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Serie Project, Inc. Records, 1993-2007

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Creator Serie Project, Inc.
Title Serie Project, Inc. Records
Dates: 1993-2007
Abstract Organizational and business records of the non-profit Latino fine art serigraph Serie Project located in Austin, Texas.
Accession No. 2008-14
OCLC Record No. N/A
Extent 12 linear feet (+ accruals)
Language English
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Administrative History

The Serie Project, of Austin, TX, was founded by local artist Sam Coronado in 1993. Serie was modeled on Self-Help Graphics, a center for Latino art in Los Angeles, which has been in existence since the early 1970s. Initially functioning under the umbrella of the Latino arts organization, La Peña, the Serie Project became an independent 501(c)(3) in the year 2000. Serie has received much of its funding from The Austin Arts Commission (a program of The City of Austin) and the Texas Commission on the Arts.

Serie has selected between 15 and 18 artists each year through a referral and juror system. Each artist is given the opportunity to make 50 serigraph prints (a silk screening technique in which an image is imposed on a canvas by forcing ink through a screen of fine mesh in which the background has been blocked). These prints constitute the Serie (series) of that year. Half of them are retained by the Serie Project, which exhibits and sells the works, and the other half are returned to the artist to promote as he or she sees fit. Serie primarily focuses on Latino artists but the project is open to artists of all ethnicities, as they seek both to explore the diversity of visual art in Texas and to strengthen recognition for the importance of the Latino arts community. They also strive to include a mixture of emerging and more established artists, often giving opportunities to those artists who otherwise would not have them.

Over 150 artists have participated in the Serie Project [through 2009]. While retaining its emphasis on the local art community Serie has come to garner national attention. For example, some prints from the program were included in the PBS documentary “Art Journeys” and some of the projects’ artists have been featured in Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art, a two-volume book by Gary D. Keller, Mary Erickson, Kaytie Johnson, and Joaquin Alvarado, published by Bilingual Review/Press in 2002.

The Serie Project web site, including images of artwork produced by the Project, can be found at

Scope and Contents Note

Financial and administrative documentation, reports, correspondence, printed and photographic materials, (1993-2007, 10 linear feet), record the functioning of the Serie Project in its efforts to support the artistic community of Austin, Texas, and to increase awareness for the work of Latino and Latina artists within this community and on the national stage.

   Administrative records (1993-2005, 4 linear feet), primarily arranged chronologically by project year, chart the progress of the organization as it grew throughout the mid 1990s and early 2000s, receiving more funding, hiring more employees and selecting more artists to participate in the program. Each project year is divided into five subseries based on topic: General Financial, City of Austin, Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA), Artists, and Print Inventories except where there was no documentation for a particular aspect of a particular year (for example, in several of the later years there is no documentation of artist participation of print inventories and Seríe VI, 1998-99 does not have any information about grants from the TCA). The subseries concerning the City of Austin and the Texas Commission on the Arts are particularly illuminating, in that the documentation necessary to apply for grants from these organizations is quite revealing as to the functioning of the project. In recent years, The National Endowment for the Arts has supplied funds to the Serie Project and documentation of these grants can be found in the General Financial series of Seríe project years 2001-2005. Following the Administrative records arranged by Serie Project year are several subseries of General Administrative records that relate to projects which span several years, such as internships and logo design in addition to collected information on particular topics like copyright law. Much of this material is currently unprocessed.

Records relating to    Exhibits and conferences (1994-2006, 2 linear feet) grouped by event and ordered chronologically, document the wide range of endeavors the Serie Project engaged in to promote their artists. Substantial    Photographic Materials (1.5 linear feet) reveal the variety of style among the artists involved. Among the    Printed Materials (1994-2005, 2 linear feet), particularly strong are the newspapers and clippings which cover not only the functioning of the Serie Project but also record interest in other local artistic endeavors. Strongest among these is a piece by McBride in Impressions: The Journal of the American Print Alliance, Volume 10, #1, which concerns the history and mission of the organization. Lastly, nine    Audiotapes and five VHS tapes concern matters from exhibits to interviews with Coronado and other artists.

Additions to the archive are ongoing and more unprocessed materials may be available for research.


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The Serie Project, Inc. Records are classified under the following Subject Headings in the University of Texas Libraries catalog:
Coronado, Sam--Archives
Serie Project, Inc.--Archives
Coronado Studio (Austin, Texas)--Archives
Chicano art--Texas--History--Sources
Mexican American prints
Mexican American art--Texas

Related Material

The Benson Collection also holds the personal archive of artist and printmaker Sam Coronado, director of the Serie Project.

