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A Guide to the Nuclear Control Institute Records, 1970-2004

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Nuclear Control Institute (Washington D.C.)
Creator: Leventhal, Paul
Title: Nuclear Control Institute Records
Dates: 1970-2004
Abstract: Comprised of research files, correspondence, working papers, publications, financial records, audiovisual materials, and computer disks, the Nuclear Control Institute (NCI) Records, 1970-2004, document NCI’s efforts over a quarter century to prevent the spread of nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism.
Accession No.: 2008-231
Extent: 222 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

The Nuclear Control Institute (NCI), founded in 1981 by Paul Leventhal, was a research and advocacy center for the prevention of nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism worldwide. The organization focused its efforts on the elimination of plutonium, highly enriched uranium from nuclear power plants and research reactors, and preventing plutonium and highly enriched uranium from dismantled nuclear weapons from being disposed of in commercial reactors. NCI performed a watchdog role in the politics of nuclear issues and pulled together the government, media, public-interest organizations, and industrial forces, both on a national and international level, to engage in discussion and decision-making sessions that dealt with the issues of nuclear control. Through its twenty-year duration, Paul Leventhal and other NCI employees both organized and attended conferences worldwide to address the prevention of nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism. They took on public personas in their efforts to hinder nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism, writing articles for the media to spread awareness, conducting interviews, and making televised appearances to publicize particular nuclear issues.

In 1986, NCI established the International Task Force on Prevention of Nuclear Terrorism, which was instrumental in influencing governments worldwide to reconsider advocacy of the production nuclear-weapon material. In 1989, NCI organized a worldwide conference in South America that helped avert an arms race between Argentina and Brazil. During the 1990s, NCI intervened successfully with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to block a proposed effort to export bomb-grade uranium to Belgium. NCI’s founder, Paul Leventhal also wrote five books and edited many other publications that focused on nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism. In 2003, NCI went under reorganization to become a web-based program and tirelessly continued its work of spreading awareness of the dangers of plutonium and uranium. In 2007, Leventhal passed away, and with the endowment of Leventhal’s archives and website to the University of Texas, NCI ended its term as one of the most tireless and active organizations to advocate nuclear control.

Scope and Contents

Comprised of research files, correspondence, working papers, publications, financial records, audiovisual materials, and computer disks, the Nuclear Control Institute (NCI) Records, 1970-2004, document NCI’s efforts over a quarter century to prevent the spread of nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism. The records are arranged into two subgroups: Nuclear Control Institute Records and the papers of NCI’s founder and president, Paul Leventhal.

The Nuclear Control Institute Records are composed of six series: Administration files, Research files, Financial records, Videotapes, Audiocassettes, and Computer files. The Administration files document the management and operation of the NCI and include Board of Directors meetings minutes, records of fundraising endeavors, and records of conferences attended. The Research files are comprised of Country files, Name files, Three Mile Island files, Export Reorganization Act files, Terrorism/ Operational Safeguards Response Evaluation (OSRE) files, and the International Energy Associates Limited (IEAL)/International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) studies. The Country files document Paul Leventhal’s worldwide efforts to prevent nuclear proliferation in different countries around the world, namely Japan, India, Pakistan, Korea, Argentina, Brazil, and China. Arranged alphabetically by correspondent, the Name files include NCI contacts and associates who either worked with Leventhal on various nuclear control projects or submitted research or written works that contributed to NCI’s agenda. The Terrorism files showcase NCI’s efforts to ensure power plant safety and prevent nuclear terrorism, by means of investigating the overall security of nuclear power plants from terrorist attacks and analyzing the safety measures involved in transporting nuclear waste by sea or air. The Financial records illuminate NCI’s day to day fiscal operations as well as fundraising efforts and grant applications applied for and received from numerous philanthropic organizations, ranging from the Carnegie Foundation to the Columbia Foundation. The Videotapes, Audiocassettes, and Computer files consist of cassette tapes, video recordings, and digital versions of Paul Leventhal’s interviews and papers, and transcripts of conferences from the 1970s to the early 2000s.

The Paul Leventhal Papers highlight his senior positions in the U.S. Senate working on nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism issues and are composed of Memoir Files, Personal Papers, Retained Senate Papers, Legal Pads, and NCI Publications. The Memoir files contain newspaper articles, reports, and correspondence that chart Leventhal’s accomplishments at NCI, including his authorship of five books: Nuclear Terrorism: Defining the Threat (1986), Preventing Nuclear Terrorism (1987), The Tritium Factor (1989), Averting a Latin American Arms Race (1992), and Nuclear Power and the Spread of Nuclear Weapons (2002); the success of a South American conference in 1989 that averted an arms race between Brazil and Argentina; and the countless articles and opinion pieces Leventhal wrote for major newspapers in the United States. The Retained Senate Papers primarily document Leventhal’s activities during the development and passage of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act of 1978, the Three Mile Island investigations, and other political issues that dealt with nuclear regulation. The Personal Papers, Legal Pads, and NCI Publications contain notes, daily planners, publications, and other material, which reveal Leventhal’s day-to-day activities within the NCI and his preparation and writing of articles on behalf of NCI.


Organization and Arrangement

The records are organized into two subgroups:
  • I. Nuclear Control Institute Records
    • a. Administration Files
    • b. Research Files
    • c. Financial Records
    • d. Videotapes
    • e. Audiocassettes
    • f. Computer Files
  • II. Paul Leventhal Papers
    • a. Memoir Files
    • b. Personal Papers
    • c. Retained Senate Papers
    • d. Legal Pads
    • e. NCI Publications


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Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Leventhal, Paul
Subjects (Organizations)
Nuclear Control Institute (Washington D.C.)
International Task Force on Prevention of Nuclear Terrorism
Nuclear nonproliferation
Nuclear regulation
International control of nuclear energy
Nuclear arms control

Related Material

Additional Nuclear Control Institute records may be found in the Nuclear Control Institute Collection at The National Security Archive at George Washington University.

Separated Material

Some material has been separated to the Artifacts Collection.

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Detailed Description of the Papers


