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A Guide to the Robert Crawford Cotner Papers, 1767-1981, 1995

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Cotner, Robert Crawford
Title: Robert Crawford Cotner Papers
Dates: 1767-1981, 1995
Abstract: Papers document the career of Robert C. Cotner (1906-1980), historian, author, professor at the University of Texas at Austin (1940-1977), and biographer of James Stephen Hogg.
Accession No.: 61-35; 62-39; 63-16; 63-144; 66-159; 68-42; 68-121; 80-7; 81-15; 2008-171
Extent: 59 ft. 3 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Robert Crawford Cotner (1906-1980) began his career as an historian, author, and teacher in 1928 when he completed his B.A. degree at Baylor University. Dr. Cotner began his teaching career as a debate coach at Midland High School in 1929. He earned his M.A. degree from Brown University and his Ph.D. from Harvard University. He came to the University of Texas in 1940. As a professor of history, he developed courses in social and intellectual history and American biography. As an author, Robert Cotner is best known for his monumental work, James Stephen Hogg: A Biography (1959). An authority on Southern and Southwestern history, Dr. Cotner remained professionally active throughout his long career, serving as book review editor for the Southwestern Historical Association Quarterly from 1966 to 1969 and as president of the East Texas Historical Association in 1971-1972. He was a member of many committees of various historical associations including the Western Historical Association, the Southern Historical Association, and the Southwestern Social Science Association. He retired from the University of Texas in 1977.

Scope and Contents

Papers document the career of Robert C. Cotner (1906-1980), historian, author, and professor at the University of Texas at Austin (1940-1977), and consist of correspondence; files concerning course materials, professional activities, and UT's Department of History; typescripts, notes, and other supporting materials related to Cotner's publications, primarily James Stephen Hogg: A Biography (1959). Additional research material includes a religious diary by Adonirum Judson Moore; a diary account of the Philadelphia Exposition; a Civil War diary transcript; the memoirs of James H. Tomb, a Confederate prisoner of war and an engineer in the Confederate Navy and in Brazil during its war with Paraguay; a transcript of a World War I diary of Texas National Guard experiences at Camp Bowie (Fort Worth) and overseas; diary of Martha Sophie Hogg; and a 1917 diary detailing "The Happenings of Squad Eight at Camp Baule[?]". Also contained are photographs, postcards, transparencies, filmstrips, sound recordings, newspapers, and artifacts.

The collection is arranged by type of material and subject groupings.


Access Restrictions

Restricted access.

A small portion of these papers is not open to the public. Access to audio and photographic negatives is also restricted. Please contact repository for more information.

Use Restrictions

A majority of the papers is stored remotely. Advance notice required for retrieval. Contact repository for retrieval.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Cotner, Robert Crawford -- Archives.
Painter, Theophilus S. (Theophilus Shickel), 1889-1969.
Hogg, Ima.
Hogg, James Stephen, 1851-1906.
Subjects (Organizations)
University of Texas. Dept. of History
United States--History.

Related Material

See also James Stephen Hogg Papers, 1836-1969

Separated Material

Books from AR 2008-171, primarily related to Texas and U. S. History, transferred to TXC library. Artifacts from AR 2008-171, including academic hood and framed fabric labeled “swatch of material from costume worn by Marie Antoinette,” sent to artifacts curator. Additionally, transcripts of J. S. Hogg letters and letter presses and law book inventory (boxes 3X103 – 3X117) separated to the James Stephen Hogg Papers.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Robert Crawford Cotner Papers, 1767-1981, 1995, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers



3N327 (1956169) General correspondence:
1938 - December 1953
3N328 (1956170) January 1954 – July 1958
3N329 (1956249) August 1958 – August 1962
3N330 (1956023) January 1963 – December 1966
3N331 (1956191) January 1967 – December 1969
Undated (Probably 1960s)
3N332 (1956012) January 1970 – December 1972
3N333 (1956227) January 1973 – December 1976
3N334 (1956180) 1977
