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Erasmo and Sally J. Andrade Papers, 1931-1994

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Creator Andrade, ErasmoAndrade, Sally J.
Title Erasmo and Sally J. Andrade Papers
Dates: 1931-1994
Abstract News clippings, correspondence, written works, and employment records document the lives and activities of Latino activists Erasmo and Sally J. Andrade.
Accession No. 1994-09
OCLC Record No.
Extent 5 linear feet, 1 oversize box
Language English and Spanish
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Long time supporters of civil rights and advocates of social justice, Erasmo and Sally Andrade have a history of serving the community at all levels and from different perspectives, from the local neighborhood, to the city and county, and up to the state and national level. They have been supporters of Mexican American and other Hispanic causes in the United States and in Latin America, particularly those concerned with the areas of education, economic justice, and social services, especially health care. They have participated in organizations ranging from those active in education and cultural issues, to those dealing with labor and politics, and finally those focused on the issues of women and family.

The son of Wilivaldo and Maria Nieto Andrade, Erasmo was born in Bruni, Texas on May 12, 1931. Within a year of graduating from San Antonio Tech in 1950 Erasmo joined the U.S. Navy. He served from 1951 to 1953, achieving the rank of Machinist’s Mate, Third Class. Concurrently while earning a degree in International Relations and working towards a Masters in Education Ersamo worked as a substitute teacher in the Edgewood school district in San Antonio. Shortly after getting his Bachelors Degree he entered the San Antonio school district as a teacher in 1958. It was around this period, the late 1950s and early 1960s, that Erasmo started participating in a number of groups and organizations like the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and the San Antonio Federation of Teachers.

During the 1960s, Erasmo continued to increase his participation in the number of groups that championed the causes of Hispanics and minorities as a whole. These included the Catholic based Bishops’ Committee for the Spanish Speaking, the politically founded Political Association of Spanish-Speaking Organizations (PASSO), and the Federation for the Advancement of the Mexican American (FAMA). As chairman of Valley Workers Assistance Committee he supported the Rio Grande Valley farm workers in their strike against South Texas growers and was able to direct several food caravans to assist the farm workers with their plight.

In addition to his civic activism Erasmo was also a participant in the political arena. Between 1966 and 1970 he ran for political office several times at both the county and state level.

From 1969 to 1970 Erasmo worked with teachers groups and the community in dealing with problems associated with desegregation and integration of school programs. He became executive director of the Zavala County Mental Health Program, serving from 1971 to 1973. He was responsible for the delivery of social services to the indigent population of the county. He entered the Thurgood Marshall School of Law in 1974. Within a year of receiving his Jurist Doctorate in 1977 he joined the Austin Independent School District’s (AISD) Department of Community Education as the facilitator of its Stimulating the Neighborhood Action Process (SNAP) program. In the early 1980s he was chosen to serve on the City of Austin’s Arts Commission. He took his last jump into the political ring in 1988, competing for the seat of Travis County Commissioner, Precinct 1.

Like her husband, Sally Andrade focused her energies on serving the Hispanic community in the United States as well as in Latin America. Through her writings and her work with both government and private entities she publicized and supported many issues important to the Latino population. She was particularly active in education, health promotion, including mental health, and issues affecting women and families. She participated in a number of organizations, such as the Partners of the Americas exchange program in 1987, and being a consultant to the Governor’s Task Force on Inhalant Abuse in 1984. In 1988 she became Director of Research and Planning for Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. She was hired in 1993 as the first director of the Center for Institutional Evaluation, Research and Planning at the University of Texas at El Paso. She was responsible for the evaluating the university’s program to double the number of minorities earning a bachelor’s degree in the sciences and engineering.

In 1994 the Andrades left Austin and moved to El Paso.

Scope and Contents Note

Newspaper clippings, correspondence, written works, employment records, memoranda, reports and other papers measuring 5 linear feet document the life and activities of Erasmo and Sally Andrade from 1931 to 1994. The collection is dived into two sections, the Erasmo Andrade Papers and the Sally Andrade Papers. Both sections are arranged along the same lines and include the following series: Personal and Biographical, Activities and Organizations, and Subject Files. The Sally Andrade Papers also include a series of Written Works. Each series is organized alphabetically. Materially the Erasmo Andrade Papers is the by far the larger of the two sections, comprising ten out of thirteen boxes.

