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A Guide to the Charles Wolfson Papers, 1967-2012

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Wolfson, Charles
Title: Wolfson, Charles, Papers
Dates: 1967-2012
Abstract: Radio and television scripts, reporters' notebooks, travel information, research files, maps, CBS administrative materials, news agency teleprinter reports, and audio-visual materials comprise the Charles Wolfson Papers.
Accession No.: 2016-065
OCLC No.: 982381099
Extent: 20.5 ft
Language: Materials are written in English and Hebrew.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Charles M. Wolfson's career with CBS News spanned more than 40 years, from 1970-2010. As a reporter at the Department of State, an associate producer of the Evening News with Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather, and the Tel Aviv Bureau Chief, he covered political campaigns, Middle East peace talks, and foreign affairs.

Wolfson was born in Wichita Falls, Texas, in 1941, and was a 1959 graduate of Hillcrest High School in Dallas.

Wolfson attended Washington University in St. Louis (1959-1961), the University of Texas at Austin (1961-1962) and graduated from American University in Washington, D.C. (1967). Before joining CBS, he worked at WMAL (now WJLA) in Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Senate Radio-TV Gallery (1967-1970), witnessing Chief Justice Warren Burger's Supreme Court confirmation and the censure of Sen. Tom Dodd.

Wolfson travelled to more than 70 countries with five secretaries of state including Warren Christopher, Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, and Hillary Rodham Clinton. He received an Emmy Award in 1983 for his three-part report on the resettlement of Laotian tribesmen in the United States, and an Overseas Press Club Award for reporting on the 1982 Israel-Lebanon war. He was an NEH Journalism Fellow at the University of Michigan (1974-1975) and a RIAS-Berlin Fellow (2003).

Scope and Contents

Radio and television scripts, reporters' notebooks, U.S. Department of State travel information, research files, maps, CBS administrative materials, news agency teleprinter reports, and audio-visual materials comprise the Charles Wolfson Papers.

The CBS Materials and Research series comprise the bulk of the collection. This series includes political coverage of conventions and election nights (1960s-1970s), as well as day-to-day coverage of Vice President Walter Mondale's 1976 campaign. Materials from Wolfson's time as a producer and reporter of the Department of State, 1994-2010, include coverage of war in the Balkans, Middle East peace talks, travel with five secretaries of state, CBS Radio scripts, and "Diplomatic Dispatch" columns written for Materials from Wolfson's time as bureau chief of the CBS Tel Aviv Bureau (1979-1982) include coverage of the government of Prime Minister Menachem Begin and the 1982 Israel-Lebanon War.

Of particular interest in this series is a 1968 UPI wire report including breaking news of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy's assassination.

CBS News Administration series includes employee manuals and standards, internal directories, and CBS assignment forms.

The Media series includes DVDs, cassette tapes, and U-Matic tapes related to individual CBS stories. Also of interest is a 1969 audio tape of Apollo 11, with coverage of a moonwalk with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

Artwork includes a watercolor drawing of Sen. Caleb Boggs drawn during the Sen. Thomas Dodd censure debate and inscribed by NBC News courtroom artist Leo Hershfield, as well as a 1973 Official Nixon Countdown Poster.



  • I. CBS Materials and Research
  • II. CBS News Administration
  • III. Media
  • IV. Artwork


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Access to portions of this collection is restricted. Reporter's notes related to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton are restricted until Feb. 26, 2026; reporter's notes related to secretaries of state Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell, and Condoleezza Rice are restricted until Feb. 26, 2021.

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Subjects (Persons)
Albright, Madeleine Korbel
Begin, Menachem, 1913-1992
Christopher, Warren
Clinton, Hillary Rodham
Kennedy, Robert F., 1925-1968
Powell, Colin L.
Rabin, Yitzhak, 1922-1995
Rice, Condoleezza, 1954-
Wolfson, Charles
Subjects (Organizations)
CBS News
Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.
Broadcast journalism--United States
Dayton Peace Accords (1995)
Peace-building--Middle East
Peace Corps (U.S.)
Peace treaties
Reporters and reporting
Television in politics--United States
Television producers and directors
Balkan Peninsula
Camp David (Md.)
Dayton (Ohio)
Tel Aviv (Israel)

Related Material

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Some material has been separated to the Artifacts Unit.

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Charles Wolfson Papers, 1967-2012, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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This collection was processed by Colleen Hobbs, March 2017.

