University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the UT Social Activities Photographs, 1978-1981

Descriptive Summary

Creator: University of Texas
Title: UT Social Activities Photographs
Dates: 1978-1981
Abstract: Collection consists of mounted color 35 mm contact sheets picturing various University of Texas student organizations, fraternities, and sororities during social events. Also included are images of UT sporting events and of Austin area high school organizations.
Accession No.: 82-158
Extent: 9 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Scope and Contents

Collection consists of mounted color 35 mm contact sheets picturing various University of Texas student organizations, fraternities, and sororities during social events. Also included are images of UT sporting events and of Austin area high school organizations. The contact sheets are arranged chronologically by month.


Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

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Subjects (Organizations)
Ex-students' Association of the University of Texas
Reserve Officers' Training Corps (U.S.)—University of Texas at Austin
Greek letter societies—University of Texas at Austin
Parades & processions—University of Texas at Austin
Sports—Texas—University of Texas at Austin
Student life and customs—University of Texas at Austin
Traditions—University of Texas at Austin
Austin (Tex.)

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UT Social Activities Photographs, 1978-1981, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Processing Information

This collection was processed by Larry Landis, March 1988. Subsequent revisions were made by Linda Peterson, July 2010.

Basic processing and cataloging of this collection was supported with funds from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Briscoe Center’s "History Revealed: Bringing Collections to Light" project, 2009-2011.

Detailed Description of the Papers



3Y116 Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 17:
Pi Kappa Alpha, 2-26-78
Bored Martyrs, 3-1-78
Pi Kappa Alpha, 2-28-78
Joe Burke 40th birthday, 3-4-78
Acacia, 3-3-78
Beta B-ball Tour, 3-4-78
Kappa Epsilon Street Party, 3-4-78
Sharon Wilkes Deb Party, 3-4-78
Pi Kappa Alpha-Alpha Chi Omega, Silver Dollar, 3-8-78
Frances Doyle, 3-6-78
JR Helping Hand, 3-11-78
Sigma Epsilon Casa Blanca, 3-11-78
Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 18:
Taco Flats, 3-8-78
Beta-Delta Delta Delta, 3-10-78
Bored Martyrs Keg, 3-9-78
Contessa Spring Formal, 3-10-78
Kappa Sigma-Kappa Chi Omega, 3-10-78
Delta Gamma Spring Formal, 3-10-78
Keg & Posse, 3-10-78
Alpha Tau Omega Spring Formal, 3-11-78
Acacia, 3-11-78
Spurs, 3-12-78
Posse Easter Egg Hunt
Blanton Tapping
Jana Byrd Birthday
Sigma Alph Mu-Alph Phi, March 28, 1978
Third Annual Jokes “O.U. Sucks”, 4-1-78
Mortar Board
Omega Chi Alpha-Kappa Alpha Theta, Street Dance, 3-31-78
Acacia 60’s, 3-31-78
Dance Marathon, 1978
Read Deb Party
E. Jones, 3-1-82
Sweetheart Dance, 4-3-82
Varsity Carnival, 1978
Ex Fight Night, 4-6-78
Beta Casino. 4-6-78
Law Formal, 4-6-78
Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 19:
Gretchen Neff-Academy Awards
Beta Casino, 4-6-78
Varsity Carnival, 1978
Delta Tau Delta Beer Bash, 4-7-78
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Street Party, 4-7-78
Sigma Nu Roundup 4-7-78
Phi Delta Chili Cook-off, 4-7-78
Pi Kappa Alpha Casino, 4-7-78
Alpha Tau Omega Roundup, 4-7-78
Omega Chi Alpha New Orleans, 4-7-78
Kappa Epsilon Hawaii, 4-8-78
