The Benson Latin American Collection

Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Papers, 1942-2004

Descriptive Summary

CreatorAnzaldúa, Gloria
TitleGloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Papers, Part 3: Second Accession
Dates: 1968-2002
AbstractThe personal papers of Chicana theorist and feminist Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa, author of Borderlands/La Frontera include correspondence, written works, student notes, teaching materials, and collected materials.
Accession No.2006-23
OCLC Record No.76970013
Extent7 linear feet
LanguageEnglish and Spanish
RepositoryBenson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

For the full biographical note on Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa, please see Part 1 of this guide.

Scope and Contents Note

The archives presented in this guide are a second accession of papers acquired approximately one year after the earlier material, this time from Anzaldúa's family's home in South Texas. It includes the following series:

Series nine,    Personal and Biographical, contains photographs in album pages of Anzaldúa and various friends; some of the people in the photographs are identified by name. This series also includes Anzaldúa’s teaching certificate, admissions notification from the Comparative Literature Program at the University of Texas, Austin, and a grade transcript from UT Austin.

Series ten,    Correspondence, includes letters to Anzaldúa during the 1970s. The series also includes poetry and other documents sent to the UT-based publication HEMBRA; a few of these materials carry notes to Anzaldúa about sharing the materials.

Series eleven,    Written Works, includes progressive versions of poems written and revised between 1969 and 1977. The series also includes short fiction and essays written and revised between 1966 and 1977 along with the text of a single speech. The guide lists the names of poems, fiction, and non-fiction pieces within each folder. The series also includes works and notes for works written when Anzaldúa was a student at Pan-American University, Texas A&I University, and the University of Texas at Austin. A couple of notes about her dissertation work appear in this series. Box 4, folder 3, "Through the Blow-Up," First Draft, N.d., includes a short note about the content and structure of her dissertation; box 5, folder 7, "The New Fiction in Revolt," 1975, includes a short note about the qualifying exam and committee members.

Series twelve,    Gigs and Teaching, includes materials from Anzaldúa’s time as a student teacher in 1967-68, materials from her time as a liaison between migrant camps and school officials in Indiana, and course materials from her work teaching La Mujer Chicana and other courses as a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin. While the series includes a few materials from Anzaldúa’s 2002 events at the Esperanza Center in San Antonio, Texas, the remainder of the materials in this series originate between 1967 and 1977.

Series thirteen,    Collected Materials, includes the sub-series Subject Files, Course Notes, Course Material, Research Material, Collected Material/Others’ Work, and Clippings. The Course Notes and Course Material include documents from her student teaching as well as her undergraduate and graduate coursework. The Research Material includes her personal reading lists and reading notes.

Series fourteen,    Oversized Materials, includes two sketch books and a cloth banner painted with quotations.

For a complete description of series 1 through 5 of the collection, including Biographical, Correspondence, Written Works, Gigs and Teaching, and Calendars, please see Part 1 of this guide.

For a complete description of series 6 through 8 of the collection, including Photographs and Audiovisual Materials, Collected Materials, and Oversized Materials and Artifacts, please see Part 2 of this guide.


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Use Restrictions

The Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Literary Trust retains full copyright and publication control over all materials written or produced by Gloria Anzaldúa. Some of the material in this collection may not be photocopied, and permission of the Trust is required before publication, in whole or in part, of any materials written or produced by Ms. Anzaldúa.

Index Terms

The Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Papers are classified under the following Subject Headings in the University of Texas Libraries catalog:
Anzaldúa, Gloria--Archives
Women and literature--United States--History--20th century--Sources
Mexican American authors--Sources
Mexican American lesbians--Intellectual life--Sources
Lesbian feminism--United States--Sources
Queer theory
Texas, South--Ethnic relations
Mexican-American Border Region--In literature

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Cite as: Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Papers, Benson Latin American Collection, University of Texas Libraries, the University of Texas at Austin.