Nuclear Control Institute Records

2008-231/75 Administration Files
NCI Anthology
Nuclear Club Proposal—Original
Nuclear Club—Paul Leventhal – Personal
Nuclear Club (early notes/correspondence
Nuclear Club (copies of early fundraising letters)
Nuclear Club—Printing: Stationery
Nuclear Club—Printing: Reply Envelope
Nuclear Club (NC)—Holiday Gift Order Form
NC—Press Release Form
NC—Printing: Order Form/Reply Envelope
NC—Printing: Name Referral Form
Nuclear Club—Printing: Membership/ Information Letters
Nuclear Club—Printing: Membership Cards
Nuclear Club—Printing: Business Cards
Nuclear Club—Board of Directors
—Board of Directors (Bd. of Dir.)—Bradford
NC—Bd. of Dir—Cohen
NC—Bd. of Dir.—Davies
NC—Bd. of Dir.—Hayes
NC—Bd. of Dir.—Koenig
Richter, Roger
—Bd. of Dir.—Taylor
NC—Bd. of Dir.—Tuchman
Board Meeting—5/22/2002
Board Meeting—2000
Board Meeting—1999
Board Meeting—6/5/1998
Board of Directors Meeting—4/17/1997
Board of Directors Meeting—4/25/1996
Board Meeting—3/20/95
Board Meeting—1994
Board of Director’s Meeting—3/23/1994
Board Meeting (’92)—1/15/1993
Board Meeting—8/2/1991
Bd. of Dir. Meeting 7/12/1990
Master/Files (Discussion on how arrange the files)
Franklin & Marshall Alumni Citation 1988
Franklin & Marshall (F&M)
Fuel Cycle Graphic
Glaser, Milton
Greenberg, Eldon
Hirsch, Ted
Hoenig, Milton
Holland, Debbie
Horner, Dan
Nuclear Club—Employer ID Number
Nuclear Club—IRS ID Number
Investment Committee
Tax Exempt Status
Job Description
Johnson, Steve
Kuperman, Alan
Levy, Matt
Lists (Current)
Lyman, Ed
NCI Mailings Lists – 1993-94
Name Change
New York Times As 6/21/1981
Moving/Office Space
Office Space
NCI—Move & Lease 2000
Office Space—Connecticut Ave.
Nuclear Regulation Committee (NRC) “Part 110” Regulations
Part 110 Regulations (Export) – Current
Pension Plan
Pollack, Alan
Publications List
Raines, Howard
Resources for the Future - IAEA report
Rockefeller Sustaining Fund
Roosevelt Center—TV Debate—Profiles
Ross, Len
Russek, Jim
Schmidt, Carl
2008-231/77 Board of Directors Meeting—1989 9/15/89
Board Meeting 3/3/1988
Board of Directors Meeting 2/27/1987
Board of Directors Meeting 12/15/1987
Board of Directors Meeting 3/1/1985
Board of Directors Meeting 3/2/1984
Board of Directors Meeting 4/8/83
Board of Directors Meeting 3/30/82 (1)
Board of Directors Meeting 3/30/82 (2)
Board of Directors Minutes 7/1/81
Board of Directors—Prospects
Fundraising 1999
Fundraising 2000 Backup File
Chris Wing
Japan Foundation—Center for Global Partnership
Fundraising 1997
Fundraising 1996
Fundraising 1995
Light, Paul (Pew Charitable)
Proposal 1996
NCI Progress Reports
Carnegie Meeting—1996
Mac Arthur Foundation
Fundraising 1990
Goodale, Toni
2008-231/78 Book
Stanley Foundation 20th Anniversary Strategy Conference: October 25-7, 1979 for Peace
Public Welfare Foundation
Roger Richter
Rockefeller Family Fund
Rockefeller Kids Proposal
Sandell, Tom
Ted Turner
Windcall Resident Program
New York School of Continuing and Professional Studies
Levine, William S.
MacArthur Foundation
MacArthur Foundation—2000 Proposal
MacArthur Proposal—Materials
Merck-Environment Grant
NCI—New Agenda
NCI Accounts
NCI Archivist
NCI Retreat 3/6/2002
Harmon, Gail
Terrorism Project 2002
Perkovich /Terrorism
Ansbach, Charlie
Carnegie Corporation—2000-1
Compton Foundation
Ford Foundation-2001
Wade, Greene
Hewlett, Foundation
Fundraising 2002-2001
New York Trip Materials
Fundraising 2000
Fundraising—Sharon’s Drafts
Book—Copernicus Book Proposal
Franklin & Marshall (F&M) Commencement—Draft
F&M Commencement Speech
Frontline: “Nuclear Reaction” 4/22/1997
Johnson, Steve
Greenberg, Eldon—Nomination
Golden Figleaf
Japan Memo—Eldon G. May 2001
State Department 1983 meeting with Devine
2008-231/79 Fundraising—Topping, Tinka
Fundraising—Master Copy File
Fundraising-Sharon Tanzer Leventhal (STL)
Fundraising—Autumn Fundraising
Fundraising—Enclosure Materials
Fundraising—Duplicate Copy File
Solicitation Letter
Fundraising/ Budget Materials
“A” List Mailings
Lists (Mailings)
Articles of Incorporations
Citizens—Articles of Incorporations
501 (c) (3) Application
Adler, Bill
Annual Reports—DC
Property Tax Exempt
Sales Tax Exempt
Beckman, Robert
Buell, John
Citizens to Stop
Cain, Susan
Clements, Tom
Cohen, Mort
Crackpot Letters
Data Book
Developing Nations Project
Dolley, Steve
Efthim, Paul
European Nuclear Study
European Nuclear Study—Data
Plutonium Business Book 1982—Steve Blush version
Physicians for Social Responsibility Speech 3/1991
Experts—Business Cards
Files in Storage—Archives
2008-231/80 Viewgraphs
National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Pu Disposition
Pu Growth
Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU)
Pu Threat (1997) (outdated)
Speakers Bureau
Warman, Michelle
Watriss, Whitney
Web Proposal-1996 (Altshuler)
Wegman, Richard
Williams, Frankie
Wisemen Letters (1)
Wisemen Letters (2)
Worby, Laura
Key Documents (1)
Key Documents (2)
PL: Talking Points 1981-88
Talking Points
Talking Points 1993
Key Documents—Non-Proliferation Panel
Panelists Articles
For Portfolio
Marked Up Copies
2008-231/81 Scherman Foundation
Financial Report 1997—W.A. Jones
W.A. Jones 2000 Grant Proposal
W. Alton Jones Foundation
Turner Foundation
W. Alton Jones—Perkovich Files
2008-231/82 Three Mile Island (TMI) Letter
Three Mile Island
TMI Anniversary, 8/26/99
Greenberg, Part 70
Greenberg, India
Greenberg—US/Japan, 3/2001
Buffet Letter
Kathy Bushkin AOL Foundation
Carnegie 2000-2001
Compton Foundation
1999 Ford Foundation
Ford Foundation
Wade Greene
Harvey, Hal
Lawson, Rodger
Levine, William
MacArthur File—2000, 2001-2
MacArthur File
Magraw Meeting
Merck Fund 2000-2002
Merck Foundation 1990’s
Ploughshares 2000
Ploughshares Fund
Prospect Hill 2000+
Prospect Hill Foundation
Public Welfare Foundation
Rockefeller Family Fund
2008-231/83 General Nuclear Control Institute (NCI) Correspondence 1983-1987
General NCI Correspondence 1987-1991
NCI/Nuclear Non-proliferation Act (NNPA) Safeguards Criteria
Edlow Agreement
2008-231/84 Section 148
South Africa
Defense Authorization Act
International Task Force on Prevention of Nuclear Terrorism—papers
International Task Force on Prevention of Nuclear Terrorism—folder packets
Conference on International Terrorism—folder packets
1987-1988 Progress Report
2008-231/100 Natural Resources Defense Council—Controlling the Atom in the 21st Century 12/2-4/1992
University of South Carolina 8/17/1989
Department of Nuclear Energy & Defense and Arms Control Program at MIT—3/27-28/1989
Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University—2/7/1986
Brookings Council—2002 Leadership Retreat
Yucca Mountain Project—Tour 9/14/1999
MIT-Israel Meeting
Yucca Mountain Project
Future of Foreign Nuclear Materials Conference
Center for War, Peace and News Media
Plantex Plant
Nuclear Supply and Non-Proliferation Issues for the 1990’s 6/14-16/1989
2008-231/101 Energy Alternatives Conference 3/5-6/1981
2nd International Policy Forum: Management & Disposition of Nuclear Weapons Materials 3/21-24/1995
4Th international Policy Forum: Management & Disposition of Nuclear Weapons Materials 2/11-14/1997
Stanley Foundations Conference 10/92 PrepCom Roundtable 5/8/93
Asia Society
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear of Nuclear War –Press Packet
Campaign for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty—Breakfast Briefing 1/6/1994
Atomic Industrial Forum Annual Conference 1979
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI)
11th Annual Symposium on the Role of Behavioral Science in Physical Security—Folder Packet
11th Annual Symposium on the Role of Behavioral Science in Physical Security—Notes
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)—Prospects for Nuclear Proliferation Rollback 7/22/92
International Workshop on Nuclear Disarmament & Nuclear Proliferation 3/15-18/1993
Seminar—Report of International Task Force on Prevention of Nuclear Terrorism 6/2/1988
University of Wisconsin
Defense Intelligence College—Symposium on International Terrorism 12/2-3/1985
2008-231/67 Old Documents
Press Lists
German Lists
Taylor, Ted—Obituary
NCI Collection—Drafts
National Security Archive 1990
National Security Archive—Box Retrieval
National Security Archive
NCI Publication List
NCI Master Files (2)
NCI Old Documents
Paul Leventhal (PL) Biography/Sharon Leventhal (SL) Biography
NCI Key Documents
PL—Nuclear Fuel Interview 12/31/1984
PL Senate Files
InData Statements
NCI Collection—Current
Abe, Nobayasu
Bernstein, Wick
Bolton, John
Bush-Kerry Nonproliferation (NP) Policies
Cirincione, Joe
Critical Assemblies
Department of Energy-2002
Egan, Joe
Fermi Viewgraphs
Fleitz, Fred
F&M Followup
Generation IV
Glenn—Export and NP bills-1993-95
Gossick Memorandum
Karen Greenberg—New York University
Glenn Symington
Ikle Speech-1975
Kennedy (JFK) Statement
Levin, Mike
McGraw Report 10/03
Mac Arthur Grant Report
University of Maryland—Center for International and Security Studies
Passman, Stephen
Plumbat—Speeches and Clips-1977
Plutonium (Pu) Disposal-2002
Pu Inventories
New England College Presidency
Plutonium Reactor-Grade for Weapons—DOE Letter
Plutonium Reactor-Grade/ Explosion
Plutonium—Weapons- Lovins Report
Sea Transports Documents
Suppliers’ Group Guidelines
2008-231/4 Research Files
Country Files
Japanese Agreement Chronology
Japan Agreement Chronology Files: 1974-January 1989
2008-231/5 Japan 2002
Japan Travel Info (Maps and receipts)
Kyoto (Epstein File)
JSUR- Japan Contacts
Japan Press List
Japan Agreement
Japan (1)
Japan (2)
Japan (Book)
Japan: Chron
Japan: Photos
Jap- Spent Fuel 1978
Japan- Trip Report- 1984
NC Japan Trip 1984
Japan Trip- Interviews 1984
Japan Clippings
Japan Articles (Japanese)
Japan Articles 1992
Japan-Agreement Masters
2008-231/6 Masters- Originals- 89
Japan- Masters- 1992
Key Documents (92-94)
Japan Trip- 4/96- Key Documents
Japan- 1998
Japan Trip- 1999- Key Documents
Japan Trip- 99- Priority
Japan Trip- 99- Hard Copies
Tokai Trip 10/99
Tokai Meeting
Japan Trip 10/99- Japanese Documents
Japan Trip- 10/99
Japan- Key Documents
U.S.-Japan Senate Debate
U.S. Japan Agreement-PL Notes
2008-231/7 Physical Protection Philosophy and Techniques in Japan
Presentation of Christopher E. Paine
Nuclear Nonproliferation June 1993
Plutonium May 1993
Nonproliferation Review 1996
Energy Policy Act 1992
U.S. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Policy Examined
Japan Reference Materials
Plutonium and Reprocessing in Japan
U.S.-Japan Study Group
Potential Japanese Utilization of H.E.U
A Japanese Perspective on Dealing with Separated Plutonium
Prospects for Diversion of Plutonium from Japanese Facilities
Ad Masters- NCI Japanese Ads
Japan- Asahi Shimbun Op Ed
Japan- Ayukawa, Yurika
Japan- Anti-MOX Coalition
Japan- Baker Letter
Japan- MOX- Deutsch Meeting
Japan- Hara, Reinosuke
Japan- Ishibashi
Japan- Mainichi Shimbun
Japanese Strategic Uranium Reserve(JSUR)- Master
JSUR-BNFL Rebuttal
JSUR- Presentation 1/14/94
Japan- Strategic Uranium Reserve
Manga (1)
Manga (2)
Manga II
Manga III
Japan/ Manga
Japan- Monju – Kalkar
Japan- MIT Report 1995
Japan- MOX letter to DOE 3/96
2008-231/8 Japan- Materials Unaccounted For (MUF)
Japan- Plutonium Fuel Production Facility (PFPF) Statements 1998
Japan MUF- Key Documents
Japan MUF-Amendments
Japan- NAS Article
Japan: (NCI/CNIC) Needs Analysis
Japan- Pu Surplus- Civiak, Walker, Berkhout
Japan- Plutonium (Background)
Japan- Pu Inventory Report
Japan Pu Articles (Reference)
Japan- Sabotage/ Physical Protection (Kuroi paper)
Japan Reactor Security (Aoyama)
Japan-Tokai Fire/Explosion March 1997
Japan Fugen Accident- 1997
Monju Accident- Current
Japan- Monju Accident
MOX Safety Study (Kurita Letter)
Mr. Pluto Video
- Plutonium/ PNC Letter “Pluto Boy” 2/24/94
Japan-Russia MOX/ (Bunn) New Proposal
Rokkasho-Mura Campaign
Japan- Sekai Article
Japan- Substitution/ Flag Swaps
Japan- Sixty Minutes
Japan- Sensitive Nuclear Technology (SNT)
Sensitive Nuclear Technology (SNT)
Japan- Spent Fuel / Pu Assurance
Japan- Suzuki, Tatsujiro Suzuki
Japan- Suspension Rights Greenberg Memo 5/31/01
Japan- Takagi
Nuke Info Tokyo
2008-231/9 Japan-Takagi Meeting 10/96
Greenpeace Amsterdam Meeting- July 95
Japan- Takagi School
Japan Agreement: “Timely Warning”/Milhollin 2/88
Japan- Tokai Conference Papers- 1993
Japan- Weapons- Marvin Miller Presentation 3/27/02
Japan- Weapons II
Japan/ North Korea
Japan/Bomb- National Security News Seminar 8/99
Japan Agreement: Japanese Government Study: Self Defense 1981
Japan- Radiological Waste
Plutonium- Air Shipments (Reference)
Japan- Air Shipments-Masters
Air Shipments- Key Documents
Japan Sea Shipments- Key Documents
Abercrombie- Chronological Files
Sea Shipments- Hard Copies
Japan- Sea Shipments- Clips
Sea Transport Terrorism- Red Team Alert
McGoldrick Letters re: Transport
Japan- Sea Shipment- Missiles
Japan- Sea Shipment- Department of Defense (DOD) Study
Japan- Davies and Turner Op-Ed
ECO Engineering Report- 1992
Lyman Report
Sea Transport- International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA)/ Sandia
MOX Return- Japan to France
MOX Return- Subsequent Arrangement
Waste Shipments- Van Dyke
Japan- Sea Shipments- Emergency Port Calls
Japan Sea Shipments Reference
2008-231/10 Japan/Malaysia/Panama
Japan- Sea Shipment- Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
Japan- Sea Shipment Subsequent Arrangement
Japan- Sea Shipment- Safety
Japan- Sea Shipment- Safety Studies
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC )FOIA – 90-84: Pu Shipment 2/90
Plutonium Shipment- Japanese- 1984
Japan- Waste Shipment/Ishibashi- 1995
Canisters/Aomori- Current
Sea Transport
Questions and Answers
Sea Shipments- Pacific Trip- March, 1997
Trip Materials
Marshall Islands
Sea Shipments- Resnikoff Report
