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Tennessee Williams:

An Inventory of His Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Descriptive Summary

Creator Williams, Tennessee, 1911-1983
Title Tennessee Williams Collection
Dates: 1880-1993 (bulk 1930s-1970s)
Abstract These materials document the family, life, and work of the American playwright, born Thomas Lanier Williams. The collection contains numerous manuscript drafts, including those for his best known plays The Glass Menagerie (1944) and A Streetcar Named Desire (1947). Also included are large amounts of newspaper clippings, correspondence, and photographs.
Extent 76 boxes, 4 galley folders, 2 oversize boxes, 3 card files (31.5 linear feet)
Languages English, Finnish, and Czech.
Repository Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Tennessee Williams (born Thomas Lanier Williams, III, on March 26, 1911, in Columbus, Mississippi) established himself as one of America's greatest dramatists during the 1940s and 1950s. He first gained commercial and critical success with the 1945 Broadway production of The Glass Menagerie, and, in 1947, achieved even greater success with his Pulitzer Prize winning play A Streetcar Named Desire.

Williams spent his early life in Mississippi and Tennessee living with his mother, sister, and maternal grandparents. His father, usually away on business as a traveling salesman, moved the family to St. Louis, Missouri, in 1918 after taking a management position with a shoe company. Williams spent the next twenty years developing his writing skills while living at home and at various times attending three different universities.

After graduating from the University of Iowa in 1938, Williams began writing under the name "Tennessee" and struggled to make a living. Moving from New Orleans to New York to California, and taking numerous trips to other locations, he began a pattern of restlessness that he maintained throughout his life. In 1939, Williams gained the services of a literary agent, Audrey Wood, who helped him focus his poetic skills and ability to write dialogue into full theatrical works.

Following his success with The Glass Menagerie and A Streetcar Named Desire, Williams continued turning out plays as well as developing film adaptations of his work. He was a prolific writer, constantly creating or revising scenes, and once stating,"No play of mine is ever finished, even after production." His acclaim continued through the 1950s and 1960s with works like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Summer and Smoke, and Night of the Iguana, but he also wrote a number of poorly received plays, and many people were shocked by his themes of sex, violence, and mental illness. His struggles with alcoholism, prescription drug addiction, and depression affected the quality of his later work.

By the 1970s, Williams was an icon of the American Theatre. His earlier plays were well established as theatrical classics and many enjoyed great success in revival. Although his later work was often maligned, he continued to turn out plays until his death on February 25, 1983 in New York City.

Scope and Contents

Typescript, composite and holograph manuscripts, correspondence, bibliographies, clippings, scrapbooks, academic papers, business records, galley proofs, photographs, and artworks document Tennessee Williams' life, work, family, and friends from 1880 to 1993. The Collection is organized into four series: I. Works, 1925-1982, n.d. (53 boxes, 2 oversize boxes, 2 galley folders), II. Correspondence, 1880-1980, n.d. (10 boxes), III. Williams Family, 1892-1969, n.d. (4 boxes, 2 galley folders, 8 scrapbooks), and IV. Works by Others, 1940-1993, n.d. (9 boxes, 3 card files).

The Works Series constitutes over two-thirds of the Williams Collection, followed by the Correspondence, Works by Others, and Family Series in order of volume. While the dates of the collection span from 1880 to 1993, the bulk range from the mid 1930s to the mid 1970s. The earliest item is a letter to Williams' grandmother, Rosina Otte Dakin, and virtually all material dated prior to 1930 relates to Williams' family. Materials dated after Williams' death in 1983 are largely biographical or concern productions of his works.

The vast majority of the collection is in English, with five Finnish translations of plays and one Czech translation. A small amount of Latin and Greek material is located in Williams' college papers, and individual Spanish, French, Italian and German language items are present in the Correspondence Series.

The accessions mentioned in the provenance note are incorporated into the four series of the Williams Collection with the following exceptions: clippings, theatrical programs, printed awards, certificates and two disbound scrapbooks are located in the Ransom Center Vertical Files; published volumes have been separated and are cataloged as part of the Ransom Center book collection; photographs, except for a small number attached to works or correspondence, are located in the Ransom Center Photography Department; and additional Williams materials are located in the Art Department and other manuscript collections at the Ransom Center.

Later acquisitions of letters, manuscripts, theatrical production materials, and works about Williams have been worked into the existing organization. All materials maintain their original arrangement, if any existed, within their placement in each Series. All notes, indexing, and previous cataloging information have been retained with each item, as has information indicating the purchase or gift registration numbers of any material other than the four initial acquisitions.

The papers are generally in good condition, although some brittle or torn leaves have been placed in clear protective sleeves.



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Index Terms

Atkinson, Brooks, 1894- .
Barnes, Margaret Fawcett, 1896-1980.
Bentley, Eric, 1916- .
Bigelow, Paul.
Bowles, Paul.
Brown, Andreas.
Brownlow, Isabel Williams.
Campbell, Sandy.
Conkle, E.P. (Ellsworth Prouty).
Conroy, Jack, 1899- .
Crawford, Cheryl, 1902-1986.
Cronyn, Hume.
Dakin, Rosina Otte.
Dakin, Walter Edwin.
De Rochemont, Louis, 1899-1978.
Dowling, Eddie.
Evans, Oliver Wendell, 1915- .
Freeman, Lucy.
Glavin, William M.
Hazan, Joseph.
Holland, Willard.
Isherwood, Christopher, 1904- .
Jones, Margo.
Kazan, Elia.
Kazan, Molly Thatcher.
Langner, Lawrence, 1890- .
Laughlin, James.
Liebling, William.
MacGregor, Robert.
Magnani, Anna.
Maxwell, Gilbert.
Mayorga, Margaret (Margaret Gardner).
McClintic, Guthrie, 1893-1961.
McCullers, Carson, 1917-1967.
Merlo, Frank.
Olivier, Laurence, 1907- .
Porter, Katherine Anne, 1890-1980.
Rodriguez Y Gonzalez, Pancho.
Saher, Lilla van.
Selznick, Irene Mayer, 1907- .
Sykes, Buffie Johnson.
Vaccaro, Marion Black.
Wallach, Eli, 1915- .
Williams, Cornelius Coffin.
Williams, Dakin.
Williams, Edwina Dakin.
Williams, Rose Isabel.
Willits, Malcolm.
Windham, Don.
Wood, Audrey, 1905- .
York, Michael, 1939- .
Warner Bros. Pictures.
American drama--20th century.
Dramatists, American--20th century.
Williams family.
Document Types
Christmas cards.
First drafts.
Galley proofs.
Legal instruments.
Video recordings.

Administrative Information


Purchases and gifts, 1963-1995


The Tennessee Williams collection was built from four major acquisitions in the 1960s with smaller amounts of material added over the years. The nucleus of the collection began with Williams' own papers, acquired by the Ransom Center from 1962 to 1969. These materials included over 1,000 separately titled works, numerous clippings, and several boxes of correspondence. In 1964, the Center expanded the collection with the purchase of the correspondence between Williams and his agent, Audrey Wood. In 1965, the Center acquired a large number of manuscripts, including William's first full-length play, Candles to the Sun, from Williams' official bibliographer, Andreas Brown. Brown's materials also included a complete run of Williams' publications, and Brown's own correspondence, notes and drafts from his work on Williams' bibliography.

The Williams family papers were also acquired in 1965 from Williams' mother, Edwina Dakin Williams. These materials included original manuscripts and works of art by Williams, over 700 letters, scrapbooks, personal memorabilia, and 650 photographs.

Processed by

Stephen Mielke, 1999

Series Descriptions

Series I. Works, 1925-1982, n.d. (53 boxes, 2 oversize boxes, 2 galley folders)

Series I. contains numerous drafts and copies of Williams' literary works including theatrical and radio plays, television and motion picture scripts, short stories, poetry, anthologies, reviews, journalistic essays, personal journals, notes, and academic assignments. The majority of the works are in the form of typed manuscripts, most being composite versions with numerous revisions. Many include autograph emendations by Williams and others, such as his agent, Audrey Wood, director Elia Kazan, or actors who used the scripts. Also present are loose pages of unidentified dialogue, galley proofs for nine works, and a limited amount of newspaper clippings, photographs, and correspondence. The bulk of the works date from the late 1930s to the mid 1970s.
Works are arranged alphabetically by title, or by first line for untitled poems, regardless of genre. The title "Eulogy for Laurette Taylor" was assigned by a previous cataloger and is retained. Under each title, materials maintain their original arrangement, be it chronological, reverse chronological, or alphabetical, depending on their source. Select materials are grouped together under the subject headings "College papers,""Journals,""Notebooks,""Reviews,""Title pages," and "Unidentified works." These headings are located alphabetically among the titles, except for "Unidentified works," which is located at the end of the series. When known, titles for works contained within the subject headings are supplied.
Many works have multiple titles or developed from earlier works with different titles. When known, these works are supplied in the folder list with "or" notations and a listing of the related titles. In most instances, early versions and/or variant titles of a single work are filed together under the best known title, i.e., materials for The Gentleman Caller and Portrait of a Girl in Glass are located with materials for The Glass Menagerie.
To complicate matters, Williams would sometimes use the same title for unrelated works. For example, The Fugitive Kind, one of Williams' early plays, is also used as the name for the movie based on his play Battle of Angels ( Battle of Angels was also the basis for the later play Orpheus Descending). In this particular case, material related to the movie The Fugitive Kind is listed separately after material for the play The Fugitive Kind , and a notation is made about the movie's origin. In another example, "These Scattered Idioms " listed as a part of the compilation Where I Live is not the same work as These Scattered Idioms listed under its own title.
In many instances one title in the folder list represents different genres of the same work, e.g., "Interval" is both a short story and a play. Due to this and other difficulties in using conventional rules for indicating titles with italics or quotation marks, quotation marks are used for all titles in the container list and the index of works, regardless of the genre, completeness, or publication status. The conventional rules are followed in the remaining portions of the finding aid.
When a title represents a collections of poems or short stories, the title of each work in the collection is also listed. Drafts of the works can be located under their individual titles, the collection title, or both, depending on their original arrangement. Similarly, several theatrical plays are located under joint titles if the bulk of the manuscripts present are from the joint versions. Specifically, Something Unspoken and Suddenly Last Summer are located together under the title Garden District. Also, The Mutilated and The Latter Days of the Celebrated Soubrette (also titled The Gnädiges Fräulein) are located under Slapstick Tragedy . An unrelated poem titled "The Mutilated" is filed under its own title.
The volume of material under each title varies greatly. Some works contain multiple copies and versions of manuscripts, others have little more than a title page. Many of the poems are single drafts on single sheets. The works that are most represented, with several boxes of material each, include Camino Real, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Glass Menagerie, The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore, and Summer and Smoke.
All works by Williams present in the collection are indexed at the end of the finding aid.

Series II. Correspondence, 1880-1980, n.d. (10 boxes)

The Correspondence Series contains letters, telegrams, postcards, and Christmas cards organized into three subseries: A. Outgoing, B. Incoming, and C. Third-party. Outgoing correspondence is in alphabetical order by recipient. Incoming and Third-party is alphabetical by author. All correspondence, including that found in other parts of the collection, is indexed by author, except for outgoing mail from Tennessee Williams, which is indexed by recipient.
Most of the correspondence is typed. Photo and carbon copies are found in large numbers, with carbons comprising all of the incoming correspondence from William's agents, Liebling-Wood. Liebling-Wood correspondence is present in greater amounts than any other in the series and is found in each of the subseries. Related correspondence is also filed separately under Audrey Wood and Bill Liebling. Topics include the development and production of his works and personal messages to friends and family. Many letters include both personal and professional information.
Some correspondence includes works by Williams--mostly short poems or materials related to theatrical productions. These are indicated in the Correspondence Series folder list, and include references to and from related materials in the Works Series.

Series III. Williams Family, 1892-1969, n.d. (4 boxes, 2 galley folders, 8 scrapbooks)

The majority of the materials in the Family Series were created or collected by Williams' mother, Edwina. The series is organized into three subseries: A. Works, B. Correspondence and C. Scrapbooks, with Works comprising the largest volume of materials.
The bulk of the Works Subseries consists of drafts and proofs of Edwina Williams' book Remember Me to Tom, written with Lucy Freeman. Other works include two short essays by Edwina Williams, typing exercises by Williams' sister, Rose, and an undated map drawn by his brother, Dakin. Several notebooks contain entries by Rose Williams and other family members regarding travel and expenses, and one folder contains genealogical information on the Dakin family.
Post cards, typed letters, and handwritten letters of Williams' father, Cornelius, mother, sister, brother, and aunt Ella Williams, are found in Subseries B, with the majority belonging to Edwina Williams. The correspondence is arranged under each name as incoming by author or outgoing by recipient, then by date. Authors are listed in the Index of Correspondents.
The letters are largely between the family members listed above. Communications between these family members and Tennessee Williams are located in Series II. Correspondence.
Subseries C. contains eight scrapbooks created by Edwina Williams. Books one through five contain clippings and correspondence, dating from the mid 1930s to the late 1950s, documenting Tennessee Williams' theatrical and literary activities. Scrapbooks six through eight date from 1900 to 1907, and contain letters, mementos and writings relating to Edwina Williams' social activities. These scrapbooks were acquired with the Williams Family materials in 1965. Two other scrapbooks were received with the original 1962 acquisition of Williams' materials and are located with the Williams Vertical Files materials. They contain clippings about Tennessee Williams, his works, and his family from the mid 1930s to the mid 1950s.

Series IV. Works by Others, 1940-1993, n.d. (9 boxes, 3 card files)

Series IV consists largely of biographical and scholarly monographs and short drafts about Tennessee Williams, along with a smaller number of poems and works of fiction. The works are in alphabetical order by author, with unidentified materials filed at the end.
The bulk of the series consists of materials created or collected by Andreas Brown during the 1960s while working on a comprehensive bibliography of Williams' works. Brown maintained extensive correspondence files with literary dealers, fellow Williams researchers, friends, family, and colleagues of Williams, as well as Williams himself. The correspondence is indexed by author and is included in the Index of Correspondents. In addition to the correspondence are Brown's notes for and drafts of the bibliography, and two short articles he wrote about Williams.
Richard F. Leavitt's book The World of Tennessee Williams is represented by several galley proofs, black and white photographs, and correspondence with Williams and others. Included with the correspondence are several pages of handwritten and typed answers Williams wrote in response to questions Leavitt asked about his life, work, and friends. Other materials included in the series are a composite draft of Gilbert Maxwell's book Tennessee Williams and Friends, and the transcript for a 1993 Williams documentary (film and video tape from the documentary is located in the Ransom Center Film Department). Of special note is Max Marlin's musical score for the 1947 production of A Streetcar Named Desire, and a mimeo copy of Carson McCullers' The Dual Angel signed "from Carson and Reeves".

Folder List

Series I. Works, 1925-1982, n.d.

