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Freya Stark:

An Inventory of Her Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Stark, Freya, 1893-1993
Title: Freya Stark Collection
Dates: 1893-1993 (bulk 1920-1976)
Abstract: The Freya Stark collection spans the years 1893 to 1985 and embraces in the main her correspondence, along with publication files of thirteen major works and drafts of a considerable number of minor pieces. Also present are some clippings, photographs, and invitations, together with third party correspondence.
Extent: 30 document boxes, 1 oversize folder (osf), 2 galley files (gf) (12.6 linear feet)
Language: English
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center

Biographical Sketch

Freya Madeline Stark was born in Paris on 31 January 1893 to Robert and Flora Stark. The elder Starks--the father of British birth, the mother born on the continent--were cousins and artists. After several years of living at Chagford, Devon and in northern Italy, Robert and Flora Stark separated, and Flora, with Freya and a younger sister Vera, remained in Italy, first at Dronero, and then at Asolo, near Venice.

Freya's fascination with exotic lands is said to have dated from her earliest reading of the British romantic poets, as well as FitzGerald's translation of the Rubaiyat. The future travel writer and explorer developed a keen interest in the Middle East, and, aided by a remarkable skill with languages, quickly began a life-long program of self-education, mastering modern European tongues and eventually classical and Oriental languages. Her principal formal education was at Bedford College, University of London, in the years 1911 to 1914.

After service in World War One as a military nurse in Italy and a postwar period of commercial gardening, Freya decided upon travel in the Near East. This decision was supported by additional language preparation at the London School of Oriental Studies, as well as by her desire to escape from her domineering mother and various family obligations.

Freya Stark's first trip to the Levant began in November, 1927 and was eventually chronicled in Letters from Syria (1942). Her small frame hid a fierce will and a hardy constitution, and Freya refused the usual cosseting tours, preferring to eat, live, and travel as the local populations did. Many of her fellow Britons feared she had gone native, but she realized this was the only path to an authentic knowledge of the Middle East and its peoples.

Stark returned to Lebanon in 1929, and eventually found her way to Baghdad, where her first published work, Baghdad Sketches, appeared in 1932. Journeys into Iran during the years 1929 to 1931 resulted in The Valleys of the Assassins (1934), her first work to achieve wide recognition. Valleys was in fact reprinted three times within a year of its appearance.

At the end of 1934, Freya Stark's first expedition into Arabia was eventually terminated when she contracted measles and, upon relapse, had to be rescued by the British Royal Air Force. Another Arabian expedition was also ended by serious illness in 1938. Despite these hardships enough was accomplished for her to publish The Southern Gates of Arabia, Seen in the Hadhramaut, and A Winter in Arabia between 1936 and 1940.

During the Second World War Freya Stark placed her knowledge of the Middle East at the service of Britain's Ministry of Information. She worked to counter Axis propaganda among the populations of the region and helped found the Arab Brotherhood of Freedom, an anti-Nazi organization.

In 1947, Freya Stark married Stewart Perowne, a British diplomat she had known since the late 1930s, and with him she moved first to Barbados and then to Libya. The marriage did not prosper, and in 1952 they separated. Despite this setback and her absence from the Middle East, Stark was able to publish three volumes of autobiography in the years between 1950 and 1953, followed by a fourth in 1961.

Freya Stark discovered a new interest in Asia Minor in the 1950s. This soon led to her learning Turkish and setting out on a series of difficult journeys, often on horseback, to the far corners of Anatolia. Ionia: A Quest (1954), The Lycian Shore (1956), Alexander's Path (1958), Riding on the Tigris (1959), and Rome on the Euphrates (1966) were published as a result.

After Freya Stark was, in 1972, created a Dame of the British Empire she continued her arduous regimen with travel by horseback in the Himalayas, as well as rafting down the Euphrates. Only as infirmity overcame her in her final decade did she slow down. Dame Freya died a centenarian at Asolo on 9 May 1993.

Scope and Contents

The Freya Stark Collection spans the years 1893 to 1993 and embraces in the main her correspondence, along with publication files of thirteen major works and drafts of a considerable number of minor pieces. Also present are some clippings, photographs, and invitations, together with third party correspondence. The collection is largely in its original order and is arranged in four series: Series I. Works, 1916-1976 (9 boxes); Series II. Correspondence, 1893-1985 (20.5 boxes); Series III. General Research, 1913-1976 (.5 box); and Series IV. Additional Materials, 1967-1993 (1 folder).

The Works series includes various drafts of those publications written or edited by Freya Stark between 1934 and 1976. These are Dust in the Lion's Paw, Ionia, a Quest, The Minaret of Djam, A Peak in Darien, Perseus in the Wind, Rome on the Euphrates, Seen in the Hadhramaut, Space, Time & Movement in Landscape, Traveller's Prelude, Turkey: a Sketch of Turkish History, The Valleys of the Assassins, A Winter in Arabia, The Zodiac Arch, and An Italian Diary. The last title cited is Flora Stark's account of her detention by the Italian authorities in the early years of World War II, edited after the author's death by her daughter.

For all titles published by the firm of John Murray beginning in 1933 relevant correspondence is found in Series II under the personal heading for John "Jock" Murray, 1909-1993. Various other outgoing Freya Stark letters in that series bear indications of editorial marking for their future use in either accounts of Miss Stark's travels or as part of her published letters. Such markings are particularly evident in those addressed to Flora Stark.

The extensive collection of brief pieces Freya Stark created for various purposes present in the Works series includes periodical articles, broadcasts, forewords, juvenilia, lectures, memoranda, and reviews. These range in date from verse written in 1916 to a dinner address of 1975. Those short pieces found in folders 1.2, 1.6, and 1.8 are not individually identified in the folder list but are indexed alphabetically at the end of the list. Brief pieces set aside for use in The Zodiac Arch, whether actually published there or not, are not separately indexed.

Series II, Correspondence, contains both the earliest and the latest items in the Freya Stark Collection, and, more significantly, includes extensive correspondence with the several persons who figured most significantly in her long life. At twenty and a half boxes it is by far the bulk of the collection, and of this total the John Murray file at two boxes is the largest grouping.

The earliest bit of correspondence, dated "February 8th 1893," from madame Delécluse to "Mrs. Stark & Miss Freya Madeline Stark," offers the writer's "best wishes and congratulations" to the newborn and her mother. It was accompanied by "lilies of the valley and red & white cyclamen." The latest missive, dated "31/May/85," is from Freya to Sir Michael Stewart and concerns a projected Mediterranean tour.

The series contains scant correspondence on household matters and little on the merely social or anything that could be called broadly cultural. There is some fan mail, but it is not extensive. The correspondents are mostly directly involved, in one capacity or another, in Freya Stark's life work, and are in the main British. The political tone is essentially conservative.

For Freya Stark's family there is a large amount of correspondence present, including a full box of letters from Freya to her mother, together with two folders from Flora to her daughter. As noted above, Freya's letters to Flora were, in many cases, sources for published works. There are also three folders from Freya to her father and a single folder from Robert to his elder daughter. From Vera Stark di Roascio there are--Vera having died young--only a few letters to be found to her sister Freya. Costanza di Roascio Boido, Vera's only child to survive the Second World War, is represented by one folder.

Among Freya Stark's correspondents is found a number of significant writers and scholars. Of this group, Sir Sydney Cockerell is represented by the most extensive correspondence--two folders, covering the years 1934 to 1961. Among the many topics addressed by Cockerell is Stark's The Arab Island (Knopf, 1945), for the manuscript of which he provided pages of critiques and suggestions. None of Stark's letters to Cockerell are in the collection. Other writers for whom significant incoming correspondence is present are Gertrude Caton-Thompson, Victor Cunard, Lawrence Durrell, Austen Harrison, Alan and Lucy Moorehead, Harold Nicolson, Vita Sackville-West, Paul Scott, Lionel Smith, and Colin Thubron.

The friends and acquaintances of Freya Stark for whom significant correspondence exists in the collection are a disparate group. Taken chronologically, the first group includes an old family friend (Herbert Young), two women important in the years Freya was creating her own unique path (Viva Jeyes and Venetia Buddicom), a patient and indulgent publisher (Jock Murray), and a career diplomat with whom marriage failed (Stewart Perowne). In the second group, significant in the author's postwar period of public recognition are found a former aide who became a lifelong friend (Pamela Cooper), and two ladies of wealth and social position who made life easier for the writer in her later years (Lady Sybil Cholmondeley and Dulcie Deuchar). Of this group Stewart Perowne and Lady Sybil Cholmondeley are represented by four folders of correspondence, the others, save Murray, by single folders. Jock Murray's social correspondence with Freya is intermixed with their business letters.

Various military figures appear among Freya Stark's correspondents. These men range from Lt. Col. Morice Lake (who in Aden in the late 1930s was charged with keeping an eye on Freya's forays into the Hadhramaut) to Maj. Colin Mackenzie, a serving officer in the postwar British army and, like Freya, a lover of wild places. Lt. Gen. Sir John Bagot Glubb--Glubb Pasha, commander of the Arab Legion--is represented by correspondence official and personal written between 1943 and 1960.

Miss Stark's period of service under the first Earl Wavell during his tenure as viceroy of India produced correspondence that for his part is here found in carbon typescripts. There is likewise a group of letters from the elder Wavell's son Archibald John dating until shortly before his 1953 death in Kenya. Charles W. B. Rankin, whom Freya first knew in India as the viceroy's private secretary became a good friend in the postwar years, as revealed in their letters. Each of these figures is represented by a folder of correspondence, except Morice Lake, from whom several letters are present.

A number of diplomats and military intelligence figures appear as correspondents in the Stark Collection. Sir Vyvyan Holt, whom Freya first met in Baghdad in 1930, is represented by a folder of his personal letters down to 1958. Sir Iltyd Clayton and Sir Kinahan Cornwallis, both of whom worked with Freya Stark in the early years of World War II, together with (from a slightly later period) Moore Crosthwaite and Sir Michael Stewart are also represented here. The two folders of correspondence from Stewart and one of Freya's outgoing is the most numerous involving this group.

Series III, General Research, comprises five folders--a half box--of clippings, ephemeral printed matter, fragments of research material, some third person correspondence and a few photos. The most significant individual item found here is Venetia Buddicom's Journal of the Jebel Druze, a typescript with handwritten corrections, covering the travels of Buddicom and Freya Stark through that region in the period 7-21 May 1928.

The third person correspondence present here dates from 1913 to 1952 and the most frequent recipient was Flora Stark. Among these letters, those of Sir Akhbar Hydari to Lord Halifax transmitting copies of the letters being sent to the chieftains of the Hadhramaut in conjunction with Stark's 1934 expedition are perhaps the most noteworthy.

Series IV, Additional Materials, consists of fifteen letters and postcards (1967-1980) from Freya Stark to the Australian-born painter and sculptor Colin Colahan and his wife Monique. In these letters Freya describes her travels from 1967, when she first explored central Asia, to 1980, when at the age of 87 she is planning what she predicts will be her "last proper journey" to Nepal and the Himalayas. Accompanying the letters are two photographs of Freya and a portrait of her painted by Colin, two charcoal drawings of the Colahans by Freya, and newspaper clippings of obituaries for Freya. These materials were added to the Ransom Center’s Freya Stark Collection in 2014.



