The Benson Latin American Collection

U.S. Air Force 2nd Mapping Squadron Photographs, 1939-1944

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Creator United States. Air Force. 2nd Mapping Squadron.
Title U.S. Air Force 2nd Mapping Squadron Photographs
Dates: 1939-1944
Abstract World War II era photographs of South America, including Brazil, Colombia, and Peru-and the Southwest and Western United States.
Accession No. 1996-72
OCLC Record No. N/A
Extent 76 photographs
Language English
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

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76 World War II era photographs. The collection is organized into series by geography, including Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Alaska, California, Colorado, Laredo (Texas), Washington state, and unidentified. Photographs are identified on the verso as taken by the U.S. Air Force 2nd Mapping Squadron.


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The U.S. Air Force 2nd Mapping Squadron Photographs are classified under the following Subject Headings:
Boyle, Jack V.
Brazil--Travel and description--Photographs
Colombia--Travel and description--Photographs

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This collection was previously known as the Jack V. Boyle Photograph Collection, named after the donor Sgt. Jack V. Boyle (retired).

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Cite as: U.S. Air Force 2nd Mapping Squadron Photographs, Benson Latin American Collection, University of Texas Libraries, the University of Texas at Austin.

Box and Folder Inventory



box folder
1 1 Snorter at Manaos, Brazil (23:8:43:0900-0310S-1)
Snorter at Manaos, Brazil
2 Amazon River canoe, Manaos, Brazil (29:8:43:1230-0310S-2)
3 Wash Day, Manaos, Brazil (1:8:43:0830-0310S-2)
4 Casa de Esquilo, Manaos: Emery, Hayball, Brown, Light, Garrett, Derwinski, Mobley (23:8:43:0800-0310S-4)
Casa de Esquilo, Manaos
5 Second Squadron, Manaos, Brazil: Light, Hayball, Garrett (23:8:43:0800-0310S-5)
6 Cocoa pods, Amazon Valley (15:8:43:1000-0310S-5)
7 Cashoeira Grande, Manaos, Brazil (5:12:43:1000-0310S-5)
8 Water carrier, Manaos, Brazil (15:12:43:1000-0310S-5)
9 Rio Negro minded, Manaos, Brazil (29:8:43:1345-0310S-6)
10 Palm tree, Manaos, Brazil (5:8:43:1315-0310S-7)
11 Teatro Amazonas, Manaos, Brazil (12:9:43:0945-0310S-1)
12 Untitled [Teatro Amazonas, another view]
13 Teatro Amazonas, Manaos, Brazil [arcade] (14:9:43- -0310S-1)
14 Teatro Amazonas, Manaos, Brazil (12:9:43:1000-0310S-5)
15 Teatro Amazonas, Manaos, Brazil [interior] (14:9:43:1000-0310S-5)
16 Teatro Amazonas, Manaos, Brazil (12:9:43:1400-0310S-6)
17 Teatro Amazonas, Manaos, Brazil [interior] (14:9:43:1000-0310S-6)
18 Teatro Amazonas, Manaos, Brazil [balcony] (14:9:43:1000-0310S-7)
19 Church bell, Igreja Matriz (21:8:43:1045-0310S-4)
20 Igreja Matriz, Manaos, Brazil (12:9:43:1430-0310S-8)
21 Praça de São Sebastião, Manaos, Brazil (14:9:43:1200-0310S-9)
22 Palácio Rio Negro, Manaos, Brazil (5:9:43:1000-0310S-1)
23 Palácio de Justiça, Manaos, Brazil (14:9:43:1200-0310S-11)
24 Tropical cumulus, Manaos, Brazil (9:9:43:0930-0310S-3)



