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I. Identified Photographs

University of Texas, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Hunter-Rose Collection:

A Preliminary Inventory of Their Collection at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center [Part I]

Creator:Rose, Noah H. and Hunter, J. Marvin (John Marvin), 1880-1957
Title:Noah H. Rose and J. Marvin Hunter Collection
Abstract:This collection of photographs consists primarily of images of the Old West and the Southwest taken by Noah H. Rose and J. Marvin Hunter. Subjects featured in the collection include Indians, frontiersmen, cowboys, outlaws and Texas Rangers, Texas governors and other statesmen. Images taken by D. P. Barr, A. A. Brack, and W. D. Smithers are also present in the collection.
Extent:ca. 8,000 items in 5 drawer filing cabinet, 7 document boxes, 1 oversize flat file drawer (14.58 linear feet)
Repository:Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas at Austin

Scope and Contents

The Hunter-Rose Collection contains images from "The Famous N. H. Rose Collection of Old Time Photographs" by various photographers including Noah H. Rose, a San Antonio commercial photographer and collector of photographs of what he termed "early day characters and scenes." J. Marvin Hunter (1880-1957), a friend of Rose, was a printer and publisher of newspapers, most notably the Bandera New Era, as well as the Frontier Times, a publication "devoted to Frontier History, Border Tragedy and Pioneer Achievement," which he co-published with his father, Warren Hunter. Hunter also founded and operated the Frontier Times Museum in Bandera, Texas, to showcase his collection of frontier and historical artifacts. Rose and Hunter were friends from an early age and together they published "The Album of Gunfighters" in 1951.

The collection consists predominately of photographs of the Old West and the Southwest, ca. 1850-1960s. The photographs taken by Rose date from the 1930s. Among the other photographers represented in the collection are D. P. Barr, A. A. Brack, and W. D. Smithers. Typical subjects featured in this collection include Indians, frontiersmen, cowboys, outlaws, and Texas Rangers, as well as Texas governors and other statesmen. Individuals represented in the collection include Jesse and Frank James, Judge Roy Bean, Billy the Kid, Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok, David Crockett, General George Custer, and Sam Houston and his family. There are also photographs of historical places and scenes, military forts and encampments, and towns in Texas and surrounding states, such as New Mexico, Arizona, and Oklahoma. Among the Texas towns represented in the collection are Del Rio, San Antonio, and Washington-on-the-Brazos, as well as Bandera, home of Hunter's Frontier Times Museum. The collection also contains photographs and manuscript materials relating to both J. Marvin Hunter and N. H. Rose.

Both vintage and copy prints in a variety of formats are included in the collection. The formats range from cabinet cards, cigarette cards and cartes-de-visite, to panoramic prints. Among the photographic processes represented in the collection are albumen prints, cyanotypes, and tintypes, as well as both nitrate and safety negatives. In addition to copy prints of original daguerreotypes and other processes, there are photographic reproductions of drawings, paintings, and other works of art, some of which pre-date photography. The collection also contains postcards and original letters, as well as negatives of letters, newspaper articles, and legal, financial, and military documents.

The material has been left in its original order and is divided as follows: Series I. Identified Photographs (4 filing cabinet drawers); Series II. Unidentified Photographs (1 filing cabinet drawer); Series III. Oversize Photographs (2 boxes, 1 oversize flat file drawer); and Series IV. Nitrate Negatives (5 boxes). At the end of this finding aid are two indexes, one of correspondents and one of photographers represented in the collection. It should be noted that for most of the material the photographers have not been identified.

The folder list for Series I, which forms the great majority of the collection, reproduces the titles the creator/collector assigned to the folders in alphabetical order by subject. Note that a large segment is present under the title "Indians." Numerous cross-references have been added by the cataloger for personal names and selected subjects. Bracketed information, including the number of items in each folder, has also been supplied by the cataloger. If no number of items is given, the presence of one item may be assumed. When only safety or nitrate negatives of a particular item are available, "SN only" or "NN only" appears in the bracketed information.

The material in Series II has been divided into four subseries: People, Places, Various Subjects, and Written Materials. (The subseries Places includes interior and exterior architecture as well as landscapes.) There are two subseries in Series III: Oversize Items Removed from Series I., and Numbered Oversize Items. The Numbered Oversize Items are divided into People, Places, and Panoramics. The panoramics have been further subdivided into vintage and copy prints. If there are multiple vintage panoramic prints from the same negative, they have all been assigned the same number plus a different uppercase letter for each print. (For example, the number #35A-E indicates that there are five vintage prints from the same negative in the collection). The numbering of the panoramic copy prints corresponds to that of the panoramic nitrate negatives in Series IV. Since copy prints are not yet available for all of the panoramic nitrate negatives, the numbers of the copy prints are not consecutive.

The following abbreviations are utilized in the finding aid:

  • ALS--autograph letter signed
  • CC--Caldwell Collection
  • DC--Dienst Collection
  • DRC--Dick Rudisill Collection
  • FBC--Frank H. Bushick Collection
  • HC--Hunter Collection
  • NN--nitrate negative
  • NV--nitrate vault
  • P&N--print and negative
  • SN--safety negative
  • TLS--typed letter signed

For more information on N. H. Rose, a publication entitled "The Passing of a Life-Long Friend," by J. Marvin Hunter, is available. (Call No. TR 140 R774 H857 1952 HRC Dobie. Please note that this book is located off-site and the researcher needs to allow at least 24 hours advance notice for paging purposes.)

For information on J. Marvin Hunter, please see "J. Marvin Hunter, personal journalist of the twentieth century," a 1957 thesis by Helen Anna Betty. (Call No. T1957 B466.)

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Open for research, except as noted in Access and Reproduction Restrictions.

Access and Reproduction Restrictions

The Hunter-Rose Collection contains large amounts of nitrate negatives, original prints, and copy prints. Patrons may access and research all of the original prints and copy prints; they are restricted from accessing the nitrate negatives. Patrons may request reproductions of the nitrate negatives and original prints from the Ransom Center. Those patrons who wish to obtain reproductions of the copy prints should direct their requests to the N.H. Rose Collection at the University of Oklahoma.


  • John R. Lovett, Jr.
  • Photo Archivist
  • Western History Collections
  • Monnet Hall, Rm. 452
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Norman, OK 73019

phone (405) 325-3717

fax (405) 325-2943


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Administrative Information


Gift, ca. 1960s

Processed by:

Rebecca Altermatt, 1997; Susan McClellan, 1997-98

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Other Finding Aid

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Hunter-Rose Collection--Folder List


