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A Guide to the Mariann Garner Wizard Papers, [ca. 1940s]-2014

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Wizard, Mariann G., 1946-
Title: Wizard, Mariann Garner, papers
Dates: [ca. 1940s]-2014
Abstract: Composed of correspondence, printed material, creative works, legal documents, diaries, artwork, and photographic materials, the Mariann Garner Wizard Papers, [ca. 1940s]-2014, document Mariann Wizard's involvement in Austin radical politics, her personal relationships, and her literary endeavors. Correspondence involving notable literary and political figures bulks with correspondence from imprisoned Austin radical Marilyn Buck as well as correspondence from University of Texas administrators during the mid-1960s concerning student activities. The papers of George Vizard, murdered by Robert Zani on July 23, 1967, are also included.
Accession No.: 95-261; 95-176; 96-311; 96-375; 97-066; 98-248; 2003-104; 2010-291; 2016-091
OCLC No.: 35168454
Extent: 7 ft., 4 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Austin political activist and writer Mariann Wizard was born Mariann Exia Garner on September 30, 1946, in Fort Worth, Texas, to Carl Douglas and Alma Catherine (Cooper) Garner. Entering the University of Texas at Austin in 1964, she joined the Students for a Democratic Society and Communist Party and became involved in local political and cultural activities, including demonstrations at Roy’s Lounge. On December 18, 1965, Wizard married fellow activist George Vizard, IV (1943-1967), whom Robert Zani murdered during an Austin convenience store holdup on July 23, 1967. Following Vizard’s death, she began using the pen name "Mariann G. Wizard."

In 1970, Wizard married local writer/activist Larry Waterhouse, and the couple formed Waterwizard Productions. She became involved in a number of journalistic and literary projects as Art Director of Texas Ranger (1969-1970), as Assistant/Associate Editor of Free & Easy (1974-1976), and in other positions. Additionally, she contributed literary and journalistic pieces to a variety of radical/counterculture publications, such as The Rag, The Monterey County Nose, The Dead Tree, The Daily Worker, and NOLA Express. Wizard also co-authored Turning the Guns Around: Notes on the G.I. Movement (1971) and The Adventures of Oat Willie (1987), an underground comic book she penned with artist Jack Jackson, better known as Jaxon.

Following her divorce from Waterhouse, Wizard legally adopted her pen name. She gave up her membership in the Communist Party in 1976 but continued to involve herself with left-oriented causes such as the University of Texas at Austin Shuttle Bus Strike (1976) and the Coors Boycott (1977). She also worked with Community United Front, the first black power organization based in East Austin and led by Larry H. Jackson. Wizard also corresponded with Marilyn Buck, one of the "Resistance Conspiracy Six" radicals imprisoned for domestic terrorism by the Federal authorities. In 1976, she returned to college, attending Juarez-Lincoln University and receiving a B.A. in Communications in 1979. That same year she married Michael Kleinman, which whom she had a son, Matthew.

Her community activism continued throughout the 1980s and 1990s on a less radical level than before, working with the Phogg Phoundation and as an original member of the Austin Cable Television Commission. She also continued writing and contributed pieces to River City Currents and First Computer Chronicle, among others. Wizard’s essay on her involvement in radical youth movements in the 1960s and 1970s appeared in the book No Apologies: Texas Radicals Celebrate the ‘60s, edited by Daryl Janes (1992).

Scope and Contents

Composed of correspondence, printed material, creative works, legal documents, diaries, artwork, and photographic materials, the Mariann Garner Wizard Papers, [ca. 1940s]-2014, are divided into two subgroups, the Mariann Wizard Papers and the George Vizard Papers. The first subgroup documents Mariann Wizard's involvement in Austin radical politics, her personal relationships, and her literary endeavors. The bulk of the materials details Wizard’s political and civic interests and activities, such as the Coors Boycott (1977) and the University of Texas at Austin Shuttle Bus Strike (1976), and her affiliations with the Communist Party (1967-1976), the Students for a Democratic Society (1967), and the Phogg Phoundation (1977-1984). Correspondence involving notable literary and political figures primarily consists of letters from imprisoned Austin radical Marilyn Buck regarding domestic terrorism, federal prison conditions, and human rights issues (1970-1995). Correspondence also includes missives on behalf of various political candidates and causes (1978-1981). Additionally, working issues and completed copies of the underground comic book, The Adventures of Oat Willie, from 1987 to 1988, as well as essays, editorials, diary entries, poetry, and artwork, illuminate Wizard’s creative writing and journalism endeavors in the Austin area.