Acacia Roundup, 4-8-78
Pi Kappa Alpha Roundup, 4-7-78
Beta Roundup, 4-8-78
Sigma Alpha Mu Roundup, 4-8-78
Roundup Parade, 1978
Beta Roundup, 4-7-1978
Kappa Sigma Roundup, 4.-7-78
Peggy Parker Birthday, 4-15-78
Cowgirl Cocktail Party, 4-14-78
Frances Hanna & Brad Boswell
Phillip Bell-Jakes, 4-15-78
Color Contact Sheet, Book No. 20:
Epsilon Alpha Mu Formal Lakeway, 4-15-78
Simkins Talent Show
Kappa Alpha Theta Seniors
ABC Formal
Cowboy Formal
Phi Kappa Theta Formal
Acacia Formal, 4-22-78
Spooks Initiation, 4-23-78
Spurs Formal, 4-22-78
Class of ‘28
Omega Chi Alpha, 4-28-78
Pi Kappa Alpha, 4-28-78
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Tug and suds, 1978
Alpha Delta Pi Banquet, 1978
Zeta Tau Alpha, 4-29-78
Tau Kappa Epsilon, 4-28-78
Alpha Tau Omega, 4-28-78
Pi Kappa Alpha Formal, 4-29-78
Sigma Epsilon, 4-28-78
Mi Amigo
Navy ROTC, 5-5-78
Omega Chi Alpha. 5-6-78
3Y117 Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 21:
Sigma Alph Mu, 5-6-78
Mike & Charlie’s
Alpha Tau Omega Little Sisters, 5-5-78
Zeta Picnic
Spooks Initiation
Acacia Party, 6-4-78
D. Thomas, Fiji Lake Club
Sigma Nu Rush
Tau Kappa Epsilon, 7-15-78
Omega Chi Alpha, 7-15-78
Acacia, 7-15-78
John Tower Fund Raiser
Beta Rush, 8-25-78
Phi Delta Rush, 8-25-78
Sig Ep Rush, 8-26-78
Sigma Nu Rush, 8-26-78
Omega Chi Alpha Rush, 8-26-78
Phi Delta, 8-26-78
Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 22:
Zeta, Wed. Aug. 30-Fri. Sept. 1
Pledge lines, Sun Sept. 3
Pi Kappa Alpha
Alpha Tau Omega
Sigma Nu
Lambda Chi Alpha
Phi Delta
Kappa Sigma
Bored Martyrs
Heritage Society
Dobin Jones, Timbercreek
Beta-Zeta March
Sig Ep Street Party
Alpha Tau Omega-Pi Beta Phi Match
Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 23:
Spur Tapping, Sept. 12
Cowboy Tapping, Sept. 12
Spur Cocktail Party, Sept 14
Ford-Clements Rally
Sigma Phi Epsilon-Kappa Kappa Omega Mixer, Sept. 19
Beta-Chi Omega Mixer, Sept. 19
Sigma Nu-Beta Tau Alpha, Sept. 19
Cowboy Street Party
Sigma Phi Epsilon-Kappa Kappa Gamma Match, Sept. 22
Sigma Nu-Beta Tau Alpha Match, Sept. 22
Beta-Chi Omega Match, Sept. 22
Pi Kappa Alph-Alpha Delta Pi Match, Sept. 22
Beta BBQ WYO, Sept. 23
Sigma Nu Wyo, after game, Sept. 23
Sigma Phi Epsilon Wyo after game, Sept. 23
Phi Delta Wyo after game, Sept. 23
Lambda Chi Alpha Wyo after game, Sept. 23
Beta Casino-Wyo, Sept. 23
Kappa Zeta Wyo-after game, Sept. 23
Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 24:
Pi Upsilon Alpha after game Wyo, Sept 23
Delta Delta Delta-Pi Kappa Alpha Mixer, Sept. 25
Angel Flight tapping, Sept. 25
Cowboy Spur party, Sept. 27
Keg Party, Oct. 3
IPC Street Party, Oct. 5
O. U. Pep Rally, Oct. 7
O. U. Game
O. U. After Party at Hilton
Kappa Alpha-Fiji After Party
Pi Kappa Alpha-Zeta Beta Tau After Party
3Y118 Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 25:
Student Landmans Assoc. Union Mixer, Sept. 25
Union Roman Toga Party, Sept. 28
Austin High School, Sept. 30
Bored Martyrs tapping, Oct. 4
Pi Kappa Alpha-Delta Delta Delta Mixer
Sigma Phi Epsilon-Chi Omega, Oct. 13
Special Events Center, Oct. 4
Kappa Sigma-Alpha Ki Omega Match, Oct. 15
Pi Kappa Alpha-Delta Delta Delta Match, Oct. 15
Pi Kappa Alph-after game NTSU, Oct. 16
Kappa Sigma- after game NTSU, Oct. 16
Pi Kappa Alpha-Alpha Ki Omega Mixer, Oct. 17
Cowboy Harvest Moon Ball, Oct. 19
Anderson vs. Austin High
Pi Kappa Alpha-Alpha Ki Omega Match, Oct. 20
Acacia Casino
Sig Ep-Alpha Delta Pi, Oct. 20
Football-Arkansas Game
Kappa sigma after game Ark.
Beta after game Ark.
Pi Kappa Alpha after game Ark.
