N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
016 Untitled, N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
017 Untitled, N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
018 Untitled, N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
019 Untitled, N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
020 Untitled, N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
021 Untitled, N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
022 Untitled, N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
023 Untitled, N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
024 Untitled, N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
025 Untitled, N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
026 Untitled, N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
027 Untitled, N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
028 Untitled, N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
029 Untitled, N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
030 Untitled, N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
031 Untitled, N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
121 Untitled (carved wooden figure), N.d.

[wood, ex-voto, Ceará]
012 Untitled, N.d.
032 Untitled, N.d.
033 Untitled, N.d.
034 Untitled, N.d.
035 Untitled, N.d.
036 Untitled, N.d.
037 Untitled, N.d.
038 Untitled, N.d.
039 Untitled, N.d.
040 Untitled, N.d.
041 Untitled, N.d.
042 Untitled, N.d.
043 Untitled, N.d.
044 Untitled, N.d.
045 Untitled, N.d.
046 Untitled, N.d.
047 Untitled, N.d.
048 Untitled, N.d.
049 Untitled, N.d.
050 Untitled, N.d.
051 Untitled, N.d.
052 Untitled, N.d.
053 Untitled, N.d.
054 Untitled, N.d.
055 Untitled, N.d.
056 Untitled, N.d.
057 Untitled, N.d.
058 Untitled, N.d.
059 Untitled, N.d.
060 Untitled, N.d.
061 Untitled, N.d.
062 Untitled, N.d.
063 Untitled, N.d.
064 Untitled, N.d.
065 Untitled, N.d.
066 Untitled, N.d.
067 Untitled, N.d.
068 Untitled, N.d.
069 Untitled, N.d.
070 Untitled, N.d.
071 Untitled, N.d.
072 Untitled, N.d.
073 Untitled, N.d.
074 Untitled, N.d.
075 Untitled, N.d.
076 Untitled, N.d.
077 Untitled, N.d.
078 Untitled, N.d.
079 Untitled, N.d.
080 Untitled, N.d.
081 Untitled, N.d.
082 Untitled, N.d.
083 Untitled, N.d.
084 Untitled, N.d.
085 Untitled, N.d.
086 Untitled, N.d.
087 Untitled, N.d.
088 Untitled, N.d.
089 Untitled, N.d.
090 Untitled, N.d.
091 Untitled, N.d.
092 Untitled, N.d.
093 Untitled, N.d.
094 Untitled, N.d.
095 Untitled, N.d.
096 Untitled, N.d.
097 Untitled, N.d.
098 Untitled, N.d.
099 Untitled, N.d.
100 Untitled, N.d.
101a Untitled, N.d.
101b Untitled, N.d.
102 Untitled, N.d.
103 Untitled, N.d.
105 Untitled, N.d.
106 Untitled, N.d.
107 Untitled, N.d.
108 Untitled, N.d.
109 Untitled, N.d.
110 Untitled, N.d.
111 Untitled, N.d.
112 Untitled, N.d.
113 Untitled, N.d.
114 Untitled, N.d.
115 Untitled, N.d.
116 Untitled, N.d.
118 Untitled, N.d.
119 Untitled, N.d.
122 Untitled, N.d.
125 Untitled, N.d.

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Catalogs and Promotional Materials

box folder
7 9 Catalogs and Promotional Materials, 1971-1976
box folder
8 1 Floriano Teixeira Broadside, N.d.

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Michel Schooyans Biographical Materials

box folder
7 10 Biographical Materials, 2005-2009, N.d.

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9-10 Slides
[2 cubic feet]
Two large boxes contain hundreds of uncataloged slides on various subjects.

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