The papers of George Vizard, IV, comprise the second subgroup of the collection. The majority of Vizard’s papers describes a volatile period at UT, involving student protests for free speech and free assembly (1962-1967). Correspondence from UT administrators illuminates the administration’s view of the student protests and the administration’s actions (1966-1967), while handbills distributed by student groups describe the events from the students’ perspectives (1967). The papers also include FBI files kept on Vizard (1965-1967) and Mariann Wizard’s correspondence with the FBI concerning Vizard’s murder and Robert Zani’s arrest, trial, and conviction for the crime (1979-1981).



The papers are arranged in two subgroups, each divided into five series:
  • I. Mariann Wizard
    • a. Personal Papers
    • b. Political Activities
    • c. Creative Works
    • d. Photographic Material
    • e. Sound Recordings
  • II. George Vizard
    • a. Correspondence
    • b. The University of Texas at Austin
    • c. Personal Papers
    • d. Death and Funeral
    • e. Creative Works


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This collection is open for research use.

Medical records are restricted to protect confidentiality and privacy.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Wizard, Mariann G., 1946- -- Archives.
Vizard, George, IV.
Buck, Marilyn.
Zani, Robert Joseph.
Subjects (Organizations)
Students for a Democratic Society (U.S.) University of Texas Chapter.
University of Texas at Austin -- Administration.
University of Texas at Austin. Board of Regents.
Left wing extremists -- Texas -- Austin.
Political prisoners -- United States.
Austin (Tex.) -- History -- Sources.

Related Material

See also Garner (Carl Douglas and Alma Catherine Cooper) Papers.

Separated Material

Some material has been separated to the Artifact Collection.

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Mariann Garner Wizard Papers, [ca. 1940s]-2014, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Basic processing and cataloging of this collection was supported with funds from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Briscoe Center’s "History Revealed: Bringing Collections to Light" project, 2009-2011.

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This collection was processed by David Baldwin, Teresa Bogar, Donna Engler, Lindsay Mounce, and Beth Russell, December 1995. Subsequent revisions were made by archives staff, 2004, Laurel Rozema, January 2011, and Paloma Graciani, March 2016.

