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Ernest Hemingway:

An Inventory of His Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Hemingway, Ernest
Title: Ernest Hemingway Collection
Dates: 1860-1965
Abstract: The bulk of the collection comprises holograph and typescript works, prominent titles of which include Death in the Afternoon, A Farewell to Arms, "The Snows of Kilimanjaro," Big Two-Hearted River, The Old Man and the Sea, and Across the River and Into the Trees, correspondence of family and friends, and works by associates.
Extent 15 document boxes (6.25 linear feet), 11 galley files (gf), 2 oversize folders (osf)
Language English
Repository Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Born in 1899, Ernest Hemingway was the second of six children born to Grace Hall and Clarence Edmonds Hemingway. Ernest developed a love of literature and music from his mother, a trained opera singer and music teacher after her marriage, and gained a keen interest in outdoor sports--hunting, fishing, woodscraft--from his father, a doctor and avid naturalist. Divided between the family's home in Oak Park, Illinois, and their summer cottage on Walloon Lake in Michigan, Ernest's childhood was happy and free from any peculiar traumas or catastrophes.

Hemingway graduated from high school in 1917, two months after the outbreak of World War I. Unable to join the military due to poor eyesight, and not wishing to follow his parent's advice to attend Oberlin, he obtained a job as a cub reporter for the Kansas City Star newspaper. While in Kansas City he discovered a way to join the war effort and in 1918 he sailed for Paris as an ambulance driver.

Arriving in early June, Hemingway was stationed in Italy where on July 8, at Fossalta di Piave, the Italian troops to whom he was delivering chocolate and cigarettes came under shell fire. While accounts of Hemingway's actions and injuries vary, he received a number of severe wounds and spent over nine months in the new Red Cross Hospital in Milan recovering.

Hemingway spent the better part of the next year living at home and writing but in 1920 had a falling out with his parents. He moved to Chicago where he took a newspaper job and moved into an apartment with another bachelor. At a party he met Hadley Richardson whom he married in 1921. Shortly after the wedding the couple moved to Paris.

Over the next five years, Hemingway wrote and traveled. He developed a strong working relationship with Gertrude Stein and Ezra Pound, both of whom strongly influenced his writing and gave him advice, help, and support. Visiting Pamplona at Stein's suggestion he developed his life-long fascination with bull-fighting and the matadors who perform the ritualistic sport. He met and became friends with F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gerald Murphy. He also published his first book, Three Stories and Ten Poems, a volume of short stories, in 1923, and celebrated the birth of his first child, a son, in the same year.

Back in Paris in 1926 Hemingway met and fell in love with Pauline Pfeiffer, an heiress and occasional writer for Vogue. Hadley agreed to a divorce later that year and in May 1927, Hemingway married Pauline. During this period Hemingway published two major works, The Sun Also Rises (1926) and Men Without Women (1927), which brought him critical acclaim in America as well as Europe and established him as a serious writer.

Hemingway and Pauline returned to the United States in 1928 to visit her family and vacation in Key West. Pauline survived a difficult birth to present Hemingway with his second son late in the summer. This joyful news was offset later in the year by the suicide of Hemingway's father. Pouring his emotional turmoil into his work, Hemingway completed the novel he had been working on, and early in 1929 published A Farewell to Arms, which rocketed him to celebrity status.

Along with fame, Hemingway acquired wealth, which he used to purchase a home in Key West and a boat, the Pilar. He and Pauline also went on safari in Africa which inspired several stories including "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" (1936). He spent time in Europe in 1937 and 1938 covering the Spanish Civil War for the North American Newspaper Alliance. While on this assignment he met fellow journalist Martha Gelhorn whom he married in 1940. Lasting only four years, a great deal of Hemingway's third marriage was spent covering World War II and competing with Martha for assignments and glory.

By 1944, Hemingway had had enough of war. He returned to his home in Cuba and waited for Mary Welsh, whom he had met in Paris, to complete her divorce proceedings and join him. They were married in 1946 in Havana. Hemingway continued to write, but the late 1940s contained a long series of misfortunes for him and his family.

The publication of The Old Man and the Sea (1952) marked the end of Hemingway's active writing life. Though he produced a number of short stories, his heavy drinking and declining physical and mental health took its toll on the quality of his work. Following a grueling summer traveling in Spain following the 1959 bull fight season, he entered the Mayo Clinic in November 1960 where he received a diagnosis of diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, and depression. He was discharged in January of 1961, but readmitted in April of the same year. He left the hospital in June, returning to his home in Ketchum, Idaho, where on July 2, 1961, he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Scope and Contents

The collection is organized into three series with materials arranged alphabetically and chronologically where possible: I. Works, 1926-1958 (2 boxes); II. Correspondence, 1877-1965 (9.5 boxes); and III. Works by other Authors, 1860-1963 (3.5 boxes). This collection was previously accessible through a card catalog, but has been re-cataloged as part of a retrospective conversion project.

The Works Series is composed of holograph and typescript, and printed versions of articles, fiction, poems, and other works created by Hemingway over the course of his writing career. Of particular interest is the heavily edited holograph and typescript draft of Death in the Afternoon. Also present are several poems and a large collection of typescript articles written by Hemingway for the North American Newspaper Alliance during the Spanish Civil War, and seven published articles written in 1916 and 1917 by Hemingway for the high school newspaper Trapeze.

The Correspondence Series, comprising the bulk of the collection, contains a small number of letters to and from Hemingway and a great number of letters from Hemingway's family members, including his parents and grandparents, whose correspondence dates back as far as 1877. The letters of friends and associates are also present, along with the correspondence of researchers, some of which was written after Hemingway's death.

The Works by other Authors Series is composed of poems, short stories, speeches, and theses by Hemingway's family and associates. A few items by Hemingway's antecedents date back as far as 1860. Robert Brown, Grace Hall Hemingway, John Pratt, and Philip Young, as well as others are all present in this section.



