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A Guide to the Texas Conservation Alliance Records, [ca. 1970-2008]

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Creator: Texas Conservation Alliance
Title: Texas Conservation Alliance Records
Dates: [ca. 1970-2008]
Abstract: Comprising administrative files that include correspondence, newspaper clippings, memos, meeting minutes, notes, reports, flyers, videos, maps, and project files, the Texas Conservation Alliance Records, [ca. 1970-2008], document the organization’s activities promoting the preservation and protection of public lands in Texas.
Accession No.: 2012-158; 2012-205; 2013-128; 2016-238
OCLC No.: 813047547
Extent: ca. 25 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

Established in the 1960s as the Texas Committee on Natural Resources, the non-profit organization was renamed the Texas Conservation Alliance in 2007. Located in Dallas, Texas, the Alliance is concerned with managing public lands and projects that involve building grassroots coalitions with conservationists, landowners, and others, in order to preserve and protect Texas’ natural resources. These efforts and partnerships have led to conservation and recycling programs, designated wilderness areas in national Texas forests, the creation of national wildlife refuges, guidelines to protect endangered wildlife, and educational programs.


"About the Alliance." Texas Conservation Alliance. Accessed August 20, 2012.

Scope and Contents

Comprising administrative files that include correspondence, newspaper clippings, memos, meeting minutes, notes, reports, flyers, videos, maps, and project files, the Texas Conservation Alliance Records, [ca. 1970-2008], document the organization’s activities promoting the preservation and protection of public lands in Texas. The records illustrate the Texas Conservation Alliance’s involvement in such issues as forest appropriations and biodiversity, water pollution and quality, waste control, the construction of reservoirs, the creation of guidelines to protect wildlife, preventing the constructions of unnecessary dams and channels, and recycling, among others.


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Subjects (Organizations)
Texas Conservation Alliance -- Archives.
Environmental agencies.
Forest conservation -- Texas.
Natural areas -- Laws and legislation.
Natural areas -- Texas.
Stream conservation -- Texas.
Wildlife conservation -- Texas.
Dallas (Tex.).
Texas -- Politics and government.

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Texas Conservation Alliance Records, [ca. 1970-2008], Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Papers



2012-158/1 Long Leaf Ridge, [ca. 1990s]
"Let’s Save Long Leaf Ridge" video
Originals, handouts
Re: Long leaf pines
Long Leaf Ridge and LRMP
The Wilderness Society brochure
Why LLR SMA Inadequate
Potential contacts; contacts of unknown results, pending contacts
Miscellaneous brochures and maps
LLR in act to SAS
Bogette in regard to LLR
Long Leaf Ridge alerts
George P. Willard per Susan Peterson, chair, 1994
Long Leaf Ridge, 1996
LLR Management Plan, 1994
Boundaries, maps
George Williams
Luftkin Rotary Club contact Richard Donovan, 1995
Friendly contacts
Jasper newsboy
Home Folks correspondence
Lake Rayburn Association
Long Leaf Ridge, TPWD
O.W. Null
Single wreck area dell
Forest plan
Letters to generate letters; sample letters
Brochure template
2012-158/2 Rate of Cut in National Forests in Texas
Testimony Agricultural Subcommittee Hearing HR1969, 1992
Fact Sheets - HR1969 S3228, 1991-1992
Selection Management, 1988
National Forest Management Act, 1987-1988
Media Release: Clearcutting/Selection Management to Forty-four Media, 1988
HR1164 Basic, 1993-1994
Copies of HR2407
DC Correspondence, 1994-1997
Rate of Conversion to Even-Age Texas
Parker’s Ruling on Even-Age, 1993
Allies Statements
HR1969 Allies
HR1164 Hearing Requests, 1991-1994
DC Reports, 1994
Re: Witnesses, 1993-1994
DC Potential Witnesses
Gobel-Jackson Tree Farm
October 1993 Hearing Attachments to JB’s Statement
2012-158/3 Charlie’s Southern Pine Beetles (SPB) Bill
SPB Article NAC Paper JCB/Billings
Pine Beetles, 1980s
Information Collected for Hemp Hill
Re: Hemp Hill Forum
Hemp Hill Follow Up
Charlie Wilson Says...