Color Contact Sheets, Book 26:
Acacia-after game, Ark., 10-21-78
Zeta Beta Tau after game, Ark., 10-21-78
Upsilon Chi Alpha-after game, Ark., 10-21-78
Sigma Phi Epsilon-Sigma Alpha Epsilon-after Ark. Game, 10-21-78
Steer riding, Oct. 26
Bored Martyr Formal, Oct. 26
Sigma Chi Bottom Branding, Oct. 27
Sigma Nu Little Sister Picnic, Oct. 25
Bevo Union, Oct. 27
Beta Virgin Islands, Oct. 27
Union Halloween Party, Oct. 27
Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Alpha Chi Omega Match, Oct. 27
Upsilon Chi Omega after game, SMU, Oct. 28
Natural Science Center Gala, Oct. 28
Pi Kappa Alpha-Zeta Tau Alpha Match, Oct. 28
Bevo’s B-day Rodeo, Oct. 28
R. R. P. P. S. Union, Oct. 28
Sigma Chi Derby Day, Oct. 29
Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 27:
Alpha Tau Omega, Halloween, Oct. 30
Bored Martyrs, Nov. 1
Sigma Nu party, Nov. 4
Pi Kappa Alpha-Chi Omega Match, Nov. 4
Cowgirl Party
Acacia Cave Party, Nov. 5
Alpha Tau Omega-Kappa Kappa Omega Match, Nov. 3
Alpha Tau Omega-Delta Delta Delta Mixer at Lakeview, Nov. 7
Pep Rally, U. of H.
Kappa Sigma-Zeta Tau Alpha match, Nov. 10
Sigma Phi Epsilon, Red Garter, Nov. 10
Kappa Sigma, after game U. Of H., Nov. 11
U. of H. game, Nov.11
Fun Run, Nov. 11
Zeta Tau Alpha, Dad’s Day
Pi Kappa Alpha, after game, U. Of H.
Spurs, Delta Delta Delta at Beans
Sigma Nu party, Nov. 17
Zeta Beta Tau party, Nov.17
Alpha Epsilon Pi party, Nov. 17
Contact Sheets, Book No. 28:
Posse Mixer
Smith-Vernon, after Ark., Oct. 21
Tower, Election Nite, Oct. 7
Tower Victory, Nov. 8
Alpha Tau Omega-Delta Delta Delta Match, Nov. 10
Cowboy Sweetheart signs
Cowboy Minstrels, Nov. 20
AHS Party
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Jungle Party, Nov. 18
Deb Presentation, Nov. 18
Sing Song, Nov. 28
Pi Kappa Alpha after Sing Song, Nov 28
A&M Bonfire
U. T. vs. A&M and Aggie Parade, Dec. 1
U. T. vs. Ark, Basketball
U. T. vs. B. Y. U.
Omega Gamma-Sigma Phi Epsilon Match, Nov. 2
Pi Kappa Alpha, Christmas Party, Dec. 2
Spooks Initiation, Dec. 3
Beta Christmas Formal, Dec. 2
Alpha Tau Omega Napkin Formal, Dec. 2
Phi Delta Theta, Christmas, Dec. 2
3Y119 Color Contct Sheets, Book No. 29:
RTOC dinner, Nov. 17
Kathy McMillan B-day
H. S. Football Awards
Cowboy mixer at Coors, Dec. 6
Pi Kappa Alpha Christmas Formal, Dec. 7
Longhorn singers, Dec. 8
Judy Levin, Dec. 8
Delta Kappa Epsilon X-mas, Dec. 8
Sigma Nu X-mas, Dec. 8
Zeta Tau Alpha-Chi Omega Casual, Dec. 8
Zeta Tau Omega X-mas
Lambda Chi Tree-Trim, Dec. 6
Lambda Chi Alpha White Rose, Dec. 8
Pi Kappa Alpha Formal, Dec. 9
Sigma Phi Epsilon Formal, Dec. 9
O’Henry X-mas, Dec. 9
Acacia, X-mas, Dec. 9
Westlake Hi X-mas, Dec. 13
Color Contact Sheets, Book NO. 30:
U. T. Basketball
Surfing Party @ Union, 1-19-79
Acacia Party, 1-26-79
Kappa Kappa Gamma House, X-mas Party
Rose, Zeisman, Ferry Deb Party, 1-20-79
U. T. Football Awards
Basketball U. T. – Houston
Alpha Delta Pi-Fiji Match, 2-9-79
Cowboy tapping
Cowboy cocktail party, 1-31-79
Posse Mixer, 2-1-79
Phi Delta-Delta Delta Delta Mixer, 2-8-79
Alpha Delta Pi Pledge Brunch, 2-11-79
Bell, Heidrick, Thompson, 2-2-79
Acacia Valentine Party, 2-10-79
Pi Kappa Alpha Bahamas, 2.-2-79
Beta Party, 2-3-79
