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Creator: UT Office of Public Affairs
Title UT Office of Public Affairs Records
Abstract Records generated by the University of Texas Office of Public Affairs.
Accession No. AR 2001-210; AR 2002-060; AR 2005-094; AR 2008-099; AR 2012-321
OCLC No.: 958080567
Extent approximately 261 ft.
Language English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

The University of Texas Office of Public Affairs directs both the internal and external public relations functions of the University. Their present and past print and online publications include Discovery, On Campus, @Texas, and The Eyes of Texas.

Scope and Contents

Records generated by the University of Texas Office of Public Affairs include press releases issued by the University, newspaper clippings related to the University, and biographical data on key University faculty, staff, and administration. Also included are “teleclip” transcripts of University-related television news broadcasts, as well as photographic files for both people and subjects. Additional photographic materials include prints for the OPA's various publications as well as assorted prints, graphics, artwork and materials from the Design Center.

Records provide a wealth of information on University personnel and those related to the University, as well as significant events, programs, organizations, and initiatives associated with the University of Texas.

Within the Photographs series, an asterisk indicates corresponding negatives or contact sheets. The majority of photographs are circa 1970s - 1990s.


Some portions of these records are stored off-site. Some portions are restricted due to format. Please contact repository for further information.

Related Material

From 1928-1997, the UT Office of Public Affairs was named the UT News and Information Service. See also the UT News and Information Service Records.

In 2012, the office became UT University Communications. For additional information, see the UT University Communications web site.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

UT Office of Public Affairs Records, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Subject Files