Hayes 1 and 2, Weaver, Waters
Alpha Pinenes
Paper by Billings
Newspaper Clippings
Forest Appropriations
Appropriations, 1992, 1994-1997, 1999
Budget Language, 1990
Bryant’s Statements Appropriations, 1990, 1993
Appropriations and Appropriations Language, 1990
Forest Appropriations Basic FY, 1991
Red-Cock Aded Woodpeckers (RCW)
RCW and Richard Conner (Dick)
RCW Current Suggestions
RCW, 1988-1990
Spear Prep - Jeopardy Opinion
Baker Table
Interim Guidelines, 1992
Annual Meeting - Lufkin
RCW Article
Comments - Jane Schultz
Current RCW Things
Take Permit
Forester Bill Carroll
List of Consulting Foresters
2012-158/5 Chrono, 1995-2000, 2002-2004
2012-158/6 Forestry
Forest Biodiversity Act (FBA)
Forest Service or Forest Service-funded Studies
National Forest Workshop
Wholesale Electricity, 1983
Group Selection
Timber Sale
Texas Forestry Association (TFA)
Selection Management
Verbenone Research Report by Judith Robinson, 1994
Clint Trammel’s Talk
Basal Area
Clearcutting Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD)
Management Implications - Selection
Tree Facts from World Watch
Research Station - Nacogdoches
Bill Carroll - From 1992 Hearing
Plants Impacted by Clearcutting
Texas Forestry Association Forest Group
Ouachita - National Forest Appeal; Oklahoma Wilderness Plan
US Forest Service
Vegetation Management
Forest Biodiversity and Clearcutting Act
Prescribed Burns: Forest Task Force Response to Big Thicket Task Force and Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1986-1992
Vento Hearing, 1994
HR 1969 Bill Sponsored by Congressman Bryant (TX), 1991
Fact Sheet: HR 1164, 1993
Sustainable Certification
CHEC Produced
Strategic Plan
Money - Losing Sales
Money - Losing in Texas
Approps, 1993
Hearing Backup, 1993
Agricultural Subcommittee Hearing, 1993
Basic Handouts - HR 1164, 1993-1993
For Biodiversity Bill - Arguments for Funding
Evidence Against Forest Health
Environmental Cost Obliteration (ECO) Plan
Strategy Plans
John Bryant’s "Dear Colleagues"
John Bryant’s Statements, 1989-1993
Partridge’s Speech
Re: S. 391 - Forest Health
Age Class Distribution
Inventorying and Monitoring
Miscellaneous items
Forest Committee/Other Agencies
Citizens Logging, 1991
Forest Reform Campaign - HR1164
Clearcutting Statements, 1987
Miscellaneous items
2012-158/7 Little Cypress
Extension of Permit
Miscellaneous items
Exhibit, 1992-1993
Things that Texas Committee on Natural Resources (TCONR)
TCONR Witnesses
Miscellaneous Reports
Eastman’s Product Mix
General, 1990-1991
1993 Extension
Report: "City of Marshall Water Supply Study," 1979
Stream Flow Data
Texas Legislature, 1995
Election Results
Election Reports
Utility District Authorizing Legislation
2012-158/8 Least-Cost Water Supply for Clarksville and Red River Country, August 1992
Newspaper clippings, 1992
Pecan Bayou
P. B. Primary
Pecan Bayous
Brooke TY’s for kids
Lone star thermal kinetics toxic water incinerator
Greenbelt: Cedar Creek
Air quality
Champion tree
Cedar Creek
Town Lake
Land use task force: parks/icing
Pesticide task force
Plant protection task force
Predators T. force
Recycling report, March 1993
Strip mining task force
Wetlands, 1994-1996
Transportation T. F.
