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A Guide to the Warren Spector Papers, 1965-2007

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Spector, Warren
Title: Spector, Warren, Papers
Dates: 1965-2007
Abstract: Correspondence, design documents, handwritten notes, concept art, scheduling documents, game assets, and files related to the business of game development comprise the Warren Spector Papers (1965-2007).
Accession No.: 2007-162; 2008-091; 2009-232
OCLC No.: 956315617
Extent: 21 ft., 10 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Warren Spector is a video game developer who has worked for Steve Jackson Games, TSR Inc., Origin Systems Inc., Looking Glass Technologies, Ion Storm and Junction Point Studious and is best known for his work on games such as Deus Ex, Thief 3 and Ultima: Underworld.

Scope and Contents

The papers document Spector’s work as a videogame developer with Origin Systems, Looking Glass Technologies, Ion Storm, and other collaborators of Spector’s within the videogame industry. Some digital media within the Design Documentation Series are linked to preservation packages (containing the digital media object and associated metadata) stored within The University of Texas Digital Repository.

Digital reproductions of selected portions of the Warren Spector Papers are available on the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History's Digital Media Repository. View digitized videos


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Spector, Warren
Spector, Carol
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Origin Systems, Inc.
Looking Glass Technologies (Firm)
Ion Storm
Junction Point Studios
Video games
Video games--Authorship
Video games--Collectibles
Video games--Design
Video games--Fiction
Video games--Handbooks, Manuals, etc.
Video games--History
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Austin (Tex.)

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Warren Spector Papers, 1965-2007, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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This collection was processed by Zach Vowell.

Subsequent revisions made by Matthew Cepeda, January, 2015.

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Detailed Description of the Papers


Design Documentation

2008-091/5 Origin/E.A. Games
Ultima Underworld: Stygian Abyss
2008-051/1 Maps
Ultima VII, Part Two: The Serpent Isle
Serpent Isle Draft
[untitled draft]
Quest Map of Arthurian Legend [unlabeled]
"The Castle of Lord British" draft, ca. Ultima Underworld II
Serpent Isle draft
2.325/V60a "NOT Alien Commander, aka T-E.P."
2008-091/6 Space Rogue
Wing Commander/"Wing Leader"/"Squadron", 1989-91
Game Ideas(10 cents/dozen), 1989-93
2008-091/3 Looking Glass Technologies games
Fantasty AIRPG Xeroxes
Character Sketches
Screen Shots
Privateer 3
Terra Nova
2008-091/14 Online/God Squad
"Dark" [Thief Working Title]
Versions 0.9-1.01
Milestones and Schedules
Action RPG
Command & Conquer: the RPG [1997]
Lancers [1997]
Junction Point: Austin Internet Roleplaying ca. 1996-97
Versions 1.0-5.1
Versions 5.2-8.33
Non-disclosure agreements
2008-051/1 Color Character sketches
Game world sketches
2008-901/1 "Austin Internet RPG," 1996
2008-091/3 Ion Storm/Eidos Entertainment games
Daikatana (1997)
Shooter [Deus Ex working title] GDDs, 1997
2.325/V60a Deus Ex
M60 Layout Chart (Safe House restaurant)
2007-162 Game box art (8 photographic prints)
2008-091/22 Plot/mission outlines, notes, and correspondence
Mission descriptions, character design docs
Design notes/correspondence
Design document sections
Production files
E3 demo notes
Marketing documents
General Design Documents 1997-99
"Shooter," v.5.3e, 11/8/97
"Shooter: Majestic Revelations," v.6.4 Master, 2/17/98
Deus Ex, v.6.7 Master, 3/5/98
Deus Ex, v.7.2, 4/17/98
Deus Ex, v.7.5, 4/28/98
Deus Ex, v.8.0, 5/15/98
Deus Ex, v.8.6, 5/26/98
Deus Ex, v.9.3, 7/13/98
Deus Ex, v.9.9, 9/3/98
Deus Ex, v.10.01, 10/7/98
2008-091/4 Deus Ex, v.10.08, 12/1/98
Deus Ex, v.13.10, 12/2/99
Art and promotional material
FEMA research
Art [sketches]
Nanotechnology sketches
Correspondence and notes
Peer feedback
Plot revisions
Game engine research
QA testing notes
PS2 Design Overview
Deus Ex 2 Character Creation
2008-091/1 Deus Ex 2, 1997-2004
Design Document
Market research
Engine licensing research
Essays/articles of interest
Eidos structure chart/summary, 2002
Thief 3
Design documents
2008-091/2 Deus Ex 2 / Thief 3
Design documents
Market research/analysis
Demo plans
Powerpoint print-outs
PR, other press-related plans
DX2 press trip, postmortem
Thief 4 proposal
Deus Ex 3
Story summary
Other plans
2008-091/5 Proposal
Story revisions
Deus Ex 2 / Thief 3
Product overviews, 2002
2008-091/11 Full Spectrum Warrior movie [DVD], 2003
Clan Wars pre-production materials [CD], 2004
Technical Documentation
Sword of Dracula: Reign of Terror [CD]
2008-091/3 Collected game proposals, 2001-03
2008-091/11 Dancing Cow Studio prospectus
Cold Hearted (Ravaged Entertainment)
Eve Online
2008-091/23 Junction Point Studios games
"Ninja Gold," 2006
Heat adaptation game idea, 2006
Dungeon Master proposals, n.d.
2008-091/17 [Restricted] Digital media
3.5" floppy disks
Reviews, October 2001
[Untitled disk]
3DStudio, n.d.
KEZ Icons, Comics - Looney Tunes, n.d.
DBCAH Community [Restricted] London talk, [] November 13, 2001
Crusader art, n.d., []
LGT [Looking Glass Technologies] Baseball Docs, [] June 1996
Bitmaps: Logos (Prey), Textures (Duke Nukem), n.d., []
Prey Models (Studies), n.d., []
Camdocs, n.d., []
Terra Nova / PSX, Milestone #3 Delivery, n.d., []
Terra Nova / PSX, Milestone #4 Delivery, n.d., []