Erasmo Andrade’s Personal and Biographical series consists of those papers that document his personal life and that of his family. These include his personal correspondence, legal documents dealing with his father’s death, and artwork and postcards created by his children. Documents focusing on Erasmo’s life as an educator and language instructor are found in the Employment sub-series. Also found here are the clippings, financial records, press releases, statistical data, and other papers detailing his campaigns for political office. Finally, those papers that could not be assigned to a specific sub-series are located in one the files under miscellaneous.

In Erasmo Andrade’s Activities and Organizations series are the materials that document Erasmo association with different groups. Items include correspondence, articles of incorporation, contracts, applications, bumper stickers and other materials. Listed organizations include any associated individuals, organizations, or events; for example the FAMA files include folders on the Union de Oberos Mexico-Americanos and Harlan B. Carter. It should be noted that some organizations are also listed in the Subject Files series.

Civil Rights, immigration law, education, unionization, and the War on Poverty are some of the many topics dealt with in the Subject Files series. Organizations are listed individually or as part of a larger event or subject. Files for individuals will include friends, like Tom Cahill, and local and national personalities, like San Antonio’s Manuel Ruiz Ibanez and President Johnson. By far the largest and most important sub-series in this section is that of the Rio Grande Valley Farm Workers’ Strike and March.

The fourth series, Oversized, contains large format materials such as campaign posters and yard signs along with other large sized items. All items are linked to one of the above series.

Although organized like Erasmo’s section, Sally Andrade’s papers are overwhelmingly about one organization, the Governor’s Task Force on Inhalant Abuse. The documents from this organization take about three-fourths of the extent of her papers. Other organizations and subjects found here are the National Women’s Political Caucus and the bankruptcy of the First Service Life Insurance Company.

The Written Works series includes works both authored and edited by Sally Andrade, including Family Roles of Hispanic Women: Assumptions, Empirical Findings and Implications for Research and Patients’ Rights and Advocacy: for Hispanics.


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The Erasmo and Sally J. Andrade Papers are classified under the following Subject Headings:
Andrade, Erasmo.
Andrade, Sally J..
Austin Indepedent School District (Tex.)
Governor's Task Force on Inhalant Abuse (Tex.)
San Antonio Independent School District.
Stimulating the Neighborhood Action Process--Texas--Austin.
Elections--Texas--Travis County.
Strikes and lockouts--Agricultural laborers--Starr County (Tex.)
Strikes and lockouts--Agricultural laborers--Texas.