Box and Folder Inventory


Personal and Biographical, 1968-1973

2221Photographs, N.d.
Kantrowitz, Melanie Kaye
Klepfisz, Irena
Quintanales, Mirtha
Ramos, Juanita
First Name Only:
2Teaching Certificate, 1968
University of Texas, Austin Material:
3Comparative Literature, 1974-76
Program Oral Exam Evaluation and Materials
4Transcript, 1973


Correspondence, 1974-1979

2225Crabtree, Carol, 1977
6HEMBRA, 1976
7HEMBRA, 1977
8HEMBRA, 1979
9Shoup, Julie, 1974-75
10Various, 1974-1975
Includes correspondence with:
Cantú, Nelda
Gonzales, Anna
Janowski, Bob
Mexican American Cultural Center
Newsom, Rosemarie
Quintanilla, E.
Shoup, Julie
Stevens, Cyndi


Written Works, 1966-1977

1Poems to Revise, 1974-77
"Agachada sobre la Labor"
"Another Out"
"Apology to Ginny"
"Apology to Ginny"
"Bent Over the Field"
"Bent over the Field"
"Beso de Judas"
"Beso de Judas"
"Black Dog Days"
"Call Me Quetzalito"
"The Coming of el Mundo Surdo"
"Dos Viboras Es Su Cara"
"Every Man Has His Own Rabbit"
"The Fifth Sun"
"Fragments of New York City"
"Getting Closer, Getting Closer"
"A Gray Ribbon"
"Green (after Lorca)"
"I have some fears"
"I Walk amongst You"
"I Want"
"The Kiss"
"The Lesson (for Sylvia Plath)"
"The Luster (on Hemley’s short story, 'Lustre’)"
"Madrecita Linda"
"Meditando en el Cambio de las Cosas"
"Mi Mujer"
"Monologue Disguised as Dialogue, or Macho Male Line #59"
"La Mujer Que"
"Musa Bruja"
"My Cumin Comes"
"My woman"
"Naming Is the Mother of All Illusion"
"No Mas Alli Puedo"
"The No Poem"
"El Otro/The Other" – translated from Cortazar
"An Out"
"Oyo el Rio Miandose"
"El Pecado"
"Perpleja/Mira Hombre"
"Pobrecito Coyotito"
"Politico Revolucionario"
"¿Quien Es?"
"Rape (to all the women who have been)"
"Recipe" (was "Receta")
"Reincarnation (for Julie)"
"Rondel to Ethan of B.S.U."
"Ser o No Mas Alli Puedo"
"Sexual Fantasy No 3, Variation 4"
"Sleep of Death"
"Small Buda"
"Snow Queen"
"Song in d Small Letter"
"Song in D Word"
"Songs of the Wall"
"Tigers Have Elephants"
"To Delia, Who Failed on Principles"
"To My Trusty Vibrator"
"Tres Mujeres en el Cabinete"
"The True Love Wake (Wait)"
"Watts She Worth? One Volt’s Worth"
"Welcome to the Club"
"White Buffalo"
"Winter’s Coming on, Leaves"
"A Work of Orifice (para Marge Piercy)"
"The World Egg"
"Year In Randy"
"A Yes-Poem"
"You Awaken Me To"
"You Know How"
2Poetry, 1969-1977
"And I Refused to Listen"
"Another Lament for Another Lost Love"
"At the Risk"
"Aztec Mythology"
"The Ballad of He"
"Ballad of the Migrant"
"Beso de Judas"
"Black Dog Days"
"Black on White"
"Born on a Wall"
"Brothers Do Not Compete Neither Do They Judge"
"La Busca"
"But It’s the Fucking Truth"
"Canción – Translation of José Hierro"
"Chicana Gothic"
"La Coatlicue"
"Come Sweet Sinner"
"The Coming of el Mundo Surdo"
"Cop Out"
"The Curse"
"A Day in the Life of a Slouch"
"La Diferencia"
"Don’t Look to the Sun"
"Echoing Ammons/Every Man Has His Own Rabbit"
"En una de mis Caras"
"The Fifth Sun"
"Foot Print"
"Fragments of New York City"
"Getting Closer, Getting Closer"
"A Gray Ribbon"
"Great Art, a Poem"
"Green (after Lorca)"
"Haciendo Madres"
"Hijas de la Chingada"
"Human Rights"
"I Can See Below"
"I Have Died Twice"
"I Have Some Fears"
"I Know You Know"
"I Like that Shade of Read"
"I Should Worry"
"I Stub My Toe"
"I Want"
"In the Year 2999"
"The Inner Split"
"An Insomniac’s Ballad"
"It’s Just That"
"The Kitchen Door"
"Life Is a Death"
"Like a Lump of Clay" (was "What Is It")
"A Living Fiction"
"Making It"
"Musa Bruja"
"My Heart Is Like (after Christina Rossetti)"
"My Qualms and Pangs"
"The New Alice"
"No Mas Alli Puedo"