Studio Files

2008-091/1 Origin/EA
Market Research, 1995-1998
Fiscal Budgets, 1992-1994
2008-091/23 Game Ideas
"Shooting Sports"
"Silverheart," 1995
"Comptime Entertainments," 1993
Game concept proposals for Origin, ca. 1994
"Arsenio Hall meets Leisure Suit Larry meets Max Headroom," 1991
"Alien Commander" [and other ideas]
"Privateer 2: Cyclone Alley," 1993
"Need for Speed," 1995
"Autoduel II"
Reviews/Evaluations, ca. 1994-96
Budget Breakdowns, 1994-96
Salary/Bonus, 1994-96
TDRs (Technical Design Reviews)
Origin Profiles/Plans, ca. 1993-95
PC Data reports
Ultima Underworld: Stygian Abyss press binder
Spector deposition re: arbitration between D. Bourbonnais and Looking Glass Studios
2008-091/6 Pension plan/401K
Payment stubs
"Point of Origin" newsletters, 1991-98
Spector's history of Austin gaming, ca. 1998
Greg Malone [Origin Writer], 1989
Wing Commander movie, 1991
EA and other stocks
Origin misc., 1984-98
Review of Spector-produced games
Dallas Snell's "Storyboarding Made Simple"
Origin press materials, 1991-98
Junction Point Studios
Game ideas and correspondence, 2004-05
Articles and company documents, 2004-06
2008-091/24 Posters, 2002
2008-091/6 Ion Storm
[Ownership negotiations]
General files, 2001-04
2008-091/22 Accounts payable, 2000
2008-091/11 Ion Storm email [CD], 2004
2008-091/14 Ion Storm receipts
Looking Glass Technologies
AmEx Paid
Hardware [receipts]
LG misc.
[Untitled] Spector start-up studio, 1997
General start-up info
Benefits and payroll
Start-up receipts
Non-disclosure agreements
2008-091/5 EA/Origin [ca. 1992-94]
Origin Systems Inc., 1987-94
Looking Glass Technologies [ca. 1994-97]
Ion Storm [ca. 1997]
Ion Storm/Eidos Entertainment
Articles on gaming
Internal documents
David S. Freeman screenplay
2008-091/11 Eidos E3 digital press kit [CD], 1999
2008-091/2 Articles/press clippings
Games and education
Gaming/game design, 1999
Biblilography on gaming
Game design education
GDC 2003
Market research
Henry Jenkins Congressional testimony, 1999
Checks, 1998
2008-091/15 Deus Ex interviews
Project Overviews
Deus Ex (PS2 port)
Thief III
Deus Ex II
[Thief franchise overview, post-Thief 3]
Magazines covering Deus Ex
PC Magazine, November 2000
Joystick [France], September 2000
Computer Gaming World, February 2001
PC Gamer, February 2001
Computer Gaming World, January 2000
Joystick [France], December 1999
PC PowerPlay [Australia][signed by Deus Ex development team], October 1999
PC Jeux [France], December 1999
Gen4 [France], March 2000
GameStar [Germany], December 1999
Hyper [Australia], July 2000
PC PowerPlay [Australia], August 2000
PC Gamer [UK], October 2000
Playstation 2 Magazine [France], August 2001
Game Informer, August 2001
2008-091/12 Magazines covering Deus Ex II
PC Gamer [US], August 2001
PC Gamer [UK], August 2001



