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The Benson Latin American Collection

Mariano Riva Palacio Collection:

Part 17, 1872-1880

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Riva Palacio, Mariano, 1803-1880.
TitleMariano Riva Palacio Collection
Dates: 1716-1880 (bulk 1835-1875)
AbstractCorrespondence and official documents of Mariano Riva Palacio, thrice governor of the State of Mexico, pertaining to the governance of Mexico at federal, state, and local levels during the 19th century. This page describes Part 17 of the    17 total parts in the Mariano Riva Palacio Collection guide.
OCLC Record No.29925371
Extent7 linear feet
LanguageSpanish or Castilian.
RepositoryBenson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Political leader. Born 1803 and died 1880 in Mexico City. Educated as lawyer. Offices held: Primer Regidor del Ayuntamiento de México (1829), deputy to the Congreso de la Unión (first elected 1833), Minister of Justice, Minister of Hacienda (June-Aug. 1848), thrice Governor of the State of Mexico (1849, 1857, 1871), Director del Nacional Monte de Piedad. Imprisoned 1852-1854 during final presidency of Antonio López de Santa Anna. Named Emperor Maximilan's defender in May 1867. Worked to develop Mexico's law enforcement system, roads, railways, and industry.

For a complete chronology of Mariano Riva Palacio, see    Part 1: Introduction to this guide.

Scope and Contents Note

The collections pertains to the governance of Mexico at federal, state, and local levels, to management of various institutions and haciendas, to social and economic conditions in Mexico, and to the activities of Mariano Riva Palacio and many other well-known figures of 19th century Mexico, plus documents relating to the settlement of the estate of Vicente Guerrero. Other names prominent in the collection are Juan Álvarez, Mariano Arista, Ignacio Comonfort, Atilano Sánchez Garayo, and Antonio López de Santa Anna.

This page presents Part 17: 1872-1880 of the collection guide. To access other parts of the guide see    Related Material.



Arrangement is primarily chronological, with items numbered in accordance with the published guide: Dabbs, Jack Autrey. The Mariano Riva Palacio Archives: A Guide (University of Texas. Library. Independent Mexico in documents: Independence, Empire, and Republic;
Vol. 2, pt. 1-3)
Mexico :
Editorial Jus,

Related Material

The item level description of this guide follows the published calendar The Mariano Riva Palacio Archives: A Guide by Jack Autrey Dabbs (three volumes, with index). Due to the size of the electronic files, the online version of this guide is divided into 17 parts as follows:

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Mariano Riva Palacio Collection, 1716-1880, Benson Latin American Collection, General Libraries, University of Texas at Austin

