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A Guide to the Tony Hilfer Papers

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Hilfer, Anthony Channell
Title: Tony Hilfer Papers
Dates: [ca. 1950s-2008]
Abstract: Correspondence, manuscripts, administrative papers, course materials, newspaper articles, subject files, books, and photographs comprise the Tony Hilfer Papers, [ca. 1950s-2008], documenting Hilfer’s forty-five academic career at the University of Texas at Austin.
Accession No.: 2008-194; 2011-044; 2012-279
Extent: 17 ft., 2 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Dr. Anthony Channell Hilfer (1936-2008) was a Professor of English at the University of Texas at Austin. After receiving his B.A. from Middlebury College (1958), M.A. from Columbia University (1960), and Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina (1963), he taught at UT from 1963 to 2008, specializing in crime fiction and film noir. He was the author of numerous influential books, including The Ethics of Intensity in American Fiction (1981), The Crime Novel: A Deviant Genre (1990), American Fiction Since 1940 (1992), and The New Hegemony in Literary Studies (2003).

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, manuscripts, administrative papers, course materials, newspaper articles, subject files, books, and photographs comprise the Tony Hilfer Papers, [ca. 1950s-2008], documenting Hilfer's forty-five academic career at the University of Texas at Austin. The collection includes correspondence, particularly email from students and faculty; course materials such as essays, class readings, syllabi, and notebooks; and a manuscript for his last book, The Nothing That Is. Administrative papers relate to teaching and his position at UT. Subject files are composed of numerous academic essays, articles and newspapers, many with marginalia and notes by Hilfer. Photographs relate to his book, The Crime Novel. A decree of divorce and death certificate has been restricted.


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Subjects (Persons)
Hilfer, Anthony Channell -- Archives
Subjects (Organizations)
University of Texas at Austin. Dept. of English
University of Texas at Austin -- Faculty
Crime in literature
Detectives and mystery stories -- History and criticism
American literature -- History and criticism.
Characters and characteristics in literature.
Criticism -- History -- 20th century.

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Some material has been separated to the Library Unit.

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Preferred Citation

Tony Hilfer Papers, [ca. 1950s-2008], Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

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This collection was processed by Evan Usler, April 2011

Detailed Description of the Papers



4Jc38 Reviews for The Ethics of Intensity 1982-1984
Reviews for The Crime Novel 1991
Papers concerning New Hegemony 2003-2007
Dennis Potter paper 1998
Manuscript files for The Nothing That Is:
Chapter One 2007
Eco-criticism essays 2003
Grizzly Man
4Jc38 Wilderness films
The Pristine Myth
The Sublime and the Beautiful
Gangster Rap and Nihilism in Black America
Gospel songs and hymns
Dick Simon
Otto Dix
AWP Conference, March 2006
"Republicans steal election,"2000-2003
Dennis Potter
Terry Southern
To Read: Reviews
Spitzer: Blues
To Read: Essays
Violence articles, 2003
"Women as body"
Articles: Violence, bad faith
Schoedinger Effect
Hypocrisy and lying
London’s "To Build"
Photo of Tony
Gary Larsen file
Comic emails, 2000-2006
Psychology literature
Steiner; Novelty nonsense
Modern Fiction
Eisinger on Modern Fiction
"Counseling and Chance in Modern Physics"
"Randomness and the 20th Century"
Brenton, Najda
Alter; Stark
Experimental Fiction Sample