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Index Terms

Berenson, Bernard, 1865-1959
Besse, Antonin, 1877-195
Birgi, Muharrem Nuri, 1908-
Boido, Costanza di Roascio
Buddicom, Venetia Digby, 1895-
Caton-Thompson, Gertrude, 1888-1985
Cholmondeley, Sybil Sassoon, Marchioness of, 1894-1989
Cockerell, Sydney Carlyle, Sir, 1867-1962
Cooper, Pamela, 1910-2006
Cunard, Victor
Deuchar, Dulcie
Deuchar, Tommy
Durrell, Lawrence
Forrer, Anita
Glubb, John Bagot, Sir, 1897-1986
Harrison, Austen St. B.
Holt, Vyvyan, Sir, 1896-1960
Huxley, Juliette, 1896-
Jeyes, Viva
Larsson, Barclay Sanders
Lennox-Boyd, Mark Alexander, 1943-
Lennox-Boyd, Simon Donald Rupert Neville, 1939-
Mackenzie, Colin A. F.
Moorehead, Alan, 1910-1983
Moorehead, Lucy
Murray, John, 1909-1993
Nicolson, Harold, 1886-1968
O'Gorman, Ned, 1929-
Perowne, Stewart, 1901-1989
Punchard, Alan
Ruthven, Malise
Sackville-West, V. (Victoria), 1892-1962
Scott, Paul, 1920-1978
Sparrow, John, 1906-1992
Stark, Flora, d. 1942
Stark, Robert, 1853-1931
Stewart, Michael, Sir, 1911-1994
Thubron, Colin, 1939-
Wavell, Archibald John Arthur Wavell, Earl of, 1916-1953
Wavell, Archibald Percival Wavell, Earl of, 1883-1950
Young, Herbert
Women travelers--Great Britain
Women Middle East specialists
Middle East--Description and travel
Hadramawt (Yemen : Province)
Document Types
Christmas cards
Galley proofs
Legal documents

Related Material

Other archives possessing Freya Stark material include the British Library, St. Antony's College Oxford, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Collections in the Ransom Center which contain material related to Stark include those of Nancy Cunard, Georgia Sitwell, and Osbert Sitwell.

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Gifts and Purchases, 1977-1994 (G12407, R7789, R13198, R14547, 14-01-001-P, 14-09-006-P)

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Bob Taylor, 2010, 2014


Geniesse, Jane Fletcher. Passionate Nomad: the Life of Freya Stark. New York: Random House, 1999.

Hansen, Peter H. "Stark, Dame Freya Madeline (1893?-1993)."Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004. (accessed May 2009)

Folder List

Series I. Works, 1916-1976

1.1 "After a winter spent in a region where security is recent...," typescript carbon
"At 3.20 am we were collected on the steps of the Continental in Cairo...," inscribed '12.8.43,' handwritten draft
"I spend as much of my time as I spend anywhere...," inscribed 'Time & Tide 1937,'typescript with handwritten revisions
"Joseph's father owned a large homestead ...," inscribed 'Freya Stark 1919?,' typescript with handwritten revisions
"The presentation of Palestine policy ...," inscribed 'Freya Stark 22.12.43,' typescript carbon
"Unruffled hills on summer days / Are dotted in amyethyst, a haze ...," inscribed 'Freya' and '1916?,' handwritten verse
"Until the development of the Abyssinian situation...," inscribed 'Unpublished?,' typescript carbon
1.2 A-K
1.3 Apology for Propaganda, handwritten and typescript, drafts, one retitled A pamphlet in defence of propaganda and bearing brief notes by Stark and Stewart Perowne
25.1 Baghdad sketches, handwritten and typescript
1.4 Broadcast: Famous Women of the Orient, six scripts for the B.B.C., August-September 1939
25.2 Charles Lambe, handwritten eulogy, 1960?
Dust in the Lion's Paw
First draft
26.1 Chapters 1-8, pt. 1, typescript and handwritten drafts
26.2 Journal, 16.3.41 to 8.7.41, typescript carbon with handwritten revisions, marked for use in chapters 7 and 8
26.3 Chapters 9-12, pt. 2, typescript and handwritten drafts
26.4 Chapters 12, pt.3-14, typescript and handwritten drafts
26.5 Chapters 15-16, with related material, typescript and handwritten drafts
Second draft
26.6 Chapters 1-10, typescript carbon with handwritten revisions
27.1 Chapters 11-14 and epilogue, typescript carbon, with handwritten revisions
1.5 A Friday in San'a, typescript drafts, one retitled as 'The Imam of Yemen'
25.3 Hureidha winter, two typescript drafts, 1938
Ionia, a Quest
27.2 First draft, with title: Ionia and Aeolia, a journey in time, typescripts with handwritten revisions
27.3 Second draft revisions of chapters 2-18, handwritten and typescript drafts with handwritten revisions
27.4 Third draft, typescript carbon with handwritten revisions
27.5-6 Draft copy corrected by Prof. A. Andrews and accompanied by his comments to the author, inscribed 'New College, Oxford, Dec. 29th 1953,' typescript carbon with handwritten notes
28.1-2 Printer's copy, typescript, with handwritten revisions
gf Galley proofs with handwritten corrections
1.6 L
1.7 Letters, handwritten and typescript drafts of forewords to vols. I and II
25.4-5 The Lycian Shore, typescript drafts for printer, with handwritten revisions
1.8 M-Z
The Minaret of Djam
2.1 Typescript and handwritten draft chapters, with extensive revisions
2.2 Typescript drafts, with revisions
2.3 Typescript carbon editorially marked for printer inscribed 'author's corrected page proofs 1970'
2.4 A Peak in Darien, typescript 'corrected rough drafts'
Perseus in the Wind
25.6 Typescript drafts with handwritten revisions
2.5 Typescript drafts with handwritten revisions; unpublished "introduction" in lieu of Foreword
25.7 Review of Roumeli by Leigh Fermor, typescript with handwritten corrections
Rome on the Euphrates
First draft
28.3 Chapters 1-8, handwritten and typescript drafts with handwritten revisions
28.4 Chapters 9-12, handwritten and typescript drafts, with handwritten revisions
28.5 Chapters 13?-16, handwritten and typescript drafts, with handwritten revisions
Drafts of chapters 10-16
28.6 Chapters 10-11, handwritten and typescript drafts, with handwritten revisions
29.1 Chapters 11-13, handwritten and typescript drafts, with handwritten revisions
29.2 Chapters 14-16, handwritten and typescript drafts, with handwritten revisions
Drafts of chapters 1-14
3.1 Chapters 1-6, typescript drafts with handwritten queries
3.2 Foreword and chapters 1-9, typescript drafts
3.3 Chapters 10-14, multiple drafts; handwritten and typed notes
25.8 Seen in the Hadhramaut, handwritten and typescript drafts of foreword, with handwritten corrections; accompanied by typescript inscribed '?Harold Ingrams comments on Freyas foreword'
25.9, osf Space, Time & Movement in Landscape, handwritten and typescript drafts, with handwritten corrections. Early drafts titled 'The enhancement(s) of landscape.' Large paper drafts on three bifolia (removed oversize flat file)
Traveller's Prelude
25.10 Typescript carbon draft of 161 p., beginning "Prodromos, Cyprus, 2.9.42, My dearest Sydney ..."
25.11 Typescript draft fragments of chapters 19-22, with handwritten revisions
3.4 Turkey: A Sketch of Turkish History, handwritten and typescript drafts of main text; handwritten drafts of notes for plates
25.12, osf The Valleys of the Assassins, typescript fragments with handwritten revisions of Two nights in the hills, Joistan and the Castle of Parachan, and the upper Shahrud Valley and the Maidens Castle. With 'Map of northern Persia by Miss F. Stark (1931)' on cloth (map removed to oversize flat file)
A Winter in Arabia
29.3 Typescript drafts, with handwritten revision [276 p.]
29.4 Typescript draft with handwritten revisions, incomplete [257 p.]
29.5 Typescript carbon draft with handwritten revisions [193 p.]
29.6 Typescript drafts with handwritten revisions [292 p.]
30.1 Typescript draft fragments with handwritten revisions [21 p.]
30.2 Epilogue, typescript carbon draft, with handwritten revisions [92 p.]
gf Galley proofs with handwritten and typed corrections (removed to galley file)
25.13 Walter Smart, handwritten eulogy, July 1962
25.14 Written for Larry Durrel [sic] April '70 (handwritten reminiscence of Lawrence Durrell)
The Zodiac Arch
30.3 Editorial notes and correspondence, handwritten and typescript drafts
30.4-5 Essays, handwritten, typescript, and printed drafts
30.6 Essays not used, handwritten and typescript drafts with handwritten revisions
30.7 Proof copy, with handwritten revisions
Stark, Flora
4.1 An Italian Diary, foreword by Freya Stark, handwritten and typescript notes and drafts of principal text
4.2 Asolo [and] Dronero, typescript drafts

