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A Guide to the UT Department of Government Records, 1914-1964

Descriptive Summary

Creator: University of Texas. Department of Government.
Title: UT Department of Government Records
Dates: 1914-1964
Abstract: The UT Department of Government Records chronicle the routine operations of the University of Texas Department of Government from 1914 to 1964 through correspondence, financial records, applications, nominations, departmental and instructors’ reports, student term papers and exams, clippings, brochures, ballots, charts, and maps.
Accession No.: 68-167
Extent: 14 ft., 6 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

The Department of Government at the University of Texas at Austin was founded in 1904 as the School of Political Science. The School grouped courses under the categories of Economics; Government, Jurisprudence, and Public Law; and Social Science. At the request of University President Sidney Mezes, the School was dissolved by the Board of Regents in 1910 to create the Schools of Government, Economics, and Institutional History. Charles S. Potts served as the first chairman of the department. The first bachelor’s degree in Government was awarded in 1915 to Frank Mann Stewart. In 1921, the Department of Government faculty established the Southwestern Political Science Association and its journal, in addition to founding the political science honor society, Pi Sigma Alpha.


Tendler, Stuart. "Celebrating 100 Years: The University of Texas at Austin Department of Government – The Early Years and the Rise of the Texas Mafia." Department of Government. University of Texas at Austin. Accessed August 15, 2013.

Scope and Contents

The UT Department of Government Records chronicle the routine operations of the University of Texas Department of Government from 1914 to 1964 through correspondence, financial records, applications, nominations, departmental and instructors’ reports, student term papers and exams, clippings, brochures, ballots, charts, and maps.

Correspondence is primarily that of faculty members, but also includes inquiries from prospective faculty, requests from prospective students concerning admission into the graduate program, and requests for financial aid. Materials also relate to book companies, professional organizations, and social functions. The records also contain some financial records of the department and a few faculty members.

Departmental course materials include exams for various courses, in particular Government 610, in addition to student research papers on a variety of topics. The collection also contains subject files on American history, municipal government, courts, foreign governments, government commissions, U.S. foreign policy, public schools, welfare workers, and others topics. Also among the records are several maps of Europe and Asia, election ballots, and primary and general election charts on state and municipal levels of government.


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Subjects (Persons)
Potts, Charles Shirley, 1872-.
Subjects (Organizations)
University of Texas at Austin -- Faculty.
University of Texas. Department of Government -- Archives.
Political science -- Study and teaching -- United States.
Austin (Tex.)

Related Material

See also the Charles S. Potts Papers, 1886-1960, Karl M. Schmitt Records, 1964-2007, and David F. Prindle Oral History Collection, circa 1978-1981.

Separated Material

Some material has been separated to the Map Collection.

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UT Department of Government Records, 1914-1964, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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This collection was processed by W.H.R., April 1969.

Subsequent revisions were made by Larry Cook, July 1983; Stefanie Wittenbach, July 1984; and Vanessa Attia, August 2013.