Bayley, Characteristics and Consequences
Tanner, Scenes of Nature
Coles, Irony
Divided Self
Howe on Celine, 1972
Guggenheim, ACLS Grant Proposals, 1990
HRC Committee, 1998
Friar’s Club, 2002
Society of Cinema Studies Conference, 1998
NYC, 2001
UNLV, 2003
HF Bar and Wyoming Trip
New York Hotels
Reading Conference, 1998
Breakthrough Voices
Hawaii Conference, 2005
E395 Book Request
Annual Request, 2004
Annual Review Materials, 2002-2003
Eliot Article, 1997
Pete LaSalle articles
Cold and Lonely Places
4Jc39 Lyrics, poems
Ken Millard
Film criticism
Terry Malick
Book reviews, 1999-2003
Austin American Reviews
Association of Literary Scholars and Critics, 2006
Movie groups, 2005
Textures of Place
Paul Bowles
Transcendent Spiritual Language
Dick Simon
Summer in the Dark
Proposal: The Nothing That Is
Grant Project: The Nothing That Is
Articles: Monkey-wrenching
Articles: "The Open Boat"
Ecological criticism, 2002
Shrinking water supply, 2007
Research file, 2002
Sheri Martinelli
McCain and media, 2008
Henry’s Grandpa take
Letter from Cho, 2008
American Literature Association, 2007
Dickstein: theory
Crane Essay draft #1, 2007
Lisa Ruddock
LSC Conference, 2006
American Literature Association, 2007
ASLE papers
Austin American reviews
Christmas, 2007
"What is conservatism?,"2004
Curriculum Vita, 2007
TSLL, 2006
Iris Howard Regents Professorship, 2003
Articles, lyrics
Christmas article
The Indian Queen
Michael Collins
Brian Boyd
David Simon
Carolina Arts & Sciences, Spring 2008
Personal Correspondence, 1979-1988
Ann Bradley correspondence, 1984-1986
Humphreys correspondence, 1987
"Rhetoric and Religion in Colonial Virginia"
Presbyterian Film Series
Great Movies
Film Noir
Tom Ehrich correspondence, 2005-2006
Religious perspectives
Race and Urban Space in American Culture
Photographs for The Crime Novel
Newspapers, 1999-2000
The Ethics of Intensity in American Fiction
The Revolt from the Village
2F515 The Nothing That Is: Representations of Nature in American Writing:
Compact Disc:
Revised Nothing, May 23, 2005
Crane and Nothing
Nothing II


Stored off-site:

2008-194/1 Hammett and Pinkerton
Hammett articles
MacPherson article
Brevda, c.1
Brevda, c.2
Faulkner articles
"The Critics Did It"
Transparent Eyeball
"The Compass of Irony"
Alice and the Red King
Nehring: Rock criticism
Crazy Jane and the Irish episcopate
Anderson: "The Code of the Streets"
Battenhouse article
Hilfer: "Wreck on the Highway,"Fall/Winter 1985
Signature Moments in Black Humor
Veitch on superrealism
Caillois: Ilinx
9/11: Sontag, Lifton
Henry Caudill and the Burden of Mountain Liberalism
Hayden White: The Culture of Criticism
Nancy Chodorow: Family Structure and Feminine Personality
Various articles
Newspaper clips: Global Warming
The Sound of the Fury timeline
Prisoner’s Dilemma
Newspaper articles
Various articles, Midgley: Moral judgments
Mediated self
Buell: Eco-criticism
Sennett: Public life
Bobby Thomson
Pico: On the Dignity of Man
Todorov: Literature and Semiotics
PII: crit. articles
Vase paintings
Othello essays
King Lear essays
PII: crit. articles
"People who died"
Sound in Poetry
603A: Plan II: Greek Drama
Chaucer articles
Plan II: Blake
Plan II: Spring 2000
Essays: Collier, Larkin, Butler
Segal on Antigone
E603a, Fall 2004
Dodds: Intro to Bacchae
Anderson: Code of the Streets
White: Homer’s Argument with Culture
Kernan on the Henriad
E603b papers, Spring 2003
Oates: Brothers Karamazov article
Frank: Dostoevsky
Sherzer: Beckett’s Endgame
Buechner essay
Essays: Flaubert passage in French
Flaubert essays
Spitzer on Diderot
Plan II: Public vs. Private
"Five things to keep in mind"
603a, Fall 2002
E603b, Spring 2002
E603a and b syllabus, Fall 2000
E603a papers, Fall 2000
Langer: Tragedy
Plan II: Szymborska
9/11 Responses
Kafka essays
Essays: Brecht
Brecht: Poor B.B.
