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Title Miscellaneous Photographs at the Benson Latin American Collection
Dates: 1891-
Extent 3+ linear feet
Language English, Spanish, Portuguese
Repository Benson Latin American Collection,The University of Texas at Austin

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The Miscellaneous Photographs collection contains small groups or single photographs acquired by the Benson Latin American Collection.



Miscellaneous photographs are arranged numerically by the number assigned to each item or small collection.


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box folder
1 001 Mexican Land Reform, ca. 1934-1940
[approx. 500 photographs]
Approximately 500 black and white photographs (silver gelatin prints) depicting land reform activities under Mexican president Lazaro Cárdenas: distribution of ejidos, building of rural schools, social and political activities in Nuevo León and Michoacán. Collected by Ricardo Munguía B. who signed captions on the last 13 pages of the album.
Index Terms
Land reform--Mexico--Pictorial works
Mexicans--Mexico--Nuevo León (State)--Pictorial works
Mexicans--Mexico--Michoacán de Ocampo--Pictorial works
Ejidos--Mexico--Pictorial works
Rural schools--Mexico--20th century--Pictorial works
Michoacán de Ocampo (Mexico)--Pictorial works
Nuevo León (Mexico : State)--Pictorial works
Mexico--Politics and government--1910-1946--Pictorial works
Munguía Bárcena, Ricardo
box folder
2 002 Selby, Henry. Collection of Historical Photographs of Campeche, Mexico, 1874-1940s
[36 photographs]
1. [Streetcar next to a baluarte, possibly San Pedro?]
2. [Corner view, Plaza de la Independencia, showing cathedral towers]
3. [Streetcar next to a baluarte]
4. Aspecto colonial, Campeche [Cathedral façade framed between two buildings]
5. [Front of cathedral, across from corner entrance, Plaza de la Independencia]
6. [Front of cathedral, showing side entrance]
7. Calle 10, antes del Comercio
8. [View of Plaza de la Independencia facing palacios del Gobierno y Ayuntamiento]
9. Muelle Fiscal y Resguardo Marítimo
10. Teatro de Aire Libre
11. Entrada a la calle del Comercio, por San Román
12. El Cocal de S. Román
13. Jardín público
14. Otra perspectiva del muelle de cabotaje en...descarga de barcos provenientes de Veracruz, La Habana y otros puertos de la Antillas
15. Interior de la Iglesia de D. N. de Jesús
16. [Unidentified civic occasion; man in kiosk, sailors in crowd]
17. [Streetcar tracks near cathedral area]
18. [Possible interior of the Mini-Super El Tropezón]
19. Vista del Puerto de Campeche desde la Catedral
20. Esquina Oriental de la Plaza de la Independencia
21. Alturas de la Iglesia de S. José
22. Para el sacrifício
23. Palacios de Gobierno, Ayuntamiento y Aduana
24. Reloj de San Francisco
25. El templo de San Juan de Dios y Hospital "Manuel Campos"
26. Puentes de la Merced y del Nuevo Tranvía
27. Entrada a la calle del Comercio
28. Kiosko y fuente en el "Paseo de los Héroes"
29. Muralla y San Juan de Dios
30. Afueras de la Ciudad
31. Playa de Quila, en Lerma
32. Castillito de San Luis
33. Muelle Fiscal y Resguardo Marítimo
34. Estátua de Juárez, en la Alameda
35. Punta de Diamante
36. Playa de San Román
004 Rita Chavez Art Slides, 1983-1986
[20 slides]
Biographical Sketch
Rita Chavez is an artist based in Seattle, Washington. She grew up in South Dakota, and received her B.A. from South Dakota State University in 1973.
Scope and Contents Note
Slides of paintings, drawings, and mixed media works by Rita Chavez. Works reflect satirical, fantastic, or allegorical themes, many using anthropomorphized animals. Originals were done in acrylic paints or colored pencils.
The Rita Chavez Art Slides are classified under the following Subject Heading in the University of Texas General Libraries' catalog:
Mexican American art--Washington (State)
2 1. "The Game is Over"
2. "Welcome Home"
3. "Central American Policy"
4. "Street Picnic"
5. "Ratlady"
6. "Real Men Don't Need Guns"
7. "If Wishes were Horses Beggars would Ride"
8. "Grandma Never left Home"
9. "Allies"
10. "Two Good Friends in Mexico"
11. "Cow Overlooking Man"
12. "Tatooed Bride"
13. "Path of least Resistence"
14. "Mother and Chile"
15. "Young Lovers"
16. "Thinking it was Love..."
17. "Trinity and Paper Dolls"
18-20. Details of "Trinity and Paper Dolls"
005 Alan Pogue Photographs, c. 1970
[1 contact sheet]
Biographical Sketch
Known for his photographs of migrant agricultural workers, strikers, protesters, artists, and performers, Alan Pogue (1943- )worked as a photojournalist in Austin, Texas. His work has been published in books, magazines, and newspapers, and has been exhibited in several one-man shows.
Scope and Contents Note
Consists of a contact sheet of 29 images of strikers and protesters in Austin, Texas, during the Economy Furniture Company Strike, also known as the Austin Chicano Huelga. Most images show pickets at the Economy Furnityre plant or marchers in a demonstration. One image shows protesters carrying a banner reading "Austin Chicano Huelga." Another image shows a banner for the Vietnam War Moratorium.
