University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the James Nash Music Collection, circa 1970s-2014

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Nash, James
Title: James Nash Music Collection
Dates: circa 1970s-2014
Accession No.: 2007-263; 2009-006; 2009-128; 2009-363; 2010-163; 2015-270
Extent: 3 ft.
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Jim Nash is a longtime resident of Austin. He attended the University of Texas at Austin and graduated in 1973 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science. Jim has been a member of the Austin and Texas music scene listening audience since high school, appreciating the unique place that it is and attempting to capture as much of this music as he can, given his talents and resources. He works with many local Austin musicians and is involved in various audio and video engineering projects, including restoration, mastering, production, and promotion.

Scope and Contents

The James Nash Music Collection, ca. 1970s-2014, contains digitally remastered versions of out-of-print LPs and commercial recordings primarily by musicians based in Austin, Texas. Artists particularly well represented by the material include Spencer Perskin, Shiva's Headband, and Greezy Wheels. Audio and video formats include compact discs (CDs), audiocassette tapes, 7-inch open reel tapes, LP albums, and DVDs. Furthermore, the collection includes a small selection of promotional music memorabilia and 11” X 17” concert posters.


Access Restrictions

Use of audio material by appointment only; please contact sound archivist.

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Subjects (Persons)
Nash, James -- Archives.
Music -- Texas -- Austin -- 20th century.
Music -- Texas -- Austin -- 21st century.

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Preferred Citation

James Nash Music Collection, circa 1970s-2014, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Processing Information

This collection was processed by Amy Armstrong, December 2007. Subsequent revisions were made by Laurel Rozema, June 2009, June 2010, Megan Mummey, August 2010, Paloma Graciani Picardo, March 2015, and Amanda Reyes, November 2015.