Omega Phi Beta Party, 2-13-79
Sigma Nu-Alpha Delta Pi Mixer, 2-15-79
Lambda Chi Alpha Party, 2-2-79
Alpha Tau Omega Party, 2-3-79
Simkins Hall, 2-2-79
Spurs cocktail party
Bored Martyrs, 2-2-79
Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 31:
Sigma Epsilon Casino, , 2-9-79
Chi Omega Owl Hoot, 2-10-79
Spooks, 2-8-79
AHS Skating, 2-4-79
Sigma Phi Epsilon Golden Heart Ball
Alpha Tau Omega Valentine Party, 2-14-79
Pi Kappa Alpha-Delta Gamma Match, 2-17-79
Angel Flight, 2-5-79
Austin High, 2-6-79
Theta Kite Flight
Tejas Club, 2-17-79
Beta Alpha Epsilon Phi Match, 2-23-79
Sigma Nu Little Sisters, 2-22-79
Keg, 2-2-79
Sigma Nu Papagallo, 2-29-79
Cordette Tapping, 2-12
Army-ROTC, 2-24-79
UT Basketball
Smylie's, 2-26-79
Sigma Chi Epsilon Casablanca, 3-3-79
Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 32:
Alpha Delta Pi skating, 2-8-79
Anderson Highlanders, 3-1-79
Alpha Tau Omega party, 3-2-79
Lambda Chi Alpha party, 3-2-79
Kappa Sigma party, 3-2-79
Macallum Blue Brigade, 3-3-79
Acacia, 3-3-79
Kappa Sigma street party, 3-3-79
Bored Martyr's tapping, spring 1979
Austin Hi Red Jackets
Bored Martyr's formal, 3-23-79
Delta Delta Delta-Sigma Phi Epsilon Mixer, 3-25-79
Cowboy Street Party, 3-23-79
Lambda Chi Alpha, 3-24-79
3Y120 Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 33:
Delta Delta Pi Formal, 3-24-79
Netherton Party
Sigma Phi Epsilon M. D., 3-28-79
Lambda Chi Alpha Street Party, 3-30-79
Contessa Formal, 3-30-79
Mr. Bill's B-day (Frost BBQ)
Cowboy Formal, 3-30-79
Alpha Delta Pi-Sigma Nu Party, 3-30-79
Tyler-Reynolds Deb Party, 3-30-79
Zeta Psi Banquet
Beta Formal
Kappa Alpha Casino Party, 3-31-79
'69 Team Reunion, 3-30-79
Beta Casino, 4-5-79
Blanton Formal
Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 34
Bill Bone
Cowboy BBQ
Round up-Carnival '79
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Round-up Street Party
Delta Beer Bust
Phi Delta Chi Cook-off, Apr. 6
Lambda Chi Alpha Round-up, Fri., Apr. 6
Kappa Sigma Round-up, Fri., Apr. 6
Pi Kappa Alpha Casino, Fri., Apr. 6
Beta Round-up Fri., Apr. 6
Sigma Nu Round-up, Fri., Apr. 6
Acacia Round-up, Apr. 6
Sigma Phi Epsilon Round-up, Apr. 6
IFC pre-parade party, Apr. 7
Round-up parade, Apr. 7
Sigma Nu Round-up, Bowley & Wilson, Apr.7
Lambda Chi Alpha New Orleans, Apr. 7
Kappa Sigma Hawaiian, Apr. 7
Pi Kappa Alpha Round-up, Sat. Apr. 7
Beta Round-up, Sat. Apr. 7
Alpha Tau Omega, Round-up, Sat. Apr. 7
Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 35
Sigma Nu Round-up, Apr. 7
Alpha Tau Omega Round-up, Sat. Apr. 7
Phi Delta Round-up, Sat. Apr. 7
Sig Epsilon Round-up, Sat. Apr. 7
Acacia Round-up, Sat. Apr. 7
Acacia New Orleans, March 30
Phi Delta, Sunday afternoon
RTF Party, Apr. 9
Sigma Phi Epsilon Down South, Fri. Apr. 20
Spur Formal, Apr. 20
Sigma Phi Epsilon Down South, Sat. Apr. 21
Beta party, Sat. Apr. 20
Union, Sat. Apr. 20
Spook Initiation, Apr. 22
Alpha Phi Omega Formal, Apr. 20
Arch Beauty Festival, Apr. 21
Cowgirls, Apr. 27
Pi Kappa Alpha Formal, Apr. 30
Dance Marathon, Apr. 28
Hardin Rouse, Apr. 28
Joe Burke, Apr. 28
Ice Cream Party, Apr. 30
Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 36:
Austin High '69 class Reunion- Summer '79