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Box and Folder Inventory


Erasmo Andrade Papers

1 Personal and Biographical
1 Certificates, 1931-1982
2 Correspondence, 1955-1994, N.d.
3 Other Correspondence, 1967-1968, N.d.
4 San Antonio Vocational and Technical School, 1950-1951, 1989
5 Thurgood Marshall School of Law, (1974-1977)
Austin Independent School District (AISD)
6 Affirmative Action and Desegregation, 1979-1980
7 Austin High, 1989
8 Bilingual Education Community Advisory Group, 1977, 1982
9 Department of Personnel, 1980-1984
10 Grievance (Murchison), 1982-1983
11 Grievance (Summer School, 1991
Stimulating Neighborhood Action Process (SNAP)
A certificate of merit and a colleague written poem are located in box 8.
12 Business/Industrial Liason Proposal, 1982-1983
13 Department of Personnel, 1982
14 Evaluations, 1979-1982
Grievance (Dismissal), 1980-1981
15 Briefs and Legal Documents, 1981
16 Letters of Support, 1980-1981
17 Official, 1980-1981
18 Far South Austin Community Schools Advisory Council, 1979-1980
box folder
2 1 Miscellaneous Materials, 1980-1981
2 Reinstatement, 1981
3 Salary, 1980-1981
4 Standard Grievance Forms (I-III), 1980-1981`
5 Management and Support, 1978,1982
6 Memorandum and Weekly Reports, 1980-1981
7 Notes, 1980-1982
8 Other Materials, 1978-1983
9 Positive Aging, 1980
10 Tracor, Inc., 1983
11 Varied Items, 1978-1983, 1991-1992
12 English Language Services (ELS), 1963-1964
Also see the following: Izmir, Turkey (Box 9, Folder 15) and Lackland AFB. (Box 9, Folder 17)
13 Mental Health Planning Project, Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, 1971-1972
14 Human Resources and Leadership Conference, 1972
15 National Chicano Health Organization, 1971-1972
16 National Spanish-Speaking Health Manpower Education Conference, 1972
San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD)
17 Contract 1959
18 Dismissal, 1960
19 Dropouts and Kickouts, 1965
20 Employee Discrimination, 1965
21 Federal Lunch Program, 1965-1970
22 Integration, 1966,1969
23 Miscellaneous, 1965-1969
box folder
3 1 School Board, 1965-1966
2 School Clubs, 1965
3 Unionization, 1959-1960
4 Andrade, Carlos Antonio and Marisa Virginia 1980, N.d.
5 Andrade, Wilivaldo "Willie" (1895-1983) Various dates, 1960's-1980's
6 Federal Income Tax, 1962-1964
7 Miscellaneous, N.d.
8 Clippings, Various dates, 1960's-1980's
9-11 Notebooks, N.d.
12 Notes, N.d.
13 Unidentified Lists, N.d.
14 Photographs, 1964, 1981, N.d.
4 Political Campaigns
Oversized items, such as posters and signs, are located in Box 8.
County Commissioner, Travis County Precinct 1
1 Articles and Clippings, 1987-1988
2 Business, Media, and Political Organizations, 1988
3 Correspondence, 1987-1988
Financial Records
4 Checking Account, 1987-1988
5-6 Invoices and receipts, 1987-1988
7 Utilities, 1987-1988
8 Other, 1987-1988
9 Miscellaneous Campaign Items, 1987, N.d.
10 Official Literature and Press Releases, 1987-1988
11 Phone Bank, 1987-1988
12 Polling Place and Precinct Information, 1984,1987-1988
13 Volunteers and Contacts, 1987-1988
14 Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5 (Bexar County, TX), 1964, 1968
State Senator, 21st District
Financial Records
15 Candidate's statement of Expense, 1970
16 Filing Fees, 1970
box folder
5 1 Invoices and Receipts, 1970
2 Media, 1970
3 Other Financial Records, 1970
4 Miscellaneous, 1970
5 State Senator, 21st District, 1965, 1966
6 Clippings, 1966
Activities and Organizations
7 American GI Forum, 1972
8 Austin Arts Commission, 1982-1986
9 Austin Association of Teachers, Various dates, 1980's- 1990's, N.d.
10 Austin Campaign to End Homelessness, 1980's, N.d.
11 Austin Child Guidance and Evaluation Center, 1982
Austin Interfaith
12 Austin Interfaith Sponsoring Committee (AISC), 1988-1989, N.d.
13 Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), 1982
14 Social Concerns Commission, 1988-1989
15 Austin Mardi Gras, Inc., Various dates, 1980's
16 Financial Records, 1982-1984
17 Austin Resource Center for Independent Living (ARCIL), 1990, N.d.
18 Congress of Political Action (COPA), 1970
19 Democratic Party, Varius dates, 1960's-1980's
20 Correspondence, 1982-1994
21 Travis County Democratic Party Convention (1990), 1990
Federation for the Advancement of the Mexican American (FAMA)
22 Blank Stationery, N.d.
23 Carter, Harlan B., 1931-1933, 1969
24 City Public Service Board (CPSB), 1968-1969
25 Union de Oberos Mexico-Americanos, 1969
26 Miscellaneous, Various dates, 1960's-1970
27 Involvement of Mexican-Americans in Gainful Endeavors (IMAGE), 1965-1969
28 Joint Committee on Prison Reform, 1960's, 1975, 1982
29 League of United Latin-American Citizens (LULAC), Various dates, 1960's-1970's
30 Schools and Community Relations Committee, 1960
31 Maplewood-Concordia Neighborhood Association 1980's
32 Miscellaneous, Various dates, 1960's-1980's
33 Northeast Austin Democrats (NEAD), 1989
box folder
6 1 Partners of the Americas 1979,1987, 1989
2 Political Association of Spanish-speaking Organizations (PASSO), 1960's
