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A Guide to the Field Foundation Archives, Part 2

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Creator Field Foundation (New York, N.Y.)
Title Field Foundation Archives
Dates: 1940-1990
Abstract The Field Foundation (1940-1988) provided support to organizations promoting civil rights, civil liberties, and child welfare and to other groups and individuals working for social change. Correspondence, reports, minutes, legal documents, printed material, clippings, and photographs document the wide ranging list of movements and groups the foundation supported as well as the foundation's role as an active participant in social change.
Accession No. 88-407; 89-016; 89-249; 90-334; 91-140; 91-165; 93-228; 2007-053
Extent 242 ft., 3 in.
Language English
Repository Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

The Field Foundation was established in 1940 by Marshall Field III, a Chicago banker, publisher of the Chicago Sun-Times, and grandson of the founder of the Marshall Field and Company department store in Chicago. The foundation provided support to organizations promoting civil rights, civil liberties, and child welfare and to other groups and individuals working for social change. By 1988 the foundation had distributed all its funds and ceased to exist.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, reports, minutes, legal documents, printed material, clippings, and photographs document the wide ranging list of movements and groups the foundation supported as well as the foundation's role as an active participant in social change. Individual files on each grantee provide insight into such civil rights groups as the NAACP and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and persons involved in the movement including Martin Luther King, Jr., Thurgood Marshall, James Farmer, and Cesar Chavez. Children's rights and welfare groups, such as the Children's Defense Fund, also are documented in the records. Operation of the foundation is well documented in the board minutes, correspondence, and personal records.



Due to size, this inventory has been divided into two separate units:
1. Field Foundation Archives, Part 1
2. Field Foundation Archives, Part 2 [this page]


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Subjects (Persons)
Chavez, Cesar, 1927-
Farmer, James, 1920-
Field, Marshall, 1893-1956
King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968.
Marshall, Thurgood, 1908-1993
Children's Defense Fund (U.S.)
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Afro-Americans--Civil rights
Children's rights--United States.
Civil rights--United States
Endowments--United States.
Human rights advocacy--United States.
Mexican Americans--Civil rights
Social change--United States.

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Field Foundation Archives, 1940-1990, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Collection


Field Foundation Archives, Part 2

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2T70 Institute for Psychoanalysis, reports and clippings, 1961-1964
Anna Freud, 1950-1951
State Charities Aid (Foster Home Campaign), 1942-1946
State Charities Aid Association, 1942-1944, 1948
Children's Aid Society, 1942-1952
Child Welfare League of America, 1948-1950
Citizen's Crusade Against Poverty (3 projects, 2 ratifications), spring 1968
Citizen's Crusade Against Poverty (Appalachian Volunteers), fall 1968
Citizens Policy Center, 1978
Association on American-Indian Affairs, F. A., 1962
Illinois Children's Home and Aid Society, 1944-1953
2T71 Southern Regional Council, Inc. (Voter Education Project), fall 1968
Child Welfare League of America (A. D. C. Louisiana Study), F. A., 1960
North Ward Educational and Cultural Center, fall 1972 (October 5)
Washington Research Project (National Desegregation Monitoring Office), 3rd spring 1970
Yale University Child Study Center (Dr. Senn), 1948-1957
Human Resources Administration (Field Foundation Colloquiums), notes, series II, 1969
Institute for Policy Studies (conference) and (Klare), World Peacemakers, 1978-1980
New York University (Lauretta Bender, M. D.), 1950-1953
Center for Community Change (Agribusiness Accountability), (Food Project), fall 1974
Prison Law Project (Fay Stender material concerning law and order), 1946-1971
Anna Freud
Erik Erickson
New School of Social Research, 1943-1945
National Committee on Segregation in the Nation's Capital, 1947-1950
2T72 Tougaloo College:
Social Science, fall 1973-1974
Social Science, fall 1975-1976
Social Science, Borinski, October 1974
Borinski, November 9, 1972
Spring 1971; fall 1971
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, 1980
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights (Aliens), 1980
Institute on Socialist Law, spring 1971
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights (Lawasia), 1980
North American Congress on Latin America, 1978
St. John the Divine Cathedral, 1979
American Friends Service Committee (government service), 1977
American Civil Liberties Union:
Northern California, 1978
National security, 1979
Mississippi Police, 1979
Frank Donner
Progressive, 1980
Project on National Security, 1980
Center for Law in the Public Interest, 1980
Central Mississippi Legal Services (formerly Community Legal Services), fall 1976, undated
For: Columbia University (Protection of Newsmen's Sources), also See: University of Michigan, 2nd spring 1970
2T73 American Civil Liberties Union (Project on National Security), 1978
Human Serve Fund (Cloward/Pivin Book)
Southern Regional Council, Inc., 1950-1954
[Institute of Society, Ethics, and the Life Sciences, 1981- 1984]
Institute for Policy Studies (militarism)
[Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization, 1981]
[The Fund for Peace, 1983]
Institute for Labor, Education and Research
Institute for Southern Studies
Institute for Food and Policy Development
International League for Human Rights (Lawyers Committee Haitian Project)
Legal Resources Trust (Private)
Legal Resources Trust
League of Women Voters of Georgia Education Fund
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights (Soggot)
Kentucky Council of Churches
Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change
[Lumbee Regional Development/Indian Information Project, 1981-1983]
Movement for Economic Justice (Educational and Training Center)
2T74 Pathways to Power: The Efforts of 494(f) Organizations to Increase Political Participation
T.I.A.A. (C.R.E.F.) Administration Manual (retirement plan)
American Forum
American Civil Liberties Union (center material)
The Mexican American electorate
C.A.F., Inc. (investment status reports), 1987
Project Continue: A School-Based Prevention and Intervention Program for Students at Risk, and Their Families, November, 1984
New World Foundation (invoice of consulting services received from Opportunity Expansion Associates), November, 1984
Reproductive Laws for the 1990s (A briefing handbook)
Reorienting American National Security Policies and Goals: Some Thoughts on Platform, Vision and Developmental Strategy for a Mass-Based Organization Committed to Fundamental Change
Citizens' Need to Know (Chicago meeting)
Field Foundation (miscellaneous), 1986
Local community initiatives/toxics
[Rebecca Sive, May 16, 1986]
Communications Consortium (Advisory Board meeting), June, 1989
Promoting Voting: A Citizens Guide to Media
The National Congress of American Indians, 1968
The Influence of Student Demonstrations on Southern Negro Colleges
Young Women's Christian Association (Report on the Special Project in Human Relations), 1965
People for the American Way
2T75 Bailey, D'Army (correspondence)
General B
Austermiller, Judy
Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies
Beck, Fiona Rust
Byrant, Baxton
Branscome, Jim
Midwest Voter Registration Project
Delta Foundation, S. A., 1961
Harry M. Caudill (Field Foundation Fellow), fall 1968
Northern Rockies Action Group (Powder River Energy Project), 1977
Indian Law Resource Center, 1979
[Leslie W. Dunbar (correspondence), 1974-1978]
Civil Liberties
Federal Restriction on the Free Flow of Academic Information and Ideas, 1985
2T76 Urban League Service Fund, 1946-1949
The Urban League of St. Louis, Inc., 1958-1959
The Virginia Council on Human Relations, F. A., 1962
Virginia Equal Job Opportunity Bureau, 1963-1964
Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago:
Negro Adoption Campaign, 1954-1956
Negro Adoption Program, 1957-1961
Urbanization of Negroes, 1961
Young Men's Christian Association, Southern Area Council, F. A., 1958
Young Women's Christian Association:
Y-Teens, W.A. 1958, 1959
National Board, Human Relations Project, S. A., 1960
National Board, Y-Teens, F. A., 1960
Human Relations Project (reports), 1965
Y-Teens, reports, 1965
2T77 International Mass Education Movement, 1946-1954
Voter Education Project, 1982
Teamster Rank and File Educational and Legal Defense Foundation
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation (Project to Challenge Military Discharges), spring 1973
Field Foundation (Race Relations Committee)
Ross, Helen
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation (Military Discharges), spring 1974
O'Neil, Agnes
Research Center for Human Relations
Field Foundation (memos)
Center for Constitutional Rights (government misconduct), 1979
Fund for Constitutional Government, 1977
Migrant Services Foundation (general support), June 1972
Mississippi Action for Community Education (M.A.C.E.), fall 1971
Mudd/Hoffman (Study of Rural Community Organization), (Field Foundation Project), November 13, 1967; fall 1968
North Ward Educational and Cultural Center, fall 1973
Institute for Policy Studies, spring 1967; spring 1968
Massachusetts Fair Share
Citizen's Committee on Children of New York City, Inc., 1944-1949
2T78 Federation of Southern Cooperatives, 1985-1986
Hampstead Medical Foundation (Hal Lenke), March 17, 1972
Food Research and Action Center, 1979
Fountain House, fall 1974
Georgia Citizens Coalition on Hunger, 1980
Georgia Council on Human Relations (Southwest Georgia Project for Community Education), Featherfield Farm, 2nd spring 1970
Southern Regional Council, Inc.:
Mississippi Council on Human Relations, fall 1966
V.E.P. III, fall 1966
Spring 1966
Payee, (Biography of Lillian Smith), 1966-1969
Martin Luther King, miscellaneous, 1966
Mississippi Council, 2nd fall 1964
Council on Social Work Education, 1952-1958
Citizens' Committee for Children of New York, Inc. (Project in Public Welfare), W. A., 1961
Catholic Interracial Council, 1955-1957
Citizens' Housing and Planning Council of New York, Inc., fall 1960
Fisk University (general), 1942-1954
Fisk University American Missionary Association (Race Relations Institute), 1953
East Harlem Protestant Parish
Community Council of Greater New York (Greater New York Community Council), (Welfare and Health Council of New York), 1956-1957
Field Foundation (miscellaneous), 1945-1950
2T79 Finance Committee, Kennecott (social issues), 1974
Finance Committee (social issues), Pittston annual meeting 1974
Scholarship, Education, and Defense Fund for Racial Equality, Inc., fall 1968-1971
South Carolina Council on Human Relations, 1966-1974
Southern Consumers' Cooperative, 2nd, 1965
Southern Development Foundation, January 5, 1977
Southern Regional Council, Inc.:
Voter Education Project:
Fall 1967
Spring 1967
Grants-in-aid to State Councils on Human Relations, fall 1967
Voter Education Project, (Martin Luther King), spring 1968
Urban Planning Project, (general support), fall 1968
Henry Mayer, 1968
Reports, 1968-1969