I. Identified Photographs

11A & M Faculty [1883]
1Ables, John--see 1.81
2Ace O' Diamond and rider
Extent [2 items]
3-5Actors and actresses [31 items; cabinet cards and/or cigarette cards; see also 1.53, 4.17, 4.95]
6Adami, Mabel; Adami, Walter
Extent [2 items]
Adams, Emil, Maj.--see 4.202
Adams, John Quincy--see 4.201
Adams, John--see 1.44
Adamson, A. D.--see 3.2
7Adamson, Amanda - Home
Admendadis, Jose--see 4.242
African-Americans--see 1.287, 4.78, 4.260
Extent [14 items]
Alexis, Grand Duke--see 1.257
Albritton, Val--see 1.277
Aldrich, R. W., Capt.--see 2.347
9Aldridge, F. C.
10Alfonso XIII, King [1886-1941]
11Allee, Alfred Y. [2 items; see also 4.165]
Allen, Earl, Rev. (Baptist Church, Independence)--see 2.206
Allen, F. W., Pvt.--see 2.167
Allen, Steve--see 3.173, Oversize #4
12Allison, Clay, of the Washita
Extent [3 items]
13Allred, James V., Gov. [see also 4.149]
14Alpine, Tex. [1908; 2 items]
15Altgelt, Mrs. E. H.
16Alto Frio Encampment, 1921 [empty folder; see also NN #79-83]
16Alvary, Max [3 images]--see 1.5
17Alverson, Leonard
18Alvord, Burt [see also 2.183]
19Amarillo, ca. 1900
Extent [2 items]
20Amberg, Joseph and Kessler, Morris (Brooklyn hoodlums)
20Ames, R. F., Lt.--see 3.159
21Ames Ranch, San Diego County, Calif.
Extent [2 items]
Ancker, Mrs. Theodore (Rose)--see 4.232
Anders, Lee--see 4.169
22Anderson, Bill, Capt.
Anderson, E.--see 4.201
Anderson, H. E., U.S. Dept. of Justice--see 3.24
23Anderson, L. B. ["Cowboy," Seguin, Tex.; 1876; 2 items]
24Animals & etc. (Bats, [buffalo, burros], cats, [cattle], deer, fish, insects, [mules, rattlesnakes, scorpion], snakes, [tarantula, turkeys, vinegaron]) [19 items; NN]
24Appell, Dr.--see 2.71
25Archduke Francis Joseph of Austria [1905]
Arias, Harmodio, Pres., Panama--see 3.331
Arizona--see 1.49, 1.70, 1.125, 1.140, 2.34, 2.74, 2.140, 2.161, 2.167, 2.171, 2.183, 2.194, 2.212, 2.213, 3.31, 3.107, 3.112, 3.138, 3.181, 3.240, 3.242, 3.252, 3.259, 4.23, 4.26, 4.27, 4.45, 4.65, 4.46, 4.85, 4.110, 4.112, 4.185, 4.194, 4.224, 4.234, 4.255, 4.256, 4.288, 4.294, 5.29; see also photographer 2.261
Arizona Rangers--see 1.26, 2.103, 3.190
26Arizona Rangers, Group of, at Morenci, 1903 [NN]
27Arkansas Tom (Daugherty, Roy; alias Jones, Tom; [member of Doolin gang]) [2 items; NN]
27Armstrong, Wm.--see 3.2
28Arrow Head Museum, Johnson City, Tex. [see also 3.1]
29Arrowhead Collection at Fort Davis, Tex.
Aten, Cal (Realitos, Tex., 1880)--see 4.166
Aten, Ed--see 3.12
30Aten, Ira, Texas Ranger, 1887 [NN; see also 3.12]
30Auchiah, James (Grandson of Satanta)--see 4.59
31Aurora, Nev. (Mining town) [1906, 1947; 5 items]
32Austin, Stephen F. [13 items; see also 4.170]
33Statue and replica of home, San Felipe State Park
Extent [2 items]
34Statue by Eliz[abeth] Ney in rotunda of Capitol, Austin
Extent [2 items]
35-36Austin, Tex.
35Scenes [ca. 1875-1923], acquired 3-21-63 from Dorothy Harrell, Austin
Extent [12 items]
36Photostat of American Statesman page commemorating Austin's 100th Anniversary, March 26, 1939
36Authors--see 1.122, 1.291, 2.116, 3.137, 3.266, 3.286, 4.110
37Baca, Elfego [1937; see also 2.347]
38Bache, Richard, 1737-1811 (Son-in-law of B[enjamin] Franklin) [Afgachrome slide only]
Bachehus, Mike and Haynes, John J., age 18--see 2.158
Badger, Lt.--see 1.257
39Bailey, Joseph W.
Extent [3 items]
39Baker, A. Y.--see 4.169
40Baker, Eph [empty folder; see also 1.208]
Baker, J. H.--see 4.169
Baker, Johnny--see 1.128
Baker, Jules--see 4.169
Baldwin, Kid--see 1.171
41Baldwin, Thurman (alias Skeeter; member of Bill Cook gang) [see also 1.222]
42Band, 33rd Regiment, 1899
43Bandera art class, [Jose Arpa's], 1926
Bandera County
44Old Settlers [Association]
1924 [see NN #59-63]
441926, 1929, 1940 [14 items; NN; see also 4.228, Oversize #26, #27]
45Scenes and monuments [1863, n.d.; 13 items; see also Oversize #3]
46Bandera dinosaur tracks
47Bandera, Tex. [1910, 1922, 1928, 1933, n.d.; 28 items; NN]
Bandits--see Outlaws
Bannister, Wm. H., Lt.--see 4.202
48Banowsky, Mr. (Cattleman)
49Banta, A. F. (Guide to 1st Gov. of Arizona Territory)
Extent [2 items]
49Barber--see 4.201
50Barber, Hugh
Barker, Arthur R.--see 4.232
Barker, Dudley (near San Saba, Tex., 1897) --see 4.169
Barker, Dudley S. [same as Dudley Barker?]--see 4.164
Barker, Kate--see 4.232
Barker, [?]mar--see 2.220
51Barnard, George [SN]
Barnette, Graham--see 3.161
Barnum, Lt.--see 2.71
52Barrow, Clyde [2 items; see also 3.247]
53Barrymore, Ethel (Actress)
Bartley, C. C., Sheriff--see 4.211
Barton, Chas. (Realitos, Tex., 1880)--see 4.166
54Barton Springs, Austin, Tex., July 10, 1927 [empty folder; see also Oversize #45]
55Bass, Sam [1878; no photo of Sam Bass; includes photos of correspondence with his relatives regarding identification of image thought to be him, and photos of newspaper articles about him; 14 items; for image of Bass see 2.13]
Bassett, Charley--see 2.2
Bassett, Charlie--see 3.240
Batchfelder, Richard N.--see 3.70
56*Bateman, C. C., Maj. [1914, 1917-18; *oversize removed to 6.1]
Bates, Miss Annie--see 1.257
Bates, Sam (Colorado, Tex., 1903)--see 4.165
57*Batts, R. L., Judge [1864-1935; 2 items; *oversize removed to 6.2]
57*Bawker, W. H., Pvt.--see 2.167
58Baylor College [1965, n.d.; 13 items]
58Baylor, G. W. (Relative of Gen. John R. Baylor?)--see 4.169
59Baylor, George W., Col.
Extent [2 items]
60Baylor, Henry N.; Baylor, [Mrs. J. W.?] Rhoda Burks [1895; 2 items]
61Baylor, John R., Gen. [NN]
62Beal, Mr. (or Bihl, Biehl)
Extent [7 items]
63Beal's camels (?) [3 items; see also 4.40]
64*Bean, Roy, Judge [60 items; *oversize removed to 6.3]
64Beauford, Tom--see 3.85
65Beauregard, G. T.
66Bee, Hamilton P., Gen.
Extent [4 items]
67Beecher Island Battleground [ 9 items; NN] 1917;
67Beeler, M. K. (?)--see 3.234
68Beeman, Chas. A.
Extent [2 items]
69Beethoven Singers (San Antonio, ) 1893
Extent [2 items]
70Behan, Johnny, Sheriff, Tombstone, Ariz.
Extent [5 items]
71Belcher, Claire (Cowgirl), Ft. Worth, ca. 1927
Bell, Bob--see 4.166, 4.167
Bell, Gene (1888)--see 4.167
Bell, James (near San Saba, Tex., 1897)--see 4.169
Bell, Jim "Woolly"--see 4.169
Bell, Virginia--see 1.136
72Bender, Gus - House (Round Top)
73Benteen, Frederick W. [see also 3.75]
Benten, Harry, Capt.--see 4.202
Bentz, Ed and Mrs.--see 4.232
Bentz, Ted--see 4.232
Berger, David G.--see 3.296
74Berlioz (Composer)
75Bernard, Reuben F., Brig. Gen.
76Bernardo (Groce Plantation), 1822 [photo of a painting]
77Berry, Bate
78Best, Tom and Chambers, Ed - Monument to cowboys Grant County, Okla.
Beto, Geo. Dr. (Warden, Huntsville)--see 4.59
Beuford, J. M.--see 3.2
79Big Bend Trip, 1934 (Marvin Hunter, Jr., etc.)
80Billings, Thelma [1931]
81Billy the Kid (Bonney, William H.)
Extent [16 items]
82Birchfield, Steve and Peters, Pink
Bird, Belle--see 3.123
B[ird?], Lee, Capt. (Executioner, Huntsville)--see 4.59
Bison, Hank--see 1.171
83Black, Clyde Odin
Extent [2 items]
83Black, Dr.--see 2.71
84Black, Isaac (Pal of Zip Wyatt, train robber) [1895]
84Blackwell, Charlie, Sgt.--see 4.168
85Blake, H. Cody
86Blakeney, W. H. "Doc"
87Blanton, Annie Webb
Extent [3 items]
88Blanton, B. F.
Extent [4 items]
89Blanton, J. W. [and Nix, E. D., U.S. Marshall, Okla.]
90Bledsoe, "Shorty" [NN]
91Blocker, John R. (Ranchman)
Extent [2 items]
Blocker, John R. [same as John R. Blocker (Ranchman)?]--see 3.330
Blocksom, A. P., Lt.--see 4.202
92Bly, Nellie
93Boales, Dab
94Bobbitt, A. A. [NN]
95Boehmer, Joseph O.
95Boer, Mrs.--see 7.5
96Boerne, Tex. [House where Robert E. Lee stayed]
Bogardus, W. I.--see 3.233
Bolton, John, Foreman, Spindletop Field--see 3.234
Bonney, William H.--see 1.81
Booke, D. E.--see 3.2
97Boone, Daniel - Knife [unidentifed women verso; NN]
98Booth, John Wilkes [13 items; NN]
99Boquillas, Mexico
Extent [4 items]
100Borax wagons [and] steam tractor engine [Death Valley; 2 items]
101Borden, Gail
Extent [3 items]
102Bordiers pedestal watch [8 items; see also 2.122]
Borlin, Bob--see 3.2
Borlings, J.--see 3.2
103Bostick, Sion R. (Veteran of Battle of San Jacinto) [NN; see also 2.220]
103Boston, Riley (Realitos, Tex., 1880)--see 4.166
104Boulder Dam [1954; 3 items]
104Boutelle, F. A.--see 4.201
105Bove, F. H. [NN only]
105Bowers--see 1.81
106Bowie, James A. [4 items; NN]
107Brack, A. A. [1900; 4 items; NN]
108Bradford, Billy
108Bradford, G. A.--see 4.291
109Brann, William Cowper [NN]
110Breakenridge, Wm. Milton [Col.; 1881, 1892, 1927; 4 items]
Breeding, Mrs. B. E.--see 7.5
Breit, Martin--see 3.292
111Brenham, Richard Fox - Monument
112Bridger, James [1804-1881; 4 items; NN]
Bridwell, Billy (1887)--see 4.167
Bringhurst, Nettie Houston--see 2.198
Brininstool, E. A.--see 1.67
Bronco Billy--see 1.171
Bronco Sam--see 1.171
Bronson, Lt.--see 1.257
Brookayn, May (?)--see 1.4
Brooks, J. A., Capt. (1887/1888)--see 4.167
Brooks, J. A., Capt.--see 4.169
Brooks, Joe, Capt.--see 4.168
Brooks--see 1.115
Brown, D. H.--see 4.164
113Brown, Henry (Member of Billy the Kid Gang) [NN only]
114Brown House (Old Washington, [Tex.]; restored by Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bybee)
114Brown, Howell--see 4.164
115Brown, Jep
116Brown, Johnny, Uncle
117Brown, Judge, Del Rio
Extent [2 items]
117Brown, Neal--see 2.2
118Brown, Will
118Brown, William C.--see 4.201
119Brownsville, Tex.
Extent [2 items]
120Brownwood, Tex., after flood of 1900
Extent [3 items]
121Bryant Home, Bryant's Station Stage Crossing, Milam County
121Bryant, Ed--see 3.12, 4.169
122Bryant, William C. (Politican, author [of N.Y.])
123Buchanan, James, Pres.
123Buchanan, W. F.--see 4.164
124Buck, Beaumont B., Gen. [1917]
124Buck, J. W. (1882)--see 4.167
125Buckhorn Museum (Mesa, Ariz.)
Extent [2 items]
126Buckskin Johnny (Spalding, J. T.) [see also 3.302; for NN see 4.158]
127Buechi, Joseph
128Buffalo Bill [Cody, William F.; 55 items; NN; see also 1.133, 1.245, 1.257, 2.125, 3.167]
129Buffalo hides, Dodge City, Kan., 1877
Extent [2 items]
130Buffalo Ranch
Extent [3 items]
131Bull City, Kan. (now Alton, Kan.)
131Bullock, Billy--see 1.128
132Bunker, A. B. (Teller First Nat'l Bank, Northfield, Minn.) [NN; see also 2.339]
133Buntline, Ned; Cody, W[illia]m F.; Omohundro, "Texas Jack"
134Burke, Edmund
Extent [2 items]
135Burke, Steve, U.S. Marshall, Okla. [ca. 1880s]
136Burks, Mrs. (Amanda)
Extent [4 items]
137Burleson, Edward
138Burleson, Rufus C.
Extent [3 items]
139Burnet, David G. [4 items; DC]
140Burnet, Jim, Judge, [Charleston], Ariz.
141Burns, Bobbie (Robt?) - Birthplace (England)
Extent [2 items]
142Burns, Ray [1947]
Burroughs, Marie--see 1.4
Burrows, Bill--see 3.83
Burt--see 4.133
Burwell, W. M.--see 4.169
Bushick, Commissioner--see 4.183
144Butterfield Trail (Map)
145Cabanas, Maximilian [DRC]
146Cactus and tree [2 items; NN]
147*Calamity Jane (Canary, Martha Jane) [1 item; NN; *oversize removed to 6.4; see also 2.13]
148Calderon's Wagon Train [empty folder; see also 4.44]
149Caldwell, Frank and Ransom, Wm. [FBC]
150Calhoon (Calhoun) Family [Ft. Pierce, Fla.; 6 items]
Calhoun, James, Lt.--see 1.257
Calhoun, Mrs. James--see 1.257
151Calhoun, Warren M. - Facsimile of land grant, 1846
151California--see 1.21, 1.152, 2.32, 2.37, 2.38, 2.130, 4.113, 4.154, 4.215, 4.255
152California [Ft. Bragg - Old Russian church; Shasta; 2 items]
152California Joe--see 1.245, 3.167
153Callaghan, Bryan [2 items; NN]
154Callan, Leo and Austin
Extent [4 items]
155Calles, Plutarco
155Camancho, Manuel Avila, Pres., Mexico--see 3.331
156Camp Colorado, [Tex.; 7 items]
157Camp Verde [Tex.; 2 items]
Campanyxi [?]--see 1.4
Campbell, A. C.--see 3.2
Campbell, Harry--see 4.232
158Campbell, Jane [Houston, Tex.]
159Campbell, Thomas M. [Gov.; 4 items; DC]
160Candelaria, Madam
Extent [2 items]
160Canary, Martha Jane--see 1.147
160Canton, F. M.--see 3.2
161Capitol Building, Tex. [10 items; see also 1.35]
162Cardinal Satolli
Carlin, W. C., Col.--see 1.257
Carlo, Yvonne de (as Calamity Jane for movie)--see 1.13
163Carlsbad, Tex., 1909
Carmichael, Frank (1887/1888)--see 4.167
Carr, Eugene A., Col--see 4.202
164Carr, T. Jeff (Peace officer, Cheyenne, Wyo.) [2 items; NN]
165Carranza, Gen.; Ortega, Gen.; Madera, Pres. (?)
Extent [2 items]
166Carriages with people
Extent [3 items]
167Carrington, Gen. (pencil drawing) [2 items; SN only]
168Carruthers, Julia [1889]
168Carson, John--see 3.330
169Carson, Kit [11 items; NN]
169Carter, Wm. H., Capt.--see 4.202
170Carver, Sonora [NN only]
171Carver, W. F. ["Doc"; 9 items]
Carver, Will--see 3.320
Carver, Wm. H. (Scout)--see 4.202
172Cashman, Nellie
173Cassiano, Jose [empty folder]
173Cassidy, Butch--see 3.320
174Castle Canyon near Del Rio
175Cattle Annie and Little Breeches [4 items; NN]
175Cattle brand--see 1.191
176Cattle trail map [2 items; SN only]
177Cattle trails in Tex., Monument to [2 items; ALS]
178Chadwell, Bill [2 items; NN]
Chambers, Ed--see 1.78
Chambers, Mayor--see 4.183
179Chandler, Charley (Pecos rancher)
180Chapman, Ezra A.
Chapman, Frank--see 4.164
Charo, Cecilio (1882)--see 4.167
Chase, John Paul--see 4.232
181Chaves and Chacon [Outlaws]
181Chavez de Bean, Virginia--see 1.64
182Cheatam, M. C.; Routh, R. D.; Majors, P. J.; Rice, P. H.; Roberts, Buck [group photograph]
182Cheever, Benj. H., Lt.--see 4.202
183Cherokee Bill [Gunfighter]
184Cherry, Aaron, Grave of [2 items; includes portrait of Aaron and TLS from Homer Cherry to Rose]
Cherry, Homer--see 1.184
Cherry, James E.--see 1.184
Cherry, James M.--see 1.184
Cherry, John--see 1.184
Cherry, William T.--see 1.184
Chew, Bob--see 4.169
185Chickasha, Indian Territory, 1903
185Childs, J. W.--see 1.277
186Chilton, H. [U.S. Senator; 4 items; DC]
187China - Public execution
188Chippewa and Sioux Indians [empty folder; see also 1.128]
189Chisholm Hall fireplace
190Chisholm, Jesse [Father of Chisholm Trail; 5 items]
191Chisholm, Richard H. - Facsimile of application for registering first cattle brand recorded in Tex.
192Chisos Mts. Water Falls [postcard from Hunter]
193Chisum, John Simpson
Extent [5 items]
194Christ Church, Rush Township, 1831 [NN only]
195Christ Episcopal Church, Matagorda, Tex. [SN only]
196Christian, Bill "Black Jack"
197Christmas, Lee [Brig. Gen., 1863-1924; 8 items; NN; also fasc. of ALS from Christmas to his first wife]
Clanton, Billie--see 3.107
Clapp, Capt.--see 2.71
Clapton, Jerry--see 2.221
Clark, A. B.--see 3.2
198Clark, Amasa (Bandera Old Settler) [12 items; NN; see also 2.89, Oversize #2, #3, #22, #23]
199Clark, Ben (Scout and Indian fighter)
200Clark, Mrs. J. T.
201Clark, Jim
202Clark, Richard W. "Deadwood Dick" [Stage driver; see also 3.302]
203Clark, Will [empty folder; see also 3.308]
204Clarke, Ed, Gov. [4 items; DC]
Clarke, W. J.--see 3.2
Clause, Curly--see 4.232
Clay, Thomas J., Lt.--see 3.159
205Clements, Emanuel [includes images of Manning Clements Sr. and Jr. as well as correspondence, original and transcriptions; 11 items]
206Clements, Jim and family
207Clements, Joe H. [N.M. cowboy, rancher; 4 items]
208Clements, John G.; Dundlestate, Fred; Baker, Eph [Gunfighters]
208Clements, Manning Sr. and Jr.--see 1.205
209Clements, W. T. "Slick" [Texas Ranger]
210Clements, William
210Clendenin, Col.--see 2.71
211Clum, John P. [1931; signed copy]
Cody, William. F.--see 1.128, 1.133, 1.257
Coghlan, Rose--see 1.4
212Coke at the mine in Mexico
212Coker, Sam--see 4.232