4Ac66 26th Street 1969-
2601 University Avenue 1993-
2815 San Gabriel 1995-
A Tiempo 1991-
Abilene Christian University, formerly Abilene Christian College
Abortion 1989-
Acacia 1994-
Academic Advising Day 1993-
Academic Computer Engineering 2001-
Academic Freedom (Faculty Affairs) 1991-
Academy of Texas 1968-
ACC 1999-
ACC/Longhorn Weight lifters 12/92-
Accreditation 2000-
Accuracy in Academia 1985-
Ad Hoc Committee on Graduate School 1999-
Ad Hoc Visitor Center Committee 1999-
Addition Science Education and Research Center 1999-
Administrative Services 1976-
Admissions 1999-
Adult Fitness Program
Adult Performance Level Project 6/83-
Adult Performance Level Project 1/80-
Advanced Technology and Advanced Research Program 1997-
Advanced Transportation Mobility Center 1994-
Advancement of Science and Math Teaching
Affirmative Action (see Faculty for Affirmative Action)
Affirmative Action (see Equal Employment Opportunity Office)
Affirmative Action (see Lawsuit: School of Law/Discrimination)
Affirmative Action (see minorities)
African-American male Summit 1996-
African-American Staff Advocating Progress 1994-
African Diaspora and The Modern World 1996
Afro-American Culture Committee 1989-
Afro-American Culture Committee 1980
African Studies Association 1999
Aging Research and Education Center 1998
AIDS/HIV 1986-1993
AIDS Consortium of Texas 1990-
Alamo Diary (see General Libraries: Center for American History)
Albert Schweitzer Scholarship 1976
Alcohol Education Committee 1986
Alcohol Information Center 9/80
Alfred A Knopf Inc. 1994-
All Bodies Learning Equally (ABLE) 1989
Alliance for Minority Participation 1995-
Alpha Epsilon Delta 12/57-
Alpha Epsilon Pi 1994
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Alpha Kappa Psi 1963-
Alpha Lambda Delta 11/90-
Alpha Phi Alpha 1994
Alpha Phi Omega 10/80
Alpha Tau Omega 1994-
Alternative Publications 1989/12-
Alumni Band 1992
Alumni College
Amarillo National Research Center 2000
American Academy In Rome 1988
American Association for Artificial Intelligence 1992
American Association for Higher Education 1971
American Association of University Professors 1967
American Association of University Women 1970
American Chemical Society 1990
American Civilization Program
American College of Trial Lawyers
American College Testing Program (ACT)
American Council on Education 1966
4Ac67 American Council of Learned Societies 1989
American Federation of Teachers 1980
American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education 1969
American Institute of Chemists 1965
American Institute of Indian Studies 1966
American Institute of Physics 1987
American Journal of Criminal Law 1991
American Law Institute 1989
American Philosophical Society 1967
American Sociological Association 1968
Analect CI 2001
Andrews Dormitory 1963
Animals in Research 1985
Anti-Racist Organizing Committee 1999
Architecture and Planning Library 1987
Archway Property 1963
Armadillos 1911
Arno Nowotny Building 1977
Arno Nowotny Medal 1994
Art Building 1980
Art Students Auction 1966
Art Student Exhibition 1999
Arthur M. Sackler Foundation for the Arts, Sciences and the Humanities
Arts and Sciences Foundation 1965
Asbestos Abatement 1989
Ashbel Smith Hall 1970
Ashbel Smith Professorships 9/63
Asian American Studies 1995
Asian American Affairs Agency 1999
Asian American Race Relations Group 1999
Asian Culture Committee 1993
Associated Universities, Inc. 1984
Association of Texas Colleges and Universities 1967
Athletics Council 1980
Atmospheric Science Group 1980
Audit of Accounting 1994
Audre Rapoport Endowment for International and Multidisciplinary
Austin Adopt-A-School Program 1994
Available University Fund 1978
Available University Funds 1973-77
B. Hall 1946/10
Bakari Fund 1997
Ballet Folklorico 1999
Band Hall (old) 1963
Barbara Jordan Fellowship Program 2001
Barker Texas History Collections
Barrio Student Resource Center 1993-
Barron Gem Anel Mineral Collection
Basic Education Requirement 1989
Basic Skills Test 2/89
4Ac68 Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Concert Hall 1961-
Barbara Jordan Historical Essay Competition 4/12/01
Bass Group 1984
Battle Hall 1940-2001
Battle Oaks 1969-
Batts Hall 1953/53
Batts Hall Language Laboratory
Bauer House 1968-
Bauer House Official Actions 1968-
Beauford H. Jester Center (see Jester Center)
Bee Caves Research Center 1966-
Believe in Me! 1994
Bellmont Hall 1969-
Benedict Hall 1961-
Benefits (see Faculty & Staff benefits)
Best Buddies 1993-
Beta Alpha Psi 1974-
Beta Alpha Rho 1999
Beta Theta Pi 1991
Betterment of the University Environment 8/92-
Bexar County Papers: Legal Dispute 2000-
Biblical Studies Association 1980-
Big Bertha
Big 8 Conference 1994
Big 12 Conference 1994
Bilingual Education 1980-
Bill Archer Center 2000-
Biology Pond
Biz Kids (see Neighborhood Longhorns)
Bizarre Things We Do in Austin
Blacks (see also African American)
Black Alumni 1987-
Black Alumni (see also individual’s files)
Blackfest ’95 (see Texas Union: African American Culture Committee)
4Black Graduates Association 1988
Black Greek Council 2/89-
Black Male Retreat (see Office of Dean of Students)
Black Organizations of the State of Texas 1988-
Black Pre-Law Association 1988
4Ac69 Black Student Alliance 1980-
Black Student Associations (see Black Graduate Students Association)
Black Student Association (see Black Student Alliance)
Blackland Neighborhood 1982-
Blanton Dormitory 1955/12-
Blood Drive 1971-
Blunk Memorial Professorship 1989-
Bolivian Association 1999-
Border Research Program 04/80-
Brackenridge Apartments 1966/11-
Brackenridge Tract 1959/5
Brazil Center 2000
Brazil & Mexican Studies 1999-
Brite (Bring Recycling Into The Texas Environment) 1980-
British Studies 1984-
Bromberg Fund 1975
Buildings – UT Austin (see Campus Buildings)
Buildings & Grounds (see Physical Plant: Grounds & Maintenance)
Burdine Hall 1966/9-
Bureau of Engineering 02/84-
Business Administration Building (see College of Business Administration Building)
Business Affairs Office 1999-
Business Council 1988-
Business Ethics 12/6/88
Business School Advisory Council 1991-
C.P. Hall 1969-
Calhoun Hall 1964/2-
Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation
Camp Texas 2001-
Campaign for Longhorn Athletics 1996-
Camp Obello Commission
Campus Accessibility 1976/5-
4Ac70 Campus Accessibility
Campus Activities Office
Campus Activities Office (formerly Student Activities) 1980-
Campus ATM’s (see Vice President for Business Affairs)
Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Program 2000-
Campus Career Counselors 1999-
Campus Cat Coalition 1996-
Campus Coalition
Campus Drug and Alcohol Education Program 1987-
Campus Environmental Committee 1992-
Campus Komen Foundation 3/91-
Campus Monitoring System 1974/8
Campus Services, Inc. 1981
Capital Improvement Plan 1987/01-
Cares Committee 1999-
Cares Community
Charles A. Dana Center for Education and Innovation 1999-
Carillon (see Main Building and Tower: Kniker Carillon)
Carnegie Commission on Higher Education
Carnegie Corporation of New York 1962
Carothers Dormitory 1974/10-
Casis School 1987/12
Carpenter-Winkel Centennial Room 1997-
CBS This Morning 1995-
Celebrations of Educational Excellence 1996
Cell Research Institute 10/81-
Census 2000-
Center for Advanced Petroleum Technology 1978
Center for American Architecture and Design 1997
Texas Archaeological Research Laboratory 1997-
Center for Argentine Studies 1999-
Center for Business Decision Analysis
Center for Cybernetic Studies 2/80-
Center for Democracy 2001-
Center for Developmental Biology 2/88-
Center for Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery Research 10/86-
Center for Fast Kinetics Research 5/80-
Center for Healthcare and Evaluation 9/80-
Center for Instructional Technologies (see Academic Computing and Instructional Technology Services)
Center for Information Systems Management
Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Center for Legal and Regulatory Studies 9/87-
Center for Lifelong Engineering Education 1999-
Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems 1997-
Center for Numerical Analysis
Center for Offshore Technology 8/88
Center for Post-Soviet and Eastern European Studies 1993-
Center for Real Estate Finance 2000-
Center for Robotics
Center for State Lands Energy Resource Optimization (SLERO) 1989-
Center for Structural Studies 1980-
Center for Study of Anxiety Disorders 1989-
Center for the Study of Modernism 1990-
Center for Synthesis, Growth, and Analysis of Electronic Material 1991
Center for Teaching Effectiveness 1980-
Center for Technology Development and Transfer 1986-
Center for Technology Venturing 1988-
Center for the Advanced Study of the Arts 1999-
Center for Theoretical Physics 1982-
Centex College Fair 1991-
Central Hybridoma Facility 1987-
Central Receiving Building 1970-
Central Texas Biotechnology Consortium 1989-
Chabad 1999-
Chamber Ensemble/Choral Union 1981-
Chamber Music Celebration 1973
Chamber Singers 1999-
Chamber Singers Consort (Madrigal Singers) 1980-
Chancellor’s Council 1975-
Chancellor’s Council outstanding Teaching Awards
Chancellor’s Residence (see Bauer House)
Charles W. Moore Archives 1997-
4Ac71 Cheerleaders 1982-
Chi Nu 1989-
Chi Omega 1994-
Chi Phi 1999-
Chicana/o Graduate Students Associations 1988-
Chicano Art Students Association 1976-
Chicano Law Students Association 1981-
Chicano Student Organizations (see Hispanic Student Organizations)
Chicanos Interesados En Communicaciones 1976-
Child and Family Laboratory 10/90-
Child Development Evaluation and Research Center 10/80
Childhood Depression Project 9/90
Children’s Research Laboratory (see Dept. of Psychology)
Children (see Summer Youth Camps)
Children’s Sports Program 1991
Chinese Students Association 1972-
Christmas on Campus 1990-
Christmas Carol Program 1968-
Christopher Columbus Consortium 1990-
Clark Field (new) 1974/5
Clark Field 1970/4
Clark Foundation 1968-
Class Availability 9/89
Classroom Scenes
Classroom: Outdoors
Claudia Taylor Johnson Hall 1965/8
Clayton Foundation Biochemical Institute 3/82
Coalition for a Diversified Law School 1990
Cockrell Foundation 1974-
Cockrell Hall (see Ernest Cockrell, Jr. Hall)
Collections Deposit Library 1964-72
Collector’s Institute 1968-
College Board 1980-
College Bowl 1967-
College House 1965-
College Information Hotline 1993-
College Loyalty Alumni Support Program (CLASP) 1974-
College of Business Administration 1980-89, 1990-00
4Ac72 College of Business Administration (continued) 1958-
College of Business Administration Building 1958-
College of Business Administration Foundation 1964-
College of Business Administration Week 1974-
College of Education Building (see George I. Sanchez Building)
College Republicans
Collegiate Leadership Network Conference 1996-
Colorado Apartments 1962-
Commission of 125, 2002
Committee for Gerontology 1980-
Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust 1991-
C.H.U.C.K. (Committee to Halt Useless College Killings)
Communication Week 1970-
Community Business Advisory Service 1980-
Community College Education ’88
Community Advisory Committee 1999-
Computation Center (see Academic Computation and Instructional Technology Services)
Computational Molecular Biology Genetics Group 7/90
Computer and Vision Research Center 1988-
Condom Vending 1991-
Conference on Non-Violence 1992-
Consortium For Graduate Study In Management 1985-
Consortium for the Study of Western Hemispheric Trade 1994-
Consortium for Super conducting Electronics 5/89
Consortium for Teacher Education
Consortium on Financing Higher Education
Construction Industry Institute 1984
Continuing Engineering Studies 1999
Continuous Quality Improvement Program
Core Committee for the Advancement of Women
Coretech (Council on Research Technology)
Council of Graduate Students
Council on Energy Resources ‘80/’79
County Auditors’ Institute
Course Load (see Graduation Rates)
“Creative Communications” (Student Public Relations)
Community Connection 2001
Crime Prevention Unit
Crisis Intervention
Cryofixaation ’89
Culture Collection of Algae (see College of Natural Sciences)
Culture Entertainment Committee (CCEC) ’80
Culture Sensitivity (see Multiculturalism/cultural sensitivity)
Dad’s Day ’80
Damon Runyon Memorial Fund for Cancer Research
Dana X. Bible Academic Center ‘94-’97
Danforth Foundation
Darrell K. Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium
4Ac73 Darrell K. Royal- Texas Memorial Stadium (continued) 1939-1997
David and Lucille Packard Foundation ’88
Day Care ’92
Deep Eddy Apartments ’75
Defense Advanced Research Project Agency
Defense Research Laboratory
Degrees: Graduation Rates
Delta Chi
Delta Kappa Epsilon 94-
Delta Sigma Phi 3/93
Delta Sigma Theta ’94
Delta Tau Delta 3/83
Democracy in Academia
Department of Drama (see Department of Theatre and Dance ‘82-87)
4Ac74 Engineering Cooperative Education Program
Department of Human Ecology: Fashion Show ’97
Department of Intercollegiate Athletics for Men ’99
Department of Parking & Traffic ‘66-’74, ‘82-’96
Desegregation (see Integration/Desegregation)
Designated Driver Program 10/92
Development Office ’80. ’95
Development Policy Advising Committee ’96
Devine Test Site
Director of Facilities Planning and Construction
Disch-Faulk Field ‘72/4-
Discovery Magazine
Discrimination: Single Sex Organization
Distance Education Center
Distinguished Graduate
Distinguished Teaching Award (see Academy of Distinguished Teachers)
Diversity and Equality Coalition ’94
Division of Child Development and Family Relationships
Division of Development and University Relations
Division of General and Comparative Studies ’99
Division of Instructional Innovation and Assessment 2001-
Division of Recreational Sports
Dobie Center
Doluisio Committee
Dorothy Gebauer Student Services Building ‘69/3-
The Drag
Drama Building (see F. Loren Winship Drama Building)
Drama Workshops Building
Drug Dynamic Institute
Drug Policy 11/88
Drug Ring (see Mott, Michael (Drug Ring))
E 306
E. I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company
E. P. Schoch Building
Earth Day
Earth First!
East Austin (see Blackland Neighborhood)
East Campus Drive (see Red River Street)
East Campus Site ‘81/12
East Mall Development
4Ac75 East Texas State University
Economics Building
EDS Financial Trading & Technology Center
Education Annex
Education Building (see College of Education Building)
Education Building (see George I. Sanchez Building)
Education Commission of the States (Interstate Compact)
Education Commission of the U. S.
Education Council 3/80
Education Development Center
Education Placement Service ’95
Education Writers Association 2/’66
Educational Economic Policy Center 10/’91
Education Facilities Laboratories
Educational Policy Committee ’96
Educational Research Information Center
Educational Systems, Inc.
Electronic Emissary
Electronic Research Review
Ellis L. Phillips Foundation
Embezzlement (see Deer, Lynn Harvey)
Embezzlement (see Police Department)
Emerging Scholars Program ’96
Employees Association
Endowment (see Permanent University Fund)
Engineering and Natural Sciences Expo 1995
“Energy Conservation” Program ’80
Engineering Awards
Engineering Career Assistance Center 6/92
Engineering Students (CAT scan)
Engineering Teaching Center II
Enloe Endowed Scholarships in Education
English Only Request (see Division of Housing and Food Service)
Environmental Law Society ’92
Environmental Solutions Program
Equity and Diversity Administrator (formerly Race Relations Counselor)
Erley Stanley Gardner Room (see Flawn Academic Center: Erle Stanley Gardner…)
Ernest Cockrell, Jr. Hall
Ethyl Corporation
Ex-Students (International Conference on Energy)
Excellence in Education Foundation
Exercise Physiology Lab
Experiment in International Living
Experimental Drug and Herb Garden
Experimental Science Building 63-02
Extension and Correspondence Studies
Extension and Industrial Materials Center
“Eyes of Texas”
F. Loren Winship Drama Building 1933
FACTS publications
Faculty Women’s Organization
Fall Return of Students
4Ac76 Fall Semester
Fallout Shelters 1967
Fan Club
Federal Credit Union 1981
Federal Funds
Fencing Alliance
Fencing Club
Festival of Ethnographic Film
Film Classics
Final Exams
Financial Aid
E. William Doty Fine Arts Building
Fine Arts Complex
Fine Arts Festival
Fine Arts Library and Administration Building
Fire Marshall
First (Freshman Issues and Resources Service Team)
Fitness and Performance Center
Flags 1975-
Flags (Tex) – Giant
Flag Burning
Leeds Gallery (see Flawn Academic Center)
Flying Club
Fonken Committee
Football Practice Field
Football Field
Ford Foundation 1967
Foreign Language Education Center 1980
Foreign Policy Association 1967
Forensic Art Workshop
Forensics Program (see Department of Speech Communication)
Forging Academic Partnerships for Student Success
Fortune 500 CEO Forum 2000
Frank C. Erwin, Jr. Special Events Center
Frank Denius Athletic Field
Freeport McMoran 1993-
Fresh Start Program
Friends of the University Libraries
Fusion (cold) Research
Fusion (hot)
Fusion Research Center
4Ac77 Garrison Hall
Gateway Apartments (Phase I)
Gateway Apartments (Phase II)
Gay and Lesbian Issues
Gearing Hall (Mary E. Gearing Hall)
Gender Equity: Sports
General Education Requirements 1991-
Genetics Institute 1980-
Geography Building 1941-
Geological Sciences Building
Geology Building
Geology Foundation
Geopressured Well Photos
George I. Sanchez Building
George Kozmetsky Center for Business Education
Gerontology Program
Goldsmith Hall
Good Morning America
“Good Students” Stories
Governing Boards Association
Governing Boards Association (of State Universities and Allied Institutions) 1962-
Governmental Accounting & Finance Institute 1956
Governor’s Center for Management 1998
Grade the University Referendum 1989
Graduate Assembly 1972-
Graduate Business Council 1991
Graduate Education and Research (the Association for) 1965
Graduate Facility
Graduate Opportunity Program 1986-
Graduate Outreach Program 1997
Graduate Professional Program 1989
Graduate Professional Development Program 1998
Graduate School Professional Development Program 2000
