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Baron Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett Dunsany:

An Inventory of His Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Baron, 1878-1957
Title: Baron Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett Dunsany Collection
Dates: 1907-1968, undated
Abstract: Includes chiefly manuscripts and numerous notebooks of the Irish writer and dramatist best known for his fantasy works published under the name of Lord Dunsany. Some correspondence and contracts are also present in the collection.
Call Number: Manuscript Collection MS-1257
Extent: 7 document boxes, 1 oversize box (4.50 linear feet), 1 galley folder (gf), 1 oversize folder (osf)
Language: English
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center



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Joan Sibley and Katherine Noble, 2013


This finding aid replicates and replaces information previously available only in a card catalog. Please see the explanatory note at the end of this finding aid for information regarding the arrangement of the manuscripts as well as the abbreviations commonly used in descriptions.

Container List


1.1 The bullet that wasn't there, signed carbon typescript with handwritten changes, 5 pages, undated.
Chu-Bu and Sheemish, signed handwritten manuscript with few revisions, 10 pages, undated.
1.2 A city of wonder and American diary, handwritten manuscript, 87 pages, 16 October 1919-3 January 1920.
1.1 The clue, signed typescript with handwritten changes, 7 pages, undated.
1.3 The compromise of the King of the Golden isles (play), handwritten manuscript with emendations, 33 pages, 11-13 April 1917. Stage directions underlined in red. Original manuscript.
1.1 The convalescence of earth (poem), signed handwritten manuscript, 1 page, 1 December 1942 and 5 October 1952.
1.4-6 The curse of the wise woman, handwritten manuscript, 184 pages in 3 bound volumes, undated.
1.7 The evil kettle, handwritten manuscript, 178 pages bound, 1918.
1.8 Fame and the poet, signed handwritten manuscript with additions, 28 pages, 29-30 March 1917. Illustrated. Written in this: list of first productions.
1.9 The golden doom in one act, handwritten manuscript, 36 pages bound, undated.
2.2 His fellow men, handwritten manuscript / incomplete, 20 pages, undated.
2.3 His fellow men, handwritten manuscript, 309 pages in 2 bound volumes, 21 September-7 November 1951, 8 November 1951, and 6 April 1952.
2.1 In memory of A. E., handwritten manuscript / photocopy written in Lady Dunsany's hand, 1 page, undated.
In memory of Dr. Edwin Hubble, 1953, handwritten manuscript / copy in unidentified hand, 1 page, undated. Written on verso: AN.
In St. Paul's Cathedral, signed handwritten manuscript, 1 page, undated.
2.4-6 The King of Elfland's daughter, handwritten manuscript with revisions, 159 pages, undated.
2.7 The King of Elfland's daughter: notes, miscellaneous handwritten pages and fragments, 28 items, undated.
2.1 The lost poet, handwritten manuscript / photocopy written in Lady Dunsany's hand, 1 page, undated.
2.8 The memorial, handwritten manuscript with revisions, pages 53-57, 7 December 1949. Bound with: The return of Col. Polders.
2.1 The murder in Netherby Gardens, signed typescript with handwritten changes, 5 pages, undated (circa 1952). From the Ellery Queen Collection.
The queen's enemies, signed typescript with AN and stage drawing, 20 pages, undated.
3.2 Remember, handwritten manuscript with emendations, 1 page, 29 August 1949. Bound with: The strange journeys of Colonel Polders, vol. 1.
2.8 The return of Col. Polders, handwritten manuscript with emendations, pages 1-45, 18 September-24 November 1949. Bound with this: A tale of the Irish countryside; The memorial.
3.2 The scarlet letter, handwritten manuscript with revisions, 16 August 1949. Bound with The strange journeys of Colonel Polders, vol. 1.
3.1 Snow on the east wind (poem), signed handwritten manuscript, 1 page, undated.
gf 1 Some Irish writers whom I have known, galley proofs with handwritten corrections, 3 pages, 1952 or 1953.
3.1 A sonnet pinned by a colonel to the door of his barracks when the assault was intruded to the city, initialed handwritten manuscript / photocopy, 1 page, undated.
Starlight in Kent (poem), signed handwritten manuscript, 1 page, undated.
3.2 The strange journeys of Colonel Polders, handwritten manuscript with many revisions, 315 pages in 2 bound volumes, 1949. Bound with volume 1: Remember; Tribute to Maeterlinck; The scarlet letter.
3.1 Summary of speech before the Author's Club, London, January, 1954, handwritten carbon copy manuscript, 5 pages, 9 January 1954. Published as The leaden bells of modern poetry in Saturday review, 6 February 1954. Included with this: ALS to Mr. Gellat, 9 January 1954.
2.8 A tale of the Irish countryside, handwritten manuscript with revisions, pages 46-53, 5 December 1949. Bound with: The return of Col. Polders.
3.1 To A. E., handwritten manuscript / photocopy in Lady Dunsany's hand, 1 page, undated.
To a friend in the Hebrides, signed handwritten manuscript, 1 page, undated.
To the outermost planet (poem), signed handwritten manuscript, 1 page, undated.
3.2 Tribute to Maeterlinck, handwritten manuscript with emendations, 29 August 1949. Bound with: The strange journeys of Colonel Polder, vol. 1.