"The No People of No Place among the Glass, Plastic, and Wire"
"The No-Poem"
"Notes about Poems & Publishing"
"On Baensch’s Notion of Objective Feelings, Non-Sensuous Qualities Invisibly Seen"
"El Otro/The Other," translated from Julio Cortazar’s Pameos y Meopas (1971)
"El Pecado"
"The Purple Trees"
"Puss and Spittle"
"Question IV: Where Is the Answer?"
"Question IX: Oh, Do We Have to, Miss"
"Question VII: So What?"
"Question X: Old Man How Do You Live?"
"The RAG"
"Reincarnation (for Julie)"
"Scientific Genesis"
"Sir Thomas More in the Tower"
"Small Buda (for Jim)"
"So America Has No Cultivated Nobility"
"Some Bits of Hell"
"Song in d Small Letter"
"Speak out vs. for the Good of the Public"
"Spring in el Valle"
"There Was a Certain Pushiness"
"The Third One"
"Through Pills and Weed and Loud Noise"
"Tinsy-Winsy Little Mole"
"To a Mad Rhymer"
"To Delia, Who Failed on Principle"
"The to Hell Show"
"To Leroi Jones"
"To Some People I Know"
"Too Close for Comfort"
"The True-Love Wait"
"The Truth Hurts but"
"Tu Peso No Vale el Cargo"
"The Un-American Dream"
"War Is a Shade of Truth"
"We Are Not Mathematics"
"When the Sun No Longer Shines"
"When Whiling the Godsends Do Not Disturb"
"Winter’s Tale"
"With My Soul in It"
"Woman (for Plath)"
"A Work of Orifice (para Marge Piercy)"
"Year in Randy"
"You Get Yours"
3Poetry, 1976
"The Fold In"
"Heaven Help Us"
"The High Hi"
"How Could You"
"Per Chance"
"Small Wonder"
"Til Old Age and Death"
"To Society"
4Prose, 1966-1977
"Children’s Story – May 30, 1976"
"Dialogues with the Self"
"La Llorona Banshee"
"My Philosophy"
"Notes on Growing Up Xicana"
"Novel: Sept. 25, 1976 – Scholz Beer Garden"
"The Private Gesture of Sabas Q"
"She Seeth"
"Si no te gusta, pelate"
"There are many cycles in men and women"
5"The Book, the Wall, and J.P.," 1974
6"Burial of Sabas Q," "The Lark," and "The Winning Side," 1974
7"Call Me Quetzalito," Rough Drafts, 1976
8"The Change," 1973-74
2241-2"Heche Story," Notes and Roughs, 1975 [2 Folders]
3"Private Gesture," 1974
4"El Paisano" (Previously "La Boda"), 1974
5"Through the Blow-Up," First Draft, N.d.
6Zen Talk, N.d.
"Zen and the Aesthetics of Silence"
Written Works as a Student:
Pan-American University School Papers:
7"The Teachability of Teaching the Unteachable," 1972
"Paper for Dr. Sledd: The 'Teachability of Teaching the Unteachable,’ July 24, 1972"
8"The Western Myth and Conventional Western," 1967
Texas A&I University School Papers:
9"Skelton’s Bouge of Court and the Dream Vision Allegory," N.d.
University of Texas, Austin School Papers:
10"Art and Reality," 1973
11"Art within Artifice: Borges’ and Cortázar’s Fantastic Doubles as Works of Art," 1974
2251"The Fictitious Tale in Hughes Crow" and "Notes on the Killing Muse," 1974
2"Madame Bovary’s Reality in the Wedding Chapter," "The Cry for Existence in Sylvia Plath’s Poem 'I Want, I Want,’" "'Love without Hope’ and 'The Progress,’" 1974
3"The Separation of Words and Acts in Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying," N.d.
4"The Quest of the Fantastic," Original, N.d.
5Master’s Report, 1972
"John Skelton’s The Bouge of Court: An Analysis of Its Appeal and an Archetypal Criticism and The Theme of Secret Sin and Its Effects in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Work"
6"The New Fiction in Revolt," 1975
7"Notes on Cultural Considerations," 1974
224Writing Notes for Papers as a Student:
2258Cortázar, Julio and Jacques Lacan, N.d.
9"The Fantastic Quest," N.d.
2261Joyce, James, N.d.
2-4"The New Fiction in Revolt," 1975 [3 Folders]
5"The Scar on the Eye," N.d.
6-7Skelton, John, N.d. [2 Folders]