Sea Shipment- South Pacific
Sea Shipments- South Pacific Forum
Sea Shipments- 1998- Read
MOX Shipment/ Japan- 1998-9
Waste Shipment- 1998/99
MOX Shipment- Department of Defense (DOD) letter-1999
MOX Shipment- 1999 (May)
Greenpeace (Panama)
United Kingdom- Japan MOX Return
2008-231/11 MOX Shipment- 99- Embassy Event 7/19/99
MOX Shipment- 1999- Greenpeace Letter/ Press Conference
Sea Shipments- International Atomic Energy (IAEA) Report 1998
Sea Shipments- Spent Fuel
MOX Shipments- Malaysia Conference
Malaysia- Priority
Panama Contacts
Panama Greenpeace Press Conference 1/13/1998
Panama- 2000-2001 Waste Shipment
Panama- Liability
Panama- Waste Shipment: 2000-2001
Hard Copies
Panama June 2000
Panama Presentation 6/2000
Panama- Key Documents
Waste Shipment- 1990-2000
Panama- To Copy
Panama- Press/Miscellaneous
Panama- Security
Panama Canal- Security
Panama- Paul Leventhal (PL)
Panama Trip Notes 1/00
Panama Trip- Clippings
Panama Canal- Key Documents
Panama Canal Authority
Panama- 2001
Panama Documents and Pictures
2008-231/12 India/Pakistan
India Intervention- Master File
India Intervention- Working Chronology File
India Intervention- Duplications
India Intervention- Chronology
India Tarapur
India/Pakistan- 1987-88 (Re: Aid Proposal)
India/Pakistan- 1987-88 (Re: Aid Proposal)
India/Pakistan- 1987
Jacobs, Paul
India/Pakistan- Clips 7/92
Freedom of Information Act- Indian weapons/Tarapur safety- 1983
India- 1991
India Trip- 1988
India- Part 810 Transfer- 1989-90
India- London Trip (’60 Minutes”) 9/93
India/Pakistan Conference
2008-231/13 India- Ottinger- 1982
India- Sikh Nuclear Plot
India- French Fuel Agreement
India- Subrahmanyam, K
India- Reprocessing Tarapur
India Sanctions 2001
India- Von Hippel
Pakistan (1)
Pakistan- Pressler Amendment- 1995
Pakistan- Pressler Amendment- 1992
Pakistan- Assistance 1990
Pakistan (2)
Pakistan- Current
Pakistan (3)
Pakistan (4)
Pakistan-/Chas Van Doren 1982
Pakistan- Country Profile 1982
Pakistan- Spanish Reactor
2008-231/14 India/Korea
Tarapur- Disapprova Resolution
India- 2002
India- Perkovitch
India/Pakistan- Editorial Writers Trip
India/Pakistan Tests- Carnegie Speech 7/16/98
India/Pakistan (1)
India-Council on Foreign Relations Study 1996
India- 1997-98
Indian Nuclear Tests- 1998
India-Pakistan Test Clips
India- University of Georgia Article 5/98
India (2)
India/Pakistan- 1992-93
India- Tarapur 1994
India/Pakistan- Current
India/Pakistan 1989
2008-231/42 Truck-bomb Rule- Key Docs
Weapons- Homemade Bombs
India- Key Documents- 2006
India- Floor Action- 9/2006
India- 2005-2006
India-CIRUS Pm- 1998
India- 2005
India- American University Lecture 11/11/2005
India- Assistance/Sanctions
Pakistan- A.Q. Kahn- 2004
India-Pakistan: Sanctions
India: Heavy Water
India/Pakistan Major Documents
Eldon’s India File
2008-231/15 Kazakhstan
North Korea Amendment 7/99
Korea (1)
Korea Op-Ed
Korea, North- Issue Brief
North Korea
North Korea (1993)
Korea- Articles
Korea, North- Reference
Korea- Reactors
Korea- Weapons
Korea- 93-94
North Korea- Current
Korea- Russia
North Korea- Licensing
Korea (2)
Korea, South-Reference
Korea- Clips
Korea-Harrison, Selig
2008-231/16 Israel/South Africa/China
Israel- Les Deux Bombes
Plumbat Affair
Israel- Plumbat Affair
Israel Bomb
Israel (1)
Israel- Antarctica Testing
Israel (2)
Israel: Contacts
Apollo: Nuclear Material and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC)
Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC)
Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC) Apollo- Current
Israel- 91-92
Israel (3)
Israel- Cohen, Avner
Israel- French Reactor
Israel- Heavy Water
Israel/South Africa
Pakistan- Key Documents
2008-231/17 South Africa-Explosion
South Africa- 1993
South Africa- Current
China- Read
China-Pakistan Heavy Water (Khushab)
China- Espionage
China- House Commerce Committee 5/14/98
China- Ready Reference
China- Missiles
China- Reference
China- Oxford Research Group ‘97
China- Key Documents
China- 1993
China Article
China- 1991
China 91
China Test 1992
China/Pakistan Test
China Test (2/90) FOIA
China- Test
China-Key Documents
China/Pakistan Test
China –Iraq Reactor
China (Back up)
China Agreement 1987-Current
China Agreement
China Current
China Agreement- Master
China- Nuclear Cooperation (NC) Documents
China Agreement Senate Documents
2008-231/18 Iraq/Iran
Iraq 2002
Iraq- Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing (FRC) 3/22/00
Iraq- Blix
Iraq- UN Monitoring, Verification, and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC)/Uranium
Iraq- Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS)/Hazma
Iraq- Backup
Iraq- Weapons Components
Iraq- Albright
Iraq- Hazma
Iraq- 60 Minutes
Iraq- NY Times letter 12/23/98
Iraq- Menendez
Iraq- Read
Iraq- El Baredai Correspondence
Iraq- Follow up Report and Chart 5/98
Iraq 1997
Iraq- Ritter
Iraq-Ritter Gallucci and Duelfer
Iraq Hazma File
Iraq- UNCA Press Conference
Iraq- 1998
Iraq Pres Conference 2/1/2009
Iraq 2/2/90 FOIA
2008-231/19 Iraq/International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) Hearing
Iraq- Various Documents
Iraq-China FOIA
Iraq Chronology
Islamic Bomb
Iraq- Key Documents 93-95
Iraq- 1993
Iraq- 1995
Iraq- OPED 11/2/95
Iraq- Current
Iraq- Cambridge
Iraq 8/90 (2)
Iraq- UN Documents
NCI/ Iraq -memos and correspondence –public release material
Hibbs articles
2008-231/41 Iran- Keypoints
Iran- Background
Iran- CENTRA Simulation 3/23-4/2005
Goldschmidt, Pierre
Iran Press Conference 1/10/2006
Iran Press Conference 11/21/2005- Main File
Iran Press Conference 11/21/2005- Back up
Iran Nuclear Seminar- 9/16, 2005
Iran Nuclear Seminar- 9/16, 2005
State Department Briefing- Iran 12/16/2005
Iran- August 2005
Talking Points
Iran- Read
Iran Policy Communication
2008-231/43 Iran Policy Committee (IPC) folder
Tanter, Raymond
Tanter Meeting- 11/9/2005
IPC Press Conference Documents
Iran- Report/Press Conference 2/10/2005
Iran- 2/14/05
Iran- Key Points
Iran- 2004
Iran (1)
Iran (2)
Iran (3)
Iran (4)
Iran- 2003
Iran- 2002
Iran- Current
Iran/Iraq- Current
Iran- Background
Iran Testimony-6/24/2004
Iran- Hadassah Presentation 11/08/2004
Hadassah Speech
Iran- John Patrick Quirk
Atoms for Peace- 2003-04
Atoms for Peace/50th Anniversary Op Ed
Iraq- International Energy Agency(IAEA)- PL/Blix Correspondence
Blix- Letter to Rumsfield 4/26/04
Blix- Book 2004
IAEA 2004
IAEA El Baradei
Safeguards 2004
Safeguards- 1982 Congress Testimony
NPT Review Conference 2005
NPT Compendium- 2005
2008-231/29 Assorted Countries
Terrorism Book- Copernicus
Rickover- Re: Three Mile Island (TMI)
Tritium Redux
Tritium- Richardson Decision
Wolpe Amendment
Britain 2002
Britain Nuclear Fuel Ltd (BNIF) 2000 Foresight Report
Paul Leventhal (PL) United Kingdom Trip 9/1998
UK-Britain- Office for Civil Nuclear Security
France 2000-03
Germany- 2002
Iraq Current-2003
Iraq- Aluminum Tubes
Iraq- Bush
Iraq- 2000-03
Iraq Current- 2002
Duelfer Report
Iraq- France
Iraq- Gellman Washington Post
Iraq- Hamza
Iraq- Inspections (2002)
Iraq- Kamal Interrogation Transcript
Iraq- Pollack
Iraq- Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
Franklin and Marshall Alumni Weekend 10/19/2002
Iraq- Kay, David
Iraq- Missing Explosives
Scott Ritter
Japan- CENTRA Presentation 12/10/2003
Japan- Sensitive Nuclear Technology
Japan MUF 2003
Japan- Plutonium 2004
Japan United Kingdom Shipment 2002
CENTRA Conference 12/10/2003
Korea- Jeju Conference
North Korea- Tom Paine and Ted Leventhal Memo
North Korea- 1993
American Enterprise Institute (AEI)- North Korea Presentation 6/5/2003
2008-231/72 Name Files
2008-231/72 Albright
Adler, Bill
Adelman, Kenneth L.
Aga Khan, Prince Sadruddin
Agnew, Harold
Asselstine, Jim
Ayukawa, Yurika
Alexander, Yonah
Aronson, Shiomo
Bailey, Kathleen
Beckman, Robert L.
Bedell, Berkley
Beres, Lou
Bracken, Jerry
Brown, Gov. Jerry
Blush, Steve
Bickwit, Leonard
Berkhout, Frans
Carasales, Julio
Bunn, George
Bukharin, Oleg
Carnesale, Al
Carter, Gavin
Carter, Luther
Brahma, Chellaney
Carter Admin
Cohen, Avner
Brahma, Chellaney Paper/1990
Clausen, Peter
Tom Cochran
2008-231/68 Cooke, Stephanie
Doub, Bill
Drell, Sidney
Duffy, Gloria (Global Outlook)
Dunn, Lewis A.
Ellsberg, Daniel
Fiscner, David
Flowers, Brian (Report)
Frank, Dick
Epstein, William
Davis, Lynn
Delpeche, Therese
Deutch, John
DeVolpi, A.
Dingell, John (Report)
Dirks, William
Donnelly, William H.
Fisher, Adrian
Fascell, Dante B.
Feld, Bernard (1)
Feld, Bernard (2)
Feldman, Fabio
Fenwick, Rep. Millicent
Fetter, Steve
Gallucci, Robert-1993
Gallucci, Bob
Gall, Norman
Gilinsky, Victor
Gardner, John
Garwin, Richard
Glenn, Senator John
Guttman, Dan
Glaser, Keith
Goheen, Professor Robert E
Gold, Thomas (Oil)
Gillette, Robert
Hart Campaign—1984
Goldemberg, Jose
Graham, Tom
Gray, Robert C
T.F. Gray & Co.
Grumbly, Tom
Vipin, Gupta
Hassard, John
Hayes, Denis
Hayes, Peter
Henderson, Simon
Hersch, Seymour
Haginoya, Tohru
Hamilton, Rep. Lee
Harrison, Selig
Hertsgaard, Mark
Hibbs, Mark
Higgenbotham Will (1)
Hirsch, Dan
Hoenig, Milton
Holifield, Chet
Hunt, Helen (2)
Imai, Ryukichi
Jacchia, Enrico
Jameton, Andrew (Volcano Sabotage)
Javits, Jacob
Jenkins, Brian
2008-231/69 Jungk, Robert
Johnson, Steve
T.F.—Johnson, Steve
Julian, Tom
Kalinowski, Martin
Hyman, Andrew
Keyserling, Billy
Kramish, Arnold
Kranso, Jean
Kuntzel, Matthias
Kats, Greg
Kay, David
Kellen, Konrad
Keller, Anton (Switzerland)
Kennedy, Richard T.
Kratzer, Myron
Lall, Betty
Lanonette, William—National Journal
Laventhol, David
Lellouche, Pierre
Levin, Sen. Carl
Lewis, Joanne
Lilienthal, David
Lovins, Amory (2)
Lovins Articles
Lowry, David
Luongo, Ken
Markey—Non-Proliferation Task Force
Makijani, Arjun
Mark, Carson—Iraq’s uranium holdings 5/16/1991
Mark, Carson
T.F.—McQuillan, Viki
Mens, Michael
Milnollin, Gary
Mack, Andrew
Moglewer, Sid
Miller, Marvin
Miller, Marvin—Israel Meeting
Miller, Marvin—correspondence
Miller, Marvin—Japan, Reactor-Grade Plutonium, and the Bomb—2002
Miller, Ellen
Mondale, Walter F.
Mathews, Jessica
McGoldrick, Fred
McKibbon, Mal
Muntzing, Manny
Nader, Ralph et al
Nakicenovic, Slobodan
Morgan, Manny
Morgan, Emanuel R.
2008-231/73 Mullen, Robert K.
Ne’eman, Yuval
Noir, Pierre
Nolan, Janne
Numark, Neil
Nye, Joseph
Mueller, Harald
Perot, Ross
Pilat, Joe
O’Keefe, Bernard
O’Leary, Hazel
O’Rourke, Michael
O’Rourke, Michael (Dr. Strangelove’s Child)
Orrik, David
Perkovich, George
Perry, Todd
Palladino, Nunzio (Joe)
Percy, Sen. Charles
Ottinger, Rep. Richard
Paine, Chris
Palfrey, John
Pollack, Gerald
Poneman, Daniel
Post, Jerrold
Potter, Bill
Power, Paul
Pringle, Pete
Prins, Gwyn
Radkowsy, Alvin—Israel
Ramberg, Bennett (2)
Rathjens, George
Reagan—Plutonium-Use Policy
Redick, John (2)
Rhodes, Richard
Richter, Roger
Rosenbaum, David
Ross, Leonard
Rossin, David
Rotblat, Joseph
Rydell, Randy
Reagan—Enrichment Policy
Sanders, Ben
Scarlott, Jennifer
Schlossberg, Ken
Richter, Roger
Sloss, Leon
Smith, Aileen
Smith, Gerard
2008-231/70 MHB Technical Associates—Steven Sholly
Scheinman Larry
Scheinman-Kratzer--Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) + Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Paper 9/18/91
Alex Schmid—Nuclear Terror paper 5/2001
Schienman, L—on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) mandate
Starr, Chauncey
Schlesinger, James
Schneiderman, David
Schneider, Mycle
Schumer, Charles
Selden, Robert
Scoville, Herbert
Shaker, Mohamed
Shapar, Howard
Shea, Tom
Silkwood, Karen
Simpson, Sen. Alan
Simpson, John
Spector, Sandy
Sokolski, Henry
Solar Energy
Taylor, Ted
Taylor, Ted—Red Mercury 5/19/1994
Ted Taylor—“Global Nuclear Abolition” 4/25/95
Taylor, Ted—“Solar Disposal of Radioactive Wastes & Plutonium” 3/8/95
Ted Taylor—“Nuclear Weapon/Nuclear Power” 3/29/95 (Draft)
Taylor, Ted-- Reduced Enrichment in Reactors and Test Reactors (RERTR) 1/27/84
Taylor, Ted—Safe Plutonium
Ted Taylor—“Putting the Nuclear Genie back into the Bottle” 5/1/1996
Teller, Dr. Edward
Tempus, Peter
T. Keith Thomson
Thompson, Gordon
Steinberg, Meyer (Brookhaven)
Stello, Victor
Steyn, Julian
Sutcliffe, Bill
Tatsu, Suzuki
Van Boren, Charles
Von Hippel, Frank—Berlin Meeting 11/91
Timm, Ron
Timmerman, Kenneth
Totten, Sam
Tovish, Aaron
Tsipis, Kostas
Turner, Stanfield
Udall, Rep. Morris K.
Van Dyke, Jon—Sea Transport
Van Dyke—Sea Shipment (article in Marine Policy 2000)
Van Dyke, Jon—Correspondence Van Dyke, J—IMO
Van Dyke, J—IMO
Van Dyke—Precautionary Principle
Van Dyke/Duncan Currie—Sea Shipments
Van Dyke, Jon—Need for Further Action
Van Dyke, Jon—Legitimacy of Unilateral Actions 11/96
2008-231/71 Von Hippel, Frank
Van Dyke, Jon
Webb, Richard
Wiesner, Jerome
Weiss, Len
Williams, Shelton
Wolfe, Bert
Wolpe, Rep. Howard
Woolsey, R. James
Wurst, Jim
Yager, Joseph
Walker, William—Science Policy Research Unit—University of Sussex
Walker, William—Suzuki Report 2/1/90
Walker, William & Berkhout Paper 2/91
Walker, William & Berkhout 11/92
Walker, William—Taxes
Walker/Berkhout Safeguards Paper 8/91
Walker, William—“US-Euratom Disagreement” 3/95
Wallace, Al
Waltz, Ken
Zimmerman, Peter
Fieldhouse, Richard W.
Bailey, Kathleen C.
Denver Journal of International Law and Policy
Paine, Christopher E.
Johnson, Rebecca
Chow Brian G. & Gregory S. Jones
McNamara, Robert S.
Nye, Joseph S.
Pavageau, Mathieu & Mycle Schnieder
Nuke Week 6/23/1988
2008-231/74 Name Files, assorted
2008-231/83 Gilinsky, Victor—Affadavit
Garwin, Richard L.
Bodansky, Yossef
Sokolski, Henry
Rossin, David A.
Ramberg, Bennett
Kuperman, Alan J.
Glenn, John
Hirsch, Dan (Committee to Bridge the Gap)
Hisham, Zerriffi & Annie Makhijani
Lowry, David
Gottemoeller, Rose
Bill Richardson
Cohen Avner & Martin Miller
Moyers, Bill
Matthews, Jessica
Curtis, Charles B.
Monitor Nuclear Weapons and Material
Cochran, Bowling and Paine
Albright, David & Kevin O’Neill
Macfarlane, von Hippel, Kang, and Nelson
