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O. W. (Owen Willans) Richardson:

An Inventory of His Papers at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Richardson, O. W. (Owen Willans), 1879-1959
Title: O. W. (Owen Willans) Richardson Papers
Dates: 1898-1958 (bulk 1920-1940)
Abstract: The papers of Sir O. W. (Owen Willans) Richardson, the Nobel Prize-winning British physicist who pioneered the field of thermionics, contain research materials and drafts of his writings, correspondence, as well as letters and writings from numerous distinguished fellow scientists.
Call Number: MS-3522
Extent: 112 document boxes, 2 oversize boxes (49.04 linear feet), 1 oversize folder (osf), 5 galley folders (gf)
Language: Primarily English; some works and correspondence written in French, German, or Italian.
Note: The Ransom Center gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the Center for History of Physics, American Institute of Physics, which provided funds to support the processing and cataloging of this collection.
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center

Biographical Sketch

The English physicist Owen Willans Richardson, who pioneered the field of thermionics, was also known for his work on photoelectricity, spectroscopy, ultraviolet and X-ray radiation, the electron theory, and quantum theory. He was awarded the 1928 Nobel Prize for physics for his work in thermionics and for his discovery of Richardson's Law.

Richardson was born in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England to Joshua Henry Richardson and Charlotte Maria Willans Richardson. He was educated at Batley Grammar School and Trinity College, Cambridge before eventually earning his D.Sc. from University College London in 1904. During his time at Trinity College, he worked in the Cavendish Laboratory under Joseph John Thomson. He was part of a group of scholars which included Ernest Rutherford, Charles Thomson Rees Wilson, Paul Langevin, and Harold A. Wilson, with whom he forged professional and personal relationships.

In 1905, Richardson married Harold Wilson's sister, Lilian and in 1906, he accepted an appointment as professor of physics at Princeton University. While at Princeton, Richardson did research work and published papers on photoelectricity, spectroscopy, X-rays and thermodynamics. His students at this time included Robert H. Goddard and Arthur and Karl Compton. During this same period, Richardson's sisters married two of his American colleagues: Elizabeth married Oswald Veblen in 1908 and in 1911 Charlotte married Clinton Davisson. In 1913, Richardson returned to England after accepting the Wheatstone professorship of physics at King's College, University of London. He was also, at this time, elected as a fellow of the Royal Society.

He published his first book, The Electron Theory of Matter, in 1914 and his second, The Emission of Electricity from Hot Bodies, in 1916. His expertise made him an asset during the First World War and he was recruited to do research in the area of telecommunications, more specifically in the industries of wireless telegraphy and telephony.

He received the Hughes Medal of the Royal Society in 1920 and served as president of the Physics section of the British Association for the Advancement of Science from 1921 to 1922. He relinquished teaching duties in 1924 upon his dual appointments as Yarrow research professor of the Royal Society and director for research in physics at King's College. He also served as president of the Physical Society from 1926 to 1928. Richardson was awarded the 1928 Nobel Prize for physics on December 12, 1929. He was knighted in 1939.

Richardson influenced many students and peers and worked with such collaborators as T. Tanaka, Frederick Steell Robertson, Percy Maurice Davidson, Subbarao Ramachandra Rao and Alexander Konstantinovitch Denisoff. He played host to visiting scholars including Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, Niels Bohr, Max Planck, Peter Debye, and Arnold Sommerfeld. Richardson contributed to the field by advancing scientific understanding of the emission of electrons from hot surfaces. His third and last book, Molecular Hydrogen and Its Spectrum, was published in 1934. He retired from the University of London in 1944.

Richardson and his wife Lilian had two sons, Harold Owen Wilson Richardson and John Dixon Wilson Richardson, and one daughter, Lilian Mary Richardson (who married A. K. Denisoff). Harold studied physics, while John entered the practice of medicine and psychiatry. After his wife Lilian died in 1945, Richardson married physicist and family friend Henrietta Maria Rupp in 1948. Richardson died of a cerebral thrombosis on February 15, 1959.

Scope and Contents

The papers of Nobel-prize winning physicist O. W. (Owen Willans) Richardson contain manuscripts and research materials for Richardson's published and unpublished work; correspondence to and from fellow scientists and educators, students, scientific organizations, colleges and universities, government agencies, and businesses; as well as works received from many distinguished colleagues and students. Spanning 1898 to 1958 (bulk 1920 to 1940), the papers are arranged in four series: I. Works, 1900-1949; II. Letters, 1905-1951; III. Recipient, 1903-1958; IV. Miscellaneous, 1898-1952. The papers are primarily written in English, although some French, German, and Italian language materials are present.

The papers include manuscript materials for Richardson's own monographs and articles concerning his research on thermionic emission, the hydrogen molecule, soft X-rays, quantum theory, the Rydberg constants, and other topics. The related work of many of Richardson's students and fellow physicists, chemists, electrical engineers, and mathematicians in the international research community is well-documented in work undertaken either with Richardson or independently. Richardson's role as an educator is revealed in correspondence with students, colleagues, and various organizations and his files frequently include applications, testimonials, reports, theses, and dissertations. The papers also attest to other aspects of Richardson's professional career, such as his work with scientific organizations, attendance at conferences, work supporting government and commercial research, patents received, and honors and awards such as the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1928. A small portion of the papers are personal in nature, chiefly correspondence from or to various family members.

Among the many distinguished physicists represented in the Richardson papers by correspondence and/or writings are Hannes Alfvén, Edward Victor Appleton, Francis William Aston, Charles Glover Barkla, Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett, Niels Bohr, Max Born, William Henry Bragg, William Lawrence Bragg, Percy Williams Bridgman, James Chadwick, Sydney Chapman, John Douglas Cockcroft, Arthur Holly Compton, Edward Uhler Condon, Clinton Joseph Davisson, Louis Victor DeBroglie, Peter Debye, Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac, Arthur Stanley Eddington, Paul Ehrenfest, Enrico Fermi, James Franck, Yakov Ilyich Frenkel, Dennis Gabor, George Gamow, Hans Geiger, Otto Hahn, Werner Heisenberg, Frederic Joliot, Irene Joliot-Curie, Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, Petr Leonidovich Kapitza, Hendrik A. Kramers, Paul Langevin, Irving Langmuir, Max von Laue, Ernest Orlando Lawrence, M. Stanley Livingston, Fritz London, Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, Theodore Lyman, Albert Abraham Michelson, Robert Andrews Millikan, Nevill Francis Mott, Robert Sanderson Mulliken, Wolfgang Pauli, Rudolf Ernst Peierls, Jean Perrin, Max Planck, Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, Ernest Rutherford, Erwin Schrödinger, Manne Siegbahn., Arnold Sommerfeld, Otto Stern, John William Strutt (Baron Rayleigh), George Paget Thomson, Joseph John Thomson, Harold Clayton Urey, John H. Van Vleck, Robert Williams Wood, and Pieter Zeeman.

The Richardson Papers were originally cataloged during a project in 1967 supported by the Joint Committee of the American Physical Society – American Philosophical Society on the History of Theoretical Physics in the Twentieth Century. At that time, the papers were described on over 8,000 catalog cards which were reproduced in the 454-page A Catalogue of the Sir Owen Richardson Manuscript Collection in the History of Science Collection, The University of Texas, compiled by James Henry Leech. This finding aid replicates and replaces information previously available only through the card file or the catalogue.

Series I. Works

The Works series consists chiefly of research notebooks and notes, drafts, and proofs for Richardson's professional research and writings, 1900-1949 (32 boxes). In addition to handwritten notes and drafts, typescript drafts, galley proofs, page proofs, and offprints, a number of works are also represented by blueprints, calculations, charts, diagrams, graphs, photographs, or plates. Research topics include, but are not limited to, thermionic emission, the hydrogen molecule, soft X-rays, quantum theory, and the Rydberg constants. Among the earliest materials are notebooks for experiments at Cambridge University, 1902-1906. Some of the more extensively featured manuscripts in the collection include The Electron Theory of Matter (1914), The Emission of Electricity from Hot Bodies (1916), several papers on the spectrum of H₂ (1929-1934), and Molecular Hydrogen and its Spectrum (1934).

Because Richardson frequently collaborated with others, a number of works found in this series were co-authored with colleagues and students, among them Ursula Andrewes, Charles B. Bazzoni, Devidas Raghunath Bhawalkar, Francis Cecil Chalklin, Rabindranath Chaudhuri, Karl Taylor Compton, Kusumeshu Das, Percy Maurice Davidson, E. W. Foster, Sunao Imanishi, Thomas Ralph Merton, A. A. Newbold, J. Nicol, Subbarao Ramachandra Rao, Eric Keightley Rideal, Frederick Steell Robertson, F. J. Rogers, S. C. Roy, T. B. Rymer, Charles Sheard, Frederick Soddy, T. Tanaka, and William Ewart Williams. Particularly well-represented are Davidson and Robertson, including research undertaken by Richardson and Robertson for the British Admiralty on optics and thermionics during World War I.

Richardson's other writings are connected with his teaching and his work with scientific organizations, such as testimonials and reports with professional and personal evaluations of students and colleagues, biographical sketches and obituary notices of fellow scientists, lecture notes, and speeches. Personal writings include two poems.

The works in this series are arranged alphabetically by title. When multiple versions and formats represent a single title, they are arranged from earliest to latest state. A complete index of titles is included in the Index of Works by O. W. Richardson in this finding aid

Series II. Letters

The Letters series spans 1905-1951 (4 boxes) and contains drafts of Richardson's outgoing correspondence to approximately 600 colleagues, students, scientific organizations, universities, and corporations. The letters are arranged alphabetically by recipient name, including Niels Bohr, William Lawrence Bragg, American Telephone and Telegraph Company, Percy Maurice Davidson, Clinton Joseph Davisson, Gerhard Heinrich Dieke, James Hopwood Jeans, King's College, University of London, A. A. Newbold, Frederick Steell Robertson, and the Swedish Royal Academy of Science, among others.

Series III. Recipient

The Recipient series consists of Richardson's incoming letters from approximately 3500 correspondents, 1903-1958 (23 boxes). Scientific correspondence dates primarily from 1920 to 1938 and includes letters pertaining to research projects and papers from well-known physicists such as Edward Victor Appleton, Niels Bohr, William Henry Bragg, William Lawrence Bragg, Percy Maurice Davidson, James Hopwood Jeans, Ernest Rutherford, Joseph John Thomson, and many others. Other frequent correspondents include students—often sending applications, requesting testimonials, or seeking Richardson's opinion on scientific endeavors or training—or colleagues and administrators from King's College, University of London and many other colleges and universities.

Correspondence from British scientific societies and government organizations including the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, the National Physical Laboratory, the Physical Society, and the Royal Society, and from major corporations with research laboratories, such as American Telephone and Telegraph Company, Bell Telephone Laboratories, and General Electric, is also well-represented in this series.

The series also contains about 350 letters of congratulation on the occasions of Richardson's Nobel Prize award in 1928 and knighthood in 1939. A small portion of the correspondence is personal in nature, primarily letters from Richardson's sisters, their husbands, and other relatives from the Denisoff, Davisson, Richardson, Veblen, and Wilson families.

The recipient correspondence is arranged alphabetically by author name and chronologically thereunder when multiple letters are present. All correspondent names are included in the Index of Correspondents segment of this finding aid.

Series IV. Miscellaneous

Items in the Miscellaneous series range from 1898 to 1952 (46 boxes) and consist largely works by Richardson's colleagues and students, as well as third-party correspondence they wrote to persons other than Richardson.

Works by others include their research, manuscripts, proofs, or prints of scientific papers, such as Ernest Rutherford's "Report on the Structure of an Atom" and J. M. Drinkwater's "An Objective Determination of the Visibility Curves of a Michelson Interferometer." Well-represented in this series are Ursula Andrewes, Leslie Fleetwood Bates, Devidas Raghunath Bhawalkar, Francis Cecil Chalklin, Gerhard Heinrich Dieke, Felix Ehrenhaft, Irving Langmuir (files concerning an unsuccessful patent lawsuit brought against him by Harold D. Arnold), A. M. Mosharrafa, Wolfgang Pauli, Frederick Steell Robertson, T. Tanaka and William Mayo Venable. Also present are many theses and dissertations submitted to Richardson by Riaz Ahmad, Richard Audorf, Rabindranath Chaudhuri, Kusumeshu Das, Alexander Konstantinovitch Denisoff, Mahmoud Ahmed El-Sherbini, Aziz Milad Ferasah, Irena Gimpel, Otto Hahn, Hugh Harvey Hyman, Alice Leigh-Smith, Abbas Aly Nasr, Ian Sandeman, and William Wilson. A few manuscript works also include letters written to Richardson; these were left in place with the manuscript work under discussion.

Various papers such as general correspondence, reports, minutes, notices, and programs from several organizations are also present, most extensively from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, King's College and the University of London, the National Physical Laboratory, the Physical Society, the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, and the Royal Society.

This series also contains a small amount of Richardson's non-research papers, such as addresses, inventories of apparatus, lecture notes, lists of writings, and physics exams, as well as correspondence from others written to his wife, Maud, and other third-party family correspondence.

The materials in this series are arranged alphabetically by creator. The finding aid includes an Index of Works by Others to facilitate access to the names and titles of the extensive non-Richardson works present in this series. Similarly, all correspondent names in this series are included in the Index of Correspondents segment of this finding aid.

Immediately following Series IV. Miscellaneous are seven boxes of original envelopes and file folders removed from the papers during processing in the 1960s and two boxes of items separated to oversize storage during processing.



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Index Terms

Appleton, Edward Victor, Sir, 1892-1965.
Bohr, Niels, 1885-1962.
Bragg, William Henry, Sir, 1862-1942.
Bragg, William Lawrence, Sir, 1890-1971.
Davidson, Percy Maurice, 1902- .
Davisson, Charlotte Sara Richardson.
Davisson, Clinton Joseph, 1881-1958.
Denisoff, Alexander Konstantinovitch, 1905- .
Dieke, Gerhard Heinrich, 1901-1965.
Jeans, James, 1877-1946.
Newbold, A. A.
Richardson, Henrietta Maria Rupp.
Richardson, Lilian Maud Wilson, died 1945.
Richardson, O. W. (Owen Willans), 1879-1959.
Robertson, Frederick Steell, 1876- .
Rutherford, Ernest, 1871-1937.
Thomson, J. J. (Joseph John), 1856-1940.
Veblen, Elizabeth Mary Richardson, 1881-1974.
Veblen, Oswald, 1880-1960.
Great Britain. Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.
King's College London.
National Physical Laboratory (Great Britain).
Physical Society (Great Britain).
Royal Society (Great Britain).
University of London.
Cathode rays.
Hydrogen bonding.
Nobel Prizes.
Spectrum analysis.
Thermionic emission.
Document Types
Galley proofs.
Page proofs.
Research notes.

Related Material

While the collection at the Ransom Center constitutes the largest existing holding of Richardson's papers, smaller amounts of his correspondence are found in collections of Carl Barus (Brown University), Niels Bohr (Denmark), Ernest Rutherford (Cambridge), and Oswald Veblen (Library of Congress).

Separated Material

The 2,700 books that make up the Richardson Library date primarily from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and cover the history of the atom; these were cataloged in the Ransom Center's book collection. Also included in the Richardson Library are journals and yearbooks in the fields of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and astronomy, over 14,000 pamphlets and offprints from scientific journals, technical monographs published by the Bell Telephone System, papers from the proceedings of the German Academy of Science, discussions published by the Faraday Society, papers published by the Royal Society of London, and monographs published by the Western Electric Company.

Photographs of Richardson with his family and with fellow scientists, such as E. F. Burton, Marie Curie, S. C. Laws, and J. J. Thomson, were removed from the collection and are housed in the Ransom Center Photography Collection's History of Science Collection.

The Sound Recordings Collection at the Center includes a phonodisc formerly owned by Richardson of a lecture given by Lord Rutherford at Goettingen on Monday, December 14, 1931.

The Center's Vertical File Collection includes one folder of printed information for Dorothy Miller Richardson and 2 folders for O. W. Richardson.

Administrative Information


Purchase, 1961 (R43, R44) and Gift, 2005

Processed by:

Tessa Klink and Joan Sibley, 2014

Additional Physical Format Available:

The Richardson Papers were microfilmed and are available on 76 reels. Each item has a unique identifying number (W-xxxx, L-xxxx, R-xxxx, or M-xxxx) that corresponds to the microfilm. This number was recorded on the file folders housing the papers and can also be found on catalog slips present with each item.


