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Martha Cotera Papers, 1964-

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Creator Cotera, Martha
Title Martha Cotera Papers
Dates: 1964-
Abstract Personal papers of Austin, Texas, writer and activist Martha Cotera.
OCLC Record No. 24005941
Extent 20 linear feet, oversized folders, and audiovisual material (+ accruals)
Language English
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Writer and political activist Martha Cotera was born Martha Piña in Nuevo Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico, on 1/17/39. Moved to El Paso, Texas, as a child. Earned a B.A. from the University of Texas at El Paso and a M.Ed. from Juárez-Lincoln University in Austin, Texas. Has worked as a librarian and consultant in Crystal City, Mercedes, and Austin, Texas. Founded Information Systems Development, a consulting firm in Austin, Texas, and was publisher of the Austin Hispanic Directory. Active in Raza Unida Party politics, the feminist movement, and educational and social agencies, Cotera is also the author of several books and articles on Chicanas.

Scope and Contents Note

Collection consists of five series: 1. Personal and biographical, 2. General correspondence, 3. Literary productions, 4. Organizations and activities, and 5. Subject files. Additional material is in the archive, but has not yet been processed. Please contact the Benson Collection Archivist for more information.

Reflects Cotera's interests and involvement with Mexican American, educational, and feminist organizations and issues. Includes manuscripts of works by Cotera and others. Contains clippings, correspondence, publications, and ephemera such as broadsides, bumper stickers, leaflets, posters, and tickets. Also contains an address book, audiovisual material, calendars, organizational records for some groups in which Cotera was involved, scripts, and teaching materials. Works by others include manuscripts of three books by Jerry D. Thompson and one by Stanley C. Green.

Additions to the collection are ongoing.


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Index Terms

The Martha Cotera Papers are classified under the following Subject Headings in the University of Texas Libraries catalog:
Cotera, Martha--Archives
Muñiz, Ramsey, 1942-
Piña, Abbie
De León, Nephtalí, 1945-
Information Systems Development (Firm)
Mexican American Business and Professional Women of Austin.
National Migrant Information Clearinghouse ?(?Juárez-Lincoln Center?)
Raza Unida Party (Tex.)
REFORMA (Association)
Texans for Educational Advancement of Mexican Americans
Education, Bilingual--United States
Information services--Texas--Austin
International Women's Year, 1975--Texas--Houston--Congresses
Mexican American women
Mexican Americans--Texas--Politics and government.
Green, Stanley C. Mexican Republic
Thompson, Jerry D. Henry Hopkins Sibley
Thompson, Jerry D. Laredo, a pictorial history
Thompson, Jerry D. Vaqueros in blue and grey

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Additions to the Martha Cotera Papers are ongoing. Visit the Benson Collection Rare Books and Manuscripts Reading Room for more information.

Box and Folder Inventory


Personal and Biographical

box folder
1 Invitations, 1976-83
Cotera Presentations, 1976, 78, 87,& 89
Notes, 1978 & n.d.
Calendars, 1975-88
Address Book
Cancelled Checks


General Correspondence

box folder
2 1-19 General Correspondence, 1968-1978
box folder
3 1-18 General Correpondence, 1979-1989


Literary Productions by Cotera

box folder
4 "A Collecting Project: Women's Joking Session (recorded by Yolanda Elaine Childers on 8/28/84), 1984
Notes, n.d.
Speeches-IMAGE, n.d.
Mexican American Directory (MSS), 1978
NELP-Bridging Two Cultures (MSS and correspondence)
Bibliographies, reports, and "Materials allegedly written by M.P. Cotera"
Educator's Guide to Selected Chicano Materials and Media Resources, 1976
Articles, 1986, 87, 74, & n.d.
"Hispanic Highlights" (MSS from 1980, 81, & 82; and proofs and duplicates), 1980, 81, & '82
"Mexicano Feminism", 1973?
Diosa y Hembra (notes on historical periods, socio-economic conditions of migrants, etc used to prepare the work , footnotes, and MSS)