Detailed Description of the Papers



4Za191 (4436121) Textbook requests, 1955-1962
Requests for travel authorizations, 1957-1961
Calkins, Howard A., correspondence, 1959-1961
4Za192 (4436132) M. O. & E. accounts, 1947-1948
Budget correspondence, 1947-1948
Book fund, 1947-1948
Courses offered, 1946-1948
Applications for teaching fellowships, 1947-1948
Applications for instructorships, 1948-1949
4Za193 (4436143) Applications for assistants, 1947-1948
Coursework, 1947-1949
Textbooks, 1948-1949
Committee on maps, 1948-1949
4Za194 (4436154) M. O. & E. accounts, 1948-1949
Government 10 Committee, 1948-1949
Applications, 1948-1949
Book fund, 1948-1949
Coursework, 1948-1949
Summer school, 1949
4Za195 (4436165) Livingston, William S., correspondence, 1960-1961
Mecham, J. Lloyd, correspondence, 1960-1961
Taborsky, Edward, correspondence, 1960-1961
Weeks, O. Douglas, correspondence, 1960-1961
Miscellaneous forms, communication with faculty, 1960-1961
Ph. D. program in policy making, 1960-1961
4Za206 (4436278) Summer school, 1940-1941
Departmental activities, 1940-1941
4Za207 -- 4Za209 Departmental activities, 1940-1944
4J373 (5224209) Texas Legislative Council, 1949
A Summary of Methods Used by the States in Electing Delegates to National Party Conventions
Graduate Committees, 1936
Personnel correspondence, O. D. Weeks, 1929-1936
Official ballot sample, undated
Questionnaire, Party Leadership and Control in the State Legislature in the State of Texas, undated
Article, Electoral Legislation, O. D. Weeks, undated
Department of Government, instructions for student working toward a Ph. D., 1947
Rockefeller Foundation, 1929-1961
Correspondence, 1934-1937
Southwestern Political and Social Science Association, 1936-1938
Southwestern Social Science Quarterly, correspondence, 1936
Purchase orders, 1937
State Legislation, 1947
Article, The White Primary Decision, undated
Seminar, 1941
Requests for books, 1936-1937
Miscellaneous, 1929-1950
3H294 (3417948) General correspondence:
1914-1942, 1946
3H295 (3418011) 1947-1961
3H296 (3418022) 1962-1964, undated
3H297 (3417937) Stenographers' notebooks:
1961-1962 and undated
3H298 (3418033) Classified correspondence:
Baker, T.P., 1962
Ball, C.C., 1934-1935 and undated
Benedict, H.Y., 1921-1934
Biacanic, Rudolph, 1957-1960
Calkins, Howard A., 1936-1937, 1960-1962
Goldrich, Daniel, 1962-1963
Heath, D.C., 1929-1939
James, Herman G., 1916-1920, 1922-1925 and undated
Livingston, William S., 1960-1964 and undated
3H299 (3417992) McDonald, H.M., 1959-1960
Mendelson, W., 1959-1961 and undated
Murphy, W.C., 1923, 1930-1931 and undated
3H300 (3417960) Patterson, C.P., 1922-1947, 1957 and undated
3H301 (3417981) Rand McNally and Co., 1924, 1930-1937 and undated
Redford, E. S., 1946-1948, 1956-1961 and undated
3H302 (3417959) Scott, F. W., 1926-1936, 1940
Supreme Court revision, 1920-1921, 1923
Taborsky, Edward, 1959-1963
Weeks, O. Douglas, 1939, 1956, 1959, 1961
3H303 (3418000) Financial records:
Office of the Auditor, 1933-1936, 1958-1962
Bills and invoices, 1921-1962
Budgets, 1924-1957
Department inventory, 1924-1955
Financial reports, 1915-1920, 1957, 1960-1961
Income tax reports, C. P. Patterson, 1939-1940
Miscellaneous records
Purchase orders, 1933-1936, 1959-1960, 1962
Request for travel authorization, 1939, 1960, 1962
Requisitions, 1932-1963
3H304 (3621412) Royalty payments to C. P. Patterson
Stenographic Bureau receipts, 1931-1936, 1957-1962
Travel expense accounts, 1958-1959
University Printing Division, 1957-1960
Vouchers, 1933-1936, 1959-1962
3H305 (3417970) Classified files:
American Government by C. P. Patterson (typescript)
American Government by C. P. Patterson (page proofs)
American history
American ideals in world politics
Arbitration, History of
"Assessment of Property" by Wallace C. Murphy
3H306 (3621387) Chamber of Commerce
Christianity and Catholicism
Constitutions and foreign relations
"Texas Counties"
The County Board
Travis County blank forms
3H307 (3621401) Courses:
Catalog, 1956-1963
Final announcements, 1958-1962
3H308 (3621423) Mecham’s syllabi
Week’s syllabi
Government 610 miscellaneous
State courts and election laws and other state laws
Attitude of the Supreme Court toward liberty of contract
Case records