Calendar of Items


Año de 1872

9869 Martínez de la Torre, R[afael]. LS. January 2, 1872.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Invitation to meeting at No. 5 de la Palma; General Felipe B. Berriozábal.
9870 Moreno, Carlos M. Toluca, LS. January 2, 1872.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Telegraphed birthday greetings; Monné; charges for book binding; visit to Pachuca; binding of the Memoria; Izquierdo and Portillo reported in Tlacotepec; arming of the palace; departure of Trejo; Major Salas; rebels reported in La Acordada; withdrawal to Coatepec; Fuentes; Murguía.
9871 Romero, [Matías]. Mexico, LS. 1 l. 22 × 33 cm. Embossed stamp: Secretaría de Estado y del Despacho de Hacienda y Crédito público. January 4, 1872.
Replacement by Antonio Zimbrón.
9872 González Cárdenas, Juan. Toluca, ALS. January 5, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Receipt of Convento de la Merced through the Junta de Beneficencia; request for clarification of gift of money.
9873 Cruz, N[olasco]. Zumpango, LS. January 8, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Victorio Carrillo; Escalante; contract for uniforms of the 5a Línea de Gendarmes sent to Jefe político de Cuautitlán; uniforms for troops ordered by Cañedo.
9874 Chávez Ferreira, Jesús. Cárcel de Bethlehem, ALS. January 13, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Interview with Governor and promise not to take part in politics; incident at La Ciudadela; incidents in Nuevo León; arrest by Jefe político de Toluca; request for help.
9875 Moreno, Carlos M. Toluca, ALS. January 16, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Suspension of alcabalas; copy of speech sent to Ortigosa in Guadalajara; Barajas.
9876 Borges, [José Agustín]. Texcoco, LS. 1 l. 22 × 33 cm. Stamp: Juzgado de Letras de Texcoco. January 18, 1872.
Extract of testimony of Ana María Alcíbar concerning legal residence. Witness: Manuel Infante and Mauro M. Saldaña.
9877 Valle, P[edro] del. ALS. January 19, 1872.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Meeting with Mr. E. L. Plumb; Jaque; interest in extending the international railroad to Mexico and Puerto de San Blas.
9878 Zimbrón, Antonio. Toluca, Telegram. January 19, 1872.
1 l. 14 × 22 cm.
Distribution of letters concerning project of the Sociedad de Agricultura to the Jefes políticos.
9879 Sánchez (?), B. Toluca, LS. January 21, 1872.
4 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Preparation for work on railway; meeting of shareholders; Antonino. Includes copy of documents forwarded:
a. Santiago Hernández: Condiciones que propone Santiago Hernández a los Sres. Empresarios del Ferrocarril de Toluca, para la conduccion de 2734 Rieles del buque Harmonie de Veracruz a esta Capital. Mexico, Copy. 1 l. f. 2-2v. Five articles: J. G. Méndez; delivery of rails to Hacienda de la Teja; permits from Ministerio de Fomento; agreement of October 14, 1870. January 17, 1872.
b. J. V[iviano] Beltrán: Gastos del FerroCarril. ALS. 1 l. f. 3-3v. Payment to Santiago Méndez; disposition of plans; permission of State Governor; meeting of Junta Directiva; Mariano Riva Palacio to be arbitrator; Santiago Méndez, Engineer. January 15, 1871.
c. [Hoja sin firma.] Via angosta. 1 l. f. 4-4v. History of narrow-gauge railways; example of Denver and Río Grande, built to Colorado City; dimensions of roadbed and cars; relative costs; extension to Mexico City studied. No. date.
9880 Díaz, Ramón. Toluca, LS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Name embossed. January 26, 1872.
Effort to interest Zimbrón in the Sociedad de Agricultura; effort of Moreno to gather replies from Jefes políticos; letter to Alas on Hacienda de los Arcos; enrollment of Valeriano Lechuga.
9881 Gutiérrez, Margarito. [Carta al gobernador.] Toluca, Copy. Janary 31, 1872.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Provisions of contract of sale of land of Ex-convento de San Francisco; right of way to new street of La Concordia; interference of house of Juan González; understanding with previous Governor Riva Palacio. Other signatories: Calixto Morales and Enrique Villela.
9882 Zimbrón, Antonio. Toluca, LS. February 1, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Transmittal of copy of petition by Margarito Gutiérrez and others, owners of lots of the Ex-convento de San Francisco; construction by Juan González Cárdenas in Calle de la Concordia; search for prospective purchaser.
9883 Moreno, Carlos M. Toluca, ALS. February 13, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Deputies called into session; opposition to treatment of elections.
9884 Fuentes y Muñiz, Jesús. Toluca, ALS. February 16, 1872.
2 l. 13 × 27 cm.
Delay in sending decree; Méndez; progress with railway; Junta de Exposición; illness of Lynch's son; Garduño; Aguado; rumors about extraordinary sessions of Legislature; fear of García's plans; Mañón; Inclán; Espinosa; biographical notes.
9885 Alas, Manuel. Arcos, ALS. February 16, 1872.
3 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Transmittal of Acta de instalación de la Sociedad de Mineros; delay caused by revolution. Includes Acta:
a. Socios fundadores: Sociedad de Mineros de Sultepec. Mineral de Sultepec, Copy. 2 l. f. 2-3v. 21 × 27 cm. Formation of association to improve the mining industry and to represent it before government agencies. Purposes; publications, mutual protection; scientific training of youths; reform of mining laws; establishment of bank; hospital for laborers. Commissioners elected: Lic. Manuel Alas, Julio Stein, Arnaldo Sutter, José Cosío, Higinio Gorostieta, and Luis Ogazón; approval by Jefe político and Juez de primera instancia Antonio Barrueta, Lic. Rafael Lara. Members represented: Alas, Juan Saavedra, Julio Stein, G. A. Stein, Hugo Risse, Luis Reynaud, Luis Aguado, Lucio Sánchez, Luis Galledo, Guillermo Pritchard, Lucio Ortiz, Arnaldo Sutter, Luis Hense, Luis Ogazón, Trinidad González, Juan Milla, Ignacio González, José Cosío, Manuel Pardo, Camilo Sánchez, Guadalupe Gómez, Lic. Melquíades Gorostieta, Higinio Gorostieta, Mariano Cienfuegos, Santiago Hernández, Ignacio Aguilar, José Santos López, Juan Arce, José María Rodríguez, José María Aguilar, Magdaleno Santa Olalla, Francisco Castañeda, Ciriaco Navarro, José María Santa Olalla, Miguel Guerrero, Jesús García, Luis Avilés, Francisco Macedo, Miguel Gómez, Bernardo Aguilar, Mateo Pardo, Tiburcio Gómez, and Máximo Betanzos. February 13, 1872.
9886 Moreno, Carlos M. Toluca, ALS. February 20, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Newspaper article on installation of Legislature; proposal of Aguado y Varón; Colonel Limón in Tenancingo reported in favor of Plan de la Noria; intercepted letters for Matías Estrada brought by Major Pedro Bernal.
9887 Trejo González, Rafael. Otumba, LS. 1 l. 21 × 33 cm. Stamp of office: Gefatura política del Distrito Otumba. February 21, 1872.
Transmittal of Voto de Gracias prepared by Municipalidades de Ajapuzco (Axapusco), Teotihuacán, y Temascalapa.
9888 Murguía, Trinidad M. Toluca, ALS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Monogram. February 21, 1872.
New session of Legislature; “poco patriotismo de Varón y Garduño”; treatment of robberies and amnesties; work on railway to Tlalnepantla; Don Mariano called “padre del Estado de México”; arrival of deputies Núñez and Rodríguez; articles from the Observadora; Ignacio Mañón Sr.; Manuel Reyes.
9889 Fuentes y Muñiz, Jesús. Toluca, ALS. February 23, 1872.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
El Siglo; arrival of rails; session of Legislature requesting approval of Congreso de la Unión for amendment to Constitution, dropping reference to Calpulalpam; Zimmermann condemned; Ixtlahuaca; embarrassment caused Zimbrón by José del Moral; formation of Junta Preparatoria; members: Chávez Ganancia, President, Villavicencio Garay; Primera Comisión revisora: S.S. Portillo, Díaz Leal and Espejel y Blanca; Second Commission: Lucio Rodríguez, Eulalio Núñez, and Villavicencio; absence of Riva y Echeverría, Ríos (from Temascaltepec), Bernal (from Ixtlahuaca), and Molina (from Jilotepec); possible questioning of Aguado's credentials; construction work on the Palacio; opening of street; Juan González; delay in the Memoria.
9890 Moreno, Carlos M. Toluca, ALS. February 23, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Letter for Alas given Sr. Amman at the Ferretería; Hacienda de los Arcos; rumor about Limón proved false; approval; of agreement with Governor of Tlaxcala and of Mexico concerning Calpulalpan; Manuel Zimmerman condemned to pay $2000 to Hacineda pública; Santuario de Chalma made a town; division of debt between parts of old State of Mexico left unresolved; article in La Ley; Fuentes in the Archives.
9891 Fuentes y Muñiz, Jesús. Toluca, ALS. February 28, 1872.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Meeting with Zimbrón; delays caused by Moral; difficulties caused by legislature favorable to García; offer of position as Secretary; consultation with Inclán; absence of Gómez; Murguía; Vicencio; credentials of Aguado refused; elections at Tenango questioned; absence of Riva, Molina, and Bernal; escape of Santa Anna, kidnapped at Metepec, kept in Montes del Nevado; Mañón; payments to Limón.
9892 Borges, J[osé] A[gustín]. Texcoco, LS. 1 l. 22 × 33 cm. Stamp of office: Juzgado de Letras, de Texcoco. March 2, 1872.
Will of Doña Ana María Alcíbar; notice of communication sent to Mauro M. Saldaña and Octaviano R. y Guzmán; Ley de procedimientos, Article 35; request for legal papers.
9893 Cadena, José María V. de la. Tacubaya, ALS. March 2, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Loss of rank of General in 1867; made prisoner of war on occupation of Mexico by General Porfirio Díaz; imprisonment in Santa Brígida and in Perote; request for help with Junta Directiva to obtain position with railway to Toluca and Cuautitlán.
9894 Fuentes y Muñiz, Jesús. Toluca, ALS. 2 l. 21 × 27 cm. Embossed: DPH&C. March 10, 1872.
Preparation of budget; publication of Memoria; García elected by Legislature; vote of Riva; results signed by Zimbrón; publication of votes in La Ley; Chávez Ganancia; discussion of constitutionality of election; rebels in Tenancingo; payment of $800; criticism of Limón; Solís moved from Ixtlahuaca to Tenancingo as Jefe político; service in Jilotepec in place of Rosales; mediation of Espinosa; construction work on the Palacio; estimates of cost by Mendieta; resignation of Cejudo; plan to resign; direction of the Colegio.
9895 Balcárcel, B[las]. M[inisterio] de F[omento], LS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Embossed: Correspondencia particular del Ministro de Fomento. March 11, 1872.
Guerrero; suggestion to have camino del interior pass through Polotitlán; plans awaited from engineer.
9896 Cejudo, Pascual. Lerma, LS. March 20, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Duties turned over to Presidente Municipal; passage of Governor from Toluca, Deputies, Ministro de Tribunal, and Fuentes Muñiz; Garduño in pursuit of rebels at Jalatlaco; Santiago Tianguistenco; Sotero Lozano reported in Distrito de Ixtlahuaca; publication of resignation.
9897 Fuentes y Muñiz, Jesús. Toluca, ALS. March 21, 1872.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
$1200 left in State Treasury; Sotero Lozano in Tox[h]si and Atlacomulco; Trejo and Limón sent in pursuit; trip to Lerma to receive García; Vicencio to be new Secretary; dinner for Governor in Instituto; attendance of Riva, Inclán, Cid del Prado; García recalled as a student of the Instituto; Azcárate, Diputado por Sinaloa, reported describing entry in a city of Chihuahua during the Intervention and allaying fears by good behavior; offer of Sinaloa deputies to help in congress with the railway, eliminating need for lottery; Alcalde; construction work of Palacio; absence of Rodríguez; bail for Sra. Garrido not established; papers in Archives; gas project discussed with Muñoz Ledo; the Memoria.
9898 García, Alberto. Toluca, Telegram. March 26, 1872.
1 l. 14 × 22 cm.
Request for aid to prevent transfer of Mother Elena.
9899 _____. Toluca, LS. 2 l. 21 × 27 cm. Monogram. April 5, 1872.
Request of Sra. Paz and Carlota Hinojosa to prevent transfer of Sor. Elena; appointment of Cañedo; Trejo in charge of District of Texcoco; request for approval of policy; Vicencio.
9900 _____. Toluca, LS. 1 l. 13 × 21 cm. Monogram. April 8, 1872.
Transfer of paintings from Tepozotlán to avoid deterioration; Fuentes Muñiz; removal of paintings to Instituto in Toluca.
9901 Moreno, Carlos M. Toluca, LS. April 9, 1872.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Villar; change in format of newspaper; loss of position rumored; care of archives offered to Francisco Rivero; his preference for Administración de Rentas.
9902 Zamora, Blas Vicente. Otumba, LS. 2 l. 21 × 27 cm. Embossed: Juzgado de la instancia del Distrito de Otumba. April 10, 1872.
Assistance of Montaño; office force; advice of Gómez; conduct of Jefe político Bandera; friendship with Agapito Barrera; attitude of residents; painting, French, book-keeping, geometry, and algebra taught in school taught by ex-engineer Colonel Antonio Palafox; municipal water supply; public jahuey (jagüey) for animals; food supplies; comparison with Acuautla; Cura Larios from Actopan; church and cemetery; Antonino; Lupe; Josefina; Barajas; Arizcorreta; success of Villagrán at Temascalapa.
9903 Carrillo, F[lorentino]. Durango, LS. 1 l. 22 × 33 cm. Letterhead torn: [Gobernador del E?]stado de Durango. Also signed: José Palaol(?). April 12, 1872.
Transfer of office to Antonio Zimbrón noted.
9904 Sierra y Rosso, Feliciano. Toluca, ALS. April 12, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Conflict over desire of Juan Fernández Renedo to change will to leave $3000 to wife of Gabriel Moreno instead of to group of orphans; Manuel Reyes; change made by Wiener; protest of Suprema Orden of May 21, 1869; order lost in Jefatura de Hacienda; request for help in preventing Moreno from getting law changed; support of Dirección de Beneficencia.
9905 García, Juan. Santiago Tlaltelolco, ALS. April 15, 1872.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Request for help in getting out of prison; end of prison term in March.
9906 García, Alberto. Toluca, LS. 2 l. 13 × 21 cm. Monogram. April 18, 1872.
Aid to Fuentes acknowledged; budget of Rodríguez Arangoity; suggestion for using penitentiary funds for repairs; ideas of Vigil; jefe político de Cuautitlán.
9907 [Labastida,] Pelagio A. Arzobispo de México. Texcoco, LS. April 20, 1872.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Visit to Chapingo; state subvention for Núñez and Rul; meeting anticipated for Exposition.
9908 [Terreros?,] M[anuel?]. ALS. April 26, 1872.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Santo Tomás; encounter in travel with Spaniard en route home, suspected of banditry; travel from Zacatecas to Veracruz.
9909 García, Alberto. Toluca, LS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Monogram. April 29, 1872.
Receipt of copies of material on Exposición universal; distribution to jefes políticos.
9910 COMERCIANTES DE OAXACA. Oaxaca, LS. April 30, 1872.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Operation of steamships along Pacific Coast under contract of the Gobierno Supremo with “una compañía americana” need for road to Puerto Ángel; transportation of goods from Veracruz; request for aid; difficult economic position as result of recent revolution. Signatures: Ignacio Esperan[za?], Francisco Quijano, C. Sodi, José Zorrilla, Antonio María Mimiaga, and J. Espera[nza?].
9911 Vallarta, I[gnacio] L[uis]. Guadalajara, ALS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Embossed: Correspondencia particular del Gobernador de Jalisco. May 11, 1872.
Proposal for an Exposición universal; distribution of proposal impeded by insecurity of the roads; copies sent to Colima.
9912 Macedo, P. Mexico, ALS. 1 l. 17 × 22 cm. Embossed: Junta de vigilancia de Cárceles. May 13, 1872.
Meeting of Junta announced.
9913 Rosecrans, W. S. Hotel Iturbide, Mexico, LS. May 17, 1872.
4 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Plan for railway system for Mexico; plan for easing internal dissension; economic benefits; military benefits from unified railway system; representative General Palmer; cost of delays.
9914 Santos Solís, Vicente. Tenancingo, ALS. May 23, 1872.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Colonel Cañedo placed in charge of troops; parley with rebel bands; General Berriozábal.
9915 [Terreros,] M[anuel]. Hardricourt, ALS. May 29, 1872.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Use of medicinal baths; visit to Normandy; relatives of Iturrigaray; occupation of country by Prussians; social changes anticipated; English packet; Vicente.
9916 Hernández, Ignacio. Toluca, ALS. June 2, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
List of collections; business impeded by rains; collection of Contribución personal; preparation of padrones.
9917 Cuatáparo, S. N. Zumpango, ALS. 2 l. 13 × 21 cm. Monogram. June 2, 1872.
Government unable to pay employees because of revolution; extension of drainage of lakes suggested to provide work for unemployed; engineer costs.
9918 Martínez de la Torre, R[afael]. LS. June 3, 1872.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Meeting with Prado and Carresse; funds of the railway project; lottery results; extension to Tlalnepantla and Atzcapotzalco; price of rails.
9919 Rosecrans, W. S. Hotel Iturbide, México, ALS. June 13, 1873.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Request for interview; departure of General Palmer on French packet boat.
9919A _____. ALS. 1 l. Incomplete. No date.
21 × 27 cm.
Discussions with Don Encilio on railway to Toluca; benefits for Mexico. Fragment; first page missing.
9920 Limón, Francisco. Jajalpa, ALS. July 5, 1872.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Plan to leave State service; position in Línea de las Cruces requested of Ministro de Guerra.
9921 Zamora, José S. Buenavista, Telegram. July 7, 1872.
1 l. 14 × 22 cm.
Rodríguez kidnapped and released at Coatepec; imprisonment of Pepe; Colonel Loaiza preparing case.
9922 _____. Buenavista, Telegram. July 10, 1872.
1 l. 14 × 22 cm.
Release from prison.
9923 López, Juan F. Tlalmanalco, ALS. July 10, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Release of Pepe Zamora and Cura de Coatepec from prison; bond offered by Riva Palacio; Jefe político Ortega; suit by Rodríguez.
9924 Fuentes y Muñiz, Jesús. Toluca, ALS. July 25, 1872.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Civic duties in connection with death of Juárez; meeting in theatre; death observed in Instituto.
9925 Rivera Melo, Luis. Toluca, ALS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Name embossed. July 25, 1872.
Birthday greetings.
9926 Ortigosa, Vicente. Guadalajara, ALS. July 26, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Birthday greetings; hopes for Lerdo; hope for revolution to end; troubled career of Juárez.
9927 Fuentes y Muñiz, Jesús. Toluca, ALS. July 31, 1872.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Delay in printing; accident to lithograph; Riva; ceremony in theatre; national crisis; pictures to be sent to Santacilia and Dublán; Vicente.
9928 Lerdo de Tejada, S[ebastián]. Mexico, LS. July 31, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Delivery of letters by Jiménez and Verdiguel.
9929 Quintana, León. Medina de Pomar, Provincia de Burgos, ALS. August 10, 1872.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Birth of children in Mexico and in Spain; residence in Madrid; possibility of entering the Court; discouraging commercial possibilities; improved transmission of news; death of Juárez; Barajas.
9930 Landázuri, P[edro]. ALS. August 11, 1872.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Invitation to dinner with President; other guests: Governor of State of Mexico and Riva y Echevarría; Callejón del Espíritu Santo; Trinidad Murguía, deputy from State of Mexico.
9931 García, Alberto. Toluca, LS. 2 l. 13 × 21 cm. Monogram. August 16, 1872.
Colonel Limón to be jefe político de Otumba; strict orders against bandits.
9932 Fuentes y Muñiz, Jesús. Toluca, ALS. August 21, 1872.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Project of the Instituto to publish a periodical of Science and Education; permit from Governor García; Hidalgo y Costilla to be illustration; letter for Joaquín Alcalde; announcement of first stretch of new railway; discussion of gas project with Rodríguez and Myers; committee including Muñoz Ledo and Gómez Álvarez; example of Ayuntamiento de México; construction of Palacio municipal on Calle de la Concordia; contract with Valdez.
9933 Ortigosa, Vicente. Guadalajara, ALS. August 22, 1872.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Support of Lerdo; Manuel Fernández Soto; discontent with Governor Ignacio Vallarta; project for establishment of an agricultural school, using the part of the convent left in 1862 by Governor Pedro Ogazón; widespread banditry; Padre Teófilo G. Sancho; Ignacio Cañedo.
9934 Andral, J. Guillermo. ALS. 3 l. 21 × 27 cm. Embossed design: República Mexicana. August 22, 1872.
Meeting with Alamán; interests of Carlos; relations with Martínez de la Torre; effort to settle the confusion.
9935 Trejo, Justo. Tlalnepantla, ALS. August 29, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Recovery from illness; mission to Texcoco for Governor García; disorder in administration caused by Cañedo's preoccupation with the revolution; sequestration of Miguel Uribe; failures reported in papers; resignation of office.
9936 García, Ignacio S. Mexico, ALS. September 2, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Meeting with President and Ministro de Fomento; charges brought by Gumesindo Enríquez; danger of losing position as Pagador del Camino de Tepetongo a la Goleta; Tesorería General de la Nación.
9937 [García, Alberto.] Toluca, Incomplete. 2 l. 13 × 21 cm. Monogram. September 9, 1872.
Opposition to monument proposed by Rodríguez Arangoity; statue of Hidalgo to be raised; work on penitentiary continued; approval of Vicente's proposal for new painting of the General; modesty about his own portrait.
9938 García, Alberto. Toluca, LS. September 12, 1872.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Inauguration of hospital; lack of instructional equipment for education of orphan children; request for help.
9939 Montiel, Tiburcio, Alfredo Chavero, and Carlos Báez. México, Printed form; address written. September 20, 1872.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Invitation to dinner honoring Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada in El Tivoli “El Eliseo”. Address of sender: Calle de Chiquis No. 4.
9940 Zamora, Blas Vicente. Otumba, ALS. September 23, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Request of Severiano Harnández from Toluca for aid in obtaining contract to paint portrait of General [García?] as authorized by the Congress.
9941 Mendiola, Manuel. Querétaro, LS. September 24, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm., 1 l. 16 × 21 cm.
Stay of execution of sentence obtained by Ramón O. Filiú pending review of case by Superior Tribunal de Justicia; danger of execution during transit along road; effort of Julio Cervantes to have sentence upheld; letters to Lic. Ogazón, Anza, and Zavala. Includes draft of answer to Manuel Mendiola, September 28, 1872, showing discussion with Anza on the subject.
9942 Siglo XIX. Loterias. Proyecto de la 1o Comision de Industria Sesión del Siglo XIX del 26. Copy. 25 de Sete./ 872.
3 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Summary of expenses; distribution of drawings; plans for administration.
9943 Limón, Francisco. Texcoco, LS. September 30, 1872.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Preparation for escort.
9944 Lynch Zaldívar, Em[ilio?]. Toluca, LS. October 9, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Commission authorized by Congreso de la Unión to investigate complaints about northern boundary; request for aid in obtaining appointment; summary of qualifications; travel in Texas anticipated; experience in Texas during the Intervention; appointment of Emilio Velasco rumored in Trait d'Union; qualifications of Velasco.
9945 Cervantes, José J. LS. October 10, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Illness with lung trouble; letter of Governor García; Hacienda de Atenco; request for aid in obtaining compensation for property used for the hospital.
9946 Moreno, Carlos M. ALS. October 11, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Request for use of influence with Lerdo on behalf of his father in Pachuca; Toluca.
9947 Rosecrans, William S. Hotel Gillon, LS. October 11, 1872.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Recommendation for President to discuss data on projects with Mancera, President of the Primera Comisión de Industria, as well as the Ministro de Fomento.
9948 Lerdo de Tejada, S[ebastián]. Mexico, LS. 1 l. 13 × 21 cm. Monogram. October 12, 1872.
Decision sent to General W. Rosecrans on discussions with the Ministro de Fomento.
9949 _____. Mexico, LS. 1 l. 13 × 21 cm. Monogram. October 12, 1872.
Return of letters; appointments to Comisión para la Frontera; appointment of Emilio Velasco.
9950 Balcárcel, B[las]. Mexico, ALS. October 13, 1872.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Letters returned; meeting with Mancera declined; problem raised still under discussion.
9951 Ángeles, Dionisio. Atitalaquia, ALS. October 14, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Suit with Hacienda de Tlalmelilpa (?) over use of waters of Río Salado; use made since 1600; request for Riva Palacio to act as arbitrator.
9952 García, Alberto. Toluca, Telegram. October 14, 1872.
1 l. 16 × 22 cm.
Settlement of problem with Weiss concerning hospicio.
9953 _____. Toluca, LS. 2 l. 13 × 21 cm. Monogram. October 15, 1872.
Letters for de la Torre, Rosas, Cervantes, and Terreros; hope to return money collected by Riva Palacio; expenses for Hospicio voted by Congreso; meeting between Governor and Administrador de Atenco recommended by Cervantes.
9954 Landázuri, P[edro]. Mexico, ALS. 1 l. 13 × 21 cm. Monogram. October 22, 1872.
Decision of government for imprisonment of Jiménez.
9955 Sánchez Colomo, María del Pilar. ALS. October 22, 1872.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Loan owed by Escandón; need for money immediately; request for temporary loan; Javierita.
9956 Fernández, Manuel. Toluca, Telegram. October 27, 1872.
1 l. 14 × 22 cm.
Agreement of Legislature to support the Rosecranz project.
9957 Hernández, Ignacio. Toluca, ALS. October 27, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Agreement with Governor to leave office in November.
9958 [Riva Palacio,] Carlos. ALS. October 29, 1872.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Request for loan of $30; failure of Velázquez to pay debt; business in Chalco.
9959 Landázuri, P[edro]. ALS. 2 l. 13 × 21 cm. Monogram. October 31, 1872.
Letters sent via Barajas; case of General Jiménez discussed with President.
9960 Flores y Caso, Luis. Cuernavaca, LS. 1 l. 22 × 28 cm. Embossed: Correspondencia particular del Gobernador del Estado de Morelos. November 1, 1872.
Assumption of office to replace Francisco Leyva temporarily, by virtue of position as President of the Tribunal Superior.
9961 Balbontín [y Alfaro], Juan María. Mexico, ALS. November 5, 1872.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Support of Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada; Riva Palacio elected by District of Yalalaq (Yalalag), Oaxaca State.
9962 García, Alberto. Toluca, Telegram. November 6, 1872.
1 l. 17 × 22 cm.
Proposed interview with President on railway project; influence of Rosecrans.
9963 Peña, J. María de la. ALS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Embossed: Hacienda del Cazadero. November 8, 1872.
Request for help in matter to be discussed with Manuel.
9964 Mejía, Ignacio. Mexico, LS. November 9, 1872.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Payment for cure of sick soldiers in Saltillo.
9965 Landázuri, P[edro]. ALS. 1 l. 13 × 21 cm. Monogram. November 11, 1872.
Large volume of telegrams on behalf of Jiménez; promise to release Jiménez as soon as security allows.
9966 Gómez, Valentín. Toluca, ALS. November 12, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Illness with liver ailment; residence in Calle de Morelos, No. 1; Fuentes.
9967 Licea y Borja, José María. Texcoco, ALS. November 14, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Resignation of Pedro Covarrubias as Juez 6. de lo Civil announced in papers; request for recommendation to the position; approval of Lic. Teófilo Robredo of the Sala del Tribunal Superior.
9968 García, Alberto. Toluca, LS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Monogram. November 15, 1872.
Request for help in buying furnishings for the hospicio; Fábrica de Miraflores; jefe político de Chalco; contributions by Moral (?) and Terreros.
9969 Salas, Libri[]. [Carta al ministro Francisco Mejía.] Acapulco, ALS. 2 l. 13 × 21 cm. Name embossed. November 17, 1872.
Return from Hacienda de la Providencia, property of cousin General Diego Álvarez; support of Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada as President, vacating the presidency of the Supreme Court; Vicente Riva Palacio recommended for the place on the Supreme Court; support in press.
9970 Ortigosa, Vicente. Guadalajara, ALS. November 17, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Hope for ministerial position for Riva Palacio instead of place in Congress; return of Padre Sancho; mission of Manuel Celayeta to represent Lozada.
9971 Landázuri, P[edro]. Mexico, ALS. 1 l. 13 × 21 cm. Monogram. November 23, 1872.
President's order for release of the Jiménez.
9972 Sancho (Sánchez?), B. Toluca, ALS. November 24, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Delay in payments for railway; Sr. Valle; partial payments by Felipe Estévez, Ramón Díaz, Ángel Sobrino, M. Fernández, and Camilo Zamora.
9973 Lira y Ortega, Miguel. [Carta a Vicente Riva Palacio.] Tlaxcala, ALS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Name embossed. November 25, 1872.
Copy of Defensor del Pueblo, proposing Vicente to be President of the Supreme Court; political question of liberals vs. conservatives; constitutional problems.
9974 García, Alberto. Toluca, LS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Monogram. November 29, 1872.
Appointment of Mariano to commission to congratulate Lerdo de Tejada on new office.
9975 Avilés, Teodosio. [Carta a Manuel Sánchez Mármol.] Campeche, LS. December 9, 1872.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Support for movement to elect Vicente Riva Palacio to Suprema Corte de Justicia de la República; picture in No. 32 of the Imparcial; defense of Maximilian; literary accomplishments.
9976 García, Alberto. Toluca, LS. 2 l. 13 × 21 cm. Monogram. December 10, 1872.
Collections for the hospicio to be turned over to Sr. Henkel or Teodoro Weis for the Tesorería de la Junta de Beneficencia.
9977 Castro y Pulgar, Andrés. Toluca, ALS. December 12, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Appointment by Lerdo to be Oficial Interventor of the Administración de Correos; continued work in the Instituto.
9978 Weis, Teodoro. [Recibo.] Mexico, LS. December 13, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Receipt of $80 from Mariano Riva Palacio for Hospicio de pobres de Toluca.
9979 Ortigosa, Vicente. Guadalajara, ALS. December 16, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Introduction to Rafael Arroyo de Anda to report on conditions in Jalisco; support of Lerdo.
9980 Landázuri, P[edro]. Mexico, ALS. 1 l. 13 × 21 cm. Monogram. December 23, 1872.
Arrangements for interview between Jiménez and the President.
9981 Pardo de Ovando (?), Manuel. LS. December 23, 1872.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Request for help; loss of interests in Adyosingo (Ayotzingo?); loss of sight; dependence on charity.
9982 Fernández, Manuel. Toluca, ALS. 2 l. 21 × 27 cm. Corner torn. December 26, 1872.
Agreement of Legislature to contribute to construction of railway to Toluca and Cuautitlán; support by Gobierno General; sale of concession to Rosecrans reported; arrangements with Díaz and Sobrino; Sánch[ez]; Pliego. Addressed to 5 de Mayo No. 3.
9983 Sobrino, Ángel. Toluca, LS. December 29, 1872.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Request for aid in obtaining position for Luis Castro y Carrillo; Ignacio Mañón.
9984 Niño (Treviño?), G. San José de los Álamos, Coahuila, LS. 2 l. 21 × 27 cm. Embossed: Correspondencia mercantil. December 31, 1872.
Co-operation with Nuevo León and other states to develop cotton farming; litigation concerning lands of Doña Luisa Ibarra de Zuloaga; decision of Supreme Court; opposition of State authorities; Cepeda; trouble instigated by González Herrera, supported by Governor Cepeda; proposal to raise force of Federal troops for self-protection; intervention by President suggested.