Literary Productions by Others

box folder
5 "Ahora" TV scripts: "Mexican American Activist Television Scripts from 1970), 1970
Barrientos, Hector: "The Final Prize", 1970
Cárdenas, Leo: Chicano 1969, 1969
"Corporate Apartheid" (no author), 1971
Delgado, Abelardo: "The Year of the Chicano" A Presentation of What It Means..., 1970
Estrada, Leobardo F., José Hernández, and David Alvarez: "Using Census Data", n.d.
Green, Stanley C.: The Republic of Meixico: The First Decade 1823-1832 (Original MSS) approx. 621 pages, Chap. 1-9
Juárez, R. and Kuvlesky, W.: "Ethnic Group Identity...", 1968
Mejía, Roberto: "Culture Conflict Theory...", 1974
Menefee, Selden C. and Orin, C. Cassmore: "The Pecan Shellers of San Antonio." [photocopy]
Robledo, Amado: Impact of Alien Immigration on Public Policy and Educational Services (dissertation) , 1977
Stoddard, Ellwyn R.: "Ethic Identity of Urban Mexican American Youth", 1970
Sunderland, Ernestine Q.: "A Curriculum Developed to Cope with Minor Household Repairs and Maintenance"
Sunderland, Ernestine Q.: "Career Training Manual Juarez Lincoln", 1977
Thompson, Dr. Jerry D.: Laredo: A Pictorial History
"Blue-line" MSS (photographic MSS) approx. 200 pages
Thompson, Dr. Jerry D.: Vaqueros in Blue and Grey: Mexican-Texans in the Civil War (Original MSS, boxed, approx. 250 pages)
box folder
6 Thompson, Dr. Jerry D.: Henry Hopkins Sibley: Confederate General of the West (Original MSS) approx. 630 pages [galley sheets are in oversize bundle]


Organizations & Activities

box folder
7 Information Systems Development, n.d.
Austin Hispanic Directory (correspondence), [1985-86]
Ohio Directory Project (Information Systems Dev't), 1981 & n.d.
Raza Unida Party (Includes: bylaws, clippings, publications, ephemera and other items), 1970-78, 82-83 & n.d.
Crystal City, 1970-78
Politics, 1975, 80
Publications, 1977, 82, 83, n.d.
Clippings, 1970, 76
box folder
8 Bilingual Multicultural Career Education-Wash. D.C., 1977-78
ERIC-CRESS (includes info on cotera's profile of Mexican American women), [1975-78]
Hispanic Women's Network of Texas (Includes bylaws, correspondence and other items), 1987-90 & n.d.
Consulting for IDRA, 1976
Colegio Jacinto Trevino, n.d.
Juárez-Lincoln NMIC letters, 1974
Juárez-Lincoln NFIC letters , 1975
KVUE TV show: "Interact" (interviews), [1988]
Lollipop Power Inc. and NELP materials, [1978]
Mexican American Chamber of Commerce, 1975-76, 78, 80, 83-84, & 86
Chamber of Commerce-Awards and Committee Information, 1983-84
Mexican American Business People Women's Assn. [MABPWA] (Includes mailing list, board minutes, correspondence and other items), 1973-89 & n.d.
National Exploratory Conference on Chicano Sociolinguistics, [1974-75]
NWPC-Chicana Caucus, [1973]
Police Advisory Council, [1976]
REFORMA, 1977-79 & n.d.]
REFORMA, 1973, 79]
TEAM (bylaws and info.), 1969-72
TEAM, [70-77]]
MALP (Mexican American Library Project), 1970, 75, 77 & n.d.
"Univ. of Texas-Services Rendered", 1975-78
box folder
9 International Women's Year (I.W.Y.), 1977:
Chicana Advisory Committee (Includes correspondence, financial records, notes and chicana concerns)
Chicana caucus (Includes committees, notes, list of names and workshop on racism, classism and racism)
Spanish materials (Includes notes, printed Material and International Women"s Year)
State Committee Meetingss (Includes proceedings, correspondence, list of committee members, press releases and other items)
Background (Includes press kit, correspondence, feminist publications general information, and a report on "The Legal Status of Homemakers in Texas")
Manual for State and Territorial IWY Coordinating Committees (Includes chapters 1-9)
State Committees (Includes Arizona to Missouri, Montana to New Jersey, Utah to Washington, D.C.)
National Women's Conference (Includes general material, correspondence, National Plan of Action and Chicana Caucus)
National (Includes Background Material, Correspondence, Printed Materials, Factsheets, Lists of Members, and Public Law 94-167
UN Decade for Women
Las Chicanas: a symposium
Miscellaneous materials
Phase I Mailout
Chicana I.W.Y. Committee
Reply Forms (June) Unanswered
Minutes and Letters
Original Mailout Letters #1 and #2
Phase I Mailout (Resource Women) Master Mailing List
Continuing Committe
The National Continuing Committee on International Women's Year


