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A Guide to the Niles J. Fuller Photograph Collection

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Fuller, Niles J.
Title: Niles J. Fuller Photograph Collection,
Bulk Dates: 1985-
Abstract: Photographic prints and digital images of the Austin music industry, taken by Austin photographer Niles J. Fuller starting in 1985 and ongoing.
Accession No.: 88-283; 2004-152; 2004-165; 2005-057; 2005-137; 2014-233; 2015-118; 2015-142; 2016-010; 2016-115
Extent 3 ft.
Language Materials are in English.
Repository Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Niles J. Fuller is a photographer specializing in the Austin, Texas, music scene. Fuller is best known for his large-format studio portraiture of musicians. He worked as a still photographer for the 2004 film The Devil and Daniel Johnston. Fuller was also the publisher of Austin Music Mag. After living and working in Niagara Falls, New York, for a period of time, Fuller is now residing again in Austin, Texas.

Scope and Contents

Collection consists of 11x14 photographic prints and TIFF files of the Austin music industry and includes musicians, artists, club owners, concert promoters, music journalists, disc jockeys, music video producers, songwriters and record company executives. The photographs were taken in the studio and at other locations in the Austin area. Although Fuller initiated the project, he later obtained support of the Shiner of Austin beer distributorship and the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner. Other artistic and entertainment agencies also contributed to the production of the print portion of the collection. The photographs were exhibited at various Austin restaurants and clubs as "The Shiner Showcase of Austin Music" prior to coming to the Center for American History. The TIFF files have come in more recently as digital technology became available and include both scans of existing prints and new material.


Arrangement of the Papers

The photographic print portion of this collection is arranged alphabetically by name of the subject. CDs are indicated by disk number and a list of contents of each CD.


Permission to publish or use the images must be obtained from the photographer.