Many original prints from Serie Project are available at the Benson Collection as part of the Ricardo and Harriett Romo Collection of Mexican American Art Prints and the Claudia Elisa Zapata Chicano/Latino Fine Art Collection.

Administrative Information

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Box and Folder Inventory


I. Administrative Documents, 1993-2005

1 Serie I, 1993-1994
1 General Financial Documents
2 City of Austin
3 Artists
4 Print Inventories
Serie II, 1994-1995
5 General Financial Documents
6 City of Austin
7 Texas Commission on the Arts
8 Artists
9 Print Inventories
Serie III, 1995-1996
10 General Financial Documents
box folder
2 1 City of Austin
2 Texas Commission on the Arts
3 Artists
4 Print Inventories
Serie IV, 1996-1997
5 General Financial Documents
6 City of Austin
7 Texas Commission on the Arts
box folder
3 1 Artists
2 Print Inventories
Serie V, 1997-1998
3 General Financial Documents
4 City of Austin
5 Texas Commission on the Arts
6 Artists
7 Print Inventories
Serie VI, 1998-1999
8 General Financial Documents
box folder
4 1 City of Austin
2 Texas Commission on the Arts
3 Artists
4 Print Inventories
Serie VII, 1999-2000
5 General Financial Documents
6-7 City of Austin
box folder
5 1 Texas Commission on the Arts
2 Artists
3 Print Inventories
Serie VIII, 2000-2001
4 General Financial Documents
5 City of Austin
6 Texas Commission on the Arts
7 Artists
Serie IX, 2001-2002
8 General Financial Documents
box folder
6 1 City of Austin
2 Texas Commission on the Arts
3 Artists
Serie X, 2002-2003
4 General Financial Documents
5 City of Austin
6 Texas Commission on the Arts
7 Serie XI, 2003-2004
1 General Financial Documents
2 City of Austin
3-4 Texas Commission on the Arts
5 General Financial Documents
box folder
8 1 City of Austin
2 Texas Commission on the Arts
General Administrative, 1994-2003
3 Financial, 1994-2003
4 Artists, 1996-2001
5 Print Inventories, undated
6- Various Unsorted
box folder
9 1-4 Various Unsorted


II. Exhibits, 1994-2006

Arranged chronologically. Includes files for both realized and potential exhibits.
box folder
9 5 Serie 93-94 Exhibit at the University of Texas Union, 1994
6 Serie 93-94 Exhibits, 1994-1995
7 City of Austin Small Business Development, 1995-2001
8 Prospective Exhibit Space, 1995, 2003, undated
9 Galeria Museo Mission Cultural Center, 1995-1998
10 Brandywine Workshop, 1995, 1999-2000
11 Dallas Exhibits Serie 93-96, 1996
12 Self Help Graphics, 1996-1997
13 Austin Museum of Art, AMOA, 1996-1998
14 Art in Public Places Exhibit, 1996
15 University of Texas Pan American Exhibits, 1997-2000
16 City of San Antonio/Felix Padron Exhibit Possibility, 1997
17 Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts, 1997-1999
18 Serie on Tour, 1997
box folder
10 1 South Broadway Cultural Center, 1997-2005
2 Latino Laugh Festival, 1997
3 Rockefeller Center, 1997
4 Manuel’s Restaurant, 1997-2000
5 Center for Hispanic Arts, 1997
6 Conferences, 1998
7 Dougherty Arts Center, 1998, 2003-2004
8 Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection, 1998
9 Franklin Plaza, 1998-1999
10 Mixers, 1998
11 Capitol Exhibit, 1998-1999
12 Pyramid Atlantic, 1999
13 Firehouse Art Center, Oklahoma, 1999-2001
14 Individual Artists of Oklahoma, 1999-2003
15 ACA Print Exhibit, 1999
16 Serie Sidewalk Project, 1999
17 Austin Visual Arts Association, AVAA, 1999
18 Blood and Tissue Center, 1999-2000
19 Exhibit Inventory, 1999-2000
20 One Texas Center, 2000
box folder
11 1 University of Texas Brownsville, 2000-2003
2 Richland College, Dallas, Texas, 2000-2003
3 Phoenix Art Museum, 2000-2001
4 Arizona State University, 2000-2003
5 Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 2000
6 Teatro Humanidad, 2000
7 Robert Berman Gallery, 2001
8 Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy, 2001
9 “Zee” Zapata, 2001
10 Victoria Regional Museum Association, 2001
11 Art Exhibits - Miscellaneous, 2001
12 University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2001
13 Artists Gallery and Studios of 6th, 2001
14 Las Manitas, 2001-2002
15 NALAC Conference, 2001-2002
16 Community Art Project – University of Texas, 2002
17 National Art Education Association, NAEA, 2002
18 University of Houston, O’Kane Gallery, 2002
19 Rose Minn Gallery, Elgin, Texas, 2002
20 Texas Writers, 2002
box folder
12 1 Staff Link San Antonio, 2002
2 Art Scan Gallery, 2002
3 Jesus Cantu Medel – Museo Guadalupe, Houston, Texas, 2002-2003
4 Alexandria Museum of Art, 2002-2003
5 Tartaric: International Contemporary Art, 2003
6 Tyler Junior College, 2003-2004
7 Saltillo Exhibit, 2003
8 Art on Fifth, 2003
9 University of Arkansas Little Rock, 2003
10 Adair Margo Gallery, 2003
11 Austin Artists Coalition, 2003
12 Serie on Tour 10th Anniversary, 2003
13 Artists Space, New York City, 2003
14 Lyndale Art Center, 2003
15 University of Notre Dame, 2003
16 Icehouse Cultural Center, 2004
17 Tarrant County College, 2004
18 Time Warner Cable, 2004
19 Art Incorporated, 2004
20 Dr. Richard Flores at University of Texas, 2004-2005
21 Guadalupe Art Center, 2004-2005
22 La Paz, BC, Mexico, 2005
23 City Hall Austin, 2005-2006
24 Houston Art League, 2005
25 Tejano Democrats, undated
26 El Sol y Luna, undated
27 San Angelo, undated