Graduate Program in Community and Regional Planning 1980-
Graduate Record Examination 1993
Graduate School 2001
Graduate School of Accounting 1982
Graduate School of Business 1/91-
4Ac78 Graduate School of Business Building 1970/12-
General Counsel 1976-
Graduate Student Assembly 1977
Graduation Rates 1991
Great Lecture Series 1976
Great Musicians Series 1977
Greater Austin Quality Awards 2000-
Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol 1993-
Greek Vases 1980
Gregory Aquatics Complex 2001
Gregory Gymnasium 1939-
Group Effort (student group) 1932
Gulf Coast Hazardous Waste Research Center
Gulf Universities Consortium
Gulf Universities Consortium on Air Pollution
Habitat For Humanity 1994
Hackett Memorial Lecture 2000
Handicapped Minority Research Institute 10/87
Hargis Hall (see John W. Hargis Hall)
Harp Ensemble
Harry Truman Scholarship 1999-
Harvey Penick Award 1995
Harvard University
Hate Speech/Crimes 1987-
Hate Speech/Crimes (see also MINORITIES: President’s Ad Hoc Committee)
Hays R. Warden Memorial Scholarship 1998
Hazing 01/91-
Hazing: UT Organizations
Hazing: Non-UT Organizations
Health Insurance (see Faculty and Staff Benefits)
Haz-Mat Scare 2000
Hebrew Studies 4/30/90
Hebrew Studies 1/70-
Health Insurance Premium 1988-
4Ac79 Health Professions 6/79-
Hearts of Texas (State Employees Charitable Campaign) 1999-
Health Related Events, Health Fair, Etc.
Heisman Trophy 1999-
Henry Luce Foundation
Herbarium (see Lundell Herbarium)
H.E.R.O.E 1998-
Higher Education Act of 1998 1999-
High Rollers Wheelchair Basketball 10/81-
High School Journalism Workshop for Minorities 1988-
High School Theater Workshop
Higher Education Coalition 1996-
Higher Education Coalition [see Legislature 1995-1997 (Budget)]
Higher Education Political Action Committee (HEPAC) 1/86-
Higher Education Summit 2001-
High Tech Summit 2000-
Hillel Jewish Student Organization and Foundation 1999-
Hiring Freeze
Hispanic (see also Latin American)
Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility 1996
Hispanic (see also Mexican American)
Hispanic Affairs Agency 1999-
Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility 1996-
Hispanic Business Students Association 1991-
Hispanic Heritage Month 1998-
Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program (see Office of University Outreach)
Hispanic National Bar Association 1990-
Hispanic Scholarship Fund 2001-
Hispanic Student Organizations (see Chicana/o Graduate Students Association)
Hispanic Student Organizations (see Chicano Art Students Association)
Hispanic Student Organizations (see Chicano Law Students Association)
Hispanic Student Organizations (see Chicanos Interesados Communicaciones)
Hispanic Student Organizations (see Hispanic Business Students Association)
Hispanic Student Organizations (see Mexican American Student Leadership Council)
Hispanic Student Organizations (see El Moimiento Estudianil Chicano/a)
Hispanic Student Organizations (see Chicano Culture Committee)
Hispanic Student Scholarship Initiative (HSSI) 12/89-
Hobby-Eberly Telescope (see McDonald Observatory: William P. Hobby- Robert E. Eberly)
Hoblitzelle Foundation
Hogg Building (see Will C. Hogg Building)
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health 1976-80
Hogg Luncheon (see Ima Hogg Commemorative Luncheon)
Hogg Memorial Auditorium 1932/6-
The Holmes Group (consortium of education deans and top academic officials, research institutions- reform of teacher education)
Holocaust (see Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust)
Homer Price Rainey Hall (formerly Old Music Building) 1969/5-
Homer Price Rainey Hall (formerly Old Music Building) 1941-
Music Building (Old)
Homer Price Rainey Hall: Pipe Organ 1941/8-
Home Team 1996-
Honda Award
Honorary Degrees
Honors Day Speakers
Honors Dormitory
Hook’em 2/4/90-
Hook’em Horns (see Clark, Harley Jr.)
Hope Scholarship Fund 1999-
Hope Week (see Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity)
Houston Admissions Center 1995-
Houston Advanced Research Center 1/83-
Houston Endowment, Inc
Houston Advanced Research Center
Howard Hughes Biomedical Association 8/91-
Howard Hughes Medical Institute 8/84-
4Ac80 Howard Hughes Will/Estate 1980-
Howlers Research Group
Human Genome Project 07/90-
Human Performance Lab 1999-
Humble Companies Foundation
Humbolt Award
Huntington Art Gallery (see Archer M. Huntington Art Gallery)
I Have A Dream
Identification Center 1973/01-
Ignitex 1989-
Ilya Prigogine Center for Students in Statistical Mechanics 1980-
Ima Hogg Commemorative Luncheon 1988-
Information Sciences Laboratory 1999-
Information Technology Advisory Committee 1993-
Innovative Instructional Technology Awards 1997-
Institute for Advanced Technology 1989-
Institute for American News Media 2001-
Institute for City Managers 1961-
Institute of Gerontology 1999-
Institute for Science and Math Education 1993-
Institute for the Study of Antiquity and Christian Origins 2002-
Institute for Tax Assessors 1959-
Institute for Teaching and Learning 2001-
Institute for Technology Assisted Learning 1996-
Institute for Theoretical Chemistry 1981-
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers 1994-
Institute of Higher Education Management 1980-
Institute of International Education 1964-
Integration/Desegregation 1947-
Intercollegiate Athletics for Men 1992-
4Ac81 Intercollegiate Athletics for Men 1980-
Intercollegiate Athletics for Men: Basketball Coach Search 1998
Intercollegiate Athletics for Men: TX-OU Game 1986-
Intercollegiate Athletics for Men: Gambling 1989-
Intercollegiate Athletics for Men: Knight Foundation Report 2001-
Intercollegiate Athletics for Women 1980-
Intercooperative Council 1980
Intercultural Studies in Folklore and Ethnomusicology
Interfraternity Council 05/90-
4Ac82 Interfraternity Council
Internal Audits Office 2/87
International Academy of Quantum Molecular Sciences
International Biological Program
International Conference on Technology and Innovation
International Poetry Festival
International Student and Faculty Exchange Office 1980-
ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) 10/90-
International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER)
International Week 1994-
Internet 1994-
Internet II
Internet Addiction (see Counseling and Mental Health Center)
Inter-University Committee on Travel Grants
Inter-University Council of the North Texas Area
Inter-University Program for Latino Research (IUPLR)
Into the Streets 11/91-
Intramural Fields (see also Whitaker Fields)
Intramural Fields: Tennis Courts
Iota Sigma Pi
Iranian Students and Iranian Students Association 1980-
Issues of Integrity in Athletics (see Second Century Celebration)
J. Anderson Fitzgerald Lecture
Jamail Law Library
J.T. Patterson Laboratories Building (see Patterson Laboratories Building)
James H. and Minnie M Edmonds Foundation 9/90
Japan Industry and Management Technology Program 1995
Jazz Ensemble 1980-
Jazz Lab Band 1/88-
Jazz Orchestra 1/88-
Jean Holloway Award
Jean Holloway Teaching Award
Jesse H. Jones Communication Center
Communication Building
Jesse H. Jones Hall
Jessen Auditorium
Jester Student Assembly
Jewish Studies
Joe Jamail Field
John Henry Faulk Conference on the First Amendment
John Nance Garner House
John W. Hargis Hall
University-State Relations, Joint Council on
Jones Hall (see Jesse H. Jones Hall)
Junior College Conference
Junior Fellows
Junior Science, Engineering and Humanities Symposium (JSEH)
Kappa Alpha
4Ac83 Kappa Alpha Psi 1989-
Kappa Delta Chi 1999-
Kappa Kappa Gamma 1994-
Kate Broocks Bates Recital Hall (see Bates Recital Hall)
Kellogg Foundation
Kennedy Foundation 1966-
Kettering Foundation 1988-
Kinsolving Dormitory
Kirby Hall
Kniker Carillon (See Main Building and Tower: Kniker Carillon)
KOOP 1993-
KTBC 1980-
L.E.A.P. (Leadership Enrichment in the Arts Program)
L. Theo Bellmont Hall (see Bellmont Hall)
Laboratory Theater (see Opera Lab Theater)
Laboratory for Spectroscopic Imaging 1999-
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center 1999-
Lady Longhorns 1999-
Lamar University
Lamp/Sage Programs (see Division of Continuing Education)
Land Acquisition
Language Lab 1982-
Language Laboratory 1980-
LULAC 9/94
Laredo State University
Laser Sintering
Lasker Prizes
Latin America Week 2001
Latin American (see also Hispanic)
Latin American (see also Mexican American)
Latin American Studies Association 1/1981
Law and the Free Society Lecture
Law Day
Law School Foundation
Law School Preparation Institute 1998-
Law Students for Diversity 1997-
LBJ Foundation 1982
LEAD (Leadership, Education and Development Program)
Leadership Alliance for Research, Instruction and Technology 1995
L.E.A.P. (Leadership Enrichment in the Arts Program)
4Ac84 League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) 1993-
Learning Ability Center
Learning Activities for Mature People (LAMP) 08/90
Learning Resources Center 02/80
Learning Skills Center
Lebanese Student Society 1987
Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center
Leeds Gallery (see Flawn Academic Center)
Legal Services for Students
Legislative Council
Legislature (Budget) 1995-1997
Legislature (Misc. Issues) 1995-97
Legislature (Budget, Misc. Issues) 1993-95
Legislature (Education) 1995-97
Legislature (Education) 1993-95
Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay Students Association
Liberal Arts Council (see College of UT Liberal Arts)
Liberal Arts Graduate Council (see College of Liberal Arts)
Liberated Learning Program 10/90-
Libraries and Culture
Library, Archives
Library Enhancement Program
Library Scenes
Library Storage Facility 1998-
License Plates
Life and Letters 2002-
Light Rail 2000-
Lilly Endowment, Inc
Lila B. Etter Alumni Center: Catering
Lila B. Etter Alumni Center
Linguafranca Survey
Linguistic Society of America
Linguistic Research Center
Little Campus (see also Heman Sweatt Campus)
Little Campus Building
Little Campus Site
Littlefield Carriage House
Littlefield Doors
Littlefield Dormitory
Littlefield Home
4Ac85 Littlefield Society
Liz S. Carpenter Lectureship 1985-2000
Local News
Local News: Alumni Activities 2000
Local News: Graduation 2000
Local News: Honors Day 2000
Local News Rural Health Summit 2000
Longhorn Band (see also Widen, Carl)
Longhorn Business Connection ’92
Longhorn Career Day 2/95
UT Longhorn Football 1999
Longhorn Foundation Advisory Council 1993
Longhorn Foundation
Longhorn Hall of Honor 1980
Longhorn Halloween
Longhorn Leaders Day 2001
Longhorn Legacy
Longhorn Linebackers 1999
Longhorn Music Camp 1980
Longhorn Radio Network 1980
Longhorn Round-up
Longhorn Saturday 1999
Longhorn School Bus Program
Longhorn Singers
Longhorn Sports Package
Longhorn Student Naturalist Association 1995
LSAT 1997
LUCE Scholars Program 4/92
LULAC (see League of United Latin American Citizens)
Lundell Herbarium
Lyndon Baines Johnson Foundation
Mace of Authority
Main Building and Tower
Management Development Program 1980
The Management Institute ’89
Manufacturing System Center
Mapping A Plan For Success (MAPS)
March 2 Celebration (see Texas Independence Day)
Mary E. Gearing Hall
Mary E. Gearing Hall: Fountain
Master of Fine Arts in Writing ’92
Meadowbrook (see President’s Home)
Master Teacher Institute 2000
4Ac86 Maya Meetings
Meadows Foundation of Dallas Measurement and Evaluation Center 1980
Medical Services Fee Advisory Committee 1999-
Memorial Museum (see Texas Memorial Museum)
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Memorial Stadium (see Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium)
Men’s Athletics (see Intercollegiate Athletics for Men)
Menil Foundation
Mesa Drive Property 1970
Methods Conference for Business Teachers
Mexic-ARTE Museum 1999
Mexican Academy of History
Mexican American (see also Hispanic)
Mexican American (see also Latin American)
Mexican American Legal Defense Fund (MALDEF)
Mexican American Student Leadership Council
Mexican American Studies Center
Mexican Student Association 1989
Mezes Hall
Michener Art Gallery (see also Archer M. Huntington Art Gallery)
Microelectronics Research Center
Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC)
4Ac87 Midland Office Personnel
Midland Office
Midland Office Physical Plant
Mike A. Myers Soccer and Track Stadium
Military Physics Research Library 1998
Military Science
Mineral Studies Laboratory
Mining and Metallurgical Society of America
Mirabeau B. Lamar Medal 2001
Moncrief-Neuhaus Athletic Center
Montopolis Research Center
Moody Foundation 67-90
Mooov Up 1993
Moore-Hill Hall Dormitory
Moore HLL (see Robert Lee Moore Hall)
Mortar Board
Mortgage Lending Institute
El Movimento Estudiantil Chicano A De Azatlan
Music Building East
Music Recital Hall 1996
Muslim Student Association 1980
Myth of UT’s Millions
NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
National Academy of Arbitrators
National Academy of Engineering and Foreign Equivalents
National Academy of Sciences and Foreign Equivalents
National Academy Press
National Achievement Scholars
National Air Pollution Control Administration
National Association of Developmental Education
National Association of Scholars 1990
National Association of School of Theatre
National Association of Texas State Universities and Land Grant Colleges
National Association of Students for Higher Education (NASHE)
National Black Law Journal
National Cancer Institute 1989
National Center for Policy Analysis 1990
National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week 2000
National Collegiate Athletic Association 87-91
National Commission on Responsibilities for Financing Post Secondary Education 1993
National Congress of Black Professionals 1972
National Consortium of Schools Conference 1990
National Council of University Research Administrators Meeting 1973
National Defense Education Act 1960
National Education Association 1967
National Endowment for Democracy 1980
National Foundation for the Social Sciences 1966
National Humanities Faculty
National Institute for Staff and Organization Development
National Institute of Education 1970
National Institute of Mental Health 1968
National Issues Convention
4Ac88 National Issues Convention
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) 1992-
National Organization for Women (NOW) (UT chapter) 1989-
National Research Council 1993-
National Research Council 1967
National Science Board 1992-
National Science Board 1962-
National Sea Grant College Program 1990-
National Society of Black Engineers 1988-
National Society of Collegiate Scholars 1999-
National Society of Hispanic Engineers 1996-
National Student Association 1967-
National University of Mexico- San Antonio Branch 1971-
Native American Culture Week
Native American Student Association 1992-
Natural Fibers Information Center 1981-
Natural Science Council 1995-
Neighborhood Longhorns 1991-
Neighborhood 1991-
Neuhaus-Darrell K. Royal Athletic Center 1984
Neuroscience (Doctoral Program) 1994
New Century Fund 1974-
Newcomen Society 1968-
Neils Bohr International Gold Medal 1982-
NIKE Missile Base Observatory (see Bee Caves Research Center)
Non-linear Dynamics Institute 1996-
Non-Profit Endowment Corporation 1973-
Norbert Weiner Prize 1985-
Normandy Scholars
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) 1994-
North American Society of Aplerian Psychology 1984-
North Texas State University 1965-
Nowotny Building (see Arno Nowotny Building)
Nuclear Engineering Teaching Center 1982-
Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory 1980-
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Lab 1991-
Nuclear Reactor Laboratory 1981-
Nuclear Science Symposium 1965-
Nursery School 1961-
Nursing School Building (see School of Nursing Building)
Oakridge Associated Universities 1965
Ocean Drilling Program 1988-
Oceangoing Research Vessels 1988-
Off-Campus Newspapers
Off-Campus Students Association 1983-
Office for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth 1999-
Office for Mexican Studies 1980-
Office of Analysis and Planning 1976-
Office of the Business Manager 1977-
Office of Continuing Legal Education 1991-
Office of the Dean of Liberal Arts 1994-
Office of Employee and Campus Services 2001-
Office of Facilities Planning and Construction 1989-
Office of Greek Life and Education 1999-
Office of Health Communication 1990-
Office of Human Relations 1994
Office of Institutional Compliance: Compliance Training Program 2001-
4Ac89 Office of Investments, Trusts, and Lands
Office of Personnel Services (see also Office of Human Resources)
Office of Research Support and Compliance 2001-
Office of the Students’ Attorney (see Legal Services for Students)
Office of University Outreach
Official Orange Color 1965-
Official Transcripts 1991-
Official Visit: Alberto Fujimori, president of the Republic of Peru 1992
Official Visit: Carlos Salinas de Gortari, President of Mexico
Official Visit: Don Felipe de Borbon, Crown Prince of Spain
O. Henry Hall 1964-
OITA University 1990-
Olympics 2000-
Ombudsman 1969-
Omega Delta Phi 1999-
Omicron Delta Kappa 1980-
On Campus 1997-
Online Lecture Notes 2000-
Opera 1966-
Optional Retirement Fund (Faculty) 1989-
Orange (Student Magazine) 2000-
Orange Jackets 1980-
Orange Santa 1994-
Organization of Arab Students 1980-
Orientation 1980-
Orientation Advisors 1973-
Our Lady of the Lake College 1968-
Outstanding Young Women in America 1982
PAC-10 1990-
Page Keeton Law Week 1969
Page Keeton Street 1997
Painter Hall (see T. S. Painter Hall)
Pan Hellenic Council 1980-
Pan American Foundation for Physics 1993
Pantex Nuclear Weapons Plant 1993-
Paramount Theatre 1999-
Parent’s Association (Formerly Dad’s Association) 1948-
Dad’s Association
Parking Garage #4 1995-
Parking Garage East 1973-
Parking Garage Jester Center 1992-
Parking Garage South 2000-
Parking Garage West 1990
Parlin Hall 1956
Particle Accelerator Laboratory 1964
Patents 1989-
Patterson Laboratories Building 1963-
4Ac90 Paul Jackson Centennial Excellence Fund 1999-
Pearce Hall 1939-
Pease Mansion 1999-
Penick-Allison Tennis Center 1973-
People’s Law School 1996-
Performance of Literature Series 1975-