213Colcord, C. F. [U.S. Deputy Marshall, Okla.; 2 items; NN]
214Coldwell, Neal, Capt.
Extent [2 items]
215Cole, Geo[rge] T. [empty folder; see also 2.342]
216Coles, John P. - Home (Independence, [Tex.])
Extent [2 items]
217Collier, W. W., Texas Ranger [signed image]
218Collins-Berry-Towle-Farrell (Stage robbers, [Deadwood, S.D.]) [1876; 9 items]
218Colorado--see 1.246, 2.66
219Colt, Samuel [Inventor of the revolver; 2 items; NN]
219Colvin, R. H.--see 3.24
220Comanche Springs - Koehler Store [Ft. Stockton]
221Comfort, Tex.
Extent [2 items]
Comforti, Maria Marion, alias Ancker, Mrs. Theodore (Rose)--see 4.232
Conley, Ed--see 4.169
Connolly, Mrs.--see 7.5
222Cook, Bill (Outlaw) and gang members [4 items; see also 2.123]
223Cook, Camp or range [ca. 1900]
223Cook, T. T. (Yselta, Tex., 1894)--see 4.166
224Cooley, Scott [verso says not Cooley; 2 items]
225Coolidge, Calvin, and Mrs.; Moody, Dan and Mrs.; [Hunter, J. M.?]
226Coons, Minnie Bell, Temple, Tex., [Dec. 31], 1896
227Cooper, Jim (Pioneer, Tex. and N.M. cattleman, [Okla. banker])
227Corbin, John--see 3.324
228Cornett, Brack ([Tex.] bank and train robber) [2 items; NN]
229Coronado Trail
230Corpus Christi Memorial Museum
Extent [4 items]
231Cortez, Gregorio and his guard
232Cortez - Photograph of Commission [giving him Vice Royalty Generalship of New Spain; 3 items; original in UT Archives]
233Coryell, J. R., Galveston
234Cosgrove, Fred L.
234Costin, Lark, Chief Deputy (Colorado, Tex., 1903)--see 4.165
235Courtright, Jim (Union scout)
236Cowboy Monument [empty folder; see also 1.78]
Cowboys--see 1.23, 1.78, 1.207, 1.236-1.239, 2.183, 3.152, 3.333, 4.15, 4.251
237[1880s, 1904; 2 items]
238Roping a steer [NN only]
239San Angelo, 1884 [3 items; NN]
Cowley, Lt.--see 2.71
240Cox, Capt.
240Coy, Frank "Chick"--see 3.292
241Craig, Hiram, Pony Express [October, 1925]
241Craighead, Charlie--see 4.211
242Crane, Charles J., Col.
243Crane, William Carey, Dr. - Home (Independence, Tex.)
244Cravens, Ben (Okla. outlaw) [NN]
Cravey--see 1.44
Cravey, Annie--see 4.144
245Crawford, Jack, Capt. [see also 3.167]
245Crawford, Peter--see 3.161
246Creede, Colo., after destruction by fire
247Crockett, David [1786-1836; 12 items; NN]
248Cromwell, Okla., 1925 [Four Corners, Shawnee Avenue; 2 items]
Cronkite, A., Lt.--see 4.202
Crosby, Ann--see 3.123
Crowder, Bob (1882/1887/1888)--see 4.167
249Crowl, Mrs. [Charley] (Nellie)
Extent [3 items]
Crownover, John "Wild John"--see 2.159
Cruse, Thomas, Lt.--see 4.202
Crutcher, Florida--see 1.293
Crutcher, Kate--see 1.293
Cruz, Antonio de la--see 1.171
250Cuban scenes (from A.S. Hooe) [Cuban-Pan American Express Company, harbor, Havana, Maine (Ship), Mantanzas Fort, Morro Castle, Prison Cabanas, Old Spanish Fort, Santa Clara Battery; ca. 1900; 11 items]
251Culbertson, Chas. A. [Gov., 1894-1898; 2 items]
251Cullum, T. M.--see 3.233
252Culver, Martin S. (Nueces County rancher) and his home Rancho Perdido [Jim Wells County, Tex.; 6 items]
252Cummins, Frederick T., Col.--see Oversize #4
253Cummins, Jim [NN]
254Cunningham, Gene [2 items, 1 signed]
255Curley (Gen. Custer's scout)
Extent [3 items]
Curry, Kid--see 3.320
Custer, Boston--see 1.257
256Custer Celebration, 1926
Extent [10 items]
257Custer, [George], Gen. [16 items; see also 1.258, 4.158]
258Custer, Gen. and Mrs., UT Extension Div. Bldg.
Custer, Mrs. George--see 1.257
Custer, Tom, Col.--see 1.257
Dakota Territory--see 2.62, 2.267, 7.4
Dalton, Emmett--see 2.342, 3.172
259Dalton Gang [9 items; TLS]
Daniel, Price, Mrs.--see 2.206
DaPray, J. A., Lt.--see 3.159
260Darlington, Brinton [NN]
260Daugherty, Roy--see 1.27
261Davenbar, Pete [Steer Riding Reunion, 1926; see also 4.149]
262Davenport, A. E., Dr. and Mrs.; Elam, E. B. "Tex" [see also 4.149]
Davenport, Fannie--see 1.5
Davenport, J. T.--see 4.32
Davis, Ace, Head of Transportation, Dallas--see 3.234
Davis, Dave (Detective)--see 4.169
263Davis, Dr. - Goats imported to America, 1849 [glass negative only; vault]
263Davis, E. K.--see 3.175
264Davis, Edmund J. [Gov.; 9 items; DC]
265Davis, Jeff C., Gen., with Gen. Hardie and Gilem, et al., during Modoc Indian Campaign
Extent [2 items]
266Davis, Jefferson and family [photo of a painting, 1861; also photo of election ticket; 2 items]
Davis, Levi--see 4.169
Davis, Mrs. Springer--see 7.5
Davis, W. S.--see 3.2
267Dayton, Wm. L. [1st Vice Pres. nominated by Republican Party]
268Deadwood Dick [empty folder; see also 1.202, 3.302]
269Deadwood Stagecoach [empty folder; see also 1.128, 4.114]
269DeBillier, F.--see 3.2
270Decker, Jennie and Sam Houston stamp [1964]
271Decker, Jennie Belle Morrow [Oldest living granddaughter of Sam Houston; 1965; 3 items; see also 1.270, 2.206]
272Deer heads [see also 2.149]
273Deitz, Charlie - Old photos of family [empty folder]
274Del Rio - Graf Hotel
Extent [2 items]
Del Rio, Tex.
2751883-1915 [Drill Team of the L.O.T.M., "Fats" Baseball Team, First Christian Church (later destroyed by fire), "Leans" Baseball Team, Martha Washington Tea Party (1913), O'Dell Family, Postoffice, Sacred Heart Academy, Telephone Company Switch-board and "Hello girls"(ca. 1915), Warner Residence fire (1906), Willis Family, Yoas Residence (1914); 26 items; NN]
276Scenes in and around [Airplane, automobile wreck (1st in Del Rio), Castle Canyon, garlic patch, irrigation machinery with 34 oxen (ca. 1910), Main Street, Norvell-March Store (1906), Old Southern-Pacific Depot (1908), Warner Meat Market (1906); 19 items; see also Oversize #86, #87, NN #93-95]
277Del Rio Vocal Quartette
Extent [7 items]
278Delling, M. G. "Blaze," Ranger and Sheriff [U.S. Immigration Inspector; see also 4.169]
Denton, Ben--see 1.44
Depp, Mrs. L. M.--see 2.221
279Detellier, Mrs. Henri ([Photo of] portrait [painted] by M. Gandara)
280Devil's River, Scenes of
Extent [2 items]
281DeZavala, Lorenzo [1st Vice Pres. of the Republic of Texas; 2 items; facsimiles]
282Diaz, Pres. of Mexico
283Dibrell, John L. [Texas Ranger, U.S. Marshall, Chief Clerk of Criminal Records, U.S. Custom Service; 3 items; see also 4.169]
284Dickinson, J. J. [Reporter on San Antonio Express, 1890; Col. in U.S. Secret Service, 1917]
285Dickinson, John T. [Secretary, International Fair Association, San Antonio, Tex., ca. 1890]
285Dickman, Lt.--see 2.71
286Dickson, David Catchings, Dr.
Extent [7 items]
287Dillard, Ora Wilson; Johnson; Green [3 Afro-Americans]
288Dillinger, John
Extent [5 items]
289Dillingham, Dave [see also 1.44]
Dillingham, J. L.--see 3.234
Dillingham, W. W.--see Oversize #4
290Dixon, Billy [Indian fighter]
290Dixon, Charles--see 1.81
291Dixon, Thomas, Jr. (Southern author)
292Doan's Old Store (Early trading post [on the Red River]) [1889; 3 items]
292Dobbs, Agnes--see 1.293
293Dobbs, C. H.
294Dodd, W. H. [Pioneer, merchant, Lantry, Tex.; succeeded Judge Roy Bean; 3 items]
2Dodge City, Kan.
11877-78 [2 items; see also 1.129]
2Peace officers [1880s]
Dodge, Fred, Col.--see 1.44
3Dolan, James L. and Murphy, Lawrence G. [Partners in business, Fort Stanton, N.M.; NN]
4Dolan, Patrick, Capt. in Texas Rangers
5Dolsen, Frank
Donalson, Mrs. (Hattie)--see 7.5
Donley, Ed--see 4.169
Donnelly, Dr. (near San Saba, Tex., 1897)--see 4.169
6Doolin, Bill [Leader of Doolin Gang; 3 items]
6Doolin Gang--see 1.27, 2.6, 3.275, 4.5, 4.223
7Douglas, S. [or J.?]. A.
8Dow, Luke, Texas Ranger [NN]
Downs, Tony--see 3.240
Doyle (Concert hall singer)--see 3.240
9Dragoo, Jack and Hunter, Sam, 1926
Extent [2 items]
9Drennan, Bob--see 1.239
10Drennam, Wm. [Scout for Kit Carson; 5 items]
11Dressel, Gustav [photo of oil painting; SN only]
11Dreyer, Mrs. John--see 2.221
12Dripping Springs, 1908
Driver, Len--see 1.205
Drufer, John--see 3.85
Dubose, Lt.--see 4.61
13Duff, Howard and Carlo, Yvonne de (as Sam Bass and Calamity Jane for movie) [8 items; NN; see also 1.55, 1.147]
14Duffy, H. C., Col.
Duffy, Tom--see 1.128
DuFran, Phil--see 3.2
15Duke, B. E. [3 items; NN]
16Dunagan, Tom and Jim
Extent [2 items]
16Dunaway, Jim--see 4.169
17Dundlestate, Fred [empty folder; see also 1.208]
Durbin, Mr. (Realitos, Tex., 1880)--see 4.166
Durbin, Walter (Realitos, Tex., 1880)--see 4.166
18Durst, John S.
18Durst, S. O., Pvt.--see 4.168
19Dust storm in small Tex. Panhandle town [SN only]
20Dutch Henry
20Dutch Kid--see 3.240
21Eagle Pass, Tex., 1882
22Earp, Wyatt, Virgil, [and] Morgan [7 items; NN; also includes images of Maj. Manis McGurrin, "Montana Mack" on verso of some of the items; see also 2.2]
East, James H.--see 3.279
Eaton, Myrtle--see 4.232
23Eckhart, Charlie
Extent [2 items]
24Edison, Thomas Alva [1905?]
24Edmondson, R. H.--see 3.286
25Edwards County in open range days (Map) [not in collection]
Edwards, Emmett--see 3.170
Edwards, Pete (1882)--see 4.167
Edwards, W. R.--see 4.211
26Egan, W. F.
Extent [3 items]
27*El Paso Fire Department [empty folder; *oversize removed to 6.5]
*El Paso Firemen [*oversize removed to 6.6]
Elam, E. B. "Tex"--see 1.79, 1.262
Elder, Granville W., Postmaster--see 1.270
28Elkins, Stephen Benton [W. Va.; filled portfolio of Secretary of War]
29Elks Gulch Show, Houston, Tex. [4 items; NN]
Elliot, Gertrude--see 1.3
Elliot, Joe--see 3.2
30Ellsworth, Kan., 1872 [Drovers Cottage, Main Street; 3 items]
31Enchanted Rock, Kerrville, Tex.
Extent [2 items]
32End of the Trail (James E. Fraser's sculpture) [Mooney Grove Park, Tulare County, Calif.]
33Erath, G. B. [Texas Veteran Association, Galveston, April 21, 1879; photo of drawing; 3 items]
34Erickson, Neil (Ariz. pioneer)
35Erskine, Andrew Nelson and John P.
Extent [2 items]
35Erskine, Charlie--see 4.102
36Erwin, James Bradford, Brig. Gen. [NN only]
37Escobar, Rafael - Hanging, Jackson, Calif., 1850s [drawing; see also 2.142]
Esquival, Antonio--see 1.128
Esquival, Joe--see 1.128
38Evans, Chris [alias Powers, Bill, in Folsom Calif. State Prison, 1894-1911; 6 items]
38Evans, Alice--see 1.4
39Evans, J. N. - Home
Extent [2 items]
Evans, Jesse--see 1.81
Everett, E. A., Col. and Mrs.--see 2.206
Evetts, J. H.--see 4.169
40Ewell, Gen., Confederate [Army]
40Executions--see 1.187, 2.154, 2.313, 4.176
41Fairbanks, Mrs. Cha[rle]s W[arren] [Wife of Republican Vice Pres.]
41Fairclough, W. A.--see 3.292
42Fant, Dillard R., Col. and bro[ther]
Extent [3 items]
43Fares [Faris or Fario?], Elsie Len [Lea?], holding a cabbage, 1928
44Faribault, Minn. - Jail where Younger [Bros.] were imprisoned [SN only]
Farragut, Adm.--see 3.70
Farrar, George (1882)--see 4.167
45Fashions - Women [Clothing, hats, hairdos; 28 items]
46Faust, L. A. - [Ranch home] fireplace [near Lima, Tex.]
47Feigl, Mrs. (Jane Mauldin) [14th Street Theatre, N.Y.]
47Ferguson, Ed--see 4.169
48Ferguson, Ma [Miriam]; Roosevelt, F. D.; Garner, John N. (Demo[cratic Party] nominees)
48Ferguson, T. C.--see 3.233
49*Ferrell, Della [empty folder; *oversize removed to 6.7]
49Fetter--see 4.133
50First Farmers' Alliance meeting [SN only]
51Fisher, John [King, Deputy Sheriff, Uvalde County, 1880s; 2 items]
51Fisher, R.--see 4.164
52Fisher, Samuel Rhoads - Grave of Mr.and Mrs. [Matagorda, Tex.]
Fitgerald, C. J.--see 4.232
Fitzhenry, John--see 2.89
Flint, Ed--see 4.169
Florence, Katherine--see 1.4
53Floyd, Frank, Harper, Tex.
54Foch, Marshall, [WWI Gen.], at Ft. Sam Houston
Extent [3 items]
55Folk, Joseph W., [Gov. of Missouri], 1904
56Follette, Fola La [Daughter of Gov. Follette of Wis.]
56Foltz, F. S.--see 4.201
57Foor, C. W., Ft. Sumpter, N.M.
57Ford, G. S.--see 3.2
58Ford, Henry, Josephine, and May Belle, Grave of
Extent [3 items]
59Ford, John Salman "Rip," Capt. in Texas Rangers [pro-annexation of Texas to U.S.; 2 items]
60Ford, Robert and Charlie
Extent [5 items]
61Fornoff, Fred, Capt. in N.M. Mounted Police during territorial days [SN only]
61Forrest, T. C., Jr.--see 3.233
62Fort Abraham Lincoln, Dakota Territory
63Fort Bridger, Wyo. [1936; 2 items]
64Fort Brown, Tex.
65Fort Chadbourne, Coke County, Tex.
66Fort Collins, Colo.
67Fort Concho, Tex.
Extent [7 items]
68Fort Crittenden (also known as Camp Moore and Fort Buchanan)
69Fort Croghan, Burnet, Tex.
Extent [2 items]
Fort Davis
71Officers, 1885
Extent [2 items]
72Fort Griffin Post [SN only]
73Fort Hays [Kan.; 2 items]
74Fort Huachuca, Ariz., early 1880s [NN only]
75Fort Inge Site; Leona River ([Illustrations by] Seth Eastman) [1849]
76Fort Lancaster, Ruins [of; 2 items]
77Fort Laramie, Wyo.
Extent [7 items]
77Fort, Lewis C., Capt.--see 3.27
78Fort McKavet
Extent [12 items]
79Fort McPherson, Neb.
Extent [2 items]
80Fort Parker
Extent [3 items]
81Fort Reno, Okla., 1887, Concord Stage [NN only]
82Fort Richardson, Jacksboro, Tex.
Extent [5 items]
83Fort Ringgold, Tex. - 2nd Squadron, 12th Cavalry, May 1924 [empty folder; see Oversize #19]
84Fort Sill, Okla.
Extent [2 items]
85Fort Sincoe, Or.
86Fort Sumner, N.M. - Enterprise Saloon [see also 1.81]
87Fort Worth - [Rodeo], 1904
Foster, Bill, Sheriff--see 4.169
Fox, Della--see 1.5
Francis Joseph, Archduke of Austria--see 1.25
Francis, Sim--see 1.239
Frazier, Mrs. (Lucille Eaves), Burnet, Tex.--see 2.221
88Fredericksburg, Tex. - Scenes [Balanced Rock, Catholic Church, Nimitz Hotel, Veriens Kirche; 9 items]
89Freighters, Old [6 items; NN]
90French, James H., Hon., Mayor of San Antonio, 1875-1885 [2 items; NN]
91Frio Town, Tex. - Old Court House [1930]
92Frontier Battalion, Company E
93Frontier Sunday School [etching]
93Frontier Times Museum--see 2.94, 2.122, 2.221, 3.13, 3.237, 3.317, 4.84, Oversize #11-14, #75
94*Frontier Times Museum, Bandera, Tex. [Interior and exterior scenes; 1933, 1934, n.d.; 74 items; NN; postcard; *oversize removed to 6.8; see also 4.84, Oversize #11-14]
95Frontiersmen's Association Convention, Houston, 1937 [NN only]
96Frost, Tex., after tornado
97Fulgham, James, Texas Ranger [1893; see also 4.169]
Fuller, A. M., Lt.--see 2.167
Fusselman, Charles (Realitos, Tex., 1880)--see 4.166
Fussleman, Jim--see 4.169
Gaines, David--see 4.164
98Gaines, Edmund P[endleton] [4 items; DC]
98Gallagher, Hugh J.--see 4.202
99Gallagher, Pat
100Gambrell, Herbert, Dr.; Ransom, H. H.; Tinkle, Lon, Dr.; [Sadler, M. E., Dr.; 2 items]
101Gambrell, J. B., Dr. [1918]
Gandy, Charles, Capt.--see 4.202
Gangs--see Outlaws
Gannon, Sgt.--see 3.216
102Gardner, Mrs. Cattie Moore [NN only]
103Gardner, Raymond Hatfield "Arizona Bill," [1846-1940, Indian scout, Deputy U.S. Marshall, Arizona Ranger; 6 items]
Garner, John N.--see 2.48
Garrett, Buck--see 3.2
Garrett, J. A.--see 3.2
104Garrett, Pat [Sheriff who killed Billy the Kid; 7 items; see also 3.279, 4.161]
Garrett, Patrick--see 3.279
Garrett, Patrick--see 4.161
105Garza, Catarina [Mexican revolutionist]
106Gates, Bet-A-Million [Barbed wire salesman; 2 items]
107Gatewood, Chas., Lt. [1885]
108Gazeta [Gaceta] de Texas; Browning Oil Letter; Tucker Town
Extent [5 items]
108Gears, Rube, U.S. Marshall, Okla.--see 3.24
109General Land Office Clerks, 3-12-[18]94 [38 names listed on back]
110Gibson, Ben, 1866 [SN only; Indian?]
110Gibson, Corp. Marshall--see 4.164
111*Giddings, Geo. H., Col. [Superintendent, San Antonio-San Diego Mail Line; 3 items; *oversize removed to 6.9]
112Giddings, Mrs. Geo. [2 items; SN only]
113Giddings, J. J. [Brother of George Giddings; surveyor; supervisor of Overland Mail Route San Antonio-San Diego; 5 items]
114Gilchrist, Gibb, Pres., Texas A. & M., 1963