box folder
1 1 A-Ac, n.d.
2 "The Accent of a Coming Foot,"n.d.
3 "Act of Love,"n.d.
4 "Adam and Eve on a Ferry,"n.d.
5 Ae-Am, 1936, n.d.
6 "Alice at the Country Club,"n.d.
7 "An Allergy to Pink,"n.d.
8 "American Blues,"n.d.
9 "American Gothic,"1936, n.d.
10 An-Ar, 1941-1958, n.d.
11 "Androgyne, Mon Amour," 1975?
12 "The Angel in the Alcove," 1943, n.d. (basis for "Vieux Carré") (contains early draft of "A Streetcar Named Desire" on verso)
13 "The Angels of Fructification," 1942, n.d.
14 "Apt. F, 3rd Flo. So.," n.d.
15 As-Az, 1935-1948, n.d.
16 "Ate Toadstools but Didn't Quite Die," n.d.
17 "Auto-Da-Fe," n.d.
18 "Autumn Sunlight," ca. 1935
19 Ba, 1942
"Baby Doll" (or "Hide and Seek,""The Long Stay Cut Short,""Tiger by the Tail,""The Unsatisfactory Supper,""Whipmaster")
box folder
2 1-2 Draft fragments, n.d.
3-4 Full script, n.d.
5 "Hide and Seek" scripts, n.d.
6 "Hide and Seek" / "Whipmaster" scripts, ca. 1954
7 "The Long Stay Cut Short" fragments, n.d.
8 Revisions, n.d.
9 "Tiger by the Tail" script, n.d.
"The Battle of Angels" (or "The Broken Tower,""The Fugitive Kind" [Screenplay], "Orpheus Descending,""The Snakeskin Jacket,""Te Moraturi Salutamus")
box folder
3 1-2 Draft fragments, n.d. (see also oversize box 1)
3 Full script, 1939
4 Full script, 1941
5 New outline, n.d.
6 "Te Moraturi Salutamus,"n.d.
7 Be, 1941, n.d.
8 "The Beaded Bag," n.d. (or "A Story of Hope and Despair")
9 "The Beanstalk Country,"n.d.
10 "Beauty Is the Word,"1930, 1962
11 "The Beetle of the Sun," 1942, n.d. (or "Chaplinesque,""The Funniest Pair of Lovers,""The Ghost of a Man and a Cat,""He Will Go Back to the Sun")
box folder
4 1 "Beginning and End of a Story,"n.d.
2 Bi-Bl, ca. 1926-1941, n.d.
3 "The Big Game,"n.d.
4 "The Big Time Operators,"n.d.
5 "Blood of the Wolf,"1941, n.d.
6 "Blue Mountain Blues," 1942, n.d. (or "Blue Mountain Ballads")
7 "The Blue Ornament,"n.d.
8 "Blue Roses," 1935 (or "The Fur-lined Coat,""Story of an Angel")
9 Bo-By, 1938, n.d.
10 "The Bottle of Brass," ca. 1935, n.d. (or "Escape")
11 Ca, 1917-1942, n.d.
12 "Cairo, Shanghai, Bombay!,"n.d.
"Camino Real" (or "An American Mortgage,""A Match,""The Rich and Eventful Death of Oliver Winemiller,""Sixteen Blocks on the Camino Real,""Ten Blocks on the Camino Real,""Three Brass Balls and a Gypsy,""Three Yellow Balls and a Gypsy,""The Time,""A Work for the Plastic Theatre")
box folder
5 1-3 Composite scripts, 1952, n.d.
4-6 Draft fragments, n.d.
box folder
6 1-2 Draft fragments, n.d.
3-7 Draft scripts, 1952, n.d.
8-9 Early drafts, n.d.
box folder
7 1 Early draft fragments, n.d.
2 Notes and dialogue, 1953, n.d.
3 Revisions, n.d.
4-5 Television scripts, 1963, n.d.
6 Tentative budget, 1951
"Ten Blocks on the Camino Real"
box folder
7 7 Early draft with notes, 1949
8 Forward, 1946
9-10 Typescript drafts, 1950-1951, n.d.
"Candles to the Sun" (or "The Lamp")
box folder
8 1-2 Draft fragments, ca. 1936, n.d.
3 Draft script, ca. 1936
"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" (or "A Place of Stone,""The Stone Palace,""The Richest Earth This Side of the River Nile")
Act I
box folder
8 4-5 Draft fragments, n.d.
6 Revisions, n.d.
Act II
box folder
8 7 Draft fragments, n.d.
8 Revisions
box folder
8 9 Draft fragments, n.d.
box folder
9 1 Draft fragments, n.d.
2 Revisions, n.d.
3-5 Acting scripts, ca. 1955, n.d.
6-7 Composite drafts, n.d.
8 Draft fragments, n.d.
9 Production schedule, 1955
10 Finnish script, n.d.
11 Notes and dialogue, n.d.
box folder
10 1 Revisions, n.d.
2 "The Cataract,"1942, n.d.
3 Ce-Cl, 1941, n.d.
4 "The Chart,"1945, n.d.
5 "The Chronicle of a Demise,"n.d.
6 "The Cinder Hill,"1941-1945, n.d.
"Clothes for a Summer Hotel"
box folder
10 7 Mimeo first draft, 1979
8 Mimeo second draft, 1979
9 Mimeo revisions, 1979
10 Co-Cu, 1945-1954, n.d.
11 "Cold Stream,"n.d.
12 College papers, 1930-1938, n.d. (see also oversize box 1)
box folder
11 1-2 College papers, 1930-1938, n.d.
3 "The Coming of Something to the Widow Holly," n.d. (or "The Men from the Polar Star")
4 "Confessional,"n.d.
5 "Corduroy Pants," n.d. (or "A Pack of Cigarettes")
6 "Cortege,"1943, n.d.
7 "Counsel,"1949, n.d.
8 "Crazy Night,"n.d.
9 "Curtains for the Gentleman,"1936, n.d.
10 Da-De, 1925-1942, n.d.
11 "Dago Hill,"n.d.
12 "Daisy Lanier...,"n.d.
13 "The Dangerous Painters,"1942-1943, n.d.
14 "Dark Arm, Hanging Over the Edge of Infinity,"1941-1942, n.d.
15 "The Dark Room,"1938, n.d.
16 "Daughter of Revolution," 1943, n.d. (or "A Daughter of the American Revolution")
17 "Death Is High,"1950, n.d.
box folder
12 1 "Death of a God,"n.d.
2 "Definitions and Verbs," n.d. (or "Definition of Verbs,""Interior,""The Pink Bedroom,""Verbs")
3 "Desire and the Black Masseur,"1942-1946, n.d.
4 Di-Dz, 1935-1942, n.d.
5 "Dinwiddie's Inconvenience,"1942
6 "Dolores Sleeps Under the Roses,"n.d.
7 "Dos Ranchos," 1940 (or "New Mexican Mural,""La Puella Perdida,""A Chant for My Former Companions")
8 "Dragon Country,"1942
9 Ea-Ez, 1937-1946, n.d.
10 "Escape," n.d. (or "Quicksilver,""The Lake,""Summer at the Lake")
11 Eulogy of Laurette Taylor, n.d.
12 "Every Twenty Minutes: A Satire," n.d.
13 "Everyman," n.d. (or "The Legend")
14 "The Eye That Saw Death,"n.d.
15 "The Eyes," 1949 (or "The Eyes Are the Last to Go Out")
16 Fa-Fe, 1936-1937, n.d. (see also oversize box 2)
17 "Facts about Me,"ca. 1947-1953
18 "Faint as a Leaf Shadow,"1949, n.d.
box folder
13 1 "The Fat Man's Wife,"n.d.
2 "Fate and the Fishpools,"n.d.
3 Fi-Fl, 1935, 1937-1948, n.d.
4 "The Field of Blue Children,"n.d.
5 "Floor Show Every Saturday Night," 1945 (or "Dancing Every Saturday Night,""A Hot Time in the Old Town")
6 "Flowers,"n.d.
7 Fo-Fr, 1936-1948, n.d.
8 "For My Grandmother Rosina Maria Francesca von Albertzart-Otte Dakin (or Rose),"n.d.
9 "Four Leaf Clover,"1941
10 "Frosted Glass Coffin,"n.d.
"The Fugitive Kind" (or "Cathedral Bells,""City of Dreadful Nights,""Clash by Night,""Herman Never Loses")
box folder
13 11-14 Draft scripts, ca. 1937
box folder
14 1 Draft scripts, ca. 1937
2 Typescripts, 1938
"The Fugitive Kind" [Screenplay] (or "The Battle of Angels,""The Broken Tower,""Orpheus Descending")
box folder
14 3 Composite draft, n.d.
4 Cutting continuity, 1960
5 Dialogue transcript, 1960
6 G, 1939-1945, n.d.
"Garden District" (or "Something Unspoken" (or "A Few in the Town"), "Suddenly Last Summer" (or "Cabeza de Lobo,""Composition in the 12-Tone Scale,""Tell Sad Stories of the Deaths of Queens..."))
box folder
14 7 Incomplete typescript, n.d.
8 "Something Unspoken," 1945, 1951, n.d. (see also galley files)
"Suddenly Last Summer"
box folder
14 9 Draft fragments, n.d.
box folder
15 1 Early drafts, n.d.
2 Incomplete draft, n.d.
3 Finnish script, n.d.
4 Motion picture script, n.d.
5 "The Garden of Emiel Kroger,"1951, n.d.
6 "Gift of an Apple,"n.d.
7 "Girl from Joe's,"n.d.
"The Glass Menagerie" (or "Carolers, Our Candle!,""The Front Porch Girl,""The Gentleman Caller,""If You Breathe, It Breaks!,""Portrait of a Girl in Glass,""The Pretty Trap,""The Spring Offensive,""Third Floor South")
box folder
15 8 Complete typescript, n.d.
9 Composite typescript, 1948
10 Finnish typescript, n.d.
11 Motion picture typescript fragments, 1947-1949, n.d.
box folder
16 1 Motion picture script, n.d.
2 Notes and dialogue, 1949-1950, n.d.
3 Summary typescript, n.d.
4 Television script, 1963
5-6 Typescript fragments, 1943, n.d.
7 "Carolers, Our Candle!,"1943
8 "The Front Porch Girl,"n.d.
"The Gentleman Caller"
box folder
16 9 General description, n.d.
10 Early drafts, n.d.
box folder
17 1-3 Draft fragments, n.d.
4 Motion picture treatment, 1943, n.d.
5 Notes and dialogue, n.d.
6 "If You Breath, It Breaks!,"n.d.
7 "Portrait of a Girl in Glass,"1941-1943, n.d.
8 "The Pretty Trap,"n.d.
9 "The Spring Offensive,"n.d.
10 "Third Floor South,"n.d.
11 "Goat Song," n.d. (contains elements of "Baby Doll" and "Battle of Angels")
12 "God in the Free Ward,"1934, n.d.
13 "Gods Passed this Way,"1949, n.d.
14 "Gold Tooth Blues,"n.d.
15 "The Goths,"1949, n.d.
box folder
18 1 "Grenada to West Plains,"n.d.
2 "A Guest at the Gables,"1937, n.d.
3 "Gunner Jack,"n.d.
4 Ha-He, 1938-1941, n.d.
5 "Hard Candy," 1949-1953, n.d. (contains "Three Players of a Summer Game,""Two on a Party,""The Resemblance Between a Violin Case and a Coffin,""Hard Candy,""Rubio Y Morena,""The Mattress by the Tomato Patch,""The Coming of Something to the Widow Holly,""The Vine,""The Mysteries of the Joy Rio")
6 "The Harp of Wales,"1945, n.d.
7 "Heavenly," n.d. (or "The Out of Town Date")
8 "Heavenly Grass," n.d. (or "The Miracles at Granny's,""The Song of the Turned-Out People")
9 "Hello from Bertha,"n.d.
10 "Hello Moon,"n.d.
11 "Her Head on the Pillow,"n.d.
12 Hi-Hy, 1932-1955, n.d.
13 "His Father's House,"n.d.
14 "His Mark on You,"1939, n.d.
15 "The Holy Family,"n.d.
16 "Home Remedy,"1954
"A House Not Meant to Stand," (or "The Dancie Monie,""Some Trouble at the Moose Lodge")
box folder
18 17-18 Typescript drafts, 1975?-1982, n.d.
box folder
19 1-7 Typescript drafts, 1975-1982, n.d.
box folder
20 1 "House of Vines,"n.d.
2 "How doth my love lie...,"n.d.
3-4 I, 1938-1942, n.d
"I Rise in Flames Cried the Phoenix"
box folder
20 5 Autograph and typescript drafts, 1955, n.d.
6 Play script, 1941
7 Proof sheet, n.d.
8 "I Want to Go Away,"n.d.
9 "I want to go down to the sea...,"n.d.
10 Ia-Im, 1937-1944, n.d.
11 "The Important Thing,"n.d.
12 In, 1938-1959, n.d.
13 "In Memory of an Aristocrat," n.d. (or "Disturbance at the Spring Display,""This was Irene")
14 "In Our Profession,"n.d.
15 "In Spain There Was Revolution,"ca. 1936
21 "In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel"
1 Composite drafts, 1969, n.d.
2 Typescript draft, 1968, n.d.
3 "In the Winter of Cities," n.d. (or "Poems, Early and Late")
4 "Inheritors,"1936
5 "The Interior of the Pocket,"1948-1949, n.d.
6 "Interval,"1938
7 "The Inventory,"n.d.
8 Io-Iz, 1936-1953, n.d.
9 "Ironweed,"n.d.
10 "Ishtar,"n.d.
11 "The Island Is Memorable to Us,"1950, n.d.
12 J, 1941-1942, n.d.
13 "The Jockeys at Hialeah,"1945, n.d.
14 "Joe Clay's Fiddle," 1937-1941, n.d. (or "The Fiddle")
15-16 Journals, 1940-1943
box folder
22 1 Journals, 1940-1943
2 "Jungle,"n.d.
3 "Katharsis,"n.d.
4 "The Kewpie Doll," n.d. (or "April Is the Cruelest Month")
5 "The Killer Chicken and the Closet Queen," n.d.
"Kingdom of Earth" (or "Myra, My Brother's Wife,""The Seven Descents of Myrtle,""Spiritchel Gates,""Woman")
6 Drafts and galleys, 1942, n.d. (see also galley files)
7 First draft, 1967
8 Playscript, 1975
9 "The Seven Descents of Myrtle,"n.d.
10 "The Knightly Quest,"n.d
11 "Knowledge,"1940
12 La, 1940, n.d.
13 "Lady Anemone," 1944, n.d. (or "Tall,""A Tall Man,""Tall Men,""Yes, Tall, Inseparably...")
box folder
23 1 "The Lady from the Village of Fallin,"n.d.
2 "The Lady of Larkspur Lotion,"n.d.
3 "The Lake Trip,"n.d.
4 "Lament for the Moths,"1942
5 "The Last of My Solid Gold Watches," 1943-1958 (see also galley files)
6 "The Last Verse,"n.d.
7 "Laughter,"n.d.
8 Le-Li, 1936-1940, n.d.
9 "Life Boat Drill,"n.d.
10 "Lily and La Vie!, " n.d. (or "The Chain Cigarette,""One of Piccasso's Blues")
11 "Little Eva's Dilemma," n.d. (contains "Der Trachedy uff Hamlut und Ahphelia")
12 "Little Horse,"n.d.
13 "A Liturgy of Roses,"1945, n.d.
14 Lo-Lz, 1937-ca. 1942, n.d.
15 "The Long Goodbye,"n.d.
16 "A Long Road with Pines,"n.d.
17 "Lord Byron's Love Letter," n.d. (or "...and Last Farewell")
18 "The Lost Girl,"n.d.
19 "Love Only,"n.d.
"A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur" (or "Combination Forgotten,""Companions,""Creve Coeur,""An Inspirational Message from a Parrot")
box folder
23 20 "Combination Forgotten,"n.d.
box folder
24 1 Mimeo and typescript, 1978
2 Mimeo script, 1979
3 Ma, n.d.
4 "The Magic Tower," n.d. (or "State of Enchantment")
5 "The Malediction," 1941, n.d. (or "Nitchevo")
6 "The Man in the Dining Car,"n.d.
7 "The Man Korngold,"1942
8 "The Mark of the Makhi,"n.d.
9 "Marriage Is a Private Affair,"1943
10 "The Marvelous Children,"n.d.
11 "The Mattress by the Tomato Patch,"1943, n.d.
12 Me-Mi, 1927, n.d.
"Me, Vashya!" (or "Death is the Drummer,""The Tears of Christ,""I, Vaslev")
box folder
24 13 "Death Is the Drummer,"n.d.
14 Draft fragments, n.d.
box folder
25 1 Photocopy manuscript, 1937
2 Velobound typescript, n.d.
3 "The Mercury," 1945 (or "The Photo-Finish of a Shooting Star,""A Travelogue of Stars that Fall")
4 "Middle West,"n.d.
5 "Military Honors," n.d. (or "A Military Funeral")
"The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore" (or "The Chanting of the Koran,""Goforth,""The Mother of the Wine")
box folder
25 6-8 American version, n.d.
box folder
26 1 American version, n.d.
2-3 British version, 1963
4 Draft fragments, n.d.
5-6 Early printed versions, 1962, n.d.
box folder
27 1 Early typescript drafts, n.d.
2 First rough draft, 1958-1959
3 "The Mother of Wine,"1963-1968
4-5 Printed script with inserts, n.d.
6-7 Revised American edition, 1963
box folder
28 1 Revised American edition, 1963
2 Revisions, n.d.
3-4 Spoleto Italy version, n.d.
5 "The Minstrel Jack,"1941
6 "Miss Jelkes Recital,"n.d.
7 Mo, 1941-1961, n.d. (see also oversize box 2)
box folder
29 1 "A Moment in a Room,"n.d.
2 "Moony's Kids Don't Cry," 1932-1935, n.d. (or "Hot Milk at Three in the Morning,""Ride a Cock Horse") (also in "Three Plays by Tennessee Williams")
3 Mr-My, 1936-1941, n.d.
4 "Las Muchachas," n.d. (or "The Lost Girl" and "Las Palomas")
5 "My Escape,"n.d.
6 "My Grandmother's favorite color...,"1953, n.d.
7 "My Little One Whose Tongue Is Dumb,"n.d.
8 N, 1937-1949, n.d.
9 "Night Before Sailing," n.d.(or "Ditches")
10 "A Night in Madrid," n.d.
"Night of the Iguana" (or "Southern Cross")
box folder
29 11 Composite drafts, n.d.
12 Draft fragments, 1948, n.d.
13-14 Printed playscripts, 1960-1962
box folder
30 1 Printed playscripts, 1960-1962
2 Re-writes, 1961
3 Typescript drafts, 1946-1960, n.d.
4 "Nirvana,"n.d.
"Not About Nightingales" (or "Hell,""The Rest is Silence")
box folder
30 5-7 Draft fragments, 1937, n.d.
8 "Hell,"n.d.
9 Notes, n.d.
10 Typescript draft, 1938
Notebooks, 1931-1946, n.d.
box folder
31 1 Unidentified poetry, play, and prose fragments
2 Early draft of dinner scene from "The Glass Menagerie,"letter to Jay Laughlin at New Directions: unidentified poem fragments
3 Unidentified fragments
4 "The Life of a Sitting Target: Chapter X,""Envoi,""Desertion,""The Harp of Wales,""Storm Clouds Over the Wheat,""The Island is Memorable to Us,""Compromise,""Short Stories for Volume,""The Accent of a Coming Foot,""The Interior of the Pocket," unidentified fragment
5 Drafts for the poems "No word we spoke...,""The Reredos at Saint Chapelle...,""White Sisters"
6 O-Om, 1937-1941, n.d.
7 "Oak Leaves,"n.d.
8 "Observe His Heart,"n.d.
9 "An Old Lady Falls with Two Books,"n.d.
10 "Old Men with Sticks,"1949, n.d. (or "The Ancients Are Walking,""Ancients Walking,""India Has No Jewel,""The Time of Ancients")
11 On-Oz, 1941-1943, n.d.
12 "On Summer Evenings,"n.d.
13 "One Arm,"1942-1945, n.d.
14 "One Arm and Other Stories,"1948 (see also galley files)
"Orpheus Descending" (or "The Battle of Angels,""Bone of a Bird,""The Dismembering Furies,""The Fugitive Kind,""The Gala Opening of the Confectionery,""The Memory of an Orchard,""Something Wild in the Country")
box folder
32 1-4 Draft typescripts, 1953-1954, n.d.
5 Forward, n.d.
6 Notes and dialogue, n.d. (see also oversize box 2)
7 Poetry, 1951, n.d.
8 Prologue, 1959
9 Typescrpt fragments, n.d.
box folder
33 1-3 Typescrpt fragments, n.d.
"Out-Cry" (or "The Two Character Play")
box folder
33 4 Bangkok version, 1971
5 Notes and typescript fragments, n.d.
6 Typescript draft, 1970 (see also oversize box 2)
box folder
34 1 Typescript draft, 1971 (see also oversize box 2)
2 "Two Character Play" notes to director, n.d.
3 Pa-Pe, 1937-1940, n.d.
4 "Las Palomas,"n.d.
5 "A Panic Renaissance in the Lobos Mountains,"n.d.
6 "The Paper Lantern,"1943, n.d. (or "The Spinning Song")
7 "Part of a Hero,"n.d.
8 "The Pearl of Greater Price,"n.d.
"A Perfect Analysis Given by a Parrot,"n.d. (or "Side Light on a Convention")
box folder
34 9 Typescript draft, n.d.
10 "Side Light on a Convention,"n.d.
"Period of Adjustment"
box folder
34 11 Draft fragments, n.d.
12 Galley proofs, n.d. (see also galley files)
13 Mimeo script, n.d.
14-15 Typescript drafts, 1958
box folder
35 1 Typescript drafts, 1958
2 Ph-Po, 1940-1955, n.d.
3 "Pieces of My Youth,"n.d.
4 "The Pink Bedroom,"ca. 1932-1935, n.d.
5 "Poem for K.,"1940, n.d.
6 "Poems,"1941-1943
7 "Portrait of a Madonna", n.d. (or "The Leafless Block")
box folder
35 8 Pr-Pu, 1943, n.d.
9 "Preface to Action,"n.d.
10 "A Preface to Browning's `My Last Duchess',"n.d.
11 "The Privet Hedge,"1940
12 "The Prodigal Race,"n.d.
13 "Quest,"n.d.
14 R, 1938-1948, n.d.
15 "The Radiant Guest,"n.d.
16 "A Recluse and His Guest,"n.d.
"The Red Devil Battery Sign"
Mimeo script
box folder
36 1 January 1974
2 February 1974
3 November 1974
4 March 1975
Summer 1975
box folder
36 5 Version 1
6 Version 2
box folder
37 1 September 1976
Photocopy script
box folder
37 2 First draft (revised), 1973
3 Revisions, September 1976
4 "The Red Part of the Flag,"n.d. (or "Establissements de Saint Louis,""Fountain,""Red Silk for the Street")
5 "Reflections in a Golden Eye,"n.d. (or "This Book")
Introduction and critique
box folder
37 6 "Remember Me as One of Your Lovers,"1938, n.d.
7 "The Resemblance between a Violin-Case and a Coffin,"1949, n.d.
8 Reviews, n.d.
9 "The Road,"1938, n.d.
10 "The Road: Sunrise,"n.d.
"The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone," (or "Moon of Pause")
box folder
37 11-12 Draft fragments, n.d.
box folder
38 1 Motion picture script, n.d.
2 Typescript draft, n.d.
"The Rose Tattoo" (or "The Ashes,""Flesh Farewell,""An Old Man on the Road,""The Rose,""The Rose Immaculate,""Stornello,""The Two,""The Widow of the Rose,""A Wild Thing in the House")
box folder
38 3 Notes and dialogue, 1949, n.d.
4 Stornello outline, 1949
First typescript draft, January, 1950
box folder
38 5 Composite
6 Fragments
7-8 Photocopy
Kitchen sink draft, January and March 1950, n.d.
box folder
38 9 Composite
10 Typescript
box folder
39 1 Revised
2 Re-writes
3 Second draft, April 1950
4 Fourth draft, October 1950
5 Composite drafts, n.d.
6-8 Draft fragments, n.d.
9 Finnish translation, n.d.
Motion picture script
box folder
40 1 First temporary yellow, n.d.
2 Objections, 1954
3 Revisions, 1954, n.d.
4 Typescript draft, n.d.
5 Radio script, n.d.
6 Television script, 1963
7 "Rubio y Morena,"1948, n.d.
8 Sa-Se, 1936, n.d
9 "Sacre de Printemps,"n.d.
10 "San Sebastion de Sodoma,"n.d.
11 "Sand,"n.d.
12 "Sea Shells,"n.d.
13 "The Sea without Water,"n.d.
14 "Season of Grapes,"n.d.
15 "Sentiments for the Second Sunday,"n.d.
16 Sh, 1936, n.d.
17 "She that Comes Late to the Dance,"n.d.
box folder
41 1 "She Walks in Beauty,"n.d.
2 "Show Me the Way to Go Home,"n.d.
3 Si-Sn, 1946-1948, n.d.
4 "The Siege,"1941, n.d.
5 "The Sissy,"1929?
"Slapstick Tragedy" (or "The Gnädiges Fräulein,""The Latter Days of the Celebrated Soubrette,""The Mutilated")
box folder
41 6-7 "The Latter Days of the Celebrated Soubrette,"1974-1978, n.d.
8 Mimeo rehearsal version, 1965
9 "The Mutilated,"1964, n.d.
10 Premiere party guest list, 1966
11 "Small Craft Warning,"n.d.
box folder
42 1 So, 1935-1951, n.d.
2 "The Soft City,"1948-1949, n.d.
3 "Some Informal Thoughts on Success,"1947 (or "On a Streetcar Named Success")
4 "Something About Him,"n.d. (or "Mrs. Rose and the Grocery Clerk")
5 "Something by Tolstoi,"n.d.
6 Sp, 1937-1942, n.d. (see also oversize box 1)
"Spring Storm," (or "April Is the Cruelest Month,""The Time of Roses")
box folder
42 7-8 Draft fragments, n.d.
9-12 Draft typescripts, 1938, n.d.
box folder
43 1 "Square Pegs,"n.d.
2 St, 1937-1943, n.d.
"Stairs to the Roof" (or "A Prayer for the Wild of Heart that Are Kept in Cages,""Episodes from the Life of a Clerk")
box folder
43 3 Draft fragments, ca. 1940, n.d.
4 Typescript drafts, 1941, n.d.
5 "Stella for Star,"n.d.
6 "The Stonecutter's Angels,"1941, n.d.
7 "The Strangers,"1938?
8 "The Strangest Kind of Romance,"n.d.
"A Streetcar Named Desire" (or "Electric Avenue,""Go, Said the Bird!,""Interior: Panic,""The Passion of a Moth,""The Poker Night,""The Primary Colors")
box folder
43 9 Cuts required by Lord Chamberlain, n.d.
10 Czech translation, 1964
11 Draft fragments, n.d.
12 "Electric Avenue,"n.d.
13 Finnish translation, n.d.
box folder
44 1 "Go, Said the Bird!,"n.d.
2 Incomplete typescript draft, n.d.
3 "Interior: Panic,"1945-1946
Mimeo script
box folder
44 4 1949
5 n.d.
Motion picture
box folder
44 6 Mimeo script, 1950
7 Notes and draft fragment, n.d.
8 "The Passion of a Moth,"n.d.
9 "The Poker Night,"n.d.
10 "The Primary Colors,"n.d.
11 Typescript draft, n.d.
12 Vivien Leigh playscript, 1949
box folder
45 1 Su-Sy, 1937-1942, n.d
2 "Sub Terra,"1937, n.d.
"Summer and Smoke" (or "The Bird Girl in his Arms,""A Chart of Anatomy,""The Eccentricities of a Nightingale,""Fiddler's Green,""The Room is Cold,""Scenes of a Magic Lantern,""The Sun that Warms the Dark,""World of Light and Shadow")
box folder
45 3 First reading version, 1946
4 Revisions, 1946, n.d.
5 Typescript draft, 1947
6 Revisions, 1947
7 Prompt copy, 1948
Rome Version
box folder
45 8 Typescript draft, 1948
9 Mimeo script, 1948
10 Radio script, 1949
11 Motion picture script, 1960, n.d.
box folder
46 1 "The Bird Girl in His Arms,"n.d.
2-4 Draft fragments, n.d.
5 "The Eccentricities of a Nightingale,"n.d.
6 "Fiddler's Green,"n.d.
7 Incomplete typescript, n.d.
8 Notes and dialogue, n.d.
9 "The Room Is Cold,"n.d.
box folder
47 1 "Summer at the Lake,"n.d. (or "Escape,""The Lake") "The Summer Belvedere"
2 Draft fragments, 1943, n.d.
3 Galley proofs, 1944 (see also galley files)
4 "Summer: Manhattan,"1940, n.d.
5 "Summer Notes and Some Ain't!,"n.d.
6 "The Swan,"1939, n.d.
"Sweet Bird of Youth" (or "The Enemy: Time,""The Puppets of the Levantine")
box folder
47 7 "The Enemy: Time,"1956
8 First draft, 1956
9-11 Draft fragments, 1958
12 Galley proofs, 1958 (see also galley files)
box folder
48 1 Revised typescript draft, 1958
2 Revisions, 1958
3 Typescript draft, 1958
4 Mimeo script, n.d.
5 "The Puppets of the Levantine,"n.d.
6 Sketch for long play, n.d.
7 "A System of Wheels,"1947, n.d.
8 Ta, n.d.
9 "A Tale of Two Writers,"n.d.
10 "Talisman Roses,"n.d.
11 "Talk to Me Like the Rain,"n.d.
box folder
49 1 Te, 1939-1943, n.d.
2 "Ten Minute Stop,"1936, n.d.
3 "Testa Dell' Effebo,"1948
4 Th, 1938-1952, n.d.
5 "That Red Headed Woman of Mine,"n.d.
6 "There Was Light,"n.d.
7 "These Are the Stairs You Got to Watch,"n.d.
8 "These Scattered Idioms,"n.d.
9 "This Is (An Entertainment),"1974
10 "This Is the Peaceable Kingdom,"1978 (or "Good Luck God")
11 "This Property Is Condemned,"1958, n.d. (or "House by the Railroad,""Morning With Martial Music,""This Is My Crazy Doll") (also in "Three Plays by Tennessee Williams")
12 "This Spring,"n.d.
13 "This Year's Debutante,"n.d.
14 "Those Who Ignore the Appropriate Time of Their Going,"1955, n.d. (or "Doom's Partner,""In the Winter of Cities,""Often Toward Morning,""Queen's Gambit Declined,""Stains of a Tender Outrage")
15 "Three Players of a Summer Game,"1951-1952, n.d.
box folder
50 1 "Three Players of a Summer Game,"1951-1952, n.d.
2 "Three Plays by Tennessee Williams,"1958
3 "Three Works for the Lyric Theatre,"ca. 1981
4 Ti-Tw, n.d.
5 "Till One or the Other Gits Back,"n.d.
6 "The Timeless World of a Play,"n.d.
7 Title pages, n.d.
8 "Towns become jewels...,"1941
9 "The Treadmill,"n.d.
10 "Tuesday's Child,"1948 (or Frère Jacques)
11 "Twenty-seven Wagons Full of Cotton,"n.d. (or "Now Eros Shake My Soul")
12 "The Twister,"n.d.
13 "Two on a Party,"1951-1952, n.d. (see also galley files)
14 U, n.d.
15 "Unemployment,"1941
16 "Useless,"n.d.
box folder
51 1 V, n.d.
2 "The Valediction,"n.d.
3 "Venite Adoremus,"n.d.
"Vieux Carré" (or "Dead Planet, the Moon,""I Never Get Dressed Till After Dark on Sundays")
box folder
51 4 Poem, 1939, n.d.
5-6 Typescript drafts, 1939, n.d.
7 "The Vine,"1939-1944? (or "Time of the Locust")
8 Wa-We, 1938-1941, n.d.
9 "We Have Not Long to Love,"n.d. (or "I Have Not Long to Love")
10 "The Weight of a Stone,"n.d.
11 Wh, 1939-1943, n.d.
12 "When will the sleeping tiger stir...,"1940
13 "Where I Live,"n.d. (or "Experiments of the Sixties,""Finally Something New,""These Scattered Idioms,""What is 'Success' in the Theatre")
14 "Which Is My Little Boy,"n.d.
15 "Why Did Desdemona Love the Moor?,"1939, n.d. (or "The Bitch")
16 "Why Do You Smoke So Much Lily?,"1935, n.d.
17 Wi-Wo, 1941, n.d.
box folder
52 1 "Will Mr. Merriwether Return from Memphis?,"1969, n.d.
2 "Will You Believe?,"n.d.
3 "Woman Key,"n.d.
4 "Woman of the Hills,"n.d.
5 "The World I Live In,"1957, n.d. (or "A Do-It-Yourself Interview")
6 "World of Lights and Shadows,"n.d.
7 "Writers Abroad,"1950
8 Y-Z, 1938-1944, n.d.
9 "The Yellow Bird,"1941-1946, n.d. (or "Bobo,""The Bitch") (see also galley files)
"You Touched Me"
box folder
52 10 Dialogue sketches, n.d.
11 Draft fragments, 1944, n.d.
12 Forward, 1944, n.d.
13 Notes, 1944, n.d.
14 Typescript drafts, 1949, n.d.
box folder
53 1 Typescript drafts, 1949, n.d.
Unidentified works
box folder
53 2 Autograph notes, n.d.
3-6 Draft fragments, ca. 1932-1944, n.d.
7 Journalistic article fragments, 1945-1955, n.d.

