University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the UT Texas Student Publications (UT TSP) Photographs, circa 1895-2004

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Texas Student Publications, Inc., photographers.
Title: UT Texas Student Publications (UT TSP) Photographs
Dates: circa 1895-2004
Abstract: Ranging in date from circa 1895 to 2004, the UT Texas Student Publication Photographs archive includes more than 265 linear feet of images of or relating to the University of Texas at Austin, produced and collected by Texas Student Publications and Texas Student Media and their predecessor organizations for use in publications including the Daily Texan, the Cactus, Alcalde, Peregrinus and the Ranger. The bulk of the archive is comprised of film negatives and prints, but the archive also includes 700 glass plate negatives and 2 linear feet of color transparencies as well as a small amount of business records and A/V material.
Accession No.: AR 67-52; AR 76-63; AR 77-48; AR 79-67; AR 80-47; AR 85-136; AR 86-62; AR 86-242; AR 87-231; AR 88-051; AR 88-116; AR 89-065; AR 90-203; 91-080; AR 92-150; AR 94-288; AR 94-321; AR 2005-064; AR 2011-383; AR 2012-072; AR 2012-122; 2016-253
Extent: (approx. 268 linear ft.)
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical/Historical Note

The University of Texas at Austin established two of its earliest student publications around the turn of the 20th century, beginning in 1894 with the first volume of the Cactus yearbook, and following in 1900 with the first issue of the weekly Texan, created with the merger of two private campus newspapers. In 1902, the Students' Association was formed to, among other things, "control the publications" of the university. Two years later, the Students' Association acquired the Cactus and Texan, continuing to control their publication until 1921. The Texan newspaper became the Daily Texan in 1913.

A student/faculty conference was held in 1921 in order to “establish the paper on a sound business basis.” That same year, a charter of incorporation was approved by the Secretary of the State of Texas for "Texas Student Publications, Incorporated." Under the charter, approved July 6, 1921, Texas Student Publications (TSP) was directed to issue, publish, and distribute the Daily Texan, Longhorn Magazine, the Cactus and any other publications authorized in the future. The charter also provided that the profits of the Daily Texan be turned over to the TSP Board of Directors for improvement of the various publications. The TSP charter was revised during the 1930s, giving the University of Texas Board of Regents authority to approve changes in the charter and subjecting actions of the TSP Board to approval of the UT Regents. TSP was incorporated for 50 years, until the end of its charter in 1971. After a brief extension of the original charter, TSP was made an auxiliary enterprise of the university on October 1, 1972, falling under the umbrella of student affairs. The TSP board was authorized to oversee operations of publications under a Declaration of Trust with the Board of Regents.

In the years that followed, TSP acquired several additional media units. While many of these subunits have dissolved, a total of five remain today: the Daily Texan newspaper; the Cactus yearbook; KVRX radio (begun in 1987 as KTSB); TSTV (begun in 1990); and the Texas Travesty humor publication (begun in 1998). As TSP began to move into non-print media outlets in the late 1980s, the scope began to reach beyond publications. For this reason, the Board elected to change the name of Texas Student Publications to Texas Student Media (TSM) with the initial adoption of this Handbook revision in 2002 and the subsequent development of a new Declaration of Trust in 2007.

Scope and Contents

Ranging in date from circa 1895 to 2004, the UT Texas Student Publication Photographs archive includes more than 265 linear feet of images of or relating to the University of Texas at Austin, produced and collected by Texas Student Publications and Texas Student Media and their predecessor organizations for use in publications including the Daily Texan, the Cactus, Alcalde, Peregrinus and the Ranger. The bulk of the archive is comprised of film negatives and prints, but the archive also includes 700 glass plate negatives and 2 linear feet of color transparencies as well as a small amount of business records and A/V material.

Subjects covered in the archive include student life and organizations; university buildings; academic departments; athletic groups such as the football, basketball, and baseball teams; fraternities and sororities; student housing; and numerous university faculty and administrators including Eugene Barker, William Battle, Robert Batts, J. Alton Burdine, John Calhoun, J. Frank Dobie, E. William Doty, Frank Erwin, Peter Flawn, Dorothy Gebauer, Norman Hackerman, Anna Hiss, James Hogg, Beauford Jester, Helen Kirby, John Kuehne, Clyde Littlefield, Sidney Mezes, Arno Nowotny, T. S. Painter, H. T. Parlin, William Prather, Harry Huntt Ransom, Lorene Rogers, Darrell Royal, George Sanchez, Leslie Waggener, and Walter P. Webb.

Future accessions of photographic material from the University of Texas’s Texas Student Media offices will be added to the finding aid as they are received.

Note that in addition to this finding aid, Briscoe Center staff has created additional tools for locating subject matter within the archive, including a database with transcribed information from card files covering the 1970s-1980s and a second database that includes information from original negative envelopes from the 1960s-1970. Patrons may request access to these databases by emailing the photographs archivist at a.bowman@austin.utexas edu or calling 512-495-4468.



The photographs are arranged by Texas Student Publications (TSP) subunit and material type into seven series:
  • I. Cactus Yearbook, circa 1895-1990
    • A. Cactus glass plate negatives, circa 1895-1940--RESTRICTED
    • B. Cactus film negatives, circa 1936-1984
    • C. Cactus photographic prints, circa 1914-1990
    • D. Cactus artwork, 1933
  • II. Daily Texan Newspaper, circa 1959-2004
    • A. Daily Texan film negatives, circa 1975-2004
    • B. Daily Texan photographic prints, 1959-1995
  • III. Texas Ranger Magazine, 1957-1970, undated
  • IV. Peregrinus, UT Law School yearbook, circa 1970-1988
  • V. Assorted UT TSP Publications, circa 1895-2002
    • A. Negatives, circa 1910-1996
    • B. Photographic prints, circa 1895-2002
    • C. Mixed materials, circa 1975-2002
    • D. Color transparencies, circa 1951-1980
  • VI. Multimedia
  • VII. Texas Student Media business files--RESTRICTED


Access Restrictions

Because of the fragile nature the glass plate negatives, special permission is needed from the photographs archivist for viewing. Viewing of nitrate negatives is also restricted; contact photographs archivist for more information.

Due to sensitive information, access to Texas Student Media business files is restricted.

Use Restrictions

A portion of these photographs are stored remotely. Advance notice required for retrieval. Contact repository for retrieval.

Contact photographs archivist for information regarding collection copyright.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Barker, Eugene C. (Eugene Campbell), 1874-1956--Photographs.
Battle, William James, 1870-1955--Photographs.
Batts, R. L. (Robert Lynn), 1864-1935--Photographs.
Burdine, J. Alton (John Alton), 1905---Photographs.
Calhoun, John William, 1871-1947--Photographs.
Dobie, J. Frank (James Frank), 1888-1964--Photographs.
Doty, E. William (Ezra William), 1907-1994--Photographs.
Erwin, Frank C. (Frank Craig), 1920-1980--Photographs.
Flawn, Peter Tyrell--Photographs.
Gebauer, Dorothy Louise, 1894–1992--Photographs.
Hackerman, Norman, 1912-2007--Photographs.
Hiss, Anna--Photographs.
Hogg, James Stephen, 1851-1906--Photographs.
Jester, Beauford Halbert, 1893-1949--Photographs.
Kirby, Helen Marr--Photographs.
Kuehne, John Matthias, 1872-1960--Photographs.
Littlefield, Clyde, 1892-1981--Photographs.
Mathews, E. J.--Photographs.
Mezes, Sidney Edward, 1863-1931--Photographs.
Nowotny, Arno--Photographs.
Painter, Theophilus S. (Theophilus Shickel), 1889-1969--Photographs.
Parlin, H. T. (Hanson Tufts), 1879–1951--Photographs.
Pennybacker, Percy V., Mrs., 1861-1938--Photographs.
Prather, William Lambdin, 1848-1905--Photographs.
Ransom, Harry Huntt, 1908-1976--Photographs.
Rogers, Lorene L., 1914-2005--Photographs.
Royal, Darrell--Photographs.
Sánchez, George Isidore, 1906-1972--Photographs.
Waggener, Leslie--Photographs.
Webb, Walter Prescott, 1888-1963--Photographs.
Subjects (Organizations)
Ashbel Literary Society--Photographs.
Athenaeum Literary Society (University of Texas)--Photographs.
Daily Texan (Austin, Tex. : 1913)--Archives.
Ex-students' Association of the University of Texas--Photographs.
Texas Longhorns (Baseball team)--Photographs.
Texas Longhorns (Football team)--Photographs.
Texas Longhorns (Track and field team)--Photographs.
Texas Student Media (University of Texas at Austin)--Archives.
Texas Student Publications, Inc.--Archives.
University of Texas at Austin. Archives.
University of Texas at Austin. College of Business Administration--Photographs.
University of Texas at Austin. College of Education--Photographs.
University of Texas at Austin. College of Engineering--Photographs.
University of Texas at Austin. College of Liberal Arts--Photographs.
University of Texas at Austin. College of Natural Sciences--Photographs.
University of Texas at Austin. College of Pharmacy--Photographs.
University of Texas at Austin. Department of Intercollegiate Athletics--Photographs.
University of Texas at Austin. Library--Photographs.
University of Texas. Radio House--Photographs.
University of Texas at Austin. School of Communication--Photographs.
University of Texas at Austin. School of Law--Photographs.
University of Texas at Austin--Administration--Photographs.
University of Texas at Austin--Buildings--Photographs.
University of Texas at Austin--Faculty--Photographs.
University of Texas at Austin--Newspapers.
University of Texas at Austin--Photographs.
University of Texas at Austin--Sports--Photographs.
University of Texas at Austin--Students--Photographs.
University of Texas Longhorn Band--Photographs.
University of Texas System. Board of Regents--Photographs.
College publications--Texas--Austin--Photographs.
College sports--Texas--Austin--Photographs.
College student newspapers and periodicals--Texas--Austin--Archives.
College students--Texas--Austin--Photographs.
College teachers--Texas--Austin--Photographs.
Greek letter societies--Austin--Photographs.
School mascots--Texas--Austin--Photographs.
Student activities--Texas--Austin--Photographs.
Student housing--Texas--Austin--Photographs.
Texas Union--Photographs.
Universities and colleges--Texas--Austin--Photographs.
Universities and colleges--Administration--Texas--Austin--Photographs.
Universities and colleges--Professional staff--Texas--Austin--Photographs.
Austin (Tex.)--Photographs.

Related Material

The Briscoe Center preserves a wide variety of materials relating to the history of the University of Texas at Austin, including: the Cactus yearbook of the University of Texas (1894-); the Daily Texan newspaper (1913-); and the UT Office of Public Affairs Records. In addition, the Prints and Photographs Collections contain many photographs related to the university. See PPC: UT – Administration; PPC: UT – Campus; PPC: UT – Buildings (by building name); PPC: UT – Faculty; PPC: UT – Fraternities and sororities; PPC: UT – Housing; PPC: UT – Organizations; PPC: UT – Presidents; PPC: UT - Student life; and PPC: UT – Student publications.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

UT Texas Student Publications (UT TSP) Photographs, circa 1895-2004, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Processing Information

This collection was processed by Ralph L. Elder (October 1975), Lawrence A. Landis, (January 1986), and Amy Bowman and Tim Mapp (2012-2013).

This collection contains unprocessed materials.