Series II. Correspondence, 1893-1985

4.3 Letterbook, 4 July-24 October 1944, outgoing
4.5 A-G, outgoing
8.8 A-Aq
8.9 Abu'l Huda, Lulie
8.10 Ar-Az
8.11 Arnold-Forster, Mervyn Nevil
9.1 Ba-Bh
9.2 Balfour, David
9.3 Balfour, Francis Cecil Campbell
Beach, Lucy, outgoing
4.6 Outgoing
9.4 Incoming
9.5 Berens, Henry
Berenson, Bernard
4.7 Outgoing
9.6 Incoming
9.7 Berlin, Isaiah
9.8 Besse, Antonin
9.9 Bi-Bo
9.10 Bigham, Joanna Murray
9.11 Birgi, Muharrem Nuri
9.12 Boase, T. S. R.
9.13 Boido, Costanza di Roascio
10.1 Bp-Bz
10.2 Bramley, Wilfrid Jennings
Buddicom, Venetia Digby
5.1 1927-1932
5.2 1933-1943
10.3 Incoming
10.4 Busk, Douglas
10.5 Ca-Cn
10.6 Caccia, Harold Anthony Caccia, Baron
10.7 Caton-Thompson, Gertrude
10.8 Cecil, David
Cholmondeley, Sybil Sassoon, Marchioness of
10.9 1946-1962
10.10 1963-1967
10.11 1968-1971
10.12 1972-1976
11.1 Clayton, Iltyd Nicholl, Sir
11.2 Clive, Nigel
11.3 Coa-Coq
Cockerell, Sydney Carlyle, Sir
11.4 1934-1943
11.5 1944-1961
11.6 Colahan, Colin
Cooper, Derek
5.3 Outgoing (R13198)
11.7 Incoming
11.8 Cooper, Diana
Cooper, Pamela
5.4 Outgoing (R13198)
11.9 Incoming
12.1 Cor-Cz
12.2 Cornwallis, Kinahan, Sir
12.3 Crosthwaite, Ponsonby Moore
Cunard, Victor
5.5 Outgoing
12.4 Incoming
12.5 Da-Dq
12.6 De Gaury, Gerald
Deuchar, Dulcie
5.6 Outgoing
12.7 Incoming
12.8 Deuchar, Tommy
12.9 Dr-Dz
12.10 Drower, Margaret S.
12.11 Durrell, Lawrence
13.1 E-F
13.2 Fay, Ronald W.
13.3 Fermor, Patrick Leigh
13.4 FitzRoy, Henrietta Fortune Doreen, Lady
13.5 Forrer, Anita
13.6 Ga-Go
13.7 Gardiner, Rolf
13.8 Gawronski, Jan
13.9 Gibson, Richard Patrick Tallentyre Gibson, Baron
13.10 Glubb, John Bagot, Sir
13.11 Goddard-Wilson, Lavender Mary Jean Cassells
13.12 Goodenough, William, Sir
13.13 Gowrie, Alexander Patrick Greysteil Ruthven, Earl of
13.14 Gowrie, Alexandra Bingley Ruthven, Countess of
14.1 Gowrie, Zara Pollok Hore-Ruthven, Countess of
14.2 Gp-Gz
14.3 Grafton, Ann Fortune Smith FitzRoy, Duchess of
14.4 Grafton, Hugh Denis Charles FitzRoy, Duke of
14.5 Guest, Rhuvon
5.7 H-M, outgoing
14.6 Ha-Hh
14.7 Hamilton, John Almeric de Courcy
14.8 Harrison, Austen St. B.
14.9 Hi-Ht
14.10 Hodgkin, E. C.
14.11 Holt, Vyvyan, Sir
15.1 Hu-Hz
15.2 Hubbard, R. Pearce S.
15.3 Huxley, Juliette
15.4 I
15.5 Ingrams, William Harold
15.6 Iveagh, Gwendolen Onslow Guinness, Countess of
15.7 J
15.8 Jardine, John B. S.
15.9 Jebens, Albrecht
Jeyes, Viva
15.8 Outgoing
15.10 Incoming
15.11 K
15.12 Ker, Edwin
15.13 Kidsons (Firm)
15.14 Kinross, Patrick Balfour, Baron
16.1 La-Lh
16.2 Lambe, Charles Edward, Sir
16.3 Lancaster, Osbert
16.4 Larsson, Barclay Sanders
16.5 Lawrence, Henry Staveley, Sir
16.6 Lennox-Boyd, Alice Mary Clive
16.7 Lennox-Boyd, Mark Alexander
16.8 Lennox-Boyd, Simon Donald Rupert Neville
16.9 Li-Lz
16.10 Lloyd, Seton
16.11 Longmore, Felicity
16.12 Luke, Harry, Sir
17.1 Luling Buschetti, Marina, contessa
17.2 Mac-Max
17.3 MacDonald, Malcolm
17.4 Mackenzie, Colin A. F.
17.5 Mb-Mn
17.6 Miller, John
17.7 Mo-Mz
17.8 Monroe, Elizabeth
17.9 Moorehead, Alan
17.10 Moorehead, Lucy
17.11 Mueller, John Henry
Murray, John (1909-1993)
17.12 1933-1939
18.1 1940-1945
18.2 1946-1949
18.3 1950-1952
18.4 1953-1954
18.5 1955-1956
18.6 1957-1959
18.7 1960-1962
19.1 1963-1965
19.2 1966-1967
19.3 1968-1970
19.4 1971-1972
19.5 1973-1977
19.6 Murray, John R. G.
6.1 N-Z, outgoing
19.7 N-O
19.8 Naudé, Alain
19.9 Nevill, Anne Camilla Eveline Wallop, Lady
20.1 Nicolson, Harold
20.2 Norwich, John Julius
20.3 O'Gorman, Ned
20.4 Önat, Cigdem
20.5 P-Q
20.6 Pawson, Pamela
Perowne, Stewart
20.7 1937-1947
20.8 1948-1949
20.9 1950-1961
20.10 1962-1974
20.11 Phillimore, Claud Stephen
21.1 Ra-Rox
21.2 Ranfurly, Hermione Ranfurly, Countess of
21.3 Rankin, Charles Winton Browne
6.2 Richardson, John, outgoing (G12407)
21.4 Robertson, Adelaide
21.5 Roper, Lanning
21.6 Roy-Rz
21.7 Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain)
21.8 Runciman, Steven
21.9 Rushbrook Williams, L. F.
21.10 Russell, Sheridan
Ruthven, Malise
6.3 Outgoing (R13198)
21.11 Incoming
21.12 Ryckmans, G. (Gonzague)
22.1 Sa-Sg
22.2 Salisbury, Elizabeth Vere Cavendish Gascoyne-Cecil, Marchioness
22.3 Scaife, C. H. O.
22.4 Scott, Paul
22.5 Sedgwick, Alexander Cameron
22.6 Sh-Stev
22.7 Skrine, Clarmont
Smith, Arthur Lionel Forster
6.4 Outgoing
22.8 Incoming
22.9 Sparrow, John Hanbury Angus
Stark, Flora
6.5 1914-1923
6.6 1925-1928
6.7 1929-1931 (September)
7.1 1931 (October)-1932
7.2 1933-1934
7.3 1939-1940
7.4 1941
7.5 1942
22.10 1916-1937
22.11 1938-1942
Stark, Robert
7.6 1912-1924
7.7 1925-1928
8.1 1929-1931
23.1 Incoming
23.2 Stew-Sy
Stewart, Michael, Sir
8.2 Outgoing (includes R14547)
23.3 1945-1964
23.4 1965-1976
23.5 T-V
23.6 Thompson, Mary Poldores MacCunn
23.7 Thubron, Colin
23.8 Wa-Wn
23.9 Waller, Dick
24.1 Wavell, Archibald John Arthur Wavell, Earl of
Wavell, Archibald Percival Wavell, Earl of
8.3 Outgoing
24.2 Incoming
24.3 Wo-Z
24.4 Woolley, Katharine, Lady
24.5 Young, Geoffrey Winthrop
Young, Herbert
8.4 Outgoing, 1928-1939
24.6 Incoming
24.7 Young, Margaret Rose Mary Reynolds, Lady
4.4 Outgoing
8.5 A-I
8.6 J-Y
8.7 Illegible or unsigned

Series III. General Research, 1913-1976

24.8 Clippings, 1937-1971
24.9 Invitations and programs, circa 1935-1976
24.10 Minor print and handwritten materials, 1928-1961
24.11 Minor print, handwritten materials, and photographs, 1917-1974
24.12 Third party correspondence, 1913-1952

Series IV. Additional Materials,1967-1993

30.8, osf Colahan, Colin and Monique letters, photographs, charcoal drawings, and Stark obituary clippings (some clippings removed to oversize flat file)

