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Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Papers, 1942-2004

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CreatorAnzaldúa, Gloria
TitleGloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Papers, Part 1
Dates: 1942-2004
AbstractThe personal papers of Chicana theorist and feminist Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa, author of Borderlands/La Frontera include correspondence, written works, audio tape interviews, reviews, clippings, photographs, posters, artwork, and collected materials.
Accession No.2005-31
OCLC Record No.
Extent108 linear feet
LanguageEnglish and Spanish
RepositoryBenson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Internationally recognized cultural theorist, creative writer, and independent scholar Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa was born on September 26, 1942 in Raymondville, Texas, to Urbano and Amalia Anzaldúa. She worked in a wide variety of genres, including poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, anthologies, and children?s books. One of the first openly lesbian Chicana writers, Anzaldúa played a major role in redefining Chicana/o, queer, feminist, and female identities, and in developing inclusionary movements for social justice. Her theories of mestizaje, the borderlands, and the new mestiza, as well as her code-switching, have had an impact far beyond the field of Chicano/a studies. Her insistence on community and coalition-building united feminist concerns with issues of race, gender, class, sexuality, health, and spirituality. Anzaldúa also played a formative role in the development of Queer Theory.

The eldest child of four, Anzaldúa was raised in South Texas. She spent her earliest years on Jesus María, a ranch settlement in the Rio Grande Valley. During this time, her family lived on the various ranches on Jesus María, and one year traveled to West Texas, where they worked as migrant farmers. When she was eleven, the family moved to Hargill, Texas in order to provide the children with greater educational opportunities. Anzaldúa?s intimate knowledge of the South Texas landscape, gained through working on various farms and ranches in order to help with expenses, coupled with her awareness from an early age of the Valley?s legacy of racial discrimination and Tejano land dispossession, influenced her work profoundly. An avid reader as a child, Gloria began experimenting with writing through journal entries, poetry, and short fiction while still in high school. She graduated from Edinburg High School in 1962, and enrolled in Texas Woman?s University that fall. Unable to pay tuition beyond the first year, she withdrew, worked for two years, and began attending Pan-American University, where she earned her bachelor?s degree in English in 1969.

Anzaldúa taught pre-school, special education classes, and high school for several years in the Valley, while also attending summer graduate classes at the University of Texas at Austin, where she earned her master?s degree in English and Education in 1972. She then served as a liaison between migrant camps and school officials in Indiana, and it was during her time there that she began her writing in earnest. In 1974, Anzaldúa decided to return to the University of Texas at Austin to continue her graduate studies at the doctoral level in literature. During these years, Anzaldúa also worked with a variety of political groups, including MECHA, farm worker protests, and feminist organizations and consciousness-raising groups. While at UTA, Anzaldúa taught a course called ?La Mujer Chicana? and realized the profound lack of published materials by and about U.S. women of color. This awareness was the first step in her decision to edit the anthology which would later become This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color. Resolving to dedicate herself and her life to her writing, she moved to San Francisco, where she juggled a number of temporary jobs in order to devote time to her writing. Two years later, after experiencing discrimination at a writing workshop, Anzaldúa formulated the call for papers for her groundbreaking anthology of women-of-color writing. She had also recently met Cherríe Moraga at a Feminist Writer's Guild meeting held at Old Wives Tales Bookstore; a few months later, she asked Moraga to co-edit the anthology.

The 1980s were a prolific period for Anzaldúa?s poetry and fiction, as she moved from San Francisco to New York and attended various writers? retreats and workshops. She also began to travel around the country doing her ?gigs,? or speaking engagements, as recognition of her work mounted after the release of This Bridge Called My Back. Much of her writing between 1984 to 1986, including a small portion of her extensive poetry and a parts of a manuscript entitled "La serpiente que se come su cola," ultimately found its way into Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza, which was published in 1987.

In 1988 Anzaldúa was accepted into the Ph.D. program in literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz. While teaching a women?s studies class at UCSC, she assembled a course reader that became the basis for the anthology Making Face, Making Soul/Haciendo Caras, published in 1990. In 1991, she began work on her dissertation. Tentatively titled ?Lloronas--Women Who Wail: (Self)Representation and the Production of Writing, Knowledge, and Identity,? this dissertation focused on consciousness, writing, knowledge production, identity, resistance and agency, especially as these issues impact Chicana/mestizas and other ?post-colonial cultural? women. However, the demands of her professional life as a writer and speaker, together with the diagnosis of Type I diabetes in the early 1990s, compelled her to put aside her graduate work for the time being. During the mid 1990s, she published two children?s books, Friends from the Other Side/Amigos del Otro Lado and Prietita and the Ghost Woman/Prietita y la llorona, and drafted several others. Throughout her life, Anzaldúa gave approximately 100 interviews. Noting that interviews were, like writing, an important part of communicating, she published in 2000 with AnaLouise Keating the collection Interviews/Entrevistas, which included selected interviews from 1982 to 1999. In 2001, Anzaldúa returned to her doctoral work. Rather than continue with the dissertation she had drafted in the early 1990s, she entirely revised her dissertation project, incorporating previously published essays and writing several new chapters. Again collaborating with Keating, she published the highly anticipated anthology, this bridge we call home: radical visions for transformation, in 2002.

Throughout her successful career as a writer, theorist, and activist, Anzaldúa continued to teach, which she loved to do. She taught formally through Vermont College?s Adult Degree Program in the 1980s, several writer-in-residence and visiting professor appointments, and through Women?s Voices, a creative writing workshop at UC Santa Cruz. She also taught and collaborated more informally, organizing writing groups for women of color. Her book on the writing process was one of many projects she was working on when she passed away.

Anzaldúa received many honors and awards during her lifetime, including the Before Columbus Foundation American Book Award for This Bridge Called My Back, the Lambda Lesbian Small Book Press Award, a National Endowment for the Arts Fiction Award, the Lesbian Rights Award, the Sappho Award of Distinction, and the American Studies Association Lifetime Achievement Award. Borderlands was named one of the 38 best books of 1987 by the Library Journal, and was selected by the Utne Reader for inclusion in their Loose Canon, a list of 150 works that ?broaden, deepen, or define the experience of being alive.? The Utne Reader also featured her as one of their Utne Visionaries of 1996. She was awarded her Ph.D. in literature, posthumously, by the University of California Santa Cruz.

Gloria Anzaldúa died on 15 May 2004 at her home in Santa Cruz, California, due to diabetes-related complications.

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Photograph by Annie F. Valva.

Scope and Contents Note

Personal and biographical materials, correspondence, written works, research materials, photographs, audiovisual materials, and artifacts document the life and career of Chicana scholar, writer, teacher, and activist Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa. The papers are arranged following as closely as possible Anzaldúa?s original organization, in nine series: Personal and Biographical, Correspondence, Written Works, Gigs and Teaching, Phone Logs, Calendars and Address Books, Photographs and Audiovisual Materials, Collected Materials, Oversized Materials and Artifacts, and the Gloria Anzaldúa Library. Researchers should note that some materials are temporarily restricted at the request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust.

Series one,    Personal and Biographical, is a small series that contains Anzaldúa?s birth certificate, diplomas and awards, high school and college yearbooks, materials relating to her interest in spirituality and the occult, information relating to diabetes, and a collection of her obituaries, memorials, and tributes. Anzaldúa's personal journals also make up part of this series, but at in keeping with Anzaldúa's wishes they are closed to researchers for a period of 20 years.

Series two,    Correspondence, contains letters written to and by Anzaldúa. The files are arranged primarily alphabetically by individual or organization name, though there is a subseries of correspondence arranged by subject, such as her writing and reprint correspondence, or letters relating to projects such as the Mundo Zurdo reading series or the Third World Women Speakers List. Included among the many correspondents are Norma Alarcon, Ruth Behar, Beth Brant, Norma Cantú, Chrystos, Jamie Lee Evans, Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz, AnaLouise Keating, Cherrie Moraga, Elana Nachman/Dykewomon, Emma Perez, Adrienne Rich, Chela Sandoval, and Luisah Teish, and organizations the National Association of Chicano/Chicana Studies, the Smithsonian Institution, the journal Sinister Wisdom, PEN American Center, and the National Women?s Studies Association. Other noted names present in the collection are Rudolfo Anaya, Joan Baez, Ana Castillo, Sandra Cisneros, and the White House.

Series three,    Written Works, includes manuscripts, production materials, and correspondence relating to Anzaldúa?s poetry, fiction, books, essays, and articles, both published and unpublished. The works are arranged alphabetically by title. Anzaldúa's larger published works--Borderlands/La Frontera, Interviews/Entrevistas, Making Face, Making Soul, This Bridge Called My Back, and this bridge we call home--are listed first. Other works, both published and unpublished, are then listed alphabetically in Nonfiction, Fiction, Poetry, and Editorial categories. Anzaldúa's dissertation and other graduate student work is next, followed by Writing Notes, Speeches, Interviews, and Works (by others) About Anzaldúa. The section of interviews, an especially rich part of the collection, contains transcripts and other related documentation for some of the many interviews Anzaldúa participate in during her lifetime; copies of interview recordings can be found below in Series 6: Photographs and Audiovisual Materials. At the request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust some manuscripts in this series are temporarily closed to researchers until publication plans can be finalized.

Series four,    Gigs and Teaching, contains correspondence, publicity, administrative materials, and some written works related to her speaking engagements. This series is arranged chronologically. This series also includes material related to Anzaldúa's teaching engagements.

Series five,    Phone logs, Calendars, and Address Books, is arranged chronologically within each format of material.

Series six,    Photographs and Audiovisual Materials, contains many professional portraits of Anzaldúa, grade- and highschool photographs, as well as black and white and color snapshots, and various photos of other individuals, meetings, or related subjects. Audiotapes include recording of interviews, lectures and readings, tarot and other psychic readings, and other recordings collected by Anzaldúa. A small collection of video recordings consist primarily of Anzaldúa's readings and lectures. This series also includes sketches by Anzaldúa, and some collected artwork by others. The detailed description of this series is located on Part 2 of this guide.

Series seven,    Collected Materials, consists of articles and clippings collected by Anzaldúa over the course of her professional career. These are arranged in four sub-series: Subject Files, Reference Files, Course packets, and Clippings. Many are scholarly journal articles that appear to have been used for her graduate studies, and other articles, clipped out of popular magazines and newspapers, are of more general interest. Anzaldúa?s interest in immigration and border issues, feminist studies, human rights, the environment, queer studies, and the occult is reflected in this collection. The Subject Files in particular include a number of original notes written by Anzaldúa. This series also documents the cultural, social, and political climate of the 1980s and 1990s, with clippings on California?s Proposition 187, the controversy over the Columbus quincentennial, the Hopwood vs. Texas anti-affirmative action case, and the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Also included in this series are manuscripts sent to Anzaldúa by friends and professional acquaintances for her feedback. Manuscripts of note include Sandra Cisneros?s "Loose Woman," Ruth Behar?s "Translated Woman," and Norma Alarcon?s essay ?Tradditora, Traddutora.? The detailed description of this series is located on Part 2 of this guide.

Series eight,    Oversized Materials and Artifacts, contains primarily large format photographs, gig posters, and other posters and artwork, as well as Anzaldúa's collection of t-shirts. The detailed description of this series is located on Part 2 of this guide.

NOTE: Added April 2010, a second accession of Anzaldúa papers acquired from her family's house in South Texas is described in Part 3 of this guide. This material also includes Biographical, Correspondence, Written Works, Gigs, and Collected Material.

The Benson Collection is also composing a complete bibliographic list of Anzaldúa's personal library of more than 5000 books. This is an ongoing project, and interested researchers should contact the rare books reading room for this information. The list will be located on Part 2 of this guide.


Access Restrictions

Some materials in the Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Papers are restricted for a period of time due to concerns about privacy and confidentiality, publication rights, and as requested by Ms. Anzaldúa.

Use Restrictions

The Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Literary Trust retains full copyright and publication control over all materials written or produced by Gloria Anzaldúa. Some of the material in this collection may not be photocopied, and permission of the Trust is required before publication, in whole or in part, of any materials written or produced by Ms. Anzaldúa.

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The Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Papers are classified under the following Subject Headings in the University of Texas Libraries' catalog:
Anzaldúa, Gloria--Archives
Women and literature--United States--History--20th century--Sources
Mexican American authors--Sources
Mexican Amerian lesbians--Intellectual life--Sources
Lesbian feminism--United States--Sources
Queer Theory
Texas, South--Ethnic relations
Mexican-American Border Region--In literature
Other Authors
Keating, AnaLouise, 1961-

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Box and Folder Inventory


Personal and Biographical, 1942-2004

1Biographical Information:
1Baptism and Birth certificates (corrected), 1942-1943 [1972]
2Anzaldúa genealogy, 2000
3Biographical Sketches, N.d.
Includes short biographies by Anzaldúa
4C.V.s and Resumes, N.d.
5Publications Lists, N.d.
6Passport and California driver's license, 1987-1988
7ID cards, miscellaneous, 1973-1976
8Journal Pages, 1968, 1971
9Newspaper clipping, c.1963
10Memorials and tributes, 2004
11Obituaries, 2004
12Hargill Junior High School certificate, 1958
13Edinburg High School yearbook, 1962
14Edinburg High School diploma, 1962
21Pan American College yearbook, 1968
2Pan American College diploma, tassel and graduation program, 1968
3Pharr-San Juan-Alamo High School yearbook, 1971
4University of Texas, "Degrees Awarded," 1972
5*College transcripts, 1968-1988
*Access to Anzaldúa's transcripts is restricted.
6California Community Colleges, instructor credential, 1988
Certificates and Awards:
7Various Certificates and Awards, 1993, 2003
8Lesbian Small Press Book Award for Making Face, Making Soul, 1990
31American Studies Association award nomination and acceptance speech, 2001
2American Studies Association Award, 2001
3University of California, Santa Cruz, Rainbow Ceremony certificate (post-humous), June 2004
Financial Information:
4Finances, miscellaneous, 1985-2004
5Finances, "books sold," notes, 2000, N.d.
Health and Diet Information:
6Alternative medicine/healing information
7Diabetes tracking logs
8Diabetes general information
41Diabetes general information
2Diabetes information
3Diabetes nutritional information
4Documents from doctors
5Drug-related information
6Handwritten notes
7Nutritional information
8Psychic material (herbs, gems, dreams, etc.)
9Vitamin and health-related information
10Santa Cruz area restaurants
2Handwritten recipes
3Recipes, Amalia Anzaldúa, 23 May 1996
4Astrological and I Ching readings
5Candle affirmations 1988-n.d.
6Chinese zodiac information
7Electronic I Ching readings
8Handwriting Analysis
9Hebrew prayer book"
10"My Aztec Birthday" for Hilda and Gloria at the Denver Museum of National History
11Natal chart, Gloria Anzaldúa and Chela Sandoval
12R. Conner tarot cards
13Miscellaneous memorabilia
N/AJournals and Scrapbooks¹
¹At the request of author and by agreement with the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, Anzaldúa's personal journals and scrapbooks are closed to researchers for a period of 20 years, until January 2026.