2009-232/1 Demos
Origin: New Releases, Spring 1990
Origin: New Releases (Martian Dreams, Ultima VII, Wing Commander II, Strike Commander), 1991
Origin Systems: "Ultima Underworld", n.d.
Ultima Underworld Digest [Japanese version], 1992
Origin Systems: Works-In-Progress, Spring 1994
Origin 1995 CD Releases: Bioforge CD, System Shock CD, Wings of Glory CD (Loop), 1995
Crusader: No Remorse Demo, February 21, 1995
System Shock (3.5") Floppy Video, n.d.
Autoduel [2 copies], December 1996
Cybermage: Ratings Tape (13 min., 56 sec.) n.d.
Cybermage: Darklight Awakening: "The making of a living comic," n.d.
Terra Nova P.O.P. Ad, n.d.
DX [Deus Ex] E3 video, n.d.
Deus Ex promo, 5 min. editor overview with Harvey Smith, n.d.
Ion Storm: Daikatana, Deus Ex, Anachronox, Sales Tape, August 30, 1999
Interserve demo reel, n.d.
Brain Zoo Studios, Animation Reel, 2003
Trailers of Upcoming Films, n.d.
Vested Interest Productions, 1995-96
Television Segments
The Today Show: Origin/Ultima piece, April 28, 1993
The Petty Girl, Gamespot DX [Deus Ex] review, n.d.
Gamespot TV E3 Show, May 22, 1999
Gamespot TV, Episode #29-00 [2 copies], August 19, 2000
Gamespot TV, n.d.
G4 E3 02 Special, June 6, 2002
Conference videos
Compute Entertainment Software Showcase, ca. 1990
E3, 2001
Game Developers Choice Awards, n.d.
[Unlabeled video], n.d.


Promotional Materials

2.325/V60a Crusader: No Remorse demo display
Deus Ex: Invisible War poster board display
2008-051/1 Cybermage promotional poster [3]
Wings of Glory cloth display
System Shock promotional poster [signed by artists]
Return of the Phantom promotional poster
Ultima 1989 calendar, 1989
2008-091/24 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time pre-sale give-aways, 1999
2008-091/26 Final Fantasy
Tifa Lockhart banner
[Unidentified female] banner
Final Fantasy VII characters banner
Ultima Underworld II banner [2]
Computer Gaming World Premier Winner '95 banner
Computer Gaming World Premier Finalist '95 banner
Ultima VII, Part Two: Serpent Isle promotional displays
2008-091/15 Deus Ex box cover print
Deus Ex promotional flyers
Ion Storm iron-on patches
Cybermage comic books


Panels and Presentations

2008-091/10 Rant panel
Story panel
"Game Narrative: What would Aristotle do?"
U of Idaho Talk (cancelled)
"The Emerging Emergence" (2004 European Developers Forum), 2004
PopTech '02 - Invisible Society
Teaching & Talking About Games - UT '02
2008-091/13 Design
Guildhall [SMU], 2004
Computer Games and Digital Cultures Conference (Finland), 2002
RTF 314 - Paradigm lecture notes, Fall 1982
"Gaming at the Margins" (ACC Video Game Seminar), 2006
Education Rant - GDC 2006
Videogame Archive [reception], February 15, 2007
"'Just Live': The Importance of Indie Development" (Texas Independent Game Conference), 2006
Story in Games
"The Warren & Doug [Church] Show aka Practical Game Analysis"
Education-themed presentations [for IGDA Education Summit], 2002
Pre-Production (GDC), 2002
Sequels panel (GDC), 2002



2008-091/12 Journal of Computer Game Design (Chris Crawford, ed.)
Vol. 1, Nos. 1-8
Vol. 2, Nos. 1-5
Vol. 3, Nos. 1-5, and an undated issue
Vol. 4, Nos. 1-6
Vol. 5, Nos. 1-6
Vol. 6, Nos. 2,5,6
Interactive Entertainment Design (Chris Crawford, ed.)
Vol. 7, Nos. 1-6
Vol. 8, Nos. 1-6
Vol. 9, Nos. 1-6
Tribeza (includes article with Spector), March 2007
2008-091/25 "Magazines with Spector (articles, interviews, features)"
2008-091/27 "Magazines about Spector"