115Gillett, J. B., Texas Ranger [6 items; see also 2.268, 4.27, 4.114]
Gillis, Lester--see 3.203
Gillis, Mrs. (Helen)--see 4.232
Gilmore, Paul--see 1.5
Gilpin, C. E.--see 3.233
116Gipson, Fred [Author of Old Yeller; 4 items]
117Girard, Fernando
Gleason, Billy--see 1.171
Gleason, Charles, Lt.--see 4.202
Glispin, James, Sheriff--see 4.291
Godfrey, E. S., Capt.--see 3.75
118Goldman, Henry Joseph, Lt. Col. [SN only]
119Gonne, Maude (Irish patriot)
119Goode, G. W.--see 4.201
120Goodman, E. R. (Nephew of Buffalo Bill) [NN only]
121Goodnight, Charlie [One of the originators of the Goodnight-Loving Trail; cattleman and banker; 3 items]
122Gordon Collection at Frontier Times Museum [Bordiers pedestal watch (see also 1.105), Chinese Buddhas and dolls [idols?], Chinese fan, Chinese gong and teakwood carving, Doge's Palace chair, Laura Gordon Bell Collection (now at Frontier), Old Ironside replica, Queen Elizabeth statute, Seven Hundred Brothers Plate; 30 items]
122Gordon, Keith, Dr.--see 2.122
123Gordon, Lon ([Member of] Bill Cook Gang)
Extent [2 items]
123Gorman, Jim--see 1.239
124Gould, Geo. [Prominent member of the Old Timers]
125Gould, Mrs. Howard (Katherine Clemmons), toured with Buffalo Bill
Graham, A. J. and Mrs.--see 3.234
Graham, Archie--see 1.44
126Graham, Baby of Johnnie (Now grown and member of Legislature) [NN only - 6]
Graham, G. S. and Mrs.--see 3.234
Graham, George--see 3.234
Grant, A. C.--see 4.164
Grant, Gen.--see 3.70
127Grant, U. S.
Extent [2 items]
128Gray, Anna, Frank S., Mrs. Frank S. [Nina] and baby [Mary Sue], George. S. "Buck" [Legislator], John F., Mattie, May, Oscar, Reuben Porter
Extent [10 items]
128Green--see 1.287
129Green, W. M., Maj.
130Green Valley Ranch, Calif. (Vallecito Mule Route Station, [San Antonio-San Diego Mail Route]) [11 items; see also 4.40]
131Greer, Joe [Sheep and goat raiser]
132Groce, Leonard Waller, Col. and Mrs. [ca. 1840 and 1860; 4 items]
132Gronouski, John, Postmaster General--see 1.270
133Grouard, Frank [Noted scout] - Grave [St Joseph, Mo.]
134Guenther, Carl Hilmar and Henrietta Dorothea
Extent [2 items]
134Gunfighters--see Outlaws
135Guthrie, Okla. [1889; 2 items]
135Guthrie, W. E.--see 3.2
136Hagood, Johnson, Maj. Gen. and Tsai Ting Kai, Chinese Gen.
Extent [4 items]
Hal, Tom--see 2.102
Hall, Corporal--see 3.75
137Hall, Lee, Capt. [1898; 2 items]
Hamer, Frank A. (1906)--see 4.169
Hamer, Harrison, Pvt.--see 4.168
Hamilton, Alex--see 3.2
138Hamilton, Ray
Extent [2 items]
Hammond--see 2.71
Hancock, Gen.--see 3.70
139Hancock; Tyler; Farley(?); Ivey [Group of 6 men, 2 unidentified]
140Hand, George (Ariz. pioneer [and saloon keeper])
141Hanging Rock, near Del Rio
142Hangings [12 items; see also 2.37, 2.165, 2.344, 3.27, 3.47, 3.163, 3.191]
143Hanks, Camelia (Member of Hole in the Wall Gang) [SN only; see also 3.320]
144Hanslian, Anton (Walked around the world, 1896)
144Hardeman, Dorsey B., Sen., San Angelo--see 2.206
145Hardeman, Gotch
Extent [5 items]
146*Hardin, John Wesley [Outlaw; 5 items; *oversize (photo of his revolver) removed to 6.10]
Harrell, Dorothy, Mrs. Joseph Sr., Mrs. Joseph Jr., Joseph Sr.--see 1.35
Harrell, Jack (near San Saba, Tex., 1897)--see 4.169
Harris, Buck (1875)--see 4.165
147Harris, C. W., Medina Justice of Peace
148Harris, Charles W. and Nellie S. - Graves
149Harris, J. E. [SN only; see also 1.272]
150Harris, Mose C.
Harris, Tupper (1888)--see 4.167
Harris, W. H.--see 2.2
Harry, Jim (1887/1888)--see 4.167
Hart, John (Sheriff of Karnes County, 1875)--see 4.165
151Hart, Pearl
Hartman, J. D. L.--see 4.201
Harvey, Thomas, Pvt.--see 2.167
Harwell, Jack--see 4.169
Haskett, Fred--see 3.233
152Hatfield, [Basil M., Col. - Mansion, just outside] Old Washington [1854]
153Hatfield, Mr. [NN only]
154Hauptmann, Bruno - Execution
Extent [2 items]
155Hawes, Mrs. [Officer's family cook, Ft. Grant]
155Hawkins, Jack--see 3.175
156Hay Family, Bandera, Tex. (5 generations) [NN only]
157Haynes, Arthur - (Home?)
158Haynes Family, Round Mountain, Tex. [NN only]
158Haynes, John and Mrs.--see 2.158
159Haynes, John James and Crownover, John "Wild John" [NN]
159Haynes, Ralph--see 2.158
160Hays, John C., Texas Ranger and lawman [1817-1883; 3 items]
Healey, Luke F.--see 2.79
Hearne, Madge Houston Williams--see 2.198
Hearne, Sam Houston and Mrs.--see 2.206
Hearne, Sam Houston--see 2.198
161Heck, Thomas [Express messenger on Texas Pacific RR when it was raided by Sam Bass; SN only]
162Heckle, Robert "Texas Bob" (Tuscon, Ariz. pioneer, [buffalo hunter]) [2 items; NN]
163Hedle(?), L. A.
164Heffington, Bill
164Heirs, C. F.--see 4.169
165Heith, John - Lynching
166Held, Anna (French?) [see also 1.3]
167Heliograph Station, Ariz. [1886]
167Helmes, Mrs. Harold and daughter Elaine, San Antonio--see 2.221
168Henderson, Lem [Cattle rancher]
169Henkel, Judge - House, Restoration of, Winedale area
Henry, J. Q.--see 1.277
Henry, O.--see 3.286
170Herff, Dr. [autographed]
171Herring, Wm., Judge (Ariz. pioneer)
Herrmann, Leon--see 1.3
Hess, John--see 4.169
Hesse, F. G. S.--see 3.2
172Hester, Jim
173Hext, Bob and Lee [Ranchers]
174Heywood, Joseph L. [Banker at Northfield Bank, killed during robbery by James and Youngers; see also 2.339]
174Hickman, Tom, Pvt.--see 4.168
175Hickok, "Wild Bill" [James Butler; 12 items; see also 1.257, 4.158]
176Hicks, Elvious, Bandera Co[unty] Sheriff [3 items; NN]
177Hicks, Marshall [Mayor, senator, lawyer; 2 items]
178Hicks Reunion [empty folder; see also Oversize #25, #58]
178High[?], Jack and Sally, Houston--see 2.221
179High Lonesome Ranch, N.M.
180Highsmith, Ben [2 items; tintype]
181Highsmith, John, Round Rock
Extent [2 items]
182Highsmith, Sam, Capt. [wearing Santa Anna's uniform; 2 items]
183Hildreth, Billie and Alvord, Burt [Ariz. cowboys, see also 1.18] 1880s;
183Hill, Nettie--see 2.223
184Hill, Robert T. [empty folder; see also 4.149]
Hillyer, C. E.--see 3.286
Hinds (1887)--see 4.167
Hinea, J. E. Jr.--see 2.221
185Hines Place (First home of the Houstons at Independence)
Hinnant, John H. (Colorado, Tex., 1903)--see 4.165
Hodgdon, Benny, Lt.--see 1.257
186Hodge, George [Junction, Tex.]
Hodges, H. H.--see 3.292
Hodgson, Frances, Lt.--see 4.202
Hoffer, John W., First Sgt.--see 4.164
187Hofmann, Josef [Pianist]
188Hogan, James (Served with Gen. MacKenzie, 1870s; [Traveling Sheriff in] Buffalo Bill Wild West Show)
189Hogg, Miss Ima [1965]
190Hogg, James Stephen, Gov. and family, 1891 [Ima, Will, Tom, Gov. Mike, Mrs. Hogg; 2 items]
190Holbrook, Mrs. A. T., Milwaukee--see 2.221
191Holden, C. E. [1931; autographed]
192Holliday, John "Doc" [NN]
193Holmich Family, Menard, Tex., 1896 [NN only]
Hood, Ump[?]--see 3.175
Hooker, Gen.--see 3.70
194Hooker, Henry [Ariz. cattleman, pioneer; 2 items]
195Horn, Tom (Govt. scout and interpreter) [NN; see also 4.202]
196Horned toad
Extent [2 items]
197Horses, mules, riders, fairs, rodeo, auction
Extent [20 items]
Horton, George--see 4.169
Houghes, John R., Sgt. (Shafter Wines, 1890)--see 4.169
Houston, Andrew Jackson--see 2.198, 4.170
198Houston Family photographs [Title page: Random Rustlings by Sam Houston Jr.; 28 items]
199Houston Homes at Independence [John Bancroft Root built one of the homes, 1830s; 3 items]
Houston, Margaret Moffette Lea (Mrs. Sam Houston)--see 2.198
Houston, Mary William (Mrs. J. S. Morrow)--see 2.198
Houston, Sam
200[At various ages; 37 items]
201Stamp [empty folder; see also 1.270]
202Houston, Sam, [Jr.] as medical student, 1868 [University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia; 4 items]
203Houston, Samuel Dunn
Extent [2 items]
204Houston, Temple [Youngest son of Sam Houston; member of Texas State Senate; 1885; 13 items]
205Houston, Tex. - "First White House" (Sam Houston's Residence while Capitol of the Republic was at Houston) [NN only]
205Houston, Willam Rogers--see 2.198
206Houston-Lea Cemetery [Independence, Tex.; 21 items]
Howard, Jesse James, Valley Mills, Tex.--see 2.339
Howze, Robert Lee, Lt.--see 4.202
207Hoxey, [Asa, Dr.] - House, Independence [Sam Houston visited here; owned by John Olson at time photo was taken; 2 items]
208Hoxie, Jack
208Hoyle, G. S.--see 4.201
209Hubbard, Gov. of Tex. with two Hunter boys [NN; 3 items]
210Hudson, Johnny (As lad rode "Denton Mare" for Sam Bass)
Hudson, Nora--see 1.293
Hudson, R.M. (1906)--see 4.169
211Hughes, John R. [Capt., Texas Rangers; 5 items; see also 4.166, 4.169]
212Hughes, Samuel (Founder [of] first public school in Tucson, Ariz.)
212Humphreys, Andrew A., Maj. Gen.--see 3.70
213Hunt, Geo. W. P., Gov. of Ariz. [7 terms; 3 items]
213Hunt, Lewis M., Brig. Gen.--see 3.70
214Hunter, A. W. (Brother [of] J. Marvin; [publisher, Camp Wood Croney])
Hunter Collection
215*Manuscript material [*oversize removed to 7.3]
216Miscellaneous material [list of items not in this collection]
217*Negatives [empty folder; *NN removed to vault]
218*Prints, Large [empty folder; *removed to oversize]
219Prints, Unidentified [empty folder; see 5.1-5.50]
Hunter, Fred--see 4.232
Hunter, Gus [blotted out]--see 2.220
220Hunter, J. Marvin [29 items; see also 1.79, 1.225, 1.230, 2.94, 2.221, 3.170, 3.292, 3.299, 4.149, Oversize #53]
221Hunter, J. Marvin and friends, Frontier Times Museum [16 items; see also 2.94]
222Hunter, J[ohn] Warren [Editor, Mason Herald, 1898; carrier boys for San Angelo Standard, 1908; 3 items]
Hunter, Marvin--see 2.220
Hunter, Marvin, Jr.--see 1.79
Hunter, Mrs. J. Marvin--see 2.220
Hunter, Mrs. J. Warren--see 2.222
223Hunter, Ollie, Lovie, and Jeanette; Hill, Nettie [1895; 3 items]
224Hunter's Printing House, Bandera, Tex.
Extent [5 items]
Hunter, Sam--see 2.9
Hunter, Talmage [blotted out]--see 2.220
225Hurt, Sam
Extent [10 items]
Hyde, Herbert--see 3.24
Ibarra, Matias--see 4.62
226"Idaho Bill" (Pearson, W. B., Col.) [empty folder; see also 3.256, 3.302]
228Independence Baptist Church [14 items; see also 2.205]
229Independence Hall (at Washington-on-the-Brazos) [empty folder; see also 4.240]
230Independence, The (Flagship of the Texas Navy) [2 items; SN]
Indians--see also 1.128, 1.185, 1.188, 1.199, 1.257, 1.265, 1.290, 2.103, 2.110, 2.231-2.332, 3.61, 3.112, 3.173, 3.205, 3.248, 3.271, 3.276, 4.91, 4.94, 4.202, 4.210, 4.263, 5.29, 7.4, Oversize #4
231Acoma Indian, N.M. [NN]
232American Horse, Chief (Sioux) [see also 2.316]
232Apache--see 2.234, 2.247, 2.249, 2.256, 2.261, 2.262, 2.280, 2.289, 2.293, 2.294, 2.295, 2.299, 2.303, 2.308, 2.309, 2.316, 2.320, 2.325, 2.332, 3.259, 4.91
233Apache Kid and gang (Red Devils)
Extent [5 items]
234Apaches, Ft. Bowie
Extent [5 items]
234Arapahoe--see 2.312, 2.316
235Arapaho School, Darlington, 1874
236Bear Foot, Chief (Ogalalla Sioux) in Custer Massacre
Extent [2 items]
236Bear Step--see 4.59
237Big Foot, Chief (Bulas) [captured at Battle of Wounded Knee; 3 items] 1890;
237Big Horse (Cheyenne)--see 2.316
238Big Tree (Kiowa)
239Big Whip (Sioux) [1866]
Black Bird (Chippawa chief)--see 1.128
Blue Duck--see 4.116
Bob Tail (Cheyenne)--see 2.316
240Bogus Charlie (Modoc)
241Boston Charlie (Modoc)
Bow, Gen.--see 2.319
Bruguier, Mrs. J. T.--see 2.318
242Bruner, Billy (Creek)
Bryant, Sam, First Sgt. of Scouts--see 2.236
Buckelew, Frank--see 2.268
243Buckskin Charlie, Chief, and Ute [Indians]
243Buckskin Doctor--see 2.287
244Buckskin Jack Russell [with Sioux wife and son]
245Buffalo Goad, Chief (Waco Tribe) [CC; SN only]
246Chapo, Son of Geronimo, and others
Cherokee--see 2.248
Cheyenne--see 2.316, 2.255, 2.302, 2.328
247Chi-Hua-Hua (San Carlos Apache)
247Chippewa--see 1.128, 1.188, 2.258
248Christi, Ned (Cherokee) [NN; 2 items]
248Cloud (Chippawa chief)--see 1.128
249Cochise (Chiricauhua Apache) [see also 2.294]
250Comanche [portraits; 1900; 3 items; see also 2.269, 2.301]
251Crazy Horse (Sioux)
Extent [4 items]
Creek--see 2.242
Crow--see 2.253, 2.277, 2.304, 2.323
252Crow Eagle
Extent [2 items]
253Crow Indians, Mont.
254Crow's Ghost (Gen. Custer's scout)
254Curly Headed Jack--see 2.287
255Dull Knife (Cheyenne)
255Eitt, Theo.--see 2.268
256Es-Kim-In-Zin, Chief (Aravaipa Apache; captor of Inez Gonzales, Sonora, Mexico, 1850)
257Essadna, Chief (Witchitaws) [SN only]
Essomanny, Chief (Comanche)--see 2.269
Essowakkenny, Chief (Comanche)--see 2.269
Flat Iron (Sioux chief)--see 1.128
258Flatmouth, Chief (Chippewa) [Leech Lake, Minn., 1900]
258Flying Hawk--see 2.322
259Frisking Elk
Extent [2 items]
260Gall, [Orator of the Sioux Nation; leader in Custer Massacre; 4 items]
261Geronimo, [War Chief (Apache)] and son Natches [NN; 16 items]
Gillett, J. B., Capt.--see 2.268
Good Lance--see 2.322
262Got-Chia-Oh (Warm Spring Apache)
263He-Wan-Jee-Cha (Kettle, J. R., Denver)
264High Bear (Sioux Warrior)
265Hooka Jim (Modoc)
266Hualapai Village
267Indian Agency, Rosebud, Dakota Territory
268Indian captives [6 items; see also 3.61, 4.93, 4.94]
269Indian Council (San Antonio, 1838)
270Indian paintings on cliff at old Camp Bullis
Extent [2 items]
271Indian village (Davis Mt. State Park)
272Indian Wars, 17th Convention of, St. Joseph, Mo.
273Custer Massacre [1923 Memorial Event]
Extent [3 items]
275Grinding corn, Method of
Extent [2 items]
276*Unidentified [6 items; *oversize removed to 6.11]
Indi-Bo-Chi-Ben--see 4.290
277Iron Bull, Chief (Montana Crow), and wife
Extent [2 items]
277Iron King (Sioux)--see 2.316
278Jack, Chief (Modoc), and family
Extent [2 items]
278Johnston, Albert Sidney, Gen.--see 2.269
279Joseph Nez Perces (Sioux)
280Ka-E-Te-Nay or Gait-En-Eh, Head Chief (Warm Spring Apache)
Kettle, J. R.--see 2.263
Kiowa--see 2.238, 2.316, 2.321
Krempkau, Wm. B.--see 2.268
Left Hand (Arapahoe)--see 2.316
Lehmann, Herman--see 2.268
281Little John
Extent [2 items]
281Little Raven (Arapahoe)--see 2.316
282Little Red Cloud and squaw
283Little Swan, Chief (Sioux)
Lone Bear--see 2.236
Lone Elk--see 2.236
284Lone Wolf [SN only]
285Long Bull, Chief (Sioux)
286Long Dog, Chief (Sioux)
Extent [2 items]
287Lost River murderers (Modoc)
288Low Dog, Chief (Sioux)
McKinn, Santiago--see 2.261
Mad Wolf (Cheyenne)--see 2.316
Manda--see 2.316
289Mangus, Chief (Chiricauhua Apaches)
Extent [2 items]
289Man-on-the-Clouds (Cheyenne)--see 2.316
290Mariposa [Maricopa] Indian [woman]
290Modoc--see 1.265, 2.240, 2.241, 2.265, 2.278, 2.287, 2.291, 2.310, 2.311, 2.317, 3.174, 4.79, 4.185
291Modoc stronghold after capture
292Na-Da-Sa, and others
293Na-Teth-La, Chief (Apache)
294Nachise (Son of Cochise; Chiricauhua Apache) and wife
295*Nana, Chief (Mimbres Apache) [1884; *oversize removed to 6.12]
295*Natches--see 2.261
296Nuicki Two Braids
297Otoe Indian, two wives and family [NN only]
298Ouray, Chief (Southern Ute) [see also 2.316]
299Paganni (Apache) [1886]
300Papago Indian
301Parker, Quanah and wives (Comanche) [5 items; see also 3.248]
301Pawnee Bill--see 3.253
302"Poison," Madam (Cheyenne)
Ponco--see 2.316
Poor Wolf (Manda)--see 2.316
303Qua-tha-hooly-hooly (Apache Scout)
304Rain in the Face (Crow or Sioux)
Extent [2 items]
305Red Cloud, Red Girl, Red Fish, Red Tomahawk (Sioux)
Extent [6 items]
Red Cloud (Sioux chief)--see 1.128, 3.173, 3.305, Oversize #4
Red Hatchet (Sioux chief)--see 1.171
Red Shirt (Sioux)--see 2.316
306Running Antelope (Sioux)
307Running Wolf (Scout for Custer)
308San Juan, Chief (Mescalero Apache)
309Sanchez, Chief (Apache)
309Saunders, Geo. W.--see 2.268
310Scarface Charley (Modoc)
