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Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Papers, 1942-2004

Descriptive Summary

CreatorAnzaldúa, Gloria
TitleGloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Papers, Part 2
Dates: 1942-2004
AbstractThe personal papers of Chicana theorist and feminist Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa, author of Borderlands/La Frontera include correspondence, written works, audio tape interviews, reviews, clippings, photographs, posters, artwork, and collected materials.
Accession No.2005-31
OCLC Record No.
Extent108 linear feet
LanguageEnglish and Spanish
RepositoryBenson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

For the full biographical note on Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa, please see Part 1 of this guide.

Scope and Contents Note

For a complete description of series 1 through 5 of the collection, including Personal and Biographical, Correspondence, Written Works, Gigs and Teaching, and Calendars, please see Part 1 of this guide.

For a description of a second accession of Anzaldúa papers, added April 2010 from her family's house in South Texas, see Part 3 of this guide. This material also includes Biographical, Correspondence, Written Works, Gigs, and Collected Material.

This part of the guide includes the following series:

Series six,    Photographs and Audiovisual Materials, contains many professional portraits of Anzaldúa, grade- and highschool photographs, as well as black and white and color snapshots, and various photos of other individuals, meetings, or related subjects. Audiotapes include recording of interviews, lectures and readings, tarot and other psychic readings, and other recordings collected by Anzaldúa. A small collection of video recordings consist primarily of Anzaldúa's readings and lectures. This series also includes sketches by Anzaldúa, and some collected artwork by others.

Series seven,    Collected Materials, consists of articles and clippings collected by Anzaldúa over the course of her professional career. These are arranged in four sub-series: Subject Files, Reference Files, Course packets, and Clippings. Many are scholarly journal articles that appear to have been used for her graduate studies, and other articles, clipped out of popular magazines and newspapers, are of more general interest. Anzaldúa’s interest in immigration and border issues, feminist studies, human rights, the environment, queer studies, and the occult is reflected in this collection. The Subject Files in particular include a number of original notes written by Anzaldúa. This series also documents the cultural, social, and political climate of the 1980s and 1990s, with clippings on California’s Proposition 187, the controversy over the Columbus quincentennial, the Hopwood vs. Texas anti-affirmative action case, and the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Also included in this series are manuscripts sent to Anzaldúa by friends and professional acquaintances for her feedback. Manuscripts of note include Sandra Cisneros’s "Loose Woman," Ruth Behar’s "Translated Woman," and Norma Alarcon’s essay “Tradditora, Traddutora.”

Series eight,    Oversized Materials and Artifacts, contains primarily large format photographs, gig posters, and other posters and artwork, as well as Anzaldúa's collection of t-shirts.

The Benson Collection is also composing a complete bibliographic list of Anzaldúa's personal library of more than 5000 books. This is an ongoing project, and interested researchers should contact the rare books reading room for this information.


Access Restrictions

Some materials in the Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Papers are restricted for a period of time due to concerns about privacy and confidentiality, publication rights, and as requested by Ms. Anzaldúa.

Use Restrictions

The Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Literary Trust retains full copyright and publication control over all materials written or produced by Gloria Anzaldúa. Some of the material in this collection may not be photocopied, and permission of the Trust is required before publication, in whole or in part, of any materials written or produced by Ms. Anzaldúa.

Index Terms

The Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Papers are classified under the following Subject Headings in the University of Texas Libraries' catalog:
Anzaldúa, Gloria--Archives
Women and literature--United States--History--20th century--Sources
Mexican American authors--Sources
Mexican Amerian lesbians--Intellectual life--Sources
Lesbian feminism--United States--Sources
Queer Theory
Texas, South--Ethnic relations
Mexican-American Border Region--In literature
Other Authors
Keating, AnaLouise, 1961-