Correspondence, 1972-2004

6Alphabetical Correspondence:
1125-Ag [various], 1980-2001
2Aalfs, Janet, 1986-1992
3Al [various], 1982-2002
4Alarcón, Francisco, 1989-1999
5Alarcon, Norma, 1983-2003
6Albrecht, Lisa, 1982-1994
7Alcoset, Vicki, 1990-2001
8Allen, Jeffner, 1987-1991
9Allen, Paula Gunn, 1981
10Am-An [various], 1985-2001
11Anaya, Rudolfo, 1989-1990
12¹Anzaldúa, Amalia, and Hilda Anzaldúa, 1977-2004
¹At the request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust this personal correspondence is currently closed due to privacy concerns.
13Anzaldúa, Gloria, 1988-1992
Correspondence written by Anzaldúa to multiple or unnamed recipients.
14Anzaldúa, Urbano, 1941
15Anzaldúa Jr., Urbano and Family, 1984-2001
16Aq-Ar [various], 1983-1997
17Aptheker, Bettina, 1988-2001
71Archer, Nuala, 1988-1995
2As-Az [various], 1983-1990
3Astraea, 1991-1998
4Aunt Lute Books, 1987-2004
5Ba-BBH [various], 1977-2001
6Bambara, Toni Cade, 1981
7Barraza, Santa 2001
8Be [various], 1978-2000
9Behar, Ruth, 1990-1995
10Berlowitz, Audrey, 1988-1993
11Bh-Bl [various], 1987-2002
12Blau DuPlessis, Rachel, 1989-1992
13Bo [various], 1992-1998
14Bogomolny, Abby, 1989-2001
15Br [various], 1982-2002
16Brant, Beth, 1982-1990
17Bridges, 1989-1996
18Brava! for Women in the Arts, 1997-2000
19Bruining, Anne Mi Ok Song, 1989-2003
81Bu [various], 1980-1996
Burke, Ronnie
2Correspondence 1983-2002
3Works A-L, 1980-2002
4Works M-Z, 1975-2001
5Burning Bush Publications, 1996-2000
6Ca [various], 1981-2001
7Calk, Mary, 1983-1986
8Cantú, Norma, 1990-2002
9Carillo, Jo, 1981-1988
10Castillo, Ana, 1988
91Ce-Ch [various], 1980-2001
2El Cenote, 1987-1988
3Chagoya, Aribán, 1983-1990
4Children's Book Press, 1990-2003
5Chinese Students' Letters, 2004
6Christensen, Jon, 1981
7Chrystos, 1982-2002
8Ci-Cl [various], 1977-2000
9Cisneros, Sandra, 1989-1993
10City University of New York, Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies, 1992-2001
11Co [various], 1981-2000
12Comadritas - Dissertation Writing Group, 2001-2002
13Conditions Magazine, 1979-1980
10Conner, Randy, David Hatfield Sparks, and Mariah [Mariya] Sparks
¹At the request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust a portion of this correspondence is currently closed due to privacy concerns.
Correspondence, 1975-1989
Correspondence, 1990-1999
Correspondence 2000-2003
4Works, 1976-1998
5Cr-Cu [various], 1985-1999
6Cruikshank, Peg, 1978-2000
7Czarrunchick, Nicolette, 1988-2000
111Da [various], 1980-1997
2Daniels, Gabrielle, 1982
3De-Di [various], 1988-2003
4Djerassi Resident Artists Program 1998-2002
5Do-Du [various] 1983-2001
6Dorsy, Denise 1982
7Doughty, Frances 1983-2000
8Drafts of Letters, 1984-1985
Dykewomon, Elana: SEE Nachman/Dykewomon, Elana
9Ea-El [various], 1978-2001
10EMMA Buffalo Women's Bookstore, 1981-1995
11En-Ey [various], 1988-2001
12Evans, Jamie Lee 1990-1998
121Fa-Fe [various], 1979-1996
2Fi-Fo [various] 1972-2001
3Fisher Fishkin, Shelley 1989-2000
4Fitzgerald Studio, 1997
5Ford Foundation, 1990
6Foster, Patricia, 1993-1994
7Fr [various], 1990-1998
8Free University, Amsterdam, 1987
9Frontiers, 1990-1998
10Fu [various], 1977-1996
11Future is Female, 1981-1985
12Ga [various], 1983-2003
13Gd-Ge [various], 1981-2004
14Gerbode Foundation, 1992
15Gi-Gl [various], 1983-2002
16Gn-Go [various], 1982-2002
17Gr-Gu [various], 1982-2003
131Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center 1991-2002
2Ha [various], 1983-2003
3Hajosy, Dolores - Letter and Works, 1983
4He-Hi [various], 1980-2003
5Hedgebrook, 1997-2002
6Hernandez-Avila, Inés 1989-2001
7Ho-Hy [various], 1980-2003
8I [various], 1980-1996
9Ikas, Karin, 1996-1999
10International Feminist Book Fair, 1988-1989
11J [various], 1980-2001
141K-Ka [various], 1982-1997
2Kaye/Kantrowitz, Melanie, 1984-2000
3Ke-Kl [various], 1981-2001
4Kearney, Adele, 1988-1998
Keating, AnaLouise:
5Correspondence, 1993-2004
6Emails on This Bridge We Call Home, 2000-2001
7Kendall, Kathy, 1980-1991
8Kitchen Table Press 1982-1996
9Klepfisz, Irena, 1980-1995
10Ko-Ky [various], 1986-2000
151La [various], 1980-2004
2Lara, Irene, 1998-2004
3Le [various], 1980-2000
4Lemeh, Dori Grace 1992-1997
5Letters of Recommendation and Book Blurbs, 1992-1993
6Li-Lo [various] 1982-2000
7The Loft, 1989-1990
8Lu-Ly [various], 1988-2000
9Ma [various], 1982-2002
10Maia, 1985-1998
11Mc-Me 1977-2002
12McEwan, Christian, 1983-2003
161Mendieta, Eduardo, 1995-1998
2Merrill Lynch, 1992-2000
3Metis Press, 1981-1983
4Mi [various], 1984-1998
5Mo [various], 1981-2002
6Moraga, Cherríe, 1979-1998
¹At the request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust a portion of this correspondence is currently closed due to privacy concerns.
7Moran, Mary, 1987-1991
8Moreno, Melissa 1993-2004
9Morones, Carmen, 1994-2003
10Morse, Carl, 1982
11Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (MACLA), 1995-2001
12Mu [various], 1989-2004
13Na [various], 1972-1996
14Nachman/Dykewomon, Elana, 1989-2002
171National Association of Chicano/a Studies (NACS), 1983-1993
2National Endowment for the Arts and National Research Council, 1983-1996
3National Women's Studies Association (NWSA), 1982-1990
4National Writers Union, 1986-2001
5Ne [various], 1982-2002
6Ni-Nu [various], 1981-2002
7Norcroft, 1996-2001
8O-Ol [various], 1981-2004
9On-Ou [various], 1991-2002
10Ortiz de Montellano, Ana L., 1992-1993
11Pa [various], 1977-2002
12Pe-Pl [various], 1987-2001
181La Peña, 1994-2000
2PEN American Center, 1984-1996
3Perez, Emma, 1991-1994
4Perez-Treviño, Elva, 1982-1986
5Persephone Press, 1980-1982
6Po [various], 1979-2000
7Pr-Pu [various], 1981-2002
8Press Gang Publishers, 1988-1997
9Q [various], 1989-1993
10Quan, Kit, 1981-2004
11Comments on GEA's Work, 1995
12Quiñones, Tirsa and Julie Matthei 1981-1992
13Quintanales, Mirtha, 1981-2004
14Ra-Re [various], 1981-2000
191Ramos, Juanita, 1981-1994
2Ramos-Garcia, Luis, 1971-1998
3Randall, Margaret, 1985-2000
4Reti, Irene, 1993-2002
5Reyes-Boitel, Jo Anne, 1993-1998
6Ri-Ro [various], 1984-2001
7Rich, Adrienne, 1981-1983
8Riva Rubio, Celia de la, 1994-1995
9Romero, Francisca 1988-1991
10Ross, Paula, 1983-1987
11Rosales, Victoria, 1984-1987
12Rose, Wendy, 1980
13Routledge, 1993-2003
14Ru-Ry [various], 1992-1997
201Sa [various], 1977-2000
2San Diego State University, 1983-1997
3Sanchez, Elba, 1990-1999
4Sandoval, Chela, 1982-2001
5Savren, Shelley 1982-1984
6Sc-Sh [various], 1983-2000
7Secret Pen Pal, 1988-1989
8Shoup, Julie, 1977-1983
9Si-Sk [various], 1982-1999
10Signs 1991-1993
11Sinister Wisdom, 1983-1998
12Sm-Sn [various], 1982-2000
13Smithsonian Institution, 1988-1995
14So [various] 1984-2004
211Sp-St [various], 1982-2003
2Speak Out!, 1995-2001
3Stone, Merlin, 1979-1983
4Su-Sy [various], 1984-2000
5Submissions "To Send Out," 1979-1985
6Ta-Te [various], 1968-2001
7Teish, Luisah, 1979-1986
8Th-Ti [various], 1982-2000
9Third Woman Press, 1981-2001
10Tijerina, Aleticia, 1981-2003
11To-Tr [various], 1989-2004
12Torres, Eden, 1990
13Ts-Tz [various], 1983-1994
14University of Arizona, 1985-2000
15Ue-University of Birmingham [various], 1985-2001
16University of Calgary - University of Kentucky [various], 1988-2004
17University of California, Berkeley, 1986-2000
221University of California, Davis, 1993-1996
2University of California, Los Angeles - University of California, Santa Barbara [various], 1983-1998
3University of California, Santa Cruz 1984-2000
4University of Colorado 1989-1993
5University of Illinois 1982-1996
6University of Maryland - University of North Dakota [various], 1987-2002
7University of Michigan, 1990-1996
8University of New Mexico, 1989-2000
9University of Oklahoma - University of Wisconsin [various], 1985-2000
10University of Texas, Austin, 1977-1996
11Up-Ut [various], 1993-2000
12Utne Reader, 1995-1998
13Va [various], 1983-2001
14Vagabond Productions, 1995
15Varela, Viviana M., 1981-1999
16Ve-Vo [various], 1972-2004
17Vermont College, 1984-1985
231Wa [various], 1986-2002
2Wainwright, Sonny, 1980-1984
3We [various], 1983-2003
4Weiland, Christine, 1981-1992
5Werden, Frieda, 1977-1991
6Wh-Wi [various], 1982-2002
7The White House, 1995-2000
8Williamson, Dianna 1991-1995
9Wilson Grez, Liliana, 1995-2001
10Wo-Wr [various], 1981-2002
11Woman of Power, 1984-1992
12Women's Voices, 1981-1988
13Wong, Nellie, 1979-1981
24Woodward, Carolyn,
1Correspondence, 1988-1992
2Correspondence, 1993-2003
3Correspondence, N.d.
4Correspondence, N.d.
5Works, N.d.
6Y [various], 1984-2000
7Yale University, 1980-1984
8Yarbro-Bejarano, Yvonne, 1990-1992
9Young, Leslie Ann, 1979-1984
10Z [various], 1987-2004
11Zahava, Irene, 1988-1994
12Zanotti, Barbara, 1985-1987
13Zimmerman, Bonnie, 1991-1995
14Zschokke, Magdalena, 1988-1993
25Alphabetical Correspondence, First Name Only:
1A [various], 1978-2000
2B-D [various], 1979-2003
3E-I [various], 1979-2001
4J [various], 1978-1993
5K-L [various], 1976-1998
6M-R [various], 1977-2000
7S-T [various], 1982-1996
8V-Z [various], 1983-1998
9Unidentified, 1982-1998
10Miscellaneous, 1986-2000
26Correspondence by Subject:
El Mundo Surdo Series:
1A-L [various], 1979-1980
2M-Z [various], 1979-1980
3Mailing Lists, n.d.
Third World Women Speakers List:
4A-Z [various], 1979-1982
5Mailing Lists, n.d.
Writing Programs:
Other correspondence related to Anzaldúa's teaching and lecturing can be found in Series 5: Gigs and Teaching.
6A-C [various], 1984-1993
7Alan [no last name], 1985-1986
8Bessie [no last name], 1984-1985
9Bonnie [no last name], 1984
10Cabaniss, James, 1985-1986
11Cassie [no last name], 1984
12F-L [various], 1981-1985
13Fahy, Gail, 1984-1985
14Holland, Colleen, 1984-1985
15June [no last name], 1984-1985
16Landry, Pat, 1984
17Laura [no last name], 1984-1985
271Lydia [no last name], 1984
2M-S [various], 1980-1985
3Marlow, Lynn, 1985-1986
4Morpheu, Lisa, 1985
5Pittman, Valerie, 1984-1985
6Rounds, Sandra, 1985
7Sue [no last name], 1984-1985
8Shea, Susan, 1985-1986
9Exercises, n.d.
10Instructor Evaluations, n.d.
11Student Information Sheets, n.d.
Signs: Journal of Women inCulture and Society:
Anzaldúa was a special guest editor for an edition of Signs. Includes manuscript submissions and related correspondence.
12Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 18 (4), Summer 1993
13-14Correspondence and Submissions, 1991-1992
[5 folders]
281-3Correspondence and Submissions, 1991-1992
Writing and Reprint Correspondence:
Includes requests and agreements for reprinting or reissuing Anzaldúa's works.
4 1981-1983
5 1988
6 1989
7 1990
8 1991
9 1992
291 1993
2 1994
3 1995
4 1996
5 1997
301-2 1998
[2 folders]
3-4 1999
[2 folders]
5-6 2000
[2 folders]
7-9 2001
[3 folders]
311-3 2002
[3 folders]
4 2003
5 2004, N.d.
6Aunt Lute Books permissions correspondence, 2001-2004