Persian Gulf War 1990-
Petroleum Extension Service (PENTEX) 1980-
Petroleum Land Management 1980-
Pharmacy Building 1950-
Phi Beta Kappa 1977-
Phi Beta Sigma 1989-
Phi Beta Theta 1995-
Phi Eta Sigma 1977
Phi Gamma Delta 1990
Phi Kappa Psi 1991
Phi Kappa Phi
Phi Kappa Sigma 1994
Phi Kappa Theta
Phil M. Ferguson Structural Engineering Laboratory 1980-
Physics Circus 1989-
PIG (Mascot) 2001
Pi Kappa Alpha 1991
Pi Lambda Phi
Pi Sigma Pi 1992
Piano Performance Workshop
Piper Foundation
Placement Tests, General
Plagiarism 1992-
Plant Resources Center 1972
Plasma Physics Teaching Lab
Playwriting Class 1999
Police Academy 1977/12-
Police Academy 1977/2-
Police Research Institute 6/83-
Police Research Institute 11/82-
Police Research Institute
Political Correctness
Political Rallies on UT Campus
Polymer Research Center
Pom Squad
Postal Units: Self Service 1969/5-
Power Plant 1937/10-
Power Plant 1928/08-
Power Plant
Power Plant?: Expansion Building
Prentice Field 1994-
Prairie View A & M
Prather Hall Dormitory 1970/1-
Professional Development Center 1997-
Pre-Law Association 1980
Preregistration 1980
Preservation and Conservation Education Programs for Libraries and Archives
President’s Achievement Scholarship 1999-
President’s Ad Hoc Committee on Racial Harassment
Presidential Committee on Fraternal Organizations 1987-
President’s Home 1949-
President’s Science Advisory Committee
Presidential Committee on the Undergraduate Experience (headed by Frank Bean) 3/92-
Presidential Lecture Series
Presidential Search 1997
Presidential Studies Group 12/88-
President’s Associates 1980-
4Ac91 President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology
Presidents Emeritus
Preview 1988-
Prince of Spain Visit 1989
Print Study Exhibition 1999
Printing and Press Building 1974/2-
Professional Development Center 1999
Program in Communication Sciences and Disorders 1994
Progressive Faculty Group 1991
Project Architects
Project DISC (Digital Information Science and Communications Committee) 1995-
Project ITower 1994
Project PRISM (Partnership Resources Investing in Science and Math) 1996-
Project Quest 1984
Project Reach Out 2/90
Project SEEE (Science Enrichment in Elementary Education) 10/90-
Proposed Interdisciplinary Degree 10/89-
Proposition 17
Public Broadcasting Corporation
Public Lectures Committee 1980-
Public Relations Student Society of America 1/87-
Qatar Campus 2002
Racism (see Hate Speech/Crimes)
Racism (see Minorities: Campus Race Relations Radical Action Network 2000)
Radio Astronomy Observatory (Sub-unit of McDonald Observatory)
Radiocarbon Laboratory (a Lab of Texas Memorial Museum) - 2/80
Radiocarbon Laboratory 1986/09-
Radio/TV Building 1963/5-
Ralph and Ruth McCullough Theater 1987/11-
RAPE 1989
RAPE: Awareness Week 1989-
Rapoport Service Scholarships 2000-
Reading and Study Skills Lab (RASSL) 1980-
Reading Conference
Real Students Association 1983-
Records Storage Building 1963-
Recreational Sports Center 1981-
Recycling 1994-
Red River Street 1973-
Regents Endowed Teacher and Scholars Program 1988-
Regent’s Room 1966-
Regional Community Policy Institute 1998-
Regional Foundation Library
Regional Resource Adoption Center 1981-
Registration 1980-
Regulation Regarding Scholarship Dishonesty 1981-
Rehabilitation Laboratory 2/80-
Religious Studies 1981-
Remedial Instruction
Research: General: 1992-
Research General: 1987-91
Research and Development Center in Teacher Education 1980-
Research and Technological Development Center 2001-
Research Instruments Laboratory
Research Libraries Group
Research Opportunities 1980-
4Ac92 Research Center on Child Abuse and Neglect 1980-
Resources for the Future, INC.
Retired Faculty-Staff Association 2000-
Reveille VI Kidnapping (Texas A & M Mascot) 1994-
RGK Foundation Building
Department of Rhetoric and Criticism 1988-
Richard T. Fleming Book award
Rice University
Richard J. Gonzalez Lecture
Robert A Welch Hall 2001-
Robert Dedman Drive 2000-
Robert E. Lee Hall 1966-
Robert Lee Moore Hall 2001-
Roberts Hall Dormitory 1970-
Robotics Research Group
Rockefeller Foundation
Romani Studies 1999-
Ronya Kozmetsky Centennial Lectureship for Women in Management 1991-
ROTC (general) 1980-
Rowing Club
Royal Austrian Chemical Institute
Royal Society in London
Roy Crane Award for the Arts
Ruben Salazar
Russell A. Steinoam Hall 1957-
Russell Sage Foundation
Ruth Stephen Poetry Center 1967-
Ruth Stephen Poetry Series 1988-
Safe Place Program 1999-
Sailing Club
St. Edwards University
St. Marys University
Sam Houston State University
Sam Rayburn Library Association 1994-
San Jacinto Blvd. 1974-
San Jacinto Residence Hall 2000-
4Ac93 Santa Rita 1938-
SAVE- Student Advocating Valid Education
Scarbrough Foundation
School of Architecture Foundation Advisory Council 1999-
School of Geological Sciences (John A. and Katherine Jackson) 2001-
School of Nursing Building 1969-
School of Nursing: Center for Health Promotion 1999-
School of Pharmacy 2001-
Science and Technology Center 1995-
Science Development 1981-
Science Education Center 1981-
Science Fair
Science in Texas
Scientific Fraud 1992-
Scottish Rite Dormitory 1970-
Sealy and Smith Foundation
Second Century Celebration 1994-
Select Committee on Graduate School Tuition 1991-
Sembradores de Amistad 2000-
Send-off ’99 1999-
Send-off ’98 1998-
Senior Cabinet 1980-
Separations Research Program 1990-
Service Building 1967-
Service Employment and Redevelopment Jobs for Progress 1994-
Services for Students with Hearing Impairments 1993
Sesquicentennial Museum 1981-
Sexual Assault Policy 1995-
Shacks 1974-
Shankland Scholarship
SHARE (Students Helping Admissions with the Recruiting Effort) 1988-
Shelters Project 1998
Shuttle Bus 1965-
Sid Richardson Hall 1966-
4Ac94 Sid W. Richardson Foundation
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1983
Sigma Alpha Mu 1994
Sigma Chi 1994
Sigma Gamma Epsilon 1999-
Sigma Lambda Gamma 1994
Sigma Mu 1990
Sigma Phi Epsilon 1993-
Sigma Theta Tau 1999-
Silver Spurs
Simkins Hall Dormitory 1967
Simkins Park 1976
Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research
Small Business Development Center 1988
SMART (Showing Minority Americans the Right Track)
Smithsonian Institution
Smokey the Cannon 1988-
Smoking policy 1987
Soccer Field 1993
Social Event Policy Committee 1996
Social Science Research Council
Social Work Building 1969-
Society of American Archivists 1999-
Society for Electoanalytical Chemistry
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (see College of Engineering)
Society of Plastics Engineers
Sociological Research Association
Sodexho Marriott Services 2001-
Softball Field 1994 -
Software Quality Institute 2000
Solar Car Race 2001-
Solo Artist Series (Changed to – Great Musicians Series) 1976
South African Investments 1990
South Central Modern Language Association
South Entrance to the Campus 1968/5-
South Texas Border Initiative 1984
The South Texas Center for Biology in Medicine 1997-
South Mall 2000
South Texas College of Law
South Texas State Soccer Association
Southern Association Of Colleges and Schools
Southern Interstate Nuclear Board
Southern Methodist University
Southern Regional Education Board
Southern Singers (obsolete)
Southwest Center for Advanced Studies
Southwest Conference (see also Big Eight Conference) 1994-
Southwest Educational Development Laboratory
Southwest Foundation for RSCH & Education
Southwest Texas Junior College
Southwest Texas State University
Southwestern Fine Arts Institute
Southwestern Psychological Association
Southwestern Social Science Association
Southwestern University
Space Plane Research
Special Education Instructional Materials Center 1969/9-
Special Events Center (see Erwin Center)
4Ac95 Special Olympics 1994-
Special Use Facilities 1978/4-
Spectroscopic Survey Telescope (see also McDonald Observatory: William P. Hobby)
Spectroscopic Survey Telescope (SST) 1/88-
Speech & Hearing Clinic 1994
Spencer Foundation (of Chicago)
Sponsored Research & Services 4/86
Sponsored Research Office Building 1994
Spooks 1980-
Sport Studies Group 1987-
Sports Information Office 1981-
Staff Service Awards (see Staff Recognition Program)
Stafford Loan 1996-
Statistics 1999-
Strategic Materials Research. & Development Laboratory
State Employee Training Ctr 10/75-
State Employees
Steindam Hall (see Russell A. Steindam Hall)
Steve Biko Committee 1985
Stories in Print
Strategic Defense Initiative 06/90-
Strategic Partnership for Research in Nanotechnology 2002
String Project 1980-
Scholarship Recipients
Student Activities Office (see Campus Activities Office)
Student Advisory Council 1995-
Student Assembly 1980-
Student Association of Texas 2/17/92
Student Attitudes 1/90-
Student Association (see Student Government)
Student Bar Association 1981-
Student Body Presidents 1980-
Student Childcare Association 1980-
Student Computer Facility
Student Counseling Services
Student Disciplinary code 4/90-
Student Editors
Student Employment Referral Service
Student Engineering Council 1995
Student Exchange Programs 3/91
Student-Faculty Ratio 7/89
Student Fees Advisory Committee 1999
Student Financial Aid Building 1999
Students for Access & Opportunity 1998-
Students for Affordable Education 1999-
Students for Equal Opportunity 1998-
Student Heath Outreach Team 9/89-
Student ID Requirement 4/90
Student Incidents 1987-
Student Involvement Committee 1/86-
Student Involvement (see also Hex Rally)
Student Issues Committee 1994-
Student League
Student Loan Reform Act of 1993
Student MicroComputer Facility 1994-
Student MicroComputer (FAC)
Student Ombudsman
Student Radio Task Force 1987-
Student Rallies/Demonstrations/Protests 1991-
Student Regent 3/89-
Student Right To Know & Campus Security Act 10/90-
Student Senate 1983
Student Services Building (see Dorothy Gebauer Student Services Building)
Student Services Facility 1993-
Student Fee Committee 1995-
4Ac96 Student Success Program
Student Suicide
Student Volunteer Services
Students with Disabilities (see also Office of the Dean of Students)
Success Program 1993-
Suida-Manning Collection (See Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art)
Summer Institutes and Programs
Summer Minority Program (see Department of Economics)
Summer Semester
Sunrayce (see Department of Mechanical Engineering: Texas Native Sun-Sunrayce)
Superior Dairies Property
Surplus Property Auction 1997
Sutton Hall
Sweatt Campus (see Heman Sweatt Campus)
Swedish (see Department of Germanic Languages)
Swenson Coin Collection
Swimming Center (see Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center)
Swing Out Awards 1995
Symposium on Contemporary Art & Literature of Latin American 1975
Symposium on Molecular Structure 1972
Nuclear Science Symposium 1965
Synergistic Reactor
Synergistic Reactor (Scrubber)
T.S. Painter Hall
Take Our Daughters to Work Day (see Office of University Outreach)
Tarlton Law Library
Tau Kappa Epsilon
Taxation Conference
Taylor Hall
Tea House 1969/9
Teacher Corps 01/80
Teacher Retirement System 1987
Teachers for a Democratic Culture
Teaching 9/92
Teaching Assistants 1995
Teaching Awards
Teaching Conference For Experienced Faculty
TEAMS: Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Math, and Science
Technology, Literacy, Culture 1998-
Telecommunication & Information Policy Institute 1990
Telephone Counseling and Referral Service 1981-
Telephone Counseling Service
Temple Foundation
Tennis Center (see Penick-Allison Tennis Center)
TEX (Telephone Enrollment Exchange)
Texaco Team Visits
Texas A & I University
Texas A & M University: Flag Theft 1994-
4Ac97 Texas A & M University System
Texas Achievement Honors Award (see Scholarships, Minority)
Texas Achievement Award (see Scholarships, Minority)
Texas AFL-CIO 4/92
Texas Alcalde
Texas Assembly 1967
Texas Assistive Technology Partnership
Texas Association of Chicanos In Higher Education (TACHE)
Texas Association of College Teachers
Texas Association of Colleges and Universities
Texas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
Texas Association of Scholars
Texas Association of Women Deans & Counselors Meeting
Texas Astronomy Education Center
Texas Atomic Energy Research Foundation
Texas Biotechnology Network 1989
Texas Business Review
Texas Center for Reading and Language Arts
Texas Center for Writers
Texas Commission on a Representative Student Body
Texas Consortium for Community Integration
Texas Cowboys
Texas Education Agency: Institute for Teachers of the Disadvantaged and Gifted
Texas Education Agency
4Ac98 Texas Educational Assessment of Minimum Skills (TEAMS) 6/91
Texas Educational Excellence Award System
Texas Employment Commission
Texas Energy Science Symposium
Texas Excellence Awards for Scholarship and Leadership (for entering freshmen)
Texas Faculty Association
Texas Family Literacy Center
Texas Folklore Society
Texas Fine Arts Association
Texas Foundation For Higher Education
Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Texas Hope Grant Program
Texas Higher Education Network
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Texas Independence Day
Texas Intensive English Program 7/92
Texas International Education Consortium
Texas Journal of Women and Law
Texas Librarians
Texas Library Association
Texas Longhorn Alumni Brass Band Choir
Texas Longhorn Education Foundation
Texas Materials Institute
Texas Medical Center
Texas Native Sun (see Department of Mechanical Engineering: Texas Native Sun)
Texas Poll
Texas Relays
Texas Southern University
Texas Space Grant Consortium
Texas State Employees Union
Texas State Historical Survey Committee
Texas State Teachers Association
Texas State Technical Institute
Texas National Research Laboratory Commission
Texas Panhellenic Council
Texas Public Employees Association
Texas Research Endowment
Texas Revue
Texas Rural Health Field Services Program
Texas Student Coalition
Texas Student Lobby
Texas Student Publications Building
Texas Student Television
Texas Telecommunications Policy Institute
Texas Travesty
Texas Union Theater
Texas Union Building
Texas Union Fast Building
Texas Wranglers
4Ac99 Texatron 1/87 – 5/87
Theatre Room 1999-
Theta Chi 1999-
Thompson Conference Center (see Joe C. Thompson Conference Center)
Thurgood Marshall Legal Society 09/91-
Ticket Scalping 4/25/89
Ticketmaster (see UT Ticket Master)
Tobacco Divestment (see also Students Against Tobacco Investment & UT Smoking Policy)
Todos Unidos
Tokamak 1976/5-
Tom Slick World Peace Conference 1996-
Torch Light Parade 2001-
Total Quality Business & Education Partnership 1997-
Tour of Campus
Texas Governors Who Attended UT (List, plus attendance & degree info)
Townes Hall 1976/1-
Traditions 3/4/91
Trailer Park 1977/4-
Trees (see Campus: Trees)
Trinity Street 1974/3-
Trinity University
Tunnels (see campus: Tunnels)
TxTell 2000-
Unabomber 1995-
Undergraduate Advising Center (Campuswide) 10/90-
Undergraduate Education Committee
Ad Hoc Committee on Undergraduate Education: Report of
Recommendations to the President 9/7/89
Undergraduate Teaching Center (see University Teaching Center)
Undergraduate Writing Center 2001-
Union For Research & Experimentation in Higher Education (UREHE)
United Campuses to Prevent Nuclear War
U.S. Memories
United Way
Universities Research Association (URAI) 1965-
University Child Fest 1997-
University Commons 1936/12-
University Council 7/88-
University Democrats 5/87-
University Extension Program 1997-
University Flying Club
University Honors Center 8/92-
4Ac100 University Interscholastic League: Press Conference
University Interscholastic Events
University Interscholastic Press Awards
University Ext. Div. 1980-8/31/82
University Junior High 1963/2
University Ladies Club 1999-
University Mail Service
University Research Fund 2001-
University Research Institute 1980-
University Supply and Mail Service 1981-
University Teaching Center 1980/10-
University Towers 1992-
University of Texas at Austin Child Care Center 1991-
University of Texas At Austin Student Child Care Center 1990-
University Employees Union 1976-
University of Texas Foundation 1971-
University of Texas Investment Management Company 2001-
University of Texas Law Alumni Association 1997-
University of Texas Logo (see also U.T. Seal)
University of Texas Migrant Student Program 1999-
Upgrade the University Program 1995-
Urban Issues Program 1995-
Urban Renewal: Brackenridge 1968/4-
Urban: University East 1967/8
UT Austin Employment Center 1999-
UT Band Museum 1998-
UT Day 1965-
UT EID 1999-
UT Fashion Group 1996-
UT Kids 1993
UT Leadership Board 1995-
UT Quality Center 1998-
UT Showcase 1985-
UT Teens 1993-
UT Ticketmaster 1980/9
UT Valley Border Heath Services Task Force (see South Texas Border Initiative)
Utilities & Energy Management Department 1974-
4Ac101 Van Safety 2001-
Varsity Center 1974/11-
Victoria College Transfer Student Endowed Scholarship 2000-
Villa Capri 1988/1-
Visitor Center 1983-
Volunteer Center 1995-
W.R. Woolrich Laboratories 1961/6-
Waggener Hall 1939/8
Waller Creek 1982/4
Waller Dormitory 2000-
Walter Webb Hall 1968/1-
Water Resources Research Facility 1968/7
Welch Hall (see Robert A. Welch Hall)
Wesleyan Building 1975/10-
West Mall Office Building 1974/2
West Mall Shanty 1986-
Whitaker Fields 1965/11-
Whitaker Fields (see also Intramural Fields)
Whitehouse Fellows Program
White Students Association 4/90-
Whiting Foundation (Whiting Writers Award)
Wadle Earth Telescope
Will C. Hogg Building 1966/9-
Willoughby-Blake Room (see Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center: Willoughby)
Wind Ensemble 1980-
Winship Drama Building (see F. Loren Winship Drama Building)
Women & War Conference 1991-
Women’s Co-Ops 1952/3
Women’s Law Cactus
Women’s Resource Center 1999-
Woodlawn 1975/10-
Woodrow Wilson Foundation
Woolridge Hall 1969/09-
Workers Compensation 5/89-
World Conference on Education
World Romani Institute 1998-
Y2K 1999-
Year of the Child 1996-
YOU (Youth Opportunities Unlimited) 1988-
Young Conservatives Of Texas
Young Scholars Program 1993-
Young Scientists Program 2000-
Z Hall 1972/3 –
Zale Foundation
Zavala Elementary School 1996-
Zeta Beta Tau 3/83-


