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A Guide to the Audrey D. Kariel Family Papers, 1893-2007

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Creator: Kariel, Audrey D.
Title: Audrey D. Kariel Family Papers
Dates: 1893-2007
Abstract: Audrey Daniels Kariel, elected first woman mayor of Marshall, Texas in 1994, is a long-time civic and cultural leader of East Texas and the state. Reports, minutes, correspondence, printed material, clippings, photographs, and memorabilia document the life of Audrey Daniels Kariel and her civic and cultural leadership and influence in Marshall, Texas.
Accession No.: 81-127; 87-1000; 92-017; 92-060; 96-019; 2004-114; 2007-138; 2008-012; 2014-104; 2016-100
Extent: 16 feet, 10 inches
Laguage: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Audrey Daniels Kariel, elected first woman mayor of Marshall, Texas in 1994, is a long-time civic and cultural leader of East Texas and the state. She led the movement that founded the Marshall Public Library and played a major role in fund-raising for it as well as the construction of the Marshall Civic Center Auditorium.

Scope and Contents

Reports, minutes, correspondence, printed material, clippings, photographs, and memorabilia document the life of Audrey Daniels Kariel and her civic and cultural leadership and influence in Marshall, Texas. Her role in the establishment of the Marshall Public Library is well documented, as are her significant contributions to the Marshall Civic Center and its cultural endeavors. Kariel also was active in transportation issues affecting East Texas, particularly Amtrak, other rail service, and highway development. She served on a variety of transportation committees including the East Texas Council of Governments - Regional Transit Advisory Committee, The Greater Marshall Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee, Public Transportation Advisory Council-Texas Transportation Commission (TxDOT), and East Texas Corridor Council. Also included in the collection are documents regarding her tenure at Memorial Hospital in Marshall, Texas, her involvement in establishing a local vocational school, and her work in historic and cultural preservation, including restoration of the Harrison County Courthouse. Personal and family materials provide information about her husband Louis Kariel, Jr., and his father Louis Kariel, Sr.. Various members of the Kariel and Stein families are represented in a group of family photographs.


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Kariel, Audrey Daniels--Archives.
Marshall (Tex.)--History.
East Texas Council of Governments.
Texas Transportation Commission.
Marshall (Tex.)

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Audrey D. Kariel Family Papers, 1893-2007, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers



3E209 Marshall (Texas) Public Library
History, 1952-1973, undated
Culture and Education Committee of Marshall
Chamber of Commerce, : 1969
ADK Chapter activated
Request to establish public library
Texas State Library
Friends of a Public Library, Marshall, Texas, : 1969-1976
Certificate of Incorporation, 1969
Constitution and By-Laws
Membership, 1970
Lists, correspondence, printed material, 1969-1976
Public Library Board of Trustees, : 1970-1973
By-Laws, 1970
Articles of Amendment
Minutes of Membership, 1970-1973
Dedication, 1973
Budget, 1965-1975
Building and development funds, 1971-1974
3E210 Development Fund, 1969-1974
Library records, 1970-1982
Monthly, annual reports
Policy manual, 1974
Statistics, 1975
Bicentennial activities, 1975-1976
Aber Tape Project, 1974
Governor's Conference on Libraries in Texas, 1974
Resource material, 1959-1975, undated
3E211 Marshall (Texas) Civic Center, 1974-1985
Advisory Committee, 1974
Bicentennial Horizon Committee, Civic Center Project
Dedication, 1977
Advisory Board minutes, 1977-1985
Correspondence, 1974-1985
Endorsements of Auditorium Completion project
Chamber of Commerce Cultural & Civic Improvements Committee, 1979-1983
ADK co-chairman, 1980-1982
Foundations sub-committee, 1981
Minutes, 1979, 1983
Marshall Cultural Affairs Council, 1984
Directory of Texas Foundations, 1975
Successful Financial Campaigns: a Presentation Submitted to the City of Marshall by Wayne W. Snyder Associates
Bond issue for auditorium completion, 1980-1983
Newspaper clippings, 1974-1984
3E212 Economic Development Administration grant material, 1979-1983
Plans, 1969-1983
Revisions, 1983
Bid information, 1975
Architectural resource material
Correspondence with architect and suppliers, 1966-1984
Funding, 1980-1982
Tax Increment Financing in Texas Cities, 1982
Dugas Committee Report on Texas Foundations
Civic Center packet, 1980
Donations, grants, 1977-1985
Hotel Occupancy Tax, 1977-1981
3E213 Financial reports, 1980-1985
Nutcracker Ballet, 1984
Patrons, sponsors, 1984
Programs, 1984
Invitations, 1984
Clippings, 1984
Funding, 1984
Minutes, 1984
Negotiations with Dallas Ballet, 1984
Stars of "Soggy Bottom"
Seat fund project, 1980-1983
Spotlight fund, 1984
Landscape fund
Groundbreaking, 1983
Dedication, 1984
3E214 Clippings, 1979-1984
Policies, 1982
Rental fees, 1978-1981
Attendance Records, 1983
Monthly Recaps, 1978-1983
Events at the Center, 1979-1985
Marshall Arts Council, 1979
Cultural Affairs Council of Marshall, 1980-1984
3E215 Marshall (Texas) Civic Center, 1974-1985
Candidates for Administrator, 1985
Marshall Regional Arts Council, 1983-1986, undated
Cultural events, 1978-1983, undated
Texas Commission on the Arts, 1971-1985, undated
Texas Commission on the Arts, Arts Council Study, 1975-1977
3E216 Texas Assembly of Arts Councils, 1978-1987, undated
Texas Arts Alliance, 1979-1981, undated
South East Texas Arts Council, 1981-1983, undated
Texas Committee for the Humanities, 1979-1980, undated
Arts programs, 1973-1986, undated
Arts clippings, 1980-1984, undated
3E217 Marshall, Texas:
City Commissioners, 1970-1984
Parks and Recreation, 1974-1979
Clubs and organizations, 1978-1986
Chamber of Commerce, 1969-1984
Initiative, referendum and recall materials, 1975-1980
3E218 Initiative, referendum and recall materials, 1949-1977
Volunteer training, fund raising, and other workshops, 1978-1984
Audrey D. Kariel:
Personal, 1944-1958, 1974-1994
Clippings, 1969-1983
Kariel Family:
Louis Kariel, Jr.:
Notecards, undated
Class notes, 1944
3E219 Class notes, 1944-1949
Bank statements, 1947-1948
3E220 Personal, 1938-1948
8th Service Command State Guard School, Camp Bullis, 1942
Louis Kariel, Sr.:
School books, 1912-1921
Class notes and other materials removed from the school books, 1893, 1911-1914, 1944-1948, 1970-1971
Class notes, 1914-1921
Transcript of nterview of Louis Kariel, Sr., accompanied by Louis Kariel, Jr., interviewed by Lonnie Schooler, September 22, 1985
3S126.2 Photographic material, 1918, 1919, 1929, 1950, undated:
Individuals and small groups:
Louis Kariel, Sr.
Kariel family
Adele Stein Kariel
Tina Kariel
Johanna Kariel
Sally Stein
Charles Stein
Morris Kariel
Carrie Weisman Kariel
Jane Pease
Rebecca Light Weisman
Lillie Ray
Enos Mills
Laura Levy
Fannie Abenheimer
Miriam Friedman
Minnie Winter
Ashbel Literary Society, UT, undated
Chi Omega, UT, undated
3T405g Panoramic photographs:
Pi Tau Pi Conclave, New Orleans, La., December 27-30, 1919
"Victory-Liberty Class," Scottish Rite Reunion, Dallas, Texas, December 12, 1918
2.325/B45 Texas Jewish Historical Society
Texas Jewish Historical Society folder, 1989-1990
Membership directories, 1994-2001
Memorial Hospital, Marshall Texas
Hospital employee opinion survey, 1981
News releases, 1981-1983
Diet program, 1982-1983
American Society for Hospital Public Relations conference, October 1982
2.325/B46 Capsules, 1983
Audrey Kariel, 1981-1983
Doctor’s Day, 1982-1983
News releases, 1981-1983
Stress, 1978-1982
Orientation information, 1981, undated
Harrison County United Way, 1982-1983
American Society for Hospital Public Relations, directory, 1982
Employee handbook, undated
Publications, 1976-1980
2.325/B47 Vocational School, Marshall Occupational Education
Pamphlet, undated
Interim report, A Study on Vocation Training in Harrison County, 1978
Newsletters, 1980-1982
Interviews and meetings, 1978-1979
Chamber of Commerce Legislative Meeting, 1979
Background information and research, 1969-1979, undated
Proposal [Audrey Kariel’s copy], 1981-1982
Proposal, 1980-1982
Memoranda, 1978-1979
Correspondence, 1979-1981
