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A Guide to the Oliver Douglas Weeks Papers, 1928-1965

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Weeks, O. Douglas (Oliver Douglas), 1896-1970.
Title: Weeks, Oliver Douglas, papers
Dates: 1928-1965
Abstract: These papers document the academic career of Oliver Douglas Weeks from 1928 to 1965 at the University of Texas at Austin in his capacities as a Professor of Government, Government Department Chairman, and Graduate Advisor. The bulk of the materials relate to Weeks’ teaching and scholarship at UT and include student papers, lecture notes, and original written works. The papers also contain newspaper clippings, correspondence, pamphlets, reports, house bills, memoranda, news releases, and bibliographies.
Accession No.: 73-115; 82-23; 82-199
Extent: 40 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Oliver Douglas Weeks, Professor Emeritus of Government at the University of Texas at Austin, was born in Marion, Ohio on September 4, 1896. He obtained his B.A. degree from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1918, and his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Wisconsin in 1919 and 1924 respectively.

Weeks came to the University of Texas in 1924 as an Instructor in Government. In 1925, he accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Political Science at Western Reserve University. He returned to the University of Texas as an Associate Professor of Government in 1926, was promoted to Professor in 1933, and in 1934 was given the title of Graduate Professor. He was Chairman of the Department of Government in 1930-1931, 1935-1947, 1950-1957, and during much of these periods also served as Graduate Advisor.

From 1945 to 1946, Weeks took a leave of absence from the university to serve with the U.S. Army University Faculty, first as Branch Head in Political Science at Shrivenham American University in England and then on the Political Science Faculty at Biarritz American University in France.

Weeks was a member of the Austin Public Library Commission from 1931 to 1969, and served as chairman from 1951 to 1969. He also served on the Austin City Charter Commission. Weeks engaged in professional organizations such as the Southwestern Political Science Association, the Executive Committee of the Southern Political Science Association, and the Committee of Legislatures of the American Political Science Association.

Weeks retired from UT on May 31, 1966. He died in Austin on October 30, 1970.


Redford, Emmette S., et al. "In Memoriam: Oliver Douglas Weeks." Memorial Resolutions and Biographical Sketches. Office of the General Faculty. University of Texas at Austin. Accessed December 11, 2013.

"WEEKS, OLIVER DOUGLAS,"Handbook of Texas Online (, accessed November 07, 2013. Published by the Texas State Historical Association.

Scope and Contents

These papers document the academic career of Oliver Douglas Weeks from 1928 to 1965 at the University of Texas at Austin in his capacities as a Professor of Government, Government Department Chairman, and Graduate Advisor. The bulk of the materials relate to Weeks’ teaching and scholarship at UT and include student papers, lecture notes, and original written works. The papers also contain newspaper clippings, correspondence, pamphlets, reports, house bills, memoranda, news releases, and bibliographies. The records relate to national politics with respect to the Democratic and Republican parties, presidential elections under the auspices of the Cooperative Research Project on Convention Delegations of the American Political Science Association, and political and electoral processes in Texas from legislation to political theory.


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Subjects (Persons)
Truman, Harry S., 1884-1972.
Weeks, O. Douglas (Oliver Douglas), 1896-1970 -- Archives.
Subjects (Organizations)
Texas. Legislature.
United States. Congress (81st : 1949-1951)
University of Texas. Department of Government.
Presidents -- United States -- Election -- 20th century.
Lobbying -- Texas.
Political science -- Study and teaching (Higher) -- Texas.
Political science teachers -- Texas.
Political science -- Texas.
Republican National Convention (25th : 1952 : Chicago, Ill.)
State legislatures.
State politics and government.
Austin (Tex.)
Texas -- politics and government -- 20th century.

Related Material

See also the Oliver Douglas Weeks Collection, 1922-1932 in the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Archives at the Benson Latin American Collection in Austin, Texas.

