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A Guide to the Britton Collection of Texana, 1818-1846, 1864-1866, 1885

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Creator: Britton, James L., II
Title: Britton Collection of Texana
Dates: 1818-1846, 1864-1866, 1885
Abstract: The Britton Collection of Texana, 1818-1846, 1864-1866, 1885, is comprised mainly of documents, letters, broadsides, maps, treasury notes, and similar materials relating to Texas history, especially the Republic of Texas period (1836-1845).
Accession No.: 2003-099; 2005-038; 2006-092
Extent: ca. 216 items
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Scope and Contents

The Britton Collection of Texana, 1818-1846, 1864-1866, 1885, is comprised mainly of documents, letters, broadsides, maps, treasury notes, and similar materials relating to Texas history, especially the Republic of Texas period (1836-1845). Included in the collection are sixteen items by Stephen F. Austin, thirteen items by David G. Burnet, nine items by Mirabeau B. Lamar, and nine items by Sam Houston. Additionally, the collection contains papers written by students in Dr. Gracy’s Seminar in Forged Historical Documents pertaining to the historic materials found in the collection as well as DVD copies of Power Point presentations for the students’ papers.

A special item of note in the collection is an autographed letter from Stephen F. Austin to Sam Houston, November 21, 1836, regarding the translation and publication of a pamphlet that gives the history of the military movements and views of the enemy during the invasion of Texas by the Mexican Army. Also found in the papers is a "Secret Joint Resolution authorizing the President to send a Commission to Mexico," authored by David Burnet and Mirabeau B. Lamar, concerning the establishment of amicable relations with Mexico, September 27, 1841. Furthermore, the collection contains a certified copy of the Convention of 1838 between the Republic of Texas and the United States to establish the boundary between the two, April 25, 1838, as well as documents of Major General Sam Houston to President of the Republic of Texas David G. Burnet containing a detailed account of the Battle of San Jacinto, 1836.


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The collection is open for research.

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Subjects (Persons)
Austin, Stephen F. (Stephen Fuller), 1793-1836
Burnet, David Gouverneur, 1789-1870
Lamar, Mirabeau Buonaparte, 1798-1859
Houston, Sam, 1793-1863
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University of Texas at Austin. School of Information
Texas. Convention (1838)
Historical documents
Texas--History--Republic, 1836-1846--Maps
Texas--History--Republic, 1836-1846--Sources
Texas--History--Republic, 1836-1846--Miscellanea

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Britton Collection of Texana, 1818-1846, 1864-1866, 1885, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Papers



