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A Guide to the Ethel Hander Geue Papers, 1760, 1842-1978

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Geue, Ethel Hander
Title: Geue, Ethel Hander Papers
Dates: 1760, 1842-1978
Abstract: Ethel Hander Geue (1904-1978), born in Beaumont, Texas, was an author and genealogical researcher. Papers consist of correspondence, photographs, maps, notes, and other items she gathered for the publication of her books, as well as additional material on the Geue, Hander, and other families, related to German immigration to Texas and the United States.
Accession No.: 80-010, 2013-045, 2013-051, 2014-181, 2015-215, 2015-306
OCLC No.: 658055740
Extent: 11 ft., 3 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Ethel Hander Geue (1904-1978), born in Beaumont, Texas, was an author and genealogical researcher. She was educated at the University of Texas and was a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, the Texas State Historical Society, and the Texas State Genealogical Society. With her husband, Chester William Geue, she wrote the books A New Land Beckoned: German Emigrants to Texas, 1844-1847 and New Homes in a New Land: German Emigrants to Texas, 1847-1861.

Source: "Geue, Ethel Hander." Vertical Files, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Scope and Contents

The Ethel Hander Geue Papers, 1760, 1842-1978, consist of correspondence, photographs, maps, notes, and other items Geue gathered for the publication of her books, as well as additional genealogical material on the Geue, Hander, and other families in Texas and Europe, related to German immigration to Texas and the United States. The papers also relate to Lutheran and Protestant churches and clergy.

Also included in the collection are newspaper clippings; Texas and United States censuses; marriage, cemetery, and probate records; ship lists; and land and colonization contracts and reports; all of which relate to the immigration of Germans and other Europeans to Texas and the United States.


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The collection is open for research.

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Subjects (Persons)
Geue, Ethel Hander--Archives
Geue, Chester William
Genealogy--United States
Germany--Emigration and immigration
Texas--Emigration and immigration
Beaumont (Tex.)
New Braunfels (Tex.)
Comal County (Tex.)
Bexar County (Tex.)
Blanco County (Tex.)

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See also the Chester W. Geue Papers

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Ethel Hander Geue Papers, 1760, 1842-1978, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Papers



3F393 Correspondence
General, 1928, 1949-1978 and undated
3F394 Genealogy
Adair - Hornburg, 1845, 1887-1892, 1934, 1953-1974 and undated
3F395 Johnson - Mueller, 1845-1849, 1882, 1901, 1917, 1959-1979 and undated
3F396 Nolte - Zahn, 1861-1880, 1930-1933, 1952, 1963-1974 and undated
Certification of genealogy, 1968-1972 and undated
Miscellaneous, 1886-1890, 1962-1972 and undated
Genealogical research
German, 1958 and undated
Heraldry, 1959, 1972 and undated
Lutheran Church, 1952 and undated
3F397 Geue and related families in Texas and Europe, 1844-1850, 1866-1868, 1889, 1917, 1943, 1957-1965 and undated
3F398 Hander family in Texas and Europe, 1850, 1903, 1943, 1959-1970 and undated
Maren Echels Schmidt Hander, 1962-1973 and undated
Christian William Hander album and ledger, 1854, 1894-1912, 1961-1970
