The Benson Latin American Collection

Silvia Gonzalez S. Papers, 1982-1994

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Creator Gonzalez S., Silvia
Title Silvia Gonzalez S. Papers
Dates: 1982-1994
Abstract Correspondence, written works, photographs, printed material, sketches and clippings of Chicana playwright Silvia Gonzalez S.
Accession No. 1996-07
OCLC No. 176648446
Extent 2.7 linear feet
Language English and Spanish
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

The daughter of immigrants from Mexico, Silvia Gonzalez S. (Scherer) was born in San Fernando, CA, and grew up in the barrio of Pacoima, near Los Angeles. She attended Loyola Marymount University of Los Angeles, studied abroad in Rome, and graduated from Loyola University of Chicago. In 1989 her play Boxcar won at the Multicultural Playwright's Festival with the Seattle Group Theatre. Gonzalez has lived and worked in Arizona, Chicago—where she was a resident playwright with Chicago Dramatists Workshop—and Portland, Oregon. Other plays written by Gonzalez include: Alicia in Wonder Tierra (or, I Can't Eat Goat Head), Don't Promise, Los Matadores, The Migrant Farmworker's Son, U Got the Look, and Waiting Women.

Scope and Contents Note

Correspondence, clippings and news releases, photographs, printed material, written works, course material and notes and sketches (1987-1993, 2.7 linear feet) document the life and work of Chicana playwright Silvia Gonzalez S.

Series one,    Correspondence, (4 folders) is both personal and professional in nature.    Clippings and News Releases (1 folder) include announcements and descriptions of Gonzalez's work, and a brief feature in the January 1992 Today's Chicago Woman "Women to Watch: 100 Women Making an Impact on the Quality of Life in Chicago" article. The    Photographs (1 folder) are black and white professional portraits of Gonzalez.    Printed Material (2 folders) includes flyers and programs from performances of Gonzalez's works. The largest series is    Written Works (52 folders) which contains drafts of various plays, including multiple drafts of Boxcar (aka The Empty Boxcar), Los Matadores, Waiting Women, The Migrant Farmworker's Son, and works by other playwrights. The next two series contain material that predates Gonzales's playwriting career:    Course Materials (5 folders) contains handouts, notes and drawings from Gonzales's acting classes and talent agency in Columbus, OH.    Notes and Sketches (4 folders) is composed of original cartoons drawn by Gonzalez, as well as cartoons by others and notes on ideas for cartoons. There is also one oversize piece, a poster for a production of The Migrant Farmworker's Son.


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Box and Folder Inventory


Correspondence, 1987-1994, N.d.

box folder
1 1 Correspondence, 1987-1989
2 Correspondence, 1990-1991
3 Correspondence, 1992-1994
4 Correspondence, N.d.


Clippings and News Releases, 1989-1994, N.d.

box folder
1 5 Clippings and News Releases, 1989-1994, N.d.


Photographs, 1992, N.d.

box folder
1 6 Photographs, 1992, N.d.


Printed Material, 1989-1994, N.d.

box folder
1 7 Flyers and Newsletters, 1990-1994, N.d.
8 Programs, 1989-1994, N.d.


Written Works, 1987-1993, N.d.

box folder
1 9 "Cassandra [Imaginary Lover], " 1991
10 "Don't Promise," 1988, 1991
11 "The Empty Boxcar," 1987
box folder
2 1 "The Empty Boxcar," [c.1987-1988]
2 "The Empty Boxcar," Theatre Conference Work in Sequential Progress, June 1988
3 "The Empty Boxcar [AZ]," 1988
4 "The Empty Boxcar," 1988
5 "The Empty Boxcar," 1988-1989
6 "The Empty Boxcar," 1989
7 "The Empty Boxcar," Seattle MCPF, 1989
box folder
3 1 "The Empty Boxcar" [with dedication], 1989[?}
2 "The Empty Boxcar," October 1990
3 "The Empty Boxcar [w/ corrections]," October 1990
4 "The Empty Boxcar," November 1990
5 "Boxcar," December 1991
6 "Boxcar," July 1993
7 "The Empty Boxcar," various, N.d.
8 "El Vagon del Tren," N.d.
9 "Fiesta Encounters of the Third Kind," October 1994
10 "La Llorona Llora," November 1991
11 "El Matador [1st draft]," January 1991
12 "El Matador [2nd draft]," January 1991
box folder
4 1 "El Matador [3rd draft]," January 1991
2 "Los Matadores," May 1992
3 "Los Matadores," N.d.
4 "The Migrant Farmworker's Son," 2 July 1990
5 "The Migrant Farmworker's Son," 10 October 1990
6 "The Migrant Farmworker's Son," 7 June 1991
7 "The Migrant Farmworker's Son," 27 June 1991
8 "The Migrant Farmworker's Son," July 1991
9 "The Migrant Farmworker's Son," March 1992
box folder
5 1 "The Migrant Farmworker's Son," June 1992
2 "The Migrant Farmworker's Son," June 1993
3 "Of the People," November 1991
4 "Samuel and Daniella," 1993, N.d.
5 "T," 1991, N.d.
6 "U Got the Look," 1993
7 "Waiting Women," 1987
8 "Waiting Women," 8 September 1990
9 "Waiting Women," 18 September 1990
10 "Waiting Women," C.1991
11 "Waiting Women," 1991
12 "Waiting Women," 1992
13 "Women, and Then There's Pearl Hart [Waiting Women]," September 1992
14 "Waiting Women," 1993
box folder
6 1 "Waiting Women," N.d
2 "Waiting Women [draft]," N.d.
3 "Waiting Women [corrected pages]," N.d.
4 "Waiting Women, Steppenwolf Application and Research Materials," C. 1990
5 Others' Work, Aguilera, Anthony J. "Kops," 1994
6 Others' Work, Frausto, Juan J."Change," 1991
7 Student Papers on "Boxcar," 1992


Course Material, 1982-1984, N.d.,

box folder
6 8 Scene Study, 1984
9 Sense Memory, 1983-1984
10 Sketches, N.d.
11 Talent Agency Material, 1982-1984
12 Voice and Diction, N.d.


Notes and Sketches, 1983, N.d.,

box folder
6 13 Cartoons, Ideas, 1983
box folder
7 1 Cartoons, Originals, 1983
2 Cartoons, Others' Work, 1983
3 Notes, N.d.


Oversize Materials, N.d.,

OV "The Migrant Farmworker's Son" Poster, N.d.