Series II. Correspondence, 1880-1980, n.d.

Subseries A. Outgoing, 1928-1980, n.d.
box folder
54 1 A-B, 1948-1964, n.d.
2 Barnes, Clive, 1975
3 Barnes, William, 1975
4 Bretzfelder, Anne, 1940
5 Brown, Andreas, 1962-1963, n.d. (see also galley files)
6 C-D, 1940-1954, n.d.
7 Dakin, Rosina Otte, 1936-1939, n.d.
8 Dakin, Walter Edwin, 1930-1952, n.d.
9 Evans, Oliver Wendell, 1948-1967, n.d.
10 F-H, 1937-1983, n.d.
11 Hazan, Joseph, 1940-1962, n.d.
12 Isherwood, Christopher, n.d.
13 Jennings, Anne, n.d.
14 Jones, Margo, 1943-1950, n.d.
15 K-L, 1940-1958, n.d.
16 Liebling-Wood, 1939-1954, n.d.
box folder
55 1-6 Liebling-Wood, 1939-1954, n.d.
box folder
56 1 M, 1933-1965, n.d.
2 Meacham, Anne, 1971-1980
3 N-P, 1938-1943, n.d.
4 Persons, Gene, 1976
5 R, n.d.
6 Rodriguez y Gonzalez, Pancho, 1947-1952, n.d.
7 S, 1934-1951, n.d.
8 Saher, Lilla van, 1954-1962
9 Sykes, Buffie Johnson, 1951
10 T-W, 1931-1964, n.d.
11 Williams, Cornelius Coffin, 1928-1948
12-14 Williams, Edwina Dakin, 1928-1963, n.d.
15 Williams, Edwina Dakin and Rosina Otte Dakin, 1939, n.d.
16 Williams, Edwina Dakin and Walter Edwin Dakin, 1951-1954, n.d.
17 Williams, Edwina Dakin and Cornelius Coffin Williams, 1928-1940, n.d.
18 Windham, Donald, 1943-1944, n.d.
box folder
57 1 Wood, Audrey, 1939-1952, n.d.
2 Y-Z, 1931-1972, n.d.
3 Unidentified correspondence, 1939-1974, n.d.
Subseries B. Incoming, 1922-1970, n.d.
box folder
57 4 A-B, 1933-1958, n.d.
5 Bigelow, Paul, 1941-1951, n.d.
6 Brown, Andreas, 1962-1964, n.d.
7 Brownlow, Isabel Williams, 1936-1937
8 C-D, 1928-1964, n.d.
9 Dakin, Walter Edwin, 1939-1943
10 E-G, 1943-1954, n.d.
11 H-K, 1939-1955, n.d.
12 Kazan, Elia, 1952-1955, n.d.
13 L, 1933-1953, n.d.
box folder
58 1 Laughlin, James, 1947-1955, n.d.
2-7 Liebling-Wood, 1939-1954
box folder
59 1-3 Liebling-Wood, 1939-1954
4 Lyndon, Andrew J., 1942-1943
5 M, 1935-1962, n.d.
6 N-O, 1932-1969, n.d.
7 Olivier, Lawrence, n.d.
8 P-R, 1928-1955, n.d.
9 S-T, 1941-1970, n.d.
box folder
60 1 U-W, 1929-1962, n.d.
2 Williams, Edwina Dakin, 1938-1943, n.d.
3 Williams, Rose Isabel, ca. 1922-1933
4 Windham, Donald, 1942-1943, n.d.
5 Wood, Audrey, 1939-1964, n.d.
6 Y-Z, 1934-1952
7 Unidentified correspondence, 1939-1955, n.d.
Subseries C. Third-party correspondence, 1880-1976, n.d.
box folder
60 8 A, 1937-1966, n.d.
9 Atkinson, Justin Brooks, 1967
10 B, 1943-1965
11 Brownlow, Isabel Williams, 1936-1938, n.d.
12 C-D, 1924-1957, n.d.
13 Dakin, Walter Edwin, 1905-1954, n.d.
box folder
61 1 Dakin, Walter Edwin, 1905-1954, n.d.
2 De Rochemont, Louis, 1960-1966, n.d.
3 De Rochemont, Virginia Shaler, 1960-1966
4 F, 1900-1905
5 Feldman, Charles K., 1945-1948, n.d.
6 G-I, 1906-1963, n.d.
7 J-L, 1934-1963, n.d.
8 Liebling-Wood, 1940-1954
9 M-N, 1880-1963, n.d.
box folder
62 1 O-S, 1897-1965
2 Saher, Lilla van, 1958-1964, n.d.
3 T-V, 1925-1964
Vaccaro, Marion Black
box folder
62 4 General, 1960-1965, n.d.
5 "Orpheus Descending,"1957-1964, n.d.
6-7 "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone,"1958-1961, n.d.
8 W, 1920-1965
box folder
63 1 Wood, Audrey, 1945-1966
2 Unidentified correspondence, 1926-1976, n.d.
3-5 Envelopes and folders

Series III. Williams Family, 1892-1969, n.d.