3F399 Stirpes, 1961-1972
Our Heritage, surname index, undated
Publications, leaflets, and miscellany, 1958-1974 and undated
3F400 St. Peter's Church, Spring, 1963-1964 and undated
Lutheran pastors in United States, 1930
St. John's Lutheran Church, Neudorf and Cypress, undated
First Protestant Church, New Braunfels, undated
Reverend Frederick Leigh, undated
Nassau Farm, 1930
German colony in Knox County, 1902
Mormons and genealogy, 1971-1972 and undated
German newspapers in Texas, 1903, 1968-1970 and undated
New Braunfels Zeitung newspaper clippings, 1853-1860, 1961
Texas counties, undated
Naturalization and census records, 1965-1966 and undated
German settlers
Hermann Lehmann and Indians, 1923, 1972
Civil War, 1961-1970
Index to Texas death records Flu - Ga, 1903-1940
Austin and Comal County obituaries, 1853-1854, 1964-1972 and undated
Texas census, 1850-1860, from Balkan and Eastern European American Genealogical and Historical Society, 1967 and undated
United States census, 1870, Austin and Comal Counties, 1870, 1965
Our Heritage surname indices, 1959-1968
Marriage, cemetery and probate records
Bexar County marriage and cemetery records, 1848-1852, 1879
Blanco County marriage and cemetery records, undated
Comal County marriage cemetery and probate records, 1846-1907, 1961 and undated
Texans in battle at San Jacinto and Germans at Alamo and Goliad, 1845-1851, 1934-1942
Pioneer families, undated
3F401 A New Land Beckoned
Contract and related information, 1966-1974 and undated
Germans in Texas before, 1844, 1906-1908, 1962
Prince Solm's reports, 1844-1845, 1966-1967 and undated
Revision notes, 1844, 1966-1973 and undated
3F402 Book reviews, 1967-1969
Page proofs, [1966?]
New Homes in a New Land
Contract and related information, 1969-1975 and undated
Germans in Texas, 1850 and undated
Miscellaneous, 1852 and undated
Page proofs, undated
Revisions, undated
3F403 Publications about Germany and Austria
Ship passenger lists
Alberdina - Auguste Meline, 1844-1871, 1965-1972
Bassermann - Buddeke, 1845-1871
Canapus - Crede, 1845-1871
Diamant - Dyle, 1845-1867
Element - Everhard, 1845-1870, 1972
Ferdinand - Friedrich Grosse, 1844-1868
Galliot Concordia - Gutenberg, 1845-1870
Hamilton - Hersel, 1844-1880, 1966-1972
Iris, 1857-1868, 1968
3F404 James Edward - Juno, 1844-1860, 1972 and undated
Karl Ferdinand - Mississippi, 1846-1855, 1871, 1972
Nahant - Norvegien, 1844-1871, 1966
Orient - Riga, 1845-1851, 1972
Sarah - Suwa, 1845-1853, 1867
Talisman - Timoleon, 1845-1853, 1967-1968
Weser - York, 1844-1871
Passengers A - Z, 1845-1847, 1936-1938, 1966-1972
Ship lists
Solms' Archive, New Braunfels, 1845-1859, 1931, 1973 and undated
Mass immigration of Germans to Texas, 1844-1871 1966-1969
Unidentified, 1847 and undated
3F405 Immigrants
Advice to immigrants, 1851
Information, 1871, 1883, 1902, 1971 and undated
German land contracts, 1844-1849, 1964-1972
Colonization contracts and reports, 1844-1947, 1859-1862, 1967-1972
Lists, 1844-1850, 1966-1972
Fisher-Miller documents, 1842-1845, 1964 and undated
Lists of names in Texas, 1854, 1901, 1970 and undated
Germans to Texans, 1842-1860, 1901, 1931-1933, 1964-1972 and undated
Books on German Texans, 1966-1969 and undated
Germans in Texas prior to 1844, 1969 and undated
Germans in Texas post-1845, 1966
3F406 Czechs in Texas, 1972 and undated
Polish in Texas, 1966-1973 and undated
Wends in Texas, undated
Mennonites from Russia to Texas and Oklahoma, undated
Castro Colony research, 1843-1844 and undated