311Schonchin John (Modoc)
312Sharp Nose, Chief (Arapaho) [1899]
312Shoshone--see 2.327
Sioux [see also 1.128, 1.171, 1.188, 2.316, 2.232, 2.236, 2.239, 2.244, 2.251, 2.260, 2.264, 2.279, 2.283, 2.285, 2.286, 2.288, 2.304-2.306, 2.315-2.316, 2.322, 2.323, 3.76, 3.173, 4.202]
313[Execution at Mankato, Minn. (1862); Sacred painting on buffalo hide; 3 items]
314Scalp of "Bad Hand" taken near Deadwood, S.D., 1876 [NN only]
315Sitting Bull
315Chief (Sioux) [and family; 1890, n.d.; 6 items; see also 1.128, 1.257]
315Willie--see 3.173, Oversize #4
Smith, Clint--see 2.268
Smith, Jeff--see 2.268
Son-of-the-Star (Apache)--see 2.316
316Spotted Tail [with wife and daughter]; group of noted Indian Chiefs
Extent [2 items]
316Standing Buffalo (Ponco)--see 2.316
317Steamboat Frank (Modoc)
317Stumbling Bear (Kiowa)--see 2.316
318Swift Bird (Bruguier, Mrs. J. T.)
319Tahquichee, Norton and Bow, Gen.
319Thomason, Hugh, Capt.--see 2.236
320Toggy-Snoggy, War Chief ([Cayoterros] Apache) [SN only]
321Tow-an-kee, Son of Lone Wolf (Kiowa Brave) [CC]
321Tso-de-ar-ko (Wichita)--see 2.316
322Two Lance, Flying Hawk, Good Lance (Sioux Chiefs)
323Two Strike (Sioux) and Crow Dog's Camp, Pine Ridge Agency, S.D. [1890, 2 items]
324Tzoe "Peaches" [Guide to Gen. Crook; 1883]
324Ute--see 2.243, 2.316, 2.298
325Victoria, Chief (Apache)
326Waco Chief [CC; SN only]
327Washakie, Chief (Shoshone) [2 items: one photo with grandaughter, one photo of group of Indians]
Washakie, Dick--see 2.327
Washingtion, George (Shoshone Indian)--see 2.327
328Whirl-Wind, Chief (Cheyenne) [with wife and daughter, Red-Bird; he met Pres. Grover Cleveland; 2 items]
White Eagle (Ponco)--see 2.316
White Man (Apache)--see 2.316
White Swan--see 3.75
Wichita--see 2.316
Willie Sitting Bull--see Oversize #4
Witchitaws--see 2.243, 2.257
Yellow Bear (Arapahoe)--see 2.316
329Yellow Hand [NN only]
330Young-Man-Afraid-of-his-Horses [Pine Ridge, S.D., 1891; see also 1.128]
331Yuma Indians
Extent [6 items]
332Zele, Sub-Chief (Apache) and wife
333Ireland, John, Gov. [DC; 6 items]
334Irma Hotel, Cody, Wyo. - Bar Room
Extent [2 items]
334Irvan, Tom--see 3.175
335Ives, Caleb S., Rev. [NN]
335Irvine, W. C.--see 3.2
336Jackrabbit (Odessa) [9 items; 2 slides]
336Jackson, Shortie--see 3.173, Oversize #4
337Jackson, Stonewall
Extent [2 items]
338Jacoby, Josephine (Mezzo-soprano, opera)
339James, Jesse and Mrs.; Frank; [mother of James brothers; 35 items; NN; 3 signed, presumably by Jesse and Frank James]
340James, Frank [SN only; see also 2.339, 3.279, 4.161]
341James, Judge
Extent [2 items]
341James, Robert--see 2.339
342James, Will; Dalton, Emmett; Cole, Geo. T.
Extent [2 items]
343Jaramillo, Don Pedrito [4 items; NN]
343Jeff, Uncle (Houston's servant)--see 2.198
344Jefferson County hanging, c[a]. 1906 [4 items; see also 2.142]
344Jefferson, Joe--see 1.4
345Jefferson, Thomas
346Jenkins, Chas. H., Judge, [Brownwood]
346Jenkins, N. L.--see 4.164
347Jennings, Al; Aldrich, R. W., Capt.; Baca, Elfego [sic] [4 items; NN; see also 3.219]
Johnson--see 1.287
Johnson, Billy--see 1.128
31Johnson City [Main Street; see also 1.28]
2Johnson County, [Wyo.] - Cattle raiders
Johnson, Dick--see 1.128
Johnson, Elmo--see 1.79
Johnson, Frank--see 1.32
3Johnson, Frank, Capt. [see also 4.169]
Johnson, Frank, Sheriff (Colorado, Tex., 1903)--see 4.165
Johnson, J. C.--see 3.2
4Johnson, John A. [Gov. of Minn.]
5Johnson, Mollie [with] Uncle Joe and Aunt Mollie
6Johnson, Moses, Dr. and Mrs. - Graves [Chocolate Bayou; Johnson was Secretary of the Treasury of the Republic of Tex. under Anson Jones; 3 items]
7Johnson, Thomas Ignacious, Lt. in Texas company [killed in Civil War, Manassas, Va., Aug. 30, 1862; 3 items]
7Johnson, Tom (Cook)--see 4.164
8Johnson, Tom L. [Mayor of Cleveland]
9Johnston, Albert Sidney [Gen.; 5 items; NN; see also 2.269, 4.170]
10Johnston, J. E. (Engraving)
11Jones, Anson
11Jones, Frank, Capt. (Realitos, Tex., 1880)--see 4.166
12Jones, Frank, Capt. - Monument [taken in 1938]
Jones, Fred--see 4.211
Jones, Geo.--see 3.85
13Jones, Grandma and spinning wheel [at Frontier Times Museum; 10 items]
13Jones, Gus T.--see 3.24
14Jones, Gus [Texas Ranger; 1906; 2 items; see also 4.169]
15Jones, John B., [Major of Frontier Battalion, Texas Rangers, established ] 1874
16Jones, Sam, Rev. [Evangelist; 2 items]
17Jones, Samuel R., Col. [NN only]
Jones, Tom--see 1.27
Jones, Prof.--see 1.277
Jones, Walter (Realitos, Tex., 1880)--see 4.166
18Journalism Display [Printing press; 4 items]
19Joy, Tobe
Joyce, Mrs. W. J. (Wife of Rev. W. J. Joyce)--see 7.5
Judge Roy Bean--see 1.64
Jump, Miss--see 1.44
Jump, Mrs. J. E.--see 1.44
20Junction City - Land Rush, 1902; Courthouse, [1917]; Lover's Leap [4 items; NN]
20Kansas--see, 1.129, 1.131, 2.1, 2.2, 2.30, 2.73, 3.21, 4.3, 4.95, 4.175; see also photographer 1.112, 1.293, 2.302
21Kansas home (old time dugout) of Andrew DeGraff [1878]
Karnes, Quil (Alice, Tex., 1906)--see 4.169
Karpis, Alvin--see 4.232
Kavenaugh, Lyla--see 1.4
22Keaton, Pearce [NN]
23Kelly, Ed. O.
24Kelly, George "Machine Gun"
Extent [4 items]
25Kelly, [Luther S.] "Yellowstone" [Scout for General Miles, 1876-1877; 2 items; NN]
Kelly, Mrs. George (Katherine)--see 3.24
Kendall, Wm., Capt.--see 4.202
Kendricks, Emmet--see 4.11
Kenny, George, Lt.--see 4.202
Keough, Miles, Col.--see 1.257
Kerr, John B., Capt.--see 4.202
26Kerrville, Tex. - First Baptist Church
Kessler, Morris--see 1.20
27Ketchum, Black Jack, Hanging of [Clayton, N.M., April, 1, 1901; 10 items; see also 2.142]
Ketchum, Pete--see 4.169
Kid, Jim--see 1.128
Kidder, Katherine--see 1.4
Kilpatrick, Ben--see 3.320
28Kilpatrick, Ben and Beck, Ole (Dead and being held up) [Smithers; NN only; see also 3.320]
Kimball, A. S., Maj.--see 3.159
Kimball, Grace--see 1.4
Kimball, J. F., Dr.--see 3.233
King, Charlie--see 4.169
29King, Frank [empty folder; see also 3.168]
King, G. W.--see 4.164
King, Jim (Realitos, Tex., 1880)--see 4.166
King, Lou--see 3.175
King, Mollie--see 3.123
King, Tom--see 4.169
30Kirchner, Carl [see also 4.166]
Kirchner, Carl, Sgt. (Yselta, Tex., 1894)--see 4.166
Kirkpatrick (Pay-off man)--see 3.24
31Kitchen, Pete (Ariz. pioneer)
32Knox, Philander Chase, Attorney General of Philadelphia and U.S. Senator
33Knudson, Edwin [b. Jan 14, 1843]
Koch, O. H.--see 3.233
Koehler, M., Lt.--see 4.202
34Koen, Mrs. P. A. (Survivor of Mountain Meadows Massacre) [1914]
Kone, Mrs. (Rebecca)--see 7.5
Kone, Mrs. (Ruby)--see 7.5
Kraft, Walter--see 3.292
35Krempkau, Wm. B. [1868, 1885, 19--; 6 items; NN; see also 2.89, 2.268]
36La Bahia [Mission], Goliad, Tex. [7 items; NN]
37Lackey, John - Ranch near Menard, 1927 [empty folder; see also Oversize #47-48]
38LaGrange, Tex., 1927 [empty folder; see also Oversize #49]
38Laing, Chas., Pvt.--see 2.167
39Lamar, Mirabeau B[uonaparte] [see also 3.315]
39Lambert, Commissioner--see 4.183
40Lambert, Fred [b. Cimarron, N.M., Jan. 23, 1887; N.M. Mounted Police; Cattle Inspector]
41Lampasas, Tex. - Belnap Rifles [Competitive Team], 1885
Lampson, Chippy--see 1.223
Lamson, Mr., Washington Home Guards--see 3.70
Landreth, N. A., Pres., Texas Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association--see 3.233
42Landrum, James David, Texas Ranger and Waco Peace Officer [SN only]
43Lane, John, Uncle (Famous Texas fiddler) [2 items; see also 1.44]
Lane, Van (near San Saba, Tex., 1897)--see 4.169
Lang, John--see 3.85
44Langtry, Lillie
Extent [4 items]
45Lanham, S[amuel] W. T., Gov. [1902-04; 2 items]
46Lansdowne, Lord, British Foreign Minister
47Laramie City, Wyo. - 1868 Hanging: Big Steve, Con Moyer, Ace Moyer [NN only]
47Larkin--see 4.169
48La Salle Statue [near Indianola, Tex.]
Extent [4 items]
48Latham, James V. (Yselta, Tex., 1894)--see 4.166
49Lauderdale - Home, Winedale, Tex.
49Laughlin, J. T.--see 4.169
50Lawhon, Luther A. [1861-1922; 2 items]
51Lawhon Photographers - [David E.? and family; 13 items]
Lawther, Joe E.--see 3.233
Lawton, H. W., Capt.--see 3.159
52Laxson, Crawford, Pearsall, Tex.
53Laxson, Earl; Mussey, Frank; Pruett, Ben; Love, Dick, ca. 1895 [inscribed on verso by Earl Laxson]
54Lea, Henry Clinton - House in Marion, Ala. where Nancy and Sam Houston were married; [Clinton was Nancy's brother]
Extent [2 items]
54Lea, Nancy--see 2.198
55Lea, Pryor and [Mrs.]
Extent [17 items]
56Leakey, Tex. [empty folder; see also NN #92]
57Leatherwood, Robert N.
58Lee, Baldwin P.
59Lee, Pope
60Lee, Robert E., Gen. [4 items; NN]
60Lehman, F. H.--see 2.115
61Lehmann, Herman (Indian captive) [4 items; NN; see also 2.268]
61Leis [Lease?], Henry--see 3.134
62Lemburg, E. - Dry goods and grocery store
63Leslie, Buckskin Frank [1881]
63Leslie, Elsie--see 1.5
64Lewis, Lon, Ranger, U.S. Marshall [Sheriff in Tulsa County, Okla.; 2 items]
65Lewis, Samuel K.- [Grave] near Winedale
Lewis, Smiley--see 3.240
Lewis, W. W.--see 3.325
Libertaux, F. M.--see 3.2
66Liberty Bell [during visit to Del Rio; NN]
67Liddil, Dick [Member of Jesse James Gang; 1882]
Lightfoot, Paul (Baptist Church, Independence)--see 2.206
Lillie, Gordon [Wm., "Pawnee Bill," Maj.]--see 1.128, 3.253
68Lima, Tex. (formerly Fagan)
Extent [3 items]
Lincoln, Abraham, [Pres.]
69Assassination of - Facsimile of letter describing the events, dated Apr. 30, 1865
Extent [5 items]
70Officers on battleground; funeral [train] car [also includes sketch of Battleground Manassas, portraits and correspondence; 19 items; NN]
71Lincoln, G. T.
72Lincoln, N.M., 1880s
Extent [2 items]
73Lindheimer, Jacob [photo of self-portrait]
74Lindsay, Owen F. [and Mrs.]
Linscom, Brazil--see 3.267
Lipman, Clara--see 1.5
75Little Big Horn - Custer Battlefield [1886, 8 items; see also 1.257]
Little Breeches--see 1.175
Little, Dick (Scout)--see 4.202
76Little Sioux (Gen. Custer's scout)
Little, Wm.--see 3.2
Littleton, Alex--see 4.169
Littleton, Brown--see 4.169
77Live Oak County - Public School, 1887
Extent [6 items]
78Live Oak School, Parker County
79Livestock: Ranches, corrals, hogs, sheep, cattle, [goat, rooster]
Extent [14 items]
80Llano, Tex. - Llano Hotel
80Locke, Frederick T., Capt.--see 3.70
Extent [2 items]
Logan, Harvey (alias Curry, Kid)--see 3.320
Long, H. H.--see 3.286
Long, Jane--see 3.315, 4.170
Long, Opal--see 4.232
Longabaugh, Harry--see 3.320
82Longhorn Caverns
83Longley, Bill [also Longley's grave at Giddings, Tex.; 1878, n.d.; 4 items; NN]
83Love, Dick--see 3.53
84Lowe, Joseph "Red Joe,""Rowdy Joe" [NN]
Lowther, Alex--see 3.2
Loyd, Eli--see 1.44
Lozier, Dr.--see 4.169
85LS Ranch House, Tascosa, Oldham County, Tex.
86Lubbock, Francis R. [Gov. and Senator; 7 items; DC]
86Lucas, Elmer "Chicken"--see 1.222
87Lunsford, John R. [1912]
Lynch, Joe--see Oversize #4
Lynchings--see 2.165, 4.78, 4.260
88Mabe, P. H. and Mrs. [NN only]
89Mabrito, Ed, [Probation officer] and Patterson,?
Mabry, Tom (1882)--see 4.167
Mabry, W. N.--see 4.169
Mabry, W. S.--see 3.279, 4.161
McAllister, Ed--see 3.85
McCaleb, Bill--see 1.44
90McCall, Thomas [Lawman in Medina and Bexar Counties]
91McCandles, David C. (Killed by Wild Bill Hickok) [3 items; NN]
McCauley, Billie (Alice, Tex., 1906)--see 4.169
McCauley, Billy [same as Billie McCauley?]--see 4.169
McCauley, Wm. (near San Saba, Tex., 1897)--see 4.169
McClellan, Gen.--see 3.70
McClernand, John A., Maj. Gen.--see 3.70
McClure, Bob--see 4.169
McClure, Robert [same as Bob McClure?] (near San Saba, Tex., 1897)--see 4.169
92McColet(?) [McCalet], F. M.
93McComas, Judge and family, [murdered between Deming and Silver City, N.M.]
94*McConnell, Dick W. and Webb, Grover [U.S. Mounted Inspectors of Customs; 2 items; *oversize removed to 6.13]
94McCornell, Mr.?--see 4.71
95McCoy, James, Hon. [San Antonio-San Diego Mail Line]
96McCulloch, Ben, Gen. [Soldier and legislator; 3 items]
96McCune, Bill--see 1.128
97McCurdy, Elmer (alias Curtis, Frank or Davidson, Frank)
97McDade, Floyd--see 3.292
98McDonald, Bill [Capt., Texas Ranger; 2 items; see also 4.169]
99McDonald, Lafe
100McDonald Observatory
McDougall, Mrs. T. M.--see 1.257
McDougall, T. M., Capt.--see 1.257, 3.75
McFarland, Lt.--see 2.71
101McGeeney, P. S. [Deputy U.S. Marshall; signed]
McGillicuddy, V. T., Dr.--see 1.128
McGowen, Hugh, Capt.--see 4.202
102McGurrin, Manis "Montana Mack," Maj. [see also 1.171, 2.22, 4.202]
McIntosh, Donald, Lt.--see 1.257
McIntosh, Mrs. Donald--see 1.257
103MacKenzie, Ranald S., Col.
Extent [6 items]
*McKinley, William, Pres. (speaking in Alamo Plaza on visit to San Antonio, Tex.) [n.d.; *oversize removed to 6.14]
McLean, L.--see 2.2
104McLemore, Atkins Jefferson (Texas politician and newspaperman) [NN only]
105McLennan, Bosque John [and] Neil, Sr.
Extent [5 items]
106McLennan, Niell
Extent [5 items]
107McLowery, Tom and Frank; Clanton, Billie (Casualties of the Earp-Clanton Feud, [Tombstone, Ariz., 1881])
McMahon, F.M., Dept. U.S. Marshall (Yselta, Tex., 1894)--see 4.166
McMasters, James E.--see 3.279
McMeans, Gee (Colorado, Tex., 1903)--see 4.165
McMurray, Elizabeth Ann--see 3.266
McNally, M. A.--see 3.2
McNelly, Leander
108Grave and graveyard near Burton
Extent [2 items]
109Texas Ranger [1889; 6 items]
McNew, Prof.--see 3.233
110McNuner Oak (Large tree near Victoria, Tex., [named after man killed near it])
McPartland, Buckskin Frank--see 1.171
Maddox, Allen--see 4.164
Madera, Pres.(?)--see 1.165
111Madera, Francisco - Shrine Class in which he was a novice [NN only]
112Mahoney, J. F. (Indian fighter, [Prescott, Ariz.]) [1927]
113Mail (Lady carrier)
Extent [2 items]
Majors, P. J.--see 1.182
Maldonado, Andalecio--see 4.62
Maldonado, Vivian--see 4.62
114Maledon, George
Malone, Papie--see 7.5
Mallanado, Indelico--see 1.171
Manlon[?], Mrs.-- see 7.5
115Manning, A. E. ([Hardware merchant], Northfield, Minn.; [wounded Cole Younger and William Stiles, alias Chadwell, during] Younger-James Robbery) [2 items; NN]
116Manning, Mrs. Daniel
117Mansfield, Ed [and] Newcomer, Joe [with] longhorn steer [NN]
118Map of Utah and N.M. Territories, 1855
119Marburger, Elo - Log house near Round Top
Marding--see 2.71
Markham, Jim--see 1.81
Mars, Capt.--see 3.170
Marsden, Crosby (Alice, Tex., 1906)--see 4.169
Marsh, Bryan, Capt.--see 4.164
120Marshall Ford (Mansfield) Dam
120Martin, Jim, Pvt.--see 4.168
121Martin, Sam and William [2 outlaws, killed 1903]
122*Mason, James E. and James E., Jr. [2 items; *oversize removed to 6.15, 6.16]
123Mason, Tex. [Fort Mason Hotel, Girls Band (1894), Main Street, Martin Moran Saloon, Mason County Courthouse, Ranch Store, Todd Store; 12 items]
Massingale, Mollie--see 1.293
Mast, Sheriff--see 3.83
124Masters, F. A. - Home
125Masterson, Bat [3 items; NN; see also 2.2]
126Mather, Andrew [1851-1929 or 1939; 2 items - 1 photo, 1 ALS]
126Mathews, Harry--see 4.27
127Matthews, Frank, Capt. [on horse]
Matthews, Frank, Pvt. [same as Capt. Frank Matthews?]--see 4.168
Mathis (Attorney for Kelly)--see 3.24
128Maverick, Albert, Sr. [1878]
129Maverick Hotel (San Antonio) [1880s]
130Maverick, Maury, Sr.
131Maximillian, Arch Duke, Emperor of Mexico
132Maxwell, Lucien Bonaparte - Home, Ft. Sumner
133Maxwell, Peter - Grave [1928]
134Maxwell, Peter Menard and Leis [Lease?], Henry [NN]
135Mayer, Sol (San Angelo, [Tex.] rancher)
Maylan, M., Capt.--see 1.257
Maylan, Mrs. M.--see 1.257
Mays, Pattie--see 1.293
136Mazurek, Phillip [2 items; see also 2.94]
