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A Guide to the James L. Kinneavy Papers, 1949-2004 (bulk 1963-1980)

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Kinneavy, James L., 1920-
Title: Kinneavy, James L., papers
Dates: 1949-2004 (bulk 1963-1980)
Abstract: This collection consists of the professional papers of Dr. James L. Kinneavy, University of Texas English professor and specialist in rhetoric and composition. The papers consist largely of Kinneavy’s alphabetically-arranged subject files, which contain professional correspondence, manuscripts, bibliographies, newsletters, brochures and pamphlets, notes, syllabi, course material, departmental forms, and other documents from 1949 to 2003. The bulk of the collection is from 1963 to 1980.
Accession No.: 2003-071; 2006-186
Extent: 28 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

James L. Kinneavy was born in Edgewater, Colorado in 1920. After receiving a B.A. in English from the College of Santa Fe in 1942, Kinneavy worked as an elementary school teacher in Bernalillo, New Mexico. He later taught math, sciences, languages, music, and English in secondary schools in Louisiana before earning an M.A. in 1950 and a Ph.D. in 1956 at the Catholic University of America.

Kinneavy taught for five years at Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado before joining the faculty at the University of Texas at Austin in 1963, where he taught for 33 years in the Departments of English and Curriculum and Instruction, as well as the Division of Rhetoric and Composition. He served as director of freshman English from 1975 to 1982 and again as an interim director of lower-division English from 1990 to 1992 after he had retired. From 1979 to 1982 he was chair of the graduate rhetoric concentration, which he founded. He was appointed Jane and Roland Blumberg Centennial Professor in 1983, a position which he held until his retirement in 1990. He continued to teach on modified service until 1996.

In appreciation for his help in shaping its writing curriculum, St. Edward's University awarded Kinneavy an honorary doctorate in humane letters in 1980. His contributions to rhetoric and composition were recognized with the Conference on College Composition and Communication's Exemplar Award in 1995. In 1995 he also received the Pro Bene Meritis Award from the College of Liberal Arts.

Kinneavy’s best known work, A Theory of Discourse, was published in 1971. The Texas Education Agency adopted his theory of discourse as the foundation of its English program, as did the State of Wisconsin. In addition to A Theory of Discourse, Kinneavy published six other books, including Writing in the Liberal Arts Tradition (1985) and Greek Rhetorical Origins of Christian Faith: An Inquiry (1987), as well as over thirty articles. His main project during his final years was articulating a practical means of implementing moral and ethical education.

Kinneavy died on August 10, 1999.

Abridged from:

Faigley, Lester, et al. "In Memoriam: James L. Kinneavy." Index of Memorial Resolutions and Biographical Sketches. Office of the General Faculty. University of Texas at Austin. Accessed July 31, 2013.

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of the professional papers of Dr. James L. Kinneavy, University of Texas English professor and specialist in rhetoric and composition. The papers consist largely of Kinneavy’s alphabetically-arranged subject files, which contain professional correspondence, manuscripts, bibliographies, newsletters, brochures and pamphlets, notes, syllabi, course material, departmental forms, and other documents from 1949 to 2003. The bulk of the collection is from 1963 to 1980.

Kinneavy’s subject files are most often named to refer to particular authors or topics of study, departmental duties, special projects, or professional associations. Documents reflect Kinneavy’s research and activities as a scholar in the field of rhetoric, as well as courses taught in the UT Department of English. Frequently appearing subjects include literary criticism and poetry, as well as pedagogies of English literature instruction in Texas.

The collection also includes several manuscript essays, outlines, and notes on works by Shakespeare, which Kinneavy wrote circa 1949 to 1951 as a student at Catholic University of America.



The papers are arranged in rough alphabetical order as received by the creator.


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Kinneavy, James L., 1920- -- Archives.
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University of Texas at Austin. Department of English -- Faculty.
University of Texas. Department of English.
Discourse analysis, Literary
English language -- Composition and exercises -- Study and teaching.
English language -- Rhetoric -- Study and teaching.
Literary criticism.
Literature -- Theory, etc.
Persuasion (Rhetoric)
Rhetoric -- Study and teaching.
Austin (Tex.)

