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A Guide to the Pugh Family Papers, 1807-1907

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Pugh Family
Title: Pugh Family Papers
Dates: 1807-1907
Abstract: The Pugh family papers relate to the ownership, management, and administration of multiple plantations by the family in the 1830s and 1840s.
Accession No.: 1935; 93-097; 97-029
OCLC No.: 777392349
Extent: 10 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

The Pugh brothers, William Whitmell Hill and Alexander Franklin, along with half brother Thomas, moved to Louisiana in 1818 from North Carolina and settled on Bayou Teche. In 1820 they moved to Bayou Lafourche. Alexander Franklin Pugh became part owner and manager of a number of sugar plantations in Assumption and Lafourche parishes, including Augustin, Bellevue, Boatner, and New Hope plantations. William Whitmell Hill Pugh founded Woodlawn plantation.

The Madewood Plantation House, which is now a National Historic Landmark in Napoleonville, Louisiana, was the manor house for the group of plantations owned by the family in the 1830s and 1840s. Eventually the family owned close to 10,000 acres of plantation land.

Sources: Louisiana State University Libraries. “Alexander F. Pugh Papers.” (accessed June 8, 2010).

Louisiana Day Tours. “Madewood Plantation House.” (accessed June 8, 2010).

Scope and Contents

The Pugh Family papers, 1807-1907, include correspondence, diaries, legal documents, journal, memoranda books, invoices, bills, receipts, account books and papers, cash book, promissory notes, payroll lists, plantation records, school papers and reports, United States naturalization papers, genealogical papers, literary productions, pamphlets, broadsides, newspapers, and a scrapbook of clippings. The papers relate to the personal and business activities of the Pugh family in Louisiana, specifically to the ownership, management, and administration of the Augustin, Highland, Mount Lawrence, New Hope, Whitmell, and Woodlawn plantations. Furthermore, the papers include subcollections of Alexander Franklin Pugh, Robert Lawrence Pugh, and William Whitmell Hill Pugh.


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Unrestricted access.

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Photocopies should be made from microfilm, not from originals. See microfilm inventory on Reference shelves under the title, “Ante-Bellum Plantations.”

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Pugh family--Archives.
Pugh, Alexander Franklin--Archives.
Pugh, Robert Lawrence--Archives.
Pugh, William Whitmell Hill--Archives.
Pugh, Augustin
Pugh, Charles H.
Pugh, Cynthia
Pugh, Eliza Lafton
Pugh, Ellen M.
Pugh, George
Pugh, John E.
Pugh, L.H.
Pugh, Mary W.
Pugh, P.S.
Pugh, Philip
Pugh, T.B.
Pugh, Thomas G.
Pugh, Whitmell H.
Boatner, H.J.
Robertson, Albert Sidney
Roeder, Augustin
Stark, Theo
Madewood Plantation (La.)
Augustin Plantation (La.)
Highland Plantation (La.)
Mount Lawrence Plantation (La.)
New Hope Plantation (La.)
Whitmell Plantation (La.)
Woodlawn Plantation (La.)
New Orleans (La.)
Assumption Parish (La.)
Lafourche Parish (La.)

Related Material

Forms part of the Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations, Series G, from University Publications of America, 44 North Market St., Frederick, MD 21701. (OCLC: 16125404)

All or a portion of this collection is available on CAH microfilm 18,335 Series G, Part 1, Reels 1 - 11.

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Pugh Family Papers, 1807-1907, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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This collection was processed by Winnie Allen, October 1935. Subsequent revisions were made by Claire Maxwell, August 1986, and by Deborah Bloys, March 1993.

Basic processing and cataloging of this collection was supported with funds from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Briscoe Center’s "History Revealed: Bringing Collections to Light" project, 2009-2011.

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Microfilm of papers is available for use.

Detailed Description of the Papers


Alexander Franklin Pugh papers

2F350 H. J. Boatner and Company, accounts, 1859-1877
Augustin, whitmell, highland Plantations, accounts current with Foley, Avery and Company, 1861-1874
Miscellaneous accounts and invoices
Whitmell Plantation, accounts of sales, 1859-1862
Augustin Pugh
Legal documents, 1848-1854
Union Bank of Louisiana, also Bank of Louisiana 1834-1852
Mrs. Cynthia Pugh, 1859-1867
2F351 Business correspondence, 1848-1869
Bills to 1865-1869
Foley and Conger letters to A. F. P., 1863-1864
W. H. Pugh and Company, receipts, 1852-1862
Whitmell H. Pugh papers, 1847-1857
Bills, 1861-1864
Personal bills, receipts, 1852-1864
Business, correspondence, labor problems, et cetera, 1864-1866
2F352 Augustin Plantation, accounts of sales, 1859-1862, 1867-1870
Labor lists, notes, receipts, 1874
Business correspondence, 1873-1874
Bills and receipts, 1868-1871
Bills, receipts, et cetera, 1870-1879
Bills, receipts, 1872
Labor lists, notes, receipts, 1873
Business correspondence, 1865
2F353 Business correspondence, invoices, bills, receipts, et. cetera, 1879
Business letters, 1879
Business correspondence, 1876-1877
Business letters, 1878
Business correspondence, invoices, bills, receipts, et. cetera, 1879
2F354 Miscellaneous papers accompanying diaries, 1853-1879
Personal correspondence, 1847-1868, 1873-1876, undated
Personal letters, 1877-1879
Bills, receipts, 1874-1875
2F355 Diaries, 1852-1856, 1867-1879
Account books, 1856-1871, undated