2A62 Student papers
2W25 First printing of the annexation of Texas newspaper, May 4, 1845
Broadside: Thomas Jefferson Chambers’ appeal to the US for aid to Texians, ca. 1835
Original land grant scrip no. 168, signed by Sam Houston, 1837
Affidavit of claim for cattle taken by Fannin for Goliad defenders, December 7, 1839
Texas bond, July 24, 1839
Lamar land grant to Aaron Dodd, December 11, 1841
Houston map, undated
Eleven Texas notes of various denominations
Broadside: Richardson Royster Royall, Streeter # 130
First Texas land script, made out to Samuel Williams, August 8, 1836
Broadside: Ashabel Smith vs. Richmond Pearson, August 27, 1833
Texas Republic newspaper, January 17, 1835
Anson Jones land grant, September 22, 1845
Declaration of Independence
Anson Jones land grant, November 4, 1845
Broadside: Robert Williamson, June 22, 1835
Ledger of claims against Texas government
Broadside: D. Burnet, Whiphandle Dispatch, June 20, 1836
Broadside: Columbia meeting (Streeter # 58), June 28, 1835
Broadside: Reproduction of "Texas Official!" 3 orders of Santa Anna to Mexican Army, Streeter # 1238, 1836
Republic of Texas land scrip, June 24, 1837
Texas army muster roll, July 26, 1840
Baker maps of Texas, 1839, Finley map of Mexico, 1833
Map of Sabine River, undated
2W26 Broadside: General Rusk declines vice-presidential, Streeter # 131, August 31, 1836
Stephen F. Austin loan agreement, notarized by William Christy
Whiphandle Dispatch news clipping, 1836
Stephen F. Austin certificate re: colonist, signed by Samuel Williams, June 21, 1831
Lamar letter re: Native Americans, February 6, 1840
Indictment on slave theft with documents signed by Anson Jones and President Sam Houston, May 11, 1844
Bonds for services of Col. Owen’s men, 1850-1854
Mosely Baker affidavit re: San Felipe burning, August 23, 1836
Broadside: D. Burnet inaugural address of the President, Streeter #172
John Wharton Columbia statement, 1835
Appointment of first judge to Washington on the Brazos by provisional government, November 30, 1835
Public debt notice after the Republic, January 16, 1854
Manuscript map of Washington on the Brazos, November 1841
[Alamo] J.C. Neill manuscript, January 1836
Branch Archer letter re: arms, December 16, 1840
Broadside: "To the People of Texas" call to arms, February 13, 1836
Washington county script
4Zf43a Anson-Jones-signed Republic of Texas land grant, November 28, 1845
James Hurt and Basil Hatfield legal document, April 5, 1843
Survey map showing La Grange, circa 1837
Texas pay voucher, June 17, 1837
$20 and $500 Texas treasury notes, 1837 or 1839
Pay voucher, 1836 and Treasury warrant, 1844
Documents of Major General Sam Houston, Battle of San Jacinto, New Orleans, 1836
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848
Texas’ first Declaration of Independence, signed June 24, 1834
"El General de Brigada" done by Martin Perfecto de Cos, May 12, 1835
James A. Sylvester pay voucher, July 3, 1837
Three Texas Treasury currency notes signed by Sam Houston and M.E. Lamar, 1830-1840
Early Houston, Texas money, June 22, 1837
Telegraph to Robert E. Lee from Jeff Davis, May 9, 1864
Pay voucher for William Bryan (Texas agent in New Orleans), January 20, 1843
Republic receipt to Gail Borden, signed by George Sutherland, December 9, 1836
Receipt from Sidney Sherman for provisions for Kentucky riflemen, February 29, 1836
Document re: Mexican prisoners captured at Battle of San Jacinto, signed by Mirabeau Lamar, May 7, 1836
Early Houston land transfer, south bank of Buffalo Bayou by William P. Harris, September 28, 1841
General Council document, March 10, 1836
$10 Republic of Texas treasury note signed by Lamar, undated
Anson Jones pay voucher for service as Secretary of State, February 5, 1844
Receipt for grinding corn to supply army during siege of Bexar, February 22, 1836
Document granting money for guns to defend the Alamo, January 20, 1836
Republic of Texas bond for $500 to De Saligny, June 15, 1840
Republic of Texas bond for $100 signed by David Burnet, February 1, 1841
Early Houston money, June 9, 1837
Call to arms, July 4, 1845
Anson Jones pay voucher for Indian purposes, February 6, 1846
Congressional document regarding protection to new settlers, May 2, 1832
First money issued in the Republic of Texas, March 2, 1836