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Box and Folder Inventory


Photographs and Audiovisual Materials, c.1955-2004

Photographs of Anzaldúa
1Portrait of GEA by Victoria Alvarado, 1999
[Located in Oversized]
2Portrait of GEA by Robert Giard, 1989
3Portraits of GEA by Annie F. Valva, N.d.
4Portraits and Snapshots, 1955-1987
5Portraits and Snapshots, 1990-2002
6Various Portraits and Snapshots, N.d.
[2 folders]
7Group Photographs, 1991-2000
8Group Photographs, N.d.
9Group Photographs [photocopies], 1997, N.d.
10Conferences and Gigs, 1987-1996
11School and Family Photographs, 1941-1956, 1997, N.d.
[SEE ALSO: Oversized]
12Altares in Anzaldúa's house, 2004
By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, these photographs are temporarily closed to research.
Photographs of Others
13Doedyns School, San Juan, Texas, 1969
14Kit Quan, 1997, 2000, N.d.
15Mexico City and Puebla, 1971
16Villa Montalvo Nepantla Residency, 1995
17Various People, 1971, 1989-2000
1471Various People (identified), N.d.
2Places and Things (identified), 1987-2003, N.d.
4Unidentified, 1974-1982
5Unidentified, N.d.
1481Ariban Chagoya, Kit Quan, Jamie Lee Evans, Gloria, Gloria's mother Amalia, 1991
2Carolyn Woodward, Magdalene, Banquet 50th Birthday, Melanie K. Kantrowitz, N.d.
3Chela Sandoval, Rosa, unknown women, 1991
4Chrystos, N.d.
5Deer, Cemetery and Moma, Randy/Gloria, Kathy's B-Day, Mural-S.C., October 1985
6Gloria, Melanie K. Kantrowitz and unidentified women, 1991
7Gloria on beach with writing group incl. Virginia Harris, 1991
8Hawaii Pictures, N.d.
9Housewarming Santa Cruz, C.J., Joan Pinkvoss, 1991
10Irene Klepfisz, Elana Dykewoman, Francis Doughty, cactus and jaaguar rock, 1991
12Kit and Asian gang, 1987, N.d.
13Norcroft, Hedgebrook, Asha Bendler (poet-poem to Audre L.), 1995-1997
14Pics from Magdalene, U of IL Urbana-Champaign, around GEA's house, 1991-1992
15Randy Conner and David Sparks, N.d.
16Villa Montalvo Residency, October 1995
17Yumi babma, Kit Quan and Mandy Covey, Frances Doughty, David Sparks and Randy Conner, 1991
Artwork by Anzaldúa
1Handmade Stationary, N.d.
2Sketchbook, 1976-1977
3Sketchbook, 1987-1990
4Sketches, 1976-1984
5Paper flip-chart, N.d.
6-7Various, N.d.
[2 folders]
Artwork by Others
8-9Liliana Wilson Grez
[3 folders]
1501Liliana Wilson Grez, continued
2Irene Perez
3-Others, 1976-1995, N.d.
151Card and Postcard Collection, N.d.
By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust the audiotapes may be used but not copied until publication or release by the Trust.
GEA answering machine message at time of death, 2004
[2 tapes]
Allan, Jeffner. Dialogue, 8/18/1990
Ariban. Austin, 6/10/1985
Ariban. Austin, 12/9/1989
Brant, Beth, 12/30/1981
Cardenales, Cordelia Chavez. Boulder, Col., 3/22/1990
Cardenales, Cordelia, 3/23/1990
Collins, Melanie. WRFG Radio, Atlanta, 6/27/1987
Colorlines, 5/26/1999
[2 audiotapes]
Compañeras (Interview with Juanita about), 1/13/1984
Crux, Lauren. Midlife Interview (Dancing with Death), 7/7/1990
Davila, Benita, 6/3/1985
[3 tapes]
Davila, Enriqueta. Hargill, Tex., 6/4/1985
Douglas, Marion, 9/12/1990
Garcia, Dominga Amador. "Growing up in Mexico/moving to the States," Hargill, Tex., 6/6/1985
[2 audiotapes]
Henriquez, María. Las Palmas, Canary Islands, 12/31/1994
Hernandez, Ellie. S.C., 3/26/1995
Hernandez, Inéz. "Interview, dialogue, Ray Gonzalez's Anthology," 10/6/1991
Ikas, Karin. Germany, 12/20/1996
Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies. "Debbie Blake and Carmen Abrega called from Iowa City, Rusty's office," 12/15/1994
Irving, Kim. "Interviews Gloria," Plexus, 8/4/1987
Irena. "Interview of GEA," 5/16/1987
Jaramillo, Canéla. "Identity," 3/25/1990
Jaramillo, Canéla. "Book: Steal the Light: Perspectives by Latinas on Abuse," 4/7/1991
Keating, AnaLouise. University of Ariz., 10/25/1991
Keating, AnaLouise, 12/31/1998
[2 tapes]
Keating, AnaLouise, 8/6/2000
KFAI Radio, Minneapolis. "Bodyke," 9/12/1990
Kyner, Trisha. "Feminist Artists and Subjectivity," 5/21/1989
153López, Erin, 1/25/1997
Miller, Janet, 5/3/1980
Moraga, Cherrie, 1/18/1982
[3 audiotapes]
Mussell, Mary, 9/18/1990
Ohio State University, 4/17/1993
Powell, Mary Claire. "Creativity and Liberation," 5/11/1990
Quinones, Tirsa, 1/10/1982
[2 audiotapes]
Reuman, Ann, 2/17/1995
[2 audiotapes]
Rigolloso, Margarita. New Age Journal, 12/8/1996
Sandoval, Ana, 5/24/1989
Simon, Leslie. "A Music I No Longer Heard: The Early Death of a Parent," 3/5/1995
[2 tapes]
Sparks, David, 12/2/1982
Smuckler, Linda, Brooklyn, 5 November 1983
[2 tapes]
Teish, Luisha [Luisah?], 5/20/1980
[parts of 5 audiotapes]
Torres, Hector, 5/22/1989
Valverde, Maya. Interviews Gloria Anzaldúa, Women of Power, Oakland, 27 July 1987
Weiland, Christine. "Lesbian Feminist Development of Spirituality," N.d.
Wong, Nellie, 7/28/1978
[3 audiotapes (1 broken)]
Wong, Nellie, 9/28/1979
[2 audiotapes]
154Lectures and Readings:
G. Anzaldua Poetry, February 1978
Radical 3rd World Feminist Anthology - Intro with Cherrie and Gloria, 12 June 1979
Ritual - A + G; Gloria-Now Let Us Go, Musa Gruja, Life and Protest, El Entiero, Never Momma, Mundo Surdo..., N.d.
FWG Workshop...Women Bldg SF/CA...Teish, Gloria, 10 November 1979
Asian American Forum, Gloria, N.d.
[2 audiotapes]
Poems In Progress - Gloria, July 1980
Conversation at Mirtha's, 27 September 1981
Volveremos, Tirsa, Gloria, Julie, 7 December 1981 / Arriba mi gente, DC, Gloria, Cherrie, Barbara, and Hatti, 4 February 1982
Gloria's talk at San Jose University, March 1982
San Jose Talk, 8 March 1982