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Container List

Series I., Works, 1900-1949, undated

1.1 A-Al
1.2 Allen & Sandeman, undated
1.3 Am-Aq
1.4 Annotated bibliography, undated
1.5 Ar-Az
1.6 Argon and cadmium..., 1939-1949, undated
1.7 Argon measurements, 1939-1940
1.8 Attempts to guess at what is going on..., 1933
1.9 Autobiographical...
1.10 B-Ba
1.11 The band spectrum of hydrogen, undated
1.12-13, gf 1 The band systems ending on the 1sσ2sσ¹Σg(¹Xg) state of H₂ Part I, 1936-1937, undated
2.1 The band systems ending on the 1sσ2sσ¹Σg(¹Xg) state of H₂ Part II, undated
2.2 Be-Bh
2.3 Beta ray spectrum may be due to uncertainty motion of electrons, undated
2.4 Biographical sketches
2.5 Bo-Bz
2.6 Bohr's second letter, undated
2.7 C-Ca
2.8 Ce-Ch
2.9 Chalklin, undated
The characteristic curves of three electrode devices in relation to their structure:
2.10 Handwritten draft, undated
2.11 Typescript with photograph figures, undated
2.12 Typescript carbon copy, copy 1, 1917
2.13 Typescript carbon copy, copy 2, 1917
3.1 Ci-Comp
3.2 Con-Conr
3.3 Cons-Cont
3.4 Conseil de Physique de l'Institut International de Physique Solvay, 1930-1933
3.5 Corpuscular radiation as a function of atomic weight, undated
3.6 Cou-Cz
113.1-3 Crossed echelon spectrum of H₂, undated
3.7 D-Des
Determination of the Rydberg constants:
3.8 Typescript, 1939-1940
3.9 Typescript carbon copy, 1940
3.10 Typescript carbon copy (incomplete), undated
3.11 Handwritten and typed draft fragments and figures, 1940, undated
gf 1 Galley proofs, 1939
3.12 Device for the converting of mechanical energy, 1918, undated
3.13 Devices for the rectification of alternating currents, 1913, undated
4.1 Dieke's ¹X, by O. W. Richardson and A. A. Newbold, 1936
4.2 Di-Dir
4.3 Dis-Diz
4.4 Do-Dz
4.5 E-Ef
4.6 The effect of a luminous discharge, undated
4.7-8 The effect of gases on the contact difference of potential between metals, 1920-1921
5.1 Elberta (poem), 1900
5.2 The electrical properties of hot bodies, 1904
5.3 Electricity and magnetism: exam questions, 1914
5.4 Electron emission...
5.5-6 Electron emission under the influence of chemical action at higher gas pressures, notes, 1926
5.7 Electron emission under the influence of chemical action at higher gas pressures by O. W. Richardson and M. Brotherton, typescript, undated
5.8 Electron rings, undated
5.9 The electron theory of contact electromotive force and of thermoelectricity, undated
The electron theory of matter:
5.10 Chapter XIX, handwritten draft, undated
5.11 Chapter XX, handwritten draft (incomplete), undated
5.12 Chapter XXI, handwritten and typed drafts, undated
5.13 Handwritten index, preface and notes, undated
114.1 Page proofs, 1913-1914
114.2 Page proofs (incomplete), 1913
5.14 Page proofs and handwritten notes, 1916
6.1 Electron theory of metallic conduction, undated
6.2 The electronic levels of H₂, undated
6.3 The electronic levels of He₂, undated
6.4 Electrons and heat, 1915, undated
6.5 Emission of characteristic X-rays, etc., undated
The emission of electricity from hot bodies:
6.6-7 Notes, undated
6.8 Outline, undated
6.9-10 Handwritten draft (early version), undated
6.11-7.1 Handwritten draft, undated
7.2 Handwritten draft, miscellaneous pages, undated
7.3 Chapter VIII and Chapter IX, typescript, undated
7.4 Preface, page proofs, 1921
7.5 Revised index and handwritten inserts, undated
7.6 Figure 35, proof, undated
gf 2 Galley proofs, first edition, 1921
gf 3-4 Galley proofs, second edition, 1921
7.7 Page proofs, second edition, 1921
7.8 Emission of electrons, undated
7.9 The emission of electrons from hot bodies, undated
The emission of electrons under the influence of chemical action:
7.10 Notes, undated
7.11 Handwritten draft, undated
7.12 Typescript, undated
The emission of electrons under the influence of chemical action, by O. W. Richardson and A. K. Denisoff:
8.1 Notes and calculations, 1933, undated
8.2 Part II, notes and proofs, undated
8.3 Part III, notes, figures, typescript and proofs, 1934, undated
Part IV:
8.4 Notes, handwritten and typescript draft and figures, 1934, undated
8.5 Typescript, 1934
8.6 Part II, IV, V, figures, tables and summary, undated
8.7 Draft fragment, undated
The emission of electrons under the influence of chemical action at lower gas pressures:
8.8 Summary, undated
8.9 Handwritten draft, undated
8.10 Typescript, undated
8.11 The emission of soft X-rays, by O. W. Richardson and F. S. Robertson, notes, 1936
The emission of soft X-rays by different elements:
8.12 Notes, undated
8.13 Figures, undated
8.14 Handwritten draft, undated
8.15 Typescript, undated
The emission of soft X-rays by different elements at higher voltages:
8.16-17 Notes, 1925-1928
8.18 Handwritten draft (incomplete), undated
8.19 Handwritten draft, 1929
9.1 An emission theory of light, undated
9.2 En-Ez
The energy functions of the H₂ molecules:
9.3 Handwritten and typed draft fragments and notes, 1929
9.4 Handwritten and typed draft, 1929
9.5 Typescript, 1929
9.6 Proofs, 1929
9.7 The excitation of soft X-rays, 1926, undated
9.8 Experimental notebook, 1902-1903
9.9 Experiments notebook, 1905-1906
9.10 Experiments notebook, 1919-1920
9.11 Experiments at Cambridge, 1903-1904
Experiments, by O. W. Richardson and F. S. Robertson:
9.12 Notes, 1916
10.1 Notebook, Vol. I, 1916-1918
10.2 Notebook, Vol. II, 1916-1918
10.3 Notes, 1917-1919
10.4 Notes, 1918-1919
10.5 Experiments on chemical electron emission, notebook, Vol. I, 1915-1916
10.6 Experiments on chemical electron emission, notebook, Vol. II, 1915-1916
10.7 Experiments on current-limiting devices. Preliminary report, undated
11.1 Experiments on emission from filaments, 1928-1930
Experiments on filaments, by O. W. Richardson and F. S. Robertson:
11.2-3 Notebook, 1922-1924
11.4 Notes and graphs, 1928-1929
11.5-7 Notes and charts, 1925-1926
11.8 Experiments on granular microphones (first report), 1917
12.1-2 Experiments on microphones, 1917-1918
12.3 Experiments…
12.4 Fe₁Co₁Ni₁Cu, undated
12.5 Fi-Fl
The fine structure of the lines of the H₂ spectrum which go down to the 2p³π state:
12.6-7 Notes, undated
12.8 Handwritten draft, undated
12.9 Corrections, undated
12.10 Typescript, 1944
12.11-12 Typescript carbon copy, 1944
The fine structure of the spectral lines of H₂: measurements with a reflection echelon:
12.13, osf 1 Lines of H₂ to examine for fine structure, undated
12.14 Notes, 1943, undated
13.1 Notes and tables, 1941
13.2 Handwritten draft (incomplete), 1943
13.3 Handwritten draft, undated
13.4 Handwritten and typed draft fragments, undated
13.5 Typescript, 1944
gf 5 Galley proofs, 1945
13.6 Finkelnburg and Mecke, undated
13.7 Fo
13.8 Fr-Fz
13.9 G
13.10-11 General quantum theory, undated
13.12 Generalized quantum conditions, 1923, undated
13.13 H-Ha
13.14 He
13.15 The highest energies of states going down to ¹X, undated
14.1 Highest energies of various states of H₂, undated
14.2 Hop-Hot
14.3 Hu-Hy
H₂ computations:
14.4 Plate 83, undated
14.5 Plate 84, undated
14.6 Plate 86, undated
14.7, 113.4 Plate 40, 1939-1941
14.8 Plate 74, 1939-1940
14.9 Plate 83, 1939
14.10 Plates 84 and 86, 1940
14.11 Plate 85, 1940
14.12 H₂ measurements and computations relating to plate 39, 1941
14.13 I-Id
14.14 If-Im
15.1-2 Improvements in and relating to electron discharge devices, 1918
15.3 In-Io
15.4-5 Ionization (electron emission) and chemical action, undated
15.6 The ions from hot salts, undated
15.7 Ions from salts. Changes with time and voltage, 1911
15.8 Is-Iz
15.9 J
15.10 K-Ke
15.11 Ki-Kr
15.12 Kiuti's series, undated
15.13 Krypton measurements and computations, 1939
15.14 L-La
15.15 Le
15.16 Li
15.17 Lo
16.1 M-Ma
16.2 Me
16.3 Metallic conduction, undated (circa 1915)
16.4 Metallic conduction and quantum theory, undated
16.5 Mi
16.6 Mo-Mz
Molecular hydrogen and its spectrum:
16.7 Notes, 1933, undated
16.8 Typescript, undated
16.9 Handwritten and typed notes and draft fragments, 1933, undated
16.10-11 Miscellaneous corrections, additions, notes, undated
gf 5 Galley proofs, undated
17.1-2 Page proofs, 1933
17.3 The n=2 states of hydrogen, undated
17.4 The n=4 singlet levels, undated
17.5 Ne
17.6 New bands ending on the 1sσ2pσ¹Σu of H₂, 1938
17.7 A new connection between the absorption spectrum of hydrogen and the many lined spectrum, 1930
17.8 Ni
17.9 No
17.10 Note for...
17.11 Note on...
17.12 Notebook, undated
17.13 Notes...
Notes of lectures to medical students on:
18.1 Electricity and mechanics, undated
18.2 Heat, sound, and magnetism, undated
18.3 The properties of matter and light, undated
Notes on:
18.4 A-B
18.5 C-S
18.6 T-Z
18.7 Notes re Flint, 1944
18.8 Nu-Ny
18.9 O-Ol
18.10 Obituary notice of Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, 1928
18.11, gf 5 Obituary notice of Sir Herbert Jackson, undated
19.1 Oddments, 1913
19.2 Om-Oz
19.3-4 On a minimum proper time and its applications (1) to the number of chemical elements (2) to some uncertainty relations, 1928, undated
19.5 On the estimation of the thickness of the reaction layer which just arrests electron emission, undated
19.6 On the excitation of radiation by electron impact and on the photoelectric effect, undated
19.7 On the excitation of very soft X-rays by electron impact, undated
19.8 On the extraction of electrons from cold conductors in intense electric fields, 1927-1928
19.9 On the fine structure of spectral lines of H₂ triplet system, undated
19.10 On the ground state of H₂, the molecular ion (H₂⁺), 1935
19.11 On the intensity distribution among the lines of certain bands in the spectrum of the hydrogen molecule, undated (circa 1927)
19.12 On the temperature variation of contact potential difference, undated
19.13 ¹D → ¹X, 1936-1937, undated
19.14 ¹U → ¹X, 1937
20.1-3 ¹X, notes, 1934-1938
20.4 ¹X intervals from Dieke's 2s'Σ → 2p' Σ bands, undated
20.5 The origin of the green corona line, undated
20.6 P-Pa
20.7 Pe-Ph
Les phenomenes thermioniques:
20.8 Notes, 1932
20.9 Handwritten draft, undated
20.10 Typescript, undated
20.11 Typescript carbon copy, undated
20.12 Typescript carbon copy (incomplete), undated
21.1 Photoelectric effect, 1913
21.2 The photoelectric effect. II, 1913
21.3 The photoelectric effect. III, undated (circa 1915)
21.4-12 Photographic reproductions of H₂ plates, 1939
21.13 The physical universe, undated
21.14 Po
21.15 Power valve research, 1919
21.16 Pr-Pz
21.17, gf 5 The present state of atomic physics, undated
22.1, gf 5 Problems of physics, 1921
22.2 Projected researches, undated
22.3 Q
22.4 R-Ra
22.5 Re
22.6 Recalculation of the general theory of chemical electron emission, 1933
Report on:
22.7 A-C
22.8 D-F
22.9 G-L
22.10 M-O
22.11 P-S
22.12 T-V
22.13 W-Z
22.14 Report to..., undated
22.15 Reports, undated
22.16 The researches to which I am now devoting most energy..., undated
22.17 Review: Electron emission and adsorption phenomena, undated
22.18 Richardson's thermionic apparatus, undated
22.19 Rollefson, undated
22.20 Roy's Speculations on elastic and metallic collisions between atoms, electrons and light quanta, undated
22.21 The Royal Society's optical apparatus of high resolving power, 1939
22.22 Rymer, undated
22.23 S-Sa
22.24 Sc
22.25 Se
23.1 Search for Dieke's perturbing state, by O. W. Richardson and A. A. Newbold, 1937
23.2 Search for 3p'πu, undated
23.3 Secondary H₂ spectrum: odds and ends, undated
23.4 The secondary spectrum of hydrogen: lists of lines, 1924
23.5 Sh-Sl
23.6 So
23.7 Soft X-ray...
23.8-9 Some soft X-ray discontinuities for platinum, tungsten, gold, tantalum and mercury, undated
23.10 Sp
23.11-24.6 The spectrum of H₂, by O. W. Richardson and P. M. Davidson, notes, 1929-1931, undated
The spectrum of H₂: The bands analogous to the ortho-helium line spectrum, by O. W. Richardson and K. Das (1929):
Part I:
24.7-8 Notes, undated
24.9 Tables, undated
24.10 Proofs, 1929
24.11 Printed, 1929
Part II:
24.12 Notes, undated
24.13 Deletions, undated
24.14 Handwritten draft, 1929
24.15 Proofs, 1929
The spectrum of H₂: The bands analogous to the parhelium line spectrum, by O. W. Richardson and P. M. Davidson (1929):
25.1 Parts I-IV, handwritten draft
Part I:
25.2 Typescript
25.3 Proofs
25.4 Printed
Part II:
25.5 Typescript
25.6 Handwritten, typed and printed draft fragments
25.7 Proofs
25.8 Printed
25.9 Part III, typescript
25.10 Part IV, typescript and handwritten draft
25.11 Parts III and IV, printed
25.12 The spectrum of H₂. Band ending on 2p³π
The spectrum of H₂. The bands ending on 2p³π levels, by O. W. Richardson and P. M. Davidson:
Part I (1931):
25.13-14 Notes
25.15 Typescript
25.16 Typescript carbon copy
25.17 Proofs
Part II (1933):
25.18-21 Notes
25.22 Handwritten draft
26.1 Typescript carbon copy
26.2 Deletions
26.3 Proof (incomplete)
Part III (1933):
26.4-6 Notes
26.7 Handwritten draft
26.8 Typescript carbon copy
26.9 Subtractions and additions
The spectrum of H₂ (the ordinary hydrogen molecule), by O. W. Richardson and T. B. Rymer (1934):
26.10 Parts I, II and III, notes
Part I:
26.11-12 Notes
26.13 Cancelled pages
26.14 Notes and cancelled pages
26.15 Handwritten draft
26.16 Typescript
26.17 Typescript carbon copy
26.18 Summary
Part II. The band systems due to transitions from four new triplet states to 2p³π:
26.19 Notes
26.20 Handwritten draft
26.21 Typescript
Part III. New bands and band systems ending on 2s³Σ and an extension of the singlet system ¹Q → 2p¹Σ:
26.22 Notes
27.1 Handwritten draft
27.2 Typescript
The spectrum of H₂. The 3d¹Δ and 4d¹ levels, by O. W. Richardson and P. M. Davidson (1933):
27.3-4 Notes
27.5 Typescript and carbon copy (early version)
27.6 Typescript and handwritten draft
27.7 Typescript
27.8 Tables and summary
The spectrum of H₂: Various notes:
27.9 Davidson's new data
27.10 The delta bands
27.11 Doublet separations of P¹Q¹R¹
27.12 Extension of Das's band
27.13 ?5d³Σ → 2p³π
27.14 5d³Σ → 2p³π
27.15 The 5f³Σ → 2s³Σ system
27.16 Initial vibrational intervals of 4d³ΣπΔ
27.17 The irregularity in the 2p³π levels
27.18 The lower levels of 3¹Q → 2p¹Σ
27.19 New list of unused lines of strength greater than (4).
27.20 Non axial lines of ?4,5,6f³Σ → 2s³Σ
27.21 Odds and ends
27.22 Regular & irregular & doubtful…
27.23 Remaining strength about
27.24 Rotational intervals of 4d³ complex
27.25-27 Sigma, delta
27.28 Stark effect
27.29 The system ³H → 2p³π
27.30 ³H → 2p³π…
27.31 3¹ → 3" of 4d³Δb → 2p³π
27.32 2pπ2pπ1Ʃg
27.33-28.1 2p³π, by O. W. Richardson and P. M. Davidson
28.2 2p³Σ
28.3 2s¹Σg
28.4 Unused lines of strength >1
28.5 Vibrational structure of system
28.6 Vibrational structure of upper level of Das's system
28.7 The vibration bands of H₂
28.8 We devoted four recent papers largely…
28.9 W₀ for 2p³πab bands
28.10 Speech…
28.11 St
28.12 Structure in the secondary hydrogen spectrum, 1925-1926, undated
28.13 Structure in the secondary hydrogen spectrum, Part V, 1926
28.14 Structure in the secondary spectrum of hydrogen Part VI, undated
28.15 The structure of the atom, undated
28.16 Summary of plates with good standard comparisons, 1939
28.17 Sundry notes on H₂ and other band spectra, 1926
29.1 Supplementary measures on H₂. Plate 40, 1941-1942
29.2 T-Te
29.3 The test of the wave mechanics in molecular spectra and some recent developments in the spectrum of H₂, undated (circa 1938)
29.4 Testimonial for…
29.5 Th
29.6 Theory of photo-electric action: notes and calculations, 1913
29.7 The theory of photoelectric and photochemical action, undated
29.8 The theory of photoelectric phenomena, undated
29.9 Theory of valve containing gas, undated
29.10 Thermionic…
29.11 Thermionic emission, 1915
29.12 Thermionic emission: Discussion, 1915
29.13 Thermionic emission from systems with multiple thresholds, undated
29.14 The thermionic work-functions and photo-electric thresholds of the alkali metals, 1925
29.15 3p¹…
30.1 3p¹Σ → 2s¹Σ, by O. W. Richardson and A. A. Newbold, 1938
30.2-3 3p¹π → 2s¹Σ, by O. W. Richardson and A. A. Newbold, 1939, undated
30.4 3p¹π and 4p¹π → 2s¹Σ, by O. W. Richardson and A. A. Newbold, 1937
30.5 Ting's results. Summary of chief points, undated
30.6 The trouble with b, 1927
30.7 Two lectures in Copenhagen, undated
30.8 U-V
30.9 The velocity distribution curves for photo-electors, undated
30.10 Verification of wave mechanics, undated
30.11 W-We
30.12 Weakened lines, undated
30.13 Wh-Wz
31.1-4 Wireless research, by O. W. Richardson, F. S. Robertson, and J. Nicol, 1916-1918
Works notebooks:
31.5 I
31.6 II
31.7 III
32.1 IV
32.2 Incomplete manuscripts
32.3 Miscellaneous pages
32.4 Notes
32.5 Tables
32.6 Manuscript on thermionics
32.7-8 Works, 1920-1938
32.9 Mathematical tables
32.10 Work on the fine structure of H₂

Series II., Letters, 1905-1951, undated

Unidentified recipients:
32.11 Undated
32.12 1905-1929
32.13 1930-1948
32.14 A
32.15 Allen, Herbert Stanley, 1913-1935
32.16 Andrade, Edward Neville da Costa, 1923-1945
32.17 Appleton, Edward Victor, Sir, 1938-1947, undated
33.1 B
33.2 Beutler, Hans, 1935
33.3 Bhawalkar, Devidas Raghunath, 1935-1937
33.4 Bohr, Niels Henrik David, 1915-1927
33.5 Bragg, William Henry, Sir, 1917-1939
33.6 Bragg, William Lawrence, Sir, 1938, 1948
American Telephone and Telegraph Company:
33.7 1916
33.8 1917, January
33.9 1917, February
33.10 1917, March
33.11 1917, April-December
33.12 1918
33.13 1919, July-August
33.14 1919, September-November
33.15 1920
34.1 C
34.2 Chandlee & Chandlee, 1913-1916, undated
34.3 D
34.4 Davidson, Percy Maurice, 1921-1934, undated
34.5 Davisson, Clinton Joseph, 1939, undated
34.6 Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, 1918-1938, undated
34.7 Dhodapkar, C. R., 1935-1936
34.8 Dieke, Gerhard Heinrich, 1929-1938
34.9 E
34.10 Eve, Arthur Stewart, 1917-1918
34.11 F
34.12 The Faraday Society, 1929-1931
34.13 Foster, E. W., 1941-1944, undated
34.14 G
34.15 Great Britain
34.16 Great Britain. Admiralty, 1916-1919
34.17 H
34.18 I
34.19 J
34.20 Jeans, James Hopwood, Sir, 1925-1928, undated
34.21 K
35.1 L
London. University:
35.2 General correspondence, 1925, 1930
35.3 Academic registrar, 1913-1944
King's College:
35.4 General correspondence, 1917-1942, undated
35.5 Principal. Barker, Ernest, 1920-1925
35.6 Principal. Burrows, Ronald Montagu, 1913-1916
35.7 Principal. Halliday, W. R., 1929-1944
35.8 Secretary. Shovelton, S. T., 1918-1947
35.9 University College, 1928
35.10 Longman's, Green and Company, 1913-1922
35.11 M
35.12 McLennan, John Cunningham, 1916-1934
35.13 Marx, Erich Anselm, 1912-1921
35.14 N
35.15 Nature, 1922-1943
35.16 Newbold, A. A., 1925-1939
35.17 O
35.18 P-Q
35.19 The Physical Society, 1925-1937
35.20 R
35.21 Richardson, Lilian Maud Wilson, 1910-1926, undated
35.22 Robertson, Frederick Steell, 1921-1929
35.23 Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, 1928-1951, undated
35.24 Royal Society, 1914-1944, undated
36.1 S
36.2 Swedish Royal Academy of Science. Nobel Committee for Chemistry, 1940-1941
36.3 Swedish Royal Academy of Science. Nobel Committee for Physics, 1930-1941
36.4 T
36.5 U-V
36.6 W
36.7 XYZ
36.8 Yale University
36.9 Yale University Press, 1932-1933, undated

