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A Guide to the International Linear Algebra Society Records, 1988-2011

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Creator: International Linear Algebra Society
Title: International Linear Algebra Society Records
Dates: 1988-2011
Abstract: The International Linear Algebra Society Records (1988-2011) document the organization’s major activities and administrative operations. Materials include newsletters, promotional material, correspondence, legal documents, and photos.
Accession No.: 2012-219
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Language: Materials are written in English.
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Historical Note

The International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS) was founded in 1989, to support research and cooperation in the field of linear algebra and matrix theory. It was established as the immediate successor to the International Matrix Group, founded in 1987. ILAS is an international organization, with members throughout the world, but it is registered as a non-profit corporation in the state of Florida. A Board of Directors and an Executive Committee, made up of elected officers, govern the organization. In its early years, ILAS also had an International Advisory Committee, although this committee was discontinued in 1995.

ILAS holds an annual conference, the first of which was held in Provo, Utah. Conferences have since been held at a variety of locations in North America, Europe, and Asia. The conference functions both as an academic conference, featuring lectures and workshops by linear algebra and matrix theory specialists, and as the organization’s yearly business meeting, with meetings of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and general membership.

The organization is very active in disseminating information about linear algebra. It puts out two publications: IMAGE, ILAS’s bulletin; and the Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra (ELA), a refereed all-electronic journal. IMAGE has been published twice a year since 1988 (when it was the newsletter for the International Matrix Group), and contains organizational news and announcements of upcoming conferences and new research. ELA is published continuously, with new articles being posted online as they are accepted. The first volume was published in 1996.

Additionally, ILAS moderates the ILAS-NET email newsletter, supports linear algebra education, and awards an annual prize for mathematical achievement.

Scope and Contents

The International Linear Algebra Society Records (1988-2011) document the organization’s major activities and administrative operations. Materials include newsletters, promotional material, correspondence, legal documents, and photos. The records were donated by James Weaver, the organization’s long-time treasurer and outreach director, so financial and organizational issues are well represented in the collection. Other areas of ILAS’s work, such as the Education Committee, are less well documented here.

The Conferences series (1989-2011) contains records of ILAS’s annual conferences, beginning with the 1989 inaugural conference in Provo, Utah, and other conferences that ILAS co-sponsored. Included are programs, abstracts, posters, mailings, and group photos from many of the meetings. This material is arranged chronologically, with photos at the end of the series.

The Publications files (1988-2011) document ILAS’s two major publications, IMAGE and ELA (Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra). The organization’s bulletin, IMAGE, is represented by a full run of issues from 1988 through 2011, and a small amount of correspondence about its publication. Included from ELA are correspondence about the journal’s founding and editing, copyright transfer forms from authors whose work appeared in the journal, and correspondence, forms, and drafts from two hard-copy printed editions of the journal (Vol. 1-4 and Vol. 5-7, respectively).

The Organizational records (1989-2010) relate to the administration and operation of ILAS. This series contains the organization’s by-laws, meeting minutes, non-profit and tax-exempt status documentation, financial records, and administrative correspondence. Folders are arranged chronologically.

Lastly, the James R. Weaver files (1991-1992, 2010) contains a small amount of material of Weaver’s that was interfiled with the ILAS material. Included are correspondence with other mathematicians (including one letter from Paul Halmos) and material from Weaver’s career as a professor of mathematics and statistics at the University of West Florida.

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2012-219/1 (18086516) BYU, Provo, Utah, August 1989
Provo, Utah, August 1989
Directions in Matrix Theory and ILAS business meeting, Auburn, Alabama, March 1990
Sixth Haifa Matrix Theory Conference, 1990
Second NIU Conference on Linear Algebra, Numerical Linear Algebra and Applications, May 1991
Qualitative and Structured Matrix Theory Conference, Georgia State University, August 1991
Lisbon, Portugal, August 1992
Pensacola, Florida, March 1993
Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Program and list of participants, August 1994
Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Abstracts, August 1994
2012-219/2 (18086367) Atlanta, Georgia, August 1995: Planning, 1991-1992
Atlanta, Georgia, August 1995
Chemnitz, Germany, August 1996
ILAS Symposium on Fast Algorithms..., Winnipeg, Canada, June 1997
Canadian Mathematical Society Meeting, Winnipeg, Canada, June 1997
Madison, Wisconsin, June 1998
ILAS 98 conference attendees, circa 1998
Barcelona, Spain, July 1999
Haifa, Israel, June 2001
2012-219/3 (18086378) Auburn, Alabama, June 2002
SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra, 2003
Coimbra, Portugal, July 2004
Regina, Canada, June 2005
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 2006
GAMM-SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra, 2006
Shanghai, China, 2007
2012-219/4 (18086389) Cancun, Mexico, June 2008
Pisa, Italy, June 2010
ILAS officers, photos and negatives, 1989-1991
Conference photos, 1989-2011
Conference group photos, 1989-2008



Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra (ELA):
2012-219/4 (18086389) Correspondence, 1995-1999
Copyright transfer agreements:
Vol. 1-5, 1996-1999
Vol. 6-9, 1999-2002
Vol. 10-11, 2003-2004
Vol. 12-15, 2004-2006
Vol. 16-17, 2007-2008
2012-219/5 (18086403) Vol. 18, 2009
Printed copy:
Correspondence, 1999
Correspondence and forms, 1999-2004
Vol. 1-4 Samples (1 of 2), 1999
Vol. 1-4 Samples (2 of 2), 1999
Vol. 5-7 Drafts (1 of 3), 2001
Vol. 5-7 Drafts (2 of 3), 2001
2012-219/6 (18086414) Vol. 5-7 Drafts (3 of 3), 2001
2012-219/6 (18086414) Correspondence, 1997-2001
Issues 1-12, January 1988-January 1994
Issues 13-20, July 1994-April 1998
Issues 21-27, October 1998-October 2001
Issues 28-33, April 2002-Fall 2004
2012-219/7 (18086390) Issues 34-41, Spring 2005-Fall 2008
Issues 42-47, Spring 2009-Fall 2011


Organization Files

2012-219/7 (18086390) By-laws, 1989-1998
Financial records, 1989-1996
Florida annual reports and certificates, 1989-2004
"ILAS BYU" [Inaugural conference], 1989-1990
ILAS ledger [I], 1989-1996
ILAS ledger [II], 1996-2000
2012-219/8 (18086356) Incorporation, 1989-1990
Minutes of meetings, 1989-2001
Tax-exempt forms, 1989-2001
Correspondence, general, 1990-2010
Minutes, 1990-1998
Officers and elections, 1990-2007
Treasurer's reports, 1990-2008
Taussky-Todd lecture, 1992-1993
Education committee, 1993


James R. Weaver Papers

2012-219/8 (18086356) General, 1991-1992, 2010