Detailed Description of the Papers



2.325/S106 13th Floor Elevators:
Sign Of The 3 Eyed Men, 2009
2.325/S104 The All Purpose Blues Band:
Kiss My Ass Baby, CD #4, undated
2.325/S99 A.N. McCallum High School Bands:
The 1972-73 A.N. McCallum High School Bands, Austin, TX, 1972-1973
2.325/S104 Arc Angels:
Living In A Dream, 2009
The Astronaut Suit:
Soul of a Man (Self-produced), 2007
2.325/S100 Austin Psychfest: Live at the Powerplant 2012
Beth Lee and the Breakups:
Live at the One2One Bar, TeXchromosone (2 copies), Austin, TX March 22, 2015
Live at the One2One Bar, (2 copies) April 21, 2015
2.325/S99 The Black Angels:
Passover, 2006
The Black Angels, 2005
2.325/S104 Directions to See a Ghost (Light in the Attic LITA 033), 2008
Phosphene Dream, 2010
2.325/S100 Blue Bonnets:
Boom Boom Boom Boom, (autographed), 2010
Play Loud, 2014
2.325/S99 Blue Flame:
Texas Heat, 1998
Demo, 1998
Cathedrals of Sand – demo copy, 2003
2.325/S100 Dave Brubeck:
Dave Brubeck at Storyville, digitized from LP, 1954
2.325/S104 Bubble Puppy:
Liberty Lunch, Austin, Texas, October 4, 1985
2.325/S99 Bud Light, Tu Musica Tu Cerveza
Butthole Surfers:
Pioughd, 1991
Electriclarryland, 1996
2.325/S100 John Bush Band:
Live at One2One Club (2 copies), July 20, 2014
2.325/S99 Troy Campbell:
Long in the Sun, 2006
American Breakdown, 2002
2.325/S104 In the Woods, Recorded live at Hertenkomp, Netherlands [Remastered by Jim Nash, 2008], 2002
Live at Flipnotics with guests, Austin, TX, May 7, 2009
Live at Flipnotics with guests, Austin, TX, May 14, 2009
Live at Antone's, Austin, Texas, (2 copies) July 17, 2009
Live at Flipnotics, Austin, Texas, June 4, 2009
Flipnotics Happy Hour Gigs, (2 copies), May/June/July 2009
2.325/S100 Live at Antone's, Austin, Texas, Jul 17, 2009
2.325/S99 Troy Young Campbell:
Man vs. Beast
Joe “King” Carrasco and the Crowns:
Synapse Gap (digitized copy of 1982 LP album)
2.325/S104 Cindy Cashdollar:
Slide Show, 2004
Gary Clark Jr.:
Blak And Blu, 2012
Cleve and Sweet Mary:
Totally (Self-produced), undated
2.325/S99 Coffee Sergeants:
Moonlight Towers (two copies), 1993
El-Ariesh, 2004
Consolation has no Phone…, 2002
The Blessing House, 1999
Self-titled, 2006
2.325/S100 Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas, May 4, 2010
Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas, (2 copies), June 1, 2010
Minaret, released in 1991, digitized June 2010 (2 copies), 1991
2.325/S104 Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas, March 6, 2007.
Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas, June 3, 2008
Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas, June 6, 2010
Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas (2 copies), June 6, 2010
Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas, August 3, 2010
Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas (2 copies), September 7, 2010
Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas (2 copies), November 2, 2010
Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas, November 2, 2010
Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas (2 copies), December 7, 2010
Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas (2 copies), December 7, 2010
Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas (2 copies), December 7, 2010
Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas, January 4, 2011
Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas, April 5, 2011
Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas, April 5, 2011
Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas, August 7, 2012
Purple Martin Sanctuary, 2012
Live at Jim Nash's 65th Birthday Party, Austin, Texas (2 copies), March 1, 2014
2.325/S99 Del Castillo:
Vida, 2002
Brothers of the Castle, 2001
Brotherhood, 2006
2.325/S100 Del Castillo, 2009
2.325/S104 Rudi Dadd:
Compilation (2 copies), circa 1980s
2.325/S99 Donovan:
Live at SXSW (recorded and mastered by Jim Nash), 2007
Double Trouble:
Been A Long Time, 2001
2.325/S100 The Drakes:
Live at the One2One Bar (2 copies), Austin, TX, December 30, 2014
Live at the One2One Bar (3 copies), Austin, TX, January 6, 2015