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Index Terms

Arnold, Ruth
Bailey, Benjamin Tyley
Bailey, Mary Alice
Barker, Carlos, 1909-1987
Brown, Robert Morgan
Gardner, Carol Hemingway
Hall, Ernest Miller
Hall, Leicester Campbell
Hemingway, Clarence Edmonds
Hemingway, Grace Hall
Hemingway, Leicester, 1915-1982
Jepson, Ursula Hemingway
Mainland, Madelaine Hemingway
Samuels, Lee
Sanford, Marcelline Hemingway, 1898-1963
North American Newspaper Alliance
Authors, American--20th century
Hemingway Family
World War--1939-1945--Italy
Document Types
Galley proofs

Related Material

Other materials associated with Hemingway may be found in the following collections at the Ransom Center:

  • Adams, James Donald
  • Brown, Robert Morgan
  • Connolly, Cyril
  • Ernst, Morris
  • Graham, Stephen
  • Harper's
  • Herrmann, John
  • Lehmann, John
  • Lucas, Edward Verrall
  • McDonald, Edward David
  • Norman, Charles
  • Samuels, Lee
  • Selznick, David O.
  • Walpole, Hugh
  • Weidman, Jerome

Separated Material

Elsewhere in the Ransom Center are over 60 photographs of Hemingway, his family, friends, and landscapes located in the Literary Files of the Photography Collection, as well as eleven Vertical Files containing newspaper clippings with biographical information and literary criticism in addition to published works by Hemingway. There are also five Vertical Files containing information on the Hemingway family in general. An extensive currency collection includes a variety of Chinese coins and European bills.

58 caricatures, drawings, illustrations, sketches, sculptures, and water colors relating to Hemingway and including works by Al Hirschfeld and Robert Berks are housed in the Art Collection. Additional artwork in the form of 43 illustrations for Men Without Women and drawings and sketches by members of the Hemingway family are also located in the Art Collection.

Administrative Information


Purchases and gifts, 1958-1991 (R20, R1231, R1297, R2254, G1563, R2387, R3015, R4181, R4601, R5951, R6849, R7127, G8958)

Processed by

Chelsea S. Jones, 1999

Index of Correspondents

Box and folder numbers are followed by a number in parentheses which indicates the number of items by that person. A single item is indicated where there is no number in parentheses following the box and folder number. Where there is correspondence from Ernest Hemingway, the number in parentheses is followed by the phrase "from Hemingway." So in the example:

Brown, Robert Morgan--3.8 (6 from Hemingway), 3.13 (18), 9.3-6 (144)

there are 6 letters from Hemingway to Brown in box 3, folder 8, 18 letters from Brown in box 3, folder 13 and 144 letters from Brown in box 9, folders 3 thru 6.