Acacia Formal, 5-4-79
Austin High Powder puff game, '79
Cowboy Tennis Tour, 4-22-79
Lambda Chi Alpha Luau, 4-28-79
Delta Delta Delta-Chi Omega "Fiesta," 5-4-79
Sigma Nu Formal, 5-4-79
Navy ROTC, May '79
Alpha Delta Pi Brunch, 5-5-79
Alpha Delta Pi Srs., 5-5-79
Anderson Dance, Spring '79
Kappa Alpha Theta, Srs., 5-5-79
Air Force ROTC, May '79
Westlake Dance, Spring '79
Covert (Anderson), Spring '79
Law School, Spring '79
Anderson, Spring '79
Jimbo's Party, Spring '79
Doug English, Spring '79
Phi Delta Theta Summer Rush, Summer '79
Phi Delta Theta Austin Area, June '79
Fiji Fri. Nite, Summer '79
Fiji Islands Sat Nite, Summer '79
Fiji Fourth of July, Summer '79
3Y121 Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 37
Sig-Ep Summer Push, Summer ‘79
Alpha Delta Pi Rush, 8-26-79
Sigma Rush, 8-24-79
Alpha Delta Pi Pledgeline, 9-2-79
Fiji Rush, 8-24-79
Pi Kappa Alpha Rush, 8-24-79
Acacia Rush, 8-24-79
Sig Ep Rush, 8-24-79
Sigma Nu Sat. nite, 8-25-79
Delta Sigma Phi Sat. nite, 8-25-79
Sigma Alpha Mu Rush, 8-25-79
Phi Delta Theta, 8-25-79
Pi Kappa Alpha, 8-25-79
Longhorn Band, 8-30-79
Fiji Pledgeline, 9-2-79
Alpha Tau Omega Pledgeline, 9-2-79
Kappa Sigma Pledgeline, 9-2-79
Sigma Nu Pledgeline, 9-2-79
Beta Pledgeline, 9-2-79
Acacia Pledgeline, 9-2-79
Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 38:
Delta Sigma Phi Western Party, 9-2-79
Sigma Alpha Mu Pledgeline, 9-2-79
Delta Sigma Phi Pledgeline, 9-2-79
Phi Delta Theta Pledgeline, 9-2-79
Lambda Chi Alpha Pledgeline, 9-2-79
Ex-Students Party, 9-6-79
Bored Martyrs, 9-5-79
Tau Kappa Alpha-Delta Delta Delta, 9-6-79
Delta Sigma Pi Street Party, 9-8-79
Kappa Sigma, 9-15-79
Chililympea, 9-15-79
Phi Gamma Delta-Kappa Alpha Theta, 9-14-79
Kappa Alpha Party, 9-14-79
Friday Gras, 9-7-79
Sigma Alpha Ep-Kappa Alpha Theta, 9-7-79
Beta-Alpha Chi Omega, 9-11-79
Pi Kappa Alpha-Alpha Delta Pi, 9-11-79
Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Kappa Kappa Gamma, 9-14-79
Phi Delta Theta-Delta Delta Delta Mixer, 9-14-79
Zeta Beta Tau-Alpha Tau Omega Street Party, 9-14-79
Beta Theta Pi-Alpha Chi Omega, 9-14-79
Sigma Phi Epsilon-Delta Delta Delta Match, 9-29-79
Sigma Nu-Delta Gamma Match, 9-21-79
Sigma Chi-Alpha Delta Pi, 9-21-79
Pi Kappa Alpha-Kappa Alpha Theta, 9-21-79
Pi Kappa Alpha-Delta Delta Delta Mixer, 9-25-79
21st day Sept., 9-21-79
Kappa Alpha before ISU
Sigma Alpha Epsilon after ISU, 9-22
Sigma Phi Epsilon after ISU, 9-22
Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 39:
Lambda Chi Alpha ISU Aftergame Party
Delta Upsilon-Pi Beta Phi Silver Dollar
Spur Tapping
Alpha Tau Omega Acapulco
Cowboy Tapping
Cowboy Cocktail Party
Acacia Party
Delta Sigma Phi Party
Cowboy Street Party
Iowa State Game
Beta Casino
Fiji-Delta Delta Delta Party
Spurs Cocktail Party
Angel Flight
Big Wheels Union
Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Zeta Tau Alpha Match
Alpha Tau Omega-Kappa Alpha Theta Match
Fiji-Kappa Kappa Gamma Match
Beta Chi Omega Match
Pi Kappa Alpha-Delta Delta Delta Match
Symphony Jewel Ball
Lamda Chi Alpha Punk Rock
Delta Zeta Phi-Alpha Epsilon Phi Match
Alpha Tau Omega Hells Angels
Beta Delta Gamma Match
IFC Union