box folder
1 25 Mission Bells (US2MS-9-5-43-1100-330-2)
26 [Untitled view of building and monumental cross in background]
27 How small we are [monumental cross] (6-11-43-2-251-38)
How Small We Are, photograph by Chester C. Szymczak
28 Siesta (4-4-43-2-251-4)
29 San Antonio de Pandua [sic], Cali, Colombia (4-4-43-2-251-5)
30 Calle 1a, Cali, Colombia -4-43-2-251-6
Calle 1a, Cali, Colombia
31 Parque de Jorge Isaacs, Cali, Colombia (4-7-43-2-251-11)
32 A typical street in Cali, Colombia (4-23-43-2-251-29)
33 Bamboo, grass, and mud -or- "so this is home" (6-23-43-2-251-43)
34 A peaceful hacienda near Cali, Colombia (6-23-43-2-251-44)
35 Can Can Girls of Colombia (6-23-43-2-251-47)
36 Ford Tri Motor - photo plane for Colombian government (7-15-43-2-251-48)
37 Town square, Cali, Colombia (9-3-43-1500-7630-3)
38 La Ermita del Río, Cali, Colombia (11:1:43:1500-0330N-4)
39 This is not China, Cali, Colombia (10-21-43-1400-7630-1)
40 A native home, Cali, Colombia (8-15-43- -7630-7)
41 A brahma bull, Colombia, S. A. (9-5-43-1100-7630-6)
42 A native home in Vijes, Colombia (9-5-43-1100-7630-5)
43 Town square, Yumbo, Colombia (8-31-43-1500-7630-3)
44 Native farm huts, Yumbo, Colombia (9-1-43-1100-7630-2)
45 Cayucos on Río Cauca near Yumbo, Colombia (9-1-43-1100-7630-3)
46 Earthen bakery oven, Yumbo, Colombia (9-1-43-1100-7630-6)



box folder
1 47 Back to nature, Lima, Perú (10:1:43-1415-1205S-2:0)
48 Pizaros [sic] Cathedral, Lima, Perú (10:1:43-1430-1205S-3:0)


United States: Alaska

box folder
1 49 Glaciers N...ley, Alaska (V2...2M 6...000, STEREO)
50 Iliamna Volcano, Alaska (7-3-41-3:00P 12-9000)
51 Alaskan storm
52 Alaskan sunset


United States: California

box folder
1 53 Treasure Island [On back: "San Francisco 1939"] (7-17-39-10:15 12-800)


United States: Colorado

box folder
1 54 Garden of the Gods, Colo. (16:1:44:1230 3851N-6:0)


United States: Laredo, Texas

box folder
1 55 Foliage, Ft. McIntosh, Laredo, Tex. labelled "restricted"
56 Guard house, Ft. McIntosh, Laredo, Tex. [On back: "1943"] labelled "restricted"
57 Barracks porch, Ft. McIntosh, Laredo, Texas [On back: "1943"] labelled "restricted"
58 N.C.O. Club, Ft. McIntosh, Laredo, Tex. labelled "restricted"
59 Officer?s Club, Ft. McIntosh, Laredo, Texas labelled "restricted"
60 Dedication Immigration Bldg. [On back: "Laredo, Texas 1943"
61 Post Office, Laredo, Texas [On back: "1943"]
62 Federal Bldg. and Hamilton Hotel [On back: "Laredo, Texas"]
63 Under these flags [On back: "Laredo, Texas 1943"]
64 [Southern Pacific Railway building] On back: "Laredo, Texas 1943"
65 [Adobe dwelling in disrepair] On back: "Nuevo Laredo, Mexico 1942"


United States: Washington

box folder
1 66 The Thunder Bird, La Push, Wash. (6-18-39 G3-2E-91)


Unspecified Locations

box folder
1 67 Sunrise, Paradise Valley (1-29-41 G529-36A-IF)
68 [Untitled, unmarked; plane crossing mountain range]
69 [Plane in flight; on back, "B-34 Vega Ventura"]
70 "Rarin" to go [On back: "2nd Photomapping Squadron, U.S. Air Force"] (2-20-43 8115-1)
71 [Untitled; two girls in bathing suits by plane; on back, stamped "Official Photograph U.S. Army Air Corps"]
72 [Untitled, unmarked; fuselage of World War II aircraft "Memphis Belle"]
73 [Untitled, unmarked; fuselage of "Memphis Belle"]
74 Nuestra Señora de los Andes (8-15-43- -7630-2)
75 Spanish architecture
76 [Unidentified large building, perhaps a hotel]