  • Abel, Fred S.--8.5 (2)
  • Adams, Earl S.--8.5
  • Adams, Juliette Graves, 1858- --8.5 (2)
  • Albatross Verlag--8.5
  • Armstrong, Arthur H.--8.5 (2)
  • Arnold, Ruth--8.6 (20)
  • Art Institute of Chicago--8.5
  • Association for Research and Enlightenment--8.5
  • The Atlantic Monthly--3.12
  • Atwood, I.J.--8.5
  • Atzel, Alena A.--8.5
  • Augsburg, Paul O.--8.5
  • Axley, Lowry--8.5
  • Ayers, Annie Catherine--8.5
  • Ayers, Frederick C.--8.5 (2)
  • Bacon, Henry--8.7 (3)
  • Bailey, Arthur--8.7 (3)
  • Bailey, Benjamin Tyley--8.8 (34)
  • Bailey, Frances M.S.--8.7
  • Bailey, Harold Clark--8.7 (3)
  • Bailey, Jack--8.7 (2)
  • Bailey, John Tyley--8.7 (3)
  • Bailey, John--8.7
  • Bailey, Mary Alice--8.9 (80)
  • Baines, Ida C.--8.7 (2)
  • Baines, Roland--8.7 (2)
  • Baker, Carlos, 1909-1987--9.1 (25)
  • Baker, John--8.7 (3)
  • Baker, Nettie Garmer--8.7
  • Ballagh, Lillian--8.7
  • Barton, W.E.--8.7
  • Bast, Alzina M.--8.7
  • Batchelor, Emma G.--8.7
  • Bayliss, Helen S.--8.7
  • Beath, Lillian Ann--9.2 (4)
  • Bedford, N.L.--9.2
  • Bellows, Alice Christie--9.2
  • Bellows, Marguerite--9.2 (2)
  • Bellville, Rupert--3.5 (15 from Hemingway)
  • Benson, Bertha--9.2 (5)
  • Benson, Helen F.--9.2 (2)
  • Benson, Robert L.--9.2
  • Biaggini, Adriana Ivancich--3.6-7 (69 from Hemingway)
  • Birkin, Elizabeth--9.2 (3)
  • Blanchard, Evelyn Weingardner--9.2 (3)
  • Board, Alice T.--9.2 (2)
  • Boatright, Mody C. (Mody Coggin), 1896-1970--9.5 (2)
  • Bowie, Mabel H.--9.2
  • Brace, Elsie--9.2 (7)
  • Brenneman, Alice Updegraff--9.2 (3)
  • Brown, Robert Morgan--3.8 (6 from Hemingway), 3.13 (18), 9.3-6 (144)
  • Brownell, J.D.--9.2
  • Bullock, Cora A.--9.2
  • Burgmeier Book Bindery--9.2 (4)
  • Butterfield, Jan W.--9.2
  • Calene, Dorothy B.--9.7 (2)
  • Callaghen, Morley--9.7
  • Cappiani, Luisa--9.7 (2)
  • Carleton College--9.7
  • Center, Amelia--9.7
  • Center, Marie--9.7
  • Center, Millie--9.7 (2)
  • Chalfant, Blanche--9.7 (3)
  • Chamberlain, William B.--9.7
  • Charles, Laura M.--9.7
  • Charles Scribner's Sons--3.12, 9.6 (2)
  • Chenoweth, Blanche E.--9.8 (6)
  • Cherrie, Martha E.--9.9 (6)
  • Chew, E.C.--9.7
  • Chicago Society of Artists--9.7 (2)
  • Church, Julie, fl. 1942--9.7
  • City Bank Farm Trust Company--9.7 (3)
  • Clapp, Mabel A.--9.7
  • Clark, Glenn, 1882-1956--9.7 (3)
  • Clark, Herma--9.10 (13)
  • Clayberg, Anna Jones--9.7
  • Clayton F. Summary Co.--9.7 (5)
  • Cleophas, Gertrude--9.7
  • Clifford, Sophie Katherine--9.7
  • Coe, Albert Buckner--9.11
  • Coffin, June--9.11
  • Cohn, Louis Henry--9.11
  • Cohn, Marguerite A.--9.5 (4)
  • Cole, Marie Eldridge--9.11
  • Collins, Anna W.--9.11
  • Conference of Club Presidents and Program Chairman--9.11 (2)
  • Congdon, Anne--9.11 (2)
  • Conlon, Frances--9.11 (3)
  • Cooper, Marion Williams--9.11 (3)
  • Cowley, Malcolm, 1898- --9.11
  • Cream of Wheat Corporation--9.11
  • Cunningham, Jane--9.11 (5)
  • Curtis Brown Ltd.--3.12, 9.10
  • Dart and Dart--10.1
  • Davidson, Jess Archer--10.1
  • Dawning, Lulu Jones--10.1
  • Dellers, Walter--10.1
  • Denman, Hercy--10.1
  • Denney, Mary K. Ames--10.2 (4)
  • Desert Inn Gallery--10.1
  • Dickens, Carrie L.--10.1
  • Dilworth, Elizabeth--10.1 (3)
  • Dizney, Helen--10.1 (3)
  • Dodge, B.L.--10.1
  • Drummond, Helene--10.1 (5)
  • Dupuis, Jennie L.--10.1
  • E.A. Markham (firm)--10.3
  • Early, Kent--10.3
  • Ebann, Sophia--10.3 (3)
  • Ebel, Phoebe--10.3
  • Eberhart, Mignon Good, 1899- --10.3
  • Edwards, Dick--10.3 (3)
  • Eldred, Grace Elizabeth--10.3
  • Erkhoff, N.H.K.--10.3
  • Faulk, John Henry--9.5 (4)
  • Faulkner, Elizabeth--10.4
  • Feldman, Lew David--9.5
  • Fenberg, Bertha--10.4
  • Fentress, James, 1871-1945--10.4
  • Ferguson, Margaret--10.4
  • Ficek, Jennie--10.4
  • First Congregational Choral Union--10.4
  • Fisher, Marietta--10.4
  • Fletcher, - W.--10.4
  • Fletcher, Blanche--10.4 (5)
  • Florida State Board of Medical Examination--10.4
  • Funk, Frances Ellen--10.4
  • Funk, Katheryn--10.4
  • Gadsden, Fannie G.--10.5
  • Gannett, Florence--10.6 (3)
  • Gardner, Carol Hemingway--4.1-2 (89)
  • Gardner, Ethel Fentress--10.5 (4)
  • Gardner, John Fentress--10.5 (4)
  • Gardner, Linda--10.5
  • Gardner, Mila--10.5
  • Garnett, David, 1892- --3.4 (2 from Hemingway)
  • George T. Zipp Lumber Co.--10.5 (3)
