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C. Hartley (Clinton Hartley) Grattan:

An Inventory of His Literary File Photography Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Grattan, C. Hartley (Clinton Hartley), 1902-1980
Title: C. Hartley (Clinton Hartley) Grattan Literary File Photography Collection
Dates: circa 1880-circa 1970
Abstract: The collection consists of 324 pictures, including portraits of C. Hartley Grattan, members of his family, and various other people, many of whom were distinguished figures in 20th century Australia.
Call Number: Photography Collection PH-02684
Extent: 323 items (1.25 linear feet)
Language: English.
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 324 pictures, including portraits of C. Hartley Grattan, members of his family, and various other people, many of whom were distinguished figures in 20th century Australia. Grattan was a professor at the University of Texas at Austin who specialized in the history of the Southwestern Pacific. The file also contains numerous views of Australia, including landscapes, cities, agriculture, industries, and railways.

This collection forms a part of the Literary File Photography Collection, which is comprised of photographs and albums withdrawn from the libraries and/or papers of literary figures, and generally include portraits and images collected by or of those figures.



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Index Terms

Bryan, William Jennings, 1860-1925.
Grattan, C. Hartley (Clinton Hartley), 1902-1980.
Palmer, Nettie, 1885-1964.
Indigenous peoples--Australia.
New Zealand.
Document Types
Albumen prints.
Landscape photographs.
Photographic postcards.
Photographic prints.

Related Material

Additional material can be found at the Harry Ransom Center in the C. Hartley (Clinton Hartley) Grattan Papers (MS-01700), the C. Hartley (Clinton Hartley) Grattan Art Collection (AR-00103), and the C. Hartley (Clinton Hartley) Grattan Personal Effects Collection (DA-00175).

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Item List

Grattan, C. H., Lit File Box 1 Image of a group of aboriginal women of New Zealand in traditional dress, dancing in front of a building with an elaborately carved façade; stamp of the New Zealand Herald, Auckland, on image verso, undated.
Full front bust portrait of Sir Patrick Shaw wearing spectacles; inscribed on verso: Former Ambassador of Australia to U.S. / Sir Patrick Shaw, undated.
Portraits chiefly of distinguished figures in 20th-century Australia (and New Zealand?), including military, political, business, and religious leaders, undated.
Photographic reproductions of a painting by John Weber of Captain James Cook, undated.
Photographic reproductions of paintings of Henry Lawson (957:0017:0059), Edmund Barton (957:0017:0060), and an unidentified man (957:0017:0061), undated.
Photographic reproductions of painted scenes of life in 19th-century Australia, undated.
Photomechanical postcard of a diorama depicting the Yarra Yarra tribe of Australia, undated.
Photomechanical postcard of a mess room used by Australian railway workers, undated.
Photograph of a group of Australian aboriginal men, one of whom is playing a didjeridu, undated.
Photograph of Australian aboriginal cave paintings, undated.
Photographs of Australian animals (a platypus, a kangaroo, koalas, and emus), undated.
Scenic views of Australia, undated.
Grattan, C. H., Lit File Box 2 Views of Australia, including landscapes, cities, agriculture, and industries, undated.
Views pertaining to the operations of the Victorian Government Railways (of Australia), including interior and exterior views of cars and stations, undated.
Snapshots of Grattan alone and with others, 1903-circa 1970.
Snapshot of Grattan with 2 unidentified men (former high school classmates?), 1950.
Portrait of Grattan with an unidentified man (James Pollard?) standing in front of a Karri tree at Pemberton, 1938.
Portrait of Grattan as an adolescent boy, 1919.
Portrait of Grattan as a baby, January 1903.
Portraits of Grattan as a middle-aged man, undated.
Portrait of an unidentified woman, undated.
Group portrait of students at New Bedford High School (Grattan in back row, third from left?), 1920.
Grattan, C. H., Lit File Box 3 Portraits of various people, including Grattan’s mother (986:0030:0010) and other relatives, circa 1880-1930.
Image of Nettie Palmer with an unidentified girl, circa 1928.
View of a house at 9 Hayes Street, Framingham, Massachusetts, circa 1908.
Portrait of an unidentified boy seated on the lap of an unidentified man dressed as Santa Claus, undated.
Portrait of an unidentified young woman, undated.
Half-tone print of a portrait of Henry Elmer Barnes, removed from The Clark Year Book, 1922.
Chiefly portraits of Grattan, from boyhood through his later years, both alone and with others, undated.
Portraits of William Jennings Bryan, including one signed (986:0030:0055), one with family dated 1894 (986:0030:0050), and one with prominent Chicago Democrats (986:0030:0052); also a portrait of an unidentified woman (Bryan’s wife?) (986:0030:0054), undated.
Photographic reproduction of a map of the world (except for the polar regions), undated.
Snapshot of an unidentified little girl with a doll and a stuffed animal, undated.
Portrait of an unidentified man (Grattan?), undated.
Portrait of Grattan, undated.
Portrait of Alice Henry, circa 1920.
Lit File OV Box, Small Group portrait of 28 young men, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1923.
Lit File OV Box, Large Mighty Gums of McFlinders, undated.
Gelatin silver print
Grattan, C. H., Lit File Album 1 Black leather album containing 78 mounted and 3 laid-in albumen prints primarily of Scotland, but also containing images of England, Australia, India, and unidentified locations. Many of the photographs are by the Scottish photographers George Washington Wilson and James Valentine. (The 3 laid-in prints, 983:0018:0079-0081, were moved to Wilson, G.W., Box 4), undated.