Milhollin, Gary
Travers. William D.
Timm, Ronald E.
Suzuki, Tatsujiro
Sweet, Bill
Ishibashi, Tadao
Warburg, Gerald
Flavin, Christopher and Nicholas Lenssen
Nonsenzo, Louis V.
Timerbaev, Roland
Weisskopf, Victor F.
Epstein, Wiliam (Bill)
Markey, Edward J.
Blix, Hans
Rathjens, George
Pringle, Pete
Jacchia, Enrico
Thompson, Gordon
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Lanouette, William
Lovins, Amory B.
Ne’eman, Y.
Dunn, Lewis A.
Jones, Rodney W.
Spector, Leonard S.
Rosenbaum, David M.
Schienman, Lawrence & David A. V. Fischer
Gronlund, Lisbeth
Carter, Luther J. & Thomas H. Pigford
Rauf, Tariq
Wolfe, Bertram
Chellaney, Brahma
Fallows, James
Triplett, Bill
Mark, Carson
Kuntzel, Matthias
Harriman, W. Averell
Rothstein, Linda
Hunt, Helen
Lehman, Ronald E.
Aspin, Les
Fischer, David & Harald Müller
Senders, John W.
Park, Robert L. & Peter D. Zimmerman
Thorsson, Inga
Graham, Thomas W.
DeVolpi, Alexander
Carus, W. Seth
Clawson, Patrick
Krass, Allan
Hebel, Charles
Kennedy, Richard T.
Seaborg, Glenn T.
Walker, William
Joeck, Neil
Hayes, Peter
2008-231/85 Three Mile Island
Nuclear Regulatory Committee (NRC) Budget Estimates-1980
Three Mile Island Clips—1981
Three Mile Island Clips—1980
Three Mile Island Political Cartoons
Three Mile Island Clips—March- July 1979
2008-231/44 Environmental Council
British Nuclear Fuel Ltd (BNFL) Stakeholder Dialogues
Environmental Council 11/14/2004
Environmental Council 9/7-8/2004
Environmental Council 7/ 7-8/2004
Environmental Council 6/8-9/2004 Meeting
Environmental Council- Expenses
Environmental Council- Sellafield 3/29-31/2004
Environmental Council- 5/4-5/ 2004
Environmental Council- 1/21-22/2004
Environmental Council- Expenses
BNFL Stakeholder Dialogues – 1/2004
Environmental Council/BNFL- 11/19-20/2003
Environmental Council- 10/14/2002
Environmental Council- Main Group- 11/2002
Environmental Council- 1/2003 Meeting
Environmental Council- Security Follow-on
Brian Flowers
Manchester Trip
BNFL 2002
Environmental Council- 2003
2008-231/3 Plutonium Disposal
PU Dispos-NCI Briefing
PU Dispos- Key Docs- 1996
Plutonium Economics- Civiak Reports
Plutonium- Rand Report ‘93
Plutonium- American Nuclear Society Report 1995
Plutonium- Monterey Speech 12/93
Plutonium- Debate (Sokolski)
UK: BNFL MOX Scandal
Non-proliferation- Deutch Commission
Tritium- AAAS Article/Bush-Gorbachev, et al
Tritium- 1993-94
UK-Market-Testing Proposal
2008-231/1 Terrorism/OSRE Terrorism Files
9/25/01 Press Conference
Nuclear Terrorism-Read
Charlotte Speech 2/8/02
Charlotte Speech 2/8/02
Charlotte Speech-Read
Herbert, Bob-NYTimes
Reactor Security-GAO Investigation
Clinton-Lowie Viewgraphs
Testimony-Talking Points
Greenwood Letter
House Energy Committee Testimony 12/5/01
Hudson Riverkeeper-2002
Hudson Riverkeepers
Indian Point
Rockefellers-Indian Point
Indian Point-Rockefellers Meeting 1/17/02
Indian Point Sale- Energ, ConEd, NYPA-12/01
Markey Press Conference 11/2/01
JAEIC Presentation 5/9/02
DOE Security-POGO Markey
Nuclear Plant Security Act-2001
NRC Security Budget- 2002
NRC Security-Key Docs
2008-231/2 99 OSRE
OSRE-2001 (2)
OSRE Meserve Meeting 2/7/00
OSRE-Jackson Meeting
OSRE Supension-1999
Terrorism- NRC Hearing 5/5/99
Terrorism- Smuggling
Nuclear Smuggling/Terrorism
“Suitcase” Nukes- October 2001
Terrorism Website
World Resources Institute Roundtable
Miller, M/Nuke Terrorism
Terrorism Clips/Gulf War
Terrorism-Adler Papers
NRC Public Meeting with NGOs- 4/8/02
NRC Emergency Planning Regs and Law
NRC Advisory- CNN Report
NRC-RIC Speech 3/5/02
NRC-RIC- Transparencies
NRC-RIC-Final Text
NEI False Testimony
MITRE Global Trends Conference April 3-4, 2002
Western Attorneys General Conference 10/5/2001
2008-231/51 Anti-Aircraft Defenses
Indian Point 2002-3
Indian Point Inspection Reports
Jet Plane Tests
Terrorism- Western Attorney General Association Speech 10/4/2001
Nuclear Terrorism- 2004
McGaffigan Letter
Meserve Letter 6/4/2002
Military Protection of Reactors
Terrorism Mitre Presentation 5/9/2002
Nuclear Emergency Search Team (NEST) 1997
Neutron Dispersal “Elymanator” CENTRA Meeting
Nuclear Power (2)
Orrik, Dave
Operation Safeguards Response Evalation (OSRE) Design Basis Thread (DBT)- 2003
Reactor Security
Reactor Security Key Documents
British Nuclear Fuel Ltd (BNFL) Pu Shipments Security
Panama Canal Waste Shipments
Reduced Enrichment in Reactors and Test Reactors (RERTR) 2004-05
Burr Amendment
Forschungreaktor Muchen II (FRM II)- 2004
Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU)- Department of Energy (DOE) Inspector General (IG) Report- 2004
Plutonium/HEU Inventories- 2004
Pu Fuel Cycle
Plutonium Immobilization- 2004
Reprocessing- 2005
RERTR- Current
RERTR- Nordion
RERTR- Russian HEU exports to US
RERTR- 2002
RERTR- 2003 Meeting Chicago
RERTR Conference 2004- Vienna
RERTR Urgent Relief (Edlow)
RERTR- Burr and Bond Amendment
Special Isotope Separation (SIS) Plant 2004
RERTR- Travelli Paper 9/2004
Sabotage- Key Documents
Security Guards
Terrorism- 2002-03
Terrorism- Shaped Charge Armor
Terrorism- NCI Threat Papers
Three Mile Island (TMI) Accident
TMI- Portzline-FBI
TMI-Sabotage (Scott Portzline)
TMI- Sabotage
Truckbomb- Backup File
Truckbomb Rule- Current
Truckbombs Chronology
2008-231/109 Safeguard Against the Theft of Fissionable Materials and the Sabotage… Study (2 of 2)
20th Anniversary Documents
“Terrorism” Documents
Tritium Factor Materials
Physical Security Studies
1988 Science Article—Chernobyl Accident
Yunhua article
International Task Force on Prevention of Nuclear Terrorism—Work Documents and Articles (4)
Plutonium Stabilization and Immobilization Workshop ( 3)
Minutes to Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Advisory Committee--1992
2008-231/49 International Energy Associates Limited (IEAL)
IEAL Documents
IAEL Solicitation/Contract
Government Use of Private Consultants
Senator David Pryor
IAEL’s conflict of interest during US/Japan Agreements
Comments and Rebuttal on New US/Japan Agreements
Department of Energy’s (DOE) Technical Proposal
Solicitation/Contract- IAEL
Memos- 1986-1988
ERC International Correspondence (2)
Final Draft of Environmental Assessment for US/Japan Agreements
Analysis of Consents and Approvals for US/Japan Agreements
Pacific-Sierra Research Corporation
Proposal: Volume 1-2
Not Dated
2008-231/50 Environmental Assessment (EA) for Pu Flights
IEAL- Pryor /Glenn Investigation
IEAL- Major Issues Document
IEAL FOIA Correspondence (2)
IEAL: Task 3
Waste Isolation Power Plant (WIPP) 1991
IEAL- NCI Key Documents
Task #3
Murray Wass
IEAL- Pryor/Glenn Subcommittee
IEAL Reports
NCI Documents on IEAL
IEAL/Japan (4)
IEAL/Japan (4)
IEAL Tasks
IEAL Notes/Backup
IEAL/Japan Documents (2)
2008-231/52 Export Reorganization Act
Preliminary Materials 1975—Hearings and Witnesses
Preliminary Materials 1975—Clippings and Press Releases
Preliminary Materials 1975—Organizations and State Department
Preliminary Materials 1975—Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, National Security Council, and Defense Department
Preliminary Materials 1975—Commerce Department and Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA)
Preliminary Materials 1975—Nuclear Regulation Committee (NRC), Ex-IM Bank, Export Controls, and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Preliminary Materials 1975- Bill, Other Bills, Energy Reorganization (Reorg) Act, and S. 1439
Preliminary Materials 1975- Hearings and Correspondence
S. 1439 Export Reorg Act 4/15/75-8/31/1976 (Senate Government Operations, Foreign Relations Committee, and House of Representatives—S. 1439 4/1975, Revised, New Bill
S. 1439 Export Reorg Act 4/15/75-8/31/1976 (Senate Government Operations, Foreign Relations Committee, and House of Representatives—S. 1439 Markup 5/1976
S. 1439 Export Reorg Act 4/15/75-8/31/1976 (Senate Government Operations, Foreign Relations Committee, and House of Representatives—House of Representatives (Export Administration Act), and Foreign Relations Committee
S. 1439 Export Reorganization Act 5/76 to 9/76 Joint Committee on Atomic Energy—Joint Committee, 6/22/1976 Hearing, Aborted 6/29/1976 Hearing, 7/28/1976 Hearing (1 of 6)
S. 1439 Export Reorganization Act 5/76 to 9/76 Joint Committee on Atomic Energy—First Pastore Substitute (2 of 6)
S. 1439 Export Reorganization Act 5/76 to 9/76 Joint Committee on Atomic Energy—S. 3770-H.R. 15273 Pastore Substitute , and H.R. 15419 (9/2/1976) First Price-Anderson (3 of 6)
S. 1439 Export Reorganization Act 5/76 to 9/76 Joint Committee on Atomic Energy—White House Meeting 9/17/1976 and H.R. 15419-S. 3853 JCAE Reported Bill (4 of 6)
S. 1439 Export Reorganization Act 5/76 to 9/76 Joint Committee on Atomic Energy—Percy Compromise (5 of 6)
S. 1439 Export Reorganization Act 5/76 to 9/76 Joint Committee on Atomic Energy—Floor File and Postscript (6 of 6)
Energy Reorganization Act—Correspondence, Articles, and Press Releases (1 of 6)
Energy Reorganization Act—Act (PL 93-438), Conference Report-93-1252, Senate Report 93-980 (2 of 6)
Energy Reorganization Act—Reprints from Congress Record and House Bill (3 of 6)
Reorganization Act—Senate Bill as introduced, Senate Bill as Reported (4 of 6)
Energy Reorganization Act--Committee Print #1, 2, and 3 (5 of 6)
Energy Reorganization Act—House Report, Senate Debate and House Debate
2008-231/53 Energy Reorganization Act II—Background Memos and Subcommittee Markup (1 of 5)
Energy Reorganization Act II—Fact Sheet Subcommittee Field, Side by Side Comparison (Subcommittee Bill), Full Committee Markup, Summary of Differences (2 of 5)
Energy Reorganization Act II—Staff Memos: 8/28/1974 and 9/9/1974, Holifield (3 of 5)
Energy Reorganization Act II --Agenda for Conference, Staff Recommendation (4 of 5)
Energy Reorganization Act II—Conference Transcripts Vol. I and II 10/2-3/1974 (5 of 5)
Energy Reorganization Act III—Amendment to S. 2744 and PL’s Notes (1 of 9)
Energy Reorganization Act III—Bill in Brief, Anti-Nuclear Rebuttal, Research, Regulatory Organization (2 of 9)
Energy Reorganization Act III—Safeguards, Abolishing Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), Conservation Administration Assistant (A.A.), Licensing Waste, Licensing Demonstrations (3 of 9)
Energy Reorganization Act III—Appeals Board, Noncompliance Defects, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) transfer (Percy), (4 of 9)
Energy Reorganization Act III— Information and Studies (Metcalf), Safety Information (Metcalf), Substan. Prov. Reorg, Abourzek Amendment (5 of 9)
Energy Reorganization Act III—Jackson Amendment, Kennedy (public funding), Hollings Council (6 of 9)
Energy Reorganization Act III—Percy (Chairman’s role), Percy (energy manpower), Percy (energy efficiency) (7 of 9)
Energy Reorganization Act III—Taft (daylight savings), Appeal Board, Metcalf (public counsel), Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (8 of 9)
Energy Reorganization Act III—Metzenbaum (conservation information), Bellmon-Baker (nuclear parks), Technical changes, Randolph Amendment, Pastore Amendment, Pastore Colloquy, Cook (trust fund) (9 of 9)
NPT Conference May 1975—Credentials, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA), and Senate Bill (1 of 4)
NPT Conference May 1975—NPT/IAEA and Treaty (2 of 4)
NPT Conference May 1975—NPT/IAEA and Treaty (2 of 4)
NPT Conference May 1975—Articles, Euratom, Fuel Cycle, and Geneva (3 of 4)
NPT Conference May 1975—Speeches, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Notes (4 of 4)
Notes—April 1974 - October 1976
Notes (Taping Session)
2008-231/98 International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
IAEA Study (2)
IAEA Study Notes
IAEA Study—Current Copy
IAEA Study—Hard Copy
Primer—Current Copy
Primer—Articles and Notes
Primer (2)
Proliferation Primer
Safeguard/IAEA Bibliography
International Proliferation of Nuclear Technology
Safeguard articles
Statements and Testimonies for Energy Research and Production (2)
Congressional Records
IAEA Study—Miscellaneous Documents
The Plutonium Business—Draft
2008-231/99 Safeguarding Plutonium—Revised ed. II—Sharon Leventhal’s copy
Safeguarding Plutonium—Revised ed. II with corrections (2)
Safeguarding Plutonium—Draft with corrections (2)
Safeguarding Plutonium—Draft (2)
Reports to the Congress—Nuclear Non-proliferation Act of 1978
Nilson & Schnieder Report
Brookhaven Letter
Summary, Conclusions & Recommendations of IAEA Study
Transerver—Sea Transport Verifications
IAEA Study—Unidentified Draft (2)
Safeguarding Plutonium—Scheinman’s draft
Safeguarding Plutonium—Revised IV copy
IAEA Study—Unidentified Draft (3) (1 of 2)
IAEA Study—Unidentified Draft (3) (2 of 2)
IAEA Study—Unidentified Draft (4) (pg. 1-117)
IAEA Study—Unidentified Draft (4) (pg. 118-157)
Box with draft of IAEA Study & Footnote References
2008-231/65 Financial Records
Boehm, Robert—Boehm Foundation
Cross, Theodore
Currier, Michael
Kovler, Peter B.
Kinder, Dorian Yates (Roberts, Ann)
Kendall, Henry
Fireman, Shelley
Fillner, Joseph
Hunter, David (Stern Fund)
Haft, Steve (Bydale Foundation)
Greer, Colin (New World)
Graseck, Susan
List, Vicki (Evergreen Fund)
Fish, Hamiltion Jr.
Levy, Harlan
Lawrence, Dr. Edward (Veatch Program)
Shapiro, Sidney (Levinson Fund)
Schwartz, Wendy (Muste Istitute)
Ross, Don (Rockefeller Family Fund)
Robbins, Joseph
Ramsey, Jane (Cudahy)
Platt, Stanley
Peterman, Les
Penick, George (Babcock Foundation)
Parker, Richard
Mullins, William B. (Schumann)
Makela, June (Funding Exchange)
Steiner, John A.
McKenna, Katharine
Stein, Rob (Forum Institute)
Steele, Arthur (Warner Fund)-II
Stanley, Maxwell
Spencer, Edson
Sive-Tomashefsky, Rebecca (Playboy)
Simon, Prof. John (Currier Family)
Simmons, Hildy (Norman Foundation)
Shuck, Terry (Youth Project)
Tabankin, Margery (ARCA)
Bydale Foundation