January 1978 – December 1979
Financial reports:
1946-1972 and undated
3N335 (1956158) Professional Activities:
American Studies Association, 1953-1971
Appointment calendars, 1971-1973
Baylor University, 1947, 1970, 1975 and undated
Curriculum vitae and retirement, circa 1977, 1981
Daniels publication project, 1970
East Texas Historical Association, 1964-1980
Fortnightly Club records:
Book 1923-1939 and receipts 1939-1940
1939-1940 and undated
3N336 (1956056) 1943-1944
1946-1950, 1956, 1966
Hogg Day – December 8, 1951, 1951-1952
Hogg Day, clippings, 1951-1952
Katz, Harvey, 1972 and undated
Organization of American Historians, 1966-1968
Phi Kappa Sigma, 1949-1959
Sharp Fund, 1952-1958
Southern Historical Association, 1950, 1953-1955
Southwestern Historical Quarterly, August 1966 – March 1969
Southwestern Social Science Association, 1949-1961 and undated
3N337 (1956067) Texas Memorial Museum, 1967-1979
Texas State Historical Association:
1962-1979 and undated
1949-1961 and undated
3N338 (1956103) 1970-1977 and undated
Drafts, circa 1973-1974
Treasurer’s reports, 1975-1978
Correspondence and reports, 1979-1980
Western History Association, 1966, 1967
Correspondence with publishers:
1952-1956 and undated
1960-1977 and undated
1974 revision, 1972-1975
Permissions, 1974
Announcements and miscellaneous, 1952-1968 and undated
3N339 (1956090) Royalty statements, 1953-1981
Re: Speeches and State Papers, 1950-1955
Miscellaneous, 1954-1977 and undated
UT History Department records:
Correspondence and reports, 1941-1955
3N340 (1956089) Correspondence and reports, 1956-1975
3N341 (1956078) Correspondence and repots, 1976-1979 and undated
Biographical data on Robert Cotner, circa 1949-1963 and undated
Biographical data on Robert Cotner, 1964-1972 and undated
Cotner membership in graduate faculty, 1965
American Studies, 1956-1961 and undated
American Studies, 1958, 1971, 1973
History Budget Council, 1971-1976
3N342 (1956238) Committees on courses, 1952-1976 and undated
Committee on evaluation, 1948-1949
Committee on extended service, 1967-1972 and undated
Faculty senate, 1971-1974
Graduate studies, 1947-1963, 1973 and undated
Pre-Law advising, 1950-1968 and undated
Committee on religious life, 1957-1962
3N343 (1955880) University Council and General Faculty, 1950-1976
Book orders, 1961-1970-1977
Faculty publications, 1948-1971
“Stephen Spurr, President’s report,” 1968-1975
Special topics, 1950, 1970, 1976 and undated
Theses completed circa 1960s
Walter P. Webb, ed 1963-1964, 1976 and undat
Student materials:
Acosta – Bussey
3N344 (1955825) Cahill – Gordon
3N345 (1955836) Hall – Knippa
3N346 (1951937) Kyle – Robert
3N347 (1952055) Roberts – Suhler
3N348 (1952033) Talley – Young
Ziegler – unidentified authors
Book reviews and miscellaneous
3N349 (1956205) Papers for Texas Cities During the Great Depression 1929-1936:
San Angelo
San Antonio
San Marcos
Information cards, 1961-1970
3N350 (1955891) Information cards, 1971-1973
General information for graduate students
Class rolls from other universities, 1965, 1967
Graduate student records:
1951-1979 and undated
Dean Banks, 1973-1976
3N351 (1955858) Paul Lofton, 1971-1977 and undated
Robert Sledge, 1967-1973 and undated
Readings lists for graduate students
Correspondence and extension course
Course materials:
Notes on American history, general
Notes on American history, the Frontier
History 15a/b
3N352 (1955870) History 315 (American history since 1865):
Outlines and assignments
Review of Civil War
Cities in Civil War
Results of Civil War
War and reconstruction
Lincoln and Johnson and Reconstruction
Destruction of Civil War
Election of 1868
Negro in Reconstruction
The Supreme Court and reconstruction
The Frontier
U. S. Grant, 1865-1897
Big business
Election of 1876
Issues, 1876-1900
Progressivism in South, 1870-1914
Hayes – transition president, 1880
Chester Arthur’s civil service reform, 1880
Agriculture, 1867-1900
Railroads, 1861-1915
Organized labor, 1865-1900
Railroads, 1861-1915
Organized labor, 1865-1900
Money and Cleveland’s second administration
The city, review to 1900
Spanish American War, 1898
T. Roosevelt
W. H. Taft
The campaign of 1912
W. Wilson and 1912
Diplomacy, Taft to WWI
Demobilization under Wilson
Disintegration of the peace, 1919-1939
Farmer’s plight and Dust bowl, 1921-1934
Problems, 1919-1932
Hoover and the Depression
3N353 (1955869) F. D. Roosevelt and New Deal
The price of leadership, Korea
The Eisenhower Era
The presidency, 1950s through Johnson
Johnson’s troubled years
Clips on Vietnam, 1960s, 1975