Works: Notebooks

3.3 Notebook 1, handwritten manuscript with additions, 43 pages bound, 3 July 1950. Includes: The pirate of round pond; Errors; unidentified items.
3.4 Notebook 2, handwritten manuscript, 71 pages bound, undated. Includes: The slugly beast; The Persian spell; Stranger than fiction; The golden gods; In a train.
3.5 Notebook 3, handwritten manuscript, 196 pages bound, 1933. Includes: A story of Ireland; Sleep of the gods.
3.6 Notebook 4, handwritten manuscript, 90 pages bound, 1933. Includes: Building a sentence; A song of wandering; The bureau de change; The wonderful window.
3.7 Notebook 5, handwritten manuscript, 73 pages bound, 1935. Includes: The seventh symphony; Spring reaches England; Up in the hills.
3.8 Notebook 6, handwritten manuscript, 108 pages bound, 1940. Includes: In honour of General de Gaulle; The Donellan lectures; The English spirit; The L. D. V.; The gate of horn; and others.
4.1 Notebook 7, handwritten manuscript, 109 pages bound, 1942-1943. Includes: The shipwreck; The eclipse; The 220th division; Browning is Bloughram; and others.
4.2 Notebook 8, handwritten manuscript, 216 pages bound, 1943-1948. Written in publisher's dummy for Plays of gods and men. Includes: The three sisters; A comparison; Inconstancy; Wandering wings; A query; Home to the state (notes); Thanksgiving in Dublin; and others.
4.3 Notebook 9, handwritten manuscript, 91 pages bound, 1945. Includes: The year: January, February, March, 1945; Prose-mysteries of east and west (and) Out west; Verse – To the National Library of South Africa.
4.4 Notebook 10, handwritten manuscript, 110 pages bound, September 1948-February 1949. Includes: An urgent case; A scientific experiment; Little Tim Brannehan; Making a masterpiece; On other paths; The partner; At the end of an era; and others.
4.5 Notebook 11, handwritten manuscript, 188 pages bound, March-August 1949. Includes: The pirate of the round pond; Progress; A victim of bad luck; Seeing the world; A glance at the Impressionists; Mammon returns; and others.
4.6 Notebook 12, handwritten manuscript, 58 pages bound, September-5 November 1949. Includes: Two Christmas dinners; A lucky escape; A friend of the family; Autumn cricket; The escaped shadow; Christmas; Cats; In grateful memory; and others.
4.7 Notebook 13, handwritten manuscript, 55 pages bound, 2-17 November 1949. Includes: The fall of the adjective; Magic casements; Christmas in the jungle; An eccentricity of genius; Influenza; Correcting nature; Blast; Information received; A royal swan.
5.1 Notebook 14, handwritten manuscript, 56 pages bound, 18-29 November 1949. Includes: Homo sapiens; The food of imagination; The raw material; A witch in the Balkans; A crime story; Old men's tales; How Mickey paid his debt; On an antique toy.
5.2 Notebook 15, handwritten manuscript, 58 pages bound, 1-17 March 1950. Includes: A plea for mercy; On giving the bird to posterity; Lost; What of the night; Idle tears; By a rural graveyard; Among the neutrals.
5.3 Notebook 16, handwritten manuscript, 62 pages bound, 20 April-23 June 1950. Includes: Work; A day in April; Fossils; Nine wonders; A tribute; The long work; The prophecy; In gratitude; The confession; and others.
8.1 Notebook 17, handwritten manuscript, 136 pages bound, 30 June-12 October 1950. Includes: Some writers of our time; A defence against darkness; The gypsy's song; Review of River diary; Dog stories; Boxes on the ceiling; and others.
5.4 Notebook 18, handwritten manuscript, 44 pages bound, 11 November 1950-5 January 1951. Includes: Chess at Hastings; Christmas; The escape; Square ships; Notes for speech; The use of words; On seas of time; Modern magic; High Wickham; A witch of the fells.
8.2 Notebook 19, handwritten manuscript, approximately 1010 pages bound, 1945-1947. Includes: A glimpse from a watch tower; A forgotten poet; The coming of time; The great apostate; Britain in these days; and others.
5.5 Notebook 20, handwritten manuscript, 30 pages bound, 1952. Includes: Misadventure; The chambermaid of the Splendide; Some Irish writers whom I have known.
5.6 Notebook 21, handwritten manuscript, 60 pages bound, March 1949. Includes: A walk in the night; The fantastic dreams; The pirate of the round pond.