Videogame Press Clippings, 1972-2007

2008-091/5 Magazine Articles
Scholarly Articles
"My Dream Game," by Warren Spector [unpublished]
Multitude business plan
E3 Guide, 2004
Chris Crawford essays
Scratchwear Manifesto
2008-091/6 "Multimedia," [Entertainment Weekly column], 1995
Virtual Reality/Cyberstuff, 1989-95
2008-091/15 Magazines and clippings, 1993, 1999-2004
2008-091/24 Oversized clippings, 2003-07


Paper Games Work

2008-091/16 The Rat Gang [D&D group Spector participated in, featuring Bruce Sterling as Dungeon Master], ca. 1987
Traveller characters/notes
Steve Jackson Games files
2009-091/16 Steve Jackson Games
Royalty Statements, Contracts
Unpublished Articles (plus related correspondence), Games
Fractured Fantasy [based on TOON]
TOON draft 2
TOON correspondence
Super TOON
TOON/TSA reviews
TOON manuscripts and scenarios
TOON Ace Catalog
[TOON documents, playtesting]
2008-091/16 TSR files
Proposal #3: Shadowdale [Avatar]
The Final Weapon
Editing info
Free America map info
Games (TSR)
Misc. Board-Game/RPG Stuff, ca. 1986-94
TSR Royalty Statements
Hollow Earth Stuff/Plot Outline
More TSR editing info
Editing/TS/Layout info
TSR Catalogs
TSR check stubs
TSR contracts
Rocky & Bullwinkle RPG cards, characters, places...
Top Secret/S.I.
2008-091/11 Game Designers' Guild info
Lake Geneva [historical sources]
Witch-hunt articles on Dungeons & Dragons
West End Games
Contracts, Royalties
Blade/FBI [Flying Buffalo Inc.]
[Proposals and story bibles]
[Work files on 5.25" floppy disks][18]
[Restricted] Roleplaying Games
Top Secret/S.I. [2]
High Stakes Gamble
Marvel Super Heroes [2]
Bullwinkle and Rocky
Buck Rogers: Battle for the 25th Century [2]
Roleplaying Game Books
Toon: The Cartoon Roleplaying Game [5]
Toon: The Cartoon Roleplaying Game (1991 Edition)
Toon: El juego de rol para jovenes y adultos
Son of Toon [2]
Toon Silly Stuff [2]
Toon Strikes Again [2]
Orcslayer [2]
Uncle Albert's Catalog from Hell: A Car Wars Supplement
Harkwood: Action and Intrigue at a Medieval Tourney (GURPS Fantasy)
GURPS Fantasy Adventures
Marvel Super Heroes: Reap the Whirlwind [2]
Marvel Super Heroes: One Thing After Another
Paranoia: Send in the Clones
Paranoia: The Computer Always Shoots Twice
Dungeons and Dragons
Campaign Sourcebook and Catacomb Guide
The Book of Lairs II [2]
Bestiary of Dragons and Giants
Adventure Pack I [2]
Player's Handbook
Greyhawk Adventures
Covert Operations Sourcebook (Top Secret/S.I.)
Citybook III: Deadly Nightside
OGRE Reinforcement Pack [2]
The Royal Pain/The Hollow Earth Affair [4]
Dragon: Monthly Adventure Role-Playing Aid, #127 [2]
Fantasy Gamer #3 [2], Dec/Jan 1984
2008-051/1 Drawings
Toon drawing inscribed by artist Kyle Miller, 1984



2008-091/7 Assignments, ca. 1969-71
Foreign language exercises
History readings
Book reports
Biology notebook
PSAT results
History papers
2008-091/8 Assignments, ca. 1968-74
Russion vocabulary exercises/translations
Louis XIV History
SAAC Camp (Science & Arts Camp), 1965
2008-091/9 Assignments, ca. 1955-67
Spelling Tests
Social Studies
4th grade class poetry book
Hunter College Elementary
Poems and drawings
Birth Announcement
4th grade class literary productions
Science notebooks
2008-091/10 Assignments, ca. 1958-65
Spelling/writing exercises
Mother's progress notes
Famous inventors report
"My Work Folder (Age 7)"
Research Materials
Jock Whitney dissertation file, ca. 1983