Economy, 1973/1974
Tests (blank)
Tests, keys and graded
Seating charts and miscellaneous
History 615 (same period as History 315)
History 335 (L&M, Social History of the United States, discovery to 1865 and 1865 to the present):
Discovery to 1766
Revivalism, 1740-1742
Votes on Revolution, 1760-1789
Readings on the Revolution
The new government
Arts and architecture to 1825
The national character, circa 1825
Newspapers and periodicals, 1775-1825
Antislavery in Rhode Island, 1784-1790
The 18th century, miscellaneous clippings
Intellectual awakenings from 1825
The Jacksonian period
European inheritance to 1865
Racial composition to 1865
Family life to 1865
Science and invention, circa 1825
Imperialism to 1865
Cult of the common man to 1865
Dominant factors, 1825-1865
3N355 (1956216) The U. S. in 1859 (clipping)
The Indian contribution to 1865
Spiritualism, 1848 to present
Mormonism, 1831 to present
Organized religious life to 1865
Religious liberalism to 1865
Dissemination of new learning to 1865
Natural science, social science, medicine to 1865
Manufacturing and transportation, 1825-1865
Antebellum south
Reform movements to 1880s
Prohibition to 1865
Position of women to 1865
Popular journalism to 1865
Ralph W. Emerson
James Hammond
Recreation and comforts to 1865
Drama and music to 1865
Colonial arts and architecture to 1865
Primitive arts to 1860
Aristocratic principles before 1865
Immigrants and immigration, 1860 to 1950
Irish and German immigration, 1840-1860
Civil War, artists and journalists
Civil War
Texas under carpetbaggers
Civil War and after – business boom
Urbanization before 1865
City and reviving labor movement to 1880
City movement, 1865-1900
Rural maladjustments
The Homestead Strike, 1892
Revival of the temperance movement, circa 1890
3N356 (1956034) Travel and postal to 1865
Making a living to 1865
Yesterday’s Addicts, 1865-1920
List of 19th century artists
“Why the cult of the common man”
American language to 1865
Humanitarian reform to 1865
Noah Webster, education to 1865
Religious development, 1860-1917
Election of 1876 and issues in 1896
19th century social history, clippings
Regionalism and W. P. Webb
End of American innocence, 1900-1914
Standard Oil to 1911
Socialist movements to 1914
Ferment of Progressivism to 1916
Great steel strike, 1919
Peace and diplomacy, 1900-1917
Woodrow Wilson
The unarmed forces, 1917
WWI and after
W. G. Harding
Hughes and foreign policy
Immigration restrictions, 1917-1924
Oil controversy, U. S. and Mexico, 1917-1924
Al Smith, 1928
Cultural trends, 1933-1953
Neutrality, 1937-1941
Decline of collective security, 1933-1942
Yalta to Potsdam
Japanese in U.S., 1942-1945
FDR – New Deal and foreign policy
3N357 (1956045) The Cold War
Money and banking, 1950s
The 1958 election
The 86th Congress, 1959
Eisenhower foreign policy
1950s, miscellaneous
“Going south”
Southern literary renaissance
Droughts, 1955-1977
Stamler case, 1965
1960s clippings – political
Kennedy administration
Ecumenical Council, 1962
The family in the 20th century
The cities, circa 1970
Literature and art, 20th century
Organized and unorganized labor, circa 1970s
Poverty and affluence clippings, circa 1970
The Negro in American life, 1968-1975
Aspects of society in 20th century
Travelers in U.S.
America’s contributions
American civilization, general observations
3N358 (1955916) Seating charts
Paper topics
3N359 (1955814) Student prepared outlines
Student prepared reviews
Readings lists
3N360 (1951960) Reserve reading lists
“Harvard readings in U.S. History”
Readings list from Howard University, circa 1949
Bibliography for American business
20th century reading lists
Subject titled files:
Arts, 1865-1900
Deeper trends, 1865-1900
Problems of race acculturation
Law and lawyers, 1865-1900
Reorganization of higher education
Role of the city in American cultural life
Penal reform to 1900
Journalism and books, 1890s
Philosophical approaches to reform (Mark Twain)
Social Darwinism
3N361 (1956125) Mary Baker Eddy
Advances in science before 1900
Education in America, 1967
Kierkegaard and Walter Ranschenbush
Cowboys in the movies
Leisure and “high society,” 1865-1900
Literature of the Industrial Age (pictures), 1865-1900
Culture as big business
Fine arts, 1865-1900
Frank Lloyd Wright
Painting Millais and Wyeth
Louisiana Cajuns (student paper)
Mine safety, 1914
Mobile Americans
Women, 1865-1914 (clippings)
The American family
American vitality, 1960
Mental illness, 1964
Capital punishment, circa 1965
Social welfare (student papers)
“Where is society going?”