Comal County, 1852, 1966 and undated
Guadalupe County surname census, 1860
Guadalupe County marriage records, 1860-1871
Harris County naturalization index, 1876-1892
Travis County citizenship and voter registry list, 1971 and undated
Williamson County cemeteries, undated
New Braunfels obituaries, 1972-1973
Der Hermanns Sohn in Texas, 1901-1903
Meusebach's report to Verein, 1851
Count Castell's report, 1847
Malcolm McLean, 1972
German American Ladies' College, Austin, Texas, 1875
Soundex and use of Texas census, undated
Fredericksburg architecture, 1972
"Tolbert's Texas," 1969-1971 and undated
Texas newspaper clippings, 1960-1973 and undated
Texas cities, 1960-1972 and undated
Indianola Texas, 1960-1972
German towns, undated
World Conference on Records, 1969
Miscellaneous, 1851, 1965-1972 and undated
Germany, 1966 and undated
North America, [1851-1854?] and undated
New Braunfels, 1967 and undated
Texas, 1850-1851, 1863, 1972 and undated
Index to historical map of Texas, undated
3F407 Chester W. Geue and Wilhelm von Wrede book
"Latin Settlement in Texas" in Texana, translated by C.W. Geue, 1967
Sisterdale, 1963-1970 and undated
Sisterdale clippings, 1963-1974 and undated
Notes, 1850, 1960-1970 and undated
Title page, biography, table of contents, and notes, 1969 and undated
Book pages 1-332, 1969 and undated
3F408a Verein ships to Texas (A - Z), 1861-, undated
Henri Castro colonists, undated
Miscellaneous notes, undated
3F408b Hiddessen - Kyritz, undated
Laasch - Mausbach, undated
Medingen - Obornik, undated
Ochtrup - Reuten, undated
Rheinbollen - Schwingen, undated
Sebenitz - Tweierhausendericke, undated
Ubbedissen - Weydicken, undated
Widdern - Zwirschen, undated
Miscellaneous cards, undated
3F408c Ship lists and miscellaneous cards, undated
3F409a Ben Nevis
Artltt - Zwahr, undated
Henri Castro colonists
Verein ships to Texas
Cassel - Guthmann, undated
Lages - Zuebe, undated
3F409b Maimaldt - Menzel, undated
Merherper - Myros, undated
Nabel - Overhage, undated
Paa(s)che - Pytel, undated
Quast - Rhodius, undated
Ribbel - Rost, undated
Roth - Santer, undated
Wilheine - Zuspann, undated
3F409c Caltens - Dess, undated
Dessauer - Durr, undated
Hofheinz - Iwansky, undated
Jach - Kauffman, undated
Kause - Klemens, undated
Klett - Korn, undated
Kory - Kypter, undated
Laas - Lyte, undated
3F410a Abbehausen - Beverce, undated
Bicken Dillkreis Wiesbaden, undated
Dahlem - Everode, undated
Fachbach - Gottschmerbruch, undated
Graefenberg - Heuthen, undated
Waack - Weinburg, undated
Weindorff - Wilkening, undated
Will - Wywial, undated
Zabe - Zzargay, undated
3F410b Saage - Santer, undated
Sarasin - Schleutter, undated
Schley - Scholz, undated
Schome - Schuwirth, undated
Seber - Sprütz, undated
Staake - Stisser, undated
Stock - Syrzinek, undated
Taiber - Urner, undated
Vahl - Voss, undated
3F410c Glatz - Grobe, undated
Grobecker - Harpe, undated
Harrer -Henzel, undated
Herberhold - Hoffmann, undated
Hof(f)meister - Jutte, undated
Kaatz - Knuth, undated
Kober - Kopisch, undated
3F411a Pfaeffle - Ruppersberg, undated
Saalmueller - Schnauss, undated
Schniffer - Schulze, undated
Schumann - Sÿring, undated
Tag - Voss, undated
Wachter - Wetz, undated
Wetzel - Zusliff, undated
3F411b Abel - Bauer, undated
Baumann - Behrns, undated
Beicker - Binz, undated
Birk-Miller - Borman, undated
Bornefeld - Byren, undated
Kraeger - Kysella, undated
Laake - Lille undated
Lincke - Mahring, undated
3F411c Abel - Austrig, undated
Baarsch - Bergmann, undated
