University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the UT Graduate School of Library and Information Science Records, 1913-2001

Descriptive Summary

Creator: UT Graduate School of Library and Information Science
Title: UT Graduate School of Library and Information Science Records
Dates: 1913-2001
Abstract: The University of Texas at Austin Graduate School of Library and Information Science records document the daily and administrative activities of the graduate school’s staff, faculty, and students. The records are comprised of administrative files, accreditation files, minutes, printed material, photographs, negatives, and slides.
Accession No.: 67-109; 83-173; 84-59; 88-358; 93-300; 93-315; 93-352; 93-391; 94-026; 95-127; 99-244; 2001-108; 2009-201; 2011-189
OCLC No.: 505873622
Extent: 70 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Scope and Contents

The University of Texas at Austin Graduate School of Library and Information Science records document the daily and administrative activities of the graduate school’s staff, faculty, and students. The records are comprised of administrative files, accreditation files, minutes, printed material, photographs, negatives, and slides.


Archivist's Note

The school is currently called the School of Information, however to avoid confusion with earlier accessions the collection will continue to be called the Graduate School of Library and Information Science.


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This collection is open for research use.

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A portion of these records is stored remotely. Advance notice required for retrieval. Contact repository for retrieval.

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University of Texas at Austin. Graduate School of Library Science
University of Texas at Austin. Graduate School of Library and Information Science
University of Texas at Austin. School of Information
Austin (Tex.)

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See also the UT Library and Information Science Collection Records.

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Preferred Citation

University of Texas Graduate School of Library and Information Science Records, 1913-2001, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers


At the Library Storage Facility:

CDL2/C420 Fitch, Viola K., 1959
Folmer, Charles Fred, 1948-1962
Biographical data, G-K
McGann, Thomas Francis, 1965
Maxin, Bradley C., 1964-1966
Mendoza, Gunnar, 1965 1965
Moore, Mattie Ruth, 1962
Nelson, Mary Nadine, 1967
Schellenberg, T. R., 1949-1968
Stallman, Esther, 1949-1969
Bobinski, George, 1975
Ting, Mrs. Lee-Hsia, 1966
Biographical data:
Threadgill, Mrs. Betty B., 1957
Vann, Sarah Katharine, 1961-1964
Whitten Joseph Nathaniel, 1950
Winger, Howard W., 1951
Young, Heartsill H., 1950-1967
Prospective faculty, 1959-1967
LS staff:
Librarian, 1954
Reviser, Academic Assistant, Social Science Research Associate II, Professional Librarian, 1954-1968
Smith, Mrs. Marion A., 1960-1962
Secretary, 1949-1952
Reviser’s report, now Academic Assistant, 1966-1967
LS forms
LS History:
Correspondence, Internships, recent, 1964-1968
Internships, 1954-1967
Latin American Program:
Reports, 1964-1966
Publicity, 1964
Equipment and supplies
Consultants, visiting lecturers
Scholarship, loan funds: correspondence, publicity
CDL2/C421 Miscellaneous printed material, negatives
Association of American Library Schools
Education for Librarianship
ALA (American Library Association):
Committee on Accreditation
ALA Conferences, 1948-1949
ALA Conferences, 1948-1949
Council, 1961-1962, 1968
Divisions, 1957-1963
Association of American Library Schools, 1957-1963
Library Education Division, 1961-1963
LED miscellaneous committee correspondence, printed material, committee reports, 1960-1963
CDL2/C422 PEBCO (Program Evaluation and Budget Committee) of ALA, 1960-1963
ALA Conferences, 1960-1962
ALA awards
Miscellaneous correspondence, committee reports, 1960-1963
Miscellaneous divisions, comittees, meetings
School Librarian Certification
Texas Education Agency
Texas Library Association
Thesis information
The University
UT Library
Official correspondence
Presidents office communication
Salary notifications
Teacher retirement
Application for candidacy, Master’s degree
Master’s data sheet
Annual report
Awards, Scholarship, etc.
Chicago University, GLS
Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, 1948
CDL2/C423 Standards (Accrediting, library, etc.), 1933, 1952-1955
Texas Education Agency, 1963-1966
Budget, 1958-1970
Faculty, 1959-1970
Curriculum, 1958-1968
Enrollment, 1948-1968
Exams and tests, 1960-1969
Faculty and staff
CDL2/C424 Letters written in behalf of the school
Certification, TCLE, 1963-1964
Certification, TEA, 1963
Certification, University of Texas, 1963
Graduate Studies Committee Meetings, Minutes, 1970-1984
Doctoral proposal
Course descriptions
Miscellaneous printed material, correspondence
Recruiting and publicity, 1955-1970
University of Texas, 1950-1969
CDL2/C425 Accreditation
GSLS acquisition lists for library
GSLS announcements, catalogs, etc. (including duplicates)
CDL2/C426 Conferences, workshops, etc. (in state), 1948-1961
Conferences, workshops, etc. (out of state)
Recommendations for the Improvement of Education for Librarianship in Texas, 1968
CDL2/C427 GSLS news newsletter
GSLS newsletter and material for the newsletter
Quotes, comments, commendations, etc.
Theses, reports
Texas Council on Library Education
Extended MLIS
Materials for Guides
UT GSLS, history
Miscellaneous correspondence, printed material, reports
CDL2/C428 Continuing Education SWLA/CELS, 1973-1977
Learning Resource Specialist (LRS):
UT proposal (approved
TEA approved guidelines
Competency documents prepared for TEA
Final TEA document
Competencies, functions, A and B
Competencies, functions, C and D
TCLE Committee, working papers
Michigan Experimental Program (Knapp)
TCLE working papers
Continuing Education:
GSLS II (see also short courses)
GSLS Committee
Miscellaneous publications
CDL2/C429 Curriculum:
Cross listing, 1981
Records Management, 1977
Rare books, 1980
Research, 1977
Resident credit courses, out of state, 1981
Serials, 1980
Sixth Year Program, 1972, 1984
Thesis requirement, 1969
Supervised teaching courses (398T), 1979
General requirements, 1972
Medical libraries (see also Certification MLA), 1977-1981
Micrographics (Microfiche included)
Practicum, 1982
PSI, cataloging, 1973
Various papers, 1969-1978
Endorsement of specialization, 1978
Extension courses (except Houston), 1975-1978
Extension courses, Houston, 1972-1983
Latin American studies, 1972-1976
Law libraries, 1978-1979
Information Science, 1983
Individual studies course guidelines, 1975
Learning Resources (Post-Secondary), 1977-1979
Learning Resources Program (see special drawer), 1977
GSLS Archives, 1979
Comprehensive examination, 1970-1971
Conservation and Preservation, 1981
Course history, 1982
Sub-committee on Information Science report, May 1973
Curriculum sub-committee reports (by year), 1974
Curriculum sub-committee reports, 1972-1973, 1973-1974
Doctoral Program, 1970-1974
Accreditation, 1972-1982
Accreditation standards, 1951
GSLIS self study report, 1975
CDL2/C430 HEA (Higher Education Act) Title II-B, Institutes, 1975-1976
HEA Title II-B, research and demonstration, 1977
EPDA (Education Professions Development Act), 1972-1976:
ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act), Title VII, bilingual, 1977
Application for grant - Library Guide for Brazilian Studies, 1977-1978
ERIC proposal, 1973
School Library Manpower Project, 1970
Jesse K. Brown Memorial Fund, 1976
Application for grant - Development of an Energy R and D Information Network Interface Center, March 1975 - September 1976