The Mission, 2014
Nighttime Problems, 2011
Ophelia with Darling Be Home Soon (CD single), Austin, TX, 2014
2.325/S99 Shane Dwight Band:
Done With You,
2.325/S104 Lincoln Durham:
Recorded Live at Flipnotics, Austin, Texas, June 4, 2009
Recorded Live at Flipnotics, Austin, Texas, July 2, 2009
2.325/S99 Joe Ely:
Live at Liberty Lunch, 1990
Live at Antone’s, 2000
2.325/S100 Live Chicago, 1987
2.325/S99 EPS:
Just When You Thought You Were Safe… (digitized copy of cassette tape), 1987
Roky Ericson:
Gremlins Have Pictures
Gremlins Have Pictures [bootleg CD] (digitized copy of LP album)
2.325/S104 Roky Erickson’s Ice Cream Social, Threadgill’s World Headquarters, Austin, TX, March 19, 2009
2.325/S99 Roky Erickson with the Explosives:
Live at Rock Island (digitized copy of 1979 live recording on KPFT-Houston)
2.325/S104 Halloween: Live, 1979-1981 (Steady Boy SB-0022), 2007
2.325/S99 Flounders Without Eyes:
What Will It Bring
Movin’ On
2.325/S104 Rhythmic Statues, undated
What's The Rush, 2008
2.325/S99 Guy Forsyth:
Voices Inside: An Acoustic Record
Steak, 2000
Love Songs: For and Against (autographed), 2005
Can You Live Without, 1999
2.325/S104 The Freedom To Fail, 2012
2.325/S99 The Guy Forsyth Band:
High Temperature, 1994
Needlegun, 1995
2.325/S104 Kinky Friedman:
Kinky Friedman (Varèse Sarabande Digital VSD-5488), c1974
Live from Austin, TX (New West NW6124), 2007
Sold American (Vanguard VMD-79333), c1973
Freddie Steady Krc:
The Mockingbird, 2014
2.325/S99 The Funky Beans:
Live at Margaritaville
Jimmy George Band:
She, 2002
2.325/S104 Noel Gray & the Corncrib Boys:
Compilation CD of two audiocassette tapes, May 3, 1987, undated, transcribed October 11, 1999
2.325/S99 Greezy Wheels:
“Have a Greezy Holiday”/”In the Middle”
2.325/S104 Greezy Wheels, HipPoP (Tana), undated
2.325/S99 “Assorted Greezy Wheels” (unpublished compilation), 2002
String Theory
“String Theory 10-cuts”
Greezy Wheels (digitized copy of LP album)
Millennium Greezy (two copies-one unopened), 2001
Juz Loves Dem Ol’ Greezy Wheels (digitized copy of 1975 LP album)
2.325/S104 Gone Greezy, undated
Juz Loves Dem Ol' Greezy Wheels, released in 1975, digitized in October 1998
The Jovita's Sessions (2 copies), February-March, 2012
Live at Jim Nash's 65th Birthday Party, Austin, Texas (2 copies), March 1, 2014
David Grissom:
10,000 Feet, undated
How It Feels To Fly, 2014
Billy Hallmark:
Still Fallin’ (Self-produced), 2007
Heartless Bastards:
The Mountain, 2009
2.325/S99 Highwaymen:
Live Texas Radio
2.325/S104 Rich Hopkins and the Luminarios:
Dirt Town, 1994
The Horse I Rode In On, 2006
El Otro Lado/The Other Side, 2010
Buried Treasures, 2012
Live at Guero's, Austin, Texas (2 copies), March 20, 2014
Selected Songs, Live at the Whip In, Austin, Texas (4 copies), July 11, 2014
Whip In, Austin, Texas, July 12, 2014
2.325/S100 Rich Hopkins and Lisa Novak:
Loveland, 2008
Rich Hopkins and the Luminarios:
Live at the Whip In, Austin, TX (two copies), July 11, 2014
2.325/S99 The Hudson’s:
Songs About People, 2003
Live Album, 2005
2.325/S104 Humble Time! The Texas Songwriters Radio Showcase #144: Troy Young Campbell: “Just the Facts” (Humble Productions, 2000)
Jon Emery:
Christmas At The Old School, undated, digitized in January 2011
Jon Emery Band:
One LIVE Cactus (2 copies), undated, digitized in 2011
John Bush Band:
Live at One2One Club (2 copies), July 20, 2014
2.325/S99 Eric Johnson:
Venus Isle, 1996
The Keepers:
Looking For a Sign
Every Dog Is a Star, 1997
2.325/S104 KGSR Broadcasts Vol. 18, undated
2.325/S99 Mike Kindred, “Handstand”’/David Olney, “The Wheel”/Troy Campbell, “American Breakdown”/Ponty Bone, “Fantasize”/R.C. Banks “Cowboy Corner”
2.325/S104 Freddie King:
Texas Cannonball, 1996
2.325/S100 Barbara K:
Ghosts and Sparrows: Relative Truth, 2005
Ready, 2000
2.325/S104 Barbara Kooyman:
Undercover: The Songs Of Timbuk3, 2005
Barbara Kooyman and Cindy Cashdollar:
Live at the Continental Club Gallery (2 copies), March 30, 2011
Shelley King:
Rockin’ the Dancehall (Lemonade 66633-11132), 2004
2.325/S100 KGSR Broadcasts, vol. 17, 2009
2.325/S99 KGSR Lonestar State of Mind:
Van Wilks CD Release and Roky Erickson & The Explosives, Saxon Pub, Austin, TX (two copies), November 18, 2005
KLBJ FM’s Local Licks Live, 1991
1973-1974 L.C. Anderson High School Trojan Bands
2.325/S104 Lightning Hopkins:
Live at Castle Creek, Austin, Texas (2 copies), undated
2.325/S100 Vanessa Lively:
Vanessa Lively at Esquina Tango, CD Release Performance of “Canto y Cantera,” (2 copies; signed), April 24, 2010
Vanessa Lively, Klaus Caprani, Johnathan Ash, The House of Songs Showcase, Flipnotics, Austin, Texas, June 10, 2010
Canto Y Cantera, 2010
A Chain Unbroken, 2008
Let Me Rise, 2007
2.325/S104 Let Me Rise, 2007
2.325/S100 Return to Waves (autographed), 2014
2.325/S104 Uncovering Stones, 2010
Don Lewis:
At Gil Trigg Party, 1972, digitized in August 2012
2.325/S99 Loose Diamonds:
New Location, 1994
Burning Daylight, 1993
2.325/S104 Fresco Fiasco! (Freedom FR1011), undated
Reunion Gig @ Jovita’s (for Beth), Austin, TX, April 10, 2009
Loose Diamonds Recorded Live at Flipnotics, Austin, Texas, June 9, 2009
2.325/S99 Romaine Lowdermilk:
[Cowboy songs], Phoenix, AZ, [2001]
2.325/S104 Ian McLagan:
Bump in the Night (Maniac MRCD 0002), undated
2.325/S99 Ian McLagan & the Bump Band:
Rise & Shine!, 2004
Spiritual Boy: An Appreciation of Ronnie Lane, 2006
Ian McLagan & the Bump Band Live (recorded on KUT Liveset)
Live at the Lucky Lounge, May 3, 2007
Bump in the Night
2.325/S104 Never Say Never (Maniac MRCD0007), [2007?]
2.325/S99 Patti McClean and Crash! Bam! Boom!:
Easy to Love (two copies; one unopened), 1999
2.325/S104 Kick Off the Blues / Disfruta el Blues (Nuharmony n.n.), 2005
Live at El Sol y La Luna (Jim Nash), 2008
Message from Space with Frosty:
Halloween 08 Recreation Plantation, live multi-track demo, October 31, 2008
2.325/S100 Studio Demos, Winter 2009-2010
2.325/S99 Mincemeat:
Hold the Phone: Comedy Prank Phone Calls, 2001
Monte Montgomery:
Wishing Well, 2001
Mirror, 1999
1st and Repair, 1998
Ian Moore:
Modernday Folklore, 1995
Luminaria, 2004
Ian Moore’s Got the Green Grass, 1998
2.325/S104 New Atlantis:
Live at the Vulcan Gas Company (2 copies), November 7, 1968, digitized in May 2012
Live at the Vulcan Gas Company, June 12, 1969
2.325/S99 Bruce Newman and Washtub Jerry:
Cajun Cowboys, 1993
Ron Nottebart:
Under a Bushel, 2002
Arguments from a Cornfield, 2000
Omar and the Howlers:
Big Delta, 2001
SwingLand, 1999
2.325/S104 Live at Paradiso, 1993
Muddy Springs Road, 1995
World Wide Open, 1996
Too Much Is Not Enough, 2012
2.325/S99 Spencer Perskin:
Songwriter Demonstration
Magic Feather (unpublished compilation), 2001
“Spencer Perskin Project,” 2006
“7 Ruffs”
“Spencer Perskin Songwriter Demonstration”
2.325/S104 Dogman (Self-produced), 2008
“Lover’s Army” Mix 5, undated
Spencer, Susi, and Tiva Perskin:
Acoustic Songs (Jim Nash), 2008
Sue Perskin:
So You Don't Go Barefoot, 2010
2.325/S99 Pinetop Perkins:
Back on Top (Telarc Blues CD 83489), 2000
2.325/S104 The Kevin Phillips Singer Songwriter Circle Showcase, featuring Whitey Ray Huitt, Spencer Perskin, and Jerry Rigged (Jim Nash), 2008
Patrice Pike:
Unraveling, 2006
Live! At the Brushwood Lounge, 2004
Live! At the Brushwood Lounge, 2004
Live And Then Some! Brushwood Lounge Volume 2, 2011
Live At the Saxon Pub (2 copies), February 28, 2013
Live at the Saxon Pub, July 18, 2013
Poor Yorick:
A Fish Tale…and Other Table Epic Nonsense (Self-produced), 2007
Yuletide Fool, 2008
2.325/S99 What Fools, 1992
Das tunes, 1988-1997
Comedies and Tragedies (two copies), 1990
Caucasia, 1996
Armchair Vacation (two copies), 1988
Aren’t You Glad You Came!, 2005
2.325/S104 Another Horse Race: A Micro-Oper-Ette, 2012
Jester Vault, 2012
2.325/S99 Oliver Rajamani:
Sabas, 2004
Pakiam, 2001
Jerry Rigged:
Songs from Rodent Ranch, 2005
Special Limited Edition, 2000
2.325/S104 Giddy Ups, Manchaca, Texas (2 copies), June 17, 2010
2.325/S99 Jerry Rigged and Spencer Perskin:
Live on JRRI International Shortwave Radio (digitized copy of live recordings), 2000
2.325/S104 The Runarounds:
The Runarounds (2 copies), undated
Sand Rubies:
Live, 1996
Cuacha, 2001
Bob Schneider:
Lovely Creatures, 2009