Detailed Description of the Papers


I. Cactus Yearbook, circa 1895-1990

A. Cactus glass plate negatives--RESTRICTED, circa 1895-1940
3Z265--RESTRICTED 5 x 7 in.
1. Akazawa, Mr.
2. Calhoun, Mr.
3. Stayton, Mr.
4. Ammerman, Mr.
5. Taylor, Prof. T. U.
6. Aldedyce, Mr.
7. Hill, F. T.
8. Tarlton, Judge
9. Bralley, F. M. and family
10. Toombs, A. S.
11. Griffith, Prof.
12. Hornaday, W. D.
13. Ireland, Governor
14. McGregor, T. H.
15. Moses, Dayton
16. Allison, Laura
17. Pearce, J. E.
18. Austin, Stephen F. (portrait)
19. Burleson, Emma
20. McAfee, A. M.
3Z266--RESTRICTED 21. Harris, E. L.
22. Terrell, Judge
23. Winston, J. E.
24. Sayers, Judge
25. Seay, H. B.
26. Baker, Burk
27. Burleson, Laura
28. Benedict, Carl
29. Bayburn, Sam
30. Laurin, Judge M.
31. Parlin, H. T.
32. Briggs, Dr. R. J.
33. Batts, R. E. L., Jr.
34. Pennybacker, Ruth
35. Bugby, W. T.
36. Buchanan, J. P.
37. Belcher, Jerald
38. Bartholomew, Jim
39. Batts, R. L.
40. Bralley, F. M.
3Z267--RESTRICTED 41. Carothers, Mrs. Neil
42. Phi Gamma Delta
43. Chokla, L. M.
44. Garrison, Mrs. G. P.
45. Disch, William
46. Dechard, Mary E.
47. Blalock, Myron G.
48. Bonham, H. S.
49. Pearce, J. E.
50. Bralley, E. M.
51. Stone, C. L.
52. Boner, Paul
53. Boner, C. W.
54. Baggett, Sam
55. Burgess, R. F.
56. Berry, K. L.
57. The U.T. Club
58. Women's Building
59. Fichtenbaum, Max
60. Disch, William
3Z268--RESTRICTED 61. O'Banion, A. L.
62. Angly, Ed
63. Tarlton, Lt. B. D.
64. Cureton, Judge
65. Blalock, Lt. Jack
66. Pan Hellenistic Girls
67. Phi Mu
68. Ashbel Literary Girls
69. Sidney Lanier Society
70. Chi Omega
71. Alpha Delta Pi
72. Pre-Med Students
73. Phi Sigma Chi
74. Alpha Kappa Psi
75. Kane Klub
76. Southwestern University Club
77. University Chancellors
78. A. E. F. Club
79. Curtain Club
80. Taylor, T. U.
3Z269--RESTRICTED 81. Shea, W. A.
82. U. T. Circus Directors
83. Pierian Literary Society
84. Brackenridge, Mrs. R. J.
85. Buchanan, J. R.
86. Peddy, George
87. Hogg, Governor James S.
88. Weeg, William J.
89. Fairchild, J. D.
90. Crane, Mr.
91. Lefevre, Prof. [missing?]
92. Blankenship, William
93. Bickler, V. F.
94. Bantel, W. R. [missing?]
95. Bringhurst, William
96. Lewis, Judge Yancy
97. Brackenridge, Eleanor
98. Buchanan, J. P.
99. Barbee, Miss
100. Bolton, Mrs. H. E.
3Z270--RESTRICTED 101. Fyntley, Lyndall
102. Cousins, R. B.
103. Primer, Dr. S.
104. Gaines, Dr. S. W.
105. Calfie, Marguerite
106. Black, O. B.
107. Byne, Tom
108. Montgomery, Juliane
109. Montgomery, Dr.
110. Shelby, Mr.
111. Crane, Mr.
112. Brackenridge, Miss
113. Houston, D. F.
114. Hogg, Ima
115. Bissell, Mr.
116. Vinson, R. E.
117. Edwards, Hazel
118. Littlefield, Clyde
119. Keasbey, L. M. [missing?]
120. Aden, Eunice
3Z271--RESTRICTED 121. French Embassy
122. Bailey, Douglas
123. Udden, Prof. J. A. [missing?]
124. Benedict, H. Y.
125. Benedict, H. Y.
126. Vinson, Dr. R. E.
127. Crane, Abbie
128. Pittenger, B. F.
129. Publications Board
130. Bland, D. C.
131. Pan Hellenic [missing?], 1919
132. Pi Beta Phi
133. Capitol Building, ca. 1912
134. Capitol Building (from campus)
135. Law Building
136. Bolts, J. B.
137. Library and Women's Building
138. Students' Assembly, 1919
139. Batts, R. L.
140. Calhoun, J. W.
3Z272--RESTRICTED 141. Woman's Athletic Council, 1919
142. Czech Club
143. Divine, Helen
144. Pierian Society, 1919
145. Phi Mu, 1919
146. Bookwalter, Romona
147. United Publications Board
143. Pennybacker Debating Club
149. Kappa Alpha Theta, 1919
150. Kappa Kappa Gamma, 1919
151. Estell, _____
152. Athenaeum Society
153. Allen, Winnie
154. Pennybacker, Lt., 1918
155. Longhorn Magazine staff
3Z264--RESTRICTED 156. Old Chemistry Lab
3Z238--RESTRICTED 8x10 in. negatives
1. Curtain Club
2. Curtain Club
3. Curtain Club
4. Curtain Club
5. Curtain Club
6. Middle Law Class
7. Middle Law Class
8. Middle Law Class
9. Violin Club
10. Junior Football
11. UT Legislature
12. Curtain Club
13. Ashbel Literary Society
14. Miller's Law Society
15. Junior Engineers
16. Sophomore Engineers
17. Freshman Engineers
18. Pierian Literary Society
19. Freshman Engineers
20. Curtain Club
3Z239--RESTRICTED 21. Rusk Literary Society
22. Bush and Gert's Mandolin Club
23. Press Club
24. Athenaeum Literary Society
25. Men's Glee Club
26. The Rattlers
27. Pierian Literary Society
28. Sophomore Class
30. Statuary from UT
31. Cactus Business Staff
32. Rattlers
33. Ashbel Literary Society
34. Glee Club
35. Sidney Lanier Society
36. University Water Tank
37. University Water Tank
38. Swimming "T" Girls
39. Tennis "T" Girls
40. Baseball Girls
3Z240--RESTRICTED 41. Basketball Girls
42. Basketball Girls
43. Baseball "T" Girls
44. Longhorn Magazine staff
45. Ramshorn
46. Cactus staff
47. German Club
48. Rattlers
49. Law Banquet Committee
50. Daily Texan staff
51. Woman’s Assembly
52. Board of Publications
53. Student Council
54. Reagan Literary Society
55. Rusk Literary Society
56. Athenaeum Society
57. Students' Assembly
59. Kinsolving, Bishop
60. Basketball - section 10
61. Basketball - section 10
3Z241--RESTRICTED 62. Logan, Bess Jane
63. Slaughter and Garrett
64. Slaughter, Margarite and Jack Garrett
65. Junior Academics
66. Junior Academics
67. Sophomore Academics
68. Freshman Academics
69. Rattlers
70. Curtain Club
71. Kee Kee
72. Girls' Violin Club
73. Football, 2nd Team, 1907
74. Junior Class, 1908
75. Junior Engineers
77. Freshman Engineers
78. Woman's Banquet
79. Woman's Banquet
80. Lockers - Women's Building
3Z242--RESTRICTED 81. Fencing
82. Dr. Mezes in office
83. Boy's Field
84. Boy's Field
85. Boy's Field
86. Boy's Field
87. Girls' Team
88. Girls' Team
89. Girls' Team
90. Middle Laws
91. Middle Laws, 1908
92. Basketball, 1905
93. Freshman Girls' Team
94. Basketball Team
95. Reagan Literary Society
96. Glee Club
97. Reagan Literary Society
98. Junior Laws, 1908
99. Junior Laws
100. Junior Laws, 1908
3Z243--RESTRICTED 101. Junior Laws, 1908
102. Junior Laws
103. Junior Laws
104. Junior Laws
105. Junior Laws
108. Sophomore Engineers, 1908
111. Freshman Class, 1908
112. Freshman Class, 1908
113. Sophomore Academics
115. Girls' Choral Club
116. Girls' Choral Club
117. Tennis Club, 1908
118. B. Hall Committee
119. Freshman Engineers
120. Freshman Engineers
3Z244--RESTRICTED 121. Freshman Engineers
122. Freshman Academs
123. Freshman Academs
124. Sophomore Academs
125. Sophomore Academs
126. Sophomore Academs
127. Sophomore Academs
128. Young, Prof. S.
129. Young, Prof. S.
131. Sutton Hall entrance, 1919
132. Library Reading Room, 1919
133. Football Blanket, 1919
134. Women's Building and Beck's Pool
135. Library Building at night, 1919
136. Women's Swimming Pool, 1919
137. Women's Swimming Pool, 1919
138. Women's Swimming Pool, 1919
139. Barracks at UT, 1919
140. Barracks at UT, 1919
3Z245--RESTRICTED 141. Sutton Hall, 1919
142. Sutton Hall, 1919
144. Bull Creek (?)
146. Campus, 1919
147. Barton's Creek (?)
148. Barton's Creek (?)
149. Campus, 1919
150. Campus (east view), 1919
152. Group of boys and girls, 1919
153. Campus scene, 1919
154. Freshman Engineers, 1907
155. Freshman Engineers, 1907
156. Junior Football, 1907
157. Pennybacker, Mrs. P. V.
158. Basketball Team
159. Stark, H. J. Lutcher
3Z246--RESTRICTED 161. Main Building, 1918
163. Texan staff
164. Rusk Literary Society
165. Cactus Business Staff
166. UT Campus, 1919
167. Hall of Women's Building
168. Freshman Academs, 1907
169. Freshman Academs, 1907
170. Freshman Academs, 1907
171. Freshman Academs, 1907
172. Junior Laws, 1906-07
173. Junior Laws, 1906-07
174. Tennis Girls, 1907
175. Glee Club, 1907
176. Junior Laws
177. Middle Laws, 1908
178. Middle Laws, 1908
179. Middle Laws, 1908
180. Middle Laws, 1908
3Z247--RESTRICTED 181. Junior Football, 1908
182. 2nd Football Team, 1908
183. Girls' Basketball Team
184. U.T. Quartette (Men)
185. Arrow Heads (Men), 1908
186. Sophomore Football Team
187. The Texan Extra, October 25, 1913
188. Longhorn Quartette
189. Longhorn Quartette
190. Girls' Basketball Team, 1914
191. Curtain Club
192. Rusk Literary Society
193. Debating Council
194. Phi Delta Theta
195. B. Hall Group
196. Pi Beta Phi Freshmen, 1911
197. Texas Club
198. Sidney Lanier Society
199. McLaurin Society
3Z248--RESTRICTED 200. Sophomore Engineers
202. Ashbel Literary Society
203. Anglers (Girls)
204. Athenaeum Society
205. Arrow Head Dance
206. Reagan Society
207. Tarlton Law Society
208. Tennis Squad
209. Freshman Reception Committee
210. Delta Delta Delta
211. Curtain Club - "The Dark Lady," 1916
212. Curtain Club - "Rosalind," 1916
213. Curtain Club - "Rosalind," 1916
214. Curtain Club
215. Garrett, Velma in "Yum Yum"
216. Rattlers Dance - K. C. Hall
217. University Auditorium
218. "Merry Wives of Windsor"
219. "Winter's Tale"
220. "Merry Wives of Windsor," 1895-96
3Z249--RESTRICTED 221. Battle, William J.
222. UT Football Team at depot
223. UT Football Team at depot
224. Rattlers
225. Hogg Debating Society
227. Inauguration of President Vinson, 1917
228. Main Building - night of Vinson Inauguration, 1917
229. Main Building, 1917
230. Freshman Reception Committee, 1917
231. Tennis Team
232. UT Football Team at depot
233. Parlin, H. T.
234. Harper, H. W.
235. Sutton, W. S.
236. Lockridge, J. P.
237. Matthews, E. J.
238. Glee Club, 1916
239. Curtain Club play
240. Curtain Club play
3Z250--RESTRICTED 241. Daily Texan staff
242. Women's Building
243. Reagan Literary Society
244. Texan staff
245. The Rattlers
246. Glee Club
247. Law Building
248. Y.M.C.A. Building
249. Fraternity pins
250. Fraternity pins
251. Pierian Literary Society
252. Sidney Lanier Society
253. Reagan Literary Society
254. Curtain Club
255. "T" Girls
256. Sophomore Squad (Girls)
257. Harper, H. W.
258. Track Team
259. Kappa Alpha Theta
260. Battle, William J.
3Z251--RESTRICTED 262. Sigma Alpha Epsilon
263. B. Hall
