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A Guide to the Texas Organization for Endangered Species Records, 1971-1999

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Texas Organization for Endangered Species
Title: Texas Organization for Endangered Species Records
Dates: 1971-1999
Abstract: The Texas Organization for Endangered Species Records, 1971-1999, consist of species files, special issues files, annual meeting and committee files, correspondence, reports, newsletters, awards, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department lists, audiocassettes, and videotapes.
Accession No.: 2000-157; 2000-221
Extent: 12 ft., 5 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

The Texas Organization for Endangered Species (TOES) was a non-profit organization founded in 1973. The main goals of the organization at its inception were to gather and organize information pertaining to endangered fauna, flora, and communities within the state of Texas; to work towards state legislation and the Federal Endangered Species Act; to make information on rare species accessible to the academic community as well as to environmental regulators and the general public; and to assemble information from all available sources on imperiled species and publish that information in concise listings. These listings were intended to promote measures to preserve and protect the species therein.

The membership of TOES was at its highest, at 425 members, in 1975, the same year that Dr. Charles Ramsey put together the first TOES newsletter. The organization was successful in many ventures, including lobbying for the passing of the State Endangered Species Act, the Native Plant Protection Act, and the Special Nongame and Endangered Species Act. TOES prevailed for 25 years before being absorbed by the Texas Academy of Science as a section of their activities. Raymond C. Mathews, Jr., was president of TOES and the Chair of the TOES History Project, 1995-1997.

Scope and Contents

The Texas Organization for Endangered Species Records, 1971-1999, consist of species files, special issues files, annual meeting and committee files, correspondence, reports, newsletters, awards, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department lists, audiocassettes, and videotapes. The records pertain to the administration of the organization, endangered species documentation, and the distribution of information regarding rare and imperiled species and other environmental issues. Additionally, the records contain audiocassettes and videotapes of Ecological Society of America meetings at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Research Center in Austin, Texas; information on a variety of plants and animals; files of two presidents of TOES, Raymond Mathews and Gena Jansen; and policies, programs, reports, and publications of various environmental associations, including TOES.


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Subjects (Persons)
Mathews, Raymond C.
Jansen, Gena
Subjects (Organizations)
Texas Organization for Endangered Species--Archives.
Texas Academy of Science
Texas. Parks and Wildlife Dept.
Ecological Society of America
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Endangered species
Endangered species--Texas
Endangered species--United States
Nonprofit organizations--Texas
Environmental issues
Austin (Tex.)

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Texas Organization for Endangered Species Records, 1971-1999, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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This collection was processed by Stephanie Malmros, 2000. Subsequent revisions were made by Laurel Rozema, January 2010, and Amanda Reyes, February 2015.

Basic processing and cataloging of this collection was supported with funds from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Briscoe Center’s "History Revealed: Bringing Collections to Light" project, 2009-2011.

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2P29 Audiocassettes:
ESA Tape 1
ESA Tape 2
ESA Tape 3
ESA Tape 5
VHS-C videotapes:
#1 ESA Meeting National Wildflower Center, June 2, 1995.
#2 Mrs. Hershey ES Meeting Windflower Research Center Austin June 2, 1995.
#3 Mrs. Hershey ES Meeting Wildflower Research Austin June 2, 1995.
#4 Mrs. Hershey ES Meeting National Wildflower Research Center Austin June 2, 1995.
3W110 Slides:
Bauhinia (Anacacho orchid tree)
2.325/H106 Texas Organization for Endangered Species (TOES) Bylaws, 1973-1976; 1986-1987; 1993, 1996.


Offsite at LSF:

2000-157/1 Species files, plants:
American Smoketree, Chittamwood
Button Cactus, Epithelentha Micromeris, E. Bokei
Crabapple, Blanco, Texas and others
Cutleaved Daisy
Grass of Parnassus
Hinkley's Oak
Longleaf Pine
Madrone, Texas
Species files and special issues files:
Rechenthin and Pace, Payonia
Sunflower E. Pinnatfida
Texas Wild Rice
Two-flowered Stick-pea
Verbena, large fruited
White Bladderpod
Zizania Texana
Species files, animals:
Arkansas River Shiner
Attwater's Prairie Chicken
Black Bear
Black Capped Vireo
Blackfin Goby
Blacktail Prairie Dog
Bob White
Caesolpinia Drummondii
Concho Water Snake
Coral Snake
Fountain Darter
Golden Cheeked Warbler
interior Tern
Leon Springs Pupfish
Minnow, Devil's River
Mountain Lions
Opposum Pipefish
Red Wolf
Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle
Snail Darter
Spotted Owl
Toad, Houston
Woodpeckers, Red-cockaded and others
Whooping Crane
Zebra Mussel
2000-157/2 Special Issues:
Clark Hubbs Memorial Meeting
Arkansas/Red River Ecosystem
Ray Neck's files 1988-1989.
Austin Regional Habitat Conservation Plan
Balmorhea State Park
Birding Trail, Great Texas
Comments on the Blackland Prairie, New Austin Airport
Borderlands (Trans-Mexico) issues
Brazos Island
Bridges: Texas/Mexico Border, Wildlife Corridor Task Force
Coastal Zone management program
Erosion Control Project, San Marcos
Cuero I Reservoir, proposed
East Texas Wildlife conference
Edwards Aquifer
Endangered Species Pesticide Protection Program
Corps of Engineers Environmental and Recreation Committee (ENRAC)
Endangered Species Annual Status Report (ERASR)
Federal Energy Regulatory commission Relicensing of Hydropower Project
Fossil Rim Publication
General Land Office's Asset Management Legislation
Hardwood Protection, bottom land
Kate Craddock Field Runway
Los Indios Bridge
Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge
Marine Mammal Stranding Program
Missouri Pacific Railroad Expansion
Monitoring and Management of Rare Species Populations
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
National Flood Insurance Program
Native Plant Project
Nature Conservancy, Land Grab, and other articles
Nongame wildlife programs
Non-point water pollution
Pre-legislative Environmental Meeting 1992.
Private property rights issues
Privatization of public lands
Renewable Resources Extension Act in Texas
Resolution Trust Corporation, The Nature Conservancy property review findings
Rivers Protection Act
San Marcos Spring Project
Star County Project
Strategic petroleum reserve, Bryan Mound Facility
Texas Bays and Estuaries Program
Texas Endangered Species Policy
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department:
Six-year plan
Matagorda Management Plan
Resaca de la Palma
Policy Advisory board, E.S. Branch
Texas Coastal Preserves Program
Triploid Grass Carp Regulation Program
Land and resources conservation
Texas Water Conservation Association policies
Texas Rivers Protections Legislation
U.S. Forest Service's cutting practices
Wetlands, El Sol Vieja permit
Wetlands, California Conservation policy and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Wetlands Conservation plan
Wetlands, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department plan
Articles about multiple environmental issues
Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act
2000-157/3 Annual meeting files, 1972-1997.
Species lists:
Endangered species, plants
Selected rare and endangered plants of Texas
Animal species, distribution and status reports
Aquatic communities
Soil Conservation Service species list:
Rare and endangered species list
Rare and endangered species in San Angelo area
General findings
Workshop on rare and endangered species, 1972.
Locations of tree groups
Primary lists, USDA/SCS
Endangered threatened and unique mammals of southern national forests
Instructions for reporting, sightings, and selection of endangered species
Pilot monitoring and inventory program in Texas
Federal species list:
National Wildlife Federation
Federal Register and technical bulletins
Federal candidates, 1985-1987.
Endangered Species Act program implementation
Federal plant listing action
Federal regulations, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service governing endangered species and plants, 1976-1977.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listing activities
Texas Organization for Endangered Species (TOES) list:
History of TOES listing procedures
Fish nominations and listings, 1991.
Petition to nominate species, natural communities for addition or removal from TOES lists
TOES lists 1973-1975.
Master copy, TOES plant list 1982.
Plant lists
Original invertebrate lists
Vertebrate lists
List revisions
Animal lists
Original 1984 list
Plant and animal lists
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department lists:
National Heritage Program
Listing and ranking procedures, 1994.
Endangered and threatened species, 1993.
University of Texas at Austin/Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Criteria for listing, 1986-1987.
University of Texas at Austin, rare and endangered plants native to Texas
2000-157/5 TOES committee files:
Steering committee, minutes and correspondence
Plant committee:
Description of sketches of plant species
Animal committee:
Correspondence and resolutions
Surface landscape invertebrates sub-committee
Texas cave invertebrates' sub-committee
Invertebrate list
Responses to TOES invertebrate request, December 11, 1987.
Vertebrate list
Red-cockaded woodpecker sub-committee
Communities committee:
Land acquisitions
Biotic provinces of Texas
Texas Native Plant Preservation Act
Aquatic committee classification methods
Aquatic sub-committee
2000-157/6 Publicity committee
Membership committee
Conservation committee
Natural resources committee
Housekeeping files:
Officer list
Expertise contacts and endangered species bibliography
Guidelines for yearly functions and duties of officers
Handouts and form letters
Receipts and correspondence regarding membership dues
Application for 501 status and correspondence with IRS
Expenses for supplies and stationery
Survey on future direction of TOES
Members address lists, ballots, and uncashed checks
General correspondence, September 1981-August 1981.
2000-157/7 General correspondence, September 1971-August 1981.
Miscellaneous files:
Meeting priorities for Texas Endangered Species Program, Sparrowe/Wright
Policy advisory board for endangered resources
Reasons to care about endangered species and success stories
Ranking criteria workshop materials, 1977.
Endangered Species Act, 1973, 1978.
Texas Endangered Species Reclamation Project of 1976
Endangered species ranking criteria
Endangered resources forum, 1991.
Texas Parks and Wildlife definitions of endangered species
Federal Register publications
Position paper on Endangered Species Act by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Texas Farm Bureau
Texas Endangered Species Meeting, and Endangered Species Act campaign coalition June 1995.
Endangered Species Act, Yung-Pombo repeal bill, 1995.
EXXON on environmental issues
Controversy about renewing the Endangered Species Act
TOES policy statement on the reauthorization of the Endangered Species Act
Bibliographies on rare or endangered Texas plants and animals
Federal Endangered Species Act
Effect of endangered species on Texas water projects
Endangered Species definitions of terms
TOES assistance to other organizations
Article about U.S. Habit or over-consumption
Miscellaneous speeches and presentations
TOES memorials, awards and correspondence
TOES future direction and suggestions for improvement
Environmental Protection Agency action
Problems defining habitat
Sierra Club publications
Big Bend brochures
Texas State endangered species policy
Miscellaneous publications of other organizations
2000/157/8 Files of TOES President, Ray Matthews
Endangered Resources Forum
Reports to Congress on threatened and endangered species
Environmental ethics
2000-157/9 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Report on Endangered and Threatened Species of Texas and Oklahoma
TOES decals, brochures, notecards
TOES watch lists
Files of TOES President, Gena Jansen
2000-157/10 Membership files
History project by Raymond C. Matthews, Jr.
2000-157/11 Annual meetings
Past officers
2000-157/12 Annual meetings, 1987-1999.
Original artwork for TOES
Position statement for change in TOES mission
2000-157/13 History Project
Newsletters and summaries
Texas Academy of Science (TAS), TOES Symposium
American Fisheries Society (AFS) endangered freshwater fishes
Endangered species policy committee, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Silver Anniversary Meeting