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Santiago Tapia Papers, 1823-1866

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Creator: Tapia, Santiago, 1820-1866
Title: Santiago Tapia Papers
Dates: 1823-1866
Abstract: Personal papers of Mexican general and politician Santiago Tapia include his memoir, military records, and correspondence.
OCLC Record No.: 46823600
Extent: 1 linear inch
Language: Spanish
Repository: Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Soldier, general, governor. Born in Aguililla, Mexico, in 1820. Died in Matamoros in 1866. Entered the Mexican Army at the age of twelve ‪‬"under the protection of General Santa Anna"‪‬ and participated in the war against the French invasion of Veracruz ‪(‬1838-1839‪)‬, the War with Texas, the U.S.-Mexican War and the War of French intervention, 1861-1867. He was involved in political conflicts between liberal and conservative factions, adhering to the ‪"Plan de Ayutla"‪ and joining the Liberal army during the ‪‬"Guerra de los Tres Años" ‪(‬1858-1861‪)‬. Tapia was governor of Puebla in 1862, of Michoacán in 1863 and of Tamaulipas in 1866. He died of typhus during the siege of Matamoros.

Scope and Contents Note

Collection consists of Santiago Tapia's holograph memoir: ‪"Memorias del ingreso, permanencia y separaciones de la carrera de las armas de Santiago Tapia‪‬," where he relates his military activity in the Mexican Army between 1832 and 1852, and historical events in which he either participated or witnessed, such as his extensive commentary on the Goliad Massacre ‪(‬Mar. 27, 1836‪)‬. Records of his military awards, appointments and letters received by him ‪(‬1845-1862‪)‬ are present, including the military records of his father. Major correspondents include Benito Juarez.

Organized into three series: I. Santiago Tapia, 1839-1866. II. Antonio Tapia, 1823-1852. III. Estéfana Longoria Urresti, 1839. In series I only, are the following sub-series: 1. Memoir ‪(‬238 p. ; 23 cm.‪)‬. 2. Letters received. General, 1845-1862. 3. Letters received from Benito Juárez, 1862-1863. 4. Military awards, appointments and other records, 1839-1866.


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The Santiago Tapia Papers are classified under the following Subject Headings in the University of Texas Libraries catalog:
Tapia, Santiago, 1820-1866--Archives
Juárez, Benito, 1806-1872--Correspondence
Mexican War, 1846-1848--Personal narratives, Mexican
Mexican War, 1846-1848--Campaigns--Texas--Personal narratives, Mexican
Goliad Massacre, Goliad, Tex., 1836--Personal narratives, Mexican
Mexico--History--European intervention, 1861-1867--Sources
Mexico--History, Military--19th century--Sources
Texas--History--Revolution, 1835-1836--Personal narratives, Mexican

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Purchased from an American vendor in 1998 and 1999.