Moser: What is the matter with Emily Jane? c.1 and c.2
Oates: Magnanimity of Wuthering Heights c.1 and c.2
Poems: Plan II
Plan II Poetry: Origin of Baseball
Wilde and Camp essays
Plan II: Wilde
Pride and Prejudice essay
Chekhov essays
Plan II: James
Essays: McKee, James
Great Expectations essays
Irony and Black Humor
Psychobabble, 1975
Eliot on Pop Culture
E603b, 2000
Henry Green essays
Essays: The Caucasian Chalk Circle
Booth: The Rhetorical Stance
Dostoevsky essay, January 2000
Richard Gray: The Literature of Memory
The Sound and the Fury
Essays: Faulkner, Guerard, Grimwood
2008-194/2 Essays
Defense Intellectuals
Colorado days, 2001
Ellroy papers
Marx Brothers essay
City Boys
Bukowski article
Norman Mailer obit., 2007
Orlando Patterson on "Riversity"
Male violence: Dyson on O.J.
Homicide: Life on the Street
Movie Criticism
Film essays
Sopranos article, 2004
Laura and Queer Studies
Religion: Bosey, Bohreffer
"The Price of Irony"
C. Jan Swearingen: What is the Text?
Berman on Maex’s Modernism, 1978
"Virility and Domination..."
Eudora Welty I and II
Myers: A Reader’s Manifesto
Midgley: Wilderness
Nussbaum essays
Rousseau on acting
Kristofferson lyrics
Lisa Ruddick paper
E395M Proposal
Derrida: Force of Law
Kennedy: Semiotics of Critique
Ken Lay and "reality"
Suskind, reality based
E338 syllabus, Fall 2007
Rivera biography, essays
LaSalle on Borges
Barbara Kopple biography
Peter Berger: Rumor of Angels
Class readings:
E316K, Summer 1996
Notebooks, ca. 1950s-1960s
University of Missouri notebook
Ethical and Religious readings notebook
Notebook: "Canon"
University of Texas notebooks
Notebook: "19th c. Fiction"
Notebook: "2422"
2008-194/3 Misc. notebooks
Three Lives
Gertrude Stein essays
Schwartz: In Dreams
Crews: Theory
The Alchemist notes
Essays, 1977
Moynahan essay
Jane Eyre essays
Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown essay
Magic Mountain article and paper
Texas Cinema Program Notes, 1978-1980
Various essays
Blindness and Insight
Minogue on Feminism
West on violence; essays, 1966
Ruland essay
Palmer essay
Dave Hickey article
Politics: Hightower
9/11 WTC
Kundera articles
DeLillo article
Essays on irony
Essays: Barthelme story
Barthelme: Alexandria and Henrietta
Gogol essay
Nabokov essays
Roth essays
Jerry Springer theory
Tanner: City intro
Essays: McCaffery, postmodernism
Wilde essay
Various reviews
Vaihinger essay
Letters: Lydenberg, Burroughs, 1988-1990
Burroughs articles and interview
Norton essay
Clayton essay
Coover essays
Bibliography of Postmodern American Lit.
Shattuck article, 1972
Jameson: 3rd World
Edward Said articles
Gray article
Various essays
Vance Ramsey materials
Political newspaper articles
Articles: theory, black culture
Articles: Lolita
Parker: Ethics essay
Begam essay, 1997
Ruszkiewicz essay, 1993
Various essays
"Building as a Political Act"
Nietzsche articles, 1970-1971
Various articles
News stories
Newspaper articles
Article: Cocaine on Wall St.
Newspaper articles
Arendt article: Lying in Politics
Various articles
Goffman: "On Face-Work"
Alter essay
Price, Bredin essays
Various essays
Michael Powell article, 1999
Nancy Grace essay
"Laura" materials
Alain Boureau article, 1998
Rudy G. article, 1999
"Strange Fruit" newspaper review, 2002
UT Class materials:
E395M materials
E338 materials, Fall 2004
E395M Breakthrough Voices
E395M materials, 2005
Literary competence
Galbraith on writing
Detective Novel Course
E395M: American Fiction at Century’s End
E395M course proposal, Fall 1996
Five Things and What I Want
E395M Early Postmodernism
Paper prerequisites
Henry James letter
E395L: Syllabus and bibliography
Graduate course proposal, Fall 1988
Contemporary American Realist Fiction
E395M: Literary Canonicity
Bibliography: Postmodern American Fiction
Hot tub grammar
Sneer words
2008-194/4 Tate on Poe
Gass: Willie Masters’
Diderion: films article, 1973
Second skin
Pico: On the Dignity of Man
Babcock essays
Gombrich: Visual Image essay
Kern: Carnivalesque Justice
Booth: Rhetoric on Fiction
E. Heller - Modern symbol
Post-Structuralist Criticism
Ong on future of modern lit. in America
Booth: Rhetorical Stance
On Malamud
Dreams, separating, etc.