5.7 Notebook 22, handwritten manuscript, 44 pages bound, 11-24 May 1949. Includes: A trip to Paris; A trip to Chartres; The harvesters; On the centenary of St. Columbo's College; One night in Eldorado; An ancient mariner.
5.8 Notebook 23, handwritten manuscript, 292 pages bound, November 1951-April 1952. Includes: His fellow men; At the scene of the crime; The romance of his life; The verdict; Change and decay; One law for the rich; To the wine; The fall of the muses; and others.
5.9 Notebook 24, handwritten manuscript, 60 pages bound, 1947-1948. Includes: poems, articles, tales and a play.
5.10 Notebook 25, handwritten manuscript, 62 pages bound, 1935. Includes: poems and stories.
5.11 Notebook 26, handwritten manuscript with revisions, 81 pages bound, 1934. Includes: A mystery of the east; How Ryan got out of Russia.
6.1 Notebook 27, handwritten manuscript with revisions, 57 pages bound, 17 March-3 April 1950. Includes: Among the neutrals; The salute; The exhaust (poem); A boy's song (poem); An idyll of the Sahara; The world is wide (article).
6.2 Notebook 28, handwritten manuscript with revisions, 62 pages bound, 1950. Includes: The world is wide; The devil among the willows; Introduction for Lady Wentworth; Work (article).
6.3 Notebook 29, handwritten manuscript with revisions, 204 pages bound, March-September 1944. Includes: Germany calling (poem); Strangers; To a people asleep; The neutral in our midst; A cricket problem (story); Far from home (poem); Drakes of today; A matter of principle; A bit of strategy; To Rogers McVeagh; To Moira; Another version; On a poetical competition (article); Tales for the dark continent; A life's work; Lullaby for a neutral people; The Battle of Britain; The leaf and the pie; A printer over his pipe; To T. B. P.; Wandering wings; To the German first parachute division; Our Claudius; On a picture by Sime; June; July; To Miss Menchik; Well, isn't it?; An inscription; A policeman at home; August; September; Battle of Killahoo.
6.4 Notebook 30, handwritten manuscript with revisions, 108 pages bound, September-December 1942. Includes: Ulysses bound to the mast; Fair play; To the watchman; Was he wrong?; To friends far hence; The lost omen; His message to the world; On a portrait; To Francis Ledwidge; What of the night; A song to dawn; October 19th; A dedication to soldiers of Jugoslavia; The new Bastille; Farewells; Not at his best; The burden shared; The fall; The foreboding; Westward ho!; Golden days; An inscription; The watchmen; Notes on Ardor Canis; To E. C.; Men of the middle east; Fading glories; The wreath; The new note; The old scoundrel; In time of battle; From the Irish; A dog and his neighbors; The hair of the dog; The storm; In memory of Coventry; The bells of victory; Misleading signs; At the end of an age; The prophecy; The German need; To children far away; An age of chivalry; After the avalanche; A song in the ether; The deficit; Rewards; The old way; Annus mirabilis; A song of the free; The white owl; Off the air; In Toulon harbor; A child's dream; The victory of Toulon; After Toulon; A stricken planet; To the sailors lost at Toulon; The stranger; The stormy dawn; The convalescence of earth; Who? A prayer to the east wind; An ode to tyranny; Hot work at Bremen; Exports; Verses by one Irishman; To liberty; After the raid on Naples; The ore of glory; Peace; The winds and the flags; A life sentence; A poor exchange; The fire in the rain; The truth of it; Wrath in the wind; The gift; After the Russian winter; The memorial; At the dark altar; Hell's latest; Lost pilgrims; Summary by a neutral; Wild times; The weather; Where is it?; A comrade; The judge; Wings in a cage; The one artist; The danger; By an Irish fireside; Against Hitler; On the next; To brave friends; The price; Run Rommel; Above the darkness.
6.5 Notebook 31, handwritten manuscript / incomplete with revisions, 153 pages bound, 1935. Includes: Up in the hills: chapters 1-17, 34; To success (poem).
6.6 Notebook 32, handwritten manuscript with revisions, 72 pages bound, 1929-1932. Includes: The use of man; The curse of the witch; The black mamba; The garden of memories.