137Mazzanovich, Anton (Author of Trailing Geronimo)
Extent [2 items]
137Meade, Gen.--see 3.70
138Meade, Wm. K., [U.S. Marshall, Ariz., 1880s, 1890s]
Extent [2 items]
139Medina, Tex. [Baptist Church, Cold Spring near head of river, Grocery, Dry Goods and Shoe Store, Main Street, Medina River, OST Garage, Spillway at Medina Dam; 10 items]
140Melchior, Rudolf [Artist; includes portrait and photos of title page and sketches from work Tage Buch, 1853; 6 items]
141Menard, Tex. (Menardville), View of, 1898 [and after 1899 Flood]; Baptist Encampment [15 items; NN]
142Menger Hotel (San Antonio) [4 items; NN]
142Mercer, A. W., Lt.--see 1.128
143Merchant, S. W.
144Mersfelder, Nick [Trans-Pecos character; 2 items]
145Metal racks for sabres, guns, knives
Extent [5 items]
146Methodist Conference, 1889
147-148Meusebach, John O.
147Founder of Fredericksburg [portraits; 10 items]
148Reproduction of "Treaty of Peace," a painting by his daughter [100th Anniversary Celebration invitation; 4 items]
149Army cooks
151Revolutionists; Juarez, [Mexico]; Langtry, [Tex.]; Mexican bandits; [Battle of Matamoros, Mexico, 1913] [25 items; see also 2.105]
Mexico--see 1.99, 1.212, 1.282, 2.105, 2.256, 3, 131, 3.149-3.151, 3.331, 3.176, 3.226, 3.235, 4.3, 4.42, 4.92, 4.258
152Middleton, Thomas "Doc" (Cowboy, gambler) [see also 1.223]
153Midland, Tex. - Pliska Plane, c[a]. 1910
Extent [5 items]
154Mier pioneers - Haciendo Salado [Victory at Salado]
155Milam, Mrs. B. B., Driftwood, Tex. [with spinning wheel]
156Milam, Ben [includes portraits and grave in San Antonio; 6 items; NN]
156Milam, J. B., Rev.--see 3.156
157Milam, Mrs. John
158Miles, John D., Col.
Miles, Nelson A., Gen.
Extent [5 items]
160[SN - damaged]
Miller, Adolph--see 2.167
161Miller, Archie; Barnette, Graham; Crawford, Peter; Miller, Roy - Texas Rangers, in Smithers Coll[ection]
162Miller, Clel [1876; 2 items; NN]
163Miller, Jim; Burwell; Allen; West - Hanging, Ada, Okla. [see also 2.142, 4.27]
Miller, Mr. (1875)--see 4.165
Miller, Roy--see 3.161
164Miller, W. L. (Bill), Texas Ranger [NN only]
164Mills, A. L.--see 4.201
165Mills, Roger Q., U.S. Senator [4 items; DC]
166Milner, Joseph E. (Grandson of Calif[ornia] Joe) [4 items; NN]
167Milner, Moses E. "California Joe," [Scout for Gen. Custer; 8 items; see also 1.245]
168Milton, Jeff, Deputy U.S. Marshall; King, Frank M.; Scarborough, George [3 items; see also 4.64]
169Mimms, Henry [1816-1925, Texas Ranger, cattleman; 7 items]
170Mims, J. L. and Family, Ft. Worth [Bandera Gathering, 1934; 7 items; see also 2.220]
Mims, J. L., Jr.--see 3.170
Minnesota--see 1.132, 2.44, 2.258, 2.313, 3.4, 3.115, 3.222, 4.264, 5.7, 5.33; see also photographer 4.290
Missouri--see 2.55, 2.133, 2.272, 3.283, 3.284, 4.191, 4.245; see also photographer 1.22
171Mitchell, Blade [tintype]
Mitchell, Jim--see 1.128
Mix, Lottie--see 3.173
Mix, Luther--see Oversize #4
172Mix, Tom
Extent [4 items]
173Mix, Tom and others - Cummins Wild West and Indian Congress, 1906 [2 items, including original letter; see also Oversize #4]
173Moass, Capt.--see 2.220
174Modoc lava beds (N.M.?) [1935]
174Montana--see 2.253, 3.175, 4.15, 4.184, 4.201
175Montana man hunters of the seventies [1880; 2 items; NN]
176Monterrey, Mexico - Scenes, bldgs. [Bishop's Palace, Cathedral and Saddle Mountain, Penitentiary, Roble Church and Public School, view of Hidalgo Plaza; 7 items]
177Monument Hill, La Grange, Tex.
178Houston Chronicle pictures
Extent [8 items]
Moody, Dan and Mrs.--see 1.225
Moore, Charles R.--see 3.233
179Moore, J. B. [NN only]
Moore, J. B. (Jeff) [same as J. B. Moore?]--see 1.239
Moore, John--see 4.169
180Moore, Lee, [Parents] of, Otterbein, Ind. [NN only]
181Moore, T. R. [Chirro Valley, Ariz.]
182Mormon with five wives, Farmington, Utah [NN only]
183Moos, William C.
184Mootz, H. Edwin, Col.
Morgan--see 2.71
Morgan, J. M.--see 3.292
185Morosini, Attilio, Mrs. and daughter, Washington's great, great, great grand niece
186Morowitz, Mrs. (Frances) and granddaughter, Patsy Jean Fisher
187Morrell, Ed [Spent time in San Quentin and Folsom prisons]
Morrell, Geo. W., Maj.--see 3.70
Morris, Brack (1882)--see 4.167
Morris, Capt.--see 4.169
Morrison, B. M.--see 3.2
Morrow, Nancy Elizabeth (Eldest daughter of Sam Houston)--see 2.198
188Morton, Paul, Secretary of the Navy
188Moses, Tad--see 2.52
189Moss, Steve [Llano, Tex.; 2 items]
190Mossman, Burton C. [First Capt. of Arizona Rangers, cattleman; 1936]
191Mountain Mike, Hanging of [3 items; see also 2.142]
Mueller, Willie--see 1.24
Muldoon, Arty--see 1.171
192Muldoon, [Miguel], Father, [Resident priest of Austin Colony, 1823-1842] - Monument ([Photo] sent by Jesse Gibson to Houston Chronicle for Shuffler art[icle])
Extent [3 items]
193Mulhern, Charles [Ft. Davis]
193Munson, Henry--see 1.222
194Murchison, A. H. (Trail boss) [NN; see also Oversize #5]
195Murchison, Bill
195Murchison, Hood--see 1.239
196Murphy, Jim - Home [NN only]
Murphy, Johnny--see 3.240
Murphy, Lawrence G.--see 2.3
197Murphy, Steve (Newspaperman, Sonora, Tex., [1890s; publisher of Devil's River News])
197Murphy, W. W., Capt.--see 4.291
198Murrah, Dan [NN]
199Murrah, Pendleton, Gov. [of] Tex. [5 items; DC]
Murray, Edna--see 4.232
Murray, Sid--see 3.292
Murray, Wi[nnie]--see 3.123
Mussey, Frank--see 3.53
Mynett, J. D.--see 3.2
Nathan, Harold--see 3.24
200Nauer, Max
201Navarro, Jesus Galan - Funeral [notice, Eagle Pass, Tex., Oct. 7, 1919]
202Navy carrier
Extent [2 items]
Neal, Doc--see 4.169
Neal, E. T.--see 4.164
Neff, Pat, Gov.--see 3.233
Negley, Ferd [sic], U.S. Marshall--see 4.169
Neil, Edgar--see 4.169
Neilson, Nesta--see 1.5
203Nelson, [George] "Baby Face" [alias of Gillis, Lester; 2 items]
204Nelson, John (Scout, interpreter, [Ft. Sheridan]) [3 items; see also 1.128]
205Nelson, Julia "Indian Prince" [Daughter of John Nelson; see also 3.204]
205Nevada--see 1.31, 3.206, 4.195
206Nevada: Bottle House, Ryalite [made entirely of beer bottles]; Lost City, [Mrada]; Goldfield (Mining town) [1906; 3 items; see also 1.31]
207New Braunfels, Tex. [Landa Mill, Sophienburg Memorial Museum; 2 items]
207New Mexico--see 1.207, 1.227, 2.3, 2.57, 2.61, 2.86, 2.179, 2.231, 3.27, 3.40, 3.72, 3.93, 3.118, 3.132, 3.174, 3.208, 3.209, 3.262, 3.265, 4.10, 4.143, 5.29; see also photographer 1.209
208New Mexico and Utah Territories, Map of [empty folder; see 3.118]
209New Mexico - Scenes [Burros, oldest house in U.S. (Santa Fe), Palace of the Governors (erected 1605), ruins of Ft. Marcy (built in 1846), San Miguel Church (erected 1607); postcards; 5 items]
210Newcomb, James P.
Extent [2 items]
211Newcombe, Tom (Man who killed California Joe)
Extent [2 items]
211Newcomer, Joe--see 3.117
212Newman, Bud [West Tex. train robber, killed by Bill Taylor]
213Newman, J. B. [Devil's River ranchman]
213Newton, Allen (1887)--see 4.167
214Newton, Jess [Brother of members of Newton Gang, who robbed banks in Boerne, Hondo, New Braunfels, San Marcos]
214Newton, Josie--see 2.221
215Nicholas I, Czar of Russia [ca. 1905]
216Nichols, Carleton B. [Jehovah's Witness in flag saluting incident, Breed Junior High School; 2 items]
217Nimitz, Chester [W.], Adm.
Extent [2 items]
218Nimitz Hotel (Fredericksburg, Tex.)
Extent [2 items]
219Nix, E. D., U.S. Marshall, Okla. [NN; see also 1.89]
219Nixon, J. P.--see 4.169
220Norfleet, J. Frank [3 items; NN]
220Norris, Charlie (1882)--see 4.167
221North, L. H., Capt. [Great marksman, scout]
221Northcroft, Mrs. E.--see 7.5
222Northfield, Minn. (Proposed site of Heywood Monument at Bridge Square) [NN only]
222Nowery, E. S., Production and Drilling Supt. of Gulf Coast Division, Beaumont--see 3.234
223Nowlin, Henry Moote
223Noyes, E. N.--see 3.233
224Nueces, Battle of [Massacre; copyprint of painting, original in Comfort]
225Neuces Massacre, [1861] - Monument, Comfort, Tex.
226Nuncio, Albino R., Hon., [Dept. of Public Works] (Mexican government official, worked with San Antonio International Fair) [SN only]
227Oakley, Annie [1889, n.d.; 2 items]
228Oates, Mark [Rhome, Tex.]
229Obenchain, Frank [Cattle buyer, Junction, Tex.]
230O'Brien Family [14 items; SN only]
231Ochiltree, Thomas P., Col. [Famous Texan; 1890; NN]
O'Connor, Doris--see 4.232
Oden, Lon (Shafter Wines, 1890)--see 4.169
232Oge, Louis, [1832-1915, French-born] Texas Ranger
Extent [2 items]
233Oil Centennial, Nacogdoches, Sept. 1966
Extent [24 items]
234Oil field history, from Mrs. John Sweeney, 7-12-65
Extent [39 items]
235Ojinga, Mexico
235Oklahoma--see 1.78, 1.89, 1.135, 1.213, 1.227, 1.244, 1.248, 2.81, 2.84, 2.135, 3.24, 3.64, 3.163, 3.219, 3.234, 3.236, 3.254, 4.3, 4.172, 4.181, 4.262
236Oklahoma City, 1889
Extent [2 items]
*Old Fiddler's Contest, July 4, 1927 (Old Settler's Reunion, Bandera, Tex.) [*oversize removed to 7.1]
237Old Ironsides replica [in Frontier Times Museum; made by Cmdr. G. Keith Gordon, formerly of Royal Navy; 8 items]
*Old Time Trail Drivers Association, San Antonio, 1915 [*oversize removed to 7.6]
Olson, John--see 2.207
Omohundro, Jack "Texas Jack"--see 1.133, 1.257, 4.158
238Ord, E. O. C., Maj. Gen. [Reputed grandson of George IV and Lady Fitzherbert]
238Oregon--see 2.85, 4.226, 5.29
239Oregon Trail, [Pioneer] Monument to, Casper, Wyo.
240Orient Saloon, Bisbee, Ariz.
Extent [4 items]
240Ortega, Gen.--see 1.165
241Osborne, Thomas Clayborn [Trail driver, Bastrop, Tex.; 2 items]
242Oury, W. S. (Sheriff, Pima Co., Ariz., [1873-1877])
Outlaw, Bass (Realitos, Tex., 1880)--see 4.166
Outlaws--see 1.20, 1.27, 1.41, 1.81, 1.84, 1.113, 1.181, 1.183, 1.208, 1.213, 1.218, 1.222, 1.228, 1.244, 1.259, 2.6, 2.123, 2.143, 2.146, 2.174, 2.233, 2.339, 2.340, 3.67, 3.115, 3.121, 3.151, 3.212, 3.214, 3.275, 3.320, 4.5, 4.22, 4.76, 4.102, 4.117, 4.128, 4.134, 4.215, 4.223, 4.232, 4.255, 4.257, 4.264, 4.288
243Owens, George
244Owens, Jim (Associated with [Col.] Goodnight in running buffalo [on north rim of Grand Canyon])
245Ox carts [and] oxen [including photo of ancient Egyptian cart now in Halthorpe Museum] [5 items; NN]
245Paderewski--see 1.5
246Paint Rock
Extent [10 items]
Palen, Annie--see 1.293
Palmer, Ed (Yselta, Tex., 1894)--see 4.166
Palmer, J. W.--see 4.237
247Parker, Bonnie, and Barrow, Clyde [3 items; see also 1.52]
248Parker, Cynthia Ann and Indian boy [11 items; see also 2.300]
Parker, George (alias Cassidy, Butch)--see 3.320
Parker, L. H. --see 3.2
Parkins, Tom, Production Supt., Okla.--see 3.234
249Patch, Alexander McCarrell, Capt. [NN only]
250Pate, Mrs. (Vera Ashcraft) [Great grand-daughter of Maj. Benjamin F. Bryant]
250Patterson, ?--see 3.89
251Patton, C. C. and James H.
251Paugh, William--see 4.164
252Paul, Bob (Wells Fargo Express messenger; [Deputy U.S. Marshall and Immigration Inspector, Cochise County, Ariz.])
253Pawnee Bill (Lillie, Gordon [Wm., Maj.]) and Mrs. (May Lillie) [12 items; NN; one autographed by Pawnee Bill; see also 1.128]
254Payne, D. L., Capt., "The Father of Oklahoma" [2 items; NN]
255*Peak, Junius, Capt. [empty folder; *oversize removed to 7.2]
256Pearson, W. B. "Idaho Bill," Col. [Scout and plainsman; see also 3.302]
257Peary, Mrs. Robert F. [Wife of famous North Pole expeditioner]
258Pease, Elisha M. [Gov.; 4 items; DC]
259Peck, Al (Ariz. pioneer, [Nogales; wife killed by Apaches in 1886])
260Pecos River Bridge
261Pecos, Tex., 1894 - Driver, Lem and Clements, M[anning] [2 items; see also 1.205]
262Pecos Valley, N.M.
263Pedernales River Valley
263Pederson, Pauline--see 2.221
264Peel, M. R., 1854-1882 - Grave
265Penitente Morado, Arriba County, N.M.; also, Campo Santo of "Los Penitentes," and Penitente procession [5 items; NN]
Pentecost, Eilene, Casper, Wyo.--see 2.221
Penwall(?)--see 3.75
Perry, Claire Hodges--see 3.266
Perry, David, Maj.--see 4.202
266Perry, George Sessions [Author; photo taken at McMurray's Bookshop, Dallas; 2 items]
266Perry, Ollie (near San Saba, Tex., 1897)--see 4.169
267Perry, R. C. (Rufe), Capt. of Co. D, Texas Rangers
Extent [2 items]
Persee, Thomas--see 2.167
Pershing, John J., Lt.--see 4.202
Peters, Pink--see 1.82
Pew, J. Edgard, Vice-Pres.--see 3.234
268Pfeuffer, George S., Sen. [New Braunfels; 2 items]
269Philips, John F. [Judge]
270Phillips, John R. [NN only]
271Phillips, Montgomery Wright, Round Mountain Indian Fight [NN only]
272Phillips, William J. and family; Melisa Crownover Phillips [NN only]
273Piedras Negras, 1882 [Palacio Municipal; 2 items]
274Pierce, Abel Head "Shanghai" [Statue near Blessing, Tex.; 3 items; NN]
275Pierce, Charlie [Member of Bill Doolin Outlaw Gang]
Pierce, Frank--see 1.239
Pierson, R. B. "Idaho Bill," Col.--see 3.302
Pike--see 4.169
276Pine Ridge Agency, S.D. - Grand review of U.S. troops after Indian surrender [see also 2.330]
276Pinkerton, Allan, Maj., Head of Secret Service-- see 3.70
277Pioneer cabin
278Pioneer Lancers - Shield [of organization]
279Pioneers of the Panhandle
280Pistol, Cap and ball [style; 6 items]
281Pitts, Charley [1876; 2 items; NN]
282Poe, John William [Sheriff of Lincoln Co.; NN]
Poland, J. S., Col.--see 1.257
Pomeroy, C. A.--see 4.291
283-284Pony Express [see also 1.241, 3.283, 3.284]
283Barn (St. Joseph, Mo.) [1937]
284Monument, St Joseph, Mo.
285Pope, Ann Phillips [NN only]
Porter, Fitz John, Maj. Gen.--see 3.70
Porter, Leo--see 1.277
286Porter, William Sidney (Henry, O.) [Hill City Quartette, 1886; 8 items]
287Potter, Andrew Jackson
288Potter, Jack
Extent [2 items]
289Potter, Robert
Powell, Joe, Pvt.--see 4.168
Power(?), H. R., Dr.--see 3.75
Powers, A. R.--see 3.2
290Prairie schooner
Extent [3 items]
291Pratt, Orson (Mormon, [Brigham Young's "right hand man"])
292Print shops, Old and San Antonio Light composing room [1912; 2 items]
293Prohibition Days, West Tex. - [Building]
293Pruett, Ben--see 3.53
294Putnam, Ed (alias Sibley) [killed 1906; 4 items]
Putman, Jim (Shafter Wines, 1890)--see 4.169
Putman, Lige (Alice, Tex., 1906)--see 4.169
295Quantrell, Wm. G. [William C., or Charles William, noted Guerilla Chief during Civil War; 2 items; NN]
295Queen, Lee--see 4.169
296Quigley, George and Berger, David G. [General Electric Patent Probe]
297Rabago, Mujeres listas para recibir (Women ready to receive Rabago)
298Rabb, Polly Crownover [NN only]
299Raine, Wm. McLeod, [Denver] and Hunter, J. Marvin [1934; 3 items]
299Ramsey, Ben, Chairman, Texas Railroad Commission--see 3.233
300Ranchman taming wild horses in Tex. [NN only]
301Ranck, James
Randall, Ed (1887)--see 4.167
Randle, Mrs. (Sarah Jane)--see 7.5
302Randolph, Charles D. "Buckskin Bill," Col. [also known as "Poet of the Plains"; 7 items]
Ransom, H. H.--see 2.100
Ransom, Henry, Capt.--see 4.169
303Ransom, W[illia]m--see also 1.149
Rauber, Hugo--see 3.292
Ray, Alice--see 4.32
305Reagan, John H. [4 items; DC]
306Rector, Lee [Attorney, State Senator, San Saba, Tex.; Lucy Rector's father]
307"Red Buck" on Eufaula Trail, 1915 [SN only]
307Redding, R. M.--see 3.233
308Reed, Ed and Clark, Will [Reed was the son of Belle Starr; 2 items; NN; see also 3.282 for negative of Reed]
309Reeves, Alf and Mrs.
309Reid, F. J.--see 4.211
310Reinarz, Alfred - Home
310Revel (or Houston), "Aunt Eliza"--see 2.198
311Rexford, E. E. [Eben Eugene], 1848-1916 - Monument
Extent [2 items]
312Reynolds, N. O.
Extent [2 items]
Rhodes, Chas. D., Lt.--see 4.202
Rice, Ben M.--see 4.291
Rice, P. H.--see 1.182