Subject Files

box folder
10 "Accounting Legalization a Cheap Fix", March 1979
Agriculture-"A Preliminary Report of the Task Force on the Land Grant College Complex", 1972
Alianza de Organizaciones Chicanas, 1975, 1976
Alliance Bilingual Centers
A.L.A. (Chicano Taskforce), 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975
A.L.A. (Migrant Taskforce), 1973, 1974, 1975
Antioch College, 1970-72
Antioch-Putney Graduate School of Education, 1971-1979
"A Question of Ethics"
"Around Austin" (newspaper articles), 1979, 1980
Art (Newspaper clippings), 1978, 1979
Austin Bicentennial Committee for Mexican American Culture Meeting
Austin Charro Association (Invitations), 1977-1981
Austin's Carne Guisada Cook-off, 1979
Austin Committee for Mexican American Culture
AISD Desegregation, 1976-1981
Austin Vietnamese (newspaper clipping), 1980
Austin Travis County Collection (newspaper clippings), 1980
Gonzalo Barrientos, 1975-1982
Becas Para Aztlan (2 folders), 1978-1980
Bibliographies (2 folders)
Bibliography Record
Bicentennial Commission (Newspaper clippings), 1975
Bilingual/Bicultural Coalition on Mass Media
Border Studies White Label, 1975
Karen Dinn Boweman, 1979
Briscoes (Newspapers), 1978
Brown vs. Navarro (newspapers), 1978
Carter, Jimmy (newspaper clippings), 1978
Cartoon (newspaper articles and cartoons), 1978, 1979
Carrillo, O.P. (newspaper clippings), 1975
Dr. Carros, Elizabeth (newspaper clippings), 1975
Celebración 26 de Julio (1979 announcement), 1979
Center for Mexican American Studies (letters, fliers), 1974
Cesar Chavez (newspaper clippings), 1971
Chicana Resource Questionnaire (completed questionnaires)
Chicano Business Conference (Program), 1979
Chicano Children's Literature (Annotated bibliography)
Chicano Definition Differ (newspaper article), 1970
Chicano Faculty and Staff Organizations (Minuets), 1979
Chicano Film Festival Fall 1979 (flier), 1979
Chicano Legal Defense Fund Austin, TX (flier),
Chicano Social Movements (Bibliography)
Chicano Watch (newspaper clippings), 1977
Cinco de Mayo (Committee minuets), 1982
City Council (Austin newspaper clippings), 1978, 1979
Clements, Bill (newspaper clippings), 1978, 1979
Client - Harcourt, Brace, & Jovanovich Manuel Sandoval (letters and notes), 1981
Colegio Jacinto Treviño (2 folders, pamphlets, papers, addresses, letters)
Ronald R. Colunga (newspaper clipping), 1975
College of Business Administration Foundation (letter), 1979
Comite de las fiesta patrias (letters, committee minuets)
Comite para Ministerios Hispanicos (letter), 1977
Commission on Party Structure and Delegation Selection (letter), 1971
Committee for Rural Democracy Inc. (2 folders, members, charters, articles of incorporation), 1972
Conferencia Para Diseminar Información Acerca de la Educación Chicana (schedule), 1974
Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (minutes), 1978
Court ruling puts Biographic Register out of print (newspaper clipping, 1979)
Coyote Howls (newsletter)
[Crystal City] (general information, essays, fliers, etc...)
Crystal City (newpaper clippings), 1975, 1979
[Crusade for Justice Conference], 1970
Cultural Contributions of the Mexican-American (essay by Roberto Garza)
box folder
11 Davidson, Dan, (newspaper clipping)
Deaths (newspaper clippings), 1978, 1979
Demands Mexican-American Education Council, 1970
Democratic National Committee (form letter), 1977
Derrota el Caso Webber (protest flier)
Día de la Raza (flier)
Discrimination, [blacks, NAACP] (newspaper clipping), 1978
Education (article), 1976
Education of Mexican-American (articles, essays, conference announcements), 1966, 1968, 1976
18 Women 417 Men (Women in Congress)
Elections (newspaper articles), 1978
El informador (newsletter)[Hondo, TX], 1973
El Ojo Chicano (newsletter)[Washington, DC], 1973
El Paso Community College (Proposal to participate in Univ. Year for Action Program), 1972
Estudios Rio (El Amistad Club form letter)
Ethnic Experience (books for children)
European Parliament (newspaper article), 1979
Family (newspaper clippings), 1979
"Farenthold Elected by Women" (newspaper article), 1973
[Farmworkers] (fliers, newsletters, newspaper articles, 1979
Fernandez (newspaper article), 1979
Festia del Barrio (announcement), 1979, 1980
Festival Floricanto Dos (announcement)
Festival Floricanto V Committee, AZ Festival, April 1978
Follies of Freeway Hall (Natural Superiority of Women Conference, Seattle, WA)
Foster, George M. (Culture and Conquest bibliography)
Free Inez Garcia Benefit
Friedman 75 Committee (form letter), 1975
Funding (newsclippings), 1978, 1979, 1980
Garcia, Sylvia (Campaign flier)
Garza, Augustine (newsletter), 1974
II General Approach
Richard Goodman (newspaper clipping), 1978
Margaret Gomez, Constable Pct. 4, 1977
Government, 1978
Government Documents (1973, U.S. Government), 1973