264. Pi Beta Phi
265. Law Building
266. Newman Club
267. Alpha Tau Omega
268. Beta Theta Pi
269. Texas Women's Law Association
270. A. I. E. E.
271. Thanksgiving Reception
272. Violin Club
273. Applied Economics Club
274. Senior Law Group
275. Kappa Kappa Gamma
276. Kappa Alpha Theta
278. Thanksgiving Reception Committee
279. Speaker's Club
280. Athletic Council (Girls), 1918
3Z252--RESTRICTED 281. Phi Gamma Delta
282. Kappa Alpha Fraternity
283. Angley, J. Edwards
284. Ashbel Literary Society
286. Sweetwater Club
287. Cactus Board
288. V. M. I.
289. Freshman Reception Committee
290. Sophomore Reception Committee
291. Academic Sophomore Class
292. Applied Economics Club
293. Athletic "T" Picture
294. Academic Reception Committee
295. Law Banquet
296. Curtain Club
297. Junior Laws
298. Chi Phi
299. Freshman Engineers
300. Sophomore Engineers
3Z253--RESTRICTED 301. Junior Engineers
302. A. I. E. E.
303. Reagan Literary Society
304. Ashbel Literary Society
305. Choral Club
306. Phi Gamma Delta House
307. Governor's Mansion in snow
308. Scrub Football
404. Sidney Lanier Society, 1918
405. Phi Mu, 1911
406. Kappa Alpha Theta
407. Looney, Senator B. F.
408. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 1905
409. Sidney Lanier Society
410. Woman's Assembly
411. Academic Reception Committee
412. Woman's Athletic Council
413. Wooldridge, Mayor A. P.
414. Phi Mu
415. Speaker's Club
416. Texan staff
417. Bell County Club
3Z254--RESTRICTED 418. Athenaeum Literary Society
419. Kappa Kappa Gamma
420. Alpha Delta Pi
421. Women's Panhellenic
422. Kappa Alpha Theta
423. Delta Sigma Rho
424. Debating Council
425. Phi Alpha Tau
426. Ashbel Literary Society
427. Press Club
428. Woman's Council
429. Sophomore Engineers
430. Basketball Team, 1914
431. Board of Publication, 1917
432. Ashbel Literary Society, 1917
433. Phi Mu, 1917
434. Arrowhead Dance, 1917
435. Athletic Girls, 1917
436. Ball at Capitol, 1917
437. "T" Girls, 1917
3Z255--RESTRICTED 438. "T" Girls swimming, 1917
439. Alpha Delta Phi, 1918
440. Newman Club
441. Junior Prom
442. Woman's Athletic Council
443. Chancellor's Club
444. Applied Economics Club
445. Ashbel Literary Society
446. A. I. E. E.
447. P. E. C.
448. Simond, Dr. F. W.
450. Cofer Law Society
451. Students at Capitol
464. Bridgers, Sarah
465. Athletic Club
466. Bantel, E. C. H.
465. Battle, Dr. W. J.
468. The Chancellors
469. Pi Beta Phi
470. Speaker's Club, 1917
3Z256--RESTRICTED 471. Cofer Law Society, 1917
472. Student Council, 1917
473. Angler Dance
474. Vinson, Dr. R. E.
475. Benedict, Dr. H. Y.
476. Signatures on Texas Declaration of Independence
477. Freshman Engineers
478. Sophomore Engineers
479. University Band
480. Governor Ferguson's Mother
481. Whitaker, B. M.
482. Junior Engineers
483. Junior Academics
484. Angley, Ed
485. Bledsoe, Mrs. Will H.
487. Panhellenic, 1918
488. Delta Delta Delta, 1918
489. Freshman Engineers
490. Junior Engineers
491. Arrow Heads, 1907
3Z257--RESTRICTED 492. Delta Sigma Phi
493. Delta Chi, 1908
494. Acacia
495. The Old Man's Body Guard
496. Curtain Club
497. Curtain Club
498. Curtain Club
499. Kappa Kappa Gamma, 1918
500. Pierian Literary Society, 1918
501. Pre-Meds, 1917-1918
502. Pi Beta Phi, 1913
503. Junior Prom
504. Woman's Council, 1917-1918
505. Woman's Assembly, 1918
506. Wrestling Team
507. Hildebrand Law Society
508. Simkins Law Society
509. Sigma Nu
510. Phi Gamma Delta
511. Curtain Club
3Z258--RESTRICTED 512. Curtain Club
513. Student Council
514. Students’ Assembly
515. Athenaeum Literary Society
516. Pre-Meds, 1917
517. Curtain Club
519. Texas Declaration of Independence
520. Arrow Heads
521. Track Team
522. Borden, Henry L.
523. Gym Team
524. A. I. E. E.
525. Czechie Society
526. Phi Kappa Psi
527. B. Hall Committee
528. Basketball (Girls)
529. Basketball (Girls)
530. Pierian Literary Society
531. Cactus - 16 years (display)
532. Delta Sigma Rho
533. Athletic Boom, Women's Building
3Z259--RESTRICTED 534. Beta Theta Pi
535. Simpkins Law Society
536. Women's Athletic Council, 1906
537. Germania Society
538. University Publications (display)
543. Phi Kappa Psi
544. Brush and Pencil Club
545. Students' Assembly
546. Students' Council
547. Chancellors' Club
548. Cactus Board
549. Athenaeum Society
550. Delta Chi
551. Delta Delta Delta
552. Interfraternity Council
553. Delta Sigma Rho
555. UT Band
556. Freshman Reception Committee
557. Ashbel Literary Society
558. Delta Delta Delta
3Z260--RESTRICTED 559. Varsity Minstrel Committee
560. Varsity Band
561. A. I. E. E.
562. B. Hall
563. Junior Academic Reception Committee
564. Violin Club
565. The Anglers
566. Hildebrand Law Society
567. Sophomore Class
568. Basketball Squad
569. Phi Kappa Psi
570. Germania Society
572. Gym Team
573. The Anglers
574. Pierian Literary Society
575. Freshman Class
576. Delta Kappa Epsilon
577. Alpha Kappa Psi
578. Phi Kappa Psi
579. Phi Delta Theta
3Z261--RESTRICTED 582. Sons of Erin
583. Alpha Kappa Psi, 1918
584. Thanksgiving Reception Committee
585. Chancellors, 1918
586. Students' Volunteer Band, 1918
587. Chi Phi
588. A. I. E. E.
589. Brooks, Judge M.
590. Pi Beta Phi
591. Hildebrand Law Society
592. Basketball Squad (Girls)
593. Engineers' Reception
594. Capitol Club
595. Freshman Football
596. Chi Phi
597. Woman's Council
598. Alpha Tau Omega
599. Sigma Chi
600. Ashbel Literary Society
3Z262--RESTRICTED 601. Chi Omega
602. Athletic Council (Girls)
603. P. E. C.
604. Alpha Delta Pi
605. Kappa Chi
606. Athletic Council
607. Delta Sigma Rho
608. Student Volunteer Band
609. Pennybacker, Mrs. P. V.
610. Basketball Team
611. German Club
612. Chi Phi
613. Curtain Club
614. Smith, H. B.
Bowen, M. D.
615. Curtain Club
616. Curtain Club
617. University Aero Club
618. Phi Gamma Delta Basketball
619. Texas Society of Engineers
620. Spanish Troubadors
3Z263--RESTRICTED 621. P. E. C.
622. Murray, Senator
623. Mezes, Dr. S. E.
624. Study Hall (Library)
625. Main Building, 1918
626. Athenaeum Literary Society
627. Chancellors (Law Society)
628. Sidney Lanier Society
629. Students' Council
630. Athletic Council
631. Student Assembly
632. Basketball (Girls), 1907
633. Simkins Law Society, 1907
634. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 1907
3Z264--RESTRICTED 635. Alpha Tau Omega
636. Delta Tau Delta, 1907
637. Sophomore Academics, 1907
638. Freshman Engineers, 1907
639. University Entertainers
640. Wedding dance
641. Junior Engineers, 1907
642. Pierian Society
643. Chi Omega
644. Daily Texan staff
3Z236-3Z237--RESTRICTED 11x14 in. negatives
683. Beta Theta Pi
684. Final Ball Committee
685. Curtain Club
686. Delta Chi
687. Delta Kappa Epsilon
688. Delta Chi
689. Beta Theta Pi
690. Delta Kappa Epsilon
691. Baseball Team
692. Delta Sigma Phi
693. Beta Theta Pi
694. Beta Theta Pi
695. Basketball Team
696. Freshman Football Team, 1922
697. Baseball Team, 1927
698. Delta Kappa Epsilon
699. Delta Theta Phi
700. Sigma Nu, 1915
701. Football Team, 1914
702. Freshman Basketball Team, 1925
703. Baseball Team
704. Delta Tau Delta
705. Senior Law Class, 1915
706. Mrs. Ferguson
707. Bishop William Theodotus Capers
3Z273 B. Cactus film negatives, circa 1936-1984
Archivist’s note: See Series V: Assorted UT TSP Publications for additional Cactus film negatives.
Cactus negatives, circa 1936-1940, undated:
6. Gutsch, Milton R.
13. Gideon, S. E.
27. Smith, C. Aubrey
31. Schoch, E. P.
35. Stumberg, Prof.
44. Vogan, _____ (Union Board)
45. Zivley, ____ and Union Board
104. Kuhn, ____
106. Martin, Cora
109. McGinnis, E. K.
112. McDonald Observatory, Assistant Director's residence
125. Band Director, 1938
126. Rathbone, Lucy
131. Granberry, C. R., 1938
133. Gray, _____
135. Greenhill and Chamberlain, editors of the Cactus, 1936-37, 1937-38
161. Cactus professors
162. Calhoun, President J. W.
167. Degler, Prof.
173. Board of Regents, Summer 1937
181. Arrowood, C. F.
3Z197 Cactus negatives by original negative number:
1975/1976; C0818-C1128, C1129-C1716, 1975-1976
3Z198 1976/1977; C1500-C1855, C1856-C2129, 1976-1977
3Z199 1976/1977; C1386-C1751, 1976-1977
3Z201 1977/1978, 1978/1979; C2825-C3344, 1977-1979
3Z202 1978/1979; C2958-C4092, 1978-1979
3Z203 1978/1979, 1979/1980; C3429-C3441, C3443-C3841, C3842-C3957, 1978-1980
3Z204 1979/1980, 1980/1981 (Fall 1980 only); C2157-C3605, C3716-C4199, 1979-1981
3Z225 Cactus, 1980-1983
3Z230 Negatives (Cactus only), 1983-1984
3Z235 C. Cactus photographic prints, circa 1914-1990
Archivist’s note: See Series V: Assorted UT TSP Publications for additional Cactus photographic prints.
Contact prints of negatives (683-707); includes UT fraternities, sports teams, and other student organizations; Miriam A. Ferguson; Bishop William Theodotus Capers, circa 1914-1927
3Z231 1970-1972
3Z179 1970-1975
3S212 Cactus yearbook prints, 1974-1984
3Z180 1976
3Z217 1977-1979
3Z216 1979
3Z226 1980-1981
3Z228 1980 (student portraits)
3Z229 1981 (student portraits)
3Z227 1983
3Z218 1983 (student portraits)
3Z219 1983 (student portraits)
3Z220 1984 (student portraits)
3Z221 1984
3Z222 1985
3Z234 1986
3Z275 1987-1988
3S240 1987 (student portraits)
>3S241 1987 (student portraits)
3S242 1988 (student portraits)
3S243 1988 (student portraits)
3Z275-3Z276 Cactus yearbook prints, 1989
3S249-3S250 Cactus yearbook prints (student portraits), 1989
3S129b Cactus yearbook, prints and oversize composites, 1990
3S139.1 Cactus yearbook, prints and oversize composites, 1990
3S152-3S153 Cactus yearbook, prints and oversize composites, 1990
3Z281a-b Cactus yearbook, prints and oversize composites, 1990
3S212 Oversize photographs, Cactus yearbook, 1972-1986
OD1278 Panoramic photograph, Longhorn Band, 1979-1980
3S235 D. Cactus artwork, 1933
Cactus yearbook pencil and wash drawings of scenes relating to the history of UT, 1933