Urban Planning Project, 2nd fall 1969
General, 1970
Charles Morgan Biography, Justice H. L. Black, 3rd spring 1970
Clay County Community Development
2T80 (Ink Stamps for Field Foundation)
People For The American Way, 1986-1988
[Voter Education Project, Inc., 1986]
Youth Project (interns), December 5, 1986
Youth Project (Bannerman), 1986-1987
Youth Policy Institute, 1986
Vocational Education (Cannon's meetings)
New York University School of Law (lecture series "For 10 Years"), spring 1973
[H. A. Johnson, 1978-1979]
The Field Foundation, Inc. (security transactions at Marine Midland)
1983 payments
Grant letters, 1983
Bill of Rights Foundation
Citizens for Constitutional Concerns, Inc. (financial statements), 1982-1983
Southern Farmer, 1959
[Field Foundation awards, 1984]
Southeastern Publishing Company, Inc. (Formerly Southern Farmer)
Southern Farmer, 1961-1963
2T81 Institute for Psychoanalysis (reports and clippings), 1961-1964
Anna Freud, 1950-1951
State Charities Aid Association, Foster Home Campaign, 1942-1946
State Charities Aid Association, 1942-1944, 1948
Wiltwyck School for Boys, 1943-1946
Children's Aid Society, 1942-1952
Child Welfare League of America, 1948-1950
Citizens' Crusade Against Poverty, 3 Projects (2 ratifications), spring 1968
Citizens' Crusade Against Poverty (Appalachian Volunteers), fall 1968
Citizens' Policy Center, 1978
Association on American-Indian Affairs, F. A., 1962
Illinois Children's Home and Aid Society, 1944-1953
2T82 Princeton University (Sidney Spivack), Fall, 1966
Cooperative Assistance Fund:
General file, 1975
Doucet and R. M. G. approval report, December 9, 1974
1978 interim report (spring)
Board of Trustees Meeting, Investment Committee Meeting, June 19, 1978
Meeting of Board of Trustees, January 26, 1981
Status Reports, Investment Portfolio, Board of Trustee Meetings, July 21, 1980; 1979-1980
Status reports, Board of Trustee meetings, 1979-1980
Investment Committee Meeting, February 10, 1975
Southern Regional Council:
Charlotte (special report), June 16, 1964
School Desegregation: Old Problems Under A New Law (special report), September 1965
Racial Discrimination In The Southern Federal Courts (special report)
Law Enforcement in Mississippi (special report)
Louisville (special report), June 16, 1964
1943-1961, 1963
2T83 Native American Rights, Fund, February 6, 1975
(2 files)
Institute for Policy Studies, fall 1971; June 1972
N.C.A.I. Fund, Inc. (Tigua Indians), 1967
N.C.A.I. Fund, Inc. (All Indian Pueblo Council), spring 1968; spring 1969
National Council of Churches of Christ (The Delta Ministry):
2nd fall 1969
Fall 1976
National Council of La Raza, 1979
National Council of Negro Women, 1969-1970, 1973-1977
National Council of Negro Women (Fannie Lou Hamer Day Care Center), 1977
National Endowment for the Arts (ratified fall 1968)
National Social Welfare Assembly (Young Adult Council, E. A., 1962
National Urban Coalition, spring 1976; 1980
National Urban Coalition (conference), 1980
National Urban League, fall 1967
2T84 Commission for Mexican American Affairs (Archdiocese of Texas), fall 1973-1975
Columbia University:
American Jewish Committee, 1968
Intergroup Relations Project, spring 1967
School of General Studies, fall 1966
Conservation of Human Resources, S. A., 1964
Southern Negro Graduates Fund, F. A., 1962
Coleman, Elnora (Northern City Study), special project, fall 1969
Claflin College, 2nd spring 1964, 2nd spring 1963
The City College (Center for Legal Education), 1977-1978
City College of New York (Chinatown), fall 1975
City College of City University of New York (Community Service Program of Chinatown), June 1972
City University of New York (S.E.E.K.), spring 1969
The City College (S.E.E.K. Program), spring 1968
Clayborn Temple (A.M.E. Church), Martin Luther King, spring 1968
Committee of Southern Churchmen:
Rev. Ed King
Barrett, 1968-1972
Steve Cawood, spring 1971
Desegregation Plan, (Barrett, G.), 1970
George Barrett, Litigation), (Tennessee A and I State University and University of Tennessee), spring 1968
Discrimination Index (general files), 1967
Law Students Council, fall 1971
Law Students Civil Rights Research Council, 1st fall 1970
2T85 Metropolitan Applied Research Center (M. A. R. C.):
1st fall 1970
(S.O.B.U.K.W.E.), June 1975
Prof. Cloward History of N.W.R.O., January 1974
Fran Morrill Project, spring 1969
Children's Community Workshop School, fall 1969
Spring 1967
Fall 1967
Study of Impact of Congressional Redistricting on Minority Communities), fall 1970
Miscellaneous, 1968-1969; 1970; 1974
Children's Community Workshop School, fall 1968
March, 1973
National Conference of Black Lawyers, October 5, 1972
General support, fall 1973
General support and Fellowship Program, fall 1971
Spring 1976
2T86 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Legal Defense and Educational Fund (Internship Program), 2nd, 1965
Washington Research Project (Project on Corporate Responsibility and Center for Community Change), 3rd fall 1970
Washington Research Project (Child Development Material), 1970-1971
Southern Regional Council, Inc. (Washington Research Project), spring 1970
Washington Research Project, Inc. (Clark College), fall 1968
Huge, Harry (Study of Government Poverty Programs), 1968-1972
Southern Regional Council, Inc. (Marian Wright, Poor People's Campaign), spring 1968
Washington Research Project (National Integration Monitoring Office), 3rd spring 1970
Clark College (miscellaneous), 1969
Clark College (Washington Research Project), spring 1970
Washington Research Project (general support), fall 1971
Yale University (Rooming-In Project), 1948-1953
Institute for Development of Indian Law, fall 1975; fall 1976
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Legal Defense and Educational Fund (American-Indian Legal Defense Fund), fall 1968
Native American Legal Defense, May 21, 1971-1974
2T87 Americans for Civic Participation:
Project Vote
Teamster Rank and File Educational and Legal Defense Foundation, 1979
Arrow, Inc., 1952
Dixwell Legal Rights Association, Inc., spring 1967
State of Citizen Participation in Public Decision Making, 1978
Citizens' Committee for Children of New York, Inc., 2nd fall 1970
Forum Foundation (Ad Hoc Voter)
Center for National Security Studies, Fund for Peace, 1977
[The Forum Institute, 1983-1984]
Forum Foundation, 1984-1985
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, defense budget
Voter Education Project, fall 1971
Mississippi photographs
2T88 House Ways and Means Committee (clips and reports), 1969
Cooperative Assistance Fund
The Youth Project:
General support, 1986
Atlanta Media Project
Northwest Communities Project
Planning Grant for Northwest Communities Project
Progressive Constituency Network (A. D. M.)
Progressive Constituency Network
Citizens Need to Know
Leadership Strategies/Paget
Project 2000
New Populist Research Project
Union Leadership Project
Xavier University of Los Angeles, Voting Project
World Policy Institute, 1986-1987
Womens Action for Nuclear Disarmament
Wisconsin Coordinating Committee on Nicaragua
Wisconsin Citizen Education Fund
Will Finch Fund/First Baptist Church
Western Network, 1986
We Care Community Services
Youth Project/Poverty Project
V.E.P., 1986
University of Minnesota (Harry Boyte)
University of the District of Columbia (Conference 81/Jewish Religion)
United Woodcutters, 1986
United Communities for Child Development
United Church of Christ Commission for Racial Justice, National Black Leadership Round Table
Transafrica Forum, 1986
Tides Foundation, 1986
Tides Foundation, Poverty Project N.C.C., 1986
Tides Foundation, N.C.C./Arms Control
Teamster Rank and File Educational and Legal Defense, T.D.U., 1985-1986
2T89 Center for Community Change (South Appalachian Leadership Training), 1978, 1980
Center for Community Change (F.S.C.), 1980
Center for Rural Studies, spring 1974; spring 1975
Center for Rural Affairs, 1980
City University of New York (Instructional Research Center), 1977
Michael Clark (Field Foundation Fellow), 1979
Columbia Law Review Association, Inc., November 30, 1964
Community Fund of Chicago, F. A., 1959 - 1964
Community Improvement Corporation (Mississippi Hunger Coalition), 1979
Community Law Offices, Inc. (payee: Legal Aid Society), fall 1967
Community Legal Services of Mississippi, October 1974; spring 1975
Community Service Foundation, F. A., 1961
Community Service Association, (ratified spring 1969-1971, spring 1971)
Cooperative Assistance Fund (Southern Cooperative Development Fund), fall 1972
Cooperative Assistance Fund and (Opportunity Funding Corporation), 1976
Council of the Southern Mountains, E. A., July 1971
Council of the Southern Mountains (Mountain People's Rights), October 14, 1971
2T90 Ridge Farm, S. A., 1959, 1959
Citizens Policy Center, 1983
[African Methodist Episcopal Church (Twentieth Anniversary Mobilization for Jobs, Peace, and Freedom]
Illinois South Project, 1983
Industrial States Policy Center: Ohio Toxic Materials Coalition Project, 1983-84
Massachusetts Fair Share, 1982-83
Florida International University (Edgar Cahn), 1985-87
Field Foundation:
Voting Evaluation, 1985
National Poverty Project, D. C. Consultations, 1985
National Poverty Project, Tax Issues and Budget, 1984
National Poverty Project, Education Project, 1985
Special Project, Study Group on Social Security, 1985-1986
Voter issues
[Richard W. Boone, 1984-85]
Research Center for Human Relations, 1947-1948; 1949; 1951-1952
[Downtown Welfare Advocate Center, 1981-83]
East Harlem Black Nursery: Youth Action Program, 1983
Federation of Community Controlled Centers in Alabama for Child Care
2T91 Peace Corps Institute, Peace Links, 1982-83
North Country Institute
[College Tuition Grants/Loans, 1982]
New York University School of Social Work, 1982-84
National Urban Coalition, 1981-84
Natural Resources Defense Council, 1981-82
National Student Educational Fund
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
[Offender Aid and Restoration, 1981-82]
North Ward Educational and Cultural Center
Physicians for Social Responsibility
University of Chicago (Nairo), Committee on Education, Training and Research in Race Relations, 1952-1954; 1956-1959
University of Washington, F. A., 1960
Urban League of Greater New York, Inc.:
Reports and clippings, 1960
2nd spring 1963
2T92 Tougaloo Southern Christian College (Social Science Tutorial and Laboratory Projects), S. A., 1964
Tougaloo Southern Christian College (Work-Study Project), 2nd spring 1964
Tuskegee Institute, fall 1963
Union Theological Seminary, S. A., 1960
United Christian Missionary Society, April 1960
Silberman (Charles E.), Field Foundation Fellow, 1974
American Friends Service Committee, Inc.:
Race Relations Program (Philadelphia); 1952-1954
Cicero, Illinois Project, 1951-1954
Quaker House, 1951-1957
Kansas City Job Opportunities Program, 1952
Chicago Job Opportunities, 1949-1957
2T93 Ryther Child Center, monographs, cases, papers, 1944-1946
Field Foundation, 1958-1962
Southern Regional Council, Inc. (Grant-In-Aid), 2nd spring 1962
Appalachian Research and Defense Fund (Black Lung), spring 1971
Appalachian Research and Defense Fund, fall 1971
Highlander Folk School (citizenship, Sea Island Project and residential workshops), January 1959
Suffern Meeting (correspondence), 1973
United Presbyterian Church (National Professional Advisory Board), 1967
F. C. M. (miscellaneous), 1967
Child Development Group of Mississippi, review files
2T94 Center on Budget and Policy (priorities/defense budget)
Center on Budget and Policy (priorities), 1985-1986
Field Foundation: general planning, poverty project (Miller)
Campaign for Political Rights
Senn, Milton J. E., M. D.