III. Printed Materials, 1994-2006

box folder
13 1 Serie Flyers, 1994-2005
2 "Serie Sez" Newsletters, 2003-2004
3 Serie Press Notebook, 1994-1996
4 Serie Press Notebook, 1994-1995
5 Assorted Press, 1994-1998
6 Assorted Serigraph Flyers, 1997-1005
14 Oversized Newspapers, Clippings, 199-
Press on Serie or Serie artists in various newspapers.
Austin Chronicle, 1998-1999
15 Austin Chronicle, 1999-2000
16 Other Newspapers,
Arriba, 1994-1999
Austin American Statesman, 1994-1999
Austin American Statesman, XL ent., 1998-2000
El Paso Scene, 1999
La Prensa, 1998
University of Texas On Campus, 1994


IV. Photographs and Audiovisual, 1998-2007, undated

17 Photographs
1 Serie I
2 Serie I-V
3 Serie II
4 Serie IV
5-6 Serie V
box folder
18 1 Serie VI and Serie VII
2 Printing Class
3 ASU Trip and Galleries
4 Unidentified
box folder
19 1-3 Unidentified
20 Videocassettes, 1998-2003, undated
1 Coronado Studio Gallery Talks, 21 Feb and 11 Apr 1998
2 "Serie Print Project of the Coronado Studio and the Importance of Printmaking in the Latino Arts Community," Lecture by Sam Coronado, 4 Oct 2001
3 Sam Coronado Interview, 3 May 2003
4 "Para el Taller Studio Coronado Alberto," undated
5 "Arte Chicano - Sam Coronado," Interview by Dr. George Rivera, Univ. of Colorado at Boulder, undated
Audiocassettes, 2007, undated
6 Alice Loera Briggs, 28 Mar 2007
7 Delilah Montoya, 6 Mar 2007, and Claudia Rojas, 20 Mar 2007
8 Ramiro Jimenez, 15 June 2007, and Robie Espinoza Gutierrez, 13 Jul 2007
9 David de Lara, and Anjel Quesada, undated
10 Roberto Munguia, and Tony Ortega, undated
11 Marilu Flores Gruber, and Kathy Vargas, undated
12 Alma Lopez, Rolando Briseño, Sandria Hu, Maceo Montoya, Gaspar Enriquez, Sandra Fernandez, and Celia Muñoz, undated
[on 4 small microcassette tapes]
13-14 Serie Board Meeting, 31 Mar 2007
[2 cassettes]


