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A Guide to the Lago Colony (Aruba) Archives, 1924-2010

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Creator: Lago Colony
Title: Lago Colony (Aruba) Archives
Dates: 1924-2010
Accession No.: 2006-214; 2007-121; 2007-122; 2007-168; 2007-172; 2007-230; 2007-249; 2008-054; 2008-057; 2008-288; 2009-253; 2010-074; 2010-188; 2010-332; 2011-285; 2011-373; 2012-084; 2012-114; 2012-165
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Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

Lago Colony was a community on the eastern end of Aruba, a Dutch island located roughly 17 miles north of Venezuela, in an area now called Seroe Colorado. The colony served, for the most part, as a company town for Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd., which owned and operated a refinery on the island. Lago Oil was a subsidiary of Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), later known as Exxon Corporation.

At its peak, Lago Colony included about 700 homes for employees and their families and included amenities familiar to other communities, such as a school, a hospital, a church, and a variety of social and recreational opportunities. Residents of the colony were mostly Americans, though other nationalities represented were Dutch, Danish and Spanish as well as English, Irish and Scottish, many of whom served as officers of the lake tanker fleet.

The refinery, which began operating in 1924 as a trans-shipping facility for crude oil from Lake Maracaibo, was at one time the largest refinery complex in the world. The facility remained in operation until 1985 when Exxon moved to shut down and dismantle the refinery and Lago Colony. Parts of the facility were sold to the Aruban government and later to Coastal Petroleum. Though a much smaller operation today, Valero Energy Corporation now operates the refinery.


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Scope and Contents

The Lago Colony (Aruba) Archives, 1924-2010, documents, as much as possible, the lives of the American employees and their families who made the colony their home for over five decades. As such the archives is comprised of material related to the social, educational and recreational pursuits of colony residents and includes directories; school annuals and literary magazines; newspapers and clippings; programs for a variety of community events and activities; memoirs and diaries; photographic prints and albums; scrapbooks; and born-digital and digitized material. Material dating after the colony ceased relates to former residents’ work to stay connected through reunions, the Lago Colony web site and other means.

Printed material and other records of the Lago Oil and Transport Company document, to some extent, the operations of the company and refinery that employed colony residents. Also of note is material related generally to Aruba’s history, culture and tourism and the impact of World War II on the island and the colony.

The creation and continuing growth of the archives represents the efforts and contributions of a number of former residents of the Lago Colony, including Dan Jensen, Frank Binetti, Ginger Bassett, Walter Beyer, Ray Burson, Beverly Couch, Brenda Engle, Tina Evers, Peter Henriksen, Bobby Lewis, Billy Moyer, Stan Norcom, Janet Opdyke, Robert Pearson, Robert Rynalski, Bob Schlageter, Mary Spitzer, Joyce Stewart, Charles Stuart, Homer Waits and others.



The papers are arranged in four series:
  • I. Community
  • II. Lago Oil and Transport Company
  • III. Word War II
  • IV. Aruba
  • V. Henri Coffi materials


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Lago Oil and Transport Company.
Standard Oil Company.
Company towns -- Aruba.
Petroleum industry and trade -- Aruba.
Netherlands Antilles.

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Detailed Description of the Papers