Water pollution task force
Wildlife task force
Pesticides report
Dixico, 1988
Resource people on toxics
Dioxin hearing (EPA), November 8, 1994
Dallas bike plan
Bicycle information committee
Alternative fuels/clean air
Dart bond election issue, 1988
Dallas historic tree coalition
Tree ordinance: letter-writing campaign led by Linda Moore, BIC task Force chair, 1991
Water bank
Water - originals
Water: Dallas rate increase, 1981
Clean water act
Clean water act - 404 regulations
Water plan hearings
Water policy
Water quality
Water: national water alliance
San Marcos watershed
Tenn-tom waterway
Water: Texans for a sound water plan press release, September 10, 1995
Water Steering Committee
Water, general
Texas state wetlands plan
Beginning in 1992
Mixed information
Legislation, 1993
ECF white paper: water
Water - Newspaper clippings
East Texas study, 1988
Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, May 1996
2012-158/9 Correspondence, 1980-1989
2012-158/10 Forestry
Forest resolutions, 1998
NWF resolutions re: 1164
Resolution, 1999
Federal Forest Reform Steering Committee
Federal Forest Reform Ned Fritz correspondence
Papers Ned wrote
Prescribe fire, 2000
Prescribed burning, 1997-1999
Prescribed fire
Forests: Saving Forests for People - position paper
Prescribed burning
Prescribed burning
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department: burring/roadless
Ned’s testimony KV, et al., 1991
KV background information
KV information
Money-losing numbers accumulated from Bob Wolf, 1995
Knutson-Vandenberg fact sheet, June 15, 1989
Forestry: economics low cost sales
Prescribed burn resolution
Messina at A & M studies
Articles on forest fires
Prescribe burning, 1986-1988
Economics of Texas nf’s, Sierra report
Texas for serv
TF’s budget, 1989
O’Toole report, Texas forest plan, 1988
Forests: DEIS vegetation management in the Coastal Plain/Piedmont, Texas. TCONR comments on USFS DEIS
Lufkin Daily News, July 25, 2000
Forest: East Texas
Wilson stories
Forest service, U. S./national forests
Citizens alternative to forest plan, 1984
Correspondence Texas Committee on Natural Resources and Sierra Club, Lone Star Chapter, August 21, 1997
Forest Plan, Ned’s comments and other input, 1995
Timber harvest prices levels
Forests and the Texas economy
FS in Texas
Forest working group
Pew campaign, 1994
Drafting one-year proposal
Pew trust, February 1994
Craig Bill
Administration - CEQ - Regs
NFMA - general
Clippings and articles
Clippings and exports
Wilson’s forest bills
Forests: yew, pawpaw, cancer fighters
Forest: carbon, global warming, acid rain, nitrogen
Enforcement provisions - Sorenson
D’Arbunne NWR
Roads - Porter’s bill, 1993-1994
Headwriters, 1995
Alerts, 1995
Riders, 1995
Ancient Forest, 1995
Timber jobs - Western states
Porter/Kennedy and Bryan
2012-158/11 Miscellaneous - To Be Filed
Corrections/Additions, East Texas List
Miscellaneous items
Don’t Ditch Caddo and Correspondence to Weiner, et al
Dwight Things
Deauthorize Reach
Maps - Management Plan
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Affil of Yr
Huntsville State Park
Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) - Channel Dams
Katy Prairie - Westside Airport
Columbia Buttons
Maps - Clear Creek
Dallas Floodway Extension (DFE) - Gary Waxman
DFE Approp, 2001
Sustainable Forests Campaign
Rochester Park/Greenbelt, 1982
Issues Without Own Folder, 1989-1998
Air - Closing Arguments, Texas Air Control Board, 1989
Balcones Canyonlands - National Wildlife Refuge (NWR)
Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA)
Cooper "Cultural Center"
Corsicana Rendering Plants
Egret Rookery - Carrollton
National Endangered Species Act Symposium
National Forest Management Act (NFMA) Regulations, 1999-2000
Committee of Scientists
Oil Drilling in National Forests
Coastal Issues, 1987-1988
LBJ Trail
Mata Gorda Since Susan; Internal Review
Mussel Shells
Open Space Plan
Outstanding National Resource Water, 1994
Peach Point (Betty Jo Peters)
Pesticides, 1991
Proclamations, 1990-1991
Greenbelt - Ray Rogers Dam and Lewisville Lake