Detailed Description of the Papers



CBS Broadcast materials and research
2016-065/1 Correspondence, 1989
Rosen AIPAC case, 2004-2009
Pollard, Jonathan, 1997-2005
ORR-Bobbitt Trial; Pinkston/black-on-black crime, 1994
Saudi Arabia/ Israel Washington Institute trip, 1991
Persian Gulf, 1990-1991
Tel Aviv/Gulf War, 1991
Kuwait/Visas Stewart, 1992
Clinton Inauguration, 1993
Stewart/Clinton - Military/ Plante/Rabin-Clinton, 1993
Mideast-Israel-Jordan, 1982
Madrid Advancer/Plante, 1981
Iraq War, 1991
Croquet/Phillips, 1991
V.P. Quayle/Engberg, 1991
Submarines Stewart, 1991
Thomas hearings, 1991
SCOTUS, 1985
USCG+200, 1990
Middle East-Baker, 1989
U.S.-Israel, 1989
Shamir visit/Plante, 1989
Israel/40th (2-42)/Simon, 1988
Israel/40th (1-82)/Simon, 1988
Aida; Luxor, Egypt/Simon, 1987
Pollard, Jonathan, 1987
Pollard, Jonathan, 1991
Let my people go - HI Tech Israelis/Faw, 1985
Grenada, 1986
American Parade Admin., 1984
Buchwald file, 1984
Alcoholism/Spencer, 1983
Mien/SF-WVa/Morton, 1983
Emmy Award, 1983
Travels with Jerry - Various (Gerald Ford), 1976
MCA, 1988-1990
Asbestos, 1977-1978
Workman's Comp, 1978
Scripts various, 1976-1977
Puerto Rico, International Conference/Jones, 1976
Atlantic City gambling/Duval, 1978
2016-065/3 Press credentials, 18 items, 1976-1988
Senate confirmation tally sheet for U.S. Chief Justice Warren Burger, 1969
Including Secretaries Powell, Rice, Christopher, and Albright (84 items), 1971-2002
Including State Department travel and U.S. V.P. Mondale, 1970-2004
Misc. Israel articles, notes, and photos, 1978-1983
Reporters notebooks regarding Israel (17), 1979-1982
Foreign press directories, 1981-1982
Israel/Middle East maps and guidebooks (3 folders), 1969-1991 and undated
Africa regional maps, including Togo, Kenya, and Rhodesia, [1965], 1983
Soviet Union maps and guidebooks, 1987-1989
European maps, including France, London, and Eastern Europe, 1979-1990 and undated
World and oceanic maps, undated
Washington D.C. maps, 1975 and undated
2016-065/4 Washington Star, "Voyage to the Moon" newspaper, 1969
Democratic Congressional Dinner, 1967-1969
The Democrat, publication and news release, 1968
U.S. Congress, printed forms and reports, 1968-1970 and undated
Democratic National Convention materials, 1968
Republican National Convention materials, 1968
CBS Republican and Democratic National Convention coverage books, 1968
Roll Call newspapers, 1969
CBS Republican and Democratic National Convention coverage books, 1972
CBS Election Coverage materials, 1972
CBS Democratic National Convention coverage materials, 1976
CBS Republican National Convention coverage materials, 1976
CBS Inauguration coverage materials, 1973-1977
Political newsletters and advertisements, 1976-1988 and undated
Iraq Study Group report, 2006
State Department Travel
Karen Hughes travel materials, Middle East and Turkey (2 folders), 2005
2016-065/5 RESTRICT UNTIL 2-26-2021 Sec. Colin Powell and Sec. Condoleezza Rice travel materials, 2001-2008
Sec. Condoleezza Rice travel materials, 2005-2007
2016-065/6 RESTRICT UNTIL 2-26-2021 Reporters notebooks regarding State Department travel of Sec. Condoleezza Rice, Sec. Madeline Albright, and Karen Hughes, 1995-2009
2016-065/7 Sec. Warren Christopher travel materials, 1994-1996
2016-065/8 Misc. maps and U.S. embassy materials, 1993-2007
2016-065/9 Misc. maps and U.S. embassy materials, 1994-2010
2016-065/10 Senate committee hearing information
Transcripts, schedules, agendas, telephone directories, 1967-1973
2016-065/11 Radio and Television Correspondents' Association annual dinner
Programs, guest list, and invitations, 1967-2005
CBS News Democratic National Convention
Insights press release reports, 1972
Republican and Democratic National conventions
Maps, memorandum, attendance lists, programs, and news coverage, 1972
Lipizzan horse breed press release, 1969
Congressional Quarterly, guide to 1972 elections and National Governors' Conference attendance list, 1972
Republican National Convention program, platform, delegate list, 1968
Radio broadcasts, notes and transcripts, 2008
2016-065/12 Radio broadcasts, notes and transcripts, 1994-2006
2016-065/13 Sampling of notes, radio scripts, camera notes, and research materials, 1997-1998
Reporter's notebooks, Sec. Warren Christopher, 1994-1996
Reporter's notebooks, Dayton Peace Talks, 1995
CBS Sunday Morning, Kosovo/Rambouillet Peace Talks/Braver, 1998-1999
Misc. radio notes, 1995-1999
Colin Powell clippings, 2000-2001
State Department clippings and press releases, 1999-2001