Am. Tragedy lecture articles, 1967
Calhoun on Didion
The Public Burning
Hawkes bibliography
Hymes on communication
Sklovskij: The Mystery Novel
Essays: Thumber on wings
Howe and Loser: American Communist Party
Report on Jo Brans
Lectures, Catch 22
Novel notes
Essays: Kampf, Scandal of lit. scholarship
From: Mimesis
Spanos: Sweeney Agonists
Essays: Todoerov, lit. and semiotics
Chomsky articles, 1972
Essays: Palmer and Deer
E395L bibliography
Checklist of Interpretive Topics
E395L reading questions
E395L syllabus and policy statement
Demonic Goethe
The Ghost - Lowell, Sextus Propertius
Misc. Lecture Notes: Heller, poetry
Lectures: Early American Lit.
The social novel
Lecture on Irony
Authors, speakers, and readers
Newspaper articles, 1973
Essays: French films
Bibliography: Black culture and music
Thompson review
Essays: L.A. Novel
The American Connection
Rev. of Highsmith
Mystery Novel Criticism
Highsmith paper
The American Connection, 2nd version
Highsmith materials
Essays: Wild Justice, Freud, psych. definitions
Ottson: Film noir
Essay on deviant sex
"The Air: Waiting for the Storyteller"
E. Ann Kaplan: "Is the Gaze Male?"
Essays: Malin. Grella, Chandler
Ricks - conversation
Gun Crazy, 1981
Essays: Ousby, Amis
Steiner - Am. Language, 1972
French essays on film noir
Nino Frank
Film noir - French
Essays: Thompson
Gender in Crime Fiction
Sam Fuller; James Ross
Essays: Oates, Cain
Essays: Schrader, Notes on Film Noir
Palmer and Lambert on thrillers
Logo - Inner sanctum; Wingate: Getting away with murder
Edward Anderson story
Essays: Interview with P.D. James
Newsweek article, 1974
Essays: Grella, Murder and manners
Notes on mystery criticism
Crime novel grad students
Booth on Hamlet
Violence - Cinema, Easy Rider, 1973
E395M Detective and crime novel
Roman noir bibliography
Crime novel bibliography
Bib. references
Barbara Babcock-Abrahams papers
Bauman: Verbal Art as Performance
Abrahams: The Play of Worlds in Story and Storytelling
Abrahams and Babcock: Lit. Use of Proverbs
Abrahams: Rhetorical Theory
Darnton: Mother Goose
Double Indemnity
Night of the Hunter
Essays: Gombrich, Holton
"Betwixt and between"
Whiteside essay
Stylistics articles
Histories of Lit. Possibilities
Bump: bibliotherapy
Bertelsen: San Pietro
Kellogg tape notes
Absurdist MLA paper
Essays: "In and Out of Performance"
Pynchon: internet
David Thomson, The Big Sleep
Peter Brooks, "Freud’s Masterplot"
Crime novels in and out of print
Chandler essay
Essays: Ray and Polan
Essays: "Beatles, Batman, and the New Aesthetic"
Winks: Modus Operandi
Essays: Ross McDonald
Cinema articles, 1975-1977
Fiedler: Subverting the Standards
2008-194/5 Newspapers:
Philosophy and science
American Literature Before 1900
Contemporary American Fiction
Deconstruction theory
World writers
2008-194/6 Essays: Cawelti
Bigsby - Populist debate
Essays: popular culture
Essays: Todorov
Manley - convention
Chandler: Speaking; Life; Letters
Godfather article, 1972
Rhetoric of Hitchcock’s Frenzy