Written Works, 1965-2004

Anzaldúa's larger published works--Borderlands/La Frontera, Interviews/Entrevistas, Making Face, Making Soul, This Bridge Called My Back, and this bridge we call home--are listed first. Other works, both published and unpublished, are then listed alphabetically in Nonfiction, Fiction, Poetry, and Editorial categories. Anzaldúa's dissertation and other graduate student work is next, followed by Writing Notes, Speeches, Interviews, and Works (by others) about Anzaldúa. Many works frequently changed titles, so there may be some redundancy in the collection. For this reason Anzaldúa's original folder titles and contents were maintained when possible.
32Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza (published 1987)
1Correspondence, 1983-1985
2Notes, early materials
3Manuscript, discards
4Pre-draft early notes
5Pre-draft notes, "Atravesando Fronteras"
6Pre-draft notes, "Los Ilegales"
7Pre-draft notes, "The One Who Has Dominion Over Serpents"
8Pre-draft notes, miscellaneous
9Manuscript, 1985 version, copy 1
10Manuscript, 1985 version, copy 3
Manuscript (Prose):
11Early drafts
13Draft copy, 19 October 1986
331Draft copy
2Draft copy
3Draft pieces
4Early version, "Dominion Over Serpents"
5"How to Tame a Wild Tongue"
7Outside critique
8Table of Contents
Manuscript (Poetry):
9"Antigua, Mi Diosa"/"Ancient, My Goddess"
10"Arriba Mi Gente"
11"Ballad of an Insomniac"
12"Buses don't run on Sundays"
13"The Basque Witches"
14"Cagado abismo, quiero saber" ("Cowardly Abyss, I want to know"
15"Canción de la Diosa de la Noche"
16"The Cannibal's Canción"
17"Cihuatlyotl, 'woman alone'"
19"Compañera, Cuando Amábamos"
20"Conjuro Para Provocar Amor"
21"Corner of 50th St. and Fifth Ave."
22"Creature of Darkness"
24"la cuna"
25"la curandera"
27"the dark shining thing"
28"Despierto en un monte oscuro"
341"Don't give it a name, you say"
2"Ella tiene su tono"
3"En Mi Corazón Se Incuba"
4"En el Nombre de Todas las Madres Que Han Perdido Sus Hijos en la Guerra" ("In the Name of All the Mothers Who Have Lost Children in the War")
6"Gente de Sombra"
7"Herida abierta"
8"Holy Relics"
10"I Had to Go Down"
12"Letting Go"
13"Immaculate, Inviolate: Como Ella"
14"Matriz sin tumba O"
15"Un Mar de Repollos" ("A Sea of Cabbages")
17"mujer cacto"
18"Musa bruja"
19"My Black Angelos"
21"No se raje, Chicanita"
23"Poets Have Strange Eating Habits"
24"Protean Being"
25"Senses Drowning"
26"Sobre piedras con lagartijos"
27"el sonovabitche"
28"sus plumas al viento"
29"To live in the Borderlands means you"
30"We Call Them Greasers"
31"White Wing Season"
32"yo no fuí, fue Teté"
351A-I [various]
2Manuscript, table of contents and preface
3Manuscript drafts, chapter 1
4Manuscript drafts, chapter 2
5Manuscript drafts, chapter 3
6Manuscript drafts, chapter 4
7Manuscript drafts, chapter 5
361Manuscript drafts, chapter 6
2-3Manuscript drafts, chapter 7
[2 folders]
4Manuscript, end notes
5Manuscript, miscellaneous
6Production, front and end matter
7Production, page design samples
8Production, manuscript, chapters 1-4
9Production, manuscript, chapters 1-4
10Production, manuscript, chapters 1-5
11Production, manuscript, chapters 5-7
12Production, manuscript, chapters 6-7
371Production manuscript, poetry
2Production manuscript, poetry
3Production manuscript, poetry i-iii
4Production manuscript, poetry iv-vi
5Production, manuscript, end notes
6Production, copyeditor's manuscript
7Production manuscript, Gloria's copy
8Production galleys, chapters 1-7
9Production galleys, sections i-vi
381Production page proofs, front matter, chapters 1-7
2Production page proofs, sections i-vi
3Production typesetting
4Cover art sketches
5Publicity materials
6Publicity, book reviews
8-9Gig flyers
[2 folders]
10Second edition, corrections and new introduction
11"On the Process of Writing Borderlands"
39Interviews/Entrevistas, edited by AnaLouise Keating (published 2000)
1Contract, 1998
2Correspondence, 1998
3Correspondence, 1999
4Jamie Lee Evans
5Inés Hernández Ávila
6AnaLouise Keating
7Linda Smuckler
8Table of Contents and Chapter 1 drafts
9Chapters 2 and 3 drafts
10Chapters 4 and 5 drafts
11Chapter 6 draft
12Chapter 7 draft
13Chapter 8 draft
14Chapter 9 draft
15Chapter 10 draft
16Chapter 11 draft
17Chapter 12 draft
18"Last Words," draft
19Production design sample
20Notes, misc.
23Gloria Anzaldúa's personal copy of the published book, 2000
40Making Face, Making Soul, Haciendo Caras: Creative and Critical Perspectives by Women of Color (published 1990)
1Prospectus draft
2Contributor lists, 1989-1990
3Correspondence, Anzaldúa, 1988-1989
4Correspondence, contributors [various], 1988-1990
5Correspondence, soliciting letter/permissions letter
6Correspondence, 1989-1990
7Project outline, 21 March 1990
8Reader reports on submissions
9Signed permission releases
11Contributor manuscripts
12Submission discards, A-L [various]
411Submission discards, M-Z [various]
2-3Manuscript, earlier version, 1989
[2 folders]
4Dedication/acknowledgement, manuscript drafts
5Introduction, handwritten manuscript
6-7Introduction, manuscript drafts 1989-1990
[3 folders]
421Introduction, manuscript drafts (cont'd), 1989-1990
2-4Introduction, manuscript drafts, N.d.
[3 folders]
5Introduction, typeset manuscript
6"En Rapport, In Opposition," notes
7"En Rapport, In Opposition," Sinister Wisdom 33 article
8"En Rapport, In Opposition," 19 January 1990
9"En Rapport, In Opposition," manuscript drafts
10Table of Contents
2Essays/articles, miscellaneous
4Production materials
5Typeset pages, selected essays and front matter
8Book reviews, 1989-1991
This Bridge Called My Back: Writings of Radical Women of Color, edited by Anzaldúa and Cherrie Moraga (published 1981)
9Correspondence, call for submissions
10Correspondence, C. Moraga
11Correspondence, contributors A-C [various]
12Correspondence, contributors D-Y [various]
13Correspondence [various] A-L
14Correspondence [various] M-W
15Correspondence, speakers list
16Correspondence, permissions
441Contact lists
2Administrative, contributor information
3Author contracts
4Contracts, contributors
5Contract for Spanish version, 1986
6Correspondence, Persephone Press
7Correspondence, Persephone, book orders
8Correspondence, Persephone, royalty statements
9Persephone Press prospectus
10Correspondence, Kitchen Table Press
11Correspondence, Kitchen Table Press, book orders
12Correspondence, Kitchen Table Press, royalty statements
13"La Güera," C. Moraga manuscript drafts
14"La Prieta," manuscript drafts
15"La Prieta," manuscript draft, N.d.
16"La Prieta," manuscript discards
17"La Prieta," Spanish translation
18"La Prieta," notes
19"Speaking in Tongues," early manuscript draft
20"Speaking in Tongues," early manuscript draft
21"Speaking in Tongues," early manuscript draft, edited by C. Moraga
451"Speaking in Tongues," manuscript drafts
2"Speaking in Tongues," manuscript drafts
3"Speaking in Tongues," Spanish translation
4Second edition and other editions, Foreword, 1983
5Third edition, "Counsels from the Firing" (foreword), MS drafts
6Third edition, "Counsels from the Firing," (foreword), 12 October 2001
7Third edition, "Counsels from the Firing," (foreword), 30 October 2001
8Third edition, "Counsels from the Firing," (foreword), 1 November 2001
9Third edition, "Counsels from the Firing," (foreword), 4 November 2001
10Third edition, "Counsels from the Firing," (foreword), 7 November 2001
11Production, manuscript corrections
12Production, permissions to reprint
13Postpublication, corrections
14Production, artwork
15Book jacket, 1983
16Events, Untitled Script, N.d.
17Events, "Topics for discussion"
18Publicity, book reviews, 1981-1982
46This Bridge We Call Home: Radical Visions for Transformation, edited by Anzaldúa and AnaLouise Keating (published 2002)
Note that a quantity of electronic mail and manuscript submissions is also available--in some cases only available--for reference on compact disk in an electronic archive. This material may be requested in the Rare Books and Manuscripts Reading Room.
1Correspondence, call for submissions
2Correspondence, Anzaldúa, March 2000-September 2001
3Correspondence, Keating, November 1998- November 2000
4Correspondence, Keating, January 2001- March 2001
5Correspondence, Keating, July-August 2001
6Correspondence, Keating, September-November 2001
7Correspondence, Routledge, November 1999-September 2001
8Correspondence [various], June-December 1999
9Correspondence [various], January-May 2000
10Correspondence [various], January-October 2001
11Correspondence [various], 2002
471Submission summaries
2Submission deletions
3Submissions, A-B [various]
4Submissions, C [various]
5Submissions, D-E [various]
6Submissions, F-Go [various]
7Submissions, Gue-Gut [various]
8Submissions, H [various]
481Submissions, J-L [various]
2Submissions, M [various]
3Submissions, N-Q [various]
4Submissions, R [various]
5Submissions, S [various]
6Submissions, T-Z [various]
7-8Submissions, turndowns
[2 folders]
491Contributor information
2"now let us shift," early notes
3"now let us shift," writing notes, manuscript
4"now let us shift," 7 October 1999
5"now let us shift," August 2000
6"now let us shift," September 2000
7"now let us shift," 1 October 2000
8"now let us shift," 9 October 2000
9"now let us shift," October 2000
10"now let us shift," November 2000
11"now let us shift," December 2000
12"now let us shift," December 2000
13"now let us shift," 27 December 2000
14"now let us shift," 27 December 2000
501"now let us shift," 1 January 2001
2"now let us shift," 18 January 2001
3"now let us shift," 1 February 2001
4"now let us shift," March 2001
5"now let us shift," 27 May 2001
6"now let us shift," May 2001
7"now let us shift," 15 June 2001
8"now let us shift," 18 June 2001
9"now let us shift," 18 June 2001
10"now let us shift," 12 July 2001
11"now let us shift," 13 July 2001
12-13"now let us shift," July 2001
[2 folders]
14"now let us shift," 8 August 2001
15-16"now let us shift," August 2001
[2 folders]
17"now let us shift," September 2001
18"now let us shift," 9 September 2001
511"now let us shift," 9 September 2001
2"now let us shift," 22 September 2001
3-4"now let us shift," revisions for dissertation
[2 folders]
5"now let us shift," dissertation version, 2004
6"now let us shift," undated draft
7"now let us shift," undated draft
8"now let us shift," comments, R. Conner
9-11"now let us shift," comments, A.L. Keating
[3 folders]
12"now let us shift," comments, C. Morones
521Drafts, Sandoval foreword
2Drafts, Keating manuscripts
3Drafts, Keating comments
4Preface drafts, N.d.
5Preface drafts, March 2001
6Preface drafts, September 2001
7Preface drafts, October 2001
8Preface drafts, November 2001
9Preface, notes, 26 November 2001
10Preface, Natural Bridges notes
11Essay drafts, A-B [various]
12Essay drafts, C-H [various]
531Essay drafts, H-L [various]
2Essay drafts, M-P [various]
3Essay drafts, P-S [various]
4Essay drafts, T-Y [various]
5Section one drafts
6Section 2 drafts
541Section 3 drafts
2Section 4 drafts
3Section 5 drafts
4Section 6 drafts
5Section 7 drafts
6Drafts, Table of Contents, other front matter
7Contents by genres/themes
8Publicity and editing materials
Writing Guide
¹Anzaldúa's drafted guide on the process of writing. By request of the Anzaldúa estate the manuscript is closed until publication or release by the estate.
Early Notes
Notes 16 May 1999
Manuscript 6 September 2002
Chapter outline 12 November 1997
Notes 22 November 2001
"Authorship," notes 7 November 1997
"La artista y su comunidad"² 1 November 1997
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "La artista y su comunidad" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Literary Trust.
"Autohistorias as Process Writing" 29 January 1997
"Compositioning: Theories of Art" 11 August 2000
10¹"Conocimiento," manuscript 21 January 2001
11¹"Creative Writing Exercises for Children" 23 May 1996
12¹"Dear Women Writers of Color, Letter Two" 11 August 2000
13¹"Elements of Fiction" 18 May 1999
14¹"Fast Fiction," by Roberta Allen, notes
15¹"Index" 29 January 1997
16¹"Meditation for Cleaning Out Chakras"
17¹"Nepantla and the Creative Process" 13 November 2002
18²"Nepantla: In/Between and Shifting"² 31 October 1997
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Nepantla" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
19¹"New Exercises" 17 February 1997
20¹"On Writing" 9 January 2004
21¹"Oral Reading/Reading Aloud" 11 November 1997
22¹"Poems to Memorize" 20 December 1997
23¹"El proceso creador/the Process" 31 October 1997
24¹"The Product" 16 May 1996
25¹"Rampas de salida" 31 October 1997
26¹"Revising" 9 February 1998
27¹"Revising and Rewriting" 19 July 1999
28¹"Self-knowledge and meditation" 5 October 1999
29¹"The Woman Who Writes" 11 August 2000
30¹"The Woman Who Writes" 19 May 1999
31¹"The Writing on the Edge of Stress" 1 January 2002
32¹"Writing Fiction," notes 26 March 1998
33¹"Writing Non-Fiction" 7 November 1997
56Workshops, handwritten notes, and outlines
Workshop, assignments and exercises, A-L [various]
Workshop, assignments and exercises, M-Z [various]
Student writing, manuscripts
Writing samples
Workshops, calls for submissions
Workshop, administrative
571"Academic Activism," notes, 23 December 2001
"Altares: On the Process of Feminist Image Making":
2 1982
3 19 January 1990
4 22 June 1991
5"The Art of Self-Editing: Re-reading, Re-vision, Re-writing," 1985
6"Autobiography," 1985
SEE ALSO: La Serpiente...
7-8"Autobiography," drafts, 1983
[2 folders]
"Autohistoria de la artista as a Young Girl":
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Autohistoria de la artista as a Young Girl" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
Correspondence and contract, 18 August 1993
10²Short version, n.d.
11²Long version, n.d.
12² 23 May 1991
13Automatic Typing, 1982
"Barred Witness: Literary/Artistic Creations":
14Manuscript draft with reader comments, n.d.
15Manuscript drafts, n.d.
16Manuscript draft, n.d.
17Manuscript draft, 10 July 1990
18Manuscript draft, 26 September 1990
19Draft, 1 October 1991
581Manuscript draft, 25 October 1990
2"Begging to Differ, Dissenting Discourses," manuscript draft, 20 March 1996
"Border Arte: Nepantla, el Lugar de la Frontera," La Frontera/The Border: Art About the Mexico/United States Border Experience
A folder on the La Frontera/The Border art exhibit can be found in Subject Files in the Collected Materials series.
Manuscript draft, 17 April 2002
¹By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust "Border Arte" versions after the 1993 publication are closed until publication or release by the Trust.
Manuscript draft, 30 June 2002
6Manuscript draft, 25 October 1992
7Manuscript draft, November 1992
8Manuscript drafts, 9 November 1992
9Manuscript draft 10 November 1992
10NACLA manuscript draft, 1993
11Manuscript draft, N.d.