Notes on McMaster’s social history
The creative arts in Canada, 1959
Social history, miscellaneous
3N362 (1956114) History 336 (American leaders)::
General notes and bibliography
George Washington
Samuel Adams
The Adams family
Patrick Henry
Benjamin Franklin
Thomas Jefferson
Aaron Burr
Alexander Hamilton
James Otis
Henry Clay
Daniel Webster
John Marshall
Roger Brooke Taney
James Wilkinson
John Randolph
Eli Whitney
John Moses Browning
Samuel F. B. Morse
Daniel Pratt
John Gorrie
Andrew Jackson
John C. Calhoun
Sam Houston
Stephen A. Douglas
Abraham Lincoln
Andrew Johnson
Tom Watson
Charles Sumner and Thad Stevens
3N363 (1955927) U. S. Grant
Jim Bridger
Rutherford B. Hayes
James Stephen Hogg
Charles William Macune
Andrew Carnegie
George Eastman
William Henry David Murray
Booker T. Washington
Norris Wright Cuney
Edwin Drake
“Nelly Bly”
William McKinley
Billy Sunday
Theodore Roosevelt
J. P. Morgan and Jay Gould
Woodrow Wilson
Grover Cleveland
Herbert Hoover
Notes on the Depression and WWII
Doris Miller
F. D. Roosevelt
Harry S. Truman
Douglas McArthur
George C. Marshall
Fiorella La Guardia
Adlai Stevenson
Estes Kefauver
Dwight D. Eisenhower
John Foster Dulles
Dean Rusk
Walter Reuther
Wayne Morse
Bernard Baruch
George Gershwin
Walter Chrysler
3N364 (1955938) Lester Maddox
Earl Long
John Nance Garner
Earl Warren
Barry Goldwater
Nelson Rockefeller
Helen Taft Manning
John Kennedy
Robert Kennedy
Lyndon B. and Lady Bird Johnson
James Earl Ray
Richard M. Nixon
Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter
Dick Gregory
Frank Lloyd Wright
Norman Mailer
Dudley Crawford Sharp
Ben Barnes
Price Daniel
Miscellaneous Biographies
3N365 (1956147) Bibliographical cards
Readings lists
Bound readings lists
Reviews of biographies
Student assignments:
Book reviews
3N366 (1956136) L-Z
Seating charts and miscellaneous
History 389 and 389.3 (The Urban South):
Population, 1900-1960
Census materials for Texas and the South, circa 1950-1960
Population in large cities, circa 1960
Regional problems
Map assignments
Student reports on Culture in the South
Clippings, 1959-1971 and undated
3N367 (1952077) History 389 (The Urban South):
Notes and outlines
Clippings on urban topics, 1960-1977 and undated
Clippings on Texas cities, 1958-1977 and undated
Clippings on Austin (Texas) bond election, 1970
Clippings on Camp Bowie and Brownwood, 1967
History 319 (The South):
Bibliography and miscellaneous
Buck lecture (circa 1939) and notes
Notes on Barker’s Texas History Course, circa 1942
History 391 (Urban):
Bibliography and miscellaneous
Introduction and assignments
Urban history studies group, circa 1973
Problems, bibliography and clippings
DuPont’s science city, 1967
Geography and city (student paper)
Texas border cities note
Article on the Depression, 1970
3N368 (1951904) Cities in wartime
Background for H.U.D.