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Detailed Description of the Papers


At Library Storage Facility:

3W107 (05301682) Clippings files:
Democratic National Convention, DOTC
LBJ national, 1957-1960
Dallas News, post election, Texas and south, November 1960
Election of 1960, US, 1960
LBJ, national, May-June 30, 1960
Vote recount news, Illinois
Calendar of political events, 1960
Campaign is south, August 1960
Texas in Democratic National Convention, 1960
"Constitutional Crisis in the American Party System," by Cortez A. M. Ewing, March 1961
San Antonio Express, post election, Texas south: National Analysis, November 1960
El Paso Times, post election, Texas south: National Analysis, November 1960
Fort Worth Star Telegram, post election, Texas south: National Analysis, November 1960
Nebraska primary
New Hampshire primary, 1960
New York State politics, 1960
Richard Nixon after convention, 1960
Ohio primary
Oregon primary
Other states' and regional convention
Pennsylvania primary
Politics general
The Presidency, 1960
Presidential campaign, Democrats, 1960
Presidential succession, 1959
Primaries, general reports
Nelson Rockefeller, 1959-1960
Republican Platform Committee, 1959-1960
Republican National Convention selection of delegates by state convention
Republican party campaign
Kennedy after national convention, 1960
Election of 1958, nationwide
Party finance, US
California primary, 1960
Candidates, general
Civil rights legislation, national, 1959-1960
Connecticut politics
Congress, post convention session, 1960
Conventions, general
Democratic advisory council, 1958
Democratic National Convention:
Balloting procedure
Platform Committee
Credentials Committee
Selection of delegates by state convention
The south prior
District of Columbia primary
Electoral analysis, 1960
Farm vote
Humphrey, 1959-1960
Illinois primary
Ike and the election in November, 1960
Indiana primary, 1960
Issues 1960 election campaign, 1960
Labor and the elections
Lodge, after convention
Maryland primary
Massachusetts primary
Secretary of Labor, Mitchell
The census, national
Pre-national convention politics, 1959
Chester Bowles
State taxes
State governments
Regulatory agencies
National goals
U-2 Summit, 1960
Wisconsin primary
West Virginia primary, 1960
Vice presidency
US Supreme Court
Harry Truman
Stuart Symington
Adlai Stevenson
Republican party, general
Civil rights, national, 1957-1960
Political polls and predictions, August 1960
Foreign policy issues
National voters, polls, prognostications, etc.
Religious issues
Campaign, general issues, etc.
Campaign strategies and techniques, personalities
Miscellaneous newspaper clippings
3W108 (05301671) Classified files:
Blanks for degree program outline
Texas presidential politics in 1952 (personal notes and letters concerning), 1953-1955
O. Douglas Weeks, miscellaneous personal correspondence, 1953-1954
Frank Holloway, dissertation folder
Ad hoc committees, O. Douglas Weeks
Reading lists and syllabi
Articles by Dr. Weeks
Town and Gown
Degree requirements
Clippings files:
National conventions, 1928
Texas primary, 1930
Congressional election, 1930
Women in election of 1928
Effects of election of 1928
Election of delegates, national convention Texas, 1927-1928
Texas politics, 1928-1930
The south in the campaign
Pennsylvania politics
Electoral legislation, 1944
Hoover speeches, 1928
National party executives, 1930
Parties, national
Voting and registration
The northeast
The west and middle west
American political thought
British by, elections
American court system
British election, 1929
British parties and politics
British labor government, 1929
British government
Canada and self governing colonies
Catalogue material
Census, 1930
Congress, 1928
Congress, leadership, organization, 1928
Congress, procedure, 1928
Congressional elections
Congress, Lame Duck session, 1930-1931
Extra, session 71st Congress, 1929
Future of Democratic Party
2.325/M79 (05297712) Democracy
Election returns, 1928