Refuges, 1993-2003
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) - National Areas Survey
Texas Rivers Protection Act
Turtle Excluder Devices
Upland Island
US Army Corps of Engineers
University of Texas at Dallas Environmental Sciences Closure
Dallas Weed Ordinance - TCONR Response, 1983
Wetlands - TCONR Information Coordinator Stephanie May, 1990-1996
Wildlife Tax Valuation
Originals [Fliers]
Dams and Water Supply - Statements by Edward C. Fritz
Statements of Ned Fritz - Miscellaneous, 1986
Texas Conservation Foundation
Texas State Parks (Issues)
Clear Air Act
Clear Air Task Force - Incineration at Midlothian, 1995
South Dallas
Dallas Historic Tree Coalition
Endangered Species
Endangered Species Act Hearing - Testimony of Judy Pierce, 1994
Energy Writings - ECF - 003-ENEG-002
TCONR Board Members - Trustees
Texas State Brush Control Plan
Grasslands, 1983
Surface and Strip Mining
Sunset Advisory Commission
Ned [Fritz] Press Clippings and Vitae
National Preserve
Task Force
Inwood Bank
2012-158/12 Nueces River, 2008
Pecan Bayou
Trinity River NWR Basic
Resolutions and How Tos
Belden Workshops - GK’s Final Report
Letter to TPW Committee Regarding TWC Amoeba - Backup
Water - Governor’s Committee on Water Resources
Election Survey Sample Questions
Congressmen, Senators
Outreach Effort - Lists, Fliers, Work Plan
Error (Crawford, Incineration)
Beach Trash Facts
Big Bend National Park
Big Bend Ranch
Big Thicket/Wilderness Extensions
Big Thicket Task Force, 1993
Brush Control ST Soil and Water
Conservation Ense. Bill
Cooper Levees
Edwards Aquifer Working Group
Egret Rookery
Exotics (Other Than Grass Camp)
Government Canyon
Gilmer Lake
Herbicide for Grasses R-O-W (S National Forests)
Hayes, Matt
High Speed Rail
Jones State Forest Exchange HB117
Maddox, Tom (Correspondence and Brochure)
Mata Gorda
Consensus, 1988
Palo Pinto - Turkey Peak Dam
Plumbing Fixtures (State), 1991
Red Oak Creek Reservoir
Rivers Conservation System
Water Study - Diane Benjes
Waterfront Enhancement
Webb County Railroad
Letters to the Editor
Miscellaneous items
Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), 1999-2000
State Wild Rivers Proposal
Endangered Species Act (ESA), 1995-1996
Golden-Cheeked Warbler
Jacksonville Lake
Little Cypress Reservoir
Little Cypress Extension/Demise
Neches River Bend
Oil Spill Response
Paluxy - Closing Arguments, Stuart
Pine Island Bayou Flood Control
Refuges - Hunting On
Rio Grande - Channel Dams
Water Law
Magic Slide
R. Dallas HEHS Committee
TWC Memos, Red River Compact
Clear Creek
Caddo Marshall Energy
Water Plans, 1990, 1994
Rockland Dam
Eastex, 1993
Dimple Reservoir - Red River County
Neches River - Scenic Bend
Task Forces
Parks and Recreation
Solid Waste, 1984
Toxic Waste, 1984
Animal Wildlife (TCONR)
Toxics (Sandy Cook, Chairman)
Coastal Bend Bays Foundation
Climate Change and Cap and Trade
Cibolo Creek Reservoir
Black-tailed Prairie Dog (BTPD)
Deep East Texas Development Association (DETDA)
Forest Task Force
Texas Observer Article Quoting Us
Heart’s Bluff
Katy Prairie - Westside Airport
Legislators - Notes
LBJ Grassland
Waste Water Treatment (NPDES)
Nationwide General Permits
Natural Capitalism
National Environment Policy Act Clippings (NEPA)
Nueces Media
Pine Island Bayou - Big Thicket National Park (BTNP)
Rio Grande/Big Bend National Park Management Plan
Rock Quarry
Sabine Neches Environmental Flows
Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SHECO)
Save Lake Tyler Association
Sea Turtles
Southern Forest Assessment
Trans-Texas Corridor I-69
Town Bluff
Trinity Vote
Wildlife Valuation from Agriculture
Wind Farms
Wind Power
Chairman’s Action
Tim Boling/Arboretum Letter
Coordinated Effort - Draft Platform PRE Campaign
Sanitation Cuts
Eastex (Dup)
S - D (TCONR Produced)
Pecan Bayou
Water Quality Standards - East Texas Streams
2012-158/13 Bills, Hearings, and Reports, 1992-1993
Things Ned [Fritz] Wrote
East Texas Guides
Ned Fritz Writings
Summary: Beetles in Wilderness, 1985
We Flew to Selection Management