Index of Correspondents

  • Abbott, Nabia, 1897-1981 (The Oriental Institute, the University of Chicago)--8.8
  • Abood, Salim--8.8
  • 'Abd Al-Latif, Khalid--8.8
  • Abdullah, King of Jordan, 1882-1951--8.8
  • Abu Bekr, Seyid--8.8
  • Abu'l Huda, Lulie (Assistant District Commissioner Northern Galilee, Safad, Publicity Section, British Embassy, Cairo)--8.9
  • Acton, Harold, 1904-1994--8.8
  • Adams, Jack--8.8
  • Akers-Douglas, Bob--8.8
  • Al-Ajam, Husayn--8.8
  • Al-Attas, 'Alawi--8.8
  • Al-Attas Al-Badawi, Al-Sayyid 'Ali--8.8
  • Al-Qu'aiti, Al Mansab Hasan bin Salim bin Ahmad bin Hasan--8.8
  • Al-Qu'aiti, Ali bin Salah--8.8
  • Al-Qu'aiti, Umar bin Awadh, d. 1936--24.12 (with Hydari, Akbar, Sir)
  • Albright, William Foxwell, 1891-1971--8.8
  • Aldington, Felicité Ann Araminta MacMichael Low, Baroness--8.8
  • Aldington, Toby Low, Baron, 1914- (House of Lords)--8.8
  • Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. (Herbert Weinstock)--8.8
  • Alice, Countess of Athlone, 1883- --8.8
  • Alinorsky, Vladimir (School of Oriental Studies, University of London)--8.8
  • 'Aliyah, Queen, consort of Ghazi, King of Iraq, 1911-1950--8.8
  • Allen, Jocelyn de Kantzow (British Embassy, Ankara)--8.8
  • Allen, Roger, Sir, 1909-1972 (British Embassy, Baghdad)--8.8
  • Alpine Club (London, England)--8.8
  • Alsop, Joseph, 1910-1989--8.8
  • Altounyan, Dora--8.8
  • Altounyan, E. H. R. (Ernest Haik Riddall) (Noble's Isle of Man Hospital and Dispensary)--8.8
  • American Heritage Press (Alfred Mayor)--8.8, 16.8
  • Amery, Florence Greenwood--8.8
  • Amery, Julian, 1919- --8.8
  • Amery, L. S. (Leopold Stennett), 1873-1955 (India Office)--8.8
  • Amherst, Jeffery John Archer, Earl, 1896- (House of Lords)--8.8
  • Andrews, A. (New College Oxford)--8.8, 27.6
  • Angelini, Cesare, 1887- (Almo Collegio Borromeo)--8.8
  • Anna, Rudolf--8.8
  • Annan, Noel Gilroy Annan, Baron, 1916- (University College London)--8.8
  • Anti-Slavery Society (Great Britain) (Thomas Fox Pitt)--8.8
  • Antonius, Katy--8.8
  • Arab Development Society (London, England) (Musa Alami)--8.10
  • Arakie, Margaret--8.10
  • Armfield, Maxwell, 1881-1972--8.10
  • Arnold, P. Lefebvre--8.10
  • Arnold-Forster, Hugh Christopher, 1890-1965--8.10
  • Arnold-Forster, Mary Lucy Story-Maskelyne, 1861- --24.12
  • Arnold-Forster, Mervyn Nevil, 1888-1927--8.11
  • Aston, Charles E.--8.10
  • Astor, Gavin--8.10
  • Astor, Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor, Viscountess, 1879-1964--8.10
  • Astor, William Waldorf Astor, Viscount, 1907-1966--8.10
  • Auchinleck, Claude John Eyre, Sir, 1884- (Commander-in-Chief's House, New Delhi)--8.10
  • Audus?, Edwin Chapere--8.10
  • Austin, Henry Wilfrid, 1906-2000--8.10
  • Aydin, Aytekin--8.10
  • Babington Smith, Alan, 1946- (Williams & Glyn's Bank Investments (Jersey) Limited)--9.1
  • Babington Smith, Constance--9.1
  • Bacon, Virginia--9.1
  • Baldwin, Stanley Baldwin, Earl, 1867-1947--9.1
  • Bale, Edwin, 1842-1923--9.1
  • Balfour, David, 1903- --9.2
  • Balfour, Eustace Arthur Goschen, 1921-2000--9.1
  • Balfour, Francis Cecil Campbell, 1884-1965 (Ministry of Food)--9.3, 24.12
  • Balfour, Lily H.--9.1
  • Balfour, Louise Fitzherbert--9.1
  • Balfour, Phyllis Evelyn Goschen--9.1
  • Ballard, Alexander--9.1
  • Bamfield, Veronica, 1908- --9.1
  • Barker, Ernest, Sir, 1874-1960 (King's College London)--9.1, 24.12
  • Barker, Olivia Stuart Horner, Lady--9.1
  • Barlow, H. A. N. (H. Arthur N.) (Secretariat, Lusaka)--9.1
  • Basharan, ____--9.1
  • Basurrah, Mohamed Omer--9.1
  • Beach, John Parsons, 1877-1953--9.1
  • Beach, Lucy, 1874-1976--9.4
  • Beach, Peter--9.1
  • Beaumont, John William Fisher, Sir, 1877-1974--9.1
  • Bedford, Mary du Caurroy Russell, Duchess of, 1865-1937--9.1
  • Belhaven and Stenton, Robert Alexander Benjamin Hamilton, Baron,1903-1961--9.1
  • Bell, Charles Alfred, Sir, 1870-1945--9.1
  • Bell, Ruthie--9.1
  • Bell, Vanessa, 1879-1961--9.1
  • Benson, Leslie Foster, Lady (Coronation Exhibition of Paintings)--9.1
  • Bentinck, Ruth Cavendish--9.1
  • Berardocco, Stenio--9.1
  • Berens, Henry--9.5
  • Berens, Janet Roxburgh Balfour--9.1
  • Berenson, Bernard, 1865-1959--9.6
  • Berlin, Isaiah, 1909-1997 (All Souls College, Oxford, New College, Oxford)--9.7
  • Berry, Joan Barbara Yarde Buller, 1908-1997--9.1
  • Berry, Julian (The Compton Press Ltd.)--9.1, 16.8
  • Besley, Harold (British Embassy, Cairo)--9.1
  • Besse, Antonin, 1877-1951--9.8
  • Besse, Hilda--9.1
  • Besse, Meryem--9.1
  • Betford, Bill--9.1
  • Biancheri, ____--9.9
  • Bigham, Joanna Murray--9.10, 23.8 (with Waugh, Teresa)
  • Bingham, Elizabeth Loxley--9.9
  • Bingley, May Olivia Lenox-Conyngham--9.9
  • Birch, Lyndall--9.9
  • Birgi, Muharrem Nuri, 1908- (Délégation de la Turquie, Turkish Ambassador)--9.11
  • Birley, Rhoda Vava Mary Pike, Lady--9.9
  • Bishop, Adrian--9.9
  • Bistolfi, Leonardo, 1859-1933--9.9
  • Blaber, Ann--9.9
  • Black, Robin (Government House, Hong Kong)--9.9
  • Blackford, Janet--9.9
  • Blakiston, Georgiana--9.9
  • Blakiston, Noel--9.9
  • Boase, T. S. R. (Thomas Sherrer Ross), 1898-1974 (The President's Lodgings, Magdalen College)--9.12
  • Boido, Costanza di Roascio--9.13
  • Boido, Elisabetta--9.9
  • Boido, Paolo--9.9
  • Bolitho, Hector, 1897-1974--9.9
  • Bonham-Carter, Charlotte Helen, 1893-1989--9.9
  • Botin, A. de--9.9
  • Bottini de Ste. Agnès, Clotilde de--9.9
  • Boulenger, Jane (John Murray, Sotheby Parke Bernet, Sotheby Publications Ltd.)--9.9
  • Boult, Zoi Jardine--9.9
  • Bowen, Harold (Ministry of Information)--9.9
  • Bowker, Elsa, Lady (British Embassy, Ankara)--9.9
  • Bowker, James, Sir, 1901- (British Embassy, Ankara)--9.9
  • Bowman, Humphre Ernest, 1879- (Ministry of Information)--9.9
  • Bowra, C. M. (Cecil Maurice), 1898-1971 (The Warden's Lodgings, Wadham College, Oxford)--9.9
  • Boyd of Merton, Patricia Florence Susan Guinness Lennox-Boyd, Viscountess--9.9
  • Boyle, David--9.9
  • Bracken, Brendan, 1901-1958 (Ministry of Information)--10.1
  • Bramley, Wilfrid Jennings--10.2
  • Breese, Mary Eleanor--10.1
  • Bridgeman, Elizabeth--10.1
  • Bridport, Peter--17.9
  • British Broadcasting Corporation (Mary Edmond)--1.4
  • British Council (Aden (Protectorate))--10.1
  • British Museum--10.1
  • Britten, Benjamin, 1913-1976--10.1
  • Brocklebank, Tom--10.1
  • Browne, Dominick Andrew Sidney, 1904- --10.1
  • Bryher, 1894-1983--10.1
  • Buck, Marian--10.1
  • Buddicom, Venetia Digby, 1895- --10.3
  • Buetzo, Rosemary--10.1
  • Bullard, Reader, Sir, 1885-1976 (British Legation, Jedda)--10.1
  • Burdekin, Helen--10.1
  • Burkett, M. E. (Mary Elizabeth)--10.1
  • Burney, Christopher, 1917-1980--10.1
  • Burrows, Bernard, Sir, 1910- --10.1
  • Burton, Elizabeth A.--10.1
  • Bush, Eric Wheler--10.1
  • Busk, Douglas, 1906-1990 (British Legation, Tehran)--10.4, 24.12
  • Caccia, Harold Anthony Caccia, Baron, 1905- (British Embassy, Vienna)--10.6
  • Caccia, Nancy (British Legation, Vienna)--10.5
  • Calore, Tiziano--10.5
  • Campbell-Preston, Angela, 1910- --10.5
  • Campbell-Preston, Robert Modan Thorne, 1909- --10.5
  • Cantlie, Mabel Barclay Brown, Lady (British Red Cross Society)--10.5
  • Caradon, Hugh Foot, Baron, 1907-1990 (House of Lords)--10.5
  • Cardiff, Leonora--10.5
  • Carruthers, Douglas, 1882-1962--10.5
  • Carter, John, 1905-1975 (British Information Services)--10.5
  • Carter, Peter--10.5
  • Casey, Maie, Lady--10.5
  • Casey, Richard Gardiner Casey, Baron, 1890-1976 (Minister for ExternalAffairs)--10.5
  • Caton-Thompson, Gertrude, 1888-1985 (Newnham College, Cambridge, Royal Geographical Society)--10.7
  • Cawthorn, Mary Wyman Varley, Lady--10.5
  • Cecil, David, 1902-1986--10.8
  • Cecil, Laura--10.5
  • Cecil, Rachel MacCarthy, Lady--10.5
  • Central Asian Society (M. Noel Kennedy)--10.5
  • Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood--10.5
  • Chagford Women's Institute (Kathleen M. Teed)--10.5
  • Chalmers, F.--10.5
  • Chambliss, Jac, 1910- --10.5
  • Champernowne, Irene--10.5
  • Chandos, Oliver Lyttleton, Viscount, 1893-1972--10.5
  • Channon, Henry, 1898-1958 (House of Commons)--10.5
  • Channon, Henry Paul Guinness, 1935-2007 (House of Commons)--10.5
  • Chapman-Walker, Mark--10.5
  • Chatto & Windus (Firm)--24.12
  • Cholmondeley, Sybil Sassoon, Marchioness of, 1894-1989--10.9-12
  • Cicogna, Anna Maria, contessa--10.5
  • Clarke, Frances Molyneux, Lady--10.5
  • Clayton, Iltyd Nicholl, Sir, 1886-1955--11.1
  • Clifford, Jenny (Picture Post)--10.5
  • Clinica chirurgica di Bologna. Direzione--10.5
  • Clive, Hilda Mary--10.5
  • Clive, Nigel--11.2
  • Coats, Betsan (The Wings of Friendship)--11.3
  • Coats, Peter (Commander in Chief in India, The Viceroy's House, New Delhi)--11.3
  • Cocker, Henry--11.3
  • Cockerell, Sydney Carlyle, Sir, 1867-1962 (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge)--11.4-5
  • Colahan, Colin, 1897-1987--11.6, 30.8
  • Colahan, Monique--11.6, 30.8
  • Colefax, Sibyl, 1874-1950--11.3
  • Coleman, Martyn--11.3
  • Collier, C. S.--11.3
  • Collis, Maurice, 1889-1973--11.3
  • Colquhoun, Archibald--11.3
  • Colyton, Henry, 1902- (House of Commons)--11.3
  • Compton Press Ltd.--see Berry, Julian
  • Compton Russell Ltd. (Michael Russell)--11.3
  • Cook, J. M. (John Manuel) (University of Bristol)--11.3
  • Cooksen, Maria--11.3
  • Cookson, G. M. (Geoffrey Montagu)--11.3
  • Cooper, Bruce M., 1925- --11.3
  • Cooper, Derek, 1912-2007 (The British Commonwealth Save the Children Fund, The Irish Arab Society)--11.7
  • Cooper, Diana, 1892-1986 (British Embassy, Paris)--11.8
  • Cooper, Duff, Viscount Norwich, 1890-1954--11.3
  • Cooper, Henry W. A.--11.3
  • Cooper, Pamela, 1910-2006--11.9
  • Corbett-Winder, Margaret Ailsa Tainsh--12.1
  • Cornes, Nick Thida--12.1
  • Cornford, Ann--12.1
  • Cornford, L. Cope (Leslie Cope), 1867-1927--12.1
  • Cornford, Lawrence, 1899-1966--12.1
  • Cornwallis, Kinahan, Sir, 1883-1959 (British Embassy, Bagdad)--12.2
  • Cornwallis, Margaret Clark, Lady--12.1
  • Costa, A.--12.1
  • Country Life (John Adams)--12.1
  • Cox, Percy Zachariah, Sir, 1864- (Royal Geographical Society)--12.1, 24.12
  • Cox, Rupert Joseph--12.1
  • Crawford, Mary--12.1
  • Crichton Stuart, Barbara Symes--12.1
  • Crosby, George--12.1
  • Crossley, A. P. C.--12.1
  • Crosthwaite, Ponsonby Moore (Foreign Office)--12.3
