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Carmen Lomas Garza Papers and Artworks, 1972-2011

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Creator Lomas Garza, Carmen
Title Carmen Lomas Garza Papers and Artworks
Dates: 1972-2011
Abstract Personal papers and original artworks by Mexican American artist and illustrator Carmen Lomas Garza.
OCLC Record No. N/A
Extent 8 linear feet plus artworks
Language Spanish and English
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Carmen Lomas Garza was born in Kingsville, Texas, in 1948. Inspired by her parent's activism with the American G.I. Forum, Lomas Garza joined the Chicano Movement of the 1960s and 1970s. She is a graduate of the Texas Arts & Industry University, Juarez-Lincoln/Antioch Graduate School, and San Francisco State University where she earned her M.A. in 1981. Lomas Garza is a recipient of numerous awards and has exhibited her work in galleries and museums across the United States.

Scope and Contents Note

"Cumpleaños de Lala y Tudy," 2003 © Carmen Lomas Garza

The personal papers of artist Carmen Lomas Garza include original artworks, books and manuscripts, press, and printed materials. Artworks currently include 20 framed works, nine unframed etchings, one paper cutout and one unframed digital print. Accessions to the archive and cataloging of materials are ongoing.


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Unrestricted. Cataloging of the archive is ongoing.

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Standard copyright restrictions apply. Requests for duplication or publication must be directed to the artist.

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The Carmen Lomas Garza Papers and Artworks are classified under the following Subject Headings:
Lomas Garza, Carmen--Archives
Mexican American art--Pictorial works
Hispanic American art--Pictorial works

Related Material

Lomas Garza was the featured guest in the Benson Collection's 2009 ¡A Viva Voz! annual celebration of Mexican American history and culture. An online exhibition of some of the artworks exhibited during the event can be found at

The Benson Latin American Collection also holds published works and video recordings of Ms. Lomas Garza. Consult the University of Texas Libraries' on-line catalog for location information.

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Box and Folder Inventory



OV Framed Prints, 1982-2007:
¹These Carmen Lomas Garza prints were acquired through a gift to the University of Texas Libraries by Linda Abbey and Mark Hayward.
1 "Baile," 2001.
[color lithograph print, 16/80; #PR01.1]¹
2 "Cakewalk," 1983.
[etching print, 10/100; #PR83.1]
3 "Cakewalk 2003," 2003.
[IRIS giclée digital print on paper, 5/180; #DPR03.6]¹
4 "Camas Para Sueños," 1993.
[color lithograph print, 38/85; #PR93.1]¹
5 "Cumpleaños," 1982.
[color etching, 39/50; #PR82.1]¹
6 "Cumpleaños de Lala y Tudi 2003," 2003.
[IRIS giclée digital print on paper, 7/180; #DPR03.4]
Acquired through a gift by the artist.
7 "Curandera 2004," 2004.
[Epson giclée digital print on paper, 7/180; #DPR04.3]¹
8 "Earache Treatment," 1998.
[color lithograph print, 13/20; #PR98.1]¹
9 "Earache Treatment/Ventosa 2007," 2007.
[Epson giclée digital print on paper, 16/180; #DPR07.1]¹
10 "Heaven and Hell" 6, 1990.
[color lithograph print with gold leaf, 12/45; #PR90.2]¹
11 "Lessons," 1989.
[color lithograph print, AP; #PR89.1]¹
12 "Nopalitos 2000," 2000.
[IRIS giclée digital print on paper, 22/90; #DPR00.1]¹
13 "Nopalitos (State II)," 1992.
[linoleum block print, 59/90; #PR91.2]¹
14 "Ofreciendo Flores: Lo Real Maravilloso," 1987.
[color serigraph poster for exhibition, 4/90; #PR87.2]¹
15 "Las Peleoneras," 1988.
[color lithograph print, 81/100; #PR88.1]¹
16 "Quinceañera 2006," 2006.
[Epson giclée digital print on paper, 28/180; #DPR06.1]¹
17 "Sandía," 1997.
[color lithograph print, 58/85; #PR97.1]¹
18 "Sandía Fria/Pedacito de me corazón," 1987.
[color serigraph, 18/92; #PR87.1]¹
19 "Tamalada 2003," 2003.
[IRIS giclée digital print on paper, 4/180; #DPR03.2]¹
20 "Tito's Gig on the Moon 2004," 2004.
[Epson giclée digital print on paper, 4/180; #DPR04.2]¹
1 Etchings, 1972-1974:
1 "Curandera," 1974.
Artist proof; 48.3 x 56.4 cm.
2 "Jardín," N.d.
3/10 II; 29.6 x 32 cm.
3 "Lotería - Primera Tabla," 1972.
7/8; 38.2 x 41 cm.
4 "Lotería - Tabla Llena," N.d. [1972]
4/13 II; 42.6 x 53.7 cm [2 versions]
The 1972 version is a framed copy of this etching held in oversized framed storage.
5 "Raspas Con Nieve (Corner of Santa Gertrudes and 9th, Kingsville, Texas," 1972.
1/8; 33.7 x 26.4 cm.
6 "Raspas Con Nieve," N.d.
8/10 II; 21.6 x 29.5 cm.
7 "Tabla Favorita de Tía Tencha," 1972.
37 x 46 cm.
8 Untitled [baby], 1972.
23.5 x 28 cm.
2 Paper cutout:
1 "Jugando Canicas," N.d.
Paper cutout; framed, under glass; 26 x 31 cm.
OV Unframed Prints, 2011:
2 "Empanadas," 2011
EPSON digital reproduction print on archival paper, 24 x 29.5 in., 7/180.
Acquired through a gift by the artist.