  • Gilson, Marion--10.5 (3)
  • Gonant, Lottie--10.5
  • Goodhue, Cordelia--10.5
  • Gore, Laura L.--10.5 (4)
  • Grace, Frances Coates--10.5
  • Gray, Susan--10.5 (3)
  • Grimm, Paul, fl. 1935--10.5
  • Grover, Walter Bradford--10.7 (9)
  • Guerin, Anna L.--10.5
  • Halbrook, Estelle--10.9
  • Hall, Caroline Hancock--4.3 (8)
  • Hall, Ernest Miller--4.3 (5), 4.4-4.7 (119)
  • Hall, Leicester Campbell--4.3, 5.1-4 (94)
  • Hall, Mary D.--4.3
  • Hall, Miller--4.3 (2)
  • Hall, Nevada Butler--5.5 (15)
  • Hancock, Benjamin Tyley--10.8 (5)
  • Hancock, Horatio H.--10.8
  • Hancock, Sarah Tyley--10.8
  • Hancock, Tyley--10.8
  • Hanneman, Audre--10.8
  • Harding, Glenn--10.8
  • Harney, James Alex--10.8
  • Hart, Hornell Norris, 1888- --10.8 (4)
  • Hazlitt, Blanche R.--10.8 (2)
  • Hedrick, Phoebe Roberts--10.8
  • Heebner, Flora K.--10.8 (2)
  • Hemingway, Adelaide Edmonds--5.6 (5)
  • Hemingway, Alfred Tyler, 1877- --5.6
  • Hemingway, Anson Tyler--3.4 (from Hemingway), 5.7 (6)
  • Hemingway, Arabell White--5.6
  • Hemingway, Clara Edmonds--5.6 (2)
  • Hemingway, Clarence Edmonds--3.4 (2 from Hemingway), 3.12 (6), 6.1-4 (125)
  • Hemingway, George R.--5.6
  • Hemingway, Grace Hall--3.4 (12 from Hemingway), 3.12 (3), 6.5-8 (177)
  • Hemingway, Grandpa--5.6 (2)
  • Hemingway, Isabel--5.6 (4)
  • Hemingway, Leicester, 1915-1982--3.9 (7 from Hemingway)
  • Hemingway, Mary Williams--5.6 (2), 7.1 (15)
  • Hemingway, Mary--5.6
  • Hemingway, Pauline Pfeiffer--5.6 (5)
  • Hemingway, Susan Shedd--5.6
  • Hemingway, Willoughby--5.6 (13)
  • Hennigen, Mary W.--10.8
  • Henry Wittbold and Son--10.8 (2)
  • Hern, I.--10.8
  • Hewett, Eleanor Mayers--10.10
  • Hicks, Granville, 1901- --10.9
  • Hill, Grace Livingston, 1865-1947--10.9
  • Hine, Winifred Otis--10.9
  • Hines, Anginette B. Hemingway--10.9 (7)
  • Hinkley, Hermina--10.9
  • Hinkley, Phoebe--10.9 (2)
  • Hoitt, John G.--10.9 (2)
  • Holt, A.E.--10.9
  • Holt, Grace--10.9 (2)
  • Hopper, May--10.9
  • Horner, Margaret--10.9 (2)
  • Howe, Annie Lyon, 1852-1943--10.9
  • Howe, Ethel--10.9
  • Howe, Muriel--10.9
  • Howes, Beatrice--10.9 (4)
  • Hulburt, Emma K.--10.9
  • Hutchins, William J. (William James), 1871-1958--10.9 (2)
  • Hyacinthe Ringrose (firm)--10.9 (2)
  • Jenkins, Howell G.--3.10 (4 from Hemingway)
  • Jenson, Bessie--10.10
  • Jenson, Holyer W.--10.10
  • Jepson, Gayle--10.10 (6)
  • Jepson, Ursula Hemingway--7.2-3 (45)
  • Johnson, Walter, 1867- --10.10
  • Jones, Evan H. --10.10 (2)
  • Jones, Gwendolyn--10.11 (7)
  • Jordon, Reba--10.10
  • Junge, Fannie--10.10
  • Kennedy, Laura B.--10.10
  • Kester, Carvin R.--10.10
  • Kimmell, Sue--10.10
  • King, Betty, 1919- --10.10
  • Klinefelter, Guilbert--10.12 (6)
  • Kracha, Ella W. --10.10
  • Krieger, Glennora--10.10 (3)
  • La Casa Belga--3.4 (from Hemingway)
  • Lack, Emma--11.2 (4)
  • Lagurstrom, Maxine--11.1
  • Lake, Lillian--11.1 (3)
  • Lantes, Carl--11.1
  • Leary, Lewis--9.5
  • Lint, Cora--11.1 (2)
  • Livingston, Chester G.--1.11
  • Livingston, Grace--See Hill, Grace Livingston
  • Livingston, William H.--11.1 (5)
  • Loba, J.F.--11.1
  • Loba, Lucene M.B.--11.1
  • Longwell, Dorothy--11.1
  • Lonin, St. - --11.1
  • Loomis, Belle H.--11.1 (2)
  • Lowell, Orson, 1871- --11.1
  • Lowry, A.L.--11.1
  • Lynaugh-Farley, Mac--11.1
  • Lyon & Healy (firm)--11.1 (2)
  • MacFarland, Mary Mason--11.3
  • Mainland, Ernest Hemingway--11.3
  • Mainland, Kenneth Sinclair--11.3
  • Mainland, Madelaine Hemingway--7.4 (31)
  • Martin, Hattie--11.3
  • Mather, Clara--11.3
  • Mathews, Albert, Mrs.--11.3 (2)
  • McCanna, Ben T.--11.3 (5)
  • McCollister, John J.--11.3
  • McIvor, Geneva--11.3
  • McLauchlen, J.S.--11.3
  • Melville, Belle Watson--11.4 (5)
  • Montgomery Ward--11.3
  • Moody, Anna--11.3
  • Moody's Investor Service--11.3
  • Moon, Julia T. --11.3
  • Moon, Roscoe--11.3
  • Moore, W.T., Mrs.--11.3
  • Morford, Edwin--11.5 (7)
  • Mory, A.V.H. (Austin Van Hoesen), 1869- --11.3 (3)
  • Mowrer, Hadley Hemingway, 1891- --11.3 (2)
  • Moyer, Harold Nicholas, 1858- --11.3
  • Munger, Alzina C.--11.3 (5)
  • Municipal Art League of Chicago--11.3
  • Munnecke, Alice L.--11.3
  • Munsey, Frank Andrews, 1854-1925--11.3
  • Murphy, John B.--11.3
  • Musselman, Gertrude--11.3
  • Nafis, Emelie M.--11.6
  • Nelson, Florence A.--11.6 (2)
  • Nelson, Olga--11.6