Council on Foundations (Larry)
Dr. Budin, Earl (Anon)
Columbia Foundation
Davis, Rebecca (Public Welfare)
Escobosa, Paul
Ferry, W.H. (Ping)
Goldmark, Peter (Itom Graham)
Goldsmith Foundation
HKH Foundation
Joyce Mertz-Gilmore Foundation
Kendall Foundation
Mott, Stewart
Newman, Paul
Ottinger, Richard (Ottinger Foundation)
Pew Trusts
Rockefeller Foundation
Ruth Mott Fund
Shafer, Mrs. Elizabeth (2)
Gibson, Henry
Gerson, Stephen N. M.D.
Gage, Meg (Peace Development Fund)
Freeman, David
Emory, Eric
Elmaleh, Victor (Tinka & Julian)
Silk, Susan (Columbia Foundation)
Taylor, Betsy (Ottinger)
Teitel, Marty (C.S. Fund)
Tides Foundation
Wales, Jane
Kendall Foundation (Smith, Theo)
Pike, Drummond (Tides Foundation)
Joyce Mertz-Gilmore
Smith, Theodore (Kendall Foundation)
Milton, Solomon (Bydale Foundation)
Light, P (Pew Charitable)
Carnegie Corporation
Breumer, Melissa (Rockefeller Foundation)
Boone, Richard (Field Foundation)
Cudahy Fund
Hart, Francis Close (Public Research)
Lear, Norman
Silk, Susan Clark (Columbia Foundation)
Quigley, Kevin (Pew Charitable)
Smith, Clint (Hewlett, William and Flora Foundation)
Stanton, Frank
Stein, Howard
Stanton, Arthur
Waston, Thomas J. Jr.
2008-231/66 Weiss, Stanley
Tirman, John (Winston)
Tabankin, M. (Barbara Streisand Foundation)
Schoettle, Enid
Streisand Foundation
Singer, Art (Sloan)
Rockefeller Bros. Foundation
Palmer, Hilary (Rockefeller Bros.)
Mosher, Frederick (Fritz)
Hennig, Ruth (Merck)
Harvey, Hal
Greene, Wade (Rockefeller Foundation)
Harris, John A. (Jay) IV
Harris, Karen (Ploughshares)
Eiseman, Constance (Prospect Hill)
Committee for National Security
Adams, Ruth (MacArthur Foundation)
Merrill Lynch CMA
Cash Receipts
Financial Expenses/Payroll Expenses
2008-231/54 Audit report 5/20/1981-4/30/1982
Financial Review/Statements 4/1983-2001
2008-231/55 Expenses—1981-84
Nuclear Club—P.L. Payroll
Nuclear Club—Cash Position Statements
Nuclear Club Credit Card Material
Financial Records—May ’81-April ‘82
2008-231/56 Susan Agger
Bob Budnitz
Bunn, George
Cain, Susan 1996
Tom Clements
Feiveson, Hal
Richard L. Garwin
Gilinsky, Victor
Goldschmidt, Peter
Dr. Juan Jose Giambiaggi
Helminski, Exchange Monitor
Dan Horner
Geneva 3/1995 Trip: Receipts and Expenses (Dan Horner)
My Trip 4/16-21/1995—Receipts, Etc. (Dan Horner)
My Trip 4/26-28/1995—Expenses (Dan Horner)
My Receipts 5/14-15/1995 (Dan Horner)
Horner, Daniel
Hunt, Helen
Steve Johnson
Joosten, James K.
Tom, Julian
Ketcham, Penn
Komanoff Energy Association
Kumagi, Toru
Alan, Kuperman
David Lowry
Patterson, Walt
Whitney, Watriss
Roberts, Charles
Takagi, Dr. Jinzaburo
Takubo, Masa (2)
Tomoko Anraku—1999 Japan Trip
Uris, Robert
Van Dyke, Jon
NCI Travel 1998+
1996 Japan Trip
German Trip 6/1996
1995 Payroll
1995 Withholding
1995 Maryland Withholding
1995 Maryland Withholding
1994 Payroll Cards
1994 Withholding
1994 Maryland Withholding
1993 Maryland Withholding
1993 Payroll
1993 Withholding
1992 Payroll
1992 Withholding
Maryland Withholding (1992)
1991 Payroll
1991 Withholding
1990 Payroll
1990 Withholding
1989 Payroll
1989 Withholding
Virginia Withholding Tax
1988 Payroll
1988 Withholding
1987 Payroll
IRS Withholding 1987
1986 Payroll
IRS Withholding Taxes 1986
IRS 1986 Withholding Taxes
2008-231/57 Garvey, Schubert and Barer 2003
Garvey, Schubert and Barer 2002
Garvey, Schubert and Barer—Eldon Greenberg 1997-2000
Wellford, Wegman
Eldon Greenberg
Eldon Greenberg
2008-231/58 Ted/Basche
Sharon—Simplified Employee Pension (SEP)
Paul—Cash (Morgan & Starr)
Paul—IRA (Morgan & Starr)
Paul—4036 (Fidelity)
Closed Transactions
To Enter—Ex-current
Paul—Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) Fidelity
Paul—Basche account
Paul—403 (b)
STL—Merrill Lynch
Vendor files
2008-231/62 2004 Blue Cross Plan
Blue Cross 2003
Blue Cross 2002
Blue Cross Invoices 1995-2002
Telecommunications Coop Network
Archives (the list of documents in the collection that PL donated for archival purposes)
CNA Insurance Statements 1994-present (2)
Workers Compensation Audit 2001-2002
Insurance—Workers Compensation 2000
Workers Compensation/Property 1999
Insurance—Workers Compensation 1998
US Net
Travel Insurance
Mac- Insurance Representative—Electronic Transfer
Electric Payment
Soltoff—Life and Health Insurance
Riggs Statements 2003
Riggs 2003
Merrill Lynch 2003-1996
Vanguard 1993-2003
Vanguard Account Information
Vanguard Wellesley Fund
2008-231/63 United Nations Association (UNA)
Qualey International
Quick Messenger
Pitney Bowes (2)
Parking Management Incorporation
Office Depot
Network Solutions
Library Purchases
Kastle Systems
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Imaging Center
IMC Online
InData Litigation Services
Institute for Global Communications
Institute for Nuclear Materials Management
Intel Premium Warranty
Interface Video Systems
Hollinger Archive Boxes
Gilbert and Wolfand
Digitel 1 and 2
Furniture Sale 8/03
Federal Express
Digital Express 1 and 2
Dell service Contract
Cutting Edge Graphics
Cushman and Wakefield
C and P telephone
Blue Cross Forms
Blue Cross Correspondence
Blue Cross Renewal
2008-231/64 American Express
Breakaway (Steve Johnson)
Carnegie Endowment
Casillas Press
Center for Defense Information
Census 1997
Center for Strategic Information
Compu Print
Copier Purchase (excluding MPI)
Computer Accessory Store
Compu Star Co.
ComQuest Scanner
Congressional Quarterly
Conference Call Service
Copies Now
Corsair Travel 1994
Courier Services
Crystal Printing
Cyber Services
Databack Systems
Department of Energy(DoE) Software Center
DuPont Computers Inc.
Egghead Software
Erol’s Internet Company
Essential Information
Fax HP 3100 Laser Machine
Federal Express 2002
Flaherty, Jim
Gateway 2000
Global Computer Supplies
Harris, Larry—CEH Construction
H & H Office Equipment
Hollinger Corporation—Boxes
Internet Expenses
Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRC)
Japan Atomic Industrial Forum
Japanese Strategic Uranium Reserve (JSUR) Invoices
Just the Fax
Maritime Institute for Maritime Affairs
McCallum Media Monitor
McGraw Hill
Mass Mutual
Microstate Ltd
Mid-Atlantic Intercultural Association
Military Production Network
MK Catering
Monterey Institute
National Press Club
Net Realities
Network Solutions
NEC Computer Monitor
OCS America
Office Furniture Mart (2)
Panic Press
Postal Service, U.S.
Petty Cash Receipts
PBCC 2000
Penn Press
Press Express
PR Newswire
Publication Sales
Purchase Power
Sir Speedy/Copiers
T. Talbot Bond Co.
Ticket Counter
Travel Expenses
Traveler’s Medical Service
United Parcel Service
Video Monitoring Service
Washington Post
Web Services
Business Insurance 2003
Pitney Bowes (2)
Pitney Bowes Postage Meter—Instructions
National Academy Press
Van Dyke, Jon
Verizon Wireless
Via Network
2008-231/40 Greenberg’s Files
Stockpile Memo FOIA
Nuclear Control Institute (NCI)- Tarapur
NCI- Tritium
Nuclear- Terrorism Conference
NCI- Shoreham- Factual Background
NCI- Shoreham
NCI- Shoreham- Legal
NCI/ International Energy Associates Lt’d (IEAL) FOIA
NCI- Petten
2008-231/41 Dellums vs. U.S. volumes 1-3
South African Intervention (3)
South African Intervention (Expanding File)
Dellums vs. U.S. (Expanding File)
Before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Transnuclear Inc. (2)
2008-231/88 Sharon Tanzer Leventhal’s Files
Non-proliferation Treaty folder
Canada Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU)
Press Clips 1986
Japan Sea Transport Documents
Mixed uranium-plutonium oxide (MOX) correspondence
List of articles written by NCI and related news
Japan Sea Transport folder packets
Radioactive Waste Management
Plutonium Disposition Papers
Weapons Plutonium
Waste Shipment Letters 1996-97
Physical Protection—USA
2002 Documents
Press Clips—Sea Shipments 1996-97
Sea Shipment Press List 1997
THORP 1993-94 Press Clips
United Kingdom activities
Plutonium Theft/ Terrorism
Plutonium/Greenpeace Environmental Studies
Pyroprocessing—Post lawsuit
HEU Transportation Study
Class 7 Radioactive Material
2008-231/37 Nuclear Control Institute accomplishments
1981- Accomplishments
1982- Accomplishments
Accomplishments- 1981 (master copies)
Accomplishments- 1982 (master copies)
Accomplishments- 1983-1989
2008-231/38 Accomplishments- 1990-1991
Legislature- 1991
Accomplishments- 1992
Accomplishments- 1992 (cont’d)
Accomplishments- 1993-1996
2008-231/39 NCI Mentions- 1993-2003
Miscellaneous Master
Project Proposals/Grant Reports
Proposal- 1985
Progress Reports/Grant Proposals
Proposal- 1986-87
Proposals- 1988
Progress Report- 1988
Progress Report/Oversight 1988-89
Proposals- 1989- Working Files
Proposal- 1984
Proposals- 1989
Progress Report- 1989-90
Summary of Activities- 1989-90
Summary of Activities- 1989
Progress Report- 1989-90
Proposals- 1990
Proposal- 1991
Progress Report- 1992
Progress Report- 1993
1994 Annual Report
1995 Progress Report
1997 Mid-year Annual Report
1998- Proposal Short Form
2008-231/86 NCI/PL Logs 1981—
Accomplishments 2000-1997
Issues/Accomplishments 1997 (3)
2008-231/89 Videotapes
Gray & Co. Public Communications—CBC 5th Estate Item, vol.1 (2 copies, one in VHS)
Gray & Co. Public Communications—CBC 5th Estate Item, vol. 2
Gray & Co. Public Communications—International Terrorism Conference 6/24/1985 vol. 1 (2 copies, one in VHS)
Gray & Co. Public Communications—International Terrorism Conference 6/24/1985 vol. 2 (2 copies, one in VHS)
Gray & Co. Public Communications—International Task Force in Nuclear Terrorism 1/28/1986 vol. 1 (2 copies, one in VHS)
Gray & Co. Public Communications—International Task Force in Nuclear Terrorism 1/28/1986 vol. 2 (2 copies, one in VHS)
C-Span Call-In 11/10/1986
Department of Energy—Public Meeting on DOE Classification Policy 7/28/1995
Safe Passage: The PNTL Story
Nest Footage for NBC News
Gray & Co. Communications—International Nuclear Control Institute File B-Roll
U.S. Japan Plutonium Flights—“The Journal”
Nuclear Transport by Air, D.G. Lewis 1997 (British Format)
Nuclear 525, P. Marshall (U.S. Format)
The Plutonium Business 10/8/1992
CTV Inquiry—Plutonium Dump 5/14/1997
Return Transport of Vitrified Residue from Europe to Japan
Nuclear Power Industry Transportation Claims Debunked
Nightline-Nuclear Proliferation 9/4/1992 11:30pm
Gray & Co. Public Communications—Rep Tom Downey Reports from Washington 1/31/1986 (2 segments with Paul Leventhal) (2 copies)
Iran Nuclear Program—Buchanan and Press, MSNBC Cable Network 5/8/2003 6:00-7:00 PM
2008-231/90 The Terror Trade: Buying the Bomb
The World Today, CNN TV, Japanese/ Plutonium Shipments 8/9/1992 7:00pm (2 copies)
Frontline #308: Buying the Bomb
Gray & Co. Public Communications—News Coverage: NCI (3 copies)
20th Anniversary Conference: Nuclear Power & The Spread of Nuclear Weapons: Can We Have One without the Other? (4 tapes)
60 Minutes: “Nuclear Reactors” 10/14/2001 (2 copies)
Fatal Fallout: A Documentary Film by Gary Null Ph.D
Shipping and Handling Spent Nuclear Fuel
The Ultimate Terror—Excerpts for NCI
Mr. Pluto
The Plutonium Story
Star Wars Returns
The Non-proliferation Treaty: Dead at 25?
Safe Passage: The Transport of Spent Nuclear Fuel
60 Minutes: “The Inspector” 11/17/02 (2 copies)
Saipan Scenic
CNN Asia News 4/18/97
2008-231/91 VHS
Interview with President Leventhal—Nippon TV News
“Nuclear Terrorism”—NBC Nightly News 6/25/1986
P.L. Nuclear
Atoms for War—BBC News & Current Affair 7/4/1995
FRM II Garching—Keunzeichen D/ 1/24/1996 & ZAK 1/21/1996
Paul Leventhal C-Span Call-in 11/1986
Nuclear Insecurities—Nightline Borrowed Time
C-Span—International Trade of Plutonium 6/6/1994, tape 1
C-Span—International Trade of Plutonium 6/6/1994, tape 2
Nuclear Transport by Air; 1997
The Sodium Experience—Argonne National Laboratory
CNN—Rob Reynolds 1/10/1991
Rick Sallinger 3/3/1992
NBC—“Fleecing of America” Nuclear Cleanup (2 copies)
This Week—Flying Plutonium
Nuclear Power, Nuclear Weapons
Monju Accident
General Atomics—Gas Turbine MH, GT_MHR Power for the Next Generation
PATS Video Tour
“The Ultimate Terror” by: Jackson Bain
Frontline/ Nuclear 4/22/1997 & Pyroprocessing Amendment
U.S. Criticism on sea shipment of plutonium 12/19/1989
60 Minutes: Hazma 1/27/1999
2008-231/92 CNBC Equal Time—Attorney Kate Kendell 10/10/1997
CNN Asia—Japan Nuclear (PNC Scandals) (2 copies)
CBS Nightwatch—Paul Leventhal, Nuclear Control Institute
Paul ABC News 8/15/1991
Spread of Nuclear Weapons
The American Debate #150—Nuclear Non-proliferation
NHK Series on Nuclear Power-1989 (2 copies)
Cable News Network Newswatch 6/25/1986
Today’s Show: 621: Channel 9 News
False Frontier-1988
of the Fundamental Classification Review Kick-off Meeting
Under Siege
Production News Air Check—Security Meltdown
Equinox—Dismantling the Bomb
Paul/Iraq interviews
Plutonium Disposition—Fox News 12/16/1996
2008-231/93 Iraq’s Nuclear Weapons Program—60 Minutes; 1-27-99 (2 copies)
BBC “News Night”—Iraq and the IAEA, October 1991 (2 copies)
GA Technologies—MHTGR HTGR—4 programs
(Inventory of Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Video Projects wrapped around next two videos on list)
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation—“The H Bomb Decision”
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation—“Test Ban Scientists”
(Invoice from Phoenix/BFA film and video wrapped around next two videos on list)
Terror I
Terror II
America’s Defense Monitor
UN’s Nuclear Detective
The Expanding Nuclear Club
“Nuclear Regulation/Bernard O’Keefe & Paul Leventhal”
Rep. Bernie Sanders: VT Yankee Security Hearing—5/3/2001 (2 copies)
Paul Leventhal Interview—CNN International 4/17/1997
Nuclear Intruder: an interview with Dr. Edwin Lyman (2 copies, one in BetaCam)
2008-231/94 CNBC Squawk Box
Four Corners—Critical Mass (Letter wrapped around VHS)
Interview with PL, NCI Director, for America’s Defense Monitor (Letter wrapped around VHS)