Hartman article, 1971-1972
Leonard interview, 1984
Famous non-quotes, 1993
W. Warthog
Luce article
Miller on McLuhan
Epstein: The Panthers and the Press
Stanley Marsh and his Cadillacs
Wreck on the Highway
Himes: Boardman
Notes on "The Virginian"
Cawelti: Pop Culture
Hickey; Get Carter
Bib. and Addresses - Crime fiction
Draughtman’s Contract
Modleski on pop art for women
Poe mystery case
Detective and Crime Novel - Grad Pop Cult. Proposal
Howard spy affair; Sindona affair, 1986
Le Fanu essay
Jameson on Chandler
Jameson, Marxism and form
Marin - Disneyland essay
Melodrama; Draper paper
Hazen - porn; Fiedler - popular culture
Timberg: The Rhetoric of Soap Opera
Pop Culture Grad Course
Lurie, fashion
Simon essay
McPhee essay
Gothic Heroine
Staples: C. W. Songs
Mezzrow - inc. spirit masters
Newcomb: Television and Cultural Theory
Newcomb: Symbolic Anthropology and the Study of Popular Culture, 1980
"Oil Asked for Troubles,"1977
Adorable Ewes
Arlen on "Dallas"
Karma Cola
Hancock - Jazz
Peggy Sue; Wreck
Arlen: "Spokespeople"
Bibliographies - pop culture
Pop culture - Xeroxes
Epstein: Bias in the TV News
Pop Culture class, 1983
Real - Superbowl
Dallas videotape
Levels of threat
Olivetti girl papers, 1975
Pop culture material
Bad movies
Fiske and Hartley: Reading TV
Underworld jargon
Nacirema; response to Howe on pop culture
Hunter Thompson
Francis Ford Coppolla
Shakespeare in the Bush
Covert Culture
E395L Pop Culture
Goodman - Media on Woman’s lib.
E379M Pop culture syllabus
Galloway: Dracula and other poems
America in the Movies
Brown, Theater and review
A. Graham - Pop Culture
Film Genre - Bibliography
Radway, Rabinowitz papers
Weinberg, the Lubitsch Touch
Brandy on Renoir
Cawelti on Myth, Symbol, Formula
Pop culture - mimes and spirit masters
Cartoons and comic strips
Pinosa vs. draft
Barry Gifford: Night People
Background of Great Gatsby
H.J. on Ibsen
Habegger essay
Allegory in the Fairy Queen
Langer, Poem as symbol
Essays: Santayana, Cook, Langer
Ronald Wyn essays
Epigrams; Kundera
Lanham: Uses of Obscurity
Holquist and Reed: On Novel
Framing devices
Xeroxes: Dover bitch; Stevens on ransom
Emily Dickinson materials
Whitman materials
Colacurcio on Lawrence
Romanticism and consciousness
Bradley: Hegelian tragedy
Jonson: Volpone
Boccaccio as Illusionist
Almansi: Decameron
"The World We Have Lost"
"The Name of Odysseus"
Boose: The Family in Shakespeare Studies
Kahler on Thomas Mann
Various essays: Michael Moon, etc.
Culver on Henry James
Essays: Kaston; Armstrong
Essays on Henry James
Karcher essay
H. James Sr.: Self-love
2008-194/7 Correspondence on crime novel, 1985-1987
Gwendolyn Brooks essays
Rock lyrics
UT notebooks
"End of Century" notebook
"American Novel Since 1940" notebook
"Realism and Postmodernism" course notes
Cormac McCarthy materials
Anatole Broyard materials
Delillo materials
Sentences; epigrams
Hendrik; Hertzberg
Hemingway essays
Berman on Gatsby
Fetterley: Gatsby essay
"Dos Passos"
Brevda: "How do I get to Broadway?"