V. Print Mylars, 1994-2009, undated

21 Serie I
1 Ambray-Gonzalez, Anne. When Day Holds Night in Gentle Caress, 1994
2 Coronado, Sam. Dos Mundos, 1994
3 Gaytan, Rey. Altar of the Zodiac: Fire, Earth and Water, 1994
4 Gonzalez, Rosemary. Transfiguration I, 1994
5 Gutierrez, Luis. Untitled, 1994
6 Medrano, Henry. Danzantes, 1994
7 Ortiz, Peter. Bauer Dance of Freedom, 1994
8 Pulido, Pio. Untitled, 1994
9 Salinas, Anna. Un Alma Descansando, 1994
10 Valle, Fernando. Gotas de Rocio, 1994
11 Wilson, Liliana. Mi Niña Triste II, 1994
Serie II
12 Arismendi, Connie. La Vida, 1995
13 Garanzuay, Laura. Innocencia, 1995
14 Perez, Irene. Rebirth, 1995
15 Rubio, Alex. El Spider, 1995
Serie III
16 Perez-Jones, Constance. Tree of Flowering Wombs, 1996
17 Saldaña, Andrew. Vestida de Blanco, 1996
Serie IV
18 Blow, David. The Promise, 1997
19 Camus, Pablo. Dia de Playa, 1997
20 Connolly, David. Dios en la Maquina, 1997
21 Galvan, Oscar. Phantom Cove, 1997
22 Gandolfo, Flavia. En el Colegio, 1997
23 Garcia, Eduardo. Ya es Tiempo, 1997
24 Meza, Rosemary. God Only Made Good Women, 1997
25 Miranda, Ruben. Yuisa, 1997
26 Nickerson, Carla. Senegalese Woman, 1997
27 Silva, Marc. Morphic Resonance, 1997
22 Serie V
1 Briseño, Rolando. Bicultural Tablesetting, 1998
2 Earney, Michael. Se Vende Casa, 1998
3 Fuentes, Tina. Manita, 1998
4 Mesa, Julio Eloy. 30 Aniversario, 1998
5 Muñoz, Celia Alvarez. Tolido, 1998
6 Praxedis, Leopoldo. Mascara, 1998
7 Sanchez, Marta. San Antonio Train Yard, 1998
8 Toledo, Mirta. Renacimiento, 1998
9 Varela, Willie. Untitled ("I did it for Van Gogh"), 1998
10 Wade, Bob. The Pose, 1998
11 Yancey, John. Esu Comes to Mammy, 1998
Serie VI
12 Gonzalez, Quintin. The First Wish, 1999
13 Huerta, Benito. In Case of Emergency, Pull, 1999
Serie VII
14 Gomez, Carlos. Llanto, 2000
15 Weitz, Tina. Gracias, 2000
Serie IX
16 Nickerson, Carla. Reynaldo, 2002
Serie X
17 Blancas, David. Untitled, 2003
18 Hurst, Robert. Willie 03, 2003
Serie XI
19 Whyne, Susan. A Gentle Morning, 2004
Serie XII
20 Fernandez, Rudy. Visitation: Modern Heroes, 2004
21 Hu, Sandria. Xalapa, 2005
22 Torralba, Carlos. Ojos al Cubo, 2005
Serie XIII
23 Dempster, Alec. Maiz Moderno, 2006
Serie XIV
24 Quesada, Angel. Far Away Home, 2007
Serie XV
25 Montoya, Maceo. Campesino y Tambien Fan de los Pumas, 2008
26 Rodriguez-Diaz, Angel. Stepping Into the Light . . . Quinceañera, 2008
Serie XVI
27 Fuentes, Tina. La Fruta de mi Vida, 2009
23 Other (Non-Serie)
Coronado, Sam
1 Calacas 'Purple'
2 Conchas
3 Guerrillera series
4 Las Comadres
5 Los Compadres
6 Piñata
7 Sandia II
8 Sufrimiento
9 The Forgotten Americans
Sponsored by Southwest Texas State University / W.K. Kellogg Foundation
10 Cruz, Steve. Faux Azteca
11 Huerta, Benito. Unidentified
12 Jimel, Ramiro. Unidentified
13 Maxwell, E. El Sureste Mexicano
14 Pulido, Pio. Dia de los Muertos
Includes text: "For a conditional heart is death, the unconditional heart is the wish in life. For being in conditional love, is loving the death. As the heart looks for another condition in life."
15 Ybarra, Rodolfo. Dies y Seis / Fiesta del Grito de Independencia special poster, 2004 September 15
Unknown Artist
16 Austin Conjunto Festival, 1998 May 3
Presented by The Greater East Austin Youth League, Austin Arts Commission, Mexic-Arte Museum, KTBC Fox 7, and La Nueva 92.1 FM / 1530AM. Fiesta Gardens, Austin, Texas.
17 Unidentified (cherub (top) and hand holding a rose (bottom))
18 Unidentified (currency)
1 & 2 US dollar bills; 10 & 20 Mexican peso bills
19 Unidentified (man riding bicycle)
20 Unidentified (person inside a heart?)
21 Unidentified (woman lying down)
22 Unidentified (Statue of Liberty and "In Money We Trust" ($1 bill with skull in center))
23-25 Unidentified (I-II)
26 Unidentified (various)
27 Display Plan, undated


Accruals to the Archive

Subsequent unprocessed additions to the collection may be available. Please ask in the Benson Collection rare books and manuscripts reading room for more information.