"Words of Power and Revolution," Columbia U., 27 March 1982
Gloria Reading at Las Manitas, Austin, 4 Decemberr 1982
[2 tapes]
GEA Reading, San Antonio, TX, 7 January 1983
Gloria Anzaldúa, MAI, 2 April 1983
Women's Studies Lecture, San Diego State University, 6 April 1983
Evening Reading at San Diego State University, 6 April 1983
Ché Cafe, UCSD, 7 April 1983
Gloria's Reading and Discussion, Yale, 16 November 1983
Guided Meditation, 3 persons in depths, 1 March 1984; Staircase and Lying on boat, Meadows, 26 April 1984
Creative Writing Meditations, NYC, 13 March 1984
Beth and Gloria, "How Politics and Literature Mix," Yale, 30 March 1984
"Using Meditation and Occult Tools," ADP, Montpelier, 30 October 1984
Reading and Talk: The Writer and Her Culture, SUNY, Albany, 26 March 1985
Schenectady, NY, Library, Irena, 27 March 1985
Reading and Discussion, Vermont College, 1 April 1985
Borderlands Reading and Talk, Motnpelier, 7 May 1985
Irena and Gloria's Reading, Old Wives, 11 July 1985
[3 tapes]
Panel "Documenting Our Community," Ernest Gains, Gloria Anzaldúa, Joe Bruchac, and Joe Paddock, Great Midwestern Bookshow, Minneapolis, MN, 19 OCtober 1985
Panel "The Identified Writer," August Wilson, Addison Gayle, Gloria Anzaldúa, Nellie Wong, Mod. Carolyn, Great Midwestern Bookshow, Minneapolis, MN, 19 October 1985
Gloria Reading at Everyone's Bookstore, Brattleboro, VT, 23 November 1985
Lesbians of Color Workshop, Gorham, Maine, 6 June 1986
Oppression Among Women, 6 June 1986
Speech, Lesbian Community Conference, Aptos, 30 May 1987
155Reading and Discussion of Borderlands, Mama Bear's, 16 September 1987
Salinas, California, Reading, 28 September 1987
Lecture - Emotions and Anger, 5 March 1988
Gloria Anzaldúa, 5 April 1988
Women of Color Lectures, UCSC:
31 March 1988
Separatism, 7 April 1988
12 April 1988
14 April 1988
19 April 1988
Structure and Order, 21 April 1988
10 May 1988
17 May 1988
26 May 1988
Gloria Anzaldúa, Poet, Editor, Writing Teacher, Smith College, SOAR, 9 October 1988
"Dyke Proud: A Lesbia Poetry Reading from the 3rd International Feminist Bookfair, Montreal, 1988"
Identity and the New Mestiza Talk and Discussion, Stanford Univ., 8 June 1989
[2 tapes]
"Bridge, Drawbridge, Island and Sandbar," Georgetown University, April 1989
Texas Lesbian Conference Keynote, Houston, 3 June 1989
"Mestiza" Classroom Talk, University of Colorado, Boulder, 21 March 1990
Talk at Janet Jacob's Senior Seminar in Feminist Theology, University of Colorado, 22 March 1990
"Anectodal Rigor," AWP Conference, Denver, CO, 22-24 March 1990
Reading/Talk, U. of NM Albuquerque, 28 March 1990
NACS Lesbian Panel Discussion, 31 March 1990
NACS Gay and Lesbian Panel, 1990
Dialogue: Lesbian Writers Writing about Their Own Writing / Jeffner Allen and GEA, 18 August 1990
The Loft [Minneapolis, MN], 10 September - 4 October 1990
[3 tapes]
Depot Reading/Talk, Duluth MN, 2 October 1990
Contemporary Mexican Women Writers, Norma Klahn, 3 October - 28 November 1990
[tapes 1-4]
156Contemporary Mexican Women Writers, Norma Klahn, 3 October - 28 November 1990
[cont'd: tapes 5-13]
UCSC Ph.D. Orals, 23 October 1990
[2 tapes]
Making Face, Making Soul Reading/Celebration, 26 October 1990
Talk, Discussion, Tulane U. Teresa Souras, Women Writers of Hispanic World, 31 October 1990
Intellectual Captivity, Tulane, 1 November 1990
Gloria Anzaldúa, 2 January 1991
Borderlands Talk, Dorinne Kondo, Pomona, 6 January 1991
Barred Witness, The Discourse of the Cultural Other Writing Subject, , Claremont, 7 February 1991
Chicana Identity Class Visitation, Pomona, 19 February 1991
Chicano Studies Talk, Scripps College, Claremont, 21 February 1991 / Cross-Cultural Lesbian Studies with Lourdes Arguelles' Class, 27 February 1991
Spirit Worlds - Pitzer PEW Faculty Seminar, 26 February 1991 / Cross-Cultural Lesbian Studies Part I, L. Arguelles, 27 February 1991
Workshop Talk and Llorona, 7 March 1991
Wesleyan Reading and Talk, "All That We Are: Borderlands Consciousness and Questions of Identity, 25 April 1991
[2 tapes]
U. of IL Talk, 26 April 1991
Talk: La Güera, U. of IL - Champaign Urbana, 27 April 1991
Kresge Townhall, 1 May 1991
Chicana Literary Criticism, MALCS, Laredo, TX, August 1991
Writing Commitment and Responsibility, U. of AZ, 22 October 1991
Modern Language Auditorium, University of Arizona, 23 October 1991
Women's Studies, U. of AZ, 25 October 1991
St. Olaf, 7 March 1992
Producing Knowledges and Theories Mesitza Style, U. of Cin., 19 March 1992
"Carta a Colón," Hampshire College, Amherst, , 24 March 1993
"Nos/Otras: Making Multi-cultures and Alliances," Jessie Daniel Ames Lecture, Southwestern, 1 February 1994
157Gloria Anzaldua, Santa Cruz, 5 March 1995
[2 tapes]
Nepantla Artists Talk, 18 October 1995
Gloria Anzaldua, Cal. State Northridge, 12 March 1997
MCHWC, Anzaldúa, Flores-Ortíz, Berumen, Rodriguez, KPFK 90.7FM, 15 March 1997
Anzaldua, Gloria, Nosotros/Otros: "Us" vs. "Them", 29 October 1999
AnaLouise [Keating] Table of Contents, 6 August 2000
Gloria Anzaldua, Bookshop Santa Cruz, 27 September 2000
Creative Acts of Vision, Gloria Anzaldua, 2000
Gloria's Practising Transgression Keynote, 9 February 2002
Undated Tapes:
10th Annual NWSA Convention, "Lesbian Alliances: Combatting Heterosexism in the 80s"
[2 tapes]
Conference on College Composition and Communication Luncheon, Gloria Anzaldúa
[2 tapes]
GEA and Charlotte Bunch, LAFA Speakers
Gloria E. Anzaldúa
Gloria A.'s Sacra, CSU ; Gloria, End of MALCS Lit. Session
Gloria Talk
MLA Chicano Lit.
Poems in Progress