2.325/S99 Shake Russell Dana Cooper Band:
Self-titled album (digitized copy of 1981 LP album)
2.325/S100 Shiva’s Headband:
Ripple, recorded at Jim Nash's 65th birthday party, Austin, TX March 1, 2014
2.325/S99 The Temple of Rock N Roll, 2001
Take Me to the Mountains (digitized copy of 1970s LP album)
2.325/S104 Take Me to the Mountains…Plus (Akarma AK 359), undated
2.325/S99 Classics, Volume One: Down in Texas, 1996
Remember the Armadillo (digitized copy of audio cassette tape), 1999
Psychedelic Yesterday
Armadillo (digitized copy of 45 album)
2.325/S104 Armadillo (digitized copy of 45 album)
2.325/S99 Post Analog-Bits from a Shoebox (digitized compilation from various live and studio sources)
Shiva’s Headband Live (digitized copy from open reel tape)
“Live at the Elysium, Austin, TX,” October 10, 2003
Kaleidoscopic YesterDaze
In the Primo of Life
In the Primo of Life (digitized copy of LP album)
“Faces Nightclub-Dallas” (two copies), 1975
Coming to a Head
Coming to a Head (digitized copy of LP album; two copies)
Basement Tapes (digitized copy of live recordings and audio cassette tape)
2.325/S104 Live Concert, The Saxon Pub, Austin, Texas, undated
45 RPM Records (4) (2 copies), undated, digitized in July 2011
Four 45 RPM Records (Before Restoration and Mastering) (2 copies), undated, digitized in July 2011
Shiva's Headband, September 12, 1987
Live at Flamingo Cantina (2 copies), December 28, 2002
2.325/S99 Shiva’s Headband Experience:
“Live Radio-KPFT Houston, TX, recorded at Fitzgerald’s,” February 2006
2.325/S104 Sisters Morales:
Ain’t No Perfect Diamond (Luna LR 2581), 1997
Someplace Far Away from Here (Luna 2582), 1999
Witchdoctor, 1989
Sir Doug and The Texas Tornados:
Texas Rock For Country Rollers (2 copies), 1976
Sister 7 (Little Sister):
Free Love & Nickel Beer (Live at Club DaDa, Dallas, Texas) October 8-10, 1993
Little Sister, 1995
This The Trip, 1997
Wrestling Over Tiny Matters, 1999
Live at One2One Club (2 copies), October 31, 2014
2.325/S99 Huey “Piano” Smith and the Clowns:
‘Twas the Night before Christmas (digitized copy of 1962 LP album)
Powell St. John:
Right Track Now, 2005
2.325/S104 Tales of Highways & Low Roads: 2001
2.325/S99 Tamasha Africana:
Self-titled album
2.325/S104 Tay and Dre:
Sex in the City, 2011
2.325/S99 Jesse ‘Guitar’ Taylor:
Last Night
2.325/S100 TeX-Chromosome:
Various artists, recorded at One2One Bar, Austin, TX, March 22, 2015
2.325/S99 The Tommy Hall Schedule:
Live on Monkey Island, demo DVD (psychedelic resurgence), 2003
Uranium Savages:
Party with the Pope
Big Ones, 1999
“Tues Oct 31 Saxon Pub”
Trust Us (digitized copy of 1979 LP album; two copies)
Radio-Active! (digitized copy of 1980 LP album)
2.325/S104 Performing for the Peoples Community Medical Clinic Benefit at the Armadillo World Headquarters (2 copies), February 8, 1976, digitized in February 2011
Patricia Vonne:
Firebird (Bandolera n.n.), 2007
2.325/S99 Guitars & Castanets (autographed), 2005
Self-titled (autographed), 2003
2.325/S104 Rattle My Cage, 2013
2.325/S99 Brad Whitfield:
Just A Plain Ol’ Cowboy (digitized copy of audio cassette tape)
Steve Whitfield:
Unfinished Mansions of Soul
Rusty Wier:
Self-titled (digitized copy of 1975 LP album; two copies)
Are We There Yet?
2.325/S100 Under My Hat, 2003
2.325/S99 Van Wilks:
Texas Jukin’ (two copies), 2002
Soul of a Man, 1995
Running from Ghosts, 2005
Koko’s Hideaway, 1999
Bombay Tears
Demo Tape, 1981
2.325/S104 Live at Nuno’s, Austin, TX (Jim Nash), 2007
2.325/S99 Bob Wills/Tommy Duncan and the Texas Playboys:
Together again… (digitized copy of 1961 LP album; two copies)
2.325/S104 Johnny Winter:
The Progressive Blues Experiment, released in 1969, remastered in 2005
2.325/S100 Roots, 2011
Setlist: The Very Best of Johnny Winter, 2011
2.325/S99 Carolyn Wonderland:
Bloodless Revolution
2.325/S104 Miss Understood (Bismeaux Productions CD9591; two copies), 2008
Alcohol & Salvation, 2001
2.325/S99 Hally Wood:
O’ Lovely Appearance of Death (two copies)
2.325/S100 Wrento:
Live at Strangebrew, Austin, TX, April 1, 2015
Live at Strangebrew, selected songs, Austin, TX, April 29 and May 27, 2015