Community, 1924-2010

2.207/M10 Churches
Lago Community Church,
Certificates, 1950
The Church Chronicle, 1957-1973
Programs and invitations, 1948-1957
The Women’s Guild
Aruba Home Cooking, 1960-1962
Seroe Colorado Community Church
Program, 1988
Clubs and organizations
American Legion Auxiliary
Cookbook, circa 1946
Passing in Review, 1954
Aruba Fraternal Association
Aruba Chronicle
2.207/M5 1994-2007
Aruba Flying Club, 1932-2002
The Aruban Art Circle, 1948-1952
Esso Club, 1948-1962, undated
Girls Scouts, 1957
Grover Whalen Committee of Aruba, 1941
Lago Community Fund
Pledge card [Edgar Jackson], 1959
Lago Nurses Glee Club
Aruba Health Week program
Pan Am Club
Club Comment, August 13, 1931
Invitation, 1937
Menu, undated
Programs, 1930-1931
Rotary Club of Aruba, 1958
St. Christopher Club, circa 1951
Woman’s Club
Tested Recipes Compiled by Home Arts Division of Woman’s Club, 1935
Events calendar, 1 953-1954
Ticket, 1958
Bungalow directories, 1956-1964
Telephone book, 1962
Hospitals and doctors
List of physicians 1947 through 1974, 1974
2.207/M1 Local publications
La Cruz [Catholic newspaper], 1955
The Local, 1964-1976
The News, 1989
2.207/M3 The Pan-Aruban
2.207/M1 The Sun, 1964
2.207/M11 Memoirs and biographies
Billy Sue (Miller) Lewis
Aruba Day by Day [chronicle of Lago Community activities]
Aruba, December 20, 1929 to December 8, 1954: From the scrapbook of Willie M. “Bill” Miller, 1929-1954
2.207/M12 Charlotte Life Warden
Diary [transcript], August 1947 – February 1948
William Reuben White
The Life and Times of a Wanderer, 1992
Music and theater
Aruba Community Christmas Choir
Programs, 1956-1976
Aruba Waltzes [sheet music], circa 1952
The Drama Workshop, circa 1955
2.207/M2 Reunions
Lago visit, June 1997
Lago Community School
Class of 1941
The First Ten Years, 1935-44, 1991
Class of 1951, 1991
Class of 1954
Directory, undated
Fiftieth Anniversary, 2003
Class of 1957
Directory, 2007
Class of 1959
Graduation speech by Billy McNutt, 1959
Handbooks, 1948, 1958
Ink Spots, 1938, 1946
2.207/M19 Pan-O-Ram annuals, 1944-1960
2.207/M17 Pan-O-Ram annuals, 1946-1961
[16 DVDs]
2.207/M2 Pan-O-Ram [school newspaper],
Principal’s report, 1959
Programs and other items, 1937-1956
Tot Talk, 1947, undated
2.207/M19 Seroe Colorado School
The Phoenix annuals, 1966-1976
2.207/M2 Sports and recreation
Lago Softball, 1955
Lago Sport-Park, 1941, 1956-1957
Tours, Demonstrations, Lectures, 1958
Dollar Lines
Radio News, 1932
Red D Line
Passenger list [arrival in New York City], June 17, 1936
Grace Line
Advertisement, 1951
Menus, 1958
2.207/M21 United States Navy ships
U.S.S. Omaha, 1936-1937
U.S.S. Vincennes, 1940
2.207/M17 Web site [], 2005-2010
[4 DVDs]
2.203 [Album containing circa 400 photos documenting Lago Colony reunions], 1970s-1980s
2.207/M9 Albums [further description available], 1930s-1980s
2.207/M16 Walter Beyer photographs
[2 prints with letter]
Fay Cross Keene photographs, undated
Stephen Keibler photographs and papers, 1948-1951
Springer family [Dorothy, Sandy, Janet], 1941-1945
[2 prints]
“Teet” Mingus photographs, undated
Oranjestad, Aruba, undated
Students leaving Aruba on KLM, undated
Canteen Picnic at Dos Playas, undated
Queen Juliana’s visit at the airport, October 1955
Juniro Church, 1954
Girl Mariners, 1956
Joe Carroll photographs [with descriptions]
2.207/M14 U.S.S. Vincennes, January 1940


Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd., 1930-1990

2.207/M20 Calendars, 1950-1970
2.207/M8 Correspondence, 1943-1951
Employee information
Employee and Community Interests of Lago, 1952
Employee policies, 1951
Employment Conditions [Frank R. Burson contract], 1938
History of Aruba, 1950
An Introduction to Lago, 1957
The Island of Aruba: Information of Interest to Prospective Employees and Visitors, circa 1940
Organization chart, 1959
Residential and Community Information, 1960-1963
Electronic Data Processing, 1956, 1958
Foreign Staff Elected Representatives’ Party, December 6, 1947
Hydrodesulfurization Complex, circa 1972
Lago Employee Council
Cartoons by Carl Baumann,
Maps, 1948-1970
Marine Activities
Annual Report, 1958
Lago Marine Club, 1948
Marketing Department, 1952-1956
Housing and Commissary Advisory Committee, 1942
Lago Colony Advisory Committee, 1946
News clippings, 1930-1990
Notices and announcements, 1938-1964
Process Division, 1947, 1959
Programs, 1940-1941
2.207/M3 Publications
Aruba Esso News, 1942-1983
1942, 1944
2.207/M1 1946-1967
2.207/M3 1968-1983
Colony News, 1954
N.W.I. News/Netherland Antilles News, 1953-1958
2.207/M6 Pioneers in Oil Cracking: Newcomen Society Address by Robert Wilson, 1946
Traffic in Aruba, circa 1946
Your Aruba Home, 1946
Your Job with Lago in Aruba, 1946
An Introduction to Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), 1947
Your Visit to Lago, circa 1949
This is Lago, 1949
Proving Ground, 1950
Can’t We Talk It Over: A Guide for Improving Supervisory Communication, 1951
Caribbean Careers, 1952
May We Quote You?, circa 1952
Guide to Safe Driving, 1953
Twenty-five Years of Refining at Lago, 1954
Lago Highlights in 1955, 1955
Aruba: brief bits on one of the blue Caribbean’s sunshine isles, 1957
Your Visit to Lago, 1959
This is Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), 1967
Lago: A Partner in Aruba’s Progress, 1968
Lago: A Partner in Progress in Aruba, 1971
Safety Division, 1955, 1964
Technical Service Department, 1946
Telephone directories, 1948-1981
Papiamentu Course for Medical Department Employees, circa 1950
The Wind-Blown Language: Papiamento, 1945
2.207/M16 Photographs
Refinery safety, 1960-1961
A Gallery of Aruba Photographs, undated
Refinery, circa 1970
Lago promotional prints [girls on the beach], circa 1957
Esso Memphis, undated
2.203 Artifacts and memorabilia
Lago anniversary medallions, 1974, 1984
[Two porcelain bowls commemorating the production of three billion barrels of oil at Lago Refinery], 1959
Refinery badge [Walter G. Spitzer], undated


World War II, 1941-2006

2.207/M7 Articles and book excerpts, 1947-1984
Aruba Digest by Hud McGlynn, 1992
German U-Boat 156 Brought War to Aruba February 16, 1942, 1962, 2002
News clippings and printed material, 1941-1945
U.S. Department of State records [photocopies], 1942
When Lago Was Lucky: The U-Boat Attack on Aruba by Ray Burson, 2006


Aruba, 1943-1991

2.207/M7 History
Aruba’s Ships by Bill Moyer, 1991
Aruban Annals by Chaplain William Refus Rings, 1943
News clippings, 1956, undated
Postcards, undated
2.207/M21 Royal Family
Royal Visit: A pictorial review of The Netherlands reigning monarch’s visit to Aruba, N. A., October 21, 22, 23, 1950, 1950
[donated by Francis (Teet) Mingus]
Souvenir Album: A pictorial review of The Netherlands reigning monarch’s visit to Aruba, N. A., October 21, 22, 23, 1950, 1950
2.207/M7 Tourism, 1954-1986
2.207/M18 Aerial [eastern end of Aruba], 1990
2.203 [Four large format black and white prints of Aruba], undated