Position Papers on Saving Our National Forests for People and Native Life Systems, 1988
New Forestry
Beech-Magnolia Communities
Clearcutting and Other Forestry
Forest Service Payments Prompts Industry Initiatives
National Forestry Facts - Texas
Handouts - Basic
Fire Policy
Aboriginal Burning
Copies of HR1861
Handouts - Randal’s Number
Approps, 1998
One of Each [Handouts]
Compartment 85
HR2406 (John Bryant Bill: To Amend the Forest and RangelandRenewable Resources Act), 1974
Forest Reform Network
Indian Mounds 003-WILD-004
Grassroots Forest Information Network (GRFIN)
FBA - Act to Save America’s Forest, 1999
HR1164 Co-Sponsors, 1993-1994
HR1969 - Co-Sponsorship
Forest Biodiversity Act Flyer/Article Template
DC Planning
Photos of Clearcuttings
Communication with Maurice Hinchey
Selection Forests
Which States Have National Forests
Blank Schedule and Appointment Forms
National Forest Management Act
Support for HR2407: Biodiversity Act, 1996
Forest Watch
Compartments 60-62
Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers (RCW) Articles/Information
Boswell Creek
National Forests in Texas
Amicus and Response
Forest Clippings
Press Releases
Wendel Withrow Invoices
Comments on Windel’s Drafts
Potential Settlement
Prep Pieces
Money Losing Info, 1997
Forest Biodiversity Act - Basic
Forest Plan, 1990
Handouts - Knutson-Vandenburg Act/Salvage
Money - Losing
Payments in Lieu of Taxing, 1998
Press Releases, 1998
Lawsuit Clippings
Shelton, Larry
Newspaper Clippings
Forests - Responses to Fritz Letters Urging Comments on Forest
Vegetation Management Proposals, 1988
Refuges Clearcutting Testimony, 1992
Clippings in RCW and Assorted
2012-158/14 Green Cove Platform
Forest Reform Network (FRN)
2000 FRN Rally Cosponsors
New FRN File
2000 FRN Rally Flier
2000 FRN Rally Chain-o-Lakes Conference Center
1999 FRN Rally Flier
FRN Rally Cosponsors, 1999
FRN Response to Bryant HR2406 Legislation
FRN Network November 1994 Responses
General, 1994
Draft: Coordinated Goals for Forest Reform, 1993
Draft: Policy Paper, 1992 (Ned), "A Coordinated Effort for Forest Reform"
Rally, 1997-1998
Mail Outs
Newsletters, 1989-1998
Rally Brochures
National Pow Wow
Arkansas, 1988, 1995
Virginia, 1992
Alabama, 1996
Oregon, 1994
North Carolina, 1990
1993 Program Responses
New Mexico, 1991
Indiana, 1987
Rally Stuff
Rally 2000 - Texas Handouts, Roster, Fliers
Rally Walks
Rally, 1999
2012-158/15 Little Sandy
Presentation by Sabine River Authority of Texas
Waters Bluff Reservoir and the Texas Water Plan, 1987
Statement of the Sabine River Authority of Texas, undated
Basic Facts
Miscellaneous letters of support
Little Sandy, 1995-96
Ruth Culver contract, 1998
Early Little Sandy, 1986-87
Hearing testimony, 1986
Club-produced, 1990
Pit seepages, 1990
Creeks; Big Sandy - USFW Report, 1984
Old Sabine Bottom
Anderson Track near Little Sandy
Little Sandy, 1997
Little Sandy
"Fuse study"
SAR Board nomination
Ruth Reports/Contract
TCONR-produced, 1990
TCONR-produced, 1997-98
Friends of the Sabine
Aerial photos/Reservoir "map"
Allies lists, handouts, and correspondence, 1990
Correspondence with Congress except TCONR, 1990
Club-produced, 1991
Little Sandy article
Interior/Justice/OMB, 1990
Solicitors stats/correspondence
Buoelet/Conservation Easement
Before markups, 1990
SAR version
Expenses, miscellaneous, several groups
Lobby notes, 1991
Final EA/DD on LS
Basic stuff
Budget reconciliation
Bill, language elsewhere, 1990
TCONR news release
Editorial packets
Editorials, 1983
Editorials Previous Bill, 1981
East Texas Bill
East Texas news releases, 1981
East Texas media-clippings
TCONR news releases, 1984
TCONR in the news-wilderness, 1984
Letters to editor original and news, 1983
Wilderness-media clips
Texas Observer on wilderness
Correspondence received
Background information to Little Sandy
Little Sandy Allen’s file, TPWD letter, miscellaneous clippings
Older miscellaneous information
Hearing testimony, 1986
Letterhead, list of who enrolled
List, notes on committee, Texas delegation lobby information
SAR, 1991-1992