Poems Read by Gloria
Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century: The Stories of Multiculturalism - Gloria Anzaldúa
Talk - Deena Gonzalez "Latina Feminist Traditions," Pomona
Walker Art Center
Writing Guided Meditations
Psychic and Spirituality Recordings:
Joyce Lieberman, Palmist, Reading of Gloria, 15 November 1980
Tamara [Diaghilev]'s Psychic Development Class, 5 May 1981
[2 tapes]
Tamara Diaghilev, Palm Reading for G, San Francisco, 6 May 1981
Gloria Tarot for Sally Gearhart, 14 May 1981
Lisa Biow, Ast. Reading, New Haven, 3 January 1982
[2 tapes]
Natal Chart for GEA by Liza Biow, Brooklyn, 5 June 1983
Che reads my palms, Santa Cruz, CA, 10 July 1983
Tarot reading for Gloria by Lisa Levin, Brooklyn, 30 November 1984
What came through a meditation, N.d.
158Astrology Reading, N.d.
Other, N.d.
[12 tapes]
Francisco Alarcón, N.d.
Norma Alarcón, 28 April 1988
Judy Butler, "Feminism and the Question of Postmodernism, UCSC, 14 March 1991
Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way, N.d.
[2 tapes]
Stokely Carmichael, N.d.
Pema Chödrön, "When Things Fall Apart," 1997[?]
[2 tapes]
Chrystos' Talk, 7 June 1986
Noel Cobb, "Mirrors, You Know, Are Only a Special Kind of Glass," 2000
Las Comadres - Panama, N.d.
[2 tapes]
Randy [Conner] reading part of his Lawrence paper, 1975
Randy [Conner] songs, 1977
Randy [Conner] songs, January-February 1978
Randy [Conner] to Gloria, end of March 1978
Randy [Conner] and David reading, 13 November 1980
Randy [Conner] and David reading at Clarion, 22 February 1981
Randy for colored girls, N.d.
Lupe Davila, 5 June 1985
Angela Davis, November 1989
A Different Light Bookstore's Third Annual Readers & Writers Conference: Getting An Agent, N.d.
Foro de análisis Octavo Festival Internacional de la Raza, N.d.
Pedro Garcia, Hargill, 6 May 1997
Joan Halifax, Being With Dying, N.d.
159Sally Jane, Structure/Monologue, N.d.
Erica Jong, Serenissima, 1987
[2 tapes]
KPFA recordings, 1988
[7 tapes]
Include Chicano Movement, Isabel Allende, Toni Cade Bambara, Ned Roen, Mary Daly, Joseph Campbell, and Whoopi Goldberg.
KPFA recordings, 1988
Anne Lamott, N.d.
Language Workshop, Lesbians of Color Conference, June 1987
MCAMC, 1996-1997
[2 tapes]
Cherrie Moraga, Journal Writing, SF State, 11 March 1980
Cherrie Moraga talks about La Serpiente, 3 June 1982
Auroro Levins Morales, "Remedios: New Histories of Puerto Rican Women," 28 May 1997
Aurora Levins Morales, Luisah Trish, N.d.
El Mundo Surdo, Feast of Flames, 31 January 1981
[2 tapes]
New Voices 233, 3 September 1990
[2 copies]
One River, One Country, Bill Moyers Report, 3 September 1986
OUT Write Conference, March 1991
[5 tapes]
Emma Perez, NACS Plenary, 1990
Elena Poniatowska, Clarice Lispector, N.d.
Elena Poniatowska, Isable Allende, Mary Daly, UC Berkeley, 1987
PR's Los Sures, Immigration Report, El Coyote y la Bronca, 1986-1987
160Radio Pirata: Colon Go Home, 1992
Rosaura Sanchez, Displacements Conference, UCSC, June 1990
Barbara Smith and Beverly Smith, Talking for the Article, N.d.
Rabbi Syme, Families in the Torah, 26 January 1991
Thich Nhat Hanh, "Truly Seeing," 1989
Tribal Voice, 1983
Alice Walker, N.d.
Ricardo Wilson, N.d.
Magdalena Zschokke, Dissertation Writing Group, 28 November 1990
Other, N.d.
161Video Tapes
By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust the video tapes may be used but not copied until publication or release by the Trust.
1Palabra: A Sampling of Contemporary Latino Writers (The Poetry Center and American Poetry Archives, 1993). Features Anzaldúa reading "Letting Go" from Borderlands/La Frontera, 15 September 1988.
2Gloria Anzaldúa reading at "Women Writers of the World," Sonoma State University, 22 March 1989.
3"Gloria Anzaldúa," ["The New Mestiza, and the creative writing process," c.1989]
4"Chicana Identity and La Llorona (Weeping Woman)," University of Colorado at Boulder, 21 March 1990.
[Additional copies located in box V2]
5Gloria Anzaldúa presentation, 3 October 1990
6Gloria Anzaldúa at Lewis and Clark College, 13 April 1992.
7Vista Latina/o Heritage Month Celebration, Williams College, 7-8 October 1994.
8Boston College, 24 November 1994.
[Note: poor quality sound]
9"Las Mestizas: Building Alliances Among Women," c.1994
10American Women Writers of Color Conference, 1995
11Gloria Anzaldúa lecture at UH, 20 March 1995
12Gloria Anzaldúa Lecture ["Conocimiento: Resisting New Forms of Racism and Sexism," University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Take Back the Night event, April 1995]
16212nd Annual César Chávez Memorial Lecture, UCSB, 16 May 1995
2"Feminist Knowledge Through Spiritual and Culture," WWU Women's Studies, 29 January 1996
3"Cracks and Remolinos and Queer Conocimientos"[?], Coming Out Week, WSU, 7 October 1996
4"(Des)conocimientos: Ways of Knowing," Ostrander Auditorium, Mankato State University, 14 October 1996
5Brown Bag Lunch/Discussion, Mankato State University, 16 October 1996
6Culture Matters Series, 20 October 1997
6aCSU Dominguez Hills, 13 September 1999
7Distinguished Lecturer, "The Difference, Power and Discrimination Program," Oregon State University, 24 April 2003
8Gloria Anzaldúa Memorial, 4 June 2004
9Cornell University Lecture, N.d.
[Note: there are some playback difficulties at the beginning of this tape]
10-11Additional copies of "Chicana Identity and La Llorona (Weeping Woman), University of Colorado at Boulder, 21 March 1990.
[2 tapes]
12Waldman, Ann, "Eyes In All Heads: The Poetry of Ann Waldman." Recording of poetry performance by Ann Waldman.