Gigs and Teaching, 1967-2002

226Chronological Gigs:
8Student Teaching, 1967-68
9Esperanza Center, 2002
10The Mexican-American: A Resource Guide for Educators," N.d.
2271"Migrant Education," N.d.
2Indiana Gig Journal, 1974
University of Texas, Austin Teaching:
La Mujer Chicana:
3Chicana Poetry and Drama, N.d.
4Copies, N.d.
5Memos and Bulletins, 1976-77
6Portillo, Estela, "The Day of the Swallows," N.d.
7-8La Mujer Chicana, 1976-77 [2 Folders]
2281-2La Mujer Chicana, 1976-77 [2 Folders]
3-4La Mujer Chicana, N.d. [2 Folders]
La Chicana in America:
5La Chicana in America, 1977
6La Chicana in America, N.d.
7La Chicana in America, Final and Midterm, N.d.
Various Teaching Materials:
8Lo Chicano – La Chicana, N.d.
2291-2Chicanos and Their Culture, 1977 [2 Folders]


Collected Materials, 1966-1978

229Subject Files:
3Chicana Feminism, N.d.
4Feminism, N.d.
5Migrant Workers Educational Material, 1971-72
6Sexuality Survey, 1977
7Texas Women’s Meeting, 1977
8Various Collected Material, 1967-78
Course Notes:
Pan American University Course Notes:
9Art Notes, 1968
10English 505 (Prof. Grant), Summer 1969
2301English and Art Notebook, 1967
2New Grammar, 1966
University of Texas, Austin Course Notes:
3Aesthetics (Prof. Clark), Fall 1973
4Avant Garde, Criticism, and Decadence, Spring 1975
5Epistemology: Theories of Knowledge, 1974
6Gay Fiction, East and West (Prof. Teele), Spring 1977
7Grammar of Written English (Prof. Troihe), Summer 1970
2311Graves, Plath, Hughes, and Tomlinson (Prof. Gordon), Fall 1974
2Hawthorne and Standard English, Summer 1972
3Intensive Italian (Prof. Cuccaro), English (Prof. Kruppa), and Action and Symbol (Prof. Wess) Spiral, Fall 1975
4-5Intensive Italian (Prof. Cuccaro), Fall 1975 [2 Folders]
6Introduction to Marxist Sociology (Prof. Cardenas), Spring 1977
7Latin Word Parts Workbook, N.d.
8Literary Periods, N.d.
9Magical Realism (Prof. Wheelock), Fall 1975
10Matthew Lewis and the Gothic Novel, N.d.
2321Surrealism, Borges, and Comp Lit Theory, Fall 1974
2Transformational Grammar, N.d.
Unidentified Course Notes:
3English Lit Notes, N.d.
4-5Unidentified Class Notes, N.d. [2 Folders]
Course Material:
University of Texas, Austin Course Material:
6Jorge Luis Borges (Prof. Wheelock), Fall 1974
7Materials and Methods of Folklore Research (Prof. Paredes), Fall 1975
8Spanish American Literature of Fantasy (Prof. Wheelock), Fall 1975
Unidentified Course Material:
9Fiction, N.d.
2331Getting around in French, N.d.
2Italian 312K and Italian 406, N.d.
3Library, N.d.
4Mexican American, N.d.
5Unidentified Course Material, 1971-72
6Unidentified Course Material, N.d.
7-8Unidentified Course Material, 1970-1972 [2 Folders]
9Unidentified Course Material, 1972
2341Unidentified Course Packet, N.d.
Research Material:
2Book List Journal, N.d.
3-4Book Lists, N.d. [2 Folders]
5Feminism and Marxism, N.d.
6-7Lacan, Jacques, N.d. [2 Folders]
8Marxism, N.d.
9Neruda, Pablo, N.d.
10Gloria’s Bib. – Personal Reading, N.d.
