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A Guide to the Richard King IV Collection, 1985-1988

Descriptive Summary

Creator King, Richard IV
Title Richard King IV Collection
Dates: 1985-1988
Abstract Commercial video tape program masters of music performances in Austin and Kerrville.
Extent 7 ft., 6 in
Language Materials are in English.
Repository Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Richard King IV was a music and music video producer in Austin, Texas. He was also the chairman and CEO of VideoCall, Inc.

Scope and Contents

Eighty-seven 3/4 inch video program masters feature performances for the Austin Community Television Series “Dixie’s Bar and Bus Stop,” and performances from the Kerrville Folk Festival.


Donor retains copyright to all materials.

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Subjects (Persons)
King, Richard IV
Music--Texas--Austin--20th century
Kerrville Folk Festival

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Richard King IV Collection, 1985-1988, the Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

[AR 2003-152]:

Detailed Description of the Collection



01: The Nelsons, 3rd set mix master, [undated]
02: Kathy and the Kilowats, 2nd set mix, [undated]
03: Ray Wylie Hubbard, 1st set mix, [undated]
04: Guy Clark mix, David Amram mix, Kerrville, 1987
05: Bugs Henderson and the Stratoblasters, 3rd set mix, [undated]
06: Guy Clark and finale of David Amram, Kerrville, 1987
07: Beauty and the Beast, by the Spectrum Deaf Theatre of Houston, [undated]
08: Tom Russell mix, Kerrville, 1987
09: Emilie Aronson and Steve Cormier, mix, Kerrville, 1987
10: Eric Anderson mix, [undated]
11: Saul Brondy mix, [undated]
12: Banded Geckos, Kerrville, 1987
13: Kitty Donoho mix, Ponty Pone, [undated]
14: Robert Keen mix, Kerrville, 1987
15: Steve Cormier mix, TVA [Tennessee Valley Authority] mix, Kerrville, 1987
16: Allen Damron mix, Kerrville, 1987 [undated]
17: Bobby Bridger mix, Texas Shorty 2nd mix, [undated]
box folder
18: Hickory Hill mix, Peter Alsop, [undated]
19: David Amram mix part I, Kerrville, 1987
20: Karen Kraft and CAM 4 [camera 4], set 1, [undated]
21: Bugs Henderson, 2nd set, [undated]
22: You Made It Easy, Hermalee Teleproductions, [undated]
23: Eaglebone Whistle, mix 1, Kerrville, 1987
24: Bugs Henderson, mix 2, [undated]
25: Jimmie Gilmore, mix 1, [undated]
26: Bugs Henderson, mix 1, [undated]
27: The Nelsons, 2nd set mix master, [undated]
28: Ray Wylie Hubbard, set 3 mix, [undated]
29: The Nelsons, 1st set mix master, [undated]
30: Trapezoid, master, [undated]
31: Steve Gillette, mix, [undated]
32: Lindsay Haisley mix, Jon Ims mix, Kerville, 1987
33: Tinker’s Dam mix, Kerrville, 1987
34: Stephen Cicchetti mix, Kerrville, 1987
box folder
35: Saint James Gate, Paul glass and Brad Terry, [undated]
36: Eaglebone Whistle, Kerrville, 1987
37: Michael Tomlinson mix, Kerrville, 1987
38: Jim Rooney mix, Shawn Phillips mix 2, Kerrville, 1987
39: Eric Anderson, mix 2, [undated]
40: Caribbean Steeltones mix, Kerrville, 1987
41: Turk and Christy Pipkin mix, Eaglebone Whistle mix 2, Peter Yarrow ISO 2, [undated]
42: Hal Michael Ketchum and Friends, mix, Kerrville, 1987
43: Gamble Rogers (mix 2 on Country Gazette) [undated]
44: Texas Shorty, Bobby Bridger, Lyle Lovett, Kerrville, 1987
45: Melissa Javors, Kerville, 1987
46: Ian Tyson ISO 2, N[ancy] Griffith ISO, Banded Geckos ISO 2, [undated]
47: Ian Tyson mix, Kerrville, 1987
48: Bill Haymes mix, Kerrville, 1987
49: Christine Albert mix, Kerrville, 1987
50: Shawn Phillips mix 1, J. Rooney mix 2, Kerrville, 1987
51: Saint James Gate, master edit, [undated]
box folder
52: Odetta, mix, Kerrville, 1987
53: Children’s Theatre, Melissa and Damron, [undated]
54: Bill Staines mix, [undated]
55: Rick Beresford, mix, Kerrville, 1987
56: Saint James Gate mix 2, Paul Glass and Brad Terry ISO, Kerrville, 1987
57: Josh White mix, Kerrville, 1987
58: David Amram mix #1, [undated]
59: Celtic Stone mix, Saint James Gate mix, Kerrville, 1987
60: Shake Russell ISO 1, Kerrville, 1987
61: Bill and Bonnie Hearne mix, Kerrville, 1987
62: John Pierce and Mary Faith Rhodes mix, Kerrville, 1987
63: Chuck Pyle mix, Kerrville, 1987
64: Paul Glass and Brad Terry mix 1, Kerrville, 1987
65: Rattlesnake Annie mix, Gary P. Nunn mix, Kerrville, 1987
66: Country Gazette mix, Kerrville, 1987
67: Steeltones, master, February 1988
68: Documentary: Kerrville New Folk, [Bruce] Newman, Ky Hote, Hal Ketchum, Rod [Kennedy?], [undated]
69: Nanci Griffith mix #2, Bill Neely, [undated]
70: Ballad Tree, [undated]
71: [John] Pierce: New Folk Interview, Mark Luke Daniels, Ian Tyson, visuals and shots, 1987
72: Rod Kennedy 2, Lee Green, [undated]
73: New Folk Concert, James McMurtry, [undated]
74: Roving camera interviews, strong interviews with staff at their work sites, 1987
75: Roving camera interviews and main stage crowds, good daytime audience shots, interview Joe Don (gas mask), 1987
76: New Folk concert, Pierce Pettis, Josh Jafin, [undated]
77: New Folk concert, 2 Nice Girls, James McMurtry, [undated]
78: New Folk concert, Peter Brown interview, Nice Girls interview, Butch Vinette, [undated]
79: New Folk concert, J. Jofin, 2 Nice Girls, [undated]
80: Ballad Tree singers, [undated]
81: Buddy Mondlock Interview, back stage with Michelle Shocked, Happy Campers, road shots, [undated]
82: Butch out takes, [undated]
83: B.W. Stevenson interview, backstage with Michelle Shocked, [undated]
84: New Folk: David Roth, James McMurtry, [undated]
85: Nanci Griffith #2, Bill Neely #3, [undated]
86: Children’s Show, Allen’s morning shots, [undated]
87: Texas Music Live: The Austin Collection, music marketing, [undated]