Subject Files and Collected Material

163Subject Files:
1AIDS/SIDA, 1987-1988
2Francisco Alarcón, N.d.
3Aztecs-Calendar, 1980, N.d.
4Bridges: a Journal for Jewish Feminists and Our Friends, 1991
5Censorship, 1990-1991
6Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS), 1993-1997
Chicano/a Studies:
7Chicano Children, N.d.
8Chicano Children's Literature, 1984-1986
9Chicano History, 1972-1987
10Chicano Lit: an Overview, N.d.
11-12Chicano Publishers, 1980s-1990s
[2 folders]
1641Chicano Words, N.d.
2Chicana Writers and Critics: a List, N.d.
3"Chicanos and the Metro State College of Denver" [report], 1992
4Poesía Chicana, 1986
5Children's Songs in Spanish, N.d.
6-7Children's World Cultures [teaching materials], N.d.
[2 folders]
8Council on Interracial Books for Children, Inc. Catalog, 1985
9Cuentistas Mexicanas, N.d.
10"Cultural and Historical Influences on Sexuality in Hispanic/Latina Women" [notes], N.d.
11Current Events, N.d.
12Ecofeminism/Neuroscience, 2001, N.d.
13Feminism, 1979, N.d.
14Film, 1984, N.d.
15Flyers, 1977-1996
16Futuristic [notes], 1983
17Homosexuality - Native Americans, N.d.
18Literary Assistants, 1988-1994
1651Summer 1994 - Writing Intern, 1994
2Adriana Aguirre, 1997-1998
3Carmel Atkinson, 1995
4Ana Chang, 1995
5Cynthia, 1992
6Mary Hansen, 1996
7Melissa Moreno, 1994-1995
8Shane's Charts, 1992
9Rachel Steiner, 1994-1995
10Diana Williamson, 1992
11INS Detention Centers, 1990, N.d
12Internet Info, 1999
13Jotos, 1988, N.d.
14Lambda Book Awards, 1990, N.d.
15Latin American/Spanish Literature [notes], N.d.
16Lesbian and Gay Studies, 1984, N.d.,
17Lifton, Robert Jay [notes], N.d.
18Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social (MALCS), 1992-1994
19Mariana [notes], N.d.
20Medical Research, N.d.,
21Mentor Program, 1991-1992
22The Mermaid and the Minotaur [notes], n.d.
23Mexican Folk Medicine - Shamanism, N.d.
24Mexican Indian Women, N.d.
25Mexican Psychology & Myth, N.d.
26Mexican Women Writers - List, N.d.
1661Music (Punk), N.d.
29/11, 2001
3[Non-Gloria Related Events], 1979-2002
4Norcroft- Writing Residency, N.d.
5Notes and Messages from Michael, N.d.
6Politics of Emotions and Strategies of the Self, N.d.
7Posters for Community Events, 1985-1995, N.d.
8Poulet: Text and Reader [notes], N.d.
9Programs [Music and Dance Performances], 1983, N.d.
10Archetypal Psychology, N.d.
11Astrology, 1984
12Co-Dependency, N.d.
13Counseling - Workshops, N.d.
14Dream Dictionary, N.d.
15Dreams, 1983, N.d.
16Find Deep Meaning - Occult Tools, N.d.
17Images of the Unconscious, 1984
18Improv with Leslie, N.d.
19Life Stages - Mid-Life, 1984, N.d.
20My Tarot, 1985, N.d.
21Mysticism, N.d.
22Numerology, N.d.
23Nutrition- Vitamins, Herbs, Food, 1980, N.d.
24Physical Vision, N.d.
25Seth, 1984
1671Sexuality, 1980-1984
2Starving Woman - Angelyn Spignesi [notes], 1984
3-4Tarot, Stargate, 1980-1983, N.d.
[2 folders]
5Plotting Woman - Norma Alarcon, 1990-1992
[2 folders]
6Reading Group Guides, N.d.
7Religion, 1977-1984
8Shambhala - Pema Chodron's Retreat, 2001
9Significant Contemporary Feminists, 1996, N.d.
10Silvio Rodriguez Songbook, N.d.
11Song Lyrics, N.d.
12Structure, Order, Disorder [notes], N.d.
13Study Group on Race and Gender, 1987-1988
14Surrealism [notes], N.d.
1681Teenage Mother Program, 1987-1988
2Tex-Mex Music, N.d.
3Third World Women's Literature, 1978-1979, N.d.
4-5Unidentified [Subject Files],
[2 folders]
6El Valle, Articles, 1980-1985
7-8Villa Montaldo Residency - Collaborative Art Project, 1995
[2 folders]
9Villa Montaldo Residency - General, 1995
169Visual Arts:
1Aesthetics of Community-Based Art Making, 1993
2Art, Artists and Museums, N.d.
3La Artista y sus Comunidades, 1992-1993
4Aztec Exhibit, N.d.
5Santa Barraza [Artist], 1992
6Body/Culture Chicano Figuration [exhibit catalog], 1990
7Chicano/a Art, 1993
8Folk Art, Day of the Dead, South Carolina & Bay Area Museums, N.d.
9"La Frontera" Exhibit Scrapbook, 1992-1994
10Rosa M. Huerta-Williamson [Artist], 1995, N.d.
11La Llorona- Artwork, 1977-1991
12Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (MACLA), 1995, N.d.
13SFMOMA Chicano Art Exhibit, 1991
14Web Pages - Nagualismo/Toltec, 2000-2001
15Women's Poetry and Criticism [notes], N.d.
16Analysis [Rhetorical]- Notes, N.d.
17Articles on Writing [Includes notes], 1998-2000
18Autobiography Bibliography, 1982-1997
1701Craft of Writing [copies of notes],
2Elements of Narrative- Notes, N.d.
3How-To (Reports), 1982; N.d.
4Klepfisz, Irena 's "The Psychological Process of Rewriting- " Notes, N.d.
5Material for Re-writing - Notes, 1976, N.d.
6Meta-Literature - Notes, N.d.
7Notes on Reading - Article on Narrative, 1984
8Notes on Writing, 1984-1985
9Poem-making, 1985, N.d.
10Poems to Submit, 1995
11Poetry - Articles, etc., 1985
12Popular Fiction, 1983-1985, N.d.,
13Short Stories - Notes, N.d.
14Stages of Writing - Notes, N.d.
15Writing Notes, 2004
16Writing a Syllabus & Writing Proposals, N.d.
17X-Files, 1996-1998
171Course Notes:
1Autobiography, José Saldívar [Independent Study], 1989
2Contemporary Metafiction, N.d.
3Feminist Theory, Donna Haraway, 1988
4Independent Study, José Limón, N.d.
5Independent Study, Helene Morgen, 1989
6La Mujer Chicana, 1977
7Notes on Ellis, et al - Literature Proseminar 200, 1988
8Psychoanalysis and Cultural Criticism, 1989
9Universidad Autonoma, Mexico City, Summer 1992
172Course Packets:
1Afro-American Literature, N.d.
2Chicana/Latina Identity, 1993
3Chicano/a Visual Culture, 1997
4-5Colonial Latin American Visual Culture, 1996
[2 folders]
6Comparative Transgressions, 1991
7Ethnography of Modernity, 1988
1731Feminist Theory (Prof. Haraway), 1988
2Feminist Theory (Prof. Moglen), 1988
3Image Identity Identification, 1990
4-5Intro to Greater Mexican Folklore, N.d.
[2 folders]
6Latin American Literature, Course Reader, Adolfo Prieto, 1991
1741-2Lesbian and Gay Studies, 1991
[2 folders]
3-4Mexican Feminist Theory, 1988
[2 folders]
5Myth and Gender, 1991
6Psychoanalysis and Cultural Criticism, 1989
7-8Representation (Prof. Grosz), 1990
[2 folders]
1751Representation (Prof. Heath), 1991
2-3Representations of AIDS, 1991
[2 folders]
4Resistance/Testimonios, N.d.
5Spanish for Spanish-Speakers, Vol. I, 1987
1761Spanish for Spanish-Speakers, Vol. II, 1987
2Summer Bridge Core Reader, 1994
3-4Theories by Chicanas, N.d.
[2 folders]
5Transnational Chicana Feminism, N.d.
[folder 1 of 2]