Bergtold - Bolz, undated
Bombe - Bzycha, undated
Callman - Dinker, undated
Dipp - Emek, undated
Emhoff - Freitag, undated
Freks - Glass, undated
3F412a Aake - Aurand, undated
Baag - Behrns, undated
Beiermann - Boelsche, undated
Boetel - Butte, undated
Kaderle - Klappenbach, undated
Klar - Koeppel, undated
Koepsel - Kussenberger, undated
3F412b Haab - Heidrich, undated
Heil - Hillmann, undated
Hinz - Hutzfeld, undated
Idel - Just, undated
Ude - Voss, undated
Waase - Wehrspann, undated
Weichold - Wiese, undated
3F412c Gabel - Gymenskey, undated
Haag - Heiligromann, undated
Heim - Hoffmann, undated
Maas - Mertzger, undated
Messer - Mohr, undated
Moor - Myrick, undated
Obenchain - Peyl, undated
Naase - Nussbaum, undated
3F413a Cabanis - Curth, undated
Dahlem - Durst, undated
Ebeling - Eyring, undated
Ebeling - Ewald, undated
Faber - Funk, undated
Fabra - Furken, undated
3F413b Pfeiffer - Pueschel, undated
Quantz - Quitzow, undated
Rabe - Rodscheid, undated
Schaaf - Schmidt, undated
Schmidt - Schroeder, undated
Schubach - Schwind, undated
Sebastian - Star(t)z, undated
Startz - Thomae, undated
Thomas - Voss, undated
3F413c Laade - Lux, undated
Mack - Mertens, undated
Merz - Moelter, undated
Mohlfeld - Mylius, undated
Na(e)gele - Ottermann, undated
Paddelaratz or Padelratz or Padelaratz - Pueschel, undated
3S139.6 Wernigerode, Germany, undated
Houses and buildings, undated
Bellville, Castell, Llano, Leifeste home, 1964-1968
Ship lists, 1844-1846 and undated
German immigration ships lists, undated
Fredericksburg and Sunday houses, 1967-1970
Winedale Inn and Salt Lake City LDS Library, 1966 and undated
Markers and gravestones, undated
New Braunfels panorama, undated
Maps of Texas photographs and negatives, 1851 and undated
German postcards, 1962-1972 and undated
People, [1842?], 1964-1970 and undated
Verein Kirche, Fredericksburg, Texas, undated
Immigrant ships, [1871?] and undated
Portfolio of Galveston prints by Emil Bunjes, 1971
3S125 Galley proofs
A New Land Beckoned
New Homes in a New Land
2.325/D27c Maps
Tracings of maps of Germany
Annotated Texas and European maps
2.325/OD15 Annotated Texas and European maps [oversized]
4J501 The Travel Diary of the War in the Southern States of the Union
Manuscript copy of The Travel Diary of the War in the Southern States of the Union, 1962
Note: Includes source notes and handwritten corrections by Ethel Hander Geue
Condensed translation of Christian Wilhelm Hander's diary, 1961
Typed copy of Christian Wilhelm Hander's Diary in the original German, 1961
Correspondence with Leonard Plummer, 1960-1963
Correspondence, 1961-1962
Assorted research materials, 1961 and undated
Drafts and research materials, 1961-1962
3U305 Pictures of Christian Wilhelm Hander's diary and photostat of Civil War records, undated
3S61 Negatives of Civil War papers and furlough of C.W. Hander, undated
4J501 Booklets
The Journal of Mississippi History Vol. XXVI, No. 2 May, 1964
Texas at Vicksburgby Edwin C. Bearss, 1961
Vicksburg National Military Park, Mississippi by William C. Everhart, 1961
Texas in the Civil War by the Texas Civil War Centennial Commission, 1962
4A460-4A461 [2013-045] and [2013-051]
4A460 Biel family, 1855-1979
Daughters of the Republic of Texas applications, 1962-1980
Daum family, 1895-1973
Daum, Theodore, family in Texas and Europe, 1928-1971
Decker family in Alsace and Lorraine, 1702-1965
Froelich family in Germany and Texas, 1732-1969
Froelich-Ullrich family, "Early Texans", 1650-1868
Genealogical forms, blank, 1966
