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Black Photograph Album No. 1363B, c.1901-1904

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Creator Mexico
Title Black Photograph Album No. 1363B
Dates: c.1901-1904
Abstract 74 photographs of scenes from Mexico, including images from C.B. Waite and La Rochester.
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Extent 74 photographs
Language English
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

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74 photographs of scenes from Mexico. Originally included in a black photograph album of unidentified provenance (numbered 1363B), the images are described below in their original order.


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The Black Photograph Album No. 1363B is classified under the following Subject Headings:
Mexico--Description and travel--Photographs.

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List of Photographs

Photographs described 11 November 1980.
1 View of Monte Albán, before excavation [printed, unnumbered].
1. Ruins of Xochicalco near Cuernavaca, Mexico.
(Photo No. 902, copyright by Waite. Faded brown-tone, gloosy print.)
2. Photo postcard of S. Juan Teotihuacán.
(No. 219)
3. Panorama of the Ruins of Mitla.
(Photo No. 646, copyright by Waite, December 14, 1904)
4. Partial view of the monastery at Yuriria, Guanajuato, with villagers crowding foreground.
(See McAndres's text: G726.50972/M118o, page 263, for view of façade.)
5. Undated photograph of La Catedral, El Sagrario, as seen from the Zócalo. (No. 65)
6. San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. View of cobblestone street leading down into San Miguel.
7. Pátzcuaro, Michoacán. Cobblestone street scene, identified as "Pátzcuaro," in which native woman is seen carrying large vessel on her shoulders.
8. Unidentified. Interior patio, where children are seen at play.
9. Unidentified church.