Pay voucher for William Bourland, January 26, 1844
Treasury warrant for the use of Hatfield saloon by the 9th Congress, February 3, 1845
Executive Department document signed by Burnet re: Steamboat "Ocean"; June 29, 1836
Boarding bill for President Burnet while government was at Velasco, May 1836
Receipt to Republic of Texas for silver stamps, December 6, 1836
Receipt issued by government of Texas while at Harrisburg, signed by Hardeman Bailey, March 31, 1836
Note to R. Mills banking house, signed by Henry Brewster, April 26, 1837
First private attempt of an individual (Kelsey Douglas) to finance the New Republic of Texas, 1839
Document signed by Erastus "Deaf" Smith, 1834
Early Harrisburg document with seal, signed by William Fairfax Gray, February 14, 1839
Stockholder’s proxy from the New York and Texas Land Company, 1885
Promissory note for land in Houston, April 23, 1837
Receipt by Gail Borden to James Morgan for payment on land, 1836
Robert Triplett’s Texian Bond, signed by S. F. Austin, January 11, 1836
Court claims for recovery of expenses incurred in Texas revolution, undated
Pay vouchers for William Bryan, January 20, 1843
William Bryan signed supply order for Texas army, June 19, 1840
Republic of Texas bond for $500, June 15, 1840
$100 Texas government bond signed by M. Lamar, January 1, 1841
Executive order for payment for land on which Texas Republic capitol is to be located, January 31, 1839
Travel authorization signed by Burnet as President of Texas, June 24, 1836
Certification signed by Anson Jones, December 1843
Washington on the Brazos petition, November 30, 1838
Texas treasury warrant for frontier protection, signed by Sam Houston
Agreement between Republic of Texas and US for a loan
Letter by Santa Anna prior to siege of the Alamo, January 25, 1836
Note signed by Moses Austin (father of Stephen F. Austin), May 30, 1819
Very early Houston Texas money, undated
Sworn deposition from Nelson Jones, October 16, 1837
Mexican land grant at Nacogdoches, 1835
William Henry Daingerfield letter, (Secretary of the Treasury), December 21, 1842
Land deed for area where Battle of San Jacinto was fought, November 24, 1845
Bounty certificate for William O’Neill, signed by Sam Carson, May 19, 1837
Stephen F. Austin letter to Zeno Philips re: unrest between his colony and Mexico, August 18, 1829
R.M. Coleman signed manuscript, June 3, 1831
Order from Santa Anna to General Filisola to form second army to invade Texas, December 20, 1835
"Province of Texas in Nacogdoches" land grant, May 11, 1818
Proclamation to move capitol to Houston, signed by Sam Houston and Anson Jones, May 24, 1842
John K. Allen’s map of Houston, 1837
Map of the New World, ca. 1614
Bernard Bee letter to Col. James Morgan re: Treaty of Annexation, December 1, 1841
Provisional government currency signed by William Bryan, February 15, 1836
Land grant signed by Stephen F. Austin, January 2, 1830
Official treaty copy of 1838 convention between Republic of Texas and USA re: boundary, April 25, 1838
Alfred Penn letter, February 4, 1837
Certificate signed by Bernard Bee, Secretary of War, December 18, 1836
President David Burnet letter to Mirabeau Lamar, July 8, 1836
Treasury warrant to R.E.B. Baylor, November 7, 1844
Call to Arms by General Thomas Rusk, July 19, 1839
Constitution of Texas while a Mexican state, 1835
Texas Declaration of Independence amendment signed by R. Ellis and H. Kimble, March 1836
Pay voucher, February 29, 1830
Funeral notice of Sam Houston, July 27, 1863
Broadside issued by Texas in the Revolution (Str. # 106), 1835
Texian loan certificate No. 43, signed by Stephen F. Austin, B. Archer, W. Wharton, 1836
W. B. Travis broadside, February 24, 1836
Broadside re: arrest of Lorenzo de Zavalla (Str. # 77), August 15, 1835
Broadside: Travis letter to the Texas convention (Str. # 184), March 3, 1836
Houston broadside offering lots of land to establish town, August 30, 1836
Sketch of Col. James Morgan’s plantation, [ca. 1837]
General Sam Houston field order, March 26, 1836
Broadside: Anson Jones proclamation of annexation, January 12, 1836
Thomas Rusk — Broadside announcing victory over Santa Anna, April 23, 1836
Broadside: inviting emigrants to Texas, April 23, 1836
Houston document signed by Sam Houston and Henry Smith, February 9, 1838