Subject files addendum [2008-099]

2008-099/1 21st Century Project - Applied Research Lab
2008-099/2 Applied Research Lab - Bevo
2008-099/3 Bevo - Board of Regents
2008-099/4 Board of Regent - Budget
2008-099/5 Budget - Campus Scenes
2008-099/6 Campus: Clock and Bell - Center for Electromechanics
2008-099/7 Center for Energy & Environmental Resources - Charles A. Dana Center for Mathematics and Science Education
2008-099/8 Charles A. Dana Center - College of Education
2008-099/9 College of Education - College of Engineering
2008-099/10 College of Engineering - College of Liberal Arts
2008-099/11 College of Liberal Arts - College of Natural Sciences
2008-099/12 College of Natural Sciences - Commencement
2008-099/13 Commencement - Counseling and Mental Health Center
2008-099/14 Counseling and Mental Health Center - Department of Art and Art History
2008-099/15 Cepartment of Art and Art History - Department of Computer Sciences
2008-099/16 Department of Computer Sciences - Department of Geological Sciences
2008-099/17 Department of Geological Sciences - Department of Management Science and Information Systems
2008-099/18 Department of Marine Science - Department of Radio Television Film
2008-099/19 Department of Radio Television Film - Division of Continuing Education
2008-099/20 Division of Continuing Education - Enrollment
2008-099/21 Enrollment - Ex-Students Association
2008-099/22 Ex-Students Association - Faculty Recruitment
2008-099/23 Faculty: Regents - Flawn Academic Center
2008-099/24 Flawn Academic Center - General Libraries
2008-099/25 General Libraries - Graduate School of Business
2008-099/26 Graduate School of Business - Harry Ranson Humanities Research Center
2008-099/27 Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
2008-099/28 Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center – Hex Rally
2008-099/29 High Tech – Hopwood
2008-099/30 Hopwood – Institute of Latin American Studies
2008-099/31 Institute of Latin American Studies – J.J. Pickle Research Campus
2008-099/32 Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art – Joe C. Thompson Conference Center s
2008-099/33 Joe C. Thompson Conference Center – Lyndon B. Johnson Library and Museum
2008-099/34 Lyndon B. Johnson Library and Museum – Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
2008-099/35 Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
2008-099/36 Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs – McDonald Observatory
2008-099/37 McDonald Observatory – Main Building and Tower
2008-099/38 Main Building and Tower – Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
2008-099/39 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Minorities
2008-099/40 Minorities – Normandy Student Scholar Program
2008-099/41 Nuclear Reactor – Office of Public Affairs
2008-099/42 Office of Sponsored Projects – Performing Arts Center
2008-099/43 Performing Arts Center – Perry Castaneda Library
2008-099/44 Perry Castaneda Library – Police Dept.
2008-099/45 Police Dept. – Rankings
2008-099/46 Rankings
2008-099/47 Rankings – School of Architecture
2008-099/48 School of Architecture – School of Law
2008-099/49 School of Law – School of Music
2008-099/50 School of Music – Sematech
2008-099/51 Sematech – Student Catastrophes
2008-099/52 Student catastrophes – Student Government
2008-099/53 Student government – Student organizations
2008-099/54 Student organizations – Superconducting Supercollider
2008-099/92 Discovery magazines