Año de 1873

9985 Mañón y Valle, Ignacio. El Salitre to Mexico, LS. January 6, 1873.
1 l. 21 × 26 cm.
Recovery from tifo; fear of quinine; exclusion of Mariano from Railway inaugural committee; report by Chucho from Toluca.
9986 Bros, Blas. LS. January 16, 1873.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Account of imprisonment; request for help from Mariano and from Guadalupe [Bros].
9987 Fuentes y Muñiz, Jesús. Toluca, ALS. January 24, 1873.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Gift for Instituto received via Zamora; illustrations in El Hogar; portrait of Escandón missing from railway empresarios; stagecoach company to Puebla; line established by Zurutuza. Plan for honoring famous men.
9988 Muñoz, Manuel. Chihuahua, ALS. January 27, 1873.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Introduction for Francisco Urquidi to explain conditions in state; concern over decision pending in the Supremo Gobierno.
9989 Rosales, Jesús. Tenancingo, LS. 1 l. 22 × 33 cm. Stamped heading: Municipalidad de Tenancingo República Mexicana. January 31, 1873.
Efforts to obtain primary instruction for children by Directorio de la Asociación de San Vicente de Paul; request for influence to that end.
9990 Berriozábal, Felipe B. LS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Name embossed. February 19, 1873.
Danger of having La Asunción put up for auction; failure of Lic. Dublán; danger from claims of creditors; appeal to Pedro Escudero suggested; opposition to Álvarez Rul in suit.
9991 Sánchez Azcona, Juan. ALS. 1 l. 13 × 21 cm. Monogram. March 4, 1873.
Delay caused by illness; ministros de Gobernación y Guerra to see to manufacture of uniforms in national prison; brother José [Sánchez]. Pencil note: Díez Cobarrubias.
9992 Zamacona, Manuel María de. ALS. 2 l. 13 × 21 cm. Monogram. March 30, 1873.
Project for Exposición universal forgotten; lack of interest in press.
9993 Gómez, Valentín. Toluca, ALS. April 2, 1873.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Request for help in reducing tax on estates (fincas rústicas); Association of Puebla; plan to be presented to Junta Directiva de la Sociedad de Agricultura by President; relations with García.
9994 García, Alberto. Toluca, LS. 2 l. 21 × 27 cm. Monogram. April 4, 1873.
Cuevas; question between the railway Company of Coluca and the Federal Government; difficlty over laws regulating lotteries; opinions sent by Dublán and Méndez; law of March 7, 1871.
9995 _____. Toluca, LS. April 15, 1873.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Receipt of legal advice; Monroy; portrait of the General [García?]; Vicente; question between Gobierno General and Dublán and Méndez concerning railway.
9996 Mejía, [Ignacio]. Mexico, LS. 1 l. 22 × 33 cm. Embossed heading: Secretaría de Estado y del Despacho de Hacienda y Crédito Público. April 29, 1873.
Suit by government against Nicolás Galarza over payments for Hacienda de Aculco, Distrito de Chalco, transfer to Compañía Lancasteriana in 1868.
9997 Zambrana Vázquez, S. Ixtlahuaca, ALS. June 1, 1873.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Lic. Villarello sent to Zumpango in 1870; delivery of speech of September 15; request for return of copy of the speech; Fuentes y Muñiz. Has note by Don Mariano on delivery of speech from among his archives.
9998 Riva Palacio, Manuel. Ocozá, ALS. June 5, 1873.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Force of the revolution; capture and execution of leaders in Pachuca; robberies of silver trains from Zimapán; money taken at Ixmiquilpan; theft of horses; leader Serrano; use of spies; suffering of the Acostas; isolation from Actopan and Ixmiquilpan; Genoveva; Don Pepe; location of Hacienda de Arroyo; delivery of corn.
9999 Fleck (?), Maximiliano L. Mexico, LS. 2 l. 21 × 27 cm. Printed letter. June 10, 1873.
Notice of move from Calle de las Escalerillas No. 11 to Calle de la Palma No. 13; Empresa de Gas portatil.
Second page has printed list of goods sold by the firm; Sofas, chairs, armchairs, folding chairs, tables, consoles, dressers, stools, working chairs, English beds, cots, floor lamps, candle holders candelabra, gas and oil lamps, hand lamps, reflectors, globes, pumps, pipes, bombillas, wicks, scissors for wicks, veladores de papel, oil, candles of Stearine, stationery, copying books, ink, envelopes, steel pens, pencils, feather dusters, gamuzas para coche, varnish for brass, tobacco, Seidlitz powders, Sosa powder, beer extract, milk extract, extract of Liebig meat, agency for English perfumes from John Gosnell & Co., London; boxes with essences, extra-fine oil for the hair, toothbrushes, clothes brushes, hat brushes, fingernail brushes, essences for handkerchiefs, tooth paste and powder, tassels, violet face powder, fine salves, soap, toilet water, coconut soap, Windsor soap, hair dye, Cologne water from the Farina factory, “agua legítima de la Florida,” German kid gloves, wines, liquors, groceries, Rhein wine, Moselle wine, Niersteiner, Kloster Erback, Marcobrunner, Johannisberger from lands of Prince Metternich, Steinberger Cabinet, Piesporter Auslese, Bordeaux wines (Médoc, St. Julien, Pauillac, Château Margaux, Château Larose, Château Lafitte), Madeira, Oporto, Vermouth, Cognac de Martell, Cognac de Robin, Cherry Cordial, Anisette, Chartreuse, Cerveza Noruega, Champagne Carte Blanche of Roederer, Champagne “La Viuda de Clicquot,” English salmon, smoked lobsters, mackerel, oysters, salted sardines, caviar, sausages, ham, smoked herring, salted herring, English sauces, pickles, English biscuits, mustard, Italian mases farina, tapioca, Sagú, Cebada perla, Arrowroot, Cominillo, oatmeal.
10000 Cañedo, E[stanislao]. Lagos, ALS. June 28, 1873.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Opposition of Governor Vallarta; Don Benito's strategy; public interest in Jalisco in elections.
10001 Hernández, Ignacio. Toluca, ALS. July 3, 1873.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Collection of alcabala increased; tax on brandy and tobacco.
10002 Castro y Pulgar, Andrés. Toluca, ALS. July 3, 1873.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Efficiency of Toluca postal service; petition to Congreso de la Unión for pay increase; list of salaries; request for support of petition with Lerdo.
10003 Leyva, F[rancisco] de. Cuernavaca, LS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Monogram. July 11, 1873.
Transmittal of Memoria for the Congress, and Cuenta General of Dirección de Rentas; improved public administration.
10004 Castro y Pulgar, Andrés. Toluca, ALS. July 13, 1873.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Mariano elected to 7o Congreso de la Unión by city of Toluca.
10005 Núñez, Eulalio and Alberto Franco. Tlalnepantla, Telegram. July 13, 1873.
1 l. 17 × 22 cm.
Don Mariano elected Deputy from local district.
10006 ELECTORES DE TOLUCA Y TEMOAYA. Toluca, Telegram. July 13, 1873.
1 l. 17 × 22 cm.
Notice of election of Don Mariano to Congreso de la Unión. Signatories: Jesús Fuentes y Muñiz, Camilo Cortés, Manuel González, Trinidad M. Murguía, Enrique Villeda, Plácido Estévez, Juan N. Becerril, Pedro Arzate, Francisco Rivero, Felipe Arenas, Hilario León, Antonio Montes de Oca, A. Riva y Echeverría, J. G. Moreno, and Carlos Moreno.
10007 Lynch, Emilio. Toluca, Telegram. July 13, 1873.
1 l. 17 × 22 cm.
Election of Don Mariano as representative of Primer Distrito del Estado.
10008 Catalina. Toluca, ALS. 2 l. 21 × 27 cm. Embossed design. July 14, 1873.
Election of Don Mariano as Diputado; his portrait carried through streets with music and parade; birthday greetings; Moreno.
10009 Moreno, Carlos M. Toluca, ALS. July 14, 1873.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Election of Don Mariano as Diputado propietario to Congreso general; periodical La Unión.
10010 Cañedo, T. Tuñón. Toluca, ALS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Monogram. July 14, 1873.
Celebration of victory of Don Mariano in election; street parade; Chucho Fuentes; Vicencio; drunkenness; Callejón de López; election in Temascaltepec.
10011 Hernández, Ignacio. Toluca, Telegram. July 15, 1873.
1 l. 17 × 22 cm.
Election of Don Mariano to Congreso de la Unión for Toluca and Tlalnepantla.
10012 Fuentes y Muñiz, Jesús. Toluca, ALS. July 16, 1873.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Conduct of election campaign; problem of “credencial doble de Torre”; certification by District Judge.
10013 Cuevas, Leandro. Mexico, ALS. July 30, 1873.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Verses praising Don Mariano; Toluca; Pero Grullo.
10014 Sierra, Justo. ALS. August 11, 1873.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Introduction for Soteranis, Regidor del Ayuntamiento de Ecatepec; request for recommendation to Lic. Zubieta; arrest of Justo and Jesús Cedillo by Presidente Municipal de Ecatepec.
10015 Murguía, Trinidad M. Toluca, ALS. 3 l. 21 × 27 cm. Monogram. August 20, 1873.
Opposition to proposal of Chávez Ganancia to have jefe político elective officer; new proposal to have them named by the Legislature; opposition. Includes draft of two other letters:
a. Mariano Riva Palacio: [Carta a Trinidad M. Murguía.] Mexico, LS. 1 l. 13 × 21 cm. Promise to write to [Chávez Ganancia]. August 22, 1873.
b. [Mariano Riva Palacio:] [Carta a Chávez Ganancia.] Mexico, Unsigned draft. 2 l. f. 2-3. Opposition to plan to have jefe político chosen by the Legislature. Note on back; Don Carlos; El niño Antonino; Don Vicente. August 22, 1873.
10016 Chávez Ganancia, J. Toluca, ALS. September 2, 1873.
5 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Interest of Legislature in reform of Article 65 of the Constitution; denial of support for popular election of jefe político or Legislative control; widespread complaints about jefes políticos; cases taken to Tribunal Superior; complaints against Joaquín Ortega; Molina; García; case against Hidalgo, Jefe político de Otumba; Monina, Mier, Chaix; transfers from Tenancingo to Cuautitlán and Chalco as visitador; Ixtlahuaca; círculo vicioso of transfers; problems of tax increases and revaluations of property; transmittal of proposal for Legislature. Includes copy of proposal, restraining action on Article 12 of Decree 86 of May 12, [1873] concerning increase of tax on fincas rústicas y urbanas; use of padrones in Administración de Rentas as basis for Contribución predial.
10017 Murguía, Trinidad M. Toluca, ALS. September 4, 1873.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Mañón; disagreement with Chávez [Ganancia]; Juan Francisco López.
10018 Chávez Ganancia, J. Toluca, ALS. September 5, 1873.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Proposal for Legislature to choose Jefe político from names presented by Governor; two-year terms; power of Tribunal Superior to remove incumbents for cause; reform of Article 24, Decree No. 26, April 21, 1868; support for reform of jefe político system; García.
10019 _____. Toluca, ALS. September 10, 1873.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Meeting with Vicente in house of Tuñón Cañedo; reform of jefe político system discussed with Governor.
10020 Fuentes y Muñiz, Jesús. Toluca, ALS. September 27, 1873.
3 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Mañón to attend Congress; Enríquez; Congress rumored to study constitutional reforms; article against García in El Monitor; suggestion of Cañedo; Riva replaced in Legislature by García Luna; Cuevas.
10021 Mejía, Ignacio. Mexico, LS. October 14, 1873.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Transmittal of Memoria de Guerra, presented to the Congress.
10022 Fuentes y Muñiz, Jesús. Toluca, ALS. November 2, 1873.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Incident in Zinacantepec; death of Francisco Estrada, Pancho Rivero, and Guilebaldo Garduño; attack by Indians on Casas consistoriales; archives destroyed; departure of Cañedo; money collected for families of victims.
10023 Rul, Miguel. ALS. November 2, 1873.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Gift of cheese; cheese of Mocorito (Sonora) best in Mexico; attendance at Exposition; representation of Aguascalientes; comparison with Protestants; Portuguese expression; Poyo.
10024 Sánchez [Sancho?], Benito. Toluca, Telegram. December 4, 1873.
1 l. 17 × 22 cm.
Request for use of influence to obtain amnesty for Pablo Aguilar, “Jefe de los sublevados de Tejupilco.”
10025 Méndez, Felipe. Tenango, ALS. December 9, 1873.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Request for aid in obtaining position as Oficial Mayor de la Secretaría de la 2. Sala in the Tribunal del Distrito Federal; change of climate needed; Anastacio Zerecero. Includes list of Ministros del Tribunal, with addresses: Pablo Rivera (Canoa No. 6), José M. Guerrero (San José del Real No. 1), Teófilo Robredo (Chavarría No. 5), Agustín G. Ángulo (2. de Vanegas, Carrocería), Joaquín Antonio Ramos (2. del Relon No. 7), José M. Herrera (Portal de Santo Domingo No. 2), and Ambrosio Moreno (Pilareca No. 6).
10026 Cañedo, T. Tuñón. Toluca, ALS. December 29, 1873.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Acknowledgement of election to State Legislature from Second District; efforts in favor of Fuentes Muñiz.
10027 Chávez Ganancia, J. Chalco, Telegram. December 29, 1873.
1 l. 14 × 22 cm.
Election of Juan Francisco [López]; Chávez to be substitute.
10028 Fuentes y Muñiz, Jesús. Toluca, Telegram. December 30, 1873.
1 l. 17 × 21 cm.
Election results: Deputies Hilario García (for Toluca), Ángel Díaz Leal (for Tenango), Lic. Pérez (for Ixtlahuaca), Inocente García (for Valle), Felipe Jaimes (for Temascaltepec), Manuel Gordillo (for Tenancingo), Trinidad Murguía (for Sultepec), Cañedo (for Zinacantepec), Mariano Ezeta (for Jilotepec), none for Otumba.