II. Daily Texan Newspaper, circa 1959-2004

2012-072/20 A. Daily Texan film negatives, circa 1975-2004
Archivist’s note: See Series V: Assorted UT TSP Publications for additional Daily Texan film negatives.
3Z197 Daily Texan negatives by negative number:
1975/1976; T6512-T7473, T7474-T7658, 1975-1976
3Z198 1976/1977; T7069-T7554, T7660-T8047, T8048-T8399, T8400-T8626, T9967, 1976-1977
3Z201 1977/1978, 1978/1979; T8249-T8985, T8986-T9799, 1977-1979
3Z202 1978/1979; T9501-T9852, T10039-T10317, Lucian Perkins, 1978-1979
3Z203 1978/1979, 1979/1980; T9853-T10261, T10318-T10551, T10552-T11074, 1978-1980
3Z204 1979/1980, 1980/1981; T10564-T11110, T12014-T12108 [incomplete], 1979-1981
3Z223 1980/1981, 1981/1982; T10877-T10997, T12001-T12112, T12113-T12209, T12222-T12371, T12371-T12550, 1980-1982
3W143c Central America assignment: includes Massacre Mass in Santiago Atitlán; demonstration in San Salvador, El Salvador; military in Chalatenango; and President of El Salvador Alfredo Cristiani Burkard, photographed by David FitzGerald [AR 2016-253], 1991-1992
2012-072/20 September 1995-February 1996
2012-072/21 February 1996-September 1996
2012-072/22 September 1996-February 1997
2012-072/23 February 1997-August 1997
2012-072/24 August 1997-November 1997
2012-072/25 November 1997-April 1998
2012-072/26 April 1998-October 1998
2012-122/4 February 2, 1999-April 5, 1999
2012-122/5 April 5, 1999-July 31, 1999
2012-122/6 August 1, 1999-September 29, 1999
2012-122/7 September 29, 1999-December 7, 1999
2012-122/8 January 24, 1999-February 15, 2000
Fall 1999 Sports
2012-072/27 1996-2000, undated
2012-072/28 April 2000-September 2000
2012-072/29 September 2000-December 2000
2012-072/30 January 2001-May 2001
2012-072/31 June 2001-April 2002
2012-072/32 March 2002-July 2003
2012-072/33 January 2003-September 2004
3Z164 B. Daily Texan photographic prints, 1959-1995
Archivist’s note: this sub-series is comprised primarily of publication prints used in the Daily Texan, but also includes prints used on other TSP publications such as the Texas Times, Panorama, and the Deadly Texan. Note that some images are by non-Texas Student Publications photographers. See Series V: Assorted UT TSP Publications for additional Daily Texan photographic prints.
March 1959 - August 1960
3Z165 September 1960 - December 1961
3Z166 January 1962 - May 1963
3Z167 June 1963 - November 1964
3Z168 December 1964 - February 1966
3Z169 March 1966 - February 1967
3Z170 March 1967 - March 1968
3Z171 April 1968 - April 1969
3Z172 May 1969 - June 1970
3Z173 July 1970 - June 1971
3Z174 July 1971 - May 1972
3Z175 June 1972 - April 1973
3Z176 May 1973 - February 1974
3Z205 February - August 1974
3Z206 September 1974 - January 1975
3Z207 February - May 1975
3Z208 October 1980 - June 1981
3Z209 July 1981 - March 1982
3Z210 April 1982 - November 1982
3Z211 December 1982 - May 1983
2012-072/1 1983
3Z232 October 1983 - May 1984
2012-072/2 1984
3Z233 June 1984 - July 1984; December 1984 - March 1985
2012-072/3 1986
2012-072/4 January 13, 1987-July 20, 1987
2012-072/5 July 21, 1987-December 11, 1987
2012-072/6 January 1988-June 1988
2012-072/7 July 1989-December 1989
2012-072/8 July 1, 1989-December 16, 1988
2012-072/9 January 10, 1989-June 30, 1989
2012-072/10 January 9, 1990-July 31, 1990
2012-072/11 August 1, 1990-December 11, 1990
2012-072/12 January 10, 1991-June 28, 1991
2012-072/13 July 1, 1991-November 13, 1991
2012-072/14 November 14, 1991-April 7, 1992
2012-072/15 April 8, 1992-September 7, 1992
2012-072/16 September 9, 1992-December 16, 1992
2012-072/17 January 14, 1993-May 11, 1993
2012-072/18 June 1, 1993-September 16, 1993
2012-122/1 September 17, 1993-December 6, 1993
2012-122/2 January 13, 1993-May 6, 1994
2012-122/3 June 6, 1994-April 25, 1995


III. Texas Ranger Magazine, 1957-1970, undated

3Z192 A. Texas Ranger magazine negatives, 1957-1970, undated:
Ranger, 1970-1972
3Z230 ACT
Basketball tourney
Kappa Sigmas
Ranger staff
75th celebration
Tower Parody
Tri-Angle Track Meet
Varsity Carnival


IV. Peregrinus, UT Law School yearbook, circa 1970-1988

3Z192 Peregrinus, 1970-1972
3Z190 Peregrinus, 1971-1972
3S243 Peregrinus (student portraits), 1988?