Biographical Files

4Ab1 Aanstoos, Theodore A. – Akmal, P.
4Ab2 Akers, F. S. - Allen, E. T.
4Ab3 Allen, G. – Anderson, G. V.
4Ab4 Anderson, G. B. – Archer, S.
4Ab5 Ardis, S. – Asher, N.
4Ab6 Ashley, D. B. - Bacon, P.
4Ab7 Bacon, R. – Bantel, E. C. H.
4Ab8 Bao, T. – Barrett, M.
4Ab9 Barrett, W. B. – Battle, M.
4Ab10 Baver, T. – Beasely, W. H.
4Ab11 Beath, C. – Bell, M. W.
4Ab12 Bell, M. L. – Berberian, S. K.
4Ab13 Berens, H. – Bielke, E.
4Ab14 Bien, J. J. – Blair, R. G.
4Ab15 Blair, W. F. – Boatright, M. C.
4Ab16 Bobadillo, M. – Boudreaux, E.
4Ab17 Bouju, M. – Bradley, W. F.
4Ab18 Bradshaw, B. – Brightman, A.
4Ab19 Brightman, H. – Brown, H. E.
4Ab20 Brown, H. – Brown, S.
4Ab21 Brown, T. – Bullock, J.
4Ab22 Bump, J. F. A. – Bush, G. L.
4Ab23 Bush, J. E. – Calkins, H. A.
4Ab24 Calonne, D. – Cardona, R.
4Ab25 Cardoza, M. Carter, J.
4Ab26 Carter, J. – Chance, R.
4Ab27 Chand, Z. – Cristie, J.
4Ab28 Christy, K. – Clark, M.
4Ab29 Clark, M. – Coffin, M.
4Ab30 Coffman, D. – Colvin, J.
4Ab31 Colvin, J. – Cook, C.
4Ab32 Cook, C. – Courtney, H.
4Ab33 Courtney, T. – Crews, D.
4Ab34 Crews, M. – Cunningham, W.
4Ab35 Cunningham-Kruppa, E. – Dassonville, M.
4Ab36 Date, J. – Davis, P.
4Ab37 Davis, R. – DeLacerdo, A.
4Ab38 DelaFuente, M. – Devault, M.
4Ab39 Deveciana, G. – Divine, R.
4Ab40 Divine, R. – Doluisio, J.
4Ab41 Doluisio, R. – Douglass, R.
4Ab42 Dovalina, J. – Dull, J.
4Ab43 Dulles, J. – Easterlin, R.
4Ab44 Eastman, H. – Elder, R.
4Ab45 Elderbroom, E. – Epstein, D.
4Ab46 Epstein, J. – Ewing, M.
4Ab47 Ezekoye, O. – Fearing, K.
4Ab48 Felbert, T. – Fisher, L.
4Ab49 Fisher, W. – Flukinger, R.
4Ab50 Fly, A. – Foss, D.
4Ab51 Fossum, R.- Fredericks, G.
4Ab52 Freed, D. – Fullerton, B.
4Ab53 Fullerton, D. – Garcia, J.
4Ab54 Garcia, J.- Gau, H.
4Ab55 Gaussiran, T. – Gibson, D.
4Ab56 Gibson, D. – Gisselquist, R.
4Ab57 Gotchell, S. – Gloyna, E.
4Ab58 Gloyna, E. – Goode, S.
4Ab59 Goodin, S. – Graham, R.
4Ab60 Graham, R. – Greenstone, L.
4Ab61 Greenwood, L. – Gronouski, J.
4Ab62 Gronouski, J. – Gustafson, C.
4Ab63 Gustafson, D. – Hall, B.
4Ab64 Hall, C. – Handy, S.
4Ab65 Haney, O. – Harmer, W.
4Ab66 Harmon, B. – Hart, R.
4Ab67 Hartling,m J. – Hearon,S.
4Ab68 Hay, J. – Hearon, S.
4Ab69 Heath, D.- Henion, K.
4Ab70 Henize, K. – Heuring, J.
4Ab71 Heuring, L. - Hill, J.
4Ab72 Hill, L – Hoberman, J.
4Ab73 Hoberman, L. – Holloway, Y.
4Ab74 Holman, W. – Hopwood, C.
4Ab75 Hormuth, P. – Hudspeth, E.
4Ab76 Hudspeth, F. – Hurt, S.
4Ab77 Hurt, T. – Issel. L.
4Ab78 Itoh, T. – Jazayery, M.
4Ab79 Jbeily, K. – Jimenez, L.
4Ab80 Jinkins, J. – Jones, A.
4Ab81 Johnson, K. – Josserand, K.
4Ab82 Jost, L. – Kaulbach, F.
4Ab83 Kay, D. – Kennamer, L.
4Ab84 Kennamer, L. – King, C.
4Ab85 King, E. – Kitto, G.
4Ab86 Kjervic, D. - Kohn, H.
4Ab87 Kohtala, E. – Kramer, P.
4Ab88 Kramer, S. – Kuswa, K.
4Ab89 Kuziel, W. – Lands, R.
4Ab90 Landsdon, G. – Lauhakaikul, T.
4Ab91 Laurel, Y. – Lecompte, M.
4Ab92 Ledbetter, J. – Leisenringe, J.
4Ab93 Leischner, S. – Lewis, A.
4Ab94 Lewis, B. – Ling, F.
4Ab95 Ling, H. – Loehr, R.
4Ab96 Loera, B. – Lowry, J.
4Ab97 Lowry, K. – McAnany, E.
4Ab98 McAnnelly, M. – McGraw, T.
4Ab99 McCreedy, E. – McGaughey, J.
4Ab100 McGaw, H. – McKetta, J.
4Ab101 McKeeta, J. – McNeese, A.
4Ab102 McNeese, A. - Mack, G.
4Ab103 Mack, L. – Mahajan, V.
4Ab104 Mahamdi, Y. – Manthiram, A.
4Ab105 Manuel, H. - Martin, D.
4Ab106 Martin, E. – Maxwell, A.
4Ab107 Maxwell, J. – Menard, P.
4Ab108a Menard, S. – Miller, K.
4Ab108b Mey, J. – Millar, A.
4Ab109 Miller, L. – Moncrief, W. A.
4Ab110 Monks, T. – Morgan, G.
4Ab111 Morgan, G. – Muir, T.
4Ac1 Mulholland, D. – Navarro, E.
4Ac2 Nazar, D. – Newcomb, W.
4Ac3 Newcomer, P. – Novak, M.
4Ac4 Novak, M. – Olan, L.
4Ac5 Olaskey, M. – Ortiz, A.
4Ac6 Ortiz, H.- Parker, J.
4Ac7 Parker, L. – Payne, B.
4Ac8 Payne, B. – Perry, W.
4Ac9 Pelli, M. - Peterson, R.
4Ac10 Petesch, O. – Pittel, H.
4Ac11 Pittenger, B. - Portig, W.
4Ac12 Portillo, J. – Preston, S.
4Ac13 Prewo, W. – Rabban, D.
4Ac14 Rabenberg, L.- Ratliff, J.
4Ac15 Ratliff, S. – Reeder, W.
4Ac16 Rees, G. – Rhodes, M.
4Ac17 Rhodes, T. – Rioux, T.
4Ac18 Rippergere, E. – Robinson, J.
4Ac19 Robinson, L. – Rose, P.
4Ac20 Rose, R. – Rostow, E.
4Ac21 Rostow, E. – Rothberger, F.
4Ac22 Rothgeb, J. – Rutter, A.
4Ac23 Ruud, M. – Sakamoto, A.
4Ac24 Saklad, S. – Scarborough, M.
4Ac25 Schaaf, L. – Schmandt-Besserat, D.
4Ac26 Schmandt-Besserat, D. – Schulze, R.
4Ac27 Schumaker, L – Shackelford, T.
4Ac28 Shaffer, R. – Shelby, H.
4Ac29 Shelby, T. – Shivers, A.
4Ac30 Shivers, A. – Short, B.
4Ac31 Short, D. – Silber, J.
4Ac32 Silber, J. R. - Skaggs, B.
4Ac33 Skinner, C. – Smith, C.. R.
4Ac34 Smith, D. – Smith, R.
4Ac35 Smith, R. – Soto, J.
4Ac36 Soto, R. – Spiyak, G.
4Ac37 Splawn, M. – Spurr, S.
4Ac38 Spurr, S. – Staley, T.
4Ac39 Stall, C. – Sterling, W.
4Ac40 Stern, L. – Straubhaar, J.
4Ac41 Strauser, K. – Suton, H.
4Ac42 Sutton, J. – Tamura, T.
4Ac43 Taniguchi, C. – Telch, M.
4Ac44 Teller, C. – Thompson, G.
4Ac45 Thompson, G. – Tinsley, B.
4Ac46 Tirupati, D. – Trickett, P.
4Ac47 Trickett, P. – Urick, H.
4Ac48 Vacalis, T. – Volker, D.
4Ac49 Voloch, J.- Walker, E. D.
4Ac50 Walker, E. D. – Walker, W.
4Ac51 Walker, R. - Ward, J.
4Ac52 Walker, P. – Ware, R.
4Ac53 Warfield, J. L. – Webb, W.
4Ac54 Webb, W. – Welch, A. J.
4Ac55 Welcher, D. – Whaley, W.
4Ac56 Whalon, M. – White, P.
4Ac57 White, R. – Wilde, R.
4Ac58 Wiles, C. – Williams, P.
4Ac59 Williams, R. - Willson, J.
4Ac60 Wilmore, J. - Winget, D.
4Ac61 Wingren, D. - Wood, J.
4Ac62 Wood, K. - Wright, C.A.
4Ac63 Wright, C.A. - Wyatt, R.
4Ac64 Wylie, B. - Young, R.
4Ac65 Young, S. - Zych, J.


Biographical files addendum [2008-099]

2008-099/55 Barbara, Paul – Brown, Mack
2008-099/93 Berdahl, Robert M.
2008-099/56 Buchanan, Bruce – Conradt, Jody
2008-099/57 Conradt, Jody – Cunningham, William
2008-099/58 Cunningham, William
2008-099/59 Cunningham, William – Dodds, DeLoss
2008-099/60 Dodds, DeLoss – Erwin, Frank
2008-099/61 Erwin, Frank – Faulkner, Larry
2008-099/62 Faulkner, Larry – Flawn, Peter
2008-099/63 Flawn, Peter
2008-099/64 Franklin, G. Charles – Goetzmann, William
2008-099/65 Goetzmann, William – Hegarty, Kevin
2008-099/66 Hills, David – Jordan, Barbara
2008-099/67 Jordan, Barbara – Keeton, Werdner Page
2008-099/68 Keeton, Werdner Page – Johnson, Lady Bird
2008-099/69 Johnson, Lady Bird – Livingston, William S.
2008-099/70 Livingston, William S. – Mark, Hans
2008-099/71 Mark, Hans – McCombs, Red
2008-099/72 Michener, James – Ohlendorf, Patricia
2008-099/73 Ohlendorf, Patricia – Plonsky, Chris
2008-099/74 Powers, Bill – Ransom, Harry
2008-099/75 Ransom, Harry – Rodriguez, Victoria
2008-099/76 Rogers, Lorene
2008-099/77 Rogers, Lorene
2008-099/78 Rogers, Lorene – Sanchez, Tony
2008-099/79 Sands, Dolores – Umlauf, Charles
2008-099/80 Umlauf, Charles – Weinberg, Steven
2008-099/81 Weinberg, Steven – Yudof, Mark