Año de 1874

10029 Leyva, F[rancisco] de. Cuernavaca, LS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Monogram. January 23, 1874.
Transmittal of Decreto No. 21 of the Congress, honoring leaders of State independence; General Vicente Guerrero; autograph of Cura Mariano Matamoros.
10030 Cruz, N[olasco]. LS. January 26, 1874.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Introduction for Patricio Auge; request for aid in publication of Auge's translation of arithmetic text from German to Spanish.
10031 Chávez Ganancia, J. Toluca, ALS. February 22, 1874.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Election in Chalco not accepted; meeting of deputies in home of Tuñón Cañedo; Zúñiga to be President, Hilario García Vice-President; Murguía and Díaz Leal to be Secretaries; Pérez, Ereta, Núñez, Rodríguez, Inocente García, and Tuñón Cañedo to be on Comisión Calificadora (1. and 2.); appointments of Enríquez, Necoechea, Ambrosio Molina, Inocente García, Manuel García, and Murguía.
10032 Chávez Ganancia, J. (T.?) Toluca, Telegram. February 26, 1874.
1 l. 17 × 22 cm.
Elections in Temascaltepec, Tenancingo, and Chalco rejected.
10033 _____. Toluca, ALS. February 27, 1874.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Rejection of election in Distrito de Chalco.
10034 [Cruz?], Agustín. Veracruz, ALS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Monogram. March 26, 1874.
Lola; freedom from vómito; opposition of the Alopata family; Vicente; Pedro Escudero; Padre Barajas.
10035 García, Alberto. Toluca, LS. March 28, 1874.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Departure of Colonel Cañedo for Tlalnepantla to prepare for reception of President.
10036 Lynch Zaldívar, Em[ilio]. Toluca, LS. April 7, 1874.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Request for aid in obtaining position as Administrador de Rentas del Distrito de Cuautitlán; failure of work of Commission on boundaries and debts; birth of son.
10037 López, Juan F. Tlalmanalco, ALS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Embossed design: Imperio mexicano. April 25, 1874.
Description of trick by which government supporters thwarted election of Chávez; return of jefe político; protest taken to Congress; Jefe político Felipe Alcalde; Alcalde de Ameda.
10038 _____. Chalco, Telegram. April 27, 1874.
1 l. 14 × 22 cm.
Vicente and Blas Zamora elected deputies; Molina and Jesús Tirado rejected.
10039 Chávez Ganancia, J. (T.?) Tlalmanalco, ALS. April 27, 1874.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Rump electoral college set up in opposition to electors from Chalco, Ameca, and Ayapango, protected by Jefatura política; election of Vicente [Riva Palacio] and Lic. Blas Zamora.
10040 _____. Tlalmanalco, ALS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Embossed design. April 27, 1874.
Ambrosio Molina and Jesús Tirado elected by electoral college protected by Alcalde, contrary to Article 13, Decree 122 (October 21, 1873); meeting in home of Juan Beltrán; support of Vicente Riva Palacio.
10041 Ortega, Eulalio María. ALS. July 17, 1874.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm., 1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Quarrel between Santiago Tlazala and Santa Ana Jilotzingo encouraged by Sabás Iturbide in litigation over land title; decision in Juzgado de Tlalnepantla; opposition to decision; Lic. Aragón; Siliceo; request for Don Mariano to try to reach settlement; residence in San Ildefonso, Calle de Medinas. Includes unsigned draft of answer, July 17, 1874, requesting further study and possible return to case.
10042 _____. ALS. July 18, 1874.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Intervention of State Governor; effort to obtain arbitration between Santiago and Santa Ana; case left with Toluca lawyer without result; complaints given to son Fermín [Ortega]; study of ancient titles; Masons; Juaristas; Lerdistas; Escudero.
10043 _____. ALS. July 22, 1874.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Study of Código civil and Ley de procedimientos del Estado de México; terms of arbitration suggested by Governor; selection of arbitrators; qualifications; Juzgado de Tlalnepantla. Includes draft of reply, July 22, 1874, unsigned: Communication with Santiago and with Escudero; effort to reach settlement.
10044 López y Haro, Pedro. Cárcel nacional de México, ALS. September 18, 1874.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Lic. Tiburcio Montiel accused of injustice; Congreso de la Unión; friendship with President; imprisonment on Isla de los Caballos or on Ulúa avoided; request for help.
10045 Leyva y Yáñez, Agustín. ALS. October 3, 1874.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Request for aid in obtaining position as judge in State of Mexico; vacancies created in December; recommendation to Presidente del Tribunal Superior de Toluca desired; service as judge in Chilapa, Guerrero, Distrito de Acapulco; Chalchicomula, Tlaxcala, Sultepec, Villa del Valle, Huauchinango, Ixmiquilpan, Zacualpan, Jonacatepec, Minatitlán, Ayutla, Ometepec, and as Abogado de pobres in Tribunal Superior in Chilpancingo; difficulties suffered; neutral political position; opposition to La Reacción and The Empire.
10046 Herrera, Juan B. Parangueo, ALS. October 15, 1874.
4 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Conditions on the hacienda; corn; cattle; protection of cattle from depredations of Indians; loss of cattle in inventory; Nicolás; poor administration in time of Godoy; dams; increase in swine; corn price in Irapuato; barley; peas; payments to Castillo; loan to Rafael Jáuregui; Lic. Collantes; Santa María; Alamán; relationship with renters; medical services; Manuel; Lupe; Josefina. Additional notes by María Gertudis Godoy de Herrera, Carmen G[odoy] de Moral, Guadalupe, and N[icolás] del Moral.
10047 Limón, Francisco. Texcoco, LS. October 18, 1874.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Incidents in Zumpango; surveillance over Distrito de Chalco watch over Hacienda de la Asunción.
10048 Leyva, F[rancisco] de. Cuautla de Morelos, LS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Printed letter. October 27, 1874.
Return to office; illness; extension of leave refused by Congress.
10049 Acosta, José. [Oficio al general Vicente Riva Palacio.] Mexico, LS. 1 l. 22 × 33 cm. Embossed: Mayoría de Órdenes de la Plaza de México. October 28, 1874.
Military assignments; sign and countersign for the day; assignments for guard duty for Colonel Amado Carnero, Colonel Ignacio Reyes, Comandante de Escuadrón Gil Campos, Lieutenant Colonel Salvador Ocio, Lieutenant Colonel Vicente L. Matoso, Captain Luis F. Valdés, Joaquín Borrayo; Major Florencio Villeda, Colonel Eduardo Debó; units mentioned: 11. Cuerpo de Caballería, 1er Batallón Permanente, Hospital Militar Santiago; Batallón del Distrito, 1er Cuerpo de Caballería Permanente Lafragua; guards provided for: Betlem, Callejuela, Hospital Juárez, and La Ciudadela.
10050 Quintana, León. Santander, ALS. December 21, 1874.
3 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Improving conditions in Mexico; news delivered by ships of Veracruz Line and ships en route to San Nazario; Manuel Romano; difficult conditions in Spain; slow progress of Carlist War; home near battle lines; effort to start a business; two nephews sent to Mexico to avoid war; work in El Puerto de Barcelona (Portal de las Flores No. 6) and grocery store; Calle de Béjar, No. 2.


