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Part 2: Julian Samora Library

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Creator:Samora, Julian, 1920-
Title:Julian Samora Papers, Part 2
Abstract:Part 2 of the papers of Mexican American civil rights advocate, educator, sociologist and anthropologist Dr. Julian Samora. This section describes materials, including reprints, photocopies, drafts, and other manuscripts, collected by Dr. Samora in his personal library.
Accession No.:1985-12
OCLC Record No.:24426265
Extent:100 linear feet
Language:English and Spanish
Repository:Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

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This section consists of an inventory of the personal library collected by Dr. Julian Samora as reflected in his collection of personal papers. The library is divided into three groupings: alphabetical list of items, subject files, and card files. The alphabetical list of items presents a bibliographic list of reprints, offprints, photocopies, drafts, manuscripts and other works collected by Dr. Samora during his career. The items are listed alphabetically by author when known; otherwise items are listed by title.

The second grouping, subject files, is an alphabetical list of collected works, as well is clippings, printed material, and other information classified by Dr. Samora under a subject heading.

The final grouping is of card files. This consists of catalog-type cards arranged by Dr. Samora describing materials related to his interests and researches, particularly Mexican American sociology and anthropology works. Many, though not all, of these works are included in the alphabetical listing or the subject files.


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Box and Folder Inventory

Reference Files

150Alphabetical List of Articles and Reprints
Articles are listed alphabetically by author. Note that the first author listed is not necessarily the first author for each article (though in most cases it is) but rather the name under which Dr. Samora had filed the article.
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214Subject Files
Subject Files include articles, mailings, photocopies, brochures, ephemera, and other material kept by Samora in folders labeled according to their subject. This sub-series is arranged alphabetically by folder subject title.
2Action for Community Development, Inc.
3Affirmative Action (National), 1981
4Agricultural Labor - AFL, 1948-1969
5Alcoholism, 1966-1978
6Alcoholism - Booklets, 1980s, N.d.
7American Indian, 1966-1972
8American Indian Movement, 1973
9American Medical Association (AMA), 1949, N.d.
10Anti-Defamation League, 1950-1962
11Appointments - Spanish Speaking (Kennedy),
12Armed Forces and Peace Corps Discrimination, 1949-1962
13Audio-Visual Resources [Bibliography] (Chicano), c.1972
14Aztlán, 1970-1974
15Basic Educational Opportunity Grants [Department of HEW], 1974
16Bibliographic Materials, 1973
2151Bilingual Children, 1966
2-5Bilingual Education Materials, 1966-1985
[4 folders]
6Bilingual in the Southwest, 1967-1969
7Books and Research Forthcoming, 1980s
2161Border Area - US/Mexico Commission on Economic and Social Development of
2Border Cities Project
3Border Commerce
4Border Commuters, 1961
5Border Commuters, 1967
6Border Commuters - North, David S.
7Border Commuters - Statements before Subcommittee
8Border Conferences
9Border Conferences - CONACYT
10Border Conferences - Weatherhead Foundation Conference
11Border - Demographic Characteristics
12Border Documentation - The Mexican-American Community
2171Border Documentation and Education
2Border - Geographic Coverage: Definition of Border Metropolitan Areas
3Border Health
4Border - I.C.F. Tax Burden
5Border - Interpretive Essays in History and Political Economy
Border Immigration:
6Border Immigration
7American Friends Service Committee
8Mexican Study of Mojados
2Church World Service
3The Magnet
5US/Mexico Seminar
7Immigration Materials
Border Immigration - Illegal:
8Cuban-Haitian Task Force: Cuban and Haitian Influxes of 1980 and the American Response
Border Industry:
9Border Industry
[folder 1 of 3]
2191-2Border Industry
[folders 2-3 of 3]
4Baja California
7Industrialization Program
9Mexican Oil
10Mexico Industrialization Program
11Inter-Agency Committee
13Mexico/U.S. Border Labor
14Notes for the Section on the Scope of the Research
15Border Problems
16Border Problems - Memorandum Working Draft
2201Population Movement