1771Transnational Chicana Feminism, N.d.
[folder 2 of 2]
2Chicano/Latin American Studies, 1997-1999
3Claremont College, 1990-1991
4Image, Identity, Identification, 1990
5Theories of the Text, 1989
6Third World Women's Lit, N.d.
7Women and Racism/Latin American Testimonial Literature, 1982-1981
8Women's Studies, 1988-1992
9Ethnic Studies, 1989-1994
10Syllabi and Reading Lists, 1992-1997
11Various Topics, 1988-1992
178Research Materials:
Library Research and Bibliographies:
1Benson Latin American Collection, 1984-1997
2Chicano Children's Lit - Annotated Bibliography, 1972
3Christopher Columbus, 1992
4Folklife-Chicano, 1978
5Hispanic Women Writers, 1980
6Lesbian Studies, 1983-1984
7-8Library Research [General],
[2 folders]
9Library Research and Bibliographies [Various], 1983-1996
10Library Research - Clarisa, N.d.
11Literature/Literary Criticism, N.d.
12Mexican-Americans and Mexico, 1981-1985
13Multicultural Bibliography, Preschool- Second Grade, 1972
14On Girls [Children's Lit], 1997
1791Research Materials - Late 1970s and 1980s,
2-4Research Materials - 1980s,
[3 folders]
5-6Research Materials - 1990s,
[2 folders]
7Research Materials - 2000s,
8Various Research Materials,
1801-7Various Research Materials, N.d.
[7 folders]
1811-4Various Research Materials,
[4 folders]
5Crossroads [Magazine], 1992-1993
6Intercambios Feminiles [Newsletter], 1984
7Interracial Books for Children, 1976
8Journals and Newspapers, 1987-2000
9The New Phoenix Rising, [Asian/Pacific Lesbian Newsletter], 1987
10Newsletters, 1983-1995
11Revista Mujeres, Enero 1985
12Southwest Institute for Research on Women, Working Papers & Newsletters, 1981-1986
182Collected Materials/Others' Work:
1Aa-Ala [Various], 1974-1995
2Aguirre Beltrán, Gonzalo, Ed., et al., Medicina Tradicional y Atención Primaria, 1987
3Aguirre Beltrán, Gonzalo, Medicina y Magia, 1955
4Aguirre Beltrán, Gonzalo, Medicina y Magia, N.d.
5Aguirre Beltrán, Gonzalo, "La Sombra y el Animal. La Medicina Tradicional " [Article], 1983
6Ahmad, Aijaz, "Third World Literature and the Nationalistic Ideology, "[Article], 1989
7Alarcón, Norma, "Making FamiliaFrom Scratch," 1988
8Alarcón, Norma, "The Sardonic Powers of the Erotic in the Work of Ana Castillo, " 1988
9Alarcón, Norma, "The Theoretical Subject(s) of This Bridge Called My Back and Anglo-American Feminism, " 1988
10Alarcón, Norma, "Traddutora, Traditora: A Paradigmatic Figure of Chicana Feminism, " 1988
11Alb-Alv [Various], 1982-1996
12Alcoset, Vicki, "Chicana Feminist Identity in The House on Mango Streetand The Last of the Menu Girls, " 1991
1831Allen, Paula Gunn, "'Border'Studies: The Intersecion of Gender and Color, " N.d.
2Allison, Dorothy, "Growing Up Different" [Essay], N.d.
3Am-Arn [Various], 1970-1996
4Americas Review, "U.S. Hispanic Autobiography", V. 16, Nos. 3-4, Fall-Winter 1988
5Anthology 2001 [Student Writings], 2001
6Archer, Nuala, From a Mobile Home, 1992
7Arr-Au [Various], 1981-1996
8-9Arredondo, Gabriela, et. al., eds., Chicana Feminisms: Disruption in Dialogue, 2003
[2 folders]
10Arroyo, Silvia T., "Elements of Self-Esteem Affecting Mexican-Americans" [Paper], 1991
11Articles on Art [Various], 1986-1995
[folder 1 of 2]
1841Articles on Art [Various], 1986-1995
[folder 2 of 2]
2Ba [Various], 1965-1995
3Baytelman, Bernardo, De Enfermos y Curanderos Medicina Tradicional en Morelos, 1986
4Be-Bl [Various], 1978-1999
5Behar, Ruth, "Death and Memory: From Santa María del Monte to Miami Beach, " 1989
6Behar, Ruth, Poems and Novel [In Part] 2000, N.d.
7Behar, Ruth, Translated Woman, [Chapters 1and 21], N.d.
8Behar, Ruth, Translated Woman, 1992
[folder 1 of 2]
1851Behar, Ruth, Translated Woman, 1992
[folder 2 of 2]
2-3Behar, Ruth, Women Writing Culture, 1995
[2 folders]
4Behar, Ruth [Various], 1987-1990
5Bo [Various], 1937-2000
6Bornstein, Miriam, "Faculty Vita and Submitted Publications, " 1994
[folder 1 of 2]
1861Bornstein, Miriam, "Faculty Vita and Submitted Publications, " 1994
[folder 2 of 2]
2Br [Various], 1982-1999
3Brainstyles, Inventory Results for GEA and Friends, N.d.
4-5Brettschneider, Marla, The Narrow Bridge, 1996
[2 folders]
6Bu-By [Various], 1981-1995
7Ca-Cam [Various], 1970-1992
8Calvert, Roz [Untitled Play], N.d.
1871Campos Ponce, Xavier, La Virgen de Guadelupe y la Diosa Tonantzin, 1970
2Can-Cav [Various], 1967-1997
3Cardín, Alberto, Guerreros, Chamanes y Travestís, 1984
4-5Carrier, Joseph Michel,"Urban Mexican Male Homosexual Encounters" [Dissertation], 1972
[2 folders]
6Carrión, Jorge, Mito y Magia del Mexicano, 1952
7Castillo-Speed, Lillian, "Chicana Studies: A Selected List of Materials Since 1980, " 1989
8Castañeda, Antonia, "Oppression, Power, Privilege, Complicity, Denial, Silence, and Autonomy: Issues in Chicana Feminism" [Paper], 1991
9Ce-Cha [Various], 1974-2002
10Chabram-Dernersesian, Angie, Introduction: Chicana/o Latina/o Cultural Studies, 1999
11Chabram, Angie C., Chicano Literary Criticism, 1986
12Chan, Connie S., "Asian-American Women: Psychological Responses to Sexual Exploitation and Cultural Stereotypes, " 1988
1881Che-Chi [Various], 1983-1995
2Chicana Lit - Articles, 1988
3Cho-Chu [Various], 1971-1998
4Choudhuri, Devika Dibya, "Counseling and Difference" [Thesis], 1994
5Ci [Various], 1959-1996
6Cisneros, Sandra [Various], 1987-2000
7Co [Various], 1973-1999
8Conner, Randy, A Dictionary of Gay Gods, Heroes & Mortals, N.d.
9Conner, Randy, Gay Men and the Realm of the Sacred, N.d.
10Conner, Randy, Hummingbird: First Poems, 1971-1978
[folder 1 of 2]
1891Conner, Randy, Hummingbird: First Poems, 1971-1978
[folder 2 of 2]
2Conner, Randy, "A Literary Calendar for the Year 1855," 1977
3Conner, Randy, "Meditations on Traveling," 1978
4Conner, Randy, Men Do Not Speak of Such Things, N.d.
5Conner, Randy, "The Mirror of Jeanne Duval: Reflecting on Her World, " N.d.
6-7Conner, Randy, Mirror of My Love, N.d.
[2 folders]
8Conner, Randy, "The Myth of the Goddess in the Poetry of Olga Broumas, Diane Di Prima, and Adrienne Rich, " 1978
9Conner, Randy, Newspaper Articles, 1980
10Conner, Randy, Notebook, 1979
11Conner, Randy, Pandora's Box, 1977
12Conner, Randy, Chapter 13, "The Perfume of Chaos", fromBlossom of Bone, 1992
1901-2Conner, Randy, The Way of Eros, N.d.
[2 folders]
3Conner, Randy [Various Works], 1978, N.d.
4Constructing the Colored Self - Original Essays [Various Authors], 1978-1988, N.d.