Government Periodicals (U.S. Government), 1976
Guerrero, Miguel (invitation to fund raiser), 1981
Gutierrez, Armando (candidate for TX State Rep. newspaper clippings), 1978
Gutierrez, Gabe (newspaper clipping), 1979
Gutierrez, Jose Angel (newspaper articles), 1979, 1978
"Hillitos" (newspaper article on John Hill, TX Attorney General), 1970, 1978
Hispanic Democratic Victory Dinner(1980 invitation), 1980
"Hispanic-American Borderland" (article by Richard L. Nostrand)
Hispanic Business and Professional Citizens of Austin and Travis County (Texas, Directory), 1979
"Hispanic questions local authorities to enforce federal immigration law" (1979 newspaper article), 1979
IV Hist. of the population (1970, newspaper article), 1970
Susan Holck (1980 newspaper article), 1980
"Home Stretch" (newspaper article), 1977
Housing Authority Modernization Project (Magazine articles), 1977
SEU Houses Migrant Research Center (newspaper article)
Human Rights Treaties and International Conventions on Women, (Convention Resolution)
Ideas (Magazine articles), 1976
Illegal aliens (newspaper articles, essay by Gilbert Cardenas)
Information Systems Development (1980 Publications and Services bibliography), 1980
Institute of Leadership-Development of Mexican American Cultural Center (General information, pamphlets)
Institutional Racism (Address by Mario G. Obledo)
Intercultural Development Research Association IDRA, Vol. 1 Num. 1, 1974
Interorganizationl Analysis: a Hypothesis on Co-ordinating Agencies
Issues (newspaper clippings), 1978, 1979
Jobs for Progress, Inc. (Board minuets, form letter), 1974, 1975
Journal of Emerging Raza Philosophies (Call for articles), 1975
Juarez-Lincoln Centers, Evaluation, 1974
Centro Lincoln-Juarez (Reports, board meetings, memorandums, publications), 1974, 1975
Justice (Magazine article), 1977
Ethel Kennedy (newspaper clipping), 1969
Ladies Home Journal (articles), 1972
La Fuerza (newspaper clipping on Dr. Thersa Herrera Escobeda), 1978
[Lawyer's Bakke Decision] (newspaper articles), 1978
Leadership Texas (articles), 1983
Legislature (newspaper article), 1977
1973-1974 Legislation Enacted Affecting Women
[Library] (newspaper articles), 1978, 1979
Library Reorganization (newspaper articles), 1979, 1980
Life/Style (Magazine articles), 1979
List of organizations Mailing List, 1969
List of Research Reports from Texas Agricultural Journal Articles,
Literary Contest Floraztlán/Concurso Literario Floraztlan, 1979
Little Joe Johnny and la Familia (1979 fund raising dance), 1979
LUCHA Board Meeting, 1978
Marcha Estatal Para Justicia, 1977
Martinez, Mack, Justice of the Peace Pct. 4
Martinez, Pauline (1976), 1976
Martinez Estrada, La Cabeza de Goliat (Photocopy of article)
Dr. Masters, William H. (newspaper article), 1975
May Day Mother Goddess (Potluck announcement)
Mayor Carole McClellan (Newspaper article), 1978
Medical (newspaper articles), 1979
Mexican History Alamo (newspaper articles), 1979
Mexico (newspaper articles), 1978
Minorities (newspaper articles), 1978, 1979
Montal Systems Inc.
Paul Moreno (Texas State Representative, invitation to honorary dinner)
Ramsey Muñiz (newspaper articles), 1977, 1980
Museo de Aztlan, Crystal City, Texas (A proposal for staffing and training)
box folder
12 National Chicano/Latino Conference, [1977]
National Conference Planning Committee Meeting, [1973]
National Exploratory Conference on Chicano Sociolinguistics, 1974
Newsletters [newspaper clippings], 1978, 1979, 1980
New National Mexican American Party May be Rising in Texas [newspaper article]
Newsweek [articles], 1976, 1977
Mario Obledo [campaign flier signed by Obledo], 1982
Office for Civil Rights Clarifies Titles VI, 1970
Peña, Amado [newspaper article, opening announcements], 1975, 1977, 1978, 1979
Pharmaceuticals [article from a book]
Police Brutality (newspaper articles), 1978, 1979, 1980
[Police Relations (Reports, articles, memos, newspaper articles)], 1968 ,1975, 1976, 1970
Press Release (1979, Coalition of Mex-Am groups), 1979
Radical Womens (fliers, bibliographies from Radical Women Press), 1976, 1978, 1979
Race and Sex [newspaper articles], 1972
Religion (Magazine and newspaper articles), 1976, 1978, 1979
Report of the Mexican-American Leadership Seminar, Nov. 3-5, 1967
Resume of Rhea Mojica-Hammer
"Returning Inmates Lawbreakers Aided by Halfway House" (newspaper article), 1974
Rich, Paul [invitation to coffee/conference], 1979
Rio Grande (newspaper articles), 1979
Rivas, Michael (flier)
Marcel Rocha (Austin City Council Candidate, 1974, 1975, press release, invitations, articles, letters), 1974, 1975
St. Edward's University (press release), 1979
St. Julia's Church (Mass of the Resurrection)
A Seminar on Community Support for the Education of Multicultural Children (Program)
SER (Service Employment Redevelopment-Jobs for Progress, newspaper articles, SER Reports, Press Releases)