  • Croze, ____--12.1
  • Cunard, Nancy, 1896-1965--12.1
  • Cunard, Victor--12.4
  • Currie, Hilda Beatrice Hanbury, Lady (Government House, Barbados)--12.1
  • Curry, W. Alan--12.1
  • Dall' Era, Romeo--12.5
  • Dalmahoy, Barbara--12.5
  • Daniel, Ivor--12.5
  • Darley-Doran, Elisabeth--12.5
  • Davies, Reginald, b. 1887--12.5
  • Davies, Vernon W. (Middle East Division)--12.5
  • Davis, P. H. (Peter Hadland) (Royal Botanic Garden)--12.5
  • de Candole, Eric Amar Vully, 1901- --12.5
  • Deeves, Thomas Williams, 1893- --12.5
  • De Gaury, Gerald (British Legation, Tehran)--12.6
  • Delécluse, madame--23.1
  • De Lord, Cicci--12.5
  • Deuchar, Dulcie (Westminster Hospital)--12.7
  • Deuchar, Tommy--12.8
  • Devonshire, Victor Christian William Cavendish, Duke of, 1868-1938--12.5
  • d'Hauteville, Joanna--see Hauteville, Joanna d'
  • Dickson, Violet--12.5
  • La Documentazione Italiana--12.5
  • Dodd, Mary Bond--12.5
  • Dodd, Norah MacWatt--12.5
  • Dodgeon, Michael H., 1944- --12.5
  • Domvile, John Patrick, 1900-1967--12.5
  • Dove, John--12.5
  • Drage, Robert L.--12.9
  • Drake, Hugh--12.9
  • Dramis, Ettore--12.9
  • Draper, Christabel--12.9
  • Draper, Ruth, 1884-1956--12.9
  • Driver, Godfrey Rolles, 1892-1975--12.9
  • Drower, Ethel Stefana Stevens, Lady, 1879- --12.9, 24.12
  • Drower, Margaret S. (British Embassy, Baghdad)--12.10
  • Dundas, Charles, Sir, 1884-1956--12.9
  • Dunlop, Jan--12.9
  • Durez?, Pam (Knidos Archaeological Expedition)--12.9
  • Durrell, Lawrence (Government of Cyprus)--12.11
  • Eccles, David Eccles, Viscount, 1904- (The British Museum)--13.1
  • Eccles, Sybil, 1904-1977--13.1
  • Edmonds, C. J. (Cecil John)--13.1
  • Edris, Emir--13.1
  • Edward Mary, Sister--13.1
  • El Kont, Abdel Raziq Hasan--13.1
  • Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain, 1926- --13.1
  • Elliott, Mary F.--13.1
  • Ernest Benn Ltd. (Keon Hughes)--13.1
  • European General Hospital (Aden, Yemen) (E. S. Phipson)--13.1
  • Evans, B. Ifor (Benjamin Ifor), 1899- (The British Council, University College, London)--13.1
  • Evans, Lilian B.--13.1
  • Evans, W. H.--13.1
  • Fay, Leon Converse, 1913-2002 (First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque)--13.1
  • Fay, Ronald W. (Publicity Section, British Embassy, Cairo)--13.2
  • Faye, Diana--13.1
  • Fedden, Robin, 1908-1977 (The National Trust)--13.1
  • Fergusson, Bernard, Sir, 1911- --13.1
  • Fermor, Patrick Leigh--13.3
  • Fermoy, Ruth (Clarence House)--13.1
  • Feury, S.--13.1
  • Feversham, Charles William Slingsby Duncombe, Earl of, 1906-1963--13.1
  • Fielden, Lionel, b. 1896--13.1
  • FitzRoy, Charles, 1957- --13.1
  • FitzRoy, Henrietta Fortune Doreen, Lady, 1949- --13.4
  • FitzRoy, Olivia Rose Mildred, Lady, 1963- --13.1
  • FitzRoy, Virginia Mary Elizabeth, Lady--13.1
  • Fleming, John, 1919- --13.1
  • Fleming, Peter, 1907-1971--13.1
  • Fond Svobodnoi Rossii (O. V. Perekrestov)--13.1
  • Forbes, Hamish Stewart, 1916-2007 (Chancery of the Order of St. John)--13.1
  • Forde, Claude Marie--13.1
  • Forrer, Anita--13.5
  • Foster, Donald S., 1923- --13.1
  • Foyle, Christina (W. & G. Foyle Ltd.)--13.1
  • Fragola, Anne--13.1
  • Franchi, Stanislao, 1892- --13.1
  • Frayn, Michael--13.1
  • Freeman, Hilda--13.1
  • Freese-Pennefather, Harold Wilfrid Armine, 1907-1967--13.1
  • Freyberg, Bernard Cyril Freyberg, Baron, 1889-1963 (Lieutenant Governor's Office, Windsor Castle)--13.1
  • Fry, Margery, 1874-1958--13.1
  • Furness, Robin--13.1
  • Galitzine, Marina--13.6
  • Gardiner, Rolf--13.7
  • Gardner, Elinor Wight--13.6
  • Garstang, John, 1876-1956 (British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara)--13.6
  • Gascoigne, Joyce Alfreda Newman, Lady--13.6
  • Gathorne-Hardy, Edward, 1901-1978--13.6
  • Gawronski, Jan, 1892- --13.8
  • Germen, S.--13.6
  • Gibbins, John--13.6
  • Gibson, Elisabeth Dione Pearson Gibson, Baroness--13.6
  • Gibson, Richard Patrick Tallentyre Gibson, Baron, 1916-2004--13.9
  • Gili, Phillida--13.6
  • Gilliat, Martin, Sir, 1913-1993 (Clarence House)--13.6
  • Glubb, John Bagot, Sir, 1897-1986 (Head Quarters, Arab Legion, Amman)--13.10, 24.12
  • Goddard-Wilson, Lavender Mary Jean Cassells--13.11
  • Goddard-Wilson, Richard, 1913- --13.6
  • Godley, A. D. (Alfred Denis), 1856-1925--13.6
  • Goguel, Anna de--13.6
  • Goguel, Assia de--see Goguel, Anna de
  • Gomme, A. W. (Arnold Wycombe)--13.6
  • Goodall, John S--13.6
  • Goodenough, William, Sir, 1867-1945--13.12
  • Goodman, Neville M.--13.6
  • Gordine, Dora, 1898-1991--13.6
  • Gordon, Joan Patricia Quirk Wavell, Lady, 1923- --13.6
  • Gorell, Ronald Gorell Barnes, Baron, 1884-1963 (The Cornhill Magazine)--13.6
  • Goschen, George Joachim Goschen, Viscount, 1866-1952--13.6
  • Goschen, Margaret Evelyn Gathorne-Hardy Goschen, Viscountess, d. 1943--13.6
  • Gough, Mary, 1930- (Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies)--13.6
  • Gough, Michael, 1916-1973 (Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies)--13.6
  • Gowrie, Alexander Patrick Greysteil Ruthven, Earl of, 1939- (Balliol College, Oxford, Harvard, State University of New York at Buffalo)--13.13
  • Gowrie, Alexandra Bingley Ruthven, Countess of (The Atlantic Monthly)--13.14
  • Gowrie, Zara Pollok Hore-Ruthven, Countess of--14.1
  • Grafftey-Smith, Laurence, Sir, 1892- --14.2
  • Grafton, Ann Fortune Smith FitzRoy, Duchess of--14.3
  • Grafton, Hugh Denis Charles FitzRoy, Duke of, 1919- --14.4
  • Graham, Angus (Information Office, Aden)--14.2
  • Graham, Barbara--14.2
  • Graham, Ronald (Air Headquarters 'Iraq Command)--14.2
  • Grand Priory in the British Realm of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem (W. Barne)--14.2
  • Grant, Michael, 1914-2004--14.2
  • Granville, Basil--14.2
  • Granville, Minnie--14.2, 24.12
  • Gray, Eric William (Christ Church Oxford)--14.2
  • Great Britain. Embassy (Iraq)--14.2, 26.3
  • Great Britain. Embassy (Italy) (Anthony Heath)--14.2
  • Great Britain. Foreign Office--14.2, 24.12
  • Great Britain. Foreign Office. Committee to Re-examine the Question of Admission of Women to the Foreign Service (F. C. Mason)--14.2 [with ms note signed "JGM[urray] 26 Nov 45"]
  • Great Britain. Legation (Afghanistan)--14.2
  • Great Britain. Ministry of Information (D. B. Woodburn)--14.2
  • Great Britain. Ministry of Information. Middle East Bureau (O. M. Tweedy)--26.4
  • Great Britain. Prime Minister (1951-1955 : Churchill) (John Colville)--14.2
  • Great Britain. Prime Minister (1955-1957 : Eden) (D. M. Day)--14.2
  • Great Britain. Prime Minister (1957-1963 : Macmillan) (C. O. I. Ramsden)--14.2
  • Great Britain. Prime Minister (1970-1974 : Heath) (R. T. Armstrong)--14.2
  • Great Britain. Prime Minister (1970-1974 : Heath)--see also Heath, Edward
  • Great Britain. Sovereign (1936-1952 : George VI)--14.2
  • Great Britain. Sovereign (1952- : Elizabeth II)--14.2
  • Great Britain. War Office (H. Cartwright)--14.2
  • Green, Peter, 1924- (Hodder and Stoughton Limited)--14.2, 19.1
  • Greenlees, Ian (The British Institute of Florence)--14.2
  • Grey, Wynne (British Consulate, Jibuti)--14.2
  • Grierson, Flora Lucy Margaret--14.2
  • Grieve, Richard--14.2
  • Griffith, G. T. (Guy Thompson) (Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge)--14.2
  • Grimble, Rosemary--14.2
  • Grimshaw, Joan--14.2
  • Guest, Charles Edward Neville, Sir, 1900-1977--14.2
  • Guest, Evan--14.2
  • Guest, Rhuvon--14.5
  • Guilford, Osyth Vere Napier Leeston North, Countess of--14.2
  • Guinness, Alec, 1914-2000--14.2
  • Hailsham of St. Marylebone, Quintin Hogg, Baron, 1907-2001--14.6
  • Halford-MacLeod, Aubrey, 1914-2000--14.6
  • Halifax, Dorothy Evelyn Augusta Onslow Wood, Countess of (British Embassy, Washington, D.C.)--14.6, 24.12
  • Halifax, Edward Frederick Lindley Wood, Earl of, 1881-1959 (Foreign Office)--14.6, 24.12
  • Hall, Stanley (Wig Creations Limited)--14.6
  • Hallett, Laughlin, Clark & Co. (Alan Punchard)--15.13
  • Halletts (Firm) (Alan Punchard)--15.13
  • Hamilton, Archibald Milne, 1898-1972--14.6
  • Hamilton, John Almeric de Courcy (The Atheneum, Office of the Minister of State, Office of the Minister Resident)--14.7
  • Hanbury-Tenison, Marika, 1938- --14.6
  • Hanbury-Tenison, Robin--14.6
  • Hankey, Robert Maurice Alers Hankey, Baron, 1905-1996--14.6
  • Harding, Charles--14.6
  • Harding of Petherton, John Harding, Baron, 1896-1989 (Government House, Cyprus)--14.6
  • Harriman, Pamela Digby Churchill Hayward, 1920-1997--14.6
  • Harrison, Austen St. B. (The Atheneum, Harrison Barnes and Hubbard)--14.8
  • Harrison, Carol--14.6
  • Hart-Davis, Rupert, 1907-1999 (Rupert Hart-Davis Limited)--14.6
  • Hartley, L. P. (Leslie Poles), 1895-1972--14.6
  • Harverson, Michael--14.6
  • Hassanein Bey, A. M. (Ahmed Mohammed), 1889-1946--14.6
  • Hauteville, Joanna d'--14.6
  • Hawkes, Jacquetta, 1910-1996--14.6
  • Hawtrey, John Gosset, 1901-1954 (Air House, Habbaniya, 'Iraq)--14.6
  • Haythornthwaite, Fitz--14.6
  • Hayton, Constanza--14.6
  • Heath, Edward (House of Commons, 10 Downing Street)--14.6
  • Heath, Edward--see also Great Britain. Prime Minister (1970-1974 : Heath)
  • Heathcote Amory, Ian Mark, 1941- (Christ Church, Oxford)--14.6
  • Hekmat, Moosa (The Journal of the International Scientific Research Institute, Tehran)--14.6
  • Henderson, William, 1903-1993 (Office of the Comptroller, Viceregal Household)--14.6
  • Henry, Bruce--14.6
  • Heritage Travel (Firm) (Serena Fass)--14.6
  • Hill, Derek (Magdalen College, Cambridge)--14.9
  • Hill, Ruby (The Viceroy's House, New Delhi)--14.9
  • Hoar, John (Chelsea Arts Club)--14.9
  • Hobson, Anthony, 1921- (Sotheby & Co.)--14.9
  • Hodgkin, E. C. (Edward Christian) (The Spectator, The Times)--14.10
  • Hodgkin, Nancy--14.9
  • Hodgson, Martha Keeling--14.9
  • Hofmeyr, John (The Health Centre, Darenth Lane)--14.9
  • Holden, Ruth--14.9
  • Holiday (Alfred Mayor)--14.9
  • Holman, Adrian, Sir, 1895-1974--14.9
  • Holman, Betty Fox, Lady--14.9
  • Holt, Anne Dolphin--14.9
  • Holt, Frank--14.9
  • Holt, Vyvyan, Sir, 1896-1960 (British Embassy, Bagdad, Foreign Office, Secretariat of the High Commissioner, Baghdad)--14.11
  • Honour, Hugh--14.9
  • Hopkins, Basil--14.9
  • Hore Ruthven, Pamela--see Cooper, Pamela, 1910-2006
  • Hore-Ruthven, Patrick, 1913-1942 (H.Q. 9th Army M.E.F.)--14.9