V. Assorted UT TSP Publications, circa 1895-2002

AHC--RESTRICTED A. Negatives, various UT Texas Student Publications units, circa 1910-1996
Nitrate negatives
3Z204 Copy negatives, 1910 and 1932 Cactus yearbook
3Z145 1960/1961, A-O
3Z146 1960/1961, P-Z; 1961/1962 A-E
3Z147 1961/1962, F-W
3Z148 1961/1962, X-Z; 1962 Summer Texan; 1962/1963, A-F
3Z149 1962/1963, G-W
3Z150 1962/1963; X-Z; 1963/1964, A-L
3Z151 1963/1964, M-Z; 1964/1965, A-C
3Z152 1964/1965, C-S
3Z153 1964/1965, T-Z; 1965/1966, A-D
3Z154 1965/1966, E-R
3Z155 1965/1966, S-Z; 1966/1967, A-C
3Z156 1966/1967, C-K
3Z157 1966/1967, L-Z
3Z158 1967/1968, A-H
3Z159 1967/1968, I-Z; 1968/1969, A-B
3Z160 1968/1969, C-R
3Z161 1968/1969, R-Z; 1969/1970 A-C
3Z162 1969/1970, D-O
3Z163 1969/1970, P-Z
3Z189 1970/1971, A-L
3Z190 1970/1971, M-Z
3Z191 1971/1972, A-M
3Z192 1971/1972, N-Z
3Z193 1972/1973 A-R
3Z194 1972/1973, S-Z; Miscellaneous;
1973/1974, A-Z (Fall 1973 only)
3Z195 1973/1974, A-Z (Spring and Summer 1974 only)
3Z196 1974/1975
3Z200 1977/1978
2012-072/19 1972, 1993-1996, undated; may include some Cactus photographs
3Z277-3Z280 Daily Texan, Cactus and Peregrinus yearbook negatives:
1983 – 1984
1984 – 1985
1985 – 1986
1986 – 1987 (Miscellaneous)
3Z283 Negatives and contact sheets arranged by photographer’s name, Cactus yearbook and unidentified, circa 1988-1991
3Z216 B. Photographic prints, various UT Texas Student Publications units, circa 1895-2002
Dated prints from miscellaneous publications, circa 1968-1988:
Miscellaneous dated prints,March 1968-February 1982
3Z212 Miscellaneous dated prints,January 1977 - April 1985
3Z183 September 1973 - December 1976
3Z176 April - December 1974
3Z177 January 1975 - May 1976
3Z184 January 1977 - October 1977
3Z185 November 1977 - April 1979
3S212 Miscellaneous dated prints, 1979-1981
3Z224 Miscellaneous dated prints, 1979-1983
Miscellaneous dated prints, March 1982-October 1984
3Z274 Miscellaneous dated prints, 1986-1988
3S212 Undated prints from miscellaneous publications, circa 1948-1983:
Miscellaneous undated prints, ca. 1960-1982
3Z213 ca. 1970-1982
3Z177 ca. 1971-1976
3Z178 ca. 1971-1976
3Z186 ca. 1974-1979
3Z187 ca. 1974-1979
3Z188 ca. 1974-1979
3Z214 ca. 1975-1982
3Z215 ca. 1975-1982
3Z224 Miscellaneous undated prints, ca. 1979-1983
Miscellaneous undated prints, ca. 1980-1983
3S211 Oversize photographs: Miscellaneous student portraits, sports scenes, Bluebonnet Belles and "10 Most Beautiful" photographs, ca. 1948-1965
3S240 Oversized prints, circa 1988-1997
3Z287 Cactus and Daily Texan prints, circa 1987-1993
3Z288a-c Cactus and Daily Texan prints, circa 1987-1993
4Ad2-12 Cactus and Peregrinus, circa 1991-1995:
Photographic prints, circa 1991-1995
4Ad15 Photographic prints, circa 1991-1995
2W97-2W98 Photographic prints, circa 1991-1995
4Aa54-4Aa55 Photographic prints, circa 1991-1995
3Z136 Subject files, circa 1895-1964:
A Cappella Choir
Abercrombie, John B.
Abernathy, Katharene
Acacia Rose Nominees
Accounting Faculty
Acreman, Molly
Adams, Stanley
Adkins, Bert
Adkins, Gale
Advertising Staff, 1947
Aeronautical Engineering Faculty
Aggie Sign Contest
Alderice, Lee
Aldrete, Chris
Alexander Fredrick Claire
Alexander, Jayne and John Cope
Alexander, Sharon
Allen, Claude
Allen, H. Claude
Allen, W. B., Jr.
Alpha Chi Sigma
Alpha Delta Sigma
Alpha Iota Delta
Alpha Phi Tau
Alrich, Homer
Al-Uthman, Hilmi Saber
American Association of Aeronautical Engineers
American Ceramic Society
American Finance Club
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
American Marketing Association
American Military Engineers
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Society of Electrical Engineers
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Amstead, B. H.
Anderson, John
Andrei Beauty Shop
Andrews, Gwyn
Angel Flight
Angeles, Victoria de los
Antes, Leland, Jr.
Anthropology Faculty
Appenzellar, Anne
Apple Polishing Party
Aqua Carnival
Architect's Ball
Architectural Engineering Faculty
Architecture Faculty
Armstrong, Bob
Arnold, Daniel C.
Arnold, Oscar C.
Art Faculty
Ashbel Literary Club
Ashley, Gen.
Ashley, Lynn
Association for Childhood Education
Astrophysicists, Junior
Atchison, Judson Holmes
Athletic Administration
Athletics - Miscellaneous
Atkin, Dick
Atkins, Dr.
Atkinson, Shirly
Atwood, L. Bagby
Audeh, Rev. Farid
Austex Chili
Austin, Ann
Austin Dam
Austin State Hospital
Ave, Betty
Avery, Richard
Ayer, Fred
Bacteriology Faculty
Baebel, Buster A.
Baethe, Louis
Bagby, Dick
Bailey, Edward Weldon
Bailey, Rev. Scott Field
Baker, Thelma Louise
Baldwin, Jean
Band, Dance
Band, Longhorn
Bantel, E. H.
Baptist Services
Baptist Student Center
Barba, Pedro
Barban, Arnold
Barber, Celia
Barefield, Morris B.
Barker, Eugene C.
Barker, Martha Lou
Barlow, Carolyn
Barnett, Sandra
Baromeo, Chase
Barrett, Ray
Barrett, Ted H.
Barton, Imogene
Barton, Lucy
Barton Springs
Baseball, N.Y. Giants
Basford, Mildred
Bass, Mary Ellen
Batres, Arturo E.
Baylor Bear
Baylor University
Beach, William Bruce
Beachy, Morris Jay
Beall, Emily
Beall, Julia
Beason, Lawrence L.
Beaumont Club
Becker, Allen
Behr, Tom
Bell, Betsy
Bell, L. F.
Bell, Martha
Bellmont, L. Theo
Beozley, Mack
Beria, L. P.
Beta Beta Alpha
Bible, Barbara
Bible, Dana X.
Biesele, Linda
Bieter, Allene
Big Bertha
Biles, Maurine
Billingsly, Bruce
Birdwell, Leroy
Bishop, Curtis
Black, Charles L.
Blackburn, Jean Ann
Blackstock, David
Blackwood, Mary Tom
Blake, Betty
Blakeslee, Rev. William F.
Blanket Tax Line
Blankenship, Mrs. B. Bayne
Bleymaier, Jacob
Bloate, Ann
Blood Drive
Bludworth, Charles
Bluebonnet Belles and Nominees, A – B
3Z137 Bluebonnet Belles and Nominees, C - Z
Bluebonnet Chain
3Z138 Blumenthal, Bob
Blumrosen, J. R.
Board of Regents
Boatman, Edward M.
Boatright, Mody C.
Bobbitt, Robert Lee
Boner, Paul Charles
Bonham, Bill
Book Buying
Book Stall
Booth, Charlotte
Boothos, Robert Lee
Booz, Barbara
Borden, Phyllis
*Border Club
Borne, Betty
Bossier, David
Botany Faculty
Bottler, Ed O.
Bourdon, Janice
Bowden, Charles
Bowles, Barbara
Bowman, Joan
Boyd, Marilyn
Boys State
Brace, David K.
Bracker, Jon
Bradshaw, Sam
Braly, Earl
Brand, Mickey
Brann, Al
Branton, Jim
Braswell, Henry
Brautigan, Joan
Bravenek, Gladys
Brewer, Beverly
Brill, James
Brinkerhoff, Bob
Bronson, Marilyn
Brooks, Glenn
Brothers, Robert Lee
Brothers Four
Brovenk, Gladys
*Browdikin, Joan
Brown, Gordon Asa
Brown, Gwen
Brown, Helen
Brown, Joe
Brown, Rev. Joe M.
Brown, Lew
Brown, Ray
Brown, Ruben S.
*Brownell, Herbert
Bryam, Carrielu
Bryan, B. F.
Bryson, Shudde Bess
Buchan, Celia
Buchler, Walter
Buchonn, Bill
Buckley, Sam
Budt, Carl
Buffler, J. R.
Buford, Mary Lou
Bullard, Peggy
Bunsen, Fred and Family
Bunten, Robert R.
Bunting, Earl
Burgess, Dorothy
Burk, Helen K.
Burkett, Warren
Burkhart, Elizabeth Anne
Burlage, Robb
Busby, Emily Lewis
Business Services
Butterson, Mark
Bybee, Betty
Byrd, Jim
Byron, Shelton
Cabiness, Chuck
Cable, Ray
Cabners, Chuck
Cactus (Annual)
Cain, Billy Jean
Cain, Colleen
Caldwell, John
Campbell, Bob
Campbell, Dorothy
Campbell, Mrs. Paul
Academic Center
Architecture Building
Art Building
"B" Hall
Barker Texas History Center
Batts Hall
Beck's Pond
Benedict Hall
Biology Building and Pond
Buildings - Architectural Drawings
Business - Economics Building
"C" Hall
Campus Scenes
Chemistry Building
Clark Field
Computation Center
Drama Building (Old)
Engineering Building
Experimental Science Building
"G" Hall
Garrison Hall
Gate House
Geology Building
Gregory Gym
Health Center
Hill Hall
Hogg Auditorium
Home Economics Building
Journalism Building
Littlefield Fountain
Main Building
Main Building (Old)
Main Library
Memorial Museum
Memorial Stadium
Mezes Hall
Music Building
Open Air Theater
Patterson Laboratories
Pearce Hall
Pharmacy Building
Physics Building
South Mall
Speech Building
Sutton Hall
Texas Union
Townes Hall
Waggener Hall
Waller Creek
Waller Creek Bridge Beautification
West Mall
Wire Fences
Women's Dormitories
Women's Gym
Wrenn Library
Campus Chest
Campus Guild
Campus League Council
Campus Life
Candoli, Pete
Cannon, Joe
Cap and Gown
Car Wreck
Carlisle, Charlotte
Carlisle, Jane
Carlson, Mary M.
Carpenter, Leslie E.
Carroll, Mrs. Mary Jo
Carter, Carolyn
Cartwright, Martha
Casis School
Castaneda, Carlos E.
Catalogs - 1953
Catholic Church
Cathy, Kay
Catterton, Janice
Cauthorn, Alice
Cell Block 7
Ceramic Engineering Faculty
Chagra, Lee
Chambers, Ann
Chambers, Joyce
Chapman, Charles M.
Chapman, George
Chapman, Hank
Charm School
Chaudoin, Joan
Chemical Engineering Faculty
Chemistry Faculty
Cheng, C. C.
Chesnut, Virginia
Chesser, Sue
Childress, George Campbell
Chipman, Ann
Christian Church
Christian Fellowship
Christian Science Club
Christmas Carolers
Christmas, Party
Christmas Program
Church of Christ
Cisneros, Jose
Civil Engineering
Clark, Anneta
Clark, Harley
Clark, Judge J. B. - clipping
Clark, Jack
Clark, La Rue
Clark, Mrs. Rodney A.
Clark, Sue
Classical Languages Faculty
Clayes, Jane
Clegg, Marshall
Clement, Foy
Clewis, Howard R.
Cliff Courts
Cline, James
Cline, Dr. Raoul Rene
3Z139 Cobb, Ty
Co-ed Assembly
Co-ed Football; Bevo 1/5
Coffee, Florence
Cogburn, Edmund L.
Cohen, Edward
Colliers All-American
Collins, Jack A.
Collins, Lucy
Community Chest
Conatser, John
Condron, Clifford Dale
Coney, Donald
Conger, Thomas
Congress Avenue Bridge
Congress of American Industry
Connally, John
Cook, Wilson
Cooke, Jim
Cooke, Mildred
Cooke, Willard R.
Cooksey, Frank
Co-ops for men
Co-ops for women
Cooper, Marcia
Cooper, Dr. Oscar Henry
Co-ordinators' Council
Cope land, Joanne
Copely, Pat
Corrigan, Douglas
Cory, A. M.
Cotto, Thorner G.
Cotton Bowl in Dallas
Coughlin, Marilyn
Couvillon, Nancy
Cowan, Corrine
Cowboy Minstrels
Co-Wed Club
Cox, Cissy
Cox, Milo Lawson
Craig, Paula
Crawford, Adele