Presidential electors
Presidential veto
Hoover administration
Local government
National government, U. S.
Religion and politics
Russia, 1927-1928
Spain, 1928
Switzerland, 1928
Texas Legislature
Spoils politics, patronage
Miscellaneous clippings
Cancelled checks
Certificate of the election of Julien Devereux, 1848
2.325/M80 (05301707) Winston Churchill, WWII
Preferential Pres. Primary, Texas: need for
Republican delegations, nationwide, 1952
Summary articles, campaign of 1952
Democratic delegations, nationwide, 1952
Election of convention delegates, general, 1952
Presidential polls, nationwide, 1952
General issues, national election of 1952
Congressional elections, 1952
Poll taxes paid, political electorate, Texas, 1952
Campaign, polls and surveys
Last minute polls and surveys
Campaign support, labor, 1952
Potential vote, registration non-voting
Minor politics, 1952
Eisenhower campaign, July 29-August 29, 1952
Stevenson campaign, September 1952
Eisenhower campaign, September 1952
Stevenson campaign, September 1952
Presidential campaign, general, 1952
Presidential campaign, September 15-November 4, 1952
2.325/M81 (05297723) Democrats, national, June 1952
General, campaign of 1952
Republican National Convention
Election, south, 1952
Eve of Republican National Convention
South, October 1-31, 1952
South, September 1952
Republican National Convention, July 4-12, 1952
Republican convention, summary, July 13, 1952
Interim between national conventions
Democratic National Convention, July 18-27, 1952
Ft. Worth Star Telegram, September
Miscellaneous newspaper clippings
Austin Report
2.325/M82 (05297734) Racial and religious groups in politics
State government and politics, general and miscellaneous
Foreign governments and politics
Campaign, October 1956
U. S. Government and politics, miscellaneous
National politics, 1954-1955
Foreign reaction to American politics
November-December, 1955
Choosing national convention delegates, 1956
Eisenhower candidacy, 1956
National conventions pre-arrangements, 1956
Republican National Convention, 1956
Election issues, 1956
2.325/M83 (05297778) Election of 1952
Democratic National Convention, 1956
Election of 1956, campaign strategy vote, general
Campaign, August 1956
Campaign, September 1956
Polls and predictions, 1956
Party leadership, 1956-1957
Electoral College reform
Minor parties, 1956
Negro vote, 1956
Absent voting
California politics
Congress, 1957
Congress, state legislature, 1955-1956
Supreme Court, U. S.
Presidential election, Texas, 1960
Republican Party, state, 1957-1960
Harris County democrats, 1957-1960
LBJ, state, 1957-1960
Democratic party state, conservative faction
State democratic executive committee, 1957-1960
National Democratic Party, politics in Texas, 1957-1960
DOTC, 1957-1960
State convention, preparatory
State Democratic Convention, June
State Democratic Convention, September 1958
2.325/M84 (05298908) Democratic National Convention
Price Daniel, gubernatorial politics, 1957-1960
Ralph Yarborough, after national convention
Gubernatorial election, 1958
Ralph Yarborough, 1957-1960
Bexar County Republicans
Austin convention and primary results
El Paso republican county results
Gubernatorial election and primary, 1960
General comments on the state primaries in May
El Paso democratic county convention
Harris County
Tarrant County
Chairman Butler
Cox case
Campaign funds
Labor and politics, state
State legislature
Dallas democratic county convention and primary
Texas and the November election
Statewide races less gubernatorial race
U. S. Congress, Texans
U. S. Senatorial election in Texas, 1958
Bexar County democratic convention
Nixon and national Republican Party in Texas
Civil rights, state
Book reviews
Lobbies, state
Publicity and politics
State political issues, insurance
State taxation issue
Texas Legislature, 1957-1960
Texas population
Integration, January-December 1957
Integration, 1958-1959
Texas government
Texas election, 1960
Public opinion
Socialist party
Campaign management