12Manuscript draft with revisions
13Manuscript comments (comadres)
14Edited manuscript, N. Bonilla Martinez
15Published version, 1993
16¹"Border Writing," 22 November 1989
¹By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust "Border Writing" is closed until publication or release by the Trust.
"Bridge, Drawbridge, Sandbar or Island: Lesbians-of-Color Haciendo Alianzas":
17Editorial correspondence
18Manuscript drafts with comments
19Manuscript drafts with comments
20Manuscript drafts with comments
591Manuscript drafts with comments
2Copyedited manuscript
3Lecture transcript with revisions
5Published version, 1990
"Carta a Colón":
¹By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust "Carta a Colón" is closed until publication or release by the Trust.
Manuscript drafts, 1991
Manuscript draft, 16 October 1991
Manuscript draft, 17 October 1991
Manuscript drafts, 1992
10¹Manuscript draft, 6 April 1992
11¹Manuscript draft, 6 June 1992
12¹"Carta a Colón-ialism," manuscript drafts, 18 March 1993
13¹Partial manuscript with comments
14¹Manuscript draft with comments
15¹Manuscript drafts, fragments
16"Chicana Artists: Exploring Nepantla, el Lugar de la Frontera," NACLA Report 27 (1), July-August 1993.
17"Chicana Book of Days," manuscript 6 March 1999
18"Chicana/Colored Creativity and Critical Thought," manuscript draft 12 May 1990
19"Collected Essays," November 2001
[Table of contents to a collection of Anzaldúa's work]
20"La conciencia de la mestiza: Towards a New Consciousness," offprint
21"Creativity and Switching Modes of Consciousness," manuscript drafts n.d.
22"Creativity Is a Coping Strategy," A View From the Loft 13 (1), August 1990
"Cuerpaso: Passing Through the Body":
¹By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust "Cuerpaso" is closed until publication or release by the Trust.
23¹Manuscript draft, April 1993
24¹Draft, 17 January 2002
25¹Manuscript abstract, 1 June 2003
26"Cultural Hybridity," - notes, 1985
601"Dear Women Writers of Color, Letter Two," manuscript draft 24 November
2"El desarrollo and future of Chicana theory," manuscript draft, 25 December 2001
"(Des)Conocimientos," manuscript draft, April 1996
¹By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust "(Des)Conocimientos" is closed until publication or release by the Trust.
"Doing Gigs," 1991
¹By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust "Doing Gigs" is closed until publication or release by the Trust.
5"Ending for Aztlán," manuscript draft, 28 July 1990
6"Espacio...Space and Identity of Place," notes and correspondence
7"The Exile and the Return of the Indigenous Spirit," N.d.
8Feminist Writer's Guild Founding Statement, c1980?
9"Gender Before the Conquest" manuscript draft, 3 March 1994
10¹"Growing up Chicana," manuscript 18 July 1990
¹By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust "Growing Up Chicana" is closed until publication or release by the Trust.
11"How I've Survived," 1991
12"Identity: Waystations of Consciousness" and "Necessary Monsters," manuscript draft 12 May 1990
13"In the Name of All the Mothers Who Have Lost Children in the War," 1984
14"Lesbian Alliances: Combatting Heterosexism in the 80s," N.d.
15"Lesbian Visions, Fantasy, Science Fiction," Sinister Wisdom, ms for editor's notes, N.d.
"Let us be the healing" One Wound,
16Call for submissions
611Media clippings
2 6 December 2001
3Draft, 7 January 2002 - 9 January 2002
4 14 January 2002
5 16 January 2002
6 26 January 2002 - 29 January 2002
7 3 February 2002
8 6 February 2002 - 7 February 2002
9 2003 and n.d.
10Final draft
"Metaphors in the Tradition of the Shaman":
12Draft, 19 January 1990
13Manuscript draft
14Draft, 17 January 2002
15"A Movement of Women," foreword to This Way Daybreak, manuscript drafts 1985
"Mujeres que tienen lengua":
16Manuscript draft, 2 June 1991
17Manuscript draft 30 June 1991
18²"El Mundo Zurdo," essay notes
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "El Mundo Zurdo" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
19"Navigating Nepantla," manuscript drafts
20"Nepantla: Theories of Composition," manuscripts²
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Nepantla" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
21"Nepantla: the Theory and Manifesto," 1995
From GEA's gig at Villa Montalvo, October 1995.
"The New Mestiza Nation":
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "The New Mextiza Nation" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
22²Manuscript draft, 24 December 2001
23²Manuscript, 22 December 2001
24²"Patlaches: Chicana Dykes," manuscript draft
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Patlaches: Chicana Dykes" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
"The Poet Is Critic/The Poet Is Theorist":
25"The Poet As Critic, The Poet As Theorist": Speaking in Tongues, Dear Women Writers of Color, Carta Two, 4 April 1988
26Correspondence, J. McCorkle, 24 October 1988
27Manuscript draft revision, 20 November 1988
28Manuscript draft, 18 January 1990
621Manuscript draft, 6 February 1990
2Manuscript draft, 19 May 1999
3Manuscript draft, 22 May 1991
4Manuscript drafts, N.d.
5Manuscript draft, N.d.
6Manuscript drafts, N.d.
7Manuscript drafts, N.d.
8Manuscript fragments, N.d.
9Manuscript draft revision, with note for typist, N.d.
10Manuscript drafts with readers' comments, N.d.
11Manuscript drafts with readers' comments
12Manuscript drafts with readers' comments
13Manuscript drafts with comments, 1990
631Manuscript draft with comments, N.d.
3"Poetry and Magick: A Practicum for Developing Literary and Psychic Stills," N.d.
[Rough draft of book manuscript]
"Proving Ground: Theorizing Ethnic Art-making"
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Proving Ground: Theorizing Ethnic Art-making" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
Draft, 1 October 1994
Draft, 11 August 2000[?]
"Putting Coyolxauhqui Together: A Creative Process," Counterpoints 90, How We Work:
6Solicitation letter
7Drafts, December 1997
8Draft, 15 January 1998
9Draft, 18 January 1998
10Revisions, January 1998
11Draft, 2 February 1998
12Draft, 5 February 1998
13Draft, 7 February 1998
14Draft, 12 February 1998
15Draft, 17 February 1998
16Draft, 21 February 1998
17Draft, 26 February 1998
18Revisions, February 1998
[2 folders]
641Revisions, February 1998
2Draft, 12 March 1998
3Revisions, March 1998
4Draft, 25 June 1998
5Draft, 30 June 1998
6Revisions, June 1998
7Draft, n.d.
8Undated drafts
9Notes, n.d.
10Published version from Counterpoints: Studies in the Postmodern Theory of Education 90, "How We Work," c.1999
11¹"Queer Conocimiento," manuscript and notes
¹By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Queer Conocimiento" is closed to researchers until publication or release by the Trust.
12"Queer in a Queer Community: From an Interview," N.d.
13"Reading and Critiquing My Work," ["Critique Guide to Reading Anzaldúa"], 1994, N.d.
14²"Los remolinos de cambio/The Whirlwinds of Change," manuscript drafts
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Los remolinos de cambio/The Whirlwinds of Change" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
"Remolinos y Conocimientos":
15Manuscript draft, 9 February 2000
16Manuscript draft, 24 December 2001
17Research Proposal: Chicana Theory of Creativity, N.d.
18"Space and Identity of Place," manuscript draft
"Spiritual Activism: Making Altares, Making Connections":
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Spiritual Activism: Making Altares, Making Connections" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
19²"Spiritual Activism: Making Altares, Making Connections," 4 November 1996
20²"Spiritual Activism: Making Altares, Making Connections," 16 February 1999
22²"Spiritual Activism: Making Altares, Making Connections," n.d.
"S.I.C.: Spiritual Identity Crisis":
23"S.I.C.: Spiritual Identity Crisis," manuscript draft, 27 February 1999
23"Spiritual Identity Crisis," notes, 27 February 1991
24¹"S.I.C.: Geography of Illness," notes, 7 June 2002
¹By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "S.I.C.: Geography of Illness" is closed to researchers until publication or release by the Trust.
25"S.I.C.: Mal de Ser," notes, 15 October 2003
"Spiritual Mestizaje," Encyclopedia of Queer Myth:
26Manuscript with D. Williamson comments, 21 August 1991
27Manuscript draft, 9 November 1996
28Manuscript draft, 20 November 2003
29Manuscript drafts,
30²"Subjected To/By Others: The Extramodern Mestiza," manuscript
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Subjected To/By Others: The Extramodern Mestiza" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
65"To(o) Queer the Writer," Inversions: Writing by Dykes, Queers and Lexbians:
¹By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, versions of "To(o) Queer the Writer" after the 1991 published version are closed to researchers until publication or release by the Trust.
1Correspondence, B. Warland
2Manuscript draft, 19 June 1991
Manuscript draft, 9 April 2002
4Manuscript, editor's revisions
5Manuscript drafts
6Manuscript drafts
7Manuscript, R. Spafford comments
8Manuscript, Y. Venegas comments
9Interview transcript
10Manuscript, I. Lara comments
11Manuscript, V. Alcoset comments
12Manuscript with comments
13¹Dissertation manuscript with revisions
14¹Manuscript, deleted notes, 19 April 2002
15Published copy, 1991
16"Translations--silencio," manuscript draft, 7 April 1992
17"Violent Space, Nepantla Stage," manuscript, 20 March 1996
18"Vision," 1983
19²"What Moves in the Streets Like a Woman is Pounced On," speech draft, notes, flyers, 26 September 1981
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "What Moves in the Streets Like a Woman is Pounced On" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
10"The Woman Who Reads (Me)," manuscript draft 20 December 1997
21"Writing the Selves: Chicana/Colored Creativities," manuscript draft 30 November 1990
66Book Reviews
1"Another Mother Tongue," notes
2"Another Mother Tongue," J. Grahn published reviews
3"Another Mother Tongue," correspondence, [various], 1984
4"A Gathering of Spirit," Sinister Wisdom 22/23
5"Ixok Amar Go," manuscript drafts, 1988
6"Lesbian Ethics" manuscript draft with V. Alcoset comments, N.d.
7"Racism in the Lives of Women" handwritten draft, N.d.
8Comments on other writers' work, late 1980s
¹A drafted collection of Anzaldúa's short fiction. By request of the Anzaldúa estate the manuscript is closed until publication or release by the estate.
9Table of Contents
10¹"Entreguerras/Entremundos," notes
11¹Manuscript, n.d.
12¹Stories, handwritten drafts and notes
13¹"Instructions to the Author"
14¹"The Theorizing Subject"
15¹"Writing the Subject"
16¹Various stories, A-Z
17¹"De las Otras"
18¹"Dear P"
19¹"Resisting Possession"
20²"Seguin 15"
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Seguin 15" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Sleepwalker" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
22¹"Los Coyotes rabiosos"
23¹"Corrido de un marimacho"
24¹"Her Name Never Got Called"
25²"La Barranca"
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "La Barranca" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
26¹"Movidas Chuecas"
27¹"En el naranjal"
By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "En el naranjal" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
28¹"People Should Not Die in June in South Texas"
29¹"She Ate Horses"
671"The After-Death of Sabas Q," manuscript drafts, 1 October 1983
2"The Burial of Sabas Q," manuscript drafts, N.d.
"El Amoramiento/Love-sickness":
In folders labeled "El Amoramiento/Love-sickness" Anzaldúa kept this story variously titled "How I Found My Soul Mate," "Soul Mates," and finally "Ms. Right, My True Love, My Soul Mate."
3Manuscript drafts, 1984
4Manuscript draft, 1990-1992
5Manuscript drafts, 1995-1997
6Manuscript drafts, N.d.
7Comments, D. Williamson, 17 June 1991
8Manuscript, glossary
11Research clippings
"La Barranca":
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "La Barranca" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
12²Manuscript drafts, 1990-2001
13²Manuscript drafts, N.d.
14²Notes and readers' comments
15"Bright Beings," manuscript draft and notes, N.d.
681"El Caballo Negro" [children's story], manuscript draft, 1 August 1994
2"El Cambio/The Change," manuscript drafts, 1974-1990
"Canción de Cascabel":
²Includes an early version of "La Serpiente Que Come Su Cola." By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Canción de Cascabel" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
Early versions, "How She Finds 'Where the Vagina Is," and "Serpiente Que Come Su Cola," 1984
Early version, "Serpiente que Come su Cola," 1984, N.d.
"Canción de Cascabel," 1991-1994
"Canción de Cascabel," 2000-2001
"Canción de Cascabel," N.d.
"Chamana" [novella], 1997-1998[?]
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Remedios," part of "Chamana," is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
691"Los Comienzos--Su Niñez," manuscript drafts, N.d.
2"Columbus did not 'Discover' America," [children's story], 11 September 1991
"Coughing it out," manuscript draft, 15 October 1983
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Coughing it out" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
4"Los Coyotes Rabiosos de Mi Tía," N.d.
"The Crossing," manuscript drafts, N.d.
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "The Crossing" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
6"La cuna/The Cradle," 1994
7"La Curandera," "Trancing," "Angel Dust," manuscript drafts/journal entries
8"The Curandera's Apprentice" [children's story], 1994-1997
"De reojo/Out of the Corner of the Eye," 21 October 1996
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "De reojo" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
10 "Desarrollo," manuscript draft, N.d.
"Dolores en el cuerpo":
¹By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Dolores" is closed to researchers until publication or release by the Trust.
10¹"Dolores en el cuerpo" 1
11¹"Dolores en el cuerpo" 2
12¹"Dolores en el cuerpo" 3
13¹Undated manuscripts
14¹Editorial comments, P. Foster
70"The Dream of the Double-Faced Woman," manuscript draft, N.d.
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "The Dream of the Double-Faced Woman" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
"En el camposanto: largartijas en el sol/Lizards in the Sun," manuscript draft 31 March 1998
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "En el camposanto" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
"En el hocico del mar":
By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "En el hocico del mar" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
Early version
Manuscript drafts, 1994-2001