Crockett, Jerry
Crockett, Moton
Croft, Chauny
Cronkite, Walter
Croucher, Leslie Arnold
Crowe, Marvin
Cullum, L. L.
Cunningham, William A.
Curriculum and Instruction Faculty
Currie, Thomas White
Curry, Richard
Curtain Club
Curtis, Eck
Czech Club
Czech Week
Dad's Day Association
Dahlin, Roland
Dailey, Deje
Daily Texan Staff
Dallenback, Carl M.
Dan, Bud
Dance Drama
Dance Band
Dancy, Betty
Daniel, Price
Danill, Shiree
Dannenbaum, James
Dannenbaum, Mary
Danner, Paul
Darling, Jessica
Date Tickets
Daughters, Mary M.
Davis, Fieur
Davis, Gilbert
Davis, Gilly
Davis, J. W.
Davis, O. C.
Dawe, Jessamon
Dawson, Dorothy
Dawson, Jean
Deahl, Col.
Deans - Women
Deaton, Mary
Deford, Ronald K.
Delta Sigma Phi
Delta Tau Delta
Delta Zeta Singing
Denman, Leroy Gilbert
Deschner, Roger
Devall, Charles K.
Development Board
Devore, Irving
DeVoto, Bernard
DeWitt, Beverly
Dickey, Pat
Dickson, James
Dixon, Unse Frances
Doell, Walter A.
Dogs Climbing Tree
Doke, Maurice
Dormitories for men
Dormitories for women
Dornberger, U. N.
Douglas, Mrs. Karen
Douglas, O. B.
Douglass, Don
Dragline Crash
Drake, Kathleen
Drama Department
Drama Faculty
Drury, Ted
DuBois, Charlotte E.
DuBose, William T.
Dudley, Dale
Dugger, Ronnie
Duke, Bob
Duncalf, Frederick
Dunn, H. A.
Dunn, J. D.
Dunning, Jane
Dupuy, Kay
Duson, De De
Dvorak, Elsie
Eby, Frederick
Eckhardt, Carl John
Eckhardt, Sue
Ecks, Lillian
Economics Faculty
Economos, James P.
Eddy, James R.
Editorial Cartoons
Editors of the Texan
Edmunds, David W.
Edmundson, Jody
Education Council
Education Administration Faculty
Education Psychology Faculty
Edwards, Mary Ann
Edwards, Shirley
Ehman, Judy
Eickmann, Jo
Einstein, Albert
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Electrical Engineering Faculty
Electron Microscope
Emerson, Grover Connor "Ox"
Enfield Castle
Engelsted, Paul
Engineering Council
Engineering Drawing Faculty
Engineering Mechanics Faculty
Engineering Retractometer
English Faculty
Episcopal Church - All Saints Church
Eppright, Margaret Anne
Esquivel, Sandra
Esse, Katherine
Estes, Carl
Ethridge, Joan
Eugelhardt, Bert
Evans, Bonnie
Evans, Lynn
Everett, Raymond
Ex-Students Association
Ex-Students Club Affair
Faculty and Administration:
Albers, C. C.
Alderson, Curtis C.
Allison, Ann Caswell
Anderson, Jesse Carl
Antes, Leland L.
Arrowood, C. F.
Ayres, C. E.
Baer, Lucille
Baez, Gonzales
Baker, Hines H.
Baldwin, Joseph
Barnett, Glenn E.
Benedict, Harry Y.
Bennet, J. M., Jr.
Bentley, Imogene
Bertsch, Leonard
Blackert, E. J.
Blackstock, Leo Guy
Blair, Calvin Patton
Blunk, W. D.
Bobonis, Augusto
Boner, Charles Paul
Bousquet, Tom
Boyd, William Paxton
Boysen, J. L.
Brandon, Arthur L.
Bredt, Carl Victor
Brogan, Albert P.
Brooks, Perry
Brown, Simpson Leroy
Bullard, Fred Mason
Burdine, John Alton
Burkhard, Arthur
Burlage, Henry M.
Bybee, Halbert Pleasant
Campbell, Killis
Casberg, Melvin Augustus
Cherry, J. Blair
Clark, Charles T.
Clark, David Lee
Cleveland, Clark Milton
Click, Lloyd Loring
Colby, Malcolm Young
Coleman, Howard
Colvert, Clyde
Colvin, James H.
Cory, Arthur M.
Cox, Alonzo B.
Cox, Franklin Lanier
Craig, Thomas
Creer, Philip D.
Davis, Norris
Davis, Ben Hennegar
Dawson, C. A.
DiNino, Vincent R.
Disch, William John Dodson
Dolley, James C.
Doss, Missy Kothe
Doty, E. William
Douglass, Robert Raymond
Duncan, William Brican
Eckhardt, Carl John
Eddy, James R. D.
Edmonds, Frank
Eifler, Gus Kearney
Elliot, Frederick C.
Eppright, Margaret Anne
Erskine, Stanley
Estes, Carl
Ettlinger, Hyman
Evans, Luther H.
Fairchild, Mrs. J. D.
Farrar, Joe D.
Faulk, Betty
Felsing, William Augustus
Ferguson, Phil Moss
Fields, Neta
Finch, Stanley Phister
Fitzgerald, Bernard
Fitzgerald, James Anderson
Flinn, Helen
Frantz, Joe
Gebauer, Dorothy
Gentry, George V.
Gettys, Warren Ensign
Gideon, Samuel E.
Gidley, William Francis
Gilbert, Joe
Gill, Emma May
Gilstrap, Howard Clifford
Ginascol, Frederick
Gliddon, Barbara
Goldsmith, Goldwin C.
Goodwin, Benny
Gordon, Robert George
Gorton, Thomas
Granberry, Collier Read
Graydon, Frank Drake
Griffith, Reginald Harvey
Griswold, John
Gruber, Adolph August
Guy, W. T.
Hackerman, Norman
Hackett, Charles Wilson
Hagerty, William Walsh
Hall, William J.
Harris, H. H.
Hart, James P.
Haskew, Laurence Defee
Hatch, Lewis F.
Henderson, Joseph Lindsey
Henze, Henry R.
Hindall, Lewis
Hinkle, Olin E.
Hiss, Anna
Holland, B. F.
Holland, Jack
Holmes, John B.
Hudspeth, Hal
Hughes, Darrel
Hughes, Leo
Humeston, Edward Judson
Jeffress, Lloyd Alexander
Johnson, Mrs. J. Lee
Keeton, W. Page
Kennamer, Lorrin Garfield
Ke-ney, Raymond C.
Keys, William Edward
Klein, David Ballin
Kuehne, J. M.
Lancaster, Cliff
Landrum, Graves W.
Leake, Chauncey
Leshikar, T'Odon Charles
Lester, William
Levine, Philip
Lindahl, C. Lewis
Lockwood, Lee
Lockwood, Ward
Lund, Elmer Julius
Luper, Albert Thomas
McAllister, J. Gilbert
McConnell, F. C.
McCormick, C. T.
McCown, H. Y.
McCraw, Lynn W.
MacDonald, H. Malcolm
McGill, William L.
McLaughlin, Dorothy H.
McMath, Hugh Lyon
3Z140 McNutt, Gordon
Mathews, E. J.
Menzel, Donald
Mezes, Sidney M.
Micek, Edward
Miller, David L.
Moffit, Alexander
Montgomery, Clifford M.
Montgomery, Robert Hargrove
Moore, Victor Ivan
Morrow, Marie Betzner
Mumma, Edwin Wilson
Neal, Joe W.
Newlove, George H.
Nielander, W. A.
Nolan, Jitter
Norris, E. R.
Nowotny, Arno
O'Connell, Richard
Odell, W. M.
Odom, Jamie
O'Hair, Mrs. H. J.
Oliver, Chad
Oliver, Covey Thomas
Orland, John
Painter, T. S.
Paredes, Americo
Parlin, H. T.
Patterson, C. P.
Patterson, John Thomas
Peck, Margaret
Pedersen, Lora Lee
Penick, Harvey
Phillips, C. M.
Pittenger, Benjamin Floyd
Pollard, Cecil V.
Power, H. H.
Powers, O. S.
Price, Edwin
Price, Granville
Rainbow, Henry
Ramsdell, Charles W.
Ransom, Harry Huntt
Rathbone, Lucy
Ray, Joseph Malchus
Reddick, Dewitt
Reinmuth, O. W.
Royal, Darrell
Rubottom, Roy R., Jr.
Rushing, Reginald
Sanchez, George I.
Schaffer, Aaron
Schoch, Eugene Paul
Sells, Saul B.
Sharpe, Ernest
Shipp, Byron
Shirley, Mike
Short, B. E.
Siegal, Ben
Simmons, Carroll Day
Singletary, Otis A.
Smiley, J. R.
Smith, Block
Smith, Everett Grant
Smith, T. V.
Sparenberg, Charles H.
Spriegel, William
Starnes, Grady Clarence
Stayton, Robert W.
Steele, John G.
Stenberg, Theodore
Stephens, George Jenning
Stewart, William Woodrow
Stocking, George Ward
Stumberg, George Wilfred
Sundberg, Clarence
Sutherland, W. O. S.
Swanson, A. B.
Taborsky, Edward
Talley, Robert W.
Taylor, Brucie
Taylor, J. G.
Taylor, T. U.
Terrill, Mrs. Ruby R.
Thompson, J. Neils
Thompson, Paul J.
Tieken, Betty
Timm, Charles August
Triolo, James S.
Ulrich, Homer
Umlauf, Charles
Volley, George
Waggener, Leslie
Waldrep, Burnell
Walker, A. W.
Walker, Jess
Walkin, R. W., Jr.
Warburton, Joan
Webb, Walter P.
Weeks, Oliver Douglas
Whaley, W. Gordon
Wharey, James Blanton
Whitaker, Berry McClure
White, John Arch
White, Paul L.
Williams, Oliver Hoyt
Williams, Sara Lawrence
Wilson, Logan
Winston, George Tayloe
Woolrich, Willis Raymond
Ynsfran, Pablo Max
Zimmerman, Erich W.
Farabee, Ray
Farabee, Mrs. Ray
Farquar, Joan
Farrier, Sammie Nancy
Farris, Jackie
Farris, Norman
Fearing, Kelly
Ferguson, Bob
Ferrar, Jaime
Ferrel, Bob
Ferris, Jean Ann
Final Examinations
Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Faculty
Fincher, Maurice Robert
Finck, Edward R., Jr.
Fine Arts
Fine Arts (newspaper clippings)
Finger, Bill
Fire Prevention
Fireworks - 4th of July
Fischer, Harold Joe
Fitzgerald, Ella
Flack, Joe Fenley
Flanagan, Ralph
Flashcard Section
Flato, Frederick W.
Fleming, Gene
Fletcher, Mildred Lee
Flynn, Mike
Focht, John A.
Folley, Elaine
Follies, Forty Acres
Fondren, Paul
Ford, William B.
Foreign Students
Foreign Visitors
Forst, Jane
Foshee, Mrs. John
Fouts, James Ward
Fowler, John R.
Foy, Dudley B., Jr.
Frame, Eloise
Francois, Jacques
Frankel, Helena
Franklin, Sue
Fraternity Houses
Frazer, John
Frede, Ralph E.
Frederick, John H.
French Legation
Freshman Boy and Girl
Fry, Errol
Fry, Mike
Fuchs, Richard
Funke, Erich
3Z141 Galeener, Judy
Gamal, Samia
Gamma Alpha Chi
Gamma Delta Honor Society
Gannon, Frederic G.
Garner, "Pop"
Garrison, Homer P., Jr.
Gatewood, Boyce Albert
Gearing, Mary Edna
Gebauer, Dorothy Louise
Geography Faculty
Geology Faculty
German Movie Stars at UT
Germanic Language Faculty
Gilbreth, Lillian
Giles, Bascom
Gilstrap, Marjorie
Ginger, J. Milton
Gipson, Fred
Glassford, Billy J.
Glee Club, Men's
Godfrey, Arthur (Radio Broadcast)
Goldberg, Marilyn
Gonzales, Henry
Goodfriend, Mrs. Irving
Goulden, J. C.
Government Faculty
Governor's Mansion
Graham, Gillam G.
Graham, Leon
Granberry, C. Read
Granberry, Clara Jean
Grandstaff, Kathryn (Crosby)
Granger, Charles
Granville, Chester
Gray, Herb
Gray, Lewis Allen
Gray, Richard
Green, Brenda
Green, Ralph
Greenlee, Joe Mahoney
Gregory, Russell
Greig, Ben W.
Griffith, Don
Gross, Jeanine
Grossberg, Diane
Guadalupe Street
Guest, Ann Katherine
Guest, Sonny
Gulick, Luther Halsey
Gunther, John
Guthrie, Aubrey
Gutowsky, Herbert S.
Guynes, Carolyn Ann
Gwen, Don
Haas, Charles Frederick
Hadlock, James Robert
Hagan, Thorn W.
Hagerty, W. W.
Hagler, Janet
Hall, James
Hall, W. David
Halstead, William Earle
Hamer, Marcelle
Hamer, Mary Marcelle
Hammond, Joe
Hammond, Susan
Hand, Lloyd
Handley, Lawrence
Hanlsell, Bob
Hardeman, D. Barnard
Harden, Thad
Hardin, Ernest R.
Hardwick, Jane
Hargroves, Margie
Harper, William Lester
Harrell, Joanne
Harris, Harwell M,
Hart, Weldon
Haskell, Mary Esther
Hatcher, Harlan
Hawn, Charles, Fred
Hayes, Lloyd
Haynes, Randy
Health Service
Hearson, Robert
Heinsohn, Edmund
Helland, George
Hendler, Ruth
Hendrickson, Virgil
Henslee, Sue
Henson, Sharon
Hewlett, Bob
Hickman, Judy
Higgins, Michael Frank, Jr.
Hightower, R. C.
Hilburn, Bob
Hilburn, Charles William
Hildebrand, Ira
Hill, John Henry
Hillel Foundation