Año de 1875

10051 Gómez, Valentín. Toluca, ALS. January 14, 1875.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Recovery of Don Mariano from illness; Manuel Fernández; resignation of Vicencio to become Director del Instituto withdrawn on resignation of Governor García; failure of Diputación permanente to find replacement; Enríquez suggested as Interim Governor; rumor of plan to send Fuentes to Europe or North to purchase instruments for physics; Chais, Núñez, and Inocente García suggested as Interim Governor.
10052 _____. Toluca, ALS. January 15, 1875.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Leave granted García; Villarello to be Interim Governor; meeting of Deputies called; candidates Enríquez and Núñez.
10053 Quintana, León. Santander, ALS. January 21, 1875.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Political struggle between a Republic and a Constitutional Monarchy; distaste for Carlismo; increase in real values; disinclination to return to Mexico; Manuel Romano.
10054 Fuentes Muñiz, Jesús. Toluca, Telegram. January 22, 1875.
1 l. 17 × 22 cm.
Gumesindo Enríquez elected Governor.
10055 Enríquez, G[umesindo]. Toluca, LS. January 29, 1875.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Assumption of office during absence of Lic. García; Jesús Fuentes Muñiz to be Secretario de Gobierno.
10056 Fuentes y Muñiz, Jesús. Toluca, ALS. January 29, 1875.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Assumption of Governor's office by Enríquez; offer of Secretaryship accepted.
10057 [Riva Palacio,] Mariano. [Carta a Jesús Fuentes Muñiz.] Mexico, LS. 1 l. 13 × 21 cm. Embossed monogram. January 31, 1875.
Approval of acceptance of office as Secretary.
10058 Herrera, Juan B. Irapuato, ALS. February 10, 1875.
3 l. 21 × 27 cm., 2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Illness of Guadalupe; attentions of Dr. Orozco; illness of Echeverría; arrival of Cura de Guanajuato; telegrams sent to Tula offering home for Guadalupe; news of death of Manuel [husband of Guadalupe]; effort to have lawyer named to represent her interests; Miguel Echeverría; services of Pantaleón Parres; debts of deceased; letter from Santa María; Lic. Patiño; payments made on death of Godoy; payments to Castillo; Señora Meóqui; new mortgage on Parangueo. Includes note by N. del Moral. Includes note by Riva Palacio concerning execution of will. Includes letter:
a. [Santa María?]: [Carta a Juan B. Herrera.] Mexico, Unsigned. 2 l. 13 × 21 cm. Reference to Grullo; Patiño; loss of bank notes; Sofía (?); Manuel Castillo; Salgado; Julio; Bustos; Guadalupita Siliceo; Señora Septien; Madre de Chucha. January 30, 1875.
10059 Cañedo, T. Tuñón. Toluca, ALS. February 12, 1875.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Return from expedition in Distrito de Tenancingo, Tenango, Villa del Valle, and Almoloya; Manuelita; annoyance by insurrección religiosa in all districts, especially in south; departure for Temascaltepec and Tejupilco; threats to aquellos pintos; talk of Rome and of Numancia; question of re-election; prediction: Enríquez and Chucho will not last one month in office; plan to leave the state if conditions get worse.
10060 Hernández, Juan María and Dr. Ambrosio Lara. Sagrario Metropolitano, Mexico, Printed letter, signed with rubrics. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Embossed with name of office. February 25, 1875.
Request for donation for celebration of Institución de la Divina Eucaristía.
10061 Santa Cruz, B[ernabé] de. Texcoco, LS. March 4, 1875.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Birth of son; Vicente reported to have given up salary as general; wife Amadora.
10062 Chávez Ganancia, J. (T.?) Lerma, ALS. April 16, 1875.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
García's visit to Lerdo and return to Toluca; leave extended 3 months; Enríquez to continue in office; bad condition of roads; Cejudo; illness of Don Mariano.
10063 Torres Torija, Eduardo. Pachuca, LS. 1 l. 20 × 25 cm. Monogram. April 17, 1875.
Appointment by State Legislature to be Fiscal del Tribunal.
10064 Enríquez, Gumes[ind]o. Toluca, LS. 2 l. 13 × 21 cm. Monogram. April 18, 1875.
Extension of term as Interim Governor.
10065 Herrera, Juan B. Irapuato, ALS. May 3, 1875.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Description of narrow escape from robbers on road to Celaya; Apaseo; Villadiego (?); Valle de Santiago; Tula (sister?); treatment of sick woman (Guadalupe); Nicolás under threat of bandits in Parangueo; insecurity of roads.
10066 Peña, J. María de la. ALS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Embossed: Hacienda del Cazadero. May 5, 1875.
Visit to Hacienda de San Cristóbal for sister's wedding; delivery of letters; inhabitants of Ocozá.
10067 Maldonado, Juan M. Juzgado de lo Civil, Mexico, LS. 1 l. 22 × 33 cm. Embossed letterhead. May 29, 1875.
Request for confirmation of statements by heirs of intestate Lic. José Manuel Lebrija; statements by Bernarda Mora de Lebrija, Doña Paz, Doña Julia, Doña Dolores, Don Luis, and Don Manuel Lebrija.
10068 Ángeles, Dionisio and Froilán Oviedo. San Pedro Tlaxcoapam, LS. June 4, 1875.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Land dispute between Hacienda de Tlahuelilpa, property of Iturbe family, and towns of Atitalaquia, San Pedro Tlaxcoapam, and San Francisco Tlahuelilpa; agreement to arbitration; Lic. Manuel Cordero to represent Iturbe; Francisco García Salas to represent the towns; Don Mariano chosen as third party; division of waters of Río Salado; agreement to abide by results.
10069 Pérez Hernández, José María. Mexico, ALS. 1 l. 13 × 21 cm. Name embossed. June 11, 1875.
Request for copy of Memoria lately presented to State Legislature; use in writing “Curso de geografía mexicana.”
10070 Leyva, F[rancisco] de. Cuautla de Morelos, Printed letter, signed. June 1875.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Transmittal of copy of Memoria presented to State Legislature of Morelos.
10071 COLEGIO DEL SEGUNDO DISTRITO ELECTORAL. Texcoco, Signed: Norberto Hernández and Joaquín Ortega. July 12, 1875.
1 l. 22 × 33 cm.
Transmittal of results of election for senator.
10072 SECRETARÍA GENERAL, ARCHIVO. Toluca, Signed: Jesús Fuentes y Muñiz. 1 l. 22 × 33 cm. Stamp of Mexico State. August 2, 1875.
Transmittal of copy of Código penal del Estado of January 12.
10073 SECRETARÍA GENERAL. SECCIÓN DE HACIENDA. Toluca, Signed: F. Moral (Maral?). 1 l. 22 × 33 cm. Printed seal of State. August 18, 1875.
Refusal of Don Mariano to be part of Commission to settle problems of boundaries and debts of Mexico, Hidalgo, and Morelos; reason: illness.
10074 Tagle, Antonino. Mexico, LS. 2 l. 21 × 27 cm. Embossed design: Libro mayor R.S. México. August 26, 1875.
Meeting of Junta Central de Exposiciones announced; delay explained; meeting in Contaduría Mayor de Hacienda, en el ex-Arzobispado. Has draft of reply, August 28, 1875, recalling position on commission, offered by Rómulo Rubio, was declined and announced by Lic. Rafael Martínez de la Torre.
10075 Peña J. María de la. Hotel, ALS. September 14, 1875.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Manuel; difficulties in payment by González for wheat.
10076 [Herrera, Juan B.] Irapuato, Incomplete, unsigned. October 10, 1875.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Illness of Don Mariano with leg ailment; brother Guillermo; mining business in Guanajuato; fights at Parangueo between State troops and partidos; loss of oxen to bandits reported by Nicolás; loss of horses; recovery of oxen with help of Antillón; Tula; eye disorder; interference with corn planting; defeat of state troops; demands for money; protection of jail; defeat of state cavalry at Cuitzeo; Diputado Luna escorted to La Piedad; Salamanca threatened; Martínez de la Torre.
10077 Sobrinos y Albaceas de José Miguel Pacheco. [Honras fúnebres en la Iglesia del Sagrario Metropolitano por el alma del finado José Miguel Pacheco.] Mexico, Printed notice, unsigned. October 1875.
10078 SOCIEDAD DE MEJORAS MATERIALES Y BENEFICENCIA DE CHALCO. Chalco, Signed: Ramón G. Tirado. 2 l. 22 × 33 cm. Embossed heading. November 8, 1875.
Project of Mariano Guerra Manzanares, Jefe político, to build new jail; request for contribution toward the completion of the work.
10079 SOCIEDAD ARTÍSTICA REGENERADORA. Toluca, Signed: Jesús Montalvo, Presidente. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Embossed heading. November 18, 1875.
Request for contribution toward furnishing prizes for graduating students.
10080 Beltrán, J. Viviano. Mexico, ALS. November 28, 1875.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Transmittal of Memoria of the Junta Directiva for the Compañía del Ferrocarril and the lottery; problem of proper chronological order; Luis Méndez (comparison with Arzobispo de Granada and Gil Blas).