Henri Coffi materials

2013-004 Memorandum of Agreement for Installation of Public Address System at Lago Sport Park [#1] 1960 March 3
Collective Working Agreement between Independent Oil Workers Union of Aruba and Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd. [#2] 1976 August 27
Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd.: Financial Statements as of June 30, 1944 [#3] 1944
Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd.: Financial Statements as of December 31, 1944 [#4] 1944
Info-T.B.S. Study, Lago Facts Book [#5] 1984 August
History and Development of Staff and Regular Employee Benefit Plans (Through Dec. 31, 1960), Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd. [#6] 1960
Annual Report, Marine Department, Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd. [#7] 1953
Safety and Security Regulations for Contractors, PR/IR Safety Section, Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd. [#8] undated
Presentation to C. C. Garvin, Coral Gables, Florida [#9] 1980 February 11
Talk given to Mssrs. Monroe, O'Loughlin and Doores [#10] 1980 January 11
Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd.: Financial Information and Statistics [#11] 1945-1954
1992 Aruba Economic Memorandum, Aruba Investment Bank N.V. [#12] 1992
Taxable Income Tables [#13] 1983
Seroe Colorado Church Operation Agreement for One Year, [#14] 1986 June 23
Prince Bernhard' s Visit, 1950, Queen Juliana's Visit, 1955, Preparations and Presentations of Lago [#15] 1950, 1955
Lago in Exxon, Lago Organization, Lago Operations, Netherlands Antilles Government [#16] undated
Basic Survivor Insurance for Overseas Employees and Annuitants, Effective 1956, Standard Oil Company (Incorporated in New Jersey) [#17] 1956
Survivor Benefit Plan Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd., Aruba, N.W.I. Effective Jan. 1, 1950 [#18] 1950
Vacation Savings Plan, Effective April 1, 1956, Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd. [#19] 1956
Esso Inter-America, Inc., Safe Alert Booklet, Incident Prevention System [#20] 1996 May
Lago Thrift Foundation, Aruba, Curaçao, Financial Report, Jan. 1, 1939 to Sept. 30, 1939 [#21] 1939
Thrift Plan, Lago Thrift Foundation, Aruba, Curaçao, Financial Report, Period October 1, 1943 to September 30, 1944 [#22] 1944
Lago Thrift Foundation, Aruba, Curaçao, Financial Report, Period October 1, 1950 to September 30, 1951 [#23] 1951
Thrift Plan, Lago Thrift Foundation, Financial Report, (Period October 1, 1951 to September 30, 1952 [#24] 1952
Lago Thrift Foundation,. Aruba, Netherlands West Indies, Annual Report, Year ended September 30, 1953 [#25] 1953
Lago Thrift Foundation, Aruba, N.A., 38th Annual Report, For fiscal year ending September 30, 1976 [#26] 1976
Parent-Student Handbook, Seroe Colorado, Aruba, N.A. [#27] 1984-1985
Aruba Road Map, Esso Petrolera, S.A. [#28] undated
Lago Oil and Transport Co. Ltd.: Illustration of Lago leased, owned and relinquished lands as of Jan. 1, 1991 [#29] 1991
Maps of Refinery and Residential Area (2), Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd. [#30] undated
Lago Refinery Plot Plan [#31] 1973 April 15
Aruba Refinery License Plate, Esso 3207 [#32] undated
Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd.: First Day Cover with special stamps of Netherlands Antilles (Lago Refinery pictured on stamps) [#33] 1974 August 12
History of Lago's Corporate Development [#34] 1980
Advertisement, The New York Times, The Netherlands Antilles [#35] 1971 April 4
Lago Concession Area Maps, Sewer Layout [#36] 1969 September 11
Aruba Esso News Article: The Largest Cave in the Antilles [#37] 1955 August 27
Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd.: Preference Share Certificates A1-A49, December 30, 1924 to October 30, 1936 [#38] 1924-1936
Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd.: Ordinary Share Stock Certificates, December 29, 1939 to July 3, 1970 [#39] 1939-1970
Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd.: Ordinary and Preference Stock-Ledger, December 1924 to June 6, 1934 [#40] 1924-1934
Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd.: Ordinary Shares Without Par Value, December 29, 1939 to July 3, 1970 [#41] 1939-1970
LAGO (Overview), Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd. [#42] undated
Lago Thrift Foundation-26th Annual Reports-1953 to 1964 For year ending September 30, 1964, Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd. [#43] 1953-1964
Map of Refinery and Residential Area, Lago Oil and Transport Company [#44] 1988 January 19
Collective Working Agreement between Federacion Di Trahadornan, Arubano and Esso Petrolera, S.A.,, September 1, 1993 to August 31, 1995 [#45] 1993 September 29
Question and Answer [#about Lago Refinery Viability [#46] 1977
History of Aruba, Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd. [#47] 1950
Aruba emerges from the valley: Address by Henk Timmer to the group of Dutch newspapermen in Aruba [#48] 1987 February 17
The Early Years of Lago [#49] undated
Diario Article [#50] 1990 May 31
Netherlands Antilles Economic Environment Historical Perspective/Outlook [#51] 1979
Lago Scholarship Foundation, Minutes of Meeting [#52] 1984 January 31
Esso Inter-America Inc. Documents: History of Lago, Current Situation. Relationship with Venezuela [#53] 1984 August 20
News of Aruba, For the press for Immediate Release [#54] 1985 November 20
Early Overview: 1925-1974 [#55] 1974
Prospectus of the Aruba Economy without Lago [#56] 1981 March 16
Where did the Aruban Indians come from?: The Indians ate Fruit of the Cactus. [#57] undated
Aruba Data: General [#58] 1989
Corporate History of Creole Petroleum Corp. and Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd. [#59] 1965 October 13
Proposal for Oil Recovery Operation [#60] undated
Outline for Response to February 18, 1991 letter for Mr. Monzon re: Expropriation Seroe Colorado [#61] 1991
Agreement: Reopening Aruba Refinery (Lago) [#62] 1987
History of Operations, 1929-1985 [#63] 1985
Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd.: Settlement of Tax Claims, Dismantling Agreement [#64] 1992 April 10
Statement by S. R. Bengston, Lago President, on the occasion of signing the final agreement with Aruba [#65] 1992 April 10
Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd.: Pitch Pile Revised Proposal [#66] 1989 September 29
Addendum No. 2, Dismantling Agreement [#67] 1989 March 15
Current Policies on Business Practices [#68] undated
Operating Highlights [#69] 1981 May
Response to 11/15/84 Union Letter [#70] 1984
Company letter to all Lago employees announcing its intention to terminate its refining and transshipping operations in Aruba [#71] 1984 October 31
Lago Environmental: Summary of the Planning and Execution of Environmental Remediation Work by Lago [#72] 1995 October 26
Description of Lago Facilities [#73] undated
Government Meetings [#74] 1985 January 3 - 1985 May 27
Crude and Crude Equivalent-Throughput, Purchases and Allowance to Lago [#75] 1937-1983
The Lago Refinery [#76] undated
Collective Working Agreement between Independent Oil Workers of Aruba and Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd. [#77] 1993 February 1
News of Lago: For the Press [#78]
For the Press [#79] 1990 September 27
Press Release: Aruba Golf Club-45 years of existence [#80] 1986 January 3
Translation: Lago announcement to terminate operations [#81] 1985 January 3
Translation: Termination letter [#82] 1985 January 25
Translation: response to closing [#83] 1985 June 17
Esso Lago Aruba Exxon: Purpose of Group Sessions, Reviews of Termination Benefits [#84] undated
Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd.: Letters to Government about a termination of refining and transshipping operations with Venezuela [#85] 1984 December 18
Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd.: Letter to Her Excellency Maria Loberia Peters, Prime Minister, Netherlands Antilles, Willemstad, Curaçao [#86] 1984 December 19
Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd.: Lago Cleanup Letter [#87] 1990 October 26
Operations-Major Events [#88] 1985 January 19
Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd.: Letter to dismantle refinery in Aruba [#89] 1988 November 17