3 Felipe Neri Martinez Shooting, 1965
4 Raza Unida Party, 1970, 1972, N.d.
5 Save Austin's Future in Education (SAFE), 1989, N.d.
6 Senior Citizens Council of Bexar County, 1970, 1971
7 Sociedad de la Union, 1967, 1969
8 Texas State Teachers Association (TSTA), 1993-1994, N.d.
Buttons and name tags
9 Travis County Presiding Election Judge, Precinct 152, 1986-1987, 1990, N.d.
10 United Councils for Civic Action (UCCA), 1965, N.d.
Subject Files
11 Minimum Wage Ordinance (San Antonio, TX), 1966-1967
12 Miscellaneous, 1966
13 Texas Legislature, 1966-1967
14 Activist Reunion, 1989
15 Acuña Music Company, 1968
16 African-American Activism and Personalities, 1966, 1972, N.d.
Airports (Austin, TX)
17 Austin Airport Alternative, 1987
18 Bergstrom AFB Restoration Advisory Board, 1994
19 Citizens for Airport Relocation (CARE), 1984, 1990, N.d.
Move It! signs are located in box 8.
20 Clippings, 1987, 1990
21 Miscellaneous, 1987-1988, N.d.
22 Cahill, Tom, 1966-1967
23 Cardenas, Leo, 1965, 1969
24 Community Action Process, N.d.
25 Crystal City, Texas, 1969-1972, 1986, N.d.
7 Education
1 Hobson vs. Hansen (Segregation), 1967
2 Miscellaneous, Various dates, 1960's, 1980's, N.d.
3 Texas, 1965-1967, N.d.
4 Ford Foundation, 1965, 1967
5 Gonzalez, Henry B., 1960's, 1986
6 "Poor-in", 1967
7 Ibanez, Manuel Ruiz, 1964-1966
8 Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, 1986-1987, N.d.
National Lawyers Guild Immigration Project
9 Immigration Defense Manual, 1977
10 Interagency Committee on Mexican-American Affairs, 1966, 1967
11 Johnson, Lyndon B., 1967
12 Joint Conference of Mexican-Americans, 1967
13 Lee's Fleas 1968
Name given to the fans of professional golfer Lee Treviño.
14 Maverick County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1, 1962, 1969, 1971, N.d.
15 Metropolitan Austin Criminal Justice Planning Unit, 1974
Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF)
16 Attorneys' Training Conference, 1977
Bandera, Texas
17 Children's Legal Issues, 1972-1977
18 Employment Discrimination, 1976, 1977
19 Immigration and Naturalization, 1977
20 Police Abuse, 1977
21 Miscellaneous, 1967, 1969, 1970
box folder
8 1 Mexican-American Life, 1966-1970, N.d.
2 UCLA Study Project, 1965, N.d.
3 Mexican-American Youth Organization (MAYO), 1969, N.d.
4 Republican Party, 1966, 1968-1969, N.d.
Rio Grande Valley Farm Workers' Strike and March
5 Aid Caravans, 1966-1967
6 Allegations of Communist Ties, 1966-1969
7 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizatins (AFL-CIO) 1966-1970, N.d.
8 San Antonio Garbage Workers' Strike, 1967
9 Texas AFL-CIO, 1966-1970
10 United Farm Workers of America (UFWA), 1984, N.d.
Primarily Christmas cards and bumper stickers.
11 United Farm Workers Organizing Committee (UFWOC), 1967, N.d.
12 Chavez, Cesar, 1966-1969
Catholic Church
13 Archdiocese of San Antonio, 1966-1970, N.d.
14 Activist Priests, 1967
15 Smith, Sherrill 1966-1967
Includes photograph. Also see Texas AFL-CIO (Box 8, Folder 9).
16 Bishops' Committee for the Spanish Speaking, 1960's
Folder contains one photograph.
17 Lucey, Robert E., 1966-1969, N.d.
Archbishop of San Antonio from 1941-1969. Also see sermon for marchers. (Box 8, folder 21)
18 Campaign for Human Development, 1972
19 Diocese of Austin, 1979, N.d.
20 Miscellaneous, 1966
21 Valley Workers March, 1966
22 Certification and Green Card Workes, 1966-1967
23 Roma Bridge, 1966
24 Economic and Social Forces, 1966-1970
25 Editorials, 1966
26 La Casita Farms Boycott, 1966-1967
box folder
9 1 March Reconstruction, 1967
2 Tijerina, Reies, 1967,1969
3 Miscellaneous, 1966-1967, N.d.
4 No Picketing Injunction 1966-1967
5 Senate Subcommittee on Migratory Labor, 1967
6 Tarahumara Indians' Aid, 1966
7 Texas Rangers, 1967
8 Lawsuits and Other Legal Actions, 1967
9 Probes and Investigations, 1967
10 Trestle Fire, 1966
11 Valley Workers Assistance Committee, 1966-1967, N.d.
12 Valley Workers March, 1966
13 Connally, John, 1966-1967
14 Texas Farmers Union, Various dates, 1960's-1970's
United States Air Force
15 Izmir, Turkey, 1964
Also see the following: English Language Services (Box 2, Folder 12) and Lackland AFB (Box 9, Folder 17)
16 Kelly Air Force Base, 1965-1968
See Kelly AFB Report. (Box 9, Folder 20)
17 Lackland Air Force Base, 1964-1966
18 United States Commission on Civil Rights, 1968, N.d.
19 Texas Advisory Committee, 1967-1968
20 Kelly AFB Report, 1968
21 United States Information Agency (USIA), 1986
22 Voter Education League of San Antonio, [1968]
War on Poverty
23 Communities United for Prosperity (CUP), 1960's
24 Congressional Record, 1966
25 Economic Opportunity Development Corporation (EODC), 1964-1969
26 Miscellaneous, 1965-1970, N.d.
27 Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO), 1965-[1967]
28 Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), 1960's
29 Small Business and Industrial Development Corporation, 1970
30 Welfare Ceiling Increase Amendment (Texas), 1969
10 Oversized Items