National Science Foundation, Energy Information Center, 1974
Fellowships and Scholarships:
GSLS - Dr. Mary Grace Muse Adkins
Doe fellowships, miscellaneous, 1983
GSLS - Miss LeNoir Dimmitt
Other schools
Miscellaneous papers
GSLS - Everette and Harriet Dickson Reynolds
GSLS - H. W. Wilson
Summer 1980 - Fall 1988
CDL2/C431 TLA Awards, 1963
Library School:
ACRL, Microcard series, 1959-1963
U. S. Civil Service Examination, 1962
Directory, 1965
The Education of Librarians in Texas, 1962
Miscellaneous, 1972-1975
History 1958-1965, 1983
Newsletter, 1984
Newsletters, 1959-1966, 1982-1983
University of Chicago, GLS exams, 1937
Library Manpower, Needs and Utilization, 1967
Mercado, Ario Garza, 1963-1967
Commendation, letters, etc., 1965
Miscellaneous publications
Thesis manual
Texas Library Association
CDL2/C432 Executive Board, 1959-1960
Library Service Act, 1959-1960
National Conference on Aging, 1959-1960
Southwestern Library Association, 1959-1960
TLA, Intellectual Freedom, 1959-1960
Profiles, proposals, 1985
Title II-B Fellowship Grant applications:
Faculty resumes
Application for OE (Office of Education) Grant, 1977-1981
CDL2/C433 Application for Title II-B Grant, 1975-1977
Report forms for Title II-B Fellowship Grant, 1975-1976
Application for OEG Grant, 1974-1975
Reports, Title II-B Fellowships Grant OEG, 1973-1975
Economic deprivation guidelines. 1974-1975
Education for Librarianship, HEA, 1973-1974
Mexican American Institute, 1971-1973
Title II-B, 1987-1988
Title II-B, 1989-1990
Scholarships and Fellowships, HEA Title II-B, miscellaneous
Practicums, Title II-B, Summer 1978
CDL2/C434 Comprehensive examinations, 1949¬-1970
Library course taught at UT from 1921-1959
GSLIS, Organizational Climate Survey, 1984
Miscellaneous publications, brochures, pamphlets
Comprehensive examinations, student lists, 1948-1972
Faculty and staff extension enrollment, workshops and conferences
Enrollment statistics, 1953-1966
Course outlines
CDL2/C435 Self Study Repor†s, 1975-1977
UT Graduate School, 1976-1977
Information Science
TEA Accreditation
Affirmative Action, 1977-1984
Legal processes and claims
Rehabilitation Act, Sec. 504, handicapped
Open records
COA (Committee on Accreditation)
CDL2/C436 TLA:
Archives division, 1959-1960
Adult Education Committee, 1958-1959
Journal, 1958-1959
Awards Committee
Administrative Secretary
Executive Board, 1958-1959
Friends Scholarship Committee, 1958-1959
Conferences, 1960-1961
Constitution, 1960-1961
Board, 1960-1961
Legislative Committee, 1960-1961
Library Development Committee, 1960-1961
National Library Week Committee, 1958-1961
College Library Division, 1960-1961
Correspondence, general, 1958-1959
UT, history, etc.
93-300/1 Self-study reports, 1975, 1984, 1985
Graduate assembly report on report on GSLIS
Department of Defense Schools
EOS (Endorsement of Specialization)
Daniel Professorships
Title IX, self study
Visiting scholars
Library Science courses (note cards)
4T395 Minutes:
December 8, 1954 - February 9, 1959
November 10, 1960 - May 1, 1969
September 16, 1970 - May 1970
January 10, 1971 - August 1971
Correspondence, January 21, 1954 - April 27, 1972
Miscellaneous correspondence
Financial reports:
Receipts, 1950-1971
Regular statements of account
4T396 Correspondence, January 21, 1954 - April 27, 1972
Miscellaneous correspondence
Clippings and photographs
Miscellaneous printed material, clippings
2.325/B1a Correspondence, memoranda, reports, articles, 1983
2009-201/1 Meetings:
Houston Extension
Meetings, 1969-1999
Faculty Advisory Committee Retreat, 10/25/96
Faculty-Staff Meetings 96-97
Administrative/Faculty Meeting, 1997-1998
February 14-15, 1992
2009-201/2 Faculty Retreat, August 29, 1995
August 27, 1993
August 17, 1992
April 19, 1991
February 10, 1989
Graduation, Spring 1995
Programs (1979-present)
Graduation, Fall 1998
Degrees conferred, Summer 1998
Graduation, May 1998
Graduation, December 1997
Degrees conferred, August 1997
Graduation, Spring 1997
Graduation, Fall 1996
Graduates, August 1996
Graduation, May 1996
Graduation, December 1995
ALA Accreditation files:
COA Self-Study, 1991
Visiting Team Report, 1992
Self Study Update (Spring 1992)
Reaccreditation - site visit details, 1991
2009-201/3 Ad Hoc Study Committee Reference Materials, 1983-1985
G-Ad Hoc Study, 1975-1975 (Meeting 11/9/83)
Reference Materials
Self-Study Update, 1/85
UT Austin. GSLIS, State of Texts as of all-day meeting, 9/23/84
2009-201/4 Self Study, 1976
NCATE Accreditation files:
Curriculum Planning
State Board of Education, Rules for Teacher Education, 1984
Specialist form for evaluating program
Southern Association Accreditation
State Requirements - other states
Student Teaching/Practicum
NCATE Accreditation
Inactive Applications
ExCET Scores-735, through 1989, Analysis of scores
Certification Documents Relating LRE and LRS Programs
Cert by Examination
Alternative Certification
Institutional Report Basic and Advance Programs, prepared for the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, Fall 1982
UT Program Document
NCATE Matrix for School Library/Media Cert.
UT SA and UT El Paso
MLIS Curriculum Committee
Photocopy of a draft on a Manual on Archival Descriptive Techniques, by T.R. Schellenberg, 1961
Lew Gould’s material for ad hoc study committee on the direction of GSLIS, 1982
2009-201/5 Videocassettes of Dr. David Gracy’s Introduction to library and information studies, 1996