Persian “News and Views”—9/10/2004, vol. 1-2
Franklin and Marshall University Commencement Address (2 copies)
Environmental Forum—“Foreign Fuel Imports”
Briefing of Export of Highly Enriched Uranium to Canada
Briefing—Morning, 5/5/99
Paul Leventhal—THORP
Intrusion Detection Systems Performance Testing: Lessons Learned
Security at Nuclear Power Plants 3/19/1993
SNLA Colloquium: Three Mile Island (TMI) Accident 3/20/1987
Megatons to Megawatts: IAEA Verification at Portsmouth
Broken Dagger—11/27/2000
1 unmarked video
2 videos in labeled in Japanese
2008-231/95 ¾” Video
NBC Nightly News—“Nuclear Terrorism” 6/25/1986
Nuclear Terrorism 6/24/1985
C-Span Call-in 11/10/1986 (2 copies)
Gray & Co.—Today Show—Nuclear Threat 6/26/1985
Gray & Co-“Ultimate Terror”
Gray & Co.—“Tom Downey Reports…From Washington”
Nightwatch—Paul Leventhal
2008-231/96 “Nest Footage for NBC News”
Fifth Estate 4/10/1983
Gray & Co.—News Coverage: Nuclear Control Institute
International Terrorism Conference vol. 1-2
File B-Roll (3 copies)
Nuclear Terrorism/Paul Leventhal
Today Show—After Eight: Nuclear Terror
International Task Force in Nuclear Terrorism 1/28/1986
2008-231/97 Audiocassettes
Christian Science Monitor Box
National Public Radio—All Things Considered “Nuclear Terrorism I
National Public Radio—All Things Considered “Nuclear Terrorism II
Boom Town—The History of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation: Part I & II
Boom Town—The History of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation—Part III & IV
Letters/Blank Caucus
Mr. Gold
Panel II: Latin America
Pacifica News 3/23/1988
A-B Conference Tapes & Disks
10/12/1989 Ingles—Six cassette tapes
10/13/1989 Ingles—Six cassette tapes
Thursday May 29th, NCI
Sealed Plastic Bag (A-B Conference Tapes)
10/12/1989 Spanish—Six cassette tapes
10/13/1989 Spanish—Six cassette tapes
Document outlining the panelists recorded
Monday June 24, 1985—4 cassette tapes
Tuesday June 25, 1985—4 cassette tapes
Discussion Meeting with Mr. Leventhal—4/18/1989
Asia Pacific Forum
Nuclear Control: May 29. 1986—4 of 5 cassette tapes, one is missing
Nuclear Control: May 30th, 1986—2 cassette tapes
Washington Spotlight—February Edition I (3 copies)
Mr. Pluto (2 copies)
K. Subrahanyam
NCI Conference 4/9/2001—9 tapes
Workshop on Tritium Factor—5 tapes
Paul Leventhal
Paul Leventhal and Richard Rhodes—1/4/1994
Paul Leventhal interview
Morning Edition 7/12/1984
Dr. Bob Gallucci—April 12, 1993
Nuclear Terrorism—CBS Radio 3/7/1985
Diane Rehm 8/16/04—Iran’s Nuclear Program
Head Demagnetizer
CEP conference—6/10/1997
Background Briefing—Plutonium Factor
Friday 1
Friday 2
Thursday—4 cassette tapes
20 unmarked cassettes
2008-231/106 Computer Files
5 inch disks
Old Disk
Paris Revised (Tahoe Speech)
Wordstar (Backup)
Dan 1
Dan 6: Bios, Agenda/2
CPM Working Diskette
Dan 4
Nuclear Control 10/13/89—1013 NCI
New Lists: Funders, 8/90 Debaters
Wordstar & Mail Merge (User Copy)
Dan 8
CP/M (User Copy)
Dan 8X
Dan 9
Nuclear Control 10/12/1989—1012 NCI: WP 4.2
Dan 5
Dan 3
Dan 7
Dan 2
Osborne Wordstar & Mail Merge
Case: Work & Lesson Disks
Working Diskette, CP/M Version 2.2
Working Disketter: MailMerge, Wordstar
Working Diskette: Microsoft Basic-80
Working Diskette: Perfect Calc (2 copies)
Formatted, Single-Sided: The Word Spelling Checker
Formatted, Single-Sided: Footnoting Disk
NCI—Special D, Modem &, Find Findbad, Umerase
Lessons Disk: Perfect Writer (3 copies)
Working Diskette: Profit Plan
Filer Disk, Individual Member Data Base: Perfect Filer
Working Diskette: The Word
Working Diskette: Perfect Speller
Mail Merge (Osborne)
Case: Work & Lessons Disks (2)
Master #1
Master: Wordstar
Master: Mailmerge
Master#2: Profit Plan
Edit Disk: Perfect Writer
Lessons Disk: Perfect Writer
Filer Disk: Perfect Filer
Installation Disk: Perfect Writer
Master: Microsoft BASIC-80
Lessons Disk Master: Perfect Calc
Perfect Calc
Perfect Speller
Master: The Word
Case: Work and Lessons Disks (3)
CP/M Working
Master: CP/M Version 2.2
Game Disk
Master: S-Basic
Master: Microsoft Basic-80
Perfect Calc
Master: Wordstar
Filer Disk: Perfect Filer
Perfect Speller
Lessons Disk: Perfect Calc
Installation Disk: Perfect Writer
Edit Disk: Perfect Writer
Lessons Disk: Perfect Writer
Case: NCI Files
The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy: Spring-Summer 1988
The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy: Spring 1988
The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy: Fall ‘87
Fletcher: Spring 87
Fletcher—Fall ’86 and Arms Control Conference
Dan: Grad School
Dan: Forum
JFK Paper
Case: M
CP/M Disc
Perfect Writer Edit (2 copies)
Perfect Writer Lessons Disc (Copy August 27, ’85)
Perfect Speller
Perfect Writer (Installation Disc)
Case: A/B Conference October ‘89
Nuclear Control Institute WP 5.1
MS. 1
MS. 2
MS. 3
MS. 4
MS. 5
MS. 6
MS. 7
MS. 8
Horner 3 (Bocco paper), etc, MS.9
MS. 10—Bios
Leventhal: Lev-3, Lev-5, Lev-7, Lev-11, Lev-12, Lev-14—5/9/90
Case: Conference Disks
Conference—Disk #2
Conference—Disk #3
Case: A/B Meeting Originals (CPM version)
Panel 2
Panel 3A
Panel 3B
6B Conference—Disk#6
3M Box #1
Unmarked Disk
Microsoft Games
Writer’s Guide/Plu-Perfect Writer 1.2
Plu-Perfect Writer Utility Backup
Installation PW 1.2
New: Writer’s Guide Installation—Plu Perf sys gen CPM 2.2E
Plu-Perfect Writer Edit Disk
PLU-Perfect Speller
Plu-Perfect Writer Edit Disk Back-Up w/ Writer’s Guide
Writers Guide 1.2 & Plu Perf 1.2
Plu Perf 1.20
Invoice from Central Computer Products wrapped around these 3)
PluPerfect Systems Utility Disk: Working Copy
PW 1.2
Writing Disk #1 Files Plu Perfect Writer: For my writing
3M Box #2
3M Box: Central Files I
Contrib Board
Tritium DTA Hill Truck
TF Outreach Studio
Outreach Fundraising/Accomplishments
Japan Agreement/Task Force DTA
Germany Funding
Outreach Correspondence (10/86)
Carol—Contains the Frankfurt 2nd Draft
Carol—Contains Japan Mailing List
Case: Central Files II
Gentsu PL
RBF/90 Budget
Gorby tritium/Argentina-Brazil
Hoenig RETR Tables
Panel 1
A/B Rap Sum
Rap Sum A/B
Outpost Follow Up
South Carolina Speech/Marktest Rev.
4 Review
1989 Progress
Totten—Carnegie—Fundraising 1989 & Budget
Case: Central Files III (STL mostly)
STL/ Tritium, Fissile
Member-Related Lists
5 Lunch Ex Letter Return
Experts Paper/Bios/Box Paper
Impact/’89 Proposals—Streisand
’88 Proposal/Kelleber-Mosher ’89 Proposal
Case: Terrorism Task Force 2 of 2
PL: Pringle/ Mueller
Extra Files: Mueller/ DH/Foreword/Intro
A/O 6/12/1986
PIP Disk
Task Force Meeting Correspondence/Studies document/Glossary, Report/3
Wye Master/Taylor-Mark
TF Outreach Correspondence/PL Text
Task Force Studies Correspondence
Intro—Not Current
Case: Tritium Factor Book
Final K Disk 1: Book Opening/Rapporteur’s Summary
K Disk 2: Chapter 3/T Book
K Disk 3: Chapter 4
K Disk 4: Chapter 5
K Disk 5: Chapter 6
K Disk 6: Panelists/Appendix
Case: Tritium Workshop Cambridge December 9, 1988
Experts Paper: Bios, Box, Paper
Panel 2/Tape 2
T. Factor—Presentations Final
T—Book Panelists
T. Factor—Final Presentations
Tritium Workshop: Closing Remarks Final
Tritium Workshop Summary
Tritium Workshop: Panel 1/Tape 1
Workshop Summaries Tape 3
Panel 4/Tape 4
Trit Workshop
Case: NCI Files
Lists: Congress/Adlett/Admendment
Corrected: Truck Bomb Testimony Copy for Paul
Funders 2 1988/Progress Report/FRG TBST
Matt’s Disk: Committee Lob; Reps. Lob; Senator’s Lob; Redding Let; Prescand DTA; Deadlink Reg
Memorex Box
Wye—Issue Papers
Kaypro II (WS)
Kaypro II WS—sf intro, fcycle,sfus, af debate—debate 2
Work Disk—radwaste
Kaypro II WS—SF ABI, SF abroad context, SF links uranium
Kaypro II WS—SF Future, Future 2
Kaypro II—Uranium, UVSPU, SF debate 2, influence, SF debate
Kodak Box
Laura Worby—Deadly Connect (3)
Ne’eman TF/Jarchia TF/ Tabcont TF
Rossnagel—“Ross” and “Bunn”—Disk Full
3M Box: Alan K’s Disks
AJK 10
AJK 5 (Replace)
Master: Microsoft Basic-80
Perfect Calc
2008-231/107 5 inch disks
Folder: Computer File Index ’83-‘84
Box with Inventory of Computer Files
Case: Formatted Disks 1-13
Disk 1: Act Logs/Data User Copy
Disk 2: WG-Invite/Data 12-83 User Copy
Disk 3 : Basart, Cover, Redick, Senatelle, Dayaft/ Data 11-83
Disk 4: Bak’, WGSTR, Dayafter, WGMinute, PatMeno/ Data ‘83
Disk 5: Summary/ Data ‘83 User Copy
Disk 6: IBAddendum, IBArgentina, Newnamer
Disk 7: Adelman, Olivelet 1-84
Disk 8: Arg Letter, WG Agenda, WG Arg 12-83 to 1-84
Disk 9: Budget Info, WG 1-84
Disk 10: Letter to the Times 11/24/83
Disk 11: NRC Test-HEU, HEU Issue Briefing, Puconlet Disk 12: Bartlet, Reagan, Grant Rep, China
Disk 12: Bartlet, Reagan, Grant Rep, China
Disk 13: Name Ref
Case: Formatted Disks 14-24
Disk 14: BasRev, Eurlet, Leher
Disk 15: NYLet, WG Cochran, WGNotice, Fundem
Disk 16: US-USSR, Taylor/Votindex
Disk 17: South Africa
Disk 17b: IssueBrief—South Africa (2-1-84), South Africa Overview
Disk 18: Letters-Franco etc.
Disk 19: PL Bio & Proposal
Disk 20: Sym, B. Bre, Confsub, Fileindex
Disk 21: Board, Staff
Disk 22: Proposal Letter
Disk 23: HEU Memo, Letter
Disk 24: Ruth Mott, WG Hagen
Case: Formatted Disks 25-35
Disk 25: Working Group, Index, Argentina
Disk 26: Sabato Interview, Action Alert
Disk 27: Perfect Filer, Member Database
Disk 29: Newsletter
Disk 30: WG List, Hart/Gold
Disk 31: Chevy PC Spread/Laura
Disk 32: Gallini Minutes
Disk 33: Gund Letter, Fundraising dates
Disk 34: WC Minutes/NPT
Disk 35: Gilinski Interview
Case: Formatted Disks 36-45
Disk 36: Agenda 1, Agenda 2
Disk 37: Agenda 3, Agenda 4
Disk 38: Letters, Terror Footnotes
Disk 39: Pakistan (rev.1)
Disk 40: Letters
Disk 41: Japan
Disk 44: Letters, Terrorism
Disk 45: Terrorism
Case: Formatted Disks 46-55
Disk 46: NPT Horner
Disk 46: NPT backup
Disk 47: NPT Review
Disk 48: Conference
Disk 49: Japanese Interviews
Disk 50: Japan 2
Disk 51: Japan 3
Disk 53: Ackland
Disk 54: Plut. Let
Disk 55: Goone Press
Case: Formatted Disks 56-70
Disk 56: Mori, WG Russian
Disk 57: Terrorism, Carter, Ford
Disk 58: Terrorism Participants
Disk 59: HEU
Disk 60: BD/NAT/STL
Disk 61:WG Speaker List
Disk 62: Board
Disk 63 A: Son of Plutonium Letter
Disk 63: Terror Letters
Disk 64: Main Terrorism Disk
Disk 65: DC govt
Disk 66: IRS Terrorism Lists
Disk 67: NUC Conference Lists, Data Files galore
Disk 68: NPT Lists
Disk 69: Horner/ NPT, Terror Conference/Finders
Disk 70: Davies Paper
Case: Formatted Disks 72- 81
Disk 72: Conference Registration Program
Disk 73: Conference Follow up
Disk 74: Register—Same as 72?
Disk 75: Current 10/85 Task
Disk 76: SR Current, Task Force
Disk 77: Grant
Disk 79: Copy of Disk 64
Disk 80: Press
Disk 81: NPT Lang
Case: Disks 82-95
Disk 82: Newsletter 1
Disk 83: Newsletter 2: Interviews, PL STL Phone logs
Disk 84: Newsletter PL Copy
Disk 85: PL-Newsletter Davies 3
Disk 86: PL: Bulletin NPT article, China
Disk 87: PL: China Testimony
Disk 88: Working Group
Disk 89: Task Force, Rapporteur’s Summary
Disk 90: Conference Papers
Disk 91: TF Bios, Modem
Disk 92: Task Force Correspondence
Disk 93: Working Group 2
Disk 94: Task Force etc, (DH) Taiwan
Disk 95: Working Group 3
Case: Disks 96-108
Disk 96: Book & edited Conference Papers #2
Disk 97: Correspondence
Disk 98: Press
Disk 99: T.F. Exec Summaries
Disk 100: Consultants
Disk 101: Task Force Studies Correspondence
Disk 102: Task Force Basic Documents
Disk 103: Conference Data
Disk 104: Science, Edit Writers, Forlett, Foreign DTA
Disk 105: VIP Correspondence
Disk 106: Transcript #2, Wye Meeting
Disk 107: Transcrit #3, Wye Meeting
Disk 108: STL Suggestions, Transcript #4
Case: Disks 109-122
Disk 109: Task Force, Panel One, Panel Three A
Disk 110: TF Minutes, Panels 1-4
Disk 111: TF Minutes Panels 5-7
Disk 112: Biostasks, Members, Report/ Report 2A, Contents-Report 2B
Disk 113: QUO Post
Disk 114: Bios Task, Ne’eman-Revised
Disk 115: Foreword, Ack, Glossary
Disk 116: Recommen
Disk 117: Glossary—Report, Press Conference Questions
Disk 118: Davies, O’Keefe
Disk 119: Gilinsky, Weapons
Disk 120: Long, DIX, Safe, Shortarm, Neeman
Disk 121: Weapons, Facilities, Cutoff
Disk 122: Report Mail Merge, Agenda
Case: Disks 123-131, plus two
Disk 123: Task Force Book
Disk 124: HOEMG Letters
Disk 125: Outreach/TForce
Disk 126: Outreach, Sabotage (OPED)
Disk 127: State/FEDL
Disk 128: Laura SIPRI, Mosher
Disk 129: PL Mott, Budget FR
Disk 130: Fundraising Proposition
Disk 131: Distribution, Workplan
Disk 131: Board
Grant Progress, Mosher. Kelleher
Progress ‘85/IHRIG
2008-231/108 5 inch Disks
NCI—Los Alamos, IBM version
Dowdy, Kelley
Jappu 2
Horner 1 of 2
Jappu 3
Case: NCI Files
SD 1: Steve Disk, June 1991
SD2: Steve Disk, July 1991
SD3: Steve Disk, August 1991
Steve Disk #1, March 1995
Steve Disk #2, March 1995
9 Unlabeled Sentinel Technologies Disks
Case: Alan/Deb Files
Alan K—NCI Intern from Hell
AJK 11
AJK 12
AJK 13
Deb 2
Debby 4
Debby 6
Debby 7
Deb (from PL)
Debby 8
Debby 9
Debby Last
Case: General Files
Press DTA, Foreign Press DTA
April 1991
NPT/Developing World
IAEA List: Physical Protection Meeting June 1990, Vienna
A/B Intro: Marin/Box
Spreadsheet—Mosher Proposal
Budget/Carnegie, Publications, Publications Summary
NCI—Bellrive, Bellrive 2
Tirman Board ‘90
DataCase Disk File
Iraq/Calutrons, Markey Bill, Lehamn
Iraq Op ed, Lehman, Amend
Bad Sector
Iraq Presscow
RERTR Issue Brief, Outlook
Canada Speech 6/91
A/B Book, Activity 1990
Rock Prop, PakTestim 1990
India, Argentina
Argentina-Brazil Post Conference ‘90
India, Hinckley
1987—Pakistan Testimony, OpEd
A/B Trip Report
Intro A/B
A/B Intro
NRC (Draft III)—“Truckbombs"
Hoenig RERTR Tables
RERTR Tables
NPT Safeguards—Pryor
Jenkins, Hilary
Revised House Testimony
Japan (2), WISE
Japan/Scheuer, Manga, Proposal. STR
Japan: Testimony, Solarz (Talk Pts), Adlett
S. Africa: Release, Update, Japan Plutonium
Background, Jap BOTAS, AD Cranston
Japan-Replang, Israel Testimony, Japan Trip-‘89