Año de 1876

10081 Guerra Manzanares, M[ariano]. Chalco, LS. February 2, 1876.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm., 1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Offer of appointment as Padrino for the dedication of the new jail; nomination by the Sociedad de Mejoras materiales y de Beneficencia; others so honored: Lic. Gumesindo Enríquez, Celso Vicencio, Dr. Eduardo Urueta, Jesús F[uentes] y Muñiz, Ambrosio Molina, Santiago Keern (Kern?), Vicente G. Parada, General Vicente Rosas Landa. Includes draft of reply, to Mariano Guerra Manzanares, Mexico, February 13, 1876, declining the honor because of illness.
10082 _____. Chalco, Printed letter signed with rubric. February 12, 1876.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Invitation to dance at Salón Municipal after laying of the first stone for the new jail. Addressed to Alcaicería (?) No. 9.
10083 Ponce de León, José Mariano. Temamatla, ALS. 1 l. 15 × 21 cm. Name embossed. April 2, 1876.
Request for payment of debt for masses said at the hacienda chapel.
10084 Moreno, Carlos M. Toluca, LS. April 12, 1876.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Transmittal of collection of Decretos del Estado, delivered by Fuentes; marriage of sister Concha to Emilio Durán in Pachuca; article in La Ley; account of suicide of María Aniceta Piña; her involvement with Lic. Francisco Pérez, Diputado a la Legislatura.
10085 Herrera, Juan B. Irapuato, ALS. April 22, 1876.
4 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Loss of letter sent via brother Guillermo; repetition of letter of March 13, 1876; depredations of bandit groups on hacienda of Parangueo; seed, weapons, horses, and money taken from tenants; watch by Salgado and authorities in Valle de Santiago; establishment of guards with weapons from Mexico; bands raised by Socorro Reyes; attack on Cuitzeo; damage to corn caused by hail; rent paid by Castillo and Sra. Meóqui; effect of political situation on crops; El Porvenir; Contribución general levied on property; death of Siliceo; Guadalupe left without legal counsel; Lic. Linares to represent Carmen; travel via Guanajuato; Alamán; Martínez de la Torre; bands raised by Cenobio Arredondo and Guadalupe Razo; attack on convoy at Parangueo; garrison at Cerro Colorado; leadership of Lastiri; Carmen subject to erysepelas; death of daughter from throat ailment; Guadalupe's heart trouble. Included note added by José Linares, Mexico, March 6, 1876, accepting case of Guadalupe; interview with Martínez de la Torre; settlement with Alamán anticipated.
10086 Mañón y Valle, Ignacio. Hacienda del Salitre, LS. 2 l. 21 × 27 cm. Stamped identification. May 3, 1876.
Southern part of State occupied by Cosío Pontones and Ayala; invasion of western districts and Zinacantepec; defeat by regular troops; opposition to re-election for president; similarity to the Guerra de Castas; protection of Enríquez; García; opposition to institution of Jefe político; increase of taxes for mutual protection; Toluca.
10087 Quintana, León. Santander, ALS. May 21, 1876.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Illness of Don Mariano with leg ailment; continuous wars lamented: “Parece que nuestra raza está condenada a vivir siempre en guerra”; new uprisings anticipated from Carlist provinces; danger of losing fueros; Ramón Quintana.
10088 Herrera, Juan B. Irapuato, ALS. May 24, 1876.
4 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Illness of Don Mariano with leg ailment; illness of Guadalupe; throat trouble; bandits reduced to small groups; insecurity of roads; wheat and peas raised; Linares to represent Guadalupe; Agustina; Alamán and María at meeting in 1873; division of property of Godoy; Tula; Siliceo; Carmen; payment of debt to Sra. Mier; division of Parangueo prohibited; problem of dividing property among heirs; Nicolás; Martínez.
10089 Godoy, Guadalupe. [Carta al Lic. José Linares.] Irapuato, Copy. May 24, 1876.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Account of illness; request for Linares to continue as legal counsel. includes copy of accompanying letter:
a. N[icolás] del Moral: [Carta a Linares.] Copy. 1 l. f. 2. Letter to Juan [B. Herrera]; help of Martínez de la Torre; Alamán; hope for early settlement of legal problem.
10090 Pérez, José L. Temanatla (Temamatla), ALS. May 25, 1876.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Service on Hacienda de Atoyac and Hacienda de la Archicofradía; pay involved in litigation over haciendas of Miguel Cadena; request for aid in recovering pay.
10091 JUNTA REVISORA DE LA CONTRIBUCIÓN DECRETADA EN Mexico, Signed: Manuel M. Arévalo. 1 l. 22 × 33 cm. Embossed letterhead. 6 DE MARZO DE 1876. May 26, 1876.
Notice of unpaid tax on property owned by José María Godoy's heirs; value $18000; Jefatura de Hacienda de Guanajuato.
10092 Riva Palacio, M[ariano]. [Borrador de carta a Manuel M. Arévalo.] Mexico, LS. 1 l. 22 × 33 cm. Embossed design: Libro mayor R.S. México. May 27, 1876.
Legal representation of property of heirs of José María Godoy in Guanajuato denied.
10093 Herrera, Juan B. Irapuato, LS. June 18, 1876.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Martínez de la Torre to take over as legal counsel for settlement of Godoy's property; power of attorney for Tula.
10094 _____. Irapuato, ALS. June 29, 1876.
8 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Difficulty in agreeing on proposal of Martínez de la Torre; rights of Carmen, Tula, and Guadalupe as heirs of Godoy; Nicolás. Includes copies of related documents:
a. [Juan B. Herrera:] [Carta a Rafael Martínez de la Torre.] Irapuato, Copy, unsigned. 3 l. f. 2-4. Rights of Carmen and Tula; María; poor opportunities for sale of hacienda; plague of bandits; loss of renters; experience with sale of hacienda near Mexico; substitute for Tula. June 29, 1876.
b. [Juan B. Herrera:] [Carta a Rafael Martínez de la Torre.] Irapuato, Unsigned copy. 4 l. f. 5-8v. Plan for settlement of inheritance for heirs of Godoy; proposed sale of Hacienda de Parangueo; disagreement of Guadalupe; debts to Sra. Mier, Sra. Peñúñuri, Agustina Godoy, Guadalupe Godoy, Francisco Calderón, and Sra. Meóqui; tax for public; instruction; losses caused by plague of bandits; rental due from Sopeña; itemized list of income and expenses of hacienda; Código de Procedimientos; Gregorio Jiménez, Lic. Moral, owners of Pantoja. June 29, 1876.
10095 SOCIEDAD DE BENEFICENCIA DE GUADALUPE HIDALGO. Guadalupe Hidalgo, Printed letter, signed Bn. Maya (Mayal?) and Esteban M. Zamora. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Printed letterhead. July 2, 1876.
Request for contribution for erection of charity hospital.
10096 Zamora, José S. Mexico, ALS. August 3, 1876.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Sale of Rancho de Jesús María to Lic. Manuel de la Hoz; lawyer Lic. Tavera; auction of Rancho de San Isidro; request for aid in obtaining from Governor delay in paying tax.
10097 Kern, Santiago. Mexico, ALS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Printed letterhead. August 4, 1876.
Letter from Julio Arancivia at Hacienda de Atlapango; message sent via son Eduardo; Conducta de Zacatecas y San Luis in Querétaro.
10098 Herrera, Juan B. Irapuato, ALS. August 6, 1876.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Disagreement with proposal of Martínez; Nicolás; sale of Parangueo favored by Linares for Carmen and Tula; new proposal.
10099 Mañón y Valle, Ignacio. Salitre, LS. August 14, 1876.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Travel of Don Mariano to La Asunción; Fuentes y Muñiz; disillusionment with politics; experiment with publishing; peaceful conditions in State; Toluca; Barajas.
10100 Chávez Ganancia, J. (T.?) Toluca, ALS. August 17, 1876.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
State Legislature to select Magistrador del Tribunal Superior; request for support of Don Mariano for the post.
10101 Herrera, Juan B. Irapuato, ALS. August 17, 1876.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Plan of Nicolás for ending litigation over property of Godoy; sale of Parangueo; Casas de Sopeña; Carmen: Tula; explanation sent to Linares; hope for speedy settlement; Martínez; value of furniture.
10102 Chávez Ganancia, J. Toluca, ALS. August 28, 1876.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Alcántara elected to Presidency of Tribunal Superior; Chávez elected Fiscal.
10103 SOCIEDAD ARTÍSTICA REGENERADORA. Toluca, LS. 1 l. Signed: Jesús Montalvo. 21 × 27 cm. Embossed letterhead. October 23, 1876.
Request for contribution toward prizes for top students of both sexes and for distinguished artisans. First use of by-line “Progreso, Unión, y Fraternidad.”
10104 Torres, José V. [Carta al coronel Carlos Riva Palacio.] Zoyazingo (San Antonio Soyatzingo), LS. November 23, 1876.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Introduction to José Hipólito Martínez, Civil Engineer; meeting at Ecazingo; service as Captain of Engineers in Second Division; support of General Díaz in Plan de Tuxtepec; government of Lerdo; pronunciamiento in Puebla at Cuartel de San Francisco with troops of Eighth Battalion of Infantry; Campaign in Puebla; Ejército Constitucionalista; request for aid in finding employment; recommendation for Martínez, Vicente [Riva Palacio], or General Díaz.
10105 Gómez, Valentín. Toluca, ALS. November 23, 1876.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Violation of private correspondence; Gómez del Palacio; Departure of Lerdo party; arrival of Pascual Lebrija; meeting with Enríquez on behalf of Chacón; Chacón to take command of troops; Lic. Antonio Inclán to be Secretario de Gobierno.
10106 Chávez Ganancia, J. Toluca, ALS. November 24, 1876.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Election of Magistrador del Tribunal Superior not recognized under Plan de Tuxtepec; ouster of Alcántara expected; decree on re-election of Lerdo; resignation of Alcántara as Secretary not accepted; decree published in La Ley; plan regenerador; re-election supported by Senator Vicencio and Diputado Portillo; Villarello; Jiménez; Lechuga.
10107 REPÚBLICA MEXICANA, CUARTEL GENERAL DEL EJÉRCITO CONSTITUCIONALISTA. [Carta al general Vicente Riva Palacio.] Mexico, Signed: Porfirio Díaz, Luis C. Curiel, Secretario. 1 l. 22 × 33 cm. Embossed letterhead. November 28, 1876.
Success of Plan de Tuxtepec; occupation of capital; presidency declined by José María Iglesias; reforms of Palo Blanco; assumption of Poder Ejecutivo de la Unión; appointment of Vicente Riva Palacio as Ministro de Fomento; appointments of Lic. Ignacio L. Vallarta as Secretario de Relaciones Exteriores, of General Pedro Ogazón as Secretario de Guerra y Marina, of Lic. Justo Benítez as Ministro de Hacienda y Crédito público, of Lic. Ignacio Ramírez as Ministro de Justicia e instrucción pública, and of Lic. Protacio Tagle as Ministro de Gobernación. By-line: Constitución y Libertad.
10108 Chávez Ganancia, J. (T.?) Toluca, ALS. December 1, 1876.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Installation of new Tribunal Superior; absence of Alcántara and Vicencio; Lic. Ramón Ortigosa; Juanita.
10109 SECRETARÍA DE ESTADO Y DEL DESPACHO DE GOBERNACIÓN. Mexico, Signed: P[rotacio] Tagle. 1 l. 22 × 33 cm. Embossed letterhead. December 7, 1876.
Transmittal of message to Antonio Villamil, in charge of Dirección del Nacional Monte de Piedad; confirmation of appointment of Mariano Riva Palacio as Director of the Monte de Piedad; meeting of Junta Superior.
10110 Méndez y Méndez, Santiago. ALS. December 7, 1876.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Request for help with General Vicente [Riva Palacio] to obtain post of Oficial primero de la Sección de Mejoras Materiales, previously held by Francisco Bulnes.
10111 DIRECCIÓN, NACIONAL MONTE DE PIEDAD. Mexico, Signed: Antonio Villamil. 1 l. 22 × 33 cm. Embossed letterhead. December 8, 1876.
Transmittal of message of Ministro de Gobernación, confirming appointment of Mariano Riva Palacio as Director of the Monte de Piedad.
10112 Chávez Ganancia, J. Toluca, ALS. December 15, 1876.
1 l. 20 × 25 cm.
Appointments to Tribunal Superior by Mirafuentes; Zubieta to be President; Aguado y Varón, Ortigosa, Uribe, González Ángulo to be Magistrados; Dávalos to be Fiscal; Juanita.
10113 [Terreros?], Manuel. Paris, ALS. December 16, 1876.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Meeting with Barreiro; relations between Mexicans and French; los jóvenes Maneyro, agents in Le Havre and San Nazario; Lorenzo Cevallos; Sr. Montes; Barajitas.
10114 Rivera, Felipe S. Puente de Jesús No. 1, [Mexico,] LS. December 21, 1876.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Request for aid in finding position for brother-in-law Lic. Juan Chávez, removed from fiscalía in the Tribunal Superior in Toluca; Plan de Tuxtepec; vacancy in Promotoría de los Tribunales criminales; transfer of Lic. Fernández.
10115 [Riva Palacio,] Carlos. Texcoco, ALS. December 22, 1876.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Permission for fair debated; Mirafuentes in Toluca; Pedro.