  • Horner, David--14.9
  • Hornsey Cottage Hospital (London, England)--14.9
  • Houghton Library (Rodney G. Dennis)--14.9
  • Hourani, Albert Habib (St. Anthony's College, Oxford)--14.9
  • Howard, Brian, 1905-1958--14.9
  • Howard, Edmund (British Press and Information Office, Turin)--14.9
  • Howe, Gil--14.9
  • Howe, William--14.9
  • Hubbard, Biddy--15.1
  • Hubbard, Frances--15.1
  • Hubbard, R. Pearce S. (Harrison Barnes and Hubbard, Pearce Hubbard & Partners)--15.2
  • Hughes, Helen--15.1
  • Hughes, Susie--15.1
  • Humphrys, Arthur Francis Walter--15.1
  • Humphrys, Gertrude Mary Deane, Dame (The Residency, Baghdad)--15.1
  • Humphrys, Owen--15.1
  • Humphrys, Pamela Wavell, Lady, 1918-2001--15.1
  • Hungerford, Charles Frederick Algernon Portal, Viscount Portal of, 1893-1971--15.1
  • Huxley, Julian, 1887-1975 (UNESCO, Zoological Society of London)--15.1
  • Huxley, Juliette, 1896- (The Zoological Society)--15.3
  • Huxley, Leonard, 1860-1933 (The Cornhill Magazine)--15.1
  • Huxley, Michael Heathorn, 1899-1979 (The Geographical Magazine)--15.1
  • Hydari, Akbar, Sir, 1869- --24.12
  • Hydari, Sigrid, Lady--15.1
  • The Illustrated London News--1.5
  • India--24.12
  • India. Governor-General (1943-1947 : Wavell)--15.4
  • Ingrams, Doreen--15.4
  • Ingrams, William Harold, b. 1897 (Government House, Aden, The Residency, Mukalla)--15.5
  • Iran Society (London, England) (Hosein Ala)--15.4
  • Iraq. Ministry of the Interior--15.4
  • Irvine, James Colquhoun, Sir, 1877-1952 (The University, St. Andrews)--15.4
  • Isaacs, Anthony (BBC TV)--15.4
  • Ismail, Mirza M., Sir, 1883- --15.4
  • Ivanov, Vladimir Alekseevich (The Ismaili Society)--15.4
  • Iveagh, Gwendolen Onslow Guinness, Countess of (House of Commons)--15.6, 24.12
  • Jack, Evan Maclean, 1873- --15.7
  • Jaffé, Fritz--15.7
  • Jaffer, ____--15.7
  • Jakins, Herbert George (British Consulate, Jibuti)--15.7
  • James, Gwladys--15.7
  • James, W. P.--15.7
  • Jardine, John B. S. (The British Council, The British Institute)--15.8
  • Jarvis, C. S. (Claude Scudamore), 1879-1953--15.7
  • Jebens, Albrecht--15.9
  • Jellicoe, George Patrick John Rushworth, Earl, 1918- --15.7
  • Jellicoe, Patricia Christine O'Kane Jellicoe, Countess--15.7
  • Jenkins, Dean--15.7
  • Jennings-Bramly, Barbara--15.7
  • Jeyes, Viva--6.6, 15.10, 24.12
  • John Murray (Firm)--see Murray, John, 1909-1993
  • Johnson, Celia, 1908-1982--15.7, 17.9
  • Jordan. Embassy (Great Britain)--15.7
  • Jourdain, Margaret--15.7
  • Kahn, Adelaide Wolff--4.7
  • Karmel, Barbara Burton--15.11
  • Karmel, David, 1907-1982--15.11, 15.13
  • Keane, Douglas (British Embassy, Petrograd)--15.11
  • Keating, William (Nevill Pictures Limited)--15.11
  • Keeling, E. H. (Edward Herbert) (British School of Archaeology in Iraq)--15.11
  • Kelly, Marie Noële, Lady, 1907- --15.11
  • Ker, C. P.--15.11
  • Ker, Charles--15.11
  • Ker, Edwin--15.12
  • Ker, G. W.--15.11
  • Ker, Penelope M.--15.11
  • Khan, Hamid--15.11
  • Khawas Khan, M. K.--15.11
  • Kidsons (Firm) (Alan Punchard)--15.13
  • Kidsons Hallett (Firm) (Alan Punchard)--15.13
  • Killcary, ____ (British Embassy, Cairo)--15.11
  • King, E. C.--15.11
  • Kinross, Patrick Balfour, Baron, 1904-1976 (Publicity Section, British Embassy, Cairo)--15.14
  • Kirkbride, Alec, Sir, b. 1897--15.11
  • Kirkpatrick, Wilfred (The British Council, Government of Cyrenaica)--15.11
  • Koestler, Arthur, 1905-1983--15.11
  • Konstam, Phyllis, 1907-1976--see Austin, Henry Wilfrid
  • La Valle, Karim--16.1
  • La Valle, Nadia--16.1
  • Lacambra, Ann Chambliss--16.1
  • Ladies' Alpine Club--16.1
  • Laithwaite, Gilbert, Sir, 1894- --16.1
  • Lake, Morice Challoner, 1885- Aden, Arabia, Chief Commissioner, Aden, Government House, Aden, The Residency, Aden)--16.1
  • Lake, Peter--16.1
  • Lambe, Charles Edward, Sir, 1900-1960 (Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean)--16.2
  • Lambe, Lesbia Rachel Corbet, Lady (Admiralty House, Singapore)--16.1
  • Lambert, Evelyn--16.1
  • Lambton, Ann K. S., 1912-2008 (School of Oriental Studies, University of London)--16.1
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  • Lancaster, Osbert, 1908-1986--16.3
  • Lancaster, William, 1938- --16.1
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  • Lascelles, Wilfred--16.1
  • Lattès, M. Adet de--16.1
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  • Lawrence, Henry Staveley, Sir--16.5
  • Lawrence, John, Sir, 1907- --16.1
  • Leach, Hugh, 1934- (British Embassy, Sana'a)--16.1
  • Leaman, Tom--16.1
  • Leaning, John--24.12
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  • Leeds, E. Thurlow (Edward Thurlow), 1877-1955 (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford)--16.1
  • Leigh, Vivien, 1913-1967--16.1
  • Lennox-Boyd, Alan Tindal, 1904-1983 (House of Commons)--16.1
  • Lennox-Boyd, Alice Mary Clive--16.6, 16.8
  • Lennox-Boyd, Arabella--16.1
  • Lennox-Boyd, Donald Breay Hague, 1906-1939--16.1
  • Lennox-Boyd, Mark Alexander, 1943- (Christ Church, Oxford, Government House, Seychelles)--16.7
  • Lennox-Boyd, Simon Donald Rupert Neville, 1939- (Christ Church, Oxford)--16.8
  • Le Petit Club Français (London, England)--16.1
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  • Le Strange, Guy, 1854-1933--16.1, 24.12
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  • Liddell Hart, Basil Henry, Sir, 1895-1970--16.9
  • Lindsay, Jane E.--16.9
  • Linell, Margaret--16.9
  • Links, Mary--see Lutyens, Mary, 1908-1999
  • Lloyd, Margery Ulrica FitzWilliams Hyde (British Institute of Archaeology)--16.9
  • Lloyd, Selwyn, 1904-1978 (Foreign Office)--16.9
  • Lloyd, Seton (British Institute of Archaelogy, The Neilson Expedition to the Near East)--16.10
  • Lloyd of Dolobran, George, Baron, 1879-1941--16.9, 24.12
  • Lochhead, Sheila MacDonald--16.9, 17.9
  • Lock, Rosamund--16.9
  • Lockhart, Laurence (BP)--16.9
  • Longmore, Arthur, Sir, b. 1885 (Air House, Zamalek, Cairo)--16.9
  • Longmore, Felicity--16.11
  • Loomis, Charles Dana--16.9
  • Losey, Robin--16.9
  • Loxley, Peter (Foreign Office)--16.9
  • Lucas, Elna--16.9
  • Lucie-Smith, Muriel--16.9
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  • Luke, Harry, Sir, 1884-1969 (British Embassy, Ankara)--16.12
  • Luling Buschetti, Diamante--16.9
  • Luling Buschetti, Marina, contessa--17.1
  • Luqman, Ali Muhammad, 1918- --16.9
  • Lutyens, Mary, 1908-1999--16.9
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  • Mack, David--17.2
  • Mackenzie, Anne--17.4
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  • Mackenzie, D. G.--17.2
  • Mackintosh, Hugh Stewart (British Overseas Press Service)--17.2
  • Mackworth, Margaret Haig Thomas, Viscountess Rhondda, b. 1883 (Time and Tide)--17.2
  • McLaren, Martin, 1914-1979--17.2
  • Maclean, Fitzroy, 1911-1996 (British Embassy, Belgrade, House of Commons)--17.2
  • Maclean, Veronica, Lady (British Embassy, Belgrade)--17.2
  • MacMichael, H. A. (Harold Alfred), 1882-1969 (British Embassy, Bagdad, Government House, Jerusalem)--17.2
  • MacMichael, Nesta Stephens, Lady--17.2
  • MacRae, Julia (Hamish Hamilton Children's Books Ltd.)--17.2
  • Maffey, John Loader, Sir, 1877- (Colonial Office)--17.2
  • Magrath, Teresa--17.2
  • Maillart, Ella, 1903-1997--17.2
  • Maitland, Adam--17.2
  • Malcolm, Angus Christian Edward, 1908-1971 (Foreign Office)--17.2
  • Malipiero, Anna--17.2
  • Malipiero, Gian Francesco, 1882-1973 --17.2
  • Mallet, Christina Jean Andreae (British Embassy, Rome)--17.2
  • Mallowan, M. E. L. (Max Edgar Lucien) (University of London)--17.2
  • Manoilescu, Bogdan--17.2
  • Mariano, Nicky--17.2
  • Marie de Chantal, Sister--17.2
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  • Martin, Freda--17.2
  • Massey, Vincent, 1887-1967--17.2
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  • Mauduit, Betty--17.2
  • Maxwell, Eric--17.2
  • Mead, Peter--17.5
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  • Metcalfe, Aubrey, Sir, 1883-1957 (The Residency, Baluchistan)--17.5
  • Methuen & Co.--24.12
  • Middow, C.--17.5
  • Milford Haven, David Michael Mountbatten, 3rd Marquis of, 1919-1970 (H.M.S. Kandahar)--17.5
  • Miller, Betty, 1910-1965--17.5
  • Miller, John (Ufficio stampa ed informazioni britannico)--17.6
  • Millington-Drake, Teddy, 1932-1994--17.5
  • Milner-Barry, Walter--17.5
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  • Mitchison, Naomi, 1897-1999--17.5
  • Mitford, Timothy B.--17.5
  • Monckton, Walter Turner, Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, 1891-1965(House of Commons, Ministry of Labour and National Service, Office of the Minister of State, Cairo)--17.7
  • Monnet, Henri--17.7
  • Monnet, Madeleine--17.7
  • Monnington, Walter Thomas, Sir, 1903-1976--17.7
  • Monroe, Elizabeth (Ministry of Information)--17.8
  • Montagu, Marion E. D.--17.7
  • Montgomery, Peter Stephen, 1909- (Arts Council of Northern Ireland)--17.7
  • Moodie, Mary E.--17.7
  • Moorehead, Alan, 1910-1983 (Ministry of Defence)--17.9
  • Moorehead, Caroline--17.7, 17.9
  • Moorehead, John (University College, Oxford)--17.7
  • Moorehead, Lucy--17.9-10
  • Moorehead, Richard--17.7
  • Moran, Memduh M. (Reklam Moran)--17.7
  • Mordini, Antonio--17.7
  • Morley, John--17.7
  • Morris, Ghislaine Margaret Trammell (British Embassy, Cairo)--17.7
  • Morris, Willie, Sir, 1919-1982 (British Embassy, Cairo)--17.7
  • Mountain Travel (Firm) (James Roberts)--17.7
  • Mountbatten of Burma, Edwina Ashley Mountbatten, Countess, 1901-1960--17.7
  • Mueller, John Henry (Hashim S.A.R. Al-Hashim, Zidco-Bonneville International Ltd.)--17.11
  • Murray, Arthur John Layard, 1886-1959--17.7
  • Murray, Diana Mary James--17.7, 18.4, 19.4
  • Murray, Edith Cairney--17.7
  • Murray, Freydis--17.7
  • Murray, G. W. (George William), 1885- --17.7
  • Murray, Hallam--17.7
  • Murray, John, Sir, 1884-1967 (John Murray [Firm])--17.7
  • Murray, John, 1909-1993 (British Embassy, Washington, The Cornhill Magazine, John Murray [Firm], Magdalen College, Oxford, School of Air Support, Old Sarum, Wilts.)--17.12, 18.1-7, 19.1-5 [also ANI on Great Britain. Foreign Office. Committee to Re-examine ... at 17.11]
  • Murray, John R. G. (John Murray [Firm], Magdalen College, Oxford)--18.2, 18.6, 19.6 (is this entry correct for this Murray? (born ca. 1941))