Correspondence with Congress, except TCONR produced, 1991
TCONR produced, 1991
2012-158/16 Coordinator’s Caucus
LAAC, 1994-1995
East Texas Wilderness Promotion Bill Trip, 1984
Cosponsoring Groups
"Dear Congressmen"
Forest: Media (Miscellaneous)
Ned’s Correspondence
Letters to Congress
Wilderness Media
Rare II 003-Wild-006
Forestry: Wilderness Scientists
Forestry: Resolution
Forest: Eastern Wilderness
Wilderness: General
Town Lake Study
"Dear East Texan"
Wilderness in Texas: Background
Prescribed Burning: Wilderness, Edward C. Fritz, Forest Task Force, 1992
Wilderness Article: DTH, November 5, 1984
Texas Monthly
Texas Wilderness
Wilderness Packet, "Only You Can save Texas Wilderness"
Proposal Map
East Texas Wilderness Effort
Wilderness Media: Other Supporters
Rare II
Wilderness (Texas Proposal: Basic Facts)
Wilderness Clippings
Wilderness Mailing - Draft
Current Packet
Forest: Wilderness Bill-Agnich Release
Wilderness, 1978
Forest: Wilderness Bill
J. Hightower Release
Bryant Release
Legislator’s Release
SCOT Rec. Story
December 14 Release
October 20 Pine Beetle Release
July 19 Beetle Release
July 8 Pine Beetle Release
Frost Release
East Texas Release
Editorials - East Texas
Statewide Release
Editorials - Statewide
Walk Advisory
Bill Coordinators
HR3788 Hearing
2012-158/17 Correspondence, January 1990-December 1993
2012-205/1 Marvin Nichols Reservoir
Jesse D. Oliver correspondence, 2004
Grassroots correspondence and contact lists, 2004
Council Briefing, meeting agenda and notes, 2004
Recent resolutions, faxes, 2004
WBAP Potter Interview, correspondence, 2004
LTEs, correspondence, 2004
Dallas Homeowners’ Meeting, correspondence, 2004
Panhandle, faxes and biographical sketches, 2004
Newspaper clippings, 2004-2007
Patman Water Agency, newspaper clippings, notes, and correspondence, 2004
Press releases, 2004
Max Sandlin, 2004
Memos and correspondence
Memo to Council
Memos, correspondence, and notes
Memos and notes
Corps of Engineers memos and correspondence
Memos, correspondence, and notes
Lobby packet, 2003
Faxed memos, 2005
Ward Timber materials, 2002-2003
Region D Proposal, 2003
Population, correspondence and reports, 2004
State Representatives, memos and correspondence, 2002-2004
Numbers, memos, reports, and notes, 2004
Dallas City Council Committee, notes, 2005
Martin Nichols Reservoir Project handout, undated
Region C memos, 2003
Water Conference materials, 2003
New Water Sources-needed chart, undated
Blaydes notes, undated
Handouts, 2006
Council Study Briefing, 2006
Medrano report, 2006
Jt. Committee memos, 2004
Dallas City Council
Memos and notes, 2004
Presentations, notes, and correspondence, 2004
Memos and correspondence, 2004
Newspaper clippings, memos, and agendas, 2004
Long Range Water Supply Plan for Dallas, Texas, 2005
Long Range Water Supply Plan Update, 2005
City of Dallas Water Utilities, 2004
2005 Update to Long Range Water Supply Plan
Marvin Nichols Reservoir: Refocusing the Debate packet, 2004
Marvin Nichols Reservoir: Refocusing the Debate PowerPoint, 2004
Marvin Nichols Reservoir: Refocusing the Debate PowerPoint, 2004
Presentation, 2004
Stephen J. Frost correspondence, 2005
Flower Mound Analysis of Alternatives for Future Water Supply report, 2004-2005
Flower Mound CD, 2005
Interbasin Transfers (IBT) of Surface Water materials, 2004
Texas Water Development Board Special Report, 2004
Sulphur River Basin and Fastrill Reservoir studies, 2005
Meeting Water Demands with No New Reservoirs presentation to various committees, 2005
Meeting Water Demands with No New Reservoirs presentation to Dallas City Council, 2005
City of Dallas Water Utilities Meeting 2, 2005
Dallas Water Utilities Recommendations, 2005
Dallas Water Utilities Meeting materials, 2005
Dallas Water Utilities Meeting with Motley, 2005
Dallas Water Utilities Information Requests, 2005
Region C Water Planning Meeting, 2004-2005
Projected Demand on Wholesale Water Providers report, 2005
Currently Available Supplies to Customers of Wholesale Water Providers report, 2005
Region C Water Planning Group Meeting materials, 2005