  • New York Herald--11.6
  • Newton, Harriet H.--11.6
  • Nicholas, Lee--11.6
  • Niles, Will W.--11.6
  • Nineteenth Century Club--11.6 (3)
  • Noble, Edna Chaffee, 1848- --11.6
  • Nolf, John T.--11.6
  • North American Newspaper Alliance--3.14 (3)
  • Northwood, Arthur--11.6
  • Norton, Louise--11.6
  • Norton, Milton J.--11.6 (2)
  • Oak Park Trust & Savings Bank--11.7
  • Ohlerking, John Henry, Mrs.--11.7
  • Oliver Ditson Company--11.7 (4)
  • O'Neill, Raymond--11.7
  • Ormsby, Oliver S. (Oliver Samuel), 1874-1954--11.7
  • Palmer, Flo--11.7 (2)
  • Palmities, Mary Louise--11.7
  • Pearl, Allen S.--11.7
  • Pearson, Emma--11.7
  • Pettibone, Florence--11.7
  • Pettibone, R.S.--11.7
  • Pfeiffer, Karl--3.4 (from Hemingway)
  • Pfeiffer, Paul M.--3.4 (2 from Hemingway), 11.7
  • Pfeiffer, Pauline--See Hemingway, Pauline Pfeiffer
  • Pfeiffer, Virginia--11.7
  • Phelps, William Lyon, 1865-1943--11.7
  • Pillet, Eleanor--11.7
  • Plumb, D.--11.7
  • Pond, Gilbert--11.7
  • Poor, Edith French--11.7
  • Poorman, Maude D.--11.7
  • Potts, W.J.--11.7 (2)
  • Powell, Marie Cole, 1882- --11.7
  • Pratt, John Clark--11.7 (3)
  • Priebe, Carrie M.--11.7
  • Randall, Addie--11.8
  • Randall, C.E.--11.8
  • Randall, Frances Ames--11.8 (8)
  • Randall, Georgie L.--11.8
  • Randall, Hayden--11.8
  • Randall, James Henry--11.9 (16)
  • Randall, Mallinson--11.8 (5)
  • Ranney, Harriet A.--11.8
  • Ransom, Harry Huntt, 1908- --9.5 (4)
  • Ratcliff, Margaret H.--11.8
  • Ratcliffe, Frances C.--11.8 (2)
  • Raymond, Helen T.--11.8 (2)
  • Rederson, Bob--11.8
  • Reed, Dorothy--11.8
  • Reichelt, Marie Ward--11.10 (2)
  • Reynolds, Charlotte--11.11 (5)
  • Rice, Alfred--9.5
  • Rider, Mr.--3.4 (from Hemingway)
  • Robben, John-3.4 (2 from Hemingway)
  • Robert, Francis Warren, 1916- --9.5 (5)
  • Roberts, May--11.8
  • Rogers, W.G. (William Garland), 1896- --3.4 (from Hemingway)
  • Roome, Clarence T.--11.12 (8)
  • Roome, Elizabeth--11.8 (9)
  • Roser, C.M.--11.8 (2)
  • Ross, Grace--11.8 (2)
  • Sagh, May--12.1
  • Samuels, Lee--3.11 (17 from Hemingway), 3.12, 12.1 (2)
  • Sanders, Alice N. Ward--12.2 (7)
  • Sanford, Carol Hemingway--7.5 (10)
  • Sanford, Jim--12.1
  • Sanford, John--12.1
  • Sanford, Marcelline Hemingway, 1898-1963--7.6 (7), 7.7-9 (113)
  • Sanford, Raymond P.--12.1 (2)
  • Santers, Elizabeth--12.1
  • Seabury, Charles Ward--12.1
  • Seymour, Ivy Horder--12.1
  • Seymour, Margarita--12.1 (2)
  • Sharp, Louis H.--12.1
  • Shepard, Arabell Hemingway--8.1 (6)
  • Simonds, Jennie S.--12.1
  • Slater, John R.--12.1
  • Smart, Jessie T.--12.1
  • Smith, Bessie--12.1
  • Smith, C.E.--12.1
  • Smith, Edith J.--12.1 (2)
  • Smith, Mabel--12.4 (5)
  • Snider, Emily M.--12.1
  • Soares, Theodore Gerald, 1869- --12.1
  • Stearns, I.K.--12.1 (2)
  • Steffenhagen, Louise--12.1 (3)
  • Stelzel, Sophie--12.1
  • Stevens, M.D. (Milon D.)--12.1
  • Stone, Mary Roberta--12.1
  • Stoughton, Arthur H.--12.1 (2)
  • Stoughton, Mary A.--12.1
  • Straud, Claire Edwards--12.1 (2)
  • Strumm, Maud--12.1 (2)
  • Sumner, Alice E.--12.1
  • Swift, Laura Laing--12.1 (2)
  • Taylor, Lillian Townsend--12.5
  • Thomas Quinlan & Sons Co., Ltd.--12.5
  • Townsend, Ted--12.5
  • Trebilcock, Paul--12.5
  • Truesdell, Adelaide Hemingway--8.2 (12)
  • Tucker, Emma B.--12.5
  • Tucker, F.F.--12.5
  • U.S. Library of Congress-12.5
  • Van Cleeve, Carrie B.--12.6 (7)
  • Van Doren, Irita Taylor, 1891-1966--3.4 (from Hemingway)
  • Vincent, Viola--12.5
  • Von Platen, Ida M.--12.5 (2)
  • Vose, Marion--12.5
  • Walker, Gene A.--12.7
  • Waller, Mary E. (Mary Ellen), 1855-1938--12.7
  • Ward, Alice--12.7
  • Ward, E.M.--12.7
  • Ward, Henry L.--12.7
  • Wass, Allen--12.7
  • Watson, Dudley Crafts--12.7
  • Watt, Ruth H.--12.8 (5)
  • Weber, Helen F.--12.7 (2)
  • West, John A.--12.7
  • Westbrook, Max--9.5
  • White, Trumbull, 1868-1941--12.7
  • Whittlesey, Robert N.--12.7 (2)
  • Who's Who Among Women--12.7
  • Wieand, Irma C.--12.9 (5)
  • Wilder, Thornton, 1897-1975--3.12, 12.7
  • William, Mark--12.7
  • Williams, Margaret, fl. 1905--12.7 (2)
  • Williams, Marion G.--12.7
  • Wilson, T.--12.7 (3)
  • Women's Board of Missions of the Interior--12.7
  • Wood, Jasper--3.4 (2 from Hemingway)
  • Wood, May Y.--12.7
  • Wood, William H,--12.7
  • Wright and Co. (firm)--12.10 (6)
  • YMCA of the USA--12.11