3Y122 Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 40:
Bored Martyrs
Bored Martyrs Formal
Car Wash
Silver Spurs Street Party
Pi Kappa Alpha-Kappa Kappa Gamma Mixer
Pi Kappa Alpha-Kappa Kappa Gamma Match
Fiji-Delta Delta Delta Match
Sigma Phi Epsilon-Alpha Delta Pi Match
Sigma Nu-Chi Omega Match
UT Rice Game
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Rice Aftergame Party
Delta Sigma Phi Rice Aftergame Party
Lambda Chi Alpha Rice Aftergame Party
Acacia Rice Aftergame Party
Pi Kappa Alpha Rice Aftergame Party
Spur Chili Cook-off
Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Delta Delta Match
Pi Kappa Alpha-Pi Beta Phi Match
Sigma Phi Epsilon-Chi Omega Match
Acacia Cave Party
OU Street Party
OU Pep Rally
Posse Fire Up OU Party
Alpha Tau Omega OU Party
Kappa Alpha-Fiji OU Party
Pi Kappa Alpha OU Party
Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 41:
Sigma Phi Epsilon Golden Hearts
Texas OU Care, 10-l3-79
Sigma Tau Gamma-Alpha Epsilon Delta, 10-18-79
Phi Delta Party, 10-19-79
UT Arkansas, 10-20-79
Cowboy Harvest Moon, 10-24-79
Alpha Epsilon Pi Hollywood, 10-25-79
Alpha Chi Omega-Alpha Delta Pi Casual, 10-26-79
Phi Gamma Delta-Pi Beta Phi Match, 10-26-79
Alpha Tau Omega-Kappa Kappa Gamma Match, 10-26-79
Texas SMU
Delta Sigma Phi Punk Rock, 10-27-79
Beta Virgin Isle, 10-27-79
Deke Halloween, 10-21-79
Pi Kappa Alpha-Alpha Delta Pi, 10-31-79
Sigma Phi Epsilon-Kappa Alpha Theta match, 11-1-79
Bevo's Birthday Rodeo, 11-21-79
Color Contact Sheets, Book. No. 42:
40 Acres Fun Run
Lambda Chi Alpha, Tech
Delta Sigma Phi, Tech
Alpha Delta Pi, D.D.
Sigma Tau Gamma, D.D.
Sigma Nu-Pi Kappa Alpha
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Bonfire, Nov. 29, 1976
UT Band
Delta Sigma Phi Mixer
Spurs, Spring 1979
Cowboys, Fall 1978
TUA & Suds
Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 43:
Cowboy Tapping
Cowboy Cocktail Party
Cowboy Sweetheart
Contessa Christmas Party
Acacia, 1-19-80
Sig Ep Red Garter, 1979
Sig Ep Christmas Formal
Castillian Western Party
Delta Sigma Phi, 1-26-80
Beta, 1-26-80
Lambda Chi Alpha Casino, 11-16-79
Lambda Chi Alpha TCU Afterparty
Delta Sigma Phi, 11-17-79
Anderson High School
Sing Song, 1979
Alpha Kappa Psi Lakeway, 12-7-79
Beta Christmas Formal
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Christmas Formal
Lambda Chi Alpha White Rose
Acacia Christmas Formal
Kappa Sigma Christmas Formal
Phi Delta Theta Christmas Formal
Pi Kappa Alpha Christmas
Longhorn Band Christmas
3Y123 Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 44:
Sun Bowl 1979
Golden Hearts, Schultz's
Orange Tree Party
Alpha Delta Pi
Kappa Sigma Valentine's Day
Kappa Sigma Party, 3-1-80
Sigma Phi Epsilon Street Party
Kappa Sigma Street Party
Pi Kappa Alpha Bahamas
Alpha Tau Omega Bahamas
Alpha Epsilon Pi Olympiad & Awards
Sigma Alpha Mu/Sigma Nu Party, 2-29-80
Castillian Casino
Kappa Sigma, 3-1-80
Kappa Sigma/Zeta Tau Alpha Skating Party
Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 45
Sigma Nu-Alpha Chi Omega Match
Angel Flight
Alpha Delta Pi Skating
Alpha Delta Pi Christmas
Alpha Delta Pi Banquet
Delta Zeta Phi, 2-9-80
Kappa Sigma, 3-1-80
Phi Delta Theta, 2-29-80
Cowgirl Formal
Delta Sigma Pi T. G. I. F.