Urban renewal (student reports)
Little Rock, Ark. Renewal, 1969
Transportation clippings, 1972-1975
Urbanism, 1938, 1961-1969
Urban action, 1971
“The City in the Westward Movement…,” 1974
The suburbs, circa 1968-1972
Clippings on Austin (Texas) budget, 1971
Small Texas towns, 1973
Southern cities, assignments
Migratory labor
Environment, 1935, 1971, 1974
Bibliography on farmers
Bibliography on regionalism
Miscellaneous on American novels
Bibliography on disasters
Clippings on public health, 1967, 1969 and undated
Religious development, 1955
Student book reports
3N369 (1952011) History 392 (Social History of U.S.):
Readings lists
Topical bibliographies
Notes on social history of England
Articles, 1937-1976 and undated
People and environment
Americans at war
Reform and progressivism (student paper)
Notes on regionalism
Project on Southern cities, 1967-1968
Outline notes on urban history
Cities, bibliographies and clippings
Educational development
History 397K (Readings in Texas History):
Assignment on J. Frank Dobie
European Economic history, notes
3N370 (1952000) Economic history, notes, Harvard
Clippings file (for Social History):
Academic freedom, 1966
American historiography
Arts, 1967, 1970 and undated
“Class of 1969”
Family allowance plan, 1970
Lawlessness in the 20th century, circa 930-1961 and undated
Legal profession, 1952-1961 and undated
Literature, 1953-1962 and undated
Medicine and public health, 1946-1977 and undated
Mental health, 1949-1961
Mexicans, 1951, 1959 and undated
Military training, 1952-1955 and undated
Motion pictures, 1957-1965
Music, 1949-1962 and undated
National budget, 1957-1959
Negro military, circa 1964-1965
Negroes in the 20th century, circa 1950-1970 and undated
3N371 (1951959) The New Deal, 1944, 1953-1954
Newspapers – Free Press, 1951-1963 and undated
Nigh clubs, 1960
Oil industry, 1957 and undated
Parks, 1960-1962 and undated
Peace movements, 1963, 1966
Philanthropy – Foundations, 1952-1959 and undated
Physical science, 1955-1959, 1970 and undated
Poetry, 1962, 1963
Political reforms, 1947-1954
Population, 1947-1963 and undated
Prohibition, 1953
Racketeers, 1950
Ranch life, undated
Regionalism, circa 1952
Religion in America, 1947-1963 and undated
Roman Catholics, 1962 and undated
Slums, 1955-1961
Social consequences of inflation, 1951
Social sciences, circa 1950s
Sports, 1953, 1967 and undated
Urban renewal in Providence, Rhode Island, 1962 and undated
United Nations, 1950s
Veterans, 1953, 1954 and undated
Water and weather, 1957, 1961
Westward movement in 20th century, 1940, 1972
Women in 20th century, 1949-1972 and undated
3N372 (1955847) Miscellaneous:
Curti’s outlines on U. S. history
Reprints for American history outline
Workbook for American history
Notes on 20th century church architecture
Evaluation of TV course, circa 1962
Harvard reading list
Texas history bibliography
Bibliographical material
Seating charts
UT Materials:
Clippings on UT History, 1880-1894, 1957
Firing of John Silber, 1970
Texas Union Board, 1964-1969
Shuttle bus strike, 1976-1977
(pictures, student paper, etc.)
3N373 (1952044) Shuttle bus strike, 1976-1977,
newspapers and handbills
Student/faculty evaluation of faculty, 1948-1949
Student life, 1890s-1975, undated
“Saga of Waller Creek”
Re: Staff, faculty, students
Articles published by UT, 1958-1973
Miscellaneous reports, memos, announcements, 1951-1976 and undated
Clippings, 1955-1977
Clippings about higher education, circa 1945-1970 and undated
A & M and St. Edwards University
(student papers)
Literary publications:
James Stephen Hogg biography:
Draft of Chapter I to 1850
Draft of Chapter I
3N374 (1952088) Rough draft of Chapter I
Rewrite of Chapter I
Material for Chapter I
Deleted Pages and notes for I
Draft on Thomas Hogg for I
Notes on Thomas Hogg for I
Two versions of I
3N375 (1952066) Draft on 1833-1846 period
Draft on 1840s period
Draft on 1850s period
Draft on pre-Civil War period
Draft on Civil War period
Draft on Civil War aftermath
Draft on Hoggs in Texas
3N376 (1952022) Rough draft, Chapter II
Chapter II
Chapter II, 1870-1876