5Cr-Cu [Various], 1984-1992
6Crawford, Lynn [Poems] N.d.
7Crites, Stephen, "The Narrative Quality of Experience, " 1971
8Crux, Lauren [Poems], N.d.
9Culpepper, Emily [Various Writings], 1980-1988, N.d.
10-11Da [Various], 1989-1996, N.d.
[2 folders]
12De [Various], 1978-2001, N.d.
1911De La Haba, Louis, "Guatemala, Maya and Modern, " 1974
2De La Peña, Terri [Fiction], 1988-1991
3De Lauretis, Teresa, "Eccentric Subjects: Feminist Theory and Historical Consciousness, " N.d.
4-5Dissertation Writing Group [papers], N.d.
[2 folders]
6Duplessis, Rachel Blau, "F-Words: An Essay on the Essay, " 1996
7Dh-Dw [Various], 1984-1997
8Ea-El [Various], 1985-1998
9En-Ey [Various], 1985-1997
10Espin, Oliva M. [Various Writings], 1984-1992
11Fa [Various], 1977-1994
1921Fernandez, Roberta [Various Writings], N.d.
2Fe [Various], 1983-1997
3Fi-Fl [Various], 1965-1993
4Fishkin, Shelley Fisher [Various Writings], 1990-1991
5Fo [Various], 1987-1997
6Fr-Fy [Various], 1980-1996
7-8Frankenburg, Ruth, Living Practice, Living Spirit, 2003
[2 folders]
9Fritz, Robert, "Your Life as a Creator, " N.d.
1931Fulani, Lenora [Articles], 1988
2Ga [Various], 1979-1996
3Galindo, Letticia D., "Capturing Chicana Voices "[Paper], 1994
4Ge-Gl [Various], 1977-1991
5Giordano, Jamie and Torrres, Daniel, La Identidad Cultural de Hispanoamerica, 1989
6Go [Various], 1979-1996
7Gomez, Tammy, Seis Huesos, N.d.
8Gonzalez, Elena, "The Role of Chicano Folk Beliefs and Practices in Mental Health, " 1976
9Gr [Various], 1975-1997
10Graham, Joe S. El Rancho in South Texas, 1994
11Grilikhes, Alexandra, Sea Agon, [Poem], 1976
12Gross, Gerald, "Working With a Free-Lance Editor or Book Doctor, " 1993
13Grosz Liz, "The Body and Performance, "[Paper], N.d.
14Gu-Gw [Various], 1981-1996
15Gutiérrez, Ramón [Various], 1985-1993
1941Haa-Hal [Various], 1979-1995
2Hajratwala, Minal, "For Maya, the Illusion-Child, "[Poem], N.d.
3Hall, Edward T. and Mildred, "The Sounds of Silence, "[Article], 1987
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5Ham-Hay [Various], 1978-1996
6Hammond, Virginia W., "'Conscious Subjectivity' or Use of One's Self in Therapeutic Process, " 1988
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8Hea-Hen [Various], 1977-1999
9Healing Chakras [Various Essays], N.d.
10Llee Heflin, The Island Dialogues, 1973-1974
11Hembra, [UT-Austin Mexican American Studies Dept. publication], 1976
12Hembra, [NM REEF newspaper], 1994
13Her-Hew [Various], 1979-1997
14Hernández, Daisy and Rehman, Bushra, Colonize This, 2002
[Folder 1 of 3]
1951-2Hernández, Daisy and Rehman, Bushra, Colonize This, 2002
[Folders 2 and 3 of 3]
3Hernández, Inés [Writings], 1991, N.d.
4Herrera-Sobek, Maria, "Myth, Violence, and Social Change in The Day of the Swallows, " N.d.
5Hi [Various], 1987-1995
6"The Historian, the Poet, and the Absolute, "[Paper], N.d.
7-9Hoagland, Sarah Lucia, Lesbian Ethics: Toward New Value, 1987
[3 folders]
10Hob-Hol [Various], 1984-1994
11Hollander, Nancy Caro, "Marxism, Psychoanalysis and Feminism: A View from Latin America, " 1988
1961Hon-How [Various], 1983-1999
2Hu [Various], 1991-1997
3Hurtado, Aida, Blasphemies Untold, N.d.
4Hurtado, Aida, The Color of Privilege, 1996
5Hurtado, Aida, "The Politics of Sexuality in the Gender Subordination of Chicanas, " 1988
6Hurtado, Aida, "Reflections on Feminism, " 1989
7I [Various], 1984-1989
8Islas, Arturo, "On the Bridge, At the Border: Migrants and Immigrants, "[Lecture], 1990
1971Ja-Je [Various], 1981-2003
2Jackson, Earl, "The Responsibility of/to Differences, "[Paper], 1992
3JanMohamed, Abdul [Various], 1987, N.d.
4Jane Caputi's Reader [Articles], 1994-2000
5Jaramillo, Canéla, "Stealing the Light" [Paper], 1991
6Jo-Ju [Various], 1982-1998
7Jordan, Rosan A. [Various] N.d.
8-9Jordan, Rosan A., The Folklore and Ethnic Identity of a Mexican-American Woman, 1975
[2 folders]
1981Ka [Various], 1978-1997
2Kadi, Joanna, "Whose Culture Is It, Anyway?, " 1993
3Kadi, Joanna, Ed., Food For Our Grandmothers, 1994
4Kay, Margarita Artschwager, "Health and Illness in a Mexican-American Barrio, " N.d.
5Ke [Various], 1969-1998
6Ki-Kl [Various], 1977-1996
7Kn-Ku [Various], 1985-1996
8La [Various], 1978-1999
9-10Latina Feminist Group, Telling to Live: Latina Feminist Testimonios, 2001
[Folders 1 and 2 of 3]
1991Latina Feminist Group,Telling to Live: Latina Feminist Testimonios, 2001
[Folder 3 of 3]
2Le-Li [Various], 1979-1998
3"Learning Styles "[Article from Kit], N.d.
4Le Clezio, J.M.G., "Indigenismo y Literatura "[Article], 1980
5Levin, Lisa [Poems], 1980, N.d.
6Li-Lo [Various], 1968-1999
7Limón, José, "Carne, Carnales, and the Carnivalesque, " N.d.
8Limon, José, "Dancing With the Devil, " 1987-1988
9Limón, José, "The Folk Perfomance of 'Chicano'and the Cultural Limits of Political Ideology, " N.d.
10Limón, José, "The Native Dances, " 1989
11Limón, José [Various], N.d.
12Lomelí, Francisco [Various], 1985-1988
13López-Medina, Sylvia, Cantora, 1992
14Lorde, Audre- Early Poetry, N.d.
2001Lorde, Audre [Various], 1978-1983, N.d.
2Lozoya, Xavier and Zolla, Carlos, Eds., La Medicina Invisible, 1983
3Lu [Various], 1949-1998
4Luna Jiménez, Nanci E. [Various], 1989
5Ma [Various], 1974-1996
6Madsen, William and Claudia, A Guide to Mexican Witchcraft, 1984
7Madsen, Claudia, A Study of Change in Mexican Folk Medicine, 1965
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11Mc [Various], 1984-1997
2011McCafferty, Sharisse D. and Geoffrey G., "The Conquered Women of Cacaxtla, " 1994
2McCafferty, Sharisse D. and Geoffrey G., "Engendering Tomb 7 at Monte Albán, " 1994
3McIntosh, Peggy, "White Privilege and Male Privilege, " 1988
4-6McLaren, Peter, "Revolutionary Multiculturalism, " 1997
[3 folders]
7McLaren, Peter L., "Unthinking Whiteness, Rethinking Democracy, " 1997
8Me [Various], 1978-1997
9"Mesoamerican Religions", N.d.
10"Minority Literature in North America: Contemporary Perspectives, "[Symposium Papers], 1988
2021Mendieta, Eduardo, Trans., Dussel, Enrique, The Underside of Modernity, 1996
2Mi [Various], 1978-1999
3Moa-Morg [Various], 1966-1999
4Mojica, Monique, "Princess Pocahontas and the Blue Spots,"and "Bird Woman and the Suffragettes, "[Plays], 1991
5Mora, Pat, Nepantla: Essays From the Land in the Middle, 1993
6Moro-My [Various], 1984-2000
7Morphew, Lisa N., "The History of the Image in Women in Advertising, "[Paper] N.d.