Index Terms

Abbott, Timothy--Photographs.
Alcarez, Chris--Photographs.
Allen, David--Photographs.
Antone, Clifford--Photographs.
Atherton, LeAnn--Photographs.
Ball, Marcia--Photographs.
Beal, Dixie--Photographs.
Bridger, Bobby--Photographs.
Broussard, Ricky--Photographs.
Campi, Roy--Photographs.
Carrasco, Joe King--Photographs.
Carrico, John--Photographer.
Casillo, Nick--Photographer.
Clark, Guy--Photographs.
Clements, Vassar--Photographs.
Coleman, Sunny--Photographs.
Corbiere, Jason--Photographs.
Crowe, Alvin--Photographs.
Crowley, Casey--Photographs.
Cruz, Otto--Photographs.
Cutchen, Luke--Photographs.
David, Patty--Photographs.
Davis, Lynne--Photographs.
Del Santo, Dan--Photographs.
Donavon, Barb--Photographs.
Ely, Joe--Photographs.
Erikson, Rocky--Photographs.
Fannin, John--Photographs.
Flanz, Neil--Photographs.
Foley, Blaze--Photographs.
Franklin, Jim--Photographs.
Fromholz, Steven--Photographs.
Fukunaga, Glenn J.--Archives.
Fuller, Niles J.--Photographs.
Gilkyson, Eliza--Photographs.
Gilmore, Jimmie Dale--Photographs.
Gerard, Vic---Photographs.
Glasse, Paul--Photographs.
Glines, Randy--Photographs.
Graves, Gary---Photographs.
Halley, David--Photographs.
Hand, James--Photographs.
Hancock, Butch--Photographs.
Haynes, Alan--Photographs.
Hendrix, Teri--Photographs.
Hennig, Ray---Photographs.
Hernandez, Ady---Photographs.
Hokkanen, Erik--Photographs.
Hofeldt, Brian--Photographs.
Hofeldt, Harlan--Photographs.
Hood, Champ--Photographs.
Hood, Warren--Photographs.
Hooshmand, Kamran--Photogaphs.
Hubbard, Blues Boy--Photographs.
Hubbard, Matt--Photographs.
Hurd, Cornell--Photographs.
Hyatt, Walter--Photographs.
Indian, Will, Jr.---Photographs.
Indian, Will, Sr.---Photographs.
Jacobson, Nels (Jagmo)--Photographs.
Jaimes, Erin--Photographs.
Jarmon, Zeke--Photographs.
Johnson, Eric, 1954--Photographs.
Johnston, Daniel, 1961--Photographs.
Jones, Bill--Photographs.
Juke, Guy--Photographs.
Ramelli, Ron--Photographs.
Keen, Robert Earl--Photographs.
Keller, Mike --Photographs.
Kennedy, Rod, 1930---Photographs.
Kirchen, Bill---Photographs.
Landscoot, Mike--Photographs.
Lange, Larry---Photographs.
Latkas, Kirk---Photographs.
Franklin, Jim--Photographs.
Lee, Curtiss--Photographs.
Lee, Dino---Photographs.
Levin, Danny and Megan---Photographs.
Lovett, Lyle--Photographs.
MacLarty, Ray--Photographs.
McCarthy, Mark--Photographs.
Miller, Townsend--Photographs.
Mitchell, Pete---Photographs.
Moll, Eric--Photographs.
Moore, Abra--Photographs.
Morgan, Dash LP---Photographs.
Mitrovick, Andra--Photographs.
Monahan, Casey--Photographs.
Morse, BB--Photographs.
Mullins, Melissa--Photographs.
Murphy, Trish--Photographs.
Murray, Kathy--Photographs.
Nafziger, Andrew---Photographs.
Narum, Bill---Photographs.
Neeley, Bill--Photographs.
Newman, Bruce--Photographs.
Nunn, Gary P.--Photographs.
O'Brien, Derek--Photographs.
Ortman, Jack---Photographs.
Parish, Mark--Photographs.