Rough draft, Chapter III
Chapter III
Chapters I-III and footnotes
Chapter IV
Chapters I-IV and introduction
3N377 (1952124) Carbons of Chapters I-IV
Chapter V
Carbon and footnotes of Chapter V
Chapter VI
Carbons of I-VI
3N378 (1951926) Chapter VI-XII marked “important”
Chapter VII
Notes for VII
Carbons of I-VII
Chapter VIII, 2 versions
Chapter VIII, on corporate charters
3N379 (1951915) Notes and drafts on Hogg as attorney general
Notes and drafts on Hull-Hogg controversy
Notes and drafts on 1890 election
Notes and drafts on railroad issues
3N380 (1951890) Rough draft of Chapter IX
Draft of Chapter IX
Later draft of Chapter IX
Carbons of footnotes for I-IX
3N381 (1951880) Rough draft on Chapter X
Chapter XI and notes
Chapter X
(2 versions)
Notes on 1891 issues
3N382 (1952113) Footnotes for Chapters X-XII
Material for Chapters XII-XIV
Notes on campaign of 1894
Chapter XV
Chapter XVI
3N383 (1952102) Chapter XVII
Material for Chapters XVIII and XIX
Chapter XX
Chapter XXI
Chapter XXII, Hogg-Swayne
Chapter XXII, oil and the future of Texas
Notes and untitled pages
Fragments and discarded pages
3N384 (1951948) Fragments of Chapters V and VI
Chapters I-X, incomplete
Author’s proof and introduction to page 194
Author’s proof, pp.195-391
Author’s proof, pp. 392-586
As dissertation topic
3N385 (1959203) Short pieces on James Stephen Hogg:
Brief sketch
Longer sketch
Speech for TSHA
Speech for DRT
“For Quarterly
Texas Cities During the Great Depression, 1929-1936:
Outline and introduction
San Marcos
San Antonio
(2 papers)
3N386 (1959269) Midland
San Angelo
Readings in American History, Vol. II:
Page proof
Permissions, 1951-1952
Comparisons of readers
Correspondence with co-authors, 1951-1952
3N387 (1959247) Correspondence with co-authors, 1953-1957
Correspondence with co-authors, 1960-1963
Proposals for re-print of James Stephen Hogg, Speeches and State Papers, 1949-1950
Introduction to Eagle Pass, circa 1966
Editing of Texas State Capitol, circa 1969
Introduction to Trail Life, 1968
Notes for book on Norris Wright Cuney, circa 1964
Book reviews, 1946-1980, undated
3N388 (1959236) Edited reviews, 1955-1969
Articles in journals, 1948-1964
Articles and manuscripts:
Few Brewster
Guy Bryan
Oscar Cooper
John Hickman and Charles Macune
Impeachment in the 14th century
“Alfalfa” Bill Murray
Gilbert Onderdonk
Dudley Sharpe
Jesse Stem
James Tomb
The Virginius case
3N389 (1959190) Speeches, 1937, 1964, 1974
Publication projects, 1949-1979
Lists of Cotner’s works
Miscellaneous works, book jackets, announcements
Reviews of Cotner’s books of James Stephen Hogg, 1951, 1959
Reviews, correspondence and inquiries on Texas Cities, 1968-1975 and undated
Reviews of Cotner’s other works, 1966-1977
Research materials:
Hogg quotations:
January-July 1877
3N390 (1959145) January-July 1877
January 1877-July 1888
May-August 1889
3N391 (1959156) August 1888-August 1889
February-March 1890
March-April 1890
3N392 (1959258) December 1890-January 1891
Copies of James Stephen Hogg letters for biography, numbers 1-451
Manuscript calendar of James Stephen Hogg correspondence:
Mixed numbers to 240
3N393 (1959134) Numbered 388-838
3N394 (1959214) James Stephen Hogg letters:
Annotated, “racial matters,” 1888-1892
Annotated, “Negro affairs,” 1891-1897
Annotated, “legislature 1891”
Notes and map re: election of 1892
James Stephen Hogg letters:
Annotated, “legislature 1893”
Re: Notary appointments, 1890-1895
Notes on James Stephen Hogg and the newspapers
James Stephen Hogg letters:
Appointments and claims, circa 1890-1891
Law enforcement and pardons, 1891
Legal documents, 1891-1895
Notes on Harrison’s visit to Texas
Notes on last years, 1900-1907
2.325/M73 Articles relating to the death of James S. Hogg [Photostats], 1906
3N395 (1959225) Copies of Photostats of land papers, Hogg Family, 1767-1853 and undated
Thomas Hogg
James L. Hogg
Sarah Ann Hogg
Notes on Hogg Family
“The Hogg Mansion”
Hogg-McMath genealogical notes
1949 interview with Ima Hogg
Papers received from Juanita Hogg Hitt
Correspondence and interviews on James Stephen Hogg