Sig Ep Golden Heart Ball
Alpha Tau Omega, 2-2-80
Union Hard Day Nite
Sig Ep Casino Party
Beta Formal
Bored Martyrs, Feb.
Pi Kappa Alpha-Chi Omega Match, 2-8-80
O. Henry Dance
A.H.S. Zilker Park
Governor's BBQ
Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 46:
Lambda Chi Alpha Street Party-Roundup 1980
Alpha Chi Omega Srs. Pre-party, 4-11-80
Bored Martyrs, March
Kappa Alpha All-Campus Party
Round up Carnival Tues. & Wed.
Fite Nite
Fiji Phi Delta Union Party
Round up Parade, 1980
Sigma Nu Street Party
Pi Kappa Alpha Casino
Pi Kappa Alpha Round up
Austin High Reunion
UT Fashion Group
Sig Ep Round up, 1980
Phi Delta Theta Chili Cook Off
Phi Delta Theta Round up
Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 47:
March of Dimes Arnold Palmer, 4-23-80
Weeks-Rost Deb Ball, 4-25-80
Pi Kappa Alpha Srs., 4-25-80
Pi Kappa Alpha Formal, 4-25-80
Napkin Formal Alpha Tau Omega, 4-25-80
UT Republicans, 4-25-80
Sig Ep Srs., 4-25-80
Wranglers, 4-25-80
Chi Omega Seniors, 4-25-80
Texas Ex's Senior Send-Off, 4-29-80
Longhorn Band Banquet, 5-3-80
ROTC Navy Formal, 5-3-80
Valerie Milburn, 5-3-80
Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 48:
Maurice Akers Birthday, 8-26-80
Sigma Nu Rush Fri., 8-22-80
Beta Rush Fr., 8-22-80
Kappa Sigma Rush Fri., 8-22-80
Kappa Sigma Rush Sat., 8-23-80
Beta Rush Sat., 8-23-80
Pi Kappa Alpha Rush Sat., 8-23-80
Longhorn Band Scholtz's, 8-28-80
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pledge flay, 8-28-80
Phi Delta Theta Rush Sat., 8-23-80
Sigma Nu Rush Sat., 8-23-80
Alpha Tau Omega Rush Sat., 8-23-80
Pi Kappa Alpha Pledgeline, 8-31-80
Beta Pledgeline, 8-31-80
Kappa Sigma Pledgeline, 8-31-80
Beta Pledgeline, 8-31-80
Kappa Sigma Pledgeline, 8-31-80
Sig Ep Pledgeline, 8-31-80
Alpha Tau Omega Pledgeline, 8-31-80
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pledgeline
Sigma Nu Pledgeline, 8-31-80
Phi Delta Pledgeline, 8-31-80
Spurs Hog Roast, 9-1-80
UT-Ark Football game, 9-1-80
Bored Martyrs, 9-3-80
Posse Street Party, 9-4-80
Tx Union Friday Gras, 9-5-80
Kappa Delta Initiation, 9-8-80
Ex Student Fresh Fling, 9-9-79
Spurs Tapping, 9-9-80
Tex Fest Kappa Sigma All Campus, 9-10-80
3Y124 Color Contact Sheets, Book No. 49:
Alpha Tau Omega Acapulco, 9-12-80
Sigma Nu Hawaii, 9-13-80
Sigma Ep Western, 9-13-80
Pledge Day, 9-14-80
Texas, 9-16-80
Pi Kappa Alpha-Kappa Delta Mixer, 9-16-80
Acacia-Kappa Delta Mixer, 9-17-80
Phi Delta-Delta Delta Delta Mixer, 9-17-80
Longhorn Band 60's, 9-19-80
Alpha Tau Omega-Pi Beta Phi Pajama, 9-19-80
Pi Kappa Alpha Swamp Party, 9-19-80
Beta Casino, 9-20-80
Texas-Utah, 9-20-80
Delta Gamma Anchor Splash, 9-25-80
Delta Upsilon-Kappa Alpha Theta Fiesta Gardens, 9-26-80
Alpha Tau Omega-Delta Delta Delta Match, 9-26-80
Spurs-Tex Oregon St., 9-27-80
Sig Ep-Zeta Beta Tau after game, 9-27-80
Sigma Nu after game, 9-27-80
Kappa Sigma after game, 9-27-80
Pi Kappa Alpha after game, 9-27-80
Ex-Student Pres. Conference, 9-27-80
Capitol Chev. Party, 9-21-80
Tx-Oregon St., 9-27-80
Tx-Utah St., 9-20-80
Bored Martyrs, Tapping, 10-1-80
Cowboys St. Party, 10-2-80