At the Collections Deposit Library

93-391/1 Preservation Program:
Paul Banks files
93-391/2 Applicants files
93-391/3 Financial statements
93-391/4 Financial statements
93-391/5 Publicity
Conservation Education Programs, Administrative Assistant Manual
Budget, funding, etc.
93-391/6 International Seminar on Research in Preservation and Conservation, 1991
93-391/7 Administrative files
93-391/8 Performance reports (NEH)
Budget information
Columbia University FAS statements, 1985-1989
Information on student conferences and field trips
General, miscellaneous files
93-391/9 Administrative Files
Carolyn Harris files:
Cardex, preservation notes, lecture notes, workshop curriculum and other notes
Columbia School of Library Service directory, 1991-1992
94-026/1 Alert Boxes:
Disaster School
Old NEH grant material
Latin American files
ICA/IFLA background/planning files
94-026/2 NEH grant files, 1981-1984
Administrative manual, 1983
National Museum grant, 1988
Student Handbook, 1984
Field trips, 1987
Financial statements, Mellon Foundation, 1984
State Certification Program NYU/Columbia, 1985
Library Career Training Fellowships, 1986
Cryobibliotherapy Two-Day Symposium documents, 1987
Equipment Inventory Handbook, 1982
Faculty Book, 1985
NEH Report, 1984-1987
Mellon Foundation, 1987
REQs and POs, 1987
POs, 1983
Visiting Committee, 1987
Stipends, 1985
Personal and travel files of Allert
94-026/3 Administrative notes, 1989
Draft proposal, NEH, 1989
Questionnaires, 1988-1989
ICA/IFLA Conference files, 1991
Latin American files
Program files for CPS, 1989-1990
94-026/4 Chronological files, 1981-1990
NEH Grant, 1989
Course syllabi
Student Handbook
Equipment inventory
Advisory Committee meeting, 1989
Student papers from CTP 12th Annual Conference, 1986
Exhibit at Thomas Watson Library
Maps of floor plan, Conservation Labs
Getty Conservation Institute Discussion paper, 1988
94-026/5 Annual Art Conservation Training Programs Conferences:
Fourteenth, Buffalo, 1988
Fifteenth, Harvard, 1989
Sixteenth, Delaware, 1990
Seventeenth, NYU, 1991
Conservation Program, Columbia, 1987
Advisory Committee meeting, 1989
World Monuments Fund file
Abbey Newsletter correspondence
Acuril Conference, Virgin Islands
Association of Graduate Training Programs, 1986
AGTPC Student Conference, Buffalo, 1988
AGTPC Student Conference, Delaware, 1990
AGTPC Student Conference, New York, 1991
American Library Association, 1984
American Library Association Handbook, 1989
Banco de Bilbao, 1988
Chicago Historical Society request for papers, 1988
Columbia University:
Orders, directives
Administrative Manual, 1987
Equipment inventory
Computer systems
Advisory Committee
Alumni list
Applications requests
Curriculum materials
Faculty notes
Field trips
International conferences
New location
Prospective students
Student files
Interoffice communication
Interuniversity communication
Phone bills
Travel vouchers
Maps and visitor information sheets
Correspondence with Dean Wedgeworth
Disaster recovery
NEH expired grant files
Frarco, Suely Campos
Frost, Gary
Fulbright Scholar
NEH proposed grant, 1990
NEH final performance report, 1987-1990
National Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Property, Inc.


At Sid Richardson Hall

3G480 1913-1963:
Class pictures and other pictures
Newspaper clippings
Libraries and University of Texas newspaper clippings
Serving Texas, by Department of Public Relations, University of Texas
School Library survey
Association of American Library Schools, applications of membership
Library School budget, 1919-1957
Acquisitions and loans
Book selection
Cataloging and classification
Children’s literature
2.325/B56 Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, study of public school librarians in Texas, ca. 1930s-1950s
3W37.11 Photographic material:
[AR 93-300; 99-244]
3Y113 [AR 83-173]
Color slides, 1963
3T783 [AR 2009-201]
Faculty Photographs
[AR 2009-201]
Advisory Council Photographs, 2001
[AR 2009-201]
Assorted Photographs
[AR 2009-201]
Assorted Negatives
2.325/D26g Oversize:
[AR 2009-201]
2.325/K70c [95-309]
Conservation/Preservation first open house "Guest Book," December 1993
4Zg47 [2011-189]
Administrative files:
Senior research projects
Handbook, 1996
Lab worksheets,
PCS Summer Internship Summary: Whitney Baker, 1997
Conservation Treatment reports,
Conservator portfolio: Christine McCarthy,
Conservator portfolio: Kazuko Hioki,
4Zg48 The Cochineal materials
Lab logs, 1982-1985
Lab photo proofs and negatives
Lab logbook
List of PCS reference books on cardfile