2Programa Nacional Fronterizo
3Proposed Research Thesis
4Border Research - Ross, Stanley
5Border Research Program - Ross
[2 folders]
6Rockefeller Foundation Reports
7-8Border Studies
[2 folders]
9Border Studies - Correspondence Announcements
10Subcommittee Inquiries
11Working Papers
1Californians of Spanish Surname
2Crime and Police
3Crime in California, 1961
4Criminal Statistics
8Fair Employment Practice Commission, 1960
9Housing and Population
10Public Accommodations
12The Road Ahead for California's Needy Children, 1960
13Voting and Jury
15Cancer - Clippings
16Carter Legislation Critique
17Carter's Proposal on Illegal Aliens
2221-2Candelaria (Cordelia)'s Articles
[2 folders]
3C.A.S.A., Hermandad General de Trabajadores
4Casa de Unidad (Detroit)
5Catholic Church - Hispanics
6Census - Mexican American
7Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions
8Chamizal, L.M. Vaughan, 1962-1964
9Chavez, Cesar - News Articles
2231Chicana Conference
3Chicano Art
4Chicano Association for Educational Development
5Chicano Bibliography
6Chicano Council on Higher Education
7Chicano List
8-9The Chicano Movement
[2 folders]
10Chicano Newsletter and Conferences
11Chicano Press Assocation
12Chicano Professionals
2241Chicano Sociologists
2-3Chicano Studies
[2 folders]
4Chicano Studies - Colorado
5Chicano Studies Newsletters
6Chicano Studies - Position Papers
7Chicano Studies Programs
8Chicano Studies Programs, 1984
2251-2Chicano Studies Programs (History, Data, Etc.)
[2 folders]
3Chicano Studies Proposals
4Chicanos in South Bend Schools
5Chicanos in the United States
6Chinese - San Francisco
7Citizens Advocate Center, Inc.
8Civil Rights Bill
9Civil Rights Cases [Clarence Ferguson Correspondence]
10Colombian Education
11Atencio Case
2Department of Health
3Ferdinand and Isabelas
5Commission on Civil Disorders
6Community Service Program
8El Congreso
9Council of Mexican American Affairs - Clippings, 1968
10Crystal City, Texas
Crystal City - Case Study
Crystal City - Clippings
11Adult Education
12Daughters of the American Revolution Flag Controversy, 1957
17El Dorado Distributors
2271-2Driscoll, Barbara, Research File
[2 folders]
3Education Cases
4Education and the Spanish Speaking
5Education Development Center
El Paso:
9Inter-religious Sponsoring Committee (EPISO)
10Justice and Jury
14Youth Center
2281El Teatro de la Esperanza
2Employment Cases
4Family History: How to Start your Family History, Kit "A"
5Family Planning
6Farm Labor
7Farm Placement Offices
8Farm Subsidies
9Fellowships: OAS and Fulbright
10Federation internationale des instituts de recherches sociales et socio-relifieuses (FERES)
11Galarza, Ernesto, Newspaper Articles, etc.
12Guadalupe Organization
13-14Gutiérrez, José Angel, 1968
[2 folders]
2291-4Hanigan Case, 1976
[4 folders]
2301Health Clinics for Migratory Farmworkers
2Health Priorities
3Health Projects, Evaluations and Recommendations
4Helsinki Agreement
5Herons Press
6High Blood Pressure
7Hispanic Scholarships
8Hogg Foundation
9Home Education Livelihood Program (HELP), New Mexico
11Human Resources - Health
12"Hunger in America"
13Identity Formation
Illegal Aliens:
14Illegal Aliens
15Mexican Immigration Data
16The Need for a More Restrictive Border Policy
17Illinois Border
2311Illich, Ivan D.
2Illinois/Indiana Migrants
3Immigration Bills
4Comparative Analysis of Major Provisions (Immigration Bills)
5Indiana State Immigration Legislation
6L.A.'s One-Stop Immigration Center
7Mexican Immigration Laws
8Immigration Legislation
9Immigration and Nationality Laws
10Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Raids - Diego Ascencio
11Immigration Policy (History of)
12Immigration Reform - Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)
13Immigration Research
14Immigration Testimony
15Washington Lawyers Committee Civil Rights - Immigration
16Implementation Plan, Immigration Reform and Control Act
17International Agreements, USDA, Foreign Agricultural Relations, 1942-1945
18International Conference on Migrant Laborers, 1975
19International Congress of Mexican Studies (4th), 1973
20International Committee on Immigration and Public Policy
2321Institute for Puerto Rican Policy (IPR)
2Institute for the Study of Economic Systems
3Kennedy Bill
4Kellogg Institute for International Studies, Notre Dame
5"La Compañía" Teatro de Alburquerque
6Latin American Educational Foundation
7LEER (Project LEER)
8Lesko Associates Critique
9List of Names
10Longoria - Felix Longoria's Case, Three Rivers, Texas, 1948-1950
Los Angeles:
11Los Angeles, California