Detailed Description of the Papers


Mariann Wizard

3G7 Personal papers
Family greeting cards and party invitations, 1946-1952 and undated
3F204 George Vizard, 1967
Marilyn Buck, 1970-1996, undated
2.325/D40a Marilyn Buck, 1970-1995, undated
3F204 Theresa Hayden, 1985
3W214 Glen Jones, Jr., 2009, undated
Letter from Bob Lee to Marilyn Buck, undated
Ava L. Hardesty
Shawn Siegel
Bob Lee correspondence, 2002-2009
3F205 General
Letters to Larry Waterhouse, 1970
"Correspondence with the Great," 1974-1990
Assorted, 1961-1997 and undated
2.325/D40a Oversize, 1995
3F205 Courtship, Marriage, 1965-1966
Legal documents, 1965
Cards received, 1965
3S20.1 Photographic material, 1965-1966
3F205 Memorabilia, 1965-1966
3W214 Mariann and George Vizard marriage documents, 1965
Marriage certificate for Mariann and Larry Waterhouse, 1970
3F205 George Vizard murder investigation, 1967-1981
Official file, 1965-1967
Correspondence, 1979-1981
Clippings, 1967-1981
Handwritten notes, ca. 1980
General, 1967, ca. 1980
USSR trip, 1967
Diary, 1967
Passport, 1967
Printed material, 1967
3F206 "70's Bio-bibliography and Sundry Awards," 1969-1976
"Juarez Lincoln University," 1976-1977
2.325/K82 “Tribute to Malcolm X,” poster, Juarez Lincoln, 1977
3W214 Cooper-Garner family tree, 2003
3G7 Education
Elementary school
Report cards, 1952-1958
3F199 East Handley Elementary School (Fort Worth) directories, 1955-1958
3G7 Spelling bee letter and program, 1958
Piano recital programs, 1957-1960 and undated
3W214 Performance programs and sheet music, [ca. 1950s]
3G7 Junior high school
Report cards, 1958-1961
Honor awards and Awards Day program, 1961
High school
Report cards, 1961-1964
National Merit Scholarship and Scholastic Aptitude Test materials, 1963-1964
2.325/K82 Diploma, 1964
3F206 Miscellaneous, 1963-1964
3G7 College
University of Texas acceptance letter, 1964
“A Night in New Orleans” invitation, 1964
Fort Worth Evening School report card, 1965
University of Texas Young Republicans Club nametag, undated
Englewood Methodist Church certificates, 1951-1952
3F206 Performing arts, ca. 1965-1966, 1978
Ichthus Coffee House, ca. 1965-1966
Texas Circuit poetry readings, 1978
Assorted, 1966-1967, 1984-1989
Annotations, 1967-1980, undated
Invitations, 1975-1979
Desk calendar, 1981
3G7 Horoscope charts, undated
Austin Society for Humanistic Judaism/Kol Hashalom: Voice of Welcome membership rosters, 1990-1995
Memorabilia, 1961, 1964, 1973, 1977
Programs and poster, 1962, 1995, and undated
Newspaper clippings, 1961, 1995, and undated
2.325/K82 Elvis Presley calendar, 1963
3W214 Waterwizards Productions business card, [ca. 1972]
3F206 Business cards, undated
Printed material, 1965, 1976
3G7 Political activities
Active participation
Roy’s Lounge, Austin, integration demonstration, newspaper clippings, undated
3F206 National Conference for New Politics, 1967
3S20.1 Community United Front, Free Breakfast Program, photograph, 1968
3F206 Communist Party, 1973-1976, undated
Students for a Democratic Society, 1968-1971, undated
Coors Boycott, 1977
2.325/D40a Coors Boycott, 1977
3F206 Phogg Phoundation, 1977-1984
3F207 Campaigns, 1978-1981
Women's movement, ca. 1970, 1984
Austin Cable Commission
Records, 1991, undated
3G7 Poster, Hallowe’en, undated
2.325/D40a Certificate, 1981
3W214 Austin Peace and Justice Coalition, 1994
American Civil Liberties Union, 1995
3F207 General, 1980, 1992
Legislative correspondence, 1981
General, 1975-1976, 1991-1992
Printed material
Anti-Vietnam War, [1965?]
University of Texas at Austin
Vietnam, an Inquiry, 1965
Personnel issues, 1973
Shuttle Bus Strike, 1976
Student government, undated
Political prisoners
Shakur/Buck trial, 1985-1986
Lexington and Marion Control Units, 1987-1988, undated
Resistance Conspiracy Six, 1989-1991, undated
General, 1988-1990, undated
Texas Hemp Campaign, 1995
Poetry, undated
General, 1969-1990
2.325/D40a General, 1969-1990, undated
Project Tejas poster, 1985
3W214 Marilyn Buck, 2000-2002, undated
Newspaper clippings, [ca. 1960s-1970s]
Printed material, 1977, 2000, undated
3F208 Creative Works
Anthology/Poetry, 1963-1987
Essays, 1964, ca. 1991, 1993
3F199 Collaborative diaries/scrapbooks, 1966-1976
3F208 Editorials, 1966-1984, undated
Turning the Guns Around, 1971
2.325/D40a First Computer Chronicle, 1983-1984
3F208 Adventures of Oat Willie, 1987-1988
2.325/D40a Adventures of Oat Willie, 1987-1988
3F208 Texas Ranger, 1987-1991
No Apologies, 1988-1992
"Classified," undated
3F199 Notes, correspondence, and research material for projected collaborative book on the South, 1968-1972, undated
3W214 “Wizard’s Little Songbook: Some Songs for the Party, August 10, 2007”
Quilt for a Cure source materials, 2001
"Sixty" by Mariann Wizard
Draft, [ca. 2006-2007]
Proof copy, 2007
Homemade calendars, “Wild Horses & Other Imaginary Playmates,” 2000-2001
3F208 Notes, 1972, undated
Artwork on paper, 1973, undated
2.325/D40a Artwork on paper, 1973, undated
3F199 Creative works of associates
Pat Garner, "SDS: An Episode of American Life," 1974
Liz (Jacobson) Helenchild, poems, undated
Marilyn Buck, "Poems, 1986-1991"
2.325/D40a Dissent and Reflection, a song cycle by Marilyn Buck and Lauren Morgan, 2008
3S448 Photographic material
Photographs and drawing, 1947-1964, 1975, 1987, 1991, and undated
3S20.1 Photographic material, 1965-1981, 1996, undated
3W214 Ethyl Papermaster Kleinman, [ca. 1940s-1970s]
Mariann Wizard and family, [ca. 1950s-1970s]
3F208 Cartoon, application for membership, note, computer artwork, undated
2.325/K82 Balcones Fault, Armadillo World Headquarters poster, 1978
2.325/S17 Sound recordings: Five 45 rpm phonograph records
"The Chicken Song/I Can't Know Tomorrow," by Hub City Movers, jacket art by Gilbert Shelton, Lutazma label, undated
"Don't Blame Me/Extension," Shiva's Headband, jacket art by Jim Franklin, Armadillo Records, 1976
"The Krugerrand - Got to Fight it!" Prairie Fire, One Spark Music, 1978
"Back Scratcher/Do Something," Angela and Lewis and the Sunnyland Special, Moontower, Austin, Texas label, 1983
"Put the World on Hold/Just be Alive," G. Brown, Eclipse of Austin label, 1980
3W214 [2016-091]
Date books, 1999, 2001-2008, 2010, 2012-2014
Notebook, 2004 and undated
2F523a Correspondence
Marilyn Buck (poetry, correspondence, artwork), 1989-2010
Robert E. Lee, aka Bob Lee (correspondence and artwork)
Bob Lee artwork, 2008-2010
Correspondence with Robert Pardun, 1968, 1990 and undated
Correspondence with Zula, Edward and Guy Vizard, 2002-2006 and undated
Correspondence, invitations, events, clippings
Correspondence with Catherine and Carl Garner
2F523b Correspondence with Catherine and Carl Garner (continues)
Calendar, 2001
Calendar, 2002
Calendar, 2003
Calendar, 2004
Ten years reunion materials, 1973
The Campus Worker, 1973
Project Files
Collegiate Research Papers, 1974-1975
PARAQUAT!, 1978 and undated
Texas Women for the 80s, undated
Project Tejas, 1985-1986
"Project Tejas Day," proclamation on cooper, 1985
Austin Peace and Justice Coalition, 1989
Students for a Democratic Society, 1989-2001
DTOM Originals, 1993-1994
Legalization news, 1994-2014
Letters to the editor, etc…, 1995-2013
Assorted documents, 1995-2010
Scale manual, original, undated
Grow manual, original, 1994 and undated
Lord's Acre, 2001-2002
Legalization support, 2002-2004
Cancer prevention, 2003
Alaska, Yes on 2, Protect your rights, 2004-2005
Movement for a Democratic Society, 2006-2008
Creative work
Austintations Comics, 1987-1988 and undated
Oat #2, live copy
The Republican Tarot, 2007
SDS Comix, 2007-2008
2.325/D40a Cards for the incarcerated poster, undated
2F523b Books
Hemp Seed Food: The Real Secret Ingredient for Health and Happiness, 2011-2013
2.325/T27 Hempseed Food promotional panels, 2014
2.325/D40a Hempseed Food promotional poster, 2014
2F523b Didn't you hear me the first time and End Game, 2013
3W95e CDs
Documents: YES/Phogg., SDS Comic, Alaska 04
Bob Lee videos
Rag Radio, November 3, 2009
EXSE Spoken Word, Poetry, 2008-2014
2.325/D40a Mariann Wizard Caricature, 1998