Personal files

2008-091/10 Wallets, ca. 1965
Picasa, 2002
Topo USA version 4.0, 2002
Microsoft BOB, 1994
2008-091/20 Alphabetical files, 1955-83
Allowance contract
Birth Announcement
Beatlemania playbill, 1977
Bill, paid [Gotham Book Mart], 1973
[B-file: Writing exercises]
"My Theory on Time Travel," 1967
"The End," 1969
"Why There Must Be Order in a Classroom," ca. 1967
Mrs. Rini's 4th Grade Class Poems
Mother's Day card
College Board test results [SAT]
[Coloring Exercises], ca. 1958
[Caroline, for]
Driver License Written Exam
Death, Warren's Comments About Michael's, ca. 1960
[Drawings], ca. 1958
Early stories and drawings
Spiral notebook
Film, the Museum of Warren Spector Department of screenings, Summer 1975
Fellowship, UT Graduate School [RTF], correspondence 1981
Gilbert and Sullivan play ticket
Glee Club, Horace Mann School, programs, 1969-71
Graduation, Horace Mann School
Commencement program, 1973
Honors notices in school newspaper, 1973
Graduation, Northwestern
Correspondence from Warren re: senior pictures
[G-file: Unidentified pin]
Horace Mann School materials
Hebrew School materials
Hebrew School, Emanu-El Community, graduation program, 1968
Hebrew School note to teacher from Mrs. Spector
Hebrew School summer reading list, 1965
[H-file: TSR press clipping]
[H-file: Social Studies report]
Horace Mann Small Chorus play program, 1971
The Horace Mann Record, April 28, 1972
Infancy, Mother's note on Warren's
[K-file: Hunter College Elementary School graduation artifacts]
Letters, postcards and notes
[L-file: Charlie Brown drawing], 1963
Music books, tablature
Music writing blank books
Medical plan
2008-091/21 [Note, unidentified]
Northwestern graduation materials
Regents Scholarship application materials
Resume and cover letter, 1977
Report cards
Research notes, ca. 1983
"The Case of the Smiling Dolphin", 1968
"The Hat", ca. 1960
Ticket, Education Testing Service, 1972
Texas, University of
Wildwood, Camp, correspondence
Wildwood Bugle issues, including articles by Spector, 1967
[North Carolina instruction booklets]
[Unidentified note]
"Cultural Deprivation and School Performance", 1972


Caroline Spector

2008-091/5 Letters: Ultima books
Book project files
Might & Magic Compendium
Ultima project
Ultima VII / Ultima Underworld
Prima [publisher]
Payment stubs
Royalty statements
2008-091/19 Pre-publication designs
Press clippings
DC Comics
Locus advertorial
"Zero Month: The Beginning of Tomorrow"
Locus Magazine issues
Coming Comics
Videogame reviews



2008-091/18 Origin
Frisbees [2]
Visors [2]
Water Bottle
GDC 2000 Etch-a-Sketch
Sandbox [symposium] toy tractor, 2007
Wing Commander: The 3-D Space Combat Simulator
Origin: We Create Worlds
Flight Unlimited
[Half-life symbol]
Game Players
Half-Life 2
Aspyr World 2000
Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri
Shirts I Am In Control of My Actions
TerraNova: Strike Force Centauri
Multitude: Things are About to Change