Dictionary of Literary Biography -- Volume 102: American Short Story Writers, 1910-1945. Bobby Ellen Kimbel, Ed. (Detroit: Gale Research Company, 1991).

Mellow, James R. Hemingway: A Life Without Consequences. (Houghton Mifflin Company: New York, 1992).

Folder List

Series I. Works, 1916-1958
(2 boxes)

The Works Series is arranged by genre into three subseries: Subseries A. Articles, 1916-1938 (1 box); Subseries B. Fiction, 1926-1950 (1 box); and Subseries C. Poems, Sketches, Speeches and other Works, 1926-1958 (3 folders). A complete list of all titles in this series is provided in the Index of Works at the end of this finding aid.
The Articles Subseries contains 41 typescripts of articles written by Hemingway for the North American Newspapers Alliance as he documented the Spanish Civil War and its effects in France and Italy. Also found in this subseries are the radiograms for several articles, and seven published articles written in 1916 and 1917 by Hemingway for the high school newspaper Trapeze.
The Fiction Subseries holds the manuscripts for several of Hemingway's better known novels, as well as a number of short stories. Prominent among the titles is a complete holograph and typescript version of Death in the Afternoon and two typescript pages of A Farewell to Arms, both of which were extensively edited by Hemingway. Also available are typescripts of "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" and Big Two-Hearted River as well as galley proofs for The Old Man and the Sea and Across the River and Into the Trees.
The third subseries is made up of typescripts of poems, sketches, speeches and other assorted works. Included in this section are typescripts of an acceptance speech for an award from the Cuban Tourist Industry Board, The Art of Fiction XXI, an autobiographical sketch, Country Poem with Little Country, and a group of poems under the title of Poems for Mary.
Subseries A. Articles, 1916-1938
box folder
1 1 American Veterans Tell of Escaping Insurgents, typescript with author edits, 1938,
gf 1 By-Line, galley proofs, 340pp
2 "Exploits of Americans Win Hemingway's Praise," typescripts with editor marks, 1937,
3 "French Border Airtight, Hemingway's Check Shows," typescript with editor marks, 1937,
4 "Hemingway Describes Bombing of Tortosa," typescript with editor marks, 1938,
5 "Hemingway Describes Flight of Refugees," typescript with editor marks, 1938,
6 "Hemingway Describes Shelling of Madrid," typescript with editor marks, 1937,
7 "Hemingway Describes the Attack on Teruel," two typescripts with editor marks, 1937,
8 "Hemingway Describes the Fall of Teruel," typescript with editor marks, 1937,
9 "Hemingway Discovers 'A New Kind of War,'" typescript, 1937,
10 "Hemingway Doubts Rebels Will Launch Teruel Drive," typescript with editor marks, 1937,
11 "Hemingway Finds Lerida Still Partly Loyalist," typescript with editor marks, 1938,
12 "Hemingway Finds Madrid Calmly Fighting Own Way," typescript with editor marks, 1938,
13 "Hemingway Finds Madrid Callous to Bombardment," typescript with editor marks, 1937,
14 "Hemingway Finds Morale of Loyalists Still High," typescript with editor marks, 1938,
15 "Hemingway in Spain," typescript with editor marks, 1937,
16 "Hemingway Rates Brihuega with World War Battles," typescript with editor marks, 1937,
17 "Hemingway Says Italians are Blocked Near Tortosa," typescript with editor marks, 1938,
18 "Hemingway Sees Dead Strewing Battlefield," typescript with editor marks, 1937,
19 "Hemingway Sees Success for Loyalists in Aragon," typescript with editor marks, 1937,
20 "Hemingway Sees Wounded Limp Amid Fiesta Crowds," typescript with editor marks, 1937,
21 "Hemingway, Under Fire, Watches Loyalist Attack," typescript with editor marks, 1937,
22 "Lardner Affirms Faith in Cause of Loyalists," typescript with editor marks, 1938,
23 "Loyalists at Castellon Seen Heavily Entrenched," typescript with editor marks, 1938,
24 "Loyalist Drive Seen Progressing as Planned," typescript with editor marks, 1937,
25-26 News Dispatches to North American Newspaper Alliance, 18 radiograms, 1937-1938,
27-37 News Dispatches to North American Newspaper Alliance, 11 typescripts with editor marks, nd, 1938
38 "North Seen Weak Spot in Loyalists' Defense," typescript with editor marks, 1938,
39 "Passport for Franklin Is Urged by Hemingway," typescript with editor marks, 1937,
40 "Tortosa Calmly Awaits Assault by Insurgents," typescript with editor marks, 1938,
41 "Writer Says Rebels Seek to Force Foes to Attack," typescript with editor marks, 1937,
osf 2 Trapeze, vol 5, no. 5 and 7; vol 6, no. 7, 13, 19, 21 and 23, 1916-1917
Subseries B. Fiction, 1926-1950
box folder
2 1 A-Z, Untitled
2 A Farewell to Arms, typescript with author notes, nd,
gf 2 A Hemingway Reader, typescript galley proofs with author inscription, 1953,
gf 3 Across the River and Into the Trees, page proofs on galley sheets, 1950,
3 Big Two-hearted River: I-II, typescript with author corrections, nd,
4-6 Death in the Afternoon, holograph and typescript with author edits, nd,
gf 4 The Old Man and the Sea, advance galley proofs, 1952,
7 "The Snows of Kilimanjaro," typescript with extensive author revisions and additions, nd,
8, gf 5 To Have and Have Not: An Untitled Story for Jerry on His Birthday, chapters I-V, typescript with author edits, nd,
55pp (galley proofs removed to galley folder 5)
Under the Ridge
box folder
2 9 Holograph and typescript with extensive author revisions and insertions, nd,
10 Typescript with author's note, 1950,
Subseries C. Poems, sketches, speeches, and other works, 1926-1958
box folder
3 1 A-Z, Untitled
2 Acceptance speech for the gold medal of the Cuban tourist industry, typescript with author edits, nd,
3 The Art of Fiction XXI, two proof copies, 1958,

Series II. Correspondence, 1877-1965
(9.5 boxes)

The Correspondence Series is divided into four subseries: Subseries A. Outgoing Correspondence, 1903-1961 (1 box); Subseries B. Incoming Correspondence, 1900-1959 (3 folders); Subseries C. Family Correspondence, 1882-1946 (4 boxes); and Subseries D. Third-party Correspondence (4.5 boxes). All correspondents are listed individually in the Index of Correspondents at the end of this finding aid.
The Outgoing Correspondence Subseries is composed of primarily personal letters written by Hemingway to family, friends, and acquaintances. Well represented recipients include Adriana Biaggini, Robert Brown, Leicester Hemingway, and Lee Samuels. The small Incoming Correspondence Subseries contains a few letters from Hemingway's mother, Grace Hall Hemingway, letters from Robert Brown, the North American Newspaper Alliance, and a few others.
The Family Correspondence section contains correspondence written by members of the Hemingway family, including grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and wives of Ernest Hemingway. Grace Hall and Clarence Edmonds are particularly well represented here with well over a hundred letters each to various family members and friends, as well as several letters to each other from their courtship days. Hemingway's sisters, Madelaine Mainland, Ursula Jepson, and Marcelline Sanford were also active correspondents and are listed under their married names.
Third-party Correspondence comprises largely personal communications between people associated with, or doing research about, Hemingway. Also included in this section are a few more distant relatives and a large group of letters by unidentified authors. Carlos Baker and Robert Brown figure prominently in this subseries, as do Florence Gannett, Emma Lack, Alice Sanders, Sterling Sanford, and others.
Subseries A. Outgoing Correspondence, 1903-1961
box folder
3 4 A-Z, Unidentified
5 Bellville, Rupert, 1953-1959
6-7 Biaggini, Adriana Ivancich, 1950-1955
8 Brown, Robert Morgan, 1954-1956
9 Hemingway, Leicester, 1937-1947
10 Jenkins, Howell G., 1922-1925
11 Samuels, Lee, 1950-1961
Subseries B. Incoming Correspondence, 1900-1959
box folder
3 12 A-Z
13 Brown, Robert Morgan, 1954-1957
14 North American Newspaper Alliance, 1937-1938
Subseries C. Family Correspondence, 1882-1946
box folder
4 1-2 Gardner, Carol Hemingway (sister), 1914-1943
3 Hall family (maternal aunts and uncles)
4-7 Hall, Ernest Miller (maternal grandfather), 1894-1905
box folder
5 1-4 Hall, Leicester Campbell (uncle), 1893-1935
5 Hall, Nevada Butler (aunt), 1911-1918
6 Hemingway family members
7 Hemingway, Anson Tyler (paternal grandfather), 1884-1924
box folder
6 1-4 Hemingway, Clarence Edmonds (father), 1882-1928
5-8 Hemingway, Grace Hall (mother), 1887-1942
box folder
7 1 Hemingway, Mary Williams (aunt), 1904-1935
2-3 Jepson, Ursula Hemingway (sister), 1919-1925
4 Mainland, Madelaine Hemingway (sister), 1914-1942
5 Sanford, Carol Hemingway (niece), 1932-1938
6-9 Sanford, Marcelline Hemingway (sister), 1903-1946
box folder
8 1 Shepard, Arabell Hemingway (aunt), 1920-1935
2 Truesdell, Adelaide Hemingway (cousin), 1924-1934
Subseries D. Third-party Correspondence, 1877-1965
box folder
8 3 Unidentified authors, A-G
4 Unidentified authors, I-Z
5 A
6 Arnold, Ruth, 1909-1920
7 B-Ba
8 Bailey, Benjamin Tyley, 1886-1933
9 Bailey, Mary Alice, 1896-1941
box folder
9 1 Baker, Carlos Heard, 1954-1964
2 Be-Bz
Brown, Robert Morgan, 1954-1965
box folder
9 3-4 Letters re Ernest Hemingway, 1954-1955
5 Correspondence re the disposition of his Hemingway research material, includes responses from Harry Ransom, John Faulk, Lewis Leary and Max Westbrook, 1954-1965
6 Letters to Carlos Heard Baker, 1954-1964
7 C-Cl
8 Chenoweth, Blanche E., 1934-1935
9 Cherrie, Martha E., 1941
10 Clark, Herma, 1938-1942
11 Co-Cz
box folder
10 1 D
2 Denney, Mary K. Ames, 1932-1937
3 E
4 F
5 G
6 Gannett, Florence, 1922-1927
7 Grover, Walter B., 1919
8 H-He
9 Hi-Hz
10 I-K
11 Jones, Gwendolyn, 1932-1942
12 Klinefelter, Guilbert, 1941-1942
box folder
11 1 L
2 Lack, Emma, 1904
3 M
4 Melville, Belle Watson, 1904-1922
5 Moreford, Edwin, 1904-1919
6 N
7 O-Q
8 R
9 Randall, James Henry, 1907-1913
10 Reichelt, Marie Ward, 1927
11 Reynolds, Charlotte, 1941-1942
12 Roome, Clarence T., 1929-1942
box folder
12 1 S
2 Sanders, Alice N. Ward, 1920-1921
3 Sanford, Sterling, 1919-1942
4 Smith, Mabel, 1940-1941
5 T-V
6 Van Cleve, Carrie B., 1937-1941
7 W-Z
8 Watt, Ruth H., 1919
9 Wieand, Irma C., 1934-1941
10 Wright & Co., 1931-1932