Series III., Recipient, 1903-1958, undated

36.10 Unidentified author
36.11 Ab-Al
36.12 Adams, Edwin Plimpton, 1914-1939
36.13 Ahmad, Riaz, 1935-1943
36.14 Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft, 1911-1936
36.15 Akbar, Khan, 1931-1935
36.16 Allen, Herbert Stanley, 1913-1940
36.17 Am
American Philosophical Society. Certificate of membership to Owen Richardson, 1910
37.1 American Telephone and Telegraph Company, 1917-1920
37.2 An
37.3 Andhra University
37.4 Andrade, Edward Neville da Costa, 1923-1945
37.5 Andrewes, Ursula, 1930
37.6 Ao-Az
37.7 Appleton, Edward Victor, Sir, 1925-1947, undated
37.8 Ba
37.9 Bandopadhyaya, Golak Beharz, 1928, undated
37.10 Barkla, Charles Glover, 1912-1939
37.11 Bartlett, Russell Sturgis, 1928-1929, undated
37.12 Batley (Boys') Grammar School, 1925-1939
37.13 Bazzoni, Charles Blizard, 1916-1955, undated
38.1 Be
38.2 Beutler, Hans, 1935-1936
38.3 Bh
38.4 Bhawalkar, Devidas Raghunath, 1934-1936, undated
38.5 Bi
38.6 Birge, Raymond Thayer, 1928-1929
38.7 Bl
38.8 Bo
38.9 Bohr, Niels Henrik David, 1914-1939
38.10 Bra
38.11 Bragg, William Henry, Sir, 1913-1940, undated
38.12 Bragg, William Lawrence, Sir, 1919-1947, undated
38.13 Bri-Brz
39.1 Bridgman, Percy Williams, 1927-1943
39.2 British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1921-1937
39.3 Broglie, Maurice, duc de, 1919-1929
39.4 Brotherton, Manfred, 1926-1929, undated
39.5 Broughall, Lawrence St. C., 1927-1928
39.6 Brown, Frances Campbell, 1913-1928, undated
39.7 Brunton, John Dixon and Nell, 1913-1939
39.8 Bu
39.9 Bumstead, H. A., 1908-1919
39.10 Burrows, William J., 1929-1945, undated
39.11 Ca
39.12 Cambridge University
39.13 Ce-Ch
39.14 Chalk, M. Laura, 1929-1930
39.15 Chalklin, Francis Cecil, 1923-1946, undated
39.16 Chandlee & Chandlee, 1913-1917
40.1 Childs, William Harold Joseph, 1928-1946, undated
40.2 Cl
40.3 Co
40.4 Commissione per i Congressi Scientifici, 1926-1927
40.5 Compton, Arthur Holly, 1920-1938
40.6 Compton, Karl Taylor, 1913-1954, undated
40.7 Congrès International d'Electricité de 1932, 1931-1932
40.8 Cooke, H. Lester, 1914-1936
40.9 Cr
40.10 Cu
40.11 Curtis, William Edward, 1923-1944
40.12 Da
40.13 Darrow, Karl Kelchner, 1925-1937
40.14 Darwin, Charles Galton, Sir, 1921-1939, undated
40.15 Das, Kusumeshu, 1928-1930
Davidson, Percy Maurice
40.16-17 Undated
41.1 Incomplete date
41.2 1927-1929
41.3 1930-1931
41.4 1932
41.5 1933-1944
41.6 Davies, A. C., 1924-1929
Davisson, Charlotte S.:
41.7 To Richardson, O. W., 1912-1958
41.8 To Richardson, O. W. and Lilian, 1937-1939
41.9 To Richardson, O. W. and Henrietta, 1952
41.10 Davisson, Charlotte to Richardson, O. W. and Henrietta, 1953
Davisson, Clinton Joseph:
41.11 To Richardson, O. W., 1911-1956, undated
41.12 To Richardson, O. W. and Richardson, Lilian, 1917-1920
41.13 To Richardson, O. W. and Richardson, Henrietta, 1958, undated
41.14 Davisson, Clinton Joseph and Charlotte S. to Richardson, O. W., 1914-1929, undated
41.15 Davisson, Clinton Joseph and Charlotte S. to Richardson, O. W. and Lilian, 1916-1932
41.16 Davisson, Clinton Joseph, Charlotte S., Owen, and Jimmie to Richardson, O. W. and Lilian, 1916-1918
41.17 Davisson, Jimmie to Richardson, O. W., undated
41.18 De
41.19 Debye, Peter Joseph William, 1924-1930
42.1 Deighton, Bell and Co., 1928-1937
42.2 Denisoff, Alexander Konstantinovitch, 1930-1949, undated
42.3 Deodhar, Dhundiraj Bhaskar, 1924-1936
42.4 Deodhar, Ganesh Bhaskar, 1925-1937
Department of Scientific and Industrial Research:
42.5 Undated; 1916-1918
42.6 1919
42.7 1920
42.8 1921
42.9 1922
42.10 1923
42.11 1924-1929
42.12 1930-1938
42.13 Dewsbury. Education Offices, 1936-1937
42.14 Dh
42.15 Dhodapkar, C. R., 1934-1938, undated
42.16 Di
42.17 Dieke, Gerhard Heinrich, 1925-1937
43.1 Dixon, J., 1907-1926
43.2 Dixon, Oscar, 1907-1959
43.3 Do
43.4 Dr
43.5 Drinkwater, John W., 1938-1945
43.6 Du
43.7 Duffield, W. Geoffrey, 1919-1924
43.8 Dy
43.9 Ea-Eg
43.10 Eddington, Arthur Stanley, Sir, 1915-1931
43.11 Eh-Ez
43.12 Ehrenhaft, Felix, 1928-1943, undated
43.13 Ellis, Charles Drummond, 1929-1943, undated
43.14 El-Sherbini, Mahmoud Ahmed, 1934-1940, undated
43.15 Elsie, 1928-1937; undated
43.16 Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1925-1939
43.17 Fa-Fe
43.18 The Faraday Society, 1925-1931
43.19 Ferguson, Allan Hitchen, 1928-1941, undated
44.1 Fi-Fl
44.2 Filon, Louis Napoleon George, 1903-1936
44.3 Fleming, John Ambrose, Sir, 1920-1921
44.4 Flint, Henry Thomas, 1927-1944, undated
44.5 Fo
44.6 Foster, E. W., 1938-1947, undated
44.7 Foster, John Stuart, 1927-1935
44.8 Fowler, A., 1922-1935
44.9 Fowler, Ralph Howard, 1926-1938, undated
44.10 Fr-Fz
44.11 Freedman, Paul, 1927-1928
44.12 Ga-Ge
44.13 General Electric Company, Research Laboratory, 1922-1935
44.14 Gh-Go
44.15 Gimpel, Irena, 1940-1944
44.16 Glazebrook, Richard Tetley, 1920-1933, undated
44.17 Gogate, D. V., 1937-1939
44.18 Gossling, B. S., 1916-1932
45.1 Gr-Gz
Great Britain:
45.2 General correspondence, 1915-1944
45.3 Admiralty, 1916-1923
45.4 Board of Invention and Research, 1917-1918
45.5 Office of the High Commissioner for India, 1926-1935
45.6 Grimmett, Leonard George, 1926-1943
45.7 Ha
45.8 Hall, Wilfred, 1926-1932
45.9 Halliday, W. R., 1930-1943
45.10 Halls, Frederick A., 1919-1954
45.11 Harding, D. A., 1933-1935, undated
45.12 Harrison, T. H., 1925-1926
45.13 Havelock, Thomas Henry, 1923-1929
45.14 He
45.15 Heisenberg, Werner, 1929-1934
45.16 Hi
45.17 Hilger (Adam) Ltd., 1926-1941
46.1 Ho
46.2 Horton, Frank, 1909-1939
46.3 Hs-Hu
46.4 Hume-Rothery, William, 1929
46.5 I
46.6 Institut International de Physique Solvay, 1923-1939, undated
46.7 Institute of Physics, 1923-1943
46.8 The Institution of Electrical Engineers, 1931-1954, undated
46.9 Ives, Herbert Eugene, 1926-1939, undated
46.10 Ja-Je
Jeans, James Hopwood, Sir:
46.11 Undated; 1919
46.12 1920-1924
46.13 1925
47.1 1926
47.2 1927
47.3 1928
47.4 1929
47.5 1930-1935
47.6 Jo-Ju
47.7 Johnson, Raynor Carey, 1926-1938, undated
47.8 Jones, 1926-1931, undated
47.9 Jones, H. O., 1906-1912
47.10 Ka-Kh
47.11 Kapitza, Peter, 1928-1933
47.12 Keesom, Wilhelmus Hendrikus, 1913-1929
47.13 Ki
47.14 Kleeman, Richard Daniel, 1914-1929
47.15 Knudsen, Martin Hans Christian, 1919-1933
47.16 Ko-Ku
47.17 La
47.18 Laby, Thomas Howell, 1925-1936
47.19 Langevin, Paul, 1905-1939
48.1 Langmuir, Irving, 1913-1928
48.2 Langstroth, George Otty, 1930-1934, undated
48.3 Le
48.4 Leigh-Smith, Alice, 1933-1939
48.5 Leigh-Smith, Philip, 1933-1939, undated
48.6 Levick, R. B. M, 1948
48.7 Li
48.8 Lindemann, Frederick Alexander, Viscount Cherwell, 1915-1930
48.9 Lo-Ly
48.10 Lodge, Oliver Joseph, Sir, 1913-1929
London. University:
48.11 General correspondence, 1922-1938
48.12 Academic Department, 1925-1944
48.13 Academic Registrar, 1913-1931
48.14 Academic Registrar 1932-1944
King's College:
48.15 General correspondence, 1914-1942
48.16 Accountant, 1919-1935
48.17 Librarian, 1924-1944
48.18 Principal. Barker, Ernest, 1920-1927
48.19 Principal. Burrows, Ronald Montagu, 1913-1919
48.20 Principal. Halliday, W. R., 1928-1944
49.1 Secretary. Shovelton, S. T., 1920-1947
49.2 Secretary's Office, 1914-1958, undated
49.3 University College 1930, 1934
49.4 Longmans, Green and Co., 1913-1933
49.5 Lorentz, Hendrik Antoon, 1915-1928
49.6 Lorentz-Kaiser, Aletta Catharina, 1928-1931
49.7 Lyman, Theodore, 1901-1934
49.8 Lyons, Henry George, 1927-1941
49.9 Ma-Mac
49.10-11 McLennan, John Cunningham, 1924-1935, undated
49.12 Mad-Man
49.13 Madras, University, 1931-1944
49.14 Mandell, W., 1929-1945, undated
49.15 Mao-Maz
49.16 Marks & Clerk, 1918
49.17 Marx, Erich Anselm, 1911-1934, undated
49.18 Me
50.1 Merton, Thomas Ralph, Sir, 1915-1947
50.2 Methuen & Co., 1933-1941
50.3 Mi
50.4 Millikan, Robert Andrews, 1914-1923
50.5 Milner, Samuel Roslington, 1925-1926, undated
50.6 Mo
50.7 Moore, Harry, 1916-1939
50.8 Mosharrafa, A. M., 1922-1945
50.9 Mu-My
50.10 Mulliken, Robert Sanderson, 1927-1930
50.11 Na
50.12 Nakaya, Ukichiro 1922-1938
50.13 Nasr, Abbas Aly, 1939-1944
50.14 National Physical Laboratory, 1923-1939
50.15 Nature, 1915-1944, undated
50.16 Ne
50.17-18 Newbold, A. A., 1929-1940
51.1 Ni
51.2 No-Ny
51.3 Noce, Julius Dalla, 1927-1938
51.4 O
51.5 Ornstein, Leonard Salomon, 1925-1932
51.6 Pa
51.7 Pe
51.8 Ph-Pl
51.9 Phillips, Charles E. S., 1920-1937
The Physical Society:
51.10 Undated; 1916-1926
51.11 1927-1928
51.12 1929-1933
51.13 1934-1937
51.14 1938-1943
51.15 The Physical Society Club, 1926-1940
51.16 Planck, Max Karl Ernst Ludwig, 1929-1946, undated
51.17 Po
51.18 Pr-Pu
52.1 Princeton University, 1906-1914, undated
52.2 Przibram, Karl, 1927-1937, undated
52.3 Q
52.4 Quayle, William C., 1930-1936
52.5 Ra
52.6 Raman, Chandrasekhara Venkata, Sir, 1927-1937
52.7 Rankine, Alexander Oliver, 1921-1939
52.8 Rao, I. Ramakrishna, 1929-1939, undated
52.9 Rao, Subbarao Ramachandra, 1928-1939, undated
52.10 Rayleigh, 1917-1941, undated
52.11 Re
52.12 Ri
52.13 Richardson, Charlotte Maria, 1907-1909
52.14 Richardson, Harold Owen, 1929-1953, undated
52.15 Richardson, Henrietta Rupp, 1936-1942
52.16 Richardson, Jack (John Dixon), 1939, 1957
52.17 Richardson, Joshua Henry, 1911-1919
52.18 Richardson, Lilian Maud Wilson, 1913, 1937
52.19 Righi, Augusto, 1915
52.20 Ro
52.21-22 Robertson, Frederick Steell, 1927-1945, undated
52.23 Robertson, Robert, 1925-1944
52.24 Robinson, Harold Roper, 1919-1944
53.1 Roy, S. C., 1924-1929
53.2 Royal College of Science, 1931-1935
Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. Papers:
53.3 Undated; 1933
53.4 1934-1936
53.5 1937-1957
53.6 The Royal Institution, 1915-1938
Royal Society:
53.7 Undated; 1905-1924
53.8 1925
53.9 1926
53.10 1927
53.11 1928
53.12 1929
53.13 1930
53.14 1931
53.15 1932
53.16 1933
54.1 1934
54.2 1935
54.3 1936
54.4 1937
54.5 1938
54.6 1939
54.7 1940
54.8 1941-1943
54.9 1944-1946
Royal Society:
54.10 To Richardson, O. W. and Davidson, Percy Maurice, 1933
54.11 To Richardson, O. W. and Denisoff, Alexander Konstantinovitch, 1934-1935
54.12 To Richardson, O. W. and Rao, I. Ramakrishna, 1934
54.13 To Richardson, O. W. and Rymer, Thomas Bertram, 1934
54.14 Royal Society. British Empire Exhibition Committee, 1923-1925
54.15 The Royal Society Club, 1934-1953
54.16 Royal Society Government Grant Committee, 1936
54.17 Royal Society Laboratory Committee, 1931
54.18 Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1928-1940
54.19 Ru-Ry
54.20 Rudberg, Erik, 1925-1932
54.21 Rupp, Emil, 1935-1954
54.22 Rushby, William, 1910-1941
55.1-2 Rutherford, Ernest, 1919-1936, undated
55.3 Rymer, Thomas Bertram, 1932-1939, undated
55.4 Sa
55.5 St. Andrews University, 1930-1944
55.6 Saha, Meghnad, 1927-1944, undated
55.7 Sandeman, Ian, 1926-1938
55.8 Sc
55.9 Schrödinger, Erwin, 1933, undated
55.10 The Science Museum, 1923-1937
55.11 Se
55.12 Sh
55.13 Sharman, H. L., 1925-1931, undated
55.14 Sheard, Charles, 1913-1925
55.15 Si
56.1 Siegbahn, Karl Manne Georg, 1928-1946, undated
56.2 Simons, Lewis, 1916-1939
56.3 Skinner, Herbert Wakefield Banks, 1929-1939, undated
56.4 Sm
56.5 Small, Frederick George, 1916
56.6 Smith, Frank Edward, Sir, 1926-1942
56.7 Smith, S. W. J., 1923-1930
56.8 So
56.9 Society for the Protection of Science and Learning, 1937-1940
56.10 Sommerfeld, Arnold, 1926-1939, undated
56.11 South Africa, University, 1930-1938
56.12 Sp
56.13 Spencer, William Kingdon, 1913-1941, undated
56.14 St
56.15 Stringer, Herbert, 1914-1915
56.16 Su-Sw
56.17 Sumner, William Leslie, 1924-1939, undated
56.18 Swansea, University College, 1920-1944
Swedish Royal Academy of Science:
56.19 General correspondence, 1929-1938
56.20 Nobel Committee for Chemistry, 1938-1951
57.1 Nobel Committee for Physics, 1929-1951
57.2 Ta
57.3 Tall, F. W. le and A. S. Cachemaille, 1931-1932
57.4 Tanaka, T., 1924-1929
57.5 Taylor & Francis, 1916-1940
57.6 Te
57.7 Th-Ti
57.8 Thomson, George Paget, Sir, 1934-1943, undated
57.9 Thomson, Joseph John, Sir, 1906-1930
57.10 Thwaites, R. E., 1903-1939
57.11 Ting, Sih Ling, 1917-1920
57.12 Tisdale, W. E., 1928-1933
57.13 To
57.14 Tolansky, Samuel, 1933-1946, undated
57.15 Tr
57.16 Tu
57.17 Tw-Tz
57.18 Tyndall, Arthur Mannering, 1917-1939
57.19 U
57.20 Union of London and Smiths Bank, Ltd., 1910-1916
58.1 V
Veblen, Elizabeth Mary
58.2 Undated; 1915-1939
58.3 1940-1958
58.4 Veblen, Elizabeth Mary and Oswald, 1929-1954
58.5 Veblen, Oswald, 1915-1954
58.6 Venable, William Mayo, 1927-1935
58.7 Verschaffelt, Jules Émile, 1924-1934, undated
58.8 Wa
58.9 Wales University, 1930-1936
58.10 Waterman, Alan Tower, 1915-1928, undated
58.11 We
58.12 Wh
58.13 Whiddington, Richard, 1921-1940
58.14 Whipple, Robert S., 1926-1933, undated
58.15 Whittaker, Edmund Taylor, Sir, 1913-1945
58.16 Wi
59.1 Williams, William Ewart, 1918-1935, undated
59.2 Williamson, George, 1916-1919
59.3 Wilson, Charles Thomson Rees, 1910-1944
59.4 Wilson, Harold Albert, 1904-1953
59.5 Wilson, William, 1915-1945; undated
59.6 Wilson, Woodrow, 1912-1913
59.7 Wo-Wz
59.8 Wolloch, J., 1937-1940, undated
59.9 Worsnop, Bernard Lister, 1914-1944, undated
59.10 XYZ
59.11 Yale University
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Series IV., Miscellaneous, 1898-1952, undated