Carver: "Newspaper and Other Sources"
Lowry: "Lively Art of Manhattan Transfer"
Hilfer publication materials, 1987-1991
Movie stills, photos, 1989
Hilfer, draft: "William Faukner and Jacobean Drama,"1959
Hilfer, draft: The New Hegemony in Literary Studies
Hilfer, draft: The Crime Novel: A Deviant Genre
Knox: Ch. 6 & 7 of crime novel
Translation of Ch. 4
Wire-in-dex notepads (2) and free notes
Computer hard disks (7)
2008-194/8 Hilfer drafts: The Crime Novel
Notes on critical books
UNC English 252 notebook
UT notebooks
Binder: E395M Whitman & James, Fall 1988
Barthelme materials
E395L materials, Fall 1987
Melville on Emerson
Reviews of Emerson
377K Syllabus, test
Skerl correspondence, 1995
New Yorker magazine, 1994
New York magazine, 1974
New Times magazine, 1975
2008-194/9 Hilfer drafts: The Crime Novel
Cox on James
William James materials
Essays: Scudder, "A Modern Instance"
E395M Whitman & James, Fall 1988
Henry James and Emotional Reality Not Yet Evacuated
Henry James essays
Przybylowicz essay
Essays: Mead, Howe
E395M Whitman & James, Fall 1988
William James, The Consciousness of Self
The Victorian Governess
Walt Whitman materials
Whitman’s body
Hough on allegory and realism
Emily Dickinson materials
E679Ha Whitman and Dickinson, Spring 1985
Bryant: To a Waterfowl
Captain Simon Suggs
Schwartz, "The heavy bear"
Dunbar, "We wear the mask"
Roethke, "I knew a woman"
Moore, "In distrust of merits"
Ronald Wyn
Hank Williams
Leo and Ann
UT integration article, 1989
Humanities 306
News material 308, 1980
"The College Colonel"
The Dramatic Monologue
"The origin of baseball"
Roethke; Lowell
Poe materials
Rich: "The Knight"
Anne Bradstreet: "A Letter to Her Husband"
Langer: Poetry
Berryman essay
Notes on Yeats
348 - critical essays
312L - Campion
"Provide, Provide"
Texas Ranger magazine, 1965
Letter to Chicago press, 1976
Frost: "Out, Out"
T.S. Eliot: Poetry
Handout on Jargon
Pope: "Epistle to Miss Blount"
Essays: Peckham, alienation, Gass
Notes on films
Correspondence, Journal of Modern Lit., 1970
Barrow: Poems
Twombly - Death
Books; correspondence, 1978-1979
Lucas as Jesus freak, 1984
Essays: "Powerhouse"
Winthrop, City on a Hill
Percy on sin
Glascow, The Descendent
Essays: "Novel vs. Romance"
"The American Adam"
Recent fiction; George Will
Poems: "From the Bridge"
Bride of Frankenstein
Poems and essays: Flowers; Hancock; Osborne
Map of Bloom’s Dublin
"Black-Ey’d Susan"; "La Dame aux Camelias"
Wharton bibliography
Berryman - Obit. Verses
Seferis: Poetry
W.C. Williams materials
Blue Hotel: Master Sheet
Driving Home; Ode to Confederate Dead
Ross’ Sophocles, 1973
Lowell: Prometheus Bound
Sarpedon and Glaukos
Dickens: Gin Shops
Renwick: Folk Poetry
Almansi - Decameron
Kinneavy - Jargon
Slate: W. C. Williams
Hilfer: "Absurdist Language"
Violence and the Sacred
Watt - "The Consequences of Literacy"
"Death in the Afternoon"
Various essays
Benefits of Poor Communication
Reading, Forgetting
Yebernetsky on plagiarism
LeClercq: Critical theory
2008-194/10 Hilfer drafts: The Crime Novel
Correspondence, 1976-1996
Bercovitch Panel Talk
Harry Hilfer correspondence
UT contracts, 1976-2007
Hilfer CV and bio
Hilfer annual reports, 2000-205
Professional correspondence, 1990-1993
Luz Elena materials
Swearingen materials
Spitzer correspondence, 2001
Recommendations, 1989-2000
University of Virginia press
Pope Joan article
Edmund Perry article
Westbrook memorial
Reprint permissions, 1991-1992
Reports on books from UT Press, 1990-1997
Procedures, due dates
Policies and materials
UT Press, 1992-2006
Readers, 1992-2004
Contributors, 1992-2003
Dept. members, faculty on leave
Background and constitution
Possibilities, 2007
Graduate Fellows, 2007-2008
50:1, 2007
Committee Report
Standard acceptance and rejection letters, 1992
Letters, 1993
Texas studies; specific issues, 1992-1996
Board; hours
Meeting times, 1994
Southern Literature
Omer on Eliot, 1997
Chicano issue, 1997
Reserve lists/Bibliography
American Lit. Graduate Course Proposals, 1991-1992
Livingston Correspondence, 1992
Outside members, 1992-1994
"Misdeal in Appalachia,"1965
9/11 Lifton; Arab intellectuals
Misc. documents
Gates; Authenticity
Patteson book
Dowling materials
Notes: Psychosocial targets
Plato’s Cave
E.D. as an aphorist
Lamp talk, 2002
Five things...