Subseries A. Works, 1892-1962, n.d.
64 Williams, Edwina Dakin
1 A-Z, n.d.
"Remember Me To Tom" (or "My Son Tom,""Tribute to Tom")
box folder
64 2 Draft fragment, n.d.
3-5 Early composite draft, n.d.
6-7 Early revised composite draft, n.d.
8 Intermediate composite draft, n.d.
box folder
65 1-2 Intermediate composite draft, n.d.
3-5 Typescript draft with printers marks, 1962
6 Photocopy manuscript, 1962
box folder
66 1 Photocopy manuscript, 1962
2 Galley proofs, 1962 (see also galley files)
3 Publisher's agreement, 1962
4 Williams, Rose Isabel, 1926, n.d.
5 Williams, Walter Dakin, n.d.
6 Genealogical information, n.d.
7 Notebooks, 1892-1935, n.d.
Subseries B. Correspondence, 1922-1969, n.d.
box folder
66 8 Williams, Cornelius Coffin, 1937-1950
Williams, Edwina Dakin
box folder
66 9 A-Z, 1928-1969, n.d.
10-12 Dakin, Rosina Otte, 1936-1940, n.d.
box folder
67 1 Dakin, Rosina Otte, 1936-1940, n.d.
2 Dakin, Walter Edwin, 1933-1948, n.d.
3 Incoming, 1928-1940, n.d.
4 Williams, Ella, 1936-1939, n.d.
Williams, Rose Isabell
box folder
67 5 A-Z, 1926-1937, n.d.
6 Dakin, Rosina Otte, 1926-1936
7 Williams, Edwina Dakin, 1922-1937
Williams, Walter Dakin
box folder
67 8 A-Z, 1933-1962
9 Williams, Edwina Dakin, 1936-1963
Subseries C. Scrapbooks, 1900-1950s
box folder
67 10 Separation sheet and copies of old catalog slips for the scrapbooks
Scrapbook 1, 1947-1948
Scrapbook 2, 1950s
Scrapbook 3, 1955
Scrapbook 4, 1945
Scrapbook 5, 1936, n.d.
Scrapbook 6, 1900-1901
Scrapbook 7, 1902-1905
Scrapbook 8, 1905-1907

Series IV. Works by Others, 1940-1993, n.d.

Brown, Andreas
box folder
68 1 Introduction, n.d.
2-3 Early composite draft, n.d.
A entries
box folder
68 4 Early draft, n.d.
5 A2 draft, n.d.
6 B2 draft, n.d.
7 C draft, n.d.
8 C2 draft, n.d.
9 D1 draft, n.d.
box folder
69 1 Late draft, n.d.
B entries
box folder
69 2 Early draft, n.d.
3 A draft / B draft composite, n.d.
4 Late draft, n.d.
5 D entries, n.d.
6 E entries, n.d.
7 File cards, n.d.
8 Fragments, n.d.
box folder
69 9 A-Z Book Service, 1961-1962
Bibliographic requests
box folder
69 10 Outgoing, 1961-1967, n.d.
11-13 Incoming, 1961-1967, n.d.
box folder
70 1-2 Book dealers, 1961-1965, n.d.
3 Cohn, Lowell, 1962-1963, n.d.
4 Conroy, Jack, 1962
5 Copyright, 1963-1964
6 Dearden, R. Rowland, 1961-1962, n.d.
7 Eliot and college verse poems, 1955-1965, n.d.
8 Foreign printings, 1962-1966, n.d.
9-10 Freeman, Lucy, 1962-1966, n.d.
11 Gotham Bookmart, 1961-1970, n.d.
box folder
71 1 Henry Wenning Rare Books, 1960-1966, n.d.
2-3 House of Books (Margie Cohn), 1961-1966, n.d.
4 Inactive "Book,"1961-1964
5 Magazines, 1961-1967, n.d.
6 Maxwell, Gilbert, 1963-1965, n.d.
7 Phoenix Book Shop, 1962-1965, n.d.
8 Roman / Martin, 1963-1964
9 San Diego State College Foundation Grant, 1961-1963, n.d.
box folder
72 1 Schwarts, Alan, 1962-1964, n.d.
2-3 Texas, 1962-1967, n.d.
4 Time magazine, n.d.
5 Williams, Edwina Dakin, 1962-1967, n.d.
6 Williams, George, 1964-1965, n.d.
7 Williams, Tennessee, 1962-1965, n.d.
8 Williams, Walter Dakin, 1962-1964, n.d.
9 Windham / Merlo, 1962-1964
10 Wood, Audrey, 1962-1967, n.d.
11 York, Michael, 1983
box folder
73 1 Errors in the published studies of Williams, ca. 1963
box folder
73 2 Contents of Williams' collection, n.d.
3 Foreign editions, n.d.
4-6 General, n.d.
7 Life sequence of Williams, n.d.
8 List of first published appearances, n.d.
9 List of poems (with first lines), n.d.
10 List of published poems, n.d.
11 List of Williams' manuscripts, n.d.
12 List of Williams' works, n.d.
13 Notecards, n.d. ( see card file boxes 1-3)
14 "Tennessee Williams by Another Name,"n.d.
box folder
74 1 Burks, Deborah G.: "Treatment Is Everything: The Creation of Blanche and Stanley in Williams' 'Streetcar',"n.d.
2 Candee, Marjorie Dent: "Enter the Hero: Eli Wallach to have lead in Tennessee Williams' new play 'Camino Real',"1952
3 Choukri, Mohamed: "Tennessee Williams in Tangier,"1970s
4 Evans, Oliver: "The Dramatic Development of Tennessee Williams,"n.d.
5 Fox, Fred: "The Cara Williams Show: Cara on a Hot Tin Roof,"1964
6 Frost, David: "Interview with Tennessee Williams,"1970
7 Gravser, Bernard: Review of "The Rose Tattoo,"n.d.
8 Haige, Robert: "Lovely Weed,"n.d.
9 Hewes, Henry: "Tennessee Williams: The Last of Our Solid Gold Bohemians,"1953
10-12 International Cultural Programming: Transcript for documentary film "Tennessee Williams: Orpheus of the American Stage,"1993
box folder
75 1 International Cultural Programming: Transcript for documentary film "Tennessee Williams: Orpheus of the American Stage,"1993
2 Johnstone, Monica Carolyn: "Tennessee Williams and American Realism,"1987
3 Leavitt, Richard F.: "The World of Tennessee Williams,"1975-1977, n.d. (see also oversize box 2)
4 Marlin, Max: Musical score for "A Streetcar Named Desire,"1947 (see also oversize box 2)
Maxwell, Gilbert
box folder
75 5 "All on a Summer's Day,"n.d.
6-8 "Tennessee Williams and Friends,"n.d.
box folder
76 1-5 "Tennessee Williams and Friends,"n.d.
6 McCullers, Carson: "The Dual Angel," 1951 ( "Incantation to Lucifer, ""Hymen, O Hymen, ""Love and the Rind of Time, ""The Dual Angel, ""Father, Upon Thy Image We are Spanned")
7 Rilke, Rainer Maria [unidentified translator]: "The Love and Death of the German Knight,"n.d.
8 Susskind, David: "Open End: Backstage on Broadway,"1960
9 Tanya, Kenneth: "Tennessee Williams,"1955
10 Weales, Gerald: "Tennessee Williams's Lost Play,"1965
11 Unidentified, 1940-1947, n.d.