A Study to Determine the Need of Occupational and Technical Education in Five South Plains Counties of Texas, by Perry H. Bell, October 1972
Curriculum planning research, 1975-1985
Dedication, 1982-1983
Land and building information from Pine Tree, undated
Newsclippings, 1979-1983
Brief memories of the Marshall Symphony League and the Marshall Regional Arts Council from 1967-2002 by Audrey Kariel, 2002
Artifact collection
2007-138/1 Transportation Groups/Committees
Correspondence, 2000-2003
Meeting Minutes, Agendas, Reports
Subject Files (transportation related)
Assorted (political and civic activities)
Historic Preservation & Transportation
Meeting Minutes, Agendas, Reports
Subject Files
Award Nominations
Amtrak, Marshal Depot, Inc.
Amtrak (letters of support, Marshall Depot Inc., articles)
Friends of the Texas Historical Commission, Growing Up Texan
Jewish History Month, 2002
Clippings and Assorted
Transportation Groups/Committees
Meeting Minutes, Agendas, Reports, 2004-2007
2007-138/2 Meeting Minutes, Agendas, Reports, 2004-2007
Correspondence, 2004-2007
Subject Files and Publications
Civic Involvement
Minutes, Agendas, Reports, 2002
Texas State Technical College
Marshall Festivals, Inc., 2001
Texas Forest Trail Regional Program, Texas Historical Commission, 2001-2002
Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life, 2001
Downtown Advisory Committee, 2001
Friends of Marshall Public Library
Marshall Regional Arts Council, 2001
City of Marshall Receipts, 2000
2007-138/3 East Texas Historical Association
Assorted Clippings, Programs, and Newsletters
Assorted (handbooks, correspondence, articles, notes, brochures)
Transportation Groups/Committees
Meeting Minutes, Agendas, Reports
Publications & Subject Files
2007-138/4 Harrison County Historical Commission
The Friends of A Public Library
Public Transportation Advisory Committee
2007-138/4 Restoration of Old Harrison County Courthouse
Historic Courthouse Preservation Program
Courthouse Preservation Council of Harrison County
Courthouse Centennial Book, 2002
2008-012/1 Courthouse Preservation Council of Harrison County
Courthouse Centennial Campaign
Downtown Marshall Association
Texas Courthouse Preservation Program
Texas Municipal League, 1994
City of Marshall Budgets, 1946-1948, 1991, 2001
Bill Ellis, Living Legend
Marshall, Texas and the Global Economy
Assorted (correspondence and brochures)
Old Courthouse and Museum, Naomi E. Dobbs:
Capital Campaign Plan and Funding Information Packet
Funding Information Profiles, 1995
Public Sources
Funding Information Packet, 1995
Capital Campaign Plan, 1995
Courthouse Grants, 1994
Courthouse Funding, Conference Committee, State Legislature, 2001
Courthouse Preservation Council of Harrison County
Texas Historical Commission, Texas Courthouse Preservation Program
2008-012/2 Courthouse Preservation Council of Harrison County
TEA-21 Draft Grant Application
Preservation Plan for the Old Harrison County Courthouse
Assorted Preservation (clippings, newsletters, correspondence)
Capital Campaign, 1995-1999
Courthouse Centennial Committee
Courthouse Preservation Council of Harrison County and Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program, 2001-2006
Courthouse, 2002
Assorted Preservation
Harrison County Preservation Council, 2002
Preserve America, 2003
Tourism Assessment, 2002
Harrison County Preservation Council, 2003-2004
2008-012/3 Harrison County Preservation Council, 2003-2004
Capital Campaign, 1998, 1996c, 1996b
Courthouse Square Grant, 2000
Old Courthouse Bond Issue, 2000
Courthouse Centennial Campaign
Courthouse Application-THC State Plan
2.325/B71 Courthouse Preservation Council of Harrison County
Kariels honored for saving Marshall train depot, 2012
Audrey Kariel honored on her birthday, by Connie Ware, 2012
Audrey Kariel's reminiscences on growing up in Corsicana as part of Temple Beth El, 2016
Audrey Kariel's work with Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and others in support of passenger rail and Amtrak
2R784 Max Lale
Louis Kariel Sr., List of Ship Passengers, Cuba to New Orleans, 1922
Audrey Kariel Awards (partial)
Juiet Dees George, Ft. Worth, Texas
Henry Lee Luskey, Obituaries and Funeral Program, November-December 2013
Weisman Family
Mexican American – Jewish Relations, San Antonio, Texas
Miscellaneous Information
Temple Moses Montefiore Organ
Longview, Texas, Temple Emanu-El
[American Legion Extension Institute Booklets]
[Paper Fans]
Marshall, Texas Zoning Ordinance
Autobiography, Florence Saft Olcovich, December 1969
Rabbi David Shor Letter, June 20, 1987
HUB Shoe Store file
Texas Jewish Historical Society, Audrey Kariel
Ruthe Winegarten, Longview Speech, October 20, 1990
Marilyn Cohn Schwartz
Travel Materials
Marshall, Texas Jewish Community
Texas State Historical Association Texana Auction, March 4, 1988
Texas Municipal League, Proposed Operating Budget, Fiscal Year 2000-2001
Kranson, Marks, Bernstein, and Josephs Families, Marshall, Texas
Houston Information
Dallas Jewish Community
Jefferson, Texas
Audrey Kariel, AJHS and SJHS Files
Audrey Kariel, TJHS and AJHS Files
TJHS Annual Gathering, Houston, Texas, March 24-25, 1995
[Texas Travel Materials]
Texas DPS Public Transportation Advisory Committee meeting, September 9, 2002
Corsicana, Texas
Temple Emanu-El at Fifty Years
Leonard Rosengarten, World War II
2R785 [Miscellaneous Materials]
[Corsicana, Texas Telephone Directories, April 1980, November 1990]
East Texas Historical Journal, Volume XXVIII, Number 2, 1990
[Miscellaneous Correspondence]
[Newspapers and Clippings]