Unidentified author:
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Titled works:
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60.5 C
60.6 D
60.7 Draft report on microphones, undated
60.8 E
60.9 An examination of the notion of cause in the light of recent contributions to the philosophy of nature, undated
60.10 Experiments on the emission of electrons under the influence of chemical action, undated
60.11 F
60.12 G
60.13 H
60.14 I
60.15 The intensity of X-ray reflexion, undated
60.16 L
61.1 Letters
61.2 M
61.3 N
61.4 O
61.5 P
61.6 Quantum theory, 1941
61.7 R
61.8 S
61.9 Some fundamental considerations of thermionic phenomena, undated
61.10 Theory of relativity, 1941
61.11 The velocity distribution and the hysteretic effect of the emission of electrons by tungsten wire in high vacuum, undated
61.12 W
61.13 A-Andrewes
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Arnold, Harold De Forest:
62.10 Notes on patents, undated
Arnold vs. Langmuir:
62.11 A-D
62.12 Discussion of…, undated
62.13 E-L
62.14 Langmuir's claims, undated
62.15 M
62.16 N-Z
62.17 Patent application and other papers, 1913-1916
62.18 The physics involved and the application of the prior art thereto, undated
62.19 Prior Art commercial devices of the pure electron discharge type, undated
62.20 Re paper no. 4, undated
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Das, Kusumeshu:
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Radio Research Board:
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Great Britain:
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London. University:
81.6 Undated
81.7 Incomplete date
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Papers (reports, minutes, programs):
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The Physical Society. Papers:
86.11 Undated
86.12 Incomplete date
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Wellington Street property of C. M. Richardson's exors: Statements of account, 1912-1914
89.13 Richardson, Harold and Jean, 1930
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Richardson, O. W.:
89.16 A-I; with additional biographical and genealogical information, and a portrait (Gift, 2005)
89.17 List of documents which set out the history of Davisson's discovery of electron diffraction and its consequences, undated
89.18 List of more important publications, undated
89.19 List of papers, undated
89.20 List of papers, addresses, etc., undated
89.21 List of people to answer for congratulation on knighthood, undated
89.22 List of publications by O. W. Richardson and others, undated
89.23 M
89.24 Nakaya, undated
osf 1 Norske Videnskaps-Akademi (Oslo), certificate, 27 March 1936 (Transfer from Library, 1996)
89.25 Notes re…, 1929, undated
90.1 Particulars of old King's College Students, undated
90.2 Plans of Bloomsbury site. Physics Department, undated
90.3 Post-graduate and research students. Department of Physics…, 1941
90.4 Re Lamb Retherford, undated (circa 1947)
90.5-6 Receipts, addresses, 1913-1944
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90.8 S-W
Miscellaneous invitations, form letters, receipts:
90.9 Unidentified author
90.10 A
90.11 B
90.12 C
90.13 D-E
91.1 F-G
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Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851:
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The Royal Society. Papers:
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Other papers:
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106-112 Original envelopes and folders
113-114 Oversize materials