11Reading Notes, N.d.
12Skelton, John, N.d.
13-16Various Notes, N.d. [4 Folders]
235Collected Material/Others’ Work:
1Adorno, Theodor, "Correspondence with Benjamin," 1973
2Bateson, Gregory, "Style, Grace, and Information in Primitive Art," N.d.
3Commonwealth Office of Education, Teaching English Speech, "Grammar and Structure," N.d.
4Conner, Randy, Poem, N.d.
5Conner, Randy, Randy’s Course Evaluations, 1977
6Conner, Randy, Randy’s Material – Handouts, N.d.
7Dario, Ruben, Collected Writings, 1888
8Dwyer, Carlota Cárdenas de, "Chicano Literature: An Introduction and an Annotated Bibliography," N.d.
9Elías-Olivares, Lucía, "Language Use in a Chicano Community: A Sociolinguistic Approach," 1976
10Lorca, Gabriel García, Various, N.d.
11-12Material for Stories, N.d. [2 Folders]
13On Sleep, N.d.
14Ortego, P.D., "The Chicano Renaissance," N.d.
15Pan American University 50th Anniversary, 1927-1977, 1977
16Shula, Antonia Castañeda, "La Llorona," 1972
17Werden, Frieda, "'A Bit, Perhaps’: Lesbians and Walls in the Works of Doris Lessing," N.d.
2361Various, N.d.
2Various, N.d.
3-4Various Chicano Press Publications, 1968-77 [2 Folders]
Hembra, 1976
Hojas Poéticas: Poesia en Voces de Mujer 1977
The Gar: Special Third World Issue, 1976
Huelga: Support Texas Farm Workers, N.d.
Imágenes de la Chicana, N.d.
Llueve Tlaloc, 1976
Quetzal, 1971
La Raza Yearbook, 1968
Regeneracion, N.d.
Tejidos, 1976
Texas Sun: Revolution in Mexico 1976
5-7Art Clippings, N.d. [3 Folders]
8Pictures for Story Settings, 1960s
9The Short Story, 1972


Oversized Materials, N.d.

2371Spiral Sketch Book 1, N.d.
2Spiral Sketch Book 2, N.d.
3Cloth Banner, Painted, N.d.


Gloria Anzaldúa Library

The Benson Collection also holds books from Anzaldúa's personal library. Those volumes that include annotations or marginalia or are inscribed to Anzaldúa are described as such in the University of Texas Libraries catalog and can be located through a Keyword search for "Anzaldúa Library."
A complete list of volumes in Anzaldúa's personal library is being developed and can be accessed by inquiring at the Benson Rare Books and Manuscripts Reading Room.
These books were in this section of the collection:
The Absence of the Father & The Dance of the Zygotes, Poems, Mary McAnally (inscribed/signed) (Minneapolis: Shadow Press, 1982)
Rattle, Poems, Terry Hauptman (2 copies, 1 inscribed/signed) (Tulsa, OK: Cardinal Press, 1982)
We Will Make a River, Poems, Mary McAnally (Cambridge, MA: West End Press, 1979)
The MLA Style Sheet: Second Edition, Modern Language Association of America (New York: MLA, 1970)
Poems from the Animal Heart, Mary McAnally (signed) (Edmond, OK: Full Count Press, 1981)
Teacher’s Resource Book to accompany The United States in Literature, Eds. Walter Blair, Paul Farmer, Theodore Hornberger, Margaret Wasson (Glenview, IL: Scott, Foresman & Co., 1968)

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