Minutes of the SER Board Meeting, 1976, 1977
Margaret Chase Smith (Newspaper clippings), 1975
Spanish-Speaking Americans, Publications, HUD, 1969, 1970
Spanish-Speaking Americans, Testimony, Equal Educational Opportunity, Senate Select Committee on Equal Educational Opportunity-Aug. '70.,
Special Community Program
Stanford University (letter from), 1977
State Menudo Cook-off, 1979
State of Texas Office of the Secretary of State Austin, TX, 78711 (Voter Registration Public Information)
Summer Conference [Center for Human Services], 1979
Southwest Council of La Raza [Mex-Am Bibliography]
Southwest Regional Office for the Spanish Speaking [Immigration Conference], 1974
El Teatro de la Esperanza (Play announcement)
Teatro de las Maestras (Play announcement)
Texans for the Educational Advancement of Mexican Americans (Meeting minutes)
T.E.A.M. - Constitution
Texans for Educational Excellence (Newsletter and correspondence), 1971, 1972, 1974
Texas Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights, 1980, 1981
[Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education (Conference)], 1979
[Texas Association of Mexican-Americans Chamber of Commerce (Convention, 1978; Memorandum, 1977; Minutes, 1977)], 1977,1978
[Texas Association of Spanish Announcers (Invitation)], 1983
Texas Department of Community Affairs (Weekly News), 1979
Texas Women for Clements (Letter), 1982
Texas Women's Meeting, June 24-26, 1977
Texas Women's Political Caucus (Correspondence and general info.)
The Origin of the Problems of the City (Essay by J. Ed Radcliff)1970
Title 45 -- Public Welfare, 1968
Travis County Democratic Candidates (Benefit concert)
Travis County Census "Everyone counts," News
Treviño, John (Newspaper clippings, campaign literature), 1975, 1976
Tucson Women's Commission (Southwest Conference of Women in the Trades), March 12, 13 & 14, 1982
Undocumented workers (Newspaper clippings), 1975
Union National Bank (Newsletter and general information)
United States Commission on Civil Rights (Reports)
U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare (Press release), 1975
U.S. Department of Labor Employment Standard Administration (Newsletter and report)
University of Houston Chicano Student Organization (Conference), 1970
The University of Texas at Austin (Letter), 1978
The University of Texas at Austin, the General Libraries
The University of Texas at Austin, Annual Fajitas Fund Raiser, 1979
University of Texas Civil Rights Issues (Newspaper clippings)
University of Texas Mexican American Student Organization
University of Texas Press (Books in Print), 1969
University of Texas Teatro Chicano, 1970
[UT] University Actions (Newspaper clippings), 1978, 1979
Uvalde Texas School Boycott, 1970
box folder
13 Vietnamese (Indochinese Refugee Education Guides)
Vesta Club (25th - 1953-1978 - aniversary pamphlet)
Noemi Villarreal (Candidate for LULAC campaign flier)
Voting rights (Newspaper clippings), 1975
Rep. Sarah Weddington (Newspaper clipping), 1975
Weinstock, Sandra (Weinstock for Austin City Council)
What's a Wife Worth (article)
Whiskey River (Election party)
White Welfare Outnumbers Blacks (newspaper article), 1977
Women's Action Program (Chicana Research Projects and Dept. of Health Education and Welfare), 1971
Women and Minorities (list of publications from Praeger Press, Invitation to Women's Press open house, Research abstracts for Women's Educational Equity Act Program)
Women-Minorities-Education (publications of Project on the Status and Education of Women, NIE/AERA Planning Conference), 1977
Women Equality (Newspaper clippings), 1977
Women's Lib (Newspaper clippings), 1975, 1976, 1977 & 1980
Women-Products (Information on Austin Chicana organising)
Womenspace, Mujeres Unidas (Mexican-American Business & Professsional Women of Austin flier)
Women(Includes newsclippings, reports, printed material, conferences and other items), 1973-76, 1977-78 & 1979, n.d.
National Women's Education Fund: Workbooks, Part I and Part II
Women's Action Program , [1977]
National Women's Political Caucus, [1972]
Women/Chicanas (Includes meetings, legislative hearings, literary productions, and printed material)
Las Chicana: A Symposium, 1975
Zamarripa, Lupe (Invitation to honorary gathering)
Mexican Americans
Articles (3 folders)
The Mexican-American and Higher Education (article by Armando Rodriguez, chief of Mex-Am Affairs Unit of the U.S. Office of Education), 1968
Mexican American Business & Professional Women (Newspaper clippings)
Mexican American Chamber of Commerce of Travis County
MACEP, General (Mexican American Council for Economic Opportunity)
Mexican American Democrats
Mexican-American in the Southwest
Mexican American Library Project
Mexican American School Board Members Association
Mexican American Studies