Index of Photographers

  • Allied News-Photo--986:0030:0021-0024
  • Australian News and Information Bureau--957:0017:0062-0063, 0067-0068, 0092-0098, 0102-0103, 0105-0108, 0112-0115, 0117-0119, 0120-0123
  • Blackstone Studios--986:0030:0029-0031
  • Brindle, W.--957:0017:0113
  • Bushong, J. C.--981:0046:0016
  • Byron, K. 957:0017:0121
  • Ceitelis, Jack--957:0017:0102
  • Cosneau, H.--957:0128:0001
  • De Mirjian Studio--986:0030:0025
  • Dyer, J. W.--986:0030:0007
  • Eaton--986:0030:0005
  • Edmonston--986:0030:0051
  • Fitzpatrick, J. 957:0017:0122
  • Frauca, H.--957:0017:0068
  • Frith, Francis--Album 1
  • Goulart, M.--981:0046:0008
  • Green's Series--Album 1
  • Herald Feature Service (Melbourne)--957:0017:0001-0002, 0005-0008, 0023-0025, 0030, 0032-0033, 0035-0044, 0046
  • Home--957:0017:0099
  • Litchfield, Philip A.--981:0046:0011
  • Locke Studio--986:0030:0014
  • Moore, May--957:0017:0026
  • Mountford, C. P.--957:0017:0067
  • Moyahan, D. J.--986:0030:0011
  • Mrs. F. E. Russell & Son--986:0030:0001
  • Murray, Neil--957:0017:0119
  • National Portrait Gallery (London)--957:0017:0057-0058
  • Ozolins, A. 957:0017:0103
  • Pedersen, W.--957:0017:0095, 0108, 0112, 0117-0118
  • Riley, Sidney--957:0017:0027
  • Shmith, Athol L.--957:0017:0055, 0137-0138, 0140
  • Smith, E. J.--986:0030:0002
  • Stuart, F. G. O.--Album 1
  • Sydney Mail--957:0017:0110-0111, 0124
  • Sydney Morning Herald--957:0017:0099, 0110-0111, 0124
  • Tanner, John 957:0017:0092-0093, 0096
  • Terrill, R. C.--981:0046:0010; 986:0030:0032-0037
  • Townsend--986:0030:0003, 0053-0054
  • Valentine, James, 1815-1879--Album 1
  • Vesie--986:0030:0006
  • Victorian Railways--957:0017:0069-0091, 0100-0101, 0104, 0116, 0125-0164
  • W. A. Government Railways 957:0017:0115
  • W. A. Mansell & Co.--Album 1
  • Walinger--986:0030:0055
  • Wilson, G. W. (George Washington), 1823-1893--Album 1
  • Wrightson, Hay--957:0017:0022