Index of Works by O. W. Richardson

  • The absorption spectra of gases and vapours--1.1
  • According to Ramachandra Rao's ideas the…--1.1
  • Add to paper on equilibrium of a gas in a field of force, etc.--1.1
  • Allen & Sandeman--1.2
  • Allen & Sandeman's interferences with the Hα etc Q(m) lines--1.2
  • Allen & Sandeman's missing lines--1.2
  • Allibone's infra red extension of Fulcher's bands--1.1
  • Alte und neue fragen uber elektronenemission--1.1
  • Alternative method of deriving the fundamental equation... --1.1
  • Andrewes, Davies, and Horton. Table I. Critical voltages--1.3
  • Annotated bibliography--1.4
  • Announcement of a lecture by Arthur Holly Compton--1.3
  • Apparatus for determining volume of balloons--22.2
  • Appendix I to Denisoff's report III--1.3
  • Areas of patches--1.5
  • Argon and cadmium computations, by E. W. Foster and O. W. Richardson--1.6
  • Argon and cadmium measurements: plate 74, by E. W. Foster and O. W. Richardson--1.6
  • Argon and cadmium measurements: plate 85, by E. W. Foster and O. W. Richardson--1.6
  • Argon and cadmium measurements: plate 86, by E. W. Foster and O. W. Richardson--1.6
  • Argon measurements: plate 83, by E. W. Foster and O. W. Richardson--1.7
  • Argon measurements: plate 84, by E. W. Foster and O. W. Richardson--1.7
  • Aristrophy of atoms of inert gases--1.5
  • Assume monomolecular layer stops reaction…--1.5
  • At the request of the Smithson Research Fund Committee we…, by O. W. Richardson and R. H. Fowler--1.5
  • Attempts to guess at what is going on near the soft X-ray excitation threshold--1.8
  • Augustin Jean Fresnel: Tribute--1.5
  • Autobiographical account of work done--1.9
  • Autobiographical data--1.9
  • Autobiographical sketch: Owen Willans Richardson born Dewsbury, Yorkshire…--1.9
  • Autobiographical sketch: The prize for Physics for 1928 was awarded in 1929…--1.9
  • The band spectrum of hydrogen--1.11
  • The band spectrum of hydrogen. I wish to describe to the congress some of the more…--1.11
  • The band spectrum of hydrogen. This spectrum consists of the so-called many line spectrum in…--1.11
  • The band systems ending on the 1sσ2sσ¹Σg(¹Xg) state of H₂. Part I--1.12-13, gf 1
  • The band systems ending on the 1sσ2sσ¹Σg(¹Xg) state of H₂. Part II, by O. W. Richardson and A. A. Newbold--2.1
  • Bandopadhyaya--1.10
  • Barkla's Bakerian lecture--1.10
  • Barkla's experiments--1.10
  • Barkla's work on X-rays--31.6
  • Becker and Brattain--2.2
  • Beta ray spectrum may be due to uncertainty motion of electrons--2.3
  • Beutler--2.2
  • Bhawalkar--2.2
  • Bhawalkar's levels--2.2
  • Big hot wire leak due to heating walls of vessel--22.2
  • Biographical sketch of Edward Victor Appleton--2.4
  • Biographical sketch of Arthur Holly Compton--2.4
  • Biographical sketch of Clinton Joseph Davisson--2.4
  • Biographical sketch of Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac--2.4
  • Biographical sketch of Frederick George Donnan, by O. W. R. and E. K. R.--2.4
  • Biographical sketch of Werner Heisenberg--2.4
  • Biographical sketch of Paul Langevin--2.4
  • Biographical sketch of Sir Ernest Rutherford--2.4
  • Biographical sketch of George Paget Thomson--2.4
  • Biographical sketch of William Ewart Williams--2.4
  • Bohr's second letter--2.6
  • Bohr's theory--2.5
  • Bohr's theory of atomic structure--2.5
  • Bragg's researches on γ-rays etc.--31.6
  • Bremner--2.5
  • Bridgman--2.5
  • de Broglie and Brillouin, notes on quantum mechanics re--2.5
  • Cadmium measurements: plate 83, by E. W. Foster and O. W. Richardson--2.7
  • Cadmium measurements: plate 84, by E. W. Foster and O. W. Richardson--2.7
  • Carbon spectrum (Newbold)--2.7
  • The case for J. J. Thomson's string theory of light--31.6
  • Chalklin--2.9
  • Chalklin's Mn breaks--2.8
  • The characteristic curves of three electrode devices in relation to their structure--2.10-2.13
  • Chemical electron emission--2.8
  • Chemical electron emission near E₁=A--2.8
  • Claims of Le Duc de Broglie to Foreign Membership of the Society--3.1
  • Colloquium 1909-10--31.5
  • The combination of electrons with gas molecules, by Owen Willans Richardson and Rabindranath Chaudhuri--3.1
  • Comments on Mosharrafa--3.1
  • Comparison of the ray and field free discharge--3.1
  • The complete photelectric emission--3.1
  • Compton and Thos.--3.1
  • A. H. Compton's results and structure of electrons--31.7
  • Concerning microphotometer traces--3.2
  • Conductivity of metallic oxides--31.5
  • Congrès de Radiologie Liège C. R. p. 50 (1905)--3.2
  • Conseil de Physique de l'Institut International de Physique Solvay--3.4
  • The conservation of energy and nuclear phenomena--3.3
  • Consider the argument in my 1928 paper from the…--3.3
  • Consideration of Bhawalkar's Na curves--3.3
  • Contact difference of potential and thermionic emission, by O. W. Richardson and F. S. Robertson--3.3
  • Contact potential difference problem--3.3
  • The continuous spectrum of hydrogen, by Owen Willans Richardson and T. Tanaka--3.3
  • Cooling effect due to escape of electrons--22.2
  • Corpuscular radiation as a function of atomic weight--3.5
  • Courant-Hilbert (Methods of Mathematical Physics)--3.6
  • Crooker--3.6
  • Crossed echelon spectrum of H₂--113.1-3
  • Current E.m.f for thermions--22.2
  • Current limiting device, by O. W. Richardson and Frederick S. Robertson--3.6
  • Curtis's K.G.H series--3.6
  • Curves for Al photoelectric effect, by O. W. Richardson and A. A. Newbold--3.6
  • Davies, Horton and Blundell--3.7
  • Definition of limit to number of corpuscles in an atom from magnetic properties of magnetic elements--31.5
  • Denisoff's treatment of the reaction energy--3.7
  • Deodhar's null frequencies--3.7
  • Dependence of total kinetic energy and its distribution on wave length of light--22.2
  • Determination of the moment of inertia of a wheel--9.10
  • Determination of the Rydberg constants--3.8-11, gf 1
  • Device for the converting of mechanical energy…--3.12
  • Devices for the rectification of alternating electric currents--3.13
  • Dieke's letter of July 17th 1929--4.2
  • Dieke's ¹X, by O. W. Richardson and A. A. Newbold--4.1
  • Dieke's proposed arrangement and extension of Fulcher's bands--4.2
  • Dirac--22.24
  • Dirac's magnetic poles--4.2
  • The disappearing gap in the spectrum--4.3
  • Discussion of Compton's report--4.3
  • Discussion of La relation hν=E dans les phénomènes photo-electriques; production de la lumière dans le choc des atomes par les electrons et production des rayons de Röntgen, by Maurice de Broglie--4.3
  • Discussion with Arnold Sommerfeld, Mr. Kramers, and Meghnad Saha--4.3
  • The distribution of the molecules of a gas in a field of force, with application to the theory of electrons--4.3
  • Ditchburn--4.3
  • Eddington's number--4.5
  • The effect of a luminous discharge on the ionization produced by hot platinum in gases at low pressures--4.6
  • The effect of gases in facilitating the passage of current from an electron-emitting source in crossed electric and magnetic fields, by Owen Willans Richardson and Rabindranath Chaudhuri--4.5
  • The effect of gases on the contact difference of potential between metals at different temperatures, by O. W. Richardson and F. S. Robertson--4.7-8
  • The effect of hydrogen on the negative leak from hot platinum--31.5
  • Effect of liberation of an outside electron--4.5
  • Elberta (poem)--5.1
  • Electric field in a conductor in the Earth's field--31.7
  • Electric time effects--22.2
  • The electrical properties of hot bodies--5.2
  • Electricity and magnetism: exam questions--5.3
  • Electromagnetic mass--31.7
  • Electron emission caused by chemical action--5.4
  • Electron emission from metals as a function of temperature--5.4
  • Electron emission under the influence of chemical action at higher gas pressures--5.5-5.7
  • Electron emission under the influence of heat and of light (lecture)--5.4
  • Electron rings--5.5
  • The electron theory of contact electromotive force and of thermoelectricity--5.9
  • The electron theory of matter--5.10-14, 114.1-2
  • Electron theory of metallic conduction--6.1
  • The electronic levels of H₂--6.2
  • The electronic levels of He₂--6.3
  • Electrons and heat--6.4
  • Emission of characteristic X-rays, etc.--6.5
  • The emission of electricity from hot bodies--6.6-11, 7.1-7, gf 2-4
  • Emission of electrons--7.8
  • The emission of electrons from hot bodies--7.9
  • The emission of electrons under the influence of chemical action--7.10-12
  • The emission of electrons under the influence of chemical action, by O. W. Richardson and A. K. Denisoff--8.1-7
  • The emission of electrons under the influence of chemical action at lower gas pressures--8.8-10
  • Emission of light by metals during absorption of electrons--31.7
  • The emission of secondary electrons and the excitation of soft x-rays--26.12
  • The emission of soft X-rays, by O. W. Richardson and F. S. Robertson, notes--8.11
  • The emission of soft X-rays by different elements--8.12-15
  • The emission of soft X-rays by different elements at higher voltages--8.16-19
  • An emission theory of light--9.1
  • Endowments Committee: Memorandum--9.2
  • Energies of H₂ states--9.2
  • Energy and momentum of radiation and Bohr's theory--9.2
  • Energy distribution of secondary electrons--9.2
  • The energy functions of the H₂ molecules, by O. W. Richardson and P. M. Davidson--9.3-6
  • Energy of electrons emitted by chemical action--9.2
  • Energy of electrons emitted from alkali metals and hot lime--9.2
  • Energy of secondary X-rays of X and β ray type compared--31.6
  • Eve's problem--9.2
  • Examination of (C. R.) Dhodapkar--9.2
  • Excitation functions for soft X-rays, etc.--9.2
  • The excitation of soft characteristic X-rays, by Sir Owen Willans Richardson and Charles Blizard Bazzoni--9.2
  • The excitation of soft X-rays--9.7
  • Experimental notebook--9.8
  • Experiments notebook--9.9-10
  • Experiments at Cambridge--9.11
  • Experiments, by O. W. Richardson and F. S. Robertson--9.12, 10.1-4
  • Experiments on chemical electron emission--10.5-6
  • Experiments on current-limiting devices--10.7
  • Experiments on discharge with hot os. Cathodes in good vacua with different anodes and different P.D.'s--22.2
  • Experiments on emission from filaments, by O. W. Richardson, F. S. Robertson and others--11.1
  • Experiments on filaments, by O. W. Richardson and F. S. Robertson--11.2-7
  • Experiments on granular microphones--11.8
  • Experiments on microphones--12.1-2
  • Experiments on thoriated tungsten emitters, by O. W. Richardson and F. S. Robertson--12.3
  • Experiments with chemical electrons--12.3
  • Expression for the heat energy U of a gm. mole. of a perfect gas--9.2
  • Fe₁Co₁Ni₁Cu--12.4
  • Fine structure constant... --12.5
  • Fine structure in the hydrogen band lines, by O. W. Richardson and W. E. Williams--12.5
  • The fine structure of the lines of the H₂ spectrum which go down to the 2p³π state, by E. W. Foster and O. W. Richardson--12.6-12
  • The fine structure of the spectral lines of H₂: measurements with a reflection echelon, by E. W. Foster and O. W. Richardson--12.13-14, 13.1-5, osf 1, gf 5
  • Finkelnburg and Mecke--13.6
  • Finkelnburg and Mecke's additions... --13.6
  • Finkelnburg and Mecke's Υ bands--13.6
  • Fisher--12.5
  • Flint's qualifications--12.5
  • Force between two electrons--13.7
  • Formula for no. of electrons reaching sphere from small source of centre emitted with Maxwell's distribution and going against a given potential difference--13.7
  • Fowler and Nordheim. Cold electron currents--13.7
  • Freedman--13.8
  • Further notes about the continuation of the soft X-ray experiments--13.8
  • Further notes on patches--13.8
  • Gale, Monk and Lee's lines--13.9
  • General discussion on Saturday--13.9
  • General quantum theory--13.10-11
  • The generalized quantum conditions--13.12
  • Government grant report. Secondary electron emission etc. 1949--13.9
  • Gravitation--22.2
  • Gravitation and the electron theory--13.9
  • The highest energies of states going down to ¹X--13.15
  • Highest energies of various states of H₂--14.1
  • H₂ band spectrum--14.3
  • H₂ bands--14.3
  • H₂ computations--14.4-11, 113.4
  • H₂ infra-red--14.3
  • H₂ measurements and computations relating to plate 39--14.12
  • Haber and Just--13.13
  • Haber and Justs' magnetic deflection experiments with I₂--13.13
  • Hall's measures on plate F--13.13
  • Hamilton--13.13
  • Hanawalt's FeK level fine structure--13.13
  • R. N. H. Haslam--13.13
  • Haslam and Thornton--13.13
  • The He atom (from Mulliken and Monk, P.R. 34, 1530 (1929))--13.14
  • Heisenberg-Hund--13.14
  • Heitler and London--13.14
  • Hopfield--14.2
  • Hori--14.2
  • Hot sphere--14.2
  • Hund's theory--14.3
  • I am very doubtful if the curvature of the σV:V₁…--14.13
  • I do not think I can add anything…--14.13
  • I have listened carefully to what Prof. Bohr has said but I cannot…--14.13
  • I shall confine my remarks to the progress of our knowledge…--14.13
  • I wish to say a little about the question whether…--14.13
  • If Ehrenhaft is right what do his results…--14.14
  • Impact ionization by positive ions--14.14
  • Improvements in and relating to electron discharge devices--15.1-2
  • Index to MacLennan's--15.3
  • Intensities of band lines (Q branches)--15.3
  • Intensity of secondary electron emission from Ni--15.3
  • Ionization (electron emission) and chemical action--15.4-5
  • The ions from hot salts--15.6
  • Ions from salts. Changes with time and voltage--15.7
  • Ions in selenium--15.3
  • I. Newton--15.8
  • Isolated quantized magnetic poles--15.8
  • It is very gratifying to me that a band…--15.8
  • Jeppesen's differences for 2p2π--15.9
  • K levels--15.10
  • Karl Manne Georg Siegbahn--15.10
  • K.E. of valence electrons--15.10
  • Kinetic energy of δ rays--31.5
  • Kinetic energy of ions from sodium potassium alloy--31.5
  • Kinetic explanation of effect of pressure on spectral lines--22.2
  • Kiuti's series--15.12
  • Krefft etc--15.11
  • Krefft's experiments--15.11
  • Kronig and Fujioka--15.11
  • Krypton measurements and computations, by E. W. Foster and O. W. Richardson--15.13
  • L levels--15.14
  • L lines--15.14
  • The laws of photoelectric action--15.14
  • The laws of photoelectric action and the unitary theory of light (Lichtquanten theorie)--15.14
  • Least time etc.--15.15
  • Lecture notes--15.15
  • Level differences--15.15
  • The limiting frequency in the spectra of helium, hydrogen and mercury in the extreme ultra-violet, by Sir Owen Willans Richardson and C. B. Bazzoni--15.16
  • Lines dotted on Merton's He plate--15.16
  • Lines marked on 3rd type plate--15.16
  • The lines which are at present thought to be the various... --15.16
  • List of weakened lines. 1st type. 35 volts--25.10
  • Location of quanta--15.17
  • Lord Rayleigh's paper on"Long duration of the Balmer spectrum in excited hydrogen"--15.17
  • M levels--16.1
  • M. C. Johnson. Doppler effect lines--16.1
  • M. C. Johnson's data--16.1
  • MacLennan and S's observations on intensities of the lines 1P28Q201R. etc.--16.1
  • MacLennan's calculations--16.1
  • Magnetism--16.1
  • Mass of neutron--16.1
  • Maximum backward and forward velocity as a function of frequency--31.7
  • McLeod gauge data--31.5
  • Memorandum on requirements of Physics Department in relation to Quinquennial Grant--16.2
  • Memorandum on research work having some bearing more or less direct on the field within the purview of the Radio Research Board and now being carried out in the Wheatstone (Physical) Laboratories at the University of London – King's College Strand W.C. 2--16.2
  • Mercury lines and screens--16.2
  • Metallic conduction--16.3
  • Metallic conduction and quantum theory--16.4
  • Method for getting temperature of metals…--31.5
  • Methods involving definition of E/m--22.2
  • Microphone research--16.5
  • Microphotometer results--16.5
  • The Millian factor--16.5
  • Minimum increase in Watts to give a perceptible charge in the luminosity of a small, 3.5 volt, lamp--16.5
  • Minimum time and associated questions--31.7
  • Mn--16.1
  • Mohr and Boeckner--16.6
  • Molecular hydrogen and its spectrum--16.7-11, 17.1-2, gf 5
  • Moment of momentum due to electrons--16.6
  • Mosharaffa. Mechanics of H atom--16.6
  • Motion of electrons in a menatomic gas--16.6
  • M. R. Williams. Cu. Mean of 111 and 110 faces--16.6
  • The n=2 states of hydrogen--17.3
  • The n=4 singlet levels--17.4
  • Negative radiation from an infinite plane--17.5
  • Negative results of grating experiments--17.5
  • Nernst's heat theorem--17.5
  • The neutron--17.5
  • New bands ending on the 1sσ2pσ¹Σu of H₂--17.6
  • A new connection between the absorption spectrum of hydrogen and the many lined spectrum--17.7
  • New research work for year 1909-10--31.5
  • New researches--17.5
  • New search for C¹¹ states--17.5
  • Newbold's report--17.5
  • Nickel crystal breaks (soft X-rays)--17.8
  • Ni 110--17.8
  • Ni crystal--17.8
  • Ni levels--17.8
  • Nickel--17.8
  • 1925--17.8
  • Noises in valves--17.9
  • Nomenclature and symbolism for the spectra of diatomic molecules--17.9
  • Nomination of Enrico Fermi for Nobel Prize in Physics--17.9
  • Nomination of Enrico Fermi for Nobel Prize in Physics."I beg leave to bring yr. notice to claims of Profr…"--17.9
  • Note added Sept. 12th--17.9