Hilliard, Bohn Euell
Hilliard, John Pearce
Hilton, Frank
Hinds, Pat
History Faculty
History and Philosophy of Education Faculty
Hodge, Edward D., Jr.
Hodges and Drama
Hodges, Hill
Hodson, Martha
Hoffman, George
Hoffman, Hugh
Hogg Debate Team
Hogg, James S.
Holcomb, Jane
Hollingsworth, Bob
Holloway, Pat Sterling
Home Economics Club
Home Economics Department
Home Economics Faculty
Honeycutt, Martha
Honor's Day Program
Hood, Jack
Hook, Sidney
Hooten, Clara
Hope, Paul D.
Hornaday, Joe Richard
Horowitz, Julian
House, Rosemary
Howard, Carl
Howard, W. F.
Howell, Joe
Hubbard, Marjorie
Hudson, Mac
Hughes, Jack Thomas
Hughson, Cecil Carlton
Hurt, Col. George E.
Hurwitz, Larry
Husky, Ferlin
Ice Making Machine
Indian Delegation
Ingerton, Gillem Alewn
Institute of Aeronautical Science
Insurance Society
International Club
International Council
International Dance Festival
International Institute of Education
International Office
International Student Center - Directors
Intramural Sports
Intramural Sports for Women
Iota Sigma
Jackson, Glenn L.
Jackson, Jean
Jackson, June
Jail, City of Austin
James, Dr. Herman G.
James, Joseph William
Janzen, Anna
Jarry, Ann
Jensen, Bernyce
Jenull, Jenney
Jester, Beauford
Jobim, Danton and Ricardo
Jockel, Samuel L.
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Berry F.
Johnson, Billy Fay
Johnson, Carlene
Johnson, Douglas Ann
Johnson, Lewis
Johnson, Kay Ann
Johnson, Lyndon B.
Johnson, Phyllis
Johnson, Richard
Johnston, Richard N.
Jones, Archie
Jones, Bobby
Jones, Bobbye
Jones, E. Stanley
Jones, John T.
Jordan, John
Jordan, Nancigal
Journalism Faculty
Journalism's 5000 Gift
Joyce - Lawrence Symposium
Joyce, Ned
Jurecka, Hubert
Kappa Alpha
Kappa Epsilon
Kappa Kappa Phi
Kappa Kappa Psi
Kappa Psi
Karkowsky, J. J.
Karl, Kamrath
Keeton, Carol
Keever, Jack
Kefauver, Estes
Kefauver, Grayson N.
Kellerman, Robert E.
Kelley, Milton W.
Kendall, Pat
Kendrick, David
Kendrick, Lou
Kennedy, Edward M.
Kennedy, John F.
Kenny, Bob
Kersten, Russ
Kilgore, Joe Madison
Kilpatric, Martha
Kinch, Sam
Kinsolving Home
Kirby, Helen M.
Kirkpatrick, Harry
Kirkpatrick's (Van) Band
Kleinman, Harold F.
Klotz, Diana
Knapp, Capt. Robert
Knaus, Ronnie
Kneip, Jane
Knike, Jim
Knox, June
Kocurek, Willie
Kopka, Rev. Gustav, Jr.
Korea Map
Korean War Picture
Kreager, David
Kruppa, Gene
Kutner, Malcolm J.
Lacey, George
Lamar, Mirabeau B.
Lancaster, John L. Ill
Landa, John
Lander, Diane
Lane, Paula
Lang, Meredith
Lapman, Melvin Elliott
Laredo Club
La Roche, Clarence J.
Laughlin, Jim
Law, Edward Crane
Law, Robert A.
Law Day
Law Review
Law School Faculty
Layden, Peter John
Leberman, Lowell
Ledbetter, Robert E.
Lee, Betty
Lee, Harrell E.
Lee, James P.
Lee, Janet
Leissner, Ysleta
Leon, Harry J.
Leonard, Joe M., Sr.
Leveridge, Bibby Danse
Levine, Max
Lewallen, Jay
Lewis, Charles
Library Science Faculty
Lido Lounge
Lieberman, Estell
3Z142 Lincoln, Abraham
Ling, T. David
Little Sisters of Minerva
Littlefield, Clyde
Lockhart, Kathleen
Lockman, Julie
Lockwood, Hazel
Lockwood, Thelma
Logan, Bess Jane
Logan, Jim
Logsdon, Mr. and Mrs.
Long, William Roberts, Sr.
Longhorn Flying Club
Longhorn Pharmacy Club
Longhorn Singers
Lopez, David
Love, Bobby
Lovinggood, Joan
Lovinggood, Lynn
Lowe, Hugh
Lowry, Loretta
Luckett, Ellie
Lutheran Students Association
Lyon, Roy
McCallum, Betty Jane
McClendon, Judge James W.
McCormick, Col. Robert R.
McCrain, Joyce
McCreary, Keith
McCreary, Raye
McCurdy, John
McDavitt, Gail
McDonald, Bill
McDonald, Bryant
McDonald, Ned
McElhone, Allison
McFaddin, Bud
McFarland, James Dorr
McGill, W. L.
McGinn, Pat
McIntosh, Carol
McKay, Jaquelin
McKeithan, D. M.
McKeithan, Jim
McKesson, Lt. Col.
McKie, Blanche
McKinney, James
McLaurin, Banks
McMath, Hugh Lyon
McMeans, Nancy
McMullen, Jim
McMullen, Jimmy
McMurrey, Vernon M.
McMurry, Marian
McNeil, W. H.
McNutt, Paul V.
MacCorkle, Stuart W.
Madden, Wales
Madgen, James Riley
Madlet, Dian
Maglilo, Joseph, Jr.
Maguire, Father Gerard
Maguire, Jack
Mahoney, Joan
Malenkov, G. M.
Maley, Mary Ann
Malone, Sarah
Management Faculty
Manuel, H. T.
Marie Antoinette
Marine Corps
Marine Reservists
Marines, University of Texas
Marketing Faculty
Markle, Donald Moore
Marshall, Bill
Marshall, Marilyn
Marshall, Sue
Martin, Lewis
Mast, Martha
Masterson, Clair
Mathematics Faculty
Mathews, Capt. Jay
Mattison, Malcolm
Maverick, Maury
Maxwell, Jane
Maxwell, Mary Gay
Maxwell, Sally K.
Mays, Jo Ann
Mead, Margaret
Meadows, Claude William
Mecham, J. Lloyd
Mechanical Engineering Faculty
Meili, Mimi
Memorial Monuments
Menasco, Don
Mendive, Claire
Menefee, Marjory
Men's Residence Halls
Merson, Rhita
Meteorology Faculty
Methodist Church
Methodist Student Center
Metzenthin, W. E.
Meyer, Buzzy
Meyer, Jo
Micek, Edward
Midget Musicians Fiddle
Miller, Bill
Miller, Mary
Miller, William Kay
Miss Texas Contest
Mitchell, Harvey
Model United Nations
Moerke, Randolph
Moffett, Julie Ann
Moffett, Molly
Moffit, Alexander
Molotov, V. M.
Montague, Bruce
Montgcondon, Mary Ellen
Montoya, Carlos
Moody, Dan
Moody, Rush
Moore, Cissy
Moore, Marilyn
Moore, R. L.
Moore, Robert E.
Morgan, Russ
Merely, W. J.
Morris, Clarence
Morris, Marianne
Morris, Shirley
Mortar Board
Moth Wings
Moursund, Joyce
Movie publicity photos
Muller, Ervie
Murphie, Bill
Music Faculty
Nathan, Jerry
Negro School
Negroes at U. T.
Nelson, Charlott
Nelson, Donna
Newman Club
Newton, Cal
Newton, Norma
Ney, Elizabet
Nieman, Frederick
Nixon, Shatzie
Noble, William Graves
Noid, Mrs. Alice Perry
Nolen, C. C. "Jitter"
North, Harold F.
Norton, Jim
NTAC Drill
Obar, Gloria
O’Daniel, Mike
O’Daniel, Molly
O’Daniel, Pat
O’Daniel, W. Lee
O’Dwyer, William
Oil Derrick
Oil Editor's Conference
O'Kruhlik, Edith
Olian, Maurice
Oliver, Louis Maurice
Olle, Edwin W.
Olson, Dorothy Anne
Olson, Janet
Operation Gopher
Orange and White Parade
Orange Jackets
Oratorical Association
Organization of Arab Students
Osborn, Joe
Osborne, Beth
Osborne, Will
Ott, Sue
Outstanding Students
Packard, Vance
Padon, Bob
Panos, Anastasia
Parker, Major General Edwin P.
Parking Restrictions
Parking Tickets
Parrish, Bob
Paul, Barbara
Payne, B. Iden
Payne, Pud
Paz, Gainza
Pease, Elisha M.
Peck, Joseph Henry
Peck, Margaret
Peeper, J. W.
Pence, Forrest K.
Pep Rallies
Perkins, Jim
Perry, Kirby
Person, Ralph
Pete's Place
Petering, Harold G.
Peterman, Herbert
Peterson, Oscar
Petroleum Engineering Faculty
Petty, Margaret
Pfeffer, Betty
Pfeil, Clarence Walter
Pharmacists Week
Pharmacy College
Pharmacy Faculty
Pharmacy Round-Table Discussion
Pharr, Burnett
Phi Alpha Delta
Phi Delta Chi
Philley, Eli David, Jr.
Phillips, Dorothy Dale
Phillips, Rear Admiral William K.
Philosophy Faculty
Physical and Health Education Faculty
Physical Education Majors
Physical Training for Men Faculty
Physical Training for Women Faculty
Physics Faculty
Pietranalle, Pat
Pignotti, Alfio
Pineda, Frank
Pingenot, Cecilia
Pinson, Nancy
Pitzer, Paul Williams
Polland, Judy
Polsky, Barbara
Pond, Mary Linn
Pons, Lily
Posey, Randal
Potson, Mary Jo
Potter, Betty
Potthoff, Beverly
Pound, Ezra
Powell, Ben
Powell, Cynthia
Power Show
Prather, Bill
Preibisch, Melvin Aldolph
Preiss, Elwood
Prejean, Joseph Carlyle
Pre-law Club
Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Seminary Chapel
President's House
Press Club
Preston, Laura
Prestridge, Jerry
Price, Grady
Priesmeyer, Rosalind
Priess, Elwood
Prikryl, Regina
Proctor, Alexander Phimister
Prouse, Ruth
Pruit, Joan
Psychology Faculty
Puckett, Glenna
Pury, Pat
Quebe, Pat
Queen Candidates
Queen, Nolen
Quinlan, Richard
Quinn, Les
Quinn, Mike
3Z143 Rabb, Joan
Rabke, Ray
Rachlin, Ezra
Radio House and work shop
Radio House Forum
Raines, William Carlos
Rainey, David
Ramsey, Ben
Ramsey, Francis
Randall, Dr. Edward
Ranger Cover
Ranger Staff
Ratliff, Jack
Rawe, Joyce Fisher
Rawlins, Mary Jane
Ray, Barbara
Reagan Club
Reagan, Sydney C.
Reber, Jane
Red, Samuel Clark
Reed, Shelby
Reinhold, Edward
Region IX Conference
Relays, Cross country
Religious Emphasis Committee
Religious Emphasis Week
Representative Party
Reyes, Angel
Reynolds, Barbara
Rhoads, Orval "Dusty"
Richards, Jim
Ricks, Lee
Rishworth, Thomas A.
Ritter, Nancy
Roach, Joe Wilson
Roberts, Charles W.
Roberts, J. J.
Robison, Maxine
Rocket Society
Rockwell, Kenneth
Rodgers, Yvonne
Roessner, R. Gommel
Romance Language Faculty
Rooker, Marilyn and Thelma Shapiro
Rosborough, Ann
Rose, Alfred
Rosenweig, Barbara
Rostow, W. W.
R. O. T. C.
Round-Up (newspaper clippings)
Rousse, Thomas Andrew
Rowe, Charles Elmer
Royal Spirit Association
Rubinoff, Dave
Rubolton, Roy R.
Runge, George
Russ, Clarire
Russell, Anna
Russell, Dolores
Russian Students
Sachse, Jack Clarence
Saint, Eva Marie
St. Valentine’s Day
Salinas, Carlos
Salle, Abe
Sammons, Ann
Sampson, Gwyn Ann
Sanders, Dianne
Sandler, Mel
Santa Claus and Reindeer
Santa Rita Oil Well
Sauer, George H.
Savage, Mary Jo
Scheffler, Barbara
Schmidt, Betty Claire
Schmidt, Fred H.
Schmidt, Otis Rhea
Schorre, Charles
Schriewer, Nenan
Schwarting, Joseph Floyd
Scott, C. L.
Scott, Wallace Henry
Seelye, Alfred L.
Selig, Cary
Seller, Lillian
Sepulveda, Carlos
Shanks, Ann
Shaw, Ann
Shaw, H. R. W.
Shaw, Robert
Sheftal, Dell
Shelby, Thomas Hall
Shelley, Dexter
Shenkan, Robert
Shepard, Minnie Lee
Sheppard, Joe Griffin
Sheridan, Ney, Jr.
Shertleff, Jo Ann
Shigley, Dede
Shivers, Allen
Shock, Eugene P.
Sickles, Bill
Sieber, Carl F.
Siebert, Wendell
Siegel, Bob
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Sigma Chi
Sikes, J. V.
Silber, John
Silver Spurs
Sinclair, William Boyd
Sing Song
Sing Out
Skelton, Max Beck
Skiles, Nancy
Slavonic Languages Faculty
Smith, Marthe
Smith, Maxine
Smith, Nell Marie
Smith, Paul H.
Smith, Thomas C., Jr.
Smith, Vaden
Smith, Virginia
Smith, William H.
Smokey the Cannon
Smythe, Patricia