Geue family in Europe and Texas, 1812-1967
Geue family photographs and clippings, 1961-1965
Geue-Hander family, 1866-2013
Geue-Hander family vignettes, 1898-1964
Spanish-American War letters, 1898
Geue-Staats family, 1807-1963
Gollmer family history, 1850-1962
Gollmer family in Europe and Texas, 1845-1970
Gollmer family research by Abby Moran, 1960-1970
Hander, Christian William, Civil War diary transcriptions, 1862-1863, 1961
Original German, 1862-1863
English translation, 1961
Hander, Christian William, family, 1903-1978
Letter on family history, in German and English, 1903
Hander, Christian William, memory album transcriptions, 1853-1865, 1962
Hander, Emil, trip to Europe notebook, 1907
Hander family descendants in Texas, 1856-1870
Hander family history, 1852-1960
Hander family in Europe in Texas, 1852-1964
Hander family records in Friedersdorf, 1852-1964
Hander family records in Friedersdorf, 1656-1824, 1962-1974
Hander family records in Denmark, 1829-1966
Hander family reunions, 1979, 1988-1990
Hander family, "They Chose Texas", 1977-1978
Publication, distribution, and expenses, 1977-1978
Hander family, "Texas Pioneers", 1636-1978
4A461 Hander family, "Texas Pioneers" (continued), 1636-1978
Hander, Frederick William, family, 1898-1979
Photographs, 1898-1961
Hander, Julius, family, 1963, undated
Photographs, undated
Hander, Karl, family, 1963-1979
Hander-Gollmer family, 1845-1980
Hander, Maria Amalia, 1978
Hander-Schmidt family, 1787-1984
Hander-Schmidt family in Denmark, 1676-1855
Hander-Schmidt Krag family in Denmark, 1965
Herrman family, 1842-1984
Herrman-Zembsch family, 1980-1981
Niebuhr family, 1862-1978
Niebuhr letters, 1862-1968
Photographs, 1884-1962, undated
Painted portrait, undated
Prints of the Original Texas Navy fighting ships, presented by the Port of Galveston and the Third Texas Navy, 1971
Staats family, 1733-1963
Tegge family, 1837-1975
Texas Historical Building Medallion application, New Braunfels Pioneer Home, 1962
Ullrich family in Europe and Texas, 1617-1962
Vicksburg, Mississippi material, 1961-1963
Clippings, 1963
Wolfer family heraldry, 1965-1968
Wolfer family history, 1740-1971
Wolfer lineage, Andreae family, 1834-1972
Wolfer lineage, Breitschwerdt family, 1559-1967
Wolfer lineage, Eysengrein family, 1867-1976
Wolfer-Daum family, 1905-1978
Daum family, 1905-1978
Wolfer-Gollmer family, 1865-1967
4A462 Periodicals, Pamphlets, and Booklets
The Journal of Mississippi History, Vol. 36, No. 2, [includes excerpts from a Hander family diary] 1964
Texana, Vol. 7, No. 1, [includes handwritten letter to Ethel Hander Geue dated 1961] 1969
Texas in the Civil War: A Resume History by Allan C. Ashcraft, published by the Texas Civil War Centennial Commission, 1962
The Herrmann Family from Gnadenfrei: A Supplement to They Chose Texas, by May Hander Bourgeois, [three copies] 1981
The Story of Texian Press, Publishers of Texas History, 1966
Connelly's Tavern on Ellicott's Hill, a pamphlet by the Natchez Garden Club, undated
Galveston material, 1950-1969
First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Galveston, Texas One Hundredth Anniversary book, 1950
First Evangelical Luteran Church of Galveston Dedication Memento book, 1958
Portfolio of Galveston Prints published by The Galveston Wharves, 1969
Article clipping from The Houston Post about a Lutheran Church in Lee County, Texas, 1961
Christian Wilhelm Hander material, including handwritten notes, family trees, correspondence, and reproductions of 19th century documents, 1961-1978
