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Edward Chodorov:

A Preliminary Inventory of His Papers at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Creator: Chodorov, Edward, 1904-1988
Title: Edward Chodorov Papers
Dates: 1936-1997
Abstract: This collection contains Chodorov's notes, proposals, and scripts for produced plays, movies, and unrealized productions, including typescript drafts of Kind Lady and Oh Men! Oh Women!; business and personal correspondence, including some relating to the Hollywood blacklist of the 1950s; other business and personal documents of Chodorov and his wife, including clippings, notes, travel documents, diaries, and address books; and a short story by Chodorov's brother Jerome, a television documentary proposal by his sister Isabelle Chase, and several versions of a play by his wife Rosemary.
RLIN Record #: None
Extent: 22 boxes, 2 oversize boxes (9.87 linear feet)
Language: Most material in English.
Repository: The University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Scope and Contents

The Edward Chodorov Papers contain materials relating to his long career writing for film and stage. The collection is arranged in four series: I. Works & Related Files, ca. 1941-1993; II. Correspondence 1947-1997; III. Career-Related & Personal, 1936-1995; and IV. Works by Others.

Series I. Works & Related Files includes produced plays and movies, as well as notes, proposals, and scripts for many unrealized productions. Two of the works represented are Kind Lady and Oh Men! Oh Women, both produced on stage and in film. The bulk of the series contains typescript drafts of the works. Chodorov did not keep materials related to his early productions.

The correspondence in Series II. is primarily business related, although there are some personal letters. It is organized chronologically, with some folders also grouped by subject. There are several folders of notebooks, listing outgoing correspondence kept by Chodorov's wife, Rosemary. These record all of the mail, both business and personal, that the couple sent for the years 1970-1980. Of special interest in this series are folders relating to the Hollywood blacklist of the 1950s. Chodorov was blacklisted in 1954 and spent the rest of his life trying to reclaim his position and benefits. Throughout the series there are numerous letters to the artist Al Hirschfeld and the journalist Abe Rosenthal, both personal friends of the Chodorovs.

Series III. Career-Related & Personal includes reference files of clippings and notes collected by Chodorov, personal photographs and official travel documents, and diaries. The diaries were kept by Rosemary Chodorov, beginning several years before she met Edward, and continuing after his death. The bulk of the diaries chronicle their daily activities and appointments, both personal and business. There are several folders of address books covering time they spent in England, Europe, and New York.

The works by others in Series IV. consist of a short story by Chodorov's brother Jerome (also a playwright), a television documentary proposal by his sister Isabelle Chase, and several versions of a play by Rosemary entitled "Harry's Whore."

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Chodorov, Rosemary.
Chodorov, Jerome.
Chase, Isabelle.
Hirschfeld, Al.
Rosenthal, Abe.
Screenwriters United States.
Blacklisting of authors.
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Motion picture plays.

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Processed by:

Isabel Morales and Hope Rider, 2005

Edward Chodorov Papers--Folder List

Series I. Works & Related Files, ca. 1941-1993

1932: Biographies and Other Events
Box Folder
1 1 Typescript
2-5 Typescript photocopies
6 Britain's Traditional Americans, typescript photocopy
7 The Clubwomen (unproduced play), typescript
8 Colonel Lutz: The Two Boon Companions, The Chief and Hollywood, short story typescript
Common Ground (play, 1946)
Box Folder
1 9-10 Published play and photocopy
The Crow and the Cradle, screenplay typescripts
Box Folder
2 1 First draft, 10 May 1978
2-5 Photocopies
6 Cue for Passion (play, 1941), original cast list, photocopy
7-8 Decision (play, 1946), published script and photocopies
Box Folder
2 9 Story treatment and legal papers, 1974-1976
10 Typescript photocopy
Box Folder
3 1-3 Erskine (unproduced play), typescript photocopies
Flanagan (presumed title, EC's final play)
Box Folder
3 4 References, research materials
5-7 Typescripts, heavily revised
Box Folder
4 1 Typescripts, cont'd
2 "Give me YNFI," playlet, published version in Los Angeles Times, 26 February 1967
3 Have I Found You, Julie?, synopsis typescript
Hell on Wheels (alternate title, Saddle and Go)
Box Folder
4 4-5 Typescripts
6-7 Lyrics, songs, research materials
The Irrational Knot (unproduced play)
Box Folder
4 8-9 Typescript photocopies
Box Folder
5 1-3 Typescripts, cont'd
4 Correspondence, contract draft
Kind Lady (play, 1936; films, 1935 & 1951)
Box Folder
5 5 Published play
6-7 Business correspondence, ca. 1960-1981
8 Contracts, misc. business correspondence
9 Houston production, correspondence, clippings, 1985
Box Folder
6 1 Samuel French Inc., correspondence re royalties, IRS lien, 1985-1986
2 Like a Singing Bird, screenplay, first draft continuity, 7 August 1947; correspondence
Listen to the Mockingbird (play, 1958)
Box Folder
6 3-6 Original version, typescript and photocopies
7-8 Revised 1 February 1959
9-10 Revised version, photocopy
Box Folder
7 1-2 Contracts, correspondence, notes
The Lynching of Elizabeth Taylor (screenplay)
Box Folder
7 3 Story pamphlets, film treatments
4-7 Typescript photocopies
8 Contracts, business correspondence, 1967-1993
Box Folder
8 1-2 Contracts, cont'd
3 Mike Romanoff, typescript
Monsieur Lautrec (play, 1959)
Box Folder
8 4 Working copy, with notes
5-6 "Auditions", scripts
7 Pictures from an Exhibition (alternate title), typescript
Naked to Walk the Night, screenplay
Box Folder
8 8 Research materials
9 Typescript photocopies
Box Folder
9 1 Typescript, cont'd
2 "The Night They Made a Bum Out of Helen Hayes", television play script, photocopy
3 Nora, typescript sections
Oh Men! Oh Women! (play, 1955; film, 1957)
Box Folder
9 4 "Behold a Wonder" (early title), play synopsis typescript
5 Typescript
6 Cuts from script
7 Published play
8 Movie royalties reports
9 One Hot Night in Alabama, synopsis and references
10 The Opening of a Door (revised version of Kind Lady; play, 1975), final draft typescript, 26 November 1975, program
11 Paris in the Twenties, proposal
12 Reflected Glory (screenplay, adaptation of play by George Kelly), typescript
13 Senior Service, news show proposal
Box Folder
10 1-2 The Spa (play, 1957), published play and photocopy
3-5 Sunday Father, typescripts, 28 July 1958
6 Those Endearing Young Charms (play, 1943), published play photocopy
Traffic in Innocents (screenplay)
Box Folder
10 7 First script, 18 September 1963
8 Correspondence re Chodorov vs. Ace Films Inc. and Onslow Square Corporations
9 Two Boards and a Passion, typescript
A Very Important Man Is Dead (stage adaptation of Hall of Mirrors by John Rowan Wilson
Box Folder
11 1-2 Research materials, notes, typescript fragments
3 Typescript sections
4 Hall of Mirrors, heavily annotated, and clippings
5 Miscellaneous writings, includes newspaper and playbill articles