Manuscript drafts, N.d.
Readers' comments, 1995
"En el naranjal/In the Orange Grove":
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "En el naranjal/In the Orange Grove" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
Manuscript drafts, 1990-2001
Manuscript drafts, N.d.
Readers' comments
10²"En el lugar de las ánimas," manuscript drafts, 1983
Also titled "Con el alma en la boca" and "Soul."
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "En el lugar de las ánimas" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
11"En la Boca del Otro Mundo" [children's story], manuscript draft, N.d.
12²"En Nepantla," manuscript drafts, 1991-1992
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Nepantla" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
"Entremados de PQ":
Other titles include "The Wall, The Book and JQ: from El Mundo Zurdo and Other Stories," and "Las Paredas de PQ/PQ's Walls."
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Entremados" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
13²"The Wall, the Book and J.P. [J.Q.]," 1974-1983
14²"Las Paredas de PQ/PQ's Walls," N.d.
71"Entremados de PQ," manuscript drafts, 1992
"Entremados de PQ," manuscript drafts, 1994-2001
"Entremados de PQ," story fragments, N.d.
"Entremados de PQ," notes, glossary, 29 October 1998
"Entremados de PQ," notes, N.d.
6"Espanto or the Woman Who Lost Her Soul," N.d.
"Friends from the Other Side":
7Correspondence, Mendez, Consuelo, 1992
8Correspondence, Children's Book Press
9Research on children's literature
10Handwritten notes, 15 March 1989
11Manuscript draft, 7 May 1990
12Manuscript draft, 10 November 1989
13Manuscript draft, n.d.
14Manuscript draft, n.d.
15Manuscript, Spanish, n.d.
16Typeset pages
17Artwork with English and Spanish text
18Press clippings and publicity, 1993
"Ghost Trap":
19Manuscript, handwritten notes
20Manuscript drafts, 1990-1991
21Manuscript drafts, 1992-1993
22Manuscript draft, 1 March 1997
23Manuscript draft, 17 June 2002
24Manuscript drafts, n.d.
721"El gesto secreto/The Private Gesture," manuscript drafts; notes, April 1974; 8 December 1983
2"El Gesto Privado/The Secret Gesture," manuscript draft and introduction, 5 June 1998
3"La Gorda," manuscript draft, 10 September 1998
4"The ground of last resort," n.d.
"He Couldn't Find the Hole," handwritten notes 1999- 8 June 2000
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "He Couldn't Find the Hole" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust. SEE ALSO: "La serpiente que come su cola"
Also titled "Where Owls Dwell and Satyrs Dance" and "From the Glass Periphery By the Hole of the (White) Apocalyptic Ojo (I) He Says Never."
6Manuscript draft, October 1975
7Manuscript draft, edited by R. Conner, 22 October 1975
8Manuscript draft, c.1975
9Manuscript draft, 8 August 1991
10Magazine clippings/story ideas, June 1987
"La historia de una marimacho":
Also titled "El corrido de una marimacho."
11Manuscript draft, 16 September 1992
12Manuscript draft, N.d.
13"La Huerta/The Orchard," manuscript draft, 1974; 1989 rev.
14"The Hunger Artist," manuscript draft, 4 March 1974; 20 August 1991
15"In Uniform With Rifle," manuscript draft, n.d.
16"Instructions to the Author," manuscript draft, 17 June 2002
17²"Intersex," "Death is the Gringo," manuscript draft, 20 June 1991
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Intersex" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
18"The Lark," manuscript drafts 1984
19"Lechuza," dedicated to Alonso M. Perales, N.d.
20Manuscript drafts, 1991-1994
21Manuscript drafts, 1995-1998
22Manuscript drafts, N.d.
23Prepublication version, N.d.
"Like a Crow on the Wing":
Also titled "Urraca Prieta."
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Like a Crow on the Wing" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
24²Manuscript drafts, 1991-1995
25²Manuscript drafts, 1995-2001
1Manuscript drafts, 2000
2Manuscript draft, 26 January 2003
3Editor and reader comments
4Correspondence, Hall, Lynda
6"Mamagrande y la Curandera," manuscript drafts, 1991, 2002
7"Marimacho," manuscript draft, February 1984
8"Mita' y Mita'," manuscript drafts, 1984-1998
9"M/Other," 1992, 1994
10"El Mundo Zurdo," story collection, table of contents, 2 October 1983
11"My Nagual," "Suicide," manuscript draft, n.d.
12"Nightwriter: La Escritora," manuscript draft, 7 January 1998
13"No to March DC," 1995[?]
14"Noche de Lagartija/Night of the Lizard," 30 March 2001
15"Obsession," manuscript draft, n.d.
16²"El ojo de agua," manuscript draft, notes, 1992, 2003
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "El ojo de agua" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
17"Out of Body," manuscript drafts, n.d.
18"Outside la Prieta," notes, 25 October 1999
"El Paisano is a Bird of Good Omen":
19Manuscript draft, 15 February 1982
20Manuscript draft, 14 May 1992
21Manuscript drafts, 1992
22Manuscript draft, 1994
23Manuscript draft, 1 August 1995
24Manuscript draft, February-March 1996
25Manuscript draft, 26 March 1998
26Manuscript draft, 26 May 1998
27Manuscript draft, 13 February 2000
28Manuscript draft, 22 February 2001
741-8Manuscript drafts, N.d.
continued [8 folders]
9Manuscript draft, fragments, n.d.
10Notes, comments
11Student essays, 1984
12Page proofs
13"Pajarita," (She Ate Horses), manuscript draft, 1988
14"Pasante/Passer," manuscript draft, 17 July 1987
B²y request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Patlaches" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
15²Stories, manuscript drafts, A-O, 1988-1998
16²Stories, manuscript drafts, P-Y, 1990-1998
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Patlachuía" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
17²Manuscript drafts, 1982-1991
75"People Should Not Die in June," My Story's On: Ordinary Women (Extraordinary Lives), and Carving Out the Spirit:
1Manuscript drafts, 1983
2Manuscript drafts, 1989-1990
3Manuscript drafts, 1992
4Manuscript drafts, 1995-1997
5Manuscript drafts, 21 February 2001
6Manuscript drafts, n.d.
7Manuscript drafts, n.d.
8Readers' comments
9Published copy, N.d.
10²"Perdida," manuscript drafts 1991-1994
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Perdida" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
"Prietita and the Ghost Woman," Children's Book Press
11Correspondence, Children's Book Press, 1994-1995
12Manuscript, handwritten
13Manuscript drafts, 1989-1995
14Manuscript draft, 20 May 1995
15Manuscript drafts, n.d.
16Working notes
17Art mockups
19Manuscript, Spanish translation
20Publicity, 1996-2004
La Prieta
Anzaldúa wrote a number of autobiographical stories with the protagonist of Prieta. Most of the larger "Prieta" stories are listed alphabetically by title elsewhere in this section (SEE: "La serpiente que se come su cola," "La Barranca," "El Paisano Is a Bird of Good Omen" and others). Here are included smaller pieces as well as notes, author's statements, tables of contents, and other materials related to the planned publication of a Prieta book.
21Early Autobiography, 3rd Draft, N.d.
761Early Autobiograpy, Other, N.d.
2Early Autobiography, Notes
3"Dear P.," N.d.
4"Her Name Never Got Called"
5"La Prieta Is Dreaming"
6Various Pieces 1, N.d.
7Various Pieces 2
8Various Pieces 3
9Various Pieces 4 - Untitled
10Story Drafts and Notes
12Story Ideas/Clippings
13Prieta Stories Readers' Comments
14"Memoir: Notes for How Prieta Came to Write," 1997
15Personal Statement, "Prieta, Autobiography of a Chicana," N.d.
16Author Biography, Acknowledgements
17List of Possible Titles
18Notes, Tables of Contents
19Tables of Contents, 1990-1995
20Chronological Table of Contents, 1997-1999
771Cover Ideas
2Index, 1991-1994
3Correspondence, 1991-1992
"Prietita" Stories [for children]:
4"Prietita and the Grave Robber," Writing Outside "Prietita and the Grave Robber" 13 February 2002
5"Prietita y el ánimal nagual" 1994-1995
6"Prietita y su Popito," manuscript draft
7"Prietita's Second Encounter with Llorona" 18 June 1994
8Manuscript Draft Fragments, N.d.
9Notes and Research
10"Primera Comunión," manuscript draft, 2 August 1994
11Manuscript drafts, 1991-1994
12Manuscript drafts, 1998
13Manuscript drafts, N.d.
14Published version, N.d.
"Quelite/Movidas of a Baby Butch":
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Quelite/Movidas of a Baby Butch" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
15²Manuscript draft, handwritten, 1984-1985
16²"Quelite/Movidas," 1991-1995
17²Manuscript drafts, revised, 1997
18²"Remedios," manuscript drafts, 1991-1992
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Remedios" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
78"Retratos de la artista as a girl," manuscript drafts, 1992-1994
¹By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Retratos de la artista as a girl" is closed to researchers until publication or release by the Trust.
"La Salamandra Called Axolotl":
2Manuscript drafts, 1992-2002
3Manuscript drafts and research, n.d.
4"Scavengers," manuscript draft, 18 February 1985
5"Second Night Home From the Hospital," manuscript drafts, 1991; n.d.
"Seguin 15"
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Seguin 15" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
"Seguin 15/Her First Fuck"
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Seguin 15/Her First Fuck" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
"El segundo corazón," mansucript drafts, notes, 1992-2001
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "El segundo corazón" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
"La Serpiente Que Se Come Su Cola: The Death & Rebirth Rites-of-Passage of a Chicana Lesbian":
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "La Serpiente Que Se Come Su Cola" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
First draft, "Esperando la serpiente con plumas/Waiting for the Feathered Serpent," July 1981 - September 1982
10-11²Early autobiography, 1982
[2 folders]
79"La Serpiente Que Se Come Su Cola/He Couldn't Find the Hole," drafts
2-4²Original third draft
[3 folders]
5-8²"La Serpiente Que Se Come Su Cola," discards
[7 folders total]
801-3²"La Serpiente Que Se Come Su Cola," discards, continued
[remaining 3 folders]
"She Ate Horses" in Lesbian Philosophies and Cultures:
5Manuscript draft, March 1984
6Manuscript drafts, May 1984
7Manuscript drafts, June 1984
8Manuscript drafts, 1984
9Manuscript draft, 1987
10Manuscript draft, 1989
11Version 2, 1990
12Manuscript draft, 1991
13Manuscript draft, 1992
14Manuscript drafts, 1999
15Manuscript drafts, n.d.
16Manuscript draft, n.d.
811Manuscript drafts, n.d.
2Feedback/comments, notes
3Manuscript draft with comments
4Published copy, 1990
5Publicity, 1990
"Sleepwalkers," manuscript drafts 1991-1995
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Sleepwalkers" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
7"Signposts," manuscript drafts and "In the Shadow of La Chingada" n.d.; 12 March 2001
"Song of Cicadas," manuscript drafts 1995-1996
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Song of Cicadas" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
"Soul," manuscript drafts 1983
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Soul" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
10"The Stories and Their Process," manuscript draft 20 June 2002
"Susto in the City":
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Susto in the City" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
11²Manuscript drafts, 1995
12²Manuscript drafts, 2000-2003
13"Tlahuelpuchij the Blood-Sucking Witch-Vampire" 10 September 1998
14"The Vulva is an Open Wound," manuscript draft n.d.
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Werejaguar" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
Drafts, 1991-1998
Drafts, 1999 - 8 June 2000
Drafts, 9 June 2000 - 2002
Draft, N.d.
Notes, 21 June 2002
Notes, N.d.
7"Woman in the Basement," manuscript draft 7 July 1991
8"The Woman Who Had a Penis," manuscript draft 1983; 1991
9"Writing Outside Other Stories," notes 10 September 1998
10"Artista," glossary and endnotes 11 December 1995
11Early writing, notes, outlines 1961-1965
831Early writing, notes, drafts, outlines n.d.
2Fiction, author's notes 5 December 1994
3Fiction in Spanish, manuscript drafts 1990-2000
4Fiction, Index 3 January 1992
5Miscellaneous fiction, manuscript fragments, notes n.d.
6Short fiction, manuscript drafts/fragments 1992-2003
7Stories for gigs, N.d.
8Untitled novel/story manuscript 1965
9Untitled Western novel, outline and call for entries
10Young Adult stories, manuscript drafts 1997-2002
Story Ideas:
11Story ideas, pictures/clippings
12Story ideas, immigration and border security
13Story ideas, miscellaneous clippings
14Story ideas, clippings about nature/environment
15Story ideas, clippings about women and gender
16Story ideas, astrology/psychic/supernatural
17Story ideas, notes
18Story ideas, mystery/writing clips
19Story ideas, clippings about Tejano music
20Story ideas, clippings about health
La Chingada: A Poem-Play
A book length poem or play.
¹By request of the Anzaldúa estate, the manuscript is closed until publication or release by the estate.
Manuscript drafts, 1979
Manuscript drafts, 1979-1980
Manuscript drafts, 1980
Manuscript drafts, N.d.
5Lists of titles [various]
6Tables of contents [various]
7"The Basque Brujas"
8"Lady Salamander," manuscript, 1990-2001
9Handwritten Table of Contents and Whitman rejection
10Manuscript and index, 1990-2002
11"Interface," 25 November 1995
12"La vulva es una herida abierta," 2 August 1994
14"Possibles," manuscript, 1983-1984
15Tables of contents
16 Manuscript, n.d.
851Manuscript, 1997
2"Our Lady Babylon," 1976-1977
"Tres Lenguas del Fuego":
¹Drafted collection of Anzaldúa's poetry. By request of the Anzaldúa estate the manuscript is closed until publication or release by the estate.
Manuscript, 1980
"Lenguas de Fuego," 1990-2001
Individual Poems:
5Manuscript drafts, A-E [various], 1976-1990
6"460 years later," N.d.
7"The Alien," manuscript drafts, 1980
8"Antigua, mi diosa/Ancient, My Goddess"
9"Arriba Mi Gente," manuscript drafts, 1981-1982
10"Atravezando Fronteras/Crossing Borders," N.d.
11"El baile de huesos/The Bone Dance"
12"The Ballad of an Insomniac," manuscript drafts
13"Basque Brujas," 1991
14"Belly Thigh Throat," 1985
15"The Blind and the Mute: A Journal Entry," 1985
16"Buses don't run on Sundays, Amigo," 1983-1985
17"Cagado abismo, quiero saber/Cowardly abyss, I want to know," manuscript drafts, 1983-1985
18"Call me Quetzalito," 10 March 1976
19"Canción de la Diosa de la Noche," manuscript drafts, 1980
20"The Cannibal's Canción," manuscript drafts, 1977
21"Cantiga de Amiga," 1979-1980
22"Cat o' nine," 1979-1980
23"Coatlicue," manuscript drafts, 1985