2031Na [Various], 1978-1991
2Nash, June, Bajo la Mirada de los Antepasados, 1975
3Ng-No [Various], 1977-1994
4Noel, Daniel C., "Seeing Through the Pseudo-Myth of Modernity, " [Article], 1979
5O [Various], 1979-1996
6Ortego, Philip D., "The Chicano Renaissance, " N.d.
7Ortiz Taylor, Sheila, Coachella, 1998
8Pa-Ped [Various], 1977-1998
9Papers on Feminist Theory (Helene's Class), 1988
2041Papers on Borderlands, 1988
2Papers to Critique, A [Various], 1988-1989
4Papers to Critique, C-L [Various], 1988-1989
5Papers to Critique, "The Dream, the Myth, and the Dark Feminine, " N.d.
6Papers to Critique, M [Various], 1989
7Papers to Critique, P-Z, 1989-1990
2051Partnoy, Alicia, Revenge of the Apple, 1992
2Peckham, Linda, "Not Speaking with Language/Speaking with No Language, " N.d.
3Pei-Ph [Various], 1968-2001
4-5Perez, Emma, Gulf Dreams, 1994
[2 folders]
6Perez, Emma, Writings [Various], N.d.
7"Personal Lives and Professional Careers, " [Report], 1988
8Pie-Pl [Various], 1981-1997
9Po-Pu [Various], 1974-1997
2061Poetry and Poets on the Art of Poetry [Xeroxed Booklet], N.d.
2Post-Colonial Criticism [Various Articles], 1988-1995
3Q [Various], 1988-1995
4Quan, Kit [Various], 1993-2001
5Quiñones, Tirsa [Various], 1981-1984
6Ra [Various], 1975-1994
7Ramondino, Salvatore, "What Is Chicano Spanish?, " N.d.
8Ramos, Luis [Poetry], N.d.
9Re [Various], 1986-1996
10Reyna, Jose, Raza Humor: Chicano Joke Tradition in Texas, 1980
11Ri [Various], 1987-1997
2071Ro [Various], 1967-1996
2Rodriguez, Jeanette, "The Impact of Our Lady of Guadelupe on the Psychosocial and Religious Development of Mexican American Women, " 1990
3-4Rodriguez, Lydia H., "The Mestizaje of the Canon Represented in the Works of Helena Maria Viramontes "[Dissertation], 1990
[2 folders]
5Romero, Rolando J., "Border of Fear, Border of Desire, "[Article], 1993
6Romero, Rolando J., "Postdeconstructive Spaces, "[Article], N.d.
7Romero, Rolando J., "Texts, Pre-Texts, Con-Texts, "[Article], 1992
8Rosario Sanchez, Elba [Poetry], 1989
9Ru [Various], 979-2000
10Sa [Various], 1962-1994
2081Saldívar, José [Various], 1993, N.d.
2Samples of Poems- Some Favorites, 1971, N.d.
3Sandoval, Chela, 1982-1991
4Sch [Various], 1985-1995
5Se-Sl [Various], 1981-1997
6Setzen, Jessica, "Listen to Their Voices: Latina/Mexicana Activists Fighting for Immigrant Rights, "[Thesis], 1996
7Simmons, Judy, "The Necessary Bitch, "[Article], 1988
8Arnold, Mary Smith, "An Exploration of a New Construct -- Anatocentrism as a Discriminator Among Black and White Feminists, " [Thesis Abstract], 1989
9Sm [Various], 1977-1996
10So-Sp [Various], 1986-1999
2091St-Sy [Various], 1975-2000
2Storytelling [Articles], N.d.
3Study and Process of Writing [Article], N.d.
4-5Spitfire, Karen, "Breaking the Frame "[ Thesis], 1991
[2 folders]
6Stam, Robert and Spence, Louise, "Colonialism, Racism and Representation "[Article], 1983
7Stone, Merlin, "Three Thousand Years of Racism " [Paper], 1980
8Stories That Must Not Die, N.d.
9Ta-Te [Various], 1977-1998
10-11Taylor, Clark Louis Jr., "El Ambiente: Male Homosexual Social Life in Mexico City, " 1978
[2 folders]
2101Th-Tr [Various], 1975-1996
2Todos Unidos at UT Austin, "El Manifesto y las Orientaciones Nuevas para la Diversificación de la Academia de Todos Unidos, " N.d.
3Torres, Eliseo, The Folk Healer: The Mexican-American Tradition of Curanderismo, 1983
4Travieso, Roberto, "La Gloria "and "La Blondey, " N.d.
5Trotter, Robert T. II and Chavira, JuaAntonio, Curanderismo, 1981
6Tu-Tw [Various], 1986-1995
7U-V [Various], 1983-1999
8Unidentified - Articles and Reviews, 1979-1982, N.d.
9Unidentified - Essays, 1989, N.d.
10Unidentified - Fiction and Journals, 1975, 1982-1984, N.d.
11Unidentified - Manuscript, N.d.
[folder 1 of 2]
2111Unidentified - Manuscript, N.d.
[folder 2 of 2]
2Unidentified - Poetry, 1983, N.d.
3Vargas, Roberto and Martinez, Samuel C., Razalogía, 1984
4Villafane-Sislak, Rosa Maria, "Poverty Revisited: A Photo Essay of Mexico and Other Third World Countries, " 1985
5Wa [Various], 1980-1999
6Ward, Kathryn, "Global Restructuring and the Restructuring of Gender and Work, " 1988
7We [Various], 1977-1997
8Wendell, Susan, The Rejected Body [Article], 1996
9Wh [Various], 1987-1998
10Whittemore, Lauren, The Place of the Lesbian Text in Women's Autobiography, 1988
11Wi [Various], 1979-2001
12Williamson, Dianna M., "AIDS Discourse: Constructing Dis Ease, " 1992
2121Wo-Wr [Various], 1979-1999
2Woller, Joel, "On the 'Blessed Assurance '"[Article], 1993
3Women's Lit - Articles, N.d.
4Writings on Pop Culture [Various], 1991
5Writings on Readings [Various], N.d.
6Writings on Trauma [Various], 1991, 1993
7Y [Various], 1984-1998
8Yarbro-Bejarano, Yvonne [Various], 1983-1999
9Z [Various], 1979-1992
10Zavala-Martinez, Iris, "En la Lucha "[Article], 1988
11-12Zimmerman, Bonnie and McNaron, Toni, Eds., The New Lesbian Studies Into the Twenty-First Century, N.d.
[2 folders]
1Artwork, Postcards & Other Images,
2Clippings - the Internet,
3Clippings from El Andar, 1994, N.d.
4Clippings on art, 1995-1996
5Pictures for Stories,
6Clippings - Santa Cruz County Environment, 1994
7Clippings - Spies, Mercenaries and the New Soldier, 1986
8-12Various Clippings
[5 folders]
2141-Various Clippings
[loose papers]
2151-Various Clippings
[loose papers]


Oversized and Artifacts

1Oversized Photographs: Portrait of GEA by Victoria Alvarado, 1999
2*Oversized Written Works: On Cardboard, N.d.
3Oversized Calendars, 1987, 2003
4Oversized Artwork by Others
217Oversized Gig Posters:
6From: Scrapbook
7From: Scrapbook - Speaking Gigs
8From: Poetry Readings - Publicity, 1978-1991, N.d.
9From: Writing Workshops - Publicity, 1982-1992, N.d.
10Newsclippings, 1980-1997
218Small woven blanket with buttons attached
219Larger format gig and art posters
Water bottles, Denison University,


Gloria Anzaldúa Library

The Benson Collection also holds books from Anzaldúa's personal library. Those volumes that include annotations or marginalia or are inscribed to Anzaldúa are described as such in the University of Texas Libraries catalog and can be located through a Keyword search for "Anzaldúa Library."
A complete list of volumes in Anzaldúa's personal library is being developed and can be accessed by inquiring at the Benson Rare Books and Manuscripts Reading Room.

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