Parks, C-Boy--Photographs.
Parnel, Rob Roy---Photographs.
Pavlock, Randy--Photographs.
Perry, Appa--Photographs.
Pipkin, Will--Photographs.
Pittman, Shawn--Photographs.
Ponty Bone--Photographs.
Popovich, Pat---Photographs.
Price, Toni--Photographs.
Prichard, Charlie--Photographs.
Priest, Micael--Photographs.
Quintanilla, Mitch--Photographs.
Raitt, Bonnie--Photographs.
Ramirez, Tomás--Photographs.
Rawls, Rick (Casper)--Photographs.
Ray, Paul--Photographs.
Reese, Pauline--Photographs.
Reznick, Boo--Photographs.
Reynolds, Sara--Photographs.
Richard, Beth--Photographs.
Roberts, Mike---Photographs.
Rose, Ashlee--Photographs.
Scheidel, Dave--Photographs.
Scott, Dianne--Photographs.
Sherwin, Linden--Photographs.
Siff, Todd--Photographs.
Simmer, Doug--Photographs.
Smith, Darden--Photographs.
Smith, Kelly--Photographs.
Smith, Stan--Photographs.
Snead, Doak--Photographs.
Sumlin, Hubert, 1931---Photographs.
Sky, Ernie--Photographs.
Taylor, Jesse--Photographs.
Thomas, Jay--Photographs.
Trapps, Rusty--Photographs.
Triplett, Kevin--Photographs.
Van Sickle, Kurt--Photographs.
Van Zandt, Townes--Photographs.
Vannoy, Richard--Photographs.
Vaugh, CP---Photographs.
Wertheimer, Steve--Photographs.
Whalum, Kirk--Photographs.
Wier, Rusty--Photographs.
Wilcox, Michael--Photographs.
Wonderland, Carolyn--Photographs.
Woodward, Renee---Photographs.
Wolfe, Sadie--Photographs.
Williams, Lucinda--Photographs.
Armadillo World Headquarters--Photographs.
Austin City Limits--Photographs.
Bowden and Richardson--Photographs.
Chatterboxes (Musical Group)--Photographs.
Continental Club--Photographs.
Esther's Follies (Theater company)--Photographs.
Fabulous Thunderbirds (Musical group)--Photographs.
Flying Circus--Photographs.
Gibson Brothers (Musical Group)--Photographs.
IRS Records--Photographs.
Lost Gonzo Band--Photographs.
Love Country (Musical Group)--Photographs.
Names (musical Group)--Photographs.
No Name Band--Photographs.
Omar and the Howlers (Musical group)--Photographs.
Pauline Reese Band (Musical group)--Photographs.
The Regulars (Musical group)--Photographs.
Slim Richey's Dream Band (Musical group)--Photographs.
Spoetzl Brewery (Shiner, Tex.)--Photographs.
Supernatural Family Band--Photographs.
Timbuk 3 (Musical group)--Photographs.
Uncle Walt's Band--Photographs.
Wreck On the Road(Musical group)--Photographs.
Vic Gerard Trio (Musical group)--Photographs.
1001 Nights Orchestra (Musical group)--Photographs.
Austin (Tex.)
Shiner (Tex.)
Disc jockeys--Texas--Austin
Music critics--Texas--Austin--Photographs.
Music videos--Production and direction--Photographs.
Popular music--Texas--Austin.
Radio announcing--Photographs.
Sound recording executives and producers--Texas--Austin.
Television broadcasting--Texas--Austin.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Niles J. Fuller Photograph Collection, 1985- , Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection



3Y616 Abstract Trio
Albert, Christine
Anglin, Skeet, and T. Gozney Thornton
Antone, Clifford, and Hubert Sumlin
Argir, Fred
Austin Chronicle staff
"Austin City Limits"
Ayers, Keith
Bad Mutha Goose
Ball, Marcia
Barker, Mike
Beat Meters
Bee Bop Printing
Bennett, Don
Benefield, Brad
Black, Jimmy Carl
Black Spring
Blind Rhino
Boo and the Boys
Bridger, Bobby
Brigade Security
Bronx Irish Catholics
Burrell, Eloise
Burrell, Julie
Busse', Char
Campi, Ray
Cantu, Diana
Cargo Cult
Carmen, C. K.
Carolina of Texas
Cheatham, John
Clark, Guy
Clark, Jubal
Clark, W. C.
Clyde's Cars
Collins, Bill
Computer Sex
Coupe de Ville
Crawford, Chris
Crow, Alvin
Cry Wolf
Cunningham, Herschel
Cutean, Brian
Daisley, Ron
Damron, Allen
Daniels, Mark Luke
Davenport, Roy
Davis, John T.
Del Santo, Don
Denburg, Jody
Denton & Glimes
Dobb, Alan
Do Dat
Domino, Floyd [black and white]
Dressen, Al, Band
Duarte, Chris
East of Eden
Ellis, Tom
Ellison, Clark
Ellison, Shawn
Ely, Joe [1 black and white, 1 color]
Emery, Joe, and Priscilla Dickenson
3Y617 English, Michael
Ensle, George
Erickson, Roky
Erlewine, Mark
Esther's Follies
Extreme Heat
Eye to Eye
Fast Forward
Ferguson, Keith
Fin McCool
Flex with Jesse Sublet
Foley, Blaze
Forlini, Joe
Foster, Dan
Foster, Ray
14 K
Franklin, Jim
Freeman, Denny [2 black and white]
Fromholz, Steve
Fuller, Niles [photographer]
Garrett, Danny, and Sam Yeates
Garrett, Woody
Geezinslaw Brothers
Gilkyson, Eliza
Gillette, Steve
Gilman, Jane
Gilmore, Jimmie
Glasse, Paul
Glass Eye
Greezy Wheels
Grigadean, Pat and Jerry
Grissom, David
Grose, Justus
Haisley, Lindsay
Halley, David
Hamrick, Chuck
Hamil, Wes and Victoria
Hancock, Butch
Hancock, Connie
Harmon, James, and Jimmie Carl Black
Henderson, Tim, and the Hidden Beltbuckle Band
High Exposure
Hillis, Craig
Hokkanen, Erik
Hokkanen, Erik, and the Offbeats
Hot Tomatoes
Huber, Ruth
Huckabee, Dan
Hudson & Franke
Inman, Ken
Irvine, Barbara
Jarrett, Susan
Javelin Boot
Johns, Evan
Johnson, Daniel
Johnson, Eric
Johnson, Spider
Juke, Guy
Kaitz, Emily, and Purly Gates
Keene, Robert Earle
Kennedy, Rod
Khomeni, Willie
King, Marvin
3Y618 King, Richard, IV
Klein, Rob
KPEZ-FM disc jockeys (Z102)
Krc, Fred [black and white]
LaCouture, Marci
Lady Jake
LaFlamme, Kent [black and white]
Lance, Gavin
Lawson, michael
Lee, Dino
LeFave, Jimmy
Levere, Phillippe
Lone Star Silver
Lost Gonzo Band [2]
Lounge Lizards
Lovett, Lyle
McClennon, Kate
McCullough, L. E.
McFarlane, T. J.
Mack, Bobby, with the Nevile Brothers
Mack, Lonnie
Maniacs [2]
Marsh, Tina
Max [Nofzinger] and the Mayors
Meisenbach, Megan
Mercier, Mandy
Metz, Ken
Michael, Booka
Miller, Townsend
Minus, Rich
Miracle Room
Miranda, Joe
Missing Pages
Monohan, Casey, and Nels Jacobson [black and white]
Monroe, Larry [2 black and white]
Moore, Bob "Rocket"
Mordecai, Mike
Murphey, Michelle
Neeley, Bill
Newman, Bruce [black and white]
Newsome, Gwen
Newton, Scott [black and white]
Nitch, Phillip
Not For Sale
Nunn, Gary P.
Oberman, Dave
Oliver, Bill
Omar and the Howlers
Parkness, Steve, Band
Parks, C-Boy
Pasco, Les and Wes
Patereau, Richard
Peterson, Holly
Pierce, Tommy
Ponty Bone
Ponty Bone and the Squeezetones
Powell, Gary
Priest, Michael
Primich, Gary
Proct, Mark
Quarto, Charles John
Quissenberry, Jane, and the Little Darlins [black and white]
Rabid Cat Records [black and white]
3Y619 Ramirez, Tomas
Ray, Paul [black and white]
Reeves, Dick
Rhythm Rats
Riley, Ginger
Rose, Bob, Band
Rotel and the Hot Tomatoes
Roull, David
Rudi Dadd
Rueb, Kelvin
Russell, Calvin
Russell, Calvin, Band
Ruth & Gall
Sallis, A. J.
Sanders, M. Shawn
Scheidel, Dave
Scratch Acid
Shaka, Tom, and Bill
Silverman, Donny
Sinatra, Hank
Skiles, Robert [black and white]
Sky, Ernie
Slook, Big Ed
Smith, Darden
Snead, Doak
Sparks, Hugh and Kay
Spoetzl Brewery Visitor Center [2]
Standfield, Lilian
State of Mind [black and white]
Steagall, Fat Man
Stevens, Mike
Strehli, Angela, Band
Sully, Doc
Supernatural Family Band
Swamp Thang [2]
Swift, Jim and Harvey (Channel 36)
Ted My Neighbor
Ten Recording Presidents
Terry, Brad
Texas Instruments
Thomas, Tex
3 Balls of Fire
Timbuk 3 [black and white]
Tore', Walter H. K.
Trachtenburg, Jay
Tracy & McColl
Trained Ants
Treanor, John [black and white]
True Believers
Two Hoots and A Holler
Uncle Walt's Band
Uranium Savages
Van Sickle, Kurt
Van Wilks Band
Van Zandt, Townes
Voelz, Susan [black and white]
Watkins, Rob and Mitch
Way Outs [black and white]
Whalum, Kirk
Whisenant, Bill, Dr.
White, Mickey and Pat Mears
Wier, Rusty
Will and the Kill
Williams, Beth [black and white]
Withers, Natalie
Worden, Monty [black and white]
Zirkle & Zirkle