  • Murrel, Hilda (Edwin Murrell [Firm])--17.7
  • Naudé, Alain--19.8
  • Ness, Brigid Katharine Rachel Guinness, 1920- --19.7, 24.12
  • Neurath, Thomas M. (Thames and Hudson Ltd.)--19.7
  • Nevill, Angela Isabel Mary, 1948- (Nevill Pictures Limited)--19.7
  • Nevill, Anne Camilla Eveline Wallop, Lady--19.9
  • Nevill, Guy Rupert Gerard, 1945-1993--19.7
  • Nevill, Rupert Charles Montacute, Lord, 1923-1982--19.7
  • Newby, Eric (Martin Secker & Warburg Ltd.)--19.7
  • Newcombe, Stewart Francis, 1878-1956--19.7
  • Nicholls, Kathleen B.--19.7
  • Nicolson, Benedict (The Burlington Magazine)--19.7
  • Nicolson, Harold, 1886-1968 (House of Commons)--20.1
  • Nicolson, Nigel--19.7
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  • Norris, Brian D., 1914- --19.7
  • Northwood Institute (Arthur E. Turner)--19.7
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  • Nutting, John, Sir, 1942- --19.7
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  • Observer (London, England) (Terry Kilmartin)--19.7
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  • O'Gorman, Ned, 1929- (Random House, Inc.)--20.3
  • Oldham, John (Offices of the War Cabinet)--19.7
  • Olivier, Laurence, 1907-1989--19.7
  • Olivier, Margaret Barclay Peat--19.7
  • Olivier, William Herbert--19.7
  • Olivir, Norah (Ministry of Information)--19.7
  • Önat, Cigdem--20.4
  • Origo, Iris, 1902-1988--19.7
  • Ormond, Mary Eason--19.7
  • Overseas Real Estate (Firm) (Cornelius E. O'Connor, Jr.)--19.7
  • Parisi, Piero--20.5
  • Partito nazionale fascista (Italy). Fascio di combattimento di Asolo (F. Valtellina)--20.5
  • Paul Hamlyn (Holdings) Ltd. (Ronald Setter)--20.5
  • Pavitt, Burnet--20.5
  • Pawson, Pamela--20.6
  • Peake, Catherine Knight, Lady (British Embassy, Athens)--20.5
  • Pearson, Ken (The British Council)--20.5
  • Pearson, Lydie--20.5
  • Pelham, Prudence--20.5
  • Pereira, Michael, 1928- --20.5
  • Perowne, Stewart, 1901-1989 (British Broadcasting Corporation, British Embassy, Bagdad, The British Institute, Milano, The British School at Rome, British School of Archaeology, Athens, Colonial Secretary's Office, Barbados, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, Government House, Aden, Government House, Barbados, Government of Cyrenaica, Government of India, Information Office, Aden, Magdalen College, Oxford, Port Directorate, Basrah, The Secretariat, Aden)--4.7, 20.7-10, 21.10
  • Pesce, Angelo, 1932- --20.5
  • Peter Janson-Smith Ltd. (Elaine Greene)--20.5
  • Petit Club Français--see Le Petit Club Français (London, England)
  • Philby, Dora--20.5
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  • Philip, Aidan--20.5
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  • Piaser, Caroly (Tessoria Asolana)--20.5
  • Pickthall, Marmaduke William, 1875-1936 --20.5
  • Pike, Ruthven Wedgwood--20.5
  • Pilcher, John Arthur, Sir, 1912-1990 (The British-Italian Society)--20.5
  • Pilkington-Rogers, C. W.--20.5
  • Plomer, William, 1903-1973--20.5
  • Popplest, ____--20.5
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  • Pozza, Neri, 1912-1988--20.5
  • Pryce-Jones, Alan, 1908-2000 (The Times)--20.5
  • Pugh, Susan (BBC TV)--20.5
  • Pulerson, Margaret M.--20.5
  • Pumphrey, Phylinda--20.5
  • Punchard, Alan--15.13
  • Punchard, Alan--see also Hallett, Laughlin, Clark & Co., Halletts (Firm), Kidsons (Firm), Kidsons Hallett (Firm)
  • Raghib, M. (Foreign Minister, Sana'a)--21.1
  • Ramaswami Aiyar, C. P. (Chetpat Pattabhirama), 1879-1966 (Dewan of Travancore)--21.1
  • Ranfurly, Hermione Ranfurly, Countess of (The English-speaking Union of the Commonwealth, Government House, Bahamas, Government House, Jerusalem)--21.2
  • Rankin, Charles Winton Browne (Office of the Private Secretary to Viceroy, Viceroy's Camp, India, The Viceroy's House, New Delhi)--21.3
  • Rankin, Marina Audrey Felicité de Borchgrave d'Altena--21.3
  • Rathjens, Carl, b. 1887--21.1
  • Rayner, Joan, 1912-2003--21.1
  • Reed, George S.--21.1
  • Reid-Scott, Sandy--21.1
  • Reilly, Bernard, Sir, b. 1882 (Government House, Aden, The Residency, Aden)--21.1
  • Reiti, Leo--21.1
  • Rendel, George, Sir (Foreign Office)--21.1
  • Renton, James Malcolm Leslie, 1898-1972--21.1
  • Richardson, Gladys S.--21.1
  • Richardson, John (Dillon's University Bookshop Ltd.)--21.1
  • Rickard, F.--21.1
  • Ricketts, Simon, 1941- --21.1
  • Ridley, Ronald T., 1940- (University of Melbourne)--21.1
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  • Ritchie, Malcolm A.--21.1
  • Riva, Serafino--21.1
  • Roascio, Vera Stark di, 1894-1926--21.1
  • Roatta, Camilla--21.1
  • Roberts, Frank, Sir, 1907- --21.1
  • Roberts, W____ (c/o Anglo-Iranian Oil Co., Abadan)--21.1
  • Robertson, Adelaide--21.4
  • Robertson, Greta--21.1
  • Robertson, J. H. (John Henry), 1909-1965--21.1
  • Robertson, Sandy Irvine--21.1
  • Robinson, Michael--21.1
  • Rodd, Claude Rosemary Dove--21.1
  • Rogers, Mary--21.1
  • Roosevelt, Theodore, 1887-1944--21.1
  • Roper, Lanning--21.5
  • Rose, E. J. B. (Eliot Joseph Benn), 1909- (The Observer, Penguin Books)--21.1
  • Rose, Susan Pamela Gibson--21.1
  • Roskill, Oliver W.--21.1
  • Roskill, Stephen Wentworth--21.1
  • Ross, A. Denison--21.1
  • Ross-Thomas, Josephine--21.1
  • Rouch, Jane, 1922- --21.1
  • Roudot, Elisabeth--21.1
  • Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland (D. M. F. Hoysted)--21.6
  • Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain) (Arthur R. Hinks, L. P. Kirwan)--21.7
  • Royal Institute of International Affairs (David H. Loch)--21.6
  • Royal Scottish Geographical Society (B. K. D. Robertson, Geo. Walker)--21.6
  • Runciman, Steven, 1903-2000 (The Atheneum, The British Council, British Legation, Sofia)--21.8, 24.12
  • Rupert Hart-Davis Limited--see Hart-Davis, Rupert, 1907-1999
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  • Russell, Flora--21.6
  • Russell, John Wriothesley, Sir, 1914-1984 (British Embassy, Tehran, British Information Services, Rolls-Royce (1971) Limited)--21.6
  • Russell, Kit--21.6, 21.10
  • Russell, Robert Scott--21.6
  • Russell, Sheridan--21.10
  • Ruthven, Malise (The British Broadcasting Corporation, Irish Georgian Society)--21.11
  • Ruthven of Canberra and Dirleton, Patrick Leo Brer Ruthven, Viscount, 1964- --21.6
  • Ruthven of Freeland, Bridget Helen Monckton, Baroness--21.6
  • Ryan, Min--21.6
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  • Ryde, Mary--21.6
  • Sackville-West, V. (Victoria), 1892-1962--22.1
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  • St. John-Stevas, Norman (House of Commons)--22.1
  • Salisbury, Elizabeth Vere Cavendish Gascoyne-Cecil, Marchioness, 1897-1982--22.2
  • Salisbury, Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, Marquess of, 1893-1972--22.1
  • Sampson, F. A. (The War Office)--22.1
  • Sanders, Edith Mary Olivier, Lady--22.1
  • Sansom, William, 1912- --22.1
  • Sarton, May, 1912-1995--22.1
  • Saunders, Marion--22.1
  • Savory, Reginald, Sir, 1894-1980--22.1
  • Scaife, C. H. O. (Christopher Henry Oldham), 1900-1988 (American University of Beirut, Anglo Egyptian Union)--22.3
  • Schonfield, Hugh J. (Hugh Joseph), 1901-1988 (La Mondcivitana Respubliko)--22.1
  • Schulz, Ingeborg--22.1
  • Scott, Enid (Headquarters Women's Voluntary Services (India))--22.1
  • Scott, Paul, 1920-1978--22.4
  • Sedgwick, Alexander Cameron, 1901- --22.5
  • Sedgwick, Gabriella May Ladd--22.1
  • Sekers, Agota Anna Balkanyi, Lady--22.1
  • Sekers, David--22.1
  • Sekers, Nicholas Thomas, Sir, 1910-1972--22.1
  • Sekers, Simone--22.1
  • Seligman, C. G. (Charles Gabriel), 1873-1940--22.1
  • Seltman, Charles Theodore, 1886-1957--22.1
  • Serjeant, R. B. (Robert Bertram) (Middle East Centre, University of Cambridge)--22.1
  • Shadick, Helen--22.6
  • Shearer, John--22.6
  • Sheibi, Hasan--22.6
  • Sheppard, Geoffrey--22.6
  • Sherfield, Roger Mellor Makins, Baron, 1904- (United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority)--22.6
  • Shuckburgh, Evelyn, 1909- (British Embassy, Rome)--22.6
  • Shuckburgh, Nancy Brett, Lady (British Embassy)--22.6
  • Siddle, Nell--22.6
  • Sim, Katharine--22.6
  • Sinderson, Harry C. (Harry Chapman), Sir, Pasha, b. 1891--22.6
  • Sitwell, Osbert, 1892-1969--22.6
  • Skipwith, Sally--22.6
  • Skrine, Clarmont--22.7
  • Smart, Amy Nimr, Lady--22.6
  • Smart, Walter Alexander, Sir, 1883-1962 (British Embassy, Cairo)--22.6
  • Smith, Arthur Lionel Forster, 1880-1972 (The Edinburgh Academy)--22.8
  • Smith, Janet Adam--22.6
  • Smith, Mary F.--22.6
  • Smith, Sidney, 1889- (Department of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities, British Museum)--22.6
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  • Stark, Flora, d. 1942 (Mario Roascio fabbrica tappeti cocco, Tessoria Asolana)--22.10-11, 24.12
  • Stark, Robert, 1853-1931 (Broken Hill Ranch, Creston, B.C.)--23.1
  • Stark, Th., S.J.--22.6
  • Stark, Vera--see Roascio, Vera Stark di, 1894-1926
  • Stein, Aurel, Sir, 1862-1943--22.6
  • Stevens, W. G. (William George), 1893-1975--22.6
  • Stewart, Katharine Damaris Housse-Mayne du Boulay, Lady (British Embassy, Athens)--23.2
  • Stewart, Michael, Sir, 1911-1994 (British Embassy, Ankara, British Embassy, Athens, British Embassy, Peking, British Embassy, Rome, British Embassy, Washington, The Ditchley Foundation, Imperial Defence College, Office of Her Britannic Majesty's Chargé d'Affaires, Peking)--23.3-4
  • Stewart, Nicholas--23.2
  • Stewart, Olivia (British Embassy, Athens)--23.2
  • Stimson, Henry L. (Henry Lewis), 1867-1950 (War Department, Washington)--23.2
  • Stirling, Michael--23.2
  • Stone, Janet Woods--23.2
  • Stone, Reynolds--23.2
  • Stopford, Robert--23.2
  • Storrs, Ronald, Sir, 1881-1955 (The British Council Centre, Venice-Padua, Royal Central Asian Society)--23.2
  • Summerhayes, Christopher, 1896-1989--23.2, 24.12
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  • Sykes, Christopher, 1907-1986 (The British Broadcasting Corporation)--23.2
  • Taylor, Jane--23.5
  • Tett, Norman (The British Council)--23.5
  • Thames and Hudson (Margaret Hanbury, Eva Neurath, Simon ____, Pauline Wickham)--23.5
  • Thesiger, Ernest Frederic Graham, 1879-1961--23.5
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Partial Index of Titles