Map of railroad expansion in East Texas, 1885-1889
Notes and fragments for biography
Miscellaneous note cards for biography
3N396 (1959270) Miscellaneous papers re: James Stephen Hogg biography
“Richardson’s corrections”
Bibliographic notes
“Inquiries by correspondence, 1935-1958
3N397 (1952099) C. W. Rain’s work on James Stephen Hogg
Bibliographical index on American history subjects
3N398 (1960406) Bibliographical card index on American history subjects
Bibliographical card index on Texas history subjects
Data and questionnaires, student-faculty evaluations
Carroll and Friend Texas reading list
3N399 (1837523) Texas topics:
Agriculture, Stanton article, list of journals
C. Ray Akin
Austin notes and student papers
Texas Baptists, 1947, 1962 and undated
E. C. Barker article on history, 1938
Brazos reserve, map
Guy M. Bryan
Camp Bowie, 1917-1922
Horace Chilton, circa 1870s
Southwestern Historical Quarterly article on capitols
Governor Edward Clark
Chinese in Texas, 1850-1970
Harrison in El Paso, Photostat and student paper
Honor students, geographical distribution, 1950
Kenadall letters, 1856
Littlefield home
(student paper)
3N400 (1960381) Methodist Episcopal minutebook, circa 1870s
(incomplete manuscript)
Migrant labor, Mission Texas, 1965-1966
“Practicing Western Astrology,” (LBJ), 1964
Shaddix manuscript 1979 (Pleasure boat industry)
“The Texian Soldier” poem, 1854
Print of Texas map, 1836
“Texian Traits” by Kendall, 1842
Throckmorton-Epperson letters, circa 1865
Tyler piece, unknown author, circa 1964
John LeRoy Waller
Water resources project, 1965
Agriculture miscellaneous to 1900
Altgeld-Cleveland controversy, 1894
William G. Brown, manuscript
W. I. Bruner diary of Philadelphia Exposition
3N401 (1960370) James Campbell, manuscript
Clippings on cities, 1970-1971 and undated
Coal strike, 1902
Cotton picker, mechanical
“Cowpunching on Dakota ranches,” no author
Crawford family (Civil War, Kentucky)
The Depression article, The Literary Digest, 1933
The Dartmouth College case
Ed. Jones (?) Civil War diary transcript
Malaria and pellagra, bibliographical cards
Marbury vs. Madison article, circa 1963
A. J. Moore letters, 1877-1887, journal, 1884
“My Trip to Flat-Top,” song, circa 1860s
North American Review, notes, 1889-1890
Nursing home report, 1966
Presbyterian church, John Hoge
Puerto Rico, 1937, 1950 and undated
Walter McCaleb
3N402 (1961872) State populations, 1860-1960
James H. Tomb, memoirs
“Virginius” case, fragments and notes
“What is America?” J. Hector St. John DeCrevecoeur
Articles on the South, 1904
Research ledger, 1957
Book catalogues and book announcements
Clippings and miscellaneous notes about books, circa 1907s and undated
Miscellaneous bibliographical notes
Homer Kuykendall; Agrarian dissent
3N404 (1951992) Miscellany:
Tearsheets and reprints from scholarly journals
Re: Robert Cotner, Cotner family, friends, acquaintances, circa 1951-1978 and undated
Re: Historical and political subjects, circa 1940-1978 and undated
Political cartoons
3N405 (1960360) 1950s-1960s and undated
Grade books, transcripts, personnel letters
3X98 (1957883) Research materials:
Hogg biography
3X99 (2267872) Hogg biography
Literary Productions:
Hogg biography drafts
3X100 (2267861) Research materials:
Hogg biography
3X131 (1964826) Literary productions:
Hogg biography drafts
3X132 (2274379) Hogg biography drafts
Hogg biography plate proofs
3X225 (1959167) Research materials:
James Stephen Hogg
3X226 (1959178) James Stephen Hogg
Literary productions:
James Stephen Hogg biography drafts
3X227 (1959189) Research materials:
James Stephen Hogg
3X228 (1837534) James Stephen Hogg
3X229 (1825477) James Stephen Hogg
3X230 (1825502) James Stephen Hogg
3X231 (1825455) James Stephen Hogg
3X232 (1825488) James Stephen Hogg
3X233 (1825499) James Stephen Hogg
3X234 (1825466) James Stephen Hogg
3X235 (1837545) Literary productions:
James Stephen Hogg biographical study, undated
Addresses and State Papers, draft, 1951
Addresses and State Papers page proofs, 1951
James Stephen Hogg biographical sketch by James Curry, Jr.