Josh, Japan-Testim, Tritium
Helen Hunt Paper
Germany Adams, Japan/ASAHI 2
Brick, Trittlet
Bush-Gorby Letter, GAO
Tritium (2)
Tritium Project
PL—Tritium Corner
Eur/Read, Goodale, Davies 2, Menu, Tritium
Gorby 2, Spratt
AAAS 3 (Final)
Dan Hirsch
Tritium-Mark Testimony
Gen 4
Tritium Article
NPR Sis memo, Verify Simpson
Thomson #1, NCI Final Hanford, Kyshyton Paper 5/16/90
PL—Proposal, Sabotage Op. Ed, Japan Op Ed., HM
Issues: NCI Staff, Pending NPT, Fialka/IEAL Greene, Baslet
Fundraising—1989, ROMM
Nuclear Control Institute: Hanford Kyshtyn Venture
Ad Letter
3M Box of 15 unlabeled disks
3.5 inch Disks
Box: Archival Disks
Mai’s Disk
Archives —Printer Computer Files 1991-2
Final Versions 3/96
Back-up 2--Printer Computer 92
Back-up 1—Printer Computer 92
Final Versions
Duplicate of Paul’s final version disk 10-17-94 Dan
Final Versions (defective)
Box: Susan’s Disks (including Database & Register Disk computer)
Database Backup Disc #1
Database Backup Disc #2
Database Backup Disc #3
Database Backup Disc #4
Susan June 1991
Susan: Backup July 1994
Susan: German Translations
SC/Reception Area Computer 1994 Archives 1
SC/Reception Area Computer 1994 Archives 2
SC/Reception Area Computer 1994 Archives 3
SC/Reception Area Computer 1994 Archives 4
Box: NCI Files
PL: Annual Report 1994
Annual HEU
Word Perfect 5.1
Van Dyke, John—Precautionary Principle
Lyman Report 12/94
Spare Disk
3/93: All Forum Papers (13 Docs)
Backup/Sharon, Forum A.L.
Annual Report 1992
Andy Mack’s Paper
List Labels from Sandy Spector
Box: NCI Files (2)
NPT Pu Charts 4/6/97
WPU Disposition—Key Docs 3/97
NPT Pu Charts (revised) April 1997
NCI WWW Files 1/21/97
Unlabeled disk
Box: SDD Computer Files
Nordion Testimony
Unlabeled disc
Paul-Grant Proposal /2000
Iraq, NPT RES, NPT WkPap
Carnegie Charts
Email 3/00
Transcript NPT
PC-Pswann.jpg (photo of GP in Pacific Ocean in Canal)
CD of photos taken NCI/Greenpeace press conference
CD of Carnegie Endowment: New Leaders, New Directions
2008-231/102 NCI Documents Pulled from Publications
Ed Hollister—Letter
Yucca Mountain Project Folder
Non-Proliferation NGO Groups 1998
General Accounting Office (GAO) 2/4/1999
Nuclear Information—Tokyo Jul/August 1998
ISIS 6/14-15/2001
Reduced Enrichment for Research and Test Reactors (RERTR)— 1993 Congressional Budget Request
French Embassy
Nader/Nuclear Issues Packet 1976
NRC Actions on GAO Reccomendations 6/20/1976
Management of Nuclear Materials
Conference on the Implications of the Acquisition of Nuclear- Powered Submarines by Non-Nuclear Weapons States
Department of Energy (DOE) Audit Report—Savannah River Site
International Nuclear Waste Briefing
Huizenga Presentation 1/7/1998
Background Paper on Australia & International Nuclear Issues
The Management and Disposition of Plutonium & Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) 6/99
Symposium on the Manhattan Project
NRC International Activities
Tour of the Yucca Mountain Project
Nuclear Engineering Maps
Stenographic Transcript of Hearing on Threat of North Korean Proliferation 2/7/1992
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) General Conference 9/18/1988
Congressional Research Services (CRS)—1978-1992
Robert Zarate Paper—Article IV and Peaceful Nuclear Energy Schwartz Article
Schwartz Article
NCI on NPT—Redick Paper
Smith and Rathjens Paper
Science Article 7/11/1986
Comptroller General Report 3/18/1980
Copy of Plutonium Use Policy 9/9/1982
Copy of Comptroller General’s Report 2/18/1981
ISIS Conference Papers 11/21/2001
2008-231/103 Three Mile Island
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act (NNPA)-I
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Conference 1993
2008-231/103 Trip Report of Committee of International Security and Arms Control (CISAC) to Moscow 3/14-18/1994
Limiting the Spread of the Weapon-Usable Fissile Materials
Tritium Factor Package Materials
Tritium Factor Folder
Japanese Trip Miscellaneous Documents
Gary Null
History of NCI
Secret, U.S. Nuclear Weapons Overview—Where Does it Stand? 11/3/1980
General Accounting Office (GAO)—U.S. Nuclear Safeguards—A National Strategy is Needed.
Facing Nuclear Dangers: Action Plan for the 21st Century
Filing System: Database Report
Omnibus Nuclear Proliferation Control Act of 1993—5/27/1993
Critical Mass Energy Project—Folder
Congressional Research Services
Non-Proliferation Bill
Japan Security and Non-Proliferation Briefing Book—Energy Overview
Japan Security and Non-Proliferation Briefing Book—Civilian Nuclear Program
Japan Security and Non-Proliferation Briefing Book— Test/Research Reactors, Power Reactors, Breeder Program
Japan Security and Non-Proliferation Briefing Book—Uranium Enrichment, Nuclear Fuel Supplies, Nuclear Export Program
Japan Security and Non-Proliferation Briefing Book—Nuclear Export Program, Military Planning/Nuclear Weapons Policy, NP/Arms Control Policy
Japan Security and Non-Proliferation Briefing Book—IAEA Safeguards, Critics, US/Japan Bilateral Agreement
Japan Security and Non-Proliferation Briefing Book—Tokai Mura Subsequent Agreement, Nuclear Accidents, Safety Amendments
Japan Briefing Book-- Energy Overview, Fuel Cycle, Power Reactor
Japan Briefing Book—Test/Research Reactors, Breeder Program, Uranium Enrichment, Plutonium Reprocessing, Nuclear Fuel Supplies, Waste
Japan Briefing Book- Military Planning/Nuclear Weapons, NP/Arms Control, IAEA Safeguards
Japan Briefing Book—Physical Protection/Terrorism, US/Japan Agreement, US/Japan Relations
Japan Briefing Book—1984 Trip Overview and Interviews
DOE’s “Working Group on External Regulation” 12/96 (2)
OTA Report 6/91
Carnegie Endowment on India
South Asia Trip Documents 5/7-21/1994 Gates 5/92 Paper
Gates 5/92 Pape
Conference Report--International Terrorism: The Nuclear Dimension
2008-231/110 NDU Working Group on New Approaches to WMD Proliferation
Helliwell Paper—New Technologies and Nuclear Weapons Proliferation
Kratzer Paper—How Can International Nonproliferation Safeguards Be More Relevant?
Nuclear Nonproliferation Act of 1978 Folder (3)
Summary of Nuclear Fuel Processing Activities Around the World
RERTR Articles/Papers
RERTR—1998 Meeting
Brazil—Hard Copy
RERTR Russian Core Conversion
IAEA Safeguards
Donnelly Draft—The Proposed US/Japan Agreement for Nuclear Cooperation
NCI Folder Packet on NPT
Conference on International Terrorism: The Nuclear Dimension—6/1985
International Task Force on Prevention of Nuclear Terrorism—1986
Aspen Executive Seminars—1986-87
Briefing Book—Citizen’s Congress on National Security—1983
Nuclear Nonproliferation Notebook (2)
Paul Leventhal’s Notes (3)
US/Japan Agreement—Legal Arguments (4)
2008-231/111 21st RERTR Meeting 10/1998 (2)
Congressional Reports
H.R.11510 & H.R. 5273
Book Summary Papers from NCI Library
Nuclear Nonproliferation Articles
Paul Leventhal article with Yonah Alexander
Paul Leventhal article with Chellaney and Hoenig
Book Advertisements
Science Articles Reprints
Extending the NPT without Losing the World
NPT/95: NPT at the Crossroads Issues
September 14, 2001 Letter
RERTR at the Crossroads Articles
NCI Special Reports
Greenpeace Sea Transport Folders
Fundraising/Donation Brochures
Letters to Bush and Gorbachev
Nuclear Terrorism—Paul Leventhal and Brahma Chellaney
Copies of articles from various sources
Nuclear Control Index 1983 Press Release
CBS News Transcript 2002
Transport Protest Briefing Folder
1983 Argentine Enrichment Plant Folder
Three Mile Island Documents
IAEA Errata Corrections
Dounreay Plant articles and correspondence
Conference on Trinity Test
Newspapers/Nuclear Control
Paul Leventhal’s Bibliography
Reprocessing Fallacy Article
International Task Force Press Release Packet—1986
Joint Statement on Nuclear Explosives Control Policy
Nuclear Waste Conference c/o Bill Mitchell—1996
Conference on Latin American Cooperation—Montevideo 1989 (3)
Citizen’s Nuclear Waste Manual 1984 (2)
Nuclear Terrorism Prevention Project Progress Report—1988
International Task Force—1987 Report
Rules of the House of the Representatives
Paul Levethal’s Collection of his Speeches and Articles
1997 FSM Report—Sea Transport
2008-231/112 Brassey’s Questionnaire
Book Conference—Proposals
Nuclear Control 20th Anniversary Conference Folder—Paul Leventhal’s Folder
Conference—Comments and Tributes
NCI 20th Anniversary (F&M)
Current Agenda/Comments
Streaming TV and Website
Intros and Thanks
2001 Conference Book (box of papers)
2 copies of 20th Anniversary Conference Folders
Envelope of photos taken during the 20th Anniversary Conference
Paul Leventhal Papers
2008-231/21 Memoir files
New York (NY) Academy of Sciences- Three Mile Island book
Hearing for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Restructuring
Paul Leventhal Papers-1988
Proceedings of Argentina/Brazil nuclear interaction conference 10/12/1989 Vol. 1-2
Early NCI Papers-1981
Protection of Nuclear Power Plants against Malevolent Use of Vehicles-1994
Funder’s Mailing 7/24/90
Paul Leventhal’s Papers on Plutonium- 1992-2001
Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)
Nuclear Control Institute Activities Update-1995-96
Iraq (1990-95)
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)/Iraq-1991
Paul Leventhal Articles
Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) - Hard Copy for Folders
Greenpeace Press Release Folders-1996
Nuclear Control Institute (NCI) Research-1979-81
Nuclear Control Institute (NCI) Papers- 1978-2002
Hart-Simpson Background 1981
Tarapur Intervention
Iraq Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) mailing- Original
New York (NY) Times OpEd 12/28/90- Iraq
Iraq- Mark Paper
Shoreham Fuel Articles
Japan/Korea- Plutonium 1990-92
Tritium Papers
Tritium Testimony
Nuclear Control Institute (NCI) Office
2008-231/22 Nuclear Control Institute (NCI) Miscellaneous
Debby’s Parting Words- 92
Ditchley Conference February 1997
Paul Leventhal/Sharon Tanzer Leventhal (PL/STL)- Phone & Fax UK 91-92
Dan- Paul Leventhal/Sharon Tanzer Leventhal (PL/STL) Fax & Phone (UK) 1992
Paul Leventhal/Sharon Tanzer Leventhal (PL/STL) Communications
Department of Energy (DOE) MOX Decision- 1/23/2002
Indian Point (IP)- Security, EP
South Carolina (SC)- Department of Energy (DOE)- Plutonium (Pu) Shipments
Operational Safeguards Response Evaluation (OSRE)
Plutonium Fuel Production Facility (PFPF)
Nuclear Plant Guard Whistleblower
Japan Agreement- Department of Defense (DOD) Assessment of
Transportation Alternatives
International Task Force- 1986
Walker Article
Portfolio Paper
War and Peace Institute- Columbia University
Carnegie Meeting
Woodrow Wilson
Waste Management Conference
Staff (1)
Staff (2)
Paul Levethal (PL) Personal Papers
2008-231/23 Vitrified High-Level Waste (VHLW)/British Response
Vitrified High-Level Waste (VHLW) 96-97 Sea Shipment Key Documents
Non-Proliferation Act
Terrorism Conference Photos
Nuclear Club- Printing- Reprints
Nuclear Club- Craver, Matthews & Smith- (Letters/Bills)
Nuclear Club- Craver, Matthews- Drafts/Notes)
Nuclear Club (NC) Craver, Matthews & Smith (current file)
Nuclear Club (NC)- Craver, Matthews & Smith- vendor invoices
Eldow Resources Limited
Nuclear Control- Issues- Ex-current
Nuclear Control- Lamb, Peter
Nuclear Club- Letters
Nuclear Club Mailings Log
Nuclear Club Membership Mailings 1982
Nuclear Club- Membership Masterlink
Murphy Institute
Nuclear Club- Notes
Plutonium Challenge
Nuclear Club- Program
Stanley Foundation Conference May 13-16, 1984
Nuclear Club- Talking Points (2)
Plutonium in Europe/Walker/Berkhout
International Energy Agency/Reforms/Special Inspections
Conference Transcript
Task Force (TF) Press Conference and Photos 6/26/1986
Atoms for Peace (AFP)
Atoms for Peace (Wheaties Memo)
Truckbombs- Badnitz Report
2008-231/24 Memoir Material II-VIII
2008-231/25 United Kingdom- Royal Society Report on Plutonium, 1997
Physical Security
New Production Reactors (NPRs)
Tritium Workshop Folder- Master
Japan CASKS Report Invoices
Britain- Thorp- Guardian Article 11/93
France Trip- 1992
France Trip- March 1991
France- Paris Conference April 1993
France- Superphenix- Greenberg Memo
Joint Committee on Atomic Energy
Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference- 1975
Safeguards/Plutonium (Pu)/Highly enriched uranium (HEU)/Timely Warning
New York (NY) Times- Op.ed
Timely Warning
Copson, Alex
Copson/Cochran- Contract
Program Report- Attachments
2008-231/26 Memoirs IX-XVII
Working Group Chronology File
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)- Nuclear Control Institute (NCI) Boilerplate Language for Requests 11/2002
Blix-Mark Letter
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)- Physical Protection- Experts Meeting Nuclear Control Institute (NCI), Vienna, June 1990
Guardian Op Ed 7/3/1992
Argentina-Brazil Trip Notes April 1992
Articles- Nuclear Fuel Interview 12/31/1984
MacDonald, Charles- confidential
Clippings 1974-77
Wye Plantation Minutes and Transcripts- 1986
International Atomic Energy (IAEA)/Iraq- Lantos Hearing-6/93
Iraq Chronology- 1991
Legislation- Glenn Bill
Operational Safeguard Response Evaluations (OSRE)
Pakistan/People’s Republic of China (PRC) Nuclear Test-Freedom of Information Act 7/92
Plutonium Air Transport/Germany
Plutonium Air Shipments (Gordon’s file)
Reactor-Grade Plutonium 1995 Shelflife Report FOIA
Reactor-Grade Plutonium: Garwin vs. Imai
Reactor-Grade Plutonium- Levine 1980
Reactor-Grade Plutonium- Garwin Paper 1994
Vitrified High-Level Waste (VHLW) Sea Shipment- E-mail Blitz
Sensitive Nuclear Level Technology- Markey Letter to O’Leary- 10/11/1994
Sensitive Nuclear Level Technology (SNT): Department of Energy (DOE) Response to Markey Questions
2008-231/28 Nuclear Club- Contributions
Nuclear Control Institute (NCI) Investment Program
India Test Sanctions
Masters- Cambridge