Subject Files-2

box folder
14 AISD (Austin Independent School District)-Bilingual Programs), [1977, 1980]
AISD-Parent/Community Advisory Group, n.d.
AISD-Ed Small-June Brewer Campaigns, 1980
ALA (American Library Assn.)-Chicano Task Force, 1972
American GI Forum, 1975-77
Amigas de Mark White, 1982-83
El Amistad Club, n.d.
Artists and poets, cultural events, 1972-79
Asociación Nacional Pro-Personas Mayores (MAYORS), 1980
Austin Bicentennial Committee for Mexican American Culture
Austin Boat Race Controversy (clippings), 1978
Austin Cinco de Mayo pamphlet and leaflet, 1976 & 1987
Austin Coalition on Battered Women, 1976
Austin Commission on the State of Women, 1975-76
Austin Community College-proposal (La Familia Video), 1980
Austin (City of) Minority Procurement Ordinance
Austin resources, n.d.
Austin Women Take Back the Night (a feminist group against violence), n.d.
Austin Women's Center, 1978-79 & n.d.
Austin Women's Coalition, 1974-77
Austin Women's Political Caucus, 1975-78
Barnstone, Robert, 1989
Bibliographies, n.d.
"Bilingual ballot", 1975-76
Bilingual education, 1970, '76-'78
Book orders-feminist presses, 1976-78
Book orders for Diosa y Hembra, 1977, 1978
Books for and about Chicanos (2 folders)
Brown Berets, 1977-83
Business-Minorites, 1972-73
Calleros, Cleofas, n.d.
Carnegie Corp. Internship Program, 1975-77
Center for Multicultural Awareness, 1979
Centro Campesino Cultural and other Chicano publishers, 1973, 75-76
Centro Chicano (Austin), 1979 & n.d.
Centro Chicano Cultural (Oregon), n.d.
Centro de Estudios Chicanos e Investigaciones Sociales (University of Notre Dame), n.d.
Centro de Servicio Para Mexicanos (Kansas), 1973
Chicano Coalition, 1975
Chicanos-Acronyms-humor, n.d.
Chicanos-education in Texas, 1970-71, 75, 78, & 79
Chicanos-journals, 1970-81
Chicano Movement-Ozona, 1975 & n.d.
Chicano organizations, 1975-76
Chicano Periodical Index Project, 1977-80
Chicano Press Assn., n.d.
Chicano Sociolinguistic Conference, 1974-75
Chicano student organizations, n.d.
Chicano Studies Bibliography, 1973
box folder
15 Chicano studies, 1971, 76, 79 & n.d.
Chicanos-Washington State, n.d.
Chihuahua, Mexico-politics, 1986
"Children" (clippings), 1975
Children's literature, c. 1970-79
Civil Rights-Chicanos (loose)
Comisión Femenil Mexicana Nacional, Inc., 1975 & n.d.
Comité de las Fiestas (Austin), 1974-75
Comité de las Fiestas Patrias (Austin), 1974-76, & n.d.
[CISPES]-El Salvador, 1986
Community Development, 1964
Compensation Program(examples of), 1968
Con Safo (Pintores Chicanos de San Antonio, Tx.), 1972 & n.d.
Conferences, Committees, etc., 1976-79, 80, 84, & 86
Conferencia Católica de los Estados Unidos (Director Nacional División de Habla Hispana), n.d.
Continuing Task Force-Inservice, 1973-74
Gregorio Cortéz [Naitonal Library Campaign], 1983
Crystal City [Health Clinic], 1986
Crystal City [newsclippings], 1975?
Crystal City [Committe for Rural Democracy Reports], 1974, 79-81
Crystal City [Committe for Rural Democracy-RUP], 1981
Discrimination cases [newsclippings], 1972
East Austin, 1975-76
Education, 1970-79
Education-Chicano Mobile Institute, Final Report, 1971
Farm Workers and Migrants, 1977-78
[Federal gov't info], 1967
[Films and filmstrips for Chicanos], n.d.
[Ford Foundation], n.d.
[Fort Stockton], n.d.
Friendship Press, n.d.
box folder
16 [Guadalupana Festival], 1977
[Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty], n.d.
Gutiérrez, Genoveva, 1975
Health-Mexican Americans, 1973
Heritage College, 1984-85
Hispanic American Culture (Chapter 1 from Culture and Conquest), n.d.
Hispanic Concerns Staff-US Office of Education, 1980
Hispanics Educational History, n.d.
Hispanic Professional Engineers, Society of, 1986
IMAG, 1979-80
Instituto de Investigaciones de México y Aztlán, 1973
Juárez-Lincoln Univ.-Newsletter, July 1975
Juárez-Lincoln Univ.-Board of Director's meeting, 1973