Lago Signs Dismantlement Contract [#90] 1988 October 18
Esso Petrolera, S.A.: Letter to the editor of the newspaper "Corant" about a correction request [#91] 1989 May 31
News of Lago, For the Press: "Theft" [#92] undated
News of Lago, For the Press: "Drowning” [#93] 1986 October 25
For the Press: "Drowning” [#94] 1987 July 9
Drinking Water Lines Schematic, Lago Colony Area [#95] 1985
"God Bless Lago" by Lord Boxoe 45 RPM Record [#98] undated
2013-097 Aruba vs. Lago letter to Mr. Henri Coffi regarding Caliche Pit status [#99] 1991 January 31
Lago Environmental Accomplishments report [#100] 1984‑1990
Caliche Pits Technical Documents Booklet [#101] 1975 August 18 - 1990 January 1
Chronological Order of Events Booklet Negotiations between Lago and Aruba Government regarding topics related to closing of the refinery [#102] 1986
"25 Years of Refining at Lago" [#103] 1954
Invocation: Kiwanis Thanksgiving message by Henri Coffi [#104] 1996 November 27
International School of Aruba 75th Anniversary and Groundbreaking Ceremony [#105] 2004 September 23
An Introduction to Lago Prepared by Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd. Public Relations Department [#106] 1957 May
History of the Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd. Training Division [#107] 1948 January 13
Souvenir Aruba‑copies of misc. pictures. "Presented to C.B. Garber on the occasion of his retirement after 31 years of service in Aruba by Lago's Accounting Management and Administration Group” [#108] 1961 May
Negotiations with Lago Notes: Shutdown Agreements, etc. [#109] 1985, 1986, 1989
Administrative Manual, Lago Retirement Plan, Sept. 1, 1948, Revised‑October 1, 1958 [#110] 1958
Lago Benefit Plans: National Employees [#111] 1976
Survey of Benefit Plans, Programs and Practices. (N.A.) Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd. [#112] undated
Lago Phase II, Environmental Assessment Program Report, Appendix A‑F, G, Hydrogen Recovery and Environmental Sampling, Well Logs. Prepared by EEl Engineering Enterprises, Inc. [#113] 1985-1986
Lago, Information for Professional Graduates 1980 [#114]
Lago Aruba Refinery Environmental Cleanup Program Status: Presentation to ECCA Management Committee, Coral Gables, Florida [#115] 1986 July 7
Legal Document Environmental issues [#116] 1995
Esso Agreement and Working Rules for all Non-Officer Employees of the Lake Tanker Fleet, Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd. [#117] undated
Thrift Plan and Retirement Plan Booklet, Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd. [#118] 1939 January 1
Business Philosophy (Filosofia di Negoshi), Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd. [#119] 1981 May
Collective Working Agreement between independent Oil Workers Union of Aruba and Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd., and other materials [#120] 1964 August 6
Graduation Program, Lago Vocational School, Class of 1947, Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd. [#121] 1947
Apprentice Graduation Class, Classes 1942‑1946 [#122] 1942-1946
Class Picture [#123] circa 1960
Lago Information Handbook [#124] 1973 August
General Conditions of Agreement [#125] 1976
Lago Facilities Capabilities [#126] 1976
Lago Fire Fighter Manual [#127] 1995 January
Safety and security Regulations For Contractors Operations Department, Contract Development Section Lago Oil Transport Co., Ltd., Aruba, N.A. [#128] 1984 April
Lago Shutdown Plan: Staff Review [#129] 1984 December 3
History and Development of Staff and Regular Employee Benefit Plans. (through December 31, 1960) Lago Oil and Transport Company, Ltd. [#130] circa 1960
1959 Annual Report, Marine Department [#131] 1959
1957 Annual Report Marine Department [#132] 1957
Lago Telephone Directory [#133] 1984 June
The Netherlands Antillean Ordinance On Profit Tax "1940" (Booklet) [#134] 1940
Agreement on Sale of Tanks [#135] 1988
Refinery Oil Loss Performance Charts [#136] 1984
Memorandum of Agreement for Erection of Foundation Ring for Tank 723 [#137] 1962
Seroe Colorado Community, Aruba, Phase Out Stage [#138] undated