Mary Holmes (miscellaneous), 1970
University of California, 1953
American Friends Service Committee (Deep South Public Schools), fall 1968
American Missionary Association (Fisk), Dr. Lewis Jones, 1960, 1964
Community Day Care Action Coalition (Bank St. College of Education), 1980
Downtown Welfare Advocate Center, 1979
Voter Education Project, Inc., 2nd fall 1969
Migrant Services Foundation, spring 1971
Sheltering Arms Childrens Service (Includes merged New York Child's Foster Home Service), 1942-1950
Riverdale Children's Association, 1951
United Bronx Parents, Inc., spring 1970
Travistock Clinic, 1952-1954
Hospitality Committee for United Nations Delegations, Inc., F. A., 1962
Citizens for Constitutional Concerns (People for the American Way)
Citizen Education Fund
United Nations (general file), 1956-1957
Field Foundation Board of Directors, 1969
Wiley Memorial Fund (George A.), 1979
Human Service Fund
4X68 National Urban League, S. A., 1958
National Urban League, F. A., 1961
Professor Eleanor Glueck, 1942-1948
Professor Sheldon Glueck, 1949-1954
Harvard University Gluecks (Problem of Delinquency), F. A., 1952- 1958
Law Students Council, spring 1974
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation (health care for children)
American Friends Service Committee (Child Development Group of Mississippi), winter 1965
Art and Architecture Center, spring 1970
Association for Homemaker Service, F. A., 1961
Association for Homemaker Service, S. A., 1962
Association for Homemaker Service, Inc., spring 1971
Benefit of United Communities for Child Development, 1972
Boston College (Law), spring 1968
Washington Research Project (Children's Defense Fund), fall 1975
4X69 National Urban Coalition, 1974-1975
National Urban Coalition (Youth Employment and Service)
Citizens' Committee on Children of New York City, Inc.:
Childrens' Court Study
General, 1954
United Neighborhood Houses of New York, Inc., F. A., 1958
Citizens' Committee for Children (New York City Department of Welfare), (protective carework), F. A., 1961
American Psychological Association (Board of Social and Ethical Responsibility in Psychology), 1978
American Friends Service Committee (government surveillance), 1979
Spring Hill College (Human Relations Workshop), S. A., 1961- 1962
University of Chicago (Schizo study), 1952
University of Chicago (Department of Psychiatry), 1959
World Federation for Mental Health (grants made via National Association for Mental Health), 1952
Manna/Tennessee Hunger Coalition, 1979
Mary Holmes College (Clay County Development Program), spring 1969; spring 1970
Mary Holmes College (Health Services), 2nd spring 1970
McComb Community Center, fall 1975
4X70 American Civil Liberties Union Foundation (Committee for Public Justice), December 6, 1972
Fund for Peace (Center for Defense Information), (clippings, articles), 1973-76
Fund for Peace (Center for Defense Information), June 1972; spring 1973
[Hudson Guild Neighborhood House, 1955-1961]
Roosevelt College, 1951-1954
American Civil Liberties Union (Committee for Public Justice), fall 1973; spring 1975
Native American Rights Fund, 1978
Institute for Policy Studies, 2nd fall 1969
Hudson Guild, 1947-56
Internal Revenue Service, 1970-1982
4X71 Promoting Enduring Peace, Inc., F. A., S. A., 1962, 1962
Puerto Rican Forum, 2nd fall 1969
Puerto Rican Association for Community Affairs, Inc. (East Harlem Coalition), fall 1970
Puerto Rican Family Institute, fall 1974 and undated
Puerto Rican Guidance Center, Inc., fall 1968
Aspira, Inc.:
Miscellaneous, spring 1967
Previously Puerto Rican Forum, spring 1967
General support, fall 1968
1st fall 1970
3rd spring 1970
Aspira of America, December 6, 1972
Southwest Voter Registration Education Project, 1974; October 1974; 1978
Southwest Voter Registration Education Fund
Institute for Southern Studies, October 1974
Citizens' Housing and Planning Council of New York, 1943-1953
Social Legislation Information Service, 1947-1950
4X72 Invitations
Appeals: Ho - Miq
4X73 Bilingual education
Appeals: Aa-Be
Non-awards, May 1989
Internal Revenue Service
House Ways and Means Committee (letters to Wilbur Mill, 1969)
Chile Since the Coup: Ten Years of Repression, 1983
Conscience (The Voice of Pro-Choice Catholics), January/February, 1984
Nuclear Times, February 1984
Mountain Life and Work, February 1984
Trans Africa News, volume 2, number 7, 1983
A Decade of Frustrations
The Mexican American Electorate: A Demographic Profile
Southern Changes, November/December, 1982
South Africa Namibia Update, October 1983
T. A. reports, October 1983
Mexican American Voting in the Texas General Election
The Treatment of Political Prisoners in Cuba and the American Response, September 1983
News From the Door, October 1983
Tougaloo News, October 1983
Blacks and the 1984 Democratic National Convention: A Guide
Jesse Jackson's Campaign: The Primaries and Caucuses, 1984
Focus, July, 1984
The Changing Patterns of Black Family Income, 1960-1982
Background Paper: Run-Off Primaries, May, 1984
The Impact of the Black Electorate, 1984
The J. C. P. S. Congressional District Fact Book
Our Future at Stake
Building Self Sufficiency in Pregnant and Parenting Teens, April 1984
Going Hungry in America, December 1983
4X74 Field Foundation grant requests, 1988
Appeals: community/A-Z - Gz
4X75 Committee for Unified Newark (Leroi Jones)
Appeals: Committee to Preserve the Constitution
Committee Against Registration and the Draft
Appeals: Bf- Committee
Citizen Against PACs
[Center for Investigative Reporting, 1984]
4X76 The Field Foundation, Inc., books:
September 25, 1951 - September 30, 1955
3 books
4X77 October 1, 1955 - September 30, 1958
3 books
4X78 October 1, 1958 - September 30, 1960
2 books
4X79 October 1, 1960 - September 30, 1962
2 books
4X80 October 1, 1962 - September 30, 1965
3 books
4X81 October 1, 1965 - September 30, 1970
3 books
4X82 October 1, 1970 - September 30, 1973; October 1, 1976 - September 30, 1979
2 books
4X83 October 1, 1973 - September 30, 1976; October 1, 1979 - September 30, 1982
2 books
4X84 October 1, 1982 - September 30, 1988
2 books
4X86 The Field Foundation, Inc. meetings:
Chelsea March 24-25, 1962
2:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., New York City June 4, 1969,
Committee A, 12:30 November 1, 1973,
Committee A, 5 p.m. October 5, 1972,
Annual Meeting of Board, 10 a.m. December 6, 1972,
4:30 February 6, 1975,
Committee A, 12:30 p.m. March 27, 1973,
Special Meeting of the Directors, 3 p.m. May 21, 1973,
Committee B and Special Meeting, noon May 25, 1977,
Race Relations Committee, noon March 17, 1972,
Annual Meeting, noon November 20, 1975,
Board Meeting, 4:30 p.m. June 1, 1972,
Committee B, 10:30 a.m. October 29, 1975,
Committee A, noon March 29, 1976,
Race Relations Committee, November 12, 1959
Meeting of the Executive Committee, 12:30 p.m. May 28, 1987,
Special Meeting of the Board, 12:30 p.m. June 24, 1987,
Meeting of the Executive Committee, 11:00 a.m. November 13, 1987,
Annual Meeting of Members, 12:30 p.m. December 11, 1987,
Memo with Attachments from Richard W. Boone to Members of the Board, July 24, 1986
Meeting of Committee I, 12:30 p.m. May 13, 1986,
Meeting of Committee III, 12:00 May 5, 1986,
Executive Committee Meeting, 12:30 p.m. May 27, 1986,
Board of Directors Meeting, 12:30 p.m. June 27, 1986,
Executive Committee Meeting, 12:30 p.m. November 18, 1986,
Annual Meeting of the Board, 12:30 p.m. December 11, 1986,
Annual Meeting of the Board, 12:30 p.m. December 5, 1985,
September 25, 1951
April 11, 1951
Grants made in the fields of interracial and intercultural relations, 1942-1959
Interracial and Intercultural Relations, 1942-1958
Grants made in other areas, 1941 - September, 1959
The Field Foundation, Inc., award payments in child welfare, 1941-1960
Child Welfare grants, 1941 - September, 1959
Grants made in other areas, 1942-1960
Confidential analysis of Field Foundation grants, 1950-1964
Confidential material, 1958
Tax Reform Act of 1969 (Foundation portions of H. R. 13270, Paul Weiss memo concerning provisions)
Supplementary data on child welfare, 1955-1958
Information on Indian Projects in the Southwest, 1957-1958
Field Foundation, committee/board meetings, addendum to listing of "Other Requests" recommended to be declined (November 16-17, 1971)
Supplementary data for Board docket (spring 1972)
4X87 Association on American Indian Affairs, Inc., correspondence with The Field Foundation, March 2, 1959
Association on American Indian Affairs, Inc., We Shake Hands in the Year Ahead, report, and budget, March 24, 1958 May 1, 1958 - April 30, 1959
Center for Law and Social Policy, correspondence and reports to The Field Foundation, 1981-1984
Legal Services History by John A. Dooley and Alan W. Houseman, second draft, November 1985
American Indian Development (ARROW):
Fourth annual report correspondence notes third annual report (1955), (1954), (1954), (1954)
Correspondence progress report first annual report, (1953), (1953), (1952)
Report: American Indians on reservations in the United States, The Problem--What Can Be Done About It... What Are We Doing About It clippings correspondence Navajo Development Committee meeting minutes National Conference on American Indian Youth Program Crownpoint Community House minutes of meeting of Land Boards Citizenship Education Project request for renewal of grant (1961), (1961), (1958-1959), (1959), (November 25-26, 1957), (May 19, 1958), (1958-1959)
American Indian Center (S. A. S. A. 1960, 1962)
Arrow, Inc., 1955-1957
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American Public Welfare Association, Study of ADC Program (S. A. 1960, 1962-1963)
Miscellaneous material, 1944-1987
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare and related correspondence, special welfare projects, 1961
4X88 "Food and Nutrition" (1970-1972)
"Hunger #2" (1971)
"Hunger U.S.A. Revisited" (197?)
National Council on Hunger (1971)
National Council on Hunger and Malnutrition in the U.S., Inc. (1967-1972)
Board of Inquiry on Hunger in the United States, 1956-1967
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The Food Gap: Poverty and Malnutrition in the U.S., interim report, 1969
Hunger Study, June 11, 1968
Hunger Study Supplement, August 17, 1968
Special summer project: an evaluation, supplemental food program, special food service program, expanded nutrition education (nutrition aides) program, December 1969
The migratory farm labor problem in the U.S., February 19, 1968
"An Update on Hunger in America," 1978
"Food Delivery Programs and Other Factors Affecting Nutrient Intake of Children," [1970?]
Board of Inquiry, pamphlets and surveys, 1964-1968
Children in Mississippi, A Report to the Field Foundation, June 1967
4X89 The Field Foundation, Inc., meetings:
Board of Directors, special meeting:
March 2, 1942
April 19, 1949
April 12, 1950
May 6, 1952
April 24, [1953?]
April 14, 1954
April 19, 1955
April 18, 1956
Annual meeting:
October 20, 1949
October 16, 1952
October 15, 1953
October 21, 1954
Board of Directors, Adjourned Meeting in Lieu of Annual Meeting, November 3, 1950
Adjourned Meeting in Lieu of Annual Meeting of Members:
January 22, 1952
January 25, 1957
April 19, 1955
Annual Meeting of Members, October 20, 1955
Special Meeting of Members, April 26, 1957
4X90 Tufts-Zinberg review file, 1966-1971
Tougaloo College review files, 1967-1969
Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee, miscellaneous, 1966-1970
Tufts University, Norman E. Zinberg, M. D., spring 1968
Voter file, 1981-1982
Industrial Areas Foundation, #1, 1946-1960
K Photo Service, Inc., 1968-1975
Voter Education Project, 74-17 and 17A, fall 1973
Citizens' Crusade Against Poverty/Citizens Advocate Center, 1967-1968
Center for Community Change/Indian Task Force Project, ratified spring 1969
K Photo Service, Inc., 1975-1988
National Council on Hunger and Malnutrition/formerly Board of Inquiry, 1968-1971
Starrett Housing Corporation, 1969-1974
Open Road International, 1969-1972
Board of Inquiry, 1968
National Council on Hunger, 1970-1971
Industrial Areas Foundation, 1951-1964
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation/formerly Baldwin (Roger) Foundation/Southern Justice and Electoral Projects, 1968-1970
4X91 Books (See separate book inventory.)