Sneed, Langford
Social Work Faculty
Society for the Advancement of Management
Sociology Faculty
Sorority Houses
Sorority Pictures
South Central Texas Club
Southern, Eddie
Southern Singers
Southwest Conference Sportsmanship Trophy
Sowell, Sonny
Sparks, Jack
Speakers and Entertainers (visiting)
Spears, Franklin
Speech Faculty
Spelce, Neal
Spelunkers Club
Spencer, Norman
Sroufe, Delmar
Stack, Frank
Stamps, Sarah Ann
Stansley, William
Starrett, Dorothy
State Board of Education
State Capitol
Steely, Bob
Steer Here Committee
Steib, Curt F.
Stephens, Pat
Stereo-phonic Sound
Sterling, Steve
Stevenson, Adlai
Stevenson, Clarence
Stevenson, Coke
Stevenson, Ruthie
Stewart, Johnny
Stiles, Col. Arthur Alvor
Stillwell, Hart
Storm, Joe Duffield
Stratton, Norma
Stromquist, Luther Carl
Strum, Shirley
Student Christian Association
Student Education Association
Student Court
Students Debate Champs
Stullken, Florence
Sulak, L. J.
Summerfield, Jack
Sutherland, Thomas
Swales, Sharon
Swallow, Betty
Swartz, Sandy
Sweeney, Michael James
Sweet, Arnold
Sweetheart Contest, 1957-58
Swing and Turn Club
Swing Out
Symonds, Bob and Jan
Tackett, Helen
Tankersley, E. L.
Tarlton, Robert Stephen
Tau Beta Sigma
Taylor, James
Television Camera
Temmins, Bob
Ten Most Beautiful
Terrell, Jim
Texan Picnic
Texannes Wrangler
Texas - Scenery and Landscapes
Texas A & M - U. T. Council
Texas Independence Day
Texas Law Review
Texas Law Review Editors
Texas Law Review Staff
Texas Medical Association Building
Texas Memorial Museum
Texas Relays
Texas State Bank
Texas Student Publications
Texas Union Staff
Texas Western University
Thailand Delegation
Theta Sigma Phi
Thielepape, Sam
Thomae, Fred
Thomas, Wayne Davis
Thomason, R. G.
Thompson, Albert A.
Thompson, Glenn
Thompson, M. J.
Thompson, Paul J.
Thornberry, Homer
Thornton, Lucia
Tieber, Avis
Tieken, Betty
Tobin, W. H.
Tolar, Pat
Tompkins, Joan
Toole, Bud
3Z144 Track
Trad, Sherry
Train Wreck
Treadway, Betty
Tremann, Ernest F.
Trench, Jack
Truman, Harry S.
Tschoepe, Art
Tuition Raise
Tullis, Coral H.
Tupin, Joe
Turbeville, Jan
Turtle Club
Tyslow, Fenella
Tyson, Carl Thorton
Ugly Man Contest
Umstattd, James G.
United Nations Flag
University Chorus
University Co-op
University Interscholastic League - Medals
University News and Information Service
University String Quarter
University of Texas Medical Branch
University of Texas Press
University Underworld (tunnels)
U. S. Air Force
Vachull, Martha
Van, Bonnie
Van Atta, Robert S.
Van Sandt, Dinah
Vandiver, Frank E.
Varsity Carnival
Varsity Debate Team
Viebig, Van Richard
Voetmann, Kay
Von Kreisler, Alexander
Von Richards, James
Voyles, Claude
Waldron, Bob
Wales, Pat
Walker, Doak
Walker, Ellenor
Walker, Fred
Walker, Virginia
Wall, Murry
Wallace, P. G.
Walter, John A.
Waltz, Larry
Waggoner Carr Club
Wardlaw, Frank
Warren, David
Warren, Elenor
Wassermich, Rev. Paul
Water Skiing
Wathem, Jim
Watson, John
Watson, Kirn
Watts, John
Webb, Kay
Weber, Lenore
Weed, V. O.
Weems, Beth
Weems, John Edward
Weir, Woodrow Wilson
Wesley Foundation
Wesner, Carol
West, Bill
West, Charles Richard "Dick"
West, Tommy
Wester, Lillian
Wheatley, Katherine Ernestine
White, Mrs. E. J.
Whitehall Co-op
Whitt, Earlene
Wilcox, Patricia Ann
William, Reuben
Williams, Anne
Williams, Darrell
Williams, Don Donaho
Williams, R. O.
Williams, Roger J.
Williams, Mrs. Roger
Williams, Walter W.
Williamson, Pat
Wilmot, Edward Perry
Wilson, A. C.
Wilson, Beth Ann
Wilson, Jerry
Wilson, Col. Maybin H.
Wilson, Wynant
Wimberly, Pauline
Windham, Lt. Helen
Window Display Contest
Winston, A. P.
Winterbotham, Anne
Winters, Jet C.
Wohlford, Jerry
Wolf, Howard
Wolfe, Danny
Wolfe, Hugo Othello
Wolfe, William G.
Women's Gym Banquet
Wong, Texas
Wood, Beckie
Wood, Betty
Wood, James M.
Woodle, Jim
Woodmansel, Florence
World War I
World War II
Wright, Arthur Clay
Wright, Betty
Wright, John David
Wright, Rober R., Jr.
Wynne, Lois
Yarborough, Ralph
Yarbrough, Don
Yates, Bill
Yett, Fowler
Yi-Kwei, Sze
York, Jo Ann
York, Col. Robert E.
Young Men's Christian Association
Young, Richard
Zaba, Elaine
Zea, Maria Louisa
Zeta Tau Alpha
Zimmerman, Maxine
Zoology Faculty
Zweiner, Lonny
2011-383/1 John Foxworth subject files, circa 1955-2000
Archivist’s note: Photographs are a combination of UT TSP photographs and non-UT wire images
Abzug, Bella
Airplanes, including balloons
Akers, Fred
Muhammad Ali
Anderson, John
Apartheid and anti-apartheid
Aquino, Corazon
Arafat, Yasser
City of Austin
Misc—A (objects)
Misc—A (people)
Baker, James
Baryshnikov, Mikhail
Briscoe, Dolph
Bentsen, Lloyd
Bullock, Bob
Burger ,Warren
Burns, George
Bush, George/President
B (objects)
Carter, Jimmy
Campbell, Earl
Castro, Fidel
Challenger explosion
Charles, Ray
Chin, Andrew
People’s Republic of China
Clayton, Billy
Clements, Bill
Connally, John
Cooksey, Frank
Cronkite, Walter
Cisneros, Henry
Misc—C (people)
C (objects, things)
Daily Texan staff
Deang Ziaoping
Doggett, Lloyd
Dole, Robert
Dukakis, Michael
Misc—D (persons)
D (objects)
Edmonds, Lloyd
Einstein, Albert
Eisenhower, Dwight
El Salvador
Joe Ely
Misc—E (people)
E (objects)
Farm Aid II
Faulk, Henry
Ford, Gerald
Flawn, Peter
F (objects)
Galbraith, John
Gramm, Phil
F (objects)
Haley, Alex
Hernandez, Paul and Sam
Hightower, Jim
Hooks, Benjamin
Hobby, Bill
City of Houston
Hussein of Jordan
H (objects)
Iacocca, Lee
Indians (Native Americans)
Misc—I (people)
I (objects)
Jaworski, Leon
Pope John Paul
Johnson family
Johnson Lyndon Baines
Jordan, Bryce
J (objects)
Kennedy, John F.
Kennedy, Ted
Khadafy, Moammar [Muammar al-Gaddafi]
Kissinger, Henry
Ku Klux Klan
Krueger, Bob
K (objects)
Lebermann, Lowell
LBJ Library
Scott Linda scholarship, 1st recipient Jennie Kennedy, 2000
L (objects)
2011-383/2 Marcos, Ferdinand
Mattox, Jim
Meese, Edward
Mondale, Walter
Moon, Rev. Sun Myung
Mullen, Ron
Misc—M (people)
M (objects)
Naksone, Yasushiro
Nelson, Willie
Nixon, Richard
Nuclear weapons
Nuclear power
Misc—N (people)
N (objects)
O’Neill, Tip
Ortega, Daniel
Pope John Paul II
Pickle, Jake
Presidential debates
Perot, H. Ross
Misc—P (people)
P (objects)
P (objects)
Rather, Dan
Ransom, Harry
Reagan, Nancy
Reagan, Ronald
Red River
Reddick, Dwight
Richards, Ann
Rockefeller, Nelson
Rogers, Lorene
Rostow, Elspeth
Rostow, Walt
Royal, Darrell
Royal family
Rylander, Carole Keeton (McClellan)
R (objects)
San Salvador
Sanders, Barefoot
Schlesinger, Arthur
Schmidt, Helmut
Sesquicentennial (Texas)
Shcharansky, Anatoly
Shepard, Alan
Ships (including submarines)
Shivers, Alan
Shultz, George
Schultze, Charles
Simon, William
Smook, George “Ted”
South Africa
South Texas Nuclear Project
Space (non-USA)
Spaeth, Mark
Speakes, Larry
Springsteen, Bruce
Spurr, Steven
Sri Lanka
Space (USA)
Shevardnadze, Eduard
Statue of Liberty
Steinem, Gloria
Stevenson, Adlai III
Stevenson, Adlai
Strake, George
Stallone, Sylvester
Strauss, Robert
Student Government
Misc—S (people)
S (objects)
House of Representatives—Texas (A-F)
House of Representatives—Texas (G-L)
House of Representatives—Texas (M-R)
House of Representatives—Texas (S-Z)
State and federal judges—Texas Judiciary
Texas A & M
Texas Department of Corrections
Texas landscapes
Texas history
Texas Student Publications
Thatcher, M.
Travis County Commissioners
Tower, John
Turner, Tina
Tutu, Desmond Bishop
Misc—T (people)
T (objects)
University of Texas (buildings)
USSR (Soviet Union)
U.S. Congress
U.S. Senate
U.S. Supreme Court
U.S. judges
University of Texas—students
University of Texas—student organizations
University of Texas—history
University of Texas—campus scenes
University personnel—teachers A-K
University faculty L-Z
University faculty T-Z
University of Texas Regents
University of Texas—Office of the Students’ Attorney
University of Texas—Department chairman
University of Texas—Administration
University of Texas—Deans
University of Texas—Alumni
2011-383/3 Misc—U (people)
Misc—U (people)
U (objects)
Vietnam War
Volcker, Paul
Misc—V (people)
V (objects)
World War II
Weinberger, Caspar
Wallace, George
Weinberg, Steven
Weddington, Sarah
White, John C.
White, Mark
Whitmire, Kathy
Wright, Jim
W—General (people)
W—People Wa-Wh
W (objects)
South Yemen
Yarborough, Ralph
Y (objects)
Misc—Z (people)
Z (objects)
Unsorted files, circa 1955-1985:
Unidentified musicians
Unidentified group
Portraits of UT staff and students, circa 1965-1985
Texas Student Publications Board of Operating Trustees, undated
Frances Oliver reception
Cactus cover, 1963
Campus views
TSP building construction, circa 1970-1973
TSP portraits, circa 1955-1965
Salesmen, 1964-1965
Cactus and Texan photos, 1964-1965
Portraits and TSP publications, circa 1955-1965
3Z274 C. Mixed materials, various UT Texas Student Publications units, circa 1975-2002
Miscellaneous undated prints and negatives, ca. 1986-1988
2012-072/34 Daily Texan and Cactus prints and negatives, circa 1993-1996
2012-072/35 Cactus prints and negatives, 1989-1993, undated
2012-072/36 Cactus prints and negatives, circa 1975-1993
2012-072/37 Cactus, Peregrinus, and Daily Texan prints and negatives, circa 1995-2002
3Z180 D. Color transparencies, various UT Texas Student Publications units, circa 1951-1980
Archivist’s note: many photographs in this sub-series appeared in the Cactus.
B. Hall negatives, 1952
Color negatives, ca. 1967-1972
3Z181 Contact prints, ca. 1961-1970
Color transparencies and slides, ca. 1951-1972
3Z182 Color transparencies and slides, ca. 1951-1972
3Z224 Miscellaneous color items: color slides, ca. 1980


VI. Multimedia

2011-383/3 Betacam SP, LBJ Library—Mrs. Johnson bio clips


VII. Texas Student Media business files--RESTRICTED

2012-072/38--RESTRICTED TSM business files--Restricted
2012-072/39--RESTRICTED TSM business files--Restricted