4Aa37 People
Abboud, V.- Akers, F.
Alba, Joe- Allen, John
Allen, Gregory- Anderson, Gordon
Anderson, Al- Arbingast, Stanley
Arelland, Margarita- Ashburne, Jim G.
Ashley, David, Bach, Victor
Ayers, James B.
Bagalay, E. Norman- Baker, Victor
Baldwin, David E.- Bantel, E. C. H.
Baran, Stanley- Barrett, Michael
Barrientez, Janie- Batchelder, P.M.
Bauer, William H.- Beachy, Morris
Beaman, Joe- Bell, Roderick
Bell, Wayne- Bentsen, Lloyd Jr.
Berg, Mark A.- Bible, Dana X.
Biesele, John J.- Blair, Richard
Blair, W. Frank- Boatright, Mody C.
4Aa38 Bobbit, Philip C.- Boske, Leigh
Boulding, Kenneth- Bradley, William
Braeutigam, James O.- Brightman, Anna
Bailey, Margaret- Brown, Howard E.
Brown, Walter V.- Bullock, Henry A.
Bump, Jerome- Bush, Guy
Buss, Arnold- Caldwell, Bess
Carlson, Geroge- Carter, Heather
Cameron, Elizabeth- Cardona, Rudolfo
Carter, Joseph C.- Chance, Clayton
Chandy, Mandi- Chlyster, Elizabeth
Churginn, Michael- Clark, E.M.
Clark, Robert Beck- Cochran, Bill
4Aa39 Cohen, David-- Colvin, James
Colwell, B. Joe-- Cook, James
Cooke, Robert P.-- Counihan, F.P.
Courtney, Thomas H.-- Crews, David
Crider, Paula-- Cunnigham, William A.
Daum, R-- deBlois, N.
DeBoe, D.-- deLozanne, A.
Demming, D.-- DeVaurouleurs, G.
DeVeciana, G-- Dilly, A.
Din, H. el-- Dodd, L.
Dodge, R.-- Doss, M.K.
Doty, E.W.-- Dubois, Charlotte
Ducloux, Walter-- Duncan, James
Dunn, Mianon-- Eaton, David
4Aa40 Eby, Frederick-- Edmunds, John
Edwards, Newton-- Emmer, Ed
Engel, Bernard-- Etherington, Don
Etier-- Fan
Fancher, Geroge H.-- Fearing, Kelly
Feld, Steven-- Fernea, Robert A.
Field, William E., Jr.-- Fitzsimmons, James A.
Fleming, Richard-- Focht, John A. Sr.
Foley, Douglas-- Folmer, Charles F.
Fonken, Gehard J-- Forgie, George
Forrest, Hugh-- Francis, Bill Dean
Francis, David-- Fritz, William
Frock, Geroge A.-- Gabriel, Michael
Gafford, Burns N.-- Gallagher, Joseph A.
Gallery, John A.-- Garner, Jane
Garret, Jenkins-- Garvey, David
Garvie, Peter-- Gentle, Kenneth
George, Eugene-- Gidley, William F.
Giebink, Gail-- Glade, William P.
4Aa41 Glass, David C.-- Glueck, William F.
Gonzales, Dr. Maria-- Gray, Kenneth
Gray, Paul-- Gribbean, Alan
Grieder, Terence-- Griffith, Barbara
Griffith, Reginald Harvey-- Guerin, John
Guerra, Lita-- Hagerty, William
Haeler, Skeeter-- Hamilton, Terrel
Hammon, Gary-- Hanson, Gordon
Hanson, Herald-- Harper, Estella
Harrell, Dolly-- Hart, Rod
Hartshorne, C.-- Hayden, J. Howard
Hays, Linda J.-- Heard, D. Patricia
Heath, H.W.-- Hellmer, Jeff
Helmreich, Robert L.-- Henderson, Linda
Hendren, Philip-- Henize, Karl
Henshaw, Richard C. Jr.-- Herron, Donald D.
Hershey, David E.-- Hill, John L.
Hill, Leonard-- Hodges, Gus
4Aa42 Hoelting, Floyd-- Hotzman, Wayne
Holz, Robert K.-- Houser, Caroline
Houston, David Franklin-- Hull, David
Hungate, Joseph L. Jr.-- Ingerson, Earl
Issacson, Eugene Ivan-- Jagayery, Mohammed A.
Jeffers, John Leroy-- Jessen, Frank
Jirsa, James-- Jones, Albert
Jones, Jerold W.-- Jordan, Bryce
Jordan, Eleanor-- Kaplan, Jack
Kappelman, Dr. John-- Kennamer, Lorrin G.
King, John-- Kitto, George Barrie
Klein, Dale-- Koenig, Michael
Koile, Earl-- Kramer, Gisela
Kreisle, Leonardt-- Kurtz, Lester
4Aa43 Kuziel, William-- Lam, Simon
Lamb, Gordon-- Landrum, Graves
Lane, Richard-- Law, Monzon
Lawn, Rick-- Lehmann, Winfred
Leiding, Gerlinde-- Levatino, Sal
Levers, Robert-- Lindfors, Judith
Lindstrom, Naomi-- Loehr, Raymond
Lofgren, Frederick-- Lott, H.C.
Lois, William-- McAnany, Emile
McBee, Frank-- McCraw, Lynn
McCready, Eric-- McDaniel, Rueben
McDevitt, John-- McGann, Thomas
McEntire, Larry-- McKee, Betty
McKeithan, Daniel Morely-- McKerth, Thomas
McKesson, Elmer Earl-- McMillan, Dr. Calvin
McNeese, A.G. Jr.-- MacAvoy, Paul W.
Mackin, J. Hoover-- Magee, Steve
4Aa44 Magruder, Lawson-- Manaster, Guy
Mandell, Paul-- Martin, Alfred
Martin, Cora-- Maxwell, Arthur
Maxwell, John C.-- Meacham, Standish
Meaney, Dr. John-- Meisel, Janet
Menaker, Michael-- Mewshaw, Michael
Meyer, Timothy-- Milburn, Beryl Buckley
Miller, Alberta-- Mindak, William
Minter, Norman-- Mitchell, J.G. Jr.
Mitchell, Dr. Paul-- Moncrief, W.A.
Monroe, Gary-- Moore, Joe G.
Moore, J. Robert-- Morrison, Keith
Morse, William M.-- Muehlberger, Wm. R.
Muller, Hermen-- Nakamura, Yosio
Nancarrow, David-- Ne’eman, Yuval
Neff, Judson-- Nelson, Joe
Nelson, Paul-- Newlove, George
Newton, Jon-- Novak, Gordon
Nowotny, Arno-- Oden, J. Tinsley
O’Donnell, Peter J.-- Olan, Rabbi Levi A.
Olasky, Marvin-- Olm, Kenneth
4Aa45 Olsen, Roy Edwin-- Ortiz, Hector
Osborn, Roger C.-- Owens, Ray
Pace, Charles-- Parker, Franklin
Parker, Luther R.-- Patrylak, Daniel J.
Patterson, J.J.-- Payne, B. Iden
Peace, John R.-- Peck, Margaret
Peck, Robert F.-- Peterson, Robert A.
Petrosino, Barbara-- Pickle, J.J. “Jake”
Pincoffs, Edmind-- Polome, Edgar
Pope, Gary-- Posten, Dudley
Powe, Lucas A.-- Powers, William C.
Powers, E.J.-- Prescott, Kenneth
Price, Dr. Daniel O.-- Purvis, Hoyt
Pyhrr, Stephen A.-- Rathbone, Lucy
Reddick, Dewitt Carter-- Reelditt, John S.
Ratliff, Shannon-- Reborn, Wayne
Redford, Emmette S.-- Reed, Lester
Reed, Dr. Ronald-- Refuerzo, Ben
Reid, Jackson Brock-- Rhambo, Edna H.
Rhodes, Lodis-- Richards, Dr. Phyllis
Roach, J.R.- Rosentien-- Rodaw, Paul
Rosenthal, Michael P.-- Rostow, Elspeth
Rostow, Walt-- Ruben, Leonard
4Aa46 Richards-Kortum, Rebecca-- Riffee, William
Riggs, Austen-- Roach, James R.
Roach, Bruce-- Rooney, Robert C.
Ruben, Leonard-- Ruhmkouf, Peter
Runge, Tom-- Rylander, Henry Grady III
Sager, Alan-- Sawin, Douglas
Schaaf, Larry-- Schenkkan, Robert Frederic
Schild, Alfred (Dr.)-- Schmandt-Besserat, Denise
Schmidt, Christine (Dr.)-- Schulze, Leonard
Schultz, Bob-- Sevigny, Maurice
Shamma, J.S.-- Sheldon, Brooke
Shelton, Floyd O.-- Sherman, Max
Sherzer, Joel-- Shivers, Allen
Shoemaker, Pamela-- Silberberg, Irwin Harold
Silberschlag, Eisig-- Slatin, John
Smith, Dr. Hubert Winston-- Solan, T.V. (obsolete)
4Aa47 Soloman, Mitch-- Sparks, Hugh
Spear, Irwin-- Spirduso, Waneen
Sprague, Kurth-- Spurr, Stephen
Spurr, Stephen,--Staley, Thomas
Staffer, Maj. Rudolph William-- Stephenson, Robert
Sterling, Walter-- Stewart, Powell
Stewart, Willa-- Story, Hal M.
Stott, William-- Summers, Edward L.
Surra, Catherine A.-- Sutton, John F.
Suinicki, Marilla-- Szaniszlo, Paul
Szebehely, Victor-- Tapley, Byron
Tapscott, Edward Vann-- Telch, Michael
Teller, Charles-- Thorpe, Charles R.
Ting, Su-Yin-- Toth, Andor
4Aa48 Thompson, Guy-- Tigar, Michael
Townsend, Darryl-- Turnbow, James
Turner, Billie L.-- Tuttle, Merlin
Tyler, Ronald-- Van Rensburg, Willem C.J.
Vanston, John-- Wagener, James
Waggener, Leslie-- Walker, E.D.
Walker, Ernest-- Ward, Bernard
Wardlaw, Frank-- Washington, George Jr.
Waterson, Dr. Alan T.-- Webb-, Wilfred W.
Webber, Dr, Emily Elizabeth- Weismann, Donald
Weiss, E. Joseph- -Wermund, E.G.
Westbrook, Frankie W.-- Wheat, John
Wheatley, Katherine Earnestine-- White, John (Mike)
White, Orville-- Wilcox, Richard
4Aa49 Wilcox, William-- Williams, Dan
Williams, Frederick-- William, Marilyn
Wills, Robert J.-- Winfrey, Dorman H.
Winget, Robert J.-- Woodson, H.H.
Woodward, Dudley K. Jr.-- Wright, Charley Alan
Wright, Donald-- Wylie, Bill R.
Wyllys, Ronald-- Yeh, Raymond
Ynsfran, Pabolo Max-- Yzaguirre, Mario
Zacharias, Donald W.-- Zurcher, Louis
4Aa50 Subjects
Academic Advising Day -- Art Building
Ashbel Smith Hall -- Bass Concert Hall
Battle Hall -- Blood Drive
Brackenridge Tract -- Campus Komen Organization
Corothers Honor Dorm -- Classroom Scenes (outdoors)
Claudia Taylor Johnson Hall -- Computer Lab
Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium -- Division of Recreational Sports
Dorothy Gebauer -- World of Engineering Day
Engineering Teaching Center -- F. Loren Winship Building
Fine Arts Complex -- Forensic Art Workshop
Garrison Hall -- Geology Building
Geothermal Well -- Goldsmith Hall
Good Students Stories -- Graduate School of Business
Gregory Gym -- Intercollegiate Athletics for Women
Jesse H. Jones Communication Center -- Jesse H. Jones Hall
John W. Hargis Hall -- KISP Radio
Lee and Joe Jamail Swim Center -- Libraries
Lila B. Etter Alumni Center -- Littlefield Home
Littlefield Society -- Liz Carpenter Lectureship
4Aa51 Longhorn
Longhorn Halloween -- Michener Collection
Microelectronics Center -- Neighborhood Longhorns
Neuhaus-Darrell K. Royal Athletic Center -- Office of University Outreach
O. Henry Hall -- Patterson Lab Building
Penick-Allison Tennis Center -- President's Home
Preview -- Registration
Research -- Sailing Club
Santa Rita -- Social Work Building
South Entrance to Campus -- Student Body
Student Childcare Association -- Residences
Synergistic Reactor -- Texas Center for Writers
Texas Commission on a Representative Student Body -- Texas Women
Texas Wrangler -- Townes Hall
Traditions -- Waggener Hall
Waller Creek -- Zeta Beta Tau
2008-099/82 Publications
Negatives and Slides [Restricted]
British Studies
Faculty *
Illustrations for Deacon*
Illustrations for Wright*
Illustrations for Lindfors
Illustrations for Velz
Illustrations for Woodruff*
Illustrations for Louis*
Illustrations for Livingston
Terence Grieder
Huntington Art Gallery
Vol. 13, # 4, Barry Kitto (illustrations)
Undergraduate Teaching issue
Assorted slides
Steven Weinberg (illustrations)
Thomas Palaima
Harry Swinney
"Romo" WWII
2008-099/83 Prints and Printed Materials
Terence Grieder
Elliot Antokoletz
Kelly Hodge and Walter E. Dudoux
Maurice Sevigny
Jon Whitmore
Huntington Art Gallery
Vol. 13 # 4
[Smiler?] and Witt
Barrie Kitto
Year of the Child
Undergraduate Teaching Issue
Vol 12. # 2, Gerontology
Kappelman, Gilbert
Ryan, Kirkpatrick, Crow
Bull, Hillis, Simpson
Rowe, Lundelius, Mulligan
Steven Weinberg
Thomas Palaima
Vol. 13 # 2
Bio photos
Harry Swinney
Mary Lou Adams
Photos by Alan Pogue
Photos by Byron Brauchli
British Studies faculty
3S199l Graphics and Artwork
Bookjackets for WWII feature
Native American Series
Photos by Alan pogue
Illustrations for Ian Daziel
2008-099/87 Computer Files
Volume 13, #4 (3.5 inch floppy disks)
Ian Daziel (zip disk)
Sherwood Bishop (zip disk)
2008-099/82 On Campus
Slides [Restricted]
Couples 2/9/1993
Nice weather 3/5/1993
2008-099/83 Prints and Printed Materials 11/16/1992 - 9/27/1993, undated
2008-099/82 On Camera
Slides [Restricted]
Libraries and Auditoriums
UT cheerleaders and band
Saturday morning art project
Arts symposium
2008-099/84 Photographs from the Design Center
Subject Files
Individual women--casual
Classes and Instructors/Speakers
Individual Working Situations
Football Games
Men and Machines
Sports--Men (mixed)
Blacks at UT
Registration and Rush at Bookstore
UT El Paso
Crowds, Speakers, Audiences
Individuals with machines/instruments
People making things
Items--no people
Drama--scenes from plays
Land Sanitation
McDonald Observatory
Candid interaction shots--indoors
Outdoor fun and picnics
Individual men--casual
2008-099/85 UT campuses
UT System, Color, assorted sizes
San Antonio Health Sciences Center
Pan American
Unidentified campuses
UT System, Black and White, 4x5
Dallas (including Medical Center)
El Paso
Houston Health Science Center
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Medical Branch at Galveston
Pan American
Permian Basin
San Antonio
unidentified campuses
UT System, Black and White, 8x10
Dallas Medical Center
El Paso
Houston Health Science Center
Institute for Geophysics, Galveston
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Medical Branch at Galveston
Permian Basin
San Antonio
Tyler (including health center)
Unidentified campuses
Christmas Card selections, 1992
UT-Austin, Black and White, 5x7 and smaller
Assorted campus buildings
Business School
Fraternity [and sorority?] houses
UT-Austin, Black and White, 8x10
Business School
Fine Arts Building, Concert Hall
Flawn Academic Center
Frank Erwin Center
LBJ Library and Museum, Sid Richardson Hall
LBJ School
McDonald Observatory
Aerial views of campus
Assorted buildings
Assorted Interior shots
Campus scenes
2008-099/83 Assorted subjects, Color, Assorted sizes
Athletics, assorted (including Longhorn cheerleaders and band)
Commencement, 1992
Cunningham, William
Hay, Jess (receives Santa Rita award)
Kite Festival
Portraits, assorted
Scientific images, assorted
Unidentified event
Assorted features