Tennessee Williams Collection--Index of Correspondents

  • A to Z Book Service--69.9, 71.2, 71.4
  • A. Nash Company--60.8
  • Aardvarks Booksellers--70.1
  • Abconti--70.1
  • Abraham's Magazine Service--71.5
  • Abrams, David--60.8
  • Abramson, Charles H.--61.5
  • The Academy of Political Science (U.S.)--57.4
  • Adams, Jim--57.4
  • Adler, Stella--57.4
  • Albert J. Phiebig, Publishers--70.1
  • Alford, Walter--57.4
  • Allen, Luther--57.4
  • Allison, John--54.1
  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences--60.8
  • American Civil Liberties Union--57.4
  • American Literature--69.11
  • American Mercury--60.8
  • American Preface--57.4
  • American Theatre Society--60.8
  • Archer, William H.--57.4
  • Aschenberg, Bridget--60.8, 72.10
  • Atkinson, Brooks, 1894- --54.1, 57.4, 60.8
  • Atlantic Book Service--70.1
  • Attic Books--69.9
  • Augenblick, Robert L.--62.4
  • Austin Ethel--57.4
  • The Author's League of America, Inc.--57.4
  • Baker, Carlos, 1909-1987--71.4
  • Bank of America (Santa Monica, CA)--57.4
  • Bardelebeu, Erno--57.4
  • Barlow, Anna Marie--57.4
  • Barlow, William P., Jr.--71.4
  • Barnes, Clive, 1927- --54.2
  • Barnes, Margaret Fawcett, 1896-1980--60.1
  • Barnes, William (Bill)--35.6, 54.3, 75.3
  • Baugh, Stella G.--60.10
  • Beaumont, Hugh (Binkie)--57.4
  • Beaurline, L. A. (Lester A.)--69.11
  • Becker, Olga--57.4
  • Bell, Bill--57.4
  • Belmore, Daisy, 1874-1954--57.4
  • Bently, Eric, 1916- --54.1, 59.5
  • Bergman, Rudolph--60.10
  • Berle, Milton--57.10
  • Berman Book Service--70.1
  • Berry, Ellen--57.4
  • Bertram Rota, Ltd.--69.11, 70.1, 71.4
  • Bibliographical Society of America--69.11
  • Bigelow, Paul--57.5
  • Black, Claire--60.10
  • Bloom, James--69.11
  • Bob's Book Barn--71.9
  • Bohan, James (Jim)--72.10
  • Bolt, Grace--60.10
  • Bookland--70.1, 71.9
  • Book Service--70.1
  • Books on File--70.1
  • Boston Public Library--69.11
  • Bowles, Jane Auer, 1917-1973--54.1
  • Bowles, Paul--54.1, 57.4
  • Bowman, Roy--60.10
  • Brandeis University. Creative Arts Awards--60.10
  • Bretzfelder, Anne--54.4
  • The Brick Row Book Shop--71.1
  • Brown, Andreas--54.5, 57.6, 69.9-13, 70.1-11, 71.1-9, 72.1-10, galley files
  • Brown, Minette E.--57.4
  • Brown, Phil--57.4
  • Brown, Sheldon J. (Mrs.)--69.11
  • Brownlow, Isabel Williams--57.7, 60.11
  • Bruce Humphries, Publisher--69.11
  • Büchergilde Gutenberg--69.11
  • Cabot,? (Mrs.)--54.6
  • Cam, Gilbert Arthur, 1906- --70.6
  • Campbell, Sandy--54.6, 57.8
  • Cannastra, Bill--57.8
  • Canterbury Bookshop--71.4
  • Carlson, Nione--57.8
  • Carmel Valley Manor--69.11
  • Carr, James F.--71.7
  • Carra, Laurence--57.8
  • Carson, Wm. G. B. (William Glasgow Bruce)--69.11
  • Carter, Richard--57.8
  • Case, Bertha--54.6, 54.16
  • Cassell & Company, Ltd.--69.11
  • Cassidy, Claudia--57.8
  • Cerf, Bennett, 1898-1971--54.6
  • Chapman, Clare--60.12
  • Charbonnel, Avis Bliven, b. 1880--57.8
  • Charles Rare Books--71.4
  • Charles Wilson, Caterers--60.12
  • Chase, Ilka, 1905-1978--60.12
  • Chicago Book Mart--69.11
  • Chittenden, Bess--60.12
  • Chugg, Eliza--69.11
  • Cinema Productions (Firm)--54.6, 57.8
  • Citizen's Smoke Abatement League--57.8
  • Clawson, Rex--57.8
  • Cohn, Lowell--70.3
  • Collins, Alan Copeland, 1902- --60.12
  • Colton, Edward E.--57.8, 60.12
  • Columbia University--57.8, 69.11
  • Combs, Frank W.--60.12
  • Conde Nast Publications, Inc.--69.11
  • Conkle, E. P. (Ellsworth Prouty)--61.7, 69.11
  • Conroy, Jack, 1899- --70.4
  • Cornell, Katharine--54.6, 57.8
  • Cornwall House, Publishers--57.8
  • Cowan, Lester--57.8
  • Cowl, J.--60.12
  • Craig, Helen--57.8
  • Crawford, Cheryl, 1902-1986--54.6, 57.8, 60.5, 60.12
  • Cronyn, Hume--54.6, 57.8
  • Crowdus, William W.--57.8
  • Curtis, Elizabeth--57.8
  • Dakin, Floy Wright--60.12
  • Dakin, Rosina Otte--54.7, 56.15, 57.8, 60.12
  • Dakin, Walter Edwin--54.6, 56.15, 60.12
  • Dallas Athletic Club--57.8
  • Dallas Public Library--69.11
  • Daughters of the American Revolution. Jefferson Chapter (Saint Louis, Mo.)--60.12
  • Davis, Louise--60.12
  • Dawson's Book Shop--71.4, 72.2
  • Daykin, James Henry--60.12
  • Dearden, R. Rowland--70.6
  • Delucia,? (Mrs.)--71.4
  • Denton, Crahan, 1914-1966--57.8
  • De Rochemont, Louis, 1899-1978--57.8, 60.12
  • De Rochemont, Virginia Shaler--60.12
  • Dodd, Mead & Co.--69.11
  • Doubleday & Company--69.11
  • Doud, Margery--60.12
  • Dowling, Eddie--54.6, 57.8, 60.12, 69.11
  • Drake, Claribel--60.12
  • The Dramatists' Guild--57.8, 60.12
  • Dramatists Play Service, Inc.--69.11
  • Dreschler, Kort--57.8
  • Driscoll, Emily--72.3
  • The Dylan Thomas Fund--60.12
  • Eden, B.--57.10
  • Editorial SR, S. A.--73.3
  • Edward Eberstadt & Sons--70.1
  • Elizabeth, Queen, Consort of George VI, King of Great Britain, 1900- --57.10
  • Engle, Paul--57.10
  • Erve, Joan van de--62.3
  • Esquire--7.5
  • Etter, Alfred, G.--69.11
  • Evans, Oliver Wendell, 1915- --54.9, 57.10
  • Falk, O. P. J.--57.10
  • Faller, Preston F.--61.4
  • Feldman, Charles K.--57.10, 61.5
  • Fellini, Federico--54.10
  • The Finnish-American Society--57.10
  • Fischer Buchere--69.11
  • Fitsgerald, Neil--54.10
  • Fletcher, Allen--56.4
  • Foote, Horton--57.10
  • Franco Colombo, Inc.--69.11
  • Franklin Book Programs--70.8
  • Freeman, Lucy--54.10, 69.9-10, 72.3
  • Friars Club--57.10
  • G. C. Eleftheroudakis (Firm)--70.8
  • G. P. Putnam's Sons--69.11
  • Gale Agency, Inc.--57.10
  • Gaynor Motors, Hollywood--57.10
  • Gentry (?), Julia Mack--57.10
  • Glavin, William M.--54.10, 57.10
  • Glenville, Peter--54.10
  • Godkin, P.--57.10
  • Goldberg, Kate--61.6
  • Goldman, Milton--54.10
  • Grand Hotel du Louvre, Paris--57.10
  • Green, W. Morse--61.6
  • Greenstreet Sydney--57.10
  • Greive, Maria--72.2
  • Gruber, Lee--57.10
  • Groves, J. Stuart--54.10
  • Guggenheim, Peggy, 1898- --54.10
  • Guiles, Fred Lawrence--61.6
  • H. W. Wilson Company--69.11
  • Haas, R.--61.6
  • Hack, Keith--54.10
  • Hall, Robert S.--57.11
  • Hansen, Franke--69.11
  • Harford, Leroy--61.6
  • Harper's Bazar--69.11
  • Harvard University. Library--69.11
  • Havener, Felix V.--62.4
  • Hazan, Joseph--54.11, 57.11, 69.11
  • Hecht Book Shop--70.1
  • Helburn, Theresa--61.6
  • Henry W. Wenning Rare Books--69.11, 71.1, 72.6
  • Her Majesty's Department of Inland Revenue--62.3
  • Herald-Tribune Book Section--54.10
  • Highland Hospital--61.6
  • Hines, Anne--61.6
  • Hocter, Emmett F.--61.6
  • Holland, Willard--42.7, 54.10, 57.11
  • Hollifield, Joe--61.6
  • Holt, Rinehart & Winston, Inc.--69.11
  • Horizon Press, Inc.--61.6
  • Horton, Mary B.--61.6
  • Hotel Alcazar--61.6
  • Hotel Belvedere Interlaken--57.11
  • Houghton Mifflin & Co.--69.11
  • House of Books, Ltd. (New York)--71.2, 72.2
  • House of El Dieff, Inc.--70.1, 72.2
  • Hunter, Mary--54.10, 57.11
  • Hurley, Paul J.--71.1
  • Hynds, Reed--54.10
  • Inbody, R. M.--69.11
  • Ingersoll, C. L.--61.6
  • Intercontinental Theatre Arts Bureau--61.6
  • The International Press Agency--57.11
  • International Shoe Company--61.6
  • Isherwood, Christopher, 1904- --54.12, 57.11
  • Ivan Oblensky, Inc.--69.11
  • J. S. Canner & Company, Inc.--71.5
  • Jaffe, Eddie--57.11
  • Jamison, Paul B.--61.7
  • Jennings, Anne--54.13
  • John Day Publishers--69.11
  • Jones, Margo--54.14, 57.11, 61.7
  • Jones, Richard Collins--72.3
  • Kalem, Theodore E.--61.7
  • Kaplan, Carolyn--69.11, 70.1, 71.4, 72.3
  • Kaplan, Jack--70.5
  • Kazan, Elia--2.8, 54.15, 55.4, 57.12, 61.7
  • Kazan, Molly Thacher--54.15, 57.11
  • Kelly, Alberta Metcalf--61.7
  • Kenzac, Marcelle de Mme.--57.11
  • Kerr, Walter--54.15, 57.11
  • Kherdian, David--70.7, 72.3
  • Kiernan, Kip--54.15
  • Kingston Galleries, Inc.--72.3
  • Kinsey, Alfred C.--57.11
  • Kocher, Eric--57.11
  • Kohler, Charlotte--38.3
  • Kohn, Charles--57.11
  • Kozlenko, William, 1908- --61.7
  • Lambert, Sam--61.7
  • The Lamb's Serviceman's Morale Corps--57.13
  • Langner, Lawrence, 1890- --54.15, 57.13
  • Langsdorf, Martel--69.11
  • Lanier, Sidney--61.7
  • The Larry Edmunds Bookshop--70.1
  • Laughlin, James--31.2, 54.15, 58.1, 69.11
  • Leavitt, Richard F.--75.3
  • Lehmann, John--54.15
  • Lerner, Max--54.15
  • Levinson, Harry A.--72.3
  • Lewis, Robert--54.15
  • Liebling, William--57.13, 61.5
  • Liebling-Wood--54.16, 55.1-6, 57.1, 58.2-7, 59.1-3, 60.5, 61.8, 63.1
  • Lilly Library. Indiana University, Bloomington--69.11
  • Lindsay, Howard--57.13
  • Lippman, Alice D.--57.13, 61.7
  • Livingston, Barbara B.--57.13
  • Lord, B.--3.4
  • Loving, Jane--57.13
  • Losh, J. Horace--57.13
  • Lucado, Virginia--61.7
  • Ludwig, William--57.13
  • Lundbergh, Holger--61.7
  • Lyndon, Andrew J.--54.15, 59.4
  • MCA Artists, Ltd.--59.5, 61.9, 72.10
  • M. S. Cass Rare Books--71.5, 71.9
  • Mabie, Edward Charles--56.1
  • MacDonald & Co.--69.11
  • Mace, Borden--61.9
  • MacGregor, Robert--21.3, 59.5, 69.11
  • Mack, Eleanor L.--59.5
  • MacKellar,?--59.5
  • Mademoiselle--69.11
  • Magnani, Anna--56.1, 59.5
  • The Manitoban--59.5
  • Manuscript--59.5
  • Maresca, Salvatore--59.5
  • Marie Amadeus, Sister--61.9
  • Martin, John K.--69.11, 71.8
  • Martin Secker & Warburg--69.11
  • Martin, William A.--56.1
  • Masse, Jordan--59.5
  • Maxwell, Gilbert--56.1, 59.5, 61.9, 71.6
  • Mayorga, Margaret (Margaret Gardner)--56.1, 61.9
  • McCabe, Hazel--59.5
  • McClintic, Guthrie, 1893-1961--56.1, 59.5, 61.9
  • McConnell, Jack--59.5
  • McCullers, Carson, 1917-1967--56.1, 59.5, 61.9
  • McPherson,?--56.1
  • Meachem, Anne--56.2
  • Memory Shop--70.1
  • Memphis Commercial-Appeal--56.1
  • Merlo, Frank--56.1, 61.9
  • Merrick, David--59.5
  • Merrick, James J.--59.5
  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer--61.9
  • Mielzinger, Jo--56.1, 59.5
  • Mills, Carley--59.5
  • Mills, Clark--59.5, 61.9
  • Minter, Richard H.--69.11, 70.1
  • Mintz, A. L.--59.5, 61.9
  • Missouri Historical Society--61.9
  • Monroe, Harriet--56.1
  • Moor, Paul--59.5
  • Moore, Virginia--59.5, 61.9
  • Moultin, J.H.--61.9
  • Myers, John Bernard--59.5
  • National Broadcasting Company, Inc.--61.9
  • National Foundation for Infant Paralysis--59.6
  • National Institute of Arts and Letters (U.S.)--59.6
  • Nelson, Benjamin--69.12
  • Neophyte--59.6
  • New Dramatists Committee--56.3
  • The New English Library, Ltd.--69.12
  • New York Public Library--69.12
  • Newberry Library--69.12
  • Newton, Mary Leslie--61.9
  • Norman, Ruth--59.6
  • Norton, Samual P.--61.5
  • Norvell, Lee R.--56.3
  • Norwine, F. E.--61.9
  • Office Artistique International--62.1
  • Old Island Realty Service--59.6
  • Olesen, Oscar E.--62.5
  • Olivier, Laurence, 1907- --59.7
  • Onorato, Ronald E.--59.6
  • P. & H. Bliss--71.6
  • Parker, Ward S.--69.12, 71.4
  • Parrott, Tuscan--62.1
  • Pasadena Playhouse--59.8, 62.1
  • Peabody Bookstore--70.1
  • Penguin Books, Ltd.--69.12, 70.1
  • Perkins, Clifford C.--59.8
  • Personal Book Service--71.9
  • Persons, Gene--56.4
  • Pfaff, Paul L.--72.2
  • Phillips, Bill--62.1
  • Phoenix Book Shop--70.1, 71.7, 72.6
  • Pickering, Jack--56.3
  • Pinto, Winokur & Pagano--62.5
  • The Play House--59.8
  • The Playwrights Company--59.8
  • Poetry--59.8
  • Popular Fiction Publishing Company--59.8
  • Porter, Katherine Anne, 1890-1980--59.8
  • Prentice Hall, Inc.--69.12
  • Presley, Delma Eugene--71.1
  • Quaid, Marion--62.1
  • Queen, Robert T.--69.12
  • Quick, Dorothy--59.8
  • R. R. Donnelley and Sons, Company--71.4
  • Random House--69.12
  • Rawls, Eugenia--59.8
  • Ree, Gerry de la--71.9
  • Reedmor Magazine Company--71.5
  • Reich-Baxter, John--59.8
  • Renfield, Harold Levin--59.8
  • Reston, Rodney--71.9
  • Rinehart & Company, Inc.--69.12
  • Roadside Bookshop--71.9
  • Roberts, F. W.--69.12, 70.7, 72.3
  • Robinson, E. E.--62.1
  • Robinson, Francis--59.8
  • Rock, Lillian D.--59.8
  • Rodan, H. Itta--59.8
  • Rodriguez y Gonzalez, Pancho--56.6, 59.8, 62.1, 72.2, 72.6
  • Romain, Paul--70.4, 71.9
  • Roman, U. Grant--71.8-9
  • Romero, Marcus--62.1
  • Rood, John--56.5, 59.8
  • Saher, Lilla van--56.8, 59.9, 62.2
  • St. Just, Maria Britneva, Baroness--59.9, 62.1
  • Sano, Seki, 1905-1966--62.1
  • The Saturday Review of Literature--59.9
  • Sawyer, Eloise McLaran--62.1
  • Scerri-Owen, Den L.--59.9
  • Schauffler, Robert--62.1
  • Schenkner, Joel W.--59.9
  • Schramm, Wilbur Lang, 1907- --56.7
  • Schwartz, Alan V.--72.1, 72.3
  • Screen Writers' Guild--62.1
  • Selznick, Irene Mayer, 1907- --56.7, 62.1
  • Sexton, Lucretia Cromer--62.1
  • Shapiro, Karl Jay, 1913- --56.7
  • Sharkey, Thomas E.--27.2
  • Sharp, Kelly--62.1
  • Sillcox, Luise--56.7
  • Simon & Schuster, Inc.--69.12
  • Sivia, Harry--69.12
  • Smith, Tony--56.7, 59.9
  • Snow, Carmel--59.9
  • Social Science Book Store--70.1
  • Societa italiana degli autori ed editore--62.1
  • Soldan High School (Saint Louis, Mo.)--69.12
  • Soo-Do Publishing Company--70.7
  • Southern Illinois University at Carbondale--69.12
  • The Spanish Refugee Appeal--59.9
  • Specialty Book Company--70.11
  • Stage and Screen Foreign Press Club--59.9
  • Stanford University--70.6
  • State University of Iowa. Libraries--69.12
  • Statsseminàriet på Emdrupborg--59.9
  • Stechert-Hafner, Inc.--70.1
  • Stefonovic, Aleksandor V.--72.3
  • Stevens, Roger L.--62.1
  • Store, Bernard--71.4
  • Story--56.7, 62.1
  • Strand Palace Hotel--62.1
  • Streetcar Company--56.7
  • Stutzman, Ralph--62.1
  • Sykes, Buffie Johnson--56.9, 60.12, 62.1
  • TV-Time--59.9
  • Targ, Anne--56.10, 59.9
  • Targ, Bill--75.3
  • Taylor, Mary C.--62.3
  • Taylor, R. L.--59.9
  • The Tenth Muse--70.2
  • Theatre--59.9
  • Theatre Arts--59.9, 62.3
  • The Theatre Guild, Inc.--59.9, 62.3
  • Thomas, Margaret Tappan--62.3
  • Time Magazine--56.10
  • Titus, Earl O.--38.3
  • Turner, Jimmy--59.9
  • Tynan, Kenneth--60.5
  • United States. Department of Agriculture--56.10
  • United States. Department of State--56.10
  • United States. Department of the Treasury. War Finance Committee--60.1
  • United States Information Agency--69.12, 70.8
  • United States. Library of Congress. Manuscripts Division--60.1, 69.12, 70.5
  • United States. Selective Service System--59.9
  • University of Chicago. Library--69.12
  • University of Iowa Association of New York--62.3
  • University of Minnesota--69.12
  • University of Mississippi--69.12
  • University of Missouri--69.12
  • University of Nebraska--69.12
  • University of Texas at Austin. Humanities Research Center--71.7, 72.7
  • University of Wisconsin. Libraries--69.12
  • Vaccaro, Marion Black--60.1, 62.4
  • Van Fleet, Jo, 1919- --60.1
  • Villanova University--69.12
  • Vinal, Harold--60.1
  • Visconti, Luchino, 1906-1976--60.1
  • Voices: A Journal of Poetry--69.12
  • Voort, Carl van der--62.3
  • Voyages Press--72.2
  • Wald, R. F.--71.9
  • Wallach, Eli, 1915- --60.1
  • Walker, Scott--60.1
  • Walt Kidd Finance Company--60.1
  • Walter H. Baker Company--69.13
  • Walter J. Johnson, Inc.--71.5
  • Walter R. Benjamin Autographs, Inc.--70.2
  • Warner Bros. Pictures--60.1, 62.7
  • Warner, Jack--60.1
  • Washer, Ben--62.7
  • Washington University (Saint Louis, Mo.). Libraries--69.3
  • Watkins, Minnie--62.7
  • Webb, Bob, 1929- --61.2
  • Webb, Sam J.--60.1, 62.7
  • Western University Club--60.1 Wexley, John--60.1
  • Wharton, Carly--60.1
  • White, H.A. (Mrs.)--62.7
  • Wilke's Book Service--71.5
  • William Morris Agency--62.7
  • Williams, Cornelius Coffin--56.11, 60.1, 60.5, 66.8
  • Williams, Dakin--56.10, 60.1, 67.8, 72.7, 72.8
  • Williams, Edwina Dakin--56.12-17, 60.2, 60.5, 66.9-12, 67.1-3, 72.5
  • Williams, Ella--60.1, 67.4
  • Williams, George H.--72.3, 72.6
  • Williams, Joyce--56.10
  • Williams, Rose Isabel--56.10, 60.3, 67.5-7
  • Willits, Malcolm--69.13, 70.2, 71.4
  • Wilson, Margaret Fawcett see Barnes, Margaret Fawcett, 1896-1980
  • Wilson, Robert A.--62.7, 70.7, 71.1
  • Wilson, William S.--62.7
  • Windham, Don--56.18, 60.4, 72.9
  • Wittenberg, Carrington & Farnsworth--62.7
  • Wood, Audrey, 1905- --6.7, 57.1, 60.5, 60.12, 61.6, 63.1, 69.13, 72.10
  • World Publishing Company--56.10, 62.7
  • Yale University. Graduate School--71.5
  • Yale University. Library--69.13
  • A Year Magazine--60.7
  • York, Michael, 1939- --72.11
  • Yoshikawa, Shoji--60.6
  • Young Men's Christian Association of the City of New York--60.6
  • Young, Stark, 1881-1963--60.6
  • Zabel, Morten Dauwen, 1901-1964--57.2
  • Zawadzki, Edward--60.6