4X92 Youth Project/YAP (Youth Action), 1971-1987
Xavier University, Louisiana, Voter Registration Education Crusade (Black Empowerment, 1987)
World Policy Institute, George Perkovich, 1984-1989
Women for Economic Justice, 1982-1987
VEP (Voter Education Project), 1987
Urban League of Greater New Haven, Black Family Round-Table, 1987
Institute of Black Leadership Development, 1987
Center for Study of Southern Culture, University of Mississippi, 1982-1987
University of California at Berkeley, Duhl, Leonard travel, 1987
The Youth Project, Northwest Communities Project, Youth Project, National Health Care Campaign. 1987 1986-1987
Youth Project:
Progressive Constituency Network, 1986-1987
Institute for American Values, 1984-1988
Northwest Nuclear Safety Campaign, 1987
GM, 1986-1988
Investment advisors, 1981-1984
Lease(s), 1959-1968
U. S. Trust Company, 1969-1981
U. S. Trust Company, correspondence, investment analysis, 1969-1970
Leisure Group, Inc., 1969-1987
4X93 Books (See separate book inventory.)
4X94 The Field Foundation:
Committee I: Social Welfare and Social Justice, May 10, 1983
Committee II, May 5, 1983
Committee III, May 9, 1983
Special Meeting of the Board, March 2, 1983
Executive Committee meeting, February 18, 1983
Committee I: Social Welfare and Social Justice, February 9, 1983
Committee II, February 7, 1983
Committee III, January 28, 1983
Annual Meeting, November 15, 1982
Executive Committee, November 3, 1982
Committee I, October 21, 1982
Committee II, October 20, 1982
Committee III, October 18, 1982
Mail ballot, July 1982
Special Meeting of the Board, May 25, 1982
Executive Committee meeting, May 6, 1982
Committee II, April 27, 1982
Committee I, April 26, 1982
Committee III, April 22, 1982
Board meeting, March 4, 1982
Executive Committee, February 18, 1982
Committee I mail docket, February 9, 1982
Program Committee II, January 25, 1982
Board Meeting, November 11, 1981
Mail ballot, July 30, 1981
Annual Meeting of Members, May 19, 1981
Mail ballot, March 25, 1981
Committee A, October 24, 1978
Committee B, March 20, 1978
Special meeting of the Board, May 3, 1976
Meeting of Committee B and meeting of the Board, June 3, 1975
Committee B, May 23, 1974
Annual meeting, November 17-18, 1973
Committee B, May 21, 1973
Special meeting of Directors, May 23, 1974
Committee B, November 9, 1972
Children's Committee, June 1, 1972
December 9, 1971
Annual meeting of Members, November 17, 1971
Race Relations Committee, November 16, 1971
Children's Committee, October 14, 1971
Children's Committee, June 30, 1971
Children's Committee, and Race Relations Committee, May 7, 1969 April 1, 1969
Meeting in Lieu of the annual meeting of members, November 17-18, 1966
Special meeting of the Board of Directors, September 28, 1966
Special meeting of the Board of Directors, June 13, 1966
Special meeting of members (incomplete), April 12, 1966
December 13, 1965
4X95 Books (See separate book inventory)
4X96 National Student Campaign for Voter Registration Education, 1987-1988
National Urban Coalition, 1987-1988
Natural Resources Defense Council, 1987-1990
NY Interface, 1987-1989
PEN American Center, 1988-1989
New England Citizen Action, 1988-1990
National Coalition Black Voter Participation/Operation Big Vote, 1988-1989
National Coalition on Black Voter Participation/Diversification, 1987-1989
People for the American Way, 1988-1989
Technical Development Corporation, Pro-Media, 1988
Richmond Black Student Foundation (for Black Empowerment), 1985-1988
Tides Foundation Communications Consortium, 1987-1988
Technical Development Corporation, 1987-1988
Youth Project, Project on Participatory Democracy, 1987-1990
Urban League of Greater New Haven, Black Faculty Roundtable, 1987-1988
Tides Foundation, Project on Citizen Participation, 1976-1989
Southwest Voter Registration Education Project, 1987-1989
Southern Education Foundation, Xavier, 1987-1989
Seventh Generation Fund, 1984-1988
Public Policy Information Fund, 1988-1989
Field Foundation, Study Group on Social Security, 1986-1988
4X97 Reece Committee, Cox Committee: Field Foundation submissions, 1952-1953
Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, 1st 1965, 1963-1966
Duke University Law School, fall 1968, 1968-1974
Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (Incarceration), May 21, 1973, 1972-1977
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Progressive Leadership Council, Proposal to Develop Strategic Co-ordination to Project a National Progressive Presence, 1989
Center for Constitutional Rights, voting rights manual, 1985
"Voter Registration and the States: Effective Policy Approaches to Increasing Participation," 1986
"Voter Registration and the States: Issues, Problems and Choices"
"Funding Citizen Participation," newsletter of the Funders' Committee for Voter Registration and Education, 1987
Democracy At Risk, USA Votes, 1988
Project Vote!'s One Million New Voters: Likely to Hold the Balance of Power in a Close Presidential Election, The Nation, 1987 1985
Plan for expanding work with 501(c)3 organizations, 1988
Clearinghouse proposal, 1988
State by state survey of the major 501(c)3 organizations, 1986
Voter Registration and Citizen Participation Program, Center for Participation in Democracy, 1988
"Grassroots Gardening: The `New' Campaign Crop," 1988
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Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 1988
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The Arms Control Media Project, 1988
Review of voter participation activities, USA Votes, 1987
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Northwest Communities Project Program proposal, 1988
The Montana Alliance for Progressive Policy, general support proposal, 1988
Human Services Employees Registration and Voter Education Campaign, Agency-Based Voter Registration: A National Survey, 1988
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Progressive Constituency Network, meeting agenda, 1988
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Child Welfare League of America, The Children's Presidential Campaign, issue briefs, 1988
Metropolitan Applied Research Center (MARC, Inc.):
Survey, 1971
Miscellaneous, 1965-1970; 1972; 1967-1976
Misseduc Foundation, Inc., fall 1967
Orendain, Antonio, 1978
United Methodist Church, Board of Global Ministries (Texas F. W.), 1975-1978
National Farm Workers Service Center:
Fall 1973, 1973-1975
2nd spring 1970, 1969-1971
Migrant Services Foundation, spring 1969, 1968-1971
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Conservation: the Child and Family in Court, Seventh Annual Report of the Domestic Relations Court, City of New York, 1939
"Law and Disorder," A review of the federal anti-crime program created by Title I of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, a project of the Center for National Security Studies, [197?]
Field Foundation policy, 1959-1964
Correspondence, list of Field Foundation directors, proposal, minutes, brochures, and miscellaneous, 1974-1980
First grants, 1941-1944
Oral history:
Dr. Alfred H. Washburn interview, April 15, 1967
Dr. Schoellkopf
Dr. Edith Jackson, May 8, 1970
Max Hahn interview, 1979
Milton J. E. Senn interview, 1980
Correspondence concerning history of Field Foundation, 1974
Correspondence concerning Allergy Unit at University of Illinois, 1974
Introduction of Les Dunbar, with correspondence, 1967-1988
Metropolitan Applied Research Center:
Report, 1980
"Alternative Public School Systems: A Response to America's Educational Emergency," prepared by Kenneth B. Clark, President, 1967
Monopoly and Inefficient Public Schools, by Kenneth B. Clark, 1967
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"Carl Sandburg Says," Council for Democracy
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Hampstead Child-Therapy Course and Clinic, "Training Prospectus"
National Life and Accident Insurance Company stock correspondence, 1975
Harlem-based Project, child advocacy, 1979-1980
Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia, 1960-1963
"A Dream Deferred: The Economic Status of Black Americans," by the Center for the Study of Social Policy, 1983
Civil Rights leadership discussions, from John Lewis and Bayard Rustin
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Minorities and legislation
"The Federal Executive and Civil Rights," Southern Regional Council, 1961
Friends of the Children of Mississippi, 1968
Funding proposal, Architect's Renewal Committee in Harlem, Inc., (cont.), 1968
An essay on self-reliance
Farm workers, 1980
Southern Conference for Human Welfare, 1942-1948
Syracuse Community Development Association, spring 1966; spring 1967
The Field Foundation:
Meeting in Lieu of the Annual Meeting of Members:
November 17, 1965
November 13, 1967
November 23-24, 1968
December 17, 1974
January 10, 1979
November 12, 1979
Special Meeting of Members, May 10, 1968
Children's Committee Meeting, November 17, 1970
Special Meeting of the Board of Directors:
February 7, 1974
May 25, 1977
July 27, 1979
February 7, 1980
April 14, 1980
June 5, 1980
January 27, 1981
Board of Directors, November 18, 1980
October 23, 1974
May 29, 1979
Executive Committee Meeting:
May 17, 1983
November 12, 1985
4X99 Executive Committee:
November 8, 1983
February 22, 1984
May 30, 1984
November 13, 1984
March 29, 1985
November 12, 1985
Annual meeting of directors:
November 15, 1982
November 29, 1983
December 11, 1984
December 5, 1985
Board of Directors:
May 26, 1983
March 7, 1984
June 20, 1984
June 7, 1985
Committee III, October 11, 1983
Committee II, October 14, 1983
Committee I, October 27, 1983
Committee III, February 7, 1984
Committee II, February 9, 1984
Committee I, February 13, 1984
Committee III, May 1, 1984
Committee II, May 11, 1984
Committee I, May 15, 1984
Committee I, October 25, 1984
Committee III, October 29, 1984
Committee II, November 1, 1984
Committee II, May, 1985
Committee I, May 6, 1985
Committee III, May 10, 1985
Committee I, October 28, 1985
Committee III, October 29, 1985
Committee II, November 4, 1985
Executive Committee, May 21, 1985
4X100 Urban Policy Research Institute, 1986-1987
House Bill 1412, 1987
Urban Policy Research Institute, 1972-1988
Voter Education Project, 1988
Western States Center, 1988
Youth Project:
Progressive Constituency Network, 1985-1988
Youth Action, 1987-1988
Diversification, 1988-1989
Central America Evaluation Project, 1988
General support, 1988
Northwest Communities Project, 1987-1988
Legal Training Project, 1981-1988
Correspondence regarding grants awarded, 1986-1988
Grant reports, 1987-1990
Bills, 1988
Morris B. Abram, 1968-1986
4X101 Foundation for the Improvement of Urban Living:
Field building, 1947-1975
"Hunger U.S.A. Revisited: A Report by the Citizen's Board of Inquiry into Hunger and Malnutrition in the United States," published in cooperation with the National Council on Hunger and Malnutrition and the Southern Regional Council, 1973
Economic and social rights of children, 1969-1970
Economic and social rights of children correspondence, 1969
Child welfare, 1966-1983
Dunbar, Leslie W., miscellaneous, 1967-1982
Field, Ruth P. (Mrs. Marshall)
Correspondence, 1962-1987
Ruth P. Field Fund, 1976
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Inglis, Agnes King, 1939-1961
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Dunbar, Leslie, 1977-1982
Georgia Council on Human Relations, 1966-1967
Special project concerning school integration, 1976-1987
4X102 Holmes (Mary) Jr. College, 1968-1969
University of Iowa (child research), 1942-1950
United Presbyterian Church (NPAB of Mary Holmes and Institute for Early Childhood Education), 1968-1969
Economic and social rights of children:
Texas, 1969-1970
Florida and Texas trips, 1969-1973
Reports, clippings, 1963-1970
Ad Hoc Committee on Public Welfare (special welfare project, NASW Research and Education Fund), 1961-1962
Wiltwyck, City Mission Society material, 1942-1943
Wiltwyck School for Boys, Inc.; 1939-1941, 1942
Field Foundation:
Investments, 1968-1971
Housing, 1948-1951
Miscellaneous, 1947
A Review of its Activities for the Period ended September 30, 1949
A Review of its Activities for the Year ended September 30, 1950
Bureau of Child Guidance, Board of Education, City of New York, annual report, June 30, 1940
American Public Welfare Association, 1959-1966
4X103 Stock:
Inforex, 1969-1972
First Mortgage Investors, 1983
Electrogasdynamics Inc., 1969-1985
ENRG Corporation, 1969-1983
National Environment Corporation, 1969-1983
Advocay Institute, 1987-1989
American Citizen Education Project, 1987-1989
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, 1988