San Augustine land grant, December 20, 1835
Letter from President Burnet to Lamar re: Sam Houston, June 22, 1836
Compilation of the laws of the Republic of Texas, 1844
Broadside: Concession on the Colorado River, April 25, 1835
William Travis military purchase, February 8, 1836
Receipt signed by Col. James Fannin and Sam Houston, March 14, 1836
Letter signed by William Hardin, August 11, 1836
Letter from William P. Harris to William B. Travis re: the Steamboat (Cayuga), April 16, 1834
Anson Jones land grant, November 15, 1845
William E. Travis note re: A. Roberts’ service in siege of Bexar, undated
Secret War Department order #3 signed by J. Wharton, September 21, 1836
Document signed by William Moore, Commander of the Texas Rangers, April 16, 1838
First Texas script, March 1, 1836
Stephen F. Austin land grant, November 1830
Stephen F. Austin letter to Sam Houston, November 21, 1836
Texas bond for Walter C. White, signed by David Burnet, September 8, 1836
Letter to Frost Thorn from Stephen F. Austin
Executive order signed by Sam Houston and Anson Jones, April 26, 1843
Petition signed by M.B. Lamar, November 15, 1836
Call to Arms signed by Gail Borden (Streeter # 82), October 8, 1835
George Washington Poe receipt of Army pay, ca. 1837
Early Texas land grant, April 28, 1810
Santa Anna’s letter of Abdication as President of Mexico, January 11, 1845
Executive order signed by Secretary of War M.B. Lamar re: piracy, May 18, 1836
Early Republic letter signed by Sydney Pennington, July 12, 1837
Town of Washington stock certificate, undated
Note from Stephen F. Austin to his father, Moses Austin, June 6, 1818
"Secret session" re: peace treaty with Mexico, signed by Burnet and Lamar, September 27, 1841
William Harris’ note to Stephen F. Austin re: land for modern-day Houston, July 27, 1830
Declaration of causes
4Zf44a Sam Houston letter re: Army, December 26, 1835
James Bowie signed document, 1835
Washington on the Brazos script, April 1, 1862
Note signed by Henry Austin and Joseph Baker, February 25, 1836
David Burnet letter re: privateer "Flash", May 29, 1836
Letters from Pres. Burnet and Secretary Potter re: Dr. Ben Harrison, April 4, 14, 1836
Broadside: Samuel St. John donation to Texas, February 22, 1836
Loan to James M. McCullough (signed by S.F. Austin), January 11, 1836
Note re: Sam Houston accepted by John K. Allen, July 20, 1837
Expenses of R. Evans, June – September 1837
Rusk letter re: Twin Sisters, March 21, 1836
Promissory note for land in Houston, November 15, 1837
Pay voucher for Basil M. Hatfield (military), February 8, 1840
Edmund Andrews letter re: Mexican invasion of Texas, September 18, 1835
Dispatch from M. Lamar as Commander-in-Chief, June 29, 1836
Receipt for beef by William Harris, June 3, 1836
Land and labor transfer signed by W.C. Allen and William Fairfax Gray, October 16, 1839
A.C. Allen letter to Col. James Morgan, March 9, 1842
Instrument of County of Harrisburg, signed by Anson Jones and William Fairfax Gray, October 20, 1839
Texian loan signed by S.F. Austin, January 11, 1836
Note signed by William Wharton and Anson Jones, April 1, 1835
Columbia money signed by Asa Brigham and Governor Pease, 1836
$1.00 Republic of Texas notes, 1841
Edward Burleson pay voucher, June 21, 1844
Texas $10.00 note, 1840
Republic of Texas treasury warrant, April 24, 1838
Pay voucher to Sam Houston, September 29, 1842
Letter from Jefferson Davis to General John Bell Hood (military), September 1864
Letter from Stephen F. Austin to Jesse Thompson, October 4, 1830
A.T. Bunley payment for services, February 13, 1839
$100 note signed by Lamar
Jacob Snively pay voucher, January 6, 1843
First Republic of Texas census, 1840
William Bryan affidavit, February 27, 1840
Louis Sanchez pay voucher, May 25, 1844
Pay voucher for Samuel Whiting, January 25, 1843
Washington promissory note, March 13, 1838
Nacogdoches bond for Francis Fitzhugh, made to Sam Houston, March 29, 1838
Certification signed by E.M. Pease, February 29, 1836
Republic of Texas treasury warrant
Treasury receipt signed by Thomas Johnson, January 31, 1844
Agreement between S.F. Austin and colonist David Gramner for Memorial Park (Houston) land, November 10, 1830
Stephen F. Austin Baron de Bastrop letter, June 2, 1828
Certification by S.F. Austin as Supreme Judge of the colony, July 1825