2.325/H68f Troy Campbell:
Digitized from a cassette from the Robin Shivers Archive (2 copies), 1996, digitized in December 2010
Troy Campbell in Denmark, digitized from a cassette from the Robin Shivers Archive (2 copies), August 1998, digitized in December 2010
2.325/105 Ray Campi:
Shenandoah/Billie Jean, undated
2.325/H68f Coffee Sergeants:
Autumn Days (2 copies), 1990, digitized in July 2010
2.325/S107a Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas , August 2, 2010
Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas (2 copies), February 1, 2011
Carousel Lounge, Austin, Texas (2 copies), March 1, 2011
David Grissom:
Way Down Deep, 2011
Digitized from a cassette from the Robin Shivers Archive (2 copies), digitized in December 2010
John Bush Band:
Live at One2One Club (2 copies), April 20, 2014
Live at One2One Club (2 copies), April 27, 2014
Live at One2One Club (2 copies), May 18, 2014
KLBJ Local Licks Live, Rudi Dadd, The Windows: 1985
Vanessa Lively:
2010 Sampler, 2010
Shiva's Headband:
2.325/S105 Kaleidoscopic/Song For Peace, 1968
2.325/S107a Kaleidoscopic/Song For Peace (3 copies), 1968, digitized in December 2010
Sleepy Vikings:
They Will Find You Here, 2011
Texas Storm:
Three tracks from what appears to be a practice tape (2 copies), c1971, digitized