3X236 (1825444) University of Texas materials:
Advisory Committee on Religious Life, 1958-1962
Commencement Committee, 1959-1963
3X237 (1837556) Commencement Committee, 1963-1977
Transcript, Cotner/McCaleb interview, undated
2008-171/1 Student Materials
Writings, Lectures, Published Article Excerpts, 1954-1964, undated
Writings and Drafts
Research Materials:
Cotton gin and assorted
Hogg Family
Martha Sophie Hogg, 1846-1847
“The Happenings of Squad Eight at Camp Baule[?],” 1917
Unknown, 1872-1882
Newspaper column facsimiles and transcripts, “The Public School System” & “The South at Work,” circa 1900s-1920s
Cotner Family (photos, postcards, clippings, documents), 1909-1950, undated
Correspondence, 1959-1980
Professional Activities, 1952-1980
Assorted, 1945-1995
Published Material & Article Reprints, 1871, 1941-1981
Book inventory
2D170 Copies of newspaper articles on the death of J. S. Hogg
2.325/N142 Writings pertaining to James Hogg's election in 1890
Material related to William Garrott Brown
3S170 Oversize material:
Newsclippings, 1871, 1890-1906, 1967, 1977
Hogg genealogical chart
Correspondence, 1887
Galley proofs, addresses and state papers of James Stephen Hogg, 1951
Miscellaneous research material Re: Hogg, Texas History, and American History
The San Saba Mission: Spanish Pivot in Texas by Robert Weddle, galley proofs, 1964
3Y21 Photographs:
Hogg research, circa 1950s:
Hogg family members
Hogg family homes
Cartoons of J. S. Hogg
Political contemporaries of J. S. Hogg
Oil fields
Illustrations for Hogg biography
(4 canisters)
3Y22 Cotner, Robert Crawford:
Portraits and in groups, 1972 and undated
UT Department of History faculty, circa 1956
UT and Austin scenes, circa 1948 and undated
Miscellaneous portraits and Texas scenes, 1958 and undated
2008-171/1 RESTRICTED Color Transparencies:
2008-171/1 RESTRICTED “Historic Buildings of Austin,” Boxes Slides 1-36 (#24 missing)
“Austin Slides”
“Austin Architecture 1885-1900”
“The Sick, Sick Cities” Lecture Slides/Indians
“Duplicates of Western Art”
“Mechanized Cotton Pickers/World War I”
“Negro Housing in Houston”
Untitled Lecture Slides
3S164 Oversize photographs:
Beaumont oil field map (Photostat)
3S119b Postcards:
Texas, Virginia, Kentucky, California, Europe, South America
3S121a Oversize postcards:
Texas, Chile, Europe
3Y301 RESTRICTED Filmstrips, circa 1950:
“Housing Britons”
“Working Man’s University”
“Opportunity for Youth”
2008-171/1 RESTRICTED “Early Texas Homes”
3S170 Maps:
People’s Party vote in Texas by counties, 1892-1898
Map of County from Austin to El Paso, sketch and observations by F.B. E. Brown, 1851
(reproduction; 5 copies)
Railroad map of Texas, 1874
Texas, 1841
Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, 1836
Beaumont, Texas, Oil fields, 1902
Jefferson, Texas, undated
Historic Homes and Buildings throughout Texas, undated
(4 copies)
Miscellaneous U. S. Maps
2.116/OD1275 Tascosa, Texas, 1886
2.116/OD1177 Highway maps: Texas and U. S., 1964 and undated
Civil War in Kentucky, undated
Religion in America, 1950
Sound Archives RESTRICTED Audio:
Walter McCaleb and Robert Cotner interview and transcripts
Dudley Sharpe, Capt. Peyton Cook, Dec. 20, 1962
“Mrs. Lincoln”
On Dudley Sharpe, Jan. 19, 1960
Mrs. Dudley Sharpe by Capt. Peyton Cook, Dec. 1962
John Berry, May 1961, Labor Union songs “Protest”
(3 tapes)
1980’s political speeches
(6 reels)
Addresses, interviews, music, 1960-1962 and undated
(6 reels)
“Songs of the North,” Decca 45
“Songs of the South,” Decca 45
Reviews of James Stephen Hogg: A Biography, Radio-Television Texas, UT
(3 records, 5 sides recorded)
Recordings of Stephen James Hogg
(45 discs)