George Vizard 1962-1967

3F209 Correspondence
Selective Service System, 1965-1967
Mariann Vizard, 1967
Letters, 1966
Cards, 1966, undated
The University of Texas at Austin, 1967
Student groups, 1967
Student Religious Liberals, 1967
University Freedom Movement, 1967
W. E. B. DuBois Club, 1967
Assorted, 1967
Administration, 1966, undated
Clippings, 1967
Legal style documentation, 1963-1967
Handwritten notes, undated
3S20.1 Photograph at political event, early spring, 1967
3F209 Personal papers, 1962-1966
George Vizard
General, 1962-1964
Artwork on paper, undated
Printed material, 1965-1966
Ed Vizard
Playbills, 1965, 1985
Clippings, 1966
Death and Funeral, 1967
Memorial book, 1967
Cards received, 1967
"From George Vizard's Wallet at Death," 1967
Creative works, 1966-1967
Diary pages, 1966
Letters, 1967
Creative works, 1966-1967
Diary pages, 1966
Letters, 1967
"From George Vizard's Wallet at Death," 1967
Creative works, 1966-1967
Diary pages, 1966
Letters, 1967
"From George Vizard's Wallet at Death," 1967
Creative works, 1966-1967
Diary pages, 1966
Letters, 1967
Diary pages, 1966
Letters, 1967
Creative works, 1966-1967
Diary pages, 1966
Letters, 1967
Diary pages, 1966
Letters, 1967