24"Come into a deep flower, night woman," 1980
25"The Coming of el Mundo Zurdo," 1977
26"Compañera, Cuando Amábamos," manuscript drafts, 1984
27"Corner of 50th and Fifth Avenue," manuscript drafts, N.d.
28"Courting Death," 1976, 1979
29"Creature of Darkness," manuscript drafts, 1985
30"La Criatura Nueva," manuscript drafts, 1983
31"Cuando Me Paro; Un Palinode," 1978
32"La Cuna," N.d.
33"The Curse," N.d.
34"Cuyamaca," 1983
861"Dancing with Death," 1980-1991
2"The Dark Muse," 1979
3"Del Otro Lado," 1983
5"Despierto en el monte," manuscript drafts
6"Desterrada," 1983-1984
7"Do Not Disturb," 1990
8"Dogs Loved Me," 1984
9"Don't Give It a Name"
10"Don't Say Good-bye When You've Already Left," 1979
11"Dumb Self"
12"En el nombre de todas las madres," 1984
13"En mi corazón se incuba," 1983
14"Encerrada en mi cuarto," 1983-1985
15"Encountering the Medusa," 1985
16"Enemy of the State," 1985
17"Entering into the Serpent," 1985
18"El Entierro," 1977-1985
19"La Español y el Moro," 1979
20"Esperando me pasa la vida," 1979-1982
21"Esta mujer"
22"Exited," 1984
23Manuscript drafts F-L [various], 1978-1985
24"Fallen Angel"
25"Finis," 1985
26"Four Purple Hearts"
27"Gente de Sombra," 1984
28"Getting closer, getting closer"
30"The Green Hunger," 1981
32"Háblame, Pluma," 1983
33"Haciendo Madres"
34"Hard Like a Razor's Edge"
35"Heart that is Open," 1980
36"Hija de Cihuacoatl (La Llorona)"
37"The Hollow," 1982-1983
38"Holy Relics," 1979
39"Holy Writ," 1984
40"Holy Write" ("Watcher in the Night), 1980
41"Horse," 1984-1985
42"How To," 1978
43"How We Became Nopal," 1985
44"I am Eagle, I am Live Serpent," 1984-1985
45"I am not a phallic woman"
46"I crawled away from you, Raza"
47"I Had to Go Down," 1984-1985
48"Immaculate, Inviolate," 1984-1985
49"In My Throat an Imprisoned Crow Screeches," 1981-1983
51"The Intruders," 1984-1985
871"Juana la Loca," 1979
2"Jonah and the Greek Heroine," 1979
3"Lady Babylon," 1978-1983
4"Letter Friend Could Have Written," 1979
5"Life, I Protest," 1979-1990
6"Like a Swarm of Bees Slumbering"
7"Links Are"
8"Little Dragon," 1980
9"Love is a Meadow"
10"The love wait," 1977, 1984
11Manuscript drafts M-S [various], 1976-1985
12"Un Mar de Repollos," 1983-1985
13"Matriz sin Tumba"
14"Meditando en el cambio de las cosas"
16"Mito Moderno: I Going" and "Mito Moderno: II Llegando"
17"Mito Moderno: IV On the Way There"
18"Mito Moderno: VII Letting Go"
19"Mojadita," 1984
20"Mujer Cacto," 1993
21"Musa Bruja," 1979-1984
22"My Black Angels," 1980
23"My Horse"
24"Never, Momma," 1979
25"The New Alice"
26"The New Speakers"
27"Night of the Hearing of Faults," 1980-1985
28"Night Sea Journey"
30"Nigredo/La Negra," 1978
31"nomás allí puedo," 1978
32"Nopalitos," 1984-1985
33"The Occupant"
34"Old Loyalties," 1985
35"Off the Coast of Texas in a Canoe," 1985
36"One day I learn to come," 1983
37"El Otro Lado: Una Lucha de Fronteras/A Struggle of Borders" (chapter 1, Borderlands), 1983
38"Out of Control and in Convulsions," 1983
39"Overcoming the tradition of muteness"
2"Poet," 1985
3"Poets Have Strange Eating Habits," 1985
4"The Presence," 1984
5"Protean Being"
6"Recipe," 1977
7"Return to the Body"
8"Ritual," 1980
9"Senses Droning in the Sun's Warmth"
10"Serpent Woman"
11"Seven Cats on the Veranda"
14"A Small Growing Fire," 1979
15"The Smell of Love," 1983
16"Sombra," 1982-1983
17"Song in d small letter," 1976
18"Song of the Wall/Sullen Mestiza"
19"Soul," 1983
20"Spic Dyke Mamacita," 1983
21"Stuck," 1984
22Manuscript drafts T-Z [various], 1978-1985
23"Tejas, Why Do You Call Me?," 1980-1982
25"Terror," 1985
26"There in the Dark," 1985
27"This Fear"
28"The Tiger," 1979
29"Tigers fear elephants," 1984
30"Tihueque," 1975
31"To Live in the Borderlands means"
32"Tomas con luz tu estado," 1979
33"Tongues of fire," 1980
34"Tres mujeres en el armario/three women in the closet," 1982
35"Tres Pájaros Perdidos," 1979-1980
36"Trompillo (Silverleaf Nightshade)," 1985
38"Vulnerada voy," 1983-1984
39"la vulva es una herida abierta"
40"The Water Doesn't Breath," 1980
41"We Call Them Greasers," 1985
42"When Her Hand Touched Me," 1985
43"Who is always awake, who is mute," 1984
44"Who's who"
45"Winter's Coming On, Leaves," 1976, 1984
46"Wolf," 1982, 1984
47"A Woman Appears to Santa Teresa," 1979
48"Woman Gone Fishing," 1984
49"A woman lies buried under me," 1979-1980
50"the woman who lived forever"
51"A Work of Orifice," 1984
52"Yemaya," 1980
53"Yo no fui, fue Tete"
54"You are poet (para Randy)," n.d.
891Early manuscripts, 1969-1976
2Early manuscript drafts, n.d.
3Poetry translations by Anzaldúa, n.d.
4Translations of Gloria Anzaldúa's work, n.d.
5Borderlands, Poetry translations
6R. Conner, translations
7Poetry for readings
8Assistant to-do lists, 1990
9Poetry notes, N.d.
Editorial Work
Chicana/Latina Anthology:
10Table of Contents and Introduction, n.d.
11Call for contributions, n.d.
12Call for contributors, 22 November 1991
13Call for submissions, 21 January 1992
14"An Evolving Chicana Feminist Literary Theory," 7 April 1990
15Theory Introduction, manuscript fragment, 27 May 1992
16Project description, 11 March 1993
17Correspondence, G. Winston, Simon & Schuster 1 April 1993
18Encyclopedia Chicana, book proposal for "Chicanas/Latinas in the U.S."
19Encyclopedia Chicana, clippings
20Heath Anthology selections, N.d.
A note by the Anzaldúa Literary Trust reports "Gloria was approached to help edit a new Heath Anthology -- this appears to be research."
21Latina Lesbian Anthology
Mestiza Consciousness Anthology:
22Call for submissions
24Correspondence - University of Arizona Press 1990-1993
901Correspondence - S.F. Fishkin 1990-1993
2Submissions, A-E [various]
3Submissions, G-O [various]
4Submissions, P-Z [various]
"De Las Otras":
5Call for materials 1987
6Call for materials 1990
8-9Submissions (various)
[2 folders]
91Early UCSC dissertation, 1990s
1Dissertation abstract
2Bibliography, 13 January 1992
3Bibliography, 1 February 1992
4Bibliography on colonization/decolonization, 1991
5Bibliographies, 1990-1991
6Chicana Feminist theory work plan
7FRA Research Application, Winter 1990
9"Introduction," manuscript draft
10Handwritten drafts, notes
11La Llorona book, manuscript draft, 1 May 1990
12"Lloronas book," notes, 28 July 2002
13Llorona/space, notes for gigs
14Orals reading list, 21 October 2001
15Outline and index notes
16Poetry drafts and notes
18Prospectus outline, handwritten notes
19"Prospectus," manuscript drafts and notes
20Prospectus, manuscript drafts, n.d.
21Prospectus, reading list, creative non-fiction bibliography, 30 May 1991
22Prospectus description, 20 May 2002
23Prospectus, chapter outlines, 21 October 2001
24Prospectus, description, 20 May 2002
25"Revisions to include in Llorona 2," 22 November 2001
26Survey on La Llorona
27Tables of contents, Index, 1991
28Table of Contents, index
29"Autobiography and Landscape in Chicana Literature," notes, 9 July 1990
30²"Auto-historias," manuscript draft and notes, N.d.
921"Born Under the Sign of the Flower," notes
2"Born Under the Sign of the Flower," versions A & B
3"Born Under the Sign of the Flower," first draft 25 November 1987
4"Born Under the Sign of the Flower," manuscript drafts n.d.
5"Born Under the Sign of the Flower," manuscript draft 4 April 2002
6"Born Under the Sign of the Flower," manuscript draft n.d.
7Chicana Space, Ground of Being, dissertation outline 6 February 1990
8Chicana Space, Ground of Being, dissertation outline 19 March 1990
9Chicana Space, Ground of Being, dissertation outline 21 March 1990
10"Chicana Space, Grounds of Being," proposal drafts Spring 1988
11"Chicana Space, Grounds of Being," proposal drafts 1989
12"Chicana Space, Grounds of Being," proposal drafts n.d.
13"Cultural Memories and Horror Movies" 9 March 1996
14"desarrollo, Economy of Self-Development" 26 September 1989
15"En estilo mestizaje," manuscript draft 1989-1990
16"Ethnic Autohistoria-teorías" 1989
17"Ethnic Autohistoria-teorías" 1989-1990
18"Ethnic Autohistoria-teorías: Writing the History of the Subject" 6 March 1990
19"Ethnic Autohistoria-teorías: Writing the Personal and Collective Histories of the Subject" 10 April 1990, 9 July 1990
20"Ethnic Autohistoria-teorías: Writing the Personal and Collective Histories of the Subject," manuscript drafts 29 September 1990, n.d.
21"Ethnic Autohistoria-teorías: Writing the Personal and Collective Histories of the Subject," manuscript drafts
931"Hauntings of la Llorona," 19 October 1989
2"The Hauntings of La Llorona," manuscript drafts, n.d.
3"notes-horrific," 9 November 1994
4"horrific, selections," 6 March 1999
5"ID," manuscript draft, 21 May 1989
"Identity-Subject to Changes":
¹By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Identity-Subject to Changes" is closed to researchers until publication or release by the Trust.
"ID-Subject to Changes," manuscript draft 30 November 1989
"ID-Subject to Changes," manuscript drafts, versions i and ii
"ID-Subject to Shiftings," manuscript draft 4 July 1990
"ID-Subject to Shiftings," manuscript draft 14 June 1991
10¹"ID-Subject to Shiftings," manuscript 22 December 2001[?]
11¹"ID-Subject to Shiftings," manuscript with comments
12¹"ID-Subject to Shiftings," manuscript draft with comments
13"Insomnia" n.d.
14"Llorona, the Woman Who Wails: Chicana/Mestiza Transgressive Identities" 8 June 2002[?]
15"Llorona, the Woman Who Wails: Chicana/Mestiza Identities," manuscript drafts, n.d.
16"Llorona, the Woman Who Wails: Chicana/Mestiza Identities," reader's comments
17"Llorona, the Woman Who Wails," notes
18"La Llorona tells her story" 25 November 1995
19"Lloronas y la víbora," manuscript draft 19 June 1989
20"La llorona y la víbora que se mete por allá" 19 June 1989
21"La llorona y la víbora," manuscript draft June 1989
22"La llorona y la víbora," T. de Lauretis critique 8 September 1989
941"La llorona y la víbora," manuscript drafts n.d.
"Mujeres Que Cuentan Vidas"²:
²By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, "Muheres Que Cuentan Vidas" is open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
Autohistorias-teorías, "Mujeres Que Cuentan Vidas," manuscript drafts with readers' comments, 1990
Autohistorias-teorías, "Mujeres Que Cuentan Vidas," manuscript drafts with readers' comments, 1990
"Mujeres Que Cuentan Vidas: Personal and Collective Narratives that Challenge Genre Conventions" 27 July 2002[?]
Autohistorias-teorías, "Mujeres Que Cuentan Vidas," manuscript drafts, n.d.
"Noche y su nidada/Night and Her Nest":
6Manuscript drafts, extra copy, 21 May 1989
7Manuscript draft, Spring 1989
8Manuscript drafts, 1989
9Manuscript drafts, 1990
10Manuscript draft, n.d.
11Manuscript with comments
12Manuscript with comments
13Manuscript with comments
951"Las pasiones de la Llorona," manuscript draft 26 September 1989
2"The Poet is Critic/The Poet is Theorist" 7 June 1989
3"Poet is Theorist," manuscript draft
4"Post-modern mestiza," manuscript draft 26 September 1989
5"The Queer Chicano," "Born Under the Sign of the Flower" 8 November 2001
6"Rampas de entrada, an Introduction" n.d.
7"Rampas de salida: Writing with the Left Hand" n.d.
8"Reconocimientos and Producing Knowldege: The Postmodern Llorona" 20 December 1997
9"Self-Representation and Identity," two manuscript drafts, letter to exam committee, and notes 6 June 1990
10"Self-Representation and Identity" 30 September 1990
11"Self-Representation and Identity in Contemporary Ethnic/Other Autobiography," manuscript draft n.d.
12"Subjected To/By Others: The Post Modern Mestiza Subject 12 May 1990
13"Subjected to/by Others," manuscript draft n.d.
14"The Woman Who Writes," manuscript draft 27 July 1990
15"Writing on the Edge of Stress," dissertation poem, drafts and a critique n.d.
16"Writing the Selves," manuscript draft and notes
17"The Writing Subject," manuscript for dissertation 25 May 1990
18"The Writing Subject," manuscript for dissertation n.d.
19"The Writing Subject," manuscript draft n.d.
20"The Writing Subject," manuscript draft n.d.
96UCSC Dissertation, 2004
¹By request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, with the exception of materials created prior to 2000, Anzaldúa's most recent UCSC dissertation is closed to researchers until publication or release by the Trust.
Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, 13 April 2004
Chapter annotations, 13 April 2004
Notes, articles
"Border Arte," 30 May 2002
"Flights of Imagining," June 2002
"Flights of Imagining," notes, 12 January 2004
"Flights of Imagining," 8 April 2004
"Geography of Selves (Nos/Otras, Nos/Otros)":
²Note that folders 8-9 of "Geography of Selves" are open to researchers, but at the request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust no photocopying is allowed.
"Reimaging Identities: The Geography of Our Many Selves," Davies Forum Talk, 9 May 1996
Nos/otras, lecture notes
10¹Nos/otras, notes
11¹Nos/otras, manuscript draft, 25 February 1998
12¹Nos/otras, drafts, 28 October - 30 October 1999
13¹Correspondence, 1999-2000
14¹Nos/otras, manuscript draft, 18 December 2001
15¹Nos/otras, manuscript draft, 25 December 2001
16¹Nos/otras: The New Tribalism, 10 November 2002
17¹Nos/otras, manuscript draft, 11 November 2002
18¹Nos/otras: The New Tribalism, manuscript draft, 22 November 2002 - 22 January 2003
19¹La Trojan Burra, 19 March 2003
20¹Nos/otras, manuscript, 15 October 2003
21¹Manuscript drafts, 18 February 2003
22¹Geographies of the Self, manuscript with A.L. Keating comments, 3 March 2003
23¹Geographies of the Self, manuscript draft, 16 March 2003
24¹Geographies of Selves, manuscript, 16 March 2003
97Manuscript draft, May 2003
Manuscript draft, 18 May 2003
Manuscript draft, 30 May 2003
Manuscript draft, 12 June 2003
Manuscript draft, 8 July 2003
Manuscript draft with comments, 15 July 2003
Manuscript draft, 16 July 2003
Manuscript draft, 24 September 2003
Manuscript drafts, 14 October 2003
10¹Manuscript draft, 15 October 2003
11¹Manuscript draft, 17, 24 October 2003
12¹Manuscript draft, 28 November 2003
13¹"Nos/otras," 30 November 2003
14¹Notes, 15 January 2004
15¹Drafts with comments, 21 January 2004
16¹Manuscript drafts with comments, 13 March 2004
17¹Manuscript draft, 30 April 2004
98Geographies of the Self, manuscript drafts, n.d.
"3rd draft" and "Draft 5," n.d.
Geographies of the Self, manuscript draft with comments, n.d.
Nos/otras, manuscript drafts, n.d.
Reimaging Identities, manuscript, n.d.
"Gestures of the Body," 25 January 2003
"Gestures of the Body," 11 October 2003
"Gestures of the Body," 10 December 2003
"Gestures of the Body," 13 April 2004
10¹"Gestures of the Body," drafts with comments
11¹"Let us be the healing...," 25 September 2003
12¹"Putting Coyolxauhqui Together," 17 January 2002
13¹"Putting Coyolxauhqui Together," drafts with comments
14¹"Self In Community," 2001-2002
15¹"Theorizing Mestiza Style," manuscript notes, fragments
16¹"A writer's prayer," 4 April 2002