2008-099/86 Assorted subjects, Black and White, 8x10 and smaller
Architectural details, plaques
Art, assorted
Assorted features [5x7 and smaller]
Assorted features, non-people
Assorted features, non-UT
2008-099/86, 3S199i, 3S199k Assorted features (people)
2008-099/86 Athletics, assorted (including Longhorn cheerleaders and band
Bearden, Steve
Bedinger, P. D.
Black issues in education
Blanton, Jack
Brown Jr., R. Malcolm
Centennial Publication Project
Centennial Report
Chemical Engineering
Chemistry Department, faculty
Chemistry Department, scenes
Commencement Tabloid, 1995
Commencements, assorted, undated
Computation center, 1983
Cunningham, William
Ellis, Tuffly
Flawn, Peter
Gradaute Opportunity
Graduate School of Business, photos for annual report 1983-1984
Head, Hayden
Hester, Tom
Hill, James
Historical documents (reproductions)
Historical photos (reproductions)
First Faculty
Physics lab, 1904
Longhorn Band on Congress Ave., 1905
Old Main, 1910
Old Chemistry, Old Main buildings, B Hall
Photo of original draft of "Eyes of Texas"
Photo of registration receipt of early student
Photo of Texas Constitution, section relating to UT
Art class, 1911
B Hall
Old drama building, on fire
Aerial view of UT campus, 1961
Assorted, unidentified
Homeless man
Howard, James
HRC items
Hubbel Telescope
Jamail, Joe
Jordan, Barbara
Katz, Michael
Keeton, Page
Livingston, Bill
Mullen, Harryette
Perot, Ross
Police Academy
Possible Contest, 1993
"Presidency and Congress" (LBJ Symposium), 11/15-17/1977
Prince Charles at UT
Ransom, Harry
Retired faculty and staff
Richards, Ann (Governor)
Ron Brown Scholars
Speech and Hearing
Student child care center
Students moving in
2008-099/83 Students, ca. 1960s-1970s
Tate, John
Theater productions, 1991-1992
Tyler, Noel
Unidentified archaeology excavation
Well sample and Core Library
Winedale, 1993
3S199l Oversize and Mounted Prints
Campus Scenes
Campus buildings
Shakespeare at Winedale
3S206 Assorted
2008-099/83 Contact Sheets
Black and White
Case Awards*, 1994
Chase, John (architect)*
D-Teach, 7/26/1993
Exxon check passing
Graduation, with Governor Richards, 5/23/1992
HRC Pforzheimer Library News Confererence, 1/31/1986
LBJ funeral at LBJ library*
Littlefield foundation*, 1994
Littlefield society
President Cunningham's rare book collection
President's Associates Calendar*, 1981
Rain and Weather*
Renaming BRC to J.J. Pickle
Assorted features
Assorted features*
Bass Concert Hall*
Color negative experiment*
Littlefield society
Party at LBJ Library, 1989
Amstead, B. H. *
Colvin, John*
Danielson, Wayne*
Growonski, John*
Holtzman, Wayne*
Keaton, Page*
Kozmetsky, George *
John McKetta*
Otis, Jack*
Walker, E. D.*
Willman, Marilyn *
Unidentified event
Unidentified event*
3S199l Oversize
President Cunningham at unidentified event
2008-099/87 Film [Restricted]
Black and White negative film, 35 mm
Business School*
Case Awards, 1994
Graduation, with Gov. Richards* 5/23/1992
Littlefield foundation*, 1994
Lyndon B. Johnson funeral*
LBJ Symposia
Educating A Nation January 24-25, 1972
Equal Oportunity in the U. S. December 11-12, 1972
The American City: Realities and Possibilites October 8-9, 1973
Commission on Critical Choices April 1-2, 1974
Beyond the Energy Crisis: Future of the American Environment November 11-12, 1974
The Arts: Years of Development, Time of Decision September 29-30, 1975
Women in Public Life November 10-11, 1975
The Presidency and the Press April 23, 1976
International Ex-Students Conference on Energy April 26-30, 1976
Toward a New Human Rights: The Social Policies of the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations September 12-16, 1976
Alternatives to Confrontation: A National Policy Toward Regional Change September 25-27, 1977
The Presidency and Congress: A Shifting Balance of Power November 15-17, 1977
President's Associates Calendar*, 1981
Rain and Weather*
Color, positive and negative film, assorted sizes
Bass Concert Hall
Bass Dinner
Campus buildings, 1986
Campus, assorted
John Chase (Architect)
Color Negative Experiment, 12/10/1993
Commencement tabloid, 1995
Robert Dedman
Gutenberg Bible, case installation
History of Science Incunabulae (items from HRC)
HRC art gallery, 1985
Littlefield Society [artworks] 1994
McDonald Observatory
Party at LBJ Library
Amstead, B. H.*
Baugh, John
Box, Hal
Boyer, Robert
Brown, Billye
Carter, Joseph
Colvin, James H. *
Daniel, David
Danielson, Wayne*
Delevoryas, Ted
Filvaroff, David
Frost, Joe
Galinsky, Karl
Garvey, David
Gloyna, Earnest
Gronouski, John *
Hancock, Ian
Holtzman, Wayne*
Huff, David
Jeffrey, Robert
Keaton, Page*
Kennamer, Lorrin
King, Robert
Kozmetsky, George*
Lehman, Winfred
Luecke, John and Cameron Gordon
MacNeilage, Peter
Malina, Joseph
McKetta, John *
Mettlen, Robert
Otis, Jack*
Regents 1968, 1979
Sherman, Max
Smith, Carlota
Starr, Richard
Streetman, Ben
Thompson, J. Niels
Turner, Billy
Walker, F. D. *
Weick, Karl
Williams, Martha
Willman, Marilyn
Wills, J. Robert
Wright, Charles Alan
Wright, Lewis
Wyllys, Ronald
President Cunningham, unidentified event
Unidentified event
UT cheerleaders, 1982
UT Vice Chancellor, Development Office
Winedale Dedication, 12/1990
Assorted Features
Assorted, unidentified
2008-099/88 Slides (mounted positive film) [Restricted]
Assorted [in sleeves]
Animal Research Center
Athletics, assorted
Austin, at night
Blanton, Jack
Bush, George H. W. (at dinner on campus)
Campus, assorted
Centennial Publication project
Commencement tabloid, 1995
Commencement, undated
Computer Microchip scientists
Hubbel Telescope
Littlefield Society
Proceedings (selection)
Foundation, 1994
Performance rehearsal
"Best Edit" performance
Panel discussion
Michener, James and Mari (with their art collection)
Microelectronics Research Center
Painting of UT tower
Parent's Weekend, 1990
People, assorted
Portraits ca. 1970s - 1980s
Aldave, Barbara
Amstead, B. H.
Arocena, Luis
Ayres, Jim
Baker, Mary
Baldwin III, Robert B.
Bard, Allen
Barshop, Sam
Baugh, John
Beecherl Jr., Louis A.
Behagne, Gerard
Benson, Nettie Lee
Blanton, Jesse
Boyer, Robert
Bledsoe, Woodrow
Box, Hal
Breen, John
Briscoe, Janey
Brown, Billye
Brown, Dennis
Brown, Malcolm
Brown, Ron
Cannon, Donald
Carter, Joseph
Chandy, Mani
Colvin, James H.
Cunningham, William H.
Danielian, Leon
Danielson, Wayne
Delevoryas, Ted
Dewar, Michael J. S.
Dijkstra, Edsger
DiNitto, Diana
Divine, Robert
Doluisio, James
Drummond, William
Erickson, Carlton
Fernea, Robert and Elizabeth
Fisher, William L.
Flawn, Peter
Fonker [?], Gerhard
Folkers, Karl
Forster, Merlin
Franklin, G. Charles
Frost, Joe
2008-099/82 Gallery, John
Garvey, David
Gentle, Kenneth
Getman, Julius
Gillman, Leonard
Glade, William
Glenn, Nowal
Gloyna, Earnest
Goetzmann, William
Goodenough, John
Gracy, David
Grant, Richard with Donald Sellstrom
Griffin, Wilma
Hackert, Marvin
Hamilton, Robert
Hay, Jess
Herring, Billie Grace
Holtzman, Wayne
Hubbs, Clark
Hunter, Dolores
Iscoe, Ira
Jamieson, Kathleen
Jeffrey, Robert
Jeffery, William
John, Meredith
Jonas, Edward
Jordan, Barbara
Koen, Billy
Kalthoff, Klaus
Keeton, Page
Kennamer, Lorin
Kibler, William
King, Robert
Kruger, Peggy
Kwallek, Nancy and 'Kwallek Color Rooms'
Lauderdale, Michael
Lehman, Winfred P.
Lopez-Morillas, Juan
Lopiano, Donna
Louis, William Roger
Luecke and Cameron Gordon, John
Lundelius, Ernest
McCombe, Max
McKetta, John H.
MacNeilage, Peter
Madden, Wales
Malina, Joseph
Malina, Robert
Mark, Hans
Marshall, Ray
Michael, Wolfgang
Milburn, Beryl Buckley
Moncrief, Jr., W. A. (Tex)
Muehlberger, William
Mullins, Charles
Newton, Jon
Novak, Gordon
Olbrisch, Mary Ellen
Olefsky, Paul
Oliver, Chad
Oppenheimer, Carl
Otis, Jack
Palaima, Thomas
Paul, Donald
Perry, Shirey Bird
Poston, Dudley
Powell, James
Powers, E. J.
Prigogine, Ilya
Race, William
Ratliff, Shannon
Regents 1/24/1981
Rhodes, Tom
Richards, Howard
Roach, James
Roberts, Bryan
Rosenbloom, Sandra
Roden, William
Rosenbluth, Marshall
Rostow, Walt and Elspeth
Roueche, John
Royal, Darrell
Ruben, Leonard
Runge, Thomas
Rylander, Grady
Sanders, Bob
Schele, Linda
Sessler, Jonathan
Sherman, Max
Sjoberg, Gideon
Smerdon, Ernest
Smith, Calota
Smith, Ernest
Sommerfeld, Ray
Sparks, Claud Glenn
Spence, Janet
Starbird, Michael
Starr, Richard
Stephens, James M. F.
Story, Dee Ann
Streetman, Ben
Sudarshan, George
Sutton, Eldon
Thompson, Betty
Tolo, Ken
Trickett, Paul
Turner, Billy
Vice-presidents, 1985
Vick, James
Walker, E. D.
Weinberg, Steven
Werbow, Stanley
Wetzels, Walter
Wheeler, John
Williams, Martha
Wills, J. Robert
Wilson, Leslie
Wilson, Clark
Witt, Robert E.
Wright, Charles Alan
Wright, Lewis
Wyatt, Robert
Wyllys, Ronald
Young, Phyllis
Yudof, Mark
Yzaguirre, Mario
Zlatkovich, Charles
Zurcher, Louis
Unidentified musical performance and party
Unidentified symposium, opening event
UT cheerleaders and band, fall 1982
UT Development Office staff, ("Shirley Bird Perry's slideshow") ca. 1980s
UT system assorted
Winedale, Shakespeare at Winedale
2008-099/89 Assorted [in plastic boxes]
President's slideshow
Sunsets, scenics, port aransas 1988
Advertising [school of]
Commencement (Centennial) 1983
Monkeys at Balcones Research Center
UT v. Baylor; Bevo; Smokey; Cheerleaders; Boy Scouts
Physics Circus
Cheerleaders and Marching Band
Littlefield Conference, LBJ Auditorium, 1993
Pfortzheimer Books
Animal Labs
Balcones/Pharmaco building
Round Up Parade 4/1985
UT Engineering Synergistic Reader
Marine Sciences Institute--Assorted, 1988
Littlefield Christmas tree
Fort Davis area scenery
Sports Rec Center, 1991
Lila B. Etter Alumni Center
Townes Hall
McDonald Observatory, undated, 1988
"Monty's Old Slide Show"
The Tower
Commencements, assorted dates
UT News and Info staff members
Goldsmith Hall
Joe and Lee Jamail; swim center
Knicker Carillon Plaque
Pres. Berdahl, 1992
McCullough Theater
Donor dedication plaques (assorted campus buildings)
"Shirley Bird Perry's Slideshow"
Presdient Cunningham's Slideshow
3S199l Graphics and Artwork
Graduate School of Business
Campus buildings
Assorted features
Menu of the Day
3S206 Information Manual, Data Processing Division
3S199l Assorted
2008-099/83 Printed Materials
Clipping: "Humorous sequence of pictures of the Tower" from the Texas Ranger
Scrapbook pages: UT dormitories
Printed materials: Assorted letters, pamphlets, caption sheets
3S234 Photo albums: UT Austin campus
UT Office of Public Affairs staff photographer files, circa 1970-2000
Negatives arranged by negative number. Contact photographs archivist for information regarding database describing each negative number.
2012-321/7 #1-271b
2012-321/8 #271c-607
2012-321/9 #608-980
2012-321/10 #981-1339
2012-321/11 #1340-1671
2012-321/12 #1672-1999
2012-321/13 #2000-2398
2012-321/14 #2340-2741
2012-321/15 #2742-3099
2012-321/16 #3100-3416b
2012-321/17 #3417-3707
2012-321/18 #3707-4011
2012-321/19 #4012-5164a
2012-321/20 #5164b-5407b
2012-321/21 #5407c-5621
2012-321/22 #5622-5840b
2012-321/23 #5840c-6048a
2012-321/24 #6048b-6265b
2012-321/25 #6266a-6492a
2012-321/26 #6493a-6673
2012-321/27 #6674-6871
2012-321/28 #6872-7047a
2012-321/29 #7047b-7099b
Contact sheets arranged by negative number. Contact photographs archivist for information regarding database describing each negative number.
2012-321/1 #1-1399
2012-321/2 #1400-2699
2012-321/3 #2700-3899
2012-321/4 #3900-4110, #5000-5599
2012-321/5 #5600-6599
2012-321/6 #6600-7099


Newspaper Clippings, Press Releases, and Teleclip Tracking Reports

2R518 Newsclips, teleclips: [Note: Teleclips are transcripts of broadcast television news pieces related to the University] January 1, 1999 – October 29, 1999
2R519 Newsclips: November 1, 1999 - December 30, 1999
Press releases: January 12, 1999 – December 22, 1999
Teleclips: December 28, 1998 – December 31, 1999
2R520 Newsclips, teleclips: January 1, 2000 - June 30, 2000
2R521 Newsclips, teleclips: July 3, 2000 - December 29. 2000
Teleclips: January 1, 2001 - July 5, 2001
2R545a Newsclips: January 1, 2001 - June 19, 2001
2R545b Newsclips: June 2, 2001 - December 27, 2001
Teleclips: July 20, 2001 - December 14, 2001
3K215 Newsclips: National Issues Convention, January-February 2002
Newsclips: January 2-May 14, 2002
3K216 Newsclips: May 15-September 30, 2002
3K139 Newsclips: October 1-December 10, 2002
2X74d DVD: "Gone to Texas," original in box 2F517