Print No. 10
10. Sta. María Tonantzintla, Puebla. Photo postcard, brown-tone, showing the vault.
("Media naranja" Cholula.)
11. Interior view of same church, showing the retable.
12. Unidentified. View from portico[?]
13. Postcard. View of Taxco, Guerrero.
(Copyright by Hugo Brehme, No. 2171.)
14. Palacio Federal, Guerétaro, México, showing courtyard (cloister of former monastery, December 14, 1904.
(Copyright by C.B. Waite, Photo No. 376)
15. Photo postcard No. 125, another view of the same courtyard, Palacio Federal, Querétaro.
16. Postcard photo of Tepotzotlán, México, convent and atrio wall.
17. "Torre de S. Agustín," tower of the Palacio Federal, Querétaro.
(Patiño, foto.)
18. El Pocito, Guadalupe Hidalgo, Distrito Federal.
(Postcard No. 342)
19. Unidentified retable.
20. Zacatecas. Entrance to cathedral. Lower façade.
(La Rochester, No. 37, Iglesias)
21. Tepotzotlán, México. Façade of convent.
(La Rochester photo "12-Tepo[t]zotlán")
22. Panoramic view of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.
23. View of Cuernavaca, Morelos.
(Photo postcard No. 838)
24. Cuernavaca, Morelos. Los Tepetates.
(No. 28, Viveros, fotógrafo)
25. Village scene showing native thatched-roof buildings, with unidentified mountain visible in background.
(La Rochester photo No. 14-Típicos)
26. Brasero or kitchen stove.
(C.B. Waite Photo No. 1695) [Lower portion faded]
27. Fancy pottery venders, México.
(Copyright Jan. 2, 1905, C.B. Waite Photo No. 1608)
28. Small snapshot of dentist's business showing the façade of building, painted with drawings of the teeth, their position and function, all humorously rendered.
(No. A31)
29. Unidentified, showing façade of corner business "El Recreo de los Amigos," where friends met for happy hour, apparently. The façade of this small building bears the weathered painting of a popular artist, part caricature, part landscape.
(La Rochester [?], No. 133-Típicos)
30. Street scene during era of trolley cars, with carnival figure [effigy?] hanging from overhead trolley wire, undated.
(La Rochester 137-Típicos)
31. Two men weaving cane mats[?]
32. Guanajuato, Callejón del Beso.
33. C.B. Waite photo no. 1262. Stone sails at Guadalupe, near the Basilica de Guadalupe. Copyright 26 Dec. 1904.
34. Native children and adults, photographed at crossroads "cacti row."
35. Cuernavaca. Palacio de Cortés. Photo no. 1632.
36. C.B. Waite photo no. 109 (1542) "Plantación de Plátanos."
37. C.B. Waite photo no. 1476, Jan. 2, 1905, of Coatzacoalcos, from Coconut Point.
38. La Rochester photograph of native woman standing beside pottery wares.
39. La Rochester photo no. 107-Típicos showing men plowing with oxen team.
40. Photo 2672 by Scott, of two young girls.
41. La Rochester photo "Tip. 53" of women in native dress wearing large, white headdress.
42. C.B. Waite photo no. 28, "A corn cart in Oaxaca," copyright June 1, 1901.
43. C.B. Waite photo no. 1684, "Maguey plant and pulque gatherer, Mexico."
44. C.B. Waite photo no. 1547, "Coffee trees in Mexico."
45. C.B. Waite photo no. 752, "Orgtan cactus hedge in Mexico," copyright Dec. 14, 1904.
46. C.B. Waite photo no. 41, "Maguey or Pulque Hacienda, near City of Mexico," copyright Dec. 14, 1904.
47. C.B. Waite photo no. 1684, "Maguey Plant and Pulque Hacienda, near City of Mexico," copyright Dec. 14, 1904.
[duplicate of no. 43]
48. C.B. Waite photo no. 1350, "The pyramid of Cholula, near Puebla, Mexico."
49. La Rochester photo "20-Volcanes" [appears to be Popocatépetl].
50. Photo "Tip. 22" of young boys beside organ cacti.
51. Postcard photo by Hugo Brehme, no. 460, of Xochimilco, Distrito Federal.
52. La Rochester photo no. "2 Típicos" of native children and adults near cactus hedge.
[duplicate of no. 34]
53. C.B. Waite photo no. 1509, "The Maguey plant from which pulque is taken."
54. C.B. Waite photo no 1302, "Tetzcotzinco hill, where the king of Texcoco had his palace," copyright Dec. 26, 1904.
55. C.B. Waite photo no. 630, "Corridor, Hacienda de Atequiza, Jalisco," copyright Dec. 14, 1904.
56. Postcard photo of Popocatepetl, "desde Amecameca."
Brehme, no. 274.
57. Photograph of indigenous couple near magueyy plant.
"A.M. PHoto Mexico no. 24."
58. Aztec calendar, unearthed in December, 1790, and moved later to the Museo Nacional in August, 1885.
59. ruinas de chichén-Itzá. Photo postcard, postmarked Feb. 7, 1927. No. 23, "Edificio Akab-Dzib."
60. Rochester photo no. 33, "Ser. Churches - a view of the pyramid," church of Cholula, near Puebla.
61. La Rochester photo, series "pirámides," of Pirámide del Sol, Teotibuacán.
62. Photo postcard identified as "El Mogote," additional identification cut away.
63. clossy print #319368, Temple of the Warriors, Chichén-Itzá, Yucatán. "To be reproduced only with permission of Carnegie Institution of Washington, D.C." Division of Photography, the American Museum of Natural History, New York.
64. Unidentified ceramic.
65. Wrought-iron fetish, possibly African sculpture.
66. Unidentified photo of seated female figure.
67. Ex-voto, "Wrought iron. Inv. Nr. ... 433 ... Berlin, Gestattet."
68. Ex-voto, "Wrought iron. Inv. Nr. ... 1908 ... Berlin, Gestattet."
69. Inv. Nr. ... 2357, of painting showing horse-drawn cart, its driver holding a whip, with Germanic description below.
70. Postcard print of seated figure, his feet in stocks. Salzburger Museum.
71. Postcard print of grotesque mask. Salzburger Museum.
72. Ex-voto, "Anno 1833, "an allegory. Inv. Nr. ... 2733 ... Berlin, Gestattet.
73. Wood carving: Christ on the Cross. (Heinfeld i.d. Eifel")