Tennessee Williams Collection--Index of Works

  • "The Accent of a Coming Foot"--1.2, 31.4, 35.3
  • "Accidents"--1.1
  • "Acknowledgment"--1.1
  • "Act of Love"--1.3
  • "Adam and Eve on a Ferry"--1.4
  • "After a Visit"--1.5
  • "After all, there is much in this world..."--1.5
  • "After People Have Been to Bed Together"--1.5
  • "The Afternoon of Doves"--1.5
  • "An Afternoon Off for Death"--1.5
  • "Age of Retirement"--1.5
  • "Alice at the Country Club"--1.6
  • "The Alien Heart"--1.5
  • "All Kinds of Salvation"--1.5
  • "All the words have been spoken..."--1.5
  • "All through the night..."--1.5
  • "Alladin [sic] in the Orchard of Jewels"--1.5
  • "An Allergy to Pink"--1.7
  • "American Blues"--1.8
  • "American Blues VIII"see"Once in a Life-Time"
  • "An American Chorus"--1.5
  • "American Gothic"--1.9
  • "An American Mortgage"see"Camino Real"
  • "Amor Perdida"--1.5
  • "An Ancient Poet's Address to a Convention of Modern Artists"--10.12
  • "The Ancients Are Walking"see"Old Men with Sticks"
  • "Ancients Walking"see"Old Men with Sticks"
  • "And I would have in my hands..."--1.10
  • "And in thy heart is truth..."--1.10
  • "Androgyne, Mon Amour"--1.11
  • "The Angel in the Alcove"--1.12
  • "The Angels of Fructification"--1.13
  • "Antigone"--10.12
  • "Apocalypse"--1.10
  • "Apostrophe"--1.10
  • "Apostrophe to Peace"--1.10
  • "Approaching the End of a Summer"see"Parade"
  • "Apricot too Sweet"--1.10
  • "April Is the Cruelest Month"see"Spring Storm"
  • "An April Rendezvous"--1.10
  • "An April Sermon"--1.10
  • "An April Sermon to December"--1.10
  • "April Song"--1.10
  • "Apt. F, 3rd Flo. So."--1.14
  • "The Art of Acting and Anna"--1.10
  • "The Artist"--1.10
  • "As a Man Thinketh"--1.15
  • "The Ashes"see"The Rose Tattoo"
  • "Ask the man who died in the electric chair..."--1.15
  • "At break of dawn the shape of life..."--1.15
  • "At Daybreak"--1.15
  • "At seven o'clock or eleven..."--1.15
  • "Ate Toadstools but Didn't Quite Die"--1.16
  • "August Evening"--1.15
  • "August Evening: Lindel Blvd."--1.15
  • "The Author"--1.15
  • "Auto-Da-Fe"--1.17
  • "An Autobiographical Note"--1.15
  • "Autumn Rose Island"--23.13 (in "A Liturgy of Roses")
  • "An Autumn Song"--1.15
  • "Autumn Sunlight"--1.18
  • "Baby Doll"--2.1-9
  • "A Balcony in Ferrara"--1.19
  • "Ballad of an Old War"--1.19
  • "The Ballad of Billy the Kid"--1.19
  • "The Battle of Angels"--3.1-6, oversize box 2see also"The Fugitive Kind" [Screenplay]and"Orpheus Descending")
  • "The Beaded Bag"--3.8
  • "The Beanstalk Country"--3.9
  • "Beauty the Cross"--3.7
  • "Beauty Is the Word"--3.10
  • "The Beetle of the Sun"--3.11
  • "Beginning and End of a Story"--4.1
  • "Being in a foreign nation..."--3.7
  • "Being in a hostile nation..."--3.7
  • "Being Man"--3.7
  • "Big Black: A Mississippi Idyll"--4.2
  • "The Big Flashy Tiffany Diamond Blues"--4.6 (in "Blue Mountain Blues")
  • "The Big Game"--4.3
  • "The Big Time Operators"--4.4
  • "Biography"--4.2
  • "The Bird Girl in his Arms"--46.1 (see also"Summer and Smoke")
  • "Birth of an Art (Anton Chekov and the New Theater)"--10.12
  • "The Bitch"see"Why Did Desdemona Love the Moor?"and"The Yellow Bird"
  • "The Black Cygnet"--4.2
  • "Black Faced Comedians Blown out of Smoking Shoes"--4.2
  • "The Black Nurse"--4.2
  • "Blanket Roll Blues"--4.2
  • "Blood of the Wolf"--4.5
  • "Blood on the Snow"--4.2
  • "Blossoms' Threat"--4.2
  • "A Bluebird Sings in Rainbow Valley Now"see"The Coral Pink Cave of Her Mouth"
  • "Blue Mountain Ballads"see"Blue Mountain Blues"
  • "Blue Mountain Blues"--4.6
  • "The Blue Ornament"--4.7
  • "Blue Roses"--4.8
  • "Bobo"see"The Yellow Bird"
  • "Bone of a Bird"see"Orpheus Descending"
  • "The `Boss' Complex"--4.9
  • "The Bottle of Brass"--4.10 (see also"Escape")
  • "A Branch for Birds"--4.9
  • "Bride of the Night"--4.9
  • "The Bridegroom's Song"--4.9
  • "The Broken Tower"see"The Battle of Angels"
  • "Burn me! Burn me to ashes..."--4.9
  • "But the iron master heard no bells..."--4.9
  • "But the lady in the little silk house..."--4.9
  • "But thou as the moon..."--4.9
  • "By your hand's miracle..."--4.9
  • "Byron"--4.9
  • "Cabeza de Lobo"see"Suddenly Last Summer"
  • "Cabin"--4.6 (in "Blue Mountain Blues")
  • "Cacti"--4.11
  • "Cairo, Shanghai, Bombay!"--4.12
  • "Calculations in Chicago"--4.11
  • "Camino Real"--5.1-6, 6.1-9, 7.1-10
  • "The campfire flickers..."--4.11
  • "Can it be again..."--4.11
  • "Candida"--10.12
  • "Candide ou L'Optimisme"--10.12
  • "Candles to the Sun"--8.1-3
  • "Il Canne Incantade delle Divina Costiere"--4.11
  • "The Carnival"--4.11
  • "Carnival Night"--4.11
  • "Carolers, Our Candle!"--16.7 (see also"The Glass Menagerie")
  • "Carol's Song"--4.11
  • "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"--8.4-9, 9.1-11, 10.1
  • "The Cataract"--10.2 (see also"Inscriptions on a Wall in a Vacant Bedroom")
  • "The Caterpillar Dogs"--4.11
  • "Cathedral"--4.11
  • "Cathedral Bells"see"The Fugitive Kind"
  • "A Cavalier for Milady"--50.3 (in "Three Works for the Lyric Theatre")
  • "Celebration of a Mass"--10.3
  • "Cellophane Boxes"--10.3
  • "The Chain Cigarette"see"Lily and La Vie!"
  • "The Champion of the Lorelei"see"Virgo"
  • "Change and Resistance and Change"--10.3
  • "Changeling"--10.3
  • "Chant"--56.3
  • "A Chant for My Former Companions"see"Dos Ranchos"
  • "The Chanting of the Koran"see"The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore"
  • "Chaplinesque"see"The Beetle of the Sun"
  • "The Chart"--10.5
  • "A Chart of Anatomy"see"Summer and Smoke"
  • "Cheap silks and perfumes..."--10.3
  • "A Chicken Farm in Idaho"--10.3
  • "The Christmas Blocks"--10.3
  • "The Christus of Guadalajara"--10.3
  • "The Chronicle of a Demise"--10.5
  • "The Cinder Hill"--10.6
  • "Cinquain Sequence"--10.3
  • "The circle of the ferris-wheel..."--10.3
  • "City of Dreadful Nights"see"The Fugitive Kind"
  • "Clash by Night"see"The Fugitive Kind"
  • "Clothed in seventy years of love and sorrow..."--10.3
  • "Clothes for a Summer Hotel"--10.7-9
  • "Cock Crow"see"Virgo"
  • "Cold Stream"--10.11
  • College papers--10.12, 11.1-2
  • "Combination Forgotten"--23.20 (see also"A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur")
  • "The Comforter and the Betrayer"--10.10
  • "The Coming of Something to the Widow Holly"--11.3, 18.5 (in "Hard Candy")
  • "Commencing at meridian to pause..."--10.10
  • "Commentaries"--35.3 (in "Pieces of My Youth")
  • "Comments on the Nature of Artists with a few Specific References to the Case of Edgar Allan Poe"--10.12
  • "Companions"see"A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur"
  • "Compass"--10.10
  • "Composition in the 12-Tone Scale"see"Suddenly Last Summer"
  • "Compromise"--31.4
  • "Confessional"--11.4
  • "Convenience"--10.10
  • "Conversion"--10.10
  • "A Cop and Several Corpses"--10.10
  • "The Coral Pink Cave of Her Mouth"--10.10
  • "Corduroy Pants"--11.5
  • "Cortege"--11.6, 54.14
  • "La Couer a Ses Raisons"--10.10
  • "Counsel"--11.7
  • "Crazy Night"--11.8
  • "Creve Coeur"see"A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur"
  • "Crooked"--4.6 (in "Blue Mountain Blues"), 10.10
  • "Crowded Street"--10.10
  • "Cruel the torture..."--10.10
  • "Cupid on a Corner"--10.10
  • "Curtains for the Gentleman"--11.9
  • "Cut Out"--10.10
  • "Dago Hill"--11.11
  • "Daisy Lanier..."--11.12
  • "Daisy Miller' by Henry James"--10.12
  • "The Dancers with Closed Eyes (Interlude)"--11.10
  • "The Dancie Monie"see"A House Not Meant to Stand"
  • "Dancing Every Saturday Night"see"Floor Show Every Saturday Night"
  • "The Dangerous Painters"--11.13
  • "Danse Macabre"--11.10
  • "Dark Adventure"--11.10
  • "Dark Arm, Hanging Over the Edge of Infinity"--11.14
  • "The Dark Pine Wood"--11.10
  • "The Dark Room"--11.15
  • "The Darkling Plain"--11.10
  • "A Daughter of the American Revolution"see"Daughter of Revolution"
  • "Daughter of Revolution"--11.16
  • "The Day Is Not Enough"--11.10
  • "A Dead Hero and the Living"--11.10
  • "Dead Planet, the Moon"see"Vieux Carré"
  • "Dear Diary"--11.10
  • "Dear Silent Ghost"--11.10
  • "Death: Celebration"--11.10
  • "Death Is a Word"--11.10
  • "Death Is High"--11.17
  • "Death Is the Drummer"--24.13 (see also"Me, Vashya!")
  • "Death of a God"--12.1
  • "The Death of Venus"--11.10
  • "Decision"--11.10
  • "Deep in a distant water..."--11.10
  • "Deepest Instinct, or Fate..."--11.10
  • "Definition of Verbs"see"Definitions and Verbs"
  • "Definitions and Verbs"--12.2 (see also"The Pink Bedroom")
  • "The Delicate Prey"--37.8 (review)
  • "Delle"--11.10
  • "Demon Smoke"--11.10
  • "Departing on track eight..."--11.10
  • "Departure"--11.10
  • "Descent"--11.10
  • "Desertion"--31.4
  • "Desire and the Black Masseur"--12.3
  • "Destroy Me"--11.10
  • "Dialog Between Dances"--12.4
  • "Dinwiddie's Inconvenience"--12.5
  • "The Dismembering Furies"see"Orpheus Descending"
  • "Disturbance at the Spring Display"see"In Memory of an Aristocrat"
  • "Ditches"see"Night Before Sailing"
  • "Diver"--12.4
  • "A Do-It-Yourself Interview"see"The World I Live In"
  • "The Doctor's Waiting Room"--12.4
  • "The Dog Can Speak"--12.4
  • "The Dog Star"--37.8 (review)
  • "Dolores Sleeps Under the Roses"--12.6
  • "Doom's Partner"see"Those Who Ignore the Appropriate Time of Their Going"
  • "Dos Ranchos"--12.7
  • "Down Shropshire Lanes"--12.4
  • "The Drab of Jerico"--12.4
  • "Dragon Country"--12.8
  • "The Dream of Permanence"--12.4
  • "Driftwood"--12.4
  • "The Drunken Faun of Herculaneum"--12.4
  • "The Drunken Fiddler"--12.4
  • "The Duped Battalions"--12.4
  • "Early Frost"--12.9
  • "The earth will reduce me..."--12.9
  • "Earth's Brief Passion"--12.9
  • "The Eccentricities of a Nightingale"--46.5 (see also"Summer and Smoke")
  • "The Ecumenical Letter"see"A Letter from the See"
  • "E'en before noonday, neighbor..."--12.9
  • "Electric Avenue"--43.12 (see also"A Streetcar Named Desire")
  • "Élégie Matinale"--12.9
  • "Elegy for a Artist"--12.9
  • "Elegy for Rose"--12.9
  • "Elephant Parade"see"Histoire du Cirque"
  • "End of Summer"--12.9
  • "The Enemy: Time"--47.7 (see also"Sweet Bird of Youth")
  • "Envoi"--12.9, 31.4
  • "Episode: Cafeteria"--12.9
  • "Episode in Connecticut"--12.9
  • "Episodes from the Life of a Clerk"see"Stairs to the Roof"
  • "Epitome"--12.9
  • "Epode"--12.9
  • "Eros: Metropolis"--12.9
  • "Escape"--12.10 (see also"The Bottle of Brass"and"Summer at the Lake")
  • "Establissements de Saint Louis"see"The Red Part of the Flag"
  • Eulogy of Laurette Taylor--12.11
  • "The Eumenides"--1.10
  • "Every Friday Night Is Kiddies Night"--12.9
  • "Every Twenty Minutes: A Satire"--12.12
  • "Everyman"--12.13
  • "Exaltation"--12.9
  • "Experiments of the Sixties"see"Where I Live"
  • "Extracts from Diary with Comment"--12.9
  • "An Extraordinary Disaster"--12.9
  • "The Eye That Saw Death"--12.14
  • "The Eyes"--12.15
  • "The Eyes Are the Last to Go Out"see"The Eyes"
  • "Facts about Me"--12.17
  • "Faint as a Leaf Shadow"--12.18
  • "Fallen Leaves"--12.16
  • "Family Pew"--12.16, oversize box 2
  • "The Fat Man's Wife"--13.1
  • "Fatal Moment"--12.16
  • "Fate and the Fishpools"--13.2
  • "Fear"--12.16
  • "Fear have I harbored..."--12.16
  • "The featured act of this too dazzling circus..."--12.16
  • "A Few in the Town"see"Something Unspoken"and"Garden Districts"
  • "The Fiddle"see"Joe Clay's Fiddle"
  • "Fiddler's Green"--46.6 (see also"Summer and Smoke")
  • "The Field of Blue Children"--13.4
  • "Field of Gold"--13.3
  • "A Film in Sicily"--13.3
  • "Fin Du Monde"--13.3
  • "Finally Something New"see"Where I Live"
  • "First Syllable"--13.3
  • "Fish have colors that are pale..."--13.3
  • "Flesh Farewell"see"The Rose Tattoo"
  • "Flight"--13.3
  • "Floor Show Every Saturday Night"--13.5
  • "Flower Girl of Carthage"--13.3
  • "Flowers"--13.6
  • "Fontana Vecchia (A Masque)"--13.7
  • "For My Grandmother Rosina Maria Francesca von Albertzart-Otte Dakin (or Rose)"--13.8
  • "For Spain"--13.7
  • "For the Punishment of Rage"--13.7
  • "For the impossible things..."--13.7
  • "For you are not stars..."--13.7
  • "For You, Pygmalion..."--13.7
  • "The Foreign Country"--13.7
  • "The Form of Fern (For Gore Vidal)"--13.7
  • "Fountain"see"The Red Part of the Flag"
  • "Four Leaf Clover"--13.9
  • "Four Songs for the Damned"see"Three Songs for the Damned"
  • "Francais Deux"--13.7
  • "Frère Jacques"see"Tuesday's Child"
  • "Frieze: Lezbos"--13.7
  • "The Front Porch Girl"--16.8 (see also"The Glass Menagerie")
  • "Frost"--13.7
  • "Frosted Glass Coffin"--13.10
  • "The Fugitive Kind"--13.11-14, 14.1-2
  • "The Fugitive Kind" [Screenplay]--14.3-5 (see also"The Battle of Angels"and"Orpheus Descending")
  • "The Funniest Pair of Lovers"see"The Beetle of the Sun"
  • "The Fur-lined Coat"see"Blue Roses"
  • "The Gala Opening of the Confectionery"see"Orpheus Descending"
  • "A Gallantry of Maidens"--14.6
  • "Gamblers Song"--4.6 (in "Blue Mountain Blues")
  • "Garden District"--14.7-9, 15.1-4
  • "The Garden of Emiel Kroger"--15.5
  • "Garden Scene"--14.6
  • "Gatto Romano"--14.6
  • "The Gay Cat"--14.6
  • "A Gentleman behind the Bar"--14.6
  • "The Gentleman Caller"--16.9-10, 17.1-5 (see also"The Glass Menagerie")
  • "Gethsemane"--14.6
  • "A Ghost Story"see"The Preacher's Boy"
  • "Gift of an Apple"--15.6
  • "A gilded cock upon a steeple..."--14.6
  • "Girl"--14.6
  • "Girl from Joe's"--15.7
  • "The Glass Menagerie"--15.8-11, 16.1-17, 17.1-10, 31.2, 61.5
  • "The Gnädiges Fräulein"see"Slapstick Tragedy"
  • "Go Down, Moses"--14.6
  • "Go, Said the Bird!"--44.1 (see also"A Streetcar Named Desire")
  • "Goat Song"--17.11
  • "God in the Free Ward"--17.12
  • "Gods Passed This Way"--17.13
  • "Goforth"see"The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore"
  • "The Ghost of a Man and a Cat"see"The Beetle of the Sun"
  • "Gold Tooth Blues"--17.14
  • "The Good Apples"--14.6
  • "Good Luck God"see"This Is The Peaceable Kingdom"
  • "The Good Time House"--14.6
  • "Goofer Song"--14.6
  • "The Goths"--17.15
  • "The Gravedigger's Speech"--14.6
  • "Green Shade"--14.6
  • "The Green Situation"--14.6
  • "Grenada to West Plains"--18.1
  • "A Guest at the Gables"--18.2
  • "Gunner Jack"--18.3
  • "Hans Hofmann"--18.4
  • "Hard Candy"--18.5
  • "The Harlequin of the Dance"--18.4
  • "The Harp of Wales"--18.6, 31.4
  • "The hawk that high in heaven wheels..."--18.4
  • "The hawthorn is withered..."--18.4
  • "He fingered his vest..."--18.4
  • "He Still Has the Key"see"Last March"
  • "He Will Go Back to the Sun"see"The Beetle of the Sun"
  • "Heart Continues"--18.4
  • "The Heaven Tree"--18.4
  • "Heavenly"--18.7
  • "Heavenly Grass"--4.6 (in "Blue Mountain Blues"), 18.8
  • "Hefts, hifts and what nots including shifts..."--18.2
  • "Helda Gabler' by Henrik Ibsen"--10.12
  • "Helen"--18.4
  • "Helen before Troy"--18.4
  • "Hell"see"Not About Nightingales"
  • "Hello from Bertha"--18.9
  • "Hello Mom"--18.4
  • "Hello Moon"--18.10
  • "Her Admired Exaltation"--18.4
  • "Her body swims in passion..."--18.4
  • "Her Head on the Pillow"--18.11
  • "Here It Is Winter"--18.4
  • "Here was love's pain..."--18.4
  • "Herman Never Loses"see"The Fugitive Kind"
  • "Hide and Seek"see"Baby Doll"
  • "The Hill"--18.12
  • "His Father's House"--18.13
  • "His Mark on You"--18.14
  • "Histoire du Cirque"--18.12
  • "Holiday' by Philip Barry"--10.12
  • "The Holy Family"--18.15
  • "Home Remedy"--18.16
  • "Honor the Living"--18.12
  • "The Hoof Prints of a Little Horse"--18.12
  • "Hot Milk at Three in the Morning"see"Moony's Kids Don't Cry"
  • "A Hot Time in the Old Town"see"Floor Show Every Saturday Night"