Americans for Civic Participation (Project Vote), 1987-1990
American Council of Washington, D. C.:
Education policy issue analysis, 1988
Project on Central American peace education, 1987-1988
Arkansas Institute for Social Justice (ACORN), 1987-1988
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities:
Defense budget, 1987-1988
General support, 1987-1989
Center for Community Change:
Alschuler/voting, 1987-1989
Study of black adolescent males, 1987-1988
Campaign for a New South (Alabama New South Coalition), 1987-1989
Center for Investigative Reporting, 1978-1989
Investigative journalism, 1985-1987
Center for Rural Affairs, 1987-1989
4X104 Comprehensive Health Care/Community Coordinating Committee (Hinds County), 1985-1988
Human SERVE, 1987-1988
Industrial States Policy Center (Citizen Action), 1986-1987
Institute for Alternative Journalism, 1986-1987
Institute for Policy Studies Real Security Education Project, 1986-1988
Interfaith Action/Churches Committee (voting), 1986-1988
International Center for Integrative Studies (The DOOR), 1986-1988
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (LCCRUL) South Africa Symposium (children), 1986-1988
League of Rural Voters, 1986-1987
Maryland Committee on Occupational Safety and Health, 1986-1987
Massachusetts Fair Share Fund, 1984-1987
Mental Health Law Project, 1986-1987
Midwest Voter Registration Education Project, 1987
Mississippi Action Community Education (MACE) Diversification and GS(A), 1987
Montana Alliance for Progressive Policy, 1986-1988
Ms. Foundation for Women (Third World Caucus of National Network of Grantmakers), 1979-1987
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People:
Special Contribution Fund (voting), 1987-1989
Legal Defense and Education Fund, 1986-1987
National Coalition on Black Voter Participation, 1987
Big Vote, 1986-1987
National SANE Education Fund, 1986-1988
National Urban Coalition (Convocation), 1986-1988
Natural Resources Defense Council, 1986-1988
New England Citizen Action Resource Center (Northeast Coalition), 1985-1988
People for the American Way, 1986-1988
Soggot, David, publicity, 1986-1987
4X105 Board of Inquiry into Hunger and Malnutrition in the U.S., 1967, 1968
Day Care (New York City), 1973-1974
Dunbar, Leslie (Personal, meeting and lists), 1973
Economic and social rights of children:
Doctors' report (Mississippi correspondence), 1967-1969
Education (John Mudd), 1968-1969
Field (Marshall), 1939-1981
Field Foundation early papers II:
Non-Sectarian Foundation for Refugee Children and U.S. Committee for European Children, 1939-1982
Field Foundation, Inc., special meeting of the Board of Directors, September 16-17, 1959, February 15, 1961
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, 1965-1967
Patman letter, 1964
Race Relations Committee meeting:
October 14, 1959
November 12, 1959
March 4, 1960
May 23, 1960
November 17, 1960
March 18, 1961
September 12, 1961
4X106 Advocacy Institute:
Right to Know, 1984-1987
Agape Broadcasting Foundation, 1986-1987
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation:
Capital punishment, 1987
Center for National Security Studies, 1986-1987
Need to Know Project (Jerry Berman), 1987
Voting Rights Project, 1987
American Council of Washington (CISPES), 1986-1987
American Horizons, 1986
American Library Association, 1986-1988
Arkansas Institute for Social Justice (ACORN), 1986-1987
California Institute for Effective Action, 1986-1988
Carolina Community Project (Black Empowerment), 1987
Center for Community Change:
Funders Committee for Voter Registration, 1987
Center for Defense Information, 1983-1987
Center for Investigative Reporting, 1986-1987
Center for Rural Affairs, 1986-1987
Central Mississippi Civic Improvement (Black Empowerment), 1987
Commonwealth (IOTA), 1972-1975
Consultant material (miscellaneous), 1986-1987
Equity Funding Corporation, 1977-1981
Mutual Real Estate Investment Trust, 1967-1985
Resorts International, 1966-1971
Universal Education Corporation, 1969-1977
University Towers, Inc. (Rodman Rockefeller), 1968-1969
4X107 Black Empowerment:
Appropriation voting, 1987
Central Mississippi Civic Improvement Association/Mississippi Coordinating Committee, 1975-1988
Childrens Defense Fund, 1987-1990
Citizens Committee for Children of New York (JWP Memorial), 1987-1988
Citizens Fund, 1983-1989
Citizens Leadership Foundation (voting), 1988-1989
Citizens Vote, 1987-1988
Commonwealth Institute, 1986-1988
Delta Research and Education Foundation, 1987-1989
Focus Project (OMB Watch), 1987-1989
Fund for Peace (National Security Archive), 1962-1987
Green Chimneys, 1987-1989
Human Serve, 1987-1988
Interfaith Action for Economic Justice (Churches Committee for Voter Registration/Education), 1987-1988
Institute for Alternative Journalism, 1986-1989
Institute for Policy Studies, 1988
League of Rural Voters Education Project, 1987-1988
Media, 1987-1988
Midwest/Northeast Voter Project, 1988
Montana Alliance (Montana Coalition Fund), 1988
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Legal Defense and Education Fund (Diversification), 1987-1989:
Special Contribution Fund:
Operation 88 North Carolina, 1988
Voting, 1988
National Coalition on Black Voter Registration (Training with SEF/Xavier), 1988-1989
National Indian Youth Council, 1986-1989
Right to Know, 1984-1988
4X108 Field Foundation, Inc.:
Special meeting of the Board of Directors
March 25, 1958
June 12, 1959
September 16-17, 1959
October 25, 1959
June 20, 1960
May 12, 1970
March 16, 1977
Special meeting of the Board of Directors and adjourned meeting in lieu of annual meeting of members, April 18, 1958
List of awards made at Board of Directors meeting, April 18, 1958
Adjourned meeting in lieu of the annual meeting of members, January 22, 1959
Race Relations Committee meeting:
October 14, 1959
March 4, 1960
April 1, 1969
March 18, 1970
Adjourned meeting in lieu of the annual meeting of members, December 9, 1959
Children's Committee meeting:
January 25, 1960
November 14, 1960
October 15, 1969
List of awards:
November 29, 1960
April 17, 1961
Committee A meeting:
March 27, 1973
October 26, 1976
4X109 New York Interface, 1977-1987
New York Urban League, Black Family Service Agency, 1986-1987
PEN American Center (Need to Know), 1956-1987
Pennsylvania Public Education Fund, 1987
Public Policy Information Fund, 1986-1987
Samantha Smith Foundation, 1986-1987
Seventh Generation Fund, 1986-1987
Southern Education Foundation (Xavier University/Voting Project), 1986-1989
Southern Regional Council, 1984-1989
Southern Rural Education Community Project (Black Empowerment), 1987
Southwest Voter Registration Education Project 1986-1988
Diversification, 1987
Teamster Rank and File Education Fund (TDU), 1986-1988
Technical Development Corporation (Frank Smith), 1987
Tides Foundation
National Communications Consortium (NCC), 1986-1988
National Communications Consortium (NCC)/Military, 1986-1988
Trans Africa, 1987
Union for Experimenting Colleges and Universities, 1986-1988
Voter Education Project, 1984-1986
4X110 Grants awarded, card files, 1941-1988:
A - L and out-of-order pulled for history
Mc - Z and out-of-order pulled for history
Biographical information:
Folks, Homer, 1959
Lernoux, Penny
Newspaper clipping, Xavier University (Southern Education Foundation), 1990
Minutes and reports of Field Foundation, volume 1-2, 1940-1949
4X111 Books
4X112 IRS Audits, 1982
(Seidman & Seidman), 990, and tax returns, 1982-1988
Board of Inquiry clippings, 1964-1969
Finance, 1985-1988
Insurance, 1982-1987
Martin, Ruby G. (expenses), 1987-1988
Seetoo, Donald L., Certified Public Accountant, 1970-1985
Tax exemption, 1940-1971
Pension plan, 1973-1983
Supplemental retirement, 1971-1984
4X113 Field Foundation, Inc.:
Children's Committee meeting:
March 6, 1961
March 7, 1962
September 27, 1962
March 4, 1963
Race Relations Committee meeting:
September 12, 1961
February 5, 1962
December 20, 1962
October 16, 1969
Supplemental data, March 7, 1962
Committee meeting, September 14, 1965
Annual meeting, November 18, 1976
Special meeting of the Board of Directors, June 16, 1978
Meeting of the Board of Directors:
September 15, 1961
November 16, 1961
October 20, 1961
May 28, 1962
December 14, 1962
April 6, 1963
June 17, 1963
September 23, 1963
November 12, 1963
March 31, 1964
June 3, 1964
October 12, 1964
November 30, 1964
January 14, 1965
April 12, 1965
April 29, 1965
July 1, 1965
September 16, 1965
4X115 Board of Inquiry, 1968-1969
Report on financial statements with supplemental material, 1963-1980
Report on financial statements, 1963-1980
Exchange of shares and stock for promissory note, 1959
Application to Commissioner of Internal Revenue for ruling and closing agreement, 1958-1959
Report regarding the execution and delivery of the agreement for the sale of the Field Building, 1965
2T143 Citizens Advocate Center, planning of (special project), 1966-1968
Committee for Study of Incarceration (LCCRUL), 1972-1980
Metropolitan Applied Research Center (Ocean Hill-Brownsville), 1968-1969
Michigan State University, 1965-1968
Misseduc (Mississippi Action for Community Education) Foundation, Inc., 1967-1974
National Farm Workers Service Center, 1974-1977
Delano, 1971-1973
Legal Assistance to Texas Migrant Farmworkers, 1969-1971
McAllen, 1971-1973
United Farm Workers, 1966-1971
Discussion regarding AFL-CIO (general), 1969-1972
Payee, Baldwin Foundation, 1966-1969
Prince Edward Free School Association:
Prisons (Rick Tropp material), 1971
Promissory note in exchange for stocks:
Report on offer by Field Enterprises, Inc. to exchange its $14,000 promissory note for the outstanding preferred and class A stocks held by the Field Foundation, Inc., 1958
Supplemental memorandum in support of application, 1959
Correspondence, 1959
Select Committee, House of Representatives:
Answers to questionnaire, 1952
Congressional questionnaire and Field Foundation Answers, 1952
Proceedings at Hearing Before..., 1952
Volunteer Opportunities' Demonstration Project on the use of volunteers in Kingsbridge Social Service Center, Bronx New York (progress report), 1968
Washington Research Project, 1968
Will probation of Marshall Field III, 1956-1957
2T144 Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Defense Budget Project, 1986-1988
General support, 1985-1987
Children's Defense Fund, 1986-1988
Citizen Action Fund of New York, 1987
Citizen Fund/Citizen Action (GS), 1987-1989
Citizens Leadership Foundation, 1987
Citizens Vote, 1986-1987
Commonweal, 1982-1988
Cooperative Assistance Fund (CAF), 1986-1988
Delta Research and Educational Foundation (Black Womens Political Forum), 1984-1987
East Harlem Block Nursery (Youth Action Program), 1986-1988
Focus Project (OMB Watch), 1986-1988
Food Research and Action Center (FRAC), 1986-1988
Green Chimneys, 1986-1988
Hastings Center Aids Project, 1986-1988
Harvard University School of Public Health (Physician Task Force in Hunger in America), 1987
Study groups:
Low income black boys, 1987-1988
Social Security, 1986-1988
2T145 Field Foundation:
Correspondence concerning Principal of $42,173,383.61 as shown December 31, 1965, 1966
Dunbar introductions/important areas/important grantees/grantees missed out in earlier sections, 1971-1976
Financial statements, 1953-1975
Reports, 1948-1949
Report on examination, 1941-1957
Treasurer's reports, 1950-1956
Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights under Law (Incarceration Committee), 1971-1972
Southern Regional Council, Inc. (Voter Education Project) IV, 1966
2T146 Amnesty materials:
Statistical reports
National Catholic Conference for Interracial Justice materials
Indian materials:
Pueblo Indians
Tiwa Indians
NALDEF materials
Retarded Infant Services, Inc. materials
Young Women's Christian Association materials
Hospitality Committee for United Nations Delegations materials
Puerto Rican Institute for School and Community Interaction proposal
2T147 Penn Community Services, Inc. materials:
Newspaper articles
Financial statements
Philadelphia Schools Project final report
Miscellaneous materials:
World Federation for Mental Health
Child Welfare memorandums
2T148 Illinois South Project file
IFCO (Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization)
Highlander Center
Fund for Constitutional Government
Fund for Peace (Douglas)
Harlem Restoration Project
Impact Education Fund
Foundation for Educational and Economic Excellence
Florida Consumers Federation Foundation
Field Foundation (Sam Buffone)
Federation of Southern Cooperatives
Environmental Policy Institute
Fund for Peace (CNSS)
2T149 Fear and Hope, Lernoux file
The Foundation Center file
Eleanor Roosevelt Institute Centennial Youth Project
Industrial Coop. Assoc.