Series II. Correspondence, 1947-1997

Box Folder
11 6 1947-1949; re My Dear Watson
7 1950-1956
8 1954-1959, re passport problems
9 1954-1997, re Hollywood blacklist
Box Folder
12 1 1957
2 1958
3 1959, misc. 1950s
4 1960
5 1960-1974, with Leo Kerz
6 1961
7 1962
8 1963
9 1964
10 1965-1966, "Letters to do with motion pictures"
11 1965-1968
Box Folder
13 1 1969
2 1970
3 1971-1973
4 1974
5 1975
6 1976-1979, misc. 1970s
7 1977-1980, teaching, California State University, Northridge; New York University; Showcase Theatre; Fairfield University, Westport
8 1980-1988
Box Folder
14 1-4 1988, re death of Chodorov
5-8 Collected correspondence: "Important notes and letters," business correspondence, and miscellaneous
Outgoing, correspondence record books
Box Folder
14 9 1970-1972
10 1972-1975
Box Folder
15 1 1976-1980

Series III. Career-Related & Personal, 1936-1995

Accounts, record books
Box Folder
15 2 1969-1971
3 1971-1978
4 1979-1985
5 1986-1990
6 Address books
Box Folder
16 1-3 Address books, cont'd
4 Chodorov, Wendy, birth certificate (copy), Christmas card, 1961
Box Folder
16 5 About EC
6 re Writer's Guild of America
7-9 Contracts, various 1936-1967
10 "Credits," résumé, works lists
Prior to marriage
Box Folder
16 11 1950-1951
Box Folder
17 1 1952-1954
2 1955-1959
3 1960-1965
4 1965-1966
5 1967
6 1967-1969
Box Folder
18 1 1970-1972
2 1973-1975
3 1976-1978
4 1979-1981
5 1981-1982
Box Folder
19 1 1986-1988
After Chodorov's death
Box Folder
19 2 1989-1991
3 1991-1995
4 Financial documents, misc.
5-6 Memorial for EC, correspondence, program information
7 Obituaries of EC
Photograph album
Box Folder
19 8 Guide, with numbered photograph descriptions
9 1-19
Box Folder
20 1 20-37
2 38-54
3 55-77
4 78-96
5 97-111, 113
6 112, ID and membership cards
7-9* "References," clippings, notes, correspondence drafts, misc. (*oversize removed to box 23)
Box Folder
21 1-3 "References" cont'd
4 Tax forms, 1950-1951, 1961-1963, 1965
5* Theatre scrapbook, reviews and clippings (*oversize scrapbook removed to box 24)
Travel documents
Box Folder
21 6 International driving permits, immunization records, registration cards
7 Passports, EC and RC

Series IV. Works By Others

Box Folder
21 8 Biographies of others that mention EC
9 Chase, Isabelle (sister of EC). Career, television show proposal typescript
10 Chodorov, Jerome. The World's Biggest Caper (And How It Grew), typescript
Chodorov, Rosemary. Harry's Whore
Box Folder
21 11 "Original script with original names," typescript (titled Eddie's Whore), 1973
12 Script photocopy, 1978
Box Folder
22 1-2 Script photocopies, nd
3 Directed reading script, EC copy
4 Screenplay, typescript photocopy
5 Correspondence, 1979-1983
23-24 Oversize