  • "House by the Railroad"see"This Property Is Condemned"
  • "House of the Hearts Early Wonder"--18.12
  • "A House Not Meant to Stand"--18.17-18, 19.1-7
  • "The House of Stone"--18.12
  • "House of Vines"--20.1
  • "Housing Problem"--1.10
  • "How doth my love lie..."--20.2
  • "How like a caravan..."--18.12
  • "How shall I speak to you..."--18.12
  • "How Sleeps My Lord?"--18.12
  • "How Still the Lemon on the Branch"--18.12
  • "Hyacinths in Her Window Bloom"--18.12, 51.17
  • "Hymns to Eros"--18.12
  • "I am in debt to you..."--20.3
  • "I Am Not Sure that I Have Learned to Let Go"--23.13 (in "A Liturgy of Roses")
  • "I came upon a fragment of a speech..."--20.3
  • "I cannot deny that I have lost..."--20.3
  • "I Cannot Tell"--20.3
  • "I did not elect this problem..."--20.3
  • "I don't know how a woman gets an idea..."--20.3
  • "I envy you, Thomas..."--20.3
  • "I Fly My Colors"--20.3
  • "I found it unruly..."--20.3
  • "I give my love..."--20.3
  • "I got tired..."--20.3
  • "I had a warnin' one summer mornin'..."--20.3
  • "I have a vast traumatic eye..."--20.3
  • "I Have Concluded Laterly"--20.3
  • "I have kept this love..."--20.3
  • "I Have Not Long to Love"--20.3 (see also"We Have Not Long to Love")
  • "I Have'nt [sic] an Open Car"--20.3
  • "I must depend on you..."--20.3
  • "I Never Get Dressed Till after Dark on Sundays" see "Vieux Carré"
  • "I once observed..."--20.3
  • "I remained there..."--20.4
  • "I Rise in Flames Cried the Phoenix"--20.5-7
  • "I run, cried the fox..."--20.4
  • "I said to myself, said I..."--20.4
  • "I saw how the green sea's denial..."--20.4
  • "I saw you in extremity of pain..."--20.4
  • "I shall not attempt to describe your excellence..."--20.4
  • "I think that I am beginning..."--20.4
  • "I think the strange, the crazed, the queer..."--20.4, 35.3 (in "Pieces of My Youth")
  • "I, Vaslev"see"Me, Vashya!"
  • "I walk the path that leads me straight..."--20.4
  • "I walk through the city..."--20.4
  • "I walked down five steps to hell..."--20.4
  • "I walked this morning along the esplanade..."--20.4
  • "I Want to Go Away"--20.8
  • "I want to go down to the sea..."--20.9
  • "I wanted music to pacify my unrest..."--20.4
  • "I Would Dare"--20.4
  • "I would like to infect you with the excitement of giving..."--20.4
  • "I wounded a man I knew..."--20.4
  • "Ice and Roses"--20.10
  • "The Iceberg"--20.10
  • "The Ice Blue Wind"--20.10
  • "Ice-Edge"--20.10
  • "An Idea of Life"--20.10
  • "The Idea of Theatre"--37.8 (review)
  • "Idillio"--20.10
  • "Idiot and Spinner"--20.10
  • "If Ever the Bell..."--20.10
  • "If I could march..."--20.10
  • "If I Wore"--20.10
  • "If you be wanton in my arms..."--20.10
  • "If You Breath, It Breaks!"--17.6 (see also"The Glass Menagerie")
  • "If you should return..."--20.10
  • "The Image of Bell and Dove"--20.10
  • "Imagism Old and New"--20.10
  • "The Immense Partiality of Self to Self Bearing Roses"--23.13 (in "A Liturgy of Roses")
  • "The Important Thing"--20.11
  • "In a Mood of Wistful Tenderness"--20.12
  • "In Memory of a Rose"--20.12
  • "In Memory of an Aristocrat"--20.13
  • "In Our Profession"--20.14
  • "In Praise of Zinnias"--20.12
  • "In Spain There Was Revolution"--20.15
  • "In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel"--21.1-2
  • "In the beginning..."--20.12
  • "In terraces the buried city lies..."--20.12
  • "In the middle of crazed painter's hair..."--20.12
  • "In the Winter of Cities"--21.3 (see also"Those Who Ignore the Appropriate Time of Their Going")
  • "In these precincts the holy light is held..."--20.12
  • "India Has No Jewel"see"Old Men with Sticks"
  • "The indifference to life or death..."--20.12
  • "Inheritors"--21.4
  • "Inscription"--20.12
  • "Inscriptions on a Wall in a Vacant Bedroom"--20.12
  • "An Inspirational Message from a Parrot"see"A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur"
  • "Instinct"--20.12
  • "Interior"see"Definitions and Verbs"
  • "The Interior of the Pocket"--21.5, 31.4
  • "Interior: Panic"--44.3 (see also"A Streetcar Named Desire")
  • "Interval"--21.6, 35.3 (in "Pieces of My Youth")
  • "Intimations"--20.12
  • "The Inventory"--21.7
  • "Iron Is the Winter"--21.8
  • "Iron Man"--21.8
  • "Ironweed"--21.9
  • "Is Fives"--21.8
  • "Ishtar"--21.10
  • "The Island Is Memorable to Us"--21.11, 31.4
  • "It Can Turn"--21.8
  • "Its Light Is Longer"--21.8
  • "Jean Qui Pleur où Jean Qui Rit?"--21.12
  • "The Jockeys at Hialeah"--21.13
  • "Joe Clay's Fiddle"--21.14
  • "John's Bird"--21.12
  • "Joy Rio"--21.12
  • "Joyous was I..."--21.12
  • "Jungle"--22.2
  • "The juniper is dead..."--21.12
  • "Katharsis"--22.3
  • "The Kewpie Doll"--22.4 (see also"Spring Storm")
  • "The Killer Chicken and the Closet Queen"--22.5
  • "Kingdom of Earth"--22.6-9, galley files
  • "The Knightly Quest"--22.10
  • "Knowledge"--22.11
  • "Lady Anemone"--22.13
  • "The Lady from the Village of Fallin"--23.1
  • "Lady Misunderstood"--22.12
  • "The Lady of Larkspur Lotion"--23.2
  • "The Lake"see"Escape"
  • "The Lake Trip"--23.3
  • "Lament for the Moths"--23.4
  • "The Lamp"see"Candles to the Sun"
  • "...and Last Farewell"see"Lord Byron's Love Letter"
  • "Last March"--22.12
  • "Last night I crossed the river..."--22.12
  • "Last Night When I Was Young"--22.12
  • "The Last of My Solid Gold Watches"--23.5, 50.2 (in "Three Plays by Tennessee Williams"), galley files
  • "Last Star"--22.12
  • "The Last Verse"--23.6
  • "The Last Wine"--22.12
  • "The Late Christopher Bean' by Sidney Howard"--10.12
  • "The Latter Days of the Celebrated Soubrette"--41.6-7 (see also"Slapstick Tragedy")
  • "Laugh Not So Proudly"--22.12
  • "Laughter"--23.7
  • "Laurel"--22.12
  • "Law, law! She never had no `Ligion!..."--22.12
  • "The Leafless Block"see"Portrait of a Madonna")
  • "The Legend"--23.8 (see also"Everyman")
  • "The Lemon Tree"see"How Still the Lemon on the Branch"
  • "Let me review once more..."--23.8
  • "Let the gloomy bards deny it..."--23.8
  • "Let us go tight lipped..."--23.8
  • "A Letter from the See"--23.8
  • "A Letter of Explanation and Apology"--23.8
  • "Letter to an Old Friend"--23.8
  • "Letter to an Old Love"--11.1, 23.8
  • "A Letter to Irene"--23.8
  • "Life Boat Drill"--23.9
  • "Life Is for the Living"--23.8
  • "The Life of a Sitting Target: Chapter"--31.4
  • "Life Story"see"After People Have Been to Bed Together"
  • "Light"--23.8
  • "Lily and La Vie!"--23.10
  • "Lines for Two Lovers"--23.8
  • "A Literary Clique"--23.8
  • "`The Literary Mind' by Max Eastman"--10.12
  • "Little Eva's Dilemma"--23.11
  • "Little Horse"--23.12
  • "The Little Town"--23.8
  • "The Little White Lady of Tsarko-Toye"--23.8
  • "A Liturgy of Roses"--23.13
  • "The Log Book"--23.14
  • "Lonesome Man"--4.6 (in "Blue Mountain Blues")
  • "The Long Goodbye"--23.15
  • "A Long Road with Pines"--23.16
  • "The Long Stay Cut Short"see"Baby Doll"
  • "Look Both Ways Crossing the Street"--23.14
  • "Lord Buddha Speaks to the Novice"--23.14
  • "Lord Byron's Love Letter"--23.17
  • "The Loss of a Tear-Drop Diamond"see"Lost and Found and Lost"
  • "Lost and Found and Lost"--23.14
  • "The Lost Girl"--23.18 (see also"Las Muchachas")
  • "Loudspeaker"--23.14
  • "Love Having Owned You"--23.14
  • "Love is an old song..."--23.14
  • "The Love Is Never"--23.14
  • "Love, O Literary Love!"--23.14
  • "Love, O lovely love..."--23.14
  • "Love Only"--23.19
  • "Love Poem"see"The Good Apples"
  • "Love Song"--23.14
  • "A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur"--23.20, 24.1-2
  • "The Lovers"--23.14
  • "Lyric"--23.14, 56.3
  • "Madrigal"--24.3
  • "The Magic Tower"--24.4
  • "The Malediction"--24.5
  • "The Man in the Dining Car"--24.6
  • "Man in the Overstuffed Chair"--24.3
  • "The Man Korngold"--24.7
  • "Marine"--24.3
  • "The Mark of the Makhi"--24.8
  • "Marriage Is a Private Affair"--24.9
  • "Mars"--24.3
  • "The Marvelous Children"--24.10
  • "A Match"see"Camino Real"
  • "The Mattress by the Tomato Patch"--18.5 (in "Hard Candy"), 24.11
  • "Me, Vashya!"--23.13-14, 24.1-2
  • "The Mebby's Cabin"--24.12
  • "The Meeting of People"--24.12
  • "Memories of War"--24.12
  • "The Memory of an Orchard"see"Orpheus Descending"
  • "The Men from the Polar Star"see"The Coming of Something to the Widow Holly"
  • "The Mercury"--25.3
  • "Meridian"--24.12
  • "Merope"--10.12
  • "Mesalliance"--24.12
  • "Message"--24.12
  • "Middle West"--25.4
  • "A Military Funeral"see"Military Honors"
  • "Military Honors"--25.5
  • "The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore"--25.6-8, 26.1-6, 27.1-7, 28.1-4
  • "The Mind Does Not Forget"--24.12
  • "The Minstrel Jack"--28.5
  • "The Miracles at Granny's"see"Heavenly Grass"
  • "Mirrors and Metals"--24.12, 56.3
  • "Miss Jelkes Recital"--28.6
  • "Miss Wilkins and Archie"--24.12
  • "Mister Paradise"--24.12
  • "A Moment in a Room"--29.1
  • "Montage of Place and Circumstances..."--28.7
  • "Moon"--28.7
  • "Moon of My Delight"--28.7
  • "Moon of Pause"see"The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone"
  • "The moon set in the bottom..."--28.7
  • "Moon Song: Key West"--28.7
  • "The moon that coldly curious watched..."--28.7
  • "Moony's Kids Don't Cry"--29.2, 50.2 (in "Three Plays by Tennessee Williams")
  • "More Poetry Than Truth"--28.7
  • "Morgenleid"--28.7, oversize box 2
  • "Morning"--28.7
  • "Morning at Midnight"--28.7
  • "Morning with Martial Music"--28.7 (see also"This Property Is Condemned")
  • "Mornings on Bourbon Street"--28.7
  • "The Mother of the Wine"--27.3 (see also"The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore")
  • "Mrs. Rose and the Grocery Clerk"see"Something About Him"
  • "Mrs. Young"--29.3
  • "Much green water..."--29.3
  • "Much shall they suffer..."--29.3
  • "Las Muchachas"--29.4 (see also"The Lost Girl"and"Las Palomas")
  • "The Mutilated"--29.3, 41.9 (see also"Slapstick Tragedy")
  • "My Escape"--29.5
  • "My feasting is among the damned..."--29.3
  • "My Grandmother's favorite color..."--29.6
  • "My Grandmother's name was Rosina..."--29.3
  • "My Husband Died Last March"see"Last March"
  • "My Joy Killing Roomie"--29.3
  • "My Little One Whose Tongue Is Dumb"--29.7
  • "My Love Was Light"--29.3
  • "My sister is discretion's self..."--29.3
  • "My wife is a white lady..."--29.3
  • "Myra, My Brother's Wife"see"Kingdom of Earth"
  • "The Mysteries of the Joy Rio"--18.5 (in "Hard Candy")
  • "The Mystery of Your Smile"--29.3
  • "The Mystery Play at the Chat Noire"--29.3
  • "Myth"see"Meridian"
  • "Nazimova to Laurette"--35.3 (in "Pieces of My Youth")
  • "The Negro Proves Himself a Linguist"--10.12
  • "Neighing..."--29.8
  • "Never Spit against the Wind"--29.8
  • "The New Boarder"--29.8
  • "The New Home"--29.8
  • "New Mexican Mural"see"Dos Ranchos"
  • "The New Poet"--29.8
  • "The Nigger of the Narcissus' by Joseph Conrad"--10.12
  • "Night before Sailing"--29.9
  • "A Night in Madrid"--29.10
  • "Night of the Iguana"--29.11-14, 30.1-3
  • "The Night of the Zeppelin"--29.8
  • "Night Passage"--29.8
  • "Nirvana"--30.4
  • "Nitchevo"see"The Malediction"
  • "No complaint or apologies..."--29.8
  • "No Warmer Garment"--29.8
  • "No word we spoke..."--29.8, 31.5
  • "None but the Lonely Heart"--29.8
  • "Not About Nightingales"--30.5-10
  • "Not long of lease, this residence..."--29.8
  • "Not that I should or that it matters much..."--29.8
  • "Not with the Curved Remembrance of the Hand"--29.8
  • "Notes for a Coffin Maker"--29.8
  • "Notes on Dr. Heller's Lecture `Science and the Humanities in Goethe"'--11.1
  • "Notes to the Reader"--29.8
  • "November Grief"--29.8
  • "Now a Memory That's Painful"--29.8
  • "Now Eros Shake My Soul"see"Twenty-seven Wagons Full of Cotton"
  • "Now I am a logical sailor..."--29.8
  • "Now I divide again the already split particles..."--29.8
  • "Now the Cats with Jewelled Claws"--50.3 (in "Three Works for the Lyric Theatre")
  • "O I am burning, burning..."--31.6
  • "O shallow, glittering, unarrested, profound..."--31.6
  • "Oak Leaves"--31.7
  • "Observe His Heart"--31.8
  • "October Song"--31.6
  • "Of Self to Self Bearing Roses"--23.13 (in "A Liturgy of Roses")
  • "Often Toward Morning"see"Those Who Ignore the Appropriate Time of Their Going"
  • "Oh, the long marvelous letter..."--31.6
  • "Old Ladies Skulls"--31.6
  • "An Old Lady Falls with Two Books"--31.9
  • "An Old Man on the Road"see"The Rose Tattoo"
  • "Old Men Are Fond"--31.6
  • "Old Men with Sticks"--31.10
  • "An Old Rhyme"--56.3
  • "Old Shoe"--4.6 (in "Blue Mountain Blues")
  • "Old Wife's Warning"--31.6
  • "Ole `Sephus"--4.6 (in "Blue Mountain Blues")
  • "Omen"--31.6
  • "On a Streetcar Named Success"see"Some Informal Thoughts on Success"
  • "On Summer Evenings"--31.12
  • "On the Beat"--31.11
  • "Once in a Life-Time"--31.11
  • "One and Two"--31.11
  • "One Arm"--31.13
  • "One Arm and Other Stories"--31.14, galley files
  • "One Morning in May"--31.11
  • "One of Piccasso's Blues"see"Lily and La Vie!"
  • "One that thunders..."--31.11
  • "The opaque casinos were raided..."--31.11
  • "The Orchard"--31.11
  • "The Orchards of Night"--31.11
  • "Orpheus among the Shades"--31.11
  • "Orpheus Descending"--32.1-9, 33.1-3, 62.5, oversize box 2 (see also"The Battle of Angels"and"The Fugitive Kind"[Screenplay])
  • "Our daughter was Evalyn..."--31.11
  • "Our death was yesterday..."--31.11
  • "Our Faith"--31.11
  • "Our hearts are damaged..."--31.11
  • "Our new and very tender guest..."--31.11
  • "Our fisher folk have begun..."--56.18
  • "Out-Cry"--33.4-6, 34.1-2, oversize box 2
  • "The Out of Town Date"see"Heavenly"
  • "Ozark"--31.11
  • "A Pack of Cigarettes"see"Corduroy Pants"
  • "The Painted Mask"--34.3
  • "Las Palomas"--34.4 (see also"The Lost Girl"and"Las Muchachas")
  • "The Palooka"--34.3
  • "A Panic Renaissance in the Lobos Mountains"--34.5
  • "The Paper Lantern"--34.6
  • "Parade"--34.3, 35.3 (in "Pieces of My Youth"), 57.6
  • "Parentheses"--34.3
  • "Part of a Hero"--34.7
  • "The Partner of the Acrobat"--34.3
  • "The Passion of a Moth"--44.8 (see also"A Streetcar Named Desire")
  • "Past, Present and Perhaps"--34.3
  • "Peace bought at fifteen..."--34.3
  • "The Pearl of Greater Price"--34.8
  • "The pediment of our land..."--34.3
  • "Penates"--34.3
  • "Pensée Cyníque"--1.10, 34.3, 56.3
  • "A Perfect Analysis Given by a Parrot"--34.9-10
  • "Perhaps I should tell you..."--34.3
  • "Period of Adjustment"--34.11-15, 35.1, galley files
  • "The Pet of Princess Angh"--34.3
  • "The Photo-Finish of a Shooting Star"see"The Mercury"
  • "Photograph and Pearls"--35.2
  • "Pieces of My Youth"--35.3
  • "Pieta"--35.2
  • "Pillar of Smoke"see"Meridian"
  • "The Pink Bedroom"--35.4 (see also"Definitions and Verbs")
  • "A Place of Stone"see"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"
  • "Plato's Address to the United Artists of America"--35.2
  • "The Play of Character"--35.2
  • "Pneumonia in the Heart"--4.6 (in "Blue Mountain Blues")
  • "Poem"--35.2
  • "Poem for E. L."--35.2
  • "Poem for K."--35.5
  • "Poem for Rose"--35.2
  • "Poems"--35.6
  • "Poems, Early and Late"--35.2 (see also"In the Winter of Cities")
  • "The Poker Night"--44.9 (see also"A Streetcar Named Desire")
  • "poor katie with her crystal gone"[sic]--35.2
  • "The Poppy Paradise"--35.2
  • "Portrait"--35.2
  • "Portrait of a Girl in Glass"--17.7 (see also"The Glass Menagerie")
  • "Portrait of a Madonna"--35.7
  • "Practical Zoology"--11.1
  • "Pragmatic Compendium: 1936"--35.8
  • "Prayer"--10.10
  • "A Prayer for the Wild of Heart That Are Kept in Cages"see"Stairs to the Roof"
  • "The Preacher's Boy"--35.8
  • "Preface to Action"--35.9
  • "A Preface to Browning's `My Last Duchess'"--35.10