6.7 ANI to unidentified recipient, 7 February no year. Removed from D 923si 1946 copy 2.
ALS to unidentified recipient re alliance between England and America, 18 April 1919.
ALS to Butt, _____, 24 October 1951.
2 ALS to Church, Richard, 24 and 26 September 1957.
2 ALS to Cruso, _____, 1 and 8 February 1923.
ALS to Curtis Brown Limited, 4 October 1923.
ALS to Egar, Mr., re Dunsany's Night at an inn, 5 November 1919.
ALS to Harris, Frank, 12 November 1931.
ALS to Harvey, Martin, undated.
Jones, Donna:
7.1-4 69 ALS, 4 ALI, 2 AN, 2 Christmas cards from Lord Dunsany to Jones, Donna, 1947-1957. Included with AN October 1957: ALS from Lady Dunsany to Jones and ALS / draft from Jones to Lady Dunsany re Dunsany's death. Also included are 5 ALS and 3 TLS from Jones, Donna to Dunsany, 1950-1957. Included in letter from 6 January 1950: photo and ANI from Jones, April 2005. ANI from Jones dated 30 March 2005 also on envelope of ALS to Dunsany dated 25 October 1956. Also included in ALS from 20 November 1947 are 4 handwritten poems by Dunsany: Fauna of Kent, Starlight in Kent, A spring morning, and The darkest hour. Included with ALS from 15 March 1948: handwritten poem by Dunsany titled Beethoven. Included with ALS 24 June 1953 is a signed handwritten manuscript by Dunsany titled In a hotel lounge, 12 pages, undated. Not described in card catalog (gift G12441, 2005).
7.5 8 ALS, 2 APCS, APCI from Lady Dunsany to Jones, 1957-1964. Not described in card catalog (gift G12441, 2005).
7.6; osf 1 Material re Dunsany, 15 items, 1953-1995, undated. Includes photographs, clippings, and notes. Not described in card catalog (gift G12441, 2005).
6.7 ALS to Lion, _____, 16 July 1926. Included with this: TccL / reply by Lion.
ALS to McAuley, Ethel, 19 November 1920.
2 ALS to Mathews, Elkin, 13 August no year, undated.
5 ALS to Mood, Fulmer, 1953-1957.
ALS to Moore-Brabazon, Margaret, 3 March 1939.
ALS to the editor of The observer, 30 December 1937. Written in the hand of an amanuensis.
ALS to Ogden, Mr., 13 November 1916.
ALS / photocopy to Owlett, 24 June 1956.
ALS to Pinker, James Brand, 23 February 1907. Written in the hand of an amanuensis.
ALS to Rider, Mr., 12 February no year.
3 ALS to Ritblat, Miss, 1950-1956. Written in the hand of an amanuensis.
ALS to Roberts, Kilham, 28 June 1933.
ALS to Sellars, Irma Peixotto Creighton, 24 April 1955.
ALS to Spriggs, Miss re his play The ginger cat, 9 January 1914. Written in the hand of an amanuensis.
ALS to Teall, Mr., 5 November 1919.
ALS to Weltmann, L., 30 April 1942.