The Alan Pogue Photographs collection is classified under the following Subject Headings in the University of Texas General Libraries' catalog:
Economy Furniture Company Strike, Austin, Texas, 1968-1971--Photographs.
Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975--Protest movements--Photographs.
Strikes and lockouts--Furniture industry--Texas--Austin--Photographs.
box folder
2 006 Daniel J. Schaefer Slides of Conjunto Accordionists, 1986-1990
Scope and Contents Note
Photographer Daniel J. Schaefer writes, "The 26 photographs that make up the exhibit, "Yo Soy De Aqui" are representative of the photographs that I have made of conjunto accordianists over the past five years.
"There are two criteria that distinguish the body of work. One is the geographic area in which I worked. The other is the photographic style I used.
"I included in the collection only accordianists who ferform mainly in Austin and the Central Texas area. Stylistically, I used an 85mm lens with a center spot filter and a #1 diffusion filter and a hand held flash.
"I was not lead to either of these criteria by a preconceived idea. Rather, I was trying to please the musicians, club owners, and patrons. As time passed I started to have a fairly comprehensive collection. Eventually I deceided to shoot as many accordianists as I could and do an exhibit.
"Needless to say, I don't have everyone. Some accordianists, like Sonny Trujillo or Jesse Duran, have proven too elusive. Also, there are new accordianists showing up all the time. I do plan to keep on shooting but I want to do other things, too. Specifically, I want to do videos that would include performance and interview. There are some great stories out there. Here is one to whet your appetite:
"When Marcello Gauna was a child his family was involved ina seriosus automobile accident. Marcello and his three brothers (who are all active conjunto musicians at this point) were seriously injured. Marcello worst of all. He was put in a body cast from his chest down, witha figure eight cut out so he could use a bed pan. What makes this episode significant is that up until this point Marcello's father had discouraged him from playing the accordian, not because he did not love or trust Marcello, but because Marcello was the youngest and they were afraid he would damage the accordian. While Marcello was convalescing his father brought him the accordinan and propped it up on his chest. Marcello played, stretched out flat on his back, stiff as a board. To facilitate practice on ht e bajo sexto they rolled Marcello over onto his stomach and shoved him to the edge ofthe bed in such a manner that he could reach the floor with his hands. Marchello played. And he has continued to play. You should hear him now!"
1. Johnny DeGollado
2. Marcelo Gauna
3. Abel Barrientos
4. Tacho Bravo
5. Isidro Zamilpa
6. Paco Rodríguez, Jr.
7. Lalo Treviño
8. Silvestre Avila
9. Tacho Tovar
10. José Aguilar
11. José Pedraza
12. Joe Flores
13. Trini Rodríguez
14. Robert Medina
15. Hector Rodríguez
16. Chris Cruz
17. Robert Gauna
18. Bennie Mendez
19. Chon Martínez
20. Roy Donoso
21. Fidencio Aguilar
22. Juan Ramírez
23. Alfredo Romayor
24. Manuel Sandoval
25. Eugenio Aguilar
26. Jesse Duran
27. Camilo Cantu
28. Marcelo Tafolla
29. The Austin Chronicle, Vol. IX, No. 46 (20 July 1990)
30. Page 19 of Chronicle coverage
31. Page 20 , cont. of article
32. Page 21, cont. of article
007 Galindo Family Photographs
007a Photographs of Tomás Galindo and Maria Galindo Garcia, El Fenix Tortillas, N.d.
[4 photographs and documentation]
007b Photographs of Tomás Galindo and the Sociedad Funeraria de Agricultores Mariano Escobedo N.d.
[8 photographs, 1 image of Mariano Escobedo, 2 Sociedad Funeraria booklets]
008 Corridos, Rancheros, Polkas, etc. album covers, N.d.
Photograph copies of images from record albums of Los Alegres de Terán
[10 b/w photographs]
Photograph copies of images from record albums of Conjunto Bernal
[10 b/w photographs]
Photograph copies of images from record albums of Los Conquistadores and others
[8 b/w photographs]
Photograph copies of images from record albums of Los Galivanes del Norte
[8 b/w photographs]
009 Mike Gomez "Zoot Suit" photographs, 1979
[6 b/w photographs and 3 newsclippings]
010 Hernández, María L., photographs, 1975, N.d.
[2 b/w photographs, and 2 color snapshots]
011 Juárez-Lincoln University, N.d.
[1 b/w print]
012 Mexican American Educators, Feb, 1975
[5 color snapshots]
013 "Músicos", N.d.
28 publicity photographs of Mexican and Mexican American musicians
014 Mexican American Studies meeting, Jan 1975
4 b/w snapshots, including Santos Reyes, Andres Tijerina, Joe Limon, Nacho Campos, Laura Gutierrez-Witt, and Emilio Zamora
[includes negatives]
015 Jovita González Mireles, N.d.
[3 images and accompanying documentation]
016 Dr. Américo Paredes,
4 color snapshots, ca. 1975
14 b/w copy prints
017 Mauricio, Tino. Photographs of Américo Paredes, 1993
[2 negatives, including the bookplate image; 2 pages of b/w contact prints]
018 Cárdenas, Carolina, 1981
24 prints of murals in the Casiano Housing Project, San Antonio, TX, 1981
box folder
3 019 Jake Rodriguez at SER office, St. Timothy's Church grounds, Feb 1975
[3 b/w prints with negatives]
020 Juan Solís , San Antonio, Feb 1975
[4 b/w prints with negatives]
021 Charro Days, Brownsville, TX, 1977
[14 color snapshots]
022 Eligio (Kika) de la Garza, 1975
023 Various photographs:
1. Texas Farmworkers on the Road to Austin, Mar 1977
2. M.A. Urbina, San Antonio, Apr 1975
3. Street People (band) publicity photo, N.d.
024 Raul Valdez Art Slides, 1976-1984
[47 slides]
Biographical Sketch
Born in Del Rio, Texas, Raul Valdez (1947- ) is an artist and teacher known for murals with Mexican American themes painted in Austin. Valdez is also active in veterans' groups supporting peace in Central America.