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, n.d.
LAMA (Latin Amer. Manufacturer's Assn.) Newsletter, 1974
Mexican American Leaderships, 1965
Leadership Texas, 1984
Mexican American Leadership conferences, papers, and training, 1970, 88-89
[Legal defense solicitations], 1978, 81, & n.d.
Legislative districts, 1974
[Libraries and librarians], 1972
Liga Nacional Defensora del Idioma Español, 1973
Lizcano, Elpidio
LUCHA (League of United Chicano Artists), 1979,'81, & n.d.
LULAC, 1980, 82, & n.d.
LULAC Council #315, 1983
Martínez, Gilbert (Campaign), 1985
Mental Health-Chicanos, 1979
MART [Mexican American Republicans of Texas] State Directory-Correspondence, 1980
El Mestizo, 1973
Mexican Americans Chambers of Commerce, Texas Assn., 1975-79
Mexican American Cultural Arts Center, 1986
Mexican American Democrats (2 folders), 1980, 82, 83, 90 & n.d.
Cotera, Martha: "Mexican American Human Resources-A Selected List", 1970
Mexican Amer. Legal Defense & Educ. Fund (MALDEF), 1974
Mexican Americans-"political involvement and attitudes" (clippings), 1968-71
Mexican American (Chicano) Handbook of Affirmative Action Programs for Employers and Employees..., 1973-74
MASBMA (Mexican American School Board Members Assn.), 1975
Mexican American Women, 1972-73
MANA (Mexican American Women's Nat'l Association), 1989
Mexico and Latin American articles, 1968, 77, & 82
MICTLA Publications, n.d.
Migrants-bibliography, n.d.
Migrants-gas shortage, 1974
National Committee on Education of Migrant Children, n.d.
Miscellaneous newsclippings and articles 1970 & , 75-77
Movement-literature, n.d.
[Multi-cultural literature], n.d.
Montal Educational Associates, 1972-73
Muñiz (Piña), Abby-resumé and note
Multiethnic bibliographies, 1973,'76,'81,&'83
Muñiz, (Ramiro) Ramsey, 1980
[Music], 1984 & n.d.
National Advisory Committee for Women ,1977-79
National Assn. of Farmworker Programs (NAFP), 1974
National Coalition for Fair Immigration Laws and Practices, 1973
National Concilio of America, n.d.
National Conference on Mexican American Education, 1974-75
National Congress of Hispanic American Citizens, 1976-77
NOW (National Organization of Women), 1973
Nephtalí De Leon, 1981 & n.d.
New Mexico, 1980-81 & '87
New York State Migrant Center, 1974-75
Newsclippings (2 folders), 1971-77, 76 & 78
NIE Conference on Equity in Educational Information Programs, 1979
Ohio..., 1982-83
"Olga Solís & Associates", 1968, '73, & '78
box folder
17 PADRES, 74-75
Editorial Peregrinos, n.d.
Periodicals, newsletters, etc., 1969-88
Political activities-ephemera
Political activities-Austin
PRI (Partida Institucional Revolucionario)-Presidential Meetings with Chicanos, 1982
Radical Women (2 folders), 1989-90
Religion, 1976
Reports of non-profit organizations, 1973-77
School boycotts-Laredo, 1969
School boycotts-Edinburg (protests, walkouts), 1968-70
School boycotts-Weslaco, Tx., Chicano mov't activities, 1970
Sexual harrassment, 1978,'80,'82,&n.d.
Southwest Network, 1975
El Taller Gráfico, 1974 & n.d.
Teaching materials, n.d.
Tejano Political Action Committee (2 folders), 1975-76, & 1975
Texans for Educational Excellence, 1970-71 & '73
Texas Advisory Committee on Civil Rights, 1981
Texas Chicano Coalition on Mass Media, 1979
TEA (newsclippings), 1975
Texas Farm Workers, 1976-79
Texas history, 1950 & '76
Texas Rangers, 1971 & '73
Texas Women's Political Caucus, 1973 & n.d.
Trabajadores de la Raza, 1974-75
Undocumented Workers, 1975-83
United Farmworker Union, 1970,'74-75,&'78
U.S. Committee for Justice, 1973
U.S. H.E.W. Woman Action Program, 1971-72
U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 1983
Voting Rights, 1981
Wisconsin La Raza, Inc., 196?
Women, 1971-81 & n.d.
Women's Movement: Forum on the Future, 1979
Zapata, Emiliano, "De la Muerte de Emiliano Zapata" (Poem), n.d.
Znotas, Father Joe, 1982