Iowa Citizen Action Network Education Foundation
Industrial States Policy Center
Institute for Policy Studies (Arkin)
Foreign Policy Education Fund
Hastings Center
Institute of Society, Ethics and the Life Sciences
Jobs with Peace
Institute for Southern Studies
Joint Center for Political Studies
2T150 Lawyers Committee for International Human Rights
LCCRUL (Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law [Miss.])
Fear and Hope Lernoux
Institute for Policy Studies
International Student Pugwash
Institute for Puerto Rican Policy
Lawyer's Alliance for Nuclear Arms Control, Inc. (LANAC)
2T151 Booklets, The Field Foundation, Inc., A Review of it's Activities, 1949-1986
Grant letters and treasury notices, 1987
Receipts, account statements, 1987-1988
Check stubs, 1987-1988
2T152 Special meeting of directors, June 18, 1970
The Field Foundation, Committee A, November 1, 1973
Annual meeting of members, November 18, 1970
Annual meeting, November 13, 1969
Race Relations Committee, March 24, 1971
Annual meeting, October 12, 1981
Field Foundation, history
Statements and receipts, October 1988 - September 1989
Plan of dissolution, 1989
Closing obligations, 1988
Special project (appropriation) history, 1988
Board of Inquiry, 1968
Board of Inquiry, "Hunger in America," Homer Bigart, New York Times, 1969
Doctors' report, Mississippi, newspaper clippings
Board of Inquiry, House Appropriations Committee
Financial statements and supplemental material, 1987-1988
Closing letters
3R193 Computer disks
(5 1/4")
2R375 Citizens Education Fund, 1983
Center for Rural Affairs, 1983
Citizens Committee for Children of New York, 1983
Center for Education of Nuclear War, 1983
Georgia Housing Coalition, 1983
Tribal Sovereignty Program, 1982-1984
Center for Community Change:
Block grant coalition, 1983
Citizenship Education Project, 1983-1984
Women's Technical Assistant Project, 1983
Planning Management Project, 1983
Center for Education on Nuclear War: Citizens Against Nuclear War, 1983
Citizen/Labor Energy Coalition Foundation, 1983-1984
Children's Foundation: Family Day Care, 1983-1984
The City Project, 1983-1984
Correspondence concerning grants, 1983
2R376 Transafrica Forum, 1983
United Woodcutters Service, 1983
Virginia Sponsoring Committee, 1983-1984
Citizen Leadership Forum, 1983-1984
Western Network, 1983-1984
Center for the New National Security, 1982-1984
Center for Law and Social Policy, 1983-1984
Center for Constitutional Rights, 1983-1985
Youth Project, 1982-1984
Youth Project: Interchange, 1983
Youth Project: Initiative for Campaign Reform, 1983-1984
Unitarian Universalist Association: Cambridge Forum, 1983
United Communities for Child Development, 1983-1984
Council for a Livable World Education Fund, 1982-1985
Community Board Project, 1983-1988
Community Council for a Greater New York, 1983
Arms Control Association, 1981-1984
Appalachian Research and Defense Fund: Breath of Life Organizing, 1983-1984
Old grants, 1977-1987
Award letters, 1983
2R377 Youth Work, Inc., 1982
Unitarian Service Committee, 1962
Northside Center for Child Development, 1958-1963
The Play Schools Association, Inc., 1962
Presbyterian, St. Luke's Hospital, 1962-1966
Protestant Board of Guardians, 1962-1966
Jewish Children's Bureau of Chicago, 1963
Manhattan Society for Mental Health, 1962
Massachusetts Fund for Children and Youth, 1962-1964
New York University Medical Center, 1961-1964
The Home Advisory and Service Council, 1955-1958
Illinois Commission on Children, 1960-1964
2R378 Unitarian Service Committee, Inc., 1947-1951, 1960-1962
Heidelberg College, 1971-1973
Health and Welfare Council of the National Capitol Area (Office of Tutoring Services), 1964-1965
Henry Street Settlement Urban Office Center, 1974-1977
Illinois Commission on Children, 1964
Infant Welfare Society of Chicago, 1948-1955
Inner City Roundtable of Youth, 1976-1980
Henry Street Settlement Urban Life Center, 1973-1977
Henry Street Settlement, 1972-1973
Friendly Homes, Inc., 1968-1971
Family Service League, Inc., 1964-1966
Emory University, 1965-1968
Elm Haven Day Care Center, 1973-1975
Association of the Bar (Tutorial Program), 1978-1980
Arkansas Council on Human Relations, 1967-1968
American Friends Service Committee, 1955-1961
Southerners for Economic Justice, 1980-1982
St. Phillip's Community, Service Council, 1964-1965
Spence-Chapin Adoption Service, 1961-1965
MacMurray College, 1953-1957
Harvard University, Laboratory of Human Development, 1952-1954
Harris Home, 1975-1978
Leake and Watts Children's Home, 1952-1954
Jewish Family and Community Service, 1952-1956
James Weldon Johnson (East Harlem Project), 1962-1964
Jackson State College, 1962-1965
International Union for Child Welfare, 1953-1954
International Association for Child Psychiatry, 1953-1954
Mountain Communities Child Development Centers, 1976-1977
Citizens Committee for Children, 1961-1964
2R379 Bank Street College of Education, 1959-1963
Foundation to Further Child Guidance in the Field of Public Education, 1943
Computers, 1984-1985
Draft tripartite agreements, 1985
Interns and Fellows Program, brochure, 1985
Interns and Fellows Program:
General information, 1986
Intern Selection Committee meeting, Jim Browne, 1984
Status report to board, June 7, 1985
Orientation and evaluations, 1985
Application form, 1985
Brochure draft and program summary, 1984
Legal, 1986
Evaluation forms, orientation, 1984
Exemption from income tax, etc., 1985
Selection process
Orientation, St. Charles Hotel, 1985
Program planning, 1986-1987
Conference, mid-year, 1985-1986
Intern evaluations, 1986
Alumni, 1986
Aviles, Pedro, 1984-1986
Clark, Sheila, 1984-1986
Biggers, Jeff, 1984-1986
Dick, Georgia, 1985-1986
Wiggins, Theresa Faye, 1985-1986
Vogel, Tom, 1985-1986
Vaughan, C., 1985-1986
Rodriguez, Jacqueline, 1984-1986
Machado, Melinda, 1984-1986
Martin, Rusty, 1985-1986
McArtis, Sheila, 1985-1986
Holler, Cindy, 1985-1986
Dubose, T. Lucille, 1985-1986
2R380 Elizabeth McCormick Memorical Fund, U. S. Children's Bureau, 1953-1956
Fourth Presbyterian Church, 1958-1959
Hampstead Child-Therapy Course and Clinic, 1974-1975
Anna Freud, Hampstead Institute:
General information, 1967-1968
Reviews, 1969-1970
Statistics, 1974-1975
2R381 Reports, 1970-1972
Statistics, reports, brochures, 1965-1966
Reports, statistics, 1977-1979
Native American information, 1969
National Council of Juvenile Court Judges, A Report to the Field Foundation, 1966
National Congress of American Indian Fund, 1965-1967
National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials, 1964-1968
National Council of Churches (Student Interracial Ministry), 1962-1967
South Carolina Council on Human Relations, 1959-1962
Hull House Association, 1957-1963
Jackson State College, 1961-1964
2R382 Morehouse College, 1961-1963
Morehouse College, Dean Brazeal, 1961-1963
Savannah State College, Library Lecture Series, 1962-1967
Puerto Rican Forum, Inc., 1964-1968
South Carolina Council on Human Relations, 1963
Children's Defense Fund, 1974
Legal Defense Fund, Georgia Welfare Survey, 1966
New School for Social Research, Equality of Opportunity Program, 1961-1963
Violent Politics Sessions, summaries I-VII, 1968
Conference on American Freedom, 1973
National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials (NAIRO), 1962-1963
National Catholic Conference of Interracial Justice, 1964-1965
National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U. S. A., 1961-1967
New York State Advisory Committee to the U. S. Commission on Civil Rights, 1963-1965
Planned Parenthood Association, 1949-1962
New York School of Social Work (Unmet needs project), 1960-1963
Planned Parenthood Federation of America, 1960-1963
National Social Welfare Assembly, Inc. (United States Youth Council), 1965-1968
National Information Bureau, 1962-1966
National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers, 1963-1970
New York City Housing Authority, 1964
2R383 National Urban League (regional offices), 1963-1966
New York School of Social Work (Winfred Bell's dissertation), 1963-1967
New York School of Social Work (Winfred Bell's thesis "Suitable Home" concept), 1961-1964
Miles College (work-study program), 1964-1969
Milsaps College, 1964-1966
Morris College, 1963
St. Mary's Human Development Center, 1984-1986
Morehouse College, 1960-1961
23rd annual report of Benjamin E. Mays, 6th President of Morehouse College, 1963
Morningside Community Center, 1948-1961
Morningside Community Center (reports and clippings), 1962
Intern and fellows program, 1985-1987:
Office relocation
General background, public relations
Field Foundation, correspondence
Permissable activities memo
Tripartite agreements
Brochure copy
Robert D. Ford, III
Joyce Ladner
Brochure, correspondence
Field Foundation, financial information
Questionnaire responses
Quarterly review
Ivan E. Young
William D. Hudson
Kathryn A. Little
Rachel S. Harding
Felipe Arnoldo Diaz
Consortium on Education for Employment
Western Network, 1985
2R384 Vocational, technical education apprenticeship, 1981-1982
Youthwork, Inc., 1982-1986
Tribal Sovereignty Program (Youth Project), 1984-1985
Southern Regional Council, general support, 1984-1985
South Africa Divestment, Inc., 1985
Southern Regional Council, Conference of Black Legislators, 1985-1986
Youthwork Board meeting minutes, September 1981 - January 1983
Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament (WAND), 1985-1986
The Youth Project, general support, 1984-1985
2R385 United Woodcutters, 1985-1986
United Communities for Child Development, 1984-1986
Transitional Employment Enterprises, 1984-1986
Texas Center for Rural Studies, 1985-1986
Teamster rank and file, education and defense, 1985
Southern Rural Women's Network, 1982-1985
Fund for Constitutional Government (Dobrovir White vs. Fosco), 1985
Fund for Constitutional Government (Project on Military Procurement), 1985-1986
World Policy Institute, 1985-1986
Mississippi Institute for Technical Economic Resource (MITER), 1984-1985
Missouri Delta Ecumenical Ministry, 1984-1985
Midwest Voter Registration Education Project, 1984-1985
Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, 1983-1986
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, counsel, 1983-1986
The Nation Institute, 1983-1986
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Special Contribution Fund, 1983-1985
Youth Project:
Committee for a Strong, Peaceful America, 1984
Low-Income Organizational Impact, 1985
Travel expenses, field staff, 1984-1985
Progressive Constituency Network, 1984-1985
Union Leadership Project, 1984-1985
Young Ideas, Central America Project, 1985
Xavier University of Louisiana, 1985
Focus Project, OMB Watch, 1985-1986
Food Research and Action Center (FRAC), 1984-1985
2R386 Center for Rural Affairs, 1984-1985
Center for Popular Economics, 1985-1986
"Economic Report of the People," 1986
Center for National Policy, 1985-1986
Anti-Klan Education, 1984-1986
American University Project on Women/Poverty, 1985-1986
Center for Community Change:
Coalition on Block Grants, Human Needs, 1985
Funders Committee for Voter Registration, 1985
Rural Justice Center, 1983-1985