2008-091/11 Videogames in development
Strife v.1.0 [April 1996]
Published videogames
Deus Ex (Game of the Year Edition), 2001
[Restricted] Thief: The Dark Project (Eidos Platinum Collection), Looking Glass [PC], 1998
Thief: The Dark Project, Looking Glass [PC], 1998
Thief: Deadly Shadows, Eidos [PC], 2004
Thief: Deadly Shadows, Eidos [Xbox], 2004
Deus Ex: The Conspiracy, Ion Storm [PS2], 2002
Deus Ex: Invisible War, Ion Storm [Xbox], 2003
Deus Ex: Invisible War, Ion Storm [PC], 2003
Deus Ex: Invisible War, (German edition), Ion Storm [Xbox], 2003
Deus Ex (Russian bootleg), [PC], 2000
Deus Ex (Game of the Year Edition bootleg), [PC], n.d.
Deus Ex: Invisible War, (Russian bootleg) [PC],
Deus Ex: Invisible War (Russian bootleg) [PC],
Deus Ex (German edition), Ion Storm [PC], 2000
Deus Ex, Ion Storm [PC], 2000
Deus Ex (Game of the Year Edition), Ion Storm [PC] 2001
Wing Commander: The 3-D Space Combat Simulator, Origin Systems [PC], 1990
Wing Commander: The Secret Missions, Origin Systems [PC], 1990
Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi, Origin Systems [PC], 1991
Wing Commander II: Special Operations 2, Origin Systems [PC], 1992
Wing Commander II: Speech Accessory Pack, Origin Systems [PC], 1991
Wing Commander II: Special Operation 1, Origin Systems [PC], 1991
Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger, Origin Systems [PC], 1994
Armada: Wing Commander, Origin Systems [PC], 1994
Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom, Origin Systems [PC], 1996
Wing Commander: Prophecy, Origin Systems [PC], 1997
Ultima III: Exodus, Origin Systems [PC], 1983
Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar, Origin Systems [PC], 1985
Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny, Origin Systems [PC], 1988
Ultima VI: The False Prophet, Origin Systems [PC], 1990
Ultima VII: The Black Gate, Origin Systems [PC], 1991
UltimaVII: Segunda Parte (Serpent Isle Spanish edition), Origin Systems [PC], 1992
Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle: The Silver Seed, Origin Systems [PC], n.d.
Ultima Collection, Origin Systems [PC], 1999
Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss (Japanese Edition), Origin Systems/Blue Sky [PC], 1992
Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss, Origin Systems/Blue Sky [PC], 1992
Ultima Underworld II: Labryinth of Worlds, Origin Systems/Looking Glass [PC]
Ultima Underworld / Ultima Underworld II (compilation), Origin Systems [PC], 1993
Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire, Origin Systems [PC], 1990
Ultima Worlds of Adventure 2: Martian Dreams, Origin Systems [PC], 1991
Crusader: No Remorse, Origin Systems [PC], 1995
Crusader: No Regret, Origin Systems [PC], 1996
Wing Commander: Privateer, Origin Systems [PC], 1994
Shadowcaster, Raven/Origin Systems [PC], 1994
Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds (Japanese edition), Origin Systems [PC], 1995
TerraNova: Strike Force Centauri, Looking Glass [PC], 1996
Wings of Glory, Origin Systems [PC], 1994
Omega, Origin Systems [PC], 1989
Space Rogue, Origin Systems [PC], 1989
Knights of Legend, Origin Systems [PC], 1989
Windwalker, Origin Systems [PC], 1989
Shadowcaster (Japanese edition), Raven Software [PC] [3], 1993
Autoduel, Origin Systems [PC], 1985
Times of Lore, Origin Systems [PC], 1988
Moebius, Origin Systems [PC], 1987
Cyberware: Shareware Mission CD, Origin Systems [PC], 1995
Ultima IX: Ascension (Dragon Edition), Origin Systems [PC], 1999
Microsoft Golf, Microsoft [PC], 1993
NBA Live 2000, EA Sports [PC], 1999
Death Rally: Death in the Fast Lane, Apogee Software [PC], 1996
No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way, Monolith Productions [PC], 2002
Command and Conquer: Red Alert, Westwood Studios [PC], 1996
The Operative: No One Lives Forever, Monolith Productions [PC], 2000
The Sims, Electronic Arts [PC], 2000
Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, Microsoft [PC], 1999
Robot Rascals, Ozark Softscape [PC], 1987
Command & Conquer, Westwood Studios [PC], 1995
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, Electronic Arts [PC], 1999
Gothic, Piranha Bytes [PC], 2001
Half-Life, Valve / Sierra On-Line [PC], 1998
Half-Life: Opposing Force, Valve / Sierra On-Line[PC], 1999
Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion, Microsoft [PC], 2000
Hellfire, Sierra On-Line [PC], 1997
Commander Blood, Mindscape [PC], 1994
WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness, Blizzard [PC], 1995
WarCraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal (Expansion Set), Blizzard [PC], 1996
Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill, HER Interactive [PC], n.d.
Big Mutha Truckers 2, Empire Interactive [PC], 2005
Doom, id Software [PC], 1993
M.U.L.E., Ozark Softscape [PC], 1983
Car Wars, Texas Instruments [TI-99], 1981
Microsoft Entertainment Pack 2.0 for Windows CE, Microsoft [PC], 1998
System Shock, Origin Systems/Looking Glass [PC] [4], 1994
Bad Blood, Origin Systems [PC] [2], 1990
Cybermage: Darklight Awakening, Origin Systems [PC], 1995