Miscellaneous newspaper clippings
Budget council agenda and minutes
Miscellaneous clippings, notes, correspondence
"School integration in the South," by Richard Morehead
"Toward a more Effective Legislature," by O. Douglas Weeks
3F314 (05301762) Correspondence, 1931-1965, undated
Student papers:
Aronson, Ellis, "Federal Control of Lobbying"
Bowen, A. Dane, Jr., "Abstract of the Administrative and Political Techniques of FDR"
Burkhart, J. Austin "The Attack on Labor by Reactionary Industrialists During the 1930s"
Caston, L. P., "Reapportionment in State Legislatures"
Chumlea, Wesley, "The Presidential Preference Primary in 1952"
Craft, Robert G., "Political Activities of the American Federation of Labor"
Dickson, Thomas I., Jr., "Progressive Party: Model 1948"
Doyle, John C., "Recent Unicameral Developments in Nebraska and other States"
Dugger, Ronnie, "Thomas Paine, Seed-Sower of Republicanism"
Laws of the State of Indiana
3F315 (05301795) Elliot, Joseph J., "The Council of State Governments and its Work in the Field of Legislation"
Ericson, J. E., "Recent Developments in the Field of Federal Election Legislation"
Flynn, Michael E., "Pressure Groups"
Forsyth, Chesley, "Minority Parties of the Last Decade"
Garner, W. F., "James Stephen Hogg"
Gliddon, Reverdy T., "Major European Influences on the Thought of Woodrow Wilson"
Graves, W. Brooke, "The American Administrative Process: A Tentative Outline"
Griffin, William M., "The 1952 Nominating Conventions"
Grisham, James H., "State Constitutional Revisions and Amendments Affecting Legislatures, 1938-1948"
Hankerson, James A., Jr., "The Texas Democrats in 1952"
Hester, George C., "Dictatorship in Thought and Practice"
Holloway, Frank E., "The Legislative Council Movement"
Kammerdriver, L. G., "European Background of Jefferson's Philosophy"
3F316 (05301285) McAlister, S. B., "Political Leadership"
Marshall, William Edgar, "The History of the Democratic Party in Texas, 1836-1861"
Mason, W. W., Jr., "Outstanding Presidential Leaders of National Reform Since 1900"
Matthis, David R., "President Truman's Relations with Congress"
Mortenson, K., "The Congressional Elections of 1952"
Moss, David W., "The South in the Election of 1952"
O'Hare, W. G., Jr., "Interest Groups in the 1952 Campaign"
Ossanna, Fred A., Jr., "American Organic Ideas, Their Background and Relation to Traditional American Constitutionalism"
Phagan, Carl. H., "The Political Philosophy of Wilson, Roosevelt, and LaFollette"
Piccard, Paul J., "James Wilson, A Steady European Influence upon American Political Ideas"
Pirie, J. E., Jr., "The History of the Democratic Party"
Potthoff, Beverly, "The Wallace Movement"
3F317 (05301296) Ratchford, D. W., "Should the Texas Legislature Meet Annually?"
Ray, Joe M., "Socialist Theory in the United States from 1880 to 1900"
Reeves, Ernest G., "The 1952 Presidential Campaign"
Riddlesperger, J. W., "Negro Disenfranchisement in the Southern States"
Sanford, William R., "President Harry S. Truman's Legislative Program and the Eighty-First Congress"
Schwada, John W., "Presidential-Congressional Relations: Proposals for Improvement"
Shafer, Marion E. "Party Loyalty as a Factor in Party Politics and its Function in the Single Party System of the South"
Sills, Ashley H., "The Presidential Campaign of 1948"
Spain, August, "The Direct Primary in Texas"
Still, Rae Files, "The Gilmer-Aikin Committee: Methods and Procedures of an Interim Committee"
Teel, Lucile, "Natural Rights Doctrine in Recent American Usage"
Todaro, Martin T., "The State Legislature: A Problem in Constitutional Revision"
Van Cleve, Charles Warren, "The European Origins of Some Significant Aspects of Jacksonian Social Thought"
Weinberger, A. L., "Some Salient Aspects of the Movement for Reform of the American State Legislatures"
Wheatley, Kenneth K., "Notes on Seminar Paper"
3F318 (0530100) Lecture notes:
Government 225K:
"American Political Leaders"
Government f225L:
"American Demagogues"
Government s262K:
Government 325:
"Political Parties"
"Pressure Groups"
"Direct Primary, general"
"Direct Primary, Texas and Smith"
"Minor Parties"
"Democratic National Convention, Preliminaries"
"Nature of Politics"
"Democratic Politics"
"Sectionalism and Class"
"American Party System, General"
3F319 (05301310) "The General Powers of Congress"
"Political Ideas of Thomas McIntyre Cooley"
"Municipal Administration"
"State Administration"
"Federal Administration"
"Party Leadership"
"Party History to 1860"
"Party History, 1920-1956"
"Political Parties, Origins, Functions, Party Systems"
"National Conventions"
"Party Organizations, Caucus and Convention System"
"Public Opinion"
"Ballots and Voting"
"Party Executive Organization"
"Campaign Finance"
"Election Administration"
"Machine Politics"
3F320 (05302470) Government 326:
Government 361:
"Political Thought of the 16th Century"
"Background and Character of Medieval Political Thought"
"Greek Political Thought, Introductory"
Government 326:
"Theories of Constitutional Government"
"English Political Thought before the Puritan Revolution"
"European Political Thought, 1500-1900"
"Hugo Grotius"
"John Locke"
Government 366:
"American Political Thought"
Government 382L:
"Age of Reason"
3F321 (05301570) "19th Century, German Idealism; Historical Organismic and Evolutionary Theories, Nationalism"
"19th Century, British Utilitarianism, Later Liberalism"
"Political Theory of the Protestant Revolt"
"Nationalism, Imperialism, Internationalism"
"Historic Approach"
"Traditionalism, Irrationalism, Racism"
"Continental Political Thought, 1560-1625"
"Studies in Political Thought and Philosophy, Machiavelli"
Government 396:
"Seminar in Political Thought"
Government 610a.14:
"Essay Questions," January 25, 1950
3F322 (05301569) "Is the Present Party System Adequate for American Democracy?"
"The Precint Convention"
"Anarchism, Syndicalism, Guild Socialism"
"Future American Politics"
"Greek-Politeia, Latin Constitution"
"Lovellers, Constitutional Experiments"
"Marsiglio of Padua and His Age"
"Guild Socialism"
"New Russian Constitution"
"19th Century, Socialism and Later Liberalism"
"Political, Social, Economic Freedom"
"Revisionism and Democratic Socialism"
"Rise of Commercial Broadcasting"
"Pressure Groups, Regulation"
"The American Political Scene"
"General Notes on Reform in Presidential Electoral System"
"The 1932 Campaign, Peel and Donnelly"
"The Emergence of Nationalism, Pope versus King"
"The French Revolution, the Old Regime"
3F323 (05301605) "The First Generation"
"The Huguenots and Their Allies"
"The Making and Changing of Constitution"
"European Political Thought"
"Beginning of the Revolution"
"Conservatism, Burke"
"Church and State, the Universal Community"
"Dante, the Imperialist"
"French Constitutionalism 1848 to Date"
"French Liberalism"
"Governments of Europe, Succession States"
"John of Salisbury"
"Italy, History"
"Later Greece and Rome"
"Napolean Bonaparte"
"19th Century Constitutionalism"
"Rise of Socialism"
"Roman Theory and Law"
"St. Thomas Aquinas"
"The Convention"
"The Conciliar Movement"
"The Directing, the Consulate"
"The Legislative Assembly"
"The Unification of Germany Franco-Prussian War, The German Empire"
"The Third Republic"
3F324 (05301321) "The Tsarist Regime and the Revolution, 1917-1921"
"Thomas Hobbs, 1588-1679"
"20th Century Constitutionalism"
"Rise of Constitutional Government in France"
"Uniform State Laws for 1943"
"U. S. Economics, History"
"U. S. Polls and Elections"
"Wooldidge P. T. A., the American Tradition,"October 14, 1947
"University High School P. T. A. ISMS"
3F325 (05301773) Literary productions, notes and papers, 1930-1935, 1944, 1947, undated:
"In Defense of the Lobby," undated
"The Constitution and Popular Government," undated
"Popular Government and the Party System," undated
"Political Science at the University of Texas," undated
"The National Convention," undated
"The Texas Direct Primary System," undated
"Contesting Delegations from the South with Special Reference to Texas," undated