3R38b Disk 1:
Abra Moore
Beth Richard
Charlie Prichard
Doug Simmer
Mark Parish
Sara Reynolds
Sunny Coleman
Disk 2:
Abra Moore
BB Morse
James Hand
Kevin Triplett
Melissa Mullins
Neil Flanz
Disk 3:
Alvin Crowe and Dixie
Erin Jaimes
LeAnn Atherton
Richard Vannoy
Ricky Broussard
Disk 4:
Ashlee Rose
John Carrico--Photographer
Rusty Wier
Teri Hendrix
The Nortons
Vassar Clements and Warren Hood
Disk 5:
Cornel Hurd
Ernie Sky--Troupe and Johnny
Lucinda Williams
Paul Glasse
Disk 6:
1001 Nights Orchestra.MOV
1001 Nights Orchestra
Brian Hofeldt and son Harlan
Casey Crowley
Kamran Hooshmand
Michael Wilcox
Disk 7:
Danny and Megan Levin
Larry Lange and Darin
Pat Popovich
Roky Erikson and Jack Ortman (L)
Trish Murphy
Disk 8:
Danni Leigh
Gary Graves
Krik Latkas
Matt Hubbard
Disk 9:
BB Morse
CP Vaughn
Ray Hennig
Vic Gerard Trio
Disk 10:
James Hand
Pete Mitchell
Renee Woodward
Will Indian, Jr. and Sr.
Disk 11:
Chatterboxes (2)
No Name Band
Disk 12:
Jay Thomas (2)
John Fannin (2)
No Name Band
Disk 13:
Luke Cutchen (2)
Patty David (2)
Pauline Reese alone (2)
Pauline Reese Band
Disk 14:
Bowden and Richardson (2)
Dixie Beal (2)
Love Country
Pauline Reese Band
Disk 15:
Bill Narum
Disk 16:
Andra Mitrovick
Carolyn Wonderland
David Allen
Derek O'Brien
Guy Juke and Jim Franklin
Disk 17:
Mike Roberts
Randy Pavlock and Dash LP Morgan
Rob Roy Parnell
The Regulars
Disk 18:
John Jordan
Ron Ramelli
Shawn Pittman
Slim Richey's Dream Band
Toni Price
Disk 19:
Bruce Newman
Jesse Taylor at the Continental Club 1986
Kelly Smith
Mike Landscoot
Niles Fuller--Photographer
Disk 20:
Austin City Limits
Barb Donovan
C-Boy Parks and Steve Wertheimer
Eric Moll
Disk 21:
Esther's Follies
Fans of the Squeezetones at the Flying Circus
Jesse Taylor at the Continental Club 1986
Linden Sherwin
Security Ray at the Flying Circus
Disk 22:
Eric Johnson
Joe Ely
Shiner Beer
The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Wreck on the Road
Disk 23:
Otto Cruz
The Gibson Brothers
Timbuk 3 and IRS Records
Timbuk 3
Disk 24:
Blaze Foley at the Hole-In-the-Wall
Dino Lee
Disk 25:
Casey Monahan and [Nels Jacobson] Jagmo
Champ Hood and Walter Hyatt
Fabulous Thunderbirds, Bonnie Raitt in concert
Stan Smith and Dave Scheidel
3W95d Disk 26:
Al Dressen Super Swing Revue
Alan Haynes
Alex Coke
Bobby Mack & the Neville Brothers
David Vanderhule
Joel and Sarah Guzman
Johnny Goudie
Johnny X Reed
The Katzmobile
Ky Hote
Maria Corbalan, Maria’s Taco Express
Disk 27:
Mark Bickford
Paul Pearcy
Peggy Austin
Ray Wylie Hubbard
Rich Brotherton
Roky and Sumner Erickson
Sarah Jarosz
Shiner Beer-sponsors
Smokey Joe Miller
The Johnny Bush Band
The Texicalli Grille
Tommy Hancock and Martin Coulter
Disk 28:
Esther’s Follies, 2nd generation
Happy Jack
Mickey Newbury
Paul Pearcy
Ray Wylie Hubbard, color
Rich Brotherton
Roky and Sumner Erickson
Tony Campisi
Warren Hood with Vassar Clements
Disk 29:
Andrew Nafziger
Bill Jones
Bill Kirchen
Blues Boy Hubbard
Boo Resnick
Glen Fukunaga
Disk 30:
Kathy Muray
Lynne Davis
Mark McCarthy
Mike Keller
Randy Glines
Ray MacLarty
Note from Niles
Disk 31:
Nick Casillo
Warren Hood
Curtis Lee
Willie Pipkin
Rick "Casper" Rawls
Sadie Wolfe
Disk 32:
Alan Haynes
Appa Perry
Dixie Beal
Joe King Carrasco
Rusty Trapps
Disk 33:
Ady Hernandez
Dianne Scott
Timothy Abbott
Zeke Jarmon
Disk 34:
Chris Alcarez
Jason Corbiere
Lynne Davis
Mitch Quintanilla
Todd Siff
Disk 35:
Brian Lux
Darryl Pettit
Dene Renae
Donny Silverman
Bruce Hughes
Greg Izor
Joe Doerr
Jim Swift
Disk 36:
John McGlothlin, Jr.
John Gaar
Lauren Brown
Miss Lavelle White
Michael McGeary
Noel Eskew
Sean Orr
Disk 37:
Albert Besteiro
C. J. Chisom
Jelly Ellington
Ken Walser
Disk 38:
Adrian Zapata
Mike Buck
Mike Keller
Nick Casillo
Omar Molina
Steve Ondrechen
Wendell Williams
Disk 39:
Ray MacLarty
Tony Estrada
Mary Ellen Fine
Carlos Santana
Roy Buchanan
Bobby Mack with Neville Brothers
Kim Galusha
Eric Hisaw
20 Questions
3W95e Disk 35.1:
Brian Lux
Bruce Hughes
Darryl Pettit
Deann Rene
Donny Silverman
Greg Izor
Eric Hisaw
Disk 36.1:
Jim Swift
Joe Doerr
John McGlothlin Jr.
John Gaar
Lauren Brown
Michael McGeary
Miss Lavelle White
Disk 37.1:
Noel Eskew
Mike Buck
Omar Molina
Steve Ondrechen
Disk 38.1:
Albert Besteiro
Jelly Ellington
Ken Walser
Wendell Williams
Tony Estrada
Kim Galusha
Bobby Mack with Neville Brothers
Disk 39.1:
Henry Roland
Leland Isley
Marvin Dykhuis
Matthew Robinson
Shelley King
Russ Hartman
Adrian Zapata
Disk 40.1:
Albert Telo
Don Leady
Eric Przygocki
Michael Dart
Bukka Allen
David Vincent Shrum
Dick Ross