3H309 (3621230) Dictaphone equipment, 1962
Degree card, preliminary check, 1956-1957
Department honors program
El Paso city and county records
Enrollment statistics, 1935-1936
Europe, expansion of
European history
Extension teaching
Leaves of absence, 1934-1936
Minutes, 1958-1963
Town and Gown Club, 1959-1960
Forms (blank)
Foreign governments
3H310 (3618123) Foreign governments:
African colonies
British Labor Commission
England, France, Germany, Russia
Europe and Islam
German colonies
Japanese imperialism
International relations:
Danube River Commission
Development of international cooperation
Foreign Policy Association
Growth of International Society
League of Nations
The Monroe Doctrine
New Internationalism
Rhine River Commission
LaRocca case
Marshall, John
3H311 (3617958) Municipal government
Municipal government:
City charters:
Municipality and the state
3H312 (3618280) Narratives, notes, and reviews
New World
North Texas Regional Union List of Serials
3H313 (3621434) Notices from the University
Pi Sigma Alpha
Public administration
Public school system
Record of books ordered for the Government Department, 1932-1933
Annual, 1949, 1952-1957
Instructors' class:
First semester, 1960-1961
Second semester, 1960-1961
3H314 (3621398) Summer school, 1961
First semester, 1961-1962
Second semester, 1961-1962
Teachers', 1935-1945
Republicans, 1920
Social Science teachers, 1924-1925
3H315 (3621092) Summer Session:
First term, 1933
Second term, 1933
First term, 1934
Second term, 1934
First term, 1935
Second term, 1935
Taxes (sale)
Teacher’s certification program:
Government major
Treasury Department
Welfare work
3H316 (3618112) Department assistants
Teaching assistants:
Applications, 1923-1924, 1931-1933, 1935-1936, 1956-1958, 1960-1962 and undated
Nominations, 1920, 1955-1962
Faculty bibliography
New revisions of Quantity of Work Rules
3H317 (3415749) Grading assistants:
Applications, 1954-1958 and undated
Evaluations, 1955-1957
Appointments, 1961-1962
Nominations, 1955-1958, 1961 and undated
Assignments, 1955-1962
3H318 (3415750) Professors and visiting professors:
Benson, Oliver E., 1956
Biacanic, Rudolph, 1958
Blodgett, Warren T., 1958
Darbyshire, Bernard, 1958-1959
Edelman, J. Murray, 1958-1959
Giles, Robert S., 1962-1963
Hale, Myron Q., 1956-1958
Hall, Hugh M., 1962-1963
Holloway, Harry A., 1957-1960
Irion, Frederick C., 1959-1960
Jumper, Roy E., 1961
Liebnow, Jr., J. Gus, 1956-1958
Livingston, William S., 1958-1959
May, Janice E. C., 1959
McClesky, H. C., 1957-1960
Mills, Jr., Warner E., 1953-1956
Morton, Ward M., 1963
Navrinac, Al, 1962
O’Connor, Edward R., 1955-1956
Porter, Charles R., 1957-1961
Potter, Allen, 1960
Rockwell, L. G., 1958-1959
Secor, Philip, 1962
Spanier, John, 1961-1962
Taborsky, Edward, 1962
Tesdell, Loren E., 1955-1956
Thrombley, Woodworth G., 1957-1958
Tileman, Burchard, 1962-1963
Titus, James E., 1953-1955, 1957
Ynsfran, P. M., 1954
3H319 (3415760) Student terms papers:
3H320 (3415771) 1923, 1947-1950
3H321 (3415727) undated
3H322 (3415680) undated
3H323 (3415964) Government examinations:
Multiple choice exams
Multiple choice questions
Essay exams
610 a & b, objective exams
610 a & b, essay exams
3H324 (3415830) 610 grade distributions
610 exam conversion tables
610 answer sheet
Miscellaneous material
3H325 (3415829) Printed material
State governments
United States government documents
Texas States government
Newspaper and magazine clippings
Post Office Department
Navy Department
Foreign governments and United States Foreign Service
Latin America
3H326 (3415818) State government, April 1930 – December 1931
Government Department brochures
Certificates; ballots
3H327 (3415716) Miscellaneous papers



3S177 Broadsides:
General election official ballots, 1940, 1948, 1952
Charts of expenditures for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1925
Chart of judicial system of Great Britain
Chart of Texas Administrative Organization
Map Collection Maps:
Eastern Europe, as divided by the Treaty of June 4, 1920
Mediterranean Sea, 1935
Pacific Ocean and adjacent countries, 1942
World, nautical charts – bound volume, 1944
The Philippines, 1945
The Far East, 1952
Southwest Asia, India, Pakistan, and Northeast Africa, 1952
Southeast Asia, 1955