A-V Materials

box folder
18 45 rpm record-"All I Got to Do" and "I'm a Chicano" ("Yo Soy Chicano") recorded by Brown Sugar [MONO RMI, #38876]
45 rpm record-"Huelga en General" and "El Esquirol" recorded by Luis Valdez and Agustín Lara [TR 00002, Thunderbird Records]
45 rpm record-"Marcha de Delano" and "Mujer Valiente" recorded by Miguel Francisco Barragan con Mariachi Alma Jaliciense [Record No. B2170, Bronze-Artists, Inc. (Records), 1970?]
Videocassette-Regional Equity Conference, Ysleta Independent School District, June 18, 1987


Additional Accessions

Additional boxes have been added to the Cotera papers. As this material is processed, it is added below. The bulk of this material is currently unprocessed, but is open for research. Contact the Benson Collection Archivist for more information.
19 Mexican American Cultural Center:
1 Action Item Lists, 2003-2006
Advisory Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes:
2 2004
3 2005
4 2006
5 2007
6 2008
7 2009
8 Advisory Board By-Laws, 2008
9 Annual Report and Workplan, 2003-2008
10 Board Members, 2000, 2003
11 Ceremonial Groundbreaking, 2005
box folder
20 1 City of Austin Bond Election Advisory Committee, N.d.
2 City of Austin Bond Recommendation, 2007
3 City of Austin Ordinance, N.d.
4 Community Meeting, 2008
5 Consulate General of Mexico, ca.2007
6 Correspondence, 2004-2008
7 Events, 2006-2008
8 Events - La Pastorela, 1998-2005
9 Facility Use Monthly Performance Report, N.d.
10 Fundraiser - Cultura Fest, 2006
11 Fundraiser for Bonds, 2006
12 Fundraising, 2004-2006
13 General Bond Committee Meeting Minutes, 1998
14 List of Austin Media, 1989
15 Old Neighborhood, N.d.
16-17 Opening Ceremony, 2007
[2 folders]
18 Press
box folder
21 1 Publications
2 Reservation Agreement, 2007
3 Reservations and Fees, 2007-2008
4 Safe Place Program, 2007
5 San Antonio MACC Newsletter, 1975
6 San Jose Mexican Heritage Plaza, 2006-2007
7 Stationary and Letterhead, N.d.
8 Strategic Plan, 1998, 2005
9 Task Force, 1998, 2006
10 Various Historical Documents, 1992-1998, N.d.
11 Vendors (Food), 2004
12 Web Page, 2004