Scope and Contents Note
Cataloged as Slide 53. Slides show Valdez's murals, paintings, and painted sculptures. Works are listed chronologically from 1976 to 1984 and themes emphasize Chicano heritage and human rights.
The Raul Valdez Art Slides collection is classified under the following Subject Headings in the University of Texas General Libraries' catalog:
Mural painting and decoration-Texas-Austin-Photographs.
Mexican American art-Texas-Austin-Photographs.
1. Juárez-Lincoln University (inside) mural, 1976
2. Juárez-Lincoln University (outside) mural "Los Elementos," 1976
3. East 2nd Street mural "The Oral Tradition," 1977
4a-n. Pan American Center hillside stage mural and details, 1978
5. El Centro Chicano mural (East First Street), 1977
6. Oil painting "Campesinos," N.d.
7. Del Rio children's mural (Las Vacas Street, sponsored by Cmité Cultural del Pueblo), 1980
8. Fiberglass and earth painting "Madre Tierra" (destroyed), 1980
9. Acrylic on camvas (privately owned), 1981?
10. Acrylic on canvas "Los Continuing Adventures de Tio Sam," 1981
11. Brooke Elementary children's mural, 1983
12a-q. Community project painted sculpture "Ollin," metal and duraply (on 1600 block of East First Street) [and details], 1984
13. City of Austin Weatherization Office mixed media work, 1984
14. Becker Elementary mural, 1984
025 Van Deusen, Nancy. Photographs at the Benson Collection, 1981
[27 slides]
026 FSA Farm Security Administration Photographs, 1937, 1941, 1943
Copy prints from the Library of Congress. These and others may be found online through the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Online Catalog at
East Grand Forks and Fisher, Minnesota. Photos by
Russell Lee, Sep-Oct, 1937
1. Mexican sugar beet worker's family near East Grand Forks, Minnesota, Oct 1937
[Reproduction # LC-USF3301-011331-M1]
2. Mexican boy water carrier in beet field near East Grand Forks, Minnesota, Oct 1937
3. Mexican sugar beet worker, near Fisher, Minnesota, Oct 1937
4. Mexican beet workers family, near Fisher, Minnesota, Oct 1937
5. Mexican beet workers, near Fisher, Minnesota, Oct 1937
6. Father of beet worker family resting after a day's work. East Grand Forks, Minnesota, Sep 1937
7. Transient Mexican worker's family from Texas. East Grand Forks, Minnesota, Sep 1937
8. Mother and baby of beet worker's family near East Grand Forks, Minnesota, Sep 1937
[LC-USF34-030716-D] (2 copies)
9. Children of Mexican beet worker. East Grand Forks, Minnesota. Mother is dead and this young girl works in the field and does the housework, Sep 1937
[LC-USF34-030720-D] (2 copies)
10. Mexican beet workers. East Grand Forks, Minnesota, Sep 1937
11. Part of Mexican beet worker's family. East Grand Forks, Minnesota, Sep 1937
12. Mother and father of beet worker family near Fisher, Minnesota, Sep 1937
Saginaw County, Michigan. Photos by
John Vachon, Aug, 1941
1. Mexican woman living in the Mexican sugar beet area. Saginaw County, Michigan, Aug 1941
2. Family of Mexican sugar beet workers. Saginaw County, Michigan, Aug 1941
3. Wife and children of Mexican sugar beet worker. Saginaw Farms, Michigan, Aug 1941
4. Wives of sugar beet workers. Saginaw County, Michigan, Aug 1941
5. Mexican sugar beet workers, Saginaw Farms, Michigan, Aug 1941
Corpus Christi, Texas. Mexican and Negro farm labor. Photo by John Vachon, May, 1943
028 Bonevardi, Marcelo. Photos of artwork
Dibujo, 1981
Objeto Ceremonial, 1979
029 Borges, Jorge Luis.
Twelve prints made by Hal W. Pilgrim at Laguna Gloria (Austin, Texas), March, 1976.
030 Cortázar, Julio, 1914-1984, June 1980
031 Powers, Joshua B. Iglesias de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hand-made book containing photographs of the destruction of Santa Teresa church carried out by Patricio Kelly's directed mob action
032 Ramírez, General don Francisco. (1786-1821) [dibujo]
033 Bach, Caleb. Photo of Ernesto Sabato, 1985
034 Sarmiento, Domingo Faustino (1811-1888). Photos of bust at Benson Collection, 1973
035 Ferrez, Marc, 1843-1923
036 Jones, Dr. Malcolm D.
Morro Velho
Also see the Richard Trezise Family Papers (Box 1, Folder 11)
St. John d'el Rey Mining Company
Mine entrance
Morro Velho - Oficinas
Pascoe, James Toy
Group including James T. Pascoe
James T. Pascoe
James T. Pascoe & one other person
"Shaft top"
Rio de Janeiro
Collegio Militar
Postcard of Botafogo Bay
037 Lyra, Fernando (Brazilian Deputado Federal)
038 Richard Trezise Family Papers, c.1900-1950
From Morro Velho, Brazil.