Box and Folder Inventory

Series 1. Santiago Tapia, 1839-1866

Box Folder
1 1 Sub-series 1. Memoir, 1855
In "Memorias del ingreso, permanencia y separaciones de la carrera de las armas de Santiago Tapia; y otras circunstancias relativas a su vida puramente militar escritas ... para el uso de sus hijos ... Matamoros á 25 de Julio de 1851," the author relates his military activity in the Mexican army between 1832 and 1852; the account ends in 1855. Tapia recounts historical events in which he either participated or witnessed. He also describes and criticizes his commanders' actions; and reflects on the contemporary Mexican political situation. In chapter two, there is considerable comment on the Texas campaign during which he served under General Santa Anna. Among other episodes, he comments extensively on the Goliad Massacre (March 27, 1836) in which he participated. He also reports what he heard about the Battle of the Alamo and the defeat of the Mexican Army at San Jacinto (April 21, 1836). In the remaining thirteen chapters of the memoir he describes many political and military events that include the siege at Puebla (1834), the invasion of Texan forces (1843), the Yucatan campaign (1843), the U.S.-Mexican war (1847), and the military expedition to Matamoros and to "Isla del Padre" (1846).
2 Sub-series 2. Letters received. General, 1845-1862
1. Letter from Mariano Arista. Monterrey. Refusal to appoint Tapia as his military assistant, 1845 June 16
1 leaf
2. Letter from Mariano Arista. Mexico. Refusal of Tapia's request for acknowledgment of the length of his military service, 1849 January 17
1 leaf
3. Letter from M. Quezada. Actopan. Regarding an uprising headed by Márquez and Mejía, and relating the military victories of the "Supreme Government," 1861 October 23
1 leaf
4. Letter from Santiago Vidaurri, 1862 March
4 leaves
Monterrey, March 16, 1862. Copy of the appointment of Comonfort as Military Chief of Nuevo León, Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Durango, Chihuahua, and Huasteca. Reply to this letter is written in the margin by Tapia who does not recognize Comonfort and asks for a transfer, March 31, 1862.
5. Letter from Ignacio Comonfort, 1862
1 leaf
Tampico, March 31, 1862. Asking for details regarding a military uprising that occurred within Tapia's battalion. Tapia's reply is in the left margin, April 9, 1862.
6. Letter from Antonio López, Administración Central del Correo. Tampico. Acknowledgment of Tapia's services as Military Commander of Tampico. 1862 April 15
1 leaf
7. Letter from Santiago Vidaurri. Monterrey. Tapia's request for transfer is denied, 1862 April 16
2 leaves
8. Letter from Víctor García, Consul of the Netherlands in Tampico. Acknowledgment of Tapia's service as Military Commander of Tampico, 1862 April 16
1 leaf
9. Letter from Ch. du Saint Charles, Consul of Spain in Tampico. Acknowledgment of Tapia's services as Military Commander of Tampico, 1862 April 16
1 leaf
10. Letter from Fed[erico] Gaesfer (?), Tampico. Acknowledgment of Tapia's services as Military Commander of Tampico, 1862 April 16
1 leaf
3 Sub-series 3. Letters received from Benito Juárez
11. Letters from Benito Juárez. 1862-1863
10 leaves
Mexico, February 17, 1862-April 24, 1863. Regarding military maneuvers, asking for and remission of funding, the French Intervention, and other related matters. 10 letters.
4 Sub-series 4. Military awards, appointments, and other records, 1839-1866
12. Military record, through 1838. Veracruz, 1839 July 3
2 leaves
13. Military record, through 1843. Matamoros, 1844 January 20
2 leaves
14. Appointment as Master Sergeant of the Battalion of the National Guard in Matamoros. Ciudad Victoria, 1851 December 27
2 leaves
15. Awarded diploma "Cruz de Honor," Ciudad Victoria, 1852 April 29
2 leaves
16. "Expediente de la separación del servicio militar de S. Tapia, 1861," 1861
9 leaves
Correspondence mainly to and from the Ministry of War regarding the temporary retirement of Tapia from the army. Mexico, January 1-February 23, 1861.
17. List of chiefs and officers of the Federal Army in "Plaza de Toluca," 1861 August 2
1 leaf
18. Letter from [Ignacio] Zaragoza. Mexico. Appointment of Tapia as General-in-Chief of the Brigade located in Tula, 1861 October 16
1 leaf
19. Letter from [Ignacio] Zaragoza, Mexico. Advance payment of wages for Colonel Antonio Alvarez's Division and for war expenses for Tapia's Brigade, 1861 October 17
1 leaf
20. "Diputación 1862." Record of election of representatives from district 19, state of Mexico, to the national congress. Tapia is named alternate deputy from Tecoalaya, 1862 August 10
2 leaves
21. Letter from [Ignacio] Mejía [Ministry of War], Paso del Norte. Tapia is to be appointed either to Tamaulipas or Nuevo León, 1866 May 12
1 leaf

Series 2. Antonio Tapia, 1823-1852

Santiago Tapia's father's military records
Box Folder
1 5 22. Certificate of military service. Signed by Miguel Barragán. Valladolid, 1823 June 7
1 leaf
23. "División de la constancia al mando de Giordano Guzmán" (copy), 1821, 1824
1 leaf
List of officers. Reyes, June 16, 1821. Copy signed by Miguel Barragán and certified by Antonio Guerrero. Valladolid, February 27, 1824.
24. Certificate of military service. Signed by José Salgado. Morelia, 1829 October 1
1 leaf
25. Certificate of military service. Signed by Giordano Guzmán. Morelia, 1829 October 5
1 leaf
26. Military record, through 1832. Matamoros, 1852 October 5
1 leaf

Series 3. Estéfana Longoria Urresti

Box Folder
1 6 27. Baptismal certificate. Copy. Matamoros, 1839 July 15
1 leaf