Año de 1877

10116 Zubieta, José. Toluca, ALS. January 12, 1877.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Candidacy of Don Mariano for Deputy to Congreso de la Unión; Mirafuentes candidate for governor; candidacy of Díaz González, Aguado y Varón; resignation of Aguado as Presidente Municipal.
10117 Castillo Velasco, J[osé] M[aría] del. ALS. 2 l. 17 × 11 cm. Embossed: JMCV. January 12, 1877.
Introduction to Andrés Ortega, Deputy.
10118 Chávez Ganancia, J[uan]. Toluca, ALS. January 15, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Appointment as Magistrado suplente del Tribunal Superior by Mirafuentes; candidacy of Don Mariano as deputy.
10119 Jiménez, Julio. Rubric. January 16, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Request for use of influence with Vicente [Riva Palacio] for replacement of Méndez as oficial 1. de la Sección 5. del Ministerio de Hacienda; appointments by Lerdo and Juárez; plan for balancing budget.
10120 Carta sin firma. Hotel Sociedad No. 44, January 16, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Campaign of 1873 against los “Catorce” and “Plumb”; Camino del Ferrocarril Central; availability of investment money in the U.S. and in England; Dublán. Incomplete.
10121 Noveron, Francisco. ALS. January 17, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Request for financial aid; ill success with Sociedad Católica and Sociedad de caridad de San Vicente de Paul; reputation of Don Mariano as Governor in Toluca.
10122 Herrera, Juan B. Irapuato, ALS. January 17, 1877.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Arrival of Díaz in Querétaro; departure for Guanajuato; violent change of government; refuge in hacienda across Río Grande; death of Martínez de la Torre; Linares to be legal representative for Tula; sale of Parangueo; Nicolás. Addressed to Donceles No. 11. Has one postage stamp of 25 centavos and one of 10 centavos.
10123 Salas, José María de. ALS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Name embossed. January 24, 1877.
Service since Independence; departure of Juárez in 1863; pension granted by Regency; loss of pension on Restoration; request for help in finding position. Rank given as Colonel; address: Puerta falsa de la Merced, No. 2.
10124 Vázquez del Mercado, Rodrigo. ALS. January 25, 1877.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Appointment of Don Mariano as Director del Monte de Piedad; Ramón Terreros; request for position in Sucursal de San Andrés.
10125 Varios fronterizos. Rancho del Palo Blanco, No signatures. 1 l. 20 × 25 cm. Embossed design. February 8, 1877.
Transmittal of printed articles concerning local events.
10126 Noveron, Francisco. ALS. February 9, 1877.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Request for charity; funds needed for ejercicios espirituales at Santuario de los Ángeles. Addressed to Director del Nacional Monte de Piedad.
10127 SECRETARÍA DE ESTADO DEL DESPACHO DE HACIENDA Y CRÉDITO PÚBLICO. Mexico, Signed: Benítez. 1 l. 22 × 33 cm. 1 l. 13 × 21 cm. Embossed letterhead. February 9, 1877.
Appointment to commission to study economic questions in a commercial treaty between the United States and the Government of the Hawaiian Islands; agricultural, commercial, and industrial interests of Mexico; most-favored nation arrangement with the U.S.A.; report to go to Lic. José Limantour. Includes draft of reply, declining appointment. Byline: Libertad en la Constitución.
10128 Zubieta, José. Toluca, ALS. February 11, 1877.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Difficulty of withdrawing candidacy explained by Fuentes y Muñiz; election of Don Mariano; votes for Condés (?) de la Torre by the Alberto García circle; Lic. Sánchez Tonguillo (?) to be substitute; speech by Santiago Torres; no election in six districts.
10129 Chávez Ganancia, J[uan]. Toluca, ALS. February 12, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Don Mariano elected Deputy for First District, Toluca; the “Liberal” circle.
10130 Fuentes y Muñiz, Jesús. Toluca, ALS. February 12, 1877.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Danger of success by Conservative Party; support of los liberales patriotas; problem of continuing with Montepío; work with railroad, Instituto, and the schools; Carlos [Riva Palacio] to be deputy for Chalco; Castro; employment of Manuel Martínez in Sucursal de Montealegre terminated by Cendejas; new position needed; introduction to Carlos Zimmermann.
10131 [Riva Palacio?,] Ignacio. Bravos, ALS. February 14, 1877.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Transmittal of newspapers; editorship of papers; departure of D. Diego from Acapulco, leaving 400 men in El Peregrino and La Cañada de Jolapa (Jalapa?); defeat of alvaristas; arrival of columna expedicionaria in La Providencia; occupation of Acapulco expected; restoration of [telegraph] line; office turned over to Antonio Leyva; office in Acapulco abandoned by Juárez; General Jiménez; communication with Iguala; trust in Manuel Meléndez, Marquina, Ortega, and Leyva; Altamirano; Tío Antonio. Begins: Querido papá. Addressee not given.
10132 Cortazar de Cervantes, Manuela. LS. February 14, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Request for use of influence with Antonio Mier y Terán to reduce rent on house; death of Pepe.
10133 Zubieta, José. Toluca, ALS. February 25, 1877.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Support of Mirafuentes in business with Florencio Medina; election for governor not complete; Mirafuentes probably to be winner; Cuevas; election of deputies Luis Pliego with Lic. Sobrino Ortiz as substitute; in Lerma Pascual Cejudo; in Ixtlahuaca and Almoloya no election; influence of Alberto García circle; Lic. González Urbina; Díaz González; candidacy of Valentín Gómez Tagle and Lic. Francisco Pérez; Gregorio Gutiérrez suggested as substitute.
10134 Marín, José. Cuautitlán, Printed letter, signed. March 1, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Announcement of election as Diputado suplente to State Legislature.
10135 Hernández, Ignacio. Toluca, Telegram. March 9, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Credentials refused, alleging use of force.
10136 Chávez Ganancia, J[uan]. Toluca, ALS. March 24, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Appointment as Fiscal constitucional del Tribunal Superior de Justicia by State Legislature; Zubieta made President; Inclán, Vicente Villegas, Uribe, Ortigosa, and González Ángulo to be magistrados.
10137 Zubieta, José. Toluca, ALS. March 25, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Appointment as Presidente del Tribunal Superior by Legislature; other members: Lic. Antonio Inclán, Lic. Vicente Villegas, Lic. Romualdo Uribe, Lic. Ramón Ortigosa, Lic. Agustín G[onzález] Ángulo, and Lic. Juan Chávez Ganancia; opposition of Diputados Madariaga, Molina, and Pliego.
10138 Spiess, J. Cernicina (Herminia?). [Carta a Gustavo Spiess.] Almoloya, ALS. April 4, 1877.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Letter to brother; mental illness of Ernesto; Tío Severo; Tío Luis; doctor's treatment; Tía Juanita; Mariquita Gorostiza; Lupe; photographs transmitted.
10139 [Labastida,] P[elagio] A. Arzobispo de México. LS. April 4, 1877.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Request for contribution for gift for anniversary of Pío Nono; donations to be sent to José María Andrade (Librería del portal de August[] No. 3); plan to reach the English packetboat. Addressed to Monte Pío Nacional.
10140 Martínez de Castro, Antonio. LS. April 7, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Request for use of influence with Zubieta to see that Lic. Pablo Reyes remain in position as Juez de Letras de Cuautitlán.
10141 Tort y Rafols, José. ALS. April 13, 1877.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Reports delayed; editorials in Monitor republicano; publication of reply.
10142 SOCIEDAD ARTÍSTICA REGENERADORA DE TOLUCA. Toluca, Signed: Jesús Montalvo, Presidente, and J. Celadis (?) Becerril. 1 l. 22 × 33 cm. Embossed letterhead. April 15, 1877.
Election of Don Mariano to be Honorary President by Junta Directiva.
10143 Herrera, Juan B. Parangueo, ALS. April 21, 1877.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Brother Guillermo; health of Guadalupe; services of Don Mariano [in Montepío]; decrease in banditry; economic improvement; debt to Casa de Sopeña and to Señora Meóqui; credit of Señora Mier; Linares; Alamán; articles pawned at Montepío; Lupe; Tula; Carmen; Sofía; Leonor; Nicolás.
10144 H[errera?], Francisco. Monte de Piedad, Sucursal No. 5, Mexico, ALS. April 28. 1877.
1 l. 22 × 33 cm.
Receipt of $25 from Visitador Manuel Vázquez; Junta Gubernativa; pistol redeemed by Leopoldo Claramonte.
10145 Rendón, Cruz. ALS. May 1, 1877.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Discharge of preceptor de Santa María Mazatla sought by committee in interview with Governor of Mexico State.
10146 Campo, Nicolás. San José de Iturbide, ALS. May 7, 1877.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Construction of new church; Manuel Rivas; Arangoity.
10147 Reyes Retana, R. Cuautitlán, ALS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Embossed design: Libro mayor R.S. Mexico. May 8, 1877.
Receipt of appointment as Juez Constitucional from Tribunal Superior de Justicia del Estado; José Zubieta; father Ignacio [Reyes].
10148 Bonilla, Juan Crisóstomo. Zaragoza, LS. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Name embossed. May 10, 1877.
Appointment as Governor of Puebla.
10149 Mier, Cosme Fco. ALS. June 3, 1877.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Explanation for separation from Juzgado de 1. Instancia de Chalco; disagreement with Lic. Méndez; Cortés ordered imprisoned.
10150 Chávez Ganancia, J[uan]. Toluca, ALS. June 24, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Resignation of Lic. Ruperto Portillo as Juez Constitucional de Primera Instancia de Chalco opposed.
10151 Ortiz, C. [Telegrama al Ministro de Fomento.] Mexico, Telegram. June 25, 1877.
1 l. 18 × 22 cm.
Congratulations of C. B. Arriaga in Saltillo to President in name of General G. Treviño for successful campaign against filibusteros in Distrito de Río Grande; visit with General Ord in Piedras Negras; Fort Duncan; Fork Clark. Signatory: H. Charles.
10152 Mirafuentes, Juan N. Toluca, LS. 1 l. 13 × 21 cm. Monogram. July 1, 1877.
Concern for students expelled from Instituto Literario for recent scandal; punishment reduced for all except Díaz González; newspaper articles transmitted.
10153 Nava, Julián R. Toluca, ALS. 2 l. 13 × 21 cm. Embossed monogram. July 2, 1877.
Visit by Ortega and Coto; report by Ruano published in La Ley; Brother Celso [Nava].
10154 Tort y Rafols, José. Memoria para dar cuenta a la Junta Gral. de accionistas. Se refiere a la época de a hoy. Mexico, LS. 16 l. 21 × 27 cm. Embossed design. 1. de julio de 1876 2 de julio de 1877. July 1, 1877.
Past hostility of Government; new government under Plan de Tuxtepec; improvements under Ministro de Fomento Riva Palacio; need for public order; lottery; Juárez; equipment for railroad delivered to Hacienda de la Lecheria; purchase of mules; construction of Cuautitlán spur; President of Company in Paris; Torre; study of project by Roberto Geddes, Director del Bando de Londres, México, y Sudamérica; return to England; study of commercial movements in State by Manuel Fernández; loan of L. 200,000 sought to complete road to Toluca; Isidoro de la Torre; Compañía “Union Contract”; offer made to Sr. Ohlssen (Olsen?); reform of railway concession studied by commission with Pedro del Valle and Manuel Dublán; Governor Mirafuentes; extension to Pacific considered; line to Tacubaya sought by Municipalidad; spur to Tlalnepantla considered; La Verónica; discussions between Martín Bengoa and commission of Antonio Carbajal, Vicente Méndez, and Ventura Alcérreca; list of expenses and income; death of Manuel de Rosas and Lic. Rafael Martínez de la Torre. Signed also M. Bengoa.
10155 Inclán, Antonio; J. F. Dávalos; Ramón Ortigosa; Miguel de los Cobos; []. M. Villegas; Romualdo Uribe; and Juan Chávez Ganancia. Toluca, LS. July 17, 1877.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Improper conduct of Juez de Distrito Lic. Germán Navarro with reference to Suprema Corte de Justicia and Tribunal Superior; Law of January 20, 1869; discussion printed in La Ley; constitutional questions; appeal to Tribunal de Circuito; request for support.
10156 Nava, Julián R.; Manuel Ortega; and Luis Coto. Toluca, LS. July 19, 1877.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Thanks for intervention to have classes continued; explanation by Fuentes.
10157 Chávez Ganancia, J[uan]. Toluca, ALS. July 23, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Lic. Leocadio López elected Juez de Primera Instancia de Chalco; opposition of Villegas and Dávalos; Mier.
10158 Nava, Julián R. Toluca, ALS. 2 l. 13 × 21 cm. Embossed monogram. August 5, 1877.
Report of Lic. Pedro Ruano to Governor; defense against criticism; Pedro Martínez; participation in uprising denied; Ortega; Coto; effort to be reinstated.
10159 Curato de Santa Ana en México. Printed letter signed with rubrics of El Arzobispo and El Cura de Santa Ana. August 9, 1877.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Need for repairs to church; donation requested.
10160 Ortiz de la Huerta, Rafael. Unsigned. 1 l. 11 × 18 cm. Monogram. August 10, 1877.
Receipt of Memoria histórica del Monte de Piedad.
10161 Rul, Miguel. ALS. August 20, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Request for use of influence with Vicente [Riva Palacio] against gambling houses.
10162 _____. ALS. August 20, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Receipt of book; opinion of Portilla. Address: Acequia No. 24. Includes copy of letter concerning autograph for book in Public Library, Aguascalientes; recognition of services to State of Mexico and work in the railroad program.
10163 Trejo Lovatón, Francisco. Mesón de San Vicente, Mexico, ALS. August 24, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Mistreatment of family by Rafael Olvera; weapons allowed by Lerdo; death of father; inability to obtain justice in Querétaro or in Mexico; request for $25 to pay bill and return home; Address: Villa de Jalpan, Querétaro(?).
10164 Terreros, Ramón. LS. August 30, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Receipt of Memoria; history of Monte de Piedad de París written by M. du Camp (?); translation arranged by Sosa.
10165 _____. LS. August 31, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Withdrawal of proposed publication of history of Monte de Piedad de París.
10166 ESCUELA NACIONAL DE BELLAS ARTES. Signed: R[omán] S. Lascurain. 1 l. 21 × 27 cm. Embossed letterhead. August, 1877.
Program for Exposición de obras de Bellas Artes; request for subscriptions.
10167 Guichenné, Gustavo and G. Alfredo Labadie. Mexico, Printed Letter. September 1, 1877.
4 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Notice of formation of partnership. Address: San Bernardo No. 4. Dealers in “Cambios, Créditos, Fincas, Hipotecas, Ropa, Algodones, Azogue, Semillas, Frutos nacionales, Abarrotes, etc.” References: José Toriello Guerra, Lascurain [UNK] Co., Watermeyer Wiechers & Co., Martínez y Cía., Juan Aubert y Cía., Torre Fischer y Cía., Velasco Hermanos, C.A. Martínez y Cía., P. Partín y Cía., P. Guérin y Cía., Gassier y Reynaud, J. Labadie y E. Pinson, Uhink y Cía., and Ciriaco Marrón. Empedradilla No. 8. Includes two separate printed form letters:
a. Le Beuf, E. B.: Compañía de Comisiones, Consignaciones, y Transportes, Calle Lafayette No. 1, Paris, 1 l. f. 2. Offer of services in preparing for Exposición Universal de December, 1876. 1878.
b. Leonce Labadie: [Carta sin dirección.] Veracruz, Unsigned printed letter. 1 l. f. 3-3v. Transmittal of offer of services for Exposición Universal de success of Mexico in Exposition in Philadelphia. Also listed as Agencia de la Línea de vapores franceses entre Veracruz y San Nazario. Agents: Guichenné y Labadie, J. J. Gutiérrez (Fábrica de Onix mexicano: La Poblana, in Puebla); E. Burdel (French Consul), P. Martín, Pío Bermejillo y Cía., Manuel Terreros, in Mexico; L. G. Teruel, Rosales y Doremberg (mercería de la Sorpresa), Ed. Tamariz (Cruces 8), and Ciriaco Marrón (Fábrica “El Valor” Panzacola) in Puebla. December 1, 1877. 1878;
10168 Tomasa de los Dolores. ALS. September 3, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Formation of Community called Jesús María; request for financial support.
10169 [Labastida,] P[elagio] A. Arzobispo de México. Tacuba, ALS. September 16, 1877.
2 l. 20 × 24 cm.
Mission of Cura García to redeem articles in Monte Pío; recommendation of Ortega, of Iglesia de Popotla, for assistance in mission.
10170 Montemano (Montellano?), M. O. de. Mexico, ALS. September 28, 1877.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Receipt of Memoria; value of publication of regulations of Monte de piedad.
10171 Sota Riva, Javier. ALS. October 31, 1877.
1 l. 22 × 33 cm.
Request for legal help; imprisonment for involvement in criminal case; introduction for Jesús Rodríguez de San Miguel.
10172 Villarello, Dion[isi]o. Zumpango, ALS. November 3, 1877.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Appointment by Don Mariano in 1850 as Juez de primera Instancia de Tetecala, replacing Lic. P. Gavilán; death of cholera; birthday of Don Mariano in 1850 given as 47th.
10173 Zamacona, [Manuel] M. de. LS. November 13, 1877.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Departure for the United States.
10174 Saborío, J[uan] N. Tacubaya, ALS. November 22, 1877.
1 l. 22 × 27 cm.
Request for legal help for residents of Guadalupe Tanguietlalpam (?); improper impositions by Municipio de Jalatlaco charged; appeal to Mirafuentes or Zubieta.
10175 Herrera, Juan B. Irapuato, ALS. December 23, 1877.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Payments to Fermín González Cosío on behalf of Godoy Family; travel with Tula delayed by poor condition of roads; Lupe; Carmen; Nicolás; Guillermo.
10176 Solano, Pedro. ALS. No date.
2 l. 17 × 22 cm.
Request for contribution to the guard in honor of 20th anniversary of constitution of 1857.


Año de 1878

10177 SOCIEDAD PROGRESISTA DE ARTESANOS DE TOLUCA. Toluca, Signed: Valeriano Lara, President. April 17, 1878.
1 l. 22 × 33 cm.
Request for contribution to children's school and to newly opened Colegio para niñas. By-line: Unión y Progreso.
10178 Colín, Luis. San Isidro, ALS. May 18, 1878.
1 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Inventory of Hacienda de la Asunción delayed by Manuel [Riva Palacio?]; travel from Chalco with Soto.


Año de 1879

10179 Molina, Ambrosio. Toluca, ALS. 2 l. 21 × 27 cm. Name embossed. January 1, 1879.
1870 appointment as Jefe político de Cuautitlán; Zumpango; service in 6th and 8th Congreso de la Unión; service in 7th Congress of State Legislature; 8th Congress interrupted; presidency of Lerdo; request for position.
10180 Murguía, Francisco and Eduardo. Mexico, Printed letter, signed. January 16, 1879.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Death of Gertrudis Segura de Murguía; firm of Viuda e hijos de Murguía dissolved; Eduardo to continue the business. Separate printed letter signed by E. Murguía indicating continuation of the business.
10181 SOCIEDAD FILANTRÓPICA DE ARTESANOS DE GUANAJUATO. [Carta al general Vicente Riva Palacio, Ministro de Fomento.] Guanajuato, Signed: Urbano L. Balmaceda, Secretario. 1 l. 22 × 33 cm. Embossed letterhead. April 22, 1879.
Appointment as Socio Honorario; plans for Primera Exposición Internacional in Mexico. Byline: Filantropía y Unión.
10181A Monroy, Ignacio. Mexico, Printed letter. Printed letterhead. April 1879.
1 l. 22 × 27 cm.
Notice of establishment of a school of English Language, Segunda Calle de la Pila Seca 7 1/2.
10182 Riva Palacio, Mariano. [Borrador de carta a Gumecindo Enríquez.] Mexico, Unsigned. August 17, 1879.
1 l. 22 × 33 cm.
Proposal to represent State of Mexico declined; ill health given as reason; commission to settle question of boundaries and debt with states of Hidalgo and Morelos.
10183 Tirado, Agustín A.; Francisco Calderón; and C[arlos?] Riva Palacio. Chalco, LS. August 28, 1879.
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Opposition to railway to Morelos; injury to canal trade along Canal Riva Palacio; request for Don Mariano to serve on committee to oppose the concession.


Año de 1880

10184 Reyes, Richardo. [Carta a Vicente Riva Palacio.] LS. February 23, 1880.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Introduction to Miguel Tirado; signature on certificate for double time; departure for División de Oriente; Puebla. Note on back: Grinda, San José el Real No. 19 and “Rafael Vargas, y Fermín Hernández.”