2016-065/14 RESTRICT UNTIL 2-26-2026 State Department Travel
Sec. Hillary Clinton travel materials, including research files and reporter notebooks, 2008-2010
2016-065/15 Middle East Peace Process
Materials from Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Wye Talks, Shepherdstown, Camp David II and Sharm el Sheikh, 1977, 1993-2000
2016-065/16 Sec. of Defense Cohen Finland trip, 1999
Sec. Colin Powell
Travel guides, research materials, notes, 1995-2005
Sec. Condoleezza Rice
Travel guides, research materials, notes, 2004-2007
Misc. maps, guides, and directories, 1998-2010
Capital Source and U.S. Department of State directories, 2004-2005
Washington Life magazine, 2008
State Department press corps materials, 1996-2005
Cartoons, 2003-2008 and undated
Periodicals and clippings, 2005-2006
State Department, Office of Press Relations directories, 2002-2006
Drafts, scripts, and production books
Iran-Contra notes and scripts, 1984-1987
Peace Corps/Togo notes and scripts (Jenny Rubin), 1984
2016-065/17 Soviet Union, maps and contact list, 1988
Music and the Mob, notes/Tucker (for story not aired), 1986
MCA and the Mob, script, 1986
Music and the Mob, memos, notes, and address book, 1986
Music and the Mob, notes and research, 1986
Music and the Mob, notes and tape list, 1986
United Nations at 40, notes and script/Morton, 1985
United Nations at 40, proposal and correspondence/Morton, 1985
Back-up/Original UN story file, 1985
"Crossroads"-Togo-Jenny Rubin, correspondence and newspapers, 1984
Peace Corps/American Parade/Jennifer Rubin script, with editor's spot sheets, 1984
Peace Corps/Portrait of Jenny script and editor's spot sheets, 1984
Campaign coverage
Reporter's notebooks, Mondale campaign, 1976
Vice-President Mondale campaign plane notes, 1976
Mondale campaign research materials, cassette log, 1976
2016-065/18 "Diplomatic Dispatches" columns,, 2001-2005
2016-065/19 "Diplomatic Dispatches" columns,, 2007-2010
Reporter's notebooks
War on Terrorism, 2001
Riyadh bomb, UN meeting, Berlin, Brussels, and Boucher, 2003-2005
Iraq war, 2003
Berlin travel, research, maps, cafe lists, 2003
RIAS German/American Exchange Program application and essays, 2003
2016-065/21 UPI wire reports from June 5-6, including Robert F. Kennedy assassination reports and access copy, 1968
2.325/AAA30 Oversized
Four Israel maps, [1970s]
NBC News election supplement, 1968
Bicentennial Speeches of President Gerald R. Ford, 1976
CBS Administration
2016-065/2 CBS News Assignment form, [1971-1972]
CBS '346' blank copy paper, undated
U.S. State Department and UN correspondents' directories and materials, 2002-2006 and undated
U.S. Congressional directory, 2009
National Journal, White House telephone directory, 1978
U.S. State Department directories, 1995-2000
U.S. State Department and correspondents directories, 1994-2007
CIA and U.S. State Department directories and press relations manual, 1996-2009
CBS employees manual/news standards, 1997-2007
CBS directories, 1970-1973
CBS directories, 1975-1978 and undated
CBS directories, 1980-2000 and undated
CBS- State Department, 2007-2010
2016-065/20 DVD
Assignment: China, USC US-China Institute, 2012
United Arab Emirates, 2008
“The Future of Iraq Project” Bureau of Legislative Affairs:” undated. Inscription, “different from Iraq Study Group report,” undated
President Obama, Strongsville, OH, 2010
Sound tape-5" reel
Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin taking a walk on the moon, 1969
9/20/02, Charles Wolfson, 2002
48 hours/ABC Prime Time, 1989
ABC Nightline, Riyadh Bombing, 2003
Ambassador Under Fire Overseas, National Geographic, [2002]
CBS Eve News, Hiroshima + 40; PBS, Hiroshima Anniv. Special 1985
CBS/Pearl Harbor, 1991
Crossroads, 1984
Crossroads/Jenny Rubin, 1984
Crossroads, "Portrait of Jenny," 1984
Frontline, "Israel-the Covert Connection," 1989
Secy Rice-Sudan, with CMW, 2005
Simon/"Matkot," 1988
Stewart/Kuwait (2), 1992
Sun Eve News/60 Min Special on China, 1989
W. 57th St; Courage to Care; Reunion, 1986
Video tape (Helical scan)
"The Band," C. Wolfson, NEH Fellow, 1974
"Tucker- Music and the Mob," with transcript, 1986
Cassette tape
"Peace Corps," [1984]
2.325/AAA54B Watercolor drawing of Sen. Caleb Boggs drawn during the Sen. Thomas Dodd censure hearings, inscribed by NBC News courtroom artist Leo Hershfield, 13" X 20", 1967
Lebanese magazine cover with Israeli soldiers' telephone numbers, 9 1/2"X 12 1/2"; includes note affixed to frame back, 13" X 18", 1982
2.325/OD1 Official Nixon Countdown Poster, 35" X 23", 1973