Correspondence related to the publication of the Hander Civil War diary, 1962-1978
Heinrich Braschler and the Lutheran Church research, including reproduction of 19th century documents, undated
Indianola, Texas material, including published article clippings, correspondence, and photographs, 1960-1968
May Hander Bourgeois personal correspondence, 1977-1979
Miscellaneous family research material of Chester and Ethel Geue including correspondence, maps of Germany prior to 1945, clippings on genealogical research in Texas, and their wedding announcement, 1925, 1973-1974
Photographs, negatives, and slides, largely unidentified but a few feautring information on the back, including photographs of people, original 19th century documents, and monuments in Europe and Texas, as well as a photograph dated 1903 that is described as the family home, undated
Hander family photographs, many identified, as well as postcards and negatives, 1890-1934
Original letters and correspondence with "Aunt Alma", sent from Austin to Germany, 1888-1913
Hander, Christian William, ledger books transcriptions, 1894-1912, 1970
Hander-Wolfer lineage notebook, 1980
Hander book excerpts and notes, biographies, undated
Hander book excerpts and notes, narratives, undated
Historical background, 1961-1975
Krag-Schmidt, 1965
Addresses, research, and correspondence with Von Frank and Kleiber, 1963-1968
They Chose Texas Addenda, comments, placement, donations, certifications, 1960
Mailings on They Chose Texas, 1977
Friedersdorf and the Handers, 1961
Christiansfeld (God's Acre) research, correspondence, printed material and photographs, 1956-1967
C. W. Hander notes, photographs, and memoriam, undated
Gnadenfrei and Friedersdorf, 1962
Moravian Church research, undated
Printed material on Texas landmarks including the Varner-Hogg Plantation, Goliad, Galveston, and the Sea Ruins, 1979
Hander crest research, 1965
Stages coaches, map, undated
New Braunfels, 1964-1985
Hander family reunion correspondence, 1982-1984
Articles related to Geue's books, 1970-1974
Mathias and Kardina Handershen by Barbara Hander, 1982
Hander-Wolfer lineage research notebook, undated
Additional Hander births, 1979-1984
Introduction to Genealogical Research in Germany, undated
Photographs of immigrants and ships going from Hamburg, Germany to Texas, 1865-1875, 1968
Letters and clippings about They Chose Texas, 1979-1983
Supplement to They Chose Texas research, undated
Supplement to They Chose Texas correspondence, 1981-1982
German Typography Workbook (Brause Unbungsheft), undated
Dora Zembsch Schneider correspondence, 1979-1983
The Wendish Texans: A Translation of the Bel Navis ship register of 1854, undated
2.325/OD12 Frederick William Hander's official doctor's license from the Board of Medical Examiners for the State of Texas, 1903
Frederick William Hander's official doctor's license from the Board of Medical Examiners for the State of Texas, 1907
4J501 [Accession 2015-215]
The Hander Family: Texas Pioneers by Mrs. Ethel Hander Geue
4Zg223a German-language books
Confirmation book of Johann Andreas Geue, 1760
Songbook of Adolph Geue (1875-1955), undated
Bible stories from the Evangelical Synod of North America, 1890
German-French instruction book of Frederick Nehls, undated
Songbook/psalter of Emma Geue (1873-1890), undated
4A462 [Accession 2015-306]
Anton Emil Hander's German-language Bible, 1903
Contains genealogical information.
4A464e Family bibles
Book of lexicon and grammar