039 Almeida, Jeão Thomaz de. Panorama da Cidade de Botucatu, São Paolo, 1894
box folder
4 040 Edificio Andraus: PETROBRAS (Petroleo Brasileiro) building, São Paolo
041 Segall, Jenny K. Profile of bust
042 Bohan, Merwin L. (1899-1975)
U.S. ambassador to Chile
043 "Dugongo" (Maerorhinus Elefantinus), Punta Arenas, Chile, 1944
044 Presidentes de paises latinoamericanos, Santa Maria (Huila), Colombia, 1980
El sesquicentenario de la muerte del libertador Simón Bolivar...
045 Fernández, Agustín (Cuba). Photos of "Armadura, serie num. 18"
046 Havana, Cuba
[8 b/w prints]
047 Diagram of "Campaña Alfabetización, Plan de Organización y Funcionamiento de la Cam. de Alf.", Ecuador
048 III Reforma Agraria, Guatemalan government publication (incomplete)
[Julio César Méndez Montenegro]
Reforma Agraria
Protectión a la infancia
Ciudad de Guatemala
México y Guatemala
049 "Guatemala para los Guatemaltecos", photo of poster
050 Guanaja, Honduras
051 Orozco, José Clemente. Photos of Artwork
052 Siqueiros, David Alfaro. Photos of Artwork
053 Iglesia de San Francisco, Guanajuato, Mexico
054 Mexico - Various
1. Ntra. Sra. del Rosario, Puebla
2. Teotihuacán
3. Maqueta de la danza de "Los Viejitos", Michoacán
4. El Presidente Provisional, algunos Gobernadores, Jefes Militares de la revolución y Comisionados de Paz, reunidos en el campamento de Ciudad Juárez, el 30 de Abril de 1911 para discutir sobre la paz.
5. Sectional View of Cuernavaca, on the Mexicna Central Railway
6. Fotografía de un anuncio de madera...mostrando una parte del ferrocarril "Kansas City-México & Oriente Railroad en el Puerto de Topolobampo, México."
7. Camarín de la Virgen de Loreto del Templo de San Francisco Javier, Tepotzolan
8. Lápida conmemorativa al Insigne Pedro de Gante, Lego Flamenco..., Texcoco
9. Catedral Metropolitana
10. Colonial Station, Mexico City
11. Homenaje del Colegio Americana a los Héroes de la Independencia, Mexico Agosto 7, 1934
12. Monumento a Cuauhtémoc en el Paseo de la Reforma
13. La Sociedad de Auxilio Mutuo Ferrocarrilero (SAMF)
14. San Juan de Ulia, Vera Cruz
15. Puente del Atoyac, Ferrocarril Mexicano, Vera Cruz
055 Sandoval, Fot. "Inundación de Monterrey," 1909
056 Monte Alban, Mexico
057 Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico
058 Carranza, Venustiano. Photo with sons[?]
059 Photo of letter of Francisco Javier Clavijero, 1763
060 Cosio Villegas, Daniel.
061 Diaz, Porfirio.
062 Maximilian, 1832-1867. Carte-de-visite, Paris
063 Miramón, Miguel. Photostat of execution order to General Leonardo Marquez for the prisoners of Tacubaya
064 Photo of "Armas del Primer Conde de Sierra Gorda"
065 Monument of Francisco Garcia Diego y Moreno
066 Image of painting by Felix Porra, San Carlos Academy of Arts
067 Lopez, Refugio.
068 Rivera, Diego. "Portrait of Dr. Otto Ruhle," 1940
069 Soto, Pablo. Photo of Letter, 1812
070 Secretaría de Educación Pública, Mexico. Photographs
Photos given by José Vasconcelos (Mexican Minister of Education) in 1924
Biblioteca Cervantes
Centro Educative De La Piedad
Escuela Belisario Dominguez
Exposicion en la Escuela de Maestros Constructores
Puerta del anexo de la Escuela Nacional Preparatoria
071 "Enseña del Immortal Hidalgo", Centenario de la Independencia, Mexico
[SEE #118]