7.7 Unidentified author. 2 TL / photocopies to Lady Dunsany and Warren Roberts, 19 March 1962.
Albatross Verlag. Memorandum of agreement with Lord Dunsany re The curse of the wise woman, printed DS, 2 pages, 22 November 1933.
Dunsany, Beatrice Villiers Plunkett, Lady. 4 ALS to Cohn, Marguerite A., 1961-1963. Included with ALS dated 28 August 1961: list of poems and places of publication; list of shorthand symbols.
Dunsany, Beatrice Villiers Plunkett, Lady. ALS, APCS to Mood, Fulmer, 5 December 1956 and 9 May 1968.
Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Baron, 1878-1957:
7.7 Autograph, 19 April 1953. Included with this: ALS Fulmer Mood to Fannie Ratchford, 1 May 1953.
Memorandum of agreement with G.P. Putnam's Sons re Plays of gods and men, TccDS, 2 pages, 25 June 1923.
My talks with Dean Spanley, memorandum of agreement with G. P. Putnam's Sons, signed typescript with handwritten addition by Dunsany, 3 pages, 25 May 1936.
Plays of near and far, memorandum of agreement with G. P. Putnam's Sons, signed carbon typescript, 2 pages, 30 September 1922.
Unhappy far off things, memorandum of agreement with Little, Brown & Co., signed carbon typescript, 2 pages, 14 August 1919.

Explanatory Note Concerning Manuscript Collections Cataloged in the Card Catalog

Prior to 1990 when archival cataloging procedures were adopted at the Ransom Center, all manuscript collections were described in a card catalog.

Organization of Collections:

Manuscripts for each author collection were organized into four categories:

  • Works: manuscripts by the author, arranged alphabetically by title;
  • Letters: the author's outgoing correspondence, arranged alphabetically by recipient name;
  • Recipient: the author's incoming correspondence, arranged alphabetically by the author of the letter; and
  • Miscellaneous: all other manuscripts and correspondence, arranged alphabetically by creator.

Materials that did not fit into these categories, such as art, photographs, books, and near-print materials such as newspaper clippings, were dispersed to other Ransom Center collections for cataloging and storage.

Abbreviations Used in Descriptions:

The symbols below were used in combinations. For example ALS means autograph letter signed; Tccms means typed carbon copy manuscript, etc.

  • A = autograph (i.e., handwritten)
  • T = typed
  • S = signed
  • I = initialed
  • Ms = manuscript
  • Mss = manuscripts
  • L = letter
  • FL = form letter
  • N = note
  • D = document
  • C = card
  • PC = post card
  • cc = carbon copy
  • p = page
  • pp = pages
  • l = leaf
  • ll = leaves
  • nd = no date
  • inc d = incomplete date