Series III. Works by other Authors, 1860-1963
(3.5 boxes)

The Works by other Authors Series contains booklets, poems, articles, lists, and reports written about Hemingway, or by people associated with him. The Hemingway family is represented by two articles by Clarence Edmonds Hemingway, several notes, speeches and poems by Grace Hall Hemingway, and essays and lists by various family members, and the typescript of Leicester Hemingway's biography My Brother Ernest Hemingway. Also included is a screenplay of Big River: Big Man by Wendell Mayes and two articles by Ira Wolfert about Hemingway's coverage of the Spanish Civil War. Individual authors and the titles of their works are listed in the Index of Works by other Authors at the end of this finding aid.
box folder
12 11 Unidentified authors
12 Unidentified authors: lists and notes
13 "Lorrie," unidentified author, holograph story fragment, nd,
14 Identified authors, A-Z
box folder
13 1-3 Brown, Robert Morgan, Tomatsatam: A Contribution to History, typescript with author revisions, 1963,
4 Hemingway, Clarence Edmonds, various titles
5 Hemingway, Eddie, autograph book, holograph notebook, 1880-1887,
Hemingway, Grace Hall
box folder
13 6 Various titles, A-N
7 Hancock and Miller family genealogies, holograph notes on loose sheets, nd,
8 Various titles, O-Z
box folder
14 1 Tales of Old Nantucket, typescript on 72 envelopes, nd,
2 Wedding invitations, 1885-1941
Hemingway, Leicester, My Brother, Ernest Hemingway
box folder
14 3-5 Typescript with author edits and page proofs, nd,
6-8 Typescript with author emendations, nd,
gf 6-9 Galley and page proofs, 1961
9 Kent, Beatrice, cutting continuity on "The Gun Runners," (and dialogue continuity) typescripts, 1957,
box folder
15 1 Mayes, Wendell, Big River, Big Man, typescript screenplay, 1960,
North American Newspaper Alliance
box folder
15 2 "Hemingway, en Route Home, Expects Loyalists to Win," typescript, 1937,
3 Promotion box: Hemingway, typescript, nd,
4 Pratt, John Clark, Ernest Hemingway: The Impulse Toward Catholicism, typescript, nd,
5-10, gf 10 Samuels, Lee, A Hemingway Checklist, various holograph and typescript versions, ca. 1951
Wolfert, Ira
box folder
15 11 "Hemingway, Sailing, Sees Crisis at Hand in Spain," typescript with edits, nd,
12 "Hemingway Off to Spain to Write about the War," typescript with edits, 1937,
13, gf 11 Young, Philip, The Hemingway Manuscripts: An Inventory, typescript and galley proofs, nd,
97pp (galley proofs removed to galley folder 11)
14 Various envelopes

Index of Works

  • Across the Board--3.1
  • Across the River and Into the Tree--Galley Folder 3
  • American Veterans Tell of Escaping Insurgents--1.1
  • The Art of Fiction--3.3
  • Autobiographical sketch--3.1
  • Big Two-Hearted River--2.3
  • By-Line--Galley Folder 1
  • Country Poem with Little Country--3.1
  • Death in the Afternoon--2.4-6
  • A Farewell to Arms--2.2
  • Ford Madox Ford and the Devil's Desciple--2.1
  • Endorsement of Ballantines Ale--3.1
  • "Exploits of Americans Win Hemingway's Praise"--1.2
  • "French Border Airtight, Hemingway's Check Shows"--1.3
  • "Hemingway Describes Bombing of Tortosa"--1.4
  • "Hemingway Describes Flight of Refugees"--1.5
  • "Hemingway Describes Shelling of Madrid"--1.6
  • "Hemingway Describes the Attack on Teruel"--1.7
  • "Hemingway Describes the Fall of Teruel"--1.8
  • "Hemingway Discovers `a New Kind of War"'--1.9
  • "Hemingway Doubts Rebels Will Launch Teruel Drive"--1.10
  • "Hemingway Finds Lerida Still Partly Loyalist"--1.11
  • "Hemingway Finds Madrid Calmly Fighting Own Way"--1.12
  • "Hemingway Finds Madrid Callous to Bombardment"--1.13
  • "Hemingway Finds Morale of Loyalists Still High"--1.14
  • "Hemingway in Spain"--1.15
  • "Hemingway Rates Brihuega with World War Battles"--1.16
  • A Hemingway Reader--Galley Folder 2
  • "Hemingway Says Italians are Blocked Near Tortosa"--1.17
  • "Hemingway Sees Dead Strewing Battlefield"--1.18
  • "Hemingway Sees Success for Loyalists in Aragon"--1.19
  • "Hemingway Sees Wounded Limp Amid Fiesta Crowds"--1.20
  • "Hemingway, Under Fire, Watches Loyalist Attack"--1.21
  • Indian Country and the White Army--2.1
  • Kiki's Memoirs--3.1
  • "Lardner Affirms Faith in Cause of Loyalists"--1.22
  • "Loyalists at Castellon Seen Heavily Entrenched"--1.23
  • "Loyalist Drive Seen Progressing as Planned"--1.24
  • The Monument--2.1
  • "North Seen Weak Spot in Loyalists' Defense"--1.38
  • The Old Man and the Sea--Galley Folder 4
  • "Passport for Franklin Is Urged by Hemingway"--1.39
  • Poems to Mary--3.1
  • Preface to A Hemingway Checklist by Lee Samuels--3.1
  • Preface to All the Brave by Luis Quintanilla--3.1
  • A Room on the Garden Side--2.1
  • "The Snows of Kilimanjaro"--2.4
  • "There was a cat name crazy christian..."--3.1
  • To Have and Have Not--2.8, Galley Folder 5
  • Today Is Friday--3.1
  • "Tortosa Calmly Awaits Assault by Insurgents"--1.40
  • Under the Ridge--2.9-10
  • "Writer Says Rebels Seek to Force Foes to Attack"--1.41