Sally J. Andrade Papers

11 Personal and Biographical
1 Miscellaneous, 1987, 1993, N.d.
Folder includes one photograph.
Activities and Organizations
Governor's Task Force on Inhalant Abuse
2 Bibliography, 1984
3 Biographical Sketches, 1984
4 Contract/Expenses, 1984
5-6 Correspondence, 1984-1985
7 Data from State Agencies, 1983-1984
8 Executive Order MW-14, 1983,[1984]
9 Ferchill, Patrick W., 1983
10 Final Report, 1984
11 Legal and Legislative Issues Subcommittee, 1984
12 Legislation, 1983-1985
Meetings and Public Hearings
13 Agendas, 1984
14 First Meeting, 1984
Austin, Texas.
15 Second Meeting, 1984
Houston, Texas.
16 Third Meeting, 1984
McAllen, Texas.
17 Fourth Meeting, 1984
Arlington, Texas.
18 Fith Meeting, 1984
El Paso, Texas.
19 Sixth Meeting, 1984
San Antonio, Texas.
20 Seventh Meeting, 1984
Austin, Texas.
21 Eighth Meeting, 1984
Austin, Texas.
22 Press, 1983, 1985
23 Press Articles, 1983-1985
24 Prevention, Treatment and Awareness Subcommittee, 1984
25 Public Awareness Campaign, 1985
26 Regional and Local Legislation, [1984]
box folder
12 1 Resource Materials, 1980-1982
2 Scholarly Articles and Papers, 1983-1984, N.d.
3 Frio County Drug Youth Study, 1984
4 Statutes, 1980's
5 Texas Department of Community Affairs, 1983
6 Texas Department of Health, 1980's
7 Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, 1984
8 Texas Juvenile Probation Commission, [1984]
9 Texas Youth Commission, [1984]
10 Texas, Federal and Proposed Legislation, 1984
11 Austin, 1984
12 Houston, 1984
13 Written Testimony, 1984
14 Conferencia Plastica Chicana, 1979
15 National Women's Political Caucus (NWPC), 1973
16 Statewide Conference on Drug Abuse Prevention in Texas, 1982
Subject Files
17 Educators Guide to Chicano Resources, 1971
First Service Life Insurance Company,
18 First Financial Enterprises, 1988-1989
19 Rubenstein & Perry, 1989
box folder
13 1 Salmanson, Smith, Travis & Schrager, 1989
2 State Board of Insurance, 1988-1989
3 United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Texas, El Paso Division, [1989]
Written Works
4 Family Roles of Hispanic Women: Assumptions, Empirical Findings and Implications for Research. Ruth E. Zambrana (Ed.), Work, Family and Health: Latina Women in Transition. Bronx, N.Y.: Fordham University, 1982
5 (Ed.).Latino Families in the United States: A Resourcebook for Family Life Education. (bilingual edition). New York: Planned Parenthood Federation of America, 1983.
6 (Ed.).Patients' Rights and Advocacy: for Hispanics?San Antonio: Intercultural Development Corporation, 1981.
7 (Ed.).Representation on Mental Health Boards and Advisory Councils in Texas: Implications for Services to Mexican Americans. San Antonio: Intercultural Development Research Association, 1981.