  • Note for addition to Molecular Hydrogen and its Spectrum p. 184--17.10
  • Note for Bhawalkar--17.10
  • Note on Bjerruin's theory--17.11
  • Note on Dr. Flint's paper and some new uncertainty relations--17.11
  • Note on gravitation, with an appendix by L. Simons--17.11
  • Note on the direct determination of h--17.11
  • Note on the Hughes Medal--2.4
  • Note on the theory of magnetism--17.11
  • Note on theoretical physics--17.11
  • Notebook--17.12
  • Notes by the way--17.13
  • Notes for paper on photoelectric action and the quantum theory--17.13
  • Notes from R. C. Johnson on the Swan spectrum--17.13
  • Notes in regard to device with grid behind filament--17.13
  • Notes made on a visit to the G.E. Co. of America's Research Laboratories at Schenectady, N.Y.--17.13
  • Notes of lectures to medical students on electricity and mechanics--18.1
  • Notes of lectures to medical students on heat, sound, and magnetism--18.2
  • Notes of lectures to medical students on the properties of matter and light--18.3
  • Notes on aperiodic processes--18.4
  • Notes on Bartlett, Dorfman, and MacLennan--18.4
  • Notes on Bhawalkar's thesis--18.4
  • Notes on Bohr's communication IVa--18.4
  • Notes on Bosworth's dissertation--18.4
  • Notes on characteristic curves in extreme vacua--18.5
  • Notes on continuation of Bhawalkar's work--18.5
  • Notes on ionization by hot bodies--31.5
  • Notes on Maurice de Broglie--18.4
  • Notes on Oliphant--18.5
  • Notes on quantum mechanics, re Louis de Broglie and Brillouin--2.5
  • Notes on Sandeman III--18.5
  • Notes on soft X-rays--18.5
  • Notes on the calculations of the general theory of chemical electron emission--18.6
  • Notes on the kinetic theory of matter--18.6
  • Notes on Tutin's paper--18.6
  • Notes on work by Schottky--18.6
  • Notes on work in physics at the University of London--18.6
  • Notes re Flint--18.7
  • Notes."The real crux of the situation seems to be this…"--17.13
  • Nuclear rotation--18.8
  • Numerical data for paper on…--31.5
  • J. E. Nysop. Notes re Nysop's paper on photoelectric current--18.8
  • Obituary notice of Edwin Herbert Hall--18.9
  • Obituary notice of Hendrik Antoon Lorentz--18.10
  • Obituary notice of Pieter Zeeman--18.9
  • Obituary notice of Sir Herbert Jackson--18.11, gf 5
  • Oddments, about 1913--19.1
  • Old Friendship; would that thou might last… (poem)--18.9
  • On a minimum proper time and its applications (1) to the number of chemical elements (2) to some uncertainty relations--19.3-4
  • On a P, Q and R combination in the many-lined spectrum of hydrogen, by O. W. Richardson and T. Tanaka--19.2
  • On the estimation of the thickness of the reaction layer which just arrests electron emission--19.5
  • On the excitation of radiation by electron impact and on the photoelectric effect--19.6
  • On the excitation of very soft X-rays by electron impact, by O. W. Richardson and D. R. Bhawalkar--19.7
  • On the extraction of electrons from cold conductors in intense electric fields--19.8
  • On the fine structure of spectral lines of H₂ triplet system, by O. W. Richardson, W. E. Williams, and Sunao Imanishi--19.9
  • On the ground state of H₂, the molecular ion (H₂⁺) and wave mechanics--19.10
  • On the intensity distribution among the lines of certain bands in the spectrum of the hydrogen molecule--19.11
  • On the temperature variation of contact potential difference--19.12
  • ¹D →¹X--19.13
  • ¹U →¹X--19.14
  • ¹X, notes--20.1-3
  • ¹X intervals from Dieke's 2s'Σ → 2p' Σ bands--20.4
  • The origin of the green corona line, by T. R. Merton and O. W. Richardson--20.5
  • The origin of thermal ionization from carbon--19.2
  • Other bands--19.2
  • Outstanding problems in soft X-rays and secondary electron emission--19.2
  • The paper is concerned with a suggestion that the quantum theory…--20.6
  • Patches etc--20.6
  • Perturbations of 3p³πb--20.7
  • Les phenomenes thermioniques--20.8-12
  • Photoelectric action--20.7
  • The photoelectric action of X-rays--20.7
  • Photoelectric effect--21.1
  • The photoelectric effect. II, by Karl T. Compton and O. W. Richardson--21.2
  • The photoelectric effect. III, by Sir O. W. Richardson and F. J. Rogers--21.3
  • Photoelectric emission from a hot body--20.7
  • Photoelectric theory of thermionic emission--20.7
  • Photographic reproductions of H₂ plates--21.4-12
  • The physical universe--21.13
  • Physics Entrance Scholarships. May 1914--20.7
  • Points about theory of electric conduction--21.14
  • Points for investigation--31.6
  • Polorisation of X-rays on Bragg's theory--22.2
  • Possible explanation of_____curves for COS, H₂SOCH₃Cl--21.14
  • Possible extensions of Allibone's--21.14
  • Poss. Q series in ext. violet--21.14
  • Potential required to maintain current in gas at low pressures--22.2
  • Power valve research, by O. W. Richardson and F. S. Robertson--21.15
  • Practical inorganic chemistry. Insoluble substances--32.1
  • Precise nature of carriers of +ve ionization from hot bodies--22.2
  • Preface to Experiments on electron emission from hot bodies, by Sih Ling Ting--21.16
  • The present state of atomic physics--21.16-17, gf 5
  • Pring's experiments--21.16
  • Probability of bands by flukes--28.17
  • Problems of physics--22.1, gf 5
  • Projected researches--22.2
  • Question of homogeneity of β rays emitted by X-ray excitation--22.3
  • Quotations from Bosworth--13.8
  • R∞ from Hα and Dα--22.4
  • R.A.F. lecture--22.4
  • Radioactivity of ordinary materials and the heat of the earth--22.2
  • Ramachandra Rao--22.4
  • Ramachandra Rao's Ni 110 data--22.4
  • Rapport sur les phénomènes thermioniques--20.8
  • Recalculation of the general theory of chemical electron emission--22.6
  • Reconsideration of thermodynamic theory of photoelectric effect taking a more general case--22.5
  • Reduction of temperature variation--32.1
  • References to important papers on probability of excitation of an atom by electron impact of given velocity--22.5
  • Reflection of low velocity electrons by metals--31.5
  • Regarding Denisoff's note of Oct. 24, 1932--22.5
  • Regularities in the secondary spectrum of hydrogen, by O. W. Richardson and T. Tanaka--22.5
  • Relation between velocity of cathode rays producing X-rays and maximum velocity of the secondary rays liberated by the X-rays--22.2
  • Relations between V₀S--22.5
  • Remaining strong lines--22.5
  • Report on a fellowship dissertation submitted to Trinity College, Cambridge, by William James Coltart Orr--22.7
  • Report on A. D. Misener--22.7
  • Report on A. M. Crooker--22.7
  • Report on C. B. O. Mohr--22.7
  • Report on D. B. Deodhar--22.8
  • Report on D. P. R. Petrie--22.8
  • Report on Dr. F. C. Champion--22.8
  • Report on Dr. Rupp--22.8
  • Report on Emlyn Stephens--22.8
  • Report on Erik Rudberg--22.8
  • Report on experiments with three electrode devices with movable electrodes, by O. W. Richardson and F. S. Robertson--22.8
  • Report on F. H. Nicoll--22.8
  • Report on Francis Arthur Vick--22.8
  • Report on G. O. Langstroth--22.9
  • Report on G. S. Field--22.9
  • Report on H. A. Wilson--22.9
  • Report on J. C. McLennan--22.9
  • Report on J. D. McGee--22.9
  • Report on J. S. Marshall--22.9
  • Report on local centre for the examination of optical instruments, by O. W. Richardson and F. S. Robertson--22.9
  • Report on Massey's dissertation--22.10
  • Report on Mr. D's dissertation--22.10
  • Report on Mr. E. A. Stewardson--22.10
  • Report on Mr. J. W. Fisher--22.10
  • Report on Mr. John Farquharson--22.10
  • Report on Mr. W. D. Urry--22.10
  • Report on Mrs. Irena Gimpel--22.10
  • Report on paper by H. T. Flint--22.11
  • Report on R. C. L Bosworth--22.11
  • Report on research on wireless receivers, by O. W. Richardson and F. S. Robertson--22.11
  • Report on the D.Sc. thesis submitted by Mr. K. S. Krishnan--22.12
  • Report on the fellowship dissertation of Charles Frederick Sharman--22.12
  • Report on the thermionic emission from platinum in the presence of hydrogen--22.12
  • Report on thesis of S. Parthasarathy--22.12
  • Report on the thesis of I. Ramakrishna Rao M.A. submitted for the Ph.D. degree in the University of Calcutta--22.12
  • Report on the thesis on 'Molecular constitution of water in solutions as studied by the Raman Effect' presented by Mr. C. Sambasiva Rao for the Degree of Doctor of Science in the University of Madras--22.12
  • Report on the thesis submitted by D. B. Deodhar--22.12
  • Report on the thesis submitted by Gwyn Owen Stephens B.Sc. for the degree of Ph.D.--22.12
  • Report on the thesis submitted by Mr. K. H. Ramaswamy for the degree of M.Sc.--22.12
  • Report on the work of Mr. John Hugh Jones--22.12
  • Report on the work submitted by R. S. Krishnan for the degree of Doctor of Science of the University of Madras--22.12
  • Report on thesis by Sham Yanshamdas Khubchandani--22.12
  • Report on W. E. Duncanson--22.13
  • Report on work as a Yarrow Research Professor of the Royal Society since June 1934--22.13
  • Report on work as Yarrow Research Professor--22.13
  • Report to the Fellowship Electors, King's College, Cambridge--22.14
  • Report to the Senators of the University of Edinburgh on the thesis for the degree of D.Sc. submitted by Mr. S. R. Khastgir--22.14
  • Reports--22.15
  • Researches suggested by writing Thermionics for Radiophysik--31.5
  • The researches to which I am now devoting most energy concern…--22.16
  • Review: Electron emission and adsorption phenomena, by J. H. de Boer--22.17
  • Richardson's thermionic apparatus--22.18
  • Rollefson--22.19
  • Rotating electron: note--23.10
  • Roy's Speculations on elastic and metallic collisions between atoms, electrons and light quanta--22.20
  • The Royal Society's optical apparatus of high resolving power. Application for salary of an assistant--22.21
  • Rymer--22.22
  • Sandeman's Rydberg series--22.23
  • Sargent's classification--22.23
  • Schottky--22.24
  • Schottky's method--22.24
  • Schroedinger--22.24
  • Search for Dieke's perturbing state, by O. W. Richardson and A. A. Newbold--23.1
  • Search for new combinations--22.25
  • Search for the O¹ progression of λ4143--22.25
  • Search for 3p'πu--23.2
  • Secondary electrons from Ni crystal--22.25
  • Secondary H₂ spectrum--22.25
  • Secondary H₂ spectrum: Odds and Ends--23.3
  • The secondary hydrogen spectrum--22.25
  • Secondary ionization due to ϒ-rays from radium--22.2
  • Secondary ionization produced by the impact of positive ions on solids, by O. W. Richardson and C. Sheard--22.25
  • The secondary spectrum of hydrogen: lists of lines--23.4
  • Sep_____ intensity ratios (b/a) of 2p³πab from different lines--22.25
  • Sharman--23.5
  • Since my appointment as Yarrow research…--23.5
  • Sir Owen Richardson in proposing that the Research Programme for 1941-1942…--23.5
  • Sketch of researches on certain points relating to photoelectric action etc.--23.5
  • Skinner's Li levels--23.5
  • Slow electron reflection--23.5
  • Soft X-ray data--23.7
  • The soft X-ray levels of iron, cobalt, nickel and copper, by O. W. Richardson and F. C. Chalklin--23.7
  • Soft X-rays--23.7
  • Soft X-rays, by O. W. Richardson and S. Ramachandra Rao--23.7
  • Soft X-rays from crystal faces, by O. W. Richardson and Ursula Andrewes--23.7
  • Soft X-rays from gases at very low pressures--23.7
  • Solly and Jessie--23.6
  • Some calculations about the COCl₂ experiment--23.6
  • Some consequences of electromotive force--22.2
  • Some effects of admitting photoelectric absorption to be composite--23.6
  • Some failures of the old quantum theory--23.6
  • Some notes on Kar's paper which like the paper lead nowhere--23.6
  • Some notes on the continuation of Bhawalkar's experiments--23.6
  • Some observations on the excitation of helium spectra--23.6
  • Some short comments about the general theory of chemical electron emission--22.6
  • Some soft X-ray emission discontinuities for platinum, tungsten, gold, tantalum and mercury, by O. W. Richardson and S. C. Roy--23.8-9
  • Sommerfeld's theory of metallic conduction--23.6
  • Specific heat of solids: etc.--31.5
  • Spectroscopic excitation under simple conditions--23.10
  • The spectrum emitted by a carbon plate under electron bombardment, by O. W. Richardson and A. A. Newbold--23.10
  • The spectrum of H₂, by O. W. Richardson and P. M. Davidson--23.11, 24.1-6
  • The spectrum of H₂: The bands analogous to the ortho-helium line spectrum, by O. W. Richardson and K. Das (1929)--24.7-15
  • The spectrum of H₂: The bands analogous to the parhelium line spectrum, by O. W. Richardson and P. M. Davidson (1929)--25.1-11
  • The spectrum of H₂. Band ending on 2p³π--25.12
  • The spectrum of H₂. The bands ending on 2p³π levels, by O. W. Richardson and P. M. Davidson--25.13-22, 26.1-9
  • The spectrum of H₂ (the ordinary hydrogen molecule), by O. W. Richardson and T. B. Rymer (1934)--26.10-22, 27.1-2
  • The spectrum of H₂. The 3d¹Δ and 4d¹ levels, by O. W. Richardson and P. M. Davidson (1933)--27.3-8
  • The spectrum of H₂: Various notes--27.9-35, 28.1-9
  • Spectrum of ordinary hydrogen (H₂)--23.10
  • Speech at Cavendish Laboratory--28.10
  • Speech."At the outset I would like to express…"--28.10
  • Speech:"Mr. Chairman, ladies, gentlemen, and fellow scholars…"--28.10
  • Speech on relativity and thermionics--28.10
  • Speech to Physical Society (?)--28.10
  • Speech to the Physical Society introducing A. H. Compton--28.10
  • Speech:"Your Royal Highnesses, Your Excellencies, my lords, ladies…"--28.10
  • Spherical electrode--23.10
  • Spinning electrons--23.10
  • The stability of the molecules of (H₂)--28.11
  • Standard data for H₂ measurements, by E. W. Foster and O. W. Richardson--28.11
  • The striking and breaking potentials for electron discharges in hydrogen, by O. W. Richardson and T. Tanaka--28.11
  • Structure in the secondary hydrogen spectrum--28.12-13
  • Structure in the secondary spectrum of hydrogen--28.11, 28.14
  • The structure of the atom--28.15
  • Summary of plates with good standard comparisons--28.16
  • Sundry notes on H₂ and other band spectra--28.17
  • Supplementary measures on H₂. Plate 40, by E. W. Foster and O. W. Richardson--29.1
  • T. and D. lines in Deodhar's list from f.f. discharge--29.2
  • Tanaka--29.2
  • The test of the wave mechanics in molecular spectra and some recent developments in the spectrum of H₂--29.3
  • Testimonial for C. R. Dhodapkar--29.4
  • Testimonial for D. V. Gogate--29.4
  • Testimonial for Miss K. Leake--29.4
  • Testimonial for P. M. Davidson--29.4
  • Testimonial for R. K. Asundi--29.4
  • Theory of chemical action--29.5
  • Theory of COCl₂--29.5
  • Theory of electronic radiation--29.5
  • Theory of fine structure of Hα etc.--29.5
  • Theory of metallic conductors--31.7
  • Theory of normal leak--32.1
  • Theory of photoelectric action--29.5, 29.6
  • The theory of photoelectric and photochemical action--29.7
  • The theory of photoelectric phenomena--29.8
  • Theory of surface layer--29.5
  • Theory of valve containing gas--29.9
  • Theory of vibration structure--29.5
  • Thermionic emission and contact P.D.--29.10
  • Thermionic emission--29.11
  • Thermionic emission: Discussion--29.12
  • Thermionic emission from systems with multiple thresholds--29.10, 29.13
  • Thermionic phenomena and the laws which govern them--29.10
  • The thermionic work-functions and photo-electric thresholds of the alkali metals--29.14
  • Thermionics--29.5
  • Thermionics:"Thermionics is the branch of science which deals with…"--29.5
  • Thermodynamics at low temperatures--29.5
  • Thermodynamics of electron emission--29.5
  • Thickness of arresting layer--29.5
  • Thomson, J. J.'s theory of metallic conduction--29.5
  • Thomson's theory of metallic conduction--29.5
  • 3p¹Σ, by O. W. Richardson and A. A. Newbold--29.15
  • 3p¹Σ → 2s¹Σ, by O. W. Richardson and A. A. Newbold--29.15, 30.1
  • 3p¹Σ → 2s¹Σ at v¹=3, by O. W. Richardson and A. A. Newbold--29.15
  • 3p¹π → 2s¹Σ, by O. W. Richardson and A. A. Newbold--30.2-3
  • 3p¹π and 4p¹π → 2s¹Σ, by O. W. Richardson and A. A. Newbold--30.4
  • Ting's results. Summary of chief points--30.5
  • The trouble with b--30.6
  • Two lectures in Copenhagen--30.7
  • The ultra violet H₂ bands--30.8
  • Useful lines on plate--30.8
  • Values of E--30.8
  • Values of Ω (=Wi of Sommerfeld) and V (=Wa) of Frenkel--30.8
  • Valve method used by Bosworth for measuring photocurrents of the order of 10⁻¹¹ amp.--30.8
  • Variation of photoelectric emission with angle--22.2
  • Velocity and ionization of α particles--31.5
  • The velocity distribution curves for photoelectors--30.9
  • Velocity distribution for corpuscles emitted from hot metals--31.5
  • Venable--30.8
  • Verification of wave mechanics--30.10
  • Wave mechanics data--30.11
  • Weakened lines--30.12
  • The Wehnelt cathode in high vacuum, by O. W. Richardson, with note by F. Soddy--30.11
  • M. Wehrli has found a number of band systems e.g. Gal…--30.11
  • Weiss's theory etc.--30.11
  • Weizel--30.11
  • Werner and Lyman bands--30.11
  • West's letter of 13th June 1930--30.11
  • What the Nobel Prize has meant for me--30.13
  • Wheatstone Laboratory exhibit--30.13
  • Wilson's apparatus for determining e--30.13
  • Wilson's method of calculating work necessary for electron to escape--30.13
  • Wireless research, by O. W. Richardson, F. S. Robertson, and J. Nicol--31.1-4
  • Works notebooks--31.5-7, 32.1
  • Unidentified--32.2-10