Szymborska article
Field: Bride of Frankenstein
Journal of Polymorphus Perversity, 1991
Ch. 1 of The Killer Inside Me
Notes: Fiction and Reality
The Elephant and Cultural Studies
Wittgenstein: Rabbit-duck
Ann and Leo
Associations: ALA and ALSC
Ohmann: Style
Franklin, scholarly publication
Comic sayings and cartoons
Dugan: "Love Song"
Questions for PhD minor Oral
Glossaries: Post-modernist Terminology
Body Theory
Goetzmann: "Oh Wild Ecstasy"
Divine rules
Michael Collins: Paper Without a Trace
Wu Zeqing, 2007
E395M Text list, Fall 2006
Harrington: "Why American Poetry is Not American Fiction"
E377K materials, Spring 2007
2008-194/11 Ruth’s will
E377K, Fall 1997
E379S materials, Spring 1998
E337 & E316K packet
E372L Policy statement, text list, Fall 1994
E337 Syllabus, text
Kinko’s packet
E395L Course description, Fall 1984
E395L, Library reserve, Fall 1987
Reserve requests, Fall 1988
E340 Syllabus & Policy statement, roster
E395M, text list, Fall 2001
E603A, Fall 2003
E395M Ecofiction & ecocriticism, Spring 2004
E395M course description, Spring 2004
E379S, Fall 2003
E395M, Spring 1998
E377K, Summer 1997
E395L Approaches, Fall 1989
Course proposals, Fall 1996
E379S Reserve reading list, 1997
Copyright rule, 1984
Book review: A Cold Mind
Lecturer controversy, 1984-1985
Postmodernist Fantasy - Penn State Press
Sick leave, 1987
EC Annual Review, 1999
EC Annual Report Faculty Ranking Review, 1995
Morgan: Visible Saints
Colarcurcio: The Symbolic and the Symbolic
Payne: Atavism
Book reviews: Lesser
Spengemann essays
De Tocqueville
Essays: Marx, Spiller
E395M essay
E395L essays
Health Anthology
Essays: "Lit. and Covert Culture"
Bercovitch, Buell essays
Essays: Ideology and American Lit.
Elliott: American Lit. History, 1985
Kolodny: Literary History
Essays: Myth and symbol
Baym: Melodramas and Beset Manhood
Wise: Paradigm Dramas
Lynn vs. Marx
Glaspell: A Jury of Her Peers
Tompkins essays
Smith-Rosenberg essay
Dearborn: Pocahontas’s Daughters
Jefferson’s Nephews
Various essays: Elliott
Jehlen essay
Smith: "Can ‘American Studies’ Develop a Method?"
Tocqueville materials
Crews on Twain criticism
Various essays
E337 essays
Pynchon materials
Essays on irony
The Floating Opera
Barthelme essays
Various essays
Pynchon picture
Tanner: "American Novelist as Entropologist"
E395L notes on writers
Glossary of Post-Modernist Terminology
Pynchon essays
Gass essays
Ozick essays
Coover essays
Howe essays
Greene: "Pursuits of Happiness"
Bercovitch essays
Harowtunian on Edwards
Breitweiser: Cotton Mather
E395 Bibliography
Miller: Edwards to Emerson
David Leverenz essay
Crews on Twain
Smith: The Scribbling Woman
Slojterdijk essay
Rosellen Brown article
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