2.325/S105 Austin Psychfest 3, 2010
2.325/S100 Troy Campbell:
Tall Tales and Other Big Lies, Collection Agency Films (includes booklet: Tall Tales and Other Big Lies: Stories of Ray Wylie Hubbard, illustrated by José Luis González)
2.325/S104 Troy Campbell Band:
Troy Campbell Band playing at the Brent and Lenna Wedding Reception, Green Pastures, Austin, TX, (2 copies), March 28, 2009
2.325/H68f Coffee Sergeants:
Philmore video, 1992
2.325/S100 Del Castillo Live, 2003
There Is an Ocean, 1970
Elvis Does St. Ignatius Fall Fest, Fall 2009
Electrochestral at Lamberts, Austin, Texas, Marc 12, 2010
Hands on a Hardbody: The Documentary, released October 1997, digitized February 2010, 1997
Jay Hodgson news story, KTBC-TV, Austin (includes photo postcard with Uncle Jay and Packer Jack)
House of Songs Jam Night, Flipnotics, Austin, Texas, December 10, 2009 and January 30, 2010
2.325/S104 Greezy Wheels (Evangeline Café Music Series):
Live at Evangeline Café (demo DVD), January 20, 2009
2.325/H68f Guy Forsyth:
2.325/S105 300 Miles From There To Here + Live At Gruene Hall, 2010
2.325/H68f Loose Diamonds:
Various video shorts from the 1990s, transcribed from VHS tape (2 copies), 1995-1997, digitized in November 2010
Austin City Council Meeting Loose Diamonds Day Announcement (2 copies), April 19, 1996
Live at Roadhouse Rags, Austin, Texas (2 copies), July 31, 2010
2.325/S104 Message from Space:
Live at Ruta Maya, Austin, TX, January 10, 2009
2.325/S100 Message from Space, Live at Studio2, Austin, Texas, November 21, 2009
2.325/S104 Fred Mitchim:
13th Floor Elevators Guitar Chords
2.325/H68f Noise Revival Orchestra:
At Mohawk, Austin, Texas, August 28, 2010
2.325/S104 Poor Yorick:
1st Set at Waterloo Ice House, Austin, TX, Demo DVD, December 20, 2008
2.325/H68f Jerry Rigged:
At Flipnotics, Austin, Texas, April 22, 2010
2.325/S104 The Shiva’s Headband Experience:
Live Concert, the Saxon Pub, Austin, TX, undated
Spencer Perskin’s Shiva’s Headband Experience live at Texas Musicians Museum, “So Near, So Far”, (3 copies), October 27, 2007
Westlake High School graduation, 2008
2.325/S100 Wheatfield, “Austin City Limits” PBS telecast, 1976
Van Wilks, Live and Loud from Austin Texas, Low Down, Wound Up, Rockin’ Texas Blues, (signed), 2009
William B. Travis High School (Austin, TX) Class of 1967 “Memories,” 2007