Index of Correspondents

Note: This index includes the names of authors of letters and the folder locations of the letters from two series: Series III. Recipient (folders numbered from 36.10 to 59.17) contains letters written to O. W. Richardson, and Series IV. Miscellaneous (folders numbered from 59.18 to 105.32), which generally contains letters written to persons other than Richardson.

  • A. E. & C. F. Pridham & Scorer, Solicitors (London)--51.18
  • Abbott, H.--36.11
  • Aberdeen University Press--36.11
  • Abraham, Henri, 1868-1943--56.8
  • Abson, Wilfred, 1916- --36.11
  • Adam Hilger Ltd.--45.17
  • Adams, Edwin P. (Edwin Plimpton), 1878- --36.12, 61.13
  • Adams, Walter, 1906- --56.9
  • Addenbrooke, G. L.--36.11
  • Ahmad, Md. Nasur--36.11
  • Ahmad, Riaz, 1912- --36.13
  • Ainsley, C. B.--36.11
  • Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft (Leipzig, Germany)--36.14
  • Akbar, Khan, 1905- --36.15
  • Aldridge, William--36.11
  • Allen, Herbert Stanley, 1873- --36.16
  • Allen, Jessie Macturk--36.11
  • Allmand, Arthur John, 1885- --36.11
  • Alton. Urban District Council--36.11
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science--36.17
  • American Electrochemical Society--36.17
  • American Express Company--36.17
  • American Nobel Anniversary Committee--36.17
  • American Philosophical Society--36.17
  • American Physical Society--36.17
  • American Telephone and Telegraph Company--37.1
  • Anderson, Hugh Kerr, Sir--37.2
  • Anderson, John S. (John Spence), 1888- --37.2
  • Andhra University--37.3
  • Andhra University--37.3
  • Andrade, E. N. da C. (Edward Neville da Costa), 1887-1971--37.4
  • Andrewes, Frederick W. (Frederick William), 1859-1932--37.2
  • Andrewes, Ursula--37.5
  • Anglo-Batavian Society--37.2
  • Anglo-Belgian Union--37.2
  • Anglo-Persian Oil Company--37.2
  • Anglo-Swedish Society--37.2
  • Annamalai University--37.2
  • Apparao, Vissa, 1884-1966--37.7
  • Appleton, Edward Victor, Sir, 1892-1965--37.7
  • Apt, Alice, 1910- --37.6
  • Arguile, Raymond Darrel--37.6
  • Army & Navy Stores Limited--37.6, 62.5
  • Arnham, Nils--37.6
  • Arnold, Harold De Forest, 1883-1933--37.6
  • Ashford, Cyril Ernest, Sir, 1867- --37.6
  • Ashworth, James Hartley, 1874-1936--54.18
  • Association of University Teachers (Great Britain)--37.6, 62.5
  • Asten, F. Walter--37.6
  • Asundi, R. K.--37.6
  • Athenæum Club (London, England)--37.6
  • Atkinson, Stanley B. (Stanley Bean)--37.6
  • Ausländer, Josef S., 1911- --37.6
  • Automatic Telephone Manufacturing Co., Ltd.--37.6
  • Ayres, T. L. Rosgyll--37.6
  • Ayyar, C. S. Venkateswara, 1905- --49.13
  • Ayyar, K. H. Ramaswamy--49.13
  • Ayyar, S. Harihara, 1905- --49.13
  • Backen, F. J.--37.8
  • Baedeker, Karl, 1877-1914--37.8
  • Bagshaw, Walter--37.8
  • Bailey, Kenneth Hamilton, Sir, 1898- --37.8
  • Baillie, Helena James--37.8
  • Baillie, J. B. (James Black), Sir, 1872-1940--37.8
  • Baines, Annie M.--37.8
  • Baines, Edith--37.8
  • Baines, Gilbert--37.8
  • Baines, Helen--37.8
  • Bairstow, Leonard, 1880- --53.13
  • Baker, Will C.--37.8
  • Balcombe, F. J.--37.8
  • Ball, W. W. Rouse (Walter William Rouse), 1850-1925--37.8
  • Banco di Roma--37.8
  • Bandopadhyaya, Golak Behary--37.9
  • Banerjee, H. M.--37.8
  • Banerjee, Kedareswar--39.11
  • Barclay Smith, C.--37.8
  • Barclays Bank--37.8
  • Barger, George, 1878-1939--37.8
  • Barker, Ernest F. (Ernest Franklin), 1886-1970--37.8
  • Barkla, C. G. (Charles Glover), 1877-1944--37.10
  • Barnard, Eric--42.10-11
  • Barnes, H. T.--37.8
  • Barnett, Samuel Jackson, 1873- --37.8, 63.10
  • Bartlett, Russell Sturgis--37.11
  • Barton, Edwin Henry, 1858- --37.8
  • Bates, L. F. (Leslie Fleetwood)--37.8
  • Batley Grammar School (Batley, England)--37.12
  • Bauer, L. A. (Louis Agricola), 1865-1932--37.8
  • Baugham, D. H.--37.8
  • Bazzoni, Charles B. (Charles Blizard), 1886- --37.13
  • Beacall, T.--38.1
  • Beatty, Richard Thomas, 1882-1941--38.1
  • Becker, J. A. (Joseph Adam), 1897- --38.1
  • Bedell, Frederick, 1868- --38.1
  • Bedford College--38.1
  • Bedford College Physical Society--63.10
  • Bedford, Thomas George--38.1
  • Beevers, Cecil Arnold--38.1?
  • Bell System Technical Journal--38.1
  • Bell, Whitfield J. (Whitfield Jenks)--38.1
  • Benedicks, Carl Axel Fredrik, 1875- --38.1
  • Benham, Wilfrid Earnshaw--38.1
  • Bennet, Andrew--55.5
  • Bennie, N. C.--38.1
  • Benstead, A. S.--38.1
  • Berkowitz, Walter J.--38.1
  • Berkowitz, William J.--38.1
  • Berlovitch, Moise--38.1
  • Berthier, Auguste Michel Edouard, 1865- --38.1
  • Beutler, Hans, 1896-1942--38.2
  • Bevan, P. V.--38.1
  • Bezwada, _____--38.1
  • Bhabha, Homi Jehangir, 1909-1966--54.6
  • Bhat, K. S.--36.15
  • Bhatnagar, Shanti Swarupa, Sir, 1894-1955--38.3
  • Bhawalkar, Devidas Raghunath, 1908- --38.4
  • Biddulph, Rawlins & Co., Ltd.--38.5, 63.10
  • Birge, Raymond T. (Raymond Thayer), 1887- --38.6, 64.32
  • Birkbeck, Yeo & Co.--38.5
  • Birmingham, E. W.--38.5
  • Bisschop, W. R., 1866-1944--38.5, 98.5
  • Black, Stanley--38.7
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  • Blakelly, Tamara--38.7
  • Bodenstein, Max, 1871-1942--38.8
  • Boeke, Jan, 1874- --38.8
  • Bohr, Margrethe Nørlund--38.8, 65.2
  • Bohr, Niels, 1885-1962--38.9, 65.3
  • Bol, _____--38.8
  • Bond, Muriel--38.8
  • Bookbinders' Co-operative Society, Ltd.--38.8
  • Borel, Charles--38.8
  • Born, Max, 1882-1970--38.8
  • Bose, A. M.--38.8
  • Bowen, F. C.--38.8
  • Bowen, J. E.--38.8, 63.10
  • Bowman, Archibald Allan, 1883-1936--38.8
  • Boyce, Joseph Canon, 1903-1983--38.8
  • Boyce, Mary Lose--63.10
  • Boyd, H. R.--38.8
  • Bradford Technical College (Bradford, West Yorkshire, England)--38.10
  • Bragg, William Henry, 1862-1942--38.11
  • Bragg, William Lawrence, Sir, 1890-1971--38.12
  • Brahmachari, Upendra Nath--38.10
  • Brander, W. B.--38.10
  • Bridge, John--38.13
  • Bridgman, P. W. (Percy Williams), 1882-1961--39.1
  • Brinkworth, John Hancock, 1881- --38.13
  • British Association for the Advancement of Science--39.2
  • British Cotton Industry Research Association--38.13
  • British Council--38.13
  • British Electrical and Allied Industries Research Association--38.13
  • British Federation of University Women--38.13
  • British Scientific Instrument Research Association--38.13
  • British Thomson-Houston Company, Ltd.--38.13
  • Brodetsky, Selig, 1888-1954--38.13
  • Brodsky, G.--38.13
  • Brodtman, A. G.--38.13
  • Broglie, Maurice de, 1875-1960--39.3
  • Brooke, A. S.--38.13
  • Brooks, Henry Jamyn--38.13
  • Brotherton, M. (Manfred)--39.4
  • Broughall, Lawrence St. C.--39.5
  • Brown, F. C. (Fay Cluff), 1881-1968--39.6
  • Brown, O. F.--38.13
  • Bruce, Herbert--38.13
  • Bruin, Take Luite de, 1895- --38.13
  • Brunsviga Calculator Co.--38.13
  • Brunton, John Dixon--39.7
  • Brunton, Nell--39.7
  • Bryan, Andrew Bonnell, 1897- --38.13
  • Bryan, G. B.--38.13
  • Buchhandlung Gustav Fock--39.8
  • Buckley, Oliver Ellsworth, 1887- --39.8
  • Bull, Cabot Seaton--39.8
  • Bullough, M. M--63.10
  • Bumstead, Henry Andrews, 1870-1920--39.9
  • Bureau international des poids et mesures, Paris--39.8
  • Burgess, H.--39.8
  • Burling, L. A.--39.8
  • Burman, A. R.--39.8
  • Burrows, F. W.--39.8
  • Burrows, Jane--39.8
  • Burrows, Nellie--39.8
  • Burrows, Ronald M. (Ronald Montagu), 1867-1920--39.8
  • Burrows, William J.--39.10
  • Burton, E. F. (Eli Franklin), 1879- --39.8
  • Burton, Frank--39.8
  • Bushe, Erasmus--39.8
  • Butchart, H. J--63.10
  • Butkow, K.--39.8
  • Butler, K. M. G.--39.8
  • Buttrick, F. A.--33.15
  • C. Schniewindt KG (Neuenrade)--55.8
  • Cady, Walter G. (Walter Guyton), 1874-1974--39.11
  • Calculating and Statistical Service--39.11
  • Calvert, Jack--39.11
  • Cambridge Philosophical Society--39.11
  • Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company--39.11
  • Cambridge University Press--39.12
  • Cambridgeshire Education Committee--39.11
  • Campagnia Italiana Turismo--40.3
  • Campbell, _____--39.11
  • Campetti, Adolfo, 1866-1947--39.11
  • Campoamor, Josefina--39.11
  • Canada. Patent Office--67.4
  • Canfield, Robert Hawthorne, 1894- --46.13
  • Capps, Edward, 1866-1950--39.11
  • Capstick, J. W. (John Walton), 1858- --39.11
  • Carlo, Antonaglio--39.11
  • Carman, A. P. (Albert Pruden), 1861-1946--39.11
  • Carpenter, Henry Cort Harold, 1875-1940--39.11
  • Carse, G. A. (George Alexander)--39.11
  • Cassel, E. J.--39.11
  • Cavendish Dinner Committee--39.11
  • Cavendish Laboratory (Cambridge, England)--39.12
  • Cavendish Physical Society--39.11
  • Cavendish Society, London--39.11
  • Celebrazione del Secondo Centenario della Nascita di Luigi Galvani--39.13
  • Chadwick, James, 1891-1974--39.13
  • Chalk, M. Laura--39.14
  • Chalklin, F. C. (Francis Cecil), 1902-1954--39.15
  • Chalklin, L.--39.13
  • Champion, F. C. (Frank Clive)--39.13
  • Chandlee & Chandlee, Attorneys (Washington, D.C.)--39.16
  • Chapman, Edna W.--39.13
  • Chapman, Sydney, 1888-1970--39.13
  • Chattock, Arthur Prince--39.13
  • Chaudhuri, Rabindranath--39.13
  • Chemical and Physical Society (University College, London)--57.19
  • Chemical Society (Great Britain)--39.13
  • Cherwell, Frederick Alexander Lindemann, Viscount, 1886-1957--48.8, 81.1
  • Cheshire, H. B. G.--39.13
  • Chettle, H.--39.13
  • Chhabra, B. D.--36.13
  • Childs, W. H. J. (William Harold Joseph)--40.1
  • Chinese Physical Society--39.13
  • Chree, Charles, 1860-1928--39.13
  • Christ's College (University of Cambridge)--39.12
  • Christian Evidence Society--39.13
  • Clare College (University of Cambridge)--39.12
  • Clark, Hugh--40.2
  • Clerk Maxwell Celebration--40.2
  • Coblentz, William W. (William Weber), 1873-1962--40.3
  • Cockcroft, John, Sir, 1897-1967--40.3
  • Colbie, I. N.--40.3
  • Cole, Ashley T.--40.3
  • Collier, Vincent--40.3, 90.1
  • Comitato Voltiano--40.3
  • Comité du Centenaire d'André-Marie Ampère--40.3
  • Commissione per i Congressi Scientifici--40.4
  • Committee for Organizing the VIth Conference of Physicists of U.S.S.R--40.3
  • Compton, Arthur Holly, 1892-1962--40.3, 40.5
  • Compton, K. T. (Karl Taylor), 1887-1954--40.6
  • Condon, Edward Uhler, 1902-1974--40.3
  • Congdon, J. F.--40.3
  • Congrès International d'Electricité de 1932--40.7
  • Congresso internazionale dei fisici (1927 : Como, Italy, etc.)--40.3
  • Conjoint Board of Scientific Societies--40.3
  • Cooke, H. L.--40.8
  • Cooper, W. R. (William Ranson), 1868- --40.3
  • Corlier, J.--40.3
  • Corpus Christi College (University of Cambridge)--39.12
  • Coster, Dirk, 1889-1950--40.3
  • Coulson, C. A. (Charles Alfred), 1910-1974--40.3
  • Coward, H. F. (Hubert Frank)--42.5, 71.19
  • Crackston, J. Edgar--40.9
  • Crane, Eva--58.16
  • Crease, S .H.--40.9
  • Creasey, Arthur--40.9
  • Crew, Henry, 1859-1953--40.9
  • Crittenden, E. C. (Eugene Casson), 1880- --40.9
  • Crombie and Dalziel, Patent Brokers (London)--40.9
  • Crommelin, Claude August, 1878- --40.9
  • Crooker, Arthur Mervyn--40.9
  • Crow, G.--69.5
  • Crowther, Charles, 1876- --40.9
  • Crowther, James Arnold, 1883- --40.9
  • Crowther, P. S.--40.9
  • Cullingworth, Elizabeth--40.10
  • Cullis, Winifred--40.10
  • Cummings, Christobel--40.10
  • Cunningham, Ebenezer--40.10
  • Cunningham, William--40.10
  • Curtis, Grace--69.7
  • Curtis, William Edward, 1889- --40.11
  • Cushing, Harvey, 1869-1939--40.10
  • Cuthbertson, Clive, 1863-1943--40.10
  • Czerny, Marianus, 1896- --38.10
  • Dale, Henry H. (Henry Hallett), 1875-1968--40.12
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  • Darrow, Karl K. (Karl Kelchner), 1891- --40.13
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  • Das, Kusumeshu--40.15
  • David, W. T.--40.12
  • Davidson, C. (Charles), 1875-1970--54.5
  • Davidson, Percy Maurice, 1902- --40.16-17, 41.1-5
  • Davies, A. C. (Arthur Cyril)--41.6, 69.22
  • Davies, Letitia Pulley, 1905- --40.12
  • Davies, W.--40.12
  • Davis, Bergen, 1869-1958--40.12
  • Davisson, Charlotte Sara Richardson--41.7-10, 41.14-15
  • Davisson, Clinton Joseph, 1881-1958--41.11-15
  • Davisson, James Willans, 1914- --41.16-17
  • Davisson, Owen--41.16
  • Day, Herbert--40.12
  • Dean, H. R.--41.18
  • Debye, Peter J. W. (Peter Josef William), 1884-1966--41.18-19
  • Dehalu, Marcel--38.10
  • Deighton, Bell, and Co.--42.1
  • Dell, Richard C.--41.18
  • Deller, Benjamin R.--41.18
  • Deller, Edwin, 1883- --41.18
  • Dendy, Arthur, 1865-1925--41.18
  • Denisoff, Alexander Konstantinovitch, 1905- --42.2, 70.13
  • Dennett, William S.--41.18
  • Dennis, J. Irene--51.13-14
  • Deodhar, Dhundiraj Bhaskar, 1891- --42.3, 71.6
  • Deodhar, Ganesh Bhaskar--42.4
  • Dershem, Elmer, 1881-1965--72.5
  • Deutsche Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin--41.18
  • Deutscher Normenausschuss. Ausschuss fur Einheiten und Formelgrossen--37.6
  • Dewsbury (England)--42.13
  • Dhodapkar, C. R.--42.15
  • Dhole, M. K.--42.14
  • Diamond, W. Ed. B.--54.2-3
  • Dictionary of Applied Physics--42.16
  • Dieke, Gerhard Heinrich, 1901-1965--42.17
  • Dillon, Teresa Joseph--42.16
  • Dingle, Herbert, 1890-1978--42.16
  • Dirac, P. A. M. (Paul Adrien Maurice), 1902-1984--54.8
  • Ditto, Raymond Clyde, 1880- --42.16
  • Dixon, George--42.16
  • Dixon, Hilda E. R., 1879- --42.16
  • Dixon, J.--43.1
  • Dixon, John D.--42.16
  • Dixon, Oscar--43.2, 72.15
  • Dixon, Peter Willans--42.16
  • Dobson, G. M. B. (Gordon Miller Bourne), 1889-1976--43.3
  • Dockland Settlements--43.3
  • Dolman & Pearce, Auctioneers (London)--43.3
  • Donaldson, David H.--72.15
  • Donnan, F. G. (Frederick George), 1870-1956--43.3
  • Downing College (University of Cambridge)--39.12
  • Drackenberg, John--43.4
  • Drew, Edwin--56.18
  • Drinkwater, John W.--43.5
  • Duane, William, 1872-1935--43.6
  • Duesberg, Jules, 1881-1947--38.10
  • Duffield, W. G.--43.7
  • Dufton, Arthur Felix--43.6
  • Dunstan, R.--43.6
  • Dunstan, S. Gordon--43.6
  • Durack, J. J.--43.6
  • Duschinsky, Fritz, 1907-1942--38.10
  • Dye, D.--51.12
  • Dymond, Edmund Gilbert--39.12
  • Dyson, Frank Watson, 1868-1939--43.8
  • Eagle Manufacturing Co.--43.9
  • Eccles, W. H. (William Henry), 1875-1966--43.9
  • Eddington, Arthur Stanley, Sir, 1882-1944--43.10
  • Edwards, _____--43.9
  • Edwards, Frederick D.--43.9
  • Edwards, I.--43.9
  • Egerton, Alfred Charles Glyn, Sir, 1886-1959--43.9
  • Egyptian Education Office--43.9, 74.4
  • Egyptian University--43.9
  • Ehrenfest, Paul, 1880-1933--43.11
  • Ehrenhaft, Amy--43.11
  • Ehrenhaft, Felix, 1879-1952--43.12, 74.7-17
  • Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955--38.8
  • Eisenstaedt, Alfred--43.11
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  • Elliott, Thomas Renton, 1877- --43.11
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  • Ellis, Polly--43.13
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica--43.16
  • Engineering: An Illustrated Weekly Journal--75.1
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  • Epstein, Paul S. (Paul Sophus), 1883-1966--43.11
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  • Evans, J. G.--42.11-12
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  • Evershed and Vignoles (London)--43.11, 75.1
  • Ewing, Lady--43.11
  • F. W. le Tall, A. S. Cachemaille, Chartered Patent Agents (London)--57.3, 101.9
  • Fabry, Charles, 1867-1945--43.17
  • Faraday Society--43.18
  • Farkas, L. (Ladislaus), 1904-1948--43.17
  • Farman, N. B.--43.17
  • Farran & Robertson (Misses)--43.17
  • Fayer, _____--43.17
  • Fearn, W. B.--43.17
  • Fearnley, R. H.--57.17
  • Feather, N. (Norman)--43.17
  • Felton, C. F.--43.17
  • Ferguson, Allan, 1880-1951--43.19
  • Ferguson Bequest Fund--43.17
  • Fermi, Enrico, 1901-1954--36.11
  • Field Roscoe & Co.--41.11
  • Filon, L. N. G. (Louis Napoleon George), 1875- --44.2
  • Finch, George Ingel, Mrs--44.1
  • Findley, Paul Bruce--44.1
  • Fine, Henry B. (Henry Burchard), 1858-1928--44.1
  • Finkelnburg, Wolfgang, 1905- --44.1
  • Firth, F. R.--44.1, 75.9
  • Fisher, _____--44.1
  • Fisher, J. D.--44.1
  • Fisher, Joseph William--44.1
  • Fisher, Knight & Co., Ltd.--44.1
  • Fitzpatrick, T. C. (Thomas Cecil), 1861- --44.1
  • Fleetway Press, Ltd.--44.1
  • Fleming, A. P. M. (Arthur Percy Morris), 1881-1960--44.1
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  • Flint, H. T. (Henry Thomas), 1890-1971--44.4
  • Folk, George E. (George Ernest)--44.5, 75.29
  • Fondazione Alessandro Volta--36.11
  • Forschungen und Fortschritte--44.5
  • Forsyth, H.--44.5
  • Foster, _____--44.5
  • Foster, Doris--75.28
  • Foster, E. W.--44.6, 75.28
  • Foster, G. C. (George Carey), 1835-1919--44.5
  • Foster, John Stuart--44.7
  • Foster, William--44.5
  • Fowler, A. (Alfred), 1868-1940--44.8
  • Fowler, R. H. (Ralph Howard), 1889-1944--44.9
  • Fox, J. J. (John Jacob), 1874- --44.5
  • France. Ministère de l'éducation nationale--44.10
  • Frank, Lorenz--75.28
  • Frankland, William Barrett, 1875- --44.10
  • Franklin Institute (Philadelphia, Pa.)--44.10
  • Fraser, Ronald--44.10
  • Frazer, James George, 1854-1941--44.10
  • Freedman, Paul--44.11
  • Freeth, F. A. (Francis Arthur), 1884- --44.10
  • French Institute (London, England)--46.5
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  • Gale, Henry Gordon, 1874-1942--44.12
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  • Gamow, George, 1904-1968--44.12
  • Gander, R. D.--44.12
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  • Geiger, Hans, 1882- --51.14
  • General Accident (Firm)--44.12
  • General Electric Company. Research Laboratory--44.13, 76.17
  • General Motors Corporation--44.12
  • General Press Cutting Association, Ltd.--44.12
  • George Bell & Sons--38.1
  • George G. Harrap & Co.--45.7
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  • Ghosh, Ajoy, 1909-1962--44.14
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  • Gilbert, H. W.--44.14
  • Gill, E. W. D.--44.14
  • Gill, F.--44.14
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  • Gill, Roland--76.9
  • Gimpel, Irena--44.15
  • Glagolev, M.--44.14
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  • Godsall, Herbert--44.14
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  • Golden Syndicate Publishing Company--44.14
  • Goodbody & Company--44.14
  • Goodchild, C.--44.14
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  • Goodlet, B. L. (Brian Laidlaw), 1903-1961--40.2, 56.11
  • Gordon, H. T.--44.14
  • Goshawk, E. R.--44.14
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  • Gottlieb Gistel & Cie.--44.14
  • Gough, A.--44.14
  • Gowans, J. L.--44.14
  • Gray, Francis William, 1874- --45.1
  • Gray, John--45.1
  • Great Britain. Admiralty--45.3
  • Great Britain. Admiralty. Department of Scientific Research and Experiment--41.18
  • Great Britain. Air Ministry--45.2
  • Great Britain. Air Raid Precautions Department--44.14, 76.32
  • Great Britain. Army. Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)--52.20
  • Great Britain. Board of Invention and Research--45.4
  • Great Britain. Board of Ordnance--45.2
  • Great Britain. Board of Trade--76.32
  • Great Britain. Department of Scientific and Industrial Research--42.5-12, 71.16-19
  • Great Britain. Home Guard--76.32
  • Great Britain. Home Office--45.2
  • Great Britain. Inspector of Taxes--45.2
  • Great Britain. Ministry of Munitions--45.2
  • Great Britain. Ministry of Supply--45.2
  • Great Britain. Office of the High Commissioner for India--45.5, 77.2
  • Great Britain. Patent Office--45.2
  • Great Britain. Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851--53.3-4, 92.13-92.15, 93.1-6, 94.1-5, 95.1
  • Great Britain. Signals Experimental Establishment--76.32
  • Great Britain. Treasury--45.2
  • Great Britain. War Office--45.2, 76.32
  • Green & Edwards, Ltd.--45.1
  • Greenwood, Gilbert--45.1
  • Greenwood, Gladys M.--45.1
  • Greenwood, Major, 1880-1949--54.5
  • Gregory, G. H.--45.1