072 Wheelus (San Benito, TX). "Mexican Peon Cutting Cane," 1915
073 Unidentified Collection (Mexico).
074 Stilwell, Arthur E., 1861-1928. Kansas City, Mexico, Oriental Railway Company of Texas Photographs
Group Picture
Kansas City, Mo. sign: A section of the harbor at Port Stilwell on the Kanasas City Mexico & Oriental Railroad"
With Stilwell in Sierra's West of Chihuahua
075 Unidentified Collection (Mexico), 1891
1-4. Missing
5. Cathedral at Chihuahua, Feb 22, 1891
6. Cathedral at Coyoacan, Feb 17, 1891
7. Scene in Vera Cruz showing vultures on the house tops and in the street, Feb 11, 1891
8. La Marona
9. Mexican soldiers down at their math, Monterey, Jan 31, 1891
10. View of the bull fighters entering the ring, Chuhuahua, Feb 22, 1891
11. Scene at RR station, Mapini, diligencias ready for mail and passengers, Feb 21, 1891
12. Unidentified
076 Unidentified Photograph Album (Mexico), 1891
[same or similar to 075]
1. Chihuahua, from Guadalupe, Mexico
2. West side entrance of Cathedral at Chuhuahua, Mexico
3. Cathedral, Chihuahua, Mexico
4. Looking across the Rio Grande into Mexico from El Paso, Texas
5. Scene in Diez, Mexico
6. Diligencias at Mapini [Mapimí?], Mexico
7. Bull fight, Chihuahua, Mexico, entering the ring
8. Lassoing a bull that would not fight
9. Taking the bull out
10. View from the steamer landing on the Gulf of Mexico, showing the hotel [Veracruz, Mexico]
11. View of plaza and churches [Veracruz]
12. A scene in Vera Cruz
13. A street scene showing the vultures and open sewer
14. View from my hotel of the Harbor of Vera Cruz, Mexico
15. Old church on the outskirts of Vera Cruz, Mexico
16. View from my hotel window looking west in Orizaba, Mexico
077 Various - Mexico:
[note that some numbers are missing]
1. Street scene
2. Tampico
3. Boarding passengers
4. Man with burros
5. Thatched roof hut selling oranges
6. Village scene
8. Arbol de la Noche Triste
9. Fachada de la Catedral de Guadalupe
10. The Basilica and Capilla del Cerrito, Guadalupe
11. Capilla del Pocito, Guadalupe
12. "Sails", Capilla del Cerrito, Guadalupe
13. Entrance of bullfighters
14. Xochimilco
15. Xochimilco
16. Aguas Calientes (Cia. Mercantil D'Or S.A.)
16-17. Aqueduct, Queretaro
18. Castillo de Chapultepec
20. Castle of Chapultepec
21. Place where Maximilian was shot, Queretaro
24-25. Chapultepec[?]
30. Alameda, Mexico City
31. Market
32. Thieves Market, Mexico
33. Market
34. Man herding turkeys
35. National Palace, Morelia
36. Cocalo, City of Mexico [C.B. Waite photo]
38. Hot spring, Aguas Calientes
39. Power house for city
41. Estatua de Colón
42. Estatua de Carlos Cuatro
43. Monumento sepulcral de D. Benito Juárez, Panteón San Fernando
44. Iglesia de San Fernando
45. Vera Cruz harbor[?]
48-49. On the line of the Vera Cruz and Pacific
50. Trestle bridge
51-52. Volcanoes
53. Popocatepetl
box folder
5 078 Waite, C.B. (Charles Burlingame). Photographs (Mexico):
More C.B. Waite photographs can be found in the Rene D'Harnoncourt Photograph Collection
Alvarado's House in Coyoacan, [1904]
El Arbol de la Noche Triste (mex. city), 1904
Bull Fight, Mexico
Castle of Chapultepec, Mex., [1904]
Catacombs of Guanajuato, Mexico, 1904
Church of the black Christ. Vera Cruz, Mex.
Cortez House. Coyoacan, Mex., 1904
Emperor Maximilian from painting in museum. Mexico.
Entrance to Paseo de la Reforma, Mex. city
Gathering Pulque in Mexico, 1905
Maximilian's Coach of State. Mexican Museum, 1904
The new harbor. Vera Cruz, Mexico 1904
Novios Mexicanos, 1905
Porfirio Diaz, President of Mexico
Salto de Alvarado, City of Mexico, [1904]
Tomb of Juarez, city of Mexico, 1904
The Torture of Guautemoc by Cortés, 1904
Visit of Cortés to Moctezuma, 1904
Wholesale loads of Mexican Baskets, 1904
079 Presidentes Norteamericanos en Panama, 1906-1956
1. El Presidente Theodore Roosevelt con un grupo de trabajo durante la construcción del Canal de Panamá.
2. Teodoro Roosevele pronuncia su alocucion de saludo a Panama en sus visita de 1906
3. El Presidente William Howard Taft en Panamá, 1910
4. El Presidente Taft inspeccional las obras de construccion del Canalo durante su visita en 1910
5. [Presidents while the Panama] Canal was constructed
6. Visita de Eisenhower, 1956. Lo saluda el Presidente Ricardo Arias Espenosa. A la izquierda Don Ernesto de la Guardia, President-Electo.