"Party Trends in the United States," undated
"Party Agencies in Legislatures," undated
"Party History, 1860," undated
"Research in the American State Legislative Process," 1947
"Recent Issues in Federal Control of Elections," 1944
"The White Primary," notes, 1930-1935, 1944
3F326 (05301343) Clippings:
Civil rights and free speech and the U. S. Supreme Court, 1944, 1949, 1952, 1965, undated
Hoover reorganization Commission, 1949
Lobby, 1949
Presidential elections, 1928, 1932, 1944-1956, undated
State legislatures, 1943, 1949, 1950
Texas politics and politicians, 1943, 1950-1953, 1965, undated
3F327 (05301343) Truman and 81st Congress, 1949, undated
U. S. Budget, 1948-1949, 1955
U. S. Congress, 1948-1955
U. S. Senate, filibuster, 1948-1949
Miscellaneous, 1945-1957, 1965, undated
National politics, 1948, 1956, undated
3F328 (05301784) Miscellaneous:
An agreement between Professor O. Douglas Weeks of the University of Texas and the Dryden Press, Inc., June 11, 1941
Appendices to the Texas Democratic case study report of 1952
Ballot stub material, undated
Committee report and committee amendment No. 1 as adopted by the Appropriations Committee, March 6, 1957
General, undated
Party leadership and control in the state legislature, 1950:
Alabama - Kansas
Kentucky - Oklahoma
Oregon - Wyoming
Proposed multi-volume text in American government, undated
Family expense record, undated
Program of the Annual National Conference on Government of the National Municipal League, 1951-1952
4Zg41 (05301627) Lectures, The Rise of Political Parties - National Two-Party System
4Zg42 (05301616) The American Heritage History of the Rise and Fall of the Republic – Developing a University from Good to Great (U.T.)
4Zg43 (05301591) Lectures, Government 362, European Political Thought 1500-1900 – Manuscript, Texas, A Region of Many Variations
4Zg44 (05301536) Chapter IV: Recent Nationalism, Pan-Nationalism, and Imperialism, by O. Douglas Weeks - Manuscript, Texas, A Region of Many Variations
4Zg45 (05301525) Research and notecards
4Zg46 (05301514) W. Lee O'Daniel and Texas Politics (duplicate) - Politics in Laredo, by James Cazamias
4Zg47 (05301503) The Negro Vote in the 1956 Election, by Molly Mara - Dealing With the Local Press (Public Relations Department)
4Zg48 (05301489) Student research notes on various aspects of "Legislation" for Government 326
4Zg49 (05301456) Papers on Courts of Civil Appeals - "Issues 65/66"
4Zg50 (05301547) Papers and handouts on Government 325
4Zg51 (05301558) More handouts and papers on Government 325
4Zg52 (05301412) Address: Dr. W.T. White, Superintendent of Schools, Dallas Public Schools - Papers on Government 325, Party Systems
4Zg53 (05301467) Miscellaneous papers and records
4Zg54 (05301810) Newspaper clippings: George Bush - Selected articles for writing
4Zg55 (05301478) Papers: Congressional Elections - Government 325
4Zg56 (05301490) Presidential Campaign, General - Congressional Election, 1964
4Zg57 (05301434) Government 326, first and second quizzes, 1961-1962 – Texas Legislative Council
4Zg58 (05301401) Government 391K, Topic 2 File - Income Tax, 1956-1960; 1961-1962
4Zg59 (05301423) Supreme Court (file) - President (file)
4Zg60 (05301445) Congress (file) - Newspaper clippings, miscellaneous
4Zg61 (05301398) U.S. Politics, general and miscellaneous - Texas State Government, papers
4Zg62 (05301376) Johnson, general articles (file) - Yellow manuscript on U.S. Senate Contest
4Zg63 (05301387) Texas Labor and Democrats - Central Texas Campaigns
4Zg64 (05302460) Harris County Politics - Oil
4Zg65 (05301354) Civil Rights, others - Southern Politics, 1957-1958
4Zg66 (05301809) Lyndon Johnson, August-November, 1964 - Two-Party South
4Zg67 (05302459) Republicans in the South - Campaign, general
4Zg68 (05301580) Newspapers - Republican Connection (State), June
4Zg69 (05301365) Lamar College, Department Summary 33 - Election of 1962
4Zg71 (05301718) 1962 Election, papers on separate states