  • Gregory, Richard, Sir, 1864-1952--45.1
  • Griffiths, Ezer, 1888- --77.8
  • Grimmett, Leonard George --45.6
  • Guild, John--51.10-11
  • Gurtler, Josef--45.1
  • Guy, Henry Lewis, Sir, 1887-1956--45.1
  • Guye, Charles Eugene, 1866- --45.1
  • H. T. Carey & Co.--39.11, 67.5
  • Haas, Wander Johannes de, 1878-1960--45.7
  • Hadow, W. H. (William Henry), 1859-1937--77.14
  • Hales, J. F.--45.7
  • Hall, B. M.--77.14
  • Hall, Edwin Herbert, 1855-1938--45.7
  • Hall, Wilfred--45.8
  • Hallatt, H. W.--45.7
  • Hallett, L. E.--51.12-13
  • Halliburton, W. D. (William Dobinson), 1860-1931--45.7
  • Halliday, W. R. (William Reginald), 1886-1966--45.9
  • Hallowes & Carter (London)--45.7
  • Halls, Frederick A.--45.10
  • Hampstead General and North-West London Hospital--45.7
  • Hampstead (London, England)--45.7
  • Hampstead (London, England). Public Health Department--45.7
  • Hampstead Scientific Society--45.7
  • Hanawalt, Joseph Donald, 1902- --45.7
  • Hanson, E. K.--45.7
  • Harden, Arthur, 1865-1940--45.7
  • Harding, D. A.--45.11
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  • Hargreaves, F. Buckley--45.7
  • Hark, T.--45.7
  • Harker, Alfred, 1859-1939--45.7
  • Harker, John Allen, 1870- --45.7
  • Harley, H. S.--45.7
  • Harnack, Gustav--45.7
  • Harnon, J. W.--45.7
  • Harold C. Shipman & Co--55.12
  • Harris, J. E.--77.14
  • Harrison, E.--45.7
  • Harrison, Robert--53.7
  • Harrison, T. H.--45.12
  • Hartley, Harold, 1878-1972--45.7
  • Hartog, Philip, Sir, 1864-1947--45.7
  • Hartree, Douglas R. (Douglas Rayner), 1897-1958--45.7
  • Haslam, Robert Newman Hoyles, 1909- --77.32
  • Hasse, Henry Ronald, 1884- --45.7
  • Havelock, Thomas, Sir, 1877-1968--45.13
  • Hawkins, William F.--45.7
  • Heath, H. F. (Henry Frank), Sir, 1863-1946--42.5-7, 71.17
  • Heath, W.--45.14
  • Heathcote, Niels H. de V. (Niels Hugh de Vaudrey)--45.14
  • Heaton, William H.--45.14
  • Hebrew University (Jerusalem)--45.14
  • Hedges, J. J.--51.12
  • Hedley, W. W.--45.14
  • Hein, F. K.--45.14
  • Heinemann (Firm)--45.14
  • Heisenberg, Werner, 1901-1976--45.15
  • Heitler, Walter, 1904-1981--45.14
  • Hele, Thomas Shirley, 1881- --45.14
  • Henderson, W. Craig--45.14
  • Henri, Victor, 1872-1940--38.10
  • Herroun, Ed. F.--45.14
  • Herzberg, Gerhard, 1904-1999--45.14
  • Hetherington, A. L. (Arthur Lonsdale), 1881-1960--42.5, 42.12, 71.16
  • Hetherington, H. J. W. (Hector James Wright), 1888- --45.14
  • Hettinger, John, 1880- --45.14
  • Hewitt, Sissie--45.14
  • Hibben, John Grier, 1861-1933--45.16
  • Hill, A. V. (Archibald Vivian), 1886-1977--45.16
  • Hiller, F.--45.16
  • Hilton, Harold, 1876- --46.1
  • Hinks, Arthur R. (Arthur Robert), 1873-1945--54.5
  • Hirschwaldsche Buchhandlung--78.13
  • Hoblyn, John Bright--46.1
  • Hodgson, Benjamin--46.1
  • Hodgson, Herbert H. (Herbert Henry)--46.1
  • Hoffmann-de Visme, Rene, Mme.--51.6
  • Holden, Margaret Ormrod--46.1
  • Holden, Thomas A.--46.1
  • Holliday, E.--78.17
  • Holtsmark, Johan, 1894- --46.1
  • Honda, K.--45.16
  • Hooker, R. H.--46.1
  • Hopkins, Frederick Gowland, Sir, 1861-1947--46.1
  • Hopwood, Frank Lloyd, 1884- --46.1
  • Hori, Takeo, 1899- --46.1
  • Horiu, H.--46.1
  • Horn, H. F.--46.1
  • Hort, W. P.--46.1
  • Horton, Frank, 1878-1957--46.2
  • Hoshiai, Masaharu--46.1
  • Housman, Jane--46.1
  • Howarth, O. J. R. (Osbert John Radcliffe), 1877-1954--65.22
  • Howe, G. W. O.--46.1
  • Hsueh, Chao Wang, 1909- --46.3
  • Hughes, A. H.--46.3
  • Hughs, Hugh--46.3
  • Hume, Charles Westley, 1886- --46.3
  • Hume-Rothery, William, 1899- --46.4
  • Humphreys, A. W., 1879- --46.3
  • Hunter, W.--46.3
  • Hutchinson, A. (Arthur), 1866- --38.8, 46.3
  • Hutshen, Erik--46.3
  • Huxley, Julian, 1887-1975--46.3
  • Hyman, Hugh M.--38.6
  • Ikebe, T.--46.5
  • Ilford Limited--46.5
  • Illuminating Engineering Society--46.5
  • Imanishi, Sunao, 1899-1969--46.5
  • Imperial Bank of India--46.5
  • Imperial College of Science and Technology--46.5
  • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore--46.5
  • Ingold, Christopher, Sir, 1893- --46.5
  • Institut Curie--46.5
  • Institut international de physique Solvay--46.6, 79.11-12
  • Institut national de la propriété industrielle (France)--76.2
  • Institute of Chemistry of Great Britain and Ireland--46.5
  • Institute of Physics (Great Britain)--46.7
  • Institutet for metallforskning (Sweden)--49.18
  • Institution of Electrical Engineers--46.8, 79.7
  • International Committee for the Unity and Universality of Culture--46.5
  • International Conference on Physics--46.5
  • International Institute of Intellectual Co-operation--48.3
  • International Peace Campaign--46.5, 52.5
  • Ioffe, A. F. (Abram Fedorovich), 1880-1960--46.10
  • Irvine, James Colquhoun, Sir, 1877-1952--46.5
  • Ito, Yoji, 1901-1955--46.5
  • Ives, Herbert Eugene, 1882-1953--46.9
  • Ives, James Edmund, 1865- --46.5
  • J. & A. Churchill--39.13
  • J. Jackson & Sons--46.10
  • J. Russell & Sons--54.19
  • J. Stanney & Co.--56.14
  • Jackson, Amy, Lady (wife of Sir Herbert Jackson)--46.10, 79.14
  • Jaeger, F. M. (Francis Mauritius), 1877- --46.10
  • Jaffe, George, 1880- --46.10
  • Jakob, Max, 1879-1955--46.10
  • James, Hubert Maxwell, 1908- --46.10
  • Jameson, Alexander Hope, 1874-1937--46.10
  • Jeans, C. M.--79.14
  • Jeans, James, 1877-1946--46.11-13, 47.1-5, 79.18
  • Jefferson, H.--46.10
  • Jeffery, G. B. (George Barker), 1891- --46.10
  • Jevons, Wilfred--46.10
  • Johnson, B. W.--79.14
  • Johnson, Herman--46.10
  • Johnson, J.--56.4
  • Johnson, Martin, 1896-1983--47.6
  • Johnson, Raynor Carey--47.7, 79.25
  • Joint War Organisation--38.13
  • Joliot-Curie, Frederic--47.6
  • Joliot-Curie, Irene, 1897-1956--47.6
  • Jones, A. S.--47.6
  • Jones, Edward Taylor, 1872- --47.6
  • Jones, H. Spencer (Harold Spencer), 1890-1960--47.6
  • Jones, Humphrey Owen, 1878-1912--47.9
  • Jones, J. Herbert--47.8
  • Jones, L.--47.6
  • Junk, Victor, 1875-1948--47.6
  • Kamerlingh Onnes, Heike, 1853-1926--47.10
  • Kannappan Naicker, T. R., 1905- --47.10
  • Kapitsa, P. L. (Petr Leonidovich), 1894-1984--47.11
  • Kastor, Robert--47.10
  • Katz, Ernst Fritz--47.10
  • Kaye, G. W. C. (George William Clarkson), 1880-1941--47.10
  • Kaye, J. R.--47.10
  • Kecskemeti, L.--47.10
  • Keesom, W. H. (Willem Hendrik), 1876- --47.12
  • Kellner, L.--38.10
  • Kendall, James, 1889-1978--54.18
  • Kendrick, John F.--47.10
  • Kent, Atwater, 1873-1949--47.10
  • Kenyon, Vera G.--47.10
  • Khan, Hasham--47.10
  • Khan, S. M. A.--47.10
  • Khastgir, S. R. (Satis Ranjan), 1898-1973--47.10
  • Kichlu, P. K.--47.13
  • Kilburn, _____--47.13
  • Kilowatt Publishing Co., Ltd.--47.13
  • Kilroe, Mary S. H.--47.13
  • Kimball, William Scribner--47.13
  • Kimura, M.--47.13
  • King, Albert Wilson--47.13
  • King, R. W.--47.13
  • King's College London--48.15-20, 49.1-2, 82.5, 82.7
  • King's College (University of Cambridge)--39.12
  • Kingsford, Dan P.--47.13
  • Kirby, A. H.--47.13
  • Kleeman, Richard D. (Richard Daniel)--47.14
  • Knudsen, Martin, 1871- --47.15
  • Komitee Zur Veranstaltung von Gastvortragen Auslandischer Gelehrter der Exakten Wissenschaften--47.16
  • Kramers, Hendrik Anthony, 1894-1952--80.12
  • Kraus, Georg--47.16
  • Krishnan, Kariamanikkam Srinivasa, 1898-1961--49.13
  • Krishnan, P. A. Gopala, 1909- --37.7
  • Kroepelin, Hans--44.13
  • Kronig, R. (Ralph), 1904- --47.16
  • Kruiger, F.--47.16
  • Kunsman, C. H. (Charles Henry), 1890- --47.16
  • Kunz-Hutterstrasser, Hermine, 1873-1948--46.3
  • Kurie, Franz Newell Devereux--37.7
  • Kuttner, Brian, 1908-1992--56.4
  • Laboratorio de Investigaciones Fisicas (Madrid, Spain)--47.17
  • Laboratory of the Government Chemist (Great Britain)--45.2
  • Laby, T. H. (Thomas Howell), 1880-1946--47.18
  • Lack, W. T.--47.17
  • Laird, Elizabeth Rebecca, 1874- --47.17
  • Lamb, Horace, Sir, 1849-1934--47.17
  • Lamb, W. R.--47.17
  • Lampe, Ernst, 1886- --47.17
  • Lancashire Anti-Submarine Committee--47.17
  • Landman & Foy, Solicitors (London)--47.17, 80.14
  • Lane, Bernard--47.17
  • Lang, Herbert R.--47.17
  • Lang, R. J.--47.17
  • Langevin, Paul, 1872-1946--47.19
  • Langley, A. J. G.--80.14
  • Langmead, Walter A.--47.17
  • Langmuir, Irving, 1881-1957--48.1
  • Langstroth, George Otty, 1905- --48.2
  • Langton, Eric--47.17
  • Langton, William Arthur--47.17
  • Lapworth, Arthur, 1872-1941--47.17
  • Larmor, Joseph, 1857-1942--47.17
  • Larson, _____--47.17
  • Lattey, R. T.--47.17
  • Laue, Max von, 1879-1960--80.14
  • Lauritsen, Tom--47.17
  • Law, William--47.17
  • Lawrence, Ernest Orlando, 1901-1958--47.17
  • Lawson, Robert W. (Robert William)--47.17
  • Le Carbone--39.11, 66.18
  • Le Quesne, Colin--48.3
  • Leake, Kathleen M.--48.3
  • Lederer, Ernst Anton, 1895- --48.3
  • Leeds University. Old Students' Association--48.3
  • Lees, Charles Herbert, 1864- --48.3, 80.23
  • Lefebure, Charles--46.6
  • Leichtle, Adolf--48.3
  • Leigh-Smith, Alice--48.4
  • Leigh-Smith, Philip--48.5
  • Leng, Robert--48.3
  • Lennard-Jones, J. E. (John Edward), 1894- --48.3
  • Lenox Conyngham, G. P. (Gerald Ponsonby), 1866-1956--40.3
  • Lester, Horace Hardy, 1884- --48.3
  • Leverhulme Research Fellowships--48.3
  • Levick, R. B. M.--48.6
  • Levin, F.--48.3
  • Lewis, Alkin--48.3
  • Lewis, Gilbert Newton, 1875-1946--48.3
  • Lewis, W. A.--80.23
  • Lewis & Mounsey--80.23
  • Leyshon, W. A. (Winifred Agnes)--48.3
  • Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine--48.7
  • Liveing, G. D. (George Downing), 1827-1924--48.7
  • Liverpool Physical Society--48.7
  • Livingston, M. Stanley (Milton Stanley)--80.35
  • Lizer, H.--48.7
  • Lloyd Wise & Co.--58.16
  • Lodge, Oliver, Sir, 1851-1940--48.10
  • Loeb, Leonard B. (Leonard Benedict), 1891- --48.9
  • Logeman, W. H.--48.9
  • London and North Eastern Railway--48.9
  • London County Council--48.9
  • London (England). County Lunatic Asylum, Colney Hatch--36.15
  • London Mathematical Society--48.9
  • London Telephone Service--48.9
  • Long, R. G.--48.9
  • Longmans, Green, and Co.--49.4
  • Lorentz, H. A. (Hendrik Antoon), 1853-1928--49.5
  • Lorentz, R.--48.9
  • Lorentz-Kaiser, Aletta Catharina--49.6
  • Love, A. E. H. (Augustus Edward Hough), 1863-1940--48.9
  • Lovell, Laura--48.9
  • Lovett, Edgar Odell, 1871-1957--48.9
  • Lovett, Fred J.--48.9
  • Lowe, Walter M.--48.9
  • Lowry, T. Martin (Thomas Martin), 1874-1936--48.9
  • Lumsden Lamp Co.--48.9
  • Lunt, R. Winstanley--48.9
  • Lyman, Theodore, 1874-1954--49.7
  • Lyon, P. C.--42.5
  • Lyons, H. G. (Henry George), 1864-1944--49.8
  • MacAlister, Donald, 1854-1934--49.9
  • MacBride, Constance--49.9
  • MacDonald, J. K. L.--49.9
  • Mackinnon, Doris L. (Doris Livingston)--49.9
  • McLaren, Dick & Co., Ltd.--82.13
  • Macmillan Publishers--49.9
  • Magie, William Francis, 1858-1943--49.13
  • Mahadevan, Calamur, 1901- --49.13
  • Mahler, Leo--49.12
  • Mahon, _____--49.12
  • Majumdar, V. A.--36.13, 77.2
  • Makower, W. (Walter), 1879-1945--49.12
  • Mallik, Devendra Nath, 1866-1941--49.12
  • Man, John E.--49.12
  • Mandell, W.--49.14
  • Mann, Frederick George--49.12
  • Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company--49.15
  • Marie Curie Cancer Care--49.15
  • Marks & Clerk (Firm)--49.16
  • Marlow, George Stanley Withers--49.15
  • Marshall, W. A.--49.15
  • Martin, Thomas, 1893- --49.15
  • Martins Ltd.--49.15
  • Martyn, G. H.--49.15, 83.3
  • Marx, Erich Anselm, 1874-1954--49.17
  • Mason, John H.--49.15
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology--49.15
  • Massey, Harrie Stewart Wilson, Sir--83.8
  • Masson, Irvine, 1887-1962--49.15
  • Mather, G. R. (George Radford), d. 1940--49.15
  • Mathur, Mahabir Dial--49.15
  • Mathur, S. B. L.--36.13, 77.2
  • Matthews, S.--49.15
  • Maxwell, G. M.--49.15
  • Maxwell Society--49.15
  • Mayr, J.--49.15
  • McCallum, S. P.--49.9
  • McDonald, John C. (John Charles), 1911- --49.9
  • McGraw-Hill Book Company--49.9
  • McLennan, J. C. (John Cunningham), 1867-1935--49.11
  • McLennan, Janet Cumming--49.9
  • Meggers, William F. (William Frederick), 1888-1966--49.18
  • Meksyn, D.--49.18
  • Menon, A. V. R.--36.15
  • Menzies, A. J.--56.4
  • Merriman, _____--43.13
  • Merritt, Ernest, 1865-1948--49.18
  • Merton, Marjory--83.3
  • Merton, Thomas Ralph, 1888-1969--50.1
  • Methuen & Co.--50.2
  • Metropol-Gesellschaft E. Matthes & Co.--49.18
  • Michel, Edouard--50.3
  • Michelson, Albert A. (Albert Abraham), 1852-1931--50.3
  • Middleton, Commander--38.11
  • Midland Bank Ltd.--50.3
  • Miles & Kaye, Ltd.--50.3
  • Miles, Samuel--50.3
  • Millikan, Robert Andrews, 1868-1953--50.4
  • Millington, V. P.--50.3
  • Mills, J. C.--50.3
  • Mills, William Hobson, 1873- --50.3
  • Milne, Edward Arthur, 1896-1950--50.3
  • Milner, Samuel Roslington, 1875-1958--50.5
  • Milson, C. F.--50.3
  • Mitchell, Allan E.--50.3
  • Mitra, Sisir Kumar, 1890-1963--50.3
  • Mohammed, Wali--51.8
  • Mohler, F. L. (Fred Loomis), 1893- --50.6
  • Mollison, W. L.--50.6
  • Monk, George Spencer, 1884- --50.6
  • Moore, Beatrice--50.6
  • Moore, H. (Harry), 1887-1960--50.7
  • Moore, J. S.--50.6
  • Morand, Max--50.6
  • Morehouse, Lyman F.--50.6
  • Morley, Education Committee--50.6
  • Morning Post (London, England)--50.6
  • Morse, Philip M. (Philip McCord), 1903-1985--50.6
  • Mosharrafa, A. M.--50.8
  • Mott, N. F. (Nevill Francis), Sir, 1905- --50.6
  • Moulton, Forest Ray, 1872-1952--36.17
  • Mount Holyoke College--50.6
  • Mukherjee, Sushil Kumar--50.9
  • Mullard Limited--50.9
  • Mullard Wireless Service Co., Ltd.--37.7
  • Muller, Ernst August Wilhelm, 1907- --50.9
  • Muller, Wolf Johannes, 1874-1942--50.9
  • Mulliken, Robert Sanderson--50.10
  • Munro, Cyril A.--50.9
  • Murat, Salit--50.9
  • Mutscheller, Arthur--50.9
  • Myers, Charles S. (Charles Samuel), 1873-1946--50.11
  • Myers, J. E.--52.10
  • Mynett, Edmund--56.4
  • Mysore Scientific Instruments Syndicate--50.9
  • Nagaoka, Hantaro, 1865-1950--50.11
  • Naito, Usaburo, 1891-1977--50.11, 84.9
  • Nakamura, Sunao--50.11
  • Nakaya, Ukichiro, 1900-1962--50.12
  • Nandi, P. C.--50.11
  • Narayan, A. L., 1890- --50.11
  • Nasr, Abbas Aly--50.13
  • Natanson, Wladyslaw, 1864-1937--84.9
  • National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)--50.11
  • National Geographic Society (U.S.)--84.9
  • National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (London, England)--50.11
  • National Institute of Industrial Psychology (Great Britain)--50.11
  • National Physical Laboratory (Great Britain)--50.14, 84.17-22, 85.1-3
  • National Portrait Gallery (Great Britain)--50.11
  • National Provincial Bank (London, England)--50.11
  • National Research Council Canada--50.11
  • National Research Council (U.S.)--50.11
  • Nature (London, England)--50.15
  • Nernst, Walther, 1864-1941--38.10
  • New York American--50.16
  • New York Times Company--50.16
  • Newall, H. F. (Hugh Frank), 1857-1944--50.16
  • Newbold, A. A.--50.17-18
  • Newman, F. A. B.--42.7
  • Newport, Edna--50.16
  • Nicholson, Dorothy--84.9
  • Nicholson, John William, 1881- --51.1
  • Niclassen, Hans--51.1, 84.9
  • Nicol, J.--51.1
  • Nicol, Thomas, 1900- --51.1
  • Nielsen, Jens Rud--51.1
  • Nilsson Electrical Laboratory, Inc.--85.8
  • Nishina, Yoshio, 1890-1951--51.1
  • Nobelstiftelsen--51.2, 85.9
  • Noce, Julius Dalla--51.3
  • Nordryn, W. N.--51.2
  • Norris, Homer, Jr.--51.2
  • Norske videnskaps-akademi i Oslo--51.2, osf 1
  • North British and Mercantile Insurance Co.--51.2
  • Northeast, Stephen--51.2
  • Northrup, Edwin F. (Edwin Fitch), 1866-1940--51.2
  • Norton, G. E.--51.2
  • Norton, H.--51.2
  • Nottingham, Wayne B. (Wayne Buckles), 1899- --51.2
  • Nutting, P. G. (Perley Gilman), 1873- --51.2
  • O'Day, C. R.--51.14
  • Ogg, Alexander--51.4
  • Ogilvie, F. G.--42.7
  • Ohio State University--51.4
  • Oliphant, Mark, 1901-2000--51.4
  • Oliphant, R. L.--51.4
  • Oliphant, William D.--51.4
  • Oman, Charles, 1860-1946--51.4
  • Optical Convention (3rd : 1926 : London, England)--51.4
  • Ornstein, L. S. (Leonard Salomon), 1880-1941--51.5
  • Osram-Robertson Lamp Works, Ltd.--51.4
  • Owen, D.--51.4
  • Owen, Gwilym Emyr--51.4
  • Page, William--51.6
  • Paget, Richard, 1869- --51.6
  • Pal, Hirendra Kumar--85.21
  • Palmer, Edgar M., 1881-1943--51.6
  • Palmer, Lionel Stanley, 1891- --51.6
  • Paranjpe, G. R.--36.13, 77.2
  • Parnell, T. (Thomas), 1881-1948--51.6
  • Parr, R.--51.6
  • Parsons, A. H.--51.6
  • Parthasarathy, Sarangapani, 1904- --51.6
  • Paschen, F. (Friedrich), 1865-1947--51.6
  • Pasteur, Mr. le--51.6
  • Paton, Stewart, 1865-1942--51.6
  • Pauli, Wolfgang, 1900-1958--51.6
  • Peacock, A.--51.7
  • Pearce, G. S.--51.7
  • Pegram, George Braxton, 1876-1958--51.7
  • Perrin, Jean, 1870-1942--51.7
  • Perry, E. Cooper (Edwin Cooper), Sir, 1856- --51.7
  • Peter Dixon & Son, Ltd.--42.16
  • Peters, Peter Edward--51.7
  • Phillips, Charles Edmund Stanley, 1871-1945--51.9
  • Philosophical Magazine--51.8
  • Philpot, Albert John, 1891- --51.8
  • Physical Review--51.8
  • Physical Society Club--51.15, 87.8
  • Physical Society (Great Britain)--51.10-14, 86.11-26, 87.1-7
  • Physics Club--51.8, 87.9
  • Physik.-Chemisches Institut der Universitat Berlin--51.8
  • Physikalisches Institut der Universitat Wien--51.8
  • Physikalisches Institut Technische Hochschule Aachen--51.8
  • Pinder, A. S.--51.8
  • Piplani, S. L.--51.8
  • Planck, Marga 1882-1949--51.8, 87.12
  • Planck, Max, 1858-1947--51.16, 87.13
  • Plaskett, Harry Hemley, 1893- --54.5
  • Plesch, Janos, 1878- --51.8
  • Pliday, James--51.8
  • Polytechnic Education Department--51.17
  • Poole, Horace Hewitt--51.17
  • Popular Science Monthly--51.17
  • Porter, Alfred W. (Alfred William), 1863-1939--51.17
  • Porter, H. L.--51.17
  • Potter, Harold Herbert, 1900- --51.17
  • Powers Cinephone Equipment Parent Syndicate, Ltd.--51.17
  • Poynting Physical Society--51.17
  • Price, William Charles, 1909- --51.18
  • Pridham, C. F.--51.18
  • Princeton University--52.1
  • Pringsheim, Peter, 1881-1963--38.10
  • Print, H. Celestine--56.4
  • Proudman, Joseph, 1888- --51.18
  • Przibram, Hans, 1874-1944--51.18
  • Przibram, Karl, 1878- --52.2
  • Punch (London, England)--51.18
  • Quayle, William C.--52.4
  • Queen Elizabeth College (University of London)--48.11
  • Queen Mary College (University of London)--52.3
  • Rafanelli, T. A.--52.5
  • Railway Passengers Assurance Company (London)--52.5
  • Ram, Rala--47.13
  • Raman, C. V., 1888-1970--52.6
  • Ramsay Memorial Fund--52.5
  • Rankine, Alexander Oliver, 1881-1956--52.7
  • Rankins, F. K.--52.5
  • Rao, C. S. Siva--52.5
  • Rao, I. Ramakrishna, 1901- --52.8
  • Rao, Subbarao Ramachandra, 1899- --52.9
  • Rathenau, G. W. (Gerard W.), 1911-1989--38.10
  • Rayleigh, John William Strutt, Baron, 1842-1919--52.10
  • Rayleigh, Robert John Strutt, Baron, 1875-1947--52.10
  • Rayton, W. B.--52.5
  • Read, C. W. W.--52.11
  • Reale Accademia d'Italia--52.11
  • Record, Charles--52.11
  • Redlich, Otto, 1896- --52.11
  • Redman, R. O.--54.5
  • Redston, Harry--52.11
  • Reeves, B. J.--57.3
  • Reichel, H. R. (Henry Rudolf), Sir, 1856-1931--47.9
  • Reis, Alfred--52.11
  • Reynolds & Branson, Ltd.--52.11
  • Reynolds, Edgar W.--52.11
  • Reynolds, F.--89.8
  • Richards, R. C.--52.12
  • Richardson, C. S.--52.12
  • Richardson, Charles H.--89.12
  • Richardson, Charlotte Maria, 1852-1910--52.13
  • Richardson, E. G. (Edward Gick), 1896-1960--52.12
  • Richardson, Edith A.--52.12
  • Richardson, F. L.--52.12
  • Richardson, Gillian--52.12
  • Richardson, Harold Owen Wilson, 1907- --52.14, 89.13
  • Richardson, Henrietta Maria Rupp--52.15
  • Richardson, Jean--52.12, 89.13
  • Richardson, John Dixon, 1908- --52.16
  • Richardson, Joshua Henry--52.17, 89.14
  • Richardson, Lewis F., 1881-1953--52.12, 89.15
  • Richardson, Lilian Maud Wilson, d. 1945--52.18
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