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James L. Kinneavy Papers, 1949-2004 (bulk 1963-1980), Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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4M796 Abelard, Peter -- Beaver College
4M797 Berger, Jeffrey -- Class rosters
4M798 Class rosters -- Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC)
4M799 CCCC -- Corbett festschrift
4M800 Crook, Bernard -- Fulwiler, Toby
4M801 Gabin, Rosalind -- Hartzog, Carol
4M802 Harvard University -- Johnson, Nancy
4M803 Judge, Lisa -- Klein, Julie
4M804 Kless, Constance -- Michigan University
4M805 Michigan University -- Morals & Ethics
4M806 Morals & Ethics -- Pennsylvania University
4M807 Permissions -- Pounds, Wayne
4M808 Powell, Chris -- Romano, Susan
4M809 Rowan, Katherine -- Steele, Perry
4M810 Steinmann, Martin -- Theory
4M811 Theory -- Writing
4M812 Writing -- Young, Richard
4M813 Index cards (Modes; Narration)
4M814 Index cards (Miscellany)
4M815 Index cards (Miscellany)
Appointment books, daybooks, 1964-1992
Classroom transparencies
Galley proof of Kinneavy’s A Theory of Discourse (with handwritten corrections), 1971
2006-186/1 Registration, 1964-1974
National Endowment for Humanities, 1972
Registration, 1963-1966
Registration, Fall 1971
Reports in the field of English – English Department
Add, drop, section-change cards
English worksheet
Ethnic studies requirement, 1974
General worksheet
Math and science worksheets, 1963-1967
Social studies worksheets
Speech and journalism worksheets
Substitution course cards
Policies and procedures – English Department, 1967-1971
Research, 1972, 1974
Research and Development Center
Excellence in teaching, 1966-1973
Department of English:
Ph.D. qualifying examination, 1972-1974
New M.A. program, 1973-1974
Graduate Studies Committee, 1973-1974
Purchasing office, 1972
Reading bibliography, 1964
Pike, et al., Discovery and Change
Planning, lesson plans, etc.
Reading, 1970
High school readings, 1964
Project English:
S.C.O.P.E. proposal
Harms, Robert T., 1967
Reading and study skills lab, 1968
The Tagmemic Discovery Procedure An Evaluation of Its Uses in the Teaching of Rhetoric, 1972
Oral interpretation
Orientation materials
Oral Language Project, Joel Gomez
[Magay?] and personal
Pattern poem
Piaget, Jean
Poe, Edgar Allen
Publishers and agents
"Publish or perish"
Publication of personal [?]
Reading, secondary bibliography, 1971
Psycholinguistics – Chomsky, 1968
Project English:
Proposal for curriculum improvement (cont’d), 1964
Proposal – English Education Center
Readings for partially-sighted child, 1963
Recommendations with religious discrimination
References, 1963-1973
Pyle, Barbara, 1972
Safai, M – Exercises
2006-186/2 Sesame Street
Bibliography for Thackeray’s Vanity Fair
Theses records and dissertations
Semantics, 1965-1971
Bibliography, 1970
Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Retirement plans – University of Texas at Austin
Secretarial applications
Dr. Kinneavy’s reserve books
Rexroth, Kenneth
Travel, 1967-1974
Larid [?], Ch. "Critique"
Tri-university project, 1968
UT system, 1969-1970
Bibliography – Rhetoric
Research Institute – University of Texas at Austin, 1966-1973
Texas Council of Teachers of English (TCTE), February 5-6, 1971 and 1972
Texas Council of Teachers of English
Texas Teacher Certification project
Texas State Teachers Association, 1970
New Rhetoric
Rhetorical stasis
Ricour, Paul – 2 lectures
Rittenberg, Arhur J. – Prentice Hall, Inc. (reviews)
Roosevelt, F.D.
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel
Texas Council Teachers of English, 1970-1974
Texas legislators, 1974
Cicero’s rhetoric
Rice University, 1966-1967
"Theories of Composition" (article)
Nicholas, Donald, 1972
MLA program for Eng.
Philosophy 301
Philosophy and Rhetoric Quarterly Journal
MLA seminar reservations, "Theory of Rhetoric"