Bay Area Institute, Pacific News Service, 1984-1987
Arkansas Institute for Social Justice, 1983-1985
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation (ACLUF), 1985
Advertising Council (Food Stamp Information Campaign), 1985-1987
Black Women's Health Project, 1984-1987
Foreign Policy Education Fund, 1985-1986
Focus Project/OMB Watch, Interchange Research Center, 1985
Educators for Social Responsibility, 1984-1985
2R387 Center for Law and Social Policy, 1985-1986
Citizens Committee for Children of New York, Inc., 1984-1985
Children's Defense Fund, 1984-1985
Citizens Political and Education Fund of New Jersey, 1985
Citizens Policy Center, 1984-1985
Citizens Leadership Foundation, 1985-1986
People for the American Way, 1985-1986
Citizen/Labor Energy Coalition, 1985
Educators for Social Responsibility, 1985
East Harlem Block Nursery, 1984-1986
Center for Community Change, 1985
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 1985-1986
Cathedral Church of St. John the Devine (Manhattan Valley Outreach), 1985-1986
Center for Constitutional Rights, 1984-1986
Center for Constitutional Rights, proposal, 1985
Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, Bronx Regional High School, 1983-1984
Citizen/Labor Energy Coalition, 1983-1985
Christic Institute, 1984
Youth Programs, 1982-1983
Citizen Education Fund, 1983-1984
2R388 American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, 1983-1984
The Alliance for Justice, 1984-1985
Catholic University of America, Center for National Policy Review, 1984
Center for Social Change, Practice, and Theory, 1983-1984
Blue Mountain Center, 1984-1985
Boys Harbor, 1984-1985
Bay Area Institute, Pacific News Service, 1983-1984
Center for Connecticut's Future, 1983
Center for Defense Information, Women's Conference, 1981-1985
Child Care, Inc., 1984-1985
Central America Information Office (CAMINO), 1983-1985
Association of the Bar of the City of New York, 1983-1986
American Indian Lawyer Training Program, 1984-1985
America Citizenship Education Program, 1984-1985
Children's Defense Fund, 1983-1984
Committee for the Study of the American Electorate, 1983-1986
Committee for the Study of the American Electorate, Project to Evaluate Registration Drives, 1984
2R389 Cooperative Assistance Fund, 1985
Crossroads Urban Center, 1983-1984
Democracy Project, 1984
Center for Rural Affairs, 1984-1985
Center for Law and Social Policy, 1985-1986
Center for Education on Nuclear War, 1984
Center for Community Change, 1984-1985
Center for Development Policy, Committee on U.S. - Canada Relations, 1984-1985
Center for Democratic Alternatives, 1984
Cathedral Church of St. John the Devine (Manhattan Valley), 1984
Carolina Community Project, 1982-1984
Youth Project/Central American Education Project, 1984-1985
Youth Project/Peace Media, 1984
Youth Project, Economics for Democracy, 1984
The Youth Project, 1984
Grant request files, 1985-1986
Center for the Study of Public Policy, 1984
The Association for Family Living, 1961-1966
Arrow, Inc., 1962-1968
Chicago City Missionary Society, 1964-1965
Benedict College, 1961-1962
Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc., 1961-1963
2R390 Chicago City Missionary Society (Lawndale Community Services), 1963-1964
Benedict College, 1963-1968
Bank Street College of Education, 1962-1970
Atlanta University, 1960-1967
Bacone College, 1965-1968
Children's Memorial Hospital, 1960-1964
Children's Charter of the Juvenile Courts of Michigan, Inc., 1964-1967
Christian Life Commission, Southern Baptist Convention, 1957-1958, 1964-1966
Chicago Horticultural Society, 1964
Evaluation of and Recommendations Concerning the Joint Human Relations Project, Chicago Commission, 1964
American Bar Association, 1964
Alabama Council on Human Relations, 1960-1967
Albany State College, 1964
Allen University, 1963, 1966
Child Welfare League of America, 1961-1964
Chicago Urban League, 1964
American Indian Development, Inc., 1964-1967
Chicago Federation of Settlements and Neighborhoods, 1962-1964
Chicago Educational Television Association (Channel 11), 1962
Child and Family Service, 1964-1969
Brooklyn Heights Youth Center, Inc., 1964-1965
J. P. Campbell College, 1962
2R391 Indian Rights Association, American Indian Capital Conference on Poverty, 1964
Institute of Public Administration, 1965-1967
Illinois Lutheran Welfare Association, 1964-1965
Illinois Children's Home and Aid Society, 1962-1965
Miles College, 1963-1970
The Lee United Neighbors, 1963-1967
Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, 1965-1966
National Indian Youth Council court cases, 1971-1973
The College and Student Health
Field Foundation Project Activities, Children's Memorial Hospital, 1965-1966
Tennessee segregation court case, 1977
Northern Rockies Action Group, Western Solidarity, 1984-1985
Northern Rockies Action Group, Citizens Alliance Progressive Action, Idaho, 1984
North Carolina Hunger Coalition, 1984-1985
North Area Training and Resource Center, 1983-1984
National Urban Coalition, 1984
National Urban Coalition, black voter registration, 1984
National Student Campaign for Voter Registration, 1984-1985
National Puerto Rican/Hispanic Voter Participation, 1984
National Institute for Women of Color, 1982-1986
National Council of Churches of Christ in the U. S. A., 1983-1985
National Council on Aging, 1984-1986
National Organization for Women Legal Defense and Education Fund, 1984
Nuclear Free America, 1982-1986
East Harlem Block Nursery, 1983
National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), 1984
2R392 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Legal Defense and Educational Fund, 1984-1985
Southern Regional Council, 1983-1985
Rural America, 1983-1986
Poverty Education and Research Center, 1984-1986
Pennsylvania Public Interest Education Fund, 1984-1985
Roosevelt University, 1983-1987
Public Media Center, Americans for Fair Elections, 1983-1984
Peace Links, Women Against Nuclear War, 1983-1984
Parents for Full Public School Funding, 1984-1985
Volunteers for Peace, 1983-1986
Virginia Sponsoring Committee, 1984
Vassar College, Eleanor Roosevelt Centennial Conference, 1984-1985
Urban Policy Research Institute, 1984-1987
United Woodcutters Service, 1984
University of Colorado, 1982-1987
United Communities for Child Development, 1984-1985
Texas Central Rural Studies, 1982-1984
Student Teacher Organization to Prevent Nuclear War (STOP), 1984
OMB Watch (Focus Watch), 1983-1984
Nuclear Times, 1982-1984
The Youth Project, general support, 1983-1984
"Life of Eleanor Roosevelt," WETA-TV, 1983-1984
Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament Education Fund (WAND), 1983-1986
Western Network, 1983-1984
2R393 Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, 1983-1985
Mental Health Law Project, 1983-1985
Student Press Law Center, 1984-1985
National Coalition on Black Voter Participation, 1983-1984
National Coalition of Advocates for Students, 1984-1985
National Black Child Development Institute, 1982-1986
Mississippi Action Community Education (MACE), 1984-1985
Madison Campus Ministry, Wisconsin Coordinating Council, 1984-1985
Louisiana Survival Coalition, 1984
National Consumer Law Center, 1984-1986
National Consumers Foundation, 1984
Harvard University, Laboratory of Social Relations, 1959-1964
Harlem Y. M. C. A., 1953-1954
New York University Reading Clinic, 1947-1953
Winona La Duke, applicant, 1985-1986
Hull House Association, 1945-1954
2R394 Dick, Georgia Ann, 1985-1986
Tucker, Corrina, 1984-1985
Valentine, Kevin, applicant, 1984-1985
Roster, 1985-1986
Burns, Thomas, 1985-1986
Shriver, Timothy, fellow, 1984-1985
Scott, David, applicant, 1985-1986
Robinson, Edward, applicant, 1984-1985
Miller, Karen K., applicant, 1984-1986
Roster, 1984-1985
Ahmad, Luqman A., applicant, 1984-1985
Manhattan Society for Mental Health, Inc., 1963-1965
Citizen's Fact Finding Management of Georgia, 1942-1950
American Jewish Congress (NOW), 1959-1964
Community Service Society, 1944-1958
Society for Ethical Culture, 1954-1963
2R395 Youthwork, In-School Demonstration Project, 1978-1980
Youth Project, Robert Somers, 1978-1979
Youthwork, 1978-1981
Alaska Legal Services Corp., 1974-1976
Indian Training Program, 1978-1980
University of Colorado Medical Center, Battered Child Project, 1970-1975
Trinity Institution, Inc. (AWRO Day Care Center), 1972
Spence-Chapin Adoption Service (Harlem Dowling Children's Service), 1972-1975
University of Minnesota (Child Development Fund), 1954-1959
University of Pennsylvania, 1965-1966
University of the State of New York (Center for Urban Education), 1965-1967
The Youth Project (Discarded Children's Project), 1977-1978
State University of New York (Society for Applied Anthropology), 1956-1960
University of North Carolina, 1955-1963
St. Francis Sanatorium for Cardiac Children, 1941-1948
Variety Children's Hospital, 1968
Vassar College, 1964-1966
University of Wisconsin, 1967
Chicago Council of Foreign Relations, 1949-1960
Catholic Interracial Council, 1958
South Oakwoods Community Council, 1963-1965
National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers, 1956-1967
University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration, 1951-1954
The Big Sisters, Inc., 1955-1962
2R396 University of Chicago School of Social Service Research Center, 1952-1958
Child Research Council, 1958-1963
Chicago Educational Television Association, 1953-1959
Bank Street College, 1953-1959
Chicago Youth Centers, 1957-1959
The Big Sisters, 1942-1954
Operation Crosswords, Africa, Inc., 1960-1966
University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration, 1955-1962
Harvard University, 1960-1961
World Federation for Mental Health, 1961-1963
University of Missouri School of Journalism, 19568-1959
2R397 Citizen's Committee of Children of New York City, 1960-1962
Ada S. McKinley Community House, 1949-1962
African American Students Foundation, 1960-1961
American Baptist Convention, 1958-1961
American Printing House for the Blind, Inc., 1958-1964
Council on Social Work Education, 1954-1959
Citizens for the All-Day Neighborhood Schools, Inc., 1955-1961
Fisk University, Allen White School, 1945-1947
Fisk University, Child Life and Development Program, 1948-1952
Family Service Association of America, 1959-1961
American Public Welfare Association, 1955-1957
Fisk University, American Missionary Association, 1952
Association on American Indian Affairs, Relocation Study, 1955-1956
Association on American Indian Affairs, 1959-1962, 1967
Association on American Indian Affairs, Great Plains Indian Project, 1957-1959
2R398 Hospital Planning Council for Metropolitan Chicago, 1955-1967
Art Institute of Chicago, 1945-1952
Children's House, 1951-1954
United Nations International School, 1952-1953
Turtle Bay Music School, Inc., 1964-1966
Manhattanville Community Centers, Inc., 1953-1964
Child Welfare League of America, Inc. (Amherst Conference on Child Welfare), 1963-1964
James Weldon Johnson Community Center, Inc., 1950-1954
Huntington Hospital, 1955-1958
Children's Home Society of California, 1960-1963
Boy Scouts of America, 1945-1960
National Recreation Association, 1944-1958