Other written works as a student:
University of Texas Master's Thesis, "John Skelton's The Bouge of Court: An Analysis":
17Early versions, 1971-1972
18Final thesis, 1972
[2 copies]
99University of Texas School Papers:
1"Art and Reality," 1973
2Composition/Creative Writing, 1973, N.d.
3"Quest of the Fantastic: Forms of Infraction and Transgression," 1976
4"Through the Blow-up," 1976
5"The New Fiction in Revolt: Its Transgressions," N.d.
6Various, 1970-1972
University of Texas Dissertation, "The Women's Quest in the Feminist Literary Movement"
7-9Manuscript draft, N.d.
[3 folders]
10"Contemporary Feminist Poetry," Notes for UT Dissertation, N.d.
1001"Contemporary Feminist Poetry," Notes for UT Dissertation, Printed Material
University of California Santa Cruz - School Material:
2Correspondence, 1987-1991, 2001
3Application Personal Statements, 1988
4Course Material
5Dissertation Materials, 1989-1990
6Dissertation Fellowship, 1991
7Evaluations, 1988-1992
8Feminist/FRA Grant, 1988-1991
9Letters of Recommendation,
10Registration Information and Forms, 1989-1992
11Paper, "Coraje por dentro: Superior and Inferiority," 1994[?]
12Paper, "Self-Representation and Identity in Contemporary Ethnic/Other Autobiography," 1990
13Various UCSC School Papers, 1988-1989
14Syllabus for Women of Color in the U.S. course, 1988
101Writing Notes:
Anzaldúa's papers included voluminous writing notes with various levels of indexing and identification as noted below. Some were labeled with an alphabetical categorization, some that were entered in her computer had related file names, some are in rough chronological categories, and a number are completely random. Despite their lack of arrangement, these notes provide much information and insight into Anzaldúa's thinking and creative processes.
Alphabetical Categories:
8 N1-N22
103Writing Notes from Computer:
Some of this material is the keyed in form of the handwritten notes in the section above. Folder titles are transcribed from the original folders or from the documents themselves. Dates are likely the date when the information was data entered, not when it was composed.
1G34, notes from November-December 1998
2G34-G82, N.d.
3H36, 1999
4H37, H47-H98, 1999
5I, J, K, L, 1999-2000
6K1-K42, 2000
7L1-L29, 2001
8Ann Arbor
9Books I've Read
10Border Discourse/Border Pedagogy
12Flora and Fauna
13Gen Notes
14Lectures on Themes and Theories: A Critique of White Feminism
15Mitología y religion de Mesoamérica
18Nonfiction Drafts
20Odds and Ends
21On Indigenous
22Phrases, Tex-Mex and Spanish
23Pre-writing Journal
24Raza Studies
26Sinister Wisdom: My Struggles with Writing
27Spiritual Activism
28Spiritual Traditions of Indigenous Mexicans
30Talks - Tell Stories
31Texas Lizards
1"Advanced Fiction Writing W401: Class notes, Techniques, Journal, Rough drafts, Story ideas," 1974
2"Notebook and journal on La Mujer Xicana," 1976
3Untitled Notebook, 1977
4Research Notebook, 1980
5Untitled Notebook, c.1983
6"Early drafts and essay notes," N.d.
1051Notebook, N.d.
2Small Notebook, 1964
3Small Notebooks, 1994-1997
4Small Notebooks, 2002-2003
5Small Notebooks, N.d.
6-7Notepads, N.d.
[2 folders]
8Small Notebooks, N.d.
Note Cards:
9Note Card File 1, N.d.
1061Note Card File 2, N.d.
2Note Card File 3, N.d.
3Note Card File 4, N.d.
4Note Card File 5, N.d.
5Note Card File 6, N.d.
1071Note Card File 7, N.d.
Various Writing Notes:
2Early story notes, 1980s
3Notes from 1983
4Notes from 1989-1990
5Notes from 1993
6Notes from 1994
7-10Notes from 1995
[4 folders]
11-13Notes from 1996
[3 folders]
1081-2Notes from 1996
[cont'd, 2 folders]
3-11Various, N.d.
[9 folders]
1091-11Various, N.d.
[11 folders]
1101-10Various, N.d.
[10 folders]
1111-6Various, N.d.
[6 folders]
112Speeches, 1986-2003
1"Aliens: Dynamic construction of U.S. Chicana/Latina Experience," talk presented at University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 6 October 1995
2"Another Rite of Passage," commencement address at Kresge College,
3California State University, Dominguez Hills, 12-14 September 1999
4Conference on Facing the Fear Together, Colorado Springs, 27 September 1997
5"The Cracks Between the Worlds and Bridges to Span Them," Tufts University, 22-24 February 1999
6"Creativity and Switching Modes of Consciousness," N.d.
7"A Critical Ethnographic Analysis of the Women of Color Caucus and The National Women's Studies Association," 29 September 1994
8Davies Forum, 1996
9"Embodying La Llorona: The Mestiza Border Writer and the Unspeakable," N.d.
10"En el munbdo vagando: Andariega, Artista, Activista, academista: Have Theory, Will Travel," N.d.
11"Escribir y resistencia/Writing and Resistance," University of Hawaii,
12"Exploring Cultural Legacies: Using Myths to Construct Stories of Modern Realities," Portales, New Mexico, 8-10 March 1999
13"In Our Own Words," University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign,
14"Internal Exile and Colón-ialism," N.d.
15Lesbian Community Conference, Aptos, California, 30 May 1987
16MLA Conference Panel Talk,
17"Moving Inside: Creative Writing and the I-State," Vermont College, 26 May 1986
18"Multicultural Talk," 1992
19National Council of Teachers of English and Conference on College Composition and Communication luncheon, 23 November 1991
20"Nepantla, Creative Acts of Vision," N.d.
21"Nos/otras: Chicana/Latina Identity y el movimiento macha," California State University Northridge, DATE?
22"Nos/otros: 'Us' vs. 'Them', (Des)Conocimientos y Compromisos," University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, 28-30 October 1999
23"On the Process of Writing Borderlands/La Frontera," Claremont Colleges, February 1991
24Princeton University Pachanga Conference, 26-28 November 1997
25"Queer Conocimiento," N.d.
26"Queers of Color," University of California Santa Cruz, 3 June 1999
27"Remolinos y Conocimientos -- Imagination and Global Community," 1995[?]
28"Road Story, Travail de camino: Artista/activista/academista," N.d.
29Simmons College, 19-21 October 1997
30Sonoma State University Heritage Month Lecture, 12 May 2003
31"The Technologies of Desire: Open Passion Systems," N.d.
32"Transforming American Studies," 2001 Bode-Pearson Prize Acceptance Speech, 2001
33Other, N.d.
113Interviews, 1982-2003
1Abrego, Melita, 1989
2Albrecht, Lisa, 1982
3Allen, Jeffner, 1990[?]
4Baldwin, Elizabeth, 1988
5Blackwell, Maylei, 1999
6Blake, Debbie, and Carmen Abrego, 1995
7Blanco, Patti, c.1991
8Cappellitti, Christina, 1993
9Choseed, Malkiel, 1997
10De la Peña, Terri, 1991
11disClosure, 1993
12Evans, Jamie Lee, 1998[?]
13The Feminist Memoir Project, notes, 1998
14Giannini, Natalia, Suzanne Kelly, and Holly Larson, 2001
15Henríquez, María, 1995
16Hernandez, Ellie, 1995
17Hernandez, Inéz, 1991
18Hernández, Mónica, 1999
19Ikas, Karin, 1997
20Irving, Kim, 1987
1141Jaramillo, Canela, 1991
Note: file does not include interview text
2La Güera, N.d.
3-5Lunsford, Andrea, 1996
[3 folders]
6Keating, AnaLouise, 1992
7Klepfisz, Irena, 1987
8Krebs, Nina, 1997
9Kyner, Trisha Anne, 1989
10Lara, Irena, 2002
11Lopez, Erin, 1997
12"P.G." (National Women's Studies Association), 1994
13Perry, Donna, 1992
14Pollock, Mary, 1983
1151Powell, Mary Clare, 1990
2Reuman, Ann, 1995
3Rigolloso, Marguerite, 1996[?]
4"S.H." in Trivia, N.d.
5SAIL (Studies in American Indian Literatures), 2003
6Simon, Leslie, 1995
7Sitesh, Aruna, 1991
Note: File contains no interview text
8Smuckler, Linda, 1982
9-10Valverde, Maya, N.d.
11Weiland, Christine, 1983
12Williams, Gaye, 1981
13Wolkoff, Garth, 1989
Interviews by Anzaldúa:
14"Juanita," N.d.
15Teish, Luisah, N.d.
16Unbound Feet, N.d.
17Wong, Nellie, 1978
18Various Interview Questions, 1993-2003
19Various Interview Notes, N.d.
116Works About Anzaldúa, 1988-2003
Includes works primarily about Anzaldúa as well as works with briefer references to her. Anzaldúa took an active interest in what was written about her work, and all these items were in her personal possession.
1Bibliographic Lists of Works About GEA, 2002-2003
2Alarcón, Norma. "Anzaldúa's Frontera: Inscribing Gynetics," Displacement, Diaspora, and Geographies of Identity (Durham: Duke, 1996)
Alarcón, Norma. "Conjugating Subjects: The Heteroglossia of Essence and Resistance," An Other Tongue: Nation and Ethnicity in the Linguistic Borderlands (Durham: Duke, 1994)
3Andrist, Debra D. "La semiótica de la chicana: la escritura de Gloria Anzaldúa," Mujer y literatura mexican y chicana: culturas en contacto 2 (Mexico City: Colegio de México, 1990)
4Batties, Shawn-Marie. "Listen to Her Hollers," 1991
5Behar, Ruth. "Expanding the Boundaries of Anthropology: The Cultural Criticism of Gloria Anzaldúa and Marlon Riggs," forthcoming in Visual Anthropology Review, 1993
6Bickford, Susan. "In the Presence of Other: Arendt and Anzaldúa on the Paradox of Public Appearance," Feminist Interpretations of Hannah Arendt (University Park: Penn State, 1995)
7Bodeen, Jim. Poems and letter from students, 1999
8Borich, Barrie Jean. "Nonficiton Writer-in-Residence Gloria Anzaldúa," A View from the Loft, N.d.
9Bradley, Paul. "This Bridge Called My Back and The Third Woman: The Politics of Third-World Women's Anthologies," Master's Thesis, 1996
10Browdy de Hernández, Jennifer. "West by Non-West: The Hybridized Subject in the Autobiographical Texas of Rigoberta Menchú and Gloria Anzaldúa," N.d.
11Brown, Monica A. "The New Mesiza in Action: Gloria Anzaldúa's Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza and J.L. Austin's Speech Act Theory," 1995
12Cappellitti, Christina Marie. "Communicating Secrets: Feminist Mergers of Public and Private Writing Styles," Master's Thesis, 1993
13Choseed, Malkiel Aaron. "T.S. Eliot, Roland Barthes, and Gloria Anzaldúa: Literary Theory in Practical Application," Bachelor's Thesis, 1997
14Clough, Patricia Ticineto. "Feminist Thought: Desire, Power and Academic Discourse," 1994
15Crawford, Lyall. "Talking Wild," ETC: A Review of General Semantics 52 (4), Winter 1995-1996
16Culbreth, Pamela. "A Personal Reading of This Bridge Called My Back," N.d.
17Embry, Marcus. "Cholo Angels in Guadalajara," 1994
18Endo, Stephanie. "Taking Flight," N.d.
19Fernandez, Ramona. "Trickster Literacy: Multiculturalism and the (Re)Invention of Learning," 1990
20Fisher Fishkin, Shelley. "The Borderlands of Culture: Writing by W.E.B. DuBois, James Agee, Tillie Olsen, and Gloria Anzaldúa," Literary Journalism in the Twentieth Century (New York: Oxford Univesity Press, 1990)
Fisher Fishkin, Shelley. Letter to the Editor of the New York Times Book Review, 13 May 1990.
Fisher Fishkin, Shelley. "Limning the Consciousness of the 'New Mestiza': Anzaldúa's Achievement in Borderlands/La Frontera," 1990
21Fleckenstein, Käthe H., and Karin Meissenburg. "Gloria E. Anzaldúa," Frauenliebe Männerliebe: Ein lesbisch-schwule Literaturgeschichte in Porträts (Stuttgart, Verlag J.B. Metzler, N.d.)
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Freedman, Diane P. "Writing in the Borderlands: The Poetic Prose of Gloria Anzaldúa and Susan Griffin," Constructing and Reconstructing Gender: The Links Among communication, Language, and Gender (Albany: SUNY, 1992)
4Freedman, Diane P. An Alchemy of Genres: Cross-genre Writing by American Women Poet-Critics (Charlottesville, Univ. of Virginia, 1992)
[manuscript draft]
5Gabriel, John. Letters from students, 1999.
6Garcia, Alesia. Abstract to "Reading, Rereading and Misreading Gloria Anzaldúa: Feminist Exoticization of the New Mestiza," 1993
7González, Deena J. "Masquerades: Viewing the New Chicana Lesbian Anthologies," Out/Look, Winter 1992
8Henríquez Betancor, María. "El concepto de autobiografía como creación de una memoria colectiva e identidad feminina en las obras de Norma Elia Cantú y Gloria Anzaldúa," Doctoral Thesis, 2003
9Hernandez, Inés. "Relocations Upon Relocations: Home, Language, and Native American Women's Writings," American Indian Quarterly, Fall 1995.
Hernandez, Inés. "Triumph is a sweet song--the one you know"; The Voices of Gloria Anzaldúa, Wendy Rose, and Joy Harjo," 1988
10Ipiña, Amy. "This Bridge Called My Back Enable a Collective Response to Counter History," 2002
11Jabbour-Lagocki, Judith. Untitled paper, 1990
12Jensen, Michelle. Review of Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism and the Future by Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards, The Nation, 11 December 2000
1181Kay/Kantrowitz, Melanie. Review of Borderlands/La Frontera, c.1988
2Keating, AnaLouise. "Back to the Mother? Feminist Mythmaking with a Difference," Feminist Interpretations of Mary Daly (University Park: Penn State Univ., 2000)
Keating, AnaLouise. "Crossing Over: Towards a Womanist Genealogy," Chapter 7 from Women Reading Women Writing: Self Invention in Paula Gunn Allen, Gloria Anzaldúa, and Audre Lorde [manuscript draft titled "Charting Thresholds: Transformational Identity Politics in Works of Paula Gunn Allen, Gloria Anzaldúa, and Audre Lorde"] (Philadelphia: Temple, 1996)
Keating, AnaLouise. "Getting Back to the Mother? (De)Constructive Origin Myths in the Works of Paula Gunn Allen, Gloria Anzaldúa, and Audre Lorde," 1993
Keating, AnaLouise. "Gloria E. Anzaldúa," N.d.
Keating, AnaLouise. "The Intimate Distance of Desire: June Jordan's Bisexual Inflections," Journal of Lesbian Studies 4 (2), 2000
Keating, AnaLouise. "Myth Smashers, Myth makers: Re(Visionary Techniques in the Works of Paula Gunn Allen, Gloria Anzaldúa, and Audre Lorde," forthcoming in Journal of Homosexuality, 1993
3Keating, AnaLouise. "Re(con)ceiving the Dark: Self and Identity in the Works of Paula Gunn Allen, Gloria Anzaldúa, and Audre Lorde," N.d.
Keating, AnaLouise. "Writing the Body/Writing the Soul: Gloria Anzaldúa's Écriture Mestizaje," N.d.
Keating, AnaLouise. "Writing, Politics, and las Lesberadas: Platicando con Gloria Anzaldúa," Frontiers 14 (1), 1993
4Kise, Madeline. "The Private Voices of Latinos in America," N.p., N.d.
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13McRuer, Robert. "Unlimited Access? Queer Theory in the Borderlands," 1994
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15Morales, Ofelia. "The Clash Between Cultures: Being a Mexican Woman, Raised in the United States," N.d.
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Includes a brief mention of Anzaldúa on second to last page.
5Saldaña Josie. "Queers, Cyborgs, Mestizas, Metaphors and Coalitions: Anzaldúa and Harraway: Explorations in the Construction of Divided Subjectivities and the Possibilities of Coalition Between Them," N.d.
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Yarbro-Bejarano, Yvonne. "Gloria Anzaldúa's Borderlands/La Frontera: Cultural Studies, 'Difference,' and the Non-Unitary Subject," forthcoming in Rearticulations: The Practice of Chicano Cultural Studies, N.d.
25Various poems inspired by Anzaldúa, 1991-2005