Analysis of Water Supply Currently Available to Region C report, [ca. 2005]
Opponents to Marvin Nichols Amendment, 2003
Shawnee Creek materials, 2004
Original Office Holder Letters, 2002-2005
Sulphur River Basin Authority materials, 2002-2003
Friendly Studies, 1990-2005
Marvin Nichols Reservoir booklet, 2003
National Wildlife Federation slide, undated
Opposition to Marvin Nichols Reservoir, undated
Marvin Nichols Reservoir slides, 2004
Dallas Water Utilities bar chart, undated
Region C bar chart, undated
National Wildlife Federation study, 2004
Dallas Water Utilities bar chart, 2001
Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce presentation, 2004
SAWS Briefing, 2004
Memo to Dallas City Council, 2004
Mesa Water Project and Miscellaneous, 2004
Max Sandlin correspondence, 2004
Water Planning Strategies for the Future of Dallas report, 2004
Marvin Nichols Reservoir: Refocusing the Debate report, 2004
Panhandle Community Photo Album, 2004
Citizens’ Coalition Comments Report, 2004
Briefing to Dallas City Council, 2004
Marvin Nichols Reservoir: Refocusing the Debate CD, 2004
Handout for Motley Meeting, 2004
"The Economic Impact of the Proposed Marvin Nichols Reservoir to the Northeast Texas Forest Industry," Weihuan Xu, 2002
Marvin Nichols Reservoir: Refocusing the Debate attachments, 2004
"Supplement to Water Planning Strategies for the Future of Dallas" report,
Dallas Water Supply Issues report, 2004
City of Dallas Water Utilities presentation, [ca. 2004]
2006 Regional Water Plan, 2004
Long Range Water Supply Presentation CD, 2004
Citizens’ Coalition Comments, Dallas City Council, 2004
Legislators, 2004
National Wildlife Federation, 2005
Region C Water Planning Group
Miscellaneous materials, 2004
Handout, 2004
Water Management Strategies Screening Methodology, 2004
Website, 2005
Illegal Actions, 2003-2004
Ned Fritz
Newspaper clippings, 1970-1990
Media coverage, 1970-1991
2012-205/3 Texas Pow Wow
Miscellaneous materials, 1980-2008
Brochures, 1981-2008
Photos, 2010
Newspaper clippings, 2006 and undated
SFA Wheelchair Access, 2000 and undated
Buckeye Trail Walk materials
Basic materials, 1997-2001
Miscellaneous material, undated
Trinity River Walk materials, 2004
Davy Crockett National Forest maps and brochures, 2005-2006
Lake Columbia (Eastex) clipping, 1990
Long Leaf Ridge materials, 1986, 1999
Forest Rally/ Pow Wow materials, 1987, 1999
Clearcutting brochure, undated
Research Natural Area Proposal Review, 1992
Forest Biodiversity Act materials, 1997
Southern Pine Beetle materials, 1992
Knutson-Vandenberg Act materials, 1991-1995
"Our Texas Ephemeral Forest" article, undated
National Forests in Texas brochure, undated
Miscellaneous Ads, 1988
Little Cyress newspaper and article clippings, 1987-1989
East Texas Wilderness Guide, 1982
Texas Wilderness materials, undated
Roadless Areas materials, 1999
Wilderness newspaper clippings, 1983-1984
Trinity River materials, 1984-1988
2012-205/4 Trinity River State Park
Miscellaneous materials, 1982-1983
Newspaper clippings, 1982-1985
Trinity River Advisory Committee materials, 1986
Trinity River Taskforce materials, 1988-1989
Trinity River Corridor Citizens Committee materials, 1994-1996
Bicycles on Trinity River materials, 1981-1987
Big Thicket National Park materials, 1970-1972
Trinity River clippings, 1984-1985
Trinity Floodway Extension report, 1994
Lake Naconiche Project clippings, 1997-1998
Lake Naconiche Project materials, 1990-1998
Nacogdoches County Water Study, 1992
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers re: Nacogdoches County, 1997
Nacogdoches County Water Supply Study, August 1991
COPP Project: Citizens Outreach, [ca. 1990]
Coppie and Water Pollution flyer, [ca. 1992]
COPP: Judy Pierce, 1994-1995
COPP File: Public Information, March 1992
COPP Project: Water Education Public Outreach, 1994-1995
Pallets for Compost Bins Reports, 1995-1996
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Publicity - Composting, 1993-1994
Dallas: Publicity/Pallets for Compost Bins with Mayor Steve Bartlett, 1993-1994