Books and Manuscripts

box folder
3 1 Papel picado booklet, 1984
2 Magic Windows/Ventanas mágicas book and manuscripts, 1998-1999
3 Making Magic Windows book and manuscripts, 1998-1999


Printed Material

box folder
4 1 T-shirts with Lomas Garza artwork
2 Publications with design or artwork by Lomas Garza



box folder
2 2 "Carmen Lomas Garza: Arte." Magazín: la revista del Mexicano de Tejas 1(9), September 1973.


Video and Audio Recordings

3 Video Recordings:
1 "Aqui y Ahora," KTVU, San Francisco, April 1982
[1 Umatic S videotape]
2-3 "Carmen Lomas Garza: Pintora de Monitos," interview by I.V. Studios, Elizabeth Sher, 1983
[1 Umatic-S and 1 VHS videotape]
4 En Camino #312, "Latino Artists/Artistas Latinos," KRCB TV, Rohnert Park, CA, 1988
[1 VHS videotape]
5 "Hispanic Achievers," KGO-TV, San Francisco, 1988
[1 VHS videotape]
6 "Hispanic Art in the United States: The Texas Collection," De Colores Productions, 1988
[1 VHS videotape]
7 Studio footage for "Frida Kahlo: Portrait of an Artist," KQED, San Francisco, 1988
[1 VHS videotape]
8 "Day of the Dead: A West Michigan Celebration," 1990
[1 VHS videotape]
9 "Día de los Muertos Ofrenda para Antonio Lomas/Day of the Dead Homage to Antonio Lomas," I.V. Studios, Hope College, Holland, MI, October 20 - December 2, 1990
[1 VHS videotape]
10 "2 Ofrendas for Day of the Dead,": 1-Hope College, Holland, MI, 1990; 2-Smith College, Northhampton, MA, 1992
[1 VHS videotape]
11 "Homenaje a Tenochtitlan: An Installation for Day of the Dead," Smith College, Northhampton, MA, October 2 - November 22, 1992
[1 VHS videotape]
12 Dub of raw footage, Smith College Museum of Art, Northampton, MA, "Homenaje a Tenochtitlan," 1992
[1.5 hours; 1 VHS videotape]
box folder
4 1 Tenochtitlan Expanded Version, Rough Cut [for content only], 1992
[1 VHS videotape]
2 Dub of Interview of Carment Lomas Garza in studio, for "Homenaje a Tenochtitlan," 1992
[1 VHS videotape]
3 "Hispanic Heritage Month" Profiles, KQED, San Francisco, 1993
[1 VHS videotape]
4 "Pedacito de mi Corazon," lecture at San Jose City College, introduction by Carmen Castellano, 6 May 1993
[1 VHS videotape]
5 "Celebrate a World of Difference," ScottForesman company, 1994
[1 VHS videotape]
6 "What Follows," Visiting Artist Series lecture, University of Colorado, 1994
[1 VHS videotape]
7 "The VIDA Awards," June 20, 1995
[1 VHS videotape]
8-9 "Homenaje a Tenochtitlan: An Installation for Day of the Dead," documentary directed by Elizabeth Sher, I.V. Studios, 1996
[2 VHS videotapes]
10 Steinbaum Krauss Gallery presents Carmen Lomas Garza, "Cuadros de Recuerdos de una Artista Chicana," 1996
[1 VHS videotape]
EMG Networks Presents: Author's Desk with Carmen Lomas Garza, December 2, 1998
11 EMG Networks Presents: Author's Desk with Carmen Lomas Garza, 1:00-1:30 PM, December 2, 1998
[1 VHS videotape]
12 EMG Networks Presents: Author's Desk with Carmen Lomas Garza, 2:00-2:30 PM, December 2, 1998
[1 VHS videotape]
13-14 Author's Desk: Carmen Lomas Garza in Her Studio
[1 VHS and 1 Betacam SP videotape]
box folder
5 1-3 Bilingual Author's Corner, Shows # 1-3
[3 VHS videotapes]
4-5 Bilingual Author's Desk Promo
[1 VHS and 1 Betacam SP videotape]
University of Texas at Brownsville:
6-7 Children's Workshop, November 13, 1999
[2 VHS videotapes]
8-9 UTB Students, November 11, 1999
[2 VHS videotapes]
10 "Papel Picado: The Paper Cutouts of Carmen Lomas Garza," Galeria de la Raza/Studio 24, 1999
[1 VHS videotape]
11-12 "Interview with Carmen Lomas Garza by Philip Linhares," Oakland Museum of California, January 31, 2003
[2 VHS videotapes]
13 "The Dave and Gery Morning Show," W-LITE, Grand Rapids, MI, March 24, 2005
[1 DVD]
box folder
6 1-25 Documentation for Video Recordings, 1983-2005
Audio Recordings:
26 "Hispanic Art in the United States," Antenna and Brooklyn Museum, recorded tour, 1989
[1 audiocassette]
27 "Interview: Carmen Lomas Garza," by Magdalena Torres, August 20, 1991
[1 audiocassette]



7-8 Letters from teachers, children, classes, and other fans.