Children's Bureau, selection of personnel, 1953-1955
Phillips Brooks House Association, 1964-1967
Citizens Committee for Children of New York City, 1955-1957
2R399 The Potomac Institute (Marion Wright), 1977-1980
The People First, 1972-1973
Child Research Council, 1957-1964
Child Welfare League of America (Houseparent Training), 1961
Child Welfare League (Dr. Werner's dissertation), 1961
Child Welfare League (day care study and main file), 1959-1962
Committee for Children of New York City, Inc., 1959-1961
Citizens Committee on Children of New York City, Survey on Bureau of Child Guidance, 1951-1955
Citizens Committee on Children of New York City, 1957-1960
A. Phillip Randolph Education Fund (Jervis Anderson), 1969, 1973
A. Phillip Randolph Education Fund, 1980-1982
Yale University, 1959-1960
Lutheran Human Relations Association, 1956-1960
Volta Bureau, 1955, 1961
University of Illinois, College of Medicine, Psychosomatic Disorders in Children, 1952-1954
University of Michigan (Dr. Rabinovitch), 1948-1954
World Federation for Mental Health, 1956-1963
University of Illinois (Dr. Poncher), 1947-1951
University of the Andes Foundation, Inc., 1960-1961
Penn Community Services, 1977-1980
2R400 World Federation for Mental Health, 1955
University of Chicago, Pre-School Blind, 1948-1956
National Urban League, 1985-1986
National Urban Coalition, 1985
National Women's Law Center, 1984-1986
New York Foundation on the Arts, 1984-1986
New York Urban League, 1984-1987
Fund for Free Expression, America's Watch (El Salvador), 1985-1986
Southwest Voter Registration Education Project, 1984-1987
Lawyers Alliance for Nuclear Arms Control, 1984
Institute for Southern Studies, 1985-1986
Illinois South, 1986
Illinois South, proposal, 1984-1985
Hinds County Comprehensive Health Care Center, 1985-1986
Southern Education Foundation (Tunica County), 1985
National Organization for Women Legal Defense and Education Project, press management activities, 1985
Nuclear Times, 1985-1986
Highlander Research and Education Center, Inc., 1984-1985
Fund for Peace/National Security Archive, 1985
2R401 Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua, 1985-1986
Lawyers Committee for International Human Rights, 1985-1986
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc., 1984-1986
Institute of Society Ethics and Life Science, 1984-1986
Indian Law Resource Center, 1984-1985
Industrial Cooperative Association, 1985-1986
Impact Education Fund (Churches Committee, Inc.), 1985-1986
National Resource Defense Council, 1984-1986
New York Interface Development Project, 1982-1985
National Puerto Rican/Hispanic Voter Participation Project, 1985
Rural Advancement Fund of the National Sharecroppers Fund, 1985-1987
National Communications Consortium Appropriations, 1985
National Child Labor Committee, 1982-1985
National Child Labor Committee, corporate mailing, 1983
National Child Labor Committee, grants, 1983
Florida Consumers Federation, Inc., 1983-1984
Benchmarks, Inc., 1982-1983
New York University Medical Center, 1982-1984
North Carolina Hunger Coalition, 1983-1984
North Area Training and Resource Center, 1983-1984
Eschaton Foundation, 1982-1984
Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy, 1983-1984
2R402 Kentucky Council of Churches, 1983-1984
Legal Resources Trust, 1982-1984
Joint Center for Political Studies, 1982-1984
Robert F. Kennedy Memorial, 1982-1983
International Student Pugwash, 1982-1985
Northern Rockies Action Group, 1982-1984
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, 1982-1984
Fund for Peace, 1982-1984
Friends of Earth Foundation, 1983-1984
National Indian Youth Council, 1983-1984
National Resources Defense Council, Inc., 1983-1984
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Legal Defense and Educational Fund, 1983-1984
Massachusetts Institutes of Technology, 1983-1984
Mental Health Law Project, 1982-1983
2R403 Institute of Society, Ethics and the Life Sciences, Inc., 1982-1983
International Center for Integrative Studies, 1981-1984
Crossroads Urban Center, 1983-1984
Cooperative Assistance Fund, 1981-1984
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, 1982-1984
East Harlem Block Nursery, 1983-1984
Educational Foundation for Nuclear Science, 1983-1984
National Conference of Black Lawyers, 1983-1985
National Consumers Foundation, 1983
National Consumer Law Center, 1981-1984
National Urban Coalition, 1983
Albert Einstein Peace Prize Conference (Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs), 1983-1984
Nuclear Times, 1982-1983
The People's Fund, 1983
Tougaloo College, 1983-1984
Southern Rural Alliance, 1983-1984
Public Justice Foundation, 1983-1984
Fund for Peace (Cable TV Project), 1982
Pennsylvania Public Interest Education Fund, 1984-1986
The Oceanic Society, 1982-1985
Nuclear Weapons Education Fund, 1982-1984
Missouri Delta Ecumenical Ministry, 1983
2R404 Year ending September 30, 1976:
General journal
Cash receipts
Recurring journal
Year ending September 30, 1979:
General ledgers
Cash receipts
Cash disbursements
Recurring journal
Year ending September 30, 1980:
General journal
General ledger
Cash receipts
Cash disbursements
Recurring journal
Year ending September 30, 1982:
General ledger
Recurring journal
Cash disbursements
General journal
Cash receipts
2R405 General ledger, 1972
Year ending September 30, 1973:
General ledger
Grant ledger
Year ending September 30, 1974:
Grants ledger
Year ending September 30, 1975:
General ledger
Cash disbursements
Cash receipts
Recurring journal
General ledger
Record of stocks and bonds, 1979-1986
Accounts, 1986-1987
General ledger, 1987-1988
Year ending September 30, 1987:
General journal
Recurring journal
Cash receipts
Cash disbursements
General ledger
Center for National Security Studies (CNSS), activities and programs 1978 1979
Fourth National Policy Institute, final report, 1984
2R406 Record of stocks and bonds, 1976-1977
Accounts, 1976-1977
Year ending September 30, 1977:
Cash receipts
Cash disbursements
General journal
Year ending September 30, 1978:
Cash receipts
Cash disbursements
Recurring journal
General journal
Accounts, 1977-1978
Record of stocks and bonds, 1971-1978
Year ending September 30, 1981:
General ledger
Cash receipts
Cash disbursements
Recurring journal
General journal
Record of stocks and bonds, 1972-1981
Year ending September 30, 1983:
General ledger
Recurring journal
General journal
Cash receipts
Cash disbursements
Record of stocks and bonds, 1975-1983
Year ending September 30, 1984:
General ledger
General journal
Cash receipts
Cash disbursements
Recurring journal
Record of stocks and bonds, 1983-1984
Accounts, 1983-1984
2R407 Grants ledger, year ending September 30, 1971
Grants ledger, year ending September 30, 1972
The Study of Law and Justice, progress report #3, 1974
Children's Defense Fund, articles and newspaper clippings, 1983-1984
Project activities, Children's Memorial Hospital, 1962-1963
Youthwork Board of Directors Executive Committee, 1981
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 1984-1985, 1987
Ad Hoc Funder's Committee for Voter Registration and Education, articles and newspaper clippings, 1984
Youthwork, Inc., 1977-1978, 1981-1982
2R408 Youthwork, Inc., 1962, 1976-1983
Grant sheets, October 1, 1947 - September 30, 1965
Letters, control sheets, 1985-1986
Awards, control sheets, 1985-1986
Grant letters, 1984-1985
New York Council on Adoptable Children, 1977-1978
Interns and Fellows Program
2R409 Original cash book, 1940-1947
New York Council on Adoptable Children, 1980-1982
Judicial Conference of the State of New York, 1972-1974
Advocates for Children of New York, 1977-1979
Alabama Department of Pensions and Security, 1962-1965
Capitol East Children's Centers, 1971-1972
The Cage Teen Center, 1970-1972
The Big Sisters, 1978
Albany (Georgia) Nursery School, 1968-1970
All Angels Church, 1978
Abbott House, 1964
Advocates for Children, 1979
Citizens Housing and Planning Council, 1962-1963
Children's Center of Lexington, Mississippi, 1977-1982
Children's Defense Fund, 1986
3S447 Photographs:
Jackson State College, 1961-1964
Interns (photographs and negatives)
Southern Rural Women's Network, 1984
Ku Klux Klan members (Anti-Klan Education)
Children's Center for Early Education, Lexington, Mississippi
Marion Wright
3So59a Oversize materials:
Bookeeping records July 1, 1947 - September 30, 1958
Matted photographs
3So58 Cash receipts, 1956-1964
Cash disbursements, 1956-1964
General journal, 1956-1964
Summary of contributions, expenses, grants, September 30, 1941 - September 30, 1947
Bookeeping records, October 1, 1950 - September 30, 1956
Year ending September 30, 1972:
Recurring journal
General journal
Cash receipts
Cash disbursements
Bookkeeping records, September 30, 1947 - September 30, 1950
3W37.10 VHS videotapes:
"Thinking About Nuclear War"
"Commonweal Cancer Help Program"
"Preventing Nuclear War: The First Essential Step"
"Heat on the Left"
"Changing the Shape of American Politics"
"Living With Nuclear Weapons"
Cassette tapes:
"Youth on the Air" programs, 1982
"Field Foundation Summary Report," Cindy Holler's tape
5 inch floppy discs
3Y20 Photographs of the Field Foundation archive, 1989
2.325/C2 History of the Field Foundation:
Introduction and section 2
Part 1, section 3
Part 2, introduction, section 2, and section 3
Part 2, section 4
Part 2, section 5-7
Part 2, section 8 and Part 3
2.325/G218 Tides Foundation, "matrix" development, 1990-1991
Webster and Sheffield, 1981-1987
Search for publisher of the Field Foundation history, and correspondence on disposition of the archives, 1988-1989
2.325/G219 Executive Committee Meeting:
May 27, 1986
November 18, 1986
November 13, 1987
Board of Directors:
Annual meeting, December 11, 1986
Annual meeting, December 11, 1984
Lists of members
Annual meeting of members
Reports of financial statements and supplementary materials, 1983-1984, 1986-1987, 1987-1988
History of the Field Foundation:
Original manuscript portions, 1989
Miscellaneous draft fragments
Incomplete early drafts, 1989,
Charles Bourne, naturalization, 1989
Internal Revenue Service, 1990
Legal and financial affairs, January 1990 - May 1991
Audit, B. D. O. Seidman, 1988-1989
Disbursements, 1989-1990
Dissolution history, 1984-1991
Dissolution history, spendout, 1978, 1988, undated
John R. Kramer, matters related to dissolution and the disposition of the archives, 1988-1991
Dissolution correspondence, 1990-1991
Dissolution correspondence, and copies of legal documents, 1987-1988
2F376 Record file, 1940-1990
Correspondence and financial/legal documents regarding dissolution, 1982-1990
Summary lists of trustees, payments, grantees, and special projects, 1940-1990
Obituary of Ruth Pruyne Field, 1994
Unidentified photograph
History of the Field Foundation:
Correspondence regarding book, 1990-1991
Part 1, section 2
2F377 Part 1, section 3-5
Part 2, introduction and section 2
Part 2, section 3
Part 2, section 4-6
Part 2, section 7
Part 3
Letter regarding floppy disks, undated
4La35 History of the Field Foundation: draft manuscript with corrections
Artifacts Plaque
Letter openers (2)