Spooks Initiation, 10-2-80
Pi Kappa Alpha Punk Rock Party, 10-3-80
Kappa Sigma-Kappa Delta mixer, 10-8-80
Kappa Alpha-Zeta Alpha Mu St. Party, 10-8-80
OU Pep Rally, 10-9-80
Posse Fire Up Party, 10-9-80
Color contact sheets, unbound, 1980 and 1981:
Spur Chili Cook-off
Kappa Alpha-Alpha Delta Pi Spring Fest, 2-28-81
Sigma Nu Valentine
Sig Ep, Booze Cruise
Cowgirl Formal
Pi Kappa Alpha Bahamas
Moosehead Street Party
Alpha Tau Omega Party
Alpha Tau Omega Bahamas
Tug & Suds
Phi Kappa Tau Formal
UT Award Banquet
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Street
Sigma Nu, Bowley & Wilson
Pi Kappa Alpha Casino Pound Up
Ballanfonte Deb Party
Round Up Parade, 1981
Phi Delta Sat. Round Up
Sigma Chi Fight Night
Pi Kappa Alpha Sat. Round Up
Delta Delta Delta-Lambda Chi Alpha Street Party
Alpha Kappa Psi, Christmas Formal
Sigma Nu, Friday, Round Up
Kappa Sig, Round Up
Pi Kappa Alpha Bahamas
Alpha Tau Omega
Kappa Sigma Valentine
Zeta Thu Alpha-Pi Kappa Alpha
Spur Tapping
Cowboy Tapping
Alpha Tau Omega, 1-24-81
Zeta Beta Tau
A. H. S. New Years
Wranglers-Bevo Babes, Springfest
Uptown Downtown Heritage Society
Alpha Tau Omega, Christmas 1980
Kappa Sigma, Christmas 1980
Pi Kappa Alpha, Christmas 1980
Frank Erwin III Birthday
Alpha Kappa Psi, Hollywood
Cowboys, Fall 1980
Sigma Nu-Alpha Chi Omega
Alpha Tau Omega
Phi Delta Theta
Sing Song
Tx Union Halloween
Castillian Western
Contessa Halloween
Delta Sigma Phi Punk Rock
Tex Union Halloween
Harvest Moon
Pi Kappa Alpha P.J. Party, 10-24-80
Sigma Nu L. Bentsen Reception
Bevo's Birthday
Casino Party Bus. School
Delta Sigma Phi, Tx-SMU
La Saso Military Ball
3Y125 Color Contact Sheets, unbound, 1980:
Anatole O.U.
Pi Kappa Alpha 0. U.
Hilton O.U.
Kappa Alpha-Fiji O.U.
Sig Ep-Tri Delta Disco
Delta Sigma Phi Pledges P.J. Party
Alpha Kappa Psi, Xanadu
Alpha Tau Omega Formal
Posse Party
Alpha Tau Omega Fri. Round Up
Phi Delta
Sigma Nu
Castilian Casino
Sigma Nu Papagallo
Cowboy Street
Phi Delta Mud Wrestle
Pi Kappa Alpha Porter
Sigma Nu-Alpha Chi Omega
All campus
Round Up Carnival
Alpha Tau Omega-Phi Alpha Street Party
Kappa Alpha, Old South, 1980
Pi Kappa Alpha-Alpha Delta Pi
Fat Buck
Color Contact Sheets, unbound, 1981
Sigma Nu
Spurs Rodeo, 1981
Alpha Tau Omega Acapulco
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Miami Cane
Sigma FM Halloween
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pledgeline
Sigma Nu, 1981
Delta Upsilon, UT-Rice
Kappa Sigma Pledgeline
Sigma Alpha/Kappa Alpha Theta Match, 1981
Sigma Nu
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, UT-Rice
Castilian Christmas Party
Pi Kappa Alpha Pledgeline
Delta Upsilon Pledgeline
Alpha Sigma Phi-Alpha Xi Delta Mixer
Alpha Tau Omega Pledgeline
Sigma Nu Street party
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Castilian Dorm/Country western Dance
LHB Freshman Party
Castilian Party
Kappa Kappa Gamma-Sigma Alpha Epsilon Match
Spur Tapping
Kappa Sig
Pi Kappa Alpha
Delta Epsilon, Saturday
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Delta Mixer
Sig Ep Victory Party
Delta Upsilon