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A Guide to the James W. Brewer Papers, 1968-2003

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Brewer, James W.
Title: James W. Brewer Papers
Dates: 1968-2003
Abstract: James Brewer (1942-2006) was a notable mathematician in the field of communtative algebra. Papers include handwritten and typed correspondence and printed emails received by James Brewer from 1968 to 2003.
Accession No.: 2006-196
Extent: 1 ft.
Laguage: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

James Brewer (1942-2006) was a notable mathematician in the field of communtative algebra. After receiving his Ph.D. in mathematics in 1968 from Florida State University under the direction of Robert Gilmer, Brewer taught at several universities, including Virginia Polytechnic Institute (1968-1970), University of Kansas (1971-1985) and Florida Atlantic University (1985-2003). He wrote and contributed to a number of publications in communtative algebra, including Emmy Noether: A Tribute to Her Life and Work (1981), Power Series over Communtative Rings (1981), and Linear Systems over Communtative Rings (1986). In addition to his mathematical pursuits, Brewer was also a sportsman, running several marathons and ultra-marathons in South Africa in the 1980s, an active golfer, and avidly followed college football.

Scope and Contents

Handwritten and typed correspondence and printed emails received by James Brewer from 1968 to 2003. The correspondence documents Brewer's family life, hobbies, work as a representative on the CUPM (Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics) from 1969-1970, and most notably his collaboration with other mathematicians in the field of communtative algebra, largely with Doug Costa (1973-1991), Robert Gilmer (1968-1991), and William Heinzer (1969-1992). Among the correspondents are a number of other notable algebrists, including Irving Kaplansky, Masayoshi Nagata, and Jean Dieudonné. The papers are arranged alphabetically by correspondent, and then chronologically according to date.

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Index Terms

Brewer, James W., 1942-
Costa, Doug
Gilmer, Robert W.
Heinzer, William J.
Florida Atlantic University—Dept. of Mathematics.
University of Kansas—Dept. of Mathematics.
Commutative algebra
Commutative rings

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James W. Brewer Papers, 1968-2003, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

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2006-196/1 Arnold, Jimmy, 1970-1983 and undated
Bass, Hyman, 1974, 1983
Buchsbaum, David, 1972-1976
Bunce, John W., 1985-1987
Costa, Doug, 1973-1991
CUPM [Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics], 1969-1970
Davis, Edward, 1968-1978
Dieudonné, Jean, 1972-1973
Ferrand, Daniel, 1968-1975
Fields, David, 1969-1971
Gilmer, Robert, 1968-1991
2006-196/2 Heinzer, William, 1969-1992
Heitman, Ray, 1975-1988
Herstein, Israel, undated
Hochster, Mel, 1975-1987
Jensen, Christian, 1975
Johnston, Bernie, 1986-1993
Kamen, Ed, 1984-1990
Kaplansky, Irving, 1970-1998
Katz, Daniel, 1985-1987
Krull, Wolfgang, undated
Klingler, Lee, 1989-1990
Lady, Lee, undated
Lantz, David, 1975-1989
Levy, Larry, 1985-1986
McAdam, Steve, undated
Magid, Andy, 1974-1989
Mandell, Arnold, 1989-2003
Mott, Joe, 1972 and undated
Mynhardt, K., 1986
Nagata, Masayoshi, 1968-1971
Nichols, Warren, 1982
Ohm, Jack, 1968-1986
Parshall, Karen, 1997
Ribenboim, Paulo, 1973
Richman, Fred, 1968-1986
Rutter, Edgar A., 1976-1988
Samuel, P., 1971-1972
Smith, Martha, 1979-1981 and undated