Index of Works by other Authors

  • Armstrong, A.H.
    • Great Man Gone: Prof. Chamberlain Translated--12.14
  • Brown, Robert Morgan
    • Has Hemingway Ever Been Read?--12.14
    • Tomatsatam: A Contribution to History--13.1-3
  • Daughters of the American Revolution
    • Annual report of the Courtesy Committee, 1913-1914--12.14
    • Obituary of members--12.14
  • Davidson, Jo
    • An Exhibition of Sculpture--12.14
  • Edmonds, Hiram P.
    • Petition for probate of the will of John W. Edmonds--12.14
  • Emmet County Treasurer's Office, Michigan
    • Tax Reciepts for Ernest Hemingway, 1925, 1939, and 1940--12.14
  • Hall, Leicester
    • Inventory of Ernest Hall's residence--12.14
  • Hemingway, Anson Tyler
    • The Contribution of the Past to the Central of Today--12.14
  • Hemingway, Clarence Edmonds
    • Addresses of real estate men in St. Petersburgh, Florida--13.4
    • American Medical Association Certificate--13.4
    • The Extermination of the American Bison--13.4
    • The Loss of a Great American--13.4
    • Specifications and contract for a cottage at Bear Lake--13.4
  • Hall, Ernest, Mrs.
    • Inventory of Oak Park House--12.14
  • Hemingway, Grace Hall
    • The Analogy Between Music and Color--13.6
    • Bereavement--13.6
    • Composer's Recital Song--13.6
    • Diagnosis category: 25 reasons for neurosis--13.6
    • Fairy Game played like "Drop the Handkerchief"--13.6
    • A Fourfold Portrait--13.6
    • Hancock and Miller family genealogies--13.7
    • The Holdup--13.6
    • Instructions for breathing--13.6
    • Madonna's Prayer--13.6
    • Minutes for the annual meeting of the Municipal Art League--13.6
    • My silouette [sic] against God's light...--13.6
    • Nantucket and Cape Cod picture list--13.6
    • Notebook--13.6
    • The Softest Sweetest Song I Know--13.8
    • Tales of Old Nantucket--14.1
    • Talk on Aristophanes--13.8
    • Talk on The Decameron--13.8
    • Talk on Euripides--13.8
    • Talk on Homer--13.8
    • Talk on the Iliad--13.8
    • Talk on the life of Giovanni Boccaccio--13.8
    • Talk on the music of Greece--13.8
    • Talk on Poetry--13.8
    • Walloon in September--13.8
    • "When the moaning and the sighing autumn winds..."--13.8
    • "When soft dew of evening fall[s] on the tired world..."--13.8
  • Hemingway, Leicester
    • Call slip of the New York Public Library--12.14
    • My Brother Ernest Hemingway--14.3-8, Galley Folders 6-9
  • House of Books
    • First Editions, Association Copies, Autograph Letters, and Manuscripts--12.14
  • Kent, Beatrice
    • The Gun Runners--14.9
  • La Casa Belga
    • Lista Bibliografica, no. 76--12.14
    • Lista Bibliografica, no. 92--12.14
  • Mayes, Wendell
    • Big River: Big Man (screenplay)--15.1
  • Mitchell, Charles
    • Note--12.14
  • Municipal Art League of Chicago
    • Minutes of the 1934 annual meeting--12.14
  • North American Newspaper Alliance
    • "Hemingway, En Route Home"--15.2
    • Promotion box for Ernest Hemingway--15.3
  • Oak Park and River Forest Township High School
    • Report card for Ernest Hemingway--12.14
  • Pratt, John Clark
    • Ernest Hemingway: The Impulse Toward Catholicism--15.4
  • Samuels, Lee
    • Deletions in The Sun Also Rises--12.14
    • A Hemingway Checklist--15.5-10, Galley Folder 10
  • Titles by unidentified authors:
    • Additional stanza suggested for Tennyson's "My Darling Room"--12.11
    • The Battle of the Factions in Dyersville--12.11
    • Calendar of events--12.11
    • The Character of Moses and The Song of Moses --12.11
    • Description of the Hemingway home in Oak Park--12.11
    • Directions for finding cabin--12.11
    • Epic of America, an outline--12.11
    • Fortune for Grace Hemingway--12.11
    • Invitation to a class reunion--12.11
    • Lines on the Loss of the Steamer Hungarian--12.11
    • Lorrie: An Unfinished Story--12.13
    • Perseverance--12.11
    • Russian music--12.11
    • The Salt Song--12.11
    • Untitled essay on Hemingway--12.11
  • The Walden Book Shop
    • Bibliographic notes on Ernest Hemingway--12.14
  • Wolfert, Ira
    • Hemingway, Sailing, Sees Crisis at Hand in Spain--15.11
    • Hemingway off to Spain to Write About the War--15.12
  • Y.M.C.A., Chicago
    • Copy of Resolution adopted by the Board of Managers--12.14
  • Young, Philip
    • The Hemingway Manuscripts: An Inventory--15.13