Special Attention
German Plutonium- Immobilization
Holum Memorandum 11/1996
Plutonium Disposal- Group Letter 12/1996
Commonwealth Edision (Com Ed) Meeting 7/25/1997
Chicago- Key Documents
Texas Trip (MOX)
Texas Trip- Documents
Presidential Committee on Advisors of Science and Technology (PCAST)
Plutonium Disposals- Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests
Plutonium Disposition- Harvard Russian Meeting 11/1997
Can-in-a-Canister- 6/1996
Japan Plutonium (JAPPU) Needs, Etc
Plutonium Air Shipments- Germany 1993
CIA Classified Proliferation Project 1974
Tokai Reprocessing- Carter Negotiations- 1977
Japan-Supply and Demand- Faxes 1990
Tritium-Soviet Union
Dutch Master (no pun intended)
Proxmire Amendment and Memo
Fialka Package
2008-231/33 Personal Papers
Cambridge- Seminars
Cambridge- Global Security Program
Japan/Plutonium etc.
Personal Papers
Berkshire Camp Reunion
Personal Papers
Paul Leventhal (PL)
Novel (2)
Paul (folder w/in a folder)
Conference Book MS- 2001
Paul’s Papers 1988-1992
Germany- Exports
Nuclear Plants
Safeguard Assessment
Non-Proliferation/Nuclear Winter
Freedom of Information Acts (FOIA)
General Accounting Office (GAO)
Nuclear Regulatory Commission- 1
Nuclear Regulatory Commission-2
Congressional/Senate Papers
2008-231/35 (Copies of Paul’s Articles)
One of each (master copies of articles copied)
Pox on MOX 3/1998 Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (BAS)
Davies-Turner Op Ed. 4/28/1990 New York Times (NYT)
More Nuclear Power Means More Risk 5/17/01 (NYT)
Iraq’s Inspector Games 11/29/1998 Washington Post (WP)
Coming Age of Plutonium 5/22/1993 – NYT (1)
Is Iraq Invading the Nuclear Police 12/28/1990 (NYT)
Who Says Iraq isn’t Making a Bomb 11/25/1998- International Herald Tribune (IHT)
Nuclear Watchdogs have Failed 9/24/1991- IHT
Good Time to Revisit Saddam’s Nuclear Capability- 3/5/1998 (IHT)
Monitoring Iraq’s Nuclear Threat 4/27/1998- (Newsday)
A-Bomb Materials in Civilian Reactors- 9/23/1987- (WP)
Non-proliferation Fumble 8/26/1994- (WP)
End Global Commerce in Bomb-Grade Fuel 5/7/1998- (IHT)
Loose Nukes of the West 5/7/03- (WP)
Coming Age of Plutonium 5/22/1993- (NYT) (2)
Non-Proliferation Hoax- 8/20/1990- (NYT)
The Tritium Factor- 8/4/ 1987- (NYT)
Nuclear End Run- 6/5/1996- (NYT)
Fixing a Bad Deal with Russia- 7/22/1999- (Boston Globe)
The New Nuclear Threat- 6/8/1994- Wall Street Journal (WSJ)
Peaceful Plutonium: No Such Thing- 1/25/1995- (NYT)
Plutonium: Time for a Global Ban- 1/15/1992- (IHT)
Playing with Plutonum-10/2/02- (WSJ Editorial)
Takagi on Plutonium
Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) Dirty Little Secret- 5/03- (BAS)
Non-essential Nukes- 11/26/02- (WP)
Proliferation: Show China we mean Business- 6/14/1996- (WP)
India Cheated- 6/15/1998- (WP)
Past, Present, Future- 9/01- (Nuclear Engineering International
Bury the Stuff- /1997- (BAS)
Weapons Plutonium: Just Can It- 11/1996- (BAS)
Nuclear Proliferation: Why Bother Plugging Export Leaks- Spring 92- (Orbis)
(JSUR)- 1994 Princeton Science and Global Security
Public Health Risks of Substituting MOX- 2001- (Princeton Science and Global Security)
Nuclear Terror in South Asia- 1988- (Terrorism)
Tritium Factor: Forcing Function- 9/2/1988-(Science)
Safety Issues in Sea Transport 12/1994- (NCI)
ECO Engineering Report- 3/30/1992- (NCI)
Reactor Grade Plutonium’s Explosive Properties- 8/1990- (NCI)
Are IAEA Safeguards on Plutonium Effective?- 8/1990- (NCI)
Argentina/Brazil: Argentina-Brazil Accounting and Control for Nuclear Materials (ABACC) - 1992- (NCI)
Latent and Blatant Proliferation- 1990- (NCI)
Reprocessing Fallacy 3/1/1999- (NCI)
North Korea Transcript-6/8/1994- (ABC Nightline)
China Testimony- 5/19/1998- (NCI)
Reactor Security Testimony 12/15/01- (NCI)
Sea Shipment Documents
Reduced Enrichment for Research and Test Reactors (RERTR)
Iraq Testimony
Nuclear Proliferation Treaty Graphics- 1995
Fuel Cycle Graphics
Quotable Einstein
NCI Brochure
NCI Ad- 1981
Greenpeace Sea Shipments
NCI Annual Report- 1994
Citizens to Stop the Spread Brochures
Plutonium on the Internet
NCI Ad Response
NCI Japan Sea Shipments Ad 1988
Special Report on Breeders- 1982
Monterey Plutonium Speech- 1993
Terrorism Conference 1986-87
Old Stationery
Nuclear Energy Institute (Industrial) Power Plant Security Ads
Reprints- Nuclear Control/Club 1981-85
2008-231/36 Comptroller General Reports
Whyl Report
Assessment of the Implementation and Impact of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act of 1978
Draft of Amory Paper
Brochures and Publications on Nuclear Issues
Magazine Articles on Nuclear Research
Case History: Enriched Uranium/ Nuclear Materials Division of Babcock and Wilcox Company
Report on the Subcommittee of Secrecy and Disclosure
Congressional Research- 1970’s (4)
Governmental Correspondence
Newspaper Articles- 1970’s (3)
News Releases- 1970’s
Personal Documents- 1970’s
2008-231/59 Paul Leventhal’s (PL) notes and papers—1973-Feb 1976
2008-231/60 PL’s notes and papers—March-April 1977
Index (2)
2008-231/61 Interviews:
Davies, Tom
Fisher, David
Goldschmidt, Bert
Taylor, Ted
Thornton, Carl
Vest, George
Defense of Civil Preparedness Agency (DCPA)
Salzburg Chronology
Salzburg 5/3/77
Salzburg 5/5/77
Batitsa, Nogueira
Schmidt-Kuster and Boulanger
Giraud and Goldschmidt
Terry Walker and Others
Gottlieb, Bernard
Lumb, Ralph
Forscher, Fred
Nye, Joe
Rometsch, Rudolph
Rosenbaum, Dave
Terrell, Norm
Duff, Robert
Kratzer, Myron
Fox, Justice
English, Ed
McGinn, Mike
Parler, Bill
Peterson, Geoff
Moglewer, Sid
Von Erenfried, Dutch
Flowers, Brian
Mac Dowell, Joe
Helfritch, Jerry
Chapman, Ken
Boright, John
Murohy, George
Granger, Clint
Kupperman, Robert
Speth, Gus
Rosen, Morris
Etemad, A.
Roux, A.J.A.
Effat, K.A.
Oboussier, Felix
Scheinman, Larry
Rovine, Art
Mauro, Robert
Seldon, Robert
Pollard, Robert
Halvorsen, Jerry
Thurman, Don
Tural, Stan
Durst, Jan (off the record)
Giambusso, Berkjord
Despres, John
Hayden, John
Final Chapters (Keller, Morewiecki)
Javid, Husain
2008-231/87 Copies of articles—May 1977-October 1977
Nuclear Waste Shipment—Steve Johnson’s File—January 8-16, 1998
Iran Centra--2005
2008-231/20 Retained Senate papers
Germany (Intervention)
Generic Environmental Impact Statement on the use of mixed oxide fuel (GESMO)
Gilinsky, Victor
Glenn, John
Glenn- Op. Ed Article
Glenn- Pastore Amendment
Government Operations Committee
Gray, John
Green, Harold
Harvard Program
Higgenbotham, William
Holifield, Chet
Hosner, Craig
Huberman, Ben
Hudson Institute
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Hearings
IAEA Hearings- Kissinger
IAEA Hearings- Notes
IAEA Hearings- Press Releases
IAEA Hearings- Staff Papers
IAEA- Regional Fuel Centers
IAEA Hearings- Correspondence
IAEA Hearings- Clips
International Energy Agency (IEA)
International Fuel Cycle Evaluation Program (IFCEP)
2008-231/29 Smith, Gerard C.
South Africa- Power Plants
Soviet Union- Waste Explosion
Speth, James Gustave
Stanley Foundation-1975
State Department (Department of State)
Supplemental Appropriations- Safeguards 1974
Suppliers Conference
Sweet, William
Symington Amendment
Szent-Gyorgi, Albert
Szulc, Tad
Tarapur Intervention
Taylor, Ted
Technology- High Consequence
Technology (Nuclear)
Terrorism (1)- articles and notes
Terrorism (2)- correspondence and notes
Terrorism (3)- newspaper articles
Tidal Power
Trip- California
Union of Concerned Scientists
Uranium Enrichment
2008-231/30 Safeguards- Conran, James
Safeguards- Euratom
Safeguards- Education: Foreign Scientists
Safeguards- Erwin
Safeguards- Fialka
Safeguards- Forscher
Safeguards- General
Safeguards- Greenwood, Ted
Safeguards- Los Alamos/Sandia Trip 1975
Safeguards- Lumb, R.F.
Safeguards- memo of understanding
Safeguards- Materials Unaccounted For (MUF)
Safeguards- Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
Safeguards- Sabotage
Safeguards- Technology
Safeguards- Threats
Safeguards- Transportation
Sandia- Physical Security and Safeguards
Scheinman, Lawrence
Scoville, Herb
Security Force
2008-231/31 Murphy, George
Nakicenovic, S.
New York Times Article 7/14/1974
New York Times- Op Ed. 11/5/1976
New York Times- Op Ed. 4/30/1978
Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)
Nuclear Regulatory Committee (NRC) Organization
NRC-Export Licensing
NRC Seat
NRC Security Force
NRC- Government Accountability Operations (GAO) Investigation
NRC- General
NRC- Research
NRC- Safeguards
Nuclear Exports
Nuclear Fuel Assurance Act
Nuclear Industry
Nuclear Parks
Nuclear Power Growth
O’Leary, Jack
Peaceful Nuclear Explosions (PNE)
Pender, John
Prim Report
Proliferation (General)
Price- Anderson Act
Plutonium Recycle
2008-231/32 International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Safeguards Problems
Joint Committee on Atomic Energy (JCAE)
JCAE- Common Cause
JCAE- Export Reorganization Act
Joint Committee Export Bill
Jurisdiction (Energy)
Keepin, Robert
Lilienthal, David
Long, Clarence (Report)
Los Alamos
William Lowrance
Marks, Ann
McCormack Mike
Mc Clure, James
2008-231/45 India
India- Chapter Materials for Book
India- Heavy Water (2)
Peaceful Nuclear Explosion
India- Saxbe
India- Tarapur Fuel
Institute of Nuclear Materials Management
Iran- Nuclear Conference
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA ) Safeguards
2008-231/46 Press
Price, Mel
Plutonium (2)
Plutonium- Health Effects
Persepolis Conference
Phillips, Jim
Plutonium (Air Shipment)
Proliferation Legislation 1977
Quester, George
Rabi, I.I.
Rasmussen Report
Rathjens, George
Ray, Dixy Lee
Ribicoff, Abe- Nuclear Correspondence
Rometsch, Rudolph- International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Rosenbaum, Dave
Rosenbaum Report
2008-231/47 Uranium Enrichment- Laser
Uranium Exports
Uranium Leasing
Uranium Prices
Uranium Reserve
Uranium Shortage
Uranium Stockpile
Uranium Supply
Vance, Cyrus
Vest, George
Von Hippel- Nuclear Reactor Safety
Von Zellen, Dr. Bruce
Walske, Carl
Warburg, Jerry
Warnke, Paul
Washburn: Soviet Affairs Specialists
Weinberg, Alvin
Willrich, Mason
Wohlstetter, Al
Wonder, Uranium Enrichment Thesis
World Nuclear Fuel Market
Yergin, Dan
York, Herbert
2008-231/48 Atomic Bomb
Atoms for Peace
Barber Report
Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference- 1975-80
Pan Am
Deep Throat
Dimond, Arthur
Donnelly, Warren
Davis Steve
Foreign Affairs Office
Frank, Jerome D.
Gardner, Riclara
German-Brazilian Deal
2008-231/105 Paul’s Daily Planners—1981-2000
2008-231/113 1970’s Files
Fuel Cycle
Proliferation Watch & Proliferation Papers
2008-231/114 1970’s Files
1980’s NPT Review Conference
PPNN Newsbrief/Proliferation Watch
Nonproliferation Policy (CRS, GAO Reports)
International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Evalution (1980)
2008-231/115 1970’s Files
Paul Levethal: The 1970’s
Paul Leventhal: The 1970’s II
Paul Leventhal: The 1970’s III
208-231/116 1970’s Files
Paul Leventhal: The 1970’s IV
Nonproliferation Policy (Reports and Studies)
1975 NPT Review Conference
2008-231/118 1970’s Files
3 unmarked magazine holders full of 1970’s correspondence and articles.
2008-231/120 Paul Leventhal’s Legal Pads
2008-231/121 1990-1993
2008-231/122 1994-1996
2008-231/123 1997-2000
2008-231/117 NCI Publications
NCI. Briefing Book on Pyroprocessing.
NCI. Nuclear Control Institute Presentation to IAEA Physical Protection Experts Group. June 19, 1990. (2 copies)
NCI. Key Documents on Weapons Plutonium Disposition. (2 copies)
NCI. FRM-II Reactor-Clinton Administration Documents. NCI. Tritium Advisory Panel. (2 copies)
NCI. Briefing Book: International Task Force on Prevention of Nuclear Terrorism. April 1987.
NCI. Task Force Program Report: List of Attachments. 1987.
Foran, Virginia. A Preliminary Catalogue of Documents Nuclear Non-Proliferation Collection. November 9, 1990.
NCI. Briefing Book: Implementation of Safeguards Agreements in Argentina and Brazil. 1992.
NCI. Nuclear Control Institute Activities Update: October 1995 to April 1996. 1996.
2008-231/118 Patterson, Walter C. (for the Nuclear Control Institute). The Plutonium Business and the Spread of the Bomb. 1984. (2 copies, one in draft form).
Leventhal, Paul and Dolley, Steven. A Japanese Strategic Uranium Reserve: A Safe and Economic Alternative to Plutonium. 1994. (2 copies)
Greenberg, Eldon. The NPT and Plutonium. 1993. (2 copies)
NCI. Annual Report of the Nuclear Control Institute 1994. 1994. (2 copies)
US Senate, Committee on Environment and Public Works. Committee Prints, Nuclear Accident at Three Mile Island: Report and Studies. 1979-1980 (personalized (engraved) copy of Paul Leventhal.)
Leventhal, Paul and Alexander, Yonah. Preventing Nuclear Terrorism. 1987. (3 copies: 2 paperback, one hardback)
NCI. International Task Force on Prevention of Nuclear Terrorism. 1986. (2 copies)
Leventhal, Paul and Hoenig, Milton. The Hidden Danger: Risks of Nuclear Terrorism. 1987. (2 copies)
NCI. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the NPT But Were Afraid to Ask. 2005. (2 copies)
Lyman, Edward. Safety Issues in the Sea Transport of Vitrified High-Level Radioactive Wastes to Japan. 1994. (2 copies)
NCI. Asia-Pacific Forum on Sea Shipments of Japanese Plutonium: Issues and Concerns. 1992.
Leventhal, Paul and Dolley, Steven. A Japanese Strategic Uranium Reserve: A Safe and Economic Alternative to Plutonium. 1994 (3 copies: 2 bound and one in the form of a journal article)
Leventhal, Paul and Tanzer, Sharon, eds. Averting a Latin American Nuclear Arms Race. 1989. (2 copies)
Leventhal, Paul and Alexander, Yonah. Nuclear Terrorism: Defining the Threat. 1986.
Leventhal, Paul, et al, eds. Nuclear Power and the Spread of Nuclear Weapons. 2002. (2 copies)
NCI, and the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. The Tritium Factor. 1988. (2 copies)