Speech Communication Association – oral interpretation project, 1974
Speech Department – Oral interpretation workshop, Summer 1974
Poetry – student
Operations of stereotype
South Central American Dialect Society
Pan-American Univ. master’s program
Peace Corps
Performance-based teacher education
Persuasive [in Texas Texts?]
Persuasive discourse
Petri Color 35 camera instructions
Petsch, Robert
2006-186/3 Ph.D. requirements
Ph.D. oversupply, 1973
Phi Delta Kappa, 1966
Mental health talk
Mental health project
Charles E. Merrill reviews
Project English
Objective tests
O’Connor, Flannery
O’Dowd, John
Notre Dame University, 1973
North Central, 1962
North Central Conditions of Faculty Service Committee
Nineteenth century prose
Newspaper – use in Eng. Class
New university materials
New university conference
Newman, John Henry
National Rhetoric Conference
National Teachers Exam
Nebraska project
NFPW Annual Writing Contest
British novel
Ohio University – English undergraduate course description booklet
Old English
Olsen, Elder
MLA, 1971
Model Elementary Teacher project
More, Thomas, Saint
Murphy, G. – review
Murphy, Geraldine, the study of
NCTE [1 of 2]
NCTE [2 of 2]
NCTE – conference on English education
Narration – biblio.
NCTE Convention, 1971-1972
Methods of teaching
Mexican-American studies
Personality Research Center Teacher Assessment Form Manual, 1963
Midnight, canon law
Michigan: Center forum
Milgram, "A Behavioral Study of Obedience"
Mills and Walter intro.
Milton, John
Prentice-Hall collaborations
Language aims
Language research
Language of advertising
Language seminar, 1971
Mann, Thomas
2006-186/4 Linguistics
MacMillan Publishing Co. negotiations, Design of Discourse, 1973
Macaulay, Thomas
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Gonzalez, Josue M.
McKay, T.C. 359
McKeon, Richard
Measurement and Evaluation Center newsletter
Media and Chicanos
Media handout
Literary discourse
McLuhan, Marshall
Maugham, W. Somerset
McGovern acceptance speech
Media – Cassettes and tape [handouts and ephemera], 1968-1972
"Criticism of Petsch" manuscript
Literary theory
Materials – Library, 1962-1964
Correspondence and notes, 1968-1969
Ports [?], Rosanne
Poets in translation
MA program design
Marking systems
Gunnison March of Dimes, 1962
Prairie View, A&M:
General, 1966
Announcement of program, 1965
Instructions for application grant
Memorandum of agreement, 1966
Proposal to provide remedial instruction
Regulations, circa 1964
Problem solving, 1968
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MA & M.Ed. – Thesis substitution, thesis format, 1973
Malraux, Andre
Literary theory:
Literature, response to, 1973
Marvell, Andrew
Logic in Composition
Teacher education, 1973-1974
Teaching assistants
Purdue University, 1973
Newsletters, University of Texas at Austin, 1970-1973
2006-186/5 Reading
Reading lists
TCTE, Spring 1971
Texas, 1963
Summer English Conference
Student teaching, Fall 1968
"Study of Graduate Degree Production," UT Austin, March 1974
Grammar – historical English
Survey of English Literature course
2.325/E458c [RESTRICTED] Survey of English Literature student grades
2006-186/5 Test correction – objective tests
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2.325/E458c [RESTRICTED] Cooperative English test scantrons and student scores, 1960
2006-186/5 Survey of British Lit
Standardized testing
Essentials of English
Teacher education – Harvard
Teacher Placement Service
Student themes from the University Interscholastic League competition
Student teaching
Research development programs
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"Research and Development in Education" memorandum, March 1965
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R&D Center proposal, 1964
Wyoming, 1980
General faculty
University of Texas at Austin:
History of departmental organization