080 Salazar, Ruth. Panama
081 Carte generale e vues de la Republique du Paraguay, Bruxelles. 1862
082 Andean Village of Canchayllo, Peru
083 San Juan, Puerto Rico
1. Capitol, School of Medicine, Aeropuerto de Isla Granada, Ft. San Cristóbal.
2. Dome of capitol visible on far left
3. Fortress San Cristóbal
4. Hotel Normandie, Sixto Escobar Baseball Park, fortress San Geronimo
5. Rio Piedras Campus
084 Unidentified Collection (Venezuela)
Highways, bridges, and a tunnel
085 Various - Venezuela.
Autopista Sur (La Araña Coche), Caracas, Venezuela, [1968]
Maracaibo, Venezuela
086 Adams, Richard. Photographs
National military students in review, Santiago, Chile
San Antonio Palopo, Guatemala:
Dugout canoe and landing place
Unidentified [San Antonio Palopo]
View of town
Farmer with plow, Chirincocal
Town plaza, San Rafael del Norte
Azuero Peninsula, Panama:
Farmer with standard rice and planting tool, the chusa, and gourd seed holder on waist
Rural apsidal house and its residents
Oudoor market, with Indian and Mestizo women, Cuzco, Peru
Muguiyauyo, Peru:
Carnaval fiesta; people covered with confetti and talcum powder
Cochinero dancers of the Tunantes dance group during Christmas fiesta
Cultivating potatoes
District council office; secretary standing on the left, and district records in cupboard
Laying adobe bricks under supervision of mason in construction of community built cemetery wall
Pounding mud into frame to make tapia wall
Saturday morning Market in Town Plaza
Woman washing clothes by canal
Indian women outside school building, Puno, Peru
087 Denis, Paul-Yves. Photographs
La Paz, Bolivia [SL89, #4-19]
Farmer's Market, Caruaru, Pernambuco, Brazil [SL 86, #1-09]
088 Van Courtright Walton with Carlos E. Castañeda
089 Copy prints of Carlos Villalongin.
090 University of Texas
1-2. ILAS, 1943. Photo by Fred Bullard
Loren Mozley, George Engerrand, George Sánchez, Fred Bullard, Rex Hopper, Jefferson Rea Spell, Charles Hackett, Martínez del Río, J. Lloyd Mecham, and Carlos E. Castañeda
3. University Club dinner, Aug 2, 1943
4. The Universtiy of Texas Field School Faculty, University of Mexico, Summer, 1944
091 Buckley, William F.
092 Photos of Hispanic Folk Art
Lion, Felipe Archuleta and Abuelitos Piscando Nopalitos, Carmen Loman Garza
093 Unidentified Portraits
094 Morales, Richard, 1974
095 Mission San José, San Antonio, TX
096 Carrizo Springs, Dimmit County Collection
1. Comisión Honorífica Mexicana
2. Juan Ortiz and Javier Fernandez
3. Salon Benito Juarez, Union y Progreso, bajo la Professora Srita. Juanita Ornelas, April 1930
4. Escuela Mexicana, 1932
5. 2a-3a Grades, Carrizo Springs, Miss Posey, Teacher, 1933-1934
6. 3rd-4th and 5th, 1935[?]
7. Maria Cadena, East Ward School, Mexican School, April 2, 1936
097 Alvarez-Smalls, Cecilia Concepcion. Photos of Artworks
098 Photographs of Revolutionary Nicaragua, c.1979
099 George, Eugene. Trudy Blom arranging flowers w/ Amo, San Cristobal, Na Balom, 6 January 1981
100 Caruthers, Judson. Bullfight photographs, c.1960s
101 Avant, John. Photographs, 1962, 1966
Disks include photographs of Chiapas, 1962, and Farmworkers' Strike, 1966
102 Ortiz Monasterio, Luis. Photos of Artworks
box folder
6 103 Unidentified Slide Show - Guatemala
104 Slide Show, "The Mexican Americans", 1971
105 Photos of "Album de Vistas y Costumbres de Buenos Aires"
106 Aguirre, Jesús María. Portrait photograph of Mexican revolution General Aquirre, his wife, and son León. [6 prints]
107 Aquilar, Francisco J. Photograph of Mexican Brigadier General displaying his decoration, the Grand Cordon of the Sacred Treasure, from the Emperor of Japan. [1 print]
108 Hughes, Paul A. (collector). 12 stereoviews.
"Among the finest Bananas in the world--shipping station ona great Banana plantation, Zent, Costa Rica." Underwood & Underwood 6446.
"Aztec Woman Merchant, San Angel, near City of Mexico, Mex." Griffith & Griffith 1010.
"Bronzed Colored Maidens Assorting Coffee, Nicaragua, C.A." Keystone 12834 (323).
"Everyday life in Cerro de Pasco--street lined with Spanish balconies and Indian roofs--Peru." Underwood & Underwood (27) 9244.
"Mont Pelee and the Terrible Ruins of St. Pierre, Martinique, W.I." H.C. White 8203.
"National Theater in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central America." Keystone 12875 T (T239).
"O'er Floral and Sculptured Adornments Towers the Historic Cathedral, Leon, Nicaragua, C.A." Keystone 12858
"Orchid Avenue, Hope Gardens, Jamaica." H.C. White (37) 7637.
"Ortego Hill (N.E.) over dead St. Piere, to steaming Mont Pelee--once beautiful and verdure-clad, Martinique." Underwood & Underwood.
"Panama Hats are Woven in the Cool of the Morning and Evening, Tabacunda, Ecuador." Keystone 21941 (118).
"Parque Central, Hotel Teloegrafo, La Habana, Cuba."
"Vera Cruz, from the lighthouse tower, Mexico." Underwood & Underwood (84) 6383.
Press Photographs from France:
109 Chile, 1973-1974
110 Cuba, Aug-Sep 1994
111 El Salvador, 1980-1984
112 Nicaragua, Sep 1978
113 Castro, Jesús Agustín, 1887-1954.
17 photographs of Jesús Agustín Castro and contemporaries, including his studio portrait wearing uniform. Includes photographs of Jesús Agustín Castro with his wife, and contemporaries: Venustiano Carranza, Pancho Villa, Venustiano Carranza, Alvaro Obregón and his wife. Includes historic picture of the Hacienda e Ingenio de San José Atencingo in Chiautla, Puebla, Mexico, which was destroyed in April. 14, 1920.