CD and DVD sets:

2.325/S100 Spencer Perskin Documentary:
Magic Feather, Spencer Perskin and Friends/A Head of His Times
The Tommy Hall Schedule:
Live on Monkey Island, Demo DVD (Psychedelic Resurgence), 2003



2.325/S100 Uranium Savages:
Party with the Pope, 1987
Ray Camp:
Domino, undated



2.325/B114a Coffee Sergeants:
Autumn Days, 1990
Minarets, 1991
2.325/S100 Shiva’s Headband:
Psychedelic Yesterday, 1995
In the Primo of Life, 1995
Remember the Armadillo, 1991


7-inch reel tapes:

2.325/S100 Shiva’s Headband:
14 studio tapes, [circa 1986]



2.325/S100 Hands on a Hard Body: The Documentary, 1998


Quicktime Files:

2.325/S107a Joell Chen:
Piano performance, January 29, 2011
2.325/S100 House of Songs, January 30, 2010
Vanessa Lively, at Esquina Tango, (2 copies), April 24, 2010
2.325/S107a Noise Revival Orchestra:
Mohawk, Austin, Texas, August 28, 2010
Jerry Rigged:
At Flipnotics, Austin, Texas, April 22, 2010


LP albums:

2.325/S106 13th Floor Elevators:
Easter Everywhere, undated
2.325/R54 1973-1974 L.C. Anderson High School Trojan Bands
The 1972-73 A.N. McCallum High School Bands
2.325/S100 Canyon Caravan:
Sun, undated
2.325/S106 Rudi Dadd:
Rudi's Dead, 1984
Sir Doug and The Texas Tornados:
Texas Rock For Country Rollers, 1976
Roky Erickson:
Roky Erickson And The Aliens, 1980
The Fabulous Thunderbirds:
Girls Go Wild, 1979
Greezy Wheels:
Juz Loves Dem Ol' Greezy Wheels, 1975
Freddie King:
Woman Across The River, 1973
2.325/R54 The Shake Russell Dana Cooper Band:
Self-titled album, 1981
2.325/S106 Shiva's Headband:
Take Me To The Mountain, undated
The Singles Collection, 2011
The University of Texas Longhorn Band:
The Show Band of the Southwest, 1978
2.325/R54 Uranium Savages:
Radio-Active!, 1980
Trust Us, 1979
2.325/S106 Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble:
Texas Flood, 1983
Couldn't Stand The Weather, 1984
Johnny Winter:
Johnny Winter, undated
Still Alive And Well, 1973


Music memorabilia:

2.325/S100 Assorted bumper stickers, bookmarks, and postcards
2.325/S105 Assorted t-shirts
Assorted flyers and programs
Austin American-Statesman:
Life and Arts: Who's the Biggest Old Hippie in Austin?, April 24, 1999
Austin Chronicle August 13, 2004-July 8, 2011
Austinatious comic books undated
2.325/S100 The Cornell Hurd Band:
Whoopee cushion
Inflatable air guitar
Mary Hattersley Benefit:
Sweet Mary Aid commemorative package, La Zona Rosa, Austin, Texas (includes CD: Sweet Mary’s Pickup Band, Armadillo World Headquarters Thanksgiving Day Jam, November 23, 1979, CD: Armadillo Radio Headquarters, 1974, Cover letter from Eddie Wilson, Original graphic designs by Michael Priest and Jim Franklin, Photographs by Burton Wilson), December 10, 2000
Roky Erickson:
Personal fan
2.325/S105 Shiva's Headband:
Photograph from concert, undated
Texas Legacy Music Awards:
Personal fan
Uranium Savages:
Photograph from concert, undated



2.325/S105 19th and University: A Tale of 1968 Austin, L. K. Siga and Barbara Light Lacy, Rising Times Books, 2012
The Austin Chronicle Music Anthology, edited by Austin Powell and Doug Freeman, University of Texas Press, 2011
The Austin Music Scene Through the Lens of Burton Wilson, 1965-1994, Eakin Press, 2001
2.325/S100 Lunar Notes: Zoot Horn Rollo’s Captain Beefheart Experience, Bill, Harkleroad, SAF Publishing, 1998
2.325/S105 Never Heard of 'Em: Austin's Music Explosion, 1994-2000, Sue Donahoe, undated
2.325/S100 The Real Frank Zappa Book, Frank Zappa, Poseidon Press, 1989
Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die, Musings from the Road, by Willie Nelson, 2012
2.325/S105 Sonobeat Records: Pioneering the Austin Sound in the '60s, Ricky Stein, The History Press, 2014


Concert posters (11” X 17”):

2.325/T58c Ian McLagan and the Bump Band at the Lucky Lounge (Austin), 2007
2.325/D39a Patrice Pike, undated
2.325/T58c Shiva’s Headband/Tommy Hall at the Elysium (Austin), 2003
Shiva’s Headband/Crystal Image at Threadgill’s World Headquarters (Austin), 2006
2.325/D39a Shiva's Headband Experience Featuring Spencer Perskin, 2007
Shiva's Headband Experience Featuring Spencer Perskin (2 copies), 2007
Sisters Morales, 2002