Composting: General Information, 1991-1994
Pallets for Compost Bins: EPA File: Full Life Outreach Center, November 1993
Pallets to Compost Bins, 1993
Current Projects, 1997
Lewisville Greenbelt Corridor, 1983-1984
Royal Lane Reclamation Project, 1982-1983
Cooper Reservoir ’82; 003-WATP-002, 1981-1982
Red Oak Reservoir (proposed) Waxahachie,
Lower Rio Grande, 1985-1987
Brazos River; 003-WATR-002, 1983
Medina River, 1981-1982
Rivers Legislation, 1986-1989
Values of Rivers, undated
Free-flowing Rivers and Streams have special values, undated
Solid Waste, 1982-1990
Spring Creek Preserve: Dallas County Preserves, 1981-1985
Water Spinach, 2009
2012-205/5 Higher Ground, 1998
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OUTSIDE Magazine, 1990
Container Deposit, 1981-1984
San Jacinto County Dam, 1985
Wallisville Dams, 1977-1988
Save the Earth Project, 1990-1994
Events, 1987-1993
Drinking Water Week, 1994
TCONR Volunteer Action: Festivals, etc., 1992
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Hazardous Waste-Shane Jackson, 1984
Palestine Hazardous Waste Dump/Texture, 1986-1988
Waste, 1986
Winnsboro Landfill, Hazardous Waste, 1989
COPP: Pesticides and Water Quality, 1990-1992
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Issue: Bachman Creek, 1983
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Wetlands Bush Intercontinental Airport, 2000
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Big Bend National Park, 2000
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Turtles, 2007
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Clear Creek, 1997-1998
Trinity River - Eugene Odum, 1976-1998
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Lu Mitchell Fundraiser, 2000
Projects, 2007
Markets/Privatizing the Environment, 1988-1989
Leadership Southeast Texas, 2001
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Water for Texas, 1985
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Graham Creek
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Bottomland Hardwoods: Valuable, Vanishing, Vulnerable, 1984
"2nd Century: the Draft Report of the Forest Options Group"
Scholary publications on the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker, 1990-1996
2E1022 Neches River
Neches Clips
Neches Clippings
2K236 Neches Clippings
2E1022 Neches TPWD Best Place #18
Handouts to Archive
NPS/BTNP regarding Neches
BTNP regarding Refuge, Fastrill
NRPI Cover Photos
Gina's op-ed
Texas Monthly Donovan
Rockland Dam
Angelina/Neches Dam B WMA
Chuck Hopson, Neches Refuge
Neches Wild & Scenic Initiative
Flyers by Bill Hallmon
Neches Flyers/Notes for Speech
Neches Correspondence
Older Wild & Scenic Materials
Presentation to Gertrude Windsor Garden Club
Gina Donovan Handouts
Neches River Taskforce
Gina Donovan Speech
Richard Donovan, 1999
Richard Donovan, 2000
Lower Neches Valley Authority on Wild & Scenic
Neches Congressional Package
Neches River Protection Initiative, 2002
Richard Donovan Award
Letters to Neches Land Owners
Neches Brochure
Neches Press Release, 2007
Rockland Flyers
Rockland Clippings
Most Endangered Rivers of America, 2007
Fastrill - Neches Refuge
3Q147b Fastrill Reservoir Preliminary Yield and Feasibility Study [CD], September 2006
2E1022 Neches Maps
Ducks Unlimited's Waterfowl Study
Walsville Lake, Texas Project - Master Plan Draft, November 1995
Lower Trinity River, Basin, Texas - Reconnaissance Report, September 1992
Upper Nueces River Basin, Texas - Report 2008
Texas Forest Service
Forests Clips
East Texas Forest and Wildlife Coalition
Big Thicket NP Endangered
Longleaf Ridge
Elected Officials to Dallas, 2005
Marvin Nichols
Marvin Nichols Reservoir Clips
Ned Fritz on Wilderness, 1988
Green Cove Platform
Women Shaping Texas
TCONR Videos
TCA in HEB Magazine
DTDA Forum - clip
Dallas Floodway Extension
Sample Inviations and Brochures
Correspondence, 1987
Chrono File, July 1991
Chrono File, 1998
Chrono File, 2010
Freestone Bluff, 1999
Fritz Paper, 1987
Caddo Lake, 2005
Pow Wow, 2007
Pow Wow, 2008
Pow Wow, 2009-2010