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Writing substitute
Teaching assistants and 398T requirement
Writing – origin of
Writing Lab, Summer 1981
Writing Program Administration
Writing centers
Teaching assistants training program
Rhetoric – Ph.D.
Sledd, James H.
Reviews: A Theory of Discourse
Student work [?]
2006-186/6 Rhetoric Society of America newsletter
Lang. Arts – N. Mexico program
Literary criticism:
Short story analysis
[RESTRICTED] Insurance, 1967
LaDriere, Craig
Landor, Walter Savage
University of Hawaii, Dr. Richard L. Larson, 1971
Lawrence, D.H., circa 1961
Lehmann, Terry
Letter writing course, 1960-1962
Library, 1965-1974
Sartre: Lit.
School of Communication newsletter
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Sledd, James
Ski songs
Ski club
Spenser, 1951
English stencil copies
Short story
Ski skit
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Texas Committee
Southern Educational Development Laboratory
Shakespeare, Julius Cesar
Textbook adoptions, 1969
Texas tax structure
Texas State Textbook Committee
Literary components and structures
Literary criticism
A Theory of Discourse typed manuscript (2 vols.)
Division of Rhetoric and Composition course description booklets, 1998-2003
2006-186/7 Insurance
Indiana, U-F-Ed. Center
In law [Inlow?]
Tip improvement project
Reserve books – library
Lectures in reading – liberal, 1954-1961
Listening, 1968, undated
Othello, 1951
Tempest, 1951
12th Night
Texas Christian University workshop, Summer 1971
T.S.T.A. Convention, 1971
Set theory, 1962
Linguistics Conference, January 1966
Recreational linguistics
"A Pair of Rhythmic Signatures in Early Dylan Thomas," 1969
ISCEP, 1972
Commencement speech
Insurance – medical
Project English:
Oral-aural-visual stimuli proposal, 1963
Personality, teacher education, and teacher behavior
Proposal for curriculum improvement
Professionalism and St. LaSalle
Steinbeck, John
Stevenson, Robert Lewis
Strzepek, J.E.
Tests – teaching of English
Texas Association for the Improvement of Reading (TAIR)
Texas Association of College Teachers
Spanish in Texas
Speech Association of America talk
Speech Institute
Speech journal, 1971
Ruskin, John
Spring conference, 1968
"Southwest Regional Conference on English"
DeCamp, David
Student teaching, Fall 1971
Students’ use of English
Tate, "Reflections on High School English"
Teacher Corps Advisory Committee
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Bibliography: Student teaching in English (Ariz. Eng. Bulletin)
Tarrant County Jr. College Basic Studies program
Summer employment, 1975
Speech remedial
S-R bond
Student teaching, Fall 1969
San Antonio project
Spring conference, 1966
Spring conference, 1965
Science Education Center
Science fiction
Scott, Foresman and Company
Secretarial services
Rutherford, B.
SCA – University of Texas doctoral honors seminar
RHE 306 course material and internal correspondence, 2003-2004
Freshman Comp. – English Department, 1980
Sledd – Critique of E306
Reyno, Bernie
Teaching assistants report to Fonken, Summer 1976
Persuasive grading
Plagiarism statement
Persuasion – stencils
Paragraph structure, Christensen
2006-186/8 Rhetoric
Tests – Gen. Comp.
Informative writing
Kinneavy, James
Kinneavy – honorary degree
Tennyson, 1949
Teacher placement blanks and Essentials of English tests
Departmental reports, 1950-1969
English Department class assignments, 1972
English 360M
TCTE, 1972
Freshman Composition
Teaching assistants:
Income tax deductions
Report on 398T and McGann Report
Rights and responsibilities, revised
Sledd Report
TASK, Noestenbach crisis, Spring 1977
306 evaluation, Fall 1978
A.I. and T.I. salary report
Fast Food Nation supp. articles
Final syllabi, 306, 2003-2004
306 course planning notes and materials
Work in progress
Personal, 1 of 3
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Current 306 stuff, 2 of 2
Emotions in the spiritual life