Cartas y Fragmentos sin fecha

10185 [Borrador de carta.] No date.
1 l. 22 × 33 cm.
Addressee not given; receipt of telegram; approach to capital; election as president; Lagos; Lancaster Jones recommended as deputy; vacancies in Cámara de Diputados filled; rest of letter in cipher.
10186 Dublán, M[anuel]. Toluca, ALS. no date.
2 l. 13 × 21 cm.
Recommendation for Doña Dolores Díaz of Sultepec; efforts to do her out of a rich mine; case before Juzgado de primera Instancia de Toluca; introduction to Juan Carbo (Carleo? Carles?), Deputy to Congreso de la Unión.
10187 [Apuntes sin firma ni fecha.]
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Brief references to character, profession, and political association of Luis Osollo, Epitacio Rendón of San Vicente Chicoloapan, Español Martínez, José María Palafox, Cobos, Ladislao Solares, el español Cuevas and wife Doña Mariana Arpide, Mariano Gallardo, Francisco Fernández, Francisco Quintana, Guadalupe Figueroa (recently named Deputy), Miguel Barba, Padre Pérez, José María Peña and Vicente González in Tianguistengo, Administrador Antonio Ortiz of Hacienda de Atenco, Colonel Sandoval, Captain Justo Estévez, José María Cobarrubias, el español Vaz, Francisco Costado, Miguel Ferrel, and Ugarte; connections with Puebla, Huamantla, Mesones del Chino del Ángel, de San Antonio, y de Las Ánimas in Mexico (meeting place for Cobos sympathizers), agents in Texcoco, Tianguistengo, Jalatlaco, Ocuilan, Cacalomacán, Tenancingo, Tenango, and Malinalco; Juez de Coyoacaque (?), Lerma, Toluca, Chalco; countersign.
10188 [Fragmentos de cartas.] No signatures.
22 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Group of cover sheets containing address torn from body of letters. Those which could be identified have been restored to the body of the letter. Almost all are addressed to Mariano Riva Palacio; some have month and day stamped by post-office but no year. Names that appear in various places: Toluca; Ml. del Chico; Yautepec; Escobedo (Bernabé), Rue Condillac No. 63, Bordeaux; Mexico; Taxco, Sept. 13; Acapulco; Gobierno del Estado L. y S. de Puebla; Ciu. Guerrero, enero 11; Tula, April 26; Juzgado de letras, Temascaltepec; Guadalajara, February 10; Vega; Cuautla; Querétaro, December 31; San Luis Potosí, December 7; Tetecala; Mexico, February 5; Cuernavaca; Rafael García Aguirre.
10189 [Riva Palacio, Vicente?] [Fragmento.] No date.
2 l. 22 × 31 cm.
Apparently part of legal brief; reference to conduct of Andrés Méndez; poverty of family; part of plea for leniency.
10190 [Fragmento.] No date.
1 l. 22 × 31 cm.
Apparently part of legal brief; reference to Síndico Eduardo Bahre(?); merchant José Miguel Garibay; suit against Carlos Haghembee (Hagenbeck?); Deputy José Miguel Garibay; case before Tribunal Mercantil in 1843 and before Supremo Tribunal de Justicia; certificate by José Bibiano Beltrán; Ley 21 tit 5, lib. 2 of the Recopilación; case against Guillermo Drusina; court jurisdiction.
10191 [Fragmento.] No date.
1 l. 19 × 22 cm.
Historical notes; evidently used by Vicente Riva Palacio. References: Drake; Tavistock; Devon County; Plymouth; El Dragón; Cygne; Greepe, “True and perfect news of the worthy and valiant Exployts performed by the valiant Knight Sir F. Drake,” London, 1587; Fitzgeffry “Sir F. Drake, His Honorable life and his tragical Death” Oxford, 1596; “Sir F. Drake Revived, etc.” London, 1653; Clarke, “Life and Death of the Valiant and Renowned Sir F. Drake” London 1677; Burton, “The English Hero, or Sir. F. Drake,” London, 1687, 1739, 1756; Browne, “Leben des Englischen Helden und Ritters F. Drake,” Leipzing, 1720; Samuel Johnson, “Life of Sir F. Drake,” London, 1767; “F. Drake's Leben und Seereisen,” Halle, 1815; “Life of Sir F. Drake,” London, 1828; Damon, “Life, Voyages, and Exploits of Admiral Sir F. Drake,” London, 1843.


Printed Items

10192 [Fragmento.] Noticia de las casas de matanza []neros, existentes hoy en la capital, su estado y fcha de su apertura. unsigned. No date,
4 l. 22 × 31 cm.
Pioquinto Hernández, in Primavera Calle del Rastro; lack of second patlo, clean water, ventilation; operations begun in 1860; shop of Testamentaria de Moncada, Segunda Calle del Rastro, dating from time of Spanish government; shop of Bonifacio Quintanilla, Tercera Calle del Rastro; shop of Santos Peláez, shop of Teófilo Villegas, dating from Spanish times; shop of Dionisio Sotres, dating from 1860; shop of Facundo Gómez in Calle de San Felipe de Jesús; shop of Diego Escandón; shop of Rafael Valdez; shop of Antonio Mendoza; shop of Ramón Ocaranza, dating from 1865; shop of Jacinto Díaz; shop of Antonio Escandón in Calle del Hospital de Jesús, dating from 1859, when Miguel Azcárate was President of Ayuntamiento; sanitary report on each shop.
10193 [Documento sin firma ni fecha.] Apuntes sobre las casas de Matanza de Carneros.
2 l. 21 × 32 cm.
Ayuntamiento regulations on slaughter of cattle; permit for Manuel Arellano in Calle de Garrapata; police supervisión of tocinerías; Parroquias de San Pablo, Calle de la Garrapata; San Miguel, Los Verdes, Salto del Agua Quemada, Colegio de Belén; Arcos de Chapultepec; Calles 2a, 3a del Rastro; Puente de Jesús; Calle Real; permit of Vicente Cárdenas; involvement with Felipe Villegas.
10194 [Fragmento.] Unsigned. No date.
1 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Notes for a life of Montezuma.
10195 [Impreso sobre muerte de Pedro Celestino Negrete.]
2 l. 21 × 27 cm.
Summary of life of Negrete; birth in San Esteban de Carranza, Señorío de Vizcaya, May 18, 1777; death in Bordeaux, April 11, 1846; services in Seminario de Vergara, Departamento del Ferrol, Italy, Veracruz, Regimiento de Toluca; association with Iturbide and in Supremo Poder Ejecutivo; exile.
10196 [Apuntes biográficos sobre Vicente Riva Palacio.]
1 l. 11 × 14 cm.
Clipping from magazine or newspaper; legal and literary career; service with Juárez and in Ministerio de Fomento; imprisonment in Santiago Tlaltelolco; Minister in Madrid; death Nov. 22, 1896; México a través de los Siglos; El Libro Rojo; El Ahuizote; Calvario y Tabor; Monja y Casada; Virgen y Mártir.
10197 El Correo Nacional. Periódico Oficial del Supremo Gobierno de la República Mexicana. Vol. 2, No. 213, 2 l. 33 × 42 cm. Contents: Thursday, October 19, 1848.
a. Cámara de Diputados: Dictámen de la mayoría de la Primera comisión de hacienda y voto particular del Sr. Díaz Guzmán, sobre tabacos. Mexico, Signatory: Joaquín Navarro and R. de Muñoz y Muñoz. October 12, 1848.
b. Voto particular. Mexico, pp. 3-4. Signatory: Díaz; copy by José María de Zavala. Impreso en la Calle de Medinas No. 6. October 14, 1848.
10198 Periódico Oficial del Supremo Gobierno de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos. Vol. 1, No. 19, 4 pp. 37 × 62 cm. Contents: April 11, 1849.
a. Congreso General. Cámara de Senadores: Dictamen de las comisiones de hacienda y crédito público, sobre nulidad de la contrata de la renta del tabaco. Sala de Comisiones, Mexico, Signatories: Esparza, Gorozpe, Viya y Cosío, Ramírez, Castañeda, and Castillo. 3 pp. 1-3. Legislatures of Puebla, Jalisco, San Luis Potosí, Querétaro, Zacatecas, and Veracruz; M. Portalis; Código civil de Francia. March 4, 1849.
b. Ministerio de Relaciones Interiores y Exteriores: [Comunicación.] Mexico, Signatory: José María Ortiz Monasterio. p. 3. Approval of Teodoro Grabau as Prussian consul in Veracruz; absence of Enrique D'Oleire in Europe. April 7, 1849.
c. MINISTERIO DE GUERRA Y MARINA. [Publicación de orden del Presidente.] Mexico, Signatory: Arista, copy by Luis de Ormaechea. p. 3. Services of Captain Tomás Mejía in Sierra Gorda Campaign; transmitted through José María de Lacunza, Diputado presidente, A. M. Salonio, President of the Senate, Manuel Díaz Zimbrón, Diputado Secretario, and José Ignacio Villaseñor, Senador secretario, from Joaquín de Herrera. April 3, 1849.
d. MINISTERIO DE JUSTICIA Y NEGOCIOS ECLESIÁSTICOS. [Petición al Ministro.] Cuautitlán, p. 3. Opposition to colonization by non-Catholics; agreement by people of Guadalajara and Lagos. Signatories to petition: Agustín de Antoneli, José Ballón, Miguel Beristain, José María Bonilla, Felipe Bringas (vicario), Antonio Cadena, Vicente Cadena, Viviano Cadena, Juan Campos, Cristóbal Candia, Juan Capistrán, M. Cárdenas de Argumedo, Martín Castro, Domingo Cervantes, José Córdoba, Cristóbal Cortés, Ignacio Cortés, Pablo Covarrubias, Santiago Domínguez, Agustín Durán, Gerardo Espino, Ponciano Flores, Guadalupe Fragoso, Mariano Gálvez, José María García (alcalde), Manuel M. García, Bernardo Gómez, Gerónimo Gómez, Ignacio Gómez, Pablo Gálvez, Atilano González, José María González, Román González, Felipe Grageda, Anastasio Gutiérrez, Mariano Herrera, José María Jiménez (1), José María Jiménez (2), Pedro Jiménez, Manuel Leguizamo, Vicente Loranca, Antonio Luna, Germán Maldonado, Marciano Márquez, Gabriel Medina, Jacinto Medina, Vicente Medina, Ciriaco Mendoza, Toribio Molina, Agustín Morales (1), Agustín Morales (2), Luis G. Morales, Manuel Morales, Rafael Moreno, José María Muñoz (Cura y juez eclesiástico), Marcelo Muñoz, Juan Orozco, Refugio Orozco, Rafael Ortega, Jesús Ortiz, Rodrigo Padilla, Francisco Pesquera, José Pineda, Sixto Pineda, Luis Ignacio de Guadalupe Pineda, Cosme Quesada, Felipe Quesada, Manuel Ignacio Ramírez, Ignacio Rosas Ortega, Pablo Salgado, M. Sánchez, Manuel Santillán, Crescencio Torres, Ramón Trejo, José María Valdés, Fermín Valles, Juan Vargas, Pedro Vargas, Severo Vargas, Fernando de la Vega, José María Velasco (1), José María Velasco (2), Ponciano Velázquez, José Zúñiga. January 27, 1849.
e. Plana Mayor del Ejército. [Noticia de cartas sin dirección.] Mexico, Signatory: Benito de Zenea. p. 3. Notice of letters to be called for. Addressees: María Josefa Cervantes, María Fernández Cisneros, Josefa Fernández Espinosa, Dolores Gallardo, Carmen Huerta, María Rita Iturbide, María del Carmen Jiménez, Eduvige Jirón, María López Cevallos, Manuela Sánchez, Ana de Jesús Terrón, and Ana Torres Sánchez. April 3, 1849.
f. Comisión de Estadística Militar: Sesión de la Junta general celebrada el día Mexico, Signatory: Joaquín Marroquí. pp. 3-4. Transmittal of minutes of meeting. Report of General Pedro García Conde, President of Geographical Section; reports from San Luis Potosí, Veracruz, Zacatecas, Jalisco; illness of Lic. Agustín Escudero Solís; motions by Almonte, and José Ignacio Durán; Juan N. Pereda; problem of tower light at Los Alacranes to prevent shipwrecks; Velázquez de León, Blanco, and Arroyo named to committee; completion of map of the republic; need for Atlas of states; Jesús Medina; list of persons attending: Almonte, Alcorta, Pedro García Conde, Durán y Gómez Fuero, Espinosa, Plowes, Banda, Bustamante, Piquero Arroyo, José Ignacio Durán, Blanco, Velázquez de León, Mora y Villamil, Filisola, Dr. Sollano, Ortega, Antonio Castillo, Conde de la Cortina, Mariano Arista: Absent: Arrillaga, Aguilar, Noriega, Escudero Solís, Castillo y Lanzas, and Barrera. 6 de Febrero de 1849. February 28, 1849.
g. Avisos. 1 l. p. 4. Exchange of periodicals urged with Amigo del Pueblo and Revista y Unión of Yucatán, Diablo Cojuelo and Tabasqueño of Tabasco; copies received of El Porvenir of Toluca, El Correo of Guanajuato, La Época of San Luis, and Zempoalteca of Jalapa.
h. Ignacio Peña: [Venta y remate de los bienes que quedaron por fallecimiento de D. José Urbiza.] Mexico, p. 4. Calle de D. Toribio; Arquitecto Manuel María Delgado. April 9, 1849.
i. Matías Royuela: [Conducta de caudales para Veracruz con escolta.] Comisaría general del distrito y Estado de México, Mexico, p. 4. April 3, 1849.
j. Secretaría del Juzgado de distrito: [Noticia legal sobre Hacienda de San Cosme y San Damián.] Puebla, Signatory: Francisco Pérez de León, Escribano público. p. 4. Partido de Chietla. March 6, 1849.
k. Suprema Corte de Justicia: Convocatoria para la provisión del juzgado de letras de Tlaxcala. Mexico, Signatory: Lic. Pedro de Ahumada, Oficial Mayor. p. 4. Promotion of Lic. José María Rodríguez Villanueva; applications solicited. March 15, 1849.
l. Convocatoria para la provisión de la promotoría fiscal del tribunal de circuito de Hermosillo. Mexico, Signatory: Mariano Aguilar y López, Secretario. p. 4. Applications solicited for position. March 10, 1849.
m. [Publicación de leyes.] pp. 1-4. Bottom section of paper used to continue publication of laws; titles not given; regulations for the Guardia Nacional.
10199 Soneto. Mexico, November 26, 1844.
1 l. 12 × 18 cm.
Clipping from printed work.

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