313Richardson, Willard ["First Journalist of Texas"; 2 items]
314Richmond Courthouse
315Richmond, Tex. and Cemetery - Scenes in courthouse and monuments of [Mirabeau B.] Lamar, [Jane] Long, [Erastus] Deaf Smith
Extent [8 items]
315Richter, Eddie--see 3.292
316Rickenbacker, Eddie
Extent [2 items]
317Rifle Collection (Frontier Times Museum)
Extent [2 items]
318Rifle - Old Kentucky
319Ripley, Henry A., Col., U.S. Army
Riter, O. E.--see 3.234
River canyon with people and cars along rim--see NN #96
Robbers--see Outlaws
320Robbers' Roost - [Portrait of the] Wild Bunch [also known as the "Hole in the Wall Gang," Ft. Worth, 1900]
320Roberts, Buck--see 1.182
321Roberts, D. W., Capt. and Mrs., [Ranger], 1927 [2 items; see also 2.115, 3.12]
321Roberts, Dan, [Capt.]--see 3.12
322Roberts, O. M. [3 items; DC]
322Roberts, Ross--see 4.211
323Robertson, Doc and Mother
Extent [2 items]
324Robertson, Hugh R. and Corbin, John [3 items; SN only]
325Robertson, Walter and Lewis, W. W., Texas Rangers in Loss Valley Fight, 1874 [NN only]
325Robinson, Jim (Realitos, Tex., 1880)--see 4.166
326Robinson, R. A. - Home
Robinson, Thomas H., Jr.--see 4.232
Rockard, R.--see 3.2
Rockwell, Kenneth--see 3.266
327Rodrigues, Joe (Brother to Polly)
Extent [2 items]
Rogers, C. L. "Kid"--see 4.169
Rogers, Charley (1888)--see 4.167
Rogers, Ernest (Realitos, Tex., 1880)--see 4.166
328Rogers, Ike., post-mortem [NN only]
329Rogers, J. H. [Texas Ranger; 3 items; see also 4.167, 4.169]
Rogers, John A.--see 4.51
Rogers, Kid (1887/1888)--see 4.167
Rogers, Malcolm J., Dr.--see 2.130
Rogers, Stanley, Sheriff, Oklahoma City--see 3.24
330Rogers, Will
Extent [7 items]
331Roosevelt, F. D, Pres. [2 items; see also 2.48]
332Roosevelt, Teddy, Menger Hotel Bar, 1898, recruiting Rough Riders [drawing; 4 items]
333Roosevelt-Bullock Cowboys Reunion, Belle Fourche, S.D., 1926
41Rose, Belle
1Rose, Mrs. (Lula)--see 4.2
Rose, N. H.
2Collection [9 items; includes portraits; NN; see also 2.220]
3Copies of letters and other documents to N. H. Rose [1918-1947, n.d.; 42 items]
*Vs. San Antonio Brewing Company document [*oversize removed to 7.3]
4Rose, Newton C. - Facsimile of Soldier's Discharge, Army of the Confederate States, Oct. 18, 1861
Extent [2 items]
5Rose of the Cimmaron (Member of the famous Doolin Gang)
*Rosebud Indian Agency, Dakota Territory [*oversize removed to 7.4]
6Ross, Mrs. (Kate B[rown])
6Ross, Pease (Indian boy captured by Sul Ross at Battle of Pease River)--see 3.248
7Ross, S[hapley] P., Capt.
Extent [5 items]
8Ross, Tom A. [Texas Ranger]
9Round Top, Tex. [Art piece (photo of drawing of Round Top), Bethelem Lutheran Church, Old Cigar Factory, Schultz Brewery and Store; 4 items]
10Roundup (N.M.) [NN only]
Rountree, Austin--see 4.102
Rountree, Mason [as a boy]--see 4.102
11Rountree, Mason and Kendricks, Emmet [NN only]
Rountree, Oscar (Alice, Tex., 1906)--see 4.169
Routh, R. D.--see 1.182
Rubiola, Commissioner--see 4.183
12Runge, Carl [School Supt., Medina County]
13Runnels, Hardin R. [Gov.; 5 items; DC]
14Rusk, Thomas J. [3 items; DC]
14Russel, Charles--see 3.330
15Russell, Charles M., [1864-1926, Montana's "Cowboy Artist" - Postcard] reproduction of painting [ "Solitude"; NN]
16Russell, Lee L. [Cattleman, rancher; 3 items]
17Russell, Lillian [Actress]
18Russell, R. R. "Dick," Sheriff, Menard County, and Mrs. [3 items; NN; see also 1.239]
18Russell, Tommy--see 1.4
19Ruter, Martin [Tex. Methodist; 2 items]
20Rutersville, Tex. - Texas Military Institute [Fayette County, just before Civil War; 3 items]
21Rutledge, Dick, Col. (Last of Kit Carson's scouts), 1926
Extent [2 items]
22Ryan, Bill (alias Hill, Tom; member of James Gang) [NN]
23Ryan, Frank "Fatty" (Tombstone, Ariz. policeman)
Ryland, Ike P.--see 3.279
Rylander, Mrs. (Dolly Armstrong)--see 7.5
Sackett, William., Brig. Gen.--see 3.70
Extent [2 items]
25Sadler, M. E., Dr. [empty folder; see also 2.100]
26Safford, A. T. K., Second Gov. of Ariz. [1871-1877]
27Saloons [New Era; Orient, Bisbee, Ariz.; Saloon at Pecos; Senate, El Paso, Tex.; NN; see also 3.240]
28Sampson, Sam; Rufus Buck; Lucky Day; Maomi July (Prisoners) [NN only]
29Samuels, Mrs. (Zerelda) (Mother of Jesse James) [3 items; see also 2.339]
San Antonio
30Alamo Plaza and other views of the downtown [ca. 1870s to 1930?; 30 items; NN; see also Oversize #15, #43; NN #98]
31City officials, 1903 [see also 4.183]
32Fiesta - "Battle of Flowers" Parade [6 items; NN]
33General views of long ago [NN only]
34Hart's Saloon and Gaming House (Owned by Ernest Hart and Jack Harris)
35International Fair - Officers and directors
Extent [2 items]
36Mexican [farmer's] home
37Missions and cathedrals [19 items; NN]
38Old "Bat Cave" Jail [and Police Headquarters; 2 items; NN]
39Rotter Bros. Saloon
39San Antonio Light--see 3.292
40San Antonio-San Diego Mail Route, Account of [see also 1.63, 2.111; 2.130]
41Silver King Gambling House [NN]
42Stagecoach [of] August Santlaben [departing from] Kapp and Munzenberger Store [to Monterrey, Mexico], 1866 [4 items; NN]
43Streetcars [1900, 1904, n.d.; 3 items; NN]
43Sunken Garden, Brackenridge Park--see NN #99-100
44Views of Military Plaza [1880, 1890, n.d.; 4 items]
45San Augustine Mission, near Tuscon, Ariz.
46San Carlos, Ariz. [2 items; NN]
San Jacinto
48Battle (Photo of painting [that hangs in Capitol at Austin])
49Flag (in Capitol) [SN only; see also 4.47]
50Monument [5 items; NN]
51Veterans (Copy of a tintype, [ca.] 1870)
52Veterans [at Park Dedication, 1910]
53San Marcos Baptist Academy, Musicians from [NN only]
*San Marcos - Pioneers [*oversize removed to 7.5]
54San Pedro Creek (between Fort Clark and Bracketville)
55San Saba Mission, near Menard, Tex. [16 items; see also Oversize #29]
56San Saba, Tex.; San Saba River
Extent [2 items]
57Sanders, A. Collett [Littlefield, Tex.]
57Sands, George, Lt.--see 4.202
58Santa Anna [Portraits, saddle; 6 items; NN]
59Satanta Exhumation Rites
Extent [11 items]
60Satterwhite, Jim [Old time stage driver]
60Satolli, Cardinal--see 1.162
61Saunders, Capt. and Dubose, Lt.
Extent [3 items]
62Saunders, Geo. W. [6 items; NN; see also 2.89, 2.268]
Saunders, George [same as Geo. W. Saunders?]--see 1.136
Saunders, J. W. (Yselta, Tex., 1894)--see 4.166
Saverline, Jim, Supt., Healdton, Okla.--see 3.234
63Sawyer, Dan [1925; 5 items]
63Scanlan, Sadie--see 1.5
64Scarborough, George [5 items; NN; see also 3.168]
65Schieffelin, Ed. (Discoverer of Tombstone, Ariz. mines) [Schieffelin Monument; 4 items; NN]
Schmidt, Constance--see 3.123
Schmidt, Frank (Realitos, Tex., 1880)--see 4.166
Schmidt, Mary--see 3.123
Schmidt, Wm. (Yselta, Tex., 1894)--see 4.166
66Schoeffer, Peter and Gutenberg Shop [5 items, chiefly of shop; SN only]
67School teacher, 1860
68Schools, Early [see also 3.77, 3.78]
68Schultz, B.--see 3.2
69Schweers-Saathoff Reunion (June, 1938, Castroville, Texas) [empty folder; see also Oversize #30]
70Schwethelm, Capt. [1st Texas Cavalry, Civil War; photo of painting from a tintype]
71Scott, David?, Dr., McCornell, Mr.? and [illegible]
Scott, Gen.--see 3.70
Scott, George L., Capt.--see 4.202
72Scott, Walter "Death Valley Scotty" [Death Valley; 1934]
Scriver, Myra--see 2.221
Sedberrry, J. M.--see 4.164
73Seguin, Tex.
Extent [2 items]
74Sellman, John [Soldier of the C.S.A. killed by George Scarborough; 1878; 3 items]
Severson, S. J.--see 4.291
Sewell, James L.--see 3.233
75Shafter, W. R., Maj. Gen. [NN only]
75Sharp, Mike--see 4.211
76Sharp, Milt A. [Robbed Bodie Stage 4 times in 1880]
Sheely, Joe, Capt. (1882)--see 4.167
Sheely, Wash (1882)--see 4.167
Shepperd, John Ben, Chairman, Texas Historical Survey Commission--see 3.233
Sheridan, Gen.--see 3.70
77Sheridan, Philip H., Gen.
Extent [2 items]
78Sherman, Tex. - Burning of [a] Negro [1931]
79Sherwood, Lt. [21st Infantry; murdered during Modoc War in the Lava Beds]
80Shingle-shaving horse [Machine]
Shipman--see 2.71
Shirley, Mrs. John A.--see 4.149
Shonsey (or Shaunsey), M.--see 3.2
81Shores, Doc, Sheriff [Gunnison County, 1880s]
82Short, J. W., Bandera, Tex.
83Short, Luke [see also 1.81, 2.2]
84Shrunken head [at Frontier Times Museum; 9 items]
85Sieber, Al, [Deputy U.S.] Marshall, Scout, Ariz.
86Sieker, L. P. "Lamb" and Ed, Texas Rangers [same person?]
86Sillure, Maggie--see 1.293
87Silva, Jesus (Part of coroner's jury that held inquest over Kid's body)
88Simms, Pink [Lawman and trailman; autographed]
89Simms, W. H. "Billy" [Cousin to Pink Simms; 3 items]
90Siringo, Charles [crossing the Rio Grande]
90Sitter, Joe (Yselta, Tex., 1894)--see 4.166
91Slaughter, Apache May [Indian girl found on battle field and adopted by Sheriff John Slaughter]
91Sleepy Dick--see 3.240
92Smeed, J. T., Lt. - Facsimile of letter sent from Monterrey, Mexico (Date with stamp Pt. Isabel, Feb. 15, 1847)
Extent [2 items]
93Smith, C. L. and Mrs.
94Smith, Clint and Jeff (Indian captives) [9 items; see also 2.268]
94Smith, Erastus (Deaf)--see 3.315
95Smith, Green River Tom [Friend of Wyatt Earp; 1st City Marshall of Abiline, Kan., 1871]
96Smith, Henry [3 items; NN]
97Smith, Ida Greeley [Actress; grand-daughter of Horace Greeley]
98Smith, Joseph (Founder of Latter Day Saints)
Extent [2 items]
99Smith, Judge [NN only]
99Smith, Mrs.--see 1.257
100Smith, Seco, Bandera, Tex.; Smith, Joseph, Bexar County (Brother to Seco) [3 items; NN]
100Snyder, Pi[?]--see 4.290
101Solms-Braunfels, Karl, Prince
Extent [3 items]
101Sonnenthal--see 1.5
102Sonora Gang (Children) [1898]
103Sonora, Tex. - Wool hauling in the Stockman's Paradise
Extent [3 items]
104Sontag, George C. [Served time in Folsom Prison]
104Soper, R. G.--see 3.233
105Sophia Salm-Salm, Princess
106South Dakota--see 1.218, 2.314, 2.323, 2.330, 3.276, 3.333, 4.203; see also photographer 2.253
107South Texas Press Association [empty folder; see also Oversize #31]
108Sowell, Asa Jorman Lee [with] sons and nephews: A. J., John, Paleman, Leroy and James Sowell [7 items; NN]
108Spalding, J. T.--see 1.126, 3.302, 4.158
109Spanish Fort - Taovayas Village on Tex. side of Red River, by George Catlin, 1834 [photo of painting; 4 items]
109Sparks, A. M.--see 3.133
110Sparks, Wm. "Timberline" (Author [of "Apache Kid"; peace officer, cattle detective, Ariz.])
Speaks, Bob (Shafter Wines, 1890)--see 4.169
Speck, Geo.--see 4.27
111Spring Branch Cave, Boerne, Tex. [Railroad officials posing in cave]
112Spring, John A. (First school teacher in Tucson)
113Stage stopover - Adobe House, Ramona, Calif.
Extent [2 items]
114Stagecoaches - Greely Stage, Deadwood Stage, Old Mail Coach; [Memorial Plaque, Ft. Davis, Tex.; 8 items; NN; see also 1.128]
114Standingham, Henry--see 3.173
115Stanley, Gen., Ft. Sam Houston [1889]
116Starr, Belle
Extent [3 items]
117Starr, Henry [Bank robber, outlaw; 4 items; NN]
118State Democrative Executive Committee, Dallas, [Feb. 23], 1902
Extent [2 items]
119Stebbings, Gene "Coteau" [and his All-Ways Gun Harness]
120Steele, Alphonso [Last Survivor of Battle of San Jacinto; 5 items; NN; see also 4.52]
121Steele, Susan Elizabeth "Old Settler," [Eastland, Tex.]
121Steen, Ralph, Dr., Pres., Stephen F. Austin State College--see 3.233
121Steffler, Commissioner--see 4.183
122Stephens, Alexander
123Stephens, Sam - Grave
Stephenson, George, Sgt.--see 4.202
Sterling--see 1.115
124Sterling, Bill, Col., Texas Ranger, Austin and Corpus Christi, 1920s
125Stern wheeler, Old, passing draw bridge on Colorado R[iver]
126Stewart, Charles
Extent [2 items]
127Stewart, James, [Jr.], Col.
Extent [2 items]
128Stiles, Billy and Mrs. (Maria) [Member of Stiles-Alvord train robber gang; 4 items]
129Still mill (Bootlegging), Texas Dept. of Public Safety
130Stillman Home, Brownsville [Home of Charles Stillman, founder of Brownsville]
130Stim, R. and Mrs.--see 3.234
131Stone, Edward L. - Library, Roanoke, Va.
Extent [2 items]
132Stoudenmire, Dallas, El Paso City Marshall, 1881
132Strahlmann, Louis, Dr.--see 2.130
133Strickland; Fetter; Burt; Terrell (4 men standing by a car) [5 items; NN]
134Stringer, Billy [Early Tex. outlaw; 3 items]
135Stuart, Geo.W., Col., U.S. Army [148th Inf.]
136Sullivan, Bronco John
137Sullivan, Fred (Old stage driver, [Cheyenne to Deadwood])
137Sullivan, W. J. L.--see 4.164, 4.169
138Surber, Thelma [on horse, rodeo personality?]
Sutherland, S.--see 3.2
Sweeney, M. B., Production Supt., Southwest Division, Dallas--see 3.234
Sweeney, M. B.--see 3.233
Sweitzer, Nelson B., Brig. Gen.--see 3.70
Swimming hole (river, docks, diving board)--see NN #101
139Swink, Norburn [Early settler of Tilden McMurrin County]
Swope, Charles--see 2.167
Sword, George, Capt.--see 1.128
140Table Rock [NN only]
140Tabor, W. H.--see 3.2
141Taft, Pres. [visiting Del Rio; 9 items; NN]
142Tanner, Richard "Diamond Dick," Dr. [NN only]
143Taos, New Mexico Church (Penitente Morado) [see also 3.265]
144Tarpley Pass; Tarpley Mail
Extent [2 items]
145Tate, John C. [NN only]
146Taylor, Creed, Capt. (Frontiersman [near Noxville, Tex.])
Extent [4 items]
Taylor, Creed [same as Capt. Creed Taylor?]--see 4.169
Taylor, Gen.--see 3.70
147Taylor, Miss [NN only]
148Taylor, Pink (San Antonio Peace Officer and cowman) [NN only]
149Taylor, T. U. [Professor Emeritus, University of Texas; 6 items]
150Taylor, Zachary, Pres.
151Telephone Building (Independent), 1928
152Teller, Henry Morse, Pres. Arthur's Sec[retar]y of Interior
153Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah [Tabernacle, Temple; 3 items]
Templeton, Wallace (Scout)--see 4.202
Terrablanca, Fernando and Senora--see 1.155
Terrell--see 4.133
154Terry, David S., Judge [Calif.]
Tesehemaker, H.--see 3.2
Alamo--see 1.8, 4.30, 5.33, 6.14, Oversize #43
Alice--see 4.169
Alpine--see 1.14, 4.191; see also photographer 1.237
Amarillo--see 1.19
Austin--see 1.34-1.36, 1.54, 1.161, 3.192, 4.48, 4.124, 4.170, 4.171, 4.174, 4.263, Oversize #20, #45; see also photographer 1.57, 1.87, 2.94, 2.114, 2.128, 2.240, 2.249, 3.78, 3.96, 3.241, 3.286, 4.286
Bandera--see 1.43, 1.44, 1.45, 1.47, 1.198, 2.94, 2.156, 2.176, 2.224, 3.170, 4.82, 4.100, 4.228, 5.29, 7.1, Oversize #2, #6, #11-14, #22-23, #26-27, NN #59-65; see also Frontier Times Museum
Bastrop--see 3.241
Beaumont--see 3.234
Big Bend--see 1.79
Beeville--see photographer 1.60
Belton--see photographer 5.1
Blessing--see 3.274
Boerne--see 1.96, 3.214, 4.111
Brenham--see photographer 3.108
Brownsville--see 1.119, 4.130
Brownwood--see 1.120, 2.346; see also photographer 2.58
Bryan--see photographer 4.240, 5.8
Burnet--see 2.69, 2.221, 4.276
Burton--see 3.108
Camp Colorado--see 1.156
Camp Verde--see 1.157
Canyon--see 4.205
Carlsbad--see 1.163
Castroville--see 4.69, Oversize #30
Center Point--see photographer 4.72
Chocolate Bayou--see 3.6
Colorado--see 4.165
Comanche--see photographer 3.33
Comfort--see 1.221, 3.225
Corpus Christi--see 1.230, 4.124, 4.162
Dallas--see 3.234, 3.266, 4.118, 5.29,
Del Rio--see 1.56, 1.117, 1.174, 1.274-1.277, 2.141, 3.66, 4.3, 4.141, 4.243, Oversize #86-87, NN #88, 93-95; see also photographer 1.64
Driftwood--see 3.155
Dripping Springs--see 2.12
Eagle Pass--see 2.21, 3.201, 4.204; see also photographer 1.275, 2.21, 3.273
Eastland--see 4.121
El Paso--see 2.27, 4.27, 4.132, 4.293, 6.6; see also photographer 3.30, 4.64
Enchanted Rock--see 2.31
Fort Brown--see 2.64
Fort Chadbourne--see 2.65
Fort Concho--see 2.67
Fort Crittenden--see 2.68
Fort Croghan--see 2.69
Fort Davis--see 1.29, 2.70, 2.71, 3.193, 4.114, 4.197
Fort Griffin--see 2.72
Fort Inge--see 2.75
Fort Lancaster--see 2.76
Fort McKavet--see 2.78
Fort Parker--see 2.80
Fort Richardson--see 2.82
Fort Ringgold--see 2.83, Oversize #19
Fort Sam Houston--see 2.54, 4.3, 4.115, Oversize #3, #46
Fort Stockton--see 1.220
Fort Worth--see 1.71, 2.87, 3.170, 3.320, 4.282, Oversize #8
Fredericksburg--see 2.88, 3.147, 3.148, 3.218,
Frio Town--see 2.91
Frost--see 2.96
Galveston--see 1.233, 2.33, Oversize #24; see also photographer 2.128
Giddings--see 3.83
Goliad--see 3.36
Harper--see 2.53; see also photographer 2.214
Hondo--see 3.214
Houston--see 1.158, 2.29, 2.95, 2.221, 2.205, 2.198; see also photographer 1.58, 1.286, 2.189, 2.228
Henrietta--see 5.48
Huntsville--see 4.59
Independence--see 1.216, 1.243, 2.185, 2.199, 2.206, 2.207, 2.228
Indianola--see 3.48
Jacksboro--see 2.82; see also photographer 2.82, 2.238
Jim Wells County--see 1.252
Johnson City--see 1.28, 3.1
Junction--see 2.186, 3.20, 3.229
Kerrville--see 2.31, 3.26; see also photographer 2.31, 3.225
La Grange--see 3.38, 3.177, 3.178, Oversize #49
Lampasas--see 3.41
Langtry--see 3.151
Lantry--see 1.294
Leakey--see 3.56, 4.186, 4.220, 4.273, NN #92
Lima (formerly Fagan)--see 2.46, 3.68
Littlefield--see 4.57
Llano--see 3.80, 3.189; see also photographer 1.64, 3.176, 3.189, 4.30
Marfa--see 2.215
Marlin--see photographer 1.224
Mason--see 3.123; see also photographer 1.77, 2.220, 3.123
Matagorda--see 1.195, 2.52
McAllen--see Oversize #33
Medina--see 2.147, 3.90, 3.139, 4.12
Menard--see 2.193, 3.37, 3.141, 4.18, 4.55, Oversize #29, #34-35, #47-48
Menardville--see 3.141; see photographer 5.9
Midland--see 3.153
Milam County--see 1.121
Mineral Wells--see Oversize #7
Nacogdoches--see 3.233
New Braunfels--see 3.207, 3.214, 3.268, Oversize #20
Noxville--see 4.146
Nueces County--see 1.252
Nueces River--see 3.224
Odessa--see 2.336
Old Washington--see 1.114, 2.152
Paris--see Oversize #50-51
Pearsall--see 3.52
Pecos--see 1.179, 3.144, 3.261, 4.27
Pioneer--see 1.227
Port Arthur--see photographer 4.50
Realitos--see 4.166
Rhome--see 3.228, 4.214
Richmond--see 3.315
Rocksprings--see 4.253; see also photographer 1.24
Round Mountain--see 2.158, 3.271
Round Rock--see 2.181; see also photographer 1.293
Round Top--see 1.72, 3.119, 4.9
Rutersville--see 4.20
Salado--see 3.154
San Angelo--see 1.239, 2.206, 2.222, 3.135
San Antonio--see 1.69; 1.284, 1.285, 2.90, 2.111, 2.113, 2.130, 2.215, 2.221, 2.269, 3.95, 3.129, 3.142, 3.156, 3.226, 3.292, 3.332, 4.3, 4.30-4.44, 4.148, 4.179, 4.183, 4.289, 6.14, 7.3, 7.6, Oversize #15, #20, #31, #37, #43; see also Alamo; see also photographer 1.6, 1.8, 1.42, 1.60, 1.64, 1.106, 1.136, 1.160, 1.166, 1.168, 1.217, 1.237, 1.229, 2.14, 2.45, 2.105, 2.170, 2.211, 3.53, 3.77, 3.207, 3.317, 4.12, 4.30, 4.37, 4.38, 4.139, 4.229, 4.277, 5.5, 5.9, NN #98-100
San Felipe--see 1.33
San Jacinto--see 1.103, 4.47-4.52, 4.120
San Marcos--see 3.214, 4.53, 7.5
San Saba--see 3.306, 4.56, 4.169
Saratoga--see 3.234
Seguin--see 1.23, 4.73; see also photographer 4.233
Sherman--see 4.78
Sonora--see 3.197, 4.103, 4.278; see also photographer 5.13
Tascosa--see 3.85
Temple--see 1.226; see also photographer 5.1
Tuckertown--see 4.193
Uvalde--see photographer 4.273
Valley Mills--see 2.339
Victoria--see 3.110; see also photographer 3.48
Waco--see 3.42, 4.221
Washington-on-the-Brazos--see 2.229, 4.239-4.241
White Plains--see 4.260
Wichita Falls--see 4.261, Oversize #10, #52; see also photographer 2.250
Williamson County--see 4.266
Winedale--see 2.169, 3.49, 3.65
Yselta--see 4.166
Zapata--see photographer 1.278
Texas A&M University--see 1.1, 2.114, Oversize #21, #32
155Texas Declaration of Independence (Facsimile)
156Texas Development Co. [Pink Terrazzo Quarry, plant layout; 2 items]
157Texas First Whitehouse
Extent [2 items]
158Texas Jack (Omohundro, J. B.) [2 items; NN; see also 1.133, 1.257]
Texas Navy [see also 2.229]
159Austin (Sloop); San Antonio (Schooner)
Extent [2 items]
160Boats and monument (from picture hanging in office of S[gt.] of Arms) [SN only]
161Texas panhandlers, 1884 [NN only]
162Texas Press Association, Corpus Christi, 1930 [2 items; see also Oversize #8, #33]
162Texas Rangers--see 1.30, 1.209, 1.217, 1.278, 1.283, 2.4, 2.8, 2.59, 2.97, 2.115, 2.160, 2.211, 3.14, 3.15, 3.42, 3.64, 3.98, 3.109, 3.161, 3.164, 3.169, 3.232, 3.267, 3.321, 3.325, 3.329, 4.8, 4.86, 4.124, 4.163-4.169, Oversize #9, #34, #35
163Texas Rangers [empty folder; see following folders for companies]
164Company B
Extent [5 items]
165Company C
Extent [6 items]
166Company D [11 items; NN]
167Company F
Extent [10 items]
168Headquarters Company [1919; 5 items]
169Unidentified companies [17 items; NN]
170Texas State Cemetery, Austin, showing monuments at graves of [John A.] Wharton, [Stephen F.] Austin, [Albert Sidney?] Johnston, [Jane?] Long, etc.
Extent [7 items]
171Texas State Library, Austin [Gov. Hubbard's chair, Reading room; 8 items]
Thalis, T. Cook--see 4.169
Thallman, Lora--see 4.144
Thomas, Gen.--see 3.70
172Thomas, Heck, Capt., U.S. Marshall [Okla., d.1912; 4 items]
173Thomason, Capt. [Hunting Expedition to Africa (1929), Various animal trophies; NN only]
174Thompson, Ben [City Marshall, Austin 1880-1881; 7 items; NN]
Thompson, Bernice, alias Long, Opal--see 4.232
Thompson, Billy--see 4.174
Thompson, Chas.--see 1.257
175Thompson, Crim Q. [Minneapolis, Kan., with longhorns; 3 items]
176Thompson, Gerald, Execution of, [by] electric chair
177Thompson, Kid [2 items; NN]
178Thompson, Tommy, Gen.
Extent [3 items]
Thompson, W. A., Capt.--see 3.159
Thompson, Wm.--see 1.257
179Thornhill, Sadie (San Antonio Chili Queen)
179Threntam, Charles--see 4.164
180Throckmorton, J. W., Gov.
Extent [2 items]
Throckmorton, Sgt.--see 4.169
Throp, Jim (Scout)--see 4.202
181Tilghman, Bill [Chief of Police, Oklahoma City, 1912; 2 items; NN]
182Time-Life photographs (from Hunter Collection) [Circus elephant and woman, L.A. Heinen Grocery Store, interior of home with unidentified women, unidentified man and woman drinking Coca-Cola, unidentified young woman in parlor; 5 items]
Tinkle, Lon--see 2.100
Tinsdale, D. R.--see 3.2
183Tobin, John W., Mayor, San Antonio [1923-1927; 2 items; NN]
184Todd, Geo. B., Dr., U.S.N. [Surgeon, U.S. Monitor Montana]
185Tombstone, Ariz. [Bird Cage Theatre, Boothill Graveyard, Can Can Restaurant, Cochise County Courthouse, Modoc Stage, O. K. Corral, Sheep Head (Mountain); 23 items; NN]
186Tomerlin, W. J. (Real County pioneer), Leakey, Tex.
Extent [2 items]
186Towler, George F., Saratoga, Tex.--see 3.234
187*Trail drivers, Old time [5 items; NN; *oversize removed to 7.6; see also Oversize #36, #37]
187Travis, Mrs. Julian Wilson--see 7.5
188Travis, William B. [Col.; 8 items; some DC]
189Traylor, C. T. - Home?
190Troutman, Joanna (Maker of Lone Star flag) [postcard]
191Truman, Harry, Pres. [Alpine, Tex. (1948), Birthplace (Lamar, Mo.); 3 items]
191Tsai Ting Kai--see 2.136
192Tubbs, Poker Alice [Gambler, poker dealer; 4 items; NN]
Tucker, G. R.--see 3.2
Tucker, George--see 4.166, 4.169
Tucker, S. S.--see 3.2
193Tuckertown, Tex. - Oil wells [Navarro County]
194Tucson, Ariz. [San Xavier Hotel, San Xavier Mission; 3 items]
Turner, Dule (2nd husband of Anne E. Turner)--see 7.5
Turner, Mrs. (Anne E.) (Honoree of party)--see 7.5
Turner, P. R., Capt.--see 2.89
195Twain, Mark - Home [Carson City, Nev.; 1926]
196Twohig Mansion
Extent [2 items]
197Group on rocks, Ft. Davis, 1908 [Inscription: "On the rocks of Li[mpia?] Canyon"]
198Man with camera on rocks (Dept. of Public Safety)
*Oversize prints [*oversize removed to 7.7] U.S.
199*Officers - Presidio of San Francisco, 1914 [2 items; *oversize removed to 7.8]
200Second Engineers, Second Division [empty folder; see also Oversize #42]
201Officers of the 1st., stationed at Ft. Keogh, Mont., 1890-1891 [during winter occupation]
202Officers [of the] 6th [who fought in Sioux Indian War; 4 items]
2037th, in Battle of Wounded Knee, S.D., 1891 [2 items; NN]
204Customs Force, Eagle Pass, Tex., 1892 [NN only]
205Mail Rte. - Canyon, Tex. to Plainview, 1903
206Navy - Officers and personnel; U.S. Army - Officers and personnel and other notables from W. W. II period [empty folder; items not in collection]
207Troops, Dec., 1900 - March up Cheyenne River
University of Texas--see 1.258, 4.149, 4.208
208University of Texas [Old Main Building (postcard); Undergraduate Library (SN only); 2 items]
209Urschel, Chas.(?)
209Utah--see 3.118, 3.182, 3.208, 4.153, 4.210
210Utah - Various monuments commemorating early cattle trails, Indian battles, pioneers and places
Extent [4 items]
211Val Verde County Peace Officers, 1909
212Van Dorn, Earl [Col. and later Maj. Gen. of the Confederacy; 4 items]
213Van Ness Driver (Six mule jerk line?)
213Vance, Ed--see 4.169
214Vanmeter, Mr. [Rhome, Tex.; 2 items]
215Vansquez, Tiburcio [Early Calif. bandit and robber]
215Varnum. C. A., Lt.--see 1.257
216Velasco Treaty
Extent [7 items]
217Vertasell, Wyo. - Chuckwagon [1909]
218Villa, Pancho
Extent [12 items]
219Vineyard Haven, Mass. - Grace Episcopal Church with fiftieth wedding anniversary announcement of Mira Fisher White and William Washington Neifert [SN & NN only]
219Vivian, C. B.--see 3.279
220Vogel, A. G., Leakey, Tex. [Merchant]
220Vought, T. L., Col.--see 4.291
221Waco - [Deed of first lot sold, March 16, 1894; 4 items]
Wade, W. S., Sgt.--see 2.167
Waehlerh[?], Kathleen--see 2.221
222Wagner, Joseph George [SN only]
223Waitman, George, alias Red Buck (Member of Doolin Gang)
224Wakefield, Lyman, [Sheriff, Cochise County, Ariz., early days; 2 items]
224Walcott, Frank--see 3.2
225Walker, A. G. [SN only]
226Walker, A. T. - Ranch, near Reedsport, Or. [NN only]
227Walker, Henry "Silent Hank"
228Walker, Jim (Honorary member Bandera County Old Settlers Assoc[iation]) [see also 1.44]
Wallace, Geo. D., Lt.--see 1.257
Wallace, W. B.--see 3.2
229Wallace, [William Alexander Anderson] "Big Foot" [13 items; NN]
Wallace, Wm. H., Capt.--see 4.202
Wallace, Yolande--see 1.5
Wallis, Gladys--see 1.4
230Walters, Lorenzo D. [Son of James Edwin Walters; 4 items]
231Walters, Rhoda Ann Hicks (Wife of Dr. John William Walters) [1829-1873]
232Wanted Photos (Modern-day outlaws)
Extent [22 items]
232Ward, F. K.--see 4.201
233Warnke, Mary
234Warren, George (Ariz. copper miner)
235Washington and the Ark of the Convenant
236Washington, George - Facsimile of newspaper account of burial dated Jan. 4(?), 1800 [2 items; NN of sword]
237Washington, L. A., Dr. and Mrs. (Martha D.) - Gravestones
Extent [4 items]
238Washington Monument, Washington, D.C. [NN only]
239First Capitol of Texas
Extent [6 items]
240Independence Hall [and various views, monuments, buildings; 38 items]
Extent [3 items]
242Water hauler [Jose Admendadis, of Tilden, McMullen County]
242Watson, Harold, Col.--see 3.331
243Weathersbee, W. E. [Del Rio, Tex.]
244Weaver, Mr. (?)
244Webb, Alexander S., Brig. Gen.--see 3.70
245Webb, Geo. W., and Mrs. (Lorena Jane), [Editor and Associate Editor "Winners of the West," St. Joseph, Mo.; 2 items]
Webb, Grover--see 3.94
Webber, Joe--see 1.3
246Weiner, Mrs. John E.
Welch, Ed--see 2.79
Welch, Frank--see 2.79
Well, L. B.--see 4.164
247Wells Fargo - Office
248Wells, Mrs. L. C. (Postmistress, Bullhead [now Vance], Edwards County) [1885]
Werner, Jim (Teamster)--see 4.164
Wernette, John--see 4.211
249West, DuVal [Federal Judge; 8 items; see also 4.295]
249West, Frank, Capt.--see 4.202
250West Texas Ranch Headquarters
251West, Tom and Chambers, Ed - Monument to early cowboys
Extent [2 items]
251Weston, Park--see 4.169
252Wharton, John A., [Maj. Gen., 1829-1865] - Grave [see also 4.170]
253Wheat, Ira and Mrs. [Rocksprings, Tex.; 2 items]
254Wheaton, Lloyd, Maj. Gen.
Wheeler, Carlie--see 1.44
Wheeler, Daisy--see 3.123
255Wheeler, Grant (Train robber, [Ariz., Calif.])
256Wheeler, Harry, Sheriff, Cochise County, Ariz.
Extent [2 items]
257Wheeler, Henry M., Dr. (Killed Clel Miller in James-Younger Robbery at Northfield Bank)
Extent [2 items]
257Whitcomb, E. W.--see 3.2
258White, Crawford, Guadalajara, Mexico
White, Groff--see 4.169
White, J. C.--see 3.24
259White, Mrs. (Mary [Kiziah Faris])
260White Plains, Tex., Burning of Negro near [2 items; see also 2.142]
260White, Tom--see 4.169
261Wichita Falls, Tex.- [Wagon loads of wheat; 3 items; NN]
262Wickmiller, C. P. (Early day druggist and photographer, [Okla.])
Extent [2 items]
263Wilbarger, Josiah - Tombstone [near Austin where scalped and killed by Indians; 2 items]
264Wilcox, Frank [Assistant Bookkeeper at bank held up by James-Younger Gang in Northfield, Minn.; 3 items]
Wilder, W. L., Lt.--see 3.159
Wiley, B.--see 3.2
Williams Family [photograph, taken ca. 1900, at 208 Calhoun St, Houston]--see 2.198
Williams, Franklin Weston--see 2.198
Williams, J. H.--see 4.164
Williams, James Royston--see 2.198
Williams, Margaret Lea Houston (Maggie)--see 2.198
Williams, Marian Lea--see 2.198
Williams, Sam Houston--see 2.198
265Williams, Wat [Wild horse rider]
266Williamson County Courthouse
Extent [2 items]
266Williamson, Geo. McK., Lt.--see 4.202
267Williamson, Robert McAlpin "Three-legged Willie"
Extent [2 items]
268Wilson, Mark - Monument [NN only]
269Wilson, R. D. [U.S. Cavalryman, 1870-75]
269Wilson, W. A.--see 3.2
270Winans, Maj. Gen.
271Winedale Inn
Extent [13 items]
272Winn, Grandma (?)
273Winn, Mrs. Jim (Pearl Alexander), Leakey, Edwards County, 1889
274Winn, R. A., Mrs. and grandson [NN only]
275Winn, Rufe
275Wisconsin--see 2.56, 2.221, Oversize #28; see also photographer 2.260, 2.304
276Wite, Lyman [Grave and temple ruins, Burnet, Tex.]
277Withers, J. R. and Mrs. [Early settlers of La Salle County]
277Wood, Leonard, Dr.--see 3.159
278Woodruff, D. B. (Newspaperman [and Justice of the Peace], Sonora, Tex., [1890s])
278Woods, Dr. [and] Mrs.--see 7.5
279Woodward, J. O., Judge
280Woody, Sam [and Mrs.] - Home in Wise Co[unty]
Extent [3 items]
280Word, Cal--see 4.102
281Worley, Mr. (?) [NN only]
282Worth, Gen. (Man for whom city of Ft. Worth was named; [Mexican War veteran])
Extent [2 items]
283Wounded Knee, Battle of
Extent [6 items]
Wright, Commissioner--see 4.183
Wright, [M.] H.--see 4.169
Wright, Milam--see 4.211
Wyatt, Walter--see 4.102
284Wyatt, Zip [alias Yeager, Dick]
285Wyndham, P. (?), Col., U.S. Army
Wyoming--see 1.164, 2.63, 2.77, 2.221, 2.334, 3.2, 3.47, 3.239, 4.217,
Yarborough, Ralph W.--see 1.270
Yates, G. W., Capt.--see 1.257
Yates, Mrs.--see 1.257
Yeager, Dick--see 4.284
286Yelvington, Ramsey
287Young, Brigham [Home, Nauvoo, Ill., Portrait; 2 items]
288Young, Cole (Arizona outlaw)
Extent [2 items]
289Young, J. C. [San Antonio, Tex.; NN]
290Younger, Bob, James and Cole [18 items; NN]
291Younger Brothers, Captors of [2 items; NN]
292Younger, H. W., Col. and Mrs. [Parents of Younger Brothers; NN; see also 4.290]
292Younger, Henrietta--see 4.290
293Yselta Mission, El Paso, Tex.
Extent [4 items]
294Yuma, Arizona [Old Territorial Prison, Penitentiary Library; NN only]
295Zapata, Emiliano, Gen. and West, DuVal [NN only]
296Zholgoz, Mr. [Murderer of Pres. Wm. McKinley; 2 items]
296Zuber, W. P.--see 4.52

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