114 Randall, Robert W., 1925- . Mineral del Monte, Hidalgo, 1969
Panoramic photograph.
115 Paris, Frederick W. Album of sketches and photographs, 1907-1924
Includes photocopied article ("Chaco Charter" by Luis B. Engelke) with biographical information on Paris, an engineer in the British Foreign Service who built railroads in Paraguay and Argentina. Sketches include flora, fauna, landscapes, and cultural subjects.
116 Companía Industrial Fotográfica (CIF). Mexican Showgirls and Cinema Stars of the 1920s, 1923-1925
Portraits of Mexican showgirls in costume, including Celia Montalvan, Celia Padilla, Mimi Derba, Nelly Fernandez, Maria Tubau, Amparito Guillot, Emma Duval, and Carmen Gale. Subjects: Motion pictures--Mexico--History; Women in motion pictures.
box folder
7 117 Unidentified Photo Album
1. Alvarado
2. La Merced, Mex.
3. Popocatepetl
118 From "Enseña del Immortal Hidalgo"
See: 071
119 Rodriguez, Hugo (Brazil). Photos of sculptures
120 Guerrero Viejo photographs by Everardo Castro Medellín, 2005-2006
[23 photographs; stored as OV-1.1]
These photographs were part of the Benson Collection's 2007 exhibition "Guerrero Viejo Revealed". Also included is a brochure from Castro Medellín's exhibit "Guerrero Viejo: Reencuentro con mis raíces".
121 Fanger, F.E. Hand-colored photographs, ca. 1962
[Stored as OV-1.2]
12. Tepozotlan
47. Iglesia de Tepozotlan
99. Cuernavaca suburb
122 Mann, Hans. Photograph of child with hoe [by or of Hans Mann?], N.d.
[Stored as OV-2.2]
123 Velásquez, Roberto. Frontispicio, Portal de Peregrinos y cruz atrial de la Misión de Tancoyol, Querétaro, N.d.
[Stored as OV-2.3
124 Gleaton, Tony. Land of Heart's Desire:
[Stored as OV-2.4]
1. Cat. #156, "La Misa/The Mass," Chihuahua, Mexico, 1982
2. Cat. #157, "José Natcho, Hombre, Tatahuichi," Chihuahua, Mexico, 1982
3. Cat. #182, "Alma y Soledad," Rio Urique, Chihuahua, Mexico, 1982, 1982
127 Cleugh. Market Photographs, ca. 1936
[10 photographs; stored as OV-2.1]
1. Market place in Tasco
2. Market in Tlacolula
3. From Road to Tasco
4. Tasco
5. Market at Guadalupe
6. Tlacolula market
7. Tlacolula market
8. Crushing maguey to make Tequila
9. Zimmapan on the Pan-American Highway
10. Type at Tlacolula market7
128 Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico, circa 1910.
[Stored in flat file drawer]
The Ojuela Mine was discovered in 1598 and has produced vast amounts of silver ore. The heyday for the mine was under the Penoles Company, 1887 to 1911. By 1903 the Compania Minera de Penoles had grown to become the largest independent base-metal enterprise in Mexico. The astonishing suspension bridge, seen in this photograph, was built by John Roebling, Inc. of New York in 1895 and was for a while the second longest suspension bridge in the world.
A panoramic photograph showing the mountainous region surrounding the mine, the mesa containing the mine and the town and the great suspension bridge allowing access to the mesa. The photograph is signed in the negative by E. B. Downing.
129 Alborta, Freddy. Photographs of the dead Che Guevara, 1969
[4 b/w photographs]
Includes a page on the "Provenance of four original photographs of Ernesto "Che" Guevara, right after death" written by William D. Taylor, Ph.D.
130 Aduana de Matamoros. Photograph album of Mexican national Aduana employees, ca. 1911
131 Mariachi Potosino.
132 Hughes, Paul A. (collector). 19 stereographs, ca. 1900-1902

8205 (5) Mont Pelee and the Terrible Ruins of St. Pierre, Martiique, W.I.
8217 (17) The Awful, Seeting Crater of Mon Pelee, --from the side opening near Centre came the dreadful Eruption of May 8th, Martinique, W.I.
(1) 9370 Sunset in the tropics--the Caribbean Sea from Colon, Isthmus of Panama
10824 On the Aqueduct, Guadalupe, Mexico
10826 "Las Chinampas," Mexico's rich Vegetable Gardens, Santa Anita, Mexico
10828 Adown [sic] the Beautiful Viga Canal, Ixtacalco, Mexico
10836 Rapt in Admiration--Iguala Canyon, Mexico
10843 Public Fountain, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
10844 "The Firmament Sheweth His Handiwork." Mexico
10878 Rich Teotihuacan Valley, from Pyramid of Moon, San Juan Teotihuacan, Mexico
10914 A Surging Sea of Sombreros, Market, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
11191 The bread mule on a typical street in Caracas, Venequela
11196 Central Ave., "the $11,000,000 boulevard", north to bay. Rio de Janeiro, S.A.
12897 A Native Indian Home, Guatemala, C.A.
13312 Milk Venders. Puerto Cabello, Venezuela
23686 In Mexico--Learning To Ride the Ponies
34410 Two Little Mexican Boys Dressed as "Charros", Mexico City
34411 School Children in La Paz, Bolivia
38001 Mahogany Logs Ready for the Saw, Lumber Mill in Province of Oriente, Cuba
box folder
133 Illich, Ivan. Photos at wedding of Magdalena R. de Hagin, 1969
[3 photographs and 3 frames]
From the Tobyanne Berenberg Papers.