Gigs and Teaching, 1980-2003

Includes correspondence, publicity, administrative materials, and some written works. Most creative materials related to gigs--such as speeches, lectures, and stories--will be found in the Written Works series. A number of publicity posters for Anzaldúa's gigs can be found in the Oversized series, below.
120Chronological Gigs
1Women's Poetry Festival of San Francisco, 15-16 November 1980
2National Women's Studies Association, Humboldt State University, 16-20 June 1982
3MacDowell Colony, 19 August - 30 September 1982
4University of Illinois, 10 April 1983
5National Association for Chicano Studies XI, Eastern Michigan University, 14-16 April 1983
6Lesbians of Color Conference, Los Angeles, 8-11 September 1983
7Other Gig Correspondence, 1983
8General Conference Correspondence [and Notes], 1984
9Sixth Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, 1-3 June 1984
102nd Annual Empowering Women of Color Conference, Berkeley, 1-2 March 1986
11Women Against Racism Conference, University of Iowa, 11-13 April 1986
12"Creativity and Switching Modes of Consciousness," Lecture at Vermont Collect, 26 May 1986
13Conference on Women and Power, University of Southern Maine, 5-8 June 1986
14Sinister Wisdom Benefit, San Francisco, 18 April 1987
153rd Annual Empowering Women of Color Conference, Berkeley, 9 May 1987
16Lesbian/Gay Studies '87: Definitions and Explorations, Yale University, 30-31 October 1987
17International Scientific Conference on Gay and Lesbian Studies, Free University, 15-18 December 1987
18Other Gig Correspondence and Notes, 1987
1211Making Space: A Conference on Women's Creativity, UC Irvine, 11-13 May 1988
23rd International Feminist Book Fair, Montreal, 14-19 June 1988
3National Women's Studies Association Conference, University of Minnesota, 22-26 June 1988
4"En estilo mestisaje - In Writing I Cross Genres, I Cross Borders," Talk at Ithaca, NY, Fall 1988
5Lecture and Reading, Denison University, 30-31 January 1989
6Women Writers of the World, Sonoma State University, 22 March 1989
7Women In America Conference, Georgetown University, 6-8 April 1989
8Other Gig Correspondence and Notes, 1989
9Stanford University, 8 March 1990
10Bulkhead Gallery, Santa Cruz, c.12 March 1990
11National Association for Chicano Studies, University of New Mexico, 28-31 March 1990
1221University of California, San Diego, 21-22 May 1990 1990
2National Women's Studies Association Conference, University of Akron, 20-24 June 1990
3Literary Criticism Conference, Georgetown University, 21-22 June 1990
4Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 18 September 1990
5The Loft, Minneapolis, 21-22 September 1990
6"Making Face Making Soul," UC Berkeley, 20 October 1990
7American Studies Association, New Orleans, 1-4 November 1990
8Other Gig Correspondence and Notes, 1990
9Chicano Studies Program, Pomona College, February 1991
10National Association of Artists' Organizations, Washington, 10-14 April 1991
11National Association for Chicano Studies, Sonora, Mexico, 24-27 April 1990
12Commencement Address, Kresge College, UC Santa Cruz, 16 June 1991
13Preparing Alternative Responses to the Columbus Quincentennial, University of Wisconsin, 9-12 October 1991
14Rockefeller Humanist in Residency Program, University of Arizona, 14-18 October 1991
15National Council of Teachers of English, Seattle, 22-27 November 1991
16Modern Language Association, San Francisco, 27-29 December 1991
1231Other Gig Correspondence and Notes, 1991
2Ethnicity and Identity, Colorado College, 15-18 January 1992
3Talk on Multiculturalism, St. Olaf College, 7 March 1992
4Conference on College Composition and Communication, University of Cincinnati, 19 March 1992
511th Annual Gender Studies Symposium, Lewis and Clark College, 12-15 April 1992
6Imágenes de la Frontera Forum, Colegio de la Frontera Norte, 4 May 1992
7Identity in America, UNAM, 10-17 June 1992
8Novel of the Americas Symposium, University of Colorado, 8-25 September 1992
9Astraea National Lesbian Action Foundation, New York, 5 October 1992
10Rutgers University, Livingston College, 6-7 October 1992
11National Association of Artists' Organizations, Austin, 30 September - 4 October 1992
12Womyn's Concerns, Penn State, 2 November 1992
1241American Anthropological Association, San Francisco, 2-6 December 1992
2Miami Book Fair International, 1992
3Other Gig Correspondence and Notes, 1992
4Last Mestizas: Building Alliances Among Women, University of Rhode Island, 22 February 1993
5Women's Herstory Celebration, Stanford University, 21 February - 5 March 1993
6The Aesthetics of Community-Based Art Making, Getty Center, 3-7 March 1993
7UCLA Women, Culture and Society Lecture Series, UCLA, 4 March 1993
8Swarthmore College, 19 March 1993
9La Literatura: Contemporary Latino/Latina Writing, University of North Dakota, 24-26 March 1993
102nd Annual Lesbian, Bisexual, and Gay Studies Conference, University of Colorado, 2-3 April 1993
11Women's Week, University YW, 12-17 April 1993
12Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio State University, 16 April 1993
13The Fort Collins Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Alliance, Colorado State University, 5-10 April 1993
14Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Minneapolis, 20-21 May 1993
15Crossing Borders, Washington State University, 12 June 1993
16Inter-American Bookfair, Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, San Antonio, 7-10 October 1993
17Women Writers Conference, University of Kentucky, 20-23 October 1993
18Latino Weekend, SUNY Binghamton, 13-14 November 1993
19Nationalisms and Feminisms in the Americas, Toronto, 27-30 December 1993
1251Other Gig Correspondence and Notes, 1993
2Women and Culture, Southwestern University, 1-2 February 1994
3Claiming Our Place: Jews in a Multicultural Community, Berkeley Hillel, 20 March 1994
4Vassar College, 6 April 1994
5Utah Women's Studies and Women's Centers State Conference, Weber State University, 8-10 April 1994
6Southwest Symposium, University of New Mexico, 14-15 April 1994
7Perspectives on Sexism and Racism, St. Cloud State University, 5-7 May 1994
8National Cultures/Cultural Nations, University of Washington, 12-13 May 1994
9Latina/o Heritage Month, Williams College, 6-9 October 1994
10Women's Issues, Boston College, 24 October 1994
116th North American Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Studies Conference, University of Iowa, 17-20 November 1994
1261Chicana/Chicano Studies, UC Davis, 1994
2Feminist Memoir Project/Lesbian Studies, 1994
3Tejana Artists, Kingsville, 1994
4Other Gig Correspondence and Notes, 1994
5Mi Gente Founders' Week, Duke University, 21-24 February 1995
6Women's History Month, University of Hawaii, 20-22 March 1995
7Distinguished Visitors Program, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 10 April 1995
8Cultures of Latinas in the USA, Middlebury College, 19-22 April 1995
9Inservice with Bay Area Teachers, 6 May 1995
10César Chávez Memorial Lecture, UC Santa Barbara, 16 May 1995
11Hijas del Quinto Sol, Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, San Antonio, 6-8 July 1995
1271Hispanic Heritage Month, George Mason University, 19 September 1995
2Villa Montalvo Nepantla Project, October 1995
3Binder by GEA on Villa Montalvo Nepantla Project
4Distinguished Lecture Series, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, 6 October 1995
5American Women Writers of Color Conference, Ocean City, MD, 6-8 October 1995
6Other Gig Correspondence and Notes, 1995
7Día de la Mujer, Michigan State University, 16 February 1996
8Columbia University, 4-6 March 1996
9MACLA Exhibit, 16 March 1996[?]
10Lecture, University of Pittsburgh, 3 April 1996
11Hewlett Seminar in Community and Diversity, Pomona College, 18 April 1996
12Texas Union Distinguished Speaker, University of Texas at Austin, 24 April 1996
13Davies Forum Lecture, University of San Francisco, 9 May 1996
1Culture, Race, and Recognition, Stanford University, 16 May 1996
2Gay and Lesbian Pride Week, De Anza College, 10 June 1996
3Coming Out Week, Washington State University, 7 October 1996
4University of New Hampshire, 7-9 October 1996
1285-6Worlds of Thought Residency, Mankato State University, 13-17 October 1996
[2 folders]
7Charles Johnson Award Judging, Southern Illinois University, 1996
8Other Gig Correspondence and Notes, 1996
9Speak Out! [Speakers Bureau], 1996-1997
10Women's Herstory Month, California State University Northridge, 12 March 1997
11Readers, Writers, Registers, University of Florida, 27-29 March 1997
12Pitzer College Job, 23 April 1997
13La Mujer Latina Conference, University of Wisconsin, 25-26 April 1997
14Latino Convocation, Carleton College, 23 May 1997
15Hedgebrook, 23 June - 30 July 1997
16Residency, Djerassi, 2-26 September 1997
17Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment, Colorado College, 26-28 September 1997
1Latino Heritage Month, Simmons College, 20 October 1997
2Pachanga Conference, Princeton University, 27 November 1997
1293Other Gig Correspondence and Notes, 1997
4Martin Luther King, Jr., Celebration, Boise State University, 24 January 1998
5Feminist Theories of Knowing, Western Washington University, 29 January 1998
6Poets at the Lake, Our Lady of the Lake University, 7 November 1998
7Other Gig Correspondence and Notes, 1998
8Latino Center, Tufts University, 23 February 1999
9Exploring Cultural Legacies, Eastern New Mexico University, 9 March 1999
10Loyola, 24 March 1999
11Take Back the Night, UC Santa Barbara, 29 April 1999
12Women Studies Department, California State University Dominquez Hills, 13 September 1999
13Women's Studies Programs, University of Illinois, 29 October 1999
14Other Gig Correspondence and Notes, 1999
1Students of Color of Rackham, University of Michigan, 12 February 2000
1302Conocimiento in Dialogue, Stanford University, 17 February 2000
3Students of Color Conference, University of San Francisco, 4 March 2000
4Psychology at the Threshold, Pacifica Graduate Institute, 31 August - 4 September 2000
5Cultural Awareness Series, Mary Washington College, 3 October 2000
6Hispanic Heritage Banquet, Texas A&M University Kingsville, 13 October 2000
7Lecture, UC Santa Barbara, 18 November 2000
8American & World Cultures Speaker Series, Miami University, 29 November 2000
9Other Gig Correspondence and Notes, 2000
10Women's Studies Conference on Student Research, California State University San Bernadino, 3 March 2001
11SEWSA 2001 Conference, 17 March 2001
12National Association of Chicana Chicano Studies Conference, University of Arizona, 6-8 April 2001
13Space and Place, Lehigh University, 25-27 April 2001
14Public Speakers Bureau, Whitman College, 26 October 2001
15Other Gig Correspondence and Notes, 2001
16Public Speakers Bureau, Whitman College, 31 January 2002
17Practicing Transgression, Berkeley, 7-10 February 2002
18Other Gig Correspondence and Notes, 2002
1311The Difference, Power, and Discrimination Program, Oregon State University, 23-25 April 2003
2Denison University, 30 October 2003
3Other Gig Correspondence and Notes, 2003
4Other Gig Correspondence and Notes, N.d.
5Badges, 1989, N.d.
Lectures - Publicity:
6 1980s
7 1990s
8 N.d.
9Poetry Readings - Publicity, 1978-1991, N.d.
10Writing Workshops - Publicity, 1982-1992, N.d.
Transparencies for Gigs
11Nepantla Writing Workshop, 1995
12"Reading and Writing the Other: Invoking Cultural and Critical Authority," N.d.
13-17Transparencies for Gigs, N.d.
[5 folders]
The following three scrapbooks were originally organized by Gloria Anzaldúa. They have been kept in order, but removed from the original book for preservation purposes.
1Speaking Gigs
2Untitled Scrapbook
3Untitled Scrapbook
4Notes for Gigs, N.d.
Gigs That Didn't Happen:
Includes notes, some correspondence, and printed materials filed as potential gigs that Gloria Anzaldúa did not attend. Filed chronologically.
5 1990
6 1991
7 1992
8 1993
9 1994
10 1995
11 1996
12 1997-2002
13 N.d.
Various Writing Exercises², N.d.
²Note that by request of the Anzaldúa Literary Trust, Anzaldúa's writing handouts and exercises are open to researchers but cannot be photocopied until publication or release by the Trust.
2Writing Notes, N.d.
3Workshop Visuals, N.d.
4El Cenote Workshop, 1990[?]
Florida Atlantic University:
5Correspondence, 1998-2001
6Course Evaluations, 2001
Handouts², N.d.
Notes², N.d.
9Student Work, 2001
1341Syllabus and Student Information, 2001
2Latina Writers Support Group Workshop, 1983-1984
The Loft, Minneapolis, MN:
3Correspondence, Notes, Student Information, 1990
Handouts², N.d.
5Instructor Evaluations, N.d.
6Student Information and Writing, A-M [various]
7Student Information and Writing, O-Z [various]
Nepantla Writing Workshop², 1995
9New York Writing Workshop - Student Writing, N.d.
10Personal "Historias" Workshop, 1990[?]
San Francisco State:
11Flyers, Evaluations, 1980
1351Handouts and Notes, N.d.
2Speaking in Tongues Bilingual Writing Workshop, 1984
3Stanford University - Conocimiento, 2000
UCSC Women's Voices:
4Correspondence, Administrative, and Student Information, 1984-1986
5Handouts and Notes
6Student Writing, 1982, N.d.
7Student Writing, 1984
8UCSC Women's Words, N.d.
Vermont College:
9Correspondence, December 1984 - June 1985
10Correspondence, July 1985 - December 1985
1361Correspondence with Students, 1986
2Newspaper photograph of GEA, N.d.
3Notes and Printed Material, 1984-1986
4Weekend Writing Workshop, 1990[?]
137USCS Women of Color:
1Syllabi and Administrative, 1988 [1993]
2Handouts and Notes
3Visual Materials
4"Making Face, Making Soul" (Reader), N.d.
5Historias Reader, 1988
6"Women's Historias," Spring 1988
7"Women of Color Anthology," 1988[?]
1381Feminist Journal Writing Course: Student Information, 1980
2-5Feminist Journal Writing Course: Students' Work, 1980
[4 folders]
6Students' Information and Work, 1984
7Students' Work, 1985
139-1401-12Students' Work, Spring 1988
[12 folders]


Phone Logs, Calendars, and Address books, 1978-2004

141Phone Logs, 1988-2004
1Answering Machine Text, N.d.
2Phone Logs, September-October 1988
3 October 1988-April 1989
4 April-August 1989
5 September-November 1989
6 January-February 1990
7 March-April 1990
8 April-June 1990
9 June-October 1990
10 October 1990-March 1991
11 March-June 1991
12 June-August 1991
13 September-November 1991
14 December 1991-May 1992
15 May-September 1992
16 September 1992-February 1993
1421 February-December 1993
2 December 1993-August 1994
3 August 1994-February 1995
4 February-August 1995
5 August 1995-August 1997
6 August 1997-December 1998
7 December 1998-January 2000
8 February 2000-March 2001
1431 February-March 2001
2 April 2001-May 2004
3Various loose phone log materials, N.d.
4Scripts for answering machine, N.d.
Address Books
5Address book, c. 1991-1992
6-9Address books, N.d.
[4 folders]
10-12Various addresses, N.d.
[3 folders]
144Calendars, 1978-2004
1 1978
2 1979
3 1980
4 1981
5 1982
6 1983
7 1984
8 1985
1451 1987
2 1988
3 1989
4 1990
5 1991
6 1992
7 1993
8 1994
9 1995
10 1996-1997
11 1997-1998
12 2000-2001
13 2002-2004
14Calendar of birthdays [aide memoire], N.d.


Photographs and Audiovisual Materials, c.1955-2004

The list of Photographs and Audiovisual Materials, including audio and videotapes, may be found on Part 2 of this guide.


Subject Files and Collected Material

This list can be found on Part 2 of this guide.


Oversized and Artifacts

This list can be found on Part 2 of this guide.


Second Accession

This list, including more Biographical, Correspondence, Written Works, and Collection Materials, can be found on Part 3 of this guide.


Gloria Anzaldúa Library

The Benson Collection also holds books from Anzaldúa's personal library. Those volumes that include annotations or marginalia or are inscribed to Anzaldúa are described as such in the University of Texas Libraries catalog and can be located through a Mixed Keyword search for "Anzaldúa Library."
A complete list of volumes in Anzaldúa's personal library is being developed and can be accessed by inquiring at the Benson Rare Books and Manuscripts Reading Room.

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