Robert Lawrence Pugh papers

2F349 Estate of R. L. Pugh, administered by W. W. Pugh
Sale of sugar and molasses by David levy, November 16, 1891 - February 6, 1892
Steamboat bills, 1893-1895
Bills, invoices, receipts, notes, accounts, et. cetera, 1891-1895
Business papers, 1870-1878
Pugh & Denning
R. L. Pugh
Miscellaneous personal letters
Church and school affairs
Account dealing with publications of Eliza lafton Pugh
Business correspondence, et cetera
2F368 Receipted bills and receipts, 1869-1877, undated
Pugh & Denny in account with Conger & Kelly
Sales of sugar
Statements of account
Pugh & Denny receipted bills and receipts, includes some payrolls, 1871-1875
Receipted bills and receipts
Similar business correspondence, 1888
Accounts with A. F. Himel, 1877-1888
Notes, 1868-1885
Account with H. Abraham & Son, 1887-1888
Personal and plantation account with Hirsh, Hemil, and Tallieu
Sale of sugar and molasses for R. L Pugh by Conger & Kelly, 1875-1885
Receipted steamboat bills, 1875-1889
Invoices of shipments by Conger & Kelly to R. L. Pugh, 1874-1886
R. L. Pugh in account with Conger & Kelly, 1875-1886
2F369 Papers and memorandum book, 1867-1882
Cash book, Woodlawn Plan, NG & MGF Company Ltd., 1903-1907


William Whitmell High Pugh papers

2F349 Account book, journal of cash expenditures, 1847-1878
Plantation journal, January 1, 1877 - January, 1906
2F356 Letters, 1830-1865, undated
2F357 Personal correspondence
2F358 1899-1906
Letters of T. B. Pugh, P. S. Pugh and L. H. Pugh to their father, W. W. Pugh
1877 - May, 1884
2F359 June 1884 - 1905
University reports of P. S. Pugh, L. H. Pugh to their father W. W. Pugh, 1879-1883
Political papers and correspondence, 1853-1893
Political, 1878-1896
Genealogical and personal correspondence, found in Martin papers, 1879-1905
2F360 Levee and police jury correspondence, 1880-1904
Police jury and related papers, 1890-1894
Woodlawn Plantation papers, 1886-1890
Estate of Whitmell H. Pugh, account papers, 1837-1839
Sidney Robertson, Arkansas lands and miscellaneous, 1864-1890
Miscellaneous business correspondence and accounts to, 1865
Pugh-Seymour partnership
Himel-Pugh partnership
Business correspondence, 1839-1862
Bills, invoices, receipts, 1859
Miscellaneous commission merchant accounts, 1839-1862
2F361 Account current with commission merchants, 1836-1889
Legal documents, 1807-1904
Literary productions, biography
Literary productions and school papers and reports
2F362 Tax receipts, evaluations, et cetera, 1851-1903
Land, Western Louisiana, 1858-1870
Bills, invoices, receipts, et cetera, 1860
W. W. Pugh account a grocer, Mr. Collins, 1860
Bills, invoices, receipts, 1861-1862
Business correspondence of W. W. Pugh and Anedee Domas, 1865-1875
Business correspondence, 1874-1897
Miscellaneous business correspondence, accounts, memorandums, et cetera, 1886-1896
2F363 Business correspondence, 1895-1896
Bank of commerce deposit slips, 1891-1892
Bounty on sugar, to W. W. Pugh as executor of the estate of R. L. Pugh, 1892-1895
Account with W. B. Bloomfield
2F364 1901
Account with John Calder, 1890-1891
Account with David Levy and J. C. Hanckes, 1893-1895
Account with Engelhadth Block, 1870
Account of sales by W. P. Nicholls
For Himalaya, October 1894 - June 11, 1896
For Woodlawn, November 1892 - July 1895
Accounts of Woodlawn and Himalaya with W. P. Nichollas, 1902-1905
Accounts, 1870-1900
2F365 A-D
2F366 S-T
Unsorted accounts
2F367 1895-1899
Accounts since, 1900
Contracts and bills since, 1900
Estates administered by W. W. Pugh
Notes, mainly composed by R. H. Pugh
Rough miscellaneous land, Woodlawn, Himalaya, et cetera
Land evaluations, et cetera
2F369 Account books
2F370 1879-1904
Bills payable, 1846-1849
Bills receivable, 1853-1892
W. R. Pugh writing books
W. W. Pugh scrapbook of clippings
Philip Pugh, printed book of poems
A. S. Robertson, account book, 1863-1876
Josephine Nicholls album, literary productions
Accounts with plantation laborers
2F371 1873-1880
Memoranda books
Numbers 1-21, 1841-1854
Numbers 22-26, 1856-1862, 1896
2F372 1884-1893
Account books, 1868-1870
Miscellaneous papers, 1843-1903, undated
Tax receipts, 1877-1885
Sundry receipts from heirs of Mrs. Mary W. Pugh, 1849-1857
Theodore O. Stark, 1857-1871
Miscellaneous papers, 1846-1892, undated
Account book, 1875-1896
Passbook of Charles H. Pugh, 1866-1867
Broadsides, clippings, and pamphlets
4N27 Newspapers
4L122 Flower and Company accounts
Journal, 1854-1856
4L123 Ledger, 1854-1855


Robert Lawrence Pugh papers

2F131 Correspondence with wife, 1862-1863
Speeches, 1854-1855
Receipt from confederate States of American, 1864
Contract with laborers, 1866



2F131 H. A. Pugh literary productions, 1866
W. P. Williams correspondence, 1853-1865
William B. Linter mortgage, 1844
Alice Deblois Pugh marriage announcement, undated
Unidentified correspondence, 1869
2.325/D13b Handdrawn map, “Mascot Plantation – a rough plat,” undated
Newspaper clipping, April 26, 1886