134 Brazil. Slides of libraries, buildings, schools, individuals, photographer unknown. 1975
[40 slides]
Subjects include Susan Bach, University of Brasilia, Senate, Edson Nery da Fonseca, Montserrat, among others.
135 Mexico City. Album of Photographs Documenting Public Works, 1938
170 b/w photographs
Includes photographs of Aguas y Sanitación, Edificios y Monumentos, Tribunal de Menores, and "Limpia."
136 Warner, David. Photographs from the Mexico/US Border, 1970s(?)
[38 prints, negatives, 1 audio cassette]
Includes Agua Prieta, Bisbee, Nogales, Phoenix, and Tuscon. Audio cassette tape labeled "Medical R&D"
137 Tijerina, Pete. Various photographs of Pete Tijerina, 1940s-1950s
[10 b/w prints, plus transparencies]
138 Tijerina, Pete; Garcia, Antony; and Cadena, Carlos. LULAC Council 2 President Pete Tijerina presenting check for support of the Hernandez v. Texas case, 1953
[1 b/w print]
Star Studio, Juan Estrada, Foto.
139 Hacienda de Las Borregas. 1913
[1 b/w photo postcard]
"Agosto 30 de 1913...Reparto de tierras en la Hda. de Las Borregas, confiscada a Felix Dias; esta tarjeta muestra algunos individuos de los que recibieron su titulo de propiedad"
140 McGaughey, John D. Scenes in Asarco, Durango, Mexico. Photo postcard collection, 1920s(?)
[8 b/w photo postcards]
141 Unidentified. Unidentified photograph album, ca. 1905
Family photographs of an American(?) family in Mexico. Very few labels are included, among them "Business section, Rincon of Antonio, Oax.", "Hotel Salina Cruz" and "Orquestra of the Country Club of Mexico City, Elaine in ...", "Shops of the Tehuantepec National R.R., Rincon Antonio, Oax."
142 University of Texas Dept. of Geology. Collection of Lantern Slides, N.d.
River terraces in the High Andes, S.A.
Women Pounding Corn for Bread, Barranquilla, Colombia
National Cathedral of Mexico
Garden at Chapultepec Castle, Mexico
Bull ring
Romantic Beauty of Spanish Cloister of San Francisco Convent, Lima, Peru
One of the Narrow Winding Streets Leading to the Upper Part of the City, Bahia
Castle of Chapultepec
Maguey Plant cactus for alcohol drink, N. Mex.
Swimming Pool at Miximilian's Palace
National Palace of Mex., Mexico City
Surf at Mollendo, Peru
Lake of Xochimilco, Mex.
Mexican Plateau, Cholula Basin, Puebla, Mt. in back


Oversized Photograph Storage

box folder
OV-1 1 Guerrero Viejo photographs by Everardo Castro Medellín, 2005-2006
[23 photographs; Described as Misc. Photo # 120]
These photographs were part of the Benson Collection's 2007 exhibition "Guerrero Viejo Revealed". Also included is a brochure from Castro Medellín's exhibit "Guerrero Viejo: Reencuentro con mis raíces".
2 Fanger, F.E. Hand-colored photographs, ca. 1962
[3 photographs; Described as Misc. Photo #122]
3 López Padilla, Benecio. Protesta de Ley XXXVI Legislatura, 1943
[1 photograph]
4 Molina, Diana 14 contact sheets,
[14 contact sheets]
box folder
OV-2 1 Cleugh. Market Photographs, ca. 1936
[10 photographs; Described as Misc. Photo #127]
2 Mann, Hans. Photograph of child with hoe [by or of Hans Mann?], N.d.
[Described as Misc. Photo #122]
3 Velásquez, Roberto. Frontispicio, Portal de Peregrinos y cruz atrial de la Misión de Tancoyol, Querétaro, N.d.
[Described as Misc. Photo #123]
4 Gleaton, Tony. Land of Heart's Desire, 1982
[3 photos; Described as Misc. Photo #124]
5 "Colonel Macias y su Estado Mayor"--Torreón on Matamoros
[Described as Misc. Photo #125]
6 Vista general de las minas Santa Ana y Anexas, Catorce.
[Described as Misc. Photo #126]
6 Boyle, Jack., 1969
[acc'n 2005-30]
box folder
Dr.37 1 Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico, circa 1910.
[Described as Misc. Photo #128]
The Ojuela Mine was discovered in 1598 and has produced vast amounts of silver ore. The heyday for the mine was under the Penoles Company, 1887 to 1911. By 1903 the Compania Minera de Penoles had grown to become the largest independent base-metal enterprise in Mexico. The astonishing suspension bridge, seen in this photograph, was built by John Roebling, Inc. of New York in 1895 and was for a while the second longest suspension bridge in the world.
A panoramic photograph showing the mountainous region surrounding the mine, the mesa containing the mine and the town and the great suspension bridge allowing access to the mesa. The photograph is signed in the negative by E. B. Downing.