12Civil Rights
13County Grand Jury
2Los Angeles Times, "Special Report Series: Latinos in Southern California"
5Maps and Travel Brochures
[2 folders]
7Medical Care
8Medical Sociology
9Medical Sociology Articles
10Mexican American Cultural Center
11Mexican American Education
2341Mexican American Library Project (University of Texas), 1977-1982
2Mexican American Opportunities Foundation (MAOF)
3Mexican-American Seminar, Phoenix
4-8Mexican American Studies - Readings
[5 folders]
2351Mexican American Study Project [UCLA]
2Mexican Americans
3Mexican Americans - Bibliography
4Mexican Apostolate
5Mexican Farm Labor Program
6Miami and Cubans, N.d.
7Michigan Migrant Ministry - Projects
8Michigan Migrant Workers
9Migrant Center, South Bend (Catholic Social Service)
10Migrant Labor
11Migrant Labor - St. Joseph County
12Migrant Legislation, Committee for
13Migrant Workers - Clippings and Articles
14Migrants, Department of Agriculture
15Migratory Labor
2361Minority Fellowships
2Miranda, Ernesto, 1963-1973
3-6Multi-Media: La Raza Teachers Guide
[4 folders]
7National Association for Chicano Studies
8National Center for Health Statistics
9National Center for the Study of Aliens' Rights: San Diego Law School
2371National Coalition on the Hanigan Case
2National Conference on Higher Education
3National Farm Workers Association
4National Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Forum
5National Service Corporation
6National Study of Spanish-Name Persons
7Native Americans
8New Mexico, Bernalillo County - Poverty
9New Mexico - Cases
10New York Times - Zone of War
11Nuevas Vistas, 1968-1969
12Older Americans act, Title III, Research Project
13Osorio, Irene - Irene Osorio's Material (translation)
2381Pan American Sanitary Bureau
2Political Association of Spanish Speaking Organizations (PASSO)
4Peru - Population Studies
5Philippines - Family Health
6Police Cases
7Police Department
8Poor People's Campaign
10Population Action Council
11"Post" Material
12Posters/Recruitment Mailing, 1976
[4 folders]
2391-3Poverty [continued]
4President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity
5Puerto Ricans
6Puerto Ricans of New York Area
7Puerto Rico
2401Race and Ethnic Standards for Federal Statistics and Administrative Reporting, 1977
2Recommendations of the Select Commissin on Immigration and Refugee Policy, N.d.
3Rivera Texas, Vicente Treviño's Case, 1960
4Rural Development - Public Health, 1957-1958
5-6Rural Poverty
[2 folders]
7Salazar, Ruben
8Sanctuary Movement
9Santillan, Richard
10School Case, from 1950-1956
11Semana de la Raza, UNAM, 6 September 1971
12Sena-Rivera Recruitment Trip, December 1976
13Service Club Case
14Simpson-Mazzoli Amendment
15Skystream Airlines
16Sociology - Index of Social Positions
17South Bend (Indiana) Hispanic Community
18Southwest Border Regional Commission
19Spanish Speaking Research and Development Associates
2411Term Papers
2Texas-Michigan Public Health Service Migrant Project
3Textbook Layout Units Grade 2
4Trowbridge Realty (El Paso, Texas)
5Undocumented Children "Sealr" Report: Education Litigation, 1980
6United Scholarship Service
7Universidad del Valle
8-9University of California, Riverside
[2 folders]
2421Urban Migration
2Voting - By County, 1960
3Voting Information from Scammon's America Votes 4
6Wetbacks - Bibliographical Material
7Wetbacks Legislation
8White, Leslie A.
9World Population Figures, 1970
Clippings - Alphabetical by Subject
3Civil Rights
[2 folders]
6Education - Protests
7Farm Migrants
2441-2Grape Strike/Boycott, Cesar Chavez
[2 folders]
4 1960-1961
5 1966
6 1967
7 1968
8 1969
9 1970-1973
10 1974
2451 1975
2 1976
3 1977
4 1978
5-6 1979
[2 folders]
7 1980
2461 1981
2 N.d.
[2 folders]
6Mexican American Culture
7Mexico/Mexican American Heritage
[2 folders]
3Poor People's March
5Puerto Ricans
6Tijerina, Reies
Clippings - Chronological by Year
7 1962
8 1963
9 1966
10 1967
2481 1968
2 1969
3 1970
4 1971
5 1972
6 1973
7 1979
8 1980
9 1982
10-11 1983
[2 folders]
12 1984
13 1985
14 N.d.
Card Files
249Book Orders
250Library Card Catalog (Author)
251Library Card Catalog (Subject), and Article Card File (Author)
252Subject Card File, U.S.-Mexico Border and Spanish Speaking Minorities
253Subject and Author/Title Card File
254Various Card Files
255Notecards for Gunpowder Justice
256Census Corrections, 1950-1952
Unidentified Notecard File
Perhaps notes and comments on the study for Mountain Town?
257Unidentified Notecard File [continues from Box 256]

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