  • Against the law of averages (verse, 1945)--1.2
  • Alexander and the Queen of Caria--1.2
  • The Arab background ('Written for the Anglo-Arabian News Service, April 1949')--1.2
  • Around Tunisia (1960)--1.2
  • Asolo ('Country Life, 1971?')--1.2
  • Barbados ('Written for & published by United Nations World, 1948')--1.2
  • Barbados ('Written for the London Spectator, April 1949')--1.2
  • Broadcast: 'I have been asked to give you ...' (BBC, November 1938)--1.2
  • Broadcast:'The philosophy of adventure' (BBC, January 1947)--1.2
  • Broadcast: 'This I believe' (BBC North American Service, July 1953)--1.2
  • Una carovana nell'Arabia del sud ('For Touring Club Italiano, Dec. 1949')--1.2
  • The coast below Cyrene ('Pub. 1950 Geographical Magazine')--1.2
  • Cyrenaica 24.3.50 [and other notes through 16 June 1950]--1.2
  • The dead comrade ('1918?')--1.2
  • Dialogue on old age ('1970?')--1.2
  • Dolomite holidays--1.2
  • Dust in the Lion's Paw ('[biographical] notes for Lion's Paw' and 'J. G. M.'s notes')--1.2
  • Empire troops: the Mahrattas--1.2
  • England in Barbados ('Written for gift book to Hilary Blood ... April 1949') --1.2
  • Extract from letter to Mr. Stewart Perowne, B.B.C., from Nejib Izzeddin, June 1939--1.2
  • For Heritage Tours: what do we travel for? (July, 1971)--1.2
  • Foreword: 'A dignity unattainable ...' ('For Gerald De Gaury, London, July, 1944')--1.2
  • Foreword: Wordsworth ('Suggested foreword unpublished for a proposed selection of Wordsworth,' 1941)--1.2
  • Foreword for Sinderson (reminiscence of Baghdad)--1.2
  • Foreword to Mrs. Leonowens' memories of Siam--1.2
  • Fratelli nostri italiani (1939, 'typed & posted today [cipher] 4.X.43')--1.2
  • The French problem: personal notes (August, 1943)--1.2
  • Happiness (1968)--1.2
  • Heroic burial (of General Lattre de Tassigny, 1952)--1.2
  • "I have revisited the Lebanon ..." ('Publ. by Time & Tide, 1937')--1.2
  • The Imam Iahya by A. Besse 1938 (transcribed by Freya Stark)--1.2
  • Iraq: minor officials [and] Kurdistan ('Not for publication')--1.2
  • Italy as a member of the British commonwealth (August, 1944)--1.2
  • Lecture: Aden--1.6
  • Lecture: Assassins of Syria ('For British Council, 1947')--1.6
  • Lecture: British exploring in Arabia ('For British Council, 1947')--1.6
  • Lecture: The Future development of southern Arabia ('Address given at Chatham House on 14th February 1939,' typescript carbon titled as above; typescript has title: The Future of southern Arabia) --1.6
  • Lecture: "If I were asked to describe the most alarming moment ..." ('After lunch speech, 11.XI.38')--1.6
  • Lecture: In southwestern Arabia in wartime (1947) (typescript has handwritten note 'lecture 1947,' carbon with note 'Dec. 1946')--1.6
  • Lecture: R.G.S. lecture [on southern Arabia] ('Published in RGS Journal?' --1.6
  • Lecture: Speech as guest to the Mesopotamian and Paiforce Dinner Club, 4/7/1975--1.6
  • Lecture: Speech at Northwood [Institute for Distinguished Women]--1.6
  • Loss of the Bag (account of a border crossing mishap; 'Sent to Health Horizon')--1.6
  • Memorandum on anti-Italian propaganda in the Middle East ('Secret ... Cairo, 15th August 1940,' print format)--1.8
  • A Middle-Aged Poem, January 1936 (handwritten draft)--1.8
  • Minute by Miss Freya Stark (on anti-fascist propaganda, 24 October 1940)--1.8
  • Morning on the Oxus (handwritten and typescript drafts)--1.8
  • The old-fashioned spinsters--1.8
  • Our second-rate security ('Article for the Times')--1.8
  • Palio in Siena (handwritten and typescript carbon drafts)--1.8
  • Palmyra ('For Paul Hamlyn Jan. 1967')--1.8
  • Preface: "To one ignorant of chemistry ..."--1.8
  • Review: Aden to the Hadhramaut, by D. van der Meulen ('Sent to M. E. Journal Washington')--1.8
  • Review: Alexander the Great, by Peter Green ('NewYork Times (London) reviews 1969?')--1.8
  • Review: Arabian Days, by H. St. John B. Philby ('Sent to Bibliotheca Orientalis Leyden')--1.8
  • Review: The Bethrothed (I Promessi Sposi) by Alessandro Manzoni, translated by Archibald Colquhoun--1.8
  • Review: Britain and the Arab States, by M. V. Seton Williams (1949)--1.8
  • Review: Egyptian Service, by Thomas Wentworth Russell ('Sunday Times... 1949')--1.8
  • Review: Jiddah, by Dr. Angelo Pesce (1974)--1.8
  • Review: A Prince of Arabia, by George Stitt (1949)--1.8
  • Review: The Travels of Ibn Jubair, translated by R. J. C. Broadhurst ('Published in Observer, Nov. 1952')--1.8
  • Royal Tombs at Mycenae ('Rejected by Observer Sep. '52 accept Geographical Magazine Jan. '53')--1.8
  • Sonnet to my mother ('written when?')--1.8
  • Speech to Mysore ladies (7 Apr. 1945)--1.8
  • The Story of Himyar the lizard ('Published in Chambers Mag Dec 44')--1.8
  • Tidiness ('Time & Tide 10/12/49')--1.8
  • Two Eastern war episodes (comprises A Red Sea convoy and An air raid on Aden, 'All proofs & 'copy' to John Murray [cipher] 4.IX.40')--1.8
  • Why is greed among the deadly sins? (published by Time and Tide, 5 May 1951)--1.8
  • The Wise men (photocopy of appearance in Time and Tide 5 December 1953--1.8
  • Yemen and its history--1.8