  • "The Pretty Trap"--17.8 (see also"The Glass Menagerie")
  • "The Primary Colors"--44.10 (see also"A Streetcar Named Desire")
  • "The Privet Hedge"--35.11
  • "The Problem of a Long Run"--35.8
  • "The Prodigal Race"--35.12
  • "Psyche: Letter to an Old Friend"--35.8
  • "La Puella Perdida"see"Dos Ranchos"
  • "Pulse"--35.8
  • "The Puppets of the Levantine"--48.5 (see also"Sweet Bird of Youth")
  • "The Purification"--35.8
  • "Queen's Gambit Declined"see"Those Who Ignore the Appropriate Time of Their Going"
  • "Quest"--35.13
  • "Quicksilver"see"Escape"
  • "The Radiant Guest"--35.15
  • "Rain from Heaven"--11.1
  • "The Rebellion"--35.14
  • "The Recital"--35.14
  • "A Recluse and His Guest"--35.16
  • "Recollection"--35.14
  • "Recuerdo"--35.14
  • "The Red Devil Battery Sign"--36.1-6, 37.1-3
  • "The Red Part of the Flag"--37.4
  • "Red Silk for the Street"see"The Red Part of the Flag"
  • "Reflections"--35.3 (in "Pieces of My Youth")
  • "Reflections in a Golden Eye"--37.5
  • "Remember Me as One of Your Lovers"--37.6
  • "Rendevous"--35.14
  • "A Reply to Mr. Nathan"--35.14
  • "A Report on Four Writers of the Modern Psychological School"--11.1
  • "Reprieve"--35.14
  • "The Reredos at Saint Chapelle..."--31.5
  • "The Resemblance between a Violin-Case and a Coffin"--18.5 (in "Hard Candy"), 37.7
  • "The Rest is Silence"see"Not About Nightingales"
  • "Return to Dust"--35.14
  • "Review of Two Plays by John M. Synge"--11.1
  • "Rhapsody: Columbus Circle"--35.14
  • "The Rich and Eventful Death of Oliver Winemiller"see"Camino Real"
  • "The Richest Earth this Side of the River Nile"see"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"
  • "Ride a Cock Horse"see"Moony's Kids Don't Cry"
  • "The Ring"--35.14
  • "The Road"--37.9
  • "The Road: Sunrise"--37.10
  • "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone"--37.11-12, 38.1-2, 62.6
  • "The Room Is Cold"--46.9 (see also"Summer and Smoke")
  • "Rosalio's Ms." (translation from the Spanish)--35.14
  • "The Rose"see"The Rose Tattoo"
  • "The Rose Immaculate"see"The Rose Tattoo"
  • "The Rose of the Performance"see"Virgo"
  • "The Rose Tattoo"--38.3-10, 39.1-9, 40.1-6
  • "Rose's Song"--35.14
  • "Rousseau: Bord de L'oise"--35.3 (in "Pieces of My Youth"), 35.14
  • "Rubio y Morena"--18.5 (in "Hard Candy"), 40.7
  • "Sabbatical Eros"--10.3
  • "Sacre de Printemps"--40.9
  • "The sad and delicate wisdom..."--40.8
  • "Said the Chinese Nightingale"--40.8
  • "A sailor isn't safe to love..."--40.8
  • "Salome"--40.8
  • "San Sebastion de Sodoma"--40.10
  • "Sanctuary"--40.8
  • "Sand"--40.11
  • "Sand Shark"--40.8
  • "A Satire on Self Bearing Roses!"--23.13 (in "A Liturgy of Roses")
  • "Scenario"--40.8
  • "Scene"--40.8
  • "Scene: Nocturne"--40.8
  • "Scenes of a Magic Lantern"see"Summer and Smoke"
  • "The Sculptured Play"--40.8
  • "Sea Grapes: A Parable"--40.8
  • "Sea Shells"--40.12
  • "The Sea without Water"--40.13
  • "Season of Grapes"--40.14
  • "Secret Wisdom"--40.8
  • "Seek her again in the garden..."--40.8
  • "Semaphore"--40.8
  • "Sentimental Story"--40.8
  • "Sentiments for the Second Sunday"--40.15
  • "The Seven Descents of Myrtle"--22.9see also"Kingdom of Earth"
  • "Shall I wear a decoration on my dress..."--40.16
  • "A Shallow Cup"--40.16
  • "The Shallow Pool"--40.16
  • "She Loved Him"--40.16
  • "She never wanted more than this..."--40.16
  • "She that Comes Late to the Dance"--40.17
  • "She Walks in Beauty"--41.1
  • "The Sheltering Sky"--37.8 (review)
  • "Short Stories for Volume"--31.4
  • "Show Me the Way to Go Home"--41.2
  • "The Shuttle"--40.16
  • "Side Light on a Convention"see"A Perfect Analysis Given by a Parrot"
  • "The Siege"--41.4
  • "Silently, Invisibly"--41.3
  • " `Silver Dollar' West"--41.3
  • "A simple ring can hold together..."--41.3
  • "The Simplification"--41.3
  • "Singer of Darkness"--41.3
  • "The Sissy"--41.5
  • "Situation Wanted"--41.3
  • "Sixteen Blocks on the Camino Real"see"Camino Real"
  • "Slapstick Tragedy"--41.6-10
  • "Slide Area"--41.3
  • "Small Craft Warning"--41.11
  • "The smooth black lake and the swan..."--41.3
  • "The Snakeskin Jacket"see"The Battle of Angels"
  • "So Glad"--42.1
  • "So, let the sweet singers laugh..."--42.1
  • "So Long, Moon"--42.1
  • "So we'll go no more a roving..."--42.1
  • "The Soft City"--42.2
  • "Sold for a Penny"--42.1
  • "Soldier's Memoranda"--42.1
  • "Some folks are niggardly of love..."--42.1
  • "Some Informal Thoughts on Success"--42.3
  • "Some look for destiny within a cup..."--42.1
  • "Some Representative Plays of O'Neill"--11.1
  • "Some Trouble at the Moose Lodge"see"A House Not Meant to Stand"
  • "Some Words of Introduction" (re: Carson McCullers)--42.1
  • "Something About Him"--42.4
  • "Something by Tolstoi"--42.5
  • "Something Unspoken"--14.7-8, galley files (see also"Garden District")
  • "Something Wild in the Country"see"Orpheus Descending"
  • "Sometimes the space between..."--42.1
  • "Somewhere a Voice..."--11.1
  • "Son of"--42.1
  • "Song"--42.1
  • "Song among Leaves"--42.1
  • "Song for the Damned"--42.1
  • "The Song of the Turned-Out People"see"Heavenly Grass"
  • "Sonnet"--42.1
  • "Sonnet for a Prodigal"--42.1
  • "Sonnet to a Fool in Love"--42.1
  • "Sonnet to Pygmalion"--42.1
  • "Sonnets for the Spring"--42.1
  • "Sonnets in My Sixteenth Year"--42.1
  • "Soon after the event is passed..."--42.1
  • "Southern Cross"see"Night of the Iguana"
  • "Speech"--42.6
  • "Speech from the Stairs"--42.6
  • "The Spinning Song"see"The Paper Lantern"
  • "Spreading havoc among them..."--42.6
  • "Spiritchel Gates"see"Kingdom of Earth"
  • "Spring from the west..."--42.6
  • "Spring Night"--42.6
  • "Spring Night: Adventure"--42.6
  • "The Spring Offensive"--17.9 (see also"The Glass Menagerie")
  • "Spring Storm"--42.7-12 (see also"The Kewpie Doll")
  • "Springfield, Illinois"--42.6
  • "Square Pegs"--43.1
  • "Stains of a Tender Outrage"--43.2 (see also"Those Who Ignore the Appropriate Time of Their Going")
  • "Stairs and Fountains"--43.2
  • "Stairs to the Roof"--43.3-4
  • "State of Enchantment"see"The Magic Tower"
  • "Stella for Star"--43.5
  • "Steps Must Be Gentle"--35.3 (in "Pieces of My Youth")
  • "Still Waters"--43.2
  • "Stone and Plaster"--43.2
  • "The Stone Palace"see"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"
  • "The Stonecutter's Angels"--43.6
  • "Storm Clouds over the Wheat"--31.4
  • "Stornello"see"The Rose Tattoo"
  • "Story of an Angel"see"Blue Roses"
  • "A Story of Hope and Despair"see"The Beaded Bag"
  • "The Strange Play"--43.2
  • "The Stranger"--43.2
  • "Stranger in Yellow Gloves"--43.2
  • "The Strangers"--43.7
  • "The Strangest Kind of Romance"--43.8
  • "The Street"--43.2, 56.3
  • "Street Music"--43.2
  • "A Streetcar Named Desire"--1.12, 43.9-13, 44.1-12, 59.8, oversize box 2
  • "Sub Terra"--45.2
  • "Suburbs"--45.1
  • "Such Frightful Children"see"Inscriptions on a Wall in a Vacant Bedroom"
  • "Such a Reverence for Tea-Cups"--45.1
  • "Suddenly Last Summer"--14.9, 15.1-4 (see also"Garden District")
  • "Sugar in the Cane"--4.6 (in "Blue Mountain Blues")
  • "Summer and Smoke"--45.3-11, 46.1-9 (see also"World of Lights and Shadows")
  • "Summer at the Lake"--47.1 (see also"Escape")
  • "The Summer Belvedere"--47.2-3, galley files
  • "A Summer Husbandry"--45.1
  • "Summer: Manhattan"--47.4
  • "Summer: Meridian"--45.1
  • "Summer Night"--45.1
  • "Summer Notes and Some Ain't!"--47.5
  • "Sun Flower"--45.1
  • "The Sun That Warms the Dark"see"Summer and Smoke"
  • "The Swan"--47.6
  • "Swan Song"--45.1
  • "Sweet Bird of Youth"--47.7-12, 48.1-6, galley files
  • "A System of Wheels"--48.7
  • "The Taj Mahal with Ink Wells"--48.8
  • "A Tale of Two Writers"--48.9
  • "Talisman of Roses"--48.8
  • "Talisman Roses"--48.10
  • "Talk to Me Like the Rain"--48.11
  • "The Talk Went On"--48.8
  • "Tall"see"Lady Anemone"
  • "A Tall Man"see"Lady Anemone"
  • "Tall Men"see"Lady Anemone"
  • "Te Moraturi Salutamus"see"The Battle of Angels"
  • "The Tears of Christ"see"Me, Vashya!"
  • "The tears that pass..."--49.1
  • "Technical Foreword and Notes on the `Plastic Theatre'"--49.1
  • "Tell Sad Stories of the Deaths of Queens..."see"Suddenly Last Summer"
  • "The Temple of Yama and Yu"--49.1
  • "Temples to the red earth shook..."--49.1
  • "Ten Blocks on the Camino Real"--7.7-10 (see also"Camino Real")
  • "Ten Minute Stop"--49.2
  • "Tender Hills and Spindling Pillars"--49.1
  • "The Tender Ones"--49.1
  • "Tennessee Williams"see"The Author"
  • "Tenor Sax Taking the Breaks"--49.1
  • "Tent Worms"--35.3 (in "Pieces of My Youth")
  • "Testa Dell' Effebo"--49.3, 54.9
  • "Testament"--49.1
  • "Thank You, Kind Spirit"--49.4
  • "That Horse"--49.4
  • "That Red Headed Woman of Mine"--49.5
  • "Their distance asserts your dereliction..."--49.4
  • "Then I must twist and turn..."--49.4
  • "Then I must weave my thread..."--49.4
  • "There is a wistful shepherd-girl..."--49.4
  • "There Was Light"--49.6
  • "These Are the Stairs You Got to Watch"--49.7
  • "These Scattered Idioms"--49.8, 51.13
  • "These in the Sun's Temple"--49.4
  • "Thinking Our Own Thoughts"--11.1, 49.4
  • "Third Floor South"--17.10 (see also"The Glass Menagerie")
  • "This Book"see"Reflections in a Golden Eye"
  • "This Can't Last Forever"--49.4
  • "This Crystic Bone"--49.4
  • "This Is (An Entertainment)"--49.9, 56.4
  • "This is at once his pride and his disgrace..."--49.4
  • "This Is My Crazy Doll"see"This Property Is Condemned"
  • "This Is the Peaceable Kingdom"--49.10
  • "This Property Is Condemned"--49.11, 50.2
  • "This Spring"--49.12
  • "This was Irene"see"In Memory of an Aristocrat"
  • "This Year's Debutante"--49.13
  • "Those Who Ignore the Appropriate Time of Their Going"--49.14 (see also"In The Winter of Cities"and"Stains of a Tender Outrage")
  • "Three"--4.6 (in "Blue Mountain Blues"), 49.4
  • "Three against Grenada"--49.4
  • "Three Brass Balls and a Gypsy"see"Camino Real"
  • "Three Myths and a Malediction"--49.4
  • "Three Players of a Summer Game"--18.5 (in "Hard Candy"), 49.15, 50.1
  • "Three Plays by Tennessee Williams"--50.2
  • "Three Songs for the Damned"--49.4
  • "Three Works for the Lyric Theatre"--50.3
  • "Three Yellow Balls and a Gypsy"see"Camino Real"
  • "The tide runs full and then..."--50.4
  • "Tiger by the Tail"see"Baby Doll"
  • "Till One or the Other Gits Back"--50.5
  • "The Time"see"Camino Real"
  • "Time and Life and Drama"--50.4
  • "Time Is Motion"--50.4
  • "The Time of Ancients"see"Old Men with Sticks"
  • "Time of the Locust"--50.4 (see also"The Vine")
  • "The Time of Roses"see"Spring Storm"
  • "The Timeless World of a Play"--50.6
  • "Timothy the Tinker"--50.4
  • "The tinkling of glasses..."--50.4
  • "To a Lost Friend"--50.4
  • "To Me Who Loved You Once"--50.4
  • "To Mr. Ustinov, a Gentle Objection"--50.4
  • "Tomorrow Is Another Day"--50.4
  • "Tongue"--50.4
  • "The too limpid streets have grown narrow..."--50.4
  • "Tourists"--50.4
  • "Towns become jewels..."--50.8
  • "Der Trachedy uff Hamlut und Ahphelia"--23.11
  • "A Travelogue of Stars that Fall"see"The Mercury"
  • "The Treadmill"--50.9
  • "A Tree of Gold Apples"--50.4
  • " `Tristram' by Edward Arlington Robinson"--11.1
  • "Tuesday's Child"--50.10
  • "Turcaret"--11.1
  • "Turn again, turn again..."see"At seven o'clock or eleven..."
  • "The Twain"see"The Union With"
  • "Twenty-seven Wagons Full of Cotton"--50.11
  • "Twenty Three"--50.4
  • "Twisted were the roots..."--56.18
  • "The Twister"--50.12
  • "The Two"see"The Rose Tattoo"
  • "Two Articles Seen through a Flaw in the Pane of My Window"see"Inscriptions on a Wall in a Vacant Bedroom"
  • "The Two Character Play"--34.2 (see also"Out-Cry")
  • "Two Early Poems"see"Dark Adventure"
  • "Two Friends"--50.4
  • "Two Metaphysical Sonnets"--50.4
  • "Two on a Party"--18.5, 50.13, galley files
  • "Two Out of Three"--50.4
  • "Two Sonnets"--50.4
  • "The Ugly Queen"--50.14
  • "Unarmed"--50.14
  • "Under the April Rain"--50.14
  • "Unemployment"--50.15
  • "The unexpressed and ever wonderful..."--50.14
  • "The Union With"--50.14
  • "Unresigned"--50.14
  • "The Unsatisfactory Supper"see"Baby Doll"
  • "Until the Man Jumped!" --50.14
  • "Unwilling Hero"--50.14
  • "An Urban Fantasy"--50.14
  • "Useless"--50.16
  • "The Valediction"--51.2
  • "Valentine's Story of Vivian"--51.1
  • "The Valkyrs Ride"--51.1
  • "Venite Adoremus"--51.3
  • "The Vengeance of Nitocris"--51.1
  • "Verbs"see"Definitions and Verbs"
  • "Victim of a Hunter"--51.1
  • "Vieux Carré"--51.4-5
  • "The Vine"--18.5 (in "Hard Candy"), 51.7 (see also"Time of the Locust")
  • "La Violletta Romano"--51.1
  • "The Virgin"--51.1
  • "Virgin's Dream"--51.1
  • "Virgo"--51.1
  • "A Vision of Tyre"--51.1
  • "Visions"--51.1
  • "The Vocal Dead"--51.1
  • "Waiting in line for bread..."--51.8
  • "Waiting Room"--51.8
  • "A Walk through the Snow"--51.8
  • "Warning"--51.8
  • "The wayward flesh has made me wise..."--51.8
  • "We Are Coming Home to Die"--51.8
  • "We are the pioneers..."--51.8
  • "We Have Not Long to Love"--51.9(see also"I Have Not Long to Love")
  • "Wedding Day"--51.8
  • "The Weight of a Stone"--51.10
  • "What did he think as he died..."--51.11
  • "What does the bird in his eyrie sing?..."--51.11
  • "What Harp Unmangled"--51.11
  • "What is 'Success' in the Theatre"see"Where I Live"
  • "What ornament will be upon your breast?..."--51.11
  • "What would you like for lunch? They ask..."--51.11
  • "When"--51.11
  • "When will the sleeping tiger stir..."--51.12
  • "When your finger-nails have little ridges in them..."--51.11
  • "Where I Live"--51.13
  • "Which Is My Little Boy"--51.14
  • "Whipmaster"see"Baby Doll"
  • "The Whisper of the Marsh..."--51.11
  • "The White Cafe..."--51.11, 56.18
  • "White Horses"--51.11
  • "White Sisters"--31.5
  • "Who goes between their awful world and ours..."--51.11
  • "Who is able to breathe?..."--51.11
  • "Who Possibly Will"--51.11
  • "Why Did Desdemona Love the Moor?"--51.15
  • "Why Do You Smoke So Much Lily?"--51.16
  • "Why should I seek too-lofty things..."--51.11
  • "The Widow of the Rose"see"The Rose Tattoo"
  • "The Wild Girl"--4.6 (in "Blue Mountain Blues")
  • "A Wild Thing in the House"see"The Rose Tattoo"
  • "Will Mr. Merriwether Return from Memphis?"--52.1
  • "Will You Believe?"--52.2
  • "The Wind and the Rain' (Merton Hodge)"--11.1
  • "Wind of the Night"--51.17
  • "The Windows of the Blue Hotel"--51.17
  • "The Wine Drinkers"--51.17
  • "Wings to the Night"--51.17
  • "Winter Is Death's Season"--51.17
  • "A Winter Song"--51.17
  • "With a necklace of amber and agate..."--51.17
  • "With the first crocus..."--51.17
  • "Woman"see"Kingdom of Earth")
  • "The Woman from Alice Regan's"--51.17
  • "Woman Key"--52.3
  • "Woman of the Hills"--52.4
  • "Woman of the Winter Wood"--51.17
  • "The Wooden Cross"--51.17
  • "Words to the Wise"--51.17
  • "A Work for the Plastic Theatre"see"Camino Real"
  • "The World I Live In"--52.5
  • "World of Lights and Shadows"--52.6 (see also"Summer and Smoke")
  • "The Wounds of Vanity"--11.1, 51.17
  • "Writers Abroad"--52.7
  • "The Years of Vision"--52.8
  • "Yea, I suppose that Art..."--52.8
  • "The Yellow Bird"--52.9, galley files
  • "Yes, Tall, Inseparably..."see"Lady Anemone"
  • "You and I"--52.8
  • "You Could Not Understand"--52.8
  • "You know how the mad come into a room..."--52.8
  • "You Never Can Tell the Depth of a Well"--11.1
  • "You never saw him, but there was a man..."--52.8
  • "You Touched Me"--52.10-14, 53.1
  • "Your passion is arranged in decimals..."--52.8
  • "A youth